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31st Aug 2007, 10:12 AM
Mr. Galaxy 2007

This contest will be about trying to find a universally handsome man. The contest will be like some of those pageants you've seen on TV, except this is galaxy-wide.

This pageant would be good for beginners or for those that don't want to rely heavily on Photoshop. Photoshop will not be needed and I hope those of you who are photoshop pro's don't get put off by the word "beginners". I hope all of you enter :)

Note: Although this will be sort of similar to the Miss Galaxy 2007 pageant I ran, it will not be the same! Those of you who participated in the female version are more than welcome to participate in this male version :) I hope this one will be as (or even more) challenging than the female version was!


Only Adult Male Sims can enter -- any race (human/alien/vamp/etc) and any body type (thin/normal/"fat")
Photoshopping is allowed but try not to go overboard. You can photoshop a pose, add borders, adjust lighting, add words or a background (no adding fake hair, SIMpose-ing, simmerizing, etc.)
You can enter up to 2 Sims, but each Sim must have their own entry each round (no group pics) and separate applications.
Please follow regular forum rules (no Sim stealing, no spamming, etc)

Why you decided to enter the pageant

You will also need to include two pictures on a blank background: one full-body, one close-up (make sure their close-up is from shoulders up and is pose-free so we can see what their face really looks like)

~~~~Application Round Ended~~~~

1. Vincent Von Sleazio (voodookatie) -- Eliminated Round 1
2. Erik Ericson (markusrandall) App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1037174&postcount=21) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1041404&postcount=54) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1044856&postcount=79) Round 3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1048126&postcount=97) Round 4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1053056&postcount=108)
3. Isaac Monrolo'as (Daltonism) -- Disqualified (no R2 entry)
4. Kevin Rowe (nostalgicpaty) -- Dropped Out
5. DIEDRICH LEI (TLAWBLIQUE360) App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1037471&postcount=25) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1040130&postcount=46) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1044106&postcount=77) Round 3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1048104&postcount=96) Round 4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1051687&postcount=105)
6. Daxan Pallico (Sizza) -- Disqualified (no R2 entry)
7. Theodore Shagnasty (Safyre420) App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1038010&postcount=31) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1040852&postcount=50) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1045672&postcount=82) Round 3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1048897&postcount=98) Round 4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1053404&postcount=109)
8. Levi Armstrong (sweet_lou) -- Eliminated Round 1
9. Cody Christopher (bigbadbrat) -- Dropped Out
10. Leandro Corvini (unskilled_operator) -- Disqualified (no R3 entry)
11. Von Degas (nicki.) App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039246&postcount=40) Round 1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1040779&postcount=49) Round 2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1045934&postcount=84) Round 3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1049644&postcount=100) Round 4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1052850&postcount=107)

1. Me (anonymous)
2. Doursim
3. pors

EJ: appelsapgodin

All judges will need to submit scores/comments for all contestants for each round, so please do not volunteer if you don't think you will have enough time/interest to do that :)


Talent and Personality
Healthy Lifestyle
Casual and Evening Wear
Additional Round will be a surprise

Each round will require only 2 pictures.
Each round will have an "onstage question" (confessional)
Each round will have different requirements.
Example: healthy lifestyle round may require contestants to wear a specific swimsuit, or a swimsuit from a specific site (like the real-life pageants).
Depending on number of entries, there will be eliminations each round except application round.
Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified, so please make sure to double-check your entry before the round ends!
If you need a 1-day extension in any round please ask via pm.
If you don't follow each round's guidelines you will lose points. So please make sure to ask questions if you are confused :)

Round 1: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1039518&postcount=41) Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1042700&postcount=70)

Round 2: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1042746&postcount=72) Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1048089&postcount=95)

Round 3: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1046610&postcount=88) Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1050446&postcount=103)

Round 4: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1050360&postcount=102) Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1055154&postcount=112)


Unless specified, your pictures should take place on a stage/runway like real-life pageants.
Choose a different hairstyle for each competition and classy, tasteful outfits.
Try to answer the questions thoughtfully—they are worth points too! Although not as much as the pictures. Keep in mind that the focus is on the beauty (yep beauty, guys can be beautiful too) and presentation of your Sim; not how great you can make the background.
Remember to look happy! :)

First Prize: $10 donated to your favorite 100% free sims site or real-life charity
All 3 Winners: custom content
Preview: Adult Male H&M Pinstripe Suit Set made by me
Zak by linuslover30 (click to see larger)
http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/4634/zakforcontestxe6yn8.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/408/zakforcontestxe6.jpg)
Adult Male Casual Outfit (mesh by migamoo, recolor by me--click to see pic) (http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/7668/wnfnovaspirationjessicagd8.jpg)
Teen Male Pinstripe Suit made by me (click to see pic) (http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/7976/wnfnovaspirationjessicaju4.jpg)

If you have any questions please dont be afraid to ask!

5th Oct 2007, 8:32 AM
Contest Approved
Begins 10.5.07
Ends 11.5.07

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

REMEMBER that the Picture Posting Guidelines (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=41698) apply to the contest forum as well. If your pictures violate these rules, your pictures will be deleted and you will be alerted/warned.

5th Oct 2007, 9:58 AM
im here checking in :)

5th Oct 2007, 6:54 PM
bigbadbrat: I think it just means that you need pictures of your sim on a blank background, meaning like no runway, or patterned wallpaper behind them.

5th Oct 2007, 10:12 PM
yes thats what i meant, just a blank background, as if they just walked up and stood in front of the wall for an application picture :)

6th Oct 2007, 8:15 PM
Hey Jessica! The contest is looking great! I might be able to join. Note the *might*. Ill see if I have time.

But I will be probably making some super awsome prizes for you, if you want. :)

<3 Mickey

9th Oct 2007, 7:08 AM
ok i guess no one is interested in this contest or at least doesnt have time for it now? :(

App round is supposed to end tomorrow so if no one applies I guess I'll just resubmit it at a later time

9th Oct 2007, 7:14 AM
App round is supposed to end tomorrow so if no one applies I guess I'll just resubmit it at a later time
Id leave the Application Round open for about 7 days. You can always shorten the length of your rounds or cut an extra round out of the contest if need be. Put a link to your contest in your signature - this helps immensely with promoting your contest and getting people to the thread.

Fill out those prizes, ask some members to be judges for you and see what you can get! It sounds like an interesting enough concept. Remember that contests should be unique and really grab the attention of possible contestants, so make sure you are presenting your idea in the right way. Good luck!

10th Oct 2007, 9:07 AM
i pushed the app round back to give anyone interested more time and am working on prizes.
hope to see some entries :)

10th Oct 2007, 10:20 PM
I'm going to enter...Does it have to be a alien male?
EDIT: Nevermind. Re-read the rules.

10th Oct 2007, 10:37 PM
*Sigh* I would enter but I'm moving and won't have internet for awhile until I get established.

11th Oct 2007, 1:07 AM
How come no-one has applied yet? I remember Mrs. Galaxy was very fun and interesting. Might be because it's guys?

11th Oct 2007, 2:36 AM
My Sexy Head Shot


My Downright Sexy Full Body Shot (get ready for this one, ladies)


Name: Vincent Von Sleazio
Location: New York, New York, but I'm originally from Planet Sexy, if you know what I mean
Occupation: Plumber and Woman-lover
Why did you decide to enter?: I figure the ladies would like a man who struts his stuff, know what I mean? Walking down the catwalk, shaking his booty like there's no tomorrow. Even if I don't get first I'm sure I'll still have the girls lined up outside my door want to get a piece of the Von Sleazio.

