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  1. How to use SharpDevelop to make script mods?
  2. (Scripting) Detecting Social Interactions
  3. Sim Floating in Animation
  4. Beginner's Modding Tutorial
  5. Using S3PE
  6. (Scripting) Creating an LTR Condition
  7. (Scripting) Where can I find the names of social interactions for use in scripts?
  8. (Scripting) Simulating object is null, unable to obtain an interaction object
  9. (Scripting) Find target from nearby sims?
  10. (Scripting) Getting current sim/current sim household
  11. Editing Relationship Change from Interaction
  12. Setting an object to a preset by code
  13. Edit existing ingame interactions
  14. Social data And Availability (Research Thread)
  15. Would it be possible to make a condition based off if the target sim is BF/GF?
  16. Growth states for a custom plant
  17. Using IK targets in-game
  18. Missing custom interactions when adding a lot from the library
  19. Is it possible to apply buffs to "Target" sims that will have the "Actor" sims name on them in the description of the buff?
  20. How to stop mermaids from swimming instead of taking a boat?
  21. My social Interaction animation method does not work.
  22. Are there hardcoded limitations to modding in the Sims 3? (Modding Buildings Shells, Cars)
  23. Strange bug with my Test method
  24. changing the brightness of a lighting mod
  25. Tutorial: How to position/animate props in an animation CLIP
  26. How to apply Buffs by using kEvents and AlarmHandles.
  27. Editing/Extracting Sims 3 Console UI.package
  28. How do I make a moodlet similar to the "first kiss" moodlet?
  29. Help Making Custom UI
  30. Hungarian language code
  31. Merging scripts from different objects?
  32. I am unable to load my moodlets into the game.
  33. Adding a Persistable Alarm
  34. [resolved]Geom slider causes spiky face
  35. How do I go about adding an existing vanilla animation to a custom interaction.
  36. making moodlets that change a sim's appearance?
