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31st Jul 2007, 6:07 PM

Contestant List:

1.Harah Williams~Mrs.Illinois -FINAL (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1014600&postcount=244)
2.Laci Vessario~ Mrs.Missouri -FINAL (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1014495&postcount=243)
3.Heather Heart~Mrs. California -FINAL (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1016436&postcount=252)
4.Sioux Walker ~Mrs. Idaho- FINAL (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1016945&postcount=254)
5.Esme Chase~Mrs. New York - FINAL (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1016956&postcount=255)


11th Aug 2007, 9:32 AM
Contest Approved
Begins 8.11.07
Ends 9.16.07

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

REMEMBER that the Picture Posting Guidelines (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=41698) apply to the contest forum as well. If your pictures violate these rules, your pictures will be deleted and you will be alerted/warned.

11th Aug 2007, 3:35 PM
Ok I am here so please feel free to start send those apps :)
PLease all judges PM me.. I need 3 judges & 2 ER's. Thank you :)
If you have any questions PLEASE PM me as well as to keep space on the board for entrys :) :peace
Thank you & have fun... :baloons:

11th Aug 2007, 4:24 PM
Do any of the rounds have makeovers? If so, I've got the perfect girl.

11th Aug 2007, 4:45 PM
There well be some makeovers yes :)

11th Aug 2007, 4:47 PM
I might enter but it depends on how much photoshopping is allowed. Is it all the way or just simple stuff like text, borders, and colors? I'm not very good at Photoshop so that's why I'm asking.

11th Aug 2007, 4:58 PM
Simple things nothing big like new backgrounds & stuff..

11th Aug 2007, 8:59 PM
Can we make what needs to be made-over obvious? Like mousy brown hair or hair too light than the eyebrows or something?

Also, my sim isn't going to be like...a girl who wears makeup. I'm thinking she'll learn after apps and makeovers.

Are we involved in the makeovers?

11th Aug 2007, 11:52 PM
Yes you will be involed.. :)
The first round will be the makeovers , then the rounds after that will be a little different like wearing certin colors, or doing different things.. That make sense?..lol
So yes if you want it to stand out in the apps that is fine too..

11th Aug 2007, 11:55 PM
If there are app cuts, would the makeup of the sim matter as long as they model well, like...they're not being photographed from an odd angle?

12th Aug 2007, 12:42 AM
I dont plan on app cuts so it should be fine. BUT if there were the makeup isnt going to matter really. Its more on how they present thierselves.

12th Aug 2007, 2:43 AM
Name: Mia Robbins
Age: 25
State: Utah
Fave Things: Babies, sport, cats and my daughter.
Dislikes: Cheating men, dogs, junk food and fish.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? My inner sense of beauty, my personality and the fact I love working with different people.

Please include the following pictures for your Application
1 Head shot


1 B&W headshot no makeup


1 Glam Shot


1 Body/Free shot


12th Aug 2007, 7:59 AM
Definitely evtering, I just have to decide on a state. Stupid question, but American States, right?

12th Aug 2007, 8:00 AM
I had some trouble finding American states as I'm an Aussie... I don't even know if what I've chosen is an American state or not... Lol

12th Aug 2007, 8:08 AM
Hehehe, I'm australian too, thats why i'm having some trouble. i'll probably just find a map of america, close my eyes and point to a place. ^_____^

12th Aug 2007, 8:33 AM
That's basically what I did.

12th Aug 2007, 10:59 AM

Name;; Gabrielle Barker
Age;; 21
State;; New York
Favourite Things;; The night sky, Playing the guitar, Singing, Photography, Baseball, Rock Music and the Snow.
Dislikes;; Animal cruelty, Racism, Meat and Pop Music.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm not the usual manifactured beauty. I have my good and bad points, and i actually have a personality. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, but i also love to help people.

Headshot, Black & White, No Makeup;;

Glamour Headshot;;


Bodyshot, Plain Background;;

[[Hehe, excuse the fact that the black & white shot and the normal headshot are basically the same thing, i forgot we also needed a normal shot -.-]]

12th Aug 2007, 1:00 PM
i'm so entering

*runs of to take pics*

12th Aug 2007, 1:11 PM
LOL Utah and New York are American states.

I think I'll enter. Be back with an entry today or tomorrow!

12th Aug 2007, 2:51 PM
I'd like to judge your contest =]

And your PM box is full.

12th Aug 2007, 3:36 PM
Ok I am so sorry I forgot to update with the states..So it is done now for those haveing trouble :)
I am going to empty my PM box now.. Paper.PalI will add you as a judge thank you :)

12th Aug 2007, 4:03 PM
Name: Janine Harper
Age: 22
Fav Things: Snow, Gardens, Sporks, Asparagus, the City
Dislikes: Hair cuts, The Zoo, Humidity, Hot Weather
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I think it is their personality that makes a woman most beautiful, and I believe that mine is a good one. I'm good at working with all types of people without disruption.



Headshot: (I took this one in CAS, and the graphics are better there for some reason)


12th Aug 2007, 4:06 PM
Can I reserve Virginia?

ms. simbodies
12th Aug 2007, 4:38 PM
Just lovely entries so far!

12th Aug 2007, 11:06 PM
Yeah, can we reserve states? If so I'd love California :]

13th Aug 2007, 12:24 AM
Name: Kate Morrison
Age: 22
State: Alaska
Fav. Things: The great outdoors, reading, being on the computer, history, animals, especially mammals.
Dislikes: Bugs, hot weather, noisy people, overly open people, global warming, cruelty against animals.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I believe I have inner beauty and a fitting personality for such a contest as this. I’m calm and reasonable person but no doormat that can be pushed around as one pleases.




I hate being dolled up like that, makes me feel fake

13th Aug 2007, 1:52 AM
Lovely Ladies so far....I will update the first post soon..
You dont need to worry about calling states this isnt a contest where only ONE girl per state.. I just wanted to have state names next to thiers :)

13th Aug 2007, 2:53 AM
Name: Andrea O'Connor
Age: 21
State: Oklahoma
Fav Things: Eating chocolate, diamonds, chillen with friends
Dislikes: Not eating chocolate, bad breath, rude people.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I am unique, intelligent and outgoing.


B&W No makeup


1 Free shot

13th Aug 2007, 3:19 AM
Name: Celeste DelMontis
Age: 24
State: Ohio
Fav, Things: My kids and husband, rain, rock music.
Dislikes: Rude people, greasy food, mud.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? My love and zest for life, and my sheer beauty!





13th Aug 2007, 4:34 AM
Name: Piper Stone
Age: 24
State: Oregon
Favorite Things: My family, my friends, m pets, sour candy and a good funny movie.
Things I Dislike: Negative people, a dirty room, body odor and ignorance.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I am very positve, very open-minded and I consider myself a unique beauty.





13th Aug 2007, 5:54 AM
Damnit, Faye you had to enter?lol :3

Name: Ree Romero
Age: 21
State: Nevada
Fav, Things: Winter, trench coats, suspense books, heavy metal...
Dislikes: Summer, public swimming pools, rude people
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm sweet, hard working and funky.

http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/127/reeheadshotjt7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/1855/reebwheadshotnomakeupve8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/3715/reeglamolursemakeupheadwo6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5039/reebodyshotgk9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

13th Aug 2007, 6:53 AM
Holy crap tea, Ree is amazing!

Everyones entries are amazing, guys ^___^

13th Aug 2007, 12:12 PM
Holy crap tea, Ree is amazing!

Everyones entries are amazing, guys ^___^

heh thanks Zixx!:D
Gabrielle is gorgeous, I adore her eyes :3

13th Aug 2007, 1:51 PM
Awsome looking girls so far..
I will update the page when i get home. I will be slow today because i have to put my son on a plane to go to his dads today.. Long story.. :(

I do still need 2 ER judges too.

14th Aug 2007, 3:52 AM
Name: Yasmeen Reid
Age: 21
State: North Carolina
Fav. Things: Comedy Central, dogs, lime koolaid, running
Dislikes: 2-faced people, dry senses of humor, tomatoes
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?
My laid personality and being a challenger





14th Aug 2007, 4:13 AM
Guys, remember reserve-type posts are not allowed! You must have at least ONE picture of your Sim/room/house/whatever in your application (or round entry) along with the qualifying text. I dont like deleting applications when the contestant has already taken the time to write it up, but I have to if there are no pictures.

Read your contest rules people :)

14th Aug 2007, 10:10 AM
Ooops, I'm really sorry. x.x I always do that.

Anyhow, can there be more than one girl for each state?

14th Aug 2007, 1:58 PM
Name: Larena Whitmore
Age: 21
State: Florida
Fav Things: The beach, shopping, reading
Dislikes: People who are too judgemental
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm pretty and a talented model. I can do just about any job you ask of me, and I'm proud of that.





Other pics soon!

15th Aug 2007, 3:06 PM
Great pictures & girls so far everyone..
I will be back on after work to update the front page again.. :)

16th Aug 2007, 1:51 AM
Couldn't upload them before but, I just got them uploaded!

The girl I'm entering is from Mississippi. Her name is Brooks Cristian.

Name: Brooks Cristian
Age: 24
State: Mississippi
Fav, Things: Going to the beach, photography, taking care of all my animals (especially my horses, puppies, & rabbits), sitting on the porch relaxing with the family, and I love drinking homemade iced tea.
Dislikes: Animal Cruelty and hurricanes
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm a down-home kinda girl but I think I bring a little bit of sparkle and sassiness to the South! I know I'm smart and spunky enough to win this competition!