11th Oct 2007, 7:01 AM
Vincent VonSleazio is wicked. :)
Had application pics done tonight, but used JD-Movies photobooth poses box for both shots. :doh
Just noticed posing was against the rules, so I will be back before the 12th with new pics.
My apps name is Erik Ericson by the way.

11th Oct 2007, 7:32 AM
yay an app :)
I just wanted to let you guys know that I updated the main post to put a preview picture of a prize I made (in addition to the $10 charity prize), more to come :)

11th Oct 2007, 4:53 PM
Von Sleazio likes the outfit. He thinks that maybe the ladies will like him in it too.

Oh, I hope more people will apply! This is just too good a contest to let die off. And please don't let Von Sleazio be the only one applying (he's such a freaking jerk).

11th Oct 2007, 6:33 PM
:lol: Vincent is funny. I bet we all know one Vincent :)
I'm definently joining.

11th Oct 2007, 8:26 PM
Mug Shot

Body Shot

Name: Erik Ericson
Location: Downtown Plumbbob Hills
Occupation:"Work? I'm too ridiculously good looking to work!"
Why did you decide to enter?: "I was influenced by Zoolander to become a male model. Hopefully the Mr. Galaxy Contest will be my big break."

11th Oct 2007, 8:49 PM
Is that the blue steel look he's trying to pull off? And is he an ambi-turner?

Awesome entry.

11th Oct 2007, 8:55 PM
Thanks...glad you liked it :)
I don't think Erik was aware that Zoolander was a comedy :lol:

11th Oct 2007, 9:13 PM


Name: Isaac Monrolo'as
Location: Originated from a planet called 'Orm' but resides in Ireland
Occupation: Freelance artist
Why did you decide to enter?: I decided to enter because I want more in my life than just being an unnoticed artist. I want to be known as the guy that came from Orm, and the guy that made it big. Even though he was an alien.

12th Oct 2007, 6:27 AM


Name: Kevin Rowe
Location: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Web Developer
Why did you decide to enter?: My girlfriend Heather is a model, and well whenever I go to my girlfriend's photo shoots people always ask me if I am a model. I don't know if they are joking or not when they ask me so I want to see if I got what it takes to actually be a model.

12th Oct 2007, 6:47 AM



LOCATION- Twikkii Island
OCCUPATION-Interior decorator/Carpenter
WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO ENTER- Im in it for the rush. Im pretty much up for anything all the time so this is just another big adventure.

12th Oct 2007, 6:55 AM
I love the two new applications! Seems Isaac might be the only alien, lol. :D

12th Oct 2007, 10:02 AM
Just saw the part about runways.
I uninstalled H&M and can't play it because I got rid of the SecuROM.
I'll check out the wiki or the WCIF for something.

12th Oct 2007, 7:23 PM

Name: Daxan Pallico
Location: Scotland but I’m from a planet in the Cateye galaxy called SireDiux
Occupation: Sales clerk at an instrument store
Why you decided to enter the pageant: At SireDiux, it’s part of our religion that at certain time in ones life, one should do what (s)he would never in million years have thought of doing, to enter the next mental level, or grow up as you humans would call it.
I’m not religious but I am bored and I want to do something new and interesting.


12th Oct 2007, 8:27 PM
markusrandall: it just has to look like you're on a stage in future rounds (not even all rounds ;) ), you dont have to actually be on one.

The applications so far have been great :) Application Round ends tonight, hopefully more people enter :)

12th Oct 2007, 9:26 PM
Ok...sounds good :)

13th Oct 2007, 4:05 AM
Name: Theodore Shagnasty
Location: Suburbs of Baronton, Saflandia
Occupation: Self-Employed Restaurant Owner
Why you decided to enter the pageant: I decided to enter this pageant because I felt that I needed a change of pace in my life. Many of my restaurant's clientèle have told me I should've been a model, so I felt I should give it a try.

Head Shot:

Body Shot:

13th Oct 2007, 5:49 AM
Name: Levi Armstrong
Location: Beverly Hils,California
Occupation: Model
Why you decided to enter the pageant:well Im hot smart and I know that i can do good in this position.

.:Headshot:. (http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc291/sweet_lou161/Levi1.png)

.:Bodyshot:. (http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc291/sweet_lou161/Levi.png)

I hope hes good enough

14th Oct 2007, 6:48 AM
linuslover30 has donated a wonderful sim as a contest prize.
I'm sorry rabidangel didnt have time for this, but we still need at least 2 more entries, so if anyone else is interested in joining, I hope you can find the time :)

14th Oct 2007, 2:34 PM
It looks fun, I wanna try too. :duck:

Here's my application:

Name: Leandro Corvini
Location: Strangetown -although I was born in Romania
Occupation: Art dealer
Why I decided to enter this contest: I'm not really into this modeling thing, but, I think this would be a perfect chance to show everybody that I'm not strange as they think I am. And being in a galaxy-wide pageant would give me the projection to do so. And yeah, if it's so important, I'm a vampire.

Head shot:


Body shot:



I've screwed up the blank background thing, sorry! :doh

14th Oct 2007, 6:25 PM
Yay!:D 10 contestants!
Seems like there will be only 2 aliens thought:shrug:
unskilled_operator: If that's a big problem, I could cut your sim out and place it on a blank background, if you want.

14th Oct 2007, 8:24 PM
yay we have enough to move on now :)
such great entries!
I'll still keep app round open til when I said though just in case anyone else wants to enter still.
unskilled, thats fine, the background isnt "busy" so you can keep it as is :)

edit: I will post round 1 details later on tonight so those of you who have already entered can start working on the next round :)

14th Oct 2007, 8:29 PM
Awesome! Cant wait to see what round 1 looks like. Are u gonna post round 1 now?

14th Oct 2007, 9:28 PM
The entries are really cool. This is going to be a great contest.

14th Oct 2007, 10:29 PM
Von Degas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Surgical Intern
"Honestly, I was kind of put up to this by a girlfriend(or more recently, ex girlfriend) of mine. I've never been too keen on the idea, but she though it was just fantastic, despite the fact that I never figured I had time for this sort of thing. Though, I have to admit that now that I'm here, I kind of like the idea. So, regardless of how I ended up in this situation in the first place--I come to play."

[you can click the images for better copies]

http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/13thCINDERELLA/bebench01-1.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/13thCINDERELLA/bebench01.jpg)

http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/13thCINDERELLA/bebench02-1.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/13thCINDERELLA/bebench02.jpg)

15th Oct 2007, 10:38 AM
Round 1: Talent and Personality
Such handsome contestants we have for our pageant!
The judges would like to see your talent and your personality.
Depending on number of entries for this round, there will be 1 or 2 eliminations. For tips, read the first post of this thread under the "tips" banner. Remember, you're trying to show off your uniqueness :D

Round Requirement: you must wear a hairstyle from HP (http://www.modthesims2.com/member.php?u=31337) in one of the pictures

Picture 1: Personality
To showcase your personality, you are being told to “strike a pose” onstage that shows the real you. Your only available prop onstage is an animal. It's up to you whether you use it, and which animal it is.

Picture 2: Talent
Pick a talent you are good at and show it off onstage—if you’re a great singer, grab the mic and start singing, if you play an instrument, bring it onstage and play to your hearts content. Make sure your appearance matches your talent (example: if you are playing a classical instrument, you should probably be in formalwear). If your talent requires another person, feel free to get a volunteer, just make sure your sim is the focus ;)

Onstage Question: What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?

