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  1. Tutorial:How to make your own custom fountain! Easy!
  2. Modifying Pollination Technician Genetics
  3. Tutorial: Making real lakes swimmable
  4. Hair Meshing with MilkShape and UniMesh (Beginners)
  5. TUTORIAL: Correct Footstep Noises On Skins!
  6. Clothing Tutorials - using Paint.NET
  7. Bigger attics -- updated 2008-11-02 -- And on 11-19
  8. Tutorial on UV mapping and texture baking for 3DS Max
  9. TUTORIAL: Correct Footstep Noises On Skins!
  10. Creating a suitable WallMask for your custom windows and doors
  11. SimPose2. How to load up Meshes in SimPose2
  12. Tutorial more property-infos for connecting/modular stairs updated 20th Jan, 07
  13. How to Bin Hair Recolours Using SimPE
  14. How to make a major! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. How to make split-levels in basement. (no cheat needed)
  16. Hair Recoloring Tutorial
  17. DIY Career Repair Centre, plus how to make careers EP ready (beginner's tutorial)
  18. How to make Walls, Floors, and Ground Cover (Beginning Creators Start Here!)
  19. An introduction to Slots
  20. Creating an accurate Shadow for your Object - Tutorial
  21. Adding an "Effect" to an object
  22. Milkshape UV Mapping Shoes/Extras Mini Tutorial
  23. Exporting UV Maps for Better Clothing Recolours
  24. Creating Working Slots for Extended Objects.
  25. Tutorial: Making Your First Custom BHAV
  26. Beginning Clothing/Body Meshing Tutorial - Using Unimesh/Milkshape
  27. Beginning Clothing/Body Meshing Tutorial - Using MeshTool/OBJ
  28. How to Add Shadows and Highlights
  29. Mini-Tutorial: Batch-fix Custom Objects to make them *placeable on OFB shelves*
  30. Tutorial: How to change the Loading Screen Background! (No SimPE required)
  31. Faylen's Recoloring Tutorial Part 4: Working Around the Mesh
  32. Tutorial: Assigning Swimwear, Formal and Workout Outfits To Toddlers (works for all ages)
  33. Beyond Photoskinning: Transformation and Displacement Mapping in Photoshop
  34. OFB Easy U-Shaped Modular Stairs *NO CHEATS*
  35. Creating Textures from Images
  36. Numenor & JWoods Modding Infocenter - for advanced lessons only!
  37. Milkshape: Adjusting UV Mapping On Your Modified Body Mesh
  38. Creation of Custom Musical Instruments with 'Perform' options - *UNI REQUIRED!*
  39. Simple High Heels Mini-Tutorial
  40. Hair: Categorizing custom hair into the color bins
  41. How to create correct shadows for custom objects
  42. Tutorial: Permanent Height Change
  43. Tutorial: The Swimmable Lake Illusion
  44. Creating default skin replacement - simplified method.
  45. Picture Tutorial- attaching custom clothes to careers
  46. A Simple Way With Underground Garages
  47. Converting clothes to different genders
  48. Tutorial: Fixing self-referencing objects
  49. Small Tutorial-Hair Catergorising
  50. Mini-Tutorial - Making accessories wearable at all times
  51. Changing Icons For Existing Collections
  52. Tutorial: Building bridges across pools
  53. Texturing for Dummies - Maxis and Custom Mesh Texturing
  54. Converting clothes to different age groups
  55. An overview over the Package structure
  56. MiniTutorial: Easier Method to Gather Clothing/Hair files
  57. Meshtool/XSI ModTool/SMD Tutorial
  58. Guide to Creating Custom Neighbourhoods
  59. Mini-Tutorial: How to adapt Skintones/Clothing to Custom Meshes
  60. Hair Meshing Tutorial *UPDATE APRIL 24 2006*
  61. Picture Tutorial- a beginner’s guide to linking teen careers to adult careers
  62. Cheap trick: Using foundation walls in place of real ones
  63. Observations on basements
  64. Picture Tutorial- a beginner’s guide to linking custom reward objects to careers
  65. Simantics and BHAVs
  66. NL: Neighborhood Water Flowing onto Residential Lots
  67. Career Vehicle and Outfit GUID's
  68. Partitions: walls, fences, fence arches
  69. Tutorial: Basic Clothing Mesh Tutorial Bodychop/Milkshape
  70. Sims 2 start to finish Object Creation Tutorial V 2.1 - UPD 22 feb 06
  71. >5 levels lot templates for TS2 base game (EP0) users
  72. How to do Post-SC4 Neighbourhood-Terrain-Levelling (NTL)
  73. Lights and LGHT files
  74. Tutorial: Adding a subset to an object (and making it recolorable)
  75. Recolouring Roofs with Object Workshop (NEW Tutorial)
  76. Recolouring Objects with Object Workshop (NEW tutorial)
  77. How to make U-shaped/180 degree stairs with 2 landings
  78. 4 Modules of basement garages + Tutorial
  79. Tutorial: Creating Custom Windows
  80. Tutorial: Fixing the footprint (or "stop walking through my object!")
  81. Short tutorial: how to create NightLife cars
  82. Tutorial/ Hints and Tips- Career Creation
  83. Tutorial: Making objects available in Community Lots
  84. Tutorial: How to Replace NPC's
