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  1. [SIMS NO KISEKI PROJECT] Call this a log, or not. A question about CTU and correct packaging
  2. Custom Skintone created in Skininator black in game [ solved ]
  3. Clothes! Texture Looks Fine in Blender, Distorted Elsewhere
  4. Neck Fixes for SilFantasy's Clothing?
  5. Big Dog reference meshes with bones/joints for Pets EP, please?
  6. Creating An Accessory (Non-Meshed) Shirt: Advice, Please
  7. Is it possible to find the polycount of each LOD without TSRW?
  8. Problem editing Sims 3 Store skirt
  9. Question about Alpha Skintones
  10. Multipliers, Overlays, and Masks Flipping?
  11. mesh has odd shadows on it?
  12. I can't import a longer hair into TSRW that I've assigned morphs to.
  13. Bone Assignments changing when editing mesh [workaround found]
  14. Where can I find a Sims 3 tongue mesh
  15. How I convert a contact eye to a default eye?
  16. How can I convert a female hair to male?
  17. Store top with two-part mesh, one part not showing in game.
  18. Halo Maps
  19. Clothing transparency map. What is it for?
  20. a tutorial on how to make a sims (sims 3 texture) via blender/3d program ?
  21. Hair Retexturing (?) Advice
  22. How to go from 1024 to 2048 textures?
  23. does anyone know how to use the transparency in gimp to edit sims 3 clothes with new image
  24. same voice pitch
  25. Where's the specular used on EA Hairs?
  26. Toddler clothes' strange UV/RGB issue -- what am I doing wrong? (RESOLVED I guess?)
  27. I finally managed to make a Sims 3 mesh from a MMD Mesh!
  28. Making EA default teeth invisible
  29. How to properly default eyesets to be compatible with Gruesim's default eye mesh?
  30. Non default skin crashing game
  31. tink
  32. Sims2 to Sims3 clothing conversion?
  33. Hat Hair texture issue
  34. Is it possible to put a custom slider in the "body modifiers" category?
  35. Can I fix this skin? (SOLVED)
  36. Is it possible to create custom face/eye/nose/mouth archetypes?
  37. Quick question about enabling hairs for maternity
  38. Having issues with multi colored tattoo
  39. Darker streak on fat morphs?
  40. Making hair - question about LOD .geoms in S3PE
  41. Clothing is appearing black in CAS Texture+Unitool
  42. How to make a accessory coat?
  43. trying to convert s4cc to s3 but ran into texture problem
  44. Help with blender baking issue
  45. CTU - stencils on a Expansion pack top - Works if same filename
  46. Help with makeup presets
  47. TSRW: Import from Package not supported
  48. Seams on neck and mesh seems to be black and spotty
  49. No root folder for CTU
  50. Supernatural more Occult Life States
  51. Where do i find files for clothes?
  52. Making make-up with S3OC and CAS Texture Unitool
  53. Help on hands
  54. My tattoos are there but invisible
  55. Replace maid service outfit.
  56. GEOM Slider creation; vert counts are identical but also... not?
  57. Help exporting from s3pe to s3asc [newbie]
  58. Help my mesh is looking weird it has everything correct but the hands is bad TSRW
  59. Bake Shapekeys to Sims 3 Body Rig in Blender?
  60. Duplicate Group in TSRW?
  61. changing default pre-set patterns in clothing?
