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17th Jan 2009, 3:55 PM
Welcome to 'The Architect', a contest to see if you can come in on time and on budget with building designs for 4 very special clients! Submit your bids and see who will be named the 'Architect'!

(*No sims required or used in this competition.)

General Rules
1.) No photoshopping, adding text, graphics, borders to any submitted photos. Photos may be taken traditionally in-game, or by use of 'printscreen'.
2.) All lots submitted must be new, original designs. There will be no 'flipping' of pre-made Maxis homes allowed, or use of downloaded homes.
3.) Pay attention to the requirements for each round as following specific directions counts! Deduction in points WILL BE MADE from scores for contestants who do not follow directions!

Judging Guidelines (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311667&postcount=31 target="_blank)
Round 2 Guidelines (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311687&postcount=34 target="_blank)
Round 1 Results (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1312842&postcount=53 target="_blank)
Round 3 Guidelines (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1314110&postcount=67 target="_blank)
Round 2 Results (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1315607&postcount=83 target="_blank)
Final Round Guidelines (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1317229&postcount=98 target="_blank)
Round 3 Results (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319468&postcount=127 target="_blank)
Round 4 Results (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1321717&postcount=139 target="_blank)
Final Results & Winner (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1321765&postcount=140 target="_blank)

The Rounds
This contest will have at least 4 Rounds, making the winner eligible for a 'star'. If all contestants are timely with their entries, we will perhaps have time to add a 5th Round. As of now the Rounds will be as follows:

Round 1- Exotica
Round 2- The American Dream
Round 3- On Golden Pond
Round 4- Two Tickets to Paradise
(Current Round in progress will be highlighted in bold print.)

Round 1- Closed/Complete
Round 2- Closed/Complete
Round 3- Closed/Complete
Round 4- Closed/Complete

The Contestants

1.) kattenijin-
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1309650&postcount=9" target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311917&postcount=37" target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1317065&postcount=95 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319247&postcount=122 target="_blank)

2.) Clw8 -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1309839&postcount=13" target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311923&postcount=38" target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1314534&postcount=73 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1317471&postcount=102 target="_blank)

3.) craziidaisii -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1309842&postcount=14" target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1312336&postcount=50" target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1316105&postcount=84 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1318702&postcount=115 target="_blank)

4.) iCad -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1310008&postcount=15 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1313408&postcount=57 target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1316540&postcount=91 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319135&postcount=119 target="_blank)

5.) LostSock -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1310174&postcount=16 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1312408&postcount=51 target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1315299&postcount=81 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319286&postcount=123 target="_blank)

6.) Deatherella -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1310790&postcount=18 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1314069&postcount=65 target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1317275&postcount=100 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319748&postcount=136 target="_blank)

7.) I.nfectious -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311081&postcount=23 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1312060&postcount=44" target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1317316&postcount=101 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1318173&postcount=112 target="_blank)

8.) Eedgan -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311316&postcount=25 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1313719&postcount=62 target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1316960&postcount=92 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1319458&postcount=124 target="_blank)

9.) SimCharley1990 -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311353&postcount=27 target="_blank)
Dropped Out

10.) TRIriana -
Round 1 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311492&postcount=28 target="_blank)
Round 2 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1313895&postcount=63 target="_blank)
Round 3 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1316115&postcount=85 target="_blank)
Round 4 (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1318095&postcount=111 target="_blank)


Round 1- Exotica
Your client for Round 1 is Olivia Sinclair, a beautiful, outgoing recent college grad who loves anything to do with 'the islands' and anything tropical. Olivia works a lot at her new job, but has many friends and entertains often. Her dream is to one day retire to the Hawaiian Islands, but for now your challenge is to give her an exotic dream home in the suburbs. Your budget for this round is $16,220. Olivia has specific needs for her very first home, they are:

~ A lot size no greater than 2X2
~ 2 story home of exotic/tropical design
~ A minimum of 1 Kitchen, 1 Bedroom, 1 Full Bathroom
~ A driveway (*See note below!)
~ Ready to move in condition: completed interior without furnishings. (**See note below!)
~ Completed exterior
~ Landscaping

(*NOTE: If you do not have NL, you may 'fake' the driveway using flooring materials. The specs on your drive should be 5X8 (5 squares wide by 8 squares long) to keep it within the size of the actual driveway. You must add $100 to the cost of your lot as if you were placing a real driveway. You will not be penalized by the judges for doing the driveway this way.)

(**NOTE: The definition of move-in condition means that there are counter-tops and a sink in the kitchen at minimum, basic lighting fixtures in all rooms (like ceiling lights), and a toilet, tub, shower, or tub/shower combo, sink and light fixture all bathrooms. It also means that all interior/exterior floors have been laid, interior/exterior walls painted, and all architectural details like doors, archways, windows, columns are completed/finished.)

Materials that need to be submitted for Round 1:
1.) Your name and the Round # in the subject bar of your post.
2.) 4 Photos of your completed design; 1 of the exterior from the front, 1 of the exterior from the rear, 2 overhead (1 of each floor) with roof removed so layout of rooms can be seen.
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.
4.) The home's list of amenities.
5.) Total purchase cost of lot.

You are allowed to use as much or as little custom content in the creation of your lot as you'd like. No foundations to be used in this round. Remember to keep your client and her needs in mind when you are designing! You may add more to the home than the basic requirements, but remember, you must stay on budget and the final cost of the home must meet or be under the client's budget!


Official Judges
1.) chowgilly
2.) SoupOfLegends
3.) CisteCaise

Emergency Judges
2.) MissTech
(Please note that I will only step in as an emergency judge IF the first emergency judge is unable to step in, or if more than one regular judge has to skip a round, or, in the case of a tie. I will step in only in those circumstances. Should a judge need to step aside I will try to find a permanent replacement for them before stepping in to judge myself.)

The winner of the Architect will receive the sim from my avvie, Eve. The winner may choose from the teen or adult version of this sim. The winner will also receive a residential lot (2 Willow pictured below).

ALL CONTESTANT PARTICIPANTS, (who completed the contest) will receive their choice of one of the two prizes offered to the winner for their loyal participation! :)

20th Jan 2009, 10:51 PM
Contest Approved
Begins 1.20.09
Ends 2.21.09

Do not post replies and/or contest applications before the contest host has checked in on this thread, or your post will be deleted.

DO NOT WRITE USELESS POSTS like "Hey cool contest, I think I might join." Reserve type posts and useless posts about coming back with an application will be deleted.

22nd Jan 2009, 3:13 PM
Officially checking in! :) Welcome everyone. Hope to see some entries soon.

22nd Jan 2009, 4:19 PM
Ooh, yay! I was hoping this contest would go. :D

I have a question though. The round 1 said no foundations, but is that just that the house can't be on foundations? Can we use them for stairs or in the garden?

22nd Jan 2009, 9:41 PM
Hmmm...I might just do this. Question, though: On the list of rooms and dimensions, by dimensions, I'm assuming you mean "# of tiles X # of tiles," right? I mean, that's the only way I can think of of denoting dimensions, but have been known to be dense on occasion... :)

23rd Jan 2009, 10:03 AM
Hi guys, thanks for your interest in the contest! Answering questions:

LostSock: Yes, no foundations used in this round of the contest on the house. If you wished to make a gazebo in the yard on a foundation, that would be fine because a gazebo is not technically part of the house. Hope that helps.

iCad: I dont quite understand your question. The only dimensions given in the list are the lot size (2x2), and the dimensions (number of tiles) for a driveway so those that dont have nightlife can simulate one. Other than that, there are no specifications on room sizes. But yes, I did mean number of tiles in the dimension listing for the driveway. Hope thats what you were looking for.

23rd Jan 2009, 6:58 PM
I think iCad was referring to this bit here-
Materials that need to be submitted for Round 1:
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.

If that is the case, then I do believe he has the right idea, for example
Living Room 6x4 (tiles)

One question- is it ok to use bits of the stage/split level tool inside the house?

23rd Jan 2009, 9:54 PM
I think iCad was referring to this bit here-
Materials that need to be submitted for Round 1:
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.

If that is the case, then I do believe he has the right idea, for example
Living Room 6x4 (tiles)

Yep, that was exactly what I meant. :) Might be difficult for me, as I have a habit of creating rooms that aren't square/rectangular, both for Sims and in real-life houses that I design, but I'll figure it out. :)

24th Jan 2009, 2:55 AM
Hey...I'm most likely going to join... just thought i'd mention that :)

Oh, just thought of something. You say not to photoshop things, but, you also request a 2 story home, and only allow 1 pic for interior views. So, do you allow photoshoping to combine the 2 pics, or, should I just post 4 pictures total, instead of 3?

24th Jan 2009, 11:24 AM
Hey everyone-Just an update!

First- Hi Meg! Thanks for clearing that up and you are correct. I totally missed that in my own thread. We'll just chalk that up to my having a "senior moment!"

iCad: your rooms do not need to be completely square. should you have an odd shaped room, you can put in the dimensions as 6.5 X 3.5 for a room dimension if you have to.

clw8: Yes you are correct. you need a layout photo for each floor, so that means you need 4 pictures instead of 3. I'll go fix that in the main post. Thanks.

craziidaisii- I am not sure on how to resize things outside of a paint program, but if you need to use that to resize pics to make them fit on here, that is okay. My no photoshopping rule does not apply to resizing to fit the site guidelines. Perhaps someone in this thread knows. Sorry.

Katt- Hi! So nice to see you! You are also the very first contestant! Thank you!!

Just a quick note to all of you: So you guys are more familiar with me and how my contests work... I tend to come online VERY early in the mornings (eastern time since I live on the east coast usa), and try to take care of stuff then. I do try to check in on the thread a few times a day, though I may not necessarily be logged in each time I check. If you need me for some reason, or have some problem, I prefer you PM me with it rather than posting in thread, unless its a problem your fellow contestants can help you with.
I intend to run this contest no matter how many enter, though of course if there are too few entries it wont be much fun. The optimal amount of entries though (I think) is 10 so that this contest can earn the winner a star.

LAZYVIOLET has offered some prizes, so there will be updates coming to that area soon. Three cheers for lazyviolet!!! :) ALSO, we need judges!!!! Maybe I should mention here that I give prizes to my judges as well for taking the time to help with the contest. (This is usually something I dont announce so its a nice little surprise for the judges at the end of the contest, but since we NEED some to step up now, I thought I'd mention it!)

Think that's about it for now! :)

EDIT: Ever since they took the linky button away in the post control panel, I cannot get links to lay out correctly or the way I want them. I want them to say "Round 1" and open them in a new window, but every time I put the code in, it just displays the code. Anyone know what I'M doing wrong?!?!?

24th Jan 2009, 4:14 PM
16 Get-Away Ln.
Your perfect little get-away....

Being built on a island, though a little inland, it only seemed fitting to place on stilts, though, this also played around with the whole jungle / safari look too. This is the perfect wild get-away from the city home, for 1 or 2 sims max.

Main Features: Driveway, Bed-N-Bath Suite upstairs with view, Matured Trees + Healthy Saplings.

Other Features: Kitchen, Additional Bath (Full Size), Double Living Areas.

-Smallest lot thru BV: 3x1 lot
-Price: $15,947

Entry Floor:
Kitchen - 4x4 (-2 tiles) -Counters, Sink, Light Fixture
Full Bath - 4x2 -Tub/Shower Combo, Toilet, Sink, Light Fixture
Living - 3x6 -Stairs, Light Fixture

Top Floor:
Living - 4x6 (-4 tiles) -Stairs, Light Fixture
Bed - 4x6 (-4 tiles) -Light Fixture
Full Bath - 3x2 - Toilet, Sink, Shower, Light Fixture

24th Jan 2009, 4:21 PM
923 Iris Street

This two story house on Iris Street is perfect for a couple or someone looking for a place of their own. With beach just on the other side of the road, you can wake up to an ocean view everyday. It is not overwhelmingly beach like because it has to blend in. There are plenty of wall inside to paint as bright as needed.



First Floor:

Entry: 1x3
Kitchen: 3x5
Living/Dining Area: 4x8 plus a 1x3 area

Second Floor:

Landing: 3x6
Bedroom: 4x5
Bathroom: 3x3

This house is on a 2x2 lot and costs $15,771. There is a refrigerator, oven/stove, sink, smoke detector, burglar alarm, toilet, pedestal sink, and a shower.
I know there are four pictures, but I couldn't find a way to edit them without the pictures being really, really small.
This is my first contest, so bear with me.

24th Jan 2009, 11:43 PM
Octagonal Oasis!
Brand-new beachfront construction offers the best...on a budget!

This stylish contempo is the perfect home for a single Sim with a small pocketbook and a full social calendar. It offers a roomy open floor plan and irregularly-shaped rooms to challenge and stimulate your decorating sensibilities. Floor-to-ceiling second-floor windows offer spectacular ocean and neighborhood views, and the second-level sundeck or spacious back patio are perfect places to entertain or just to relax and work on your tan. Finished inside and out in soothing greens and clean, peaceful whites, with hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile flooring, this is the perfect house to get away from it all...or to party to your heart's content. Comes complete with mature palm trees to sway in the wind.

Front view:

Rear view:

1st Floor:
The first floor offers:

Covered and half-walled entryway (3x3)
Entry Foyer with stone flooring (Roughly triangular, 3 tiles on a side)
Full Bathroom w/private toilet compartment (4x2, plus 2x1 bump-out for tub/shower)
Kitchen (Roughly 4x3. The countertops and sink are in place, obvious niches for range and refrigerator)
Open Living/Dining Area (Irregularly shaped, roughly 5X7...ish :) )
Spiral Staircase

2nd Floor:
The second floor offers:

Ensuite Bedroom (No fixtures in bath): Bedroom is irregularly shaped, roughly 4x6. Bath is 2x3.
Sitting/Hobby/Study Area (irregularly shaped)
Outdoor Half-walled Sundeck (Roughly 3X4)

All this for $16,160!

(Note: There is a real driveway on this lot; it's an invisible recolor of the concrete one, and it's sitting on top of the stone floor tiles. Also, my screenshot shows a lot size of 30 x 20, too, when it is indeed a 2x2 lot. I double-checked. :) I, too, have the Lot Adjuster in my game, so that must be what it is.)

25th Jan 2009, 9:40 AM
Here I present CapeTown, a small suburban lot on the edge of a hill in the sunny neighbourhood.

Built for the island life craving sim, this home has many elements of Caribbean and Hawaiian architectural features, as well as still retaining some features for comfort for the occupants, as the neighbourhood still experiences the full four seasons.

From the road we can see the front entrance and a lovely bright façade, with simple and elegant windows to allow as much light possible to flow through the home.


The backyard features a lovely little pool amongst the hardy tropical trees, with a separate patio partially sheltered beside the house, for back yard barbeque parties. There is plenty of space to expand and build a garden, or create a larger pool. From here you can also see the multitude of windows, again for allowing viewing pleasure of the yard and to soak as much sun in the house as possible.


The first floor contains a small half bath, a corner kitchen fully equipped and with room for a small breakfast area, as well as a raised livingroom perfect for entertaining. There are half walls shared with the kitchen, in order to permit more flow through the space and allow for socializing with visiting guests while running to the kitchen to fix dinner. The livingroom is 4x4, the kitchen is 3x6, and the half bath is 2x2.


The top floor houses a very large open bedroom with large windows. The floor is a very light hardwood, as the traditional Caribbean tile floors would be too cold in the winter. In the stair landing there is room for a small desk and office. The bathroom has plenty of light, with a full bath and storage under the sink. The bedroom is 5x7, minus a 3 square balcony, and the bathroom is approximately 3x3, in a non-square shape.


And the costs. Oddly, it's a 2x2 lot, but shows up as 2x3. I don't have lot expander though. :S


26th Jan 2009, 10:16 AM
Hi everyone, just a quick update!

Well, we have judges! We still could use an emergency judge, but we are now set with official judges. :)

The contestant list has been updated to reflect the most recent entries. :)

Now the deadline for entry is approximately 25 hours away. I MAY extend this for a period of 24 extra hours because our schedule does allow for a small extension. As I said prior, we will be going ahead no matter the number of contestants, but I would really like to get as many as possible to hopefully make this contest 'star-worthy' for the winner. I will make that decision tomorrow morning.

