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  1. Unpaintable spaces on Werewolves
  2. I made a female body preset but skirts have a pointy section in the middle.
  3. Unable to change Facepaint into eyecolor/not working?
  4. Make blender file 2.70 compatible?
  5. Converting Hondo Ohnaka
  6. Hand distorted in cas due to age conversion
  7. Help with transparency recolouring
  8. Custom Eye preset
  9. Custom Likes and Dislikes
  10. Help with Body Preset, it becomes a mass of spikes in CAS
  11. Coustom Star Wars Clothing And Heads
  12. Balding top, longish sides and back
  13. convert face paint eyes to non default
  14. At wits end, need someone to make this hair for me
  15. Switching location for blind eye cc?
  16. Help with body presets
  17. How To Convert Non-Default Eyes to Facepaint?
  18. Extracting TS4 game meshes using TS4CASTools v3.5.2
  19. TS4 Morph Maker Error
  20. Mirrored Hair Texture Issue
  21. S4S Import/Export Script Error
  22. First time trying to make alpha hair using Blender, the hair looks glitched ingame
  23. broken skin question?
  24. Is it possible to fix broken recolors?
  25. [Solved] Sim textures turn black.
  26. Png files made into package files tilt
  27. Need help making a mod.
  28. need help updating a skintone
  29. Hair Color Swatches
  30. can someone teach me how to do the UV_1?
  31. can vanilla modifier (fit, heavy, etc) objs be extracted?
  32. Linking a bone delta mod to clothing object
  33. CC Eyes I Made Do Not Show up in CAS
  34. Could a CC be used to disable specific bones on a rig?
  35. Can only edit base game hairs :/
  36. UPDATE: Mesh distorted when posing in blender
  37. Purpose of body mesh having front/back & back left/right seams?
  38. Does anyone know how to fix the teeth position on sims?
  39. Leg tattoos on mermaids
  40. Creating a preset of an existing sim
  41. Replacing EA's eyelash with CC, OR removing it - permanently.
  42. Need help making a body preset
  43. Oh Cmar.... I have another related issue... Between Morphmaker and TS4SimRipper. :D
  44. How to fix mesh?
  45. Skintone Genetics -- Archetypes and SkinHue
  46. HQ Mod - Game Missing Eye Colors?
  47. In need of meshing help. Fat slider not working properly.
  48. Some tattoos showing up dark in-game?
  49. Group ordering for correct alpha display
  50. Major help needed with HQ mod
  51. Mesh resizing for toddlers
  52. How to make cc hat like Twi'lek hat for beginner
  53. help removing mesh
  54. Strange recolor
  55. Decision
  56. split skin
  57. TS4 CAS Tool Exceptions
  58. Converting Sims 2 Slippers to Sims 4 and they're both on one foot [ FIXED ]
  59. Five Nights at Freddys
  60. CC Turning Whole Sim White
  61. Furries mod idea - how to implement?
  62. Changing the CAS part category for a piece of CC
  63. How would I make a full body costume for beginners?
  64. Tribute to my Grandma
  65. A glitch in my recolor of BG child tights
  66. Help to fix Square Shadows under Long Dresses
  67. I need help with Nolween CCs
  68. A CC top I'm making causes the sim to do a sort of reverse T pose.
  69. TS4 Morph maker errors
  70. Inquiry: Turning an Overlay Skin into Default Skin?
  71. Peggyhair 746 Conversion to Sims 4- Problems
  72. Is it possible to convert CC made for adult Sims to toddler and children?
  73. How can I extract a mesh from a .package body preset file ?
  74. Help with completely changing the textures of horns ?
  75. Help Adding Ombre to Hair.
  76. Error in S4 CAS TOOLS when trying to import a mesh
  77. Customized skin looks fabulous in CAS; turns black in Live Mode (Solved!)
  78. How hard is it for a newbie to convert existing skintones into a default set?
  79. Re-Learning To Transfer Individual weights in Blender 2.78
  80. How to avoid my CC replacing other CC
  81. this skin effect would almost be cool if i was trying to do it
  82. Ring 'round her neck
  83. Alien Features CC -- expressive antennae? "warpable" meshing?
  84. Why did my (own made) CC Hair suddenly stop working? (SOLVED)
  85. Lookin for help with editing a mesh
  86. How to get rid of pattern on cc clothing?
  87. Buff to apply more than one CAS part
  88. Where is this hair from the list?
  89. because of the traits being broken could someone make new copies of these traits?
