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  1. Anyone play with Zerbu's Lot Event Mod?
  2. Lucky Palms trees - Anyone added them to CAW catalog?
  3. Reorganizing Catalog with S3PE
  4. The Windows Power Button Stopped Working After Installing Sim 3
  5. Stopping Inappropriate Behavior
  6. WCIF Permanent Mermaid Mod?
  7. Show off your Sims.
  8. How does this Late Night hairstyle work in REAL LIFE?
  9. How do I fix the issue with the Elixir Register
  10. I am back to playing The Sims 3
  11. Will repeatedly turning aging on and off break my game?
  12. Returning to TS3
  13. What can you do with character export XMLs? Can you import them back in?
  14. TS3 turns up in a supposed "assassination plot"... yes, really.
  15. Deleting a specific pose from the .package file
  16. invisible or blocked televisions!
  17. Rebuilding Sunset Valley
  18. Wanna spice up gameplay; Is Savvy Sellers worth the money / Should I get it?
  19. How do you play?
  20. Neat Mods/CC That You've Found
  21. From 0 to 100 way too fast- what to do first?
  22. Custom Imaginary Friend? (IFs that don't look like walking dolls)
  23. Sims 3 vs Windows 11?
  24. Is Steam or Origin the Better Option?
  25. Baby Horses
  26. So... any reason why Sims cannot look like this?
  27. Do you like Bridgeport? I'm doing a huge remake of this world
  28. Thread About Adventures
  29. Unique Drink Names
  30. sims-new.my1.ru does not work? I cannot download anything from.
  31. Sims 3 Steam sale.
  32. Sims bitching about resort always being dirty/filtyh/gross/messy
  33. Good news for TS3's shadow distance!
  34. Stupid technical question: Which SSD or HDD to choose for TS3
  35. Fixing Premium Content / Reliable Store Fix
  36. Children and Skills; Or preparing them for adulthood/teenagehood
  37. Is something wrong with Around the Sims 3?
  38. Pruning collections
  39. Ownable Lots in vacation worlds, to Non-Player Sims Only lots?
  40. Installing World Fix(es) Right?
  41. Known Bugs And Fixes For Them
  42. Deactivating / Decirative Rabbit Holes??
  43. Giving Away / Receing An Expansion Pack of Origin / Steam
  44. Using / How to use s3rc (TS3 Recompressor) ?
  45. prozzies?
  46. Correct positioning for traffic lights
  47. Kp?
  48. CC hair turns black far away?
  49. RESOLVED: Black Screen (Crash)
  50. NEW CONTEST - Olympic Games Building Contest Open
  51. Ideas, Thoughts for Trying New Things and Opinion About Something Thread
  52. Does anyone know why the console version of Pets didn't have all the cheats the original game had?
  53. Deadly Outdoors for Worlds?
  54. Things that cause infinite loading screen loop?
  55. Which Shell Penthouses to Use?
  56. Ideas For Commercial/Community Lot Assignment Incorperation
  57. Advice of reducing the chance of World-Travelling Failing?
  58. Recreating Rabbit Hole Project/Creations Done Before?
  59. Making Bridgeport Clubs/Bars/Lounges Busy
  60. Bot Arena Career
  61. Story Progresses With Active Household?
  62. CAW tips and tricks
  63. Do worlds start lagging eventually?
  64. Heads up, fix for body hair and tattoos without disabling ShaderSkinCompositing.
  65. School has no one to study
  66. same sex attraction?