Sorry if anyone thought I bailed because I wasnt on yesterday. It was my youngest's birthday (14), so I was doing birthday stuff with him. :)

26th Jan 2009, 3:23 PM
The Kaluah Ketch on Belladonna Cove is perfect for the imaginative Sim looking for a home in an ocean front setting reminding one of tropical islands. Naturally stained wood flooring and stucco walls are featured throughout the home. The exterior of the home has blue-stained wood. A driveway in pastel cobblestones contrasts nicely with the ocean and the home.
One enters into a two-storey foyer featuring floor to roof windows and an open balcony above. A hanging chandelier will light your way after dusk. The kitchen is ready for the lucky new owner to finish with appliances of her/his choice. The walls are done in white stained wainscoting with mocha stucco along the top. A large living area will accomodate guests while entertaining. It is done in harbor blue stucco -- bringing the ocean in -- with a hanging chandelier perfect for a dining area off the kitchen.
A full bathroom done in neutral tone mosaic tiling can be found on the second floor. Off the hallway, a small mezzanie offers one a space to take a little walk-about. Along with a large bedroom done in sage green stucco. Soft ocean breezes enter through the floor to ceiling windows opening onto a "hull-shaped" deck. One can go outside at night and watch the sunset over the water or wish upon a star with that special someone.

Street View:


Back View:


1st Storey:


2nd Storey:


This is a 2x2 lot costing 16,211s. The driveway is invisible over painted terrain.

Foyer: 3x4 on first floor, 4x4 on second (including balcony).
Living/Dining Area: 7x8
Kitchen: 4x4
Bedroom: 4x7
Deck: 3x7
Bathroom 3x4 (with a 1x1 sq cut out of one corner)
Mezzanie: 1x7

26th Jan 2009, 3:34 PM
I may join this - i'm no house builder at all but I might aswell give it a try.
And i allowed to have a 'fake' beach lot- i mean a regular 2x2 with 'beach' terrian, or because it's in the suburbs would it have to be a 'grassy' terrian?

26th Jan 2009, 5:57 PM
oh wow! what a great contest! expect my entry in sometime soon :)

26th Jan 2009, 9:16 PM
I would very much like to enter, but I won't be able to get my entry in until tomorrow evening (GMT), ie in about 24 hours. Would that still be ok?

27th Jan 2009, 4:16 AM
Tropical Hideaway

Front View

Rear View

First Floor

Second Floor


A two-storey tropical home tucked away on the edge of town. Originally the building was a fishing tackle shop before being lovingly restored by it's current owners.
It is now on the market for §16,214.
Lot Size: 2x2 (it says 3x2 but it isn't - I don't have the lot adjuster)

Ground Floor
Entance Porch: 1x3
Hall Area: 3x3
Living Room: 4x5
Bathroom 2x3
Kitchen/Dining Area: 4x8 fitted with sink & oven
Outdoor Entertainment Area: 5x5

First Floor
Landing Area: 2x3
Bedroom: approx 4x4

*I used the invisible driveway over terrain paints

Interior & bonus shots can be viewed *HERE* (http://photobucket.com/TropicalHideaway)

27th Jan 2009, 9:31 AM
Hi everyone. Okay, I am going to extend the entry deadline for another 24 hours. This now makes the deadline to enter Wed, Jan. 28th @ 6:00AM EST. If you know anyone interested in entering tell them to do it now!! LOL!

SimCharley- yes a beachy lot would be perfectly fine. :)

Still hoping for an EJ to come along, but other than that, things are going pretty well!

27th Jan 2009, 8:15 PM
13 Wave Crest
Lot Size – 2x2
Lot Value – R16 045

Eedgan Construction Co is proud to present our latest creation. Number 13 Wave Crest is a simple, no nonsense home for a single person or a newly-wed couple. Clean lines, uncomplicated floor plans and plenty of light – what more can you ask for in a home? Built on a 2x2 lot, it boasts a swimming pool, parking for one vehicle as well as the most breathtaking views of the Simpacific Ocean. The ground floor features an open plan living room, dining area and kitchen – ideal for entertaining. French doors off the dining area lead to an outdoor entertaining area beside the pool – this area also includes an outdoor fireplace - great for those chilly evenings or for roasting marshmallows! The upper floor houses a spacious bedroom and en suite. French doors in the bedroom lead to another outdoor entertaining area – for more intimate entertaining and spacious enough for a hot tub, should you so desire.









Room Dimensions

Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Area - 9 x 7
Toilet - 2 x 2
Bedroom - 6 x 5
En Suite - 2 x 3

I have not entered a contest in ages! I hope I remember to do everything correctly... Good luck to all contestants.

27th Jan 2009, 9:20 PM
Just thought I'd clear my head of virtual laughter, as, my house up there is a total joke. I must have been 'on' something when I made it. Its actually my redo, as, my first one was actually a beach house! Blue walls, palms, everything. Then, I really don't know what happened up there with that Japanese type of thing. Err.! So, if you wanna like cut me from the competition you can, cause yeah, I totally understand that it doesn't fit in with the challenge.


27th Jan 2009, 9:26 PM
1 Guilden Lane

Room Dimensions-
Downstairs Bathroom - 2x2
Upstairs Bathroom - 4x2
Kitchen (open plan) - 4x4 (without rest of the open plan)
Rest of downstairs open plan - roughly 7x7
Upstairs open floor - roughly 7x7


OVERVIEW-bonus (http://i43.tinypic.com/aey2aq.jpg)
BONUS (http://i44.tinypic.com/binqr5.jpg)


http://i42.tinypic.com/aucn80.jpg (http://i39.tinypic.com/2enq442.jpg)

http://i43.tinypic.com/nv4788.jpg (http://i42.tinypic.com/blb8m.jpg)


1st Floor.
http://i43.tinypic.com/ih8aqu.jpg (http://i44.tinypic.com/2iw3ccw.jpg)

2nd Floor.
http://i40.tinypic.com/2ee8rjt.jpg (http://i39.tinypic.com/97jpjq.jpg)

"All walls are plastered with a simple white design - ready for the new resident of the house. The floors are a simple wood floor which can be easily removed to the owners liking. There is a simple kitchen acquainted with a fridge, sink, sereval counters and a stove. The little bathroom has a sink and toilet, while the master bathroom has a sink, toilet and a shower/tub combo. Overall, I aimed for a 'beach shack' design for the house while keeping it 'sub-urban' worthy."
The total cost for this house is - £16,408 and is on a 2x2 lot.

** I used an invisble driveway recolour with a mixture of terrian paints to cover it.

I hope everything is ok, i'm not a very good builder, nor have I entered in house-building contest before :/

28th Jan 2009, 1:20 AM

Kitchen: 3x5
Dining Room: 3x5
Living Room: 6x6
Bathroom: 3x3
Bedroom: 9x6


Front View

Back View

Ground Floor View

First Floor View


This beach front property is a very open plan type of place, providing room for entertaining within the walls whilst also giving a deceptively spacious feel to the building. A medium-sized dining room follows from the small kitchen and, whilst space may be lacking here to some it more than provides for one person, like our grad student. The living room has plenty of space and, just off this is a full downstairs bathroom. Upstairs the area is given over entirely to a large bathroom, which sports wallpaper in a more tropical fashion. The house does overlook the sea from the front, and the adjacent properties from the back, where a driveway can also be found. From front and back are sizeable terraces, giving two exterior areas that can also be given over to entertaining guests. The plot also has plenty of room for future extensions.

28th Jan 2009, 6:40 AM
Just to let you know i have completed my entry for Round One (http://forums.sims-community.com/showpost.php?p=1311081&postcount=23)

clw8 - I like your entry :)

28th Jan 2009, 11:46 AM
Hey everyone- Just a quick update. The application/Round 1 is now officially closed, and I am happy to say I am very pleased with the turnout for this contest! Being 10 contestants and 4 rounds, this contest is now star-worthy! Yea! (I was worried about turnout because of the impending release of Sims 3.)

Okay, now on to business. Shortly I will be doing the following:
~ sending the judges their Judges PM explaining guidelines
~ Posting the judging guidelines so you all know what you'll be judged on
~ Posting the Round 2 information so you can all get to work!

This is all pretty time consuming stuff so keep your eyes posted on this thread, and I hope to have all this posted within a couple hours time.

Well everyone, thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! :)

28th Jan 2009, 1:22 PM
Here are the judging guidelines used to each round of this contest. They have been kept as simple as possible.

This contest is based on cumulative scoring from each round of competition. The winner will be determined by the contestant having the highest combined total score from all rounds of competition.


Requirements: (Worth 1-10 points)
In this area the judges are looking to see if you have met all the requirements as listed for this round. Were the required elements included? Was the entry on time? Did the entry provide the correct information, number of photos etc. Does the design meet the requirements for number of rooms, lot size, etc.

Aesthetics: (Worth 1-10 points)
In this area the judges are looking at the design. Does the design meet the theme requested? Is the layout logical? Is the design, the color palate pleasing? Is it landscaped? Does the design contain more than what was required? Overall impression of the entry.

The judges will submit the scores to me via PM and once all scores have been collected and tallied, a post with your current ranking will be posted. You will be identified by your Contestant #, and your Contestant # was determined by the order in which you entered this contest. For example:

Round 1 Results:

1.) Contestant 8
2.) Contestant 4
3.) Contestant 7
and so on.... Comments for each contestant (should the judges decide to give them) will also be posted by round.

I will not be posting the individual scores from each round until the end of the contest, where all scores for each contestant for each round will be posted, along with the final outcome.

Any questions, please PM me! Again, good luck to you all! :)

28th Jan 2009, 1:37 PM
When will you be posting Round 2 since the rules say it starts today?
Just itching to get started on it.

Will we be getting pm's explaining our scores so we know what mistakes not to repeat in further rounds?

28th Jan 2009, 2:41 PM
Round 2- The American Dream

Your client for Round 2 is the Miller Family, a lively and active family of 4. Their home needs to be functional for the kids, (Kiley 14 yrs old girl, and Kennon- a 10 year old boy.), but at the same time, elegant for entertaining. Andrea would wants formal living and dining rooms, and Brad wants a "man cave" (a den) for some family and/or adult fun. Mr and Mrs. Miller are both quite fond of modern and ultra modern design, and desire a house to reflect that. Your budget for this round is $38,987. The Miller Family has specific needs for their new home, they are:

~ A Medium sized lot- exact size and shape to your discression
~ 2 story home of modern design
~ A minimum of 1 Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms (including 1 Master Suite and one bedroom for each child), at least 1 Full Bathroom and 1 half bathroom, Den, Formal Living & Dining Rooms
~ A driveway (*See note below!)
~ Ready to move in condition: Completed interior without furnishings. (**See note below!)
~ Completed exterior
~ Landscaping which includes an area containing a pond or garden (choose 1)

(*NOTE: If you do not have NL, you may 'fake' the driveway using flooring materials. The specs on your drive should be 5X8 (5 squares wide by 8 squares long) to keep it within the size of the actual driveway. You must add $100 to the cost of your lot as if you were placing a real driveway. You will not be penalized by the judges for doing the driveway this way.)

(**NOTE: The definition of move-in condition means that there are counter-tops and a sink in the kitchen at minimum, basic lighting fixtures in all rooms (like ceiling lights), and a toilet, tub, shower, or tub/shower combo, sink and light fixture all bathrooms. It also means that all interior/exterior floors have been laid, interior/exterior walls painted, and all architectural details like doors, archways, windows, columns are completed/finished.)

Materials that need to be submitted for Round 2:
1.) Your name and the Round # in the subject bar of your post.
2.) 6 Photos of your completed design; 1 of the exterior from the front, 1 of the exterior from the rear, 2 overhead (1 of each floor) with roof removed so layout of rooms can be seen, and 2 photos of your choice highlighting special features of your design.
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.
4.) The home's list of amenities.
5.) Total purchase cost of lot.

You are allowed to use as much or as little custom content in the creation of your lot as you'd like. Foundations may be used in this round. Remember to keep your client and their needs in mind when you are designing! REMEMBER- If you have the budget, you may add more to the home than the basic requirements, and it may be to your advantage to impress the client, however, you must stay on budget and the final cost of the home must meet or be under the client's budget!


Good luck to everyone! :D

28th Jan 2009, 4:37 PM
Goodluck everybody, :]

28th Jan 2009, 8:14 PM
Excellent entries for round one!

I have a question regarding round 2. It says the home is to be two floors, does two floors count if one is the basement? I hope so, because I have an idea of what to make.


29th Jan 2009, 12:36 AM
This 3 bed, 3 bath home features all the comforts a family of four needs, plus room to spare, and room to expand! Featuring the oversized, darkened, den for dad, and an eloquent, bright, quite, livingroom for mom. And don't forget that oversized yard with plenty of room for the youngsters to play! Bonus: 2 Balconies, Pond, and a driveway!

1st Floor:
Rooms | Dimensions | Fixtures
-Kitchen: 8x4: Counters, Sink, Stove, Fridge, Lighting
-Formal Dining: 5x6: Lighting
-Bath: 3x4: Sink, Toilet, Tub, Lighting
-Hall: 6x8: Sliding Back Door, Stairs, Lighting
-Den: 5x8: Lighting
-Formal Living: 8x4: Lighting

2nd Floor:
Rooms | Dimensions | Fixtures
-Masterbed: 8x5: Lighting, Balcony Exit
-Masterbath: 3x4: Double sink, Toilet, Shower, Lighting
-Hall: 6x8: Stairs, Balcony Exit, Lighting
-Bedroom (blue): 3x5[+2]: Lighting
-Shared Bath: 2x3: Toilet, Sink, Tub, Lighting
-Bedroom (pink): 3x6[+2]: Lighting

Extra Pics:
...pond, patio




29th Jan 2009, 1:46 AM
kattenijin & clw8 wow! you guys got your R2 entries in quick, I haven't even started mine yet!

29th Jan 2009, 3:52 AM
My scores are in! Great job, everyone! I eagerly await seeing all the entries for Round 2!

29th Jan 2009, 4:12 AM
ok, a quick question....

Do the Millers have a contingency fund because i've gone way over budget? :laugh:

only joking but i'm finding this tough!, i've just got the lights & the landscaping to do but i'm already at 42k

oh well, back to the drawing board :D

Serious question now...

I've made spaces for built in wardrobes, do I have to actually add the wardrobes or can I just have the space there? thankies

29th Jan 2009, 6:36 AM
You guys are fast! :) I won't have mine in until over the weekend 'cuz I have to do stuff like working. :p

And methinks I need to go find me some cheaper windows and doors in the interim. :D I've got lots of cheap-but-nice-looking objects, but not a lot of cheap build-mode stuff. Because otherwise I'm busting the budget threshold, too, I.nfectious! :lol:

29th Jan 2009, 10:12 AM
Hey everyone- just a quick update!

I have back one set of scores, and just waiting on the others. Ive given the judges until tomorrow to get back with the scores and should that be the case, I should be posting Round 1 scores about mid-morning tomorrow.

Now for the questions! LostSock, yes a basement would be considered a level of the home, so it could be used in this round. Thanks for asking. :)

I.fectious- Im guess you mean the new walk in closet things, and yes you can leave the spaces for them (closets) but do not need to put the actual wardrobe inside. Hope that helps.

Okay everyone, wonderful job so far on Round 1 entries, and to Katt & Clw8- great job on your Round 2 entries. I'll be linking them shortly! :)

29th Jan 2009, 10:17 AM
This is my second attempt at round two, i'm not as happy with it as my first attempt but at least it's under budget (by a whopping §12 :lol: )

American Dream

Front View

Rear View

Ground Floor

First Floor

Extra Shots



Lot Size: 3x3 (it says 3x4 but it isn't - I don't have the lot adjuster)

Ground Floor

Entance Porch: 2x3
Hall Area: 4x8 approx
Bathroom: 2x3 shower/sink/toilet
Living Room: 5x6 approx
Kitchen: 5x6 fitted with counters & sink
Dining Room: 5x4
Den: 3x5

First Floor

Landing Area: 3x7 approx
Master Bedroom: 7x6 approx with built in wardrobe space
Master Bathroom: 2x3 approx shower/toilet
Bedroom Two (Kiley): 5x4 approx with built in wardrobe space
Bathroom Two: 2x2 approx shower/toilet
Bedroom Three (Kennon): 5x5 with built in wardrobe space
House Bathroom: 4x4 twin sinks/toilet/bath

All rooms are fitted with ceiling lights
There is also a large balcony area and a paved garden area suitable for a bbq and seating

*I used the invisible driveway over terrain paints

29th Jan 2009, 10:35 AM
Lot Size: 3x3 (it says 3x4 but it isn't - I don't have the lot adjuster)

Lot adjuster?

I just checked back over my round one entry to make sure the sizing was right on the lot size, but mine also has the wrong size to what I picked. O.o Why does it do that? I definitely chose a 2x2 lot, but it says 2x3.

29th Jan 2009, 10:36 AM
My scores are in too, everyone's done such a great job, im glad their are no eliminations.

