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7th Aug 2008, 1:55 PM
(This is an attempt to create a somewhat more 'easygoing' roleplay than most of the other active ones in this forum, as I know that some potential players have been discouraged from joinging because of the complexity of those roleplays, as well as the length of the posts in them. However, I am in no way trying to discourage anyone from writing long posts, as every player will pretty much get to decide for themselves the amount of text they wish to include in their posts.

The aim of this roleplay is to offer everyone a good time, regardless of whether they write long posts or short, as well as offer our new players in this forum a chance to be part of something from the very start, as the other currently active roleplays have already been running for quite some time now.

That being said, and without any further ado; )


Welcome, any and all, to Morgan's Creek. This small but growing boomtown on the Eastern Plains of Colorado was founded in 1859, when Jebediah Morgan and his friend Newt McMurphy struck gold in the nearby river. The find quickly brought other gold diggers to the vincity, along with Morgan's and McMurphy's families, but none of them ended up finding more than a couple of hundred dollars worth, at the most. The greatest find was the initial one by Morgan and McMurphy, who both would have ended up fairly wealthy men, had not one of the most human traits known to man reared it's ugly head; greed. Both men wanted the largest piece of the pie, preferrably all of it, and so fighting and bickering ensued, soon escalating in to full-blown enmity as the two former friends took to any means to come out the winning party. Before long, due to what has since been called 'far more brains', Jebediah Morgan conquered.

It is now 1886, and the Colorado Territory has become the state of Colorado, part of the Union for the last ten years.

In Morgan's Creek, old Jeb Morgan is long gone, but his descendants are still the wealthiest family in town, and due to their prominent ancestor, mayorship has been inofficially handed down to the eldest son, for two generations now. The current mayor is thus Edward Morgan, aged 33, and grandson of the deceased Jebediah. Like any family, this one strives to preserve their own best interests, often disguised as the good of the town, and being the wealthiest and thus most powerful family of this little community, throughout the years, this has meant that they've have had quite a few sheriffs in their pocket, as a way of ensuring that the Morgan's and the law see eye to eye.

The McMurphy's remain in town as well, even though bad blood is still coursing through the veins of both families, and there is a tangible animosity boiling underneath the surface.


* Forum rules (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=41221) are to be respected and obeyed.

* No spamming (meaning double posting or unnecessary ooc posts).

* No powerplaying/godmodding. Try to respect each other and each other's characters.

* No killing another's character without having permission from the other, even if it means planning the scene in PMs.

* When in doubt of putting another person into a certain situation, PM them first!

* An RP post should be 5 lines minimum. This limit does not include quoted lines from a post you are replying to. This RP is for fun, yes, but if simple dialogue and nothing more is what you are looking for, this is not for you. Sorry.

* If you for some reason have/choose to drop out, please finish up, by either RPing an end for your character, or at least telling us that you will be dropping out. Don't leave people hanging.

* When you are RPing with someone, give them at least 48 hours to reply. Should more than 48 hours pass without the other person responding, you are free to move on. However, as this is meant to be a casual and fairly slow-paced roleplay, reply posts may take a while longer than 48 hours.

* In-game time will progress fairly slowly, so while you are free to roleplay to your heart's content, please do not jump ahead to, say, evening, if it has not been officially declared nightfall by myself in the thread.

* When making an RP post, please include the name of your character in the header, and preferrably where they are at and what other character they are with as well, unless of course they are alone. This makes it easier for people to keep up who is where, and with whom.

* Foul language is allowed, but please do tone it down a bit; F***, b****, ***hole etc will get your point across just fine.

* Two characters per player maximum, at this point. However, this rule might be subject to change.

* If you are unsure of something, ask. Either in the thread, or in PM.

* Have fun!


Applications form:
Short bio:
Picture (does not have to be a sim):

(NOTE! All roles, including that of the mayor, his wife, kids, the sheriff, the McMurphy's, etc, are available. Though I ask that if you do take on the role as the mayor or the sheriff, that you are ready and willing to stay committed and know that you will not drop out or go inactive in a week or two. Both those roles are rather important, and thus recquire more than a drive-by roleplayer. ;) )

Active characters list:

1. Robert 'Robbie' Logan (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1233108&postcount=3) (Outlaw) - Atropa
2. Kate Helen Hilton (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1233111&postcount=4) (Doctor) - Alissa888
3. Dexter 'Dex' Woolgar (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1233510&postcount=26) (Outlaw) - Psyche
4. Scarlett Marie O’Reilly (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1233856&postcount=36) (Saloon girl/outlaw) - Alissa888
5. Gabriel Callahan (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1236347&postcount=76) (Morgan's right-hand man) - Atropa
6. Mae Starr (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1237484&postcount=102) (Saloon girl) - Psyche
7. Stanley Yelnats I (http://forums.sims2community.com/showpost.php?p=1301304&postcount=255) (Traveller) - Extensa5420


Aside from the bickering between the Morgan's and the McMurphy's, and the small trickle of hopeful gold diggers setting out to try their luck in and around the river, as well as the nearby mountains, Morgan's Creek has remained a fairly peaceful and sleepy little town. However, recently, robberies have started occuring in the vincity, cattle has started disappearing, and about a week ago, the bank in the neighbouring town of Fairgrove was held up, and emptied of several bags of money and gold. During their getaway, the outlaws came across a stage coach headed for Morgan's Creek, and decided on a whim to rob it as well.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on from what side one is looking at it, several of the passengers on the stage coach were armed, and a violent gun fight ensued, during which one of the outlaws, a Richard 'One-Eye' Stevens, was killed. His accomplices had no choice but to hightail out of there, leaving their dead mate's horse, with several bags of money tied to the saddle.
Those bags were delivered by the men on the stage coach, to the sheriff of Morgan's Creek, in anticipation of such time when they can be restored to the bank and people of Fairgrove.

Tomorrow night (in-game time) there is also to be a shindig in the town of Morgan's Creek, to celebrate it's 27th 'birthday'. There will be music, there will be dancing, there will even be a pie contest, to see who in town makes the sweetest pie!

(Suggestions for more storylines in general are most welcome!)

A big 'thank you' to Alissa888, who's been a major help when planning and setting up this RP.

7th Aug 2008, 1:55 PM
Town map:
http://www.crimson-tale.com/MorgansCreek/WesternMapTownSmall.jpg (http://www.crimson-tale.com/MorgansCreek/WesternMapTown.jpg)

Any building not labelled is just a house.
All buildings are up for claiming, though some people might live where they work (baker, inn keeper, saloon girls, etc)
Also, the Doctor's house will be labelled shortly, as I seem to have forgotten that one.

Area map:
http://www.crimson-tale.com/MorgansCreek/WesternMapAreaSmall.jpg (http://www.crimson-tale.com/MorgansCreek/WesternMapArea.jpg)

Click images for larger versions.

And as some of us agreed that it would be good for those involved in the outlaw gang to know who the other members are, here's a list;

* Boyd Miller (NPC, gang leader, 34 y/o, tall, brown hair, moustache)
* Dexter 'Dex' Woolgar (Psyche)
* Ryder Scott (trampledsneakers)
* James 'Jimmy' Logan (NPC, 23 y/o, brown hair)
* Norman Mitchell (NPC, 31 y/o, blonde, a little chubby)
(* Robert 'Robbie' Logan (Atropa, James' younger brother, not officially a member, but rides with the gang nonetheless) )
(* Scarlett O'Riley (Alissa888, not officially a member, but unbeknownst to others, an important contact/informer) )
(* Richard 'One-Eye' Stevens (35 y/o, nicknamed 'One-Eye' for a reason, now deceased) )

7th Aug 2008, 1:58 PM
Name: Robert 'Robbie' Logan (hates being called Robert. Also goes by nickname Kid, due to his age (obviously))
Age: 15
Occupation: Wannabe outlaw
Short bio:
Despite his young age, Robbie Logan has not had an easy life. Born the youngest son of two, to one of the local saloon girls, his upbringing has been unorthodox, to say the least, even though his mother did her best to provide him and his older brother with the same basic necessities as all the other children in town. Until the age of four, his home was the saloon itself, where his mother lived and worked, but as she realized the enviroment, filled with drunken men and scantily clad women, and everything it entailed, was hardly the place for two young boys, she eventually moved into a small house of her own, and at the same time, found herself another job. Or rather, the only other job she could get; as a laundress at the Chinese laundy.
However, her change of career didn't wash away the brand of once being a saloon girl, and things weren't exactly made better by the fact that her youngest sported quite a few features similar to those of the then young Edward Morgan, who at that point had yet to become mayor of Morgan's Creek.
Needless to say, this made Robbie's presence in town rather 'undesirable' to the Morgan's, as every time they saw him they would be reminded of the most embarrassing rumours floating about in town that he was the illegitimate son of the mayor, even though no one could ever know for sure. Therefore, when as his fifteenth birthday started closing in, his mother died due to poor health, he saw no reason to stay in town, and thus set out to find his older brother, who had left town several years earlier.

As it turned out, his brother had joined a local band of outlaws, and after alot of persuasion (read 'badgering') on Robbie's part, they reluctantly took him in as well. Just turned fifteen, he is now the youngling of the group, and as such is often left behind when the others set out to steal cattle, rob a bank, a stage coach, a train, or do whatever else it is that outlaws do. He wants desperately to prove himself, as a man and an outlaw, and thus his annoyance over being left behind when the others go on heists, is outdone only by his annoyance at being left outside when the others pay a visit to the saloon. Though if anything, it all goes on to fuel his determination to prove himself, and so he's become quite skilled with the lasso, and is also an extremely quick draw. But, unlike with the lasso, the problem here is he really needs to work on his aim.
On a few rare occasions, he has gotten to go along with the others on heists, but then only in order to serve as a lookout or possible diversion, and more often than not, he finds himself left at the camp with the 'honorable' duty of preparing supper.

He's a rather easygoing kid with a good sense of humor, but does have a bit of a temper, and even though he usually treat those around him - friends and strangers alike - with a certain amount of respect, unless given reasons not to, there are a rare few that make his blood boil; townspeople who treated him as a second-rate citizen when he was still living in Morgan's Creek, with the Morgan family taking the lead. Since they were part of the reason why he left town in the first place, he figures he has a score to settle, starting with stealing the cherished Palomino he's now riding from right under their noses.




(((ooc: The role of his older brother (or sister; I'm not opposed to changing the gender) is available, should someone be looking for a bit of an already formed storyline, and consider this a suitable one.)))

7th Aug 2008, 2:05 PM
(((OOC: Yup, I'm in :) Also, if anyone wants a storyline with Kate feel free to PM me :) )))

Name: Kate Helena Hilton

Age: 24 years old

Occupation: Doctor

Short bio:

Kate Hilton is the only daughter of wealthy ranger Edward Hilton and thus the only granddaughter of Governor Stevenson Hilton of Oregon. Growing up with two older brothers, Jacob and Marcus, was both advantageous and disadvantageous to the independent Kate, given that they refused to let her act like a dainty lady, but also had a tendency to baby her when they felt like it. Of course, Kate gave as good as she got.

However, though she grew to be a beautiful and beguiling young lady, it did mean that she was not entirely at ease among women who did see fit to play the damsel and distress. Thus, Kate turned to books and learning at a very young age as opposed to dressing up and socialising. With her aptitude for learning, she had no problems at all at bettering herself, but it did transform her into somewhat of an outsider. As she grew up, she became a smart, astute and striking young lady… and thus somewhat intimidating to most gentlemen her age.

When she was sixteen, unrest in Oregon broke out as violent mutiny amongst small communities and thus, for her own safety, Kate was sent off with her godparents, Dr Anthony Fitzgibbons and his wife, Bethany Fitzgibbons. In Dr Fitzgibbons’ company, Kate decided what she wanted to be; a doctor. It was rare, but there had been reports, that in the last two decades, women were entering the medical profession and Kate knew she wanted to be one of them.

However, there were no universities in Oregon that would accept the women could indeed practice medicine and hence, Kate used her charms relentlessly to persuade her father to finance her education in the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, though she’d be there on her own. Finally he wore down and Kate had her wish granted. Following her graduation, she worked with the pioneering Zakrzewska sisters at the New York Infirmary for Women and Children before being persuaded to return home.

Here, she met, or rather was blatantly introduced to Benjamin Pullman, the son of the town Mayor and a wealthy up and coming politician. It seemed that both their families had decided that the match between Ben and Kate would be most desirable. Now, Kate, ever autonomous, did not like being told what her life would be like, but she did see their point. Furthermore, Ben himself was a charming young man and he didn’t seem to want to control her or her life in any way.

She did like him and she did enjoy his company, but she did not love him. She had allowed his courting of her with the hope that she would grow to love him, or at least see some sign of that happening, but he just was not the man for her. Hence, when Ben proposed to her, she decline, asking him not to let it affect their friendship. Surprisingly, while Ben himself dealt with it, her family was none too pleased, leading to an unpleasant confrontation that in turn saw Kate practically emancipating herself from them.

While since then, given that it’d been a year, things had more or less smoothed over, Kate found her niche in life by taking up a posting in Morgan’s Creek, and so refused to leave even if to make a show of reconciliation.

Her assertion of independence did have it's own backlash on her, though. Her arrival in Morgan's Creek itself was turbulent and, given that the previous doctor, one Ryder Scott, had apparently turned to the outlaws, not many people were willing to trust her initially. Furthermore, one of her first cases was rather brutal and problematic enough in her own right; the stabbing of a saloon girl. While Kate was no stranger to blood and gore, it was the brutality of the crime and the fact that she herself was adjusting to a new life that got to her. Thanfully, she found comfort in the form of Felicity Ching, the dedicated saloon owner who refused to leave her employee's side. While bestowing attention upon the girl, Felicity also managed to bond with the then vulnerable Kate, leading both women to cement a lasting friendship.

Kate, highly respected and highly trusted in Morgan's Creek, is a true beauty in both appearance and soul. She believes in equality and will defend anyone prejudiced by the townsfolk.



7th Aug 2008, 3:18 PM
I am SO in. I just have to think up a character that's not the same as my last two I had for the others set in this era ;) So no seamstresses who get stabbed and no Belle's with rotten little brothers *snicker*

7th Aug 2008, 3:28 PM
I'm in too - Just have to think of a personality for the Mayor's eldest daughter and create her... :)

Ghanima Atreides
7th Aug 2008, 4:14 PM
Ack I'm tempted! :D Though I really really shouldn't....hehheh

7th Aug 2008, 4:44 PM
(((ooc: *chants in Ghani's ear* Join, join, join, join! ;) I know the feeling though, but... Hey, I'm a slave to inspiration and imagination. *nod*

Everyone - One question; are the maps and/or headers clear and easy on the eyes (contrast/color-wise, I'm not looking for an art critic! :D )? My monitor has been known to act up when it comes to brightness and such, so... Do changes need to be made?)))

