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  1. The Mystery of Mythos Boarding School. The first in a series of fantasy roleplay. Accepting
  2. The Sims 4 Roleplay
  3. Sunset view
  4. Dad is home
  5. Rp the family
  6. School days
  7. Town of Grey
  8. Deery Meadows Boarding School - A Sims 3 RP
  9. T.A.F.E- The Academy of Fine Education
  10. The Time of Our Lives
  11. Boarding House Noises (OPEN)
  12. Old hilldale drive asylum (open for members)
  13. Teens ~Closed
  14. The Light: A Sims RP With a Twist
  15. Star Trek RP Horizons of a Different Shape
  16. Resident Evil, Hetalia, Tekken, HomeStuck ETC. Whatever RP Really(OC's allowed and all welcome)
  17. Role Play- The Crazy Life of the Menzlers and Tamernys
  18. My family generation Rp
  19. Mythical Sim rp
  20. Vampire RP
  21. Total Drama RP
  22. The Theatre(On hiatus)
  23. Zombie acopylpse(inspired by residente evil 6 an re operation raccon city) (finished,BUT WIlL BE TURNED INTO A MOIVE ,(BEST EVER))
  24. House Of Felicity (Forever Home for Forgotten Teenagers)
  25. Circus/Living on the circus train RP
  26. Doctor Who:The Roleplay
  27. The Book Of Shadows (anyone is free to join in)
  28. Futuristic/Living on a space station
  29. A Sunny Life: The Graduates
  30. Big Brother Roleplay! (In Need of 14 contestants!)
  31. The Seven Deadly Sins
  32. Random Roleplay
  33. Hunger Games Roleplay: OPEN and looking for players!
  34. Harry potter
  35. The Sonic Stories
  36. Warrior Cats (OPEN and desperate)
  37. Rift: Nintendo RP - Open to New Members!
  38. The awakening
  39. The Apocalypse Aftermath-Freeform *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS*
  40. After all this time (1x1)(Open/need someone)
  41. Primary --- an easy childhood
  42. [How to edit your RP posts]
  43. Harry Potter
  44. Nightway Mental Institution - Roleplay (Open Accepting Patients & Nurses/Doctors)
  45. Gabriel and Mae - Morgan's Creek Closed Offshoot RP
  46. Matt/Esteban Friday
  47. "The Red Army Marches" Soviet invasion/occupation.
  48. Esteban/Deb (before the dance)
  49. Escape From the Nerot: A Space Pirates RP: New Situation May 19
  50. Roleplay Brainstorming/Planning Thread v2.0
  51. Faye/Riley/Tyler/Deb Offshoot RP [Friday]
  52. General OOC Prompts: IC Sandbox- Dialogue Prompts
  53. Syrinx Music Festival - New and exciting RP! Players always welcome! Enjoy the launch party!
  54. New RP Forum Guidelines Additions/Changes - Revised 7th June 2010
  55. Roleplay Forum Rules - Read or be eaten by a grue!
  56. Sweet Sixteen: Back to Brooklake (Student/Prof Spots Always Available!) - Part II | Monday - English Literature
  57. Vampire the Masquerade-Bloodlines (part 3) -Freeform- Moved, see last post!
  58. Matt/Josh - Sweet Sixteen Closed Offshoot RP
  59. Sweet Sixteen: Back to Brooklake (Student/Prof Spots Available!)
  60. Sweet Sixteen: Surviving High School- Home Ec! (Student Spots Available)
  61. Sienna/Esteban - Sweet 16 RP offshoot (invite only)
  62. Loren and Lacey- Closed RP
  63. Morgan's Creek - a wild west adventure - on hold for now, due to lack of players