Mine does it too, and i dont have lot adjuster, is it just another one of those strange game bugs?

29th Jan 2009, 10:40 AM
mine started doing it after I got AL and M&G (I don't know which caused it though because I installed them both at the same time)

29th Jan 2009, 11:45 AM
It always adds the extra tile due to the road. That's the way it's been since the base game. Great houses everyone

29th Jan 2009, 4:45 PM
Your guys entries are great!
I havn't even started mine yet :[ haha.

30th Jan 2009, 2:08 AM
The American Dream
384 Miser Lane



First Story
Garage - 7x10
Dining Room - 5x7
Kitchen - 9x4
Living Room - 10x6 and a 1x2 area
Entry - 11x4 and a 4x1 area

Second Story
Den - 7x4
Half-Bath - 2x2
Master Bedroom - 5x6 and a 1x3 area
Master Bathroom - 3x3
Bedroom One - 8x3 and a 1x4 area (Includes closet space)
Bathroom Two - 3x3 minus 1 square
Bedroom Two - 5x3 and a 2x1 closet and a 2x1 area
Landing/Hall - Approx. 20x9, going by the longest and widest points.

Master Bedroom looking out over the balcony.

The kitchen looking into the dining room a little.


The measurement for the landing/hall was difficult, so if I need to change it, tell me. Anyway, on to descriptions!

384 Miser Lane is perfect for a family of four to five. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and room to expand, you can fit everyone comfortably. There is a garage connected to the living room and a den on the second floor. The master bedroom has a connected bathroom. Both small bedrooms has a space for a closet and entrance to a shared bathroom. There is a small area to plant some fruits and vegetables in the backyard and two fully grown trees. All rooms have lights, either ceiling lights or wall lights. The lot is really 3x3.

30th Jan 2009, 8:09 AM
Kattenijin, your house looks so much like Frank Lloyd Wright's FallingWater! Nice to see a fellow Wright fan. :)

Here is my house, located on Riley St. North.


The front is pleasant and non jarring to fit with the rest of the suburban neighbourhood. There are simple and elegant shrubs, as well as old oak trees in the front and back yard. Beside the house is a small lined path to the back yard.


Here at the backyard you can see the modern upgrades done to the home. The kitchen and dining room have wonderful light coming through from the glass ceilings, and there is lovely patio space for barbeques and soaking up the sun. In the far corner is a lovely stream that forms a small pond on the property.


From the front door the entry leads into the top floor, where the bedrooms are located. On the right and left are smaller bedrooms for the kids, as well as a full bath. To the end of the hallway is the master suite; a master bedroom with an open window to the living area below. There is also a separate full bath across the hall.

Master bedroom: 4x4, with a 2x2 wardrobe nook.
Master bath: 4x2 +1
Hallway: 7x3 +7
Boy's room: 3x4 + 2x2 wardrobe nook
Girl's room: 5x3
Kid's bath: 2x3


The bottom floor has a large open livingroom, a colourful kitchen with red counters and very large window space. The dining room is off the kitchen, and there is a small den to the side of the stairs. Behind the stairs is room for a small office, if desired. A small half bath is in the back of the house.

Den: 3x4 +2
Bath: 3x2
Livingroom: 3x5
Kitchen: 4x5
Dining room: 3x5
Hallway: 3x6


This is a view from the front door upon first entering the house.


From the kitchen, opening to the livingroom and dining room.

And the price is §38 178.

30th Jan 2009, 3:05 PM
Hi all!

So here's today's update. I have received back all sets of scores from all three judges. (Thank you judges! :D ) I have some unexpected personal business that arose last night and have some things I need to attend to today, so I dont know if I will get the chance to post the Round 1 results today as I had planned. I am hoping to get that done some time today, or if not, tomorrow (Sat) morning. I ask that you hang in there with me a few extra hours. Sorry! I will also get to linking the second round entries for those of you who've posted them at that time.

Loving the round 2 entries thus far! (And I agree that Katt's second round very much reminded me of Falling Waters!) I had just wanted to mention that if all the entries are in prior to the deadline, I will close the round early so we can move on to the next. Should we end up early enough, we may be able to squeeze an extra round in at the end. :)

31st Jan 2009, 1:39 PM
Hi everyone! Time for your Round 1 Results! :)

Before getting to them, I'd like to remind you all of how this works! No one is eliminated from this contest during any round. In the results posting, I will not be putting up the individual scores, (that will be done with the final round results), but rather putting up your RANKING in this round, and the judges comments. This is how all rounds will be done, with the exception of the final round where you all will see your numerical scores from all judges from all rounds. Now on to what you are really reading this post for: the results! :)


1.) Contestant #1
2.) Contestant #8
3.) Contestant #10
4.) Contestant #7
5.) Contestant #6
6.) Contestant #5
7.) Contestant #4
8.) Contestant #3
9.) Contestant #2
10.) Contestant #9

Now before some of you get discouraged, I will tell you that the point difference between Ranking #1 and Ranking #10 was only a mere 6 points. That is pretty tight competition, and you should all be proud of yourselves for a very good round! Now on to the other thing you guys wanted: Comments!


Contestant #1
~First of all, kudos for exactly matching the budget! You've captured a lovely beachy feel in your house design, however, I'm not sure this type of architecture would be as readily found in the suburbs; your descriptions of the features of the design are very evocative. Your floorplans are very functional and inviting. Lovely job!
~I love the lanai. Im not sure this is the sort of home you would find in the suburbs?

Contestant #2
~You've created a very exotic and interesting design. As nice as it is, I'm not sure this type of architecture would be all that common in the majority of suburbs. The landscaping and interior decor (wallpapers/flooring/etc) choices could have been a bit more, as you still had some budget left. Good show!
~You know and said about this round yourself. Even so, i think its a good looking lot & very unusual.

Contestant #3
~Great consideration regarding the exterior considering the house's placement within a traditional suburb, but I would have liked to have seen more in the way of "exotic" or "tropical" thematic touches in the landscaping and/or interior decor (wallpapers/flooring/built-in choices), Great work (especially with this being your first contest)!
~I like the siding, gives it a nice beachy feel. Try to remember to remove grid
lines when taking pictures.

Contestant #4
~Your home has quite a nice modern feel and would not seem all that out of place in suburbia. Your floorplans are unique in shape, adding nice interest and an airy quality which is echoed in your choice of green palette. I would have liked to have seen more landscaping work, but overall you have made a very lovely home!
~ I like the unusual look to the house.

Contestant #5
~What an inviting backyard you have created for the house! While the front could use a bit more "curb appeal" and I would like to have seen more "exotic" touches, you have really made a nice home. I like how you've placed larger windows to create a lessened need for artificial lighting and the enclosed garage is a nice touch. Nice work!
~I love the modern look, and i adore the pool area. Good job

Contestant #6
~Your house has a cozy layout and I really love how you've included so many windows on the backside of the house. The more opened and less defined interior common space on the first floor is a nice touch. I only would have wanted to see more "exotic" elements and a wee bit more landscaping towards the front of the home, however, the backyard pond is absolutely lush. Bravo!
~I like what you've done with the driveway, and lovely
landscaping with the water and plants. The siding fits nicely with the theme.

Contestant #7
~When I saw your home I felt immediately swept away to a exciting, tropical locale; very nice job evoking that feeling. As before, I'm not 100% certain that this design would mesh in most suburban environments and I couldn't help but notice that you violated one of the requirements in adding the deck/foundation base. Your color palette and design of the interior is lovely!
~I love the rustic feel to the place, and the covered seating area.
Again, im not sure its something you would see in the suburbs?

Contestant #8
~What a charming house! You have created a fun look with nice exterior and interior design elements. Seeing a home with this sort of architecture in a suburb wouldn't be too outlandish (ignoring the ocean proximity, that is). The pool in the front yard is an interesting touch and the outdoor fireplace and entertaining area is a nice addition. Good job!
~I love the fencing you've used and you've done a great job with the terrain paints.

Contestant #9
~Your home looks so very bright and sunny! Unfortunately you did go a tad overbudget, but not by all that much. The lawn is quite verdant and lush and I like the openness of the floorplans within the house. I would have liked to have seen more in the way of landscaping, but considering the budget I understand your choices. The house would meld within a suburban environment, so nice work!
~I like the siding you've used, and great use of the thatched roof.

Contestant #10
~I like your blended take on a modern minimalist sensibility with the natural textures of a more tropical design. You did, however, utilize a foundation level which was specifically mentioned as being not permissible in the round. The open floorplans and interior color palettes are executed nicely and the sizeable exterior entertaining areas are good touches as well. Nice entry!
~I like the covered are at the front. The palm tree looks a little out of place,
stood on its own, maybe needed some landscaping around it?

(*Please note that 2 of the judges offered comments. The judges are not required to give comments, it is their option to do so or not.)

So there you have it! I think you should all give yourselves a round of applause for a job well done! Good luck to each of you in Round 2, and remember the deadline is Tuesday, Feb 3. @ 6:00AM EST! :D

Also a quick side note to contestants: Should you not for some reason be able to submit a round 2 entry please let me know in thread or via PM. I dont want extend the deadline to accomodate someone and then have them not post their entry anyway. You can skip a round of competition and not be eliminated from this contest. However, should you skip a round, you will be scored a 0 in that round. If you, for some reason, cannot continue in the contest altogether, please let me know via PM as soon as possible! Thanks guys! :)

31st Jan 2009, 3:47 PM
Hi everyone! Time for your Round 1 Results! :)

Contestant #1
~First of all, kudos for exactly matching the budget! You've captured a lovely beachy feel in your house design, however, I'm not sure this type of architecture would be as readily found in the suburbs; your descriptions of the features of the design are very evocative. Your floorplans are very functional and inviting. Lovely job!
~I love the lanai. Im not sure this is the sort of home you would find in the suburbs?

See, this is where the old saw of "measure twice, cut once" needs an adendum, of "Read THREE times", lol! I could have sworn it said Hawaiian suburbs! Although, I can think of places along the coasts, particularly the Gulf Coast and along the Mississippi River where the style wouldn't be too out of place.

*Goes off to re-read Round 2 instructions*

31st Jan 2009, 10:26 PM
I would have loved to have joined this contest, but I just now noticed it. Everyone is doing a great job, I'll be watching from the sidelines.

1st Feb 2009, 8:54 PM
Meh. Modern isn't really my forte. And I really wish I knew how to work with the terrain modification tools to do interesting things with that, but anyway, here we go:

Classic Contemporary

Front view:

Rear view:

A touch of classic and a touch of modern, this 3-bedroom, 1 3/4-bath contemporary is perfect for those who want a little of both. It's the perfect residence for a stylish, active, and growing family.The bold burgundy and white stucco exterior with imposing two-story windows and coordinating mature plantings gives way to neutral, elegant greyscale once inside, providing a peaceful haven for the family or a classy backdrop for elegant dinner parties with equal ease.

Ground Level:
Rooms & Dimensions:
Foyer: 3X5
Living Room: 6x10
Kitchen: 6X5
Den: 5X5
Dining Room: 4X6
Outdoor Meditation Garden: 6X5
Outdoor Courtyard: Irregularly shaped, very roughly 8X7
Garage: 7X9

The ground floor is open and airy, with doorless archways and large windows that let soft washes of natural light into every room. The kitchen is a fully-equipped, black-and-white showplace and is central in the back of the house, servicing both the huge formal living room and the smaller, more intimate den. The formal dining room is directly off the central foyer, and sliding glass doors from this room provide access to the outdoor enclosed courtyard, as well, which is a perfect spot for casual, al-fresco, but still private dining. The courtyard links the main house and the detached, one-car garage. Off the back of the living room is a half-walled meditation garden. Offering both sun and shade, it's an excellent place to relax, to smell the beautiful mature red roses and white oleander, and to listen to the running fountain already in place. There is also a small garden plot within the protective walls of this courtyard, all prepared and ready for your tomato plants.


Meditation Garden:

Upstairs is home to the home's three very generously-sized bedrooms. The master bedroom includes a private bath with shower room, and there is another 3/4 family bath with a tub/shower on the hall. The home is ready for immediate occupancy; just bring your furniture.

2nd Level:
Rooms & Dimensions:
Master Bedroom: Roughly 7x7 (not square)
Master Bath: Roughly 6X3 (also not square)
Hall Bath: 4X2
Boy's Bedroom: 4X5
Girl's Bedroom: 6X5

Note: I use GunMod's lighting mod in my game, so it makes the little upper hallway that accesses the bedrooms and bathrooms, the only completely interior room in this house, very dark. Since no one was living in the house when I took the pictures, I could not turn on the lights to illuminate that hallway. Hopefully, this isn't a big deal. There's nothing to see there, really. :)

1st Feb 2009, 10:12 PM
How do we design a house on a 2x2 lot when the smallest lot available in the base game is a 3x2 lot? Even Brandi Broke's house is on a 3x2 lot. Is there an expansion pack that allows players to have smaller lot sizes or larger lot sizes?

These houses look pretty good and affordable. When I was on www.parsimonious.org (http://www.parsimonious.org) and searched for the smallest house available, I could not find any, because ALL the houses were huge and fancy and cost more than 20,000 simoleons.

Smaller lots [2x2 and even 3x1] come with expansions, I don't remember which, as, I have 6 installed. However, you can download small lots, like 1x1, 2x1, etc. from modthesims2, and, you might be permitted to use that for this contest?

2nd Feb 2009, 12:16 AM
Interesting little side conversation! I learned something, or two things, new! :) Personally, I've never been so bold as to play with the terrain mod tools, and though I've built some cool things, I think that is beyond me. Knowing the turning on/off lights in an unoccupied home is such a useful thing- wish I had known that when I was competing in house contests! :D

On a sad note, SimCharley had to drop out due to RL conflicts. Sorry to lose you SimCharley! Our best wishes to you, and I hope maybe you'll enter a subsequent cycle of this contest. :)

2nd Feb 2009, 6:30 PM
I am so mad at my game. I spent hours working on my house last night, only had to finish designing a garden left, and I was tired so I quit playing. What does my game do? Crash when it's closing. I'm scared to turn it back on and discover my house is completely gone and I have to do it all over again before tomorrow morning.

2nd Feb 2009, 6:37 PM
Crimson Pride

A bold modern home that makes a statement! A beautiful two storey family home that boasts plenty of balconies – great for entertaining, or just for a breath of fresh air… The home includes a basement garage. The ground floor has a large living room – ideal for entertaining, the passage to the left leads to the formal dining room which features imported Italian marble tiles. The kitchen features modern black and white counters and includes a breakfast bar. To the right of the living room is the master suite – and following the latest European trends, the master suite has an open plan sleeping and bathing area – separated by a stylish glass partition.

Stairs lead to a family/den area. This floor also includes the kid’s bedrooms – Kiley’s bedroom includes a private balcony. We decided that a balcony was a little inappropriate for an active 10 year boy. A small alcove overlooking the lower floor is ideal for a hobby/study area. A beautifully landscaped garden is a great space to relax or entertain.

Street View

Rear View


Master Suite - Bath Area

Ground Floor

Upper Floor

Lot Size – 3 x 3
Cost - $38 984

Ground Floor
Kitchen – 4 x 6
Dining Room – 4 x 5
Living Room – 5 x 6
Main Bedroom – 7 x 6
Toilet – 2 x 2

First Floor
Den – 7 x 4
Bedroom 2 – 4 x 4
Bedroom 3 – 4 x 4
Bathroom – 2 x 4

3rd Feb 2009, 12:01 AM
Ground Floor
Formal Living Room: 8x8
Formal Dining Room: 6x7
Kitchen: 7x5
Den: 4x6
Half Bathroom: 2x3

First Floor
Landing: 8x7
Master Bedroom: 5x7
Teens Bedroom: 5x6
Childs Bedroom: 4x5
Full Bathroom: 3x3

Aerial Ground Floor

Aerial First Floor




Teens Bedroom


The house contains all of the required elements that thi particular family were looking for, right down to the den - which, in this house with its decor, is aimed more at adult entertainment. It would be a great little place to kick back and play Poker, and its huge windows really reflects both the sun and moonlight. The garden is set mainly to the front of the house, and there remains plenty of room for further landscaping in the future.

3rd Feb 2009, 12:10 AM
Thanks, Kattenijin, for the advice! I really do need some time to play around with this sort of thing and do some tutorials and such. But, with working two jobs, there just isn't a whole lot of time.

I do thank you for the boolprop cheat for the lights; I figured there had to be something like that, and that will make things easier. :)

3rd Feb 2009, 9:58 AM
I'm here at last to upload my stuff.
My internet only had a connection of like 3 mb all night long and I couldn't get on. Hopefully our time zones are only an hour apart or else I'm doing this on the deadline.