Ghanima Atreides
7th Aug 2008, 4:48 PM
((ooc: Looks good to me, I can read them just fine.

*brain asplodes* I'll, erm, give some thoughts to a possible character concept...no promises or anything yet, I want to make sure I have a good idea first.))

7th Aug 2008, 5:12 PM

Gwendolyn Anne Morgan; Gwen




Mayor Morgan's daughter

Short bio:

Gwen is the firstborn of Edward Morgan and his first wife Sandra Anne Morgan, born Jones. All her childhood she was considered useless and just a burden for her whealthy father, who only desired male offspring to inherit his fotune and run his business. Gwen, female, who didn't just come as welcome as a cold in the head, but also took the life of his young wifey at birth, didn't wake any parental feelings or feelings whatsoever at her father. So Edward gave his newborn daughter to Samantha, a black servant who moved in their house.

For her whole childhood she was left aside; after her father provided her lousy education and some good maners he didn't care about her at all, just as long as she was dressed and had something to eat.
So Gwen wandered around the town, beeing friend of all the old men sitting in front of their houses, saloon girls (that called her their "little sweetheart") and housewives that felt sorry for her beeing left so by herself.

But this all changed one day when Edward Morgan was expecting an important guest from the capital. Gwen was outside, as usual, and nobody cared when her step-mother and siblings gathered to greet him. The guests name was Steven Spark and he was old friend of Morgan's father, Gwen's grandfather, who died long time ago. Mr Spark knew that Morgan had 12 year old daughter, too and wondered, where is she. They called her home on his wish and when he saw Gwen's appearance he was so sincerely shuddered at her that made even her father feel ashamed.
Just after Spark and his family left, Morgan went to find a governess for his ill-bred shame of a daughter to make her a lady.

A year passed since Mrs Ravet moved in with them and Gwen grew into a fine girl, no longer a fluffy dirty child who chatted with the saloon girls. Finally proud of his eldest, Morgan even decided not to marry her away as soon as he planned because she made a hell of a pride for his house.

Click for bigger version! (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0807/sko-Untitl.jpg)

HEADSHOT (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0807/ufj-Untitl.jpg)

[ooc: This leaves the Mayor and his wife, and children which are younger than 12. I hope that's okay with everyone.]

7th Aug 2008, 5:15 PM
[ They look fabolous to me ;) ]

7th Aug 2008, 6:06 PM
Atropa: The maps and things look perfectly fine to me.

Can I call dibs on the general store? I've got an idea for a character whose family would use that building (I would assume they'd live there as well) but I need a bit of time to type everything up.

7th Aug 2008, 8:40 PM

Elizabeth Williams (can be called Liz or Lizzy)





Short bio:

Elizabeth was born back east in South Carolina, but her parents had planned to move west* after the baby came. She doesn't remember much of the move, only that it was very hard on her family. Several of her family memberd died, including her grandparents and an Uncle. The family had to decide on whether to settle down in the newly established Morgan Creek, or in the slightly more populated Fairgrove, also newly established. They chose Fairgrove, purchasing a small 3 bedroom 1 bath home for her parents, aunt, and herself.

Elizabeth had a great childhood. She learned how to cook and bake, ride a horse, and was enthusiastic about school. She completed every year and got herself a excellent education. Her parents wanted her to back to South Carolina to complete her education, but she didn't. She loved Colorado too much. When Elizabeth was 20, she moved to Morgan's Creek, staying close to home so she could take care of her soon to be elderly parents.

Now 25, Elizabeth loves to hold dinner parties for her friends around town and share her new short stories with everybody. Warm and friendly, Elizabeth welcomes anybody into her home except thieves and burgalers. When she first moved to Morgan's Creek, she was able to secrure a job at the school as a teacher. She believes that every child and teenager should get the same education as her rich, poor, or inbetween. The town doesn't have a library, so she will lend out her books to the students instead.

(*Elizabeth never knew that they had planned to move because they didn't side with the South during the war.)



Real Person Version (http://www.modyourpanties.com/images/080807153638-katie_holmes98.jpg)

7th Aug 2008, 9:34 PM
(((ooc: slytherin-girl - Sure thing. And take your time. :)
Elektra - Yep, works for me. :) )))

Ghanima Atreides
7th Aug 2008, 10:33 PM
Lucy Lyles

Name: Lucy Lyles (if she must give a surname, she uses the name of Stratton)

Age: 24

Occupation: currently looking for one, and she doesn't terribly mind the morals involved; she is quite handy with a lasso, and not a bad shooter...

(Not so) Short bio: Encompassing several acres of Montana prairie was the Lyles family cattle ranch, founded by Christopher Lyles two generations ago and henceforth expanding to encompass more lands, more cattle and, of course, more profit. The only girl among seven brothers, Lucy was given a choice early on in her life: she could have opted for a measly girl's education, even vaguer than the norm considering the family residence was situated several klicks from the nearest town, or be given a part of the responsibility that was running the family business alongside her brothers. Everything in their lives revolved around the cattle: it was their bread and butter, and while Joseph Lyles, Lucy's father and his brother Earl were the highest authority, everyone else was delegated a role, including Lucy. Fond of the outdoors, of chasing a herd on wild horseback with a lasso in hand and returning home, filthy and exhausted but with the satisfaction of a job well done, the girl followed her brothers into the fields, lending a hand where she could, learning their skill: she became extremely proficient at wielding a lasso, fairly confident with a shotgun in hand and not entirely helpless in a fist fight either – on the other hand her education suffered and Lucy barely learned how to read – which she does poorly, and write – which is an embarrassingly difficult feat for her.

Nearby the Lyles family lands stretched another cattle ranch owned by George Denton and his family– although competitors for the same resources, George and Joseph Lyles had always been on friendly terms and after some time talks of a merger between the two ranches were made the rumour of the region. George Denton had only one child, a son named Jacob, two years older than Lucy. When Jacob proposed to her, the shaggy-haired girl raised to be a farmer and not a lady had only a romanticized concept of what marriage entailed: it was fortunate then that both families supported and encouraged the union and Lucy had known Jacob since her earliest childhood days, the two climbing trees and chasing frogs along the river banks. She accepted, happy to keep living near the same places she loved – a secondary consequence, one that at the time Lucy paid little heed to, was that the Lyles and Denton ranches became a single one, with George and Joseph as partners.

Jacob Denton was no more ready to be a husband than Lucy was to be a wife, and their marriage quickly deteriorated: as the “woman of the house”, Lucy suddenly found herself faced with a host of duties she had never been properly introduced to, nor wanted to perform. Equally, Jacob began criticizing the time she spent roaming the fields, insisting it was unseemly for a woman and that there were others better suited to run the ranch. The fact that Lucy fell pregnant within a year of her marriage did nothing to improve things between them: more than ever, Jacob wished to confine his wife to the family residence and went as far as forbidding her to leave it without his knowledge: at the same time, the young man nursed some emerging financial problems with increasingly large amounts of alcohol each night.

Lucy gave birth to a son they named Tom, who became the only beacon of light and hope in her dreary existence: that past year had transformed her from a free-spirited, if somewhat unruly girl into a discontented young woman who harboured much anger and resentment deep inside. One day while Jacob was away and the baby with his nanny, Lucy took a horse and went for a long ride across the fields, having craved it for so long. She arrived home after dark to find Ellie, the nanny, running away sobbing loudly, and the door wide open. Instantly knowing something was terribly wrong, Lucy could only think of her son, dismounting in a hurry and dashing inside: there she found Jacob, drunk beyond all measure, and the baby nowhere to be found. She confronted the intoxicated man who slurred a long string of insults and accusations, from which a horrified Lucy understood that a terrible tragedy had struck them: Jacob had discovered his mother's secret letter stash, all to and from Joseph Lyles, with whom she had conducted an affair many years ago and whose son he was, which made him and Lucy half-siblings. In a moment of drunken rage and shame he had taken Tom, their baby and “gotten rid of it”. What that entailed Lucy never had a chance to learn because the harder she shouted and demanded to be told where Tom was, the angrier Jacob became, until the moment he lunged at her. Reacting instinctively, Lucy shoved him with all her strength which compromised Jacob's balance, sending him tumbling backwards where, with a sickening crunching noise, his head hit the corner of a cupboard, killing him instantly.

Horror-struck and not knowing what to do, Lucy grabbed all the valuables she could get her hands on, a horse and fled the region that very same night. Adopting the surname Stratton, she has ever since been travelling from town to town, stealing or doing odd jobs to survive and has recently arrived to Morgan's Creek.



((ooc: Okay, I bet you knew I couldn't resist :D I hope this works and that you don't mind yet another of my angsty characters ;

Oh yeah - I'm open for storyline ideas! ))

7th Aug 2008, 11:05 PM
All these characters are so creative! I definitely want to join, and have a certain guy in mind. ;)

7th Aug 2008, 11:09 PM
(((ooc: trampled - Yey! Can't wait to see him all wild west-ery. ;)
Ghanima - Double-yey! I was hoping you'd give in. :D And your characters always rock. BTW, is that pic from 'Lost'? I've never really watched it, except for a few mins here and there, but she looks familiar.

Also, a huge, warm welcome to all who have applied, and who are planning to do so.)))

Ghanima Atreides
7th Aug 2008, 11:19 PM
((ooc: Thank you, I simply couldn't stay away. This sounds so much fun and well, you did promise a slower paced rp...:D

And yes, it's Kate (Evangeline Lilly) from Lost. Lucy is in fact a lot like her, personality-wise))

7th Aug 2008, 11:37 PM
((Atropa, I'm quite enjoying it. I've got him all decked out in cowboy gear in game, and he looks positively adorkable. I'm just trying to decide now if I should make him an outlaw or a good-guy. He could go either way. :D ))

7th Aug 2008, 11:41 PM
(((ooc: I'll be trying to type up the 'Recent Events' thing tonight, as it's meant to help give people ideas for storylines, as well as to add a bit of a basic plot. We need to start with something, right?)))

7th Aug 2008, 11:53 PM
((OOC: Hmm, don't really know much about the whole wild west thing but I like the idea of a more casual style rp. I'll try and post a chara tomorrow, maybe I'll play an outlaw. I always end up playing the good guy and it could be time for a change, lol!

7th Aug 2008, 11:56 PM
Name: John McMurphy

Age: 63

Occupation: Retired army officer

Short bio: John is the gruff, blustery old widower living on the outskirts of Morgan's Creek, generally referred to by the other citizens as Old John or -- for a privileged few -- Murph, a nickname left over from his school days. He has three sons in Fairgrove, a distaste for fancy intellectuals and a shotgun to keep intruders off his turf.

Picture: Coming as soon as my game starts working again or I find a picture of a suitably scruffy old actor -- whichever comes first.

I know John's bio is like criminally short, but what can I say, he's not a very complicated man. Aaand now for my second character, his youngest son...

Name: Charles McMurphy

Age: 26

Occupation: Currently unemployed. John'll be probably be badgering him about getting off his lazy ass and finding some work, though.

Short bio: A new arrival in Morgan's Creek, Charles (who much prefers to be called Charlie) has been trying to get by as an artist for years. He paints unflatteringly accurate portraits that don't bring a dime in. Completely broke and homeless, Charlie finally found no other solution than to move in with his cranky old man. He was never a favourite of John's -- not strong and hard-working like Clint, or a funny loud-mouth like Shane -- and he is deeply unhappy about his new residence.

[b]Picture:[/b Coming soon, hopefully.

I should probably not be starting off with two characters as this is my first RP, but John couldn't get out of my head and as he's a loner I wanted a younger and more sociable character. Also we're very much lacking in men around here.

I hope everything's OK with my applications. And Mikoyo, same here -- everything I know about the wild west comes from movies -- but I'm hoping it won't matter too much.

8th Aug 2008, 12:02 AM
(((ooc: Not knowing all that much about the era doesn't matter too much. Most of my impressions etc are based on the movie stuff anyway. :D It's like I keep saying in Viper's, as long as you don't have people driving by in Porches or running around in thongs etc, you'll be fine. ;) )))

8th Aug 2008, 12:25 AM
Name: Felicity Ching
Age: 27
Occupation: Saloon Owner
(Not all that) Brief Bio: Felicity had a strange upbringing to say the least. Her mother, Anya Wu, stowed away from China on a ship to America, for she was sick of the rampant poverty and her father's (Felicity's grandfather) annoying contentness with said poverty.

In America Anya was lucky enough to marry well, to one Olum Ching, who had worked up to being a foreman on the Pacific railroad. With the railways completion and the general anti Chinese hysteria, the Chings moved to Nebraska, where they bought a farm and had two children, Anya and Peris. Anya Jr. was a bit of an enigma to her parents, always talking to people, even if that meant walking for hours, which scared her parents quite thoroughly.

When she was eleven Anya got the same wanderlust her mother had had, and ran away with no warning and brought no stuff with her. Needless to say, she wound up back home with her tail between her legs after less than a day. Her parents, at once terrified and furious, kept her on the farm and made her pursue more lady like pursuits than fraternizing with "the scum of the prairie." This lasted for about a year, during which time Anya learned to read and studied much more about survival on her own. After her father finally relented Anya bolted again, this time ready for anything. She went to a town, Libertyvale, where she became a saloon girl, and wound up in an affair with the mayor of that town's son, who fathered a child on her.

This brought Anya to a turning point. She did not love being a saloon girl, and she certainly hated being a glorified floozy, but she did not want to give up her independence to be a mother. So she told her lover that she was pregnant, and he, not wanting to marry his glorified floozy, gave her a small fortune to stay quiet about the matter. This outcome delighted Anya, and she took some tansy to force a miscarriage and booked it out of town with the money. Upon arriving in the next town she found that her erstwhile lover was quite upset about this, and had put a reward out on her for robbery. She changed her name to Felicity, in hopes it would bring her luck and keep he under the radar and went as far away as she could bear- she did want to return home one day. So she arrived in Colorado at Morgan's Creek and bought the local saloon- she had plenty of money, but she was practical enough to realize it wouldn't last, and she knew enough about saloons from her days working in one. The previous owner took the mysterious Felicity Ching's money and left town with his wife, who did not approve of her husband's business. Felicity was 17.

