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  1. Creator Profiles
  2. UI Sound Effects List
  3. In need of language stings pack for Cottage living? "Strings_SWE_SE.package"
  4. I made custom chickens, but I can only buy them from debug build mode.
  5. Want some custom Thumbnails for your CC to make it look more attractive?
  6. Modding templates and object dependencies for users of Sims4Studio
  7. I'm very new to this, so I don't know what I'm doing.
  8. HOW TO: Create Alternative Maps for Copied Sims 4 Worlds
  9. mod request?- powered doors like from fnaf?
  10. Is there a mod (or could I commission someone to create one) for the Sims 4 that adds a "Go Upstairs" interaction on stairs?
  11. French Translation Service Offer
  12. Voice Effects for Sims.
  13. Trouble with making poses for Pose Player
  14. Question About Sources/Credits what Images are okay to use
  15. Zombie Mod in Brazilian Portuguese!
  16. Here is the Mermaid Mod translated to Brazilian Portuguese!
  17. Mod idea: needs dictate autonomy
  18. Make custom mod signature
  19. Credit for Inspiration?
  20. Any meshers want to coordiate for a special pet accesory?
  21. Random Trait Generator made by me. For to use with sims 4. Update!!--Update to 1.2v
  22. Mod Conflict for MAC
  23. Upload items waiting time
  24. Anxiety Disorder Trait
  25. Need Help, A.S.A.P.
  26. Ideas for poses/animations
  27. The Roosevelt challenge Sims 4
  28. Undertale!
  29. How to add a button to upload?
  30. First Post
  31. ParticipantType Enum
  32. Whim icon resource IDs
  33. Sensible rug thumbnail resources
  34. In-game music files TGI
  35. Tileable TS4 Wood Texture
  36. All Documents Folders?
  37. Codes
  38. Custom PhotoRec Sims 4 Package Signature
  39. Language codes for STBL
  40. Custom Outdoor Retreat Box and Disk Art
  41. Placement flags
  42. Best sites to find seamless patterns....
  43. Sims 4 Texture File Repository
  44. Maxis BasicWalls: PDN/DDS
  46. List of colour tags
  47. List of TS4 Resources
  48. Sim 4 Bones for Milkshape (Read "How to Use")
  49. Icon Resources
  50. "Strings_ENG_US.package" (and other language resources)
  51. Simlish Logo Resources
  52. CSV list of IDs, names, and tuning names and IDs of objects
  53. Extracted body skin textures and tgi's - Updated 9/2/16
  54. Protocol buffer (aka the game save format) reverse engineering