One Moonspun Shore Drive

This home priced at 38,984s has everything the Miller's -- or any other Sim family -- is hoping for. The kitchen features Eris3000 stainless steel appliances and a built-in broom closet. Also, trendy McAlli lush carpeting is used throughout the home. A white brick fireplace is the focal point in the small family room off the front foyer. A scenic view of Moonspinner Bay can be seen from large windows in the livingroom and diningroom. Off the livingroom, a small hallway leading to a lavatory, den, and garage entry. Double-wide glass doors lead out of the dining room to a patio area.
Upstairs, the Miller children should find plenty of space in their rooms: blue for Kennon, shades of purple for Kiley. A bathroom off the hallway is for their use. The master suite is wallpapered in an elegant design matching the beige carpeting. Brad and Andrea will have their own full bathroom with tub and shower, both.
All the rooms, except the family room and kitchen, have ceiling lighting. The other two have wall lights. There is a double wide coat closet next to the stairway in the foyer.
The garage is roomy enough for the Miller's to keep their riding lawn mower and gardening tools along with their vehicle and car-care items. They could possibly install laundry facilities in the garage, as well, if they wish. The garage is lit by the old standard -- bare light bulbs in wall sockets.
The yard is landscaped in an English Garden style.

Front View:


Rear View:


First Storey:


Second Storey:


Top Shot of the Kitchen:


The broom closet hides half the refridgerator, and inside the closet is a trash basket and hanging broom. There's a light over the sink under the counter in case you were wondering why you couln't see one in the overview of the first floor.

Side View of Yard:


I really like the lawn and garden effects on this lot, but I couldn't find a good angle that shows all the flowers, vines, shrubs, etc, throughout the yard.

The lot is a 3 x 4.

Foyer: 3 x 3
Family Room: 4 x 4
Kitchen: 4 x 5
Dining Room: 5 x 6
Livingroom: 8 x 5 (6 along dining room)
Den: 4 x 5
Lavatory: 2 x 3
Garage: 11 x 5
Boy's Room: 4 x 6
Girl's Room: 5 x 6
Bathroom: 3 x 4
Master Bedroom: 7 x 5
Master Bath: 3 x 4

**** The garage is actually fake, it's there for looks alone. There's an invisible driveway with terrain paint. But Sims can use the garage for other outdoor gear type things and park the car out front.

3rd Feb 2009, 10:08 AM
Okay! Round closed! I am SO glad you all made it in! :D And from what I can see, this has been another great, creative round! Okay, sending this one off to the judges, and will be posting the next round shortly- in between trying to get my teenagers out the door for school! Good luck everyone in this round's judging! :)

3rd Feb 2009, 12:42 PM
Round 3- On Golden Pond

Your client for Round 3 is Mr. & Mrs. Platt. After a lifetime of raising their 4 children, hard work, and saving its time for the Platts to retire! They are looking for warm weather so want to move to the Southwestern US. Though they are pretty open to most ideas, there is one thing they dont want- stairs of any kind, so no foundations! Their home should also be kid friendly for when their grandchildren come to visit! Their budget is a whopping $72,931!

~ A Medium sized lot- exact size and shape to your discression
~ A Southwesten style Ranch home
~ A minimum of: 1 Eat-in Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms (including 1 Master Bedroom and two guest bedrooms), at least 1 Full Bathroom, 1 Formal Dining Room, Casual Living Room w/ fireplace
~ A driveway (*See note below!)
~ Ready to move in condition: Completed interior with furnishings.
~ Completed exterior
~ Closed yard area for grandchildren to play
~ Landscaping which includes an area containing a garden for Mrs. Platt
~ Fully Furnished/Decorated inside & out! :D

(*NOTE: If you do not have NL, you may 'fake' the driveway using flooring materials. The specs on your drive should be 5X8 (5 squares wide by 8 squares long) to keep it within the size of the actual driveway. You must add $100 to the cost of your lot as if you were placing a real driveway. You will not be penalized by the judges for doing the driveway this way.)

Materials that need to be submitted for Round 3:
1.) Your name and the Round # in the subject bar of your post.
2.) 6 Photos of your completed design; 1 of the exterior from the front, 1 of the exterior from the rear, 1 overhead with roof removed so layout of rooms can be seen, and 3 photos of your choice highlighting special features of your design.
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.
4.) The home's list of amenities.
5.) Total purchase cost of lot.

You are allowed to use as much or as little custom content in the creation of your lot as you'd like. Foundations/stairs may not be used in this round. Remember to keep your client and their needs in mind when you are designing! REMEMBER- If you have the budget, you may add more to the home than the basic requirements, and it may be to your advantage to impress the client, however, you must stay on budget and the final cost of the home must meet or be under the client's budget!


3rd Feb 2009, 12:58 PM
I really must step up my game on this one, thus, I need to go find some cheaper decorating objects, as, maxis stuff just costs too much (as far as flowers and trees and bushes go)

However, glad this round is more like the style of house I build. That should help my previous horrible entries a little. LOL.

OH, one more thing. I'm sure its just a mistake, but, we are suppose to furnish this house correct? I only ask, because it states completed interior w/o furnishing, (like always), but then, you have it marked as fully furnished.
So, we do furnish it?

3rd Feb 2009, 1:38 PM
I really must step up my game on this one, thus, I need to go find some cheaper decorating objects, as, maxis stuff just costs too much (as far as flowers and trees and bushes go)

However, glad this round is more like the style of house I build. That should help my previous horrible entries a little. LOL.

OH, one more thing. I'm sure its just a mistake, but, we are suppose to furnish this house correct? I only ask, because it states completed interior w/o furnishing, (like always), but then, you have it marked as fully furnished.
So, we do furnish it?

Glad you are liking this round. Thought I would give a little more freedom and a larger budget for this, and the next round. (I am really looking forward to that round myself!)

Yes, you are supposed to fully furnish and decorate both inside and out for this round. Thanks for pointing that out.

3rd Feb 2009, 2:32 PM
This contest looks so fun! I just hope I knew it earlier so I could have joined. :(

3rd Feb 2009, 2:37 PM
Oh dear. I'm crap at southwestern/ranch style. LOL. And no stairs...darn. :P

Actually, I have a question.

Is it supposed to be a modern south western ranch home that are built in the suburbs nowadays; the ones that look like mini McMansions? Or is it supposed to be like an old style homesteaded in the late 1800's (example) country ranch?

3rd Feb 2009, 6:02 PM
[QUOTE=clw8]I really must step up my game on this one, thus, I need to go find some cheaper decorating objects, as, maxis stuff just costs too much (as far as flowers and trees and bushes go)

I have the same problem. I was amazed when I still had around 3000 to spend when my house was done for landscaping on the last round.
So, is it legal to go into homecrafter and change prices on walls and floors? I searched the net and found cool stuff to use, but no one ever lists prices, so I ended up with a bunch of stuff that costs as much as or more than Maxis loot. I'd like to use some of it.

4th Feb 2009, 2:27 AM
Welp, as I state here before, my game had crashed in the process of making getting info on this house, and, therefor I wasn't able to supply you with a picture of the price. Well, I got back on today... and, very fastly, snapped a picture of the price, lol! Luckily I had saved my house before the crash. So, here it is [the price]:

Mr. & Mrs. Platt's SW Ranch
-3x3 lot
-Kitchen, Dinning, Living, 2 spare beds, 1 full bath, Master Suite , fenced in area for children and adults alike, covered car port, gardening plots, pond, lots and lots of flowers, trees and shrubs.
-Fully Furnished, including Lights (indoor and out), phones, and smoke alarm.


Inside View:
kitchen: 8x4
dinning: 6x4
living: 5x4
2 spare beds: 5x4
bath: 3x3
Master bed: 7x7 & bath: 5x2
Entry: 5x5
Hall: 2x4

play area


4th Feb 2009, 10:21 AM
Oh dear. I'm crap at southwestern/ranch style. LOL. And no stairs...darn. :P

Actually, I have a question.

Is it supposed to be a modern south western ranch home that are built in the suburbs nowadays; the ones that look like mini McMansions? Or is it supposed to be like an old style homesteaded in the late 1800's (example) country ranch?

Definitely not a Mc.Mansion! By definition, a ranch is a home where all the rooms of the home are on the ground floor- the only floor of the house. And a late 1800's style may be too outdated. A great way to get some ideas is to maybe look under real estate sites for say, Los Angeles, Nevada, Arizona.
Some examples. (http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=southwestern+style+ranch+house&gbv=2" target="_blank)

So, is it legal to go into homecrafter and change prices on walls and floors? I searched the net and found cool stuff to use, but no one ever lists prices, so I ended up with a bunch of stuff that costs as much as or more than Maxis loot. I'd like to use some of it.

You can do that? I didnt know that. Finally a reason to break out homecrafter! LOL! I guess that would be okay so long as you dont make everything in your catalog $1 (like the furniture and stuff). I really dont know how to answer that one because its something I didnt anticipate, but I guess for floors/walls its okay.

4th Feb 2009, 10:35 AM
Okay, thanks for clearing that up, MissTech! I live in north eastern Finland, and we have a distinct lack of southwestern ranch styles here. :P

4th Feb 2009, 2:42 PM
I meant the walls and floors. All you have to do is load it, clone whatever you want to use, change the price (description, too, if you want), save it and put it in your downloads -- can't remember offhand if it puts it straight into your game or not. I think it does.
You'd have to use SimPE to change prices on everything else and I have yet to figure out that program. So far all I managed with directions in hand was copying a Sim to use in SimPose.

I have a question, too. I want to do the printscreen to get the pic of the lot size and price but my stupid pc cleaner program wipes out "Help" ever since I upgraded to XP so I can't figure out how to use the HP printscreen program that is built into my pc. Does anyone else have HP that can tell me how to get the printscreen image into that so I can use those types of pics?

4th Feb 2009, 3:22 PM
Use the printscreen button on the keyboard to capture the image you want. Tab out of the game. Open your paint/photoshop/whathaveyou program. Use Ctrl-V to paste the image into paint/etc. Manipulate as needed. Save image.

Thanx. Now I can have the lot description, too. Yayyyyyyyy.
On my first house, I forgot to write the price down on a scrap of paper and had to load my game again to get it.

5th Feb 2009, 3:51 PM
My scores for Round 2 are in! Great job everyone!

5th Feb 2009, 4:54 PM
My scores are in. You all did a great job!

5th Feb 2009, 8:21 PM
Southern California and Nevada have drawn the Platts to enjoy the sunny weather and open aired, cool breeze 1950's ranch style homes. Although built almost sixty years ago, this particular home has been well-kept and recently fitted with a brand new kitchen.


Streetside, this home is like many of the other similar of style in the neighbourhood. Simple and unassuming, the crisp entry is a mixture of wood, stucco, stone, and cast iron atop the fence, to allow for an elegant entry with maximum privacy.


The side/backyard has plenty amenities for the Platts to enjoy in the summer (and winter) sun. There is a pool large enough for laps, or lounging about in an inflatable chaise. A barbeque, patio table, and hammock are all available for entertaining and relaxing, while the yard is also fenced and has a small area off to the side for the grandchildren to play. The yard also is visible from the plethora of windows in the livingroom, kitchen/dining room, and master bedroom. In the corner across the pool is the third guest bedroom in a small separate building.


The floorplan shows the flow and walkthrough of the home, from the front livingroom to the back bedrooms. The third bedroom is located in the guest house in the corner of the yard, which has a double bed and separate full bathroom. While the guest room in the house has a crib and bed for visiting grandchildren, the adult Platt children get the silence and peace from being a bit further away. There is a small garden to the back of the house, accessible from the door at the end of the hallway. It is outside of the fenced yard, and out of reach of grandchildren.

Guesthouse bed: 4x4
Guesthouse bath: 4x1
Livingroom: 3x5
Kitchen:3x3 with 3x2 bar eating area.
Dining/fire seating:3x5
Guestroom kids: 3x5
Master bath: 2x4 +2
Masterbedroom: 5x4


The masterbedroom is wonderfully spacious, with bright windows and glass doors on either side, for a nice and sunny wake up.


The open kitchen and dining has a mixture of woods and "timeless" retro furniture. A small lounge nook is beside the fireplace.


The livingroom is the first thing from the front door, and packs a punch of colour. It may be small, but it's tidy and has views through the yard and to the end of the house.

And the price! Phew, that was close.

6th Feb 2009, 10:44 AM
Hey everyone, just a quick update....

Ive gotten scores back from 2 of the 3 judges. Scores are supposed to be back to me by 8am today so the third judge does have a little more time to submit. Should they not, I will have to step in as the EJ this round- something I would prefer not to do, but we cannot just put things on hold and wait since there is a time limit to the contest. I am hoping to post the Round 2 rankings/comments sometime to day! So stay tuned....!

Great Round 3 entries thus far! I hope you all are enjoying a little more freedom and the larger budget for this round! :)

6th Feb 2009, 3:02 PM
Well, congratulations to you all for a successful Round 2. It was another tight round as far as scoring goes, so you should all be proud of your efforts.
Unfortunately, one of the regular judges was unavailable this round, so I was forced to step in and score this round. Well, that being said, on to the Rankings!

Round 2 Rankings

1.) Contestant #7
2.) Contestant #8
3.) Contestant #1
4.) Contestant #5
5.) Contestant #4
6.) Contestant #6
7.) Contestant #2
8.) Contestant #3
9.) Contestant #10

Judges Comments

Contestant 1
~ Wow! Your home is gorgeous! When can I move in? You nailed the budget, style, and requirements. I really enjoy how you've caught a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to your home. Bravo!
~ Outstanding design. If you were going for a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to your home, you achieved it completely. The lot is attractive and very well landscaped. My favorite part of this home was the living room with the lowered 'ceiling' in the entryway. Just beautiful.

Contestant 2
~ Your house is lovely and I like how you used interesting window shapes! You did go a tad overbudget and I would have liked to have seen more "curb appeal" landscaping, but you've done a great job in your layouts.
~ Overall a nice design, but I found it to be a bit bland for the exterior. Perhaps some more landscaping and pops of color would help. However, I absolutely loved the kitchen you presented. Nice job this round.

Contestant 3
~ The house is quite spacious and very impressive looking! I would have liked to have seen more landscaping and modern touches, but this really is a lovely house.
~ A nice, large home with plenty of room for a family. There is a lot of wasted space on the second floor hallway, but other than that it looks to be a sound, playable design. I would suggest more landscaping to improve the curb appeal of your home. Good effort!

Contestant 4
~ Oh, I like your color choices with the red, black, and white and the meditation garden is a nice touch! There could be more in the way of landscaping, but otherwise good show!
~ A very nice looking home. Nicely landscaped up front, but a little sparse out in the back with the exception of the mediation garden, which was a lovely surprise. Great kitchen as well. Good job this round.

Contestant 5
~ I really like the way you've set the house into the property and the glass ceilings! Is there a way in which you could crop out the "Pause" symbols in the upper left corners? Otherwise, excellent job!
~ Not exactly modern in design, but a nicely designed home. I love the way you used the terrain mod tool to add some depth and character to the lot. It is also well landscaped. Nice open floor plan on the ground floor. Nice job.

Contestant 6
~ What lush landscaping you've created; it's quite lovely indeed! Your layout is nice, however I would like to have seen more in the way of a modern touch to your home's look. Good job!
~ Not exactly modern, but there is something about this home I find very appealing! I love the color used on the exterior. The lot is landscaped extremely well too! Loved the little extra touches in the kitchen. Cute and appealing overall. Great job.

Contestant 7
~ What a fabulous modern aesthetic! This home looks phenomenal and meets all of the requested requirements. There could be a few more exterior plants, but otherwise excellent work!
~ Outstanding modern design! Love the way you used the terrain mod tool to add depth and character to the lot, however, its a bit sparse in the landscaping department. Looks to be a very sound design with little wasted space, and the balconies were a nice addition. Fantastic job this round.

Contestant 8
~ That coral exterior is amazing! This home definitely has a modern feel and I love your choice in windows. Kudos for meeting all of the requirements and for creating such a fabulous design!
~ Outstanding modern design! Great use of terrain mod tool to add depth and character to the lot. There is plenty of landscaping, but somehow it still looks a little sparse. My favorite part of this home is the back with the plant garden within that nook in the house design- fantastic little surprise and a design element Ive not seen before. Also really love the featured bathroom! Fantastic job this round.

Contestant 10
~ The selection of natural stone exterior is very nice and you have a rather whimsical landscaping design. I would have liked to have seen more of a modern influence, but you've done a very nice job (kudos for all of the Maxis content).
~ Interesting design, not very modern unfortunately. I think the use of that particular exterior takes away from the design. More windows, or more modern windows may have helped. Landscaped as required, but again, would have liked to see more! Good job this round though!