Since then she has run the saloon and made herself a pretty penny and been quite pleased with her success, but she has been wondering of late what happened to her family, especially her brother Peris, and if she should start a family of her own. As for the men who seem drawn to the wealthy and beautiful owner of the saloon, Felicity reserves nothing but scorn. Her greatest fear is to be some other man's floozy, after the disaster with the son of the mayor of Libertyvale. That said, she is well known for being close mouthed about what goes on in her saloon. She will willingly inform the sheriff if anything goes on that could hurt her business, or her girls, but beyond that she says nothing. As long as none of her girls get hurt, and as long as none of her customers get hurt enough that they won't come back, Felicity allows anyone into her establishment with complete confidence that what happens there stays there. If someone does earn her ire, Felicity is completely willing to demonstrate her not inconsiderable talent with a six shooter, a vestige of when she went from town to town as a girl.

Fairly recently, a bit over a year ago, one customer did earn Felicity's ire, after a new girl, Lysette, would not go upstairs with him. Felicity attempted to keep everyone calm, but Lysette was stabbed and Felicity fired a warning shot. Into his arm. Felicity didn't get into trouble with the sheriff, but Lysette was very badly hurt and was taken to the new doctor, one Kate Hilton. Felicity did not leave the girl's side, and during her long, rather grisly recovery she and the doctor became friends. Felicity found the woman to be rather sweet, in an intellectual way and did her best to smooth the transition for her. Being the well established saloon owner made her best rather impressive and they have been fast friends since then, despite the rather macabre way in which they met.

As for the other unpleasant part of Felicity's past, the part about being a wanted criminal, Felicty does not know if its still true or not. She figures she's safe in Colorado though, after ten years, why would her former lover care now?

Felicity is very well known in town, mainly because she is the only provider of alcohol in the town limits, except the general store, which is not nearly as sociable, or the inn, which is not nearly as cheap. She also has a small reputation as a procurer of... "things," some of which are of questionable legality. Her charm and ability to keep her mouth shut have so far kept these dealings under the sheriff's radar, at least as far as Felicity knows, but it is a small but constant fear that she will be discovered and punished. Publicly. Possibly in a way that would be mentioned in far away Libertyvale...

((OOC: there, I hope that was OK. And squee! Westward expansion! Always preferred precivil war, but I'm not complaining. This is like, my favorite time in US history (well second... market revolution pwns), so i'm really excited.

If anyone wants to hae a storyline with Felicity, drop me a PM.

So when will the actual RPing start you reckon?))

8th Aug 2008, 12:35 AM
(((ooc: Furry - I'll give it a another day or two, at least, to give people time to submit their apps, come up with their storylines, and maybe even storylines for the RP itself. That's sort of what Recent Events is about. So if you guys have idea, feel free to PM me. But please don't post suggestions in the thread, as we are already clogging it up with spammage (and yes, I'm more guilty of it than anyone else, I know. *s*)
Oh, and, it's Morgan's Creek, not Morgan's Run. ;) )))

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Get them, before they get you.


Name: Dex Woolgar (Real name is Dexter, but he's called Dex.)

Age: 40

Occupation: Successful outlaw, daredevil, voice of reason

Additional information: Born in a small town called Lockwood, therefore not originated in Morgan's Creek. (He's not chatty about his past, but can confide if the time and person feels right.)


Been there, done that. Being older than most of the outlaws he encountered, Dex was a calm and assertive man. Nothing really got to him, and he wasn't afraid to die. Staring down the barrel of a gun more times than he could remember, it had become old news that any day could be the last. Though he never underestimated anyone, it didn't keep him from having fun on the behalf of others. He was also someone not wise to challenge, since he didn't seem to have any limits. If the gang he rode with needed to put fear in someone, Dex was the one who got the job done. It didn't bother him to inflict pain on others, in order to make sure they knew he meant business. Pleading, begging and crying. Nothing got under Dex's skin. It was always good to have him as a friend, not only because he would be a dreaded enemy, but because he was a "one for all, all for one" kind of guy. And he could sustain pain like no other, having a few scars and missing the smallest toe on his left foot. He was no snitch, and he wouldn't sell out his friends even if it meant suffering or possible death. Sometimes he got lucky, just because his endurance was intimidating to the ones that tried to make him talk. So that's really why he got to keep the rest of his toes.

Everyone come from somewhere, Dex was of course no exception. His ability to withstand pain was not inherited, it was more a matter of cause and effect. Though he didn't feel sorry for himself, he did have a past that entitled him to be bitter. He had been born into a family of upstanding citizens, though still working class, and he began his life as one of them. But as he got older, he grew into a young man with a mind of his own. His father, leaning on the bottle in hard times, didn't appreciate his fresh take on the world around them. Dex got beaten, occasionally rather severely, and despite at first living in fear, he soon found courage within. He didn't fight back, he never did. Instead, he just took the punishments without showing any sign of weakness, thus learning to persevere. It didn't do much for his father's rage though.
Since Dex didn't feel any support from the rest of his family, being the black sheep and all, it came to an end after he had turned 19. When he went to get the whip his father often used to beat him with, and Dex getting it himself was part of the humiliation, he simply jumped out of a window and kept walking. Never looking back. All he owned was the clothes on his back... and all the money his father had hid in the belief no one knew. It was enough to get a horse, better clothes, a gun and a hat, and still have some left.

Regret wasn't really a lesson Dex had picked up on, leaving the town of Lockwood that evening he didn't have a care in the world if the loss of the money would put his family out on the streets. He found his family among the outlaws instead, since he turned out to be a most gifted criminal. He was smart, handy with the gun and didn't back down.

Being restless, and sometimes he found himself surrounded by men that didn't get him, he had been on his own and in several gangs before he had found his place in the current one. Loyalty and respect, that was all that was needed to get ahead as a group, and if people didn't get that Dex moved on. Fortunatley for him, these people seemed to understand what was required if they wanted to live longer than a fortnight.

Recently, they had gotten an additonal member to the gang; 15 year old Robbie Logan. No one wanted to accept him, certainly not his older brother, but Dex was another story. He never joined the protests, he could see that the young one had nowhere else to go. Also, pretty free from scruples, Dex didn't really contemplate how appropriate it was for a boy to be among lawless thugs. Robbie was already bonded by blood, and in Dex he would find someone that was not at all reluctant to teach him a thing or two. Because in Dex's point of view, there was no use in beating around the bush, but instead give the boy all necessary tools. If he was going to be an outlaw, he might as well be a great one. That was how Dex saw it, and it was really no use in trying to change his mind. In fact, he liked to have Robbie around, since it did lighten things up. Practical jokes were not uncommon, and having a boy to take care of without him noticing it kept the gang on their toes. There was no harm in that.

It wasn't the first time Dex had kept a watchful eye on another outlaw. Of course, he had watched people for different reasons, mostly because he didn't trust them. But for almost two years ago, they were joined by the town doctor Ryder Scott, and there was something about him that just didn't sit right with Dex. In contrast to his dedication towards Robbie, Ryder needed no help becoming a skillful outlaw, but rather guidance to collect it all so he wouldn't get haywired in the process. Getting to know each other, trust grew and the less than talkative Dex found himself in situations where the both of them felt it was only natural to unravel bits and pieces of the past. The rest of the gang wasn't too familiar with his past, but knew it wasn't an all around pleasant one.

Though Dex had a high tolerance for pain, his heart was not made of stone. It had room for the gang, the youngster in particular, and despite what one might think he was pretty gentle with the women. He did not keep to just one, but he treated the one he was with with care and respect. There was no sense in calling them names, stripping them of their dignity even though they themselves might have forgotten all about it, since he didn't really keep with women of high society. Dex was not a poster child for a beautiful cowboy, but he was rather handsome in his own rough way, and what he lacked in that department he made up for in his manners towards the women.

Being care free, it was hard to rattle Dex's sense of calm. Even when it was wise to panic, he seemed to remain intact. If he did get worked up, he usually hid it well on the inside. Someone had to be the voice of reason, even when they had to skin the hell out of where ever the danger was. He could get forceful though, a bit aggressive in his tone, when he didn't find the time to keep the cool.


((( ooc: Thanks to Alissa for the name "Lockwood". :)

ETA: Added Trampled's character Ryder Scott.

Picture will come. The sunset cowboy is not all. :) )))

8th Aug 2008, 3:04 AM
Name: Stella Owens

Age: 15

Occupation: Merchant/General store owner’s daughter

Short bio: Stella is the only and much spoiled daughter of Nelson and Harriet Owens. Born in the fashionable city of New York, her parents moved to Morgan’s Creek when little Stella was only 5 years old to make their fortune. They proved to be very successful and shrewd business people, and are the owners of the town’s large general store. With all their financial success they dote on their only child and indulge her every whim.

Even though she barely remembers it, Stella likes to go on at length about life in the more fashionable and modern big city. She considers herself the perfect image of a lady; her hair always impeccably styled and her clothing always in the latest fashion. Because of her obsession with always having the latest in everything, she’s somewhat resentful for living so far away from “civilizaton”. Though she does not resent being an only child, having a sibling would only mean less attention and presents for her.

Picture (does not have to be a sim):



With her parents:


8th Aug 2008, 3:38 AM
Name: Ryder Scott
Age: 26
Occupation: Pick-pocket (bit of a klepto), con-man, outlaw-extraordinaire.
(Before he went down this not-so-respectable line of work, however, Ryder used to be a doctor).

(Not-so) Short Biography:

Ryder loved Morgan's Creek like a child--as though it were his own flesh and blood. A living, breathing relative.

He was born in the charming town and into an equally charming family; the Scott's had been in Morgan's Creek as long as the first beams were built into the flimsy and makeshift houses that initially lined the dusty dirt roads. They were well-known, well-liked, and well-respected. When born to his beautifully angelic mother Jessica and rugged frontier father Jonathan, Ryder was considered a miracle birth. Jessica had miscarried the couple's first child, and the local doctor warned her that she wasn't suited for childbirth, and having another child would be a great threat to her health. Jessica wouldn't relent, however, and not long after she became pregnant again. The birth of wide-eyed Ryder was miraculous and free from the agony the doctor had predicted.

He grew up in a home full of love, the only child to two adoring parents. He received the best schooling available, but simultaneously benefitted from the frontiersman's education his mountainous father had massed. Ryder became powerful, charismatic, and a favored member of the town's youth due greatly in part to his respect for elders and flawless manners to the female members of society. When young mothers were lecturing their young sons on how to become the proper gentleman, they aimed a certain finger at the young Ryder as the perfect example. There was no question why; he was dignified, charming, responsible, and an upstanding member of society. When he came of age, it was only a question of what girl could possibly make a suitable wife. Over the years, Ryder had indeed caught the glances of the females his age in the town, but there was only one girl that he had ever yearned for--Catherine Sebright.

And luckily for Ryder, the angellic young woman felt the same.

They were married in the tender years of their youth, and Ryder became an apprentice to the town doctor--the same man who had doubted his birth to be possible. In the few years he studied alongside the aging man Ryder became surprisingly skilled in the trade, and he only earned more respect amongst the townspeople for his selfless aid. The marriage of Ryder and Catherine was blissful, the two utterly enamored and fulfilled, unable to imagine a life any better than the one they currently dwelled within. That was until they learned of Catherine's pregnancy. The young couple were overjoyed to welcome a child into their realm, and Ryder brought the news to the local doctor. As the months passed, the man delivered the same ominous news to Ryder that he had long ago delivered to his mother: the birth of this unborn child would be dangerous.

Ryder was reluctant to accept the cryptic warnings he was offered, and Catherine was equally determined to bear their child. As the months of her pregnancy dwindled down, Catherine became feebler. The fear in Ryder's visage was ever-present, but Catherine met him with steely resolve. She would have this baby, or she would die trying.

The night of the birth was a night he would never forget; it was the night he lost the most precious gift he had ever possessed, and was denied the only priceless child he had never possessed. Despite the doctor's valiant efforts and the constant vigilance of Ryder, both Catherine and his unborn son died during childbirth.

The loss was too much to bear. Ryder destroyed the rooms of his small home, tearing from corner to corner and rending the cabinets from walls, toppling tables and snapping apart chairs before breaking down entirely. The bitterness that engulfed him sent him recoiling into himself, withdrawing from the town he once loved, the profession he once cherished. His beloved wife had died in front of his very eyes, and despite his supposed skill, he could do nothing to prevent it.

Ryder resented the town, for it only reminded him of all that he had lost. He couldn't stand it any more. Instead, Ryder turned to the local bands of outlaws for solace--he converted his bitter rage into powerful drive to succeed in the tasks set out for him by the leader of his group. It was obvious that his anger made him reckless, but it was that reckless abandon, the complete disregard for self that made him such an asset. Ryder had become immune to fear, immune to any of the hesitation that surfaced in the fears of death.

Taken under the wing of the powerful outlaw Dex Woolgar, Ryder was taught how to compose himself, how to hone his skills even more precisely. The guidance of the strong, intelligent man saved Ryder from his self-destructive behaviors--spared him from going down a path of complete abandonement from which he could never return. Ryder's father had died several years prior to his wife's death, and he had been one of the few men that Ryder claimed he would ever respect. But when he spent the next two years working for Dex, he made an exception; there was something very respectable about the polished outlaw, and Ryder immediately felt a great amount of gratitude for all the man had done for him. He vowed to do whatever he could to help him, and that eventually came to acting as a makeshift doctor for their band of outlaws. Soon he was one of the most prominent members of the group, and his good looks and effortless charm made him a precious tool in jobs beyond his medicinal skills.

Little by little, the members of the sleepy town of Morgan's Creek began to recognize the all-too-familiar blue-eyed gaze of one of the outlaws skirting about their town, and little by little, rumors of the doctor gone awry began to surface.

Now years away from the harrowing incident that scarred him forever, Ryder has regained many of his natural personality traits that made him so likeable. He has tamed the overt agression that had gripped him so profoundly in the immediate year after his loss, and has become the charismatic man that he once was. But now, he's far more lethal than helpful.


http://i38.tinypic.com/10421kp.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/fp59xu.jpg http://i35.tinypic.com/b8oi7m.jpg

8th Aug 2008, 3:58 AM
((OOC: I'm probably way out of line here, but...

