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11th Mar 2007, 11:32 PM
How to make Default EyeBrows using existing default replacements

Before i start with the tutorial i want to say a couple of things.I was really excited to make these default eyebrows.I was excited because i couldn't find a frigging tutorial on how to make them and i desperately wanted my favorite eyebrows as defaults, so i started opening files with SimPE and experimenting with them.I was more than thrilled when i saw that this worked.However i don't know how to make defaults from scratch ( but why doing it all over if there are existing default replacements somewhere?).I have used existing default eyebrows by SciBirg (http://www.modthesims2.com/member/showthread.php?t=164632). You can use these also as base for your replacements or feel free to use mine here (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=223436).After i made the defaults next thing i started writing was this tutorial.That said, let's start :-)

-SimPE (http://sims.ambertation.de/)
-existing default replacement eyebrows
-non-default eyebrows you wish to make as defaults either downloaded or your own.Make sure if you use downloaded eyebrows to ask permission from the creator first if you are planning on uploading them.If it's for personal use you don't need to do that :-)

Easy, assuming you opened SimPE before and know the very basics.I'll be -hopefully- quite explanatory and i'll use pictures also.


First of all you need to select(collect) the eyebrows you want to make as defaults. There should be 3 different types/5 colors each. The colors must be : black/brown/blond/red/grey and as for the type that's up to your liking.If you are planning on uploading the eyebrows, well...don't select a pink to replace blond, that would be kinda silly.Make the right choices :-)

Because i have many downloads i had to resort to a kinda silly but effective nevertheless method to collect my eyebrows. I created a sim , put the eyebrows i wanted on him, and packaged the sim to a file.I did this 15 times. Then i moved my downloads to desktop and installed the 15 brows using the packaged sims. So back in bodyshop there was only me myself and the eyebrows. :!!: If you are more organized than me you can skip STEP ONE and simply use SimPE to open the brow files directly from your downloads without having to use the exported to projects method. Ok..next step for the non-organized:

Open bodyshop and start a new project for all of the 15 brows. It is really important to name your project clearly so you know what you're doing next . I have named my projects like that : bushyblack(brown/blond/red/grey),normalblack(brown/blond/red/grey),combedblack(brown/red/blond/grey).

If you don't do that you'll have trouble finding the appropriate PNG's later.

Ok ,after you export all the 15 brows make a new folder in your desktop named PNG'S FOR BROWS or whatever else you want.(i use caps because of short span not sight)

Open SimPE. Click File>Open and go to Eagames>Sims2>Projects and open the brow bodyshop projects.Let's suppose we start with the BUSHYBLACK project.

In SimPE select TEXTURE IMAGE and plugin view. ( it doesn't matter which one you choose, there are two,either will do,i used the first one)

In Plugin VIEW right click and export file as PNG.Give it the same name as your project, for example BUSHYBLACK and save to the PNG'S FOR BROWS folder at your desktop.

Do that for all the 15 brow projects in bodyshop and you should have 15 PNG's now.

Images in order(just to give you a further hint of the above step):



Now that we prepared and organised all the brow files(png's) we are going to make them into default replacements. For that we open( one at a time of course) the default existing eyebrow replacements files (either normal,bushy,combed) .Once you open the file in SimPE you will see that there are 5 textures named very clearly as black/brown/blond/red/grey. Take them in order so you won't get confused.

Let's assume we start with bushy type brows and black color. Select the black and then in Plugin View right click on it then select build DTX. A window will pop up, click Open> then browse your PNG'S FOR BROWS folder and select the file BUSHYBLACK.

Set smoothen to NONE , leave DTX3 as it is and click BUILD DTX.

Wait a second or two, when it's done building click Commit and Save.

Do that for the 4 remaining colors.

Then Save, then> File save as and type a name for your file making it always clear what it is ,for example defaults_for_bushybrows.First set of Defaults is done, follow the same procedure for the remaining 2 maxis types of eyebrows.

Images in order(just to give you a further hint of the above step):


It is really important to make sure you did everything right.In your downloads there are still the defaults you used as a base but your new defaults as well.Before opening bodyshop to test remove the previous defaults and keep only yours. Now you are ready to Open bodyshop and test your defaults.

:!!: HOW TO TEST :!!:

It is really IMPORTANT to test the eyebrows especially if you want to upload them.Make a sim ,use a maxis or any other binned black hair and go to change his brows, select all 3 maxis(now yours) types and see if they are replaced correctly.Then make your sim blond,then red, then brunette,then into an elder to see if they grey brows are fine as well.

If everything is done correctly it's time to LOAD GAME and test the defaults there, if they are fine in bodyshop they should be fine in game also but you never know , so better be safe than sorry.

If you made a mistake no worries.Open your defaults again with SimPe and correct the mistake then save and overwrite.

Hope that tutorial was helpful, if you have any questions or problems feel free to ask.


(If it is helpful enough feel free to move to the tutorial sections :-) )

26th Apr 2007, 7:28 AM
wow !! Good job

11th Nov 2007, 5:47 PM
I would like to create a default lipstick...Is there a tutorial?

13th Nov 2007, 5:47 PM
People, please...HELP ME!!

13th Nov 2007, 10:54 PM
Hello kihaad , the method is the same , use these already made default lipsticks here (http://www.sironasims.com/defaults.htm) and work as with this tutorial. First pick the lipsticks you want to make defaults, prepare the pngs and then use the existing default lipsticks i pointed as a base to "recolor".