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/brooks_head.jpg)

Beauty (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/brooks_bw.jpg)

Glam (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/brooks_glam.jpg) (she was inspired by classic Hollywood glam)

Free (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/brooks_free.jpg) (at the Gulf)

16th Aug 2007, 1:55 AM
OK i need at the least 7 more girls :)
If not we will go on when the deadline hits..
I have updated the front post if anything isnt correct please let me know.. :howdy:

16th Aug 2007, 2:13 AM
great entry guys! :D
Hey um Missa, can I be EJ? :D

16th Aug 2007, 2:57 AM
I wanna be an EJ too! :D

16th Aug 2007, 3:49 AM
Is the deadline tonight or tomorrow night? I need until tomorrow. My sim's nose keeps getting all f**ked up in-game.

16th Aug 2007, 3:27 PM
Deadline is tomorrow night..
emaone & Stormy thank you for being ER Judge's

16th Aug 2007, 5:17 PM
Thanks =]

Now I can fix the nose

16th Aug 2007, 5:55 PM
Name: Virginia Lucas
Age: 18
State: Virginia
Fav, Things: My home, my cat (Snow), rainbows, flowers, sunshine, fashion, eating, exercise, etc.
Dislikes: humidity, hot weather, bugs, rejection, failure, arrogance, etc.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm not a blonde haired blue eyed princess. I don't think I'm conventially pretty, but that makes me want to model even more to show girls that everyone is beautiful, no matter what they look like. I want to be a role model and I love being in front of the camera.

pictures soon...

16th Aug 2007, 6:33 PM
is it to late to enter cause it says the contest entry is 16th?

16th Aug 2007, 7:43 PM
Name: Harah Williams
Age: 21
State: Illinois
Fav, Things: Chocolate, Caffeine, Men
Dislikes: Mountains, Public Restrooms, Jerks
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm outspoken and honest but yet able to conduct myself in an acceptable manner. I am able to accept constructive criticism but don't bash me for no reason.


Black & White Headshot

Glam Shot

Body/Free Shot

16th Aug 2007, 8:12 PM
Name: Laci Vessario
Age: 21
State: Missouri
Fav, Things: Fast Cars, Beaches, and Traveling
Dislikes: Backstabbing Women, Being Broke and Unemployed, and Overindulging in Anything
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I love working - anytime, anyplace. I am stubborn and hard headed and never quit until the job is done right.


Black & White Headshot

Glam Shot

Body/Free Shot

16th Aug 2007, 8:42 PM
I have a question... if we enter 2 models, will both be allowed to compete in round 1? I'm thinking of entering a second model, but I was just wondering.

16th Aug 2007, 11:12 PM
Would I be able to enter? The fact that I'm already in two other contests won't stop me. =]

And, would I be able to use a Sim that I already created for a different contest? Or should I make a totally new one?

17th Aug 2007, 12:34 AM
I am changing the date to the 17th for some reason I thought Friday was the 16th..Sorry So yes there is time to enter..

Yes you may enter up to 2 sims :)

No it doesnt matter if you or your sims are in another contest..
Sorry I couldnt get here earlier the internet has been down all day :(

17th Aug 2007, 3:48 AM
Application Round Requirements:
Name:Heather Heart
State:San Francisco,California
Fav, Things:Technology, Music, Movies
Dislikes:Noise when I sleep
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I think I am A Starlight Beauty I love my self and I think all beauty comes with within and the external look is just extra. I also have the ability to put my self in different looks and still pull it off. I work hard at what I do, and it doesnt matter if I don't feel good for a photoshoot because I still give it my all.

Head shot
Bigger Pick Here (http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/9419/heatherheartdheadshot2gb1.jpg)

B&W headshot no makeup
Bigger Pick here (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatherhhead5.jpg)

Glam Shot
Detailed Pick Here (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatherheartglm2.jpg)

Body/Free Shot
Click To Enlarge(better details) (http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/193/heatheratcasinoroyalprepd5.jpg)

17th Aug 2007, 4:38 AM
Name: Sioux Walker
Age: 22
State: Idaho
Fav. Things: Hiking, animals, horseback riding, thunderstorms, sunrises, earning about my culture and others, fashion, hanging with my family and boyfriend...and my guilty pleasure is television
Dislikes: Forest fires, bigots...and pickles
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? Being part American Indian, I feel like I come from a culture where beauty is so different from the other cultures in the US. But, I think beauty, inner or outer, is universal if you have a good spirit. I am proud of who I am and I will work very hard and do all I can to be a Starlight Beauty.

Head (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_head.jpg)
Beauty (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_bw.jpg)
Glam (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_glamjpg.jpg)
Free (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_free.jpg)

17th Aug 2007, 8:05 AM
Deadline is tomorrow night..
emaone & Stormy thank you for being ER Judge's

Not a problem! I love judging contests. :anime:

17th Aug 2007, 11:57 AM
Name: Jordan Lewis
Age: 22
State: Hawaii
Fav, Things: Cats, Dogs, Children, Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter... Reading, Writing
Dislikes: Rude, loud people, Being cold, My mother [don't ask], and Annoying people.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: Well, I've always wanted to model since I was a little girl. My mother always said that I'd never get far in the business, but I'm just going to ignore her. I have quite a unique look, so that also makes me a Starlight Beauty. I've done some modelling before, and a vampire princess [see my glam shot] and people all say that it's pretty good. =]


1 Head shot

1 B&W headshot no makeup

1 Glam Shot

1 Body/Free shot

17th Aug 2007, 3:12 PM
App. ends Tonight @ 7pm EST
Will update front post tonight..
And hopefuly get round 1 up then too..
The cable guys are coming to check on my internet today so I will have no more trouble..YAY...lol
Its going to be really had with all these beautiful girls.. Everyone makes it to round one though after that there will be cuts :)

17th Aug 2007, 3:53 PM
Name: Taylor-raine Misori.
Age: 19
State: Las Vagas
Favourite Things: Drawing, Modeling, my friends, shoes!
Dislikes: Labels, Racism, cheese, rude people and curry.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: I've been modeling since I was six years old. I have been through most the stages in modeling and I want to take it to the next level. I'm versitile, easy-going and dedicated.


Naturaly beautiful

Better quality png. (http://i12.tinypic.com/4lrb2i8.png)

Better quality png. (http://i14.tinypic.com/4uc2tr5.png)

17th Aug 2007, 4:59 PM
I changed the pics, and I think they look better since I downloaded a modeling pose kit thing.

17th Aug 2007, 5:03 PM
Name: Maribelle Gold
Age: 19
State: San Diego
Favourite Things: Drawing, day dreaming, chatting, hanging out
Dislikes: Reading
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: I always dreamed of becoming a model and perhaps the dream was granted.So I am doing my best to achieve
my target.

Make-up : http://img27.picoodle.com/img/img27/9/8/17/f_snapshot73dm_76e25a5.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/9/8/17/f_snapshot73dm_76e25a5.jpg&srv=img27)

No make up :

http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/8788/blackandwhiteej0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Glam : http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/7935/glamcv7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Body :

http://img03.picoodle.com/img/img03/9/8/17/f_hdcopym_fbc5202.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/9/8/17/f_hdcopym_fbc5202.jpg&srv=img03)

17th Aug 2007, 11:39 PM
I have updated my post with picturrrres (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=987996&postcount=61).


17th Aug 2007, 11:42 PM
Name: Justine Juares
Age: 19
State: Texas
Favourite Things: Going to shows, art, eating and talking with friends, reading
Dislikes: Fakeness, insincerity, blank walls, wasted talent
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: There's some hidden meaning here, right? I suppose a starlight beauty would be at her most beautiful under the stars, and as somewhat of a night owl I think that my inner beauty shows at night because I'm most creative then, as well as my outer beauty, because the dark hides flaws.

Head Shot

Black & White Head Shot

Glamorous Head Shot

Body/Free Shot

18th Aug 2007, 1:24 AM
Name: Sarah Valentine
Age: 24
State: California
Fav, Things: Chocolate! Flowers, The Beach.
Dislikes: Dirty Water, Glasses, the people who live above me and play crappy music until 7 o'clock in the morning.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I'm confident in everything I do. I very versatile and I can adapt to any situation. I was sort of an ugly duckling in middle and high school, so I'm good at taking criticism.

Click for bigger

http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/3042/headshottv1.th.jpg (http://img138.imageshack.us/my.php?image=headshottv1.jpg)

Black and White
http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/2472/headshotbwks9.th.jpg (http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=headshotbwks9.jpg)

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/4929/glamourcq8.th.jpg (http://img165.imageshack.us/my.php?image=glamourcq8.jpg)

http://img250.imageshack.us/img250/3564/sarahvalentinedv1.th.jpg (http://img250.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sarahvalentinedv1.jpg)

^^First time photo shopping hair :]

18th Aug 2007, 1:44 AM
I will have round 1 ready in the morning :)

18th Aug 2007, 2:01 AM
Ignore me if this is too late :P

Name: EsmeChase
Age: 24
State: New York
Fave Things: Rainbows, Candy Floss and Political debates
Dislikes: Bigots, Racists and Spiders
What makes you a Starlight Beauty? I am beautiful inside and out and a truely caring person. I want the world to be a happier place and feel that I can help to achieve that in my own unique way.





18th Aug 2007, 2:51 AM
hmm i was wondering does the glam shot have to be face or body?

18th Aug 2007, 3:50 AM
Glam can be like waist up or just head..
Forgot to mention that you can still slide those apps in till the morning.. :)

18th Aug 2007, 3:55 AM
Hopefully it's not too late. I've been working on this entry for a while now ^o^.

Name: Anastasia (Anya) Kana
Age: 21
State: Delaware
Favourite Things: Green, Plants, Insects, Unicorns
Dislikes: Super Thin Models, Stuck Ups and Snails
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: Well, I guess it's because I'm different from the typical model. I hate the super-skinny type, and I guess I'd rather garden than shop. I'm in a campaign against Global Warming and I love looking after the earth.