~*~Round 1 ends on October 18 at 6pm PST~*~ (Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2007&month=10&date=18&hrs=18&min=0&sec=0&tz=-420&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%201%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23008B8B&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF))

Note: this round is similar (but different) to the round 1 for the female version I hosted, but future rounds won't be as similar. This is a pageant staple though :p

15th Oct 2007, 9:23 PM
Picture 1: A Stallion (and that's a horse behind me)


Picture 2: Doing What I Do Best...Schmoozing The Ladies (With Gaius Hair By HP)


Question: Err, the judges said that they'd kick me out if I said what I had originally planned to...but let's just say that the stallion is a perfect symbol for me, if you know what I mean, harharhar. I love the fact the ladies love me, and the fact the wig I wore for the second picture made them love me even more.

16th Oct 2007, 7:03 AM
Application round is officially over. As there arent any eliminations, everyone is eligible for round 1 :p
Round 1 ends in 2 days and 18 hours, unless you all get your apps in before then :)
Please pm me if you have any questions.

Bigbadbrat: either physical or personality (feature or quality) :)

16th Oct 2007, 8:00 AM
All my buds tell me im a fish. If im not working, im in the water. Dolphins are awesome! I see 'em all the time. They're like.. sleek and blue, like the ocean man. Im dolphin like. I couldnt get em to follow me out of the water so I carved some rad stone dolphins man. Theyre like stone man... like landphins, you know?

TALENTwt.Cherub Hair
The beach bunnies dig my awesome hula style. I learned back in the day from an old surfer bro of mine. Its all about saluting the gods of the ocean man. Then you catch the biggest wave.

What one quality do you like most about yourself and why?
I love my creativity and stuff. My bros can't even believe my job is to go into peoples houses and like... create stuff. Im good with my hands.

16th Oct 2007, 10:56 AM
Task one : personality - Laid back (hair by HP)

Task two : talent

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?
I like the fact that I'm very cool-headed, in stressful situations I can still be calm and calming. I think it's my best quality full stop. I'm always level-headed, and I think about everything. I try not to just run in to things. It's helpful.

17th Oct 2007, 3:09 AM
I don't know if this will effect my being in this contest or anything, but I'm going away for a few days (I'll be back by Sunday). I'm turning 21 tomorrow and won't be in town. Then I'm heading somewhere else for my brother's wedding on Thursday and Friday. I probably won't be in town again until Sunday or Monday.

I probably won't miss anything, but I thought I'd give a heads up in case there were a pop quiz. :beer:

17th Oct 2007, 4:21 AM
Personality Compassionate (w/ HP Roman)

Talent Disk Jockey

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?
I would have to say that my favorite quality about myself is my ability to get along with just about everyone. I tend to have a very versatile personality, and can put my opinions aside if I think that voicing them will only get in the way of the 'greater good.' My person personableness has helped me gain popularity amoung patients, and has helped me network at the office.

17th Oct 2007, 7:38 AM
Personality: Fun-loving, happy go lucky


What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?

I would have to say the one quality I like most about myself is my ability to enjoy life. The reason why I like this quality is because life is much more full and exciting without all of the downs. I find that I enjoy life best when I'm at my restaurant cooking and getting to know my guests.

17th Oct 2007, 7:51 AM
Love all the entries so far!! :D
Hehe, I bet it'll be hard for the judges to judge!

18th Oct 2007, 1:01 AM
round 1 ends in 1 day and 1 hour, so those of you who havent gotten your entries in, please make sure to do it soon! or pm me and ask for a one-day extension.

Great entries so far :D

18th Oct 2007, 3:03 AM
Personality(New Roman hair by HP)


I love hearing a good joke, as long as the punchline isn't on me. If it is I will usually get really furious, steal your newspaper, and challenge you to a walk off. When it comes to the chance to do a walk off, I'm Hungry Like The Wolf.



One Christmas during my childhood I really wanted a Bedazzler more than anything in the world. Imagine my disappointment upon waking up to find my parents had bought me a drumset and arranged for lessons instead. Upon my realization that drumming would give me something to fall back on when I either lose my looks or get old and prune up I decided to go at it. As a result, I have managed to become quite an excellent drummer.

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?

I like the fact that I'm able to play drums, because the extra attention gives me a rush. It also comes in handy during situations where people get sick of hearing me go on and on about myself. Being knowledgable about music and drumming gives me more to talk about.

18th Oct 2007, 3:55 AM
Thanks bigbadbrat:)
I like your entry too.
Von Sleazio doesn't bother me (or Erik). In fact he's kind of adorable in a weird sort of way.
My whole neighborhood got erased and a few other mishaps, so it was a little nervewracking.

18th Oct 2007, 10:27 AM



I can control certain species of animals. But, for sure, this is not what I like the most about myself. I think time has given me wisdom to understand and accept all the dualism that lies within us.

18th Oct 2007, 10:25 PM
Ok round 1 has been extended a few hours since nostalgicpaty asked for it.
We are still waiting on sweet_lou, Sizza, and nostalgicpaty to submit entries.
Round 1 ends in about 10 hours so please make sure to get your entries in tonight :)

Those of you who have already submitted, please make sure to check your entries and make sure that the pictures still show up, your contestants name is in the post title, and that you've answered the question the way you'd like :)

18th Oct 2007, 11:09 PM
I'm finishing my entry.

18th Oct 2007, 11:47 PM
I love animals. Is there anything more to say about that?

...and Talent
I play many instruments but my favorite one is the guitar.

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why? When I look around me, I see a lot of people that are very stressed and who feel let down by life. They are so worried and concerned about how they look, if they’re behaving appropriately, if the choices they make are right, what they should do IF they made the wrong decision and so on and so on. When I look at them, I realize just how lucky I am by simply not worrying and caring that much.

19th Oct 2007, 3:04 AM
Personality (http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc291/sweet_lou161/MrG1.jpg)

Talent (http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc291/sweet_lou161/Mrg2.jpg)

I love to dj im a dj at a luxurious restaurant/casino/club

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?
Well I love that im an artist that can make people feel better.Nobody is never not smiling around me.I just like to make people smile and help them enjoy life.Not only do i help my self but so many others around me.And thats why i love my job i get to give people what they want and make them happy.

19th Oct 2007, 5:34 AM
Here I am with my cat Kiba. She is playful and loving, but she also knows how to relax and settle down. I think that our personalities are very similar its one of the reasons we get along so well (unless she scratches me then its war... just kidding ;) ).

(Yes that is me I usually wear them but when I go out I put in my contacts)

I am a real big geek. I hack , code, build computers, fix them, the whole shabang. Not much people can say they do all that with out going to college. I went to college for about 1 month and dropped out and moved to San Francisco, so I pretty much learned all I know on my own.

What ONE quality or feature do you like most about yourself and why?

Well I like the fact that I am smart because that is one of the biggest reasons my girlfriend was attracted to me (at least thats what she told me). If I wasn't very smart I don't think I would be doing 98% of the things I'm doing now. Me and Heather would have never met (at least this is what I think) if she didn't go to a launch party for my web company in San Francisco, and you can't be dumb to launch a successful web company. Obviously she thinks we would of met regardless , it has to do with serendipity , good karma or something :disagree: ..... women ,jk wuv u heather :lovestruc

19th Oct 2007, 8:55 AM
Ok round 1 is officially over. I'm so glad everyone got their entries in on time :)
And such wonderful entries!

I will be sending the judges a pm right now and i will post their scores/comments along with the next rounds info as soon as possible.
We will have 2 eliminations this round.

