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  1. Something to Put on Those Brand-New Shelves
  2. WCIF a mod that let's you change a Sims personality points? FOUND
  3. Mod for getting rid of rats?
  4. Emulator for Sims 1?
  5. Sims 1 CC on the Wayback Machine w/ working downloads
  6. Help to edit characters IFF (career, skills...)
  7. How can I fix these broken skins?
  8. Modding PhoneGlobals.iff for longer conversations
  9. Change default swimwear
  10. Wanna Play the 8-Sim Challenge With Me?
  11. A way to remove base game walls and floors?
  12. WCIF a heartshaped bed for the sims 1 that lets you vibrate for free?
  13. New Career -- Starfleet (from Star Trek)
  14. WCIF a sims 1 skin for the character Fran Foofaraw from Sims Busting out?
  15. WCIF an .iff preview tool?
  16. WCIF mod that lets sims sleep or nap on studio town lots?
  17. WCIF a no embarassment mod for the sims 1?
  18. Need Walls and Floors?
  19. Sims 1 Transmogrifier Problems
  20. installing sims 1 on windows 10?
  21. What is mod cheat name ? and where i can find to download it
  22. WCIF superstar mods
  23. How to use the Developer Debug Patch on Sims 1?
  24. The Sims 1 communites outside MTS?
  25. How do I change the job outfit for a custom career I'm making?
  26. Sharing some walls and floors
  27. How to make objects available on community lots? (solved)
  28. The Sims 1 has NO SOUND
  29. A Bunch of New Mods, Just Uploaded
  30. WCIF Codex?
  31. FOUND: Treadmill
  32. How do I change a objects price and categories?
  33. What are your quirks in TS1?
  34. Know which ANIMATIONS belong to objects (Resolved)
  35. Question About A [maxis] The Sims 1 Vacation Anamataion Does Anyone Remember Or Know Why?
  36. Bartender Waylon, and a fully updated game
  37. MandM needful Things collection - Sims1 - Adult pack - 18+
  38. Certain items stuck in inventory. How do I take them out?
  39. Thumbnail Downloaded Objects [Resolved]
  40. Help fixing skins [Resolved]
  41. Any mod that allows to save Awards in the inventory?
  42. The Sims "Open for Business" Mod
  43. List of hacks you would recommend for players or personally use?
  44. New Mod: Sims move AWAY from the dishwasher after putting their plate in
  45. Testers Wanted -- No Friends for Fame Career
  46. Skins Organization
  47. WCIF mods/hacks to force kill a sim?
  48. WCIF mods/hacks to summon particular NPCs?
  49. Ask to make apartments (Resolved)
  50. Sims 1 Download Collection
  51. Why it seems hard to make friends, and how you can make it super easy
  52. Control NPCs/Debug Mode?
  53. Any object hackers still out there? I need help with IFF Pencil 2.
  54. Lost all my Sims 1 stuff :(
  55. Career Creator 3 exporting changes to your game?
  56. Why is Simslice like
  57. Did anyone else knew this?
  58. Sim's social always low
  59. Curious question about skins~
  60. Playable NPC Skins~
  61. Career/Job Mod - No Friends Required For Promotion?
  62. Sim has Super Low Fun Bar
  63. Testers Wanted -- Eliminate Relationship Decay Mod -- I have all disks
  64. New Sims 1 series on youtube
  65. Sims 1 loads really, really, really fast ... and it has affected my playstyle.
  66. the mystery of the "hag-like" upside down face
  67. Does anyone have some Downloads from the Sims 1-Exchange?
  68. Sim Wardrobe and SimMetamorphoser don't work
  69. Disabling the burglar/El Bandito/missed work music stings
  70. Eyedropper for Build/Buy modes ???
  71. Does anyone else find The Sims 1 soothing during this pandemic?
  72. Makin magic spells and charms
  73. Seeking some original NPC skins
  74. WCIF Enchanted Sims Pet Skins
  75. Script Station Program Download
  76. Anyone else collect The Sims 1 boxes?
  77. WCIF A certain calendar that gave days off work and school? (Answered)
  78. [Solved] Does anyone know how to hide Plumbob in TS1? Please help.