(Please note that only 2 of the judges submitted comments for this round!)

So, nice job and a hardy round of applause to everyone for this round! Dont forget, your Round 3 entry is due by 6:00AM EST on Tuesday, Feb 10th!

7th Feb 2009, 10:12 PM
The Platt House




The house has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The master bedroom had a connected master bathroom. The smaller guest bedrooms have closets and one has a double bed for visiting children and another bedroom with two twin beds for grandchildren. The kitchen has a place to eat and the dining room is close by. The living room has a fireplace and plenty of books to satisfy even the largest bookworm. Out back, there is a pool and a play area for grandchildren, complete with a swing, monkey bars, and a slide. On the other side of the pool, there is an area for gardening and two orchard trees.

Picture of one guest room


Living Room

Bathroom-3x3 minus 1
Master Bathroom-4x5 minus 2
Guest 1-5x6 plus 3
Guest 2-4x6 plus 6
Bathroom 2-4x3 minus 2

And finally, the lot info:

Also, I want to say that I totally picked the wrong house for round two. I had built two and the other is much better, now that I look.

7th Feb 2009, 10:38 PM
Birds Eye View

Exterior Front

Exterior Back

The Garden

The Formal Dining Room

The Kitchen



Living Room: 6x6
Bathroom 1: 3x5
Bathroom 2: 2x4
Kitchen: 5x5
Formal Dining Room: 6x7
Master Bedroom: 6x6
Bedroom Two: 5x5
Bedroom Three: 5x4

This is a delightful medium-sized property, with three sizeable bedrooms - including an en-suite attached to the Master. To the back of the property is a beautiful garden for the lady of the house, which overlooks a play area for the children - offering a lovely view in the summer when the kids come over to visit and play. The required formal dining room opens up with double glass doors onto the play area, and from there the kitchen with space for eating within, for the more casual breakfasts and lunches.

8th Feb 2009, 1:30 AM
MissTech, I have another question, since the Platt's are retiring to the southwest, are we talking like Arizona/New Mexico or California? Just wondering since all the parts of the Southwest I've been to were desert with scrub plants -- I even saw two real Joshua trees up close. And lots of pine trees. Almost all sand, dirt, rocks, scrubby plants here and there. Only green was around mountains. Next to no grass and no palm trees except in Vegas. I just want to know what kind of terrain I should have around my house before I get it all the way done so that my landscaping matches the round rules and I don't get less points for not being accurate. I have my plots on paper and I'm thinking of building it in Stangetown since that neighborhood comes closest to all the Southwestern states I've been to.
What do you think?

8th Feb 2009, 2:28 AM
For what it's worth, Deatherella, I'm building mine in Strangetown. I live in the southwest corner of Colorado, which is the edge of the "Southwest" so it's a little greener than the true Southwest because we get that thing known as snow. :) But I'm thinking Santa Fe with my house, since I'm familiar with that area and go there often. I think SoCal is similar terrain, though. My San Diegan-bred roommate says so, at any rate. :)

But yeah. Cacti, although in Santa Fe they don't have big ones like they have in Arizona. Some pines. No palms. Xeriscape. Cottonwood trees! I needs me some cottonwood trees! Doubt there are any, though, and I sure as heck can't make 'em. :( But anyway, that's my thinking.

8th Feb 2009, 3:06 AM
Thanks, iCad. Happy to know I wasn't the only one thinking Southwest = desert.

8th Feb 2009, 10:13 AM
MissTech, I have another question, since the Platt's are retiring to the southwest, are we talking like Arizona/New Mexico or California? What do you think?

Yes, when I mentioned retiring to the SW, Arizona, NM, Nevada was what I had in mind. And there may not be mention of specific points off, but remember part of your "Aesthetics" score has to do with keeping to the theme for the round. Now also keep in mind that not all areas that feature SW style homes are in the desert. For example, I lived in the Valley in LA where many SW style homes are, but the terrain there is not desert.

8th Feb 2009, 2:49 PM
Okay good. :) I based my home off the architectural style of a 1950's popular ranch architect, and most of the examples were in California, and not in the desert.

Everyone's entries this round so far are stunning!

8th Feb 2009, 9:06 PM
(Notes: Ahhhhh, Southwest style. :) This house is actually based on my roommate's mother's house in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lives in an adobe house built in the late 40s that is very much like this one I've built. So at least it's authentic for that particular area of the Southwest! I lament the lack of cottonwood trees -- which would be truly authentic -- available for download. I have substituted oaks instead. Just...pretend they're cottonwoods. ;) From a distance, they look similar. At least I found a scrub pine, though! I didn't put in a pool, as most others have done, because in that particular area of the country pools are not common, as it is in persistent drought. Swimming pools are considered a waste in a place where water has been scrupulously rationed for years. Instead, I spent that money on landscaping, a greenhouse, and more thorough decorating. :) )

Just on the market is this fully-furnished, fully-decorated Santa Fe-style classic, with traditional adobe, brick, and post-and-beam construction with light-colored tile roofing to deflect heat. The home also features traditional hardwood flooring with large hand-woven southwest area rugs throughout. Built in 1947, this is a classic style and construction method that has stood the test of time. The previous owners were careful to thoroughly furnish and decorate the home's rooms in an appropriate style, as well, and are very willing to leave all items in place for the new owners. The home is small enough at 1,400 square feet to be easily maintained by retirees, but also large enough to easily accommodate a small family or visiting friends and family.

The Exterior Front:

The Exterior Rear:
As you can see, the home's few windows are strategically placed mostly on the south-facing facade in order to let in light throughout the day while also minimizing heat gain and loss, which is an important feature for high-desert living. Outside is mature, easy-care, and, most importantly, drought-resistant xeriscaping, featuring many species of cacti both native and brought in from Arizona, and native cottonwood trees and scrub pine. This adds not only aesthetic attraction but also cooler spots throughout the yard, including the enclosed back courtyard already equipped with a swingset and sandbox for the kids. On the east-facing side is a small climate-controlled greenhouse, accessed from the attached garage, which allows for year-round planting and less worry about water loss in the summer.

The Entryway:
The front entryway is recessed and shaded and features a charming antique entry door and antique wrought-iron light fixtures. Watch out for that barrel cactus!

The Living Area:
The living area, though compact, is a cozy desert oasis, featuring hand-built mission-style furniture, varnished hickory flooring, large glass doors to let in light, a small cactus garden, southwest artwork, a safety-minded electric corner fireplace, and even a mounted trophy deer!

The Kids' Room:
One of three generously-sized bedrooms, the kids' room is whimsically decorated with summer-camp-style canopy beds, nightstands, armoire, and even fully-stocked toy boxes!

The Overall Floor Plan:

Room Dimensions:

Entry Foyer: 3x2
Adult Guest Bedroom: Roughly 5x6 (Has one diagonal wall)
Full Hall Bath: 3x2
Kids' Guest Bedroom: 5x6
Living Area: 7x6
Dining: Roughly 5x4, seats 4
Kitchen w/ Dinette set: 5x4, seats 2
Master Bath: 3x6
Master Bedroom: Roughly 5x6. (Has one diagonal wall and bay-shaped "bump-out" for a loveseat.)
Greenhouse: 4x4
Attached Garage: 7x9

(Ooops, I forgot to take a pic of the price screen before I closed my game. :( It's $72,891. I remember the amount exactly because I kept trying my darndest to spend that last even $40, but nothing I have in my game that would have gone with the theme is $40, nor is there a combination of things that adds up to $40. :) So I gave up and left it at that price. :) )

9th Feb 2009, 8:37 PM







A typical ranch style family home which features a simple floor plan, stone exterior and a delightful back yard. From the large airy entrance hall one enters a cosy living room with large stone fireplace. A study nook to one side is the ideal place for grandpa to sell those old baseball cards on e-bay... There is a formal living room, but it is simple and the colour theme continues from the large family sized kitchen, which features a breakfast bar and plenty of counter space. The bedrooms are housed in a seperate wing - three large comfy bedrooms. The main bedroom opens up onto the pool area and also features it own bathroom with full bath and shower.

The rear of the home is a delight for those who love the outdoors. There is a carport - enclosed sandpit for those hyper grandkids, and a fully functional vegetable garden (I have taken the liberty of planting some corn and tomatoes - I hope you don't mind). The pool is also enclosed - we must keep our kids safe right? The patio off the entrance hall features a grill and an outdoor dining area.








Entrance Hall - 4 x 6
Lounge - 7 x 5
Study - 4 x 3
Kitchen - 6 x 5
Dining Room - 4 x 5
Main Bedroom - 5 x 6
En Suite - 4 x 3
Bed 2 - 4 x 5
Bed 3 - 4 x 5
Bathroom - 3 x 3

Lot Size - 3 x 3
Lot Cost - $72 930

I hope that you do not mind the collage - I was very pleased with how the rooms turned out - I wanted to show them off...

9th Feb 2009, 9:03 PM
eedgan . . . aww, its soooo pretty! It really looks really realistic! I especially love the "sandpit" !

10th Feb 2009, 10:16 AM
Hey everyone! I am going to grant an extension on this round as we are missing 2 people still. An extension yes, but not a long one! Deadline for this round is now extended until 6:00PM EST today!

Even though this extension has been granted, I am still going to post up (shortly) the final round information. Stay tuned! :)

10th Feb 2009, 1:15 PM
thanks MissTech, i'll get my entry in ASAP

10th Feb 2009, 2:31 PM
Round 4 - The Final Round- Two Tickets to Paradise!

Your final client is 30-something bachelor, Brad Collins. Brad hit it HUGE in the stock market a few years ago and is now looking to buy himself a vacation home. He is currently a wealthy bachelor who entertains frequently, but he is looking to settle down with the perfect woman, so his vacation home will need to accomodate his life both now and in the future. You will need to choose one of the following vacation theme styles and create the perfect getaway home: Tropical/beach, Forest/woods, Orient, Ski/Mountain.
Brad's budget for his vacation home is a whopping $127,069! The specific requirements for this home are:

~ A medium or large lot- exact shape & size at your discression
~ A home no greater than 3 stories tall (not including roof)
~ No basements.
~ A minimum of 1 eat-in Kitchen, 2 Master Suites Bedrooms with fireplaces and private baths, at least 2 Guest bedrooms, at least 2 Full Bathrooms, Formal Dining & Living Rooms, Casual Living Room/Den, Home Office
~ A driveway (*See note below!)
~ Ready to move in condition: completed interior without furnishings. (**See note below!)
~ Completed exterior with exterior lighting
~ Full landscaping with garden or pond
~ A patio area complete with a pool (this may be an open or enclosed area)

(*NOTE: If you do not have NL, you may 'fake' the driveway using flooring materials. The specs on your drive should be 5X8 (5 squares wide by 8 squares long) to keep it within the size of the actual driveway. You must add $100 to the cost of your lot as if you were placing a real driveway. You will not be penalized by the judges for doing the driveway this way.)

(**NOTE: The definition of move-in condition means that there are counter-tops and a sink in the kitchen at minimum, basic lighting fixtures in all rooms (like ceiling lights), and a toilet, tub, shower, or tub/shower combo, sink and light fixture all bathrooms. It also means that all interior/exterior floors have been laid, interior/exterior walls painted, and all architectural details like doors, archways, windows, columns are completed/finished.)

Materials that need to be submitted for Round 4:
1.) Your name and the Round # in the subject bar of your post.
2.) Up to 8 Photos of your completed design; 1 of the exterior from the front, 1 of the exterior from the rear, 1 overhead (with roof removed so layout of rooms can be seen) for each floor of the home, 1 of the patio/area, the remainder photos of your choice showcasing the special features of the home.
3.) A list of the names and dimensions of each interior room.
4.) The home's list of amenities.
5.) Total purchase cost of lot.

You are allowed to use as much or as little custom content in the creation of your lot as you'd like. Foundations may be used in this round. No basements are allowed in this round. Remember to keep your client and his current and future needs in mind when you are designing! Also keep in mind the specific vacation theme you have chosen, and keep you design in line with that theme! You may add more to the home than the basic requirements, but remember, you must stay on budget and the final cost of the home must meet or be under the client's budget! YOU DO NOT NEED BON VOYAGE to complete this challenge- you do not need to place/build this lot in one of the vacation neighborhoods unless you want/can.

Your final round entries are due in by 6:00AM EST on TUESDAY, FEB. 17TH! Good luck to you all in the final round! :D

10th Feb 2009, 3:43 PM
Sheesh! All that for a bachelor and his entertaining needs, no wonder the housing bubble burst. LOL

* just making a joke, I've been following all the unfortuante reports and do not take the US situation that lightly.

10th Feb 2009, 5:07 PM
Sorry about being late, I was up until almost six in the morning trying to get my wireless connection to kick in for more than five seconds at a crack before I gave up and went to bed. Hit refresh, restarted, redid the connection who knows how many times to no avail. I'm rushing right now since it's connected and I don't know how long it's going to last. Our phone company didn't open til 8 so I had to wait and see to wait and see what they say the problem is.

This desert home has all the amenities the Platt's were hoping for. A large room hosts a living area, dining area and open kitchen. There's a small utility room with laundry facilities off the kitchen with entry to the garage. Out the back door of the garage brings you to a small fenced in garden waiting for Mrs Platt's tender loving care.
There are ceiling lights throughout the home except in the master bedroom, where there are tablelamps. Oh, the hallway has wall lighting.
The home is done in stone, stucco and wood.
The guest room has a desk and pc along with a comfy full-sized bed. The smaller guest room is for the Platt's grandchildren. It has bunkbeds, cradle and changing table along with a toybox.
The living area features a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. The Platts can get cozy on a modular sofa circling the front of it.
The Master Bedroom has its own bathroom. Closet space is provided. Outside the master bedroom is a little retreat area just for Mr and Mrs Platt with some deck chairs and a hot tub in the shade of one of the few trees in the yard.
Outside the back door is a large enclosed patio area with grill, table and chess fun! There's a playstation for the grandchildren. And a tricycle for the little ones to share since they won't be able to climb the playhouse.
The Platt's will consider themselves quite lucky when they see their new home will have one of the rare watering holes beyond the backyard. Oooh, swimming!

***My pc freezes and crashes when I load houses down with cool stuff. I know my furnishing is sparse, but there's more here than I've put in houses on lots I play. The bigger the lot I use, the less furnishing it gets or my pc takes a dump. Besides, I like big open spaces in houses, I'm wierd that way.***

Front View:


Rear View:


Overhead View:


If you look thru the door, you can see all the way thru to the other side of the great room. And, I like my entry.


Not a great shot, but you can see the layout of the great room with all the living necessities in this pic:


And the kitchen:


Great Room consists of:
Living Area 7 x 8
Dining Area 6 x 8
Kitchen 7 x 7
Utility Room 3 x 4 with a 2x2 trapezoidal pantry area
Garage 8 x 8
Master Bedroom 6 x 7
Master Bath 3 x 4
Guest Bath 4 x 3 with a slanted area 3-4 tiles diagonal
Guest Room 6 x 6
Guest Children's Room 4 x 5


It's a 3 x 5 lot.

Hope I didn't forget anything. Once again, sorry about the tardiness of my entry.

10th Feb 2009, 8:03 PM
Firstly can I just add that I have no idea what a Southwesten style ranch home should look like, I live in the UK and have never travelled to the states but I did a little research online so hopefully my entry won't be too far off.

Golden Pond House

View Slideshow Here (http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/In-Gutter-Art/SIMS2/SIMS2%20BUILD/MY%20HOUSES/Golden%20Pond%20House/?albumview=slideshow)

Front View

Rear View

Overhead Shot

Free Shots



Hallway: 6x6 approx
Kitchen: 7x7 (fully fitted with fridge, sink, oven, dishwasher, trash compactor)
Dining Room: 7x4 approx
Living Area: 7x8
Main Bathroom: 3x4 (sink, toilet & freestanding bath)
Master Bedroom: 4x6
Master En-Suite: 2x3 (sink, toilet, shower)
Bedroom Two: 4x4
Bedroom Three: 4x4
Outdoors: Enclosed paved area, pond, vegetable patch, mature gardens
Lot Size 3x3


11th Feb 2009, 3:08 AM
Had fun!
[and, speaking of this home in particular, sorry that I came sooo far underbudget, but, I used up about all given space, and, since we weren't allowed to furnish the home, figured there was no way I could burn out the remaining $30,000 on landscapings, thus, you get this lil underbudget home :)]
. . . to the point.


