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  1. 4GB RAM Patch
  2. Alien baby keeps glitching out of every crib
  3. pattern is corrupt
  4. My sims disappeared after travelling, and now my save is bricked
  5. Delphy's Custard
  6. Wings hair TS3 OS0306 fm
  7. Can't erase cc
  8. Which One of These Mods is Making my Game Glitch?
  9. Known corrupt items
  10. CC went missing
  11. cc.merged
  12. Modding the Sims 3
  13. Sim Pie Menu Interaction lag
  14. Assigning a music station to a lot
  15. no access to wormholes
  16. sims 3 life's tragedies
  17. How to get Radeon Pro 5500M card recognised and small interface
  18. Please help my poor blinded Sim and his serious cosmetic issues. :(
  19. HELP! EMERGENCY! CC MAGIC! I accidently deleted one of my folders
  20. I can't install Mamy Rocker's "Erszebet Bathory" sim
  21. Super-speed (as in the superpower) and is it possible?
  22. No pets neighborhood adoptions...
  23. Weird animation problem when jamming with guitar
  24. Missing .package files (BUT ONLY SOME.)
  25. How do you delete books your Sim has written?
  26. Using RAM more than 2GB tool doesn't work
  27. Possible interference and looking for an alternative
  28. female shirt
  29. Reoccuring female aging problems
  30. faceless babies
  31. Sims showering/bathing with clothes on
  32. WCIF Decor Wall TV
  33. Sims 3 (and 4) not appearing in Origin
  34. Save Error/Warning but only one Lot
  35. My sims 3 launcher isn't showing my installed packs!
  36. Best way to move an entire town
  37. Can't install worlds...
  38. Installing CAW terrain dds files
  39. Is there a way to stop Showtime performers from spawning
  40. Could someone who DOESN'T have ambitions installed please test this .package file out?
  41. My game is not loading!!
  42. Sims 3 won't open
  43. Odd colors in Hylewood custom world
  44. Sims losing make up during travels?
  45. Digital Picture Frames Resetting on Boot up - Sims 3
  46. Map tags on Late Night high-rise shells
  47. Confusing Crash Cause, Looking for More Info
  48. Rabbit hole House
  49. Two saves crash constantly, others don't
  50. Arora Skies turns dark
  51. WCIF Future Themed Worlds?
  52. Lot becoming pet adoption - household not selectable anymore
  53. Saving Forever After Editing University Student Union
  54. Black textures on objects?!
  55. Launcher Downloads not loading in game
  56. Lighting mod doesn't always load/randomly turns off
  57. Wondering What Type of Mod I Need To Learn How to Make.
  58. Blank thumbnails
  59. WCIF a tutorial that will specifically help me with converting TS4 CC buy mode objects (posters and paintings) for use in TS3?
  60. Can I rollback from 1.69 to 1.67 on Origin? Or Run basegame on Steam and DLC on Origin?
  61. Screen tearing driving me cray cray (NVIDIA GTX 1050)
  62. Adding a Sim bloats my save file
  63. 3 issues in one post: Cannot purchase with Ancient Coins or redeem Festival Tickets, black marks on female faces, & CAS view of CC hair differs from in-game view of hair
  64. How do you make ReShade depth of field last longer than 5 minutes?
  65. Expansions packs not showing in game
  66. Packages don't work, help please
  67. Custom Rabbithole Names... Potential New Idea?
  68. Low Quality Textures Even On The Highest Settings
  69. Weird graphic glitch
  70. S3OC: how to use it?
  71. Did I download the wrong .package? Or do I need to fix said .package?
  72. WCIF adult oxygen tube and this outfit.
  73. Laundry not working ETA: Solved - Sim must change in a room.
  74. CC previously working now is both missing AND showing up
  75. Some sliders don't work after installing NRaas and custom sliders
  76. Trying to add stray cat to my household yields massive problems
  77. Disappeared travel-related skill opportunity
  78. [FIXED] All worlds I start have no sims in them?