  67. Just a curiosity question on Mod Managers for the Sims 3
  68. Trouble using the Memorize Scene button (Painting skill>>Smart Phone)
  69. Is it worth creating content?
  70. Free Guy, a Sims Movie?
  71. Is it possible to complete all ltws with a single sim?
  72. Rare beta videos from 2008
  73. Simeapolis replacement for university world?
  74. Sims 3 Exporting Animation Blender Help!!
  75. Technophobe Trait Revamp?
  76. Sim State - The Sims 3 Open For Business Mini Expansion - Ideas
  77. Ultimate Careers Mod Help
  78. visual artefact when build
  79. population precision
  80. EA Download manager and Flash plugin
  81. no-go zone for sims
  82. Back by Unpopular Demand
  83. Family tree
  84. The Strange Phenomenon of the Ghostly Castle
  85. Removing cooking filter
  86. Is there a way to replace road textures in a world without CAW?
  87. Please help
  88. AMD Radeon RX 480 recommended settings?
  89. Semi-realistic approach to a Futuristic Sim World
  90. NRAAS Overwatch, clean up homless
  91. A Look at Genetics in The Sims 3
  92. Painting Skill Paintings
  93. The Sims 3: Smoothness Patch
  94. Maintaining future Population (Global playstyle)
  95. What happened to the inactive sim wtf :D
  96. Clicking on some inventory items doesn't do anything.
  97. Tips for achieving multiple generations?
  98. Helping out MadRayneSims over on Tumblr
  99. Nanites and bot building
  100. In Game Items You Hate...
  101. Stupid question about CAS
  102. Sims 3 & DXVK
  103. Wrong OS listed in crash report - SOLVED
  104. signs that a save is eventually going to explode?
  105. Strange lighting in the sims 3
  106. Bedrock UI - Sims 3 Dark Mode UI recolor by simstate
  107. Anyone know what happened to sssvitlans/lana sims tumblr?
  108. How to uninstall store worlds.
  109. Open for Business Mods - Thoughts?
  110. Cheshire's TS3 & TS4 Pet Autonomy Observations
  111. Steam sale! 25-50% off ends April 19
  112. What did you do with Gobias Koffi aka Tobias Fünke aka Leather Daddy?
  113. Sims you've gotten Attached to?
  114. Lost Children?
  115. Simmlish Graffiti
  116. Sims 3 mass purchase worth it or no?
  117. How long do your saves last?
  118. Artisan Door Opener
  119. (I know this sounds stupid) but how can i make my game glitch?
  120. genetic expression
  121. supernaturals being extinct
  122. Is it possible to make a hacked adult on TS3? (solved)
  123. supernatural genetics
  124. Aikea-Guinea is closing
  125. I need help with a mod called: No Free Quick Meals
  126. Island Paradise - What should I do post installation?
  127. Nvidia RTX on Sims 3?
  128. Sims 3 Collab
  129. How many empty lots for running Story progression
  130. VIP rooms, lounges, bars etc questions
  131. Overhauling a World (Tips? Tricks? Mod recommendations?)
  132. Dealing with orphaned teens/teen parents
  133. What is the name of this set? [Solved]
  134. NRaas Errortrap on 64-bit Sims 3 (Mac) Question?
  135. Old Posts
  136. How to stop wands from spawning in inactive witch's inventories?
  137. What do you think if Harpae (pocket mirror) were a character in the sims 3, what kind should she have traits? (my English isn’t that good)