Entry Floor (1st floor)
Garage: 7x9 -lighting
Kitchen: 7x8 (-3x3) - lighting, counters, sink, stove, refridgerator, cabinets
Full Bath: 3x3 -lighting, sink, tub/shower, toilet
Formal Dinning: 6x5 -lighting
Formal Living: 6x6 -lighting
Den: 6x6 - lighting, rear exit, stairs
Full Bath 2: 3x3 -lighting, sink, tub/shower, toilet

Upstairs (2nd floor)
Office: 6x4 -lighting
Suite 1: 7x4 -lighting, fireplace Bath: 3x3 -lighting, tub/shower, toilet, sink
Suite 2: 5x6 -lighting, fireplace Bath: 3x3 -lighting, tub/shower, toilet, sink
Guest Bed 1: 7x3 -lighting
Full Bath: 4x2 -lighting, tub/shower, toilet, sink
Guest Bed 2: 6x4 -lighting
Hall: 16x2 section + 3x9 section -lighting, stairs

Extra (mostly outside, as, I like it best)

11th Feb 2009, 7:27 PM
Mmm... Question?
Am I understanding round 4 requirements correctly? The house must have 4 full bathrooms? (The 2 master suites with full baths and 2 additional?)

12th Feb 2009, 7:41 AM
another question.....

you have given the room specifications for the round but can the house only have those stated rooms or can there be more? Are those guidelines just a minimum requirement?

12th Feb 2009, 11:04 AM
Hi Gang!

Okay to answer your questions: I.nfectious- yes what is listed in the minimum requirements for the house. Of course you may add more (rooms)than what is listed.

Eedgan- yes, you read that correctly. In general, master suite bathrooms are not for use by the 'general public' (guests). (You wouldnt go tromping through someone's bedroom to use the bath!) So you need bathrooms your guests can use/access apart from the baths for the master suites.

12th Feb 2009, 2:59 PM
phew! thats ok then, because I got a little carried away lol..

12th Feb 2009, 6:16 PM
Just letting you all know my scores and comments are in. You've all done an amazing job.

12th Feb 2009, 10:49 PM
You may add more to the home than the basic requirements, but remember, you must stay on budget and the final cost of the home must meet or be under the client's budget!

Does that mean we can add furniture if we have extra money?

12th Feb 2009, 11:16 PM
Does that mean we can add furniture if we have extra money?

Sorry, but no. The last round was furnished because the Platts were elderly and didnt want to bother decorating themselves! Brad is a vivacious bachelor who wants to all his interior decor himself! :) So no furnishing. If you have excess money, look for ways to blow it in architectural detail, landscaping, stuff like that.

12th Feb 2009, 11:52 PM
Oh okay! Thanks for clearing that up! I should have it up tonight or a little while after school tomorrow.

13th Feb 2009, 4:00 AM
The Finale!

Another Day in Paradise

Price: $101, 070





Patio View


Master Bathroom

Pool and Partial Garden View

Aerials with Room Locations!
Ground Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20House/AerialBottomTagged.jpg)
First Floor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/Sam_Monoceros/Sim%20House/AerialTopTagged.jpg)


Ground Floor
Casual Living Room: 5x8
Deck: 4x6
Tiled Bathroom: 3x4
Formal Dining Room: 7x5
Eat-in Kitchen: 7x5
Guest Bedroom: 6x3
Guest En-suite: 6x3
Master Bedroom: 6x7
Master En-suite: 3x5
Patio: 5x5

First Floor
Formal Living Room: 5x5
Master Bedroom: 7x6
Master En-suite: 5x4
Guest Bedroom: 5x5
Study: 6x5
Study and FLR Balconies: 4x2
FLR Private Terrace: 4x5
Terrace: 8x4
Bathroom Bacony: 4x2
Private Terrace: 5x5

13th Feb 2009, 2:16 PM
For this round I chose the Forest/woods vacation theme. I would like to apologise for the poor quality of some of my pictures, for some reason my settings kept changing in PSP and I got fed up of constantly having to reset them.

Paradise Mountain Lodge

The Main House:

Ground Floor

Entrance Balcony Area: 3x12
Grand Hallway: 6x6 + 7x13
Patio/Balcony Area 1: 3x6
Ground Floor Bathroom: 2x3
Eat-In Kitchen: 6x8
Formal Dining Room: 5x6 (with fireplace)
Patio/Balcony Area 2: 4x5 approx
Tv Room: 3x5 approx (on diagonal) (with fireplace)
Office: 4x3
Large Patio/Balcony Area 3: 5x8 approx
Formal Living Room: 6x3 + 9x5 (with fireplace)

First Floor

Great Landing: 2x6 + 5x6 + 3x5
Master Suite 1: double height 9x5 with fireplace - En-Suite: 2x3 (sink, toilet & shower)
Master Suite 2: double height 4x8 with fireplace - En-Suite: 2x3 + 1x1 (double sink, toilet & shower)
Master Suite 3: 4x8 with fireplace - En-Suite: 2x3 (sink, toilet & bath)
Bedroom 4: 3x6 approx (on diagonal)

Second floor

Galleried Den: 4x4 + 3x5 approx


The Pool Cabin:

Ground Floor

Car Port: 5x6
Seating Area: 3x4
Bathroom: 2x3

First Floor

Gym: 4x5 approx (this can be used as another bedroom if desired)
Bathroom: 2x3
Covered Balcony: 2x3


Secluded, private location in the middle of a forest.
various patio area's great for entertaining
raised pool area overlooking the forest
a small stream running along the back of the property
lots of local wildlife

Lot Size: 3x4


Front View

Rear View

Aerial Shots

Ground Floor
Larger view with labels (http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/In-Gutter-Art/SIMS2/SIMS2%20BUILD/MY%20HOUSES/Paradise%20Mountain%20Lodge/A6001a.jpg)

First Floor
Larger view with labels (http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/In-Gutter-Art/SIMS2/SIMS2%20BUILD/MY%20HOUSES/Paradise%20Mountain%20Lodge/A6002a.jpg)

Second Floor
larger view with labels (http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/In-Gutter-Art/SIMS2/SIMS2%20BUILD/MY%20HOUSES/Paradise%20Mountain%20Lodge/A6004a.jpg)

Patio/Pool Area:

Extra Shots

Master Suite 2

Dining Room

I thoroughly recommend taking a look at the slideshow as a house this size cannot be shown to it's full potential in just 8 photo's :D
VIEW SLIDESHOW (http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/In-Gutter-Art/SIMS2/SIMS2%20BUILD/MY%20HOUSES/Paradise%20Mountain%20Lodge/?albumview=slideshow)

Phew! i'm done :) This contest has been a blast! Good luck everyone

13th Feb 2009, 9:36 PM
Should the house still have a pool if it's on a beach lot?

14th Feb 2009, 1:05 PM
Should the house still have a pool if it's on a beach lot?

Yes! :)

OKAY EVERYONE! I was supposed to be posting the Round 3 scores today, but it seems as if TWO of the three judges are MIA this round. I can step in and EJ for one of them, but we now desperately need a new judge to step in and help! If anyone wants to step in and help out, please PM me immediately! Thank you.

14th Feb 2009, 7:31 PM
The Grand Finale!
Two Tickets To Paradise
4x5 Beach Lot

Ground Floor

Dining Room:5x7
Formal Living Room:5x6 (Approx. because of diagonal wall)
Casual Living Room:8x5
Other space:8x2 plus 5x8 plus the rest of the diagonal area plus 1x4

First Floor

Master Bedroom One:4x6 plus 3x1
Master Bathroom One:2x4 plus 1x1
Master Bedroom Two:5x4 plus 3x4 plus 1x1
Master Bathroom Two:3x3 plus 1x1
Bedroom Three:3x6 plus 2x4 plus 1x1 plus 1x3
Landing:2x4 plus 4x3 plus 8x4 plus 4x2 plus 2x2

Second Floor

Landing:4x7 plus 6x3
Library/Office Area:4x7
Bathroom One:2x4
Bedroom:4x5 plus a 4x4 area that overlaps the 4x5 a little
Bathroom Two:2x3

Sorry that it's complicated, but I think it makes some sense.
Anyway, pictures!



Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Patio Area


There are three balconies on the first floor and a large outdoor entertaining area on the second.The office/library is separated from the rest of the landing by columns. There are, overall, four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The bedrooms are all painted blue to calm the owner of each room. There is a small patio that leads to the pool and the look out area. The pool is separated from the driveway by a fence. There is a beach in the back, so there is plenty of space to entertain. There are three fireplaces, one in each master bedroom and one in the casual living room. There is a garden and three orchard trees to stimulate the owner's green thumb. The extra space on the first floor and the ground floor can be used for a pool table, or a poker table, or just extra room, should the owner for some reason need to build another room.

This was probably my favorite round and I'm sad that the contest is over. Everyone did a great job!

14th Feb 2009, 7:46 PM
This final round is killing me - I am totally uninspired! Nice entries so far everyone.

14th Feb 2009, 10:47 PM
I figured out blueprints for the house but am pondering the landscaping. My brain seems to be hiatus this last week.

16th Feb 2009, 12:34 AM
Judges: By signing up to act as a judge, you are responsible to provide scores in a timely manner for the entire duration of the contest. If, for whatever reason, you have to step down as a judge, you MUST contact the contest host and/or me to explain your situation. Leaving everyone hanging is rude, and it inconveniences the host and contestants.

Everyone else: The emergency judge situation is being figured out, so sit tight for your scores :)

16th Feb 2009, 2:06 AM
HAH! This one had me whipped. I was going to do this Oriental thing and got three-quarters of the way through it when I realized it would have gone way over-budget, and there really wasn't any easy way to scale it back. So then I was going to do a mountain thing, but my lack of messing-with-terrain-heights skills frustrated me. Then I did a beach house that was ambitious and so also went over budget, although I'm going to finish it for own uses because I like it. THEN I did this one, which is also a beachy house, though I really mean for it to be a tropical manor kind of place NEAR a beach, not necessarily right ON a beach. Hence the lack of sand.

Warning: This thing has more bathrooms than is probably healthy. :) It has 6.75 bathrooms, one on each floor, plus all four bedrooms are suites with private baths. Hope Brad has a good maid! :D It also has four fireplaces. Because I like fireplaces. :)

This was a really fun contest. Thanks, MissTech, for hosting it! :D

The House of Blues
Price: $126,963

The Exterior Front:

I went with blue and white for this one...and then got carried away and ended up doing the entire house, inside and out, in various shades of blue and white/grey. Hence, the name I gave the place. I rather like the effect, though. I'm going to fully deck this house out and then see if it's actually playable. :)

I also got to figure out how to make a grand entry staircase, with the help of a couple tutorials. Manors should have grand staircases. Also did the showy entry garden with fountain. Manors should have fountains, too.

Note: The three birch-looking trees off to the right aren't part of the lot. They're neighborhood decorations. I meant to go out to the neighborhood view and remove them before I took pics...but I forgot. I do like the aquaduct, though! It was my inspiration to make this place, initially, Roman-style, although that ultimately didn't work out.

The Exterior Rear & Garden Patio:

In case y'all haven't noticed, landscaping is really not my forte. :) Not in Sims, not in real life. Plus, I don't have a whole lot of CC plants in my game, and the Maxis ones aren't very exciting. But I kinda like my li'l garden patio there. I'd sit in there and commune with a good book, if the place was real. :)

My original wild idea for this house was that it was going to be Roman villa style, with a central, enclosed, glass-ceilinged atrium where the pool would be. I couldn't get it to work right because I have n00b lameness, though I'm going to keep working on it. This house did end up wrapping around the pool, but only on two sides. :) Speaking of the pool...

The Pool Patio:

Not much to say here. It's a patio. With a pool in it. :) I'm not sure if you can really tell well from this pic, but the main (second) level of the house has a wrap-around terrace, which is accessed from the family room, that overlooks both patios.

Floor plans:

Ground Floor:
Garage: 9x9(ish)
Full Pool Bath: 2x3
Unpartitioned Party/Game/Rec Room: Irregularly shaped, very roughly 11X18
Greenhouse: 4x5
Garden Patio: 8x6
Pool Patio: 12x14

Main Level:
Main Level Rooms:
Foyer: 7x4(ish)
Office: 4x5
Kitchen: 6x6
Family: 6x8 with fireplace
Living: 9x9(ish) with electric corner fireplace
Dining: 5x6(ish)
Full Bath: 2x3

Upper Level:
Upper Level Rooms:
Navy Master Suite: 9x6 w/6x4 bath, with fireplace.
Summer Sky Master Suite: 9x6 w/6x4 bath, with fireplace
Guest Suite 1: 5x5(ish) w/3x2 bath
Guest Suite 2: 5x5(ish) w/3x3 bath
3/4 Hall Bath: 3x2
Hobby/Exercise/Whatever Room: 7x3

Extra shots:

The Grand Staircase & Part of the Front Garden:

I am ridiculously in love with that staircase. Don't ask me why. :)

The Kitchen
(Because it's the only interior room that, without furnishings, is at all interesting to look at.)
And that's it for me! Good luck to everyone!

16th Feb 2009, 2:11 AM
I love that iCad!!! You should upload it somewhere! *hinthint*

16th Feb 2009, 3:04 AM
Thanks, craziidaisii! :D I rather like it myself, more so than the houses I usually end up making; I'm still learning. I'd upload it....but I confess that I don't know how. I'm sure it can't be that hard, but I've never packaged anything before. Plus, it has a lot of CC -- walls, floors, that electric fireplace, some plants, the kitchen cabinetry, the modular arches, and on and on -- that I'd need to credit if I uploaded it publically, and at this point, I have no idea where a lot of it came from. :(

I suppose I could try to package it and PM it to you? Can you attach files to a PM? Or you could PM me an email address...?

16th Feb 2009, 1:19 PM
This is Akator Retreat, in the mountains not too far from city life. It's priced at 106, 982 Simoleons.


Here is the front of the house, set a little back and below the road. The idea of mountain cabin was updated a little for the rich lifestyle of those in the area, who wish the comfort and idea of the back waters cabin, without the splinters.


The back of the cabin, showing the three buildings, pool area, waterfall, pond, and in the far top right the driveway.


On the first floor there is a staircase nestled close to the front door, and then it opens to a large open casual living and kitchen. In the kitchen is a small room divider-bar for eat in. Behind the kitchen is the large formal livingroom. There is also a half bath off the kitchen. To the other side of the house is one master suite with a large full bathroom and stylish fireplace in the bedroom.
Entry: 3x2
Livingroom: 6x4
Kitchen: 4x4
Diningroom: 6x3
Half bath: 3x2
Master bath: 3x3+2
Master bed: 4x4


The secondfloor is smaller than the first, but lit up with many windows and a private patio off the master suite.
Master bath: 4x3
Master bed: 4x4
Formal livingroom: 5x3
Half bath: 3x2
Office: 2x5+2.5


The guest house just beyond the pool has two guest bedrooms each with their own WC, and a common shower room. There is also a very small kitchenette, so guests can have coffee or a snack without walking up to the main house early in the morning or late at night.
Guestrooms: 4x4, 3x4+3
WCs: 2x1
Shower: 2x1
Kitchenette 3x3

The sauna house is a traditional wood burning stove sauna, with a small changeroom. It is right next to the dock, so sauna-goers can skip from the sauna right into the lake in a matter of seconds.
Sauna: 3x3
Changeroom: 2x3

Here is the back patio pool and garden.

This is the master bathroom.

And this is the small front garden off the kitchen.

I'll post the price later when I get time. :) This was a fun contest, thanks everyone!

16th Feb 2009, 8:10 PM

Lot Size - 6 x 4
Cost - 122,317





Many wealthy, successful people can boast about owning a vacation home - but lets be honest - how many people can brag about actually owning an island? Not many. This bold and striking home is connected to the mainland by a small bridge. It features a double garage, rock garden and many other delightful features. The focal point of this home is the swimming pool which runs beneath the home - one can literally swim beneath the walkway connecting the west wing and east wing.

The ground floor houses the formal living room, master suite with fireplace, kitchen, formal dining room as well as the den. The first floor houses two bedrooms (ideal for those when you decide to have kids). At the end of the same wing, there is another bedroom with a fireplace and en suite - which would be ideal for use by the kids' nanny in the future. The east wing houses a third master suite with fireplace - ideal for guests. The home office/study is rather unusual as it is housed on two seperate levels. The upper level is ideal for use as a library - a place to store all those rare books - alternatively it can be used a hobby area. This uppermost level of the study has doors leading to two seperate deck areas on the roof. This rooftop area is has spectacular views and is a fabulous space for entertaining. The rear of the home has panoramic views of the Simpacific Ocean and the deck patio at the rear of the home also has a hot tub. The island also boasts a dock for your magnificent 100ft yacht. I trust it meets all you requirements?













