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  1. replacing a game object with some of the attributes of another
  2. Sims 4 Mod Constructor not working
  3. Which black swatch can I use to make an upload here at MTS?
  4. Cant find a carriage
  5. Disable collision for a build mode object?
  6. Mesh or Texture? I keep making it worse
  7. Packages combining in game?
  8. Swimming
  9. Specular Issue
  10. Trying to get rid of These tables & chairs in Willow Creek...(world object)
  11. CC Posters I make not showing up
  12. Functional Drain
  13. Game console light arrows need removed
  14. Reticulating Splines Bible
  15. need help making a harley davidson
  16. The impossible columns
  17. WIP need help
  18. Where are the TS3 counter corners?!?
  19. Shadow/mesh issue with TS3 conversion.
  20. Can't place modded painting on wall
  21. TS4 object to TS3 mesh problem: squares on the mesh
  22. blake_boy Creator Policy/TOU..anyone know?
  23. Object Disappearing!!!
  24. Combo Furniture
  25. Trying to sort out a "bleed-through" problem with a mesh
  26. glitchy wallmask tag on converted to 2-tile (centered) doors
  27. Cannot Import Mesh to Sims 4 Studio
  28. Solution to the Fence Post Problem
  29. Help with line on headboard of bed
  30. Robot Vacuum Mod ideas/suggestions
  31. Help with custom food
  32. Strange thumbnails
  33. I can't make a new object for The Sims 4
  34. What's the environment score that gives you +10 moodlet?
  35. problem with LOD distance
  36. Bookcases for a library
  37. Can I make objects movable like books, toys, plates, etc?
  38. Confused about sizing
  39. Change objects shape.
  40. Get Together Closet Doors as Functional Doors
  41. Ladders/Circular Stairs
  42. Creating a functional water bottle
  43. Conversion from the sims 2
  44. creating a functional scale
  45. How to make this spesific build tool (roof?) object?
  46. vanity table
  47. Help With VIP Doors?
  48. Solar Panel=Lower Bills
  49. 1x1 mini Bars - Please take the wheel!
  50. CC HELP: How do you make posters?
  51. UV Map Issue on object?
  52. Help with animation cloning
  53. object disappears when i place it
  54. My game closes without warning bc of cc i made
  55. Extracting/cloning fences?
  56. I'd need some help with UV maps in Blender
  57. editing an existing sims 4 mesh
  58. Environment and other status: Where to change them?
  59. Converting Sims 2 CC Bed to Sims 3.
  60. Weird Shadow Under Chair.
  61. How to enable countertops, I guess?
  62. Sims 4 Werewolf Mod for Mac
  63. how do i upload my own cc?
  64. Help with TSR Workshop, recoloring counters
  65. Help with creating custom canvas paintings?
  66. Extract mesh from S4PE
  67. Object fixture for game version compatiblity
  68. SpeedTree plants
  69. Santa Sleigh, how to reduce poly count
  70. Choosing the thumbnail swatch
  71. wanted sims 4 stairs wall cutouts
  72. How to add swatches to a base game object
  73. Help With Decal
  74. [SOLVED] Fixing CC tubs for toddlers
  75. Animated texture objects (TXMT animations)
  76. Need some help with the object "Uni" please
  77. Pool Trims?
  78. Different objects using same mesh made show up as one object in Buy Mode
  79. Making an object out of CC hair (Buyable but not wearable wigs for a Wig Shop)
  80. Is it possible? From Assassin's Creed Origins to TS4?
  81. Help with Adding Seating to Picnic Table
  82. sleeves and pelvis just won't cooperate
  83. Quad/Tri?
  84. Samsung TV QLED 4K UHD (for The Sims 4)
  85. Default Painting Replacements
  86. Help with fitting object on slot properly
  87. How to turn a .blend file you precreated into a mesh you can use inside sims 4/sims 4 studio
  88. mesh not showing in game.
  89. Glass Tutorial please???
  90. Workshop error
  91. Help understanding a resource file for relationship decay mod!
  92. Weird lighting showing up on object
  93. Can't change shaders in TSRWS
  94. Custom Bed with animations of a base game bed - Help!
  95. Custom Content Troubles
  96. Question to the STAFF about TSM conversions
  97. Mesh with strange shadows in the game - Help, Please!
  98. how to extract sims 4 paintings?
  99. Add a purchase interaction to computer
  100. Convert an old Sims 2 Object from MTS
  101. Kintting/Crocheting
  102. Opaque Meshes
  103. shower mod help
  104. Single-channel TV?
  105. Object Atmosphäre Drunk/Bored/etc.
  106. Scaling objects & wall shadows
  107. Pet walks through pet bed
  108. Changing Bed Values
  109. 07/11/2017 update - custom beds issue
  110. Hair: Female -> Male Issue
  111. making custom harvestables?
  112. liberated debug objects not showing up in catelogue?
  113. Transparent/Glass Mesh Parts on Painting?
  114. how do you change colors on lights?
  115. Blender Meshing/Mapping Help - Texture doesn't look right in-game
  116. TS3 to TS4 converting help
  117. Psychology Career
  118. invisible door
  119. sign won't texture
  120. Window Shading Indoor
  121. HELP with textures in Blender/S4S
  122. Is it possible to automatically give a trait to all Sims?
  123. How to create Custom Snacks
  124. changing hair from female to male?