  138. Traits compared to Family Aspiration in TS2
  139. TS3 players - MediaFire is about to purge "inactive" accounts in January, backup your CC
  140. The Sims 3 - My New Experience
  141. Better AA and textures
  142. Lot Edit Mod?
  143. Does moving to a new town with graves in your family inventory lose the ghosts?
  144. How do you deal with Blood relations outside the vanilla mechanicsm?
  145. Nvidia Settings for Sims 3
  146. FPS limiter - external program needed? (SOLVED)
  147. Oldpines by descargassims {solved}
  148. Tns??
  149. Workaround to make Origin Expansion work with Steam Game.
  150. What is Your Current Save(s) Goals?
  151. Unable to use bathroom on public lots
  152. TS3 World Simulator
  153. Dumb Questions about the Sims 3 store!
  154. A few questions regarding what to do with CC files/backups after reinstalling the game
  155. Is there a mod that allows mixed zoning lots?
  156. Redownloading every piece of my merged .package file
  157. Is there any tutorial on how to make an existing object invisible that I can interact with in livemode?
  158. What Football game is this
  159. Was Yoga intended to be added in UL?
  160. Glitch when taking a photo?
  161. Sunlight charm Balancing
  162. How to uninstall sims 3 packs without game launcher?
  163. What's your favorite Career in the Sims 3?
  164. Origin not available atm for me (server problems long since resolved, ignore :) )
  165. What are the descriptions for building a Comm Lot – categorize as WHAT?
  166. GPU RAMdisk
  167. Sim Linguistics -- your impressions of the sound of the language?
  168. Driving rendering
  169. How can I give a sim alien powers without changing their appearance?
  170. Need advice on setting up a futuristic world
  171. Tidying up CC/Mods - Any tips or advice?
  172. Is there a way to see the names of items in cas?
  173. Do I need to save sims 3 packs?
  174. Increasing RAM usage trick is not working
  175. How to get around Insane trait outfit switching?
  176. Genetics, You Feel Me?
  177. How do you place fog emitters on community lots?
  178. Medieval Florence
  179. RAM usage reduction for Error 12
  180. Caching your TS3?
  181. lol meanie!! lolz
  182. How to send sims to a different school?
  183. 3dheaven2hell
  184. Any way to change names, descriptions, or prices of downloaded objects?
  185. Update question
  186. Quick question
  187. Sims 3/4 on Macbook with Bootcamp
  188. Please can someone explain online/offline installation?
  189. mSATA question
  190. Can you change the lot value in-game?
  191. where to find sims 3 mobile
  192. Do mosaic floor tiles exist in The Sims 3?
  193. Murder & Mayhem
  194. Imaginary Friend constantly heckles my teen
  195. Few TS3-era questions
  196. Laptop for Sims 3 Games
  197. I've become obsessed with...*UPDATE* - NO CC version Available Now!* New-Hylewood is now available for download!
  198. The Deer becomes fully black with no texture when I view it from closer.
  199. Wait, gnomes can die??
  200. Effect of WorldCaches on performance?
  201. The speed of loading CAST patterns is tied to the system clock.
  202. Routing error
  203. Testing Performance and Loading Times in Evansdale County on Ryzen 5 3600X CPU
  204. Custom Content Installer?
  205. Launcher Bypass for 1.69
  206. What happens to children once taken away?
  207. Is this even possible? Modding minor pets?
  208. Whore for Lore - Sims 3 Edition
  209. *WIP* Skilling Townies Hack: introducing "Studyholics" tuning file for Moar Interactions
  210. Revitalizing a Neighborhood
  211. Need advice on adding an attic
  212. Lag Report
  213. Weirdest glitch I've seen in a long time... PIES EVERYWHERE
  214. The trouble with seasons
  215. Is this possible using existing mods or features within the game?
  216. Favorite Challenges you like and/or recommend?
  217. Building Tips and Tricks.
  218. Best neighborhood for kleptos
  219. No smelly fish please
  220. Copying descriptions and possible event stats of objects from in-game files?
  221. Sim bin/ death and family
  222. Need some assistance on making deco buildings
  223. Having a playable stylist
  224. Child Abilities
  225. Can you disable Simfests?
  226. Supernatural Baby Collection
  227. Sims 3 - Low System Spec Test
  228. Fortune teller career outfit not showing up
  229. Owning the gypsy wagon
  230. Adding or simulating clubs and community events ?
  231. Summer Time Overheating Advice
  232. Lack of Direction of what to do in a Progressive City Evolution Playstyle
  233. Ghost Hunter and Witch Issues
  234. The Sims 3 running on NVMe Gen 4?
  235. Cure all NPCS
  236. What Things Have You Never Done in the Game?
  237. What's the best town for a scientist?
  238. Saved Game Issue
  239. One of my male sims is a real short adult and I have no height sliders...
  240. Looking for these melanie hairs
  241. Should I have more than 8GB of RAM?
  242. How do I install sims that were created with CC and are in .Sim3Pack (not .sim) format?
  243. Can I download EllaCharmed's fixed Riverview without owning Riverview?
  244. Custom slider won't go below 0
  245. Origin vs. Steam
  246. The Sims 3 crashes in view map
  247. Max letters for first & last name
  248. Age-up outfit picker or default outfit designer avalible?
  249. Cheat Codes
  250. Help with pool building over water