Room Dimensions
Ground Floor

Formal Living Room - 4 x 4
Master Bedroom - 5 x 5
En Suite - 4 x 3
Formal Dining - 5 x 8
Den/Rec Area - 6 x 5 and 4 x 3
W.C. - 1 x 3

First Floor

Pink Bedroom - 4 x 4
Blue Bedroom - 4 x 4
Bathroom - 3 x 3
Master Suite 2 - 4 x 6
En Suite - 3 x 3
Master Suite 3 - 4 x 6
En Suite - 4 x 3
Study (Lower Level) - 6 x 5

Second Floor

Study (Upper Level) - 4 x 5

I know this is not a winning entry - but it was the best I could do - I was very uninspired. Sorry!

16th Feb 2009, 8:15 PM
eedgan, I think it's lovely, and I am envious. (I really need to put some effort into figuring out how to mess with terrain heights and such. *sigh*) So if this is what you do when you're uninspired, I can only imagine what you can do when you are inspired. :)

16th Feb 2009, 8:17 PM
I was planning an ultra modern beach house - all white walls and glass... but I just couldn't get it together. But I appreciate the compliment.

16th Feb 2009, 8:40 PM
Hey Everyone,

First, let me thank you immensely for your patience- each and every one of you. In the delay with the judging for this round, there was not one post by anyone complaining and I would like to thank you each for that. Your patience and understanding are so greatly appreciated. :)

Now, I would like to thank my judges- the one who has faithfully judged each round, chowgilly, and to my two emergency judges who stepped in and did a wonderful job on short notice, PuX-80's & Skullmom! Now with the formalities out of the way, on to what you all have been patiently waiting for.... the Round 3 Results!


1.) Contestant #7
2.) Contestant #8
3.) Contestant #2
4.) Contestant #6
5.) Contestant #5
6.) Contestant #1
Contestant #4
8.) Contestant #10
9.) Contestant #3

Now, please note that between Ranking 1 and 9 in this round there was a difference of only 6 total points and the difference between some rankings in this round came down to tenths of points, so you should all be proud of yourselves for a very close round! Also, please note that in this round, only one judge submitted comments.


Contestant 1
~I like the idea of the separate guest house,and i love what you've done with the glass roofing, However,there doesn't seem to be a closed yard area for grandchildren to play? I like your detailed description.

Contestant 2
~The way you've used the terrain paints to make a striped lawn effect looks great, and the pond is very sweet.

Contestant 3
~ I like the layout of the house, however it looks to me from the ariels, like there's a lot of free space, which perhaps could have been utilized. I love the mix of the yellow siding and brickwork, it works very well together.

Contestant 4
~I love this place, it has a very warm feel to it.The beams look great and i adore the children's room, its very sweet.

Contestant 5
~This place looks brilliant, i love the retro with a hint of modern to it, and the little nook looks a great place to cosy up with good book. i also like the separate guest room, it reminds me of the OC poolhouse!

Contestant 6
~I love the huge fire you've used, and it has a great country feel to it. I like the entrance area, all the plants fit in great.

Contestant 7
~Wow, where to start. This lot is simply stunning. I love the little seating area outside, and i love the homely feel to the place. Well done!

Contestant 8
~Wow, another brilliant entry. I adore the subtle earthy tones you've used throughout, looks great.And the glass bricks in the bathroom look brilliant. The children's play area is just too cute. Good job!

Contestant 10
~I like this lot, the little garden area is very nice, a great burst of color.
The driveway looks a little out of place, the little gap at the back would have perhaps looked better with a path of some kind?

Again, great job everyone! Remember, if you havent posted it already, your final round entry is due tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb, 16th by 6:00AM EST! Judging for the final round will begin promptly at that time! Final Round scores will be posted as soon as I have them back, and your scores for all rounds will be posted shortly after that! Good luck to you all, and thank you SO MUCH for joining this contest! :D

16th Feb 2009, 10:32 PM
someone buy glasses for the mysteriously missing judges, and the emergency ones as well. Total BS.

17th Feb 2009, 12:38 AM
someone buy glasses for the mysteriously missing judges, and the emergency ones as well. Total BS.

No. I so beg to differ and am quite offended...

First off, MissTech puts alot of time and effort into the contests that she runs. AND RUNS COMPLETELY HONEST AND STRAIGHT CONTESTS.

For your information, I live in Austria...MissTech is in the states...SHE WOKE UP AT A GODFORSAKEN HOUR THIS MORNING to get in touch with me to judge this contest because SHE WILL NOT JUDGE HER OWN CONTESTS. She finds it a conflict of interest.

I have know MissTech for many MANY years. She runs her contests the same way she ran her pageants in the real world back in the day: with honesty and integrity. She goes out of her way to make sure there are no "back-door" dealings or popularity contests.

When she names judges, have NO DOUBT those are all individuals from all over the globe with no "stake" in her contests for being a judge. We judge because we enjoy looking at your creativity and skill.

As for this being popularity contest (?), I have been away from the community for quite a few months and have no idea who any of you are in terms of standing within this community. You're all the same playing field as far as I'm concerned.

All of the contestants did a beautiful job here and I know alot of time and effort went into all the entries. You all have lives and familes, jobs and school. Doing these contests take a heck of alot of time, for the participants, the creator of the contest and the judges. You're supposed to be doing this for fun, for the pleasure of it and to push yourselves creatively. Enjoy it. Sheesh.

And kattenijin, please reconsider dropping out. You have some serious talent and should find every opportunity to showcase it.

PuX- 80's
17th Feb 2009, 3:15 AM
someone buy glasses for the mysteriously missing judges, and the emergency ones as well. Total BS.
I agree with Skullmom.
With my usual harsh judging and this contest it was impossible to get two less points from the max. I sometimes had to revist some/most to make sure I wasn't playing favorites.

If you read MissTech's R3 results post the scores were close.
Now, please note that between Ranking 1 and 9 in this round there was a difference of only 6 total points and the difference between some rankings in this round came down to tenths of points, so you should all be proud of yourselves for a very close round!

17th Feb 2009, 6:18 AM
Hmm, I don't knw the judges here (sorry, I'm just a lurker :P) but I'm having quite a lot of fun with the contest. I'm not coming in first or second or whatever place, but I'm just here to build and see what other people come up with with the same requirements. And I like hearing feedback on my ideas. So thanks to MissTech for organizing a building contest, as they're my favourite, and to the judges for helping out. :)

17th Feb 2009, 7:06 AM
I, too, am a n00b, so I don't know what this is all about, but suffice it to say that, compared to what others have created, I feel that my entries have been judged very fairly -- perhaps even generously -- as well. And I'm thankful, too, because participating in this contest has inspired me to get off my duff and learn some new/more advanced building techniques and to play with different ideas to try to make them work. For me, that's a really good thing, since building is one of my favorite things about the game but I also tend to be...well...lazy. :)

So, again, I say a hearty thanks to MissTech and the judges, emergency and otherwise. :)

17th Feb 2009, 10:19 AM
You know, I thought this was a contest based on design and creativity, not popularity. I guess I was wrong. I hereby withdraw my entries from the contest. Good luck to the rest of you, you'll need it.

Very mature post and attitude for a man in his 40s. I'm sorry you didnt place how YOU feel you deserved. Stay lurking there so when I post the scores for each round, you can see for yourself how everyone did. (Because your scores will be posted as well.) Because even though your Round 3 placement wasnt to your liking, you WERE still WINNING this contest on total cumlative points. So I guess you just cut your nose off to spite your face! GOOD JOB KATT! (Now that he's gone, its anyone game!)

And yes, just as a little side note, I could have judged this Round 3 myself as an emergency judge, but instead I found 2 other judges to take the places of the ones who left without warning so that no one would cry foul. So I guess in this circumstance I was dammned if I did, or dammned if I didnt, apparently someone will cry and complain either way. OH WELL YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYONE!!

To the rest of you, who are mostly young people, thanks for being mature.

someone buy glasses for the mysteriously missing judges, and the emergency ones as well. Total BS.
Interesting comments from someone not even involved in this contest! Instead of lurking around and making comments about something in which you are clearly not involved, perhaps you could make better use of your time actually running your own contest. (Then of course I can come in and make immature, rude uncalled for comments in your thread.)

17th Feb 2009, 10:27 AM
Wow,and just as i thought this contest was going without a hitch.

I hope i havent offended anyone with my scores/comments?
I too, like Pux, go through everything a few times, just to make sure im not playing favorites, and i dont feel i have?

17th Feb 2009, 11:53 AM
For starters, I'm having fun bouncing from 5th to 6th to 4th place. I'm doing way better than I thought I'd do with some of the work I've seen in here.
My computer can not handle the house I've built. In fact, it's not done. One whole side of the yard is empty because of this. The patio and outdoor stuff are just bare minimum. Poor Brad, he'll have to go buy his own outdoor gear to party with his pals.

This house has everything Brad could ask for besides furniture. Huge, huge, huge like that wad in his wallet. Not only can Brad go to the forest to hang out, he can bring half the town with him. This house is so cool I wish my pc could handle it better since there was more fussing I wanted to do, but it's really nice as it is. I just wanted to do more. I had 20K to go and was planning on putting it into landscaping and a few basic household items.

The garage has a patio deck atop it that is attached to the first floor of the house. There's another patio area outback with a pool. To the rear corner is a small path with a dinky round flower garden. I tried to make a pond starting at the top of the hill, turning into a stream to land in that pit like area in the front right corner but the pond tool made all the water as deep as the pit. Did not look good. No backyard trout fishing for Brad and his buds.

The first floor has a large foyer. Immediately opening off it are the formal livingroom to the left and the formal diningroom to the right. First impressions for those people Brad wants to impress. Off the foyer hallway to the left is a laundry area, elevators, and lavatory. The lavatory opens into the Great Room in the back of the home, too. The Great Hall runs the whole length of the back, it is divided into two sections. Tucked in the middle of that and the dining room on the right, is the big kitchen. Between the kitchen and dining room is a little butler pantry with a dishwasher and trashcompactor. Brad can set up a table to eat in the kitchen either in the corner or in front of the window.

There are double doors on all four sides of the house on the first and second floor. Fireplaces in the dining room, Great Hall, Master Bedroom and smaller Master Bedroom.

On the second floor, the back half is the monster sized master bedroom with the monster sized master bathroom -- sauna, fancy tub, big walk in shower stall, lots of counter space. Front left is a guest room with its own full bathroom. The front right is the smaller master bedroom. It has its own large private bathroom. Tucked along the outside edge is a small office area for whomever becomes the lucky future occupant's use. It also has a large walk-in closet in the bathroom. A walk in shower as well.
The hallway has an elevator to the third floor. The guest bedroom also has an elevator up the the third connecting to the third floor guestroom. A balcony railing loors over the front foyer in the hallway. Those little one tile walls jutting out are supposed to be lined with bookshelves within but I didn't get that far with my pc trying to die off on me.

Up on the third floor, is the second guestroom, a second full bathroom across from the main elevator. The little hall leads into a wide open office area. The third floor is surrounded by dormers. All the dormers open into whatever room they are connected to by open walls except the bathroom -- archways there -- to provide light from the windows.

All the rooms have either ceiling lighting or wall lighting. Outdoors has wall lights on each side of every door and the garage door. There are fence lights here and there. The back yard patio area has lawn torches.

This house will have Brad's friends calling him the king of the hill, while the ladies will be lining up, waving, and shouting, "Pick me! Pick me! I want to be your special someone that shares that fantastic forest retreat with you!!!"





First Floor:


(Sorry about how small it is. I thought I had a bigger one than that before my game crashed.)

Second Floor:


Third Floor:


Formal Dining Room:


(I don't know what those bright white ceiling tiles are about. But they are popping up all over the place in my house. I have seriously had a lot of problems trying to get this big house done. I like it. I wish my pc could handle it so I could stick some rich Sims in it.)

Part of the Master Bathroom:


Back patio and garden area:


I have some other pics at: http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii217/deb666/Sims%202%20The%20Archtiect/Round%204/ if you want to see them. I took a ton of better pics than what's here but I have no idea what happened to them. Them must have gotten lost in a game freeze or something.


The cost of a driveway needs to be added to the lot price (5 x 5 lot) since my driveway is a five tile wide path covered with terrain. The "missing" garbage can is in the garage if anyone was wondering. Since the garage isn't included in the house, its floorplan isn't shown. It's just a 7 x 8 empty building with some lightbulb lights thrown on the walls.

I will be back shortly with the room sizes. The baby has woken up and wants out of his cage.

Okay, baby is loose and staring at dorky kid cartoons.

Overall size of the first and seconf floor is thirty tiles square. The house is 20 tiles, the verandas being 5 wide all around.

Formal livingroom is 6 x 7. So is the Formal Dining Room but that has a little 1 x 3 corner jutting out for the pantry. The butler's pantry is 2 x 3. The kitchen is 6 x 8. The Great Room is 7 x 20. The foyer is 6 x 6 leading off into a 4 x 6 hallway. The main elevator shaft is 2 x 3 on all floors. Laundry room is 4 x 6. Lavatory off that is 2 x 3.

Main Master Bedroom runs along back half of house like Great Hall does. It's 7 x 20. There is a two tile wide hall way running through the middle between the doors to the upstairs hallway and veranda. The bathroom has a sauna, big walk in shower and a step-into marble bathtub. The commode is in a little nitch to the side. I realize there's a lot of wasted space after the necessities, but with window placements to match on both floors, that's where everything lands. Besides, Brad wants to put chaises, wine, etc, in there, I'm sure.
The smaller master bedroom is a 6 x 6 large area with a 3 x 5 smaller office area to the right rear of it. Its bathroom is 5 x 6 including the 2 x 3 walk-in closet in there. Couldn't fit a second sauna. Darn.
The guest room is about 5 x 6 in the large area and the small section next to the bathroom, leading outdoors, is 3 x 5 or so without the slanted wall section that I couldn't get a door to land diagonal onto. My game kept making me so mad. The full bathroom within that room is 3 x 6. The guest room elevator is 2 x 2. It's the same size on the third floor but has two open dormers connected up there. The upper hallway is 4 x 8.

The third floor is ten tiles square. It has a 3 x 3 full bathroom with a tub/shower combo. The rest of the bathrooms had tubs and showers, both. The second guest room up there is 5 x 8. The open office room is 5 x 7. All the dormers are 2 x 6 and connected to whatever room they line up to.

I hope that's everything. If you judges really want me to get better pics, I'll fight my game and pc to do it, but it could take awhile. When I did the printscreen trick to get the lot price, I read two chapters of my book waiting for the game to load back up again. I just wish the closer shots of the floors were somewhere to be found on my pc. You can barely tell how nice the rooms are.

Good luck to everyone!!!

17th Feb 2009, 12:18 PM
I'm very happy w/ my score for round three, lol.
For the first two rounds, I got bottom of the barrel, next to last place.
This time I get 3rd place. :)
My last round will probably be next to last or last again, but, I don't care!
I'm just happy to see myself #3 for the first time in any of the contests here, lol. :)

17th Feb 2009, 5:57 PM
Deatherella, I love, love, LOVE those bathroom walls! Do you happen to remember where you got them? Also, the house in general is great. I love your landscaping. I so need to improve on landscaping. lol

18th Feb 2009, 12:59 AM
this is just ridiculous. but anyway...

Just take a deep breathe....okay now...in with the good-happy-let's-get-through-this-contest-air....out with the bad-omg-everyone-zip-the-piehole-and-build-some-houses-air...

Proper EJ's ??? Bite my simmie

18th Feb 2009, 7:13 AM
Deatherella, I love, love, LOVE those bathroom walls! Do you happen to remember where you got them? Also, the house in general is great. I love your landscaping. I so need to improve on landscaping. lol

I think I got them at vitasims in one of the Victorian house lots. I will check to see what the description on them is, again, the next time I load my game and let you know for sure. I downloaded several packs from that site -- they have all kinds of Victorian goodies.

18th Feb 2009, 10:28 AM
Final Round is in judging now! Good Luck to all of you! You have each done outstanding work here and should be proud of yourselves for your efforts! Three cheers for great contestants! Final results to be posted as soon as all scores are back, or on Feb, 20th! Once again, thanks for your participation, and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! :)

18th Feb 2009, 3:56 PM
You know, I wasn't going to say anything, but I feel I must. Just...because. I'm not going to get into the mudflinging and all, but I feel I need to say something, to Kattenijin, specifically, but also to any others who might be feeling disgruntled.

