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6th Jan 2008, 4:38 AM
Wicked/Angel Male Model Search


Welcome. My name is Owen and as you can tell by the banner above, I am a model, but I am starting up my own modelling agency called Wicked/Angel. I am searching for male models that are versatile enough to be believable polar opposites to please our eclectic mix of cliental. I am looking for all types of guys, ages 16-40. Please make sure to ask me any questions before submitting an application, and check out the prizes


Only Male Sims can enter -- teen or adult
Any race (human/alien/vamp/etc) and any body type (thin/normal/"fat")
Photoshopping is allowed, but not required (no SIMpose-ing or simmerizing)
You can enter up to 2 Sims, but each Sim must have their own entry each round (no group pics) and separate applications.
Please follow regular forum rules (no Sim stealing, no spamming, pg13, etc)


Name (please include this and the round in the post title)
Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?
Why do you want to be a model?
Short bio (about 2 lines)

Please include ONE full-body picture on a blank background and ONE closeup picture from the shoulders up (non-posed so we can see their gorgeous face). You can also submit one freeshot.

~~~~Application Round Ended on January 24th at 4pm PST (midnight GMT)~~~~

1. Samuel Harris [safyre420] ~ Eliminated (no R2 entry)
2. Benjamin Harris [safyre420] ~ Eliminated (no R2 entry)
3. Willy Harvestor [Wanabee_gangsta_013] ~ Dropped Out (account issues)
4. Geofry Loverei [Wanabee_gangsta_013] ~ Dropped Out
5. Daniel DeMorte [RuthieA] ~ Dropped Out
6. Elliot Bloom [I.nfectious] ~ Eliminated (no R1 entry)
7. Uruha [Luvyuyu] ~ App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1113003&postcount=19) ~ R1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1115855&postcount=57) ~ R2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1119456&postcount=86) ~ R3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1122626&postcount=130) ~ R4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1126763&postcount=147)
8. Reg Damncutter ~ Eliminated (no R4 entry)
9. Edward Delon-Duprey [appelsapgodin] ~ Dropped Out (pc problems)
10. rick brook [honeynutcows] ~ App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1113453&postcount=25) ~ R1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1114383&postcount=37) ~ R2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1118095&postcount=78) ~ R3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1121131&postcount=100) ~ R4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1125086&postcount=142)
11. Devil Child [pearlisthegurl] ~ Dropped Out
12. Hope Child [pearlisthegurl] ~ Dropped Out
13. Patrik Mondrian [sakrayami] ~ App (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1114224&postcount=34) ~ R1 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?p=1115823#post1115823) ~ R2 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1120214&postcount=95) ~ R3 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1122519&postcount=125) ~ R4 (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1126463&postcount=145)

1. Me (anonymous)
2. Doursim
3. lasciel
4. Stormy

EJ: fway
EJ: nostalgicpaty



Each round will require only 2 pictures. There will be an optional freeshot in each round.
Depending on number of entries, there will be eliminations each round except application round.
Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified, so please make sure to double-check your entry before the round ends!
The winner will be the person with the highest cumulative score at the end (meaning all round scores added together).
If you need a 1-day extension in any round please ask via pm.
If you don't follow each round's guidelines you will lose points. So please make sure to ask questions if you are confused :)

[u]Round 1: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1114277&postcount=35) ~ Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1118643&postcount=83)
Round 2: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1117536&postcount=72) ~ Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1121144&postcount=101)
Round 3: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1120274&postcount=96) ~ Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1124137&postcount=135)
Round 4: Details (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1124638&postcount=140) ~ Results (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1128320&postcount=149)

First Prize: $10 donated to your favorite 100% free sims site or real-life charity, and modelling deal with WNF (http://wickednoukfamily.com) (sim will be used to model items for wnf sites)
All 3 Winners: custom content
Preview: Adult Male H&M Pinstripe Suit Set made by me
Adult Male Workout Wear Recolors made by me
Adult Male Outerwear Set (mesh + recolors by me--mesh replaces cords/loafers with jeans/sneakers to make it more casual, no ep required)

15th Jan 2008, 1:35 AM
Contest Approved
Begins 1.14.07
Ends 2.18.08

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

DO NOT WRITE USELESS POSTS like "Hey cool contest, I think I might join." Reserve type posts and useless posts about coming back with an application will be deleted.

15th Jan 2008, 3:07 AM
im here checking in :)
feel free to ask any questions you might have and if you'd like to judge, please pm me :)

16th Jan 2008, 3:40 AM
Do we have to have angel wings or is that just something you used for the banner.

16th Jan 2008, 4:22 AM
lol no thats just the banner. your sim can appear however you'd like them to appear :)
wicked/angel is more a state of mind ;)

16th Jan 2008, 4:25 AM
http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel1a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel1.jpg)

Name: Samuel Harris

Age: 26

Species: Human

Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?
I would consider myself to be more wicked.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel2a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel2.jpg)

Why do you want to be a model?
I'd like to be a model because I have always wanted to try my hand at modeling. Also, being a model I can show off my expensive tastes.

Short bio:
Being the eldest of the Harris family, Samuel pretty much got everything he wanted and grew to be quite a snob. He has very expensive tastes and seems to think everything should just be given to him.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel3a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Samuel3.jpg)

Please click pics for larger versions. :)

16th Jan 2008, 4:33 AM
http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin1a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin1.jpg)

Name: Benjamin Harris

Age: 24

Species: Human

Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?
I would consider myself to be very angelic.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin2a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin2.jpg)

Why do you want to be a model?
I want to be a model because there doesn't seem to be an equal representation of "normal" people within the modeling world.

Short bio:
Being the youngest of the Harris family, Benjamin wasn't as spoiled as his elder brother, but he liked it that way. He kept to his books and other creative outlets. He kept his head out of the clouds and began his journey into his dream career in astronomy.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin3a.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/Benjamin3.jpg)

Please click pics for larger versions. :)

16th Jan 2008, 4:46 AM

Name: Willy Harvestor



Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?Wicked

~Body Shot~


Why do you want to be a model? Because I would be a role Model for the Evil Mwahahaha!!!!! and it is also my dream.

Short bio: Well me bieng the cutest guy in my family has made my life completely different. I am not ashamed to show my true colours which is an unusual thing in my family. No-one understands me which is frustrating at times especially when your mum doesn't believe in you, which is he worst thing because she is my mother . That is why i am wicked, because of my family!

~Free Shot~

17th Jan 2008, 4:30 AM
~Head shot~


Name:Geofry Loverei


Species: Human

Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic? Angelic

~Body Shot~


Why do you want to be a model?Because all my life i watch male models and i have always wanted to be one myself.

Short Bio: Well, I am the only boy in my family out of six children, I am the only kid that has turned out the way my parents wanted it. I do all the housework at my mothers house and i have one special ability i can teleport to places unlike any other. My 5 sisters hate my guts but feel sorry for me because i am a mummys boy....because i care for her and they dont and i get more allowance then they ever got!!!!!

~Free Shot~


18th Jan 2008, 4:54 AM
ok alot of people have looked at the thread, but nobody else has asked me any questions.
Please, dont be shy, if you have questions please ask, i wont bite :)

18th Jan 2008, 4:58 AM
Ha Ha giggles......... yeah we wont bite *chomps on someones arm*

20th Jan 2008, 5:27 AM
new prizes have been added, more are on the way, and I will be extending the application deadline so hopefully we get more apps :)

20th Jan 2008, 11:05 AM
glad to have you join us redwing :)
Since I extended the deadline for apps, there are now 2 days left so hopefully we get some more entries

22nd Jan 2008, 1:09 AM
I think I might enter as I made some hottie sims a while ago to turn into NPC's and I've stopped playing the 'hood they're in. It'll be good to put them to some use. I'll get my app in tomorrow sometime. (",)

22nd Jan 2008, 3:20 AM
Age: 23

Species: Zombie

Which Do You Consider Yourself, Wicked or Angelic?: Angelic.

Why Do You Want To Be a Model?: Mostly to show the world that there is a bit more to zombies than the “evil brain eaters” stereotype. (although meeting nice girls is a bonus, too.)

Short Bio: Born and raised in a small town, Daniel led a nice, comfortable life until he became a Zombie after a tragic hot tub accident, and since than has been active in the Zombie Rights movement. He is quite a romantic and hopes to one far off day settle down with a nice girl with "brains".




(Is everything here alright? This is my first contest.)

22nd Jan 2008, 5:53 AM
looking good ruthie :) glad to have you join us

22nd Jan 2008, 3:37 PM

Good luck everyone else!!!

