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  1. CAW flat map edges
  2. Converting objects to package files, from dcbackup?
  3. Custom styles reset when I exit CAS
  4. Audio Giltch Makes The Sound Of The Game Muted Except For TV Channels That Have A Sound
  5. I'm unable to uninstall any cc from the Sims 3 Launcher, it pops up with a box that says "Unable to Start Game" and "Service initialization failed"
  6. Skins with too many colour options, how to remove some?
  7. Loads of Script Errors + Can't click anything
  8. Households and some Lots won't show when installed with CC Magic
  9. Smooth patch Error 126
  10. Sims hairs are pixelated in Create a Sim
  11. I Reinstalled My Windows 11 And Now The Sims 3 Crashes More Often For Some Reasons!
  12. Help! One of my save files has Oasis Landing crashing the game!
  13. Edit In Game When Used, It Opens The Sims3Launcher.exe Instead Of TS3W.exe, But TS3W.exe Still Starts With The Launcher At Same Time
  14. Patterns not showing up even though they are working patterns
  15. Game crashes when launched via ts3w.exe, works fine via ccmagic
  16. School Bus Not Coming For Teens/Children in Household
  17. Stuck in forever loading to oasis landing,and ONLY there
  18. Active sims freeze randomly
  19. Incorrect EP tags on custom content
  20. ErrorTrap script error: Sim dissappears in town then reappears at house
  21. Crashing On New City I'm Playing
  22. Does changing hair colour affect children born?
  23. Can’t merge cc in s3pe
  24. Sims 3 launcher wont open
  25. Smooth Patch Appear To Not Work On Low-End PC
  26. Sims 3 Won't Launch
  27. New graphics card issue: No shadows in map view. Graphicsrules file problem?
  28. Steam not accepting Store Purchases.
  29. My World Iovinis
  30. How to get more than 8 sims in an active household.
  31. Graphics glitch on trees when in map view
  32. Is it possible to place inventory items (elixirs, books or such) in community lots?
  33. DOF reshade problem
  34. tiny low resolution UI?
  35. Sims getting stuck and doing actions in one spot.
  36. Where am i supposed to find help when mod i need help for is inactive?
  37. What does this script error mean?
  38. Constant 3-second freezes during gameplay
  39. How do you handle family relationships in terms of different neighborhoods?
  40. ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000014 (Crashes at the loading screen, doesn't load, music glitches out, used to work before.)
  41. Why is my sim always demoted after getting a promotion?
  42. Newest Download Link CAW ??
  43. CC and TS3 Store Items become un-CAStable. Why?
  44. Adopted pets never show up
  45. My Game Constant Crashes When i'm Going to Place a Lot in the City in the World Editor on the Edit Town
  46. Extreme lag at the start of the game
  47. Vram & Ram
  48. TS3Store content: what needs to be a simpack? How to best convert the rest to packages?
  49. Tokyosou causing extreme lag (and rare crashing)
  50. Getting Sims 3 to recognize graphics card
  51. Sim can’t interact with other sims
  52. Light colour and intensity resetting
  53. Some of the files I download from the site download as PDFs and I can't figure out how to convert them to downloadable files
  54. Sims 3 Online Mod + Server
  55. Some Questions about Saved Sims
  56. New Sims 3 installation "A serious error has occurred loading "Name.world""
  57. Sims very slow with queued activities
  58. No shadows or directional lighting in game, even after card recognized
  59. Game is pixelated/showing edges after win10 install
  60. The Sims™ 3 - Starts Too Slow and Loading Slow!
  61. Sims clothes glitching out indoors
  62. NRAAS Question
  63. Extracting Sim from Sims3Pack File
  64. Autonomy for Non-active Households
  65. dead sims in oasis valey
  66. Help with resort
  67. Installed Sims3Pack (Kent Farm Smallville) into game but it doesn't show up!
  68. Aptitude test scoring very low
  69. Too many meteors
  70. Questions about modding that i can't find answer for...
  71. Sims wont stay Still
  72. What happened to my Jack O' Floor Lamp?
  73. Bars kicking sims out at wrong time
  74. The Ultimate "Converting Store Content to Packages" Tutorial Thread
  75. CAW vs In-game WE
  76. Rename world but keep savefile
  77. My downloaded multi-part files disappeared
  78. How to export WA world to replace the original one?
  79. Tab mode
  80. Autonomy
  81. s3pe Advice Needed
  82. Is DEP still needed? (Solved)
  83. almost all .package files wont show up in my game and Sims3Pack File Generator Tool won't work.