Black & White



Ignore this If it's too late. ^o^.

18th Aug 2007, 7:42 AM

Name: Amali Lima
Age: 24
State: Newyork (dont know anything about america lol sorry)
Favourite Things: Dancing, Music, Gymnastics, lillys
Dislikes: Sushi, chinese food, Botox.
What makes you a Starlight Beauty?: I have a Unique style. I love to laugh & shop but im not the typical blonde, i have a Bachelor degree in visual arts and am a Lecturer at a local university on Philosophy.

Headshot http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u281/siMMersims/normalface.jpg

Glamorous http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u281/siMMersims/glam.jpg

B&w http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u281/siMMersims/blackanwhite.jpg

Free http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u281/siMMersims/freeshot-1.jpg

18th Aug 2007, 3:18 PM
Ok ladies first off I'd like to welcome you to the first ever Starlight Beauty Contest.
In this first round we are going to have a little makeover & some showing off you inner & outter beauty. This is so we can see who is strong enough to make it to round 2.. So lets start...
Task 1
There is always something a girl wants to change..No one ever thinks they are beautiful. So for this task I want to see a make over.. This can be something you have changed in the past to make you the way you are today or it can be something you want to change right now. I would like a before picture of your makeover & 1 after picture showing how you have changed it.. 2 pictures
Task 2
Outter Beauty
For this I want to see your looks shine. You may show us this anyway you want as long as it is PG :) Can be a headshot, body shot anything you wish. Just make sure it is beautiful, sexy, & glamorus.. Very simple task :)1 picture
Task 3
Inner Beauty
Show me your love, what makes you YOU.. Do you help out at the local pet shop? Maybe you help serve lunch to the poor. Help out charitys? Helping at the local nursing home? You name it I want to see it. I want to see what makes you shine more then looks..2-3 pictures
1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
2. Which was your favorite task & why?
3. What is your favorite color?


1. You may photoshop but NOT a new background. I like to see in game pictures.
2. Be nice to the other girls :)
OK thats all..lol
:alarm: Round ends the 23rd @ 9pm EST :alarm:

18th Aug 2007, 5:16 PM
i was wondering if you had to showcase your makeover in your inner and outer beauty pics.

18th Aug 2007, 8:19 PM
Nope just in the first task...

18th Aug 2007, 9:29 PM
ok cool. better on me then :D yay im going to get started right now. its ganna be hard not using a photoshop backround for me im so temted. but im ganna do my best in game.

18th Aug 2007, 9:36 PM
Are apps still open? If so I'd love to join. :p

18th Aug 2007, 10:00 PM
i dont think u can since round 1 has started but im not sure.

19th Aug 2007, 4:15 AM
aww SwitchfootKatie u used some of the same poses i was ganna use. oh well. thats what i get for not finishing mines earlier. great entry!

19th Aug 2007, 5:09 AM
I'm sorry :(, and thanks! good luck on yours!

I dont believe in Photoshopping(unless of course needed) so theese are unedited except for cropping. and I'm sorry for the bad quality and size, I suppose I dont have a good graphics card...

19th Aug 2007, 5:25 AM
Task 1: Makeover

I usually go to sleep with my hair tied really tightly to prevent frizz, and I also wash off all of my make-up, revealing all of my freckles. I really don't like wearing my face like that, or the really tight hair, but this is what I look like every morning.

So naturally, I give myself a makeover every single day. It's just the look which changes. Today I decided to go for a hippee look, only with straight hair. I really do love my hair straightener...

Task 2: Outer Beauty


Task 3: Inner Beauty

My favourite thing to do in the entire world is gardening. I have a huge garden, which I love, and I spend time every day looking after it. I am also really obsessed with the earth, and I do my bit against natural disasters and global warming. If I win this contest, I'm going to put the money to help against these things.

Another thing I do is babysit. In the town where I live there are lots of young families with the most adorable children. I enjoy working with children, and maybe one day I'll have my own. One of the kid's I babysat, the one in the picture, actually sent me a letter, wishing me good luck in this contest. I treasure things like these.


1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
All the models are gorgeous, and I truly believe that everybody has a chance of moving to round two. I'd say I had a fair chance, but I'm not going to throw a tantrum if I get eliminitated. In the same way, I'm not going to rub it into anyone's face if I do make it through, but I know a certain four year old will be happy ;).

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
Task 3. With tasks 1 and 2, you could be made to do something that you don't enjoy. For example, some people (Myself included), aren't too fond of wearing really sexy clothes, and taking photos. Not that I don't mind modelling them every now and then, but it wouldn't be my first choice of style. It's so complex for lazy old me! With Task 3 however, you get to enter pictures of yourself truly happy without forced smiles or anything. It has to be enjoyable, and if your smile is forced, you're not being honest.

3. What is your favorite color?
Green, because it's the colour of plants. Green is also complimentry to red, which is the colour of my hair, so I look good in green.

19th Aug 2007, 5:47 AM
I'm sorry :(, and thanks! good luck on yours!

I dont believe in Photoshopping(unless of course needed) so theese are unedited except for cropping. and I'm sorry for the bad quality and size, I suppose I dont have a good graphics card...

i dont believe in photoshopping either. lol Im proGIMP . so i dont photoshop i GIMPify ,though i usually dont edit more then the backround. but fortuntatly i found some great furnature for the game that will be perfect for me to use. i wuv the sims and GIMP :lovestruc

and dont worry about the poses. i think ill be fine.

19th Aug 2007, 5:50 AM
Great so far everyone..
If you wouldnt mind could you do me a HUGE favor & make sure your name is in the title bar.. Thank you

The contest isnt based on your graphics either as I know not everyone has the big cards & what nots

19th Aug 2007, 6:31 AM
would it be ok if I uploaded this sim to MTS2? I know different contests have a policy about it, but I want to share her.

19th Aug 2007, 8:11 AM


Outer beauty

Inner beauty



How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I'm nervous and a little worried that i might not make it to round two but im hoping.

Which was your favorite task & why?
My favorite task would have to be task one because everybody has inner beauty and i finally found mine.

What is your favorite color?
Pink simply because it is the new black.

19th Aug 2007, 8:16 AM
Click to make bigger :]

Make Over
As I said.. I was a bit of an ugly ducking in high school... I always had the worst haircut and did my make-up the wrong way. Anyways, here's a picture of me senior year..
http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/2042/beforeheadshotjp3.th.jpg (http://img182.imageshack.us/my.php?image=beforeheadshotjp3.jpg)

Wow... How did I ever think that looked good?
Anyways, when I got into college my room mate (who was a fashion major) gave me me a make over. Here's what I look like now:
http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/8061/afterheadshotug3.th.jpg (http://img476.imageshack.us/my.php?image=afterheadshotug3.jpg)

http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/879/glamourzi4.th.jpg (http://img182.imageshack.us/my.php?image=glamourzi4.jpg)

But my life isn't just about being gorgeous.. haha...
I also do a lot of community service.
One of the things I do is take care of of the plants at my local park. I do a lot of gardening anyways so it's not that big of a deal.

http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/9148/parkservicerl9.th.jpg (http://img182.imageshack.us/my.php?image=parkservicerl9.jpg)

And.. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Daniel. Daniel is part of a program that takes kids from poor cities in Africa and brings them over to the U.S. and gives them a place to live and food to eat. Once a week I go over there and read the children stories. Daniel is one of my favorites, he's just so full of character!

http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/1940/teachingservicefw9.th.jpg (http://img341.imageshack.us/my.php?image=teachingservicefw9.jpg)


1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I feel pretty good, actually. Of course I'm a little bit intimidated because all the other models are so talented, but I still think I have a pretty good chance.

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
My favorite task was the make-over, because it was fun to laugh at how I used to look and how different I look now.

3. What is your favorite color?
Bright Neon Green :]
Actually I love any bright colors, they just make me happy.

19th Aug 2007, 8:16 AM
Son_Of_Mumo, excuse me if i'm wrong, but i think the rules stated you couldn't photoshop a new background on :)

19th Aug 2007, 9:14 AM
Task 1: Makeover

I had a major makeover for the Outer Beauty photoshoot. I started out like I do pretty much everyday: Untamable brunette waves and hardly any makeup.


The hair stylist and makeup artist worked together to completely change my look. After a few boxes of temporary dye, and nearly an hour of sitting in the makeup chair with my eyes closed, I ended up like this. I felt very different, but I immediately liked it!


Task 2: Outer Beauty


Very much subject to change.

Task 3: Inner Beauty

I love going to the nursing home to see my friends! I've been going for a couple years now, and we've fallen into a routine that we follow every time I visit.


First, I play chess with Arthur, who nearly always beats me.


Then I gossip with the girls, Rosa (the one standing next to me) and Francine (on the sofa.)


We usually end the day by sitting together and talking up a storm. I love to hear the stories they tell. This is my buddy Guy and I listening to Arthur and Francine tell us about their youth.


1.How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I honestly do not know what my chances are. All of the girls are simply beautiful, and they all seem to have good hearts, too. I can only hope that I’ll be able to make it through. I do not envy the judges' jobs right now!

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
I was happy to hear that I would be doing a photo shoot at my favorite volunteering activity; at the local nursing home. Some of my greatest friends live there, and we’re all happy to visit together. That’s why task number three was my favorite this round.

3. What is your favorite color?
I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t have a favorite color. Well, that actually doesn’t sound crazy. But I like things to be equal, and having a favorite color would knock things out of balance for me. So I don’t have one.