22nd Jan 2008, 7:42 PM
welcome inky :)

I amended the photoshopping rule, i also extended the app deadline. hopefully we get more entries so we can move on

23rd Jan 2008, 2:30 PM
Name: Uruha
Age: 21
Species: Human
Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic? I think i'm Angelic..

Why do you want to be a model?
Because I want to do something excited in my life! I haven't done much when I was living in the orphan house.. I also couldn't study at the university for the lack of the money.. so I thought this is the only work is suitable for me since everyone says that I have the look.

Short bio:
Uruha was living in the orphan house until the age of 18, after that he moved out to small house and worked in various jobs such as delivering pizza and newspapers. Uruha is shy guy but he wished to have someone to love one day, he does not care about the gender when it comes to love.



Body shot


Free shot


23rd Jan 2008, 9:51 PM
Name: Reg Damncutter
Age: 28
Specie: Goblin
Do you consider yourself to be: wicked
Why do you want to be a model? Actually, I don't. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And mainly because I'll do anything in exchange of a few coins of gold.
Short bio: Although he wants to look evil, Reg is a goofy at heart. He has human ancestry and he loves pets.

Head shot


Body shot


Free shot


ps: I completely forgotten the rules about png files. I'll have to go to work now, I'll fix the images as soon as I arrived home. The links are working, though. Sorry.

23rd Jan 2008, 10:35 PM
Unskilled, why are your links not clickable? The rules about .png is that they shall not be posted in this forum, but linked to.

Question to the host: Must there be 10 different contestants to make it a winner
who might recieve a star? Or is it 10 apps and 4 rounds who can give the contestants the chance to win a star? It would be nice if you updated the contestants list :)

23rd Jan 2008, 10:53 PM
unskilled already said they will be fixing them :)

as for stars, i think the prizes we are offering are good enough :p but since you asked, in the rules it says
The contest you win must have at least four rounds.
and we will be having 4 rounds :)

As for number of applications, the rule is 10 entries, not 10 separate s2c members

The contestant list is updated each day lol and it is now updated. Yay 8 apps now! :)

23rd Jan 2008, 11:54 PM
Sorry, i just asked.

24th Jan 2008, 12:41 AM
Oh, well, I know I said I'd retire from contests.. but I got the time and this looks like fun. Thereby the offspring of my legacy turns out to have quite good genes. And I never male-modeled before.. lol.

Name: Edward Delon-Duprey
Age: 28
Species: Human
Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?
My mother-tongue is Dutch. And in that language the words for 'wicked child' and 'angel' are only different by one letter. '(B)engel'. So, I guess it's up to you to decide what I am.

Why do you want to be a model?
My mother (http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y212/debworld/sims/sourapple.jpg) was a model. She always tells with joy about the great adventures she had in that time of her life. And I am not having a pleasure aspiration for nothing, I am always in for fun.

Short bio:
Straight As in school. Single ATM. I Love to garden. I am a happy little Sim... Although, even though I don't believe in God, sometimes I think someone must be controlling my life on the outside for it to go so smoothly.



I love to fish. I never catch much, but I think it is relaxing. However, it is hard to relax if you have two younger sisters who like to sneak up on you. (Click picture for bigger, better version)
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y212/debworld/sims/edwardkirrinlarasmallfreesh.gif (http://fc.deviantart.com/fs24/f/2008/024/9/a/9ac4466ddb569fce.jpg)

24th Jan 2008, 1:37 AM
Name:rick brook



Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?
wicked all the way baby

Why do you want to be a model?
i'm all about having fun and fame and modelling will give me what i want.

Short bio (about 2 lines)
rick is a starving artist, his life revoles around the extremes, booze and babes are all he loves, and he loves to get what he wants.

click (http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/rickheadbobblehat.jpg)

click (http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/rickunposed.jpg)

click (http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/rickfreeshot.jpg)

24th Jan 2008, 4:52 AM
yay we have 10 apps now. this means we will for sure be moving forward :)

App round ends in 19 hours and I will be posting up round 1 info tomorrow since there will not be any eliminations.

24th Jan 2008, 10:59 AM
I intend to post a guy, but i have no time now. I will do it later this evening.

24th Jan 2008, 9:53 PM
I finished my entry.

Hurry up, Sakrayami. Then we can get this started.


24th Jan 2008, 10:10 PM
wow this looks exiting, im definatly going to send in an application

24th Jan 2008, 10:35 PM
app round ends in about an hour.
I was typing up round 1 details when firefox crashed lol so im going to try again in a little bit :)
Pearl i hope you can get an application in, in time.

25th Jan 2008, 12:06 AM
omg im posting now, is that okay?

25th Jan 2008, 12:15 AM
* Name- Devil Child
* Age- 33
* Species- Human
* Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic? devil duh!
* Why do you want to be a model?- Becuase of my amazing looks and i want to take over the world, one ad at a time!
* Short bio- I was born and my mom kept screaming devil becuase of the pain, so the nurse thought it was my name. During school I was naturally the bully and i never graduated high school. I was walking in the mall shoplifting and a girl asked me to model. She was hot so i said yes and it got me an ad. That was when i was a teen and im still looking for jobs.


p.s. sorry about the pictures quality s i was in a rush trying to enter the contest

25th Jan 2008, 12:26 AM
* Name- Hope Child
* Age- 16
* Species- Human
* Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic?- Angelic
* Why do you want to be a model?- I think models are role models and I would love to be the face of my generation. I would like to rid the term "goodietooshoes" and replace it will normal. I am tired of the prejudice people have against me because I enjoy doing the right thing.
* Short bio- I grew up trying my best not to follow my brother's footsteps. The only thing we have in common is our passion for modeling; I strive everyday to become the best me and the best model possible.


25th Jan 2008, 1:35 AM



Name- Patrik Mondrian
Age- 21
Species- Human
Do you consider yourself to be: wicked or angelic? Wicked

Why do you want to be a model?
My girlfriend who is a model wanted to introduce me to her burea, i started
beeing interested in modelling, and i got a contract. It was like a dream to me.

Short bio:
I am born in France, my dad is from Ireland, my mom from France. I studied
by the university in Oxford, i lived with my aunt and uncle for a while. Then
i moved back to France, right now i live in Paris.

*since i saw you hadn't closed the aps, i really rushed this work, it was not possible for me to do this before now*

25th Jan 2008, 3:06 AM
Wow so many applicants. Thanks for joining the Wicked/Angel Male Model Search. I think this will be a good competition; we have lots of handsome contestants.
My team of judges and I would like to see your sinful side in this round. Two of you will be leaving us once this round is over. Let's get started :)

*note: you can have other sims in your photos if you want but make sure your sim is the focus*

Round 1: Sinful

Task 1: 7 Deadly Sins
Pick one of the 7 deadly sins and depict it for an artistic photoshoot. Remember this is a professional photoshoot, so try to keep it classy :)
(examples: Lust (http://quizfarm.com/images/1100132775lust.jpg), gluttony (http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/439447/2/istockphoto_439447_seven_deadly_sins_gluttony.jpg), greed (http://www.suspiria.eclipse.co.uk/chamber/images/portfolio/DA_LC5.jpg), sloth (http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs14/f/2007/102/b/e/7_Deadly_Sins___Sloth_by_elestrial.jpg), wrath (http://homepages.mty.itesm.mx/gustavol/Fallen.jpg), envy (http://www.suspiria.eclipse.co.uk/chamber/images/portfolio/DA_LC7.jpg), and pride (http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/092/b/8/7_Deadly_Sins___Pride_by_elestrial.jpg))

Task 2: 10 Commandments
Pick one of the bible's 10 commandments (http://www.victorystore.com/images/ten_commandments_large.jpg) and depict yourself breaking one for your second photoshoot. This one doesnt have to be artistic or anything, so you can make it humorous or sad or whatever you want.

Task 3: Optional Freeshot
You can post up a freeshot if you want, just make sure we can see your sim's handsome face ;)

Round 1 ends on Monday January 28 at Noon PST (8pm GMT) Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2008&month=1&date=28&hrs=12&ts=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-480&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%201%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23666666&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF)
Please feel free to ask any questions here or in pm :)

25th Jan 2008, 3:24 AM
ooh love the round!! lust and murder sound good to me :P i cant wait to get started i'm felling very inspired :D

25th Jan 2008, 7:20 AM
((sorry to double post))

rick brook round 1

clicky (http://img151.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lustrg2.jpg)

though shalt not kill
clicky (http://img155.imageshack.us/my.php?image=murderrrax2.jpg)


25th Jan 2008, 10:35 AM
Holy moly! Your 'though shalt not kill' pic is brutal honeynutcows!! I love Rick's tattoo in that shot to.