  85. Creating custom paintings with Photo Studio
  86. Working Elevator tutorial... very cool!
  87. Tutorial- How to Extract Born In game Sims EASILY
  88. TUTORIAL: MESHING - Creating an Armoire Step by Step
  89. An easy way to build a garage along with a house on foundation...
  90. Tutorial - How to make a top out of a picture?
  91. Sloped Driveway tutorial
  92. TUTORIAL: How to build a Driveway / Garage (Nightlife Only)
  93. Hairs - How to Remove Unwanted Ages [Quick Tutorial]
  94. TUTORIAL : how to link a genetic skintone to a specific not default nude mesh
  95. TS2 Foundation Wall behaviour Basic Build tutorial
  96. Tutorial: Re-categorizing clothing using SimPE ver. 0.46
  97. Retaining object animations using the Mesh Tool
  98. Understanding The TXTR File and Formats
  99. DIY School Overide
  100. Designing Bedding Double AND Single Mini-Tutorial
  101. Modding Infocenter - The Resource Node (CRES)
  102. Tutorial: Converting Videos for Sim TV Viewing
  103. Understanding the Object Functions (OBJF) file
  104. Changing the object Placement
  105. Creating an Animation Cell Re-Color
  106. Modding InfoCenter - The "Repository" Technique
  107. Linking straight and diagonal objects
  108. Tutorial: “How to create a Gazebo on a foundation”
  109. Wanna know how to put tiles on unlevel terrain? No Cheat!
  110. Tutorial: Sims 2 Object Creation with Wings 3D(free) *UPD 07/02/06*
  111. Skinning From The Inside Out
  112. Understanding UV-mapping (with UVmapper Classic)
  113. The Grand Trianon: Colours and Recolours (UPD 23dec2007)
  114. Object making: Blender Tutorial v 1.0
  115. Tutorial: Changing the Color of The Sims 2 Control Bar!
  116. Tips for balancing roof/wall proportions including adjustable height mansard roof
  117. Clothing Cloning Plugin for DatGen
  118. [University Only] Tutorial: How to change the starting screen.
  119. Tutorial: Changing the Main Menu Screenshot for Custom Neighborhoods
  120. SanMoo's Hair Mesh Tutorial
  121. Tutorial: Ugly NPC/Townie Makeover
  122. HAIR: "The neck gap fix" mini-tutorial
  123. Accessorys and Bins
  124. Tutorial: Transparent Floor tiles
  125. SimPE Handbook: Cloning and Recolouring options - *07 APR 2006: UPD to new v.56*
  126. HOW TO: Batch-convert recolours to EP-ready format
  127. Turorial Requests for DatGen
  128. Programmer's Guide to BHAVs
  129. Tutorial - Custom Television Channel
  130. en7en's Ultimate Architecture Tutorial
  131. SimPE for Dummies - Textures and Models
  132. Tutorial: Using LithUnwrap to view Recolours in 3d
  133. Tutorial: Custom Eye Colours using Photoshop (Beyond just Recolouring)
  134. Tutorial: how to change genetics after home plastic surgery *FREETIME update* 06/11/2008
  135. Food Tutorial for Creating Cereal' W/Pictures
  136. Tutorial: How to make a new buyable videogame
  137. Replacing the Maxis Defaults
  138. A Guide for quick creation of Colour-Enabled Objects
  139. How to create cellars, read here.
  140. Step-by-Step Custom Career How-To Guide v0.05
  141. University File Lists for Modders/Hackers
  142. Upgrading Pre-EP Careers to work in EP1 (University)
  143. This is how to add bump maps to skins that don't have them
  144. Tutorial: Using Poser to Modify Body Shapes UPDATE: 2/17 New Magsets
  145. Invisible and flashing blue custom objects: Check List
  146. Basic Tutorial: Making Bigger Boobs! (aka Basic Body Meshing in Milkshape)
  147. New BHAV Tutorial
  148. Tutorial: MTS2 Mesh Tool Clothing (now with pics) UPDATED 3/22
  149. Tutorial: How to add bump maps (normals) to a genetic nude skin (v1.0)
  150. Mini-Tutorial: A broken glass for your windows *UPD 11May2005*
  151. New TTAB Tutorial (Editing Menu Options and Importing Code)
  152. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 3: Adding Textures
  153. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 1: Basic Recoloring
  154. Faylen's Clothing Recolor Tutorial Part 2: Selective Recoloring
  155. How to Unlock the Hidden Clothing - Updated June 19/2007
  156. Tutorial: Transparency in Floor Tiles (Updated 16 Apr)
  157. Neighborhood Sims Cloning Tutorial v1.0
  158. How do you change the lens color of glasses?
  159. How to find an object's GMDC and extract the mesh using Object Workshop
  160. Tutorial: Creating Templates for PhotoStudio
  161. Attention Modders: GUID Database Reminder & Tutorial
  162. SimPE for the Technically Challenged
  163. A Neighborhood hack to reveal hidden objects
  164. Cataloging Your Custom Content
  165. Guide to making Custom Careers v1.1
  166. Changing Default Skin - Without editing Sims07.package - Updated 8/31/2005
  167. COOKBOOK TUTORIAL - Change default body skins.
  168. Foundation walls new cheat modify walls.txt
  169. How to clone an in-game object
  170. Shift + Alt = Info?