View Full Version : Tutorial - How to make Wallpapers Tile Properly with Photoshop (Applicable to other objects)

20th Mar 2008, 6:59 AM
Here's a tutorial I made almost a year ago for a friend. I though it might be too simple to put it here, but then again someone might find my method useful. So here goes nothing:

Ever had or found that very perfect picture for your wallpaper or floor tile only to realise that it does not tile correctly in game? Here's how you can get it corrected using Photoshop and HomeCrafter Plus. Alternatively, you can use SimPE instead of HomeCrafter Plus to extract the image from a package. Note that it shall be in PNG format instead of BMP however.

I've also included the Country Herb Wallpaper that I used in this tutorial as a package for download for those who are interested. Just place it in your downloads folder.