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  1. Is there a mod to lock employees in?
  2. Trait XML Instance Help
  3. Mod for Destroy Objects (DEBUG)
  4. Dealing With Teleport Enums & Teleport Tuning
  5. A modern introduction and on-going series to scripting for The Sims 4 starting with the basics
  6. New CAS Trait Animations?
  7. Create New University Degrees
  8. How hard would it be?
  9. I Back That!!
  10. Is it possible to reference a specific mod in mod constructor that I didn't make?
  11. Need help getting familiar with using python scripts
  12. Is there a way to merge multiple string tables into one?
  13. Animation Playing Too Early [SOLVED]
  14. Why the code {M1.}{F1.}{1.FirstName} does not work ?
  15. Updating old Madhox files -- what fixes do they need?
  16. Overriding the game's traits
  17. Easy way to find textures?
  18. how to make script easy way
  19. Royalties after death mod
  20. Removing pie menu interactions with objects
  21. Gender Restricted Traits
  22. Modding Club Icons and Décor
  23. help with creating custom emotions to pair with custom traits
  24. how to upload skin texture and create extra limbs?
  25. Obtain localized string in Python
  26. how to create an ability or skill
  27. Ideas for aspirations
  28. Options Don't Show Up as Expected (or at All) on My Pie Menu.
  29. Help: Editing/translating an existing career mod
  30. How do I make a custom pie menu and interactions in the Sims 4?
  31. Recoloring Publishable Books
  32. Finding a Sim's Relationship Bit's Target in Python?
  33. Help a noob learn Modding (Guidence Needed)!
  34. Help Bringing back the original bin NanoCan on The Sims 4!
  35. Creating Craftables for Knitting Skill
  36. CAS Stories Quiz modification
  37. Getting access to TuningPlayAudio
  38. Overriding methods in the script files
  39. Please help with adding trait conflicts
  40. Custom aspiration shows up in Cas but not in selector
  41. Cannot Create Reward Trait with Mod Constructor v4
  42. Social interaction outcomes and their weights
  43. Research: Sims 4 creating/editing worlds.
  44. Fear Mod: How Can I Change Color and Add New Emotion
  45. How to round a number in a tuning file
  46. Preteens mod?
  47. Help with Seasonal Default Terrains - Brindleton Bay (Newbie)
  48. Help with identifying number relating to object
  49. Need help on creating a new NPC Career
  50. Best practice: Reworking existing lot trait or creating a new one
  51. Changing the mood of existing buffs
  52. trans sim meshes?