Can't wait to see the other entries. This contest seems really fun. I'll be lurking. :D

25th Jan 2008, 3:28 PM
I still haven't fixed the pics, sorry. But I do have a question: what do you mean by artistic professional photoshoot?

25th Jan 2008, 7:42 PM
Oh my, I truly have to apologize, both of my entries were on the same lot and they accidentally got deleted. Can i enter 2 more sims or I will just keep an eye on the contest. Again my apologies.

25th Jan 2008, 7:44 PM
Holy moly! Your 'though shalt not kill' pic is brutal honeynutcows!! I love Rick's tattoo in that shot to.

Can't wait to see the other entries. This contest seems really fun. I'll be lurking. :D
haha thankyou he makes good murder faces :P i just dont know how i'm gonna make him look "angelic" :P

25th Jan 2008, 7:46 PM
(Click the images for Larger, PNG versions)

Sin: Gluttony
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinner1.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinner1_LG.png)

Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Covet” (…someone else's girlfriend)
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinner2.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinner4_LG.png)

Free Shot (This one doesn’t really relate to the theme at all, I just thought it looked nice--that's okay, right?)
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinnerFreeshot.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/SimSinnerFreeshot_LG-1.png)

25th Jan 2008, 8:04 PM
aww i love youre entry hes so so cute i love the look on his face on the second shot :D

25th Jan 2008, 8:12 PM
Thanks :). Your entry's good too, I really like how you set up the atmosphere. He's very intense looking, and I think that reflects very nicely in your picture.

25th Jan 2008, 9:31 PM
unskilled_operator, i mean on a set, something that might end up in a magazine spread. Artistic means creative...like the entire set is red and your sim is wearing red (to go with lust) or your sim has piercing green contacts in (to go with envy) and the rest of the set is a neutral color so his eyes stand out. Just needs to look like a real photoshoot. Also, as long as you make the links to your pics clickable, they should be fine ;)
pearlisthegurl, you can change your apps to two different sims but the apps must be complete (along with this round's entry for both of them) by the deadline--just edit the posts you already made. Also, dont use loading screen pics this time :p They are way too tiny and blurry :)
If any of you have any more questions please feel free to ask. And yes you all can change your entries if you want but they all must be complete by the deadline so that judging can be done and we can move on in a timely manner :)

25th Jan 2008, 11:50 PM
Can we use some pics and paste the sim there? like real life house and stuff? or does it all have to be in the sims game?

I dont know how to say it in english T_T I want to use real life objects in the pics, can I?

26th Jan 2008, 12:06 AM
yes, you can photoshop it, just make sure that the sim itself is from the game (no simmerizing/SIMPOSE-ing) :)

26th Jan 2008, 12:11 AM
no sim posing? O.O you mean I cant use that modeling hack? I can see the other using it T_T *is confused*

26th Jan 2008, 12:14 AM
no simpose is an outside sims program
what some people use

26th Jan 2008, 12:19 AM
aaah I understand now honey I thought she meant not to use this http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=244917

Sorry.. v_v

26th Jan 2008, 4:39 AM
:( Wish I entered earlier, didn't even see the applications start.

26th Jan 2008, 4:02 PM
I have a qustion about not loading screen pics. Which size is acceptable, i always use the forums size, but they are too big in kb's anyway, so i have to link to at least 1 picture. Shall i use links to all the pics in a larger size than the forum size?

26th Jan 2008, 8:03 PM
if you want to :) you can resize them to make them forum-friendly and hyperlink them to the larger versions (so that when we click the picture it leads to the larger pic) or you can just put the link to the pic. its up to you

27th Jan 2008, 8:29 AM
Seven Deadly Sins
My Sin is Lust


The 10 commandments

IV. Remember the sabbath day. To keep it holy.


Free Shot


27th Jan 2008, 1:42 PM
Task 1 - 7 Deadly Sins
CLICK (http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=slottyxf9.jpg)

Task 2 - 10 Commandments
Thou Shalt Not Kill
CLICK (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y291/annhild/My%20Pictures/Sins77.jpg)


27th Jan 2008, 2:38 PM
So, I just did something really stupid. I overheated my videocard so much with playing the new Unreal Tournament, that I think I killed it. (That's what you get for ignoring the weird sound the van made already, I guess.)

And I don't have any money this week to replace it.

This means that I am very, very sorry, Jessica. But I have to drop out.

*pouts and guiltily looks at desktop comp with sorrow*

27th Jan 2008, 2:43 PM
I'm not sure about the size of the pics..



Thou shalt not steal


((He want to steal the business man suitcase))



... I know they are not the best.. >_<

27th Jan 2008, 7:43 PM
aww that sucks appels :( i'm sorry to see you go.
entries are looking great!

psst wanabee, we cant see your guy's handsome face in task 1 :o might want to fix that if you have time ;)

Round 1 ends in 24 hours

27th Jan 2008, 9:52 PM

http://img107.imageshack.us/img107/565/02xa6.th.jpg (http://img107.imageshack.us/my.php?image=02xa6.jpg)

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image

http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/9128/05il1.th.jpg (http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=05il1.jpg)

Free shot

http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/5323/06zi0.th.jpg (http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=06zi0.jpg)

27th Jan 2008, 11:29 PM
Thanks, Anonymous.. I'm sorry to go. (That's what karma got me for temporarily abandoning Sims for Unreal, I guess. On the other hand.. I can get a better graphics card now when my pay-check comes in.)

I have a qustion about not loading screen pics. Which size is acceptable, i always use the forums size, but they are too big in kb's anyway, so i have to link to at least 1 picture. Shall i use links to all the pics in a larger size than the forum size?

I might have a tip for picture sizes..

I don't know which program you use, but in photoshop there is an option 'save for web'. This saves your picture as a .gif (instead of the much bigger .jpg file most people use.)

When you save as .gif in Photoshop you can also pick how many colours you want in the picture.. lowering the amount of colours a bit also lowers the filesize (you really don't always need 256 colours in a picture, I usually find my screenshots can do with as less as 128.)

I suppose other programmes as the GIMP have an 'save for web' option like this too.

Hope it helps.

28th Jan 2008, 6:36 AM
Sorry with your video-card appels. My grapichs went for a little while ago. Thanks for your tips, i am not sure i get used to .gifs in Photoshop. I try not to have so high quality as i had before to save space. I am stucked to .jpgs - but i will try more out
your tip when i got time :) :) Yes, i use only PS.

28th Jan 2008, 11:37 AM
Being that both my brother and I are competeing in the model search, we decided that our photoshoots would tell a story. For my photoshoot, My fiancee(whom is portraying my brother's lover) and I chose to show off our bookworm side and picked the local library for the shoot.


http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenT1b.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenT1.jpg)

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenT2b.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenT2.jpg)


http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenFree2.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WABenFree.jpg)
Long days deserve a good rest beside the one you love.

Please click pics for larger versions. :)

28th Jan 2008, 11:44 AM
For my half of the shoot, I decided that I wanted to enact wrath and try to cause some mayhem. In this scene, Michele (Benjamin's Fiancee, whom is portraying my lover) and Benjamin are making out as I walked in on them which caused my wrath.


http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamT1b.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamT1.jpg)

Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy God in vain.

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamT2b.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamT2.jpg)


http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamFree2.jpg (http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/Safyre420/Sim%20Contests/Wicked%20Angel/WASamFree.jpg)
Unwinding at the end of the day with my girlfriend.

Please click pics for larger versions. :)

28th Jan 2008, 8:39 PM
wanabee asked for an extension so the round has been extended for 1 day then we will be judging and moving on.
I will be pming the people who have not submitted for this round to let them know they have more time

29th Jan 2008, 1:00 AM
can i redo my task 1 then? Are the pics supposed to be shown as a theme?

29th Jan 2008, 1:21 AM
you can redo any of your pics if you want, as long as it is done by the deadline.
i dont know what you mean by theme though. Your photos seem fine to me :)

29th Jan 2008, 7:39 AM
Thanks :) My task 1 is redone.

29th Jan 2008, 9:09 AM
Hi Jess(X- Anonymous)

I will not be able to complete my second guy (He is now dropping out :()

Well i am sorry

29th Jan 2008, 9:54 AM
honeynutcows, you already know that I am here just for seeing Rick winning the contest so... win, win, win!!! :cdance:

29th Jan 2008, 10:09 PM
since we have had so many dropouts, there will not be any eliminations this round. I will be pming the judges in a few minutes to judge round 1 :)
I will be posting up round 2 details today

29th Jan 2008, 11:25 PM
I look forward to the next round :) Sad that people dropped out, but i think there are so many really great pics here already! :) I think the tasks were difficult, but one can learn a lot in the process on how to solve them. So i hope nomore is dropping out now.