  90. CC Clothes recolor normal in CAS and S4s, but naked in live mode
  91. CC gender convertor
  92. Adding more swatches to default replacements, possible?
  93. Base game owner wanting to create EP eyes
  94. Weird White Lines On Edges of Hair.
  95. Can anyone help??
  96. the hood does not correctly follow head movement
  97. Why do body presets distort some clothes and not others?
  98. Hair Texture or Graphic Incompatibility?
  99. Creating a Skintone?
  100. Why are my images on recolored clothing blurry?
  101. Bone morph in CAS part instead of preset
  102. Fix Mesh Seams
  103. textures merging
  104. Mesh won't stay in place (Help/Advice, please!)
  105. Importing models from non Sims game and keeping original texture mapping?
  106. [solved]Shadow map looks weird
  107. Adding Vectors to Morph Meshes?
  108. Simple recoloring
  109. Texture space
  110. Rigging Issue - Custom Shoes
  111. Skintone Not Displaying in Game Correctly
  112. {Solved} Female bottom mesh disappears when selecting masculine top?
  113. CAS face preset
  114. Could somebody possibly help me on recoloring skin tones?
  115. Modding Body Shape Icons/Images in CAS
  116. Help converting clothes to accesories
  117. accessories help
  118. vanity table help desprate
  119. Need help making clean textures
  120. [SOLVED] Mesh not in the right place in-game
  121. CAS Recolors showing up as skin tone in game?
  122. complete newb, how do i get thin upper eyelids?
  123. Expanding Slider Range?
  124. making full eye contact for just one eye
  125. Above ground
  126. Blocky Shadows on Hair Mesh
  127. Which body shape should I model for?
  128. Race default skins
  129. How do I make a new skintone swatch for CAS?
  130. Standalone CAS Part Won't Show Up
  131. What do the Style Flags / Tags actually mean?
  132. How Do I Make Glossy, Transparent, Glowing Textures In Gimp 2.0?
  133. How to make a non default skin into a default skin ?
  134. How to make a Glowing Effect For Clothing Using Gimp 2.0.
  135. Help Assigning Joints To Brow Piece That Clips?
  136. Trying To Make Webbed Fingers, Webbing Clipping Through Hand!
  137. Is it possible to give a CAS part a second texture "overlay"?
  138. How do you make a mesh for "alpha" hair?
  139. How do I remove a mesh?
  140. Sims 4 Studio closes when loading the editor
  141. How do I credit a screenshot?
  142. How can I delete these shadows?
  143. Top hat textures
  144. Dark Ring On Neck.
  145. Spot Won't Go Away.
  146. Rings vs Eyelashes
  147. Problem with file types - trying to recolor (solved)
  148. Kingdom hearts Organisation XIII Hair and Clothes
  149. Celebrity facemask help
  150. How to turn a non-default skin to default?
  151. Need help with creating skin overlays/scars
  152. Need help with piercing mesh
  153. Help with Blender
  154. Sculpt mode in Blender for morphs
  155. MakeHuman in the Sims 4
  156. convert Sims 3 clothes to Sims 4 problem
  157. How do I UV map hair texture?
  158. CC Hair appearing too dark in CAS
  159. High presets with Bone Delta, can anyone help me?
  160. Making Mesh, Mesh Not Appearing Right I Sims 4 Studio
  161. Problems with textures
  162. Is the tutorial I'm looking for right under my nose?
  163. Textures are Glitching
  164. Converted Mesh Not Appearing
  165. Not all Eye Swatches Showing up in Game
  166. s4s exported normal help
  167. My TS2 hair conversion it's ok?
  168. Texture showing up where it's not supposed to be - what am I doing wrong?
  169. Edits to mesh don't show up in S4S? What am I doing wrong?
  170. What would cause a piece of clothing to cancel actions for all sims in household?
  171. How would I go about making a tiara?!
  172. Can someone make this hair?
  173. can anyone help me re-weight this head?