((My graphics card pooped. Doesn't look very good anymore- but oh well.
Missa- Are those backgrounds alright? I promise I used the white wall paint, I'm not talented enough to know how to do all that Photoshop hocus-pocus. Just tell me if I should change something. Unless that's considered cheating, then just hint at it ;)))

19th Aug 2007, 10:26 AM


I've never been a big fan of dressing up and buying nice clothes -who can be bothered when there's whales to save?- so this was a nice change to splurge on some nice clothes.

.outer beauty.

.inner beauty.
Every day after work, I grab a bag and clean up the rubbish I find as I walk home.

And on my weekends, I help out the local environmental group by planting trees and flowers.

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?I'm a bit intimidated by the other models, as they're all so beautiful and I feel like I'm not good enough. I've never had any experience in this before, and it's kind of scary when you look at how good they all are.

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
Probably the Outer Beauty shot. Before this, I'd never ever dressed this sexy before and used this kind of makeup, so it's kind of cool to have the chance to dress up like this.

3. What is your favorite color?
Teal, Or Pale Blue. I'm a big fan of relaxing colours, and blue reminds me of the ocean, which I love.

19th Aug 2007, 1:28 PM
Zixx, love your entry!
Gabrielle has such a natural beauty :]

19th Aug 2007, 2:38 PM
Son_Of_Mumo, excuse me if i'm wrong, but i think the rules stated you couldn't photoshop a new background on :)
Yep no PSing the whole background but you may add to it :)

If anyone applied & yet do not see your name on the list please let me know, i will update the post. Everybody who had the fullapp & pictures filled out is in the first round :)

19th Aug 2007, 10:42 PM
Task One~Makeover
I am a bit heaveier then most of friends and I use to be very shy becasue of it.

When I went away to college, I met a great group of girls who convinced me that I was beautiful no matter what size I was. I dyed and styled my hair, got contacts and decided to start dressing in clothes that made me look and feel good about myself.

Task Two~Outer Beauty

Task Three~Inner Beauty

I am a volunteer at Haven House a center for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I provide support for victims at the hospital after an assault, I accompany victims to any legal proceedings and I am simply there to lean on when needed.

I also run a teen girl group at my local community center. We talk about typical teenage issues (i.e. boys, school, body image, future plans etc.). I try to aid them in making positive choices in life.


How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
After looking at all the submissions I am a bit nervous but I think that both my inner and outer beauty are reflected well and I have a good chance of moving on.

Which was your favorite task & why?
Although I like sharing the parts of my life that really matter (i.e. inner beauty), I had the most fun with the outer beauty shot. I do not consider myself a "sexy" person in my everyday life really, so it was fun to tap into that part of my personality.

What is your favorite color?
I love the color green!!! There is something about that color that just brightens up my day

20th Aug 2007, 9:05 AM
Zixx, love your entry!
Gabrielle has such a natural beauty :]

Hehe, thank you so much! Coming from you that means a lot. I'm so suprised at how photogenic she is ^_______^

20th Aug 2007, 4:02 PM
(all pictures have links to more bigger and deltailed pictures)

Make over
I wanted to go extreme with my hair. So i went super short and blonde.
http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/1082/heatherbfrmkuc5.jpg Bigger Pick Here (http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/589/heatherbfmkbgfi1.jpg) http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/3442/heatherafmksmud5.jpg Bigger Pick here (http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/2262/heatherafmkbggm9.jpg)

Task 2
Outter Beauty
I love to dress up since I don't do it too often. I wore this dress because it reminds me of my mom when we would go to mexico to visit family (she loves wearing summer dresses). Fashion is important to her because she always tells me "Its one of the many ways to show that you care about yourself because you take the time to make your self look better". Plus it is by one of my favorite designers Proenza Schouler.
Bigger Pick (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatherout1.jpg)

Task 3

Inner Beauty

Well you want me to show myself and what I love?
Bigger Pick (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatheroffice2.jpg)
This is my work space. I love my job. I work at a web based company as a
web designer. I spend alot of time of my day here. Luckily most of my co-
workers are old friends of mine so I never get bored.

Lastly My Boyfriend. (we usually dont dress so formal ,trust me)
Bigger Pick (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatherin2.jpg)

His name is Kevin. He has helped me so much. He encourages me to strive for
better things. If it wasn't for him I dont think I would be modeling since he
was the one who encouraged me to model. We have been best friends since
junior high, and just reacently we started going out. Even if it doesn't work
out I know we will always be the best of friends.


1.How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2? Well I think I
have a chance. But you never know what judges are looking for so I am
uncertain all I can do is do my best.

2. Which was your favorite task & why? I loved Task 3 because it gets to
show who I am and not just the model front.

3. What is your favorite color? My favorite color has to be Pink. I use it
lightly but i love it alot. Yet then again the more I think about it I can say
that I pretty much love all colors cause with out them the world would be

20th Aug 2007, 7:56 PM
Task 1
I normally wear a lot of dark colors, so for my makeover I decided to wear bright pinks and blues.


Task 2

Task 3
I know a lot of the other girls volunteer, but really that's not my thing. I show my inner beauty when I perform with my band. Every Tuesday and Friday my band performs at a local club and I show off my voice and my lyrics based on my diaries and personal experiences.


1.How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I don't know because I haven't seen what the judges are looking for yet. But since I completed the tasks, I guess I have as good a chance as anyone else who has too.

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
My favorite task was task 3 because I got to show the judges what I love to do and what makes me me.

3. What is your favorite color?
Look at the outfits I chose for my photos - it's black!

20th Aug 2007, 7:57 PM
Makover;- Before.

Due to modeling in New York at the time, I missed my school prom which I was devastated about. I feel completley blessed that I've had the chance to dress up again, I love the dress, the tiara the glitterly hair, everything! I would of won prom queen for sure!

Makeover;- After.

Outer Beauty.
Better quality png. (http://i11.tinypic.com/66d0ac9.png)

Helping nana.
Better quality png. (http://i18.tinypic.com/6fq2s75.png)

Better quality png. (http://i9.tinypic.com/507ygsm.png)

Nana doesn't like me sitting "Like a man" Nan is a very classy lady, and kept telling me to cross my legs like a proper lady, but I prefer my way of sitting :D Even after a hip operation nan still keeps her dignity. Throughout my busy modeling scheldule there has only been one person that has supported me all the way, and thats my dearest nana. I adore her so much, especially since she's the only grandparent I have ever known. Nana is an independent women and says whats on her mind, which is why shes telling me off for my short shorts in the first picture, she may be harsh but I know shes only looking out for me. She has arthritis in both knees and she's recovering from a hip operation, so for now I'm her part time carer. I bake her cakes to cheer her up, or we just sit and have a good gossip. I'll also help to clothe and bathe her, or i'll just be there to cheer her up when shes down. My nana is very special to me, and helping her is the least I can do. If it wasn't for her support I doubt i'd be here today.


How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I may look pretty confident this round, although deep down i'm actually pretty nervous, all the girls in this contest are so beautiful, but I have done my best this round, so I believe that I will get through,

Which was your favorite task & why?
The outer beauty, I have always fantasized about a beautiful wedding dress, and to work for Vera wang was amazing.

What is your favorite color?
I love all metalics, but it will have to be silver.. soo shineyy!

21st Aug 2007, 12:02 AM


Don't notice much of a change? Look at my eyes. My natural eye-colour is red, being a albino and all. I bought colour lenses about a year ago because I know that my eyes kind of intimidated people, though nobody said anything...

Outer Beauty
Please click me, I'm bigger and prettier (http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q155/Sizzan/Keppni/Outerbeauty.jpg)
Gothic much?

Inner Beauty
Clicking me is good karma (http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q155/Sizzan/Keppni/Rescueteam.jpg)
I'm part of the local rescue team. It can be very difficult but I love it anyway

I also like to go out for a walk in the wild.

How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
Oh, I don't know. Just so-so, I suppose. I did complete the assignment, so I suppose the increases my chance, but other than that, I cannot say.

Which was your favorite task & why?
The outer beauty one. I look so different, and I was kind of surprised that I allowed this to be done to me, because, like I said before, I'm not a big fan of being all dolled up.

What is your favorite color?
Magneta (http://www.eplehuset.no/uploads/bilder/produkter/355-2_magneta2.jpg)

21st Aug 2007, 1:46 AM
Make Over

This is was me up until about 2 years ago - I got involved in the wrong crowd and just went off the rails. It was all underage drinking and partying. One night I went too far and took some pills, which really made me sick. I ended up in hospital having to have my stomach pumped. The next day I swore that I would clean my act up. So I said good bye to wild child image and became the person I am today. Changing my hair colour seemed like the next logical step!

I much prefer spending quality time with my boyfriend Jamie - thats not to say I don't still enjoy letting my hair down very occassionally!


Outer Beauty

I volunteer as a mentor for young under privilaged children. I have been mentoring Charity for 6 months now. She is an absolute sweetheart and so much fun. Charity's Mum is quite ill and to give Charity a break from looking after her I spend 2 Saturday's a month with her. We just chillout and enjoy ourselves.

Inner Beauty


1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2? I would love to move on to the 2nd round...I guess only time will tell!

2. Which was your favorite task & why? The glamour shot- I love the beach.

3. What is your favorite color? I do love blue and yellow - they are both happy colours!

21st Aug 2007, 4:21 AM
WOW that is all I can say, These pictures are turning out great.. I am so glad I dont judge but feel so bad for my judges..

I will update the front post tomorrow.. My girls first day of school was today so I have been VERY busy..lol

21st Aug 2007, 6:09 AM




1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2? Im not sure but im hoping for the best.