bigbadbrat: simmerizing is where you put a sims face on a photo of a real persons body and simpose is a program that makes sims look anoerxic and weird looking (theres a thread about it here somewhere) lol

19th Oct 2007, 9:28 PM
This is an example of my simposing.

The girl in the back
There are some i made or took part in making.

19th Oct 2007, 9:31 PM
Awesome job sweetlou. Wish I knew how to do that! Good luck evryone!

19th Oct 2007, 9:36 PM
Well you can get a tutorial here.

And thanks.I just learned the other day.

20th Oct 2007, 3:26 AM
Round 2 details will be posted separately

Here are Round 1 results :)
Please see the initial post of this thread to look for your contestant #.
As stated before, there will be two eliminations (listed at the bottom of this post)

Here is the judging criteria for all rounds:
Followed Directions yes = 3 points no = 1 point
Onstage Question 1 to 5 points
Fashion Style 1 to 5 points
Personality 1 to 5 points
Overall Uniqueness 1 to 5 points
Overall Creativity 1 to 5 points
Overall Beauty/Handsomeness 1 to 10 points

1) Total Score: 69
I would’ve liked to see more interaction with the stallion rather than just having it there, it doesn’t really show personality. Interesting contestant though. Looked pretty cute with hair :)
It was hard to judge this entry, mostly because he is so terribly bad that it suddenly and unexpectedly becomes brilliant :) Not half bad looking with hair :)
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any personality vibe from your pic. I was also looking for an actual stage talent to be portrayed in the second shot.

2) Total Score: 74
I didn't get the wolf comparison. Try to tone down the attitude for the next round. Also 10 points go to beauty so lets see more of that face.
I would’ve liked to see more interaction with the wolf rather than just having it sit there (sort of like, Amy Lee and the wolves in that music video for “call me when you’re sober”, just petting the wolves).
I thought your talent pic was good and you chose appropriate hair and clothing. But I was looking for more in the personality shot and I don’t get the wolf’s appearance.

3) Total Score: 81
Love the photography. Not sure what animal that is, but it looks cool. Great answer to the onstage question.
I like the moodily lit photos, but I can't see your face, or the animal, what is that? A dog? A panther? also lets either see some interaction with your prop or some sort of relevance to you in the photo.
I had a hard time with your pics because they were so dark. I think different lighting would have been better. I didn’t really see any personality in the first pic and not sure of the animal’s role.

4) Total Score: 79
I’m sorry, but I don’t see any visible personality in the shot. The second task requested an onstage talent which I don’t feel was met in your photo.
This doesn't relate to your score but... wtf is going on with your legs in the first photo? lol, the position looks.. sorta normal from the real image but your wall reflection makes you look like some double jointed freak that escaped from Barnam and Bailey, lol. Like I said no biggie just though it was strange.
Love the photography and the way you involved the cat. It doesn’t appear like your talent picture is onstage though. Overall good entry.

5) Total Score: 79
Your explanations slay me. I'm kind of surprised that the hula is considered a better skill of yours than surfing, or using like/bro/man in a sentence :p In my mind I read your comments like Wade from Roosterteeths Strangerhood. I'd like some closer pics next round, it's hard to see your face.
You had a good entry but I think you could have spent a little more time on answering the question. Your answer was very, very brief and a bit confusing.
The dolphin “statues” aren’t positioned properly, making it so that your sim isn’t the focus of the picture. Your pose doesn’t show off your personality. Creative talent picture.

6) Total Score: 72
I like the way you involved the cat to show your personality. Interesting answer to the onstage question. Overall good entry.
How does the cat relate to your personality, other than you like it?
I think more of your personality would have shown had you been actually playing with your pet. Good stage pic.

7) Total Score: 83
Lovely pictures but there was no need for all the negative space around you. Lets see come close ups and creative photography.
Wonderful personality pic. Interesting talent pic. Would have liked to have seen you closer-up though. Overall good entry.
I definitely saw personality in your pic! I also like the unique talent you portrayed. My only suggestion is that you do not use the same background for two pics unless requested to do so.

8) Total Score: 68
I thought there weren’t any pictures, it took awhile to realize you put links instead. I’m not sure the personality pic shows off your personality, unless you just meant that you’re reflective and pondering? Plus your only available prop was an animal, not a vehicle. Interesting entry though.
You had a good dj pic. Unfortunately the only prop you were allowed in the personality pic was an animal.
Don't put links to your images instead of the images. That is annoying and I wont grade them next time. The images are great other than that, you had some creative camera angles and creative props. Though I fail to see how a motorcycle is an animal.

9) Total Score: 78
Your onstage question was good, but there has to have been a better way to have worded it. It was redundant.
I would’ve liked to see more interaction with the cute dog. Great answer to the onstage question. Overall good entry.
Loved your personality shot but not sure why the dog was there. Nice effect on the talent pic.

10) Total Score: 83
Not sure what personality you were trying to show in your pic. You chose an interesting and unique talent. Try to vary the clothing and background from pic to pic.
Good entry, but your onstage question was a little weak (lacking in personality). Also it is a tad unclear if you even answered the onstage question, animal control is your talent and best quality?
Your pictures look like they are behind-the-scenes instead of onstage. I love the expression on his face in the personality pic and the talent you chose was very creative. I’m not sure you answered the onstage question.

11) Total Score: 81
I like the way you involved the horse to show your personality. Great talent picture. Great answer to the onstage question. Overall good entry.
Thought your dj pic was quite good – it showed action and personality. I liked the interaction with the horse in the personality pic.
You seem to be a good guy, but let’s see what makes you SPECIAL.

Unfortunately 2 people will be leaving us tonight and that would be the two with the lowest scores.

The two contestants being eliminated: #1 Vincent Von Sleazio, and #8 Levi Armstrong. Thank you so much for participating in this contest, sorry to see you go!

To everyone else: congrats on making it to the next round :)

20th Oct 2007, 5:27 AM
Awesome Diedrich made it. Oh and judge one you soo got his personality. I loved those movies too bad there arent any more. Sorry to see the two go. Von Slezio was pretty funny and Levi was bad ass. Cant wait to see the next round! Bring on the man-gent!

20th Oct 2007, 5:30 AM
Round 2: Healthy Lifestyle
Congratulations on making it this far contestants!
For this round we would like to take our competition away from the stage to showcase your health, lifestyle, and fitness. In this round, you may have other sims in the photos but your sim must be the focus!
Depending on number of entries for this round, there will be 1 or 2 eliminations. For tips, read the first post of this thread under the "tips" banner. Remember, you're trying to show off your uniqueness :D

For this round: pretend that this is the part of the pageant where they follow the contestants around and take candid pictures and video footage of them. Which means, dont have your sim look directly at the camera! :D

Round Requirement: you must wear a swimsuit from Tyler (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=239420) in the first picture

Picture 1: Fun in the Sun
You will need a picture showing off your body and positive self-image in a stylish swimsuit having fun in the sun. You can do whatever type of pose and setup you like; remember to keep it tasteful, and be creative! (those of you who can't be in the sun itself, will have to be a bit more creative for this one)

Picture 2: Healthy Relationships
Where would we be without our friends and family? Especially with the holidays approaching. For this picture, you will need to spend quality time with your friends/family during holiday festivities. You can choose which holiday (if your sim is not human, you may make up a holiday, please make sure it looks happy fun and festive though).

Onstage Question: If you had the opportunity to get plastic surgery done for free, would you do it? If so, what would you get done and why. If not, why wouldnt you?

~*~Round 2 ends on October 23 at Noon PST~*~ (Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2007&month=10&date=23&hrs=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-420&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%202%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23008B8B&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF))

21st Oct 2007, 2:52 AM
3) Total Score: 81
Love the photography. Not sure what animal that is, but it looks cool. Great answer to the onstage question.