  174. Solved! Help Converting face paint eyes to non default
  175. First time hat conversion
  176. Help with creating CC hair
  177. Hat removes Hair
  178. {SOLVED} My cc shirt recolor shows up as NAKED in game! :D :( HELP PLEASE!! :(
  179. UV mapping help
  180. My Skin is a Void
  181. Blender and S4S: Diffuse map won't show up on mesh?
  182. Change to accessories
  183. Custom Hair Color - Better way to keep track?
  184. Any help with removing the shiny?
  185. I have crunchy hearts :/
  186. Losing Custom Content Quality
  187. First attempt at converting hair from TS3 and the first fail(sim ends up being covered in red&white squares and question signs)
  188. How do I figure out which part is which part of the hair?
  189. Why does the colour get 'lighter' when I apply it to a T-Shirt?
  190. TS4 Vampire Features on Non-Occult Sims
  191. Milkshape 3D: can't import ?
  192. I want a different CAS background.
  193. wolf tail/ears
  194. Making Hair Mesh Mashups?
  195. Skin details on top of custom skins
  196. Accessing 'hidden' gender morphs (X-Post from S4Studio Help Forum)
  197. need help turning a dog into a pony
  198. has anyone figured out custom tails?
  199. seeking help to make a mesh/skin need help locating something
  200. FusionStyle by Sviatlana !
  201. Please read: How to ask for help in this forum
  202. hello
  203. Theres A Bald Spot On A Maxis Hair Mesh When I Use Sims 4 Studio
  204. I have this problem again with some meshes
  205. Converting EA Hair to Alpha?
  206. Hello
  207. Socks Texture Help!
  208. Export files from Blender TECH HELP
  209. Sims 4 Hair CC I made With S4S Isn't Showing Up In-Game
  210. Need Help with that package
  211. Clowns and their associated facepaint
  212. arms "snap" to behind a sim's back
  213. Is it possible? "I want to make animated hair & clothes"
  214. Skin detail doesn't blend with skin
  215. Sims 3 to Sims 4 Vice Lords conversion Request
  216. Eye poses look weird (super creepy) in game?
  217. Question: Recolor CAS with Pattern
  218. Can someone make these characters?
  219. Need help with textures
  220. need help with feminine frame male torso mesh
  221. Sims 4 Face Sculpting
  222. Baby Changer Master Controller Mod
  223. Making Custom Part Presets
  224. How to make Sliders/Edit Bone Data
  225. can someone tell me were i went wrong?
  226. Retexturing top with in game pattern?
  227. Help with merging some CCs
  228. Is possible change the high of the sims depending of the shoes is wearing?
  229. Custom Styled Looks
  230. Creating a celebrity facemask?
  231. Alpha hair tutorial?
  232. alpha clothes part crossing each other + having strange blue color
  233. [SOLVED]Clothes with alpha channel not showing correctly in game
  234. Shading on accessory
  235. New to making cc please help.
  236. Where do I ask for "Changes Requried" status clarification!?
  237. okay, but why? (these arms!)
  238. Bad shade on floor. dress
  239. How do I disable the EA skintones?
  240. Pixelated clothing texture
  241. ...
  242. Modding childs clothing to fit teen/adult?
  243. CC Help Please :)
  244. new alpha hair mesh not replacing old
  245. [Solved] Is possible edit the UV1 Morph Data in some parts of one mesh?
  246. Making CC without SimPE: Is it possible?
  247. UV Mapping in Milkshape
  248. Changing what a item is categorized as?
  249. skin color
  250. Can someone help me with this hair?