  37. How do I convert images to 54x54 pixels?
  38. Changing how something is visually used in game
  39. Error question and how to make certain methods question.
  40. Organizing code question.
  41. Is there a way to remove interactions?
  42. Question regarding the process of learning to mod TS3.
  43. Issue with Overriding Plan Outfit Interaction for Fairy House
  44. How would I go about looking at other people's code?
  45. Help with replacing _AUD files
  46. Question regarding how to make private and protected methods usable.
  47. The public Core Mod Project
  48. I am Currently stuck in the "Adding Interactions to Existing Objects (or Sims)" tutorial
  49. How to override backpack for Ani's Custom Backpack Mod for default replacement
  50. I want to edit Awkward Moments And Humiliations
  51. Question about an inactive mod...
  52. The mystery of kChanceOf...
  53. Sims 3 searching for more Off the Grid Mods
  54. Sims 3 reduce Zombie Bite Range
  55. CreatedObjectOutOfWorld not working
  56. Restricting interaction with skill level
  57. Alien Mind Control Interaction for all sims
  58. Dog swimming routing
  59. Occult voice tuning
  60. Adding Recipes to Snacks and Drinks
  61. Car Stereo Pure Script Modding
  62. Hold Baby Indefinitely
  63. Autonomy of interactions with multiple InteractionObjectPairs
  64. Prevent Idles?
  65. Coding in occults and traits
  66. Devlog - Unamed Reproductive Health Project
  67. Editing DLC Recipes
  68. Tweaking Birth
  69. Need help! How to create custom relationship icons?
  70. Scrapped Maid active career research thread
  71. Mannequin clone turns to gray ball when live dragged or reloaded
  72. How to Hide Animation Props and Effects
  73. Please Help with clone!!! Weird behavior
  74. [Resolved]Setting state machine product version
  75. Does a package editor for the console version of TS3 exist?
  76. Interaction Progression Question
  77. Resort Changes - Testers wanted
  78. Jazz script animation not playing
  79. Custom songs in Build/Buy/CAS modes play just once?
  80. The Flower Project: Ideas, suggestions and other kind of help would be really appreciated!
  81. Replace an animation for an Interaction
  82. mod idea/suggestion: soap and candle making skill
  83. Custom Rabbithole Tutorial
  84. I Need Help Default Replacing Sims 3 smart Phone
  85. Can i replace the muscle definition tab slider with a height slider in CAS?
  86. How do I change custom lighting to be darker at night?
  87. shower towels (hear me out)
  88. Changing a Sim's Gender outside CAS
  89. List Of Balloon Name Text
  90. Interaction cancelling when save is loaded
  91. Child Werewolf Animation Conversion Issue
  92. Texturing sculpture meshes
  93. Renaming Mesh Groups?
  94. Instance Outside Bounds of Array?
  95. Are these changes to cooking possible?
  96. [Resolved]Custom events
  97. [Resolved]Dream tree debugging
  98. A mod for mummies - EventHandler Issues
  99. Attempting to make custom occults
  100. Adding a custom skill to a rabbithole career
  101. Menstrual Cycle Initialization
  102. Was there a tool that could create moodlets in sims 3?
  103. Rotating a sim
  104. annoying animations
  105. Help!
  106. Custom Moodlet Tutorial
  107. Can't get extra sliders to work with XCAS core mod
  108. Language codes for STBL
  109. C# Script Utility Overview
  110. is it possible to get original text from hash
  111. STBLizer Issues
  112. Sending pets to a rabbithole
  113. Create PlantSim In CAS, a problems.
  114. Question about Converting CC TS4 to TS3
  115. Personality traits for painting
  116. Script Utility Tutorial
  117. Rock Climbing Wall Interactions
  118. Adding a CASP through code
  119. Itens being spawned during animations
  120. A stripped down mscorlib library
  121. Help with footbridge object for CAW
  122. Minor Pet Idea I Have No Idea How to Execute - Brainstorming Welcome?
  123. Trouble with Tuning and Autonomy
  124. Help. I am stuck at a step in "Tutorial:Sims 3 Pure Scripting Modding".
  125. cmomoney's ceilingFanMod
  126. Errors scripting Custom Interactions
  127. Take Practice Shots Mod (Help)
  128. Mod to make Bonehilda care for kids?
  129. Collection of all SimDescriptionIDs
  130. Mailbox mod animation help
  131. Mod Idea - Adding Jacoban and Peteran religious aspects
  132. Sims 3 Modding; Change animation when interacting with object
  133. Animation Issues with Repairable Car Mod
  134. Some questions about the .NET DLLs
  135. Only modded self employment options after xp tunning
  136. Yoga Mod BETA [Testers Wanted - 01/13/22]
  137. "Host object does not have a SacsComponent" error?
  138. Alarm is being reset despite being repeating and persisted
  139. Sit for more than five seconds (script mod)
  140. Help with Small Mod adding interaction to animation[code][/code]
  141. Possibly scripting related question, idea for a mod
  142. Interaction near the greeting
  143. Add audio files to custom content sims 3
  144. Problem with FacialBlendData/Blendunit creation via C# Script
  145. [Resolved]Manually merging core mods
  146. [Help needed] Unknown Exception in my mod.
  147. Default replacement on pre-existing objects
  148. Find nearest body of water?
  149. No string values showing up in my career mod
  150. Checking for moodlets from another mod?
  151. ENCR Asset Pack
  152. Help with footprint problem
  153. Relationship symmetry
  154. Nap in living chair mod
  155. (Finished) Custom OpportunityLoader
  156. Set social animations based on short term context
  157. My Custom Skill Mod Won't Allow Game To Start
  158. Removing a set amount of points from a motive
  159. Pet stairs routing
  160. What package are pet CLIP files in?
  161. Desk Sitting Position
  162. Sims 3 Script Extender Overview
  163. CC Magic + S3SE
  164. Importing props for animations
  165. Battery.Utility Menus help regarding Sims
  166. Using vehicles while carrying child
  167. A (maybe new?) class of modding that allows modders to use FIle I/O, Sockets, and printing to the screen: Bridge Modding
  168. Help Reading Jazz Script
  169. Set Default GEOM Slider CAS Value?
  170. [SOLVED] Store Skills GUID and CommodityKinds ?
