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  1. Hi, I'm new here
  2. Can't get this merman tail to show up in the game, is it broken content, or what do I do?!
  3. Converted Werewolves have No Nose Skin (EDIT: Found a fix)
  4. 24 hour Sims
  5. Older versions of mods and ccs'
  6. Hair bug
  7. Desks/Tables Can't be placed/Script Call Failed
  8. Custom food
  9. Decorate the Worlds
  10. Can't put meals in refrigerator
  11. House plant moves to inventory
  12. Blacked out photos
  13. Toddler not sent to daycare
  14. Weird Hairline on my child sims
  15. Raise item is not working properly
  16. cas.fulleditmode cheat not working help!
  17. I just updated my sims 4
  18. Trash Can Mod?
  19. Venue/Lots Issue
  20. Custom Games replacement mod name??
  21. Finding Broken CC
  22. question regarding wedding stories...
  23. Unknown custom content is breaking default eyes in sims
  24. How to locate which mod is adding menu item?
  25. February Update causes Lot Types to Not Change
  26. flitwick fair starting at 9,41pm instead of usual time
  27. How to load games on a new computer
  28. Household members coming to lot without my permission
  29. Can't "Not" Attend Graduation Ceremony?
  30. Dream Home Decorator, Learning Client
  31. Using MCCC To make Bonehilda Butler
  32. Sims Delivery Express - Bug - Sims Delivery Express Needs to Download All the Content Again!
  33. Language strings (English) for LE Sims 4 base game, Cotrage Living, Outdoor Retreat, Nifty Knitting
  34. Live In Business
  35. Convert to package files
  36. Getting tons of pregnant-looking townies
  37. What is This???? **RESOLVED**
  38. how to shift click delete ?
  39. MC Command Settings
  40. Slow and Laggy
  41. Can anyone teach me how to remove glasses lenses out of meshes?
  42. Stop CC Sliders being used on gallery and random sims.
  43. Lags while playing the game on gameplay
  44. 1st person leaning camera
  45. [HQ Mod] Weird ea hairs glitch
  46. Cottage Living - No notifications/ribbons
  47. Graphics Card Help Needed
  48. Odd time glitch
  49. rocket help
  50. Will my game be corrupted if I remove this mod?
  51. A Big X?
  52. Is there any way of increasing the FOV of the 'normal' camera?
  53. Select shower outfit mod
  54. Skins not appearing
  55. Medical kisok not working
  56. Mods
  57. How Do You Unlock This Light?
  58. Harvestables always dying!
  59. How to Uninstall Holiday Celebration Pack (Resolved)
  60. Pets not examined - veterinarians perpetually showering in rain
  61. Entitlement missing bug?
  62. How stop the translation of premade families names?
  63. CAS Blurred Tiles, Glitched Console
  64. New families with negitive money
  65. Cottage Living cannot enable mods even with ONE newly approved mod?
  66. is there a way to remove the gangs from sacrificial jr's extreme violence mod?
  67. Origin did me dirty...
  68. Grainy looking sims [SOLVED]
  69. Mermaid tails for toddlers and children by JuBa_0o show feet sticking out of thin air?
  70. Japanese Name Bug
  71. Mod-Related Bug: Script Call Failed on Doors & Computers
  72. Strange events and craches...
  73. Cottage Living cc issues?
  74. No Mosaic /censor mod
  75. MCCC NPC Pregnancy/Marriage
  76. Help - Alien Genetics randomized in Live mode!
  77. Toddler faces stick out
  78. Exclamation marks on ceiling?
  79. CC gamebreaking bug
  80. Buffs with blue squares and UI Glitching (no UI cheats)
  81. Cheat Codes and the Underscore _ in them what does it mean?
  82. Sims dont inherit exagerated characteristics
  83. Removed build mode object?
  84. How to remove sparkles in game?
  85. Vampires hissing and changing into bats uncontrollably !!!!!
  86. I need help getting stairs to not be removed by my roof.
  87. Installed a mod that changes the loading screen, help!
  88. Sims Gallery/My Library Can't Find Certain Items
  89. Batuu is BROKEN
  90. bb.moveobjects cheat
  91. The Sims 4 - Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 - Regedit
  92. sims 4, new hair colours and new trait slot doesn't shows up (nevermind i finally fixed it)
  93. Why are CAS outfits not showing up in game?
  94. TS 3/4 Camera Newbie Question - is mine broken?
  95. Huge game glitch - Please help!
  96. Stockable displays doesn't work
  97. I don't understand 'mesh' - help please?
  98. Gameplay Permanently Paused ModConflict
  99. A Minor Problem Of My Own Making (Sort Of)
  100. Need help/advice on whether I did something wrong installing Andrew's Poseplayer, as it's not showing up in-game, whether paused or in live mode?
  101. Can't change venue type
  102. Need A Little Download Help
  103. Two FAce / Two Tone hair mod
  104. CC Clothing Glitch
  105. Help! What is going on? Slooflirpa Group
  106. Broken Stairs!!!!!!!
  107. Sim autonomously prank toilet
  108. Can only buy produce at vendors
  109. Characters glitch while talking and introductions
  110. Can't rotate camera
  111. Neighborhood Map Corruption
  112. Only part of DEBUG items are appearing
  113. Cash register vanishes in retail store! (Get to Work)
  114. How can I fix dershayan map replacements?
  115. Hood on cropped hoodie disappears and combines with skin and pants when zoomed out too much
  116. Terrain isn't showing up in world/ neighborhood view
  117. Game wont start up
  118. Bug Help, Furniture Disappearing
  119. Strip Club profit
  120. How to prevent sims from having any free will at all?
  121. origin not loading
  122. Certain CC makes the game freeze
  123. Has there been a mod made to position sim yet?
  124. Baby Icon has different skin tone than baby in bassinent
  125. Annoying little problem in CAS
  126. Always re-entering cheats
  127. Alpha CC
  128. WW Character Archetypes + Custom Traits?
  129. Missing Skin Textures When Using Specific CAS Parts
  130. Trying to merge a cc hat and face mask into one object?
  131. Build Mode CC Disappeared from game.
  132. How The F*** Is This Possible!!!!
  133. Simtember recolor of Dreamteamsims vinyls not showing up in game?
  134. delete the UV map overlay?