  62. Nraas disable clothing filter not working?
  63. How can I create NPC families?
  64. MMD conversion help please
  65. How to convert facial hair into sims 3?
  66. Replacing the Default Face Template from CAS?
  67. Making facial hair
  68. Making a tattoo that wraps around the arm/leg.
  69. About one million different presets coming up in CAS
  70. Create package without TSR workshop
  71. Finishing My Failed Attempt At "Sims II" Conversion to "Sims III"
  72. Issue making a Topical Detail (Mole)
  73. Assistance Needed: Making A "Realistic-Looking" Skin Detail
  74. Contacts Issue - sclera
  75. Making accessories use/link skin textures? [RESOLVED] Spoke too soon!
  76. Making custom body hair in Photoshop
  77. How do I make eyes for use in TS3?
  78. Is this possible to do?
  79. How does the Plumbot Eyes work?
  80. Face Overlay alpha issue in GIMP
  81. Automatically, self fixed: I have encountered problem while following tutorial for CAS Creation for Clothing.
  82. Can't convince recolourable areas to work properly
  83. Dark Spots on Hair
  84. How to make good specular? for a photoshop idiot
  85. Customizing store content
  86. Problem with hair
  87. Blender 2.8 GEOM Tools
  88. Sims 3 pet accessory help
  89. Convert Sims 4 skin as body overlay mask in Sims 3
  90. Help:The seam of clothes
  91. CAW, not installed correctly? Issues with files.
  92. Weird square shadow on a long dress?
  93. Converting A Sims 2 Accessory Mesh--How To Make It Lie Flat On The Shoulders?
  94. Weird hair UVs and a question
  95. Assigning Joints/Bones to a mesh
  96. I need help making shoes
  97. Can't Import to TSR Workshop Due to Wrong Vertex Count
  98. How Do I Manually Assign Bones To A New Mesh?
  99. Sims 3 Resources; Can't Find What I Need
  100. Importer Exporter TSRW Blender Plugin
  101. Default morphs not working
  102. SOLVED!! Default replacement morphs not working
  103. Beginning CAS modder - need help
  104. What the hell is this shader crap that keeps happening to my mesh edits?
  105. Can you create a mesh/morph with No BGEOs but 12 GEOMs? (SOLVED)
  106. How can I check that my CAS part mesh bones is correctly assigned?
  107. Aligning / Editing mesh in milkshape? (SOLVED)
  108. Hair normal map TGI link problems
  109. Converting a Sims 2 Bump Map To Sims 3
  110. Lipstick looks flat ingame.
  111. Best Method For Creating This Kind of Accessory?
  112. How to recategorize an eyeshadow as an eyeliner
  113. Help me figure out to create this type of sim?
  114. How to make CAS items without using Milkshape.
  115. Sliders - make valid for random?
  116. Glow effect on accessories
  117. Hearing aid recolor
  118. Help with Identifying Shoetime Acrobat Shoes
  119. Hypothetically assigning bones to things to force movement?
  120. where is visual override in CAS
  121. Help with CASP packages and s3oc
  122. Converting Mesh From Sims 4 to Sims 3, Need Help Learning How to Assign Bones.
  123. How do i get the sims 3 model to stick thogather in one blender
  124. Texture help: Clothing appears radiant
  125. How to resize an existing item/mesh? -solved-
  126. Easy CASP & CC Magic
  127. Help fixing elbow joints, please?
  128. Is there a working simgeom plugin for Blender that exports the simgeom mesh properly?
  129. Beta test unique CAS item?
  130. Combine tops in CAS to display as preset styles
  131. How in the absolute hell do I clone complete base game outfits?
  132. Any full body costume tutorials?
  133. Converting mittens from toddler to infants
  134. Please Help Me: Creating Morph For Male Bottom.
  135. Converted eyes and quality issue (masking)
  136. Struggling with blender/milkshape after computer crash
  137. Issues with CTU and patterns appearing black
  138. Kind of a weird one: four arms?
  139. Custom item looks fine in TSRW, Screws up in game
  140. A problem with shiny hair
  141. Creating Outfit For Custom Career?
  142. Create Custom Heads
  143. Recategorizing Manes/Tails for Unicorns
  144. Editing Custom Sliders
  145. Blender 2.73+ GEOM Plugin
  146. Make CAS piece that matches sims skin tone?
  147. Adding 2nd and 3rd mesh group to Grimreaper Mesh
  148. Problem with hair
  149. Hair looks grey/badly rendered in CAS; help, please?
  150. Help with creating noses and skintones
  151. How to edit existing underwear to make it transparent?
  152. How to fix black texture on CTU.
  153. Changing a Skin from Non-Default to Default Using Skininator
  154. (Solved!) CTU keeps crashing and doesn't load up anymore.
  155. How to get the neck to match the child's neck without distortion.
  156. I just downloaded TSRW and I need help learning how to work it
  157. (SOLVED!)I cannot assign bones properly on this very long pigtails hair mesh!