Is anybody planning on taking the sheriff position? I already have a role, but I jsut wondered if anyone else wanted it... If nobody claims it before then, I'll probably apply as the sheriff at [to be appropriate to the movies] high noon (GMT-4 :p) tomorry. Or I'll start writing it. just thought i'd let everyone know in case someone was hesitating due to the unusual frequency of such positions remaining unfilled til someone leisurely books in.))

8th Aug 2008, 4:01 AM
(((ooc: trampled - All sounds fine to me. :) Would love having him be part of the same band of outlaws as the other two, and I think Ryder suits him just fine. I honestly didn't think of him when I named the mayor. :/ and yeah, the outlaws pretty much hang out by the marked outlaw hideout on the map, I reckon. They don't have to though, as it's up to each player to decide where their characters are at. :D

ETA - Forgot to say that yes, your character can be a sim.

Furry - No one's shown interest in the sheriff's spot yet, so yup, if you want it, it's yours. :) )))

8th Aug 2008, 4:06 AM
((Oh, no worries! I just didn't want to inundate the RP with Edwards. :giggler: Besides, Ryder sounds a bit more rough. :P And I see now what you're talking about, sounds great to me!))

8th Aug 2008, 8:06 AM

Name: Nikita Wellston.
Age: 24 years.
Occupation: Local seamstress, also into alchemy and herbalism.
( Note: As far as anyone in Morgan's Creek knows, Nikita is just a regular seamstress. )

Short Bio:

Nikita Wellston was born the daughter of a soldier, Richard Wellston, and an Arapaho indian maiden, Ayasha. While their love was not looked down upon by most of her mother's people.. her father's people were a different story; he was torn between his love and his duty, so when Nikita came into the world he was not even there to welcome her. He did manage to see her off and on through out the years, while Nikita spent the majority of her time at her mother's side in their village. She was taught their language, their religion, their medicinal practices, everything, so by the time she had reached the age of sixteen she had matured into a very adept young lady. Though such blissful times were not to last and the small village began to contract the measles virus; fearing for his daughter's life, as Ayasha was already ill, Richard took Nikita from the village and to the Army fort he was stationed at. A few weeks later they received news that the disease had claimed not only Ayasha's life, but everyone else's there as well.

It was the first time she'd ever experienced such emotional pain, thrown into turmoil and depression at having lost everything and everyone she'd loved so suddenly. Her grief was not helped by the other young women her age, whom her father hoped Nikita would become friends with. The teenagers delighted in tormenting the poor girl, calling her 'half breed' and making cruel jokes at the expense of her native peoples. Nikita tried her best to not let it affect her, but time only seemed to make things worse rather than better. One day while tending to some herbs she'd planted, the group of girls decided to begin their daily fill of taunting early... but what they did not expect, was for the 'half breed' to withdraw a Colt pistol and aim it in their faces. Mortified and scared witless, the young women ran and told the Sergeant that Nikita had tried to shoot them without cause. Such was of course a lie, but being that the girl was half Indian it was prejudice that won out. Richard was confronted about her behavior, and told he either had to send her off to live on her own or she would be imprisoned at the fort. Her father pleaded for mercy for his daughter, yet in the end Nikita had to pack her things and leave; she would never see her father after that.

Years passed rather uneventfully and the young sprout of a teen girl had blossomed into an exotically beautiful woman, causing Nikita to once again be the source of resentful glares and upturned noses by the white women. Where once it had bothered her, now it just amused her greatly and in truth she took some satisfaction from it. By this time she had settled on the outskirts of Morgan's Creek, plying her trade as a seamstress to the nearby town and growing her herbs for the native remedies she'd been taught in her younger years. Her knowledge of 'potions' and herbs was only known to one specific sector of the town however: the outlaws. Being a true neutral, Nikita had no qualms with supplying the 'bad' men with whatever they needed. Though it was more about supplying one man, Ryder Scott, the former doctor. Due to her mixed blood earning her the instant disdain of most, usually women, it seemed that for now she only had a friend in the charming outlaw and the gang he belonged to.




Name: Dakotah.
Age: 2 years.
Species/Breed: Canine, wolf hybrid.
Occupation: Guardian and constant companion of Nikita.

Short Bio:

Dakotah has lived with Nikita since only a few hours after he was born. The woman found the squirming little pup after his mother had abandoned him near her home; he was sickly and therefore was left behind. Nikita nursed him and raised him up into the loving friend he is today. Dakotah is a nice dog as long as his two-legged friend isn't being harmed or threatened, if that's the case then one should pray they are a fast runner. He rarely ever leaves Nikita's side, prefering to go wherever she goes.


8th Aug 2008, 3:11 PM
Name: Lillie Westwood
Age: 23
Occupation: Bakery Owner
Short Bio:

Lillie has lived in Morgan's Creek ever since she was born. Her family was quite poor and had very little money, so Lillie and her younger brother Harry helped out in order to keep from going homeless. Due to the large increase in gold, her father left when she was fourteen years old in order to make more money for his family. While her father was away Lillie's mom, who was a master when it came to baking delicious sweets opened up a bakery hoping that it she would make a lot of cash from it. Suprisingly, her business brought in many customers, allowing the Westwood family to afford things they couldn't before.

But soon things took a turn for the worst, when her mother's bakery was burned down due to an accidental fire. Out of a job and nowhere to turn, Lillie's mother did anything and everything to put food on the table. Because of their tragic loss, both Lillie and Harry went in search of a job so they could help out the family. But times became tough for the Westwood family, for her mother was from job to job earning very little cash, and having almost nothing to eat. Sometimes they went days without food because no one was making any money.

Because of the lack or money that was being made, Lillie secretly stole money from stores and families, claiming that she had gotten a job that paid good money. At midnight she would break into stores and steal just enough money for her family to eat a good meal. If stealing money wasn't possible, she would steal items from homes and sell them. Yet Lillie no longer had to steal, for months later her father returned with a large amount of cash, which was used for the reconstruction of her mother's bakery. As Lillie grew older she began to work in the bakery with her mother, while her father and brother worked as carpenters.

When Lillie turned nineteen, her mother and father died, and Harry left in order to find gold to bring back for them both. Now she's the owner of the bakery and lives alone, hoping that her brother Harry will come back safe and sound.



8th Aug 2008, 4:09 PM
( Pretty sure the bakery is still up for grabs. )

8th Aug 2008, 4:11 PM
Name:William Dawes
Age: 43
Occupation: Sheriff
(Not Very) Breif Bio: The Dawes family have lived in Morgan's Creek since the initial rush to the area in 1859, where they have made themselves useful mainly in construction. William, the second generation of Dawes in the town, did not want to help his father with the business of carpentry and some crude blacksmithing, so he joined the army at age 15. His father did not care overmuch, as he had two other boys to carry on the family name and business.

Dawes made a name for himself in the army, having been credited with clearing the Colorado River watershed of Indians. He has since made it a point to stifle the fact that the area was never a homeland of Indians, just a path for nomadic tribes.

While in the army Dawes met a fellow by the name of Edward Morgan, and in what turned out to be a logistical mistake, saved his life. This made the two men fast friends, and both wound up back in Morgan's Creek. Morgan to become the illustrious mayor of the town, and Dawes to float from job to job, oftimes preventing fights before they happened. This did not escape Mayor Morgan's attention, who wanted to give his friend a steady income and wanted to quell the then current sheriff's annoyingly independent streak.

Morgan's oppurtunity came with a train robbery in Fairgrove, where the outlaws held the entire train up for days. Morgan arranged a posse to rescue the train of innocent people- including a US senator- and Dawes and the then sheriff was included. Dawes distinguished himself quite handily, capturing without killing three people, including the notorious outlaw Loagy Pete. During the shoot out on the train the then current sheriff was shot... and in gratitude the senator bestowed a hefty cash reward and a medal to supplement Dawes's collection from his army days. Mayor Morgan bestowed the position of sheriff on the train robbery hero, and Dawes was ecstatic to accept, hoping to bring law, order, peace and a chance for prosperity to the town of Morgan's Creek.

However, in the three years since Dawes became sheriff there has been much speculation in town as to whether Morgan arranged for the first sheriff to be shot in order to get his man into the position of almost sole enforcer of law and order. This has greatly hampered Sheriff Dawes's ability to maintain said law and order, hence the band of outlaws outside town, some small scale smuggling in the saloon, and prostitution no one even tries to hide anymore.

As sheriff Dawes has been responsible for... very little. The outlaws for the most part, are smart enough to stay out of his way, and the only other major problem for the town- corruption in the mayor's office- is how Dawes gets paid. Recently however, his wife, one Amelia Dawes, contracted a bad case of pneumonia and died. This was a year and a half ago. Overcome by grief the sheriff, who was a laughingstock in the town by this point for his general ineffectiveness, retreated to his office and the saloon to find solace in the bottle. This lasted for many months, but eventually his grief lost its edge and he vowed to make the town safe for everyone, especially his twin daughters.


((OOC: Anyone who gets the irony of a sheriff named Dawes gets a cookie. I just couldn't resist ;p

Also, whoever wants the mayor position, if any part of this storyline bothers you, feel free to PM me and we can change it.

And there is a railroad in Fairgrove right? It only makes sense that there would be since there isn't one in Morgan's Creek and you just didn't get towns [or blocks of towns] without a railroad nearby, right?))

8th Aug 2008, 4:18 PM
Name: Scarlett Marie O’Reilly

Age: 18

Occupation: Outlaw spy working as a Saloon girl

Short bio:

Scarlett is a problem child. Abandoned as a one year old child on the steps of the church in a neighbouring town, she was immediately sent off to the orphanage. There she was simply one of many, and neglected of any real love and affection. So, craving what she was deprived of, Scarlett began acting out, indulging in anarchist, mutinous behaviour, only resulting in pulling punishment onto herself and thus pushing herself further and further to the outside.

Finally, one day, she snapped and ran away from the orphanage. Although, it wasn’t a plan well thought through, leaving her wandering the dangerous desert for days. When she was found, she was almost a lost cause, lucky that her saviours happened upon her while there was still hope.

However, fortune had it’s twists and it turned out that her saviours were not good law abiding Samaritans, but rather the local gang of outlaws. That said, it turned out they were not all the violent pillagers they were made out to be, because, for starters, they had rescued her and managed to nurse her back to health. So, Scarlett was only too happy to join the gang officially.

She is quite fiery and outspoken, not standing for any sort of domination or letting anyone ignore her. However, as a consequence of her history she has low self-esteem. She’s young and therefore a little naïve in some ways and perhaps a little too idealistic for her own good. Proving she has a long way to go as an outlaw, Scarlett’s motto is ‘shoot first, ask questions later’.

She currently works as a Saloon girl – where her youth, lovely appearance, excellent singing and dancing rakes in the money – in Morgan’s Creek and being the favourite of the more important patrons, including the town Mayor, she is privy to equally important information that she passes onto the gang.



(((OOC: Yup, another one of my immoral/espionage characters :lol: I hope it’s alright that she joins the current gang and that she works in the Saloon?
Also, as with Kate and all of my characters Feel free to PM about storylines with any of my characters
For whoever takes the Mayor, I hope what I said about him is okay? If not, do let me know and I'll edit :) )))

8th Aug 2008, 5:04 PM
(((ooc: Furry - I'm planning to add railroad tracks to the map, and then yes, there'll be a railroad station in Fairgrove. Though as I understand it, railroads weren't all that common in Colorado at this time, and that was part of their problem when applying for statehood. But around 1886, it seems those particular problems were being solved, so in short; yes, there is a railroad station in Fairgrove.


paintedgrey - No one has claimed the bakery, so yup, it's yours if you want it.)))

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((Hehe, this is one attractive town. :giggler: Added the pictures of Ryder. Sorry for the spam! I'm just excited for this RP to start. :) ))
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Name: Constance Schumacher
Age: 23
Occupation: Rancher’s widow
Constance came to Morgan’s Creek about three years ago when she married Emery Schumacher, the second generation owner of the Schumacher Cattle Ranch. Sadly, her marriage was short-lived as just four months after settling in Emery was shot (presumably by outlaws) while returning from town.

With the death of her husband, Constance was faced with an uncertain future, for Emery’s younger brother had inherited the ranch, and Constance had little money of her own and no family to turn to. She also couldn’t go back to her old work, for although she’d been a school teacher before her marriage, Morgan’s Creek already had a school teacher, and Constance, now two months pregnant, knew she wouldn’t be hired to teach in another town.

Fortunately, Emery’s younger brother asked her to stay on at the ranch. He did so both out of respect for Emery and because the young man needed all the help he could get. So now she tends to the main house and cooks for her brother-in-law and the ranch hands. Though she had some misgivings at first, Constance is now glad that she decided to stay, for she has come to care for her brother-in-law as if he was her own brother, and her daughter, Emmy, simply adores her uncle.

Constance is a kind and gentle person who loves to socialize, so it is not uncommon to see her strolling around town chatting with her friends.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v677/starphyre77/Contests/Morgans%20Creek/AppHeadshot1.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v677/starphyre77/Contests/Morgans%20Creek/AppHeadshot2.jpg)

With Emmy
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v677/starphyre77/Contests/Morgans%20Creek/AppFreeshot1.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v677/starphyre77/Contests/Morgans%20Creek/AppFreeshot2.jpg)
*Feel free to click for larger images*

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10th Aug 2008, 7:24 AM

As the first rays of sunlight start creeping over the horizon, painting the sky with purple, red, yellow, and every hue in between, life on the prairie and the small town of Morgan's Creek slowly rises from it's slumber. The merry trill of a bird is joined by another, and then a third, roosters start crowing their penetrating welcome of the sun, and soon the cows and the horses join in the melody of morning. Slowly the few dusty streets of the town start filling with people, and before long, yet another day is under way in Morgan's Creek.

10th Aug 2008, 7:41 AM
"'Ey! Wake up!"

In the outlaw camp, the first thing to cut through the early morning sounds of the prairie - crickets chirping, the soft whisper of small gusts of wind, and... snores - was the voice of young Robbie Logan, tough and rugged outlaw in the making, while he went from colleague to colleague, creating a minor symphony of thumps, moans and grunts, as his method of choice when rousing his older friends, was a boot shoved in their side. Himself often being made the target of various joking or sometimes downright snide remarks by them, he took whatever chances he got to pay them back, with the methods ranging from equally sarcastic comments, to pranks, to far more evil and torturous deeds, such as, yes, actually kicking them awake. As far as he was concerned, they all always had it coming for some reason or other. Even though he might not remember exactly what that reason was, he was sure it existed, thus making them deserving of whatever he chose to do to them. And as waking them up was a good thing to do - although perhaps not in this particular way, causing quite a few less than cheerful morning moods - there was no real reason for them to be angry or annoyed with him.
Not that it stopped some of them from being annoyed anyway, as he was to experience when one of them took a swipe at the intrusive foot poking them in the side. But still, waking them all up to a fresh pot of coffee was a nice thing to do, no?