2. Which was your favorite task & why? The glamourshot, i love geting made up infrot of the cameras.

3. What is your favorite color? Baby blue, it compliments the skin.

22nd Aug 2007, 12:03 AM
Task 1 - Before
I had my wild days; here I was with black hair, a pierced lip and what I thought to be clothing that men wanted to see. And I was doing what I did best in those days - partying and dancing the night away.

Task 1 - After
I took the plunge and went blonde (and hopefully more tasteful) and left behind the piercing and funky clothing. I still enjoy dancing but my partying-till-dawn days are behind me.

Task 2 - Outer Beauty

Task 3 - Inner Beauty
I'm a softie when it comes to the older generation. I volunteer time at the local seniors center trying to keep those limbs limber. I encourage these young-at-heart men and women to keep moving and doing daily exercises.

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
I did my best and am content with whatever decision the judges make. But just for the record - I really do want to continue in this contest!

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
The Inner Beauty task was my favorite. It's so easy to judge just on the outward appearance but what makes the person is what is inside. I love the time I spend with the seniors and I know they love me too.

3. What is your favorite color?
Any shade of blue

22nd Aug 2007, 12:34 AM
Ok i have updated the front post.. Please make sure you are there if you have turned in round one.. If not let me know :)

22nd Aug 2007, 1:37 AM
Task 1 - Before and After
I grew up in a very sheltered home and was pretty much a studious nerd. But I found this one particular book in the library that was a steamy romance novel and I learned there was another whole world out there.

I learned the art of makeup and hair and finding the right clothes to show off your best attributes. And to think it all started with that one book!

Task 2 - Outer Beauty
I love posing for the camera, anytime, anywhere.

Task 3 - Inner Beauty
I love kids and hope someday to have a large family. But in the meantime one of my friends is a coach for a little league team and I often show up for practices just to play catch with them. And we often visit the pool after practice to cool off and I was teaching them how to float on their backs.

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
There are so many talented hopefuls in this contest; I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
I think the Before and After was my favorite. When I look back on how I was and where I am now it totally blows me away. I've come so far in so little time.

3. What is your favorite color?

22nd Aug 2007, 7:02 AM
my round 1 is finished here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=992131&postcount=97)

22nd Aug 2007, 7:35 PM
my round 1 is finished here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=992131&postcount=97)
Awsome pics..Howd you get the wall in the 2nd picture?

22nd Aug 2007, 10:59 PM
I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to drop out. =[

Good luck.

23rd Aug 2007, 12:33 AM
Awsome pics..Howd you get the wall in the 2nd picture?
hmm sorry i forgot where but its like a mirror that goes on the wall just like the floors i used.

23rd Aug 2007, 3:18 AM
I'll have to look for that..
PrettyLittlePaintSplat- sorry to see you go thank you for at least telling me..

23rd Aug 2007, 3:45 AM
lol just PM'd you :)

23rd Aug 2007, 9:30 AM
For her outer beauty be her on her wedding day?

23rd Aug 2007, 1:03 PM
Yes that is fine...
I am extending the contest till Sat.. Noonish (lol) due to a request :)
More details will come on that later today.

23rd Aug 2007, 4:22 PM
I have the Avatars ready. Please tell me if your sim isnt there and I will do it.


23rd Aug 2007, 4:24 PM

23rd Aug 2007, 8:07 PM
Thank you, SwitchfootKatie

23rd Aug 2007, 8:14 PM
You are Very welcome!

23rd Aug 2007, 8:38 PM
Thank you so much for getting those up so fast :)

23rd Aug 2007, 8:53 PM
It was my pleasure, I had fun. It wasnt that hard, the big part was resizing to make them 120x120 so the could be used here. It also helped tone my Paintshop skills (of which I have very few since I just bought it 2 weeks ago).

24th Aug 2007, 3:36 AM
Thanks so much for the avatars! They look amazing

24th Aug 2007, 2:00 PM




Outer Beauty:


Inner Beauty:



I love to spend time and read to my kids.

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?

Well... Everyone has done such a great job so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

2. Which was your favorite task & why?

I loved making her over. She really needed a change.

3. What is your favorite colour?

Pink, but purple or green second.

24th Aug 2007, 9:02 PM
So far I have had 3 drop outs.. IF anyone else is thinking of dropping PLEASE let me at least know as the others have.. Thank you...

25th Aug 2007, 1:53 AM
aww man 3?!? that sucks who dropped out?

25th Aug 2007, 2:15 AM
Sorry to be a bother, but Janine doesn't have an avatar! Oh no, woe is me!


25th Aug 2007, 3:41 AM
I couldnt do hers because the pictures seem to be broken/deleted if you pm me or repost the B&W Shot I will do it :)

25th Aug 2007, 12:52 PM
I am going out to spend time with the family.. As soon as I get home which will be after 2pm EST the contest will be closed & jugdes will be PM'd right away as to not delay it any further..

25th Aug 2007, 5:01 PM
I'm sorry, I'm going to have to drop out. Good luck everyone!

25th Aug 2007, 7:19 PM

Before (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_beforeMakeover.jpg)
"I always wanted to be like my dad and have blonde hair. So, even though I was totally nervous, I went to my local salon I tried it."
After (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_afterMakeover.jpg)
"I don't think I look horrible, but it's not my cup of tea."

Outer Beauty
Outer Beauty Photo (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_outerbeauty.jpg)

Inner Beauty
"On my downtime, I like to go to visit my grandmother on the Indian Reservation. After seeing how life is there, I wanted to help. So, one day after rummaging through the attic, I found an old camera and decided to take pictures. Surprisingly, my stuff turned out pretty good so I continued to do it. I decided to make a difference and sell my art at galleries and have all the profit go towards a fund to rebuild and maintain a better quality of life at the reservation."

Photo 1: Taking a photo of my grandmother (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_innerbeauty1.jpg)

Photo 2: Taking a photo of a local girl (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_innerbeauty2.jpg)

Photo 3: At the gallery opening with my dad, who was calming me down because I was so nervous. We made $1,500 that night in sales towards the fund (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd1_innerbeauty3.jpg)

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
"I feel ok about it. I did my best and that's all that really matters after all. If I don't move on, I'll still root for all the other girls!"

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
"I really liked showing what I do at the reservation in the third task. Plus, I got to go visit Grandmother! It's really important to embrace your culture and community. I think going to see how these people live on reservations is quite eye-opening."

3. What is your favorite color?
"Hmmm...that's a good question. I guess my favorite color is green. It's a very clean color from nature, which I like."

25th Aug 2007, 8:22 PM

Before (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_beforeMakeover.jpg)
"My best friend, Mahtilde, is studying cosmotology and she asked me to be her test subject. I'm a natural blonde, and was not too crazy about her plan; she needed a model for a pixie cut, dyed red."
After (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_aftermakeover.jpg)
"I let's just say, she did her best...but orange, pixie hair is just not a good look on me."

Outer Beauty
Outer Beauty Photo (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_outerbeauty.jpg)

Inner Beauty
"My family has always been interested in animal welfare. We have 5 acres of land in Mississippi, and a portion of it goes to our Cristian Animal Rescue Foundation (CARF for short). We rescue any neglected animal, foster them, and find them good, loving homes. I really love the rabbits! There are SO many of them, but they are just the sweetest most curious animals around! Because of my animals, I decided to go back to school and study to be a Vet. Right now, I'm just a Vet Technician but I'll be a full Vet soon enough!"

Photo 1: Giving pets to the rabbit (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_innerbeauty1.jpg)

Photo 2: Bathing our dirty foster dog, Duke (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_innerbeauty2.jpg)

Photo 3: Me in my Vet Tech suit with my horse Mabel. She was sick, but I gave her some meds and now she's all better. (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd1_innerbeauty3.jpg)

1. How do you feel about your chances of moving to round 2?
"I hope I do! It would really mean a lot to have everyone like my photos as much as I do! I did my best!"

2. Which was your favorite task & why?
"I liked showing how great my animals are in Task 3! Seriously, everyone should have at least one rescue pet! They really do love to have love!"

3. What is your favorite color?
"Blueish green, like the Gulf. Seriously, it's the most calming place to be, and the color reminds me of that. That's why my bedroom is that color!"

25th Aug 2007, 8:48 PM
I couldnt do hers because the pictures seem to be broken/deleted if you pm me or repost the B&W Shot I will do it :)

Sorry! I've just been organizing my Photo Bucket account!

I completely forgot. I'll go fix that now. :D

Ok, I just put the pictures back up.

Is it too late to edit/change one of the photos?

26th Aug 2007, 12:23 AM
yep its closed for judging

26th Aug 2007, 3:12 AM
Sorry! I've just been organizing my Photo Bucket account!

I completely forgot. I'll go fix that now. :D

Ok, I just put the pictures back up.

Is it too late to edit/change one of the photos?
I need the black and white one from the first task. Sorry if I'm asking to much :(

26th Aug 2007, 3:44 AM
I need the black and white one from the first task. Sorry if I'm asking to much :(

No, don't worry about it. :D I forgot about that post too.

I'll go do it now. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Did it! Couldn't find it, but I did!

26th Aug 2007, 5:07 AM
oh shes gorgeous! I will do the avvie right now.

here it is. sorry the text is a bit different, I couldnt remember what I used. Starlight beauty is written the same since I pasted it, but Her name is in a different font. sorry, but I think it looks nice.

26th Aug 2007, 7:46 AM
Thanks, SwitchfootKatie!

And good luck to everyone!