  158. Creating Topical Detail Freckles/Moles
  159. Problem with TS4 to TS3 clothes conversion - Texture Bleeding
  160. Add personality traits and favorite food
  161. How to create a cloth-hood?
  162. How to align adult male jeans with the child torso without clipping and gaps?
  163. How to change a male clothing mesh so that it fits a woman?
  164. CC Newb questions
  165. Problems with hair [SOLVED]
  166. How do I create contact lenses?
  167. CAS hair help
  168. Couple of questions about S3PE
  169. s3pe, CASP and Grid option
  170. How to fix the adult clothes converted to elder clothes?
  171. Did anybody keep a copy of Anita Sims hair tutorial?
  172. Modding
  173. Would this be possible?
  174. [sims3/TSRW/Blender]Create clothes with Blender
  175. Need help unfucking a fucky hairstyle (important)
  176. A possible MtF neck gap fix
  177. Need help with creating Sammy Lawrence Mask.
  178. [SOLVED] What is the cause of the weird seams on the leg of my skirt mesh?
  179. Sims 3 creating customized pet accessories
  180. Can some sims 2 mods work on sims 3?
  181. Texture Mangling in Game - Lighting Issue?
  182. Joint problems on a new mesh
  183. Facial Hair texture issues (flatness?)
  184. Add groups with Workshop
  185. Special category
  186. Create invisible head and eyes
  187. [SOLVED] How can I disable the 4th color channel with s3pe?
  188. Textures not acting like they should - default replacement
  189. Sims 3 Jacket as Accessory Yellow Color Issue
  190. Hat Accessory Tutorial [Found]
  191. Converting Underwear to Accessories
  192. Frankenmesh morphs?
  193. Question about a mod
  194. Can't seem to get the transparency to work
  195. clothing recoloring
  196. No way to edit mask textures
  197. Trouble trying to create a new texture for CC
  198. Tattoo Prob
  199. Hair Accessory Transparency(shader) Problem
  200. How do I mod an existing hair mod?
  201. Cut & Move UV Mapping Possible?
  202. CanĀ“t find Onion/Garlic in s3oc
  203. Several CASP questions
  204. Export GEOM using postal?
  205. Need help resizing an item but I don't know where to begin
  206. MMD Conversions?
  207. Bumpmap assignment help
  208. help to meshing clothing
  209. [Solved] Top is a single color when clicked on in CAS
  210. How to make a shirt look more realistic?
  211. Trying to Get Rid off Necklace
  212. Pregnancy morph troubles
  213. Re-texture mandarin coat from EA shop
  214. How To Tint Only One Lens of the Glasses
  215. [SOLVED] Glasses' lenses invisible from the back
  216. 100% Game to sims 3 Conversation
  217. Top texture bleeding through bottom
  218. Reassigning morphs that have magically disappeared?
  219. Bone Joint Assignments list, please?
  220. How can one tell the Fat/Fit/Thin/Special Morph GOEMs apart
  221. New to Texture Maps (Potential Photoshop Help)
  222. UV Unwrap Question (Custom Mesh)
  223. Recat of Store Hair
  224. Converting Clothes to Accessories
  225. Clothes with Marvelous Designer
  226. How Do I Make a skin using Skininator?
  227. Adjusting scalp for age conversion?
  228. How do you layer clothing?
  229. Stencils
  230. (WEIRD QUESTION) How does one make an Invisible clothing (don't mean Nude)
  231. TSRW does not recognize add-on objects
  232. Default Replacement Clothing?
  233. CAS Texture Tool
  234. Transparent and glowing shader at the same time
  235. Creating Hair with Hats (And Other Questions)
  236. The clothing I made basically explodes in CAS (picture)
  237. TSRW will not install. . . Asked for assistance in April at TSR - still waiting !
  238. Some failures/problems on my new set(CAS)
  239. Skirt Mesh divided in 2 Mesh Parts
  240. First attempts in S3
  241. Tutorial: Let's create Maxis Match Clothing!
  242. Multiplier without mesh
  243. Hair UV Map and Bones Problem
  244. Death-Curls & Transperancy
  245. Wanting to use the EA rainbow tone ramp for a skin -- can't find it?
  246. [ASK] Plaint White/Gray Texture using the s3pe?
  247. Problem replacing mesh (?)
  248. Bone-assignment in milkshape: Assigning the Root_bind?
  249. Merging groups in Milkshape?
  250. Bone Joints on Children accessory wonky [RESOLVED]