Firstly, we all put our names on our entries. That immediately takes away any possibility of the judges being completely impartial. Why? Because they're human beings and because people who have a "name" in this community will join these contests. Those people will tend to get preference. It's not the way it should be, no, but it is the way it is. It's like if I were in a non-blind cello competition with Yo Yo Ma, he'd win even if I somehow, miraculously, managed to play better than he did. It's just how it is. (Then again, sometimes your "name" works against you, if a judge doesn't particularly like you. ;) ) I think it would be nice if we could post anonymously for contests, but the way the forum is set up disallows that, so it isn't possible. And I understand why the forum's set up that way, too.

Secondly, even if the judging was/could be completely unbiased, you do realize that judging of this nature is a wholly subjective thing, right? What one person will think is totally awesome someone else will just think is "eh."

So, how do you think creativity should be judged, exactly, since you initially said that you thought the contest was about creativity? Seriously, I'm curious to know. Why? Because I'm a musician, professionally, you see, though I wear other hats, too. In my earlier years, especially, I entered many competitions, both as a soloist or as a member of a small ensemble. This includes some of the more famous international ones -- like the Cliburn piano competition -- in which I placed fairly well, all things considered, though never near the top or anything. In the Cliburn's case, it's a huge honor to make it through the screenings and be there at all, even if you're eliminated more or less right away, as I was. :)

Anyway, at some of these events, I was baffled at my scores and/or feedback because they were either -- in MY opinion, at least -- way too low/critical or, on a few occasions, way too high/praising. The reason for the (IMO) too-low scores, of course, is that the judges were looking for something other than what I gave them, even though I thought I was giving them exactly what they wanted. In one case that I remember, when I was in my teens, I played technically perfectly, having robotically practiced my pieces for 6-8 hours a day, every day, for MONTHS until the technical perfection was there. The problem was that in my robotic-ness, I lost all emotional connection with the music, and this showed in my playing. I was a perfect little piano-playing robot, but that wasn't what the judges were looking for. Thing is, I KNEW this, going in, and yet I still drummed the feeling out of myself. And I was still pissed because a person who *gasp!* made a few barely-noticeable mistakes ended up winning the competition and the very nice chunk of prize money. Because HE showed a far better connection to the music than I did, which in the end was what the judges were looking for, not perfection.

In the case of this little contest, for Round 3, I personally thought that a lot of the entries were too large for retirees to be able to maintain themselves and, really, larger than real retirees would really want. Most retirees want to downsize after having had to own and maintain larger house for many years in order to raise families. So my interpretation was that, because the house was for retirees, it should be smaller, easily maintainable, but still nice. Not a mansion-sized place, which is what more than a few people submitted for the round. So, I thought I might do better in that round than I did in the others, because I thought that my house was more appropriate for retirees than many of the others. But as it turned out, I think I actually placed lower in that round than I had in the others. :) So obviously, the judges had interpreted the requirements and the spirit of them differently than I did. This isn't a failing of the judges nor is it a failing on my part. It's just how things turned out, and I totally accept that.

So I'm wondering in this case if the judges were looking for something that you didn't give them...although apparently you did succeed at that, overall, since MissTech said you were winning the contest on the whole. Unless you don't believe her? Even if she's lying (and I don't think she is), I really don't understand why you're so huffy about this? I mean, if you don't win this particular contest, what do you lose? A star under your name? C'mon, now...

ETA, because I forgot: Thanks for the info about those walls, Deatherella! :) I'll check out Vitasims. In the booty, if necessary. ;)

18th Feb 2009, 5:05 PM
Firstly, we all put our names on our entries. That immediately takes away any possibility of the judges being completely impartial. Why? Because they're human beings and because people who have a "name" in this community will join these contests. Those people will tend to get preference. It's not the way it should be, no, but it is the way it is.

I have to disagree on this part, i cant vouch for any of the other judges as im not inside there heads. But personally, names here mean nothing to me. I have come to know a lot of the names over the time iv been here yes, but in no way do i treat them any differently. After all, we're all just normal people who share a common love?

18th Feb 2009, 6:15 PM
I find it highly offensive that ANYONE would accuse any contest host of making their contest about popularity. Especially people who have themselves been involved in numerous contests as a contestant and judge themselves.

Anyone who has run a contest can tell you that it takes a lot of time and dedication to run one. From creating the concept, the rounds, the rules, the requirements, finding reliable volunteer judges, prizes, laying out judging guidelines, keeping the thread up to date, answering contestants and judges questions, sending/receiving PMs with scores, keeping hardcopies of the scoring, etc. Loads of work and time that gains the person running the contest NOTHING for their work, so to suggest they do this all for the 'most popular contestant' to showcase themselves is not only offensive, it is outright ludicrious.

Now as to the personal attacks on me about how I run my contests, you will see throughout the thread that Ive kept everyone abreast about the goings on with this contest. I DID NOT have to name the people I used to fill in for my judges, I did that to be honest and upfront about the actions I took. As I said before, I couldve easily stepped in as an EJ for Round 3 as I did with Round 2, but felt that these judges had abandoned the contest and it would be a conflict for me to step in and EJ 3 of 4 rounds or the majority of the contest. (Im sure had I done that, someone wouldve most certainly had complaints!) BEFORE replacing my judges as I did, I PMed Boolpropped and specifically asked about whom I could or could not use as replacements. Again, all on the up and up, whether or not certain people choose to believe that or not is beyond my control.

And as far as having run a contest similar to this in the past that crashed and burned, that is quite correct and I am so sorry that my fathers passing inconvenienced certain people's quest for a little yellow star under their names. (Some of us have jobs, spouses, children and real world issues and responsibilities with which to deal sometimes, unfortunate as that may seem to those who have nothing more going on their lives than a sim contest.) Were I the lousy contest host Ive been accused of being, I ask, would the mods continue to approve my contests? I highly doubt they would. Enough said!

I have 1 set of scores back for the final round. Will be wrapping this up as soon as the final sets come back and I can find the time to tab it all. The winner is going to be receiving the Sim from my Avvie (Eve), and a nice small home (2 Willow St), a picture of which I hope to post. The rest of my contestants and judges who saw the contest through will recieve their choice of one of those 2 prizes. THANKS EVERYONE. :D

18th Feb 2009, 6:19 PM
Heh, well, I guess not everyone is blinded by names. :) That's awesome if you can indeed be totally impartial like that. Can I perhaps persuade you into judging musical competitions/auditions that I enter? :)

But in my experience, it's difficult to be impartial if names/faces are seen. I've gotten into more high-profile musical ensembles/orchestras when the auditions were blind as opposed to when they weren't. I think it's because, when the people making a decision see such-a-such a name and they know that person's general ability and they really want that player in their group, then that player gets in, even if they totally screw up the audition. I, as a relative unknown, don't have that advantage, and if the audition isn't blind and "names" show up, I don't get into the group, even if I play brilliantly. When the auditions are blind, though, I've been much more likely to get in even though I'm weird in that I actually play better under the pressure of people watching me. I have the opposite of stage fright, apparently. :)

Anyway, it's not fair, it's not right, but it's what I've experienced. But I guess the situation here is probably a little bit different. And I'm guessing that the second part of what I said is far more applicable, anyway. :)

ETA: MissTech, I hope you weren't taking what I said as a criticism of you. That wasn't my intent at all. I do acknowledge that, in general, people can be -- even subconsciously -- influenced by a name, since, as I said, I've seen it happen many, many times, albeit in a totally different context. But I didn't mean that that specifically happened here, in this contest; I should have made that clearer, and I'm sorry if I've upset you. I didn't mean to.

The main thrust of what I was trying to say is that judging, by its very nature, is subjective. If one doesn't place as well as one thinks one should have, then in my experience its usually because the judges and the contestants interpret the criteria differently. It doesn't make the judges bad or biased or whatever. It just means that two people will always see things a little differently, is all, and it's not a reason to get upset. Especially because, really, there is absolutely nothing at stake here. :)

18th Feb 2009, 6:37 PM
The main thrust of what I was trying to say is that judging, by its very nature, is subjective. If one doesn't place as well as one thinks one should have, then in my experience its usually because the judges and the contestants interpret the criteria differently. It doesn't make the judges bad or biased or whatever. It just means that two people will always see things a little differently, is all, and it's not a reason to get upset. Especially because, really, there is absolutely nothing at stake here. :)

I understand what you were saying and took no offense at all. Mind you I am a real world beauty pageant contestant, judge, and director and know exactly how subjective juding on appearance, be it a person/child on a stage or a simulated computer building, is. (And the pageant crowd is a way more tough crowd than any complainer here!)

18th Feb 2009, 7:04 PM
Lord, I would think so! You have my sympathies... :)

18th Feb 2009, 10:40 PM
Just letting y'all know my results are in, and to thank you all for making this a great contest to judge. You all did an amazing job!

18th Feb 2009, 10:58 PM
yay! can't wait for the round 4 results and to see who won... even though i'll be no where close! No matter though :-)

21st Feb 2009, 2:12 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, here it is time for the Round 4 results. Another round with pretty tight competition as you will soon see when I post the Final Results and the winner of the Architect! I know you are all anxious for the final results, but I ask that you bear with me because it is a lot of information to post! Before we can do the final results, first come your Round 4 results!


1.) Contestant #7
2.) Contestant #4
3.) Contestant #8
4.) Contestant #5
5.) Contestant #10
6.) Contestant #6
7.) Contestant #3
8.) Contestant #2


Contestant 2
~I like the little hot tub area,
perfect for some alone time with his lady friends! But the lot has a lot of potential as a family home when he settles down.

Contestant 3
~I like the brickwork you've used outside, fits in well with the beachy feel of the lot.Again, has lot of potential as a family home too.

Contestant 4
~I love the little entrance part with the stairs and fountain, very nicely done. I love the color pallet you've used.

Contestant 5
~I love the secluded cosy feel to this place, and great useof floor paints and landscaping.

Contestant 6
~Great work, i love how the driveway is sloped down and sorta hidden away, and all the landscaping looks great.

Contestant 7
~What a great lodge! It has a great rustic feel to the place, I love the huge windows and little balcony above the garage.

Contestant 8
~This is a great lot,i like the island idea. I love what you've done with the pool and the sloped windows look very unusual, id love to sit watching rain cascade down them!

Contestant 10
~I love the combination of black and white, works really well.Great landscaping and use of the fencing around the pool, iv always been unable to make it look good but you succeeded.

(Please note that only one judge submitted comments for this round!)

Well congrats to you all on a successful final Round! Stay tuned for the Final Results! :D

21st Feb 2009, 4:29 PM
Well everyone, its time for the final results and the announcement of the winner of the Architect! Now, as promised I will be listing the numerical scores for each contestant for each round, and your final rankings in the contest! Good luck all!

Now I understand that for many of you, this was your first contest and I hope that you each enjoyed your time with the Architect no matter how you end up placing in the end. I personally have enjoyed creating the challenges and watching your creativity in rising to meet them! Thank you all for your participation in this contest!

Now, onto the results!

Round 1 Scoring

~Contestant 1: J1: 18.5 J2: 18.5 J3: 19.5 Tot: 56.5 Rank: 1
~Contestant 2: J1: 18.5 J2: 15.2 J3: 18.0 Tot: 51.4 Rank: 9
~Contestant 3: J1: 17.5 J2: 16.8 J3: 17.5 Tot: 51.8 Rank: 8
~Contestant 4: J1: 16.8 J2: 17.1 J3: 18.5 Tot: 52.4 Rank: 7
~Contestant 5: J1: 17.5 J2: 18.2 J3: 17.25 Tot: 52.95 Rank: 6
~Contestant 6: J1: 17.6 J2: 18.0 J3: 17.75 Tot: 53.35 Rank: 5
~Contestant 7: J1: 16.4 J2: 18.5 J3: 18.5 Tot: 53.40 Rank: 4
~Contestant 8: J1: 16.2 J2: 18.2 J3: 19.5 Tot: 55.6 Rank: 2
~Contestant 9: J1: 16.2 J2: 18.2 J3: 16.5 Tot: 50.9 Rank: 10
~Contestant 10: J1: 18.7 J2: 18.4 J3: 17.0 Tot: 54.1 Rank: 3

Round 2 Scoring

~Contestant 1: J1: 20.0 J2: 19.1 J3: 19.9 Tot: 59.0 Rank: 3
~Contestant 2: J1: 17.5 J2: 18.0 J3: 18.8 Tot: 54.3 Rank: 7
~Contestant 3: J1: 18.25 J2: 17.4 J3: 17.8 Tot: 53.45 Rank: 8
~Contestant 4: J1: 18.75 J2: 19.2 J3: 17.5 Tot: 55.45 Rank: 5
~Contestant 5: J1: 19.5 J2: 18.5 J3: 18.0 Tot: 56.0 Rank: 4
~Contestant 6: J1: 18.25 J2: 18.3 J3: 18.6 Tot: 55.15 Rank: 6
~Contestant 7: J1: 20.0 J2: 19.5 J3: 19.8 Tot: 59.3 Rank: 1
~Contestant 8: J1: 20.0 J2: 19.2 J3: 19.9 Tot: 59.1 Rank: 2
~Contestant 10: J1: 17.5 J2: 16.4 J3: 17.5 Tot: 51.4 Rank: 9

Round 3 Scoring

~Contestant 1: J1: 19.8 J2: 16.5 J3: 17.8 Tot: 54.1 Rank: 6 (tie)
~Contestant 2: J1: 19.3 J2: 17.5 J3: 18.2 Tot: 55.0 Rank: 3
~Contestant 3: J1: 17.8 J2: 16.5 J3: 17.4 Tot: 51.7 Rank: 9
~Contestant 4: J1: 19.9 J2: 15.5 J3: 18.7 Tot: 54.1 Rank: 6 (tie)
~Contestant 5: J1: 19.8 J2: 15.5 J3: 19.0 Tot: 54.3 Rank: 5
~Contestant 6: J1: 19.8 J2: 17.5 J3: 17.5 Tot: 54.8 Rank: 4
~Contestant 7: J1: 19.5 J2: 18.5 J3: 19.7 Tot: 57.7 Rank: 1
~Contestant 8: J1: 19.8 J2: 18,5 J3: 19.1 Tot: 57.4 Rank: 2
~Contestant 10: J1: 18.8 J2: 16.0 J3: 17.1 Tot: 51.9 Rank: 8

Round 4 Scoring

~Contestant 2: J1: 19.0 J2: 18.1 J3: 15.5 Tot: 52.6 Rank: 8
~Contestant 3: J1: 17.9 J2: 18.5 J3: 16.5 Tot: 52.9 Rank: 7
~Contestant 4: J1: 20.0 J2: 18.7 J3: 17.5 Tot: 56.2 Rank: 2
~Contestant 5: J1: 18.9 J2: 18.0 J3: 17.5 Tot: 54.4 Rank: 4
~Contestant 6: J1: 18.9 J2: 17.1 J3: 17.5 Tot: 53.5 Rank: 6
~Contestant 7: J1: 20.0 J2: 19.7 J3: 19.0 Tot: 58.7 Rank: 1
~Contestant 8: J1: 18.0 J2: 18.5 J3: 19.0 Tot: 55.5 Rank: 3
~Contestant 10: J1: 17.9 J2: 18.5 J3: 17.5 Tot: 53.9 Rank: 5


10.) Contestant #9 SimCharley1990 Total Score: 50.9 (1 Round)

9.) Contestant #1 kattenijin Total Score: 169.6 (3 Rounds)

8.) Contestant #3 craziidaisii Total Score: 209.85

7.) Contestant #2 Clw8 Total Score: 213.3

6.) Contestant #6 Deatherella Total Score: 216.8

5.) Contestant #5 LostSock Total Score: 217.65

4.) Contestant #4 iCad Total Score: 218.15

3.) Contestant #10 TRIriana Total Score: 218.50

2.) Contestant #8 Eedgan Total Score: 227.6

1.) Contestant #7 I.nfectious Total Score: 229.1

Whew! Told you guys it was a lot of information! LOL!

Well, congratulations to I.nfectious for being named "The Architect", and congratulations to you all for a job and a contest well done! Again, I hope you enjoyed the competition! Now, I need all Contestants, as well as chowgilly & PuX-80s to PM me with your choice of prize and an email address where your prize can be sent! Again, thank you all for for participating in the Architect!! :D

22nd Feb 2009, 12:56 PM
Congrats to everybody and espesically I.nfectious, btw are you going to claim a star? :D

22nd Feb 2009, 5:10 PM
Wow, we all get a prize? Cool. :) I shall send PM...

Congrats to everyone on a great contest. I.nfectious, I'd say you definitely earned the top spot. :D

22nd Feb 2009, 5:18 PM
Congratulations! This was a very fun contest to take part in. :).