Rarely getting to tag along for whatever adventures the others set out on, despite having been around for the past couple of months and learning what he himself considered to be a great deal in the process, he usually ended up needing less sleep during the night. Partly because he didn't get to do all that much during the days, except for what he himself set out to do, which mostly included working on his aim, his already quick draw, and his riding skills, and partly because he often foudn the time for a bit of a nap in the shade around noon, when the sun was high in the sky and doing it's best to torture any poor sod stupid enough to defy the heat. Consequently, he tended to wake up before the rest of the bunch he was riding with did. Something that had proven quite useful this morning, as he had gotten an idea last night. Being only fifteen, and rarely participating in robberies and such, meant he rarely got a cut of whatever booty the others had gotten their hands on, which in turn meant he was always broke. His brother, James, the one with the final say as far as what Robbie did and did not get to do, was under the impression that since Robbie was so young, he didn't actually need any money, as all his needs - or so James thought - was food, water and clothing, and that he got from the gang. And if there was something else he needed money for, well, then "all he had to do was ask". Unfortunately, Robbie had soon learned that asking was not the same thing as recieving, especially not when it came to his brother, and so he still had no money for what he really wanted to do; buy a better gun, and take a little trip to the Saloon. And not only sit around waiting for the others to finish drinking, gambling and 'socializing' with the pretty ladies, but this time to actually get his first real taste of whiskey, and of women. However, whenever the matter had been brought up, all James ever did was snort and dismiss him as being 'too young' - man, there was a phrase he'd heard to death! - and thus, Robbie was still without money, and without the experiences money could by.
Which left him with the only choice of taking matters into his own hands.

And in that aspect, waking up before all the others had proven most useful indeed, for it provided him with a golden opportunity. After having made sure they were all still sound asleep, Robbie had snuck over to James' horse, and stuck his hand into one of the saddle bags, which he knew still contained money from a train robbery the other day. Within seconds, he'd retrieved a few bills and quickly shoved them into his pocket, and then went on to close the saddle bag, careful to make sure it looked just like it had before he'd opened it. On his smile had been a faint smile, at the thought of what he'd just done. Stealing from a thief, how was that for poetic justice?

Only once he'd been done, now the new owner of ten whole dollars, had the procedure of waking up the others commenced, and he couldn't help but to grin at the curses pouring down on him as one after another his mates were subjected to his 'considerate' wakening. Though the smile on his lips faded when he reached the spot where only a week ago another mate, Richard, had been sleeping, and paused ever so briefly. The spot was now empty, as Richard was no longer resting ON the ground, but below it, killed in the shootout with those men on the stage coach.

He wasn't left to dwell on the matter for very long, however, as seconds later he was given other things to think about, when a small tin cup came flying and hit in the back of the head with a faint, metallic 'boing'.

"Hey", he protested, turning around to see who it was that had retaliated.

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Kate stirred slightly from her sleep, enveloped by the soft covers adoring her bed, craved warmth in the night, but turning to discardable heat in the mornings and her slender form rested in exactly the same mould it’d formed when she resigned herself to the security of slumber. Eyelids finished off with a thick tassel of black lashes fluttered slightly as she took in a breath of air, opening to seep out the icy blue fire of her eyes into the cold light of the room.

It was early still. Yet, it was time for Kate, who needed to rise early in order to have the rest of the day work in order. She always had been an early riser in any case and thus there was little problem, there was little fuss and she gracefully slid out of bed, her soft feet pushing down on the cold, polished wooden floor of her bedroom. Easing herself into her dressing gown (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y84/Alissa888/zetasword.jpg), she rearranged her bed, starting her usual ritual of practices.

Walking over to the window, Kate eased back the curtains, the pale early sunlight flooding in to dance over the smooth surfaces of the room. In all honesty, she did love this time of morning, perhaps why she’d always woken up so early, just to catch it in time and it was always worth it. The coolness of the sun not yet out to bear down its heat, the clear sky, the sound of the early birds singing their tunes. It was peaceful bliss.

Taking a few moments to admire it once more before the bustle of the day began, Kate tore herself away from the window, moving to ready herself, teeth brushed, bathed, and dressed in a stylish skirt and blouse (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y84/Alissa888/arrowslaves.jpg), the long obsidian curls tied back only slightly as ever, leaving the majority of the locks free, before she moved onto breakfast. Yes, breakfast, the most important meal of the day, which one really should not compromise on, yet so many do. Hmm, she’d have to make sure that Mrs Mullinger was still taking her prescribed medication.

Helping herself to bread and cheese, Kate reviewed her plan for the rest of the day. Then of course, Asher (http://images.champdogs.co.uk/images/s1015p2.jpg) joined her, ever so happy at having found his mistress again so early on. Kneeling to pet her loyal companion, her deft fingers running through his snow fur, Kate realised that she owed him a walk. His food had been laid out for him, he had the entire garden to play in and she would be back to check on him during the day. And she would take him on that walk. At the end of the day. First, she’d go open up the surgery first and review her appointments, then she move on to house calls – poor Mrs Mullinger wasn’t in best shape to venture out to the infirmary – then she’d stay on call until late where she could quickly visit the general store to pick up groceries. Although, admittedly, she always was on call.

Satisfied with her preparations, Kate gathered what she needed; her bag, purse and keys, moving out and leaving the house, locked safely to make her way down to the town centre.

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10th Aug 2008, 12:22 PM
# 1 [Morning #1]

In the middle of a dream of a sunlit morning, waking up to all the sweet sounds of the wildlife around them on the prairie, Dex woke up for real. Due to the memory of beginning the day nice and easy was almost forgotten since about two months time, he had started to have dreams to make up for the brutal awakenings he was now subjected to. This morning was no exception, and as he got the kick to his side, he uttered a slight grunt in disapproval. Though Dex was tired, it didn't stop him to avenge. He quickly reached for whatever came first, which happened to be a tin cup, and hurled it in Robbie's direction. To his satisfaction, he managed to hit the boy in the back of his head.

"Hey", Robbie objected, and turned around.

Dex still layed on his back, with a big old smile on his lips, feeling quite content with his payback. If the life as an outlaw failed to keep him young, Robbie sure would. Not that he didn't loose his patience now and then, but all in all, it was nice to have the boy around. Even if Dex of course would have prefered it if he could have a normal upbringing, instead of a life among the lawless. But they couldn't shut him out, because no one else would have him. The Morgan's of the town had made his existance quite impossible. And Dex felt for him, though for an outsider, it might not seem like it at the moment.

"Keep that up, kid, and you won't live to see your next birthday", he said with a harsh tone of voice, but with a glint in the corner of his eye.

10th Aug 2008, 2:11 PM
A gentle knock on the door woke Gwen up. Before she could even mutter a Come in, her step-mother (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0810/9hy-4.jpg) Juliet slowly opened the door and whispered, with a forced smile:
"Good morning, Gwen. Wake up and come down, it's already late."
Gwen remained lying and listened to the sounds of morning. Then, after she almost fell asleep again, she got up and dressed (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0810/hdl-3.jpg) in one of her dresses she disliked, green and dotty. Then she just stood there, gathering strenght to go to the small drawing room, when she usually ate breakfast alone with her step-siblings annoying and disturbing her. What a hell of a life, she thought. Living in a house where nobody wants you is not that bad, but beeing an under-aged woman, living in a house where nobody likes you is worse. Then she shook her head, put a smile on her face and left her bedroom for breakfast.

Lilith (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0810/bz-6.jpg), her sister, ran towards her with a smile of joy. Gwen greeted her and thought of the amazing similarity between Juliet and Lilith, the same grace, fairness, infirmity, weakness and hidden maliciousness. Her whealthy father married not-so-whealty Juliet seven years ago and they've had two children since then, both week and ill most of the time. Gwen felt bad for her because she knew her father despised her so much that he didn't even try to hide his affairs from her.
With a sigh, she entered the drawing room (http://www4.slikomat.com/08/0810/tpg-5.jpg) and sat by the small table, sitting alone and trying to ignore Lilith beating the piano, Sam tugging her by the sleeve and Juliet constantly asking her about her mood, plans, future and the color of her new dress.

"Why don't you take Sam for a walk to the bakery?" Gwen finally asked Juliet, hoping to get rid of her. After she suceeded and her step-mother left, holding hands with the toddler, she quickly stood up and went towards the bathroom to get ready for school. The intruding Lilith followed her and demanded to get her hair done before Gwen's. Gwen did it and after that she grabbed her bag with one hand and grabbed Lilith with another and so they headed for school.

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10th Aug 2008, 5:16 PM
Felicity always woke with the sun- not because she had many customers at such an early hour of the day, and not because she herself had any chores to accomplish, but from a simple appreciation of the morning. The sun would illuminate the bar through real glass windows- Felicity's pride and joy those windows were, gotten four years ago- and Felicity would make sure that no dust or grit had appeared during the night on the luxurious furnishings she insisted populate the saloon.

Real aged mahogany that she had caused to be imported from England made the bar and stage, and in these early mornings the expensive carpentry would gleam. The furnishings were nearly as impressive, made of oak from the east. Felicity had made herself very successful and she had no problems displaying it for the world to see. Especially since most of her patrons were not cultured enough to see the difference between her expensive eastern wood furniture and something cobbled together from scrub by the local carpenters.

A few insects perched on the glass windows- now that was a sign of wealth anyone could read- and Felicity shooed them away before polishing the entire thing. She took great pride in her establishment, and no buggy footprints would bother her windows if she had anything to say on the matter.

By the time she finished one or two of the girls had woken up and wandered downstairs, in comfortable clothes. Felicity sent one of them into a back room to start cooking. Even though the saloon had a debonair and wealthy exterior, it did not extend to its food which was either greasy and overcooked or greasy and half raw. People still ate it quite happily, and that kept the saloon from being too famous- not that that was a risk, but Felicty's sense of caution bordered on paranoia most of the time- and rather poor food left plenty of money for nice furniture, clothing for the girls, and much better food for everyone that Felicity employed.

The other girl was drafted into helping Felicity clean, though the exacting cleaning done last night made it more of a quick once over with a dust rag. The other girls slowly wandered down during this process, most going back to the kitchen to help cook or share in the companionable chatter that inevitably filled the cozy room, but a few helped clean.

Finally Felicity declared that the main parlor was acceptable- the rich woods gleamed in the morning light, the gaming tables velvety surfaces all shone, and each chair was precisely and mathematically aligned with a table or the bar. Felicity's standards of "acceptable" were what most other establishments called "entertaining the president." She did not bother to check that the girl's rooms were immaculate, by the time most customers got up there they didn't care about the environment around them.

With a sufficiently cleaned establishment Felicity told the girls to go do what they wanted, and she lay out a deck of slightly dog eared poker cards to play solitaire on the bar. She would rapidly put the deck away if a customer came in, but at the moment, when the sun still made the bar the warmest place in the room, and everything looked perfect, Felicity was content to just slowly flip up cards and wait for actual work to find her.

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There was no denying that Ryder was merrily engrossed in very amusing dream; he had that lopsided smile smeared across his boyish face that he only wore when he was really enjoying something. Now, what exactly it was, he most likely would lose sight of as soon as he woke up; Ryder wasn't the type to remember his dreams with the crystal type of clarity that many managed. Chances were though that the young man was fully immersed in a fantasy of gaining all sorts of riches, lifting them out of the coat pockets of many a respectable member of the town they lived just outside of. Dream-Ryder slowly stalked behind the Mayor, eying his small satchel of gold pieces with a discerning eye. Oh yes, he was enjoying this. Slowly, with the utmost precision of a practiced thief, Ryder extended a single hand to loop the parcel off of it's owner's belt. It slid off easily, too easily almost. And in that brief moment of dream-induced glee, his dream-self slid the small fortune in his vest pocket and turned away ever so slightly--just enough to catch the Mayor turning in his peripheral vision. With a glimmer of panic, Ryder turned his head to see the man mouthing something. What was that? Dream-Ryder squinted his blue eyes to the point of near-blindness.

"'Ey! Wake up!"

Eh? That didn't make any sense. Why would the Mayor say that?
He heard the same phrase again, spilling from the man's lips, but this time it was duller. It sounded further away even though the Mayor himself hadn't moved a single centimeter.

Then, he felt a sharp pain in his side. Had he been shot? Ryder glanced around in a panic, reaching for his side only to find that he was nowhere near the mayor, nowhere near the town. He was laying face-down in his makeshift cot, almost inhaling dirt. And the sharp pain in his side? Not the bullet from a highly aggravated mayor--the pointed toe of a young Robbie Logan's boot, grinding in one swift jab into his ribcage as a cheerful wakeup call.

Sputtering slightly and wiping the dirt from the side of his face, Ryder shot the young boy a look that could kill. He wasn't sure what it was intended more for; the semi-painful kick, or the fact that he had stirred him from his dream before he could make a real profit off of his stolen dream goods. He was still incredibly drowsy, normally sleepy-looking eyes looking even more laughably heavy.

"Wha-...." he grumbled blankly, eyes drifting about with little conscious goal of what they were aiming to locate. Ryder massaged his side tenderly and then ran a hand through his caramel-colored hair, smoothing out the tangles that had developed in his fitful sleep.

"Hey!" the sharp, pained voice couldn't have belonged to anyone else, and Ryder allowed a small grin to form at the corners of his lips. Somebody had just gotten a taste of his own medicine judging by the loud clang that had preceded his shout.

"Keep that up, kid, and you wont live to see your next birthday." Dex. The gruff voice was unmistakable. So he was the one who had thrown the metal object.

"Just five more minutes?" Ryder pleaded in a half-joking, half-serious tone as he pulled the blanket back over his head, wriggling lower into his bed of sorts in an attempt to escape the rising sunlight.