  53. Models with multiple textures showing up properly
  54. Mod Constructor and Adventure Moment Sets
  55. Custom Careers PTO with Mod Constructor 4
  56. Custom career texts not showing
  57. Need help creating a reward trait with mod constructor
  58. DDS plugin?
  59. Making a big detailed mod, where do you even begin?
  60. Modifying University Study interaction
  61. Mod Request: Ecolifestyle craftable Dyes.
  62. Mod Update Request: Autosave for TS4
  63. Help!
  64. Python (buffs, mood and fit/fat sliders)
  65. Mod Request: Justice Aspiration
  66. Python (fame, slider values, statistics)
  67. Python (traits, skills and motives)
  68. Money Loot for Social Interactions
  69. Sims 4 dance competition mod
  70. Pls help me find information on updating CC
  71. Making a cookingbook from the spellbook. script
  72. Python help. Adding a "loot_list" to "basic_extras" using Python.
  73. STBL instance conflicts
  74. Sims 4 Scalps for GIMP?
  75. Help to make a CC
  76. Conditional Random Buffs?
  77. Are custom careers all base game compatible?
  78. Need help testing if a sim has a specific CAS tag in loot actions
  79. Resizing lots? - Help
  80. Object tuning/new interaction routing error (newbie)
  81. Ghost interactions for normal sims
  82. Custom Trait using Career-Unlocked Socials
  83. ddlc uniform help
  84. HELP I can't find a mod for draggable cheat needs for the latest edition of the Sims 4 which is digital deluxe
  85. PyCharm failed to decompile some game files?
  86. Modding Help needed: Alien pregnancy
  87. Make objects off the grid
  88. Creating a mod for auto outfit change
  89. Confused and slightly dumb newbie. Please help?
  90. Help on making a buff received from interactions
  91. Question about pregnancy buffs and the replacement thereof
  92. Really quick xml question
  93. Sims 4 PackId List for Buy Mode
  94. A whole new collection of CC Wrench replacements for TS4l
  95. A Mod Request?
  96. Custom Club Perk
  97. Is there a procedure for creating updated mods?
  98. Forcing Sims to Stand in Position for a Social Interaction
  99. Mod Constructor Help
  100. Making an animal crossing mod/how to make body modifying custom content?
  101. Kpop Star Career Mod
  102. Where would I find "Club Requirements" values?
  103. Mod Idea: Plasma keg
  104. [MOD Idea] Reality Television
  105. VIP door - change requirements
  106. Getting "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sims4'' in PyCharm
  107. Modding Lifestyle Brand
  108. I need help separating tuning flies
  109. Need help editing specific values
  110. AttributeError: type object 'X' has no attribute 'goal_value'
  111. Looking for the IDs of Worlds
  112. Need a better understanding of animations and Jazz files.
  113. Is there anyway to make "Social Custom Interacions" without script??
  114. How to hide custom pie menus and strings?
  115. Aspiration Creation help?
  116. Plumbob Replacements mod
  117. Mods For More Multiple Outfits?
  118. Info - restricting CAS parts from mermaids and spellcasters
  119. Triggering a Buff
  120. [Resolved]Injecting custom interactions
  121. Tuning University Degrees and Custom Careers
  122. can anyone edit my mod
  123. Finding the Venue ID to make custom Traits
  124. No Autonomous Get Water
  125. Loading Screens
  126. Anyone ever considered....
  127. [Resolved]AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'guid64'
  128. having trouble with a chest morph in morph maker
  129. Gardening fixes?
  130. control sims 4
  131. Sims 4 weight gain animations
  132. camera.ini
  133. Custom hair not moving with head in game
  134. arcade machine
  135. CAS Backgrounds
  136. No Privacy
  137. Aspiration Category duplicate
  138. Custom Trait not working in game properly?
  139. [Resolved] My Custom Career Not Displayed In Game
  140. Injecting into an injected method?
  141. Where can I find my mods folder?
  142. Can someone explain how I add duration to my custom trait buffs?
  143. Trying to update broken traits
  144. Script Modding Help? (Tutorials/Pointers)
  145. I had a possibly stupid idea, I need help
  146. Help on an object tuning mod, please
  147. Esmeralda's Motorcycle -> Functional Wheelchairs?
  148. Mod idea?
  149. Morph Maker Mesh Legs squashed in Game??
  150. Failure Loots
  151. Custom Skills?
  152. How can I create custom background events?
  153. Reading .pyc
  154. The unremovable EA uni. lots?
  155. Would it be possible to create an interactive story mod, like the story in strangerville?
  156. How can I make sure background clubs spawn?
  157. How would I create a wants/desires mod?
  158. Little question about modding (XML)
  159. Avoid rabbithole replace with building lot
  160. Buff to apply more than one CAS part?
  161. How to Disable Notifications?
  162. Ts4 Morph Maker Adjust Child Height
  163. Unpacking language file
  164. Mod Question
  165. Modding CC showers to use Uni animation
  166. Second set of eyes on custom traits?
  167. How to extend duration of animation?
  168. Easy CC Traits updater
  169. Extremely simple question
  170. Python scripts VS XML Injection: which is more appropiate?
  171. find_sims_matching_filter
  172. Question from Day 1 noob
  173. How do I change the "order screen" purchase price of an item?
  174. Conversion 3to4 archery range
  175. Trying to make the mailman deliver items ordered from a custom "order online" interaction
  176. world cactus removal
  177. Just curious about "separated" beds
  178. Completely Lost.. I just want to make a mod that lets you enter peoples houses like vampires without being a vampire..
  179. Script automation help
  180. I'm trying to rebalance the game economy, but some files are elusive...
  181. Driveable Cars
  182. Adding sound to Imitate Pet interaction, help
  183. How add in the Interaction Tuning Emotion and Moods
  184. How to edit custom traits?
  185. Mod questions I can't seem to find answers to...
  186. "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."
  187. How to switch a mesh?
  188. How Do I Make A Custom Lifestate With Two Forms?
  189. Editing Markup Prices
  190. small mod request
  191. Small mod request?
  192. How hard would it be to change money values in preexisting mods?
  193. Question on Adding death to a Interaction
  194. A trait idea - let's see if it's possible!
  195. How To Freeze One Motive?
  196. sims 4 moschino add new poses
  197. Animated accessories - can it be done?
  198. make a interactions mod
  199. Custom Whims Part 2 - Solved
  200. Are custom work uniforms a thing yet?
  201. Changing the color of in game familiars
  202. Changing Pie Menu Order?
  203. Can't make a trait due to one little detail...
  204. Creating Custom Social Interactions w/o Python
  205. Creating custom whims
  206. Putting just an STBL file in a package doesn't work?
  207. Can someone help me figure out what's wrong with my script?
  208. Adding Outcomes to Interactions
  209. XML Modding question
  210. How to remove world trees, houses, and all of the other un-editable things from game?
  211. [Help] Add price to object/ interaction
  212. [SOLVED] First mod - ran into trouble :(
  213. How to get Sims 3 package editor
  214. Any pointers for making traits or aspirations?
  215. A (maybe stupid) question about polygons for cc creators
  216. Help with python script
  217. Ways Improving the CAS experience?
  218. i want to get into making mods for sims 4!
  219. Seasons Holiday Instance ID #s
  220. Is it possible to add more gigs to the acting career?
  221. Force summoning an NPC
  222. Modding Club Activity List?
  223. Zerbu's Mod Constructor / Part-time jobs limitations?
  224. Editing slider ranges?
  225. Ornamental Gardening Plants?
  226. Kids Network (insert happy smiley here)
  227. How do you update an old custom sim?
  228. Add a Snippet Tunning in a Interaction Tunning
  229. Swapping out CC from saves not in use?
  230. Please help me understand XML!
  231. How do walkby filters work?
  232. Unlock door trait-based. Is it possible?
  233. {Solved}How to make objects allow placing in the ocean?
  234. Occult Sims Motives and Power Perks Refix
  235. Help with the translation of an existing mod
  236. Hair conversion
  237. MOD Idea: Occult Sims Mod Idea
  238. Unlock 2 form strength and weight sliders
  239. Looking for help with creating a probably simple mod.
  240. Sims 4: Religion Mod Pack
  241. Modding items to work off the grid?
  242. Island Living "Vacation" mod request
  243. Possessed emotion in traits?
  244. Floating interaction code for mod constructor? (and drinking water)
  245. Take a bakery
  246. How to find the creator's name of a specific custom content?
  247. How to check if a package requires another package?
  248. Island Living Mermaid’s mods and add-ins
  249. A "No Mermaids" Script Mod
  250. Looking for someone to make me a specific mod..? (possible commission?)