29th Jan 2008, 11:41 PM
Well we had alot of people leave us so early but those of you who have stuck with this competition should not be disappointed.
My team of judges and I would like to see your sweet side in this round. Two of you will be leaving us once this round is over. Let's get started :)

*note: you can have other sims in your photos if you want but make sure your sim is the focus*

Round 2: Sweet

Task 1: Delicious
For this magazine photoshoot, you will need to be enjoying a piece (or pieces) of fruit and trying to get people to buy/eat more fruit. Make it look delectable, make it look desirable, make people think about your ad next time they're in the grocery store. Remember this is a professional photoshoot, so try to keep it classy and dont forget about your model's surroundings :) You can add text to make it look like an ad if you want.

Task 2: Virtuous
Pick one of the 7 Virtues (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_virtues) (the first ones listed on that page) and depict yourself being it for your second photoshoot. This one doesnt have to be artistic or anything, so you can make it humorous or sad or whatever you want.
(the virtues are: purity, self-control, charity, ethics, patience, kindness, and humility)

Task 3: Optional Freeshot
You can post up a freeshot if you want, just make sure we can see your sim's handsome face ;)

edit: an extension has been granted, Round 2 now ends on Sunday Feb 3rd at Noon PST (8pm GMT) New Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2008&month=2&date=3&hrs=12&ts=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-480&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%202%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23666666&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF)
Please feel free to ask any questions here or in pm :)

29th Jan 2008, 11:45 PM
love the round :D i'll get started soon i'm sorry so many people dropped out
dont worry its not you this contest is so fun

30th Jan 2008, 12:05 AM
@ Safyre420 I loooove Samuel Harris's pics! *__*

wow the new round sounds cool! I'll try to make something nice out of that! good luck everyone~

30th Jan 2008, 12:24 AM
For task 1, shall there be any text like it is on a magazine cover?

30th Jan 2008, 12:37 AM
ok i edited the post to explain.
For task 1, it is an AD meaning you're trying to get people to buy more fruit....so you can add text to it if you want but i'm not requiring it. Adding text will probably help with your points for the round though.
For task 2, you need to do one of the virtues on the top part of the page, the ones i listed. Not the theology/roman catholic/etc ones :)

30th Jan 2008, 3:33 AM
My scores are in! Good luck everyone! :thumb:

30th Jan 2008, 10:51 PM
fruit ad

click (http://img85.imageshack.us/my.php?image=5adaypr4.jpg)

incase the first link dosn't work
http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/5aday.jpg (http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/5aday.jpg)
7 virtues charity
rick volunteering as santa for the local childrens hospital grotto

click (http://img153.imageshack.us/my.php?image=santaclaussu2.jpg)

is he finally settling down with just one girl

http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/rrr.jpg (http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r172/lozzawozzaere/rrr.jpg)

31st Jan 2008, 3:00 AM
Very good honeynut - I have used the same text!!

Can i use it now? that was the only text i could find in english.

An apple and 5 a day..............

31st Jan 2008, 3:27 AM
my scores are in too...good luck all :)

31st Jan 2008, 3:34 AM
of course you can sakrayami i'm not that mean :D

31st Jan 2008, 4:39 AM
I know you're not :) I would just say it, so i shouldn't be accused for stealing others ideas. We have the same commercials over here too, and my .psd file is already ready, i only have to put the model in. Oh, 2 scores in now. Good Luck :)

2nd Feb 2008, 12:11 AM
The judges and I have consulted and here are the results of round 1.

Please check the first post of this thread for your contestant number. Sorry, I wanted to have these posted earlier but S2C was down for the past 2 days or so.

#1 Total Score: 74

kind of safe, tame images...not much creativity involved. would've preferred you to use separate situations for each model and a separate girl instead of repeating the same thing...that dulled the edge on your entry a bit - I know they're brothers but they're meant to be different aren't they? the images were okay maybe try a different camera angle to better show the situation for the wrath pic?
Your pictures were dynamic and the photography was good, but it was unclear in both of the photographs what you were portraying. For your first photograph your wrath could easily be confused with jealousy, and for the second it is simply unclear.
I liked Samuel's expression in task 1. It portrayed 'wrath' really well.
In task 1, I like the lighting you chose, but I would have liked to have seen a closer picture of your sim--your sim isnt the focus, the giant heads are lol. I don't see how task 2 portrays breaking that commandment. Your sim also doesnt seem the library type; the setting doesnt look like a professional would have chosen it (your sim could have caught them elsewhere not at the library?). Your freeshot is nice though.

#2 Total Score: 72

For task 1, i liked the setting you chose, but I would have liked to have seen a closer picture of your sim and I dont think the thoughtbubble fits into a professional photoshoot--his body language should have been able to tell us he was checking her out without the need for a thoughtbubble ;) Task 2, there is a big leaf in the way and is more of the picture's focus than your sim is. I think you could have expressed the adultery without hiding your sim's face. The freeshot is nice.
Interesting photograph but it is unclear without backstory whether the second picture is adultry or not. Remember that your pictures need to tell the story.
kind of safe, tame images...not much creativity involved. would've preferred you to use separate situations for each model and a separate girl instead of repeating the same thing...that dulled the edge on your entry a bit - I know they're brothers but they're meant to be different aren't they? the images in this entry were better than the first, an improvement.
Task 1 didn't seem as if he was lusting for her, but more like admiring her. I think if he was looking at her body or something while she was walking by then that would've worked better.

#3 Total Score: 60

I'm a bit disappointed that you asked for an extension and you didn't make any improvements to this entry nor do the other one. Your sim's face is completely hidden in task 1 and Task 2 was a bit boring. Your freeshot was ok.
I didn't get the lust of task 1. It just seemed like he was whispering something sweet to her or something. Task 2 and 3 were good.
I would like to see better photo composition from you in the next round. Also more clarity in the subject matter as the second picture doesn't seem to tell us much about it's purpose.
overall you did a decent job, I think you could've better defined the "keep the sabbath holy" idea shot though and made sure that your model sim's face was showing in the lust shot (because the challenges are about him, not his date).

#5 Total Score: 81

I like task 1, i think it could have been a little better if your sim had actually been eating some of the foods lol. Task 2 was nice; the scenery was a bit bland. Freeshot was great :) Try to put your sim in different hairstyles/outfits in each photoshoot in future rounds ;)
I think you did a pretty good job on the sins and conveying what you were trying to show (it's fairly clear with the food and with him looking at someone's girlfriend), only thing I'd have done differently would've been to possibly show him eating in the first shot, he looks a teensy bit detached from the shot.
Although you had the right idea for task 1, I thought you should've had him eating everything in sight rather than posing in front of the food. Task 2 was great! Task 3 is very sweet. He's adorable! ;)
Good entry, lets see some more dynamic photography and posing for future rounds though! interact with stuff!

#7 Total Score: 92

All tasks were very good!
I really like your task 1 picture. Task 2 was ok, but it would have been better if he had already stolen it and was making his escape lol. Your freeshot was really nice.
Great entry, I especially loved your second picture!
I liked the stealing image but I'm not quite sure about the wrath image...I can see that he's angry but there's no direction to it, there's nothing you've shown to show what or who he's actually angry at. the stealing image I felt was a little bit too photo-realistic though...maybe try blending your photos in a bit better so they fit the sim?

#8 Total Score: 85

I like your task 1 picture but I don't see how it is depicting greed. Your task 2 picture was creative; I wasn't expecting it. Your freeshot is a bit boring but I like the expression on your sim's face. He looks like he's up to no good lol
I thought your graven images one was very creative to put him in the witchdoctor style outfit and have him clawed up and your freeshot was good for showing your model's personality and quirkiness, but I didn't quite see the "greed" in the first shot...he looked more thoughtful than anything.
Your photographs are stunning but they dont really illustrate the themes. I had to look back at the thread to see what their subjects were. Also it seems like your freeshot and your 2nd task photo should be switched.
I didn't get task 1 at first, but then the pirate outfit did kind of set the whole 'greed' thing. :p Good job!

#10 Total Score: 108

Your task 1 picture is amazing and accurately depicts lust; it's a bit trashy though and the directions said to keep it classy :p All I can say for your task 2 pic is "wow". Good job ;)
...All I have to say is wow!
What can I say? These photographs are stunning. You've put a lot of effort and thought into them and it shows. Keep it up!
your shots were good, they did a good job of displaying what they were meant to portray and didn't leave me wondering at all...not much to say here.

#13 Total Score: 99

Very good job! I love task 1!
Fantastic entry. Your effort really shows. Excellent, hope to see more like this.
I thought you did a good job on these, they're clear on what they're portraying and show your sim as the main focus of the shot to show his style and personality.