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Ghanima Atreides
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Lucy -- The Stables --> The Saloon

Something...sharp and exasperatingly itchy intruded into the calm lulling sleep Lucy so comfortably lay in. She tried to banish the annoyance with the back of her hand, which collided sharply with her cheek instead, severing any hope of further rest. Grunting sleepily, Lucy shifted around and blinked her eyes open, the image which swam into focus being that of a fuzzy tangle of yellow strings that surrounded her from every side. Hay, tickling her cheek and stinging her sides where she lay curled up in the middle of a clean stack situated near the far end of the stables where the horses didn't reach. This unglamorous yet inexpensive lodging had kept Lucy sheltered from both cold and prying eyes over night, having arrived in Morgan's Creek the previous evening. To a nomad who often had to rely on stealing to satisfy the most basic need of eating, money was of the essence and Lucy did not readily part with it. Especially not to trade sleeping in a barn to sleeping in some dilapidated little inn room that probably smelled just as bad.

The sound of hooves and horses snorting mingled in the background, but slowly Lucy became aware of a different sound: more even and purposeful, the harsh scraping of shoes in the dirt.

“Oi!” called out a gruff man's voice from nearby. Realizing she was being approached from behind, Lucy twisted on the other side to get a glimpse of the intruder, previously hidden from view by the towering pile hay stacked behind her. Still blinking sleepily, the young woman's eyes fell on a perplexed looking man, whose moon-like face was contorted into a grimace of pure surprise.

“You're sleeping in my stable” he commented as though it wasn't already obvious.

“Yeah.” Lucy said simply and got to her feet, dusting her clothes off with both hands and giving the man a puckish grin “Sorry about that.”

“This town has an inn y'know.”

“I arrived late,” Lucy lied as she made her way towards the horses enclosure where her very own Blackfoot awaited patiently. It was a stout brown horse with just one black leg, hence his name. “Does this town have a saloon, too?”

“Just 'round the corner.”

Nodding a thanks his way, Lucy took a moment to visit her only companion during her peregrinations across the country, Blackfoot. She picked an apple from a nearby tree and gave it to him, stroking his soft mane, and patting his flank appreciatively. Then, she was off in search of one thing she had been craving for days: a drink. Food was plentiful in the fields if one was persistent in their search, but Lucy had been missing the bitter tang of beer on her tongue for two weeks since her last stop in a place that sold it.

Leaving the stables, it didn't take long for Lucy to find herself gazing at the gleaming facade of Morgan Creek's Saloon, which at that time of the morning seemed scarcely populated. It certainly looked far better maintained than the establishments Lucy was used to, which brought an undecided frown to her brow: what if the high standards extended to the prices?

Deciding there was only one way to find out, Lucy left the dirt road and entered, pausing briefly in the doorway to sweep an appraising glance over the scrubbed and polished floors and furniture, suddenly feeling a tinge out of place in her dusty, travel-worn condition: masculine attire, comprised of sturdy leather boots that bore the signs of much use, worn brown pants made of durable weave, a loose semi-yellow shirt peeking out of a wide-shouldered sheepskin jacket. Lucy's cheeks were freckled from being out in the sun and her long brown hair was half-bound in a loose knot that kept it off her face.

She made her way across the room to the empty bar, eyes falling upon the woman who sat there idly flipping cards, the first thing she noticed being her Oriental features.

“Morning,” Lucy greeted as she took a seat. “Can I have a pint of your cheapest, please?”

No point in dancing around the issue: she couldn't afford anything else.

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10th Aug 2008, 8:36 PM
Felicity's game of solitaire had ended fairly quickly, and so, in some degree of boredom she had gone to carefully going through the saloon's decks of cards, making sure there weren't any that had tell tale rips or marks that would give someone an advantage. Carefully flipping them one at a time, she was interrupted- finally!- by a young woman walking in.

Working for the larger part of her life in one saloon or another had allowed Felicity to read people quickly. This woman, dark haired, somewhat dirty, and wearing pants instead of a skirt, was cultured enough to pause a moment and appreciate the meticulous cleanliness of the place. Felicity didn't recognize her at all, so she was new in town. Or in general too poor to utilize the saloon's services. All in all this gave Felicity the impression of someone on rather hard times... or someone who preferred to give off that sort of message. She had met both in her years, and would treat this one the same as the others of the category- with her usual levels of kindness, and slightly cheaper liquor. People who were on hard times and a bit soused were usually grateful and oftimes amusing.

In the time it had taken for Felicity to gather this impression the woman had walked across the room, pausing before climbing on one of the stools. That one also happened often enough, either because they didn't want to mess up her meticulously clean stools, or because she was a woman. And Asian. One could not forget the Asian origins. The other woman's voice was pleasant and even enough however when she said, Morning. Can I have a pint of your cheapest, please?”

Poor then. Felicity was much to mature to let a bit of hesitation over her facial features interfere with her business, and she cheerfully responded, "Of course, if you'd hold on a moment?" She didn't wait to let the woman answer, already going back to the impressive collection of kegs and bottles that lined the wall behind the bar. She took a tumbler, sparkling clean, like everything else, and wiped it down quickly with a cloth, adding to its already glassy shine. Unlike everything else, the tumbler was cheap- made of very poor quality, bubbly glass- but it was clean and well used, which made Felicity deem it acceptable for her establishment. Also, finding nice glass cups was nigh on impossible out here. And crystal was too expensive, given how few cups actually made it back to the bar at the end of each day.

Felicity filled the tumbler from one of the kegs- most definitely not the cheapest beer to acquire, but some of the overly yeasty garbage that she got from the brewer in Fairgrove was so popular that she was able to- and did- charge ten times what it was worth. Hence what she charged least for was actually quite good, a bit thick for Felicity's taste, but not bad, especially given what she charged for it.

She walked the glass and its contents back to her customer, offering it to her. "There you go miss," she said cheerfully, "Hope you enjoy it."

Felicity was a bit tempted to ask what the woman was doing in town. There was a fine line between a nice bar keep and an annoying pryer, and Felicity knew that her Oriental features kept her uncomfortably close to that line most of the time. Rather than ask she merely sat went back to the far wall to get herself a drink- this one without any alcohol and join the other woman. That could be construed as a bit familiar, but then again, seeing how clean the bar was, she could easily justify it as having nothing better to do. The silence lingered companionably for a moment, then Felicity thought randomly, "Eh, screw it."

"So, I don't think I've seen you before. Mind if I inquire what brings you to Morgan's Creek?"

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10th Aug 2008, 8:45 PM
Scarlett liked slumber. No, like was too mild a word for it, it was something closer to ‘Scarlett had an unnatural dependency on slumber’. Back at the orphanage, she always had sweet sleep forcibly yanked from her hands and replaced by what was really modern slavery. It just wasn’t fair. So, it was completely fair that now, given the opportunity to do so, she took every possible pleasure in revelling in slumber.

She’d earned it after all. She was the most popular girl in the saloon, the patrons always flocking in to watch her dance, hear her sing and let her charm them. Fortune of fortunes, she’d caught the more important people’s eyes – the Mayor in particular – and so, she was ‘reserved’ for him, she didn’t have to go upstairs with every Tom, Dick and Harry that walked into the joint. She was more the entertainment, the prelude to what they were actually there for, and good thing too, because, by God, there some ridiculous old douche bags stumbling into the place.

Now, now, rolling around in bed was all the fun, but it did get to a point where she had to get up and get out. Mainly because she was hungry. So, out it was, to wash and get ready and then run down to the kitchen to see what she could find. After all, she had woken up pretty late and the good stuff was probably all gone, resting comfortably in the tummies of all the other girls. Curse them, they’ll just get fat off it.

So, there she was, descending down the wooden stairway, the saloon not bustling with life yet, dressed in a red dress (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41XWWR1FAAL._SL500_AA280_.jpg)she randomly pulled out, her fiery red locks free and loose, watching as Felicity moved behind the bar, faced with some lady Scarlett had never seen before. God, she was famished.

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10th Aug 2008, 8:49 PM
Elizabeth woke up bright and early, not being bothered by the roosters that sang with the wind in the morning. Her wavy hair was messy and knotted on the back of her head, and her sleeping gown straight and clean against her normal sized body. Starting her daily morning routine, she took her time waking up, put on a pot of hot water, and went back to her tiny bedroom to make her bed, so it was fresh for the evening. By the time she had gathered her books and teaching materials, the water was boiling. She carefully poured it into a mug and added a tea bag to the water.

She sipped the tea while she dressed and read her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. It was given to her the day she left Fairgrove by her aunt. It was her favorite book also. Her aunt told her "It has been passed down ever since it was published, and hopefully you will pass it down to your daughter." Elizabeth had no plans of children, but she was no psychic. After her tea was finished, Elizabeth pinned her hair up neatly, placed all of her papers and workbooks in a folder, and headed outside, locking the door behind her.

She was walking to the school while some people were just waking up. She placed everybody's workbooks on their appropriate desks, and the corrected papers on her desk. She sat down, sorting out the papers into neat piles, and putting some of her personal books on the small, sinlge bookshelf for the students to read. In a couple of minutes, students would be arriving, and a new day would start. Elizabeth took a deep breath, and smiled.

((Children and teenagers are welcome to arrive at the schoo. If you don't show, I will assume that they are too old, or being taught at home.))

10th Aug 2008, 10:15 PM
William hated mornings. It was not any dislike of the time of day- indeed early morning was when the weather was best and when the deserted town looked its best, at least in William's opinion. No, it was that mornings meant he had to awaken. And when he awoke his Amelia died again, for she was what he dreamed of every night and only then could he forget the still crushing grief.

However, he could not sleep all day, and this morning, like every other morning, after indulging in burning self pity and longing he rolled to his feet from his bed in the small flat above the jail where he made his home.

The cold, slightly dusty wood floor made William seriously contemplate sliding back into bed, but he persevered to get dressed and stumble down to his office, where the coal stove released a pleasant warmth and heated a pot of water for coffee. In this climate he considered every afternoon getting rid of the thing- it belched smoke all over the walls of his office, took hours to get a flame to catch, and most afternoons, no matter how well banked the coals were, his office turned into a sauna. Amelia had insisted they get it however, and that meant it stayed. Also, the stove made some of the best coffee he'd ever had, hence why it was usually stoked.

William drank his coffee and was finally fully awake, and willing to stay that way. Which brought him to the little problem that had arrived on his doorstep yesterday afternoon. The stage coach robbery was sudden to say the least... and rather clumsy. For the most part over the past few years these outlaws had been clever, but leaving behind the horse with all the loot? He hadn't been there of course, but it would probably have been trivial to get the animal and its cargo back. But they hadn't... William had not gotten the same version of the stage coach robbery from any of the three men who had been there, and one of them told two entirely different stories. Hence why he wasn't too concerned about the outlaws having set something up, they would have done a better job to not arouse his suspicions.

Which left the problem of the bags of money, containing- not that he would admit to counting it- one thousand two hundred forty three dollars. A fortune that was, although William suspected the mayor would insist on making it a nice round number from the city coffers- as in swelling the coffers and depleting the bags. Graft and corruption did have to be factored in, William had been sheriff long enough to know that well.

Even after some of the money was stolen by purely legal means- meaning the law taking it- there would be a fortune to carry back to Fairgrove. And that was the difficult part. William was an honest man, and that meant he knew full well how dishonest some people could be. Which was why he hadn't already gone to the post office and given some bloke the money to take back to Fairgrove. He had an unearned reputation as an idiot, but no one would think him foolish enough to hand a man a thousand dollars and say, "Take this to the next town, and you'll be paid your two dollars a day."

He did not want to go himself, he was not old by anyone's imagination- except possibly his own- but he did not think that carting money across the countryside was the sheriff's responsibility. But who else could he trust with it? After giving himself a royal headache with that vicious cycle, he decided to take a walk through the town, hoping that it would clear his head.

Putting on his hat he stepped into the morning sunshine, and slowly ambled up Main Street.

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11th Aug 2008, 12:25 AM
Name: Luke Schumacher
Age: 19
Occupation: Cattle Ranch Owner
Short bio: Luke was born in Morgan's Creek, along with his older brother, Emery. His mother passed away during his birth, leaving the boys with just their father, owner of Schumacher Cattle Ranch. The latter blamed Luke for the death of his wife and wanted nothing to do with him, leaving Emery to raise his younger brother with only the help of the ranch hands. The brothers grew up learning to care for and respect one another, whilst their father slowly fell into a drunken depression, never getting over his wifes death. After his death in a drunken brawl five years ago, Emery inherited the ranch and Luke continued to help out up until an argument that saw him leave town in order to make a name for himself elsewhere. The brothers had no contact up until Luke received a letter informing him of his brothers death and the fact that he had inherited the ranch. He returned to find that he had a bereaved sister in law and a niece still living there. He couldn't find it in his heart to send them away and he wasn't entirely confident that he could actually run the ranch, as he had been away from it all for so long. He has come to deeply care for both Constance and little Emmy and takes care of them in his brothers place. His biggest regret is that he never made up with Emery, he can't even remember clearly why they had argued in the first place but he has sworn revenge against the bandit that took his brothers life.


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11th Aug 2008, 1:57 AM
Lillie gave one glance around her bedroom and let out an exasperated sigh. Bits of sunshine had somehow seeped through her curtains and onto the wood floor, as if it was coming to tell her that morning had arrived. She rolled on her side, determined to shield herself from the blinding light that bothered her so. Yet the sun’s rays remained relentless, filling the entire room with bothersome light. Pulling the covers back she muttered quietly under her breath, quite unenthusiastic about today for she had no desire to open the bakery. Her brother Harry had not yet returned with a large amount of gold she expected him to bring, and her business began running slow. Hardly any customers ever entered the bakery, so she found no point in opening her business.

Yet she ignored the complaining voice in her head and changed into a green long sleeved dress, trudging down the long flight of stairs to the bakery. When she came down the stairs, immediately she opened her store for the rest of the town to enter when they pleased, though she knew they probably wouldn’t come. It would be just her luck for no one to show up, not even for a simple apple pie. Her thoughts trailed over to the thought of stealing, but she vowed she would no longer go back to that horrible lifestyle. She had no intention of stealing from anyone any longer, though the thought always rung in the back of her mind.

The adrenaline rush she felt whenever she stole something was overwhelming. It made her feel powerful, as if she could never be caught. Of course there was always the possibility of being found out, but if you struck at just the right time….

Lillie shook her head and stared out the window, gazing at the townspeople that passed by. Not one of the even gave a second glance towards the bakery, which caused her to wonder whether or not she should revert back to her old ways. If business didn’t pick up soon, she would be out on the streets, begging for money. She would not allow herself to be humiliated in such a way, thus bringing forth her dark side. If times became tough, she would do what she need to in order to survive.

