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  1. Can't complete the Object Script Modding Tutorial
  2. Location of ocean/pond normal map(s)
  3. Custom lifetime wish mods
  4. More Problems With Coding - This time, VS errors CS0119 and CS0103
  5. Changing The Sims 3 plumbob to The Sims Medieval one
  6. A mod that allows faeries to be born without wings?
  7. decompile dll file?
  8. I am planning a mod
  9. Legality of creating tools for TS3
  10. Modding the AwesomeMod
  11. Problem with coding and definitions
  12. LHS rule specificity override
  13. How to get inside a lot without invitation
  14. Where can I find foodServeHamburgers??
  15. Kelp Recipes to Discuss
  16. Is it possible to 'abnormaldata'
  17. Battery Script Utility
  18. "Current Job" UI
  19. .ini?
  20. CC creation tutorial
  21. Custom Sim Interactions
  22. career help (in correct location)
  23. Turning a clothing item into a Decoration item that can be brought in buy mode.
  24. Another Mod Idea - Utilities mod?
  25. Scripting or XML mod?
  26. List of custom recipes, plants and ingredients?
  27. Generations free vacation
  28. What kind of modding do I need to learn?
  29. wrong the 'thought balloons'
  30. Experimenting with EA's Debugging tools
  31. Could someone who DOESNT have ambitions installed please test this .package file out?
  32. My Mod Idea: "Hunting in The Ancient Times"
  33. How do you test if a commodity kind is working?
  34. Making Custom Afterschool Activity
  35. Does an ITUN require an interaction class or is a SocialData table sufficient?
  36. [RESOLVED, added solution details]AddElement not working with custom hidden traits
  37. Tree colors in Fall/Autumn--are they random? [Answer: Sorta]
  38. Jazz script and animation problems - how to make props appear during an animation?
  39. Help changing snow color, please? [RESOLVED; alas, it's practically impossible]
  40. Modding date and time - is it possible, and how do I detect corruption?
  41. Yoga Mod Coding - Advice Needed
  42. I need Sockets or Native Code...
  43. Wondering What Type of Mod I Need To Learn How to Make.
  44. How to replace interactions?
  45. Failure to create social interaction instance
  46. Help with time related code.
  47. Sims 4 lighting in Sims 3?
  48. I need help making some animations
  49. Fast (and Casual) Dining from ITF Food Synthesizer - Brainstorming and Improvements
  50. Animating a part of an object - animation is in the wrong place
  51. About Generation Walking Canes
  52. [Technical thread] Mechanical Stitching Machine by Antique Artifacts
  53. Is it possible to...
  54. Sims Autonomy Tunings
  55. CAW modification or Edit world mod that allows lots and the road to intersect?
  56. Group conversation question
  57. Alarms and persisted data
  58. Idea - creating alternative adoption system
  59. Object (not just mesh) replacement via script mod
  60. Help with rabbithole custom interaction + xml files questions
  61. possible to create new lot/venue category using XML tuning?
  62. Keeping book in inventory on save load
  63. [Solved] Any tutorial for Custom Edible Food / Custom Havestable Plants?