I really like your task 1 picture--the photoshopping looks a bit weird though because the beer can and the wine bottle are crystal clear and everything else is blurred and muted. You accurately depicted sloth though and your photo looks nice. Those poor sims in task 2 lol. Overall good entry.

Remember, no one is being eliminated this round....round 2 ends in 20 hours

edit: Ruthie asked for an extension, so Round 2 now ends in 1 day and 20 hours :) New Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2008&month=2&date=3&hrs=12&ts=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-480&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%202%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23666666&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF)

2nd Feb 2008, 7:27 AM
wow highest score *dies* thankyou judges so much i'm really shocked,and yeah i was a little worried about the trashyness of the first pic :P i'm glad you still liked it

2nd Feb 2008, 9:03 AM
wow! i'm in the 3rd place! never thought that XD
Thanks for the nice comments ^^ i'll try to make better pics in the next round!

3rd Feb 2008, 12:01 AM
Sorry for the double post..

Task one: fruit ad. grape.


Click here for bigger pic (http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r31/Daisuke-Shinya/sims/contest/grape-ad.jpg)

Task two: 7 virtues. charity.


Uruha visit the orphan house regularly.The place where he lived all of his life..
he always bring gifts with him to the kids to make them happy.

Free shot


I swear my english hate me today! I have to go and sleep its almost 3 am here x_x

3rd Feb 2008, 12:11 AM
love your entry its awsome esp the wine ad i have a question can you guys see my fruit ad when you click cause i get an interent cannot be displayed page

3rd Feb 2008, 12:32 AM
I'm sorry I'm late with mine... I was hoping to see the scores so that I see what I needed to improve on(that's not cheating, right? because if it is, than I'm really sorry), but than before I knew it, it was friday night and I had to be out of the house for family stuff until this afternoon, so I couldn't work on my entry... I'll really try not to let it happen again.

(click on the pictures for larger, PNG versions)
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DanielDemorteFruitSM.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DanielDeMorteApples-1.png)

Virtue: Patience (waiting for the Sims to load :P)
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DainelDemortePatience1.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DainelDemortePatience1-1.png)

Free Shot: Daniel being being a good boy and saying his prayers.
http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DanielDeMortePray.gif (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/RuthieA/DanielDeMortePray-1.png)

3rd Feb 2008, 5:05 AM
HNC, yes your fruit ad is showing up for me, but you could try reuploading it and changing the url to it if you continue to not be able to see it.

we have only gotten 3 entries for round 2 so far, and the round ends in 15 hours. No one has pmed me to say they're dropping out, so hopefully everyone will be submitting by the new deadline :)

3rd Feb 2008, 5:52 AM
Thanks a lot judges for giving me such high scores, i am very thankful for comments and scores. :) Unfortunately i started working with task 1 before reading properly about task 2, and forgot all about what task 2 was about, (never heard about 7 virtues in my entire life), i have been really busy with rl, sorry i didn't read properly all tasks from the start off :( i was not able to log in untill now. So, i am not sure i can work with these tasks in some few hours without sleep. But i'll see what i can do, if i decide to drop out i'll bring you a message Jessica.

3rd Feb 2008, 8:43 AM
Thanks for the feedbacks, judges. Let's see if I make some improvement this time. Glad RuthieA asked for an extension.

Task 1 - Delicious

For task 1, I've tried to recreate something I saw, but in the end, it doesn't look like the original, neither like an advertisement. And, uh, I forget about the classy thing. Oh, boy! Shame on me! Here is the link, anyway.


Task 2 - Virtuous

Reg can be very kind and sweet if you are haired and have four legs.


Task 3 - Optional free shot

Just a free shot, in a moment of fun. Risky business, anyone?


honeynutcows, your picture is showing just fine. And, damn, that's just a great picture! Nice job!

eta: Big pictures, my bad, sorry!

3rd Feb 2008, 12:15 PM
honeynutcows, I can see your pic today, but yesterday it didn't show up.

3rd Feb 2008, 7:33 PM
ok i'm going to add a photobucket pic incase the other dosn't work when judging comes thanks for the reply guys :D

3rd Feb 2008, 11:16 PM
round 2 is over. I am disappointed in those of you who chose to drop out yet didnt bother to pm me.
since we have had so many dropouts, there won't be any eliminations this round. I will pm the judges to ask for scores and will be posting round 3 info tonight. Thank you to those of you who have stuck with this contest :)

edit: sakrayami pm'd me, posted entry late with permission :)

4th Feb 2008, 1:19 AM
Task 1

Task 2
Kindness - 7 virtues

Freeshot - optional

*I can't put up links like before. And the pics are done in a hurry, but
i did my best to try to keep the timeline*

4th Feb 2008, 3:45 AM
Well we had alot of people drop out of this competition but hopefully those of you who have stuck with it are enjoying it.
My team of judges and I would like to see your muted side in this round. One of you will be leaving us once this round is over. Let's get started :)

*note: you can have other sims in your photos if you want but make sure your sim is the focus*

Round 3: Muted But Sexy

Task 1: Perfume Ad
You will be in a perfume ad shown in women's magazines, the ad will need to be in sepia (or black/white) and will need to be a sexy beach scene to make the women want to buy the perfume to get a hot guy like you to frolick on the beach with ;)
You can add text to make it look like an ad if you want, text needs to be white only. Photo must be sepia OR black/white to make it look muted (meaning: no color).
Examples [keep in mind your sim will be the focus, as the women are in these ads]: Pic 1 (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y279/NrllAless/blog/news/antm/dionne-ep9-2.jpg) and Pic 2 (http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/9995/cwantmreneecontainer005ja0.jpg)

Task 2: Car Ad
You will be in a car ad featured in all sorts of media (magazines, billboards, internet ads, etc). The car needs to look hot and shiny of course, and your sim needs to be posed with it, looking hot too ;) Try to be creative with this one (and try to make the ad better than the example pics)
You can add text to make it look like an ad if you want, text needs to be white only. Photo must be black/white to make it look muted (you are allowed and encouraged to add splashes of color to highlight details).
Examples: Pic 1 (http://img5.allocine.fr/acmedia/medias/nmedia/18/35/08/06/p1.jpg) and Pic 2 (http://img5.allocine.fr/acmedia/medias/nmedia/18/35/30/77/18381620.jpg)

Task 3: Optional Freeshot
You can post up a freeshot if you want, just make sure we can see your sim's handsome face ;)

Round 3 ends on Friday Feb 8th at Noon PST (8pm GMT) Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2008&month=2&date=8&hrs=12&ts=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-480&title=Countdown%20To%20Round%203%20Ending&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23666666&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF)
Please feel free to ask any questions here or in pm :)

4th Feb 2008, 9:56 AM
wow sakrayami, I was worried you dropped out! its good to see you posting ^_^

OMG round 3 Car Ad?? lol remind me of the asian girls standing beside the car lol
I'll start it now I guess since there won't be any eliminations..

4th Feb 2008, 7:38 PM
no there wont be any, we've had too many dropouts.
i still havent received any of the judges scores but hopefully they will send them today :)

4th Feb 2008, 10:56 PM
Please no car ads like on the following link! http://www.funonthenet.in/articles/cars-models.html


5th Feb 2008, 9:26 PM
(love that link dour :P hope it dosnt resemble my ad)

beach perfume ad
http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=perfumeeeeot4.jpg (http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=perfumeeeeot4.jpg)
car ad
http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=carraddgd9.png (http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=carraddgd9.png)

5th Feb 2008, 10:00 PM
Hello again contestants. Unfortunately one of our judges has disappeared on us- but the remaining panel members have some scores/comments for you :)

Stormy is MIA. I have no clue where she is, she hasnt responded to my pm and I dont think she has logged in since the incident the other day that messed up accounts here. But we have enough judges to continue on without her :(

#5 Total Score: 60

I found your images very creative, I especially liked the humour in your "patience" virtue. you've got a good idea of what's going on.
I like task 1; i think it could have been a bit better if he had been enjoying the fruit. Task 2 i think we can all relate to lol, I think it was a good choice--patience leads to things you like, in our case, sims2 lol. I also liked your freeshot. Overall good entry.
I fail to see how you reaching up into a what just so happens to be a fruit tree constitues as "enjoying" fruit. Also perhaps your 2nd task picture could have been better conveyed if instead of showing "Sims2 Seasons" you had shown the loading bar. Remember that these are pictures that you shouldn't have to explain with words. It is possible for someone who didn't know to think that you were possibly waiting for the expansion pack to be released?