  84. DeviceConfig is Blank
  85. Can I enable rabbitholes as landmarks for edit town?
  86. Unwanted Hair
  87. Nrass TravellerLog
  88. [SOLVED] Can't click on fridge with specific sim
  89. CC Magic on Mac Under Wine?
  90. YA/A Body But Teen Lifestate?
  91. Can't plant or interact with most plants.
  92. CAS Crash
  93. Widescreen Resolution, CAS/Stylist, and Where Are My Feet?
  94. Half My Mods are Seemingly Non-Functional
  95. Lighting/shading resembles full moon zombie event except I'm playing without Supernatural
  96. Can't Turn Off Enable Usage Sharing
  97. Reset Worlds?
  98. *SOLVED* Store Content don't show up in CAW 1.69 but do in EIG.
  99. Generations checked in launcher, content not loading
  100. The town on map view is grey
  101. EiG crushing in middle of opening in TS3 application.
  102. Sims 3 won't start on new Windows 10 installation/Alder Lake problem
  103. Sims Upon Aging Change Their Wardrobe To God-awful Quantum Power Suit
  104. Do worlds bought on Origin work with the Steam version?
  105. "A serious error has occurred while loading ‘Sunset Valley.world’..."
  106. Can't leave vacation early after buying house
  107. A Serious Error with Options Change
  108. Can't get the LD launcher to work.
  109. What is the STEAM Path for the Mods folder?
  110. where's the baby?
  111. Moving files to new 64 bit folder
  112. Question about more saves with the arrow in the game menu
  113. SOLVED: Custom tents are not working (ATS3)
  114. Game keeps resetting when I load it up
  115. Question about Making Skins Unisex
  116. Ice Lounge came without ice items?
  117. .sim files mixed up
  118. Installing the Sims 3 from a disc with/without Origin?
  119. Hair messing with skintone
  120. Microwave meals without microwave?
  121. 01:59 in-game time freezes the live mode while at normal speed, later fixes this
  122. Problem with SuperPatch download link
  123. Can you change already installed world descriptions?
  124. Please help. Zoomed in camera map
  125. Slider values not "sticking" - FIXED
  126. sim selection bar filled with ts2 sim icons??
  127. My backyard garden is an old furniture cemetery.
  128. Trying to change the texture memory number in GraphicsRules, but confused on what to write
  129. Overrides of some items missing their Animations?
  130. Can any type of sims3pack cc be converted to package files?
  131. Some .Sims3Pack files won't open with launcher
  132. FIXED>>>S3PE: Suddenly I can't view/preview OBJD, etc.
  133. Object script for stereo?
  134. .Package files versus .sims3pack
  135. Sims 3 with intel hd graphics
  136. Newly installed world not working
  137. My game is unplayable after I installed smoothing patch please help!
  138. How do I know if I need 4GB patch?
  139. SOLVED: One of my save file takes almost 2 hours to load, it's unusual long.
  140. Entire families keep disappearing from my town...
  141. High Resolution Display Issues in Windowed Mode
  142. Sims seem to be disappearing without a trace...
  143. How do you edit the clothing that came with the sims 3 and expansions?
  144. Is it possible to change clothing categories of cc in a .sims3pack file?
  145. Really having troubles removing .sims3pack ...Please kind soul help before I pull my hair out!
  146. Sims, lots, items all turning red. Please, please help.
  147. Zoomed in?
  148. Materializing Materials glitch
  149. HELP PLEASE :error trap and break into home mod
  150. Food processor is annoying
  151. Error patching manually
  152. beverage bought from coffee shop vanishes
  153. S3PE "Valid for Random" False not working
  154. Buy Mode doesn't load
  155. Sims 3 female dress
  156. Game has started lag spikes that won't go away
  157. Sims 3 Won't Open
  158. How to fix packages with faulty _KEY elements?
  159. CC Magic showing the same file twice
  160. Sims eyes weird double pupils
  161. EA Hair enabled for both genders still wont appear
  162. (NO LONGER NEED HELP) I would like to upgrade to different laptop...