I like the moodily lit photos, but I can't see your face, or the animal, what is that? A dog? A panther? also lets either see some interaction with your prop or some sort of relevance to you in the photo.
I had a hard time with your pics because they were so dark. I think different lighting would have been better. I didn’t really see any personality in the first pic and not sure of the animal’s role.

Thanks for the kind comments! :D
I just wanted to say, that on my laptop (for some reason unknown, I hate my laptop, lol) the lighting wasn't too dark but I saw them again on my DTC and it was really dark. Sorry bout that!
And just to confirm, the animal was a panther. I didn't like the way it looked so I tried to leave out as much as it as possible. haha.
And the whole idea behind it, was that he wasn's so phased that a panther was walking up to him and he wasn't losing his calm. I think this round I'll try and include some captions. :anime:

21st Oct 2007, 3:22 AM
It was a nice run while it lasted, lol. Vincent Von Sleazio is getting deleted as soon as I feel like getting Sims 2 started up, which with this (now-legal) hangover I've had all day I probably won't even think about it.

Congratulations to people who made it, and good luck!

21st Oct 2007, 3:26 AM
The lighting on my laptop is like that too. I always have to lighten my pics up when transferring them to PC.

22nd Oct 2007, 4:49 AM
Fun in the Sun
Surfings where I can go and be like, one with nature and stuff. I got like a job now so I only surf like everyday but not like all day. Im stoked about the job but the bros are like, dude? The water is calling your name, and i'm like bro...

Healthy Relationships
The most awesome holiday for us townies on the island is Twikki's Founder's Day. Its like an awesome celebration cus someone like, found the island. Awesome right? Me and my bros usually like, have a luau and like party! And surf. I catch my own fish and grill it. Its just chilling with family. Its totally awesome!

If you had the opportunity to get plastic surgery done for free, would you do it? If so, what would you get done and why. If not, why wouldnt you?
Free is like awesome like the earth and the ocean and stuff but plastic surgery! Thats a no way man! Its like getting plastic in my body like a robot man. Im not down with being a robot. Next thing Im being tracked by the man and stuff cus they leave chips inside you. No way man! No plastic surgery. Oh wait, thats like chick boobs right? I guess thats ok but i'm not down with getting chick boobs man. Its for like, chicks.

22nd Oct 2007, 9:55 AM
Round 2 ends in 1 day and 10 hours.
Most of you havent submitted entries yet, so if you need an extension up to a day, please pm me!
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

edit: round 2 has been extended an extra day so hopefully you guys can get your entries in :)

23rd Oct 2007, 8:43 AM
Picture One-Fun in the sun(w/ swimwear by Tyler)


I like to go outside with my friends when it's nice out and swim in the pool. After we usually play a long game of catch in the front yard. My Grandfather was a Baseball player, and created a little something called the 'Ericson Special'. I usually try and impress everyone by pulling it off. Unfortunately, I don't have nearly half the skill at sports my Grandfather had, and quite often wind up smashing the neighbours windows by accident. They're not too fond of me for some reason.

Picture Two-Healthy Relationships


One of my friends owns a nightclub downtown, and each Christmas he will open it up to only his closest friends for a small Christmas bash. Everyone gets together and smustles, and the DJ even decks himself out as Santa Claus. It's a pretty fun tradition.

Onstage Question: If you had the opportunity to get plastic surgery done for free, would you do it? If so, what would you get done and why. If not, why wouldnt you?
No, I'd much rather stay the same. Even when I get old, I want to age gracefully.
There are two kinds of plastic surgery. The good kind that is done to help people who have physical injuries/disfiguration, and the bad kind, which is when people who have nothing wrong in the first place selifshly go overboard and wind up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein or Michael Jackson.
I'm not always as vain/shallow as people think.

24th Oct 2007, 2:44 AM
Round 2 ends in about 17 hours. We are still missing alot of entries so hopefully you guys have enough time.
If anyone needs another small extension, please pm me.

24th Oct 2007, 4:05 AM
This week has been insanely busy for me, but I should be able to have my round up in time with this extension. Thank goodness for it, lol, I haven't had a second to sit down and breath this week. ;)

24th Oct 2007, 8:42 AM
Fun in the Sun:

Healthy Relationships:
Every year, my closest friends and I gather over at my boyfriend's sisters house on the beach for an all day xmas party where I somehow always seem to get stuck bartending.

If I had the opportunity to have plastic surgery for free, I would choose not to do so. I feel that everyone was made the way they should be and with that lies natural beauty, if one isn't accepting of their own natural beauty why should anyone else accept them for whom they are and what they look like?

24th Oct 2007, 3:01 PM
Picture one: Fun in the sun


Smart vampires use sunblock (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=162163)!

Picture two: Healthy relationships


Traditional convention at senior vampire's castle. Although we argue all the time, I won't deny the importance of having someone who guides and teaches you. Well, at least he tries to.

On stage question: My fangs are too big. I'd like if this particular doctor give me a surgery (http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=113910) for free.

:howdy: Great entries, everybody! Your pictures look so nice, it makes me hate my laptop and its poor graphic card.

24th Oct 2007, 4:41 PM
Fun in the Sun Beach Lounging
I grew up just minutes from the western coastline, so I am totally at home just lounging around in the sand. When we were younger, my friends and I were big time into the surfing scene, and whenever I'm in the mood I still like to catch a few waves here and there. But usually, I'm content to just spend time the warm sand, the atmosphere at the beach is amazing.

Healthy Relationships Thanksgiving with Friends
Thanksgiving has always been a huge holiday in my family, we spend all day cooking(and drinking, ha), sampling all the food and passing around appetizers to get everyone ready for the meal. It was always my favorite holiday growing up, even better than presents at Christmas time--Thanksgiving was just time to be with the whole family, having fun, and sharing stories from the whole year. When I moved away from home I've had a hard time adjusting to Thanksgiving without my large, warm family, but my friends have been great. The past two years we've been getting together at my place over drink while we cook a turkey and play games.

If you had the opportunity to get plastic surgery done for free, would you do it? If so, what would you get done and why. If not, why wouldn't you?
Nah, I wouldn't do it--only because I don't really have anything I want to change about myself. Though, free is hard to pass up, and if I was given the opportunity maybe I could figure something out. I think that people deserve to be happy, even if things that make them happy seem frivolous. If your nose makes you uncomfortable, fix it, I'm not going to fault you for it. Besides, come on, free!?

24th Oct 2007, 6:38 PM
Round 2 ends in about 2 hours, we are still missing 2 entries. If they dont submit entries, there will be no eliminations this round because they will be disqualified :(
Great entries so far this round, hopefully there will be more :)

24th Oct 2007, 8:24 PM
Hope they get there stuff in soon. Maybe you could pm them?

25th Oct 2007, 12:57 AM
Round 2 is now closed for judging. Sizza and Daltonism have been disqualified since they posted no entries :( Since we lost two, there will be no eliminations this round.
I'll pm the judges right now to ask them to judge this rounds entries and will post the results when I have them.
Round 3 details will be posted tonight.

25th Oct 2007, 8:03 AM
normally i wouldnt double-post, but i would like to keep the round details post separate (so i can post links in the Original Post)

Round 3: Casual and Evening Wear
Welcome to Round 3! Congratulations to those of you who made it this far!
In this round we are taking our competition on a trip to show young men that you can have fun and still be a gentleman!