  125. Adding "glow" or "luminating" an object?
  126. Add flames to a custom candelabra
  127. Reflective Meshes?
  128. Route failure for tents enabled for toddlers? Any ideas?
  129. Object with missing mtbl
  130. Changing object attributes
  131. The best path when converting Objects
  132. Non-Functional Object Creation help
  133. Make the slim smartphone back again!
  134. Custom Careers
  135. Geostates?
  136. Making books available for purchase at bookcase
  137. Editing VFX?
  138. How can I replace an object's logo?
  139. Help testing my electric chair.
  140. Need help creating 2 pictures and 2 tattoos
  141. Secret extra door meshes!
  142. Testers wanted: mix n match showers and tubs
  143. How to recolor Spandrels ?
  144. Dine Out Sign Add-on Help
  145. Solved - Can someone clone me the plumbbob's mesh, please ?
  146. Help with a fence
  147. Can't find object error
  148. Can anyone help? me with a bed
  149. Odd Normal Map behaviour
  150. Half open GARAGE DOORS (or windows)
  151. Does anyone knows how to convert TS2 item to TS4? Could you convert the item or teach me how to do it?
  152. Clothing recolours
  153. Turning Sims 4 houses into 3d Model?
  154. Paintings?
  155. Need help with creating a mod
  156. Help with mesh not showing up
  157. Custom object animations?
  158. Sims 4 Studio on Mac?
  159. sim 4 color magic link?
  160. Infant bassinet into crib- help
  161. PBox No Counter Backsplash on CC Counters?
  162. How are OMSPs made?
  163. Creating windows for in game!
  164. (Update!) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Items to Sims 4
  165. Can someone show me how to mesh?
  166. What is this strange shadow, please?
  167. "Object not Found" Error
  168. The best Blender video tutorials on the planet, if you guys are interested
  169. Problem with shading
  170. How to make an object cloned from a decoration have slots like a counter?
  171. Converting Sims 3 Mods to Sims 4?
  172. Custom thumbnail not overwriting game created one?
  173. I want to make a curved table and could use some guidance please
  174. How to make default replacement paintings?
  175. Problems with Auras (Sims 4 Studio)
  176. how to make a sign for bulding
  177. Thumbnails zoomed to much
  178. THUM 0x16CA6BC4 / TMLT 0xB0118C15
  179. What to do if I can't find my mesh in the 3D viewport in Milkshape SOLVED
  180. Don't wake the Llama mesh
  181. What tools are must-haves for Sims 4 object creation
  182. Can Get Help With Tsrw
  183. Adding new craftables to woodworking table?
  184. Is it possible to recolor the sky?
  185. Object conversion went horribly wrong: purple/blue texture - SOLVED
  186. I want to mod
  187. Color options in TSRW
  188. Monkey bars
  189. Reference the game textures of a modified item
  190. TS3 -> T4 conversion
  191. Converting objects from previous games to sims 4
  192. Problems unlocking EA game objects in Sims 4
  193. After moving slots of a bar
  194. How to start creating buildmode objects
  195. bump/specular maps
  196. How?
  197. This coffin into an actual bed?
  198. Can slots be slanted?
  199. Object mesh invisible in game
  200. How do i convert CAS into Buy mode
  201. Extract mesh with S4PE?
  202. How to get palm tree texture replacement to show up on palm trees outside of lots?
  203. Help with a converted object?
  204. CC placement on surfaces
  205. New guitar: is this possible?
  206. Recoloring mega double window
  207. can the waterfall for the pool to be modified?
  208. Rug shader, no graduated alpha?
  209. Environmental rating of objects
  210. trying to figure how to find stuff packs stuff in sims studio
  211. Extract Custom Object Mesh
  212. Changing pie menu text?
  213. Attn. object creators: 64bit instances ought to be working now! (1.10)
  214. Creating a mirrored door
  215. Texture issue
  216. Create New Food
  217. Animation Player Project.
  218. Remove LOD Mesh Quality Group
  219. How to make cc of 3d mesh?
  220. Fade Issue with Recolors
  221. Door Conversion from 1-tile to 2-tile
  222. Help with tools to play nicely
  223. Adding a Stained Glass Window
  224. How do I make modular plants
  225. Window slot
  226. Track down a base game mesh
  227. Classic (out of copyright) paintings and wall hangings as recolors?
  228. Window Issues
  229. Dunkin Donuts Set
  230. EA Asymmetry Painting
  231. Help with hot tub.
  232. Help with Window
  233. Editing visual effects?
  234. Unable to change style on piece of CC
  235. mods
  236. Is it possible for objects to be negative in price?
  237. I need help to add custom items to Sims 4...
  238. How to convert sims 3 object to sims 4?
  239. Mesh Turns Black and rainbow coloured when testing in-game
  240. Adding Swatches to Buy Mode Objects
  241. Mod fail/Catalog Thumbnail
  242. How do I retexture this kind of .DDS?
  243. ? Regarding Babies and color assignments
  244. Locating Non-Catalog Items
  245. Making an object not disappear with walls down
  246. Changing footprint of curtains or blinds?
  247. How to hide objects in catalog
  248. Referencing textures for objects?
  249. FNV32 Hash Back to Text?
  250. Making objects Get to Work compatible