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  1. Sudden Problem With Zerbu's Mod Constructor
  2. WCIF high quality lossless PNG to DDS online converter?
  3. List of my high-resolution LibreOffice Draw templates
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  11. TS4 Hair Studio
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  20. Modding Effects
  21. New API for Developers needing Python help
  22. Merge Script Files
  23. Sims 4 Compressorizer?
  24. [ZERBU] Custom Trait Not Taking Effect/Need Help Deciphering LE
  25. Custom Traits
  26. There is any tool to create Active Careers?
  27. Running Zerbu's Mod Constructor in Mac?
  28. Enlarging content
  29. Create a Touring option?
  30. XML Extraction on Macs
  31. Disable CC skin for random using TS4 Skininator?
  32. Is it possible to tag/rename several objects at once?
  33. Custom Career Uniforms?
  34. Make sims from a save into a .package file?
  35. Decompiler Front End for Python 3.7.0
  36. Instrument Music Mods?
  37. Sims 4 temporary runner tool
  38. MODLuvalZAP (No Fade Util)
  39. Exporting sims (Ripping) for use in other games?
  40. Interactive Python Console Mod
  41. More Traits In CAS/scroll bar
  42. Rewrite of Fogity's Modding Toolbox
  43. Sims 3 cc magic to sims 4?
  44. Resource exporter - small tool (Pretty much BETA)
  45. Custom Career Creation
  46. Best Laptop and Beginner Friendly Meshing Tools?
  47. Mod Constructor - multipliers
  48. Zerbu's Mod Constructor not working?
  49. Help working with packages utilizing s4pi in .net
  50. I want to post. Where should I go?
  51. Substance Designer 4.
  52. I can't seem to open up mod constructor
  53. How can i open & edit data files?? Help!
  54. CAS Viewer
  55. Missing Icons for my Custom Traits when using "Get to Know"
  56. New mouse for an easier gameplay ?
  57. XML File Index - Python Program for File Retrieval
  58. FNVHasher version 2.0 released
  59. TS4 STBL Editor Version 16 released
  60. EasySTBLManager for TS4
  61. [NEW] FastDec for The Sims 4: Easy, Performance-Focused TS4 Python Decompiler
  62. Testers needed: TS4 MorphMaker - make BGEOs, DMAPs, and BoneDeltas for sliders, presets, and scripts
  63. Where has scumbumbo 's TS4 Mod Conflict Detector for MAC gone?
  64. How to use the Sims Studio or other cc creating apps?
  65. s4pe
  66. Python Recursive decompiler (For Sims Python Files Or Others)
  67. Difficulties with S4PE
  68. Problem with The Sims 4 Mod Workshop 2
  69. s4pe 0.5.5 beta released 2/10/2020
  70. s4pe 0.4.5 beta
  71. s4pe Inline Help -- WIP/Feedback
  72. s4pe 0.4.3 ‒ release; 0.4.4-beta
  73. Problems with s4pe
  74. What would it take to make cross-platform Sims tools?
  75. s4pe 0.4.2 beta
  76. Hex editor recommendations? (Windows)
  77. XML Extractor / File Finder Feature
  78. Trouble merging files with S4pe: Unhandled Exception, or something like that (SOLVED)
  79. TS4 CAST Tools Errors
  80. s4pe 0.4.1 beta
  81. s4pi Help Wanted: Importing Resources
  82. TS4 Skininator - beta testing
  83. s4pe 0.4 beta
  84. Color Magic Crashes
  85. Tag enums in s4pe
  86. s4pi | Updated wrapper for OBJD (CatalogResource) -- preliminary version
  87. Trying to edit a resource from s4pe with Notepad++, only seeing "null" and "file doesn't exist"
  88. [Released] Conflict Detector
  89. s4pe crashing
  90. s4pe - could not find a resource handler error
  91. (Solved) S4PE Issue
  92. S4PE: Cannot Install
  93. SimPE/ S3PE for Mac?
  94. (Released as download) Combined XML (and Binary Tuning) Extractor
  95. Tdesc Browser v0.5
  96. s4pi | Updated wrapper for MTBL
  97. Mod Folder Orgainzaition
  98. Source code decompiler (with code reformatting)
  99. s4pe updates: CASP, RegionMap, Image import/export, TONE, RSLT, MTST, FTPT - 12/14/15 update for 12/4/15 patch
  100. DDS Export with S4PE
  101. Debug Display and Dump Object Information (D3OI)
  102. TSR Workshop for TS4 released
  103. s4pe.0.3.b Question, Name Blank?