#7 Total Score: 66

While interpreting wine as a fruit was interesting, the instructions stated you should be enjoying the fruit, making the fruit look delicious, and mouthwatering. This ad is very much a wine ad, it focuses on class and moodily lit backgrounds. Your second picture is ok, but it seems unprofessional, even for a candid picture. The theme is also unclear without reading the title. You could just as easily be visiting a family friend.
your grapes image was very good and I liked your charity image, I'd have maybe focused a bit more on your sim and the children in the charity image.
I like your fruit ad; i think the only thing that could have made it better is if he was eating a grape (or drinking some wine). I really liked the charity picture--yes it was him doing charity work, but it looked like it could have been in a magazine article. Really nice freeshot.

#8 Total Score: 68

Your task 1 was creative--i think it could have been better if he was nibbling on one of the apples though. I like your task 2 but i think it would have been better from a different angle, so we dont see closeup dog butt :p Your freeshot made me giggle :)
your fruit image was very amusing and I LOLed at your free shot and thought it was very creative, but I felt you could've done a little bit more with the kindness virtue.
I have to admit, your first image is so bizzare that I was left thinking, wth? But it grew on me and it will definatly have me thinking about it next time I'm in the grocery. I dont think that your virtue image was very creative but you threw me for a kilter again with the lederhosen. So while this entry as a whole left me very confused and wondering about many aspects of the universe as I know it, it was an interesting entry and I think you definatly deserve high marks for the creativity.

#10 Total Score: 74

I love your fruit ad. Task 2 is cute but I can't tell that it's him :( I love your freeshot.
I liked your idea of him as a santa and your fruit image was really good at showing the beauty of your sim. good job.
Excellent entry, your first image is a little plain, doesn't capture the apple very well. However it's acceptable. Your second image is stunning. I'm not sure what virtue dressing as santa would fall under but to be honest I'm not sure what all the virtues actually are. lol. Beautiful photography and composition.

#13 Total Score: 64

I thought your fruit shot was good, but I would've focused a bit more on him than on bombarding him with the fruit...it felt a little bit cluttered. I liked the idea of the kindness shot but it was a bit vague really...I think you could've been a bit clearer on the kindness.
Very colorful fruit ad. Task 2 looks a little weird, the sims look larger than the store--would have looked better to have them smaller, or further away from the store. I liked the idea for it though :) I really like your freeshot.
Not sure that you are actually enjoying that piece of fruit rather than standing there with bedroom eyes holding it in your hand. Regardless it is obvious you put a lot of thought and time into it so good work. Your second task photo was also very well thought out and the photography was excellent. Nice work.

Remember, no one is being eliminated this round due to all the dropouts....round 3 ends in a little less than 3 days.

5th Feb 2008, 11:53 PM
hmm, very bad scores. :( I am not sure what one of the judges mean with bedroom eyes?

6th Feb 2008, 12:37 AM
the volunteering as santa was charity because he was volunteering his time to make the children happy :P thankyou for the highest score

6th Feb 2008, 1:29 AM
I am dropping out. Too exhausted nowadays, and not inspired. Good luck to the other contestants!

6th Feb 2008, 1:41 AM
sorry to see you go sakrayami.
due to this dropout, anyone that completes their entry for this round will automatically move on to the final round--no eliminations.

6th Feb 2008, 2:13 AM
Yes, i am sorry too. Unfortunately, i am very tired now, and to be honest, i am fed up by judges silly comments. The first comment that the bottles were shining, and that my sim had bedroom eyes. That is what i call silly comments, and unnecessary. If one do not have a clue that glass, bottles reflects light, (not paper, not the sims pixels) then i think it's immature judging. I was prepared i might get lower scores this time, cause i didn't really understand the tasks, and i had to hurry. Should it be an ad for a magazine, or not?
I could add text, but i didn't have too, but if i did, it would be fine for the judging. This is very confusing Jessica. I don't want to drop out, but i might drop out. I don't know. I have already typed i dropped out. If i can do some pics i might get satisfied with i can post them? I love working with b/w or sepia pics.. :? (yeah, i already know i am crazy, where the heck is all these smilies?)

6th Feb 2008, 2:24 AM
i hope you dont go sakrayami your scoring really well and i'm sure if you tell the judges instead of keeping quiet they will explain more fully what they meant,i know how comments can hurt but you have to take them with a pinch of salt i used to get upset but i learned it only helps you improve its not written to hurt anyone

6th Feb 2008, 2:34 AM
Thanks honey, your are a real honey :) :) All one need some times is a few kind words, not more. If jessica think i am not dramatic, i will not drop out. I am tired, but
that will soon go over, hmm, i say no more. :) I didn't like my own work this time, so i understand that i got low scores, i really do. Jessica, still ok that i post pics? I did type too quick that i am dropping out.

6th Feb 2008, 2:37 AM
*hugs* i'm glad your staying if you dont understand any tasks or comments pm and i'll be glad to help :)

6th Feb 2008, 4:52 AM
sakrayami, the comments are to help you improve for future rounds (and future contests) and to compliment you on things we liked about the entry. The only thing that effects whether you win or not is your score.
If you had a problem or a question, you could have posted or pmed me about it prior to dropping out. If you would still like to participate, please make sure to ask any questions you have either here in the thread, or in pm and have your pictures done by the deadline.

As for the comments, I think they were explaining you needing to work on photoshop blending (some things weren't blended in well). And you not understanding what the round was about, which you already said you know you didnt understand it :)

6th Feb 2008, 5:25 AM
I'm just going to take the time to explain to you what we do when we judge.

Jessica gives us a PM with a list of criteria to look at for each round. It is not a photo/photo basis it is a overall scoring system (some hosts score differently) I open up all of your individual posts, then open up notepad with a list of each of the contestants names and the scorecard beneath them and I go through each post and decide proper scores.

Followed Directions:

I do this in a fair manner in that I don't look at the names of the contestants or the person submitting the entry. I almost never (you can ask Jessica, lol) know who the heck one person is from another.
I judge the sim beauty and followed directions scorecards rather leniently, even if you didn't follow directions to the T or even come mostly close I'll give full points (as long as it looks like you put effort into the entry). Beauty is objective so unless I can't see your sims face for some reason you'll score well for beauty. I am much more stringent in the "creativity" and "uniqueness" categories but I believe that is fair. One of the things that you as contestants have to consider is what you need to do to set yourself apart from the crowd. 10 contestants who all do a photo for "lust" as their vice is hardly unique (luckily you guys were pretty varied, but I was worried!) and 10 contestants who have their sim just standing around in a sparse set is hardly "creative" (again not so much of that here but for illustrative purposes)

Comments are a different story.

Just because the comments were made doesn't necessarily mean that your scores were drastically effected. Comments are given as a (optional!) form of feedback for contestants. They are there to let you know what the judges are looking at, what strikes them from the images, and their reactions to your work. Comments are not made for the judges pleasure, in fact it's a pain in the ass to give comments most of the time. But they are there to help the contestants improve their work, and as I said before, to let you guys know what the judges are seeing.

There was nothing "immature" about the comments given to you. I know that the judges comments are mixed up to make it more difficult for you guys to single out a judge but I made the bedroom eyes comment. To quote myself Not sure that you are actually enjoying that piece of fruit rather than standing there with bedroom eyes holding it in your hand. is not offensive or immature, its simply stating that your image didn't fulfill the requirements for the round. Is your sim doing something other than staring into the camera holding a piece of fruit? The instructions for the first task was to you will need to be enjoying a piece (or pieces) of fruit...Make it look delectable, make it look desirable and all you gave us was your sims standing around with an apple in his hand... I didn't take off major points for this error . I believe I actually gave you full points for following directions (I took off for creativity). The comments DON'T REFLECT YOUR SCORES.

Everything else I have to say Jessica has covered. So, I'm glad you didn't decide to leave us, and I hope that ALL of you understand the point of the comments and how your scores are calculated (at least by me)

6th Feb 2008, 6:05 AM
-is disappointed-

6th Feb 2008, 8:49 AM
Luvyuyu what are you disappointed about?

6th Feb 2008, 11:51 AM
sakrayami, I feel sorry if you have taken the judges' comments in a bad way. If you read them all, not only yours, you'll see that they make feedback for everyone, telling us what can be improved. As for the scores, with one judge missing, it's clear that the total score with drop down. Hope you can stay here. Your pictures were very good.

Personally, I think the comments that were addressed to me very amusing. lol

And heck, just do it for fun!

6th Feb 2008, 2:19 PM
@ ~Jessica~ I dont know, I'm disappointed about my scores.. I always get the 4th place x_x *sigh*

I dont know if I can make something nice for this round..

EDIT: scratch that all, I was blind and didn't read well, sorry everyone XD;;

6th Feb 2008, 2:25 PM
awww don't get disheartened Luvyuyu - I thought you did well this round :)

6th Feb 2008, 6:50 PM
Thanks for explaining Doursim, I know how it is to be a judge, since i have been a judge in many contests on this forum. I had no clue who commented what. Yes, it's just a game, and fun to try to be creative with the pixels.