26th Aug 2007, 11:02 PM
i made some avi's of my own :D i made some of all of the app contestents so there might be people that droped out or that never turned in there 1st round pics. please tell me if i missed any

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/miarSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/maribellegSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/larenawSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/lacyvSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/katemSB.jpg
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/justinejSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/jordanlSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/jesiamSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/janineSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/heatherhSB.jpg
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/harahwSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/gabrielleSB.jpg

26th Aug 2007, 11:03 PM
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/esmecSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/doniecepSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/celestedSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/brooksc.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/anastasiakSB.jpg

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/amaliLSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/alainatSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/andreaoSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/siouzwSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/yasmeenrSB.jpg

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/sarahvSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/reerSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/vedabSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/taylormSB.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/pipersSB.jpg

26th Aug 2007, 11:35 PM
Thanks they are really nice!

26th Aug 2007, 11:58 PM
you welcome. it didnt take me long only like an hour or so. so im happy about that.

26th Aug 2007, 11:59 PM
0_0 WOW! Two great avies to choose from. Thank you so much nostalgicpaty and SwitchfootKatie :D

27th Aug 2007, 12:03 AM
Wow I see you guys are having fun with the avis..lol
I am waiting on one judge, if I havent heard anything in the next few hours I will contact the ER's :)
There will be 5 leaving us this round..

27th Aug 2007, 12:11 AM
oh gosh 5 ppl thats scary. lol and yes making the avis were really fun.

27th Aug 2007, 1:20 AM
5 out of 17, the odds are not looking good, but I really love Jesia, so either way I am pleased. Good luck everyone!

27th Aug 2007, 1:26 AM
Oh my goodness! Only twelve people are going on?

That's scary.

And we are quite avi-happy, aren't we?

27th Aug 2007, 1:34 AM
yes it seems so :D

27th Aug 2007, 4:21 AM
lol i was bored.

27th Aug 2007, 5:19 AM
thanks so much nostalgicpaty!
they look great

27th Aug 2007, 12:55 PM
OK the ER judges were contacted last night hopefully I will have scores in when I get home from work ..

27th Aug 2007, 3:21 PM
I'm so excited!

28th Aug 2007, 12:04 AM
So I had 3 judges ..They judged on a 1-20 score that is 5 points for each task.. For a full score of 60..Here are your scores..

Gabrielle Barker~Mrs. New York 45/60
Janine Harper~Mrs.Minnesota 39/60
Kate Morrison~Mrs. Alaska 34/60
Andrea O'Conner~Mrs.Oklahoma 31/60
Piper Stone~Mrs.Oregon 47/60
Harah Williams~Mrs.Illinois 47/60
Laci Vessario~ Mrs.Missouri 49/60
Heather Heart~Mrs. California 44/60
Sioux Walker ~Mrs. Idaho 36/60
Jesia Maher~Mrs. Massachusetts 24/60
Taylor-raine Misori.~ Las Vegas 42/60
Justine Juares~Mrs. Texas 34/60
Esme Chase~Mrs. New York 47/60
Anastasia Kana~Mrs. Delaware 41/60
Amali lima~Mrs. New York 29/60
Brooks Cristian ~ Mrs.Mississippi 36/60
Sarah Valentine~Mrs. California 40/60
Mia Robbins 36/40
Am for the sad part these people will be leaving us..
Jesia Maher~Mrs. Massachusetts
Amali lima~Mrs. New York
Andrea O'Conner~Mrs.Oklahoma
Justine Juares~Mrs. Texas
Kate Morrison~Mrs. Alaska
Round 2 will be up soon.. As always we are sorry to see people go.. It doesnt mean you didnt do a good or even great job.. It just means you need to keep trying & not give up.. Thank you for being in my contest.

28th Aug 2007, 12:07 AM
Yay! She made it!

I'm so happy.

28th Aug 2007, 12:31 AM
woof i made it :D

28th Aug 2007, 1:15 AM
sniff my first contest, well bye guys. Please enjoy the avvies.

28th Aug 2007, 1:21 AM
oh sorry to see you go switchfoot.

28th Aug 2007, 1:23 AM
I'm not surprised:shrug: Never did well in beauty contest

28th Aug 2007, 1:37 AM
aww its ok sizza better luck next time.

28th Aug 2007, 2:41 AM
I'm sorry sizza and Katie, but you guys did great!

Especially since this is your first contest Katie!

28th Aug 2007, 4:02 AM
thanks guys, I feel a bit better.

28th Aug 2007, 4:03 AM
Congrats to those that have made it to the next round! :clap:

Sorry to Katie and Sizza! You both had great entries! :)

28th Aug 2007, 5:42 AM
Everyones entries were so good! I'm surprised anyone left.
Congratulations to everyone else who made it and better luck next time to the people who didn't.
I can't wait until round 2 :D

28th Aug 2007, 9:16 AM
My sim wasn't mentioned at all...

28th Aug 2007, 1:29 PM
Hello & Welcome to round 2...In this round we are going to play with COLORS :)
Purple Rain
So we are going to be in purple, purple is a SOOTHING color so this picture must be as well.. Everything purple outfit, makeup, hair is up to you it will NOT be held against you if you do not change the color..& the background purple as well.. Extras may be of anycolor.. You may be doing anything you find soothing..
RECAP:clothes, makeup, & walls/floor all purple.. Hair & extras optional.
1 picture
I bet you didnt know this one was YELLOW..This will be FUNKY everything this time is yellow even the hair.. Be funky & crazy with the setting & your pose..
1 picture
So this is darkness which is Black.. You can use balck in anyway as long as you sim is covered head to toe in black just as with the other pictures..
Shades of black & dark grey may be used for the background.. I will leave the poseing to you..
1 picture
1. How do you feel about the colors this round?
2. Which was you favorite task?
3. How have you changed sense applying?
4. Who are you threated by in this contest?

Those are your task & they are due
SEPT. 2nd 2007 @ 6pm EST
SEPT. 2nd 2007 @ 6pm EST
SEPT. 2nd 2007 @ 6pm EST
SEPT. 2nd 2007 @ 6pm EST
SEPT. 2nd 2007 @ 6pm EST

28th Aug 2007, 3:11 PM
Do the backgrounds need to be in-game?

28th Aug 2007, 4:14 PM
I would prefer at least 50% of it to be..
So the people that dont PS well know photoshopping skills are NOT judged in this contest...

28th Aug 2007, 10:25 PM
Can the pictures be in black and white?

I'd like to have my 'Black' picture in grayscale, if I'm allowed.

28th Aug 2007, 11:49 PM
That would only be allowed with the black colored task..So yes that is fine..

29th Aug 2007, 1:35 AM
I have some questions for task 2..
Does it need to be an in game back round?
Does the back round have to be yellow?
& Can the hair be kind of green on the top?

29th Aug 2007, 2:08 AM
The background on all the tasks have to be 50% in game..
Yes background must be the color of the task & the green on the hair is ok as long as it is mostly yellow :)

29th Aug 2007, 4:13 AM
will blond hair be ok for the yellow theme? and do we have to have purple hair?

29th Aug 2007, 4:48 AM

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!



29th Aug 2007, 11:53 AM
To be honest, i don't actually understand this question;
"3. How have you changed sense applying?"
Could you please clarify that, thanks?

29th Aug 2007, 2:42 PM
nostalgicpaty- I would prefer a yellow tint to it.. For the purple no her hair doesnt need to be purple but can be.
Zixx-3. How have you changed sense applying? Means how has your girl changed sense applying for the contest..for the better, worse, her attuide, anything that may have changed.. has she grown things like that.

29th Aug 2007, 3:51 PM
do you mean since? instead of sense?

29th Aug 2007, 4:12 PM
Yes,,excuse my typos i am a working mom who on top of rasing 4 kids also goes to school P/T so forgive me if things get screwy.

30th Aug 2007, 12:50 AM
lol its ok. now it makes more scence.

30th Aug 2007, 5:36 AM
Purple Rain




How do you feel about the colors this round?
I thought the colors were interesting and evoked varying feelings.
Which was you favorite task?
Hmmm...its a toss up between the Banana task and the Darkness task. I got to have a mowhawk for the second task, which was awesome but I also got to be very dramatic with the last task.
How have you changed sense applying?
I think that I am more of risk taker and I have started to look at myself as a model not a "plus size" or "full figured" model.
Who are you threated by in this contest?
Well all the girls are so pretty, but I think I am most threatened by Mrs. Illinios, Mrs. Missouri and Mrs. New York. They took great pictures last time and our scores were so close.

30th Aug 2007, 7:44 AM
Hehe, These pictures are VERY MUCH subject to change. I don't like them very much.

what do i find soothing? relaxing with my partner after a long day at work.



How do you feel about the colors this round? To be honest, I abhor yellow. It's definitely not my favourite colour, and to be honest, I don't look very good in it. I much prefered the purple, although green still would have been better than both of them, hands down.
Which was you favorite task? This week it probably would have been purple, as I got to show something that soothes me. And relaxing with my husband after work is definitely soothing to me.
How have you changed since applying? I Think I've definitely grown more confident. I was always pretty shy before this, and since I've grown up a bit through-out it, I definitely feel like I can do anything. I mean, I never thought i'd enter a modelling competition in my life.
Who are you threated by in this contest? Hmm... Am I allowed to say everybody? They're all doing such awesome jobs, but it's still a little early in the competition to say who i'm more threatened by, as we definitely haven't seen everybodies full potential.