  64. Dreams and promises delegate functions
  65. How to make an interaction not appear on Bonehilda?
  66. Stop interaction from getting auto cancelled and interrupted.
  67. Toddlers "Careers" UI Question
  68. Making interactions available on thieves and service Sims that you call to you home
  69. Differences between adding interactions to a custom and an existing object
  70. Creating a mod: Genie self clean themselves.
  71. I really need help with making interactions!!!
  72. Inscription plaques - entering longer texts (more than 150 characters). Is it possible?
  73. Replace default moodlet with custom version - what will happen?
  74. Problem with CreateInstanceFromParameter
  75. redefinition of jazz in cas
  76. Game not recognizing various letters
  77. Adding More Names to the Default Name List
  78. Apply buff when sim performs an idle
  79. ImportExport content function - what does it do?
  80. Where are the icon image files of traits?
  81. How Can I Create Default Replacement Hairs?
  82. Help a CFE Novice
  83. Moodlets that can add clothing?
  84. Can we change the social data test function?
  85. How do I change the animations of the gondola from The Sims 3 Store
  86. How to mod a .cs file
  87. extract stbl files from a custom world
  88. Is There a Mod to Add Dystopian Elements to Any World?
  89. An idea to salvage the University Life Social Groups.
  90. Script Modding In 2020
  91. When transfigure a small ingot into a large ingot, how does the price change occur?
  92. Making objects more "Autonomously"
  93. UI Mod: Creating New Build-Buy Categories (COMPANION FORUM)
  94. Where Can I Find a Tutorial on Making Wall Decals?
  95. Carpetrodents Modding Forum
  96. Need general Advise/Help/Info Importing Custom Mesh Characteres
  97. Importing Your own unique Object GroupId's for Game Objects!
  98. Dll imports and how to use them yourself
  99. costume interaction
  100. Deciphering File Meaning
  101. Search for a particular interaction in mod files
  102. Help with The mod :DrHouse93: more dangerous zombies!
  103. Displaying the " conversation box"
  104. Creating a modal with Gameobjects rather than Ingredients
  105. Battery.Utility Menus help
  106. Were I could post my mod?
  107. Jazz Scripts and numbers
  108. Creating custom party types?
  109. The Master Menu Mod (XML Script Tunings Begone)
  110. About Jazz Scripts and Animations
  111. Seasonal terrain paints?
  112. Hot Plate Object- Bypassing Counter Routing & Disabling Oven Functions?
  113. CreateObject() but for custom objects
  114. Making A Portable TV
  115. Chair is slotted but can't be used
  116. Nraas like cityHall interaction
  117. Using GameObject not working
  118. Smartphone skins?
  119. About the Distance Between Sims During Actions
  120. Adding an interaction to the terrain?
  121. Hey, does anyone know if it's possible to create custom occult sim species?
  122. Sim Hover Tooltip
  123. About the Martial Arts Combat Interaction
  124. Doubt about effects cloning
  125. Making an object with an inventory
  126. [advice please] Bands and Singers
  127. Script Mod Crashes Game [SOLVED]
  128. Editing the recipe master list with custom ingredients
  129. Has anyone successfully replaced sound effects or stings?
  130. Is this allowed?
  131. bathing large dog
  132. Editing Effects / Custom Puddles,Ghosts
  133. custom animation problem
  134. Repurposing a bush/tree as a toilet
  135. When an interaction is cancelled before it starts
  136. Audio Mod Policy
  137. Event Listener for new non-buyable objects
  138. Interaction Names and Localization
  139. Making tunable values for custom interactions
  140. Can't find XML files that affect max # of memories {SOLVED}
  141. Best mods for Sims 3 of all time?
  142. Sims 3 mod issue
  143. Hiding Large Objects - ObjectTypeFlags2 Investigation?
  144. Modding : placing inventory items in inactives' houses
  145. Help with translations for my mod
  146. is there a command to delete sim ?