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11th Aug 2008, 4:21 AM
Constance awoke with the sun as she always did, and with a tired yawn, she went to the water basin and washed the remnants of drowsiness away. Afterward, she dressed and headed downstairs to start the day, and once in the kitchen, she began humming a cheerful tune as she prepared a hearty breakfast of porridge, eggs and milk.

After the food was finished and the table set, she sat down to write a list of what she needed from town that day as she waited for Luke to come down and the ranch hands to come in from the bunkhouse.

It wasn’t long before the men started drifting in, and as Constance started dishing their breakfast, they all kept their conversations to what would be considered rather low for a group of rowdy ranch hands. They did this because they had long ago learned that one of the quickest ways to earn Constance’s ire in the morning was to wake Emmy too early.

11th Aug 2008, 6:43 AM
Name: Elsie Strand
Age: 21
Occupation: Innkeeper
Though she may seem young to be an innkeeper, Elsie is the capable owner of The Creek Inn. Her parents came to Morgan’s Creek before she was born, and by the time Elsie was born they had already established the inn as the place to stay when visiting town. Being raised in the inn, she grew up socializing with a variety of people and as a result she is very friendly and outgoing.

Sadly, her mother died of appendicitis when Elsie was 11 which left her having to help her father run the inn. By the time she was 16 she knew how to handle all aspects of the business, and as the years progressed, she assumed more and more responsibilities as her father’s health began failing.

About a year ago, her father succumbed to pneumonia and Elsie inherited the inn. Since then she has successfully carried on the family business. Though she is still friendly and outgoing, throughout the years, she has been told numerous times by several people that she couldn’t run an inn - usually because she’s a woman or because of her age. Thus, she has developed a bit of a stubborn streak which becomes evident whenever she’s told she can’t do something.




11th Aug 2008, 12:50 PM
Robbie, as a result of the last couple of months of tagging along with this bunch of outlaws, had gotten used to being picked on. For his lack of experience, for accidently revealing his flaws as a possible outlaw, or for simply being an easy target when the others were bored. Yes, indeed, he was used to it, but knew that most of the time, it was done with a sense of good natured humor, with no real ill intent. Though he did reckon they sometimes saw it as a way of trying to make him realize he just wasn't ready to be made part of their more dangerous endeavors.
But sometimes, the reason for getting picked on was none of the above, but rather a direct response to something he himself did, and having a few months of experience in the field, he'd come to expect it. If he found a way of getting back at them, then sure enough, they would find a way to tip the scales once more.

Therefore, when Dex retaliated, in deeds and in words, it came as no surprise to the young man.

"Keep that up, kid", came the older man's gruff voice from the exact spot where he'd been sleeping, travelling much the same path as the tin cup a moment earlier, "and you won't live to see your next birthday".

His counterattack had caused a few satisfied smirks and chuckles among the others, one of them coming from Ryder, who then went on to pull his tattered blanket over his head in a way that almost had Robbie questioning why it was him that was being treated like a five year old kid, and not Ryder.

"Just five more minutes?" the man said, clearly not ready to be dragged from his slumber just yet.

At that, Robbie gave a shrug as though he didn't care. And he didn't. If Ryder preferred his morning coffee lukewarm, and the now warmed up day-old bread they were having for breakfast, back to being just plain cool, stale and dry, then it was his problem. Or maybe he wanted to pass them up altogether?

"Fine by me", the young man said, shooting Ryder a sly glance as though anticipating a newfound interest in crawling out from underneath that blanket. "More food for the rest of us."

With that, he turned then to Dex, and as he picked up one of the warmed up buns from the circle of rocks around the fire and tossed it the older man, pointedly retorted;

"And at least it'll spare me from dying of boredom here."

11th Aug 2008, 3:47 PM
Luke blinked as the morning sun blared through the thin, netted curtains. He blinked and glanced out of the window before silently cursing to himself upon realising that he had overslept a little. He got himself dressed and took the gun from under his pillow before making his way downstairs, being careful to avoid the creaky floorboard at the bottom so as not to wake little Emmy or endure the wrath of Constance. He'd been down that road before and didn't wish to make a repeat of it. Not because he was scared, but because he just couldn't be bothered with it. He cared for her like a sister, and the feeling was mutual, but even pseudo siblings had their feuds. He entered the kitchen and noticed that everyone was awake already and helping themselves to breakfast. Knowing that he was a little late down, he sat down at the table and looked up at the others with is trade mark cheeky smile.

''Morning all, Lil Emmy still sleeping?''

11th Aug 2008, 5:23 PM
Stella had an intense dislike of school. She was 15 years old after all, in her opinion far too old to be going in the first place. She should be occupied with thoughts of marriage and a family, but there was certainly a lack of prospects for that in this town. School was a sort of necessary evil for her, something she had to do but had no intrest in. And her work most certainly showed it. Not the most apt pupil in the world, her mind was more occupied with thoughts of pretty dresses, like the new one (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/snapshot_95a9bd25_95a9bd26.jpg) she wore right now, than sums and grammar.

"At least" she thought as she walked down the streets to the schoolhouse, blonde locks held in place by a bow at the back of her head "This is my last year of school. I won't have to bore myself with it anymore". She smiled at the thought as she continued down the street, noticing Gwen walking ahead with her little sister.

" Good morning Gwen" she called, waving her free hand "Wait for me, we can walk together".

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11th Aug 2008, 5:50 PM
Nikita rose with the sun, as she did every day since before she could even remember. It was ingrained in her, plus she loved to watch the sun rise over the mountains. After washing up and getting dressed, she fed Dakotah and went to grab a large iron pot from her kitchen; her crops were doing quite well this year and so she'd made quite a bit more food than she really needed. The woman knew who could use it and appreciate it, however! With the pot sealed and herbs gathered, Nikita made her way for the door.

"Come on, little brother," she called over her shoulder to Dakotah, the wolf hybrid pricking up his ears and bolting after her with his tail a-wagging. He had a pretty good idea of where they were going and plus, Nikita had food. If he didn't follow, he might miss the chance that she could drop it and he'd get to slurp it all up.

The pair cut a path through the woods, going the back way to the hideout so as not to be seen by anyone. Nikita was good at knowing how to blend in with nature, but what native wasn't really? Soon enough they'd breached the treeline and covertly darted toward the outlaw's sanctuary. Upon arrival, Nikita noticed that Dex and Ryder were still trying to sleep while Robbie sulked near the fire.

Chuckling as she approached, the woman looked down to the boy. "I see you are the first to rise, as usual," she said, grinning as Dakotah trotted over to Robbie for some attention. Besides, he had food too! If the teenager wasn't careful, the sneaky canine might try to nab himself a bite of the nearby bread.

Nikita set down the large pot next to the fire before she walked over to the men, looking down at them with her hands firmly placed upon the shapely curves of her hips. "You know, waking in the morning might not seem so terrible if you both went to bed at a decent hour," she teased her friends, before turning her gaze on Ryder. "I brought the herbs you wanted, plus some bitterroot for anyone who might get a sore throat. It's beginning to be that season for such. I also brought some soup for everyone, I made far too much for just myself and thought you all might like it. You'll need to heat it up, though."


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11th Aug 2008, 8:38 PM
It really made very little sense for Ryder to be so generally pleased with his sleeping situation. All things considered, the tattered blankets he was laying upon were hardly desirable in comparison to his prior sleeping arrangements. He could still recall his old bed...oh, how lovely it was. Soft as feathers, and huge. So massively, unbelievably huge. It seemed outrageously large now, as if it should belong to a giant and not a mere man, simply because his fading memory of those times had to improvise just what exactly the heavenly bed had resembled in reality. And yet somehow, Ryder was just as pleased with his tiny makeshift bed there in the often uncaring skirts of nature, where tiny rocks and pebbles prodded at his back whenever he rolled or turned even in the slightest. As shabby as the tangible aspects of his new bed were, they were more than made up for in the peace he felt through resting in the unchecked open, the unfenced territory. While in his sheltered home he had drowned in a sea of finely made sheets, he now bathed in a blanket of cool open sky. And there was no putting a price on that.

Robbie seemed to be increasingly annoyed with the collective whole of their group when they wouldn't respond accordingly to his attempts to shake them, physically if necessary, from their beds. Truthfully Ryder couldn't blame the boy for his mounting sense of mild indignation, but the sleepiness tugging at his weary eyes was too great to overcome in order to indulge him.

"Fine by me," Robbie said with a faint indifference in his tone, though his eyes would say otherwise, before he paused for a moment to allow the curiosity to build in Ryder. The words and the gap in speech sent Ryder's crystal blue eyes peeking slightly over the tattered edge of his blanket; not enough to coax him out from under its protective layer of warmth, but only enough to observe the sly expression that had darted across Robbie's young features. "More food for the rest of us."

...Pardon? If he wasn't mistaken, he had just heard the topic of his food come into question, and he didn't like that one bit. As though he had been delivered a swift kick in the rear, Ryder was throwing his covers off, pulling on his boots, and rubbing fervently at his eyes in an attempt to rouse him from his semi-drowsy state.

"Oh ho, nevermind then." He scrambled away from his bed and appeared next to the young man, face alight with mirth as he eyed the small amount of provisions that Robbie had so dutifully set out for the camp of men.

"You always have had a way with words," a small chuckle pressed passed his lips as he shot Robbie a smirk that revealed he was slightly irked with the boy's clever means of getting him out of his bed, but also simultaneously proud for his resourcefulness. As he glanced from item to item, Ryder tried to decide just what he was going to force down his throat to satiate the hunger growing there from the previous night.

"I see you are the first to rise, as usual,"

The delicately feminine voice most certainly didn't belong to Robbie, and certainly didn't belong to Dex, so the options of to whom it could belong were very limited. Sending a glance over his shoulder, Ryder immediately recognized the female standing by Robbie to be Nikita and her canine companion, Dakotah. They were frequenters of the outlaw outposts, if only because they themselves weren't exactly accepted among the 'normal' townsfolk.

"You know, waking in the morning might not seem so terrible if you both went to bed at a decent hour,"

At that Ryder emitted a low, amused chuckle. Their line of work didn't exactly go hand and hand with a good bedtime. He shot a glance over to Dex and smiling and shrugging lazily before glancing over at the pretty woman.

"Depends on your definition of a 'decent hour'," he questioned, pulling off a piece of the stale bread and placing it in his mouth, chewing with a mildly concerted effort before swallowing.

"I brought the herbs you wanted, plus some bitterroot for anyone who might get a sore throat. It's beginning to be that season for such. I also brought some soup for everyone, I made far too much for just myself and thought you all might like it. You'll need to heat it up, though."

With a look of boyish excitement, Ryder bounded over to her and clasped her hands into his own with a wide smile.

"Ah, you are too wonderful! The bitterroot was a brilliant idea, and the soup was too generous, but greatly appreciated. What ever would I do without you?"

He chuckled and carefully took the items from her that he would need for the makeshift medicinal treatments he often had to deliver, and placed them in a nearby bag for safe-keeping.

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11th Aug 2008, 8:56 PM
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11th Aug 2008, 9:01 PM
William was slowly ambling up the town's main thoroughfare, greeting a few people by name, but mostly lost in his own thoughts. Not many people were out at this hour, and William was perfectly content to just wander and take in the sun.

He drew near to the town center and saw a woman whom he only vaguely recognized. He searched in his mind for a moment or two as his slow amble drew him abreast with her, and then remembered that she was a doctor who had arrived in town... at some point. For the most part he avoided the doctors in town... after one had failed to save Amelia or even ease her passing, he was prejudiced against the entire profession. Not on any personal level, but he would take his chances.

So he touched the brim of his hat, nodded his head and said politely, "Miss." She was free to keep walking, or to speak with him as she chose, and as for him, he could either mull over an unsavory problem while talking to the town doctor, or mull over an unsavory problem while pacing through the town. Neither was preferable, so he didn't mind.

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11th Aug 2008, 9:17 PM
Walking through the town streets as she made her way to the infirmary, Kate ran into a number of the town’s residents, some who stopped to chat and others who simply made a cordial greeting and made their way onwards. The main issue about being the town doctor was that you lived among those that you treated and while it helped that they knew you enough to trust you – and thus your judgement and the fact that you had their best interests at heart – some did grow uncomfortable about the fact that you knew more about their lives than they’d like most people to.

It was an issue and it was an occupational hazard. However, Kate liked her profession far too much – the sheer satisfaction of keeping others in their best form – to let that downside of the responsibility get to her. In fact, it was quite the opposite, for it meant that though they were clearly uncomfortable with someone else knowing their secrets, they’d bravely overcome their fears and talked to her about it. It showed willingness to trust and that, for Kate, meant more than any passing greeting would.

However, that did not mean that she did not like being greeted and spoken to. She enjoyed it very much, it made her feel more part of the town than just the keeper of their secrets, than just the hired help, for as a doctor, one was in so much danger of being sidelined, watching and maintaining things from the edge. That, Kate would not enjoy. Thankfully, it wasn’t the case, both due to the town’s acceptance and Kate’s own amicable professionalism.

One such man proving that was currently walking up to her; Sheriff Dawes. He did have somewhat of a reputation for being… useless, but really, everyone did have to consider the fact that the man had risen to the position of Sheriff and thus, he had to be capable of something, anything, at the very least. However, he was one of the patients – for all had to register with her at least – that could look her in the eye, possibly because the only time he ever saw her was when she had to treat one of the prisoners… and even then she had very little interaction with William himself. Though, he was being rather cordial at this very moment.

“Miss,” he greeted casually as he tipped the brim of his hat, to which Kate responded with a small nod and the casual, warm smile of conviviality. He was a slightly aging man, but he was doing it rather well, she had to admit, hair cut close to his head, rather clean shaven, obviously someone looking after themselves. There were no overt signs of any developing problems, but still. Just because they weren’t overt did not mean they were not there.

“Good morning, Sheriff,” she greeted back, taking the opportunity to enquire after his health; a doctor was never off duty, though that ecouraging simle over her sculpted features suggesting that she was more than just a cold profession, that she could be a counsellor, a friend or simple support. “I must admit, I haven’t seen much of you. How are you?”