  135. Freebuild stuck on
  136. Desktop Runs Extremely Loud During Gameplay
  137. Why might this CC not show up?
  138. [HELP] SweetFX doesn't work
  139. Can't open Sims Profile (After Snowy Escape)
  140. Undeletable Object Causing Errors?
  141. Missing Computer Interaction Buy Rock Climbing Gear
  142. Lots of twins born.
  143. Unable to get any of my sims to go to work
  144. converting facepaint eyes into defaults not working anymore
  145. Sim cannot swim in the ocean anymore
  146. [Help] Stack facial hair?
  147. CPU now hitting 100 degrees celsius within minutes of opening the game
  148. Sims 4 Patches and Updates
  149. Club outfits are broken since latest patch
  150. Skin suddenly doesn't work properly
  151. Fishing 'Pool' made with buydebug fishing signs. Help
  152. I want to play a blank save...
  153. Grey Dye: can it ever be used?
  154. mod career for sims
  155. mod career for sims
  156. How to find out about CAS slider compatibility?
  157. Architecture career problem - can't go to work
  158. Returning Player who needs a CC refresher
  159. lag when moving camera and zooming in and out
  160. Inappropriate off-the-grid problems
  161. Cannot challenge my other non-household sims for Lightsaber Duel
  162. How to add a sim custom content of a sim into the sims 4 game?
  163. What is culling?
  164. No Dorm Mates Moving in, in University
  165. CC doors/windows clipping into wall after latest update?
  166. EP's are missing
  167. No EA lashes - can't use nose overlays - alternative?
  168. Is importing/replacing upgraded/modified default NPC households safe?
  169. Hair CC mesh not showing up in game
  170. Unable to scroll on items in CAS?
  171. [PC] Fame Points not going up.
  172. Fur CC bug
  173. Private Investigator Mod not working
  174. WCIF a tutorial that will specifically help me with converting TS4 CC buy mode objects (posters and paintings) for use in TS3?
  175. pink/purple dot
  176. Need help!
  177. Is there a way for my sims to paint custom paintings like in the TS2?
  178. origin not loading
  179. HQ mod causes discolored textures
  180. Invisible CC
  181. change the GTW mannequin mesh?
  182. I cannot get weerbesu's More than One Column mod to display properly in my game
  183. "Error logged"
  184. Wary of downloading Sims 4 & S4TI on Mac Catalina
  185. Shiny Issue
  186. Hired Entertainer is a ghost
  187. [solved] Mod completley broke my game's camera and I cannot fix it?
  188. Detected CC in Lot When None Used?
  189. [MCCC] How to make all Sims age at the same rate?
  190. Major help needed with HQ mod
  191. Annoying Message
  192. Kid sims not gaining adult skills
  193. HQ mod is crashing my game
  194. Cannot move out elders. Have to kill them!
  195. Are my specs still enough for Sims 4?
  196. No Great Grandparents on Family Tree
  197. CAS Help Needed! Face options not working?
  198. Vampire Skintones - is this normal?
  199. Why does my game screen randomly close and reopen?
  200. Is the Vampire Skill, Vampire Creation working at all?
  201. Random Sims in my Empty Build Lots
  202. Lot Trait Extender
  203. Hair distortion?
  204. City Living
  205. Run Sims 4 with more than 4gb Ram
  206. Moved sim lost job and relations
  207. Cafe's becoming "Incomplete Lots" right after my sim visits
  208. Hair cc flashes blue in CAS and in-game
  209. sims 4 saved games
  210. Hot to create a custom size one way mirror
  211. An Unwanted Red Blush
  212. Pregnancy through children ages up ಠ_ಠ
  213. Painting on one side under roof?
  214. No more sims created by EA
  215. Can't figure out how to stack dryer/washer
  216. Sims look good in CAS but terrible in game
  217. Serious lag issues & low fps
  218. Custom Back lit Sign for Night Club
  219. Sims 4 mods not working!!!
  220. Game won't load with mods after power outage
  221. Cant scope surroundings
  222. How do I 'package' a custom made sims 4 sim?
  223. Gallery poses
  224. Issue with roof walls
  225. Game Unable to start with mods
  226. Male sim not selectable after mC command center
  227. Los Hijos De Mis Sims Salen De Raza Negra! Porque?
  228. Empty inventory.
  229. Script Mod Difficulties
  230. Males Glitch When Not Wearing Shoes
  231. Help please! invisible baby when using invisible crib to use custom cots!
  232. Why did it want a disc when I've never used one?
  233. Sims 4 cheatcode
  234. How to clean sim who already been played?
  235. VC++(5100) error
  236. Unable to start up the game with mods
  237. Debug items
  238. I married a guy from Britechester and now he doesn't have a degree!
  239. Unable to meet University Housing requirements
  240. Is my house haunted??
  241. Mesh bugging out when I change vert count
  242. Graphics card Sims 4
  243. I can only buy produce in store
  244. Toddlers de-age and Alien babies turn Human
  245. Creating intersecting stairs on a foundation.
  246. Is there a way to create a holiday traditions mod...
  247. Eye colour changing when exiting CAS
  248. Hi I’m starting to play sims 4 again
  249. Tiny houses installed....chubby Sims?
  250. Nose height slider has not been working :7( (SOLVED)