30th Aug 2007, 6:38 PM
WOW those are some bright yellows..lol Great looking pics so far :)

31st Aug 2007, 1:14 AM
Your entry looks really good Zixx! :)

31st Aug 2007, 4:29 AM
:anime: hehe i love the yellow dress i made especially for the contest. :jig:

***********TASK 1************TASK 2************** TASK 3************
----------Purple Rain -------------B-A-N-N-A-N-A -------------- Darkness-------------
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/purplerain1.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/banana3.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/darkness.jpg
=======Rest Of Rain (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/purplerain.jpg) ========Rest Of Banana (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/banana2.jpg) =========Rest Of Dark (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/darkness1.jpg) =======

(dont count this pic as part of banana its just something extra i made)

1. How do you feel about the colors this round?
Hmm well I love the black because its a chance to get real sexy with it. I wasn't too fond of the other colors. I thought i was goint to hate the yellow but i loved it since i got to make my own outfit :D
2. Which was you favorite task?
Banana Suprisingly. I don't love the yellow color much but now I like it more after doint that photoshoot.
3. How have you changed since applying?
Well I am more confident and not afraid of going to the extreme with my looks I don't even think twice about changing my look.
4. Who are you threated by in this contest?
Hmm I'm not really sure. I don't pay much attention to the other girls because I am so concerned and self concious of how I am really doing to be concerned about how the others are doing.

31st Aug 2007, 5:05 AM
I really like how you did the picture kinda as posters..
I have never thought of that before..

All these photos are looking awsome you guys are doing a great job so far & this round will be hard for the judges..

31st Aug 2007, 6:34 AM
Thank you, Stormy & Missa! Your entry looks fantastic, nostalgic!

31st Aug 2007, 7:25 AM
thanks you guys. im most likely ganna change the yellow one for sure. im not to keen on the picture. oh and the poster look lol i wanted to do something different since i didnt want to resize the picture cause then they would look wierd if i did.

Edit- I changed my Banana Pick.

1st Sep 2007, 2:18 PM
Dont forget deadline is TOMORROW evening.. I have 3 full entries, 1 incomplete, & havent heard from the rest..

1st Sep 2007, 3:13 PM
I'm gonna have to drop out, sorry :( Everyones entries are beautiful so far, and this has been fun whilst it lasted.

1st Sep 2007, 8:25 PM
Purple Rain




1. How do you feel about the colors this round? I thought this round was pretty tough since it revolved around the concept of color.
2. Which was your favorite task? Probably darkness since that is really different from my personality.
3. How have you changed since applying? I don't think I've really changed at all.
4. Who are you threated by in this contest? Pretty much everyone in this contest; I think we're all on a pretty even playing field.

1st Sep 2007, 8:41 PM
Purple Rain




1. How do you feel about the colors this round? Ok, except I just don't like the color yellow.
2. Which was your favorite task? Loved the Purple Rain task.
3. How have you changed since applying? Less sleep and more work - but that's a good thing!
4. Who are you threated by in this contest? Everyone who is still in the contest.

1st Sep 2007, 9:04 PM
I'm sorry Missa, but I'm going to have to drop out. My game isn't working.

Good luck to everyone else!

1st Sep 2007, 9:08 PM
2 drop outs already? aww that sucks.

1st Sep 2007, 11:06 PM
Well at this rate this may be the last round.. This is why I stopped holding contests in the first place.. :(
I left months ago & was hoping to have better results. Oh well..
Everyone so far who has pictures in have done WONDERFUL work Thank you soooo much for sticking with me..

1st Sep 2007, 11:48 PM
I hope this isn't the last round - maybe you'll get some more last minute entries. I know sometimes I just make the deadline. But I'm enjoying this contest anyway!

2nd Sep 2007, 1:59 AM
Purple Rain (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd2_purple.jpg)

B-A-N-A-N-A (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd2_yellow.jpg)

Darkness (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/SIOUX_Rd2_black.jpg)

1. How do you feel about the colors this round?
I really like black and purple, but yellow has always been one of those colors that I didn't like.

2. Which was you favorite task?
I really liked Darkness. It was fun going into a graveyard at night for the scene and being a little macbre and mysterious. It was REALLY creepy though.

3. How have you changed since applying?
Honestly, I used to be pretty shy. Now, I feel like I don't have to hide myself anymore! I love who I am!

4. Who are you threatened by in this contest?
Honestly? Myself. I have this horrible level of standards for myself that I have to commit too. If I don't win, it's my own fault.

2nd Sep 2007, 4:05 AM
Great pictures lalena...
I will update the front post in the AM...

2nd Sep 2007, 2:02 PM
9 Hours left..

2nd Sep 2007, 8:56 PM
i think there are 6/12 submissions for round 2 i hope we get more in.

2nd Sep 2007, 9:19 PM




1. How do you feel about the colors this round?
I really enjoyed it, it was fun portraying different moods through colour.

2. Which was you favorite task?
The yellow pic - it was fun to be blonde again!

3. How have you changed since applying?
Well I've gotton married and I am now Mrs Esme Bagshawe! But apart from that I've matured a lot more and realised how hard I am going to have to work to achieve my goals.

4. Who are you threatened by in this contest?
All the contestants are amazing but I think my closest competiton is Laci and Heather.

3rd Sep 2007, 12:22 AM
Purple Rain (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd2_purple.jpg)

B-A-N-A-N-A (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd2_yellow.jpg)

Darkness (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_Rd2_darkness.jpg)

1. How do you feel about the colors this round?
They were all cool, but I really liked yellow!

2. Which was you favorite task?
Purple. Who wouldn't like to swing all day?!

3. How have you changed since applying?
I'm still my old down to earth self, but I have discovered more in the world that I was aware of.

4. Who are you threatened by in this contest?
Everyone! They're all so great!

3rd Sep 2007, 12:36 AM
OK i have extended the round to midnight by request.. But no later..

3rd Sep 2007, 12:50 AM
lol im counting down, thats been like 8/12 preatty good huh. i think even if we dont get the rest of the submissions in i think we are ok with moving on with more rounds. oh gosh i love this contest im checking in all the time to see updates :D i should join contests more often.

3rd Sep 2007, 1:24 AM
LOL yea we'll have at least one more round..lol

3rd Sep 2007, 6:03 AM
Round Is Closed...
everybody will be moving on..
I will have the judges score & PM you all your scores..I will post round 3 in the morning..

3rd Sep 2007, 7:26 AM
Round Is Closed...
everybody will be moving on..
I will have the judges score & PM you all your scores..I will post round 3 in the morning..
so no one gets eliminated? i hope we get alot of comments atleast.

3rd Sep 2007, 8:54 AM
OMG I'm so sorry I haven't put an entry in I've been so busy with school work I haven't been able to get on the computer... Can I still put my entry in tomorrow night or is that too late?

Cassie :)

3rd Sep 2007, 2:20 PM
Thank you for joining us for round 3.. Congrats to you all..
So we've seen your beauty inside & out, & how you fare in some different colors.. Now lets play dress up :)
Yep its the 80's. Big hair, pop music,leg warmers, Madonna..lol
So now you must take this all in & show it off on your self. Dress from the 80's, hair, clothes, makeup, & background..Show it all off.. You may be anywhere you like house, club, outside, but its gotta scream 80's. May have 1 to 2 other sims in the picture but you must be the center
1 head shot, 1 body shot. Back ground 50% in game at least.
Bobby socks, poddle skirts, sock hops..It was a great time (so I have heard lol)
Same as task one. You must embody the 50's from head to toe, right down to the background. May have 1 to 2 other sims in the picture but you must be the center.
1 head shot, 1 body shot. May PS the background if need be.
Gone with the Wind
Gone with the wind style dresses here, as well as once again makeup, hair, & surroundings. This one you will be at a dance (ball) of some kind..
May have others in it but your the center. And you may PS the background.
1 picture
How did you feel about the tasks this round?
Which was your favorite year? Why?

Just 2 questions kinda 3..lol
OK this round will end on Sept 8th, @ 6pm EST

I will not be able to take extensions as I will have to ask for a few extra days as it is. My month deadline is the 11th & I wanna at least have a final round..

3rd Sep 2007, 5:10 PM
hmm isnt the pin up from the 1950's so can i use that instead of rockibilly style? correct me if im wrong please before i make my entry. and whats a gone with the wind style like?

3rd Sep 2007, 11:44 PM
GONE WITH THE WIND (http://images.google.com/images?source=ig&hl=en&q=gone+with+the+wind&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi)

thats the style..

I dont understand the pin up question though?

4th Sep 2007, 12:12 AM
i mean you said for the 1950's you were talking about rockibilly style like this (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/FTcircleskirt.jpg)
and what i want to use is a pin up look from the same time period it looks likethis (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/604306080_24b44f037b.jpg)
and what im asking is if i can use pin up instead of rockibilly

4th Sep 2007, 3:27 AM
OK got ya.. It can be anything you want to do from the 50's any year from the start 1950 to the end 1959.. Help any?

4th Sep 2007, 6:54 AM
great! good to know now. it gives me alot more options as well.

4th Sep 2007, 7:51 AM
I'm excited about the first two tasks, but I'm probably going to have trouble with the 'gone with the wind' task. Oh well, It'll be fun. Good round idea!

4th Sep 2007, 12:53 PM
For the gone with the wind THIS (http://www.all-about-style.com/vadult_fefor2.html) is a good site.. I am sure there are tons of others & MTS2 as well to find dresses on :)

5th Sep 2007, 2:53 AM
I have 2 judges, when I get the 3rd I will start PMing the results & comments to you..

5th Sep 2007, 7:49 AM
Ironically, I got things from there a little while ago.

There is a 50% chance i will not be able to hand my round 3 entry in, as my computer is being weird at the moment and sometimes is down. So if it's not in by the due date, consider me dropped out. :)

5th Sep 2007, 12:47 PM
This is my offical last contest.. I will finish this out but after that I will NO longer hold a contest here or anywhere.

5th Sep 2007, 3:32 PM
aww it sucks to hear that missa.