I am working with the car-stuff now, hope i can do it better next round :)

But a question: splashes of light in the car ad? Which mean i can have blue or red carlights or something in a sepia or b/w picture?

I am going to shut up from now!! *mods can be angry at many postings in a contest-thread*

6th Feb 2008, 7:57 PM
you should have a black/white picture, and you can make the carlights blue or red, you could color the sim's eyes, etc. Just little bits of color in a black/white photo.
i hope that makes sense :)

luvyuyu im not sure why you're disappointed, you've done pretty well.

Please ask questions if any of you are confused

6th Feb 2008, 8:32 PM
I think I'm going to have to drop out. I've been kind of busy with and tired from school and real life plans, and I just haven't really had the inclination to put the proper amount of effort into the entries. The contest was really cool, and I feel sort of bad for backing out on it (especially because I'm new here), but just don't think I'm having as much fun with it as I think I should (my fault, not anyone else's). Next time I think about entering something, I really should remember just how much time and effort needs to go into these things. Sorry again for backing out, thanks for letting me participate and good luck to everyone in the next round :).

7th Feb 2008, 11:51 AM
^ aw Ruthie T_T Hopefully we will see you in another contest..

question! does the perfume ad should be for women? women perfume? O.o I made one for men perfume but when I read the task again, you said it will be in women magazine so...?

7th Feb 2008, 8:28 PM
yes, perfume is for women. men have "cologne". if you dont have time to change it to womens perfume, you can remove the ad part and just make it a simple picture (without text and stuff).
unskilled asked for a couple hours extension so hopefully those of you who arent dropping out will have enough time to submit :)

7th Feb 2008, 9:00 PM
aw i'll try

7th Feb 2008, 9:51 PM
Can i have a little bottle in the ad, i am thinking of a special fragrance?? With some text.

7th Feb 2008, 10:13 PM
if you want :)

8th Feb 2008, 4:30 PM
Perfume Ad Beach - Sepia

Car Picture - Black/White


*Hope these links works ok, i can't log into ImageSchack.*

8th Feb 2008, 8:34 PM
What is happening with this contest now? So many people are dropping out! Are there anyone left than Honey and me? Unskilled_operator haven't delivered the tasks yet. EDIT: Did now.

I am very dissappointed over the contestants, i spent so many hours to make these photos, and now it looks bad for the contest, cause some do not seem to care to work with the task. That's why i didn't drop out, cause i was also thinking on the host, and the other contestants.. :(

8th Feb 2008, 8:42 PM
Thanks for the extension, Jessica!

Warning! Bad photoshopping skills. :yech: Be careful when you click on the links below.

Task 1 - Perfurme ad

Task 2 - Car ad

Optional free shot

So sad that many have to drop out.

8th Feb 2008, 8:45 PM
@ sakrayami I'm sorry to disappoint you. but even if I post now i'm sure I cant complete the next round because I wont be here. I'm going to my granny place for I dont know how long.
Please understand me, I really feel bad for dropping out.. T_T

8th Feb 2008, 8:49 PM
Yes Luvyuyu, RL always comes first. But there has been an amazing amount dropping out from this contest. That is very sad. But anyways, wish you all well Luvyu. Your pic was very good by the way!

I think your pics looks amazing Unskilled :)

8th Feb 2008, 8:56 PM
Thank you sakrayami.
I send jess a pm lets see if she can give me an extension or no..

Task 1


task 2


Free shot


I'm done! sorry for making everyone wait.. *bows*

9th Feb 2008, 12:41 AM
Yay! You made it! :D Very kewl and good pics of Uruha, he's such a sweet guy! :)

Good luck everyone!

9th Feb 2008, 2:47 AM
round 3 is now closed. we won't be having any eliminations this round since Ruthie dropped out.
I will be pming the judges for comments/scores and I will post up final round details soon :)

9th Feb 2008, 1:21 PM
good luck guys
and jessica i'm so sorry for the dropouts s2c hasn't been very with succsesful with contests at the min its not you

10th Feb 2008, 8:21 PM
sorry to keep you guys waiting, i havent heard anything from the judges at all, i've also been sick with bronchitis but I will definitely be posting up final round details today...and trying to hunt down our judges

11th Feb 2008, 6:20 AM
Hello again contestants. Unfortunately both of our judges disappeared when it came time to judge (but since they are friends of mine, I am not worried about them not being around for next round). I asked fway and nostalgicpaty to emergency judge this round so you guys could get some scores/comments tonight. So here you go--only 2 out of 3 gave comments.

Total score is how much you've gotten in all the rounds so far, round score is how much you scored in this round.

#7 Total Score: 232
Round Score: 74

I like your car picture. Your sim is a bit too far from the camera in the perfume ad. I like the freeshot
I liked your over all entry. Somethings I think that you could have worked on in task 1 was maybe having your sim more in the middle to make him be literally the center of attention, or you could have made the background darker and it would have highlighted your sim; I did like the pose he held in this picture. For task 2 I liked it but it didn't seem really sexy. Maybe because your sim was sort of far away and a little out of focus.

#8 Total Score: 215
Round Score: 62

I liked both of your tasks. I think you made good use of in-game poses. For your task 1 I think that your sim was the center of attention but i think to make this picture sexy was for him to look in the camera with maybe a more serious look. For your task 2 it makes your sim look very rugged and sexy in a way. By the way i really like the simlish touches.
Your perfume ad made me giggle, hes smiling at the camera and totally ignoring the hot chick (which isnt the way to get them to buy perfume but it still made me laugh :p ). I think for the car ad it would have been nicer to have you near the car, also it was supposed to be black/white, but i like your use of sims symbols instead of english. Creative freeshot.

#10 Total Score: 263
Round Score: 81

I love your perfume ad. Your car ad is nice, its so dark though, it could have been better with a little bit of color here and there. Overall great entry.
I Liked both of your tasks alot. I do want to say that in task 1 his arm looks a little awkward around the lady but i liked how he is sort of putting his thumb in his shorts. I do wish i could see his eyes more. For task 2 even if the spotlight is off to the side my eyes were drawn to your sim; i really like his pose in this.

#13 Total Score: 238
Round Score: 75

Very well done. I liked your whole entry. For task 1 I liked how there is a shadow on the sand of the 2 sims and how your sim is looking in the camera and looks very dominate. For task 2 i liked the red accents and the fact that it didnt take away from your sim. although i feel that the pose wasnt super creative it still worked.
Overall great entry, i like the splashes of color you added to the car ad :)

Remember, no one is being eliminated this round due to all the dropouts....final round details will be posted separately soon.

11th Feb 2008, 12:11 PM
thankyou for the highest score again....... even though my entry was awful and i super didn't deserve it i cant wait for the next round!!

11th Feb 2008, 12:18 PM
you have already won honey :) Congratulation. But what about the freeshot, does it count at all Jessica?

11th Feb 2008, 12:25 PM
well there is a whole nother round sakrayami, nobody has won anything yet lol

the freeshot can add to your score, like if your freeshot is creative, it can add to your creativity score, or if your sim looks unique in it, it can add to your unique score, etc

there is no specific scoring on the freeshot though, the scoring is based on your entry as a whole. Even if it didnt count at all, I know some people still like having it because its fun getting to take a picture of your sim without restrictions :p

11th Feb 2008, 1:28 PM
Thanks for the feedbacks. Actually, there is a reason for my sim act like that on the perfume ad. :tooth: (http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/6727/screenshotwl8.png) It happens that I didn't manage to catch the girl's face on that shot. Anyway, here is the hot chick that was kissing him.


Sorry to be a little off-topic.

By the way, free shots are fun!

12th Feb 2008, 12:43 AM
Well we had alot of people drop out of this competition but we are glad that the rest of you weren't quitters and stuck with this model search!
My team of judges and I would like to see your fantasy side in this round. Let's get started :)

*note: this round is all about your sim so please do not have other sims in the pictures*

Round 4: Fantasy

Task 1: Nature Shoot
You will be doing a magazine photoshoot in the wilderness. You can choose between garden or forest--for garden, think "garden of eden"...for forest think fairies and nymphs. You can appear to be nude if you want(with things covering you up of course). Try to make your photo colorful, vibrant, and serious (no smiling) since this will be an artistic picture. :)
Examples [keep in mind your sim will be the focus, as the women are in these pics]: Garden (http://photos-bikini-pictures.blogspot.com/2007/10/antm-cycle-9-photoshoot.html) and Forest (http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k94/Runestar1/Fairy-Fantasy/Woodland_Fae__Color__by_kedralynn.jpg)

Task 2: Tourism
You will be in a tourism ad featured in all sorts of media (magazines, billboards, internet ads, etc) all across the galaxy. You are trying to encourage people to visit a planet called Xynia which is an awful lot like Earth's Las Vegas except less flashing lights and way more color lol. Aliens love things to be colorful and clashy, like in Wizard of Oz (remember how vibrant and bright the city was?).