  79. How do you make pajamas in the sims 1??
  80. Sims Unleashed TV Skins Pack
  81. Livin' Large pre-order bonus: Extreme Characters Pack CD (?)
  82. Legality of downloading abandonware?
  83. Increase interests more faster?
  84. How to change/edit sim's thumbnail
  85. Renaming a family/household in the Sims 1
  86. Is there a limit to the number of cc files you can have in sims1?
  87. WCIF Love Bed (Vibromatic Heart Bed) that doesn't charge ยง to vibrate?
  88. TS1 full-screen glitch
  89. WCIF a "children go to Downtown" mod/objects?
  90. WCIF a working link for Simsky's Fertilizer Processing Center
  91. Superstar Awards and Inventory
  92. wCIF: The traffic buster flamingo?
  93. Talking mod
  94. Saving buy/build activity on community lot with family?
  95. WCIF: A hacked computer to choose more jobs
  96. WCIF: A sims 1 pension mod?
  97. Simitone with mods?
  98. Cues For Modeling and Other Fame Object Sequences
  99. How to Add/modify skin NPC's ?
  100. WCIF:This swing set?
  101. Game is stuttering and lagging constantly?
  102. LOL the Vacation Island mascots are PERVS
  103. WCIF Dictator series by Fionn
  104. RESOLVED where can i find the body/texture for a skinny male adult sim in swimwear? Help?
  105. Game randomly closes during gameplay
  106. Any Sims 2 - 1 Skin or Head Conversions?
  107. community lots broken
  108. Accidentally deleted phone booth on a Studio Town lot
  109. Was there ever a program for making body meshes in the sims 1? if so, what was it called and where can i get it?
  110. Converting non 256 color bitmap into 256 color
  111. Looking for original lot files and tips for cleaning up CC- post contains links to sims 1 Tools
  112. Mods in 2020
  113. Have you this pets ?
  114. How do you make pajamas in the sims 1?
  115. cant get mods working
  116. Sim Slice Objects [link provided]
  117. Beatle Trekkie skins FOUND SOME
  118. Does Anyone Know Where These Are From?
  119. WCIF adopt by phone mod
  120. Game corruption
  121. SWan skins [added links in last post]
  122. Installing Skin Packs
  123. any mods for the sims 1 that gives a sim more options to go to work if they miss the carpool?
  124. Help save Sims 1 content from Yahoo Groups!
  125. Default Neighborhood
  126. Prima Guides to The Sims and Expansions (Sims 1)
  127. Magic Cookie Database has moved to Google Sheets
  128. No more Yahoo Groups! Hurry up and download!
  129. Does anybody remember a Sims 1 "alien baby"?
  130. LF wood4sims bookshop
  131. WCIF: A way to sell crops from home?
  132. Where can I find a custom refrigerator mod that comes with it's own food? "Ala Cart perhaps?"
  133. Faster Showers/Baths?
  134. WCIF: A hack to remove gophers? "(SOLVED, Kinda)
  135. Game is so glitchy
  136. Game stuck at 13fps help
  137. What DLC would you make, if you could?
  138. [HOW TO] Sims 1 on W8 & Newer OS
  139. Can't Find A Working Censor Mod For Sims 1 -Edit- Found one that works.
  140. Cheat window doesn't appear.
  141. WCIF: Garden flowers that don't require watering?
  142. WCIf Boondock Saints skins
  143. Most of cc objects doesn't show up!
  144. Can't install Makin Magic Disc
  145. Deleted Sim won't come back (SOLVED)
  146. WCIF downloads from Poetica?
  147. CC from 7 deadly sims
  148. custom skin's hands glitch?
  149. Relationship tips, cheats or mods?
  150. sims 5 ?
  151. sims glitches
  152. I recently started playing this iteration again.
  153. Question About Sims 1 Disappearing Objects
  154. The Sims 1 mouse cursor has vanished.
  155. Change my sims everyday outfit?
  156. [SOLVED] Sims 1 Glitch
  157. How to install Hot Date/Update the Basegame
  158. Even more lots -- How to use them (NOT a tutorial, an experiment)
  159. WCIF mod that allows you to move out a sim. (Solved... *sigh*)
  160. how can i make custom objects for the sims 1?