5th Sep 2007, 4:55 PM
I would of loved to get into this again, I just hate having so many drop outs. One or two is one thing but 90% of them drop out.. Kinda makes a person feel crappy :(
But you guys have done such a wonderful job I cant wait to see what you come with this round. :)

5th Sep 2007, 5:34 PM
i'm be getting my entry in later....

and its a shame about the drop outs :(

ms. simbodies
5th Sep 2007, 11:54 PM
Missa, just from experience...........focus on the ones that stay and complete the contest.......those that are droppers are irrelevant. Just keep track and next time they want to join..............say thanks, no thanks. This is suppose to be fun but it is a commitment..........if they can't make the commitment............hell, don't join and waste peoples time and don't let them join your future contests. Anyone that participates or hosts contests know who the droppers are.

6th Sep 2007, 8:06 AM
This is suppose to be fun but it is a commitment..........if they can't make the commitment............hell, don't join and waste peoples time and don't let them join your future contests. Anyone that participates or hosts contests know who the droppers are.

To be honest, I think you're being a bit harsh here. People like me want to join contests, and really do try, but sometimes reality gets in the way sometimes, and I don't think you'd appreciate it very much if someone told you that you couldn't join a contest because you had to drop out of one for reasons beyond your control. It seems like you're blaming people for having a life outside of a contest on the internet.

I'm loading my game now, so i should have my entry in.

6th Sep 2007, 1:55 PM
I understand real life getting in the way. And if people say hey I gotta drop out for so & so reason to me thats one thing. What upsets me the most are when people just dont say anything which ALOT of the drop outs in this contest have done :(
I have been apart of this board for 2 years now. I have held contest & this just seems to be an on going thing. Thats why I stopped coming here for a while.
I probably unstand real life better then most here.. I am a married mom with 4 kids, a part time job & I go to school. So yes I know that things happen..lol I was just upset over the no shows in general..

NOW lets stop turning this into a debate & work on some pictures, cause like I said the ones that are still left have done wonderful work so far :)

ms. simbodies
6th Sep 2007, 6:26 PM
Actually, to clarify, my comment to Missa was referencing those folks that repetitively drop.......everyone has a real life where things happen and they can't continue. Unfortunately, there are many that join contests and repetitively drop, and many without notification to the host.

7th Sep 2007, 1:50 AM


Gone with the Wind


How did you feel about the tasks this round? I loved this round - it was fund dressing up from such different era's!

Which was your favorite year? Why?
The 80's- cos I love vintage Madonna!!

7th Sep 2007, 2:11 AM
oh jessus! i should get mines done right now just in case. off i go!!!

edit: just wondering we have to have 5 pics in total cause of the head shots and body shots?

ms. simbodies
7th Sep 2007, 3:02 AM
Esme's lovely!

7th Sep 2007, 3:18 AM
Yes 5 pictures total..
You can add a confessional pic but it is not needed..
fallfromgrace2006Where did you find that hair in your 80's pic I sooooo want it..lol
Those are great pictures so far..

7th Sep 2007, 3:27 AM

Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_50stifcopy.jpg)

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/Sioux_50s_headshot.jpg)


Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/Sioux_80scopy.jpg)

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/Sioux_80s_headshot.jpg)

Gone With The Wind

Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/Sioux_1860s_bodyjpg.jpg)

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/Sioux_1860s_headshot-1.jpg)

How did you feel about the tasks this round? They were really fun! I really liked showing the different sides of the eras!
Which was your favorite year? Why? 80s! I got to relive a part of my childhood, which was really fun!

7th Sep 2007, 7:33 AM
Rest Of 80's (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/so80s1.jpg)
80's Head Shot (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/80s2.jpg)


Rest of 50's (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/sc60sblb1.jpg)

50's Head Shot (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/sc60sblb3.jpg)

Gone with the Wind
Rest Of Gone (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/gwtw2.jpg)
Gone Head Shot (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/hdgwtw1.jpg)

How did you feel about the tasks this round? I really like this round. though i wish we would have done the 60's or 70's.
Which was your favorite year? Why? My Favorite was the 50's because its the era where the pin up was born.

7th Sep 2007, 7:43 AM
oh no i'm not going to be able to get my head shots in - i am going away to London until sunday night and i can't get back into my game :(

i'm really sorry i just didn't read the brief properly :(

7th Sep 2007, 1:17 PM
I will speak with the judges & see what we can do.. The headshots were mostly in part to see how the makup fit the picture.. If I have drop outs you'll have nothing to worry about..

ms. simbodies
7th Sep 2007, 1:39 PM
Just great photos guys! Missa, that's the new style from Sims Artist Union at

8th Sep 2007, 2:34 AM
The 80's

The 50's

Gone With The Wind


How did you feel about the tasks this round?
This definitely was my favorite round; it was a blast portraying so many different styles.
Which was your favorite year? Why? I love the Gone With The Wind type dresses. Dressing up in those elaborate ballgowns makes me feel both so very feminine and thankful that we don't live in that era. And we women today think we go through a lot to look beautiful! I think I know the reason why those women were so tiny - those dresses weigh a ton - it was almost like working out just walking around.

8th Sep 2007, 3:58 AM
The 80's

The 50's

Gone With The Wind

(This is what I did after all that work!)

How did you feel about the tasks this round?
Loved each and every one of them; I wish all modeling assignments were this much fun!
Which was your favorite year? Why?
Totally the 50's. I'm addicted to old movies and love that decade. The women were always so elegant - even when cleaning house.

8th Sep 2007, 1:30 PM
Little less then 10 hours left....:)
I will update the first page as soon as i get home

8th Sep 2007, 8:54 PM

Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_50scopy.jpg)

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_50s_head.jpg)


Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_80scopy.jpg)

Headshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_80s_head.jpg)

Gone With the Wind

Bodyshot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/BROOKS_1860scopy.jpg)


How did you feel about the tasks this round? I liked to play dressup when I was a kid, so I had a GREAT time!
Which was your favorite year? Why? Civil War/Gone with the Wind. My great-great-great grandparents met during the Civil War at a dance! It was great to almost relive my history!

8th Sep 2007, 10:14 PM
45 mins left......
Updating front page now..

8th Sep 2007, 11:22 PM
Round Closed

8th Sep 2007, 11:27 PM
lol lalena u used the same 80's outfit as i did.

9th Sep 2007, 7:38 PM
OK i will have the final round up tonight..Family in from out of town so i'm a bit busy right now.. I am waiting on one more judge too..

9th Sep 2007, 10:54 PM
oh i cant wait :D

10th Sep 2007, 1:26 AM
Welcome ladies. I am so happy you have made it to the final round..
Lets get started with the rounds shall we..
Task 1
Yep thats right ladies its swimsuit time.. You will be poseing in your favorite swimwear at the beach of all places.. You may have others in your picture as long as you are the spotlight of the picture.
PLEASE in game background only...1 picture needed..
Task 2
I want you to go the extreme in clothing & makeup.. Have at it..As long as it is WILD, FUNKY, & EXTREME This is more a free for all for you to have fun with.. Go wild with it & have fun..lol
1 picture only
Task 3
In this picture you will be in you night clothes. Pose must be sexy. Makeup & hair very sexy/elegant. Background in game please..
1 picture
Task 4
I would like for each of you to send me a body shot of your girl on a solid colored background in your favorite gown/dress. Please make sure the background & the dress are NOT the same color. This will be for the winner. Who ever wins will have thier own picture made up.. Please also add a few words for if you win..1 picture & PM this to me only DO NOT post with other tasks..

ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST
ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST
ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST
ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST
ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST

10th Sep 2007, 2:57 AM
what? only 4 days to do this round? ehh this is ganna be hard to do. im ganna have to give up doing my homework one day. or try to do half today and the rest on thursday by 5. sice im in pacific time. well i should get my make up and clothes right now and see what i can do.

10th Sep 2007, 4:46 AM
I am sorry its short but I asked to extend it & I only got to SUNDAY the LATEST if not done its closed & you guys wont get to have a winner.. :(
So that is why so fast so the judges get to have time to. I really am sorry guys. I guess this spot needs to be empty for other contests or somethin :/

10th Sep 2007, 8:52 PM
At The Beach

Wild & Extreme

Sexy Nightie

10th Sep 2007, 10:18 PM
On The Beach

Wild Look


11th Sep 2007, 2:44 AM
Thank you for the PM.. The pictures look GREAT!!!

12th Sep 2007, 3:32 AM
when we add a few words do we put them on the picture?

oh and how pic should the pic be that we pm to u?

12th Sep 2007, 3:45 AM
No the words are extra with the picture.. Kinda like what your girl would be saying if she wins..
The pic is a body shot on how you want to look if you win. I will be putting it on a background.

12th Sep 2007, 3:50 AM
i meant how big should it be, my bad.

12th Sep 2007, 1:15 PM
FUll body shot please..

12th Sep 2007, 6:02 PM
lol. your not getting what im trying to say. i mean should the picture be forum size you know the standard 650x550(550x650) or can it be bigger because i usually use print screen so the pics come out around 1200x600 or so. or does the size not matter.

13th Sep 2007, 1:54 AM
Oh it doesnt really matter..lol I am going to crop the girl out & resize her either way.. The bigger it is the more clear she'll stay in resizing it though.. What ever is easy for you..

13th Sep 2007, 4:27 AM
ok good thing i took two sized pics. ok so my entry should be up soon.

Ok Here They Go:



Rest of Sexy (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b384/Paty_C/redht.jpg)

13th Sep 2007, 5:32 PM
ROUND ENDS the 13th @ 8pm EST
That is today...

13th Sep 2007, 11:13 PM
Beach (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_beachtifcopy.jpg)

Wild (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_wildcopy.jpg)

Sexy (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/lalena2248/sioux_sexycopy.jpg)

I will try to get Brooks in, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I'll do my best!