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Dr Pixel
20th Dec 2005, 9:22 AM
Here is what I did to make an item cloned from glasses stay on with all outfits -

I went into the Mesh Overlay XML files, and changed them all to:
Category: 0x0000027F

It worked, the "glasses" now stay on with all outfits, including work clothes and nude.

There is an alternate step by step Tutorial by Boblishman here (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=125867)


Maybe that's not what you want - I haven't actually tried this yet, but since I "lifted" that number from the category section of a hairstyle that stays on always, I think this will get you the correct number -

* Create a new clothing project in BodyShop - anything at all as long as it is a "one piece" outfit, not a separate top or bottom, this is just a throwaway to get the numbers.

* Export it to the game, no need to edit anything, but make sure to checkmark all the clothing types you want your glasses to go on, and also make sure outfits you don't want them on are not selected - then export it to the game

* Open the .package file that BodyShop put in your SavedSims\ folder in SimPE, and find the number used for "Category" - you can then delete this .package.

* Open your glasses .package file (the BodyShop one in your Saved Sims Folder, NOT the mesh file) and change all the "category" references in every Mesh Overlay XML file to this number