  161. WCIF: The food replicator, for sims 1
  162. Sims 1 Discord server
  163. WCIF - TS1 extracted ingame icons?
  164. Sims blessed oblique? does anyone remember this site?
  165. Somebody uploaded a lot of Sims 1 CC from different sites
  166. What ever happened to SimblesseOblige
  167. Simslice Downloads?
  168. Did anyone ever buy The Sims: Superstar from Amazon back in the day? You might be able to help!
  169. save game location
  170. Any mod to fix Sims crowding around the dishwasher after eating?
  171. Sims 1 Complete Collection won't load
  172. WCIF: a fridge that has a Sim serve group meals when Sims are hungry?
  173. So, what's this about a college expansion for The Sims 1?
  174. Can any modder help? (Conflicting Mods)
  175. REQUEST: Sims 1 tools and Object modding tutorials.
  176. Weird Bug: Repo man appears, uses his gun on nothing, then leaves?
  177. Is modding the clock speed possible?
  178. Object motivations?
  179. Windowed Mode at 1024x768?
  180. WCIF hacked door that makes kids able to pay bills, use more objects etc.
  181. Looking for Sims 1 CC from particular old sites
  182. Cant choose installation location
  183. Sims 1 Mods Corrupting Game (PLEASE HELP)
  184. Changing the language?
  185. TS1: Canceled IOS Port
  186. (FOUND!) WCIF Spawn/Force Burglar Mod
  187. Looking For Teenage Clothes Sims 1 (modded)
  188. Sims 1 Beta discussion/Pre-Release Sims Footage Pics
  189. The Sims 1 Complete Collection Disc 1
  190. Random Crashes?
  191. Searching for TS1 Logo
  192. Does anyone know how to make floors and walls?
  193. First Sims Game?
  194. Show off your FreeSO lots
  195. Pls, I need help for some really bizarre problems about cc skins
  196. Makin' Magic
  197. Looking for Simslice for Sims 1
  198. How to fix the random name changes on Sims 1.
  199. ancient web series made with sims 1
  200. Residential and Community lots
  201. Maxis Stereo Radio Station Fix [MOD][REL][]
  202. sims poll about stories
  203. Install AddOn with Files from the past
  204. WCIF: Puberty Blows Birthday Cake?
  205. Sim Metamorphoser?
  206. WCIF - Pool/Beach/Water Rug
  207. Windowed Mode on Windows 10
  208. I've been talking to the original Sims devs
  209. WCIF all the Jojo's skins from "Mudabone People"
  210. Looking for ThingCheck
  211. Missing Sim Lane houses?
  212. Installing the original game and its expansions, what other basic stuff should I add?
  213. Importing Created Sims in Game
  214. (FOUND!) WCIF these Chocobo pet skins? They are so adorable and unique. (images and movies inside)
  215. WCIF the pet bed that switches a pet and a sim? (found! look if you want it too)
  216. WCIF Slower decay of needs.
  217. WCIF bed for Woohoo
  218. I wonder on what basis they chose to add the real life celebs to superstar?
  219. WCIF A mod for Superstar where my star power doesn't decay after a day of not going to Studiotown
  220. The Sims 1 on Android
  221. A long shot...
  222. Can anyone provide a guide for porting TS1 hairs to TS2?
  223. Instructions how to play sims 1 in 3D (beta)
  224. Heart Shaped (Vibromatic/Woohoo) Bed for Hot Date
  225. Renaming Sims 1 CC Files
  226. How Do I Get Food(Groceries)
  227. Catalog/Guide to see just the BASE GAME Sims 1 Objects, Floors & Walls?
  228. Do any of you miss CTO Sims?
  229. Any way for sims 1 to work on windows 10
  230. WCIF - IKEA furniture
  231. Beds and espresso machines in community lots
  232. WCIF Move out mod
  233. The Sims 1 body mesh edit SKN to OBJ help???
  234. Sims 1 CC on disc?!
  235. WCIF The calendar object that gives Sims days off?
  236. Changing a sim's head
  237. The Sims 1 in 3D! (Pictures)
  238. move out sims
  239. WCIF hair salon items, airport, etc from a certain defunct website?
  240. What is the scary black distorted face glitch? + other random bugs
  241. How did you furnish the default homes?
  242. WCIF: teenager program
  243. is sims1 for pc still worth it?
  244. Help with Make a Date and Make a Celebrity
  245. WCIF Sims 1 Maru Head Skins?
  246. A couple of questions - new re-install
  247. Sims 1 gets stuck a lot while playing
  248. Reinstalling old game files from original discs onto a Complete Collection install?
  249. The Sims 1 on Mobile
  250. Widescreen Hack, Need Testers/Helpers