  104. Q mesh plugin in not showing up in Milkshape
  105. S4PE first step redo
  106. What is STBL? + S4PE Questions
  107. S4PE - Error upon launching game when merging certain packages
  108. Sims 4 Studio error
  109. Sims 4 Studio
  110. Adding swatch colors to s4pe?
  111. [Outdated] s4pi: CASPartResource, MeshChunks, RCOLChunks
  112. Anything like CAS texture Unitool?
  113. Various s4pi wrappers (2014-10-19, 2014-10-21, 2014-10-27)
  114. A (more) automated decompiler for *all* Sims 4 sources.
  115. S4pe Error
  116. What do you want from a Package Editor?
  117. Tool to fix custom meshes that crash on some computers
  118. The Sims 4 Mod Workshop: XML/Data Cloner and Other Tools! [UPDATED]
  119. S4pe Error- anyone know whats wrong?
  120. TS4 XML Compare (outdated, now in uploads)
  121. Snaitf's S4PE Wrappers (Depreciated)
  122. MatD Discussions
  123. WallEz -- New tool for TS4 Wall and Floor Creation by Granthes
  124. TSRW and Alpha Testing
  125. WallXL: An XML generator for WallEz in Excel
  126. S4pe
  127. CTU for sims 4
  128. Sims 4 Studio Updated Beta (Version 05/04/15 XML EXTRACTING!
  129. Sims 4 Tuning Tool [update 0.2]
  130. s4pe catalog resource wrapper
  131. Small tool for fast replace swatch dds for Color Magic
  132. Python script to automate packaging of script mods.
  133. Tutorial for S4PE
  134. s4pe 2.0 won't be default program now?
  135. Problem With S4PE
  136. Hasher
  137. (Solved) s4pe 0.2a not previewing dds ?
  138. S4PE 0.2a Released
  139. Can't Seem to Get the Correct File to Export as DDS from Package
  140. How to install CAS Cloner?
  141. Python Script Decompiler (Version 1.1) (Written in Python)
  142. Sims 4 Studio: A Versatile Tool For Making Custom Content For Sims 4
  143. Game Mods and Skills
  144. Sims4XmlExtractor: extracts individual tuning files from the combined tuning resource (2014-10-29: v0.0.0.6: fix for STBL issue and support for object info)
  145. can't find audio.primitive python file
  146. Color Magic Won't Recognise The Sims 4
  147. The Game Text Editor for The Sims 4 - TS4 STBL Editor
  148. Maxis CC documentation | Updates
  149. S4pe Problem - All files come back with an error
  150. TS4 CAS/Mesh Tools V2.0.0.2: Tools for cloning, editing CC properties, recolors, preview, mesh editing. BETA, new version 7/4/2016
  151. Color Magic Updates | 0.8.4 Released - COLOR MAGIC NO LONGER WORKS AND HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED
  152. OMSP resizer
  153. Python decompiler batch file
  154. List of TS4 Tools / Documentation
  155. CAS Cloner Demo 0.1 Released
  156. Data file tool (2014-09-07: v0.0.0.5: second save fix and STBL info)
  157. A fix for the ColorMagic swatch crash bug... in testing
  158. Download | Mesh Cloner – S4 mesh conversion, now obsolete
  159. Caster - Create a Style for The Sims 4! NOW WITH DDS SUPPORT!
  160. Snaitf's FNV Generator - Updated 7/15/09