Our trip takes us to the planet where all the rich and famous love to go on vacation: Zaritania (similar to Earth’s Switzerland (http://www.myswitzerland.com)).
We would like to see you shine in Casual and Evening Wear while you enjoy your time in this wonderful location.
Depending on number of entries, there will be 1 elimination this round.

**For this round: Try to use as little amount of photoshopping as possible**
Remember: although you can have others in your photos, your sim needs to be the focus! Also, be creative and have fun :)

Round Requirement: You need to use one of My Sims (http://www.modthesims2.com/creator/anonymous) as your female model for picture#2 (feel free to change hair/clothes), and you need to wear an outfit from fanseelamb (http://www.modthesims2.com/creator/fanseelamb) for picture#1

Picture 1: Casual About Town
Your sim should be dressed in nice (casual) clothing as he enjoys his day (examples: camping, hiking, skiing, gambling, eating with friends, or just playing in the snow).

Picture 2: Elegant Evening
Your sim should be in formalwear with a female model enjoying the winter evening together (examples: having dinner, enjoying a show, or just drinking hot chocolate and having a good conversation).

Onstage Question: If you could meet anyone in the galaxy (living or not) who would it be and what would you talk to them about?

Round 3 ends on October 28 at Noon PST (Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2007&month=10&date=28&hrs=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-420&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%203%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23008B8B&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF))

25th Oct 2007, 8:36 AM
Anonymous, I just checked out your Sims, and absolutely love the silver screen ones. Good work.
I had a feeling Fanseelamb would be the required creator for casual, and I'm very excited. :)

26th Oct 2007, 4:45 AM
Do you mind if I age a teen? The ones I liked most are teens. Theyre gorgeous by the way.

26th Oct 2007, 6:45 AM
tlawblique360, sure :) hopefully it will still be obvious which sim it is though lol i dont age all of them when im trying them out in-game ;)

26th Oct 2007, 8:01 AM
cool thanx, ill go get her now!

27th Oct 2007, 6:29 AM
Here are Round 2 results :)
Please see the initial post of this thread to look for your contestant #.

Here is the judging criteria for all rounds:
Followed Directions yes = 3 points no = 1 point
Onstage Question 1 to 5 points
Fashion Style 1 to 5 points
Personality 1 to 5 points
Overall Uniqueness 1 to 5 points
Overall Creativity 1 to 5 points
Overall Beauty/Handsomeness 1 to 10 points

2) Total Score: 82
You could have put a lot more work into your second picture. Some deco on the walls or overhead would have been better. As it stands the Santa DJing isn't conveying holiday to me (get out from in front of the snow man, I didn't even realize it was there the first 3 times I looked at the picture). Why is that girl randomly walking behind the booth?
Nice entry; liked the unique choices you chose to portray. Is he just not having fun at the party or did someone make fun of his smustle?
Your caption for the first picture doesnt really go along with the "positive self-image" you were supposed to be showing. The second picture doesn't really even look holiday-like except for the guy in the santa costume in the background. Your sim looks handsome in both pics though :)

5) Total Score: 87
Like I'm getting you dude. I'm down with your entry. Good job.
Seriously great pics, dude.
I like the surfing picture but he is looking directly at the camera. I like your healthy relationships picture. I would have liked a real answer to the question though but i guess thats part of your personality :p

7) Total Score: 78
I love the sandcastle pic, but we cant really see his face, maybe a different angle would have been better. The second picture doesnt really even look holiday-like except for the xmas tree in the far background. I like the photography though. Love the answer to the question.
Loved the second pic; you had nice detail in the background; a lot of visual interest. In contrast, the first pic seemed a little bare. Nice entry overall.
Beauty/Handsomeness is worth 10 points, make sure we can SEE YOUR FACE :p

9) Total Score: 87
Well organized pictures.
I really liked your first pic - it all flowed together very nicely. Cozy dinner pic but it didn't look like they were interacting with each other.
I love both the pictures. The first picture, he's looking at the camera though. The healthy relationships one looks like a very silent dinner lol. I like the answer to the question :)

10) Total Score: 79
Wow thats some pretty powerful sunblock lol. I'm not sure a convention is a holiday, but maybe it might have looked more like one if there had been more vamps in the picture? The size of a hot vamp's fangs are not what matters, its how he uses them ;)
I wonder how strong that sunblock is? Nice first pic. I'm not sure a vampire convention is considered a holiday, is it?
A convention is not a holiday. Your images have good composition but you may want to throw more details into them (like clutter or something)

11) Total Score: 88
GREAT pictures, good composition, and interesting to look at. highfive.
Nice beach pic. Second pic - the plant seemed to be the focus of the pic; your guy's head was chopped off and I didn't care for the t-shirt.
Very nice fun in the sun picture. Healthy relationships doesn't really look like a holiday, and the flowers seem to be more of the focus of the picture than your sim does. He looks cute in both pictures though, even if his head is partially chopped off in the second pic lol :)

27th Oct 2007, 7:12 AM
Picture 1: Casual About Town
Wearing Fanseelamb's Peacoat
I was missing the water man. My bros were like dude, their water is like frozen man, like ice. I was like no way man. I saw it and its like shaved ice man! I wish I had some syrup so I could eat it. But I didnt so I made like an angel, with wings, in the shaved ice. Awesome!

Picture 2: Elegant Evening
http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/gal-rd3.jpg (http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/gal-rd31.jpg)
I was bummed about the no ocean and stuff but then they said they were gonna give us like s-cords, or something, for the night. Then some hot chicks came out! I was like, awesome! Cairistiona was cool. She's like a cool chick, I wonder if she surfs? We like went to some fancy dinner and I impressed her with my moves. She's pretty awesome man. We could totally hang. Im still waitin' on my cords man!

If you could meet anyone in the galaxy (living or not) who would it be and what would you talk to them about?[/
There is this dude back in the islands thats like the God of the ocean man! All the major surfer legends talk about him. Ive spent like days out there on my board like waitin' for him to like talk to me man. Id ask him to send a pipe so long I could ride it for like days man. That would be so major man. If you could make that happen that would be awesome. I think i've gotta be like under water or something when you tell him to give me a shout. Let me know man. That would be sick!

Thanks for the comments judges!
He meant escorts (s-cords) but as you can tell by now he's kinda slow. Probably shouldnt be handling power tools or high scented glues but oh well. (He's a carpenter/interior designer)

27th Oct 2007, 8:46 AM
Picture 1: Casual About Town w/ untucked by Fanseelamb


Quite often I make trips to the planet Zaritania, where my Girlfriend Ai'tri'nin lives.
Most of the time is spent playing chess and poker. We also watch a lot of old movies on TV.

Picture 2:Elegant Evening with Ai'tri'nin


I don't know if it was watching all the old movies or what, but the last time I visited we decided to get decked out in elaborate threads and went dancing. Then we went home and cuddled all night.

If you could meet anyone in the galaxy(living or not) who would it be and what would you talk to them about?

David Bowie. I've always loved his music and have a huge admiration of his sense of style and how he constantly reinvents himself. I would ask him for career advice, and also for tips on how to be a good walk-off judge. I would also ask him why he hasn't recorded any of his music in Simlish yet.

28th Oct 2007, 8:25 AM
Casual about Town

Jayna and I decided to have a wonderful day of shopping. While we were trying on our clothes we thought it'd be great fun to have our own little fashion show.

Elegant Evening

After shopping, we went to a highly recommended restaurant in town. Best Lobster Thermidore I've ever had!

If I could meet anyone dead or alive in the galaxy, I'd absolutely love to meet all the ancient philosophers as I couldn't choose just one. The reason why is because philosophy is one of my greater passions in life.