  79. Sims 3 Pose Player doesn't work
  80. The Sims 3™ Glitches
  81. Is there a Program or Utility to convert *.package files to *.sims3pack?
  82. CC won't install - Software update error message (yet all up to date)
  83. Sims 3 freezes on the start and can't unfreeze
  84. Monte Vista walls problem
  85. Sims won't play computer games
  86. Nraas Story Progression causes my game to freeze
  87. Trouble with mods
  88. Bugged Plantsims
  89. Blender shutting down
  90. CAS - No Recyclebin for Hairs?
  91. Custom Equestrian Center (with Debug Enabler) not working
  92. Sims3Pack content COMPLETELY GONE FROM GAME!!!
  93. Converting SimsPacks to Package files question
  94. Turn on shower without sim
  95. Cat always needing to scratch
  96. Resolution Issues
  97. Sims do not load entirely and look like TS1
  98. How do I height adjust a sim to their original sim height?
  99. Mods folder not working
  100. Career name/title shows up blank
  101. Increase duration of pregnancy
  102. TSR Workshop Error: unable to read beyond the steam
  103. Game crashes around the same time every day
  104. Increase current lot size
  105. Town's color ramps doesn't work
  106. Sims 3 not loading
  107. mods causes game error
  108. The Sky in the background of certain worlds is appearing "wishy washy" like water (possibly due to my graphics settings)
  109. Issue faced by fences and high rise apartments
  110. Lifetime Wish (LTW) appears to be completed, even when it's not.
  111. (solved) Trying to use icarus_allsorts' transmogrifier for laundry machine
  112. [HELP] Many Formal Sims and Sims been deleting after load game.