  171. Props/accessories in animations
  172. CLIP file script events
  173. Program/Tool (draft)- TS3 Face Template Creator
  174. SOLVED: Game isn't fully extracting info from CASP
  175. Buffs that increase motive decay
  176. Animation converting Adult to Child
  177. Electrocution animation
  178. The Pets Expansion Expansion
  179. Buff replacement causing sims to reset
  180. What's the difference between SimOutfit, Caspart, preset and all the things CAS
  181. TS3 Modder's Dictionary/Reference
  182. Character Values For Children and Teens
  183. Skill Wall Mirror Object for Toddlers [Progress Journal]
  184. Push Walker Functional Object for Toddlers [Progress Journal]
  185. TS3 Custom Degree Modding [Progress Journal]
  186. New to Sims3 modding, need help
  187. Custom UI
  188. Program/Tool- TS3 Build and Buy Object Vertice and Polycount Reader -checks the polycount of multiple objects at the same time
  189. Program/Tool- TS3 CAS Vertice and Polycount Reader -checks the polycount of multiple hairstyles, clothes, shoes, accessories at the same time
  190. Baby / Toddler Wipes - Toddlers Hygiene Overhaul Mod [Progress Journal]
  191. I made a tutorial video on creating a custom interaction.
  192. –°an't write the code, what's my mistake?
  193. Looking for this wish thumbnail in s3pe [Found]
  194. Shader 0x1C608236 ? Which shader is it?
  195. Help - Potty Train Self Mod
  196. Totally baffled on a strings rename?
  197. Where are the tuning files that have to do with bands and band members?
  198. Glowing mesh in game/broken shader?
  199. The Sims 3 Open For Business Mod (Sim State) - Ownable Businesses & More - Updated 18/04/2021
  200. Blog from computer/tablet?
  201. Anyway to make a mod that is like the Consort HairColor but for eyes?
  202. Custom rabbit hole doors not moving/opening
  203. Having an issue replacing map tag icons.
  204. GetType not finding my classes
  205. About White Board from University
  206. Cutstom Skin... Icon?
  207. Why do my custom buffs do not appear?
  208. Problem With Converting .wav File To .dat File For Custom TV Channel
  209. Looking to make my first mod - Any good resources?
  210. Difference between a PairedListDictionary and a regular Dictionary
  211. Changing the name of an EA item
  212. Interaction Instance and statemachine not liking each other
  213. Add hidden trait to custom career
  214. How to obtain Sim's voice files?
  215. Sims 3 Code Documentation
  216. Triggering custom opportunities with an object
  217. Problems with trying to reproduce the Haunt Interaction
  218. What is the code that makes Imaginary Friends invisible?
  219. Heat Vision Shader
  220. Shadow Issues on Mesh
  221. About Reaction Broadcasters
  222. Active careers - increase performance with existing interactions
  223. NameComponent causing null errors
  224. What version of Visual Studio should I download?
  225. Is EA's take on XMLElements just.. this bad?
  226. Weddings for inactives Mod
  227. Arrest Mod
  228. Making objects intersectable
  229. Ghost Overhaul - Brainstorming and Discussion
  230. Jazz Script issues
  231. Toddler mobility
  232. [Resolved] Setting a custom interaction tuning to match an existing tuning
  233. Extracting Custom Content from Sims (SIM File Extension)
  234. Menstrual Cycle/Pregnancy Mod - Advice, Tips, Etc
  235. add of buffs and thought balloons to motive
  236. Questions about modding for Custom Tombs
  237. [Resolved]Object script replacement causes crash
  238. Indefinite interactions (like fishing)
  239. CollectionTweaker3 Help
  240. Making a custom interaction raise a need
  241. Any advice/comission help for someone with 0 experience? Really want this mods:
  242. Making a interaction only appear to unselected sims
  243. Persistable tuples not persisting
  244. Is instantiating too many non-static classes a bad thing in some way?
  245. No-school "school" career
  246. Creating non-Hidden Custom Skills
  247. ActionDataBits
  248. What is the class for Tea Set?
  249. [Resolved] Reduce chance of autonomously initiating romantic social interactions
  250. How to check via script if an expansion is installed or not?