28th Oct 2007, 11:31 AM
wonderful entries so far :)
Round 3 ends in about 8.5 hours and we are still missing two entries: Von Degas and Leandro Corvini
If you guys need an extension, please pm me!
Hope you can get your entries in :)

edit: extension has been granted until midnight PST (3am est)

29th Oct 2007, 4:44 AM
Casual About Town Snowed In!
The resort I was staying the weekend in got snowed in Saturday night, and the guests spent much of the evening in the main lobby, having a much extended dinner and a few glasses of wine. I spend most of the night with a girl I'd met earlier in my stay, we turned part of the lobby into a ranging pillow fight and spent the rest of the evening at war with each other, drinking coco and watching the snow pile up outside our windows.

Elegant Evening Saucy Night Club with Brynne
The next night, the roads had cleared we decided to hit the town for a little more of a classy time than the 'Pillow Fight Chronicles' of the night before. We spent the evening at a Club that gave salsa lessons, flirting, eating and dancing, it was a ball and a great outing to accompany the fantastic snow day before it.

If you could meet anyone in the galaxy (living or not) who would it be and what would you talk to them about?
I'd like to meet someone from a planet we haven't discovered yet, of a race that we don't know exists. I would love to know if they know about us, if they sit up on their unknown planet at laugh at how we haven't found them out yet. I think the universe is an amazing place, I can't even begin to imagine the people and the places we haven't been able to discover yet.

29th Oct 2007, 8:01 AM
ok round 3 is over :)
Since one person didnt submit an entry, we won't be having any eliminations this round.
I will post final round details sometime today, and pm the judges to give scores/comments :)

30th Oct 2007, 2:42 AM
Final Round
Congratulations to our finalists!
This is our final round, and the details were a surprise until now.

**For this round: you may have other sims in the background but your sim must be the focus, and you may not photoshop the poses**
Be creative and have fun with this round!

Round Requirement: You need to use hair by SimsArtistsUnion (http://simsartistsunion.com) or NoukieSims (http://noukiesims2.net) in picture 1 (or you may use maxis hair). You need to use halloween items from free sites only for picture 2 (if you need help with finding some, please pm me).

Picture 1: Charity
Your sim should be dressed in casual clothing doing some sort of charity work. Make sure their appearance matches what they are doing (for instance if they are doing some sort of construction work they should be dirty and have messy hair or a hat on). Remember: we have to be able to tell you are doing charity work in this picture, not just another day in the life of your sim

Picture 2: Trick or Treat
Since its halloween time, why not have a costume part of the pageant? Your sim should be dressed up for halloween (i mean, it should be obvious they are dressed up in a costume). The background can be outdoors, a party, trick-or-treating, its up to you.

Picture 3: Final Impression (Optional)
Since this is the final round, you can have a freeshot if you'd like. It can be whatever you'd like, on a runway or off, with others or alone, whatever pose you want. Just make sure that your sim is the focus and that we can see their face clearly.

Onstage Question: If you won a million dollars and had to be selfless with it (could not spend it on yourself at all), how would you spend it?

Final Round ends on Nov 2 at Midnight PST (Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2007&month=11&date=2&hrs=24&ts=24&min=0&sec=0&tz=-420&title=Countdown%20To%20Final%20Round%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23008B8B&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF)) -- if you need an extension please pm me!

30th Oct 2007, 4:36 AM
(normally i wouldnt double-post but i want to keep these posts separate to make it easy to link to in the first post)

Here are Round 3 results :)
Please see the initial post of this thread to look for your contestant #.
I am also posting your cumulative scores so far so you know them heading into final round (one of you asked for this or i wouldnt have thought to do it).

Here is the judging criteria for all rounds:
Followed Directions yes = 3 points no = 1 point
Onstage Question 1 to 5 points
Fashion Style 1 to 5 points
Personality 1 to 5 points
Overall Uniqueness 1 to 5 points
Overall Creativity 1 to 5 points
Overall Beauty/Handsomeness 1 to 10 points

2) Score: 79
Total Score So Far: 235
Good entry but your photos lack personality.
I liked the poker game but they didn't seem to be interacting with each other. I think the scene would have looked better if you had something on the wall (painting, etc.) to break up the pattern in the wallpaper. Again, the scene in the bedroom seemed a little plain.
When i saw you used one of my sims from my site instead of the mts2 profile i linked you to, it made me smile, you went the extra mile and stalked me! lol And you tied her into the pictures wonderfully. I liked your answer to the question too.

5) Score: 94
Total Score So Far: 230
the snowangel picture is very cute, when alot of people see snow for the first time, they act like your sim (like a little kid). the dancing picture was nice too.
Good entry, love the snowangel photo. I love that you're always all smiles, definatly shows your personality.
Loved both pictures. They were unique and creative and showed his personality. The first pic especially seemed to fit him - I don't think he has a difficult time amusing himself!

7) Score: 74
Total Score So Far: 235
Given the nature of this round taking place at Zaritania I am disappointed that your pictures don't take advantage of any of Zaritania's native landscape or pasttimes. One doesn't go on vacation to a foreign planet and only bring home pictures of the insides of generic shoppingmalls and restaurants
Although i like the pictures, the first one looks like it could have been taken anywhere, which doesnt really follow the directions; your sim looks great in it though. Elegant evening looks like it may have been taken during the daytime at an ordinary restaurant (not very elegant), but both sims look good in it. I love your answer to the question.
Nice pics but in the second pic you really can't see his clothes. His date didn't look too happy either.

9) Score: 90
Total Score So Far: 255
Interesting that you'd want to meet moses :) I love your inside picture, beautiful.
Great first pic but try not to cut off the top of his head. Second pic was cozy; just try to vary their posing and positioning so they're not doing the same thing.
Isn't your sim cold in the first picture? lol the girl seems to be having more fun than you :p The second picture is great. A good answer to the question; i wasnt expecting anyone to mention biblical characters.

11) Score: 93
Total Score So Far: 262
Nice visual interest in the first pic. The second pic didn't seem to fit the description - it didn't look lively or show much connection between them as opposed to their connection in the first pic.
Great entry, the devil is always in the details and you nailed them :)
you both look like you're having a lot of fun while snowed in (while others may say it didnt follow directions, realistically, you could have been snowed in your entire stay!) The Elegant Evening pic is great, i wish i could see more of his face while he's putting the moves on brynne though lol. Interesting answer to the question.

30th Oct 2007, 5:37 AM
Awesome! Thanks guys! Cant believe weve gone through three round already.. Good luck with the grand finale everyone.

30th Oct 2007, 2:41 PM
Too bad I couldn't post on time. Since I've installed Bon Voyage it's almost impossible to play. My game takes forever to load. Anyway, good lucky to everybody.

30th Oct 2007, 9:30 PM
I'm sorry that you've decided to drop out. the only restriction was on the *halloween* items in your picture, not everything in the picture. oh well.
if anyone else has questions or problems please pm me before dropping out

31st Oct 2007, 11:49 PM
I got an awesome new haircut from SAU then I went down to help out at Habitats for Humanity. Im awesome at construction and stuff so I helped out with this dudes house. They were like, dude you need a hard hat and Im like bro, all my hats are soft. Then the dude said something about working mans computers or something. Hes a cool dude. Doesnt know what he's talking about though

http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/gal-rd43.jpg (http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc50/tlawblique36/gal-rd42.jpg)
There was this awesome party on the abandoned pirate ship down by the ocean man. I got there and this chick was like, dude, what are you supposed to be. And im like, a pirate man, and she's like, whats with the viking hat, and i'm like the dude at the store said it was authentic pirate treasure stuff man, and she's all, you got punked, and i'm like, aw man! not again! That same dude sold me some fault wax for my board a while ago. He was all like, its awesome man, its new. And I was like awesome dude! But then I kept like slipping off and im like, man!