  163. [SOLVED] Game is suddenly lagging after moving into a new house
  164. Game doesn't launch
  165. Biological parents
  166. Can nraas Retuner stop sims from moving their houseboats?
  167. Hair Custom Content wont load in TSR Workshop
  168. How to make packages from DCBackup usable?
  169. How to place neighborhood deco on roads/lots/anywhere you want?
  170. Mirror glitch
  171. All my savegames crash on loading
  172. Low resolution textures on Intel HD Graphics (kinda?..)
  173. Accidentally deleted Shaders_Win32
  174. Game running slow after reinstall
  175. Need help installing worlds from .Sims3Pack without launcher
  176. Objects look like tiny fog emitters [resolved]
  177. Toddler has weird glitch face texture when having base game hairstyles
  178. Two jobs at the same time.
  179. my sims doesnt stop cheating on their partner
  180. No autonomus subway use please
  181. Changing Lot Names
  182. New Mac user missing his simming time!
  183. Rescuing a Sim from a broken computer.
  184. More workdays for Astronauts!
  185. My lots suddenly turned bright red???????
  186. Cooking books/cooking skill causing repeated error trap and sim resetting
  187. Sluggish Camera Rotation and Movement
  188. Buy mode object preview card for custom TVs are freezing/crashing the game.
  189. Can I and should I delete these files?
  190. instant game crash when using Build Mode tools
  191. Rags to riches neighborhood?
  192. Horrible Lag after Driver Update [SOLVED]
  193. Road Visual Glitch
  194. unexplainable loading behaviour (how to fix it?!)
  195. Sims crashing game... how to figure out issue?
  196. telltale
  197. Greyed-out eyes and messed up hair/face textures?
  198. Script Errors after changing custom memories
  199. Maternity Clothing Not Revealing Bump
  200. Default skin only shows up in CAS, but not in Live Mode
  201. Why does the game think every save file is brand new?
  202. How to find out what custom content is missing?
  203. CAS stuck in infinite "Processing" loop
  204. CTD: 100 babies cannot go to school
  205. Cannot Log In + Blank Launcher on Windows 10
  206. I can't downpatch to 1.67
  207. Neck Gap
  208. Pond tool/water disappearing bug
  209. S3OC Freezing when Writing Package
  210. Rare brief Sim/Pets deformations at game freezes
  211. Plumbot wishes are gone after traveling back to the present
  212. DeviceConfig completely empty/won't recognise graphics card
  213. I'm receiving a message about a non-functional gondola while playing Bridgeport.
  214. Around the Sims Festival Stall is all Black
  215. Sims 3 launcher keeps crashing when trying to uninstall cc
  216. Broken CC not in Download/Installed Content Launcher
  217. weird glitch in screen when moving camera
  218. Can't reduce size of game save
  219. Pitch black secodary roof glitch
  220. Game wont recognize graphics card even after editing
  221. Sudden problem I've never had before - I start the game and the black screen at the beginning changes sizes quickly and closes itself
  222. Change Cloud Color
  223. Unclickable object in my Sim's family inventory
  224. Using more ram?
  225. Resort food stand problem - sim resetting
  226. Installled content not appearing
  227. Can't load up my Sunset Valley save
  228. Scripting Errors
  229. Base game skins have weird red tint to them
  230. Hot keys in Sims Medieval
  231. There's this custom community lot that I can't seem to add to my game
  232. I can't click on the ocean :/
  233. Something I don't understand about S3rc
  234. Trying to get better control over the Homeless Sim Population
  235. How do I get rid of insane proportions when clicking randomize with custom sliders?
  236. Nraas Master Controller makes games freeze
  237. Questions regarding downloading houses and creepy doll
  238. How to use Blender GEOM Tools v2.0.0
  239. Can I edit Sims in vacation worlds without traveling there?
  240. Sliders buttons not showing or working
  241. Need a method to remove fallen leaves from lots
  242. Oasis Landing trouble Sims 3 Into the future
  243. Launcher Crashing trying to Uninstall CC
  244. A Problem with doors.
  245. Splitting up a Household
  246. "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" Error when beginning a new project in TSR Workshop
  247. Sims 3 Store/Exchange Downloads Not Working Properly
  248. How do I off the notify nraas relativity?
  249. Trying to extract the hair colour of Emit Rellevart
  250. Bridge Lights