  113. Missing Objects/Neighborhood Decor in CAW
  114. Sims3packs not installing anymore and Black Screen
  115. Can't run game with fewer expansion packs checked.
  116. Installing my Sims3Pack files has started to cause TS3 to launch to a black screen with no response
  117. Invisible Store Clothes
  118. Free camera is relentlessly and immediately drifting to the top left corner
  119. Sim is unable to sleep on command
  120. Can you edit an already active world in CAW?
  121. What did my cat do to my graphics?
  122. Moving the files in My documents
  123. Unable to select a household that has recently adopted.
  124. Basement size issues
  125. Uploading a build with custom content
  126. Food Truck in Custom World?
  127. NRAAS mastercontroller not working
  128. Can I use both these default skins together?: Kurasoberina's and You Are Real
  129. Playing Sims 3 with an eGPU?
  130. Dead Sims moved into homes...
  131. No sim to sim interaction possible
  132. Can’t Use Digital Frames
  133. Machinima Questions
  134. Snow In Island Paradise
  135. Problem with cmar_XCAS_corefull67.package
  136. Can I make sims pose/animate if they're not in my active household?
  137. Large dog doing weird animations
  138. Can Exchange items be converted to packages?
  139. The Sims 3 won't launch and the The Sims 3 Launcher gives me an error!
  140. Package files are not loading
  141. How to downsize the grid of an existing lot?
  142. Houses keep changing to apartment lots
  143. Nraas (Mastercontroller or Story progression) glitching with switching households
  144. Multiple versions of the same pattern [SOLVED]
  145. Is it possible to edit the hair colours that the game uses on townies and NPCs?
  146. Has anyone seen this eyelash glitch? (RESOLVED)
  147. Accidentally reset the swings while in Build Mode so they won't change with Seasons
  148. Moving Sims to Another Saved World
  149. My CC billboards disappear from CAW after entering EIG
  150. Moving tombstones to another world
  151. New monitor makes game sutter when moving the camera
  152. 2 screens to play sims
  153. Trying to find a decent gaming laptop for the Sims 3
  154. Gap between these ITF glass windows
  155. Can't recover password and question regarding registering a game
  156. Making an apartment and a community lot in the same building
  157. Swimming Pool Missing Floor
  158. Missing Objects issue with CC Magic
  159. Parents have gone missing
  160. CCMagic won't start
  161. CAS camera angle mod won't work.
  162. Downloads Folder Gone after uninstalling CC Magic
  163. Routing Lines
  164. All of my custom content and sims3packs are gone! Even though they're in the same place as they were before.
  165. I have a good computer but still have a lot of lag
  166. Getting an "Error unable to connect to origin" when opening launcher
  167. NRAAS Dresser issue
  168. My Sims won't stop trying to leave houses they break into.
  169. Opened resource cfg with winrar = archive is either unknown format or damaged
  170. Why my Sim has "Never Aging"? Fix for it?
  171. Revert Zombies
  172. CAW help - matching custom road to the default one
  173. Install limits?
  174. Intaling Lots and Converting Packages to sims3pack?
  175. Wall items routing issue
  176. Is there a way to change the body that goes with this face?
  177. S-club lashes not working/ HELP!
  178. Not all showing up
  179. Custom CellPhones and BackPacks
  180. Does anyone know what this means?
  181. Custom Road Intersection Issue
  182. SuperCAW download seems to be down
  183. Edit in Game not loading-SOLVED
  184. Has anyone seen a normal size mercury ingot?
  185. how do I download mods
  186. Find objects in CAW
  187. where is 'metal spawner'
  188. The phrase MOD SCRIPTS FOUND
  189. Sims 3 lag & bad grapphics on capable computer
  190. TSR Workshop instantly crashes on startup
  191. how to change or raise metal weight
  192. Low useage of CPU and GPU in The Sims 3
  193. Third Person Mod not working
  194. I want to share the chest and things in it
  195. How can i get this skin?
  196. Locating sims
  197. Legacy Origin is no more
  198. SOLVED Lighting/Atmosphere problem with custom worlds - very dark/odd colors, dark in the day, light at night
  199. Game saves suddenly greyed out (One fix found...)
  200. Camera panning lag
  201. Mod the sim's delete a forum
  202. Weird neck seam
  203. Changing slider ranges with NRAAS
  204. Terrain Paint
  205. Weather Stone "Foggy Cloud" animation repetitively appearing
  206. Game loading and performance suddenly tanked for no(?) apparent reason
  207. Launcher Keeps Deleting Eveything but lots
  208. CAW won't load textures of certain lots
  209. Can’t place any double door or arch diagonally
  210. Portrait panel glitched and mood colors incorrect
  211. Screen brightness changing in fullscreen mode
  212. Moving sims out of town but keeping family tree?
  213. Steam/Origin Mix
  214. Dog wishes dissapeared/no new ones appear after aging up
  215. Nothing Works
  216. Repeating Pattern Glitch?
  217. Getting billed twice.
  218. How to increase the size of window
  219. My map only show grey colour and icon only
  220. How do I transfer cc that is in ccmagic to a new computer?
  221. Coffeehouse disappearance of tables and chairs
  222. Transfer Sims Between Computers?
  223. Garden of Shadows and the Wayback Machine
  224. Nraas mods 1.63
  225. CC Magic - cc not showing up
  226. I don't even know how to describe this.
  227. Elixir store resets sim
  228. Sims not getting any moodlets
  229. Mods not working
  230. No framework file
  231. Missing Plumbob
  232. Graphic issues in The Sims 3
  233. Can't ask other Sims to join my band
  234. The Sims 3 Using Only 32 VRAM
  235. Laptop recommendations?
  236. Weird black squares and occasional crashing
  237. Please delete
  238. Combining rabbit holes with community lots
  239. Nvidia Geforce 750m with Sims 3
  240. Manual Merge of XML
  241. I literally deleted everything and it still runs slow!
  242. Instance ID Designation
  243. Package files do not show up in Game Launcher
  244. Woohoo interaction gone
  245. Game Randomly Crashes to Desktop [Max Memory Used] with VERY few mods
  246. Diner crowding issue
  247. Constrain Floor Elevation Leaving Floating Phantom Ceilings
  248. Game crashes when trying to interat with bartenders/mixologists
  249. Patterns uninstalled from launcher, still in CCMagic files
  250. Create a world refuses to start