When im like, not at work, I help out my bro at his surf shop and give some of the kids surf lessons. Its awesome cus theyre like little people out there in the water doing their thing man. Its cool. I usually dont charge and my bud gets mad but its cool.

Onstage Question: If you won a million dollars and had to be selfless with it (could not spend it on yourself at all), how would you spend it?
This competition took me places like off the island and I got to see alotta things man. Like, some of these dudes come from places where like the beach is like owned by the man man! That is not cool man! On the island all the beaches are free man! So thats what i'd do. Id totally buy back all the beaches man so all the little people, you know, kids can go out there and ride mad pipes man. Thats like, my dream.

'Working man's computer'- Work mans comp (Insurance), He didnt wear the hat so if he got injured he'd be on his own.

2nd Nov 2007, 2:19 PM
final round ends in about 17 hours, hopefully everyone will be able to submit an entry :)

2nd Nov 2007, 4:05 PM
Community Service
I love to build things, my dad taught me how to work with tools and wood when I was little, and I've been dabbling a little in woodwork ever since. Seeing as I have the ability, and I actually enjoy it, I love the fact that I can help the community by doing what I enjoy.

Halloween [hair by Noukie]
Brynne and her friends aparently throw a big constume bash every Halloween. I haven't really gone out and celebrated it like that in a long time, but she insisted that I come. I'm so glad I did. We had a blast, dancing and partying in celebration of the holiday! I went a Storm Trooper, from star wars, though I ditched the helmet part & Brynne went as Padme. It was really a blast.

Last Impression

If you won a million dollars and had to be selfless with it (could not spend it on yourself at all), how would you spend it?
That's a hard question, I'm not sure I know exactly where the money would be best for the world, but I think I have an idea of where I could start. I'd love to practice medicine overseas, thats part of what I'm going to medical school to do, and I know the medical practices in third world countries are horrid. I'd like to split up the money between some countries overseas to expand their facilities & allow them to better treat the people. It's something I know a lot about, so I know that it would be needed and be put to good use--everyone deserves good medical care.

2nd Nov 2007, 10:28 PM
Picture 1: Charity(hair by Noukie Sims2)


I do charity work at a farm that gives free food to families who aren't able to buy groceries. I mostly tend the garden and take care of the compost. As someone who came from a poor family/neighbourhood it is very rewarding work for me.

Picture 2: Trick or Treat


I usually only have a few friends over for Halloween. We hang out by the great pumpkin and drink fruit punch. I got some free vintage 70's threads from All About Style for the occassion. It snowed, so we had to move the pumpkin indoors this year.

Picture 3: Final Impression


Onstage Question: If you won a million dollars and had to be selfless with it(could not spend it on yourself at all), how would you spend it?
I would split it three ways, giving half to various charity organizations, half to my old neighbourhood so they can have repairs done, and half to the farm I volunteer at.

3rd Nov 2007, 8:26 AM
Charity Auction

Every year our community has an auction for a local charity to raise money for their efforts. Each year a few of the guys will auction themselves as dates to help raise money for the charity.


Ever since my 18th birthday, I've gone to the local club's halloween party. Here I am having a great time with my friends after having some drinks.

Free Shot

If I had to be totally selfless with the money, I would do a couple of things. First thing I would do is buy my mother the horse that she's always wanted. Second, I would put into a trust fund for Sebastian's nephews. Lastly, I would donate the rest to the AIDS Foundation to help with their research.

4th Nov 2007, 1:53 AM
My final judging scores are in. I'd just like to thank everyone who was able to stay in this contest to the end. You all did very well and it was a lot of fun being able to judge your entries!

4th Nov 2007, 3:40 AM
Thanks for getting your scores in pors, can't wait to see the results! The contest has been great, my first one in a long time & my first one with a male sim of mine. They rarely get out, ;) Thanks so much everyone! Good luck!

5th Nov 2007, 12:22 AM
Here are Final Round results :)
Please see the initial post of this thread to look for your contestant #.

Here is the judging criteria for all rounds:
Followed Directions yes = 3 points no = 1 point
Onstage Question 1 to 5 points
Fashion Style 1 to 5 points
Personality 1 to 5 points
Overall Uniqueness 1 to 5 points
Overall Creativity 1 to 5 points
Overall Beauty/Handsomeness 1 to 10 points

2) Round Score: 72
Grand Total: 307
Your entries are good but for future contests I would work a little more on set building. Everything looks half furnished (believe me I understand, it's a weakness of mine too). Also for your question (other than the fact that it's impossible to divide something into three halves) I would have liked to have known what use the money would have gone towards within the groups.
I liked your charity picture - it was something different and unusual - and your clothes fit perfectly. The idea for a 70's costume was great but seemed to be lacking something (maybe a different hair style?).
He looks a bit clean to be farming :p I like your choice of charity work. The halloween picture looks a bit boring, your sims arent even interacting with each other and the giant pumpkin looks like its just thrown in there to make it look halloweeny lol. I like your final impression picture :) Your response to the onstage question made me giggle because "three ways" dont equal three halves :p

5) Round Score: 88
Grand Total: 318
Very creative picture setups. I also love your response to the onstage question. Overall good entry.
I have learned to appreciate Diedrich and his rambling conversations. I think different clothing would have worked better in the first picture. Good costuming (and description) in the Trick or Treat photo.
This entry was a little weaker than your previous. I think that the pictures were not as expressive as they had been in previous rounds. For someone with so much personality the pictures didn't convey any of it

7) Round Score: 86
Grand Total: 321
Different idea with a charity auction - I think the picture would have looked even better if it was more up close and personal on your sim. I was looking for more of a costume (or at least an explanation of what it was) in the Trick or Treat shot.
I would have liked to have seen the backs of more heads at the charity auction... what is he? Unpopular? Your last impression photo was great, it's got the kind of sexy that has been missing from his previous entries.
Your first picture is a bit dark, but a creative charity choice. I'm sure your sim got a pretty high bid ;) I love the expression on his face in picture 2, he really looks like hes having fun on halloween (which he should be!) Your final impression picture looks a bit sexy evil, i like it.

11) Round Score: 87
Grand Total: 349
Good closing entry. I would have liked to have seen more structure or more people at the party in the second pic. You've staged all your previous entries so well and the party picture seems to deviate from that formula.
I loved the first picture - really nice composition. I would have liked to have known exactly what he was using his talents for in the community. Good lighting in the second picture - made it interesting.
Your sim doesnt appear to be doing anything charity-like in pic 1, although the set looks like it could be charity work. Other than your costume in pic 2, it doesnt really look like halloween. I really like the final impression picture :) I also really like your response to the onstage question.

If I got the grand total math wrong, please correct me, even with a calculator, I suck at math :anime:

The winners are based on grand totals, so our winners are:
1st Place Von Degas (nicki.)
2nd Place Theodore Shagnasty (Safyre420)

Congratulations nicki!
As you can see it was a close competition between 2nd and 3rd place.

I want to thank the four of you for sticking with this pageant until its end, I want to thank the judges for sending in their scores/comments in a timely manner, and I want to thank everyone who participated.

I will be contacting the winners to hand out the prizes :)

5th Nov 2007, 1:52 AM
Thanks, this was a great idea! Congrats to Von!

5th Nov 2007, 3:48 AM
Aw, thanks guys! *yay* Great job everyone, the contest was fantastic! :)