  147. Making a social interaction : "Who do you live with?"
  148. How do I edit the dresscode for ALL Sims in town?
  149. Create Custom Interaction For Vampires
  150. Making a portable crib
  151. How to edit "EFFECTS" files?
  152. "Children can" - changing adult animations on an object to child
  153. Dark wave/ country stations3pe
  154. Brain Enhancement Machine - add who is using it
  155. Best way for a script to recognise build item
  156. Creating a custom language.
  157. Custom Rabbithole Names
  158. Textures' Mixup Between Different CAS Parts
  159. Expansion's Flag on Custom Content?
  160. Making a new collectible gem?
  161. Building LOD Noise Texture Overlay
  162. Tip/brains needed for instantiating objects on world loading
  163. Best methods on debugging script mods
  164. Snow rendering
  165. How hard is it to convert objects from Sims4 to Sims 3
  166. Adding a custom texture to a custom book?
  167. Help with animation
  168. Modding The "Tell Ghost Story" Images (Resolved)
  169. Making skateboard animations
  170. The cave of the code snippets!
  171. change the name of the party
  172. More than 4 sim in a band
  173. Is it possible to mod the textures on sim sculptures?
  174. [TESTERS WANTED] Skills Lose Progress Beta
  175. Need help making a simple mod editing text
  176. Is it possible to edit a Saved Sim file? If yes, how?
  177. Witch aging
  178. "Simplified" Roaring Heights Car
  179. Anthro Animals
  180. Adventure board quests
  181. [update: new progress] Making a functioning library
  182. creating a mod to zoom more in cas and have toddlers stand
  183. IK targets in animation
  184. Modding Wishes?
  185. Animations with Props on Blender
  186. Replacing Default Sim Cars
  187. Technical thread: Ouroboros - A scripted storytelling world
  188. Mod not being instantiated
  189. How Can I: UV map my facial expressions to a custom game animation
  190. I make a script from a hoverboard for motorcycles and bicycles, but I do not work the object in the game
  191. Trying to make a mod for perfect gems
  192. Using Shape Keys on Sim Rigs
  193. Shape keys from the Holo Sprite Pets from ITF?
  194. Adding new interactions to the game
  195. Duplicates of VertexID 0 in GEOM files
  196. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post,but how does one update a mod for 1.67?
  197. Cloning an object script
  198. Can I replace the teen voice with the kid voice?
  199. Portrait poses
  200. Adding Bones/Joints to a Floor Object?
  201. Tuning mod with if/else statements??
  202. Help:Two simultaneous animations are deviated of time in Sims3.
  203. How can I create a swaying breast animation with the Sims 3 Clip Tool for Blender?
  204. Changing constant value in core assembly (or making it tunable)
  205. which file in the package determines whether a decor object gets in a sims way?
  206. Is it possible: Mod that makes Inactive sims do an interaction when one of their moodlets time out
  207. where is visual override in code.
  208. Television Home Video "Surveillance" Mod
  209. Can I change the time to complete homework by school?
  210. (solved) how to replace the default nude meshes?
  211. Add new audio modifier
  212. How can I mod sculpture's material.(things made by sculpting station)
  213. Animations for Dried or Edible Food
  214. Possible Kraken Override Mod?
  215. How can I make a mod that enables evil/criminal sims to kidnap other sims?
  216. All adults can carry children mod
  217. TSRW LOD Fade Types?
  218. s3pe application failed
  219. Cracking Open Shaders_Win32.precomp? (for better shaders!)
  220. Rabbit hole doors: Impossible, impractical, or kinda neat?
  221. Problem with Mesh Tool Kit
  222. Where are the in-game fonts and how to edit them?
  223. Adding custom interactions to rabbitholes: how?
  224. Make Female Sims Shorter
  225. Testers Wanted for Custom Career
  226. 'Get Married' option in City Hall rabbithole
  227. Object Snow Effect Settings?
  228. Advanced custom majors creation - skills/tutorials needed
  229. I´m planning to do an older Stoneage mod
  230. Light Pie Menu Options
  231. [Solved] How to change the script of an object
  232. Free alternative to reflector
  233. Help with making custom skins
  234. Wall/Foundation/Roof Prices?
  235. Finding the Medator_Instance_Name for specific objects
  236. A couple questions about sim rigs
  237. Custom career: retirement and outfits not working
  238. Sims 3 - Swords and Staffs
  239. How to Change Valid for Random Category on EA Clothing
  240. [Solved] Connecting 2 or more bones together
  241. [Resolved] Action a "Ask to Leave Home" , autonomous and available playable sim
  242. Let's talk about Instantiator
  243. Object Modding Help
  244. Extracting voice files from Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)
  245. Suggestion: Shy kiss and slow dance for children
  246. Creating Custom TV Channels
  247. Extracting some userpreset.package files and converting them to packages
  248. Trying to stop vampires from autonomously drinking plasma packs
  249. How the Muscular Definition Works/is Created?
  250. How to make a Jogging Track mod but for Horses