You can add text to make it look like an ad if you want.
Examples: Colorful City Pic 1 (http://www.fashionisspinach.com/images/0407/dorothy1.jpg) and Colorful City Pic 2 (http://www.judex.com.au/images/Emerald%20Cityfin.jpg)...Tourism Ad Pic 1 (http://travelnevada.com/images/content_images/ShowgirlAd.jpg) and Tourism Ad Pic 2 (http://travelnevada.com/images/content_images/BlueMan.jpg)

Task 3: Freeshot
This will be your last impression on the judges, so it is required this round. Just make sure we can see your sim's handsome face ;)

Round 4 ends on Saturday Feb 16th at Noon PST (8pm GMT) Countdown Clock (http://www.7is7.com/otto/countdown.html?year=2008&month=2&date=16&hrs=12&ts=12&min=0&sec=0&tz=-480&lang=en&show=dhm&mode=r&cdir=down&bgcolor=%23666666&fgcolor=%23FFFFFF&title=Countdown%20To%20Contest%20Ending)
Please feel free to ask any questions here or in pm :)

12th Feb 2008, 3:11 PM
Jessica, i shall see if i can reach to do these tasks, i am in another contest where it's just aps so far. I am soon going away on a trip due to my work, and have stuff to prepare. But i shall see if i am able to finish the tasks in the finale. I love adventures and fantasy, but it's very much work. If i don't reach it cause of lack of time, so please forgive me, but i will give it a try.

12th Feb 2008, 7:47 PM
garden of eden

tourist poster

one day,one day i'll be famous

12th Feb 2008, 11:22 PM
sakrayami, i hope you can find time to submit :)

wow you're fast honey lol
why does it look like he has boobs in the tourist poster? :p

edit: ok in my post, i put friday the 16th, but obviously the 16th is saturday. So i fixed it to say saturday since that was the day i meant! lol oops :)

13th Feb 2008, 1:40 PM
sakrayami, i hope you can find time to submit :)

wow you're fast honey lol
why does it look like he has boobs in the tourist poster? :p

edit: ok in my post, i put friday the 16th, but obviously the 16th is saturday. So i fixed it to say saturday since that was the day i meant! lol oops :)

lol he gots da man boobs i have no idea he is built that way :P

15th Feb 2008, 4:30 AM

Fantasy - Poster


Patrik is not only wicked, he can be angelic when it suits him......
background made in Bryce.

15th Feb 2008, 9:03 AM
there is about 36 hours or so left, so those of you who havent posted (or finished) your entries for this round, you still have plenty of time :)

15th Feb 2008, 7:36 PM
Task 1: Nature Shoot


Darker (http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r31/Daisuke-Shinya/sims/contest/uruha-forestv-4.jpg)

Task 2: Tourism


Extra one (http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r31/Daisuke-Shinya/sims/contest/extra.jpg)

Task 3: Freeshot


16th Feb 2008, 4:48 AM
It's nice Uruha and honey :) In case i do not reach to come back, i'll congratulate the winner in forehand ;)

Thanks for a fun contest Jessica!

18th Feb 2008, 5:53 AM
Hello again contestants. Unfortunately one of our judges has gone missing again. I asked fway to emergency judge this round so that I could announce the winner before the deadline. So here you go--only 2 out of 3 of us gave comments.

Total score is how much you've gotten in all the rounds so far, round score is how much you scored in this round. And the winner is announced at the bottom of this post :)

#7 Total Score: 316
Round Score: 85

I really love the task 1 picture, but i felt like nature was more of the focus than your sim, i would have liked to have seen just a little bit more of him. I love your tourist ad, but he seems a bit unsure, a different expression on his face would have been better. The freeshot made me smile, I wasnt expecting it, and it looks really nice.
This is a cute entry, I like the nature scene a lot, though the deer look like they're from a video game. Your alien pic is fantastic.

#10 Total Score: 343
Round Score: 80

I love your pics, but lol I can't help but be reminded of "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" by Katsushika Hokusai for your nature pic, lol. I liked your alien pic but the fact that your model has what appears to be a womans boob is disturbing. Other than the boob thing the entry as a whole was excellent. Very colorful!
While I really like your garden shoot, the thing covering up his private area looks a bit weird, and the entire pose seems to feminine, especially with his hair spread out like that. Your tourist ad is very colorful and nice, but it says "fun" and he doesnt look like hes having fun at all lol plus, it looks like he has man-boobs :p

#13 Total Score: 322
Round Score: 84

Ok let me say that I love your alien picture. The "flare" idea was priceless! The picture on a whole was excellent too, so good work. For your nature picture the model looks so handsome and one with nature, makes me think of a greek pastoral :D
Your nature shoot is nice, but it appears too feminine, and I would have liked to have seen his face more. Your tourist ad is very nice, and colorful. Overall good entry :)

1st Place Winner: rick brook [honeynutcows]
2nd Place Winner: Patrik Mondrian [sakrayami]
3rd Place Winner: Uruha [Luvyuyu]

Congratulations HoneyNutCows :)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and didn't drop out. To all of you who dropped out, I hope you can participate in the female version that will (hopefully) be here soon. Thank you to my judges and especially to the EJ's for helping me out.

I will be pming the winners regarding prizes :)

18th Feb 2008, 6:00 AM
oh wow! what an awesome contest. I don't think i've seen men displayed so well...must've been really hard to judge...

18th Feb 2008, 9:40 AM
dlisted, no that was expected. So the judges hadn't really a hard job :)
Congrats Honeynut! I said early that you would win, but Jessica made
me belive it was an equal chance for everybody to win in the final round.
If i knew that this was not correct, i would have dropped out. I did not
work that hard to gain another 2nd place, but because i thought i would have a chance to win for once.

Luvyuyu, why have you linked to 2 different pictures? I have never seen this in a contest before. I don't think it's just ok to safeguard oneself so the judges shall decide what picture is the best?

Jessica: how come my round 3 is commented again instead of round 4? And why was i mislead to think that the scorings from the other rounds was not going to be used?

No harm Honeynut, this has nothing to do with you. You have had some great pics.

18th Feb 2008, 10:35 AM
thankyou sooo much for the win guys tis awsome times infinity :D :D :D :D

18th Feb 2008, 11:10 AM
@sakrayami the 2nd pic I linked to is not in the contest, the one i show is the one i enter in the contest but the other i post there because I like the most. I post the pic in the contest after asking my bro and sis what they think about ^^

everyone was doing that in MSB (miss starless beauty) I was in that contest before.
The judge only taking the pic they view not the one i linked to.

Anyway congrats honey for the first place and sakrayami for being the second! ^__^

I'm always the 3rd x3 but i'm happy I took the first place in the final round before they put all the scores together 8D this is new for me hehe.

18th Feb 2008, 8:38 PM
Sakrayami, i made a mistake copying/pasting your comments in my rush to get the winner posted up last night. I put up your proper comments now. As for the "misleading" thing, it says in the very first post that the winner will be the person with the highest score from all rounds (added together). I'm not sure why you posted that here anyways, as you mentioned it in your pm to me too.
I also explained in my pm to you that the additional pics she (?) linked were not scored. Her score was based on the pics posted, not linked.
I dont want to argue with you more and clutter up this thread. You seem to have a problem anytime anyone scores higher than you, even though you didnt even score low!
Judging this contest was hard, even if sakrayami wants to assume it wasnt, you guys had some very hot guys and it was difficult judging each round, you all did so well!

I'm sorry that sakrayami had such a horrible time in this contest, but I hope you two, honeynutcows and luvyuyu had fun :)

18th Feb 2008, 9:06 PM
i really really enjoyed this contest jessica
and sakraymi i'm sorry you feel you should drop out just because you are going to come second i have been in many contests most recently the bachelor that i knew i wouldn't win becuase scores were cumlative, i didn't stick it out to win i stayed because i enjoyed the host and contestants and making the tasks i'm sorry you have to feel that way you did amazing.

18th Feb 2008, 10:26 PM
Thank you Jessica for understanding me, I only posted the linked pics because I was working on them and didn't want to just delete them, I know everyone take the displayed pic. everyone does that I guess.. o.o;;

Well I had fun in this contest! I hope everyone does too.. Jess you was really good host for not feeling down though most of the contestant drop out..

Hopefully I'll join your next contest ^__^

and yes i'm a 'she' ^_~

Good luck everyone and have nice day/night