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11th Aug 2008, 10:24 PM
William usually greeted people when he saw them, both because his parents had raised him to be gentlemanly, and because when Amelia was alive she would not only greet people but speak with all of them at length, making walking across town an all day endeavor. Now he mainly did it to be polite, and his reputation generally kept the levels of conversation down. He preferred it that way- taking three hours to walk a quarter mile was something only Amelia could make endearing.

He was not annoyed when conversation did happen, after all he was asking for it, but when it did happen he was usually surprised. A slightly better deserved part of his reputation was as a bad small talker.

His pleasant grin at the early morning light and calm slouch did not change when the good doctor answered, “Good morning, Sheriff.” An exchange of cordial greetings was perfectly normal and acceptable.

She continued speaking however, inquiring politely, “I must admit, I haven’t seen much of you. How are you?” That one did make William stand up straighter and get his face to a somewhat distracted smile. Most people couldn't tell the difference between his quietly walking around town, and his quietly speaking purely to be civil. Amelia had been able to tell... and she was the only one who pointed it out. Which did not mean she was the only one who knew, come to think of it.

Thinking about it reflexively made William's face go back to its usual expression. He would try to be personable. It hadn't been difficult for Amelia after all...

He blinked, realizing he had gotten lost in his own analysis of Amelia's opinion of his facial expressions, thus forgetting the person he was talking to. He really would have to stop thinking about her so much. She had been dead more than a year after all. "I've been busy, the outlaws in the area have gotten much more brazen of late. Otherwise everything is fine, I've been dealing with the problems with the outlaws more than anything else," he offered blandly.

It was true enough as far as it went... He wasn't truly fine, the fact he still would stand in the middle of a street and think about Amelia confirmed that, but the outlaws were indeed becoming a problem... getting that much money from the bank in Fairgrove was clearly a problem. The latter would cancel out the former most of the time at least, for which William was grateful. If he had had to deal with any financial woes or not been kept busy- not that the townsfolk thought he was- then he knew he would be in bad straits.

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Ghanima Atreides
11th Aug 2008, 10:29 PM
Felicity and Lucy - The Saloon

Lucy had tasted many beverages in her time, some so crude that they burned the throat as they coursed down it, others sour as curdled milk. Fine liquor was simply not affordable to someone like her, moving from town to town, earning little and stealing plenty, and except for the occasional drink bought for her by someone with more means, Lucy had to satisfy herself with cheap treats.

Right now, really, truly shouldn't have spent the money on beer, when she remained without a roof over her head or food to eat. And still, after two weeks of uninterrupted travel on horseback and on foot, often spending the night in the fields, living off the land as much as possible, Lucy craved a treat, something pleasant to remind her she was still part of the civilized world. In a manner of speaking.

And there it arrived in the form of murky amber liquid contained in a semi-opaque glass, oozing the so easily recognizable, bitter scent of beer.

"There you go miss," the Oriental woman said with a smile, "Hope you enjoy it."

Miss...there had been some time since someone had referred to Lucy that way. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she liked it or felt uncomfortable.

“Oh believe me, I will” the young woman responded eagerly and reached for the glass. “Thank you.”

Lifting it to her lips, Lucy slowly slurped the liquid, twirling her tongue around to better taste it, a satisfied smile slowly emerging on her lips as it slid down her throat. She didn't care if it was cheap, badly-brewed stuff, a beer was a beer. Especially then.

A short silence passed during which Lucy sampled her drink again, taking care not to finish it too quickly, for she doubted she could afford another.

"So, I don't think I've seen you before. Mind if I inquire what brings you to Morgan's Creek?"

Lifting her hazel-green eyes, Lucy gazed at the woman in silence as she pondered the question: it was something she heard often, for in every town she visited she was a stranger. There had been eight years since she had been in a place she could call home, and that was a time that Lucy did not enjoy thinking about. Too many ill memories, too much repressed hurt.

“The open road,” Lucy replied and gestured to one side as though to visually represent that particular thought, smiling puckishly. There really wasn't an answer to give to that question, despite the fact that the woman couldn't have known it: like all the others, Morgan's Creek simply happened to emerge along the way. How long she would remain there...difficult to say. It depended on the options. “I go where it goes, and I've never been around these parts so I thought it'd be worth the while.”

Pausing for a moment to take another gulp of her beer, Lucy continued:

“Name's Lucy, by the way.”

12th Aug 2008, 1:51 AM
With the men seated and eating, Constance was just starting to wonder what was keeping Luke when she finally heard him moving about upstairs. Before long, she heard his footsteps on the stairs, so she filled his bowl and was just setting it on the table when he came into the kitchen.

Noticing his gun, a slight frown creased her brow. She did wish he wouldn’t wear it in the house, but since that was a road they’d already been down a few times, she knew it was pointless to argue about it. Still, seeing the gun always at his side gave her the impression that he expected to be attacked at any time.

Of course, she thought, Emery didn’t expect to be attacked in the short ride from town... After nearly three years, one of the hardest things about Emery’s murder was the fact that no one had been brought to justice for it. With an almost imperceptible sigh she shook those dour thoughts away as Luke took his seat.

''Morning all, Lil Emmy still sleeping?'' he asked with his usual smile.

“Good morning,” she smiled as resisted the urge to comment on his sleeping in. Though it would have been intended in fun, she usually tried not to appear to mother him in front of the other men.

“Da-“ one man started, but then he caught her “I dare you to finish” look, “-arrrnn right she is.”

“Yeah,” another chimed in, “you don’t mess with the woman that cooks your food.” He finished by holding up his now empty bowl, and giving Constance a hopeful look.

“And don’t you forget it,” Constance said with a playful smile as she refilled his and a couple others’ bowls. “So then,” she said, after putting the pot back on the oven and turning once again to Luke, “I’m going into town today for supplies. Is there anything you’d like me to get?”

12th Aug 2008, 6:07 AM
Felicity did not run the saloon just for the money- though that most certainly was her main motivation- but because she got to see and observe so many different types of people, and make them happy. It fascinated her to see all the different sorts, and the more she saw the better able she was to predict what would, and she enjoyed that. It almost made her feel like she was all knowing. She knew that that was irrational, but that did not mean she didn't enjoy it. Equally irrational was how pleased she got when her business's services made someone happy, but that Felicity felt no need to justify.

So she was quite pleased to see how eager the woman was for her beer, agreeing quite quickly that she would enjoy it. It certainly wasn't the best stuff in the house, but it was far from the worst. Felicity's curiosity was slightly piqued, yes the liquor was decent, but hardly something to savor. Unless one had been bone dry for a while? That was probably it.

She had gotten her own drink as the woman answered, so she saw doubted that the woman had seen the flash of smile that crept onto Felicity's face.

When she asked about the woman's business in town a few minutes later she lifted her gaze to Felicity's face and sat silently for a long moment. Felicity cursed her curiosity momentarily, making her pry and possibly chase off customers, but just as Felicity was about to apologize for prying the woman said, “The open road.” She gestured outside and gave a smile, as if that was an answer to the question! Course the road had brought her, it wasn't as though human beings could fly from city to city! Then again, it really wasn't a Chinese barkeep's place to inquire.

Felicity's opinion of the woman was redeemed however, when she continued after a moment, “I go where it goes, and I've never been around these parts so I thought it'd be worth the while.”

That coaxed a smile to Felicity's lips. Obviously she'd never been in the area if she thought there was anything worth visiting. There was dirt... and some differently colored dirt... and an excellent floor show at the saloon, after which people could see... dirt.

The woman took another swig of beer and finished by saying, “Name's Lucy, by the way.”

Felicity gave her a moment to continue if she wanted, but when she didn't, she herself spoke, saying, "Mine's Felicity, pleasure to meet you."

She took a swig of her own beverage- glorified and heavily spiced vinegar- before continuing idly, "Must be nice to travel, no worries except your open road bringing you someplace a bit too exciting. Nothing I can really recommend around here, this town is quite sleepy most of the time."

That was pure trash and she knew it, but Felicity was honestly curious about her guest- Morgan's Creek was dull, and a new person passing through was interesting. It would be a bit awkward to ask for tales, but then again spouting countrified ignorance might get the girl to debunk said, which would be interesting. Felicity didn't mind overmuch either way, there was nothing tangible to be gained from knowing more about her guest.

12th Aug 2008, 12:12 PM
Stella had an intense dislike of school. She was 15 years old after all, in her opinion far too old to be going in the first place. She should be occupied with thoughts of marriage and a family, but there was certainly a lack of prospects for that in this town. School was a sort of necessary evil for her, something she had to do but had no intrest in. And her work most certainly showed it. Not the most apt pupil in the world, her mind was more occupied with thoughts of pretty dresses, like the new one (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/snapshot_95a9bd25_95a9bd26.jpg) she wore right now, than sums and grammar.

"At least" she thought as she walked down the streets to the schoolhouse, blonde locks held in place by a bow at the back of her head "This is my last year of school. I won't have to bore myself with it anymore". She smiled at the thought as she continued down the street, noticing Gwen walking ahead with her little sister.

"Good morning Gwen" she called, waving her free hand "Wait for me, we can walk together".

Gwen let go Lilith's hand and turned 'round. When she saw the general store owner's daughter, she had to smile and calmly say:
"Catch up, Stella. We're gonna be late..."

Stella was one of the few inhabitants of Morgan's Creek that was about her age and Gwen knew all of them. Not that was many to know: A few ordinary, boring children, two or three rebels and this Robbie she used to see often around the saloon (where girls like her weren't allowed) or the laundry. For him it was said that he is her half-brother and Gwen knew that had to be true. After all, she knew more about her father that she'd want to know. F**k, she hated Morgan! She'll be playing a good girl, but not for long, oh no, no longer that will be needed for her to find a way to steal her father's money and leave him to play with his own messes and deceptions. And every day she was closer. Ed Morgan, you better watch your back!

As Gwen watched Stella coming closer, she felt an extreme desire to have the childhood Stella had. She felt envy for those who grew side by side with loving parents and knew for sure their future won't be filled with a rich, old, ugly husband.
But now she was bonded to a normal small chat with Stella.
"How are you, Stella?"
Suprised by the plainess of her first question, she cleared her throat and more seriously continued without leting her answer right away as they walked towards the school;
"Did you hear about my father trying to marry me with a man twice my age?"
She supposed that everyone knew about the greediness of her father, but only few knew how bad it was really.

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12th Aug 2008, 2:05 PM
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12th Aug 2008, 2:46 PM
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Name: Gabriel Callahan
Age: 29
Occupation: Morgan's right-hand man
Short bio:
As any leader or politician knows, in order to preserve the peace and keep things running smoothly, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, doing things of which most will not approve. Of course, there are some that go to far greater lengths than others, and more often than not, those that do have several other things on their agenda than simply the good of the community. Additionally, those also usually have others doing their dirty work for them. The Morgan family and Gabriel Callahan being a prime example.

While there might be much to say about the dark handsome man with the dangerous eyes, not much is actually known. Since coming to Morgan's Creek eight years ago, from God knows where and for God knows why, he has proven to be a rather private man, as far as his history goes. On the few rare occasions when someone has been brave, or foolish enough to ask, their questions have earned them little more than an empty stare, or, if Gabriel was found in an unusually dark mood, a deadly glare.

Hired by Edward Morgan as a vaquero, Gabriel's various skills, be it branding cattle, breaking horses, or other undertakings of a rather more shady nature, he quickly advanced to become Morgan's right-hand man. Now known to do quite a bit of Morgan's dirty work, and not having much patience for those who insist on being 'hard of hearing', he is one of the most feared men in town. Quite a few sheriffs have been paid to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to his doings and his methods, and only a fool would willingly risk getting on his bad side. However, those fortunate enough to find themselves on his good side, often soon realize that it's probably the safest place to be in Morgan's Creek.

Besides the many skills used to further the Morgan's agenda, Gabriel is also a highly skilled poker player, and will often be found in the Saloon, either at one of the card tables, gambling, or upstairs with one of the girls. He does like them ladies, and they in turn tend to appreciate his 'business', as he always pays for the entire night, thus sparing them to have to service a number of customers.

http://www.crimson-tale.com//MorgansCreek/GabrielCallahan1.jpg http://www.crimson-tale.com//MorgansCreek/GabrielCallahan2.jpg

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12th Aug 2008, 4:47 PM
# 2 [Morning, day #1]

Despite his age, Dex was still a strong man, and rather young in soul and body. However, his mind was that of an experienced man who had lived a long life and knew the benefits of thinking before he acted. But since he was a fast thinker, he seemed more spontaneous than he actually was most of the time. And though he had fun, it would be a waste of time to try and deny the fun in living outside the law, he often served as the gangs watchful eye. When others let go of their worries and took the day as it came, Dex was occupied with making sure they would live to see the nightfall. This newly born day was no exception.

He reached up and caught the bread, that Robbie tossed to him, with one hand. The boy wasn't going to refuse him food after all, even though he had just uttered a harsh comment his way. Dex's smile changed into a warm, friendly one. Instead of that of spite.

"And at least it'll spare me from dying of boredom here", Robbie countered.

Ah, he would make one fine outlaw someday. Probably sooner than they all thought, and definately stronger than they could imagine. Dex could already see the potential in him. It was the main reason why he was careful not to cross the line. He wouldn't wanna break the boy, make him feel unwelcome, when he was anything but. Though Dex would never have a child in this lifetime, he was sure his boy would have been like Robbie.

He shot a glanze over at Ryder, their very own doctor, pleading for a few more minutes of sleep. Though he was as good an outlaw as the next one, he wasn't really a morning person, thus he wasn't too happy when they stumbled across a mission that demanded that they left early. He could imagine those mornings to be Robbie's favourites, as far as tormenting the poor doctor. Dex was always alert, come morning, noon or night. If he had a favourite time at all, it would be just before the sun set. It was a beautiful ray of colours for one, secondly, most people were sleeping or just indoors, making it easier for the outlaws to move around.

Always on the watch, always suspicious, Dex noticed that they were about to get some company. Someone was closing in on the gang, but it was just one person, seemingly a woman. The closer she got, the more obvious it was, and when he saw the little dog beside her he knew who it was. Nikita Wellston, the local seamstess. But to the gang, she was more than that. Her knowledge of herbs and remedys made her a valuable assett once they had gotten to know her, and she was the only outsider they allowed near their camp. No matter how many times she had been there though, and despite he knew she was careful, Dex was always afraid that every time would be that one time when she had been followed. Even if they didn't make themselves known, they could ride back and give away their hideout. So, when he had confirmed who it was, his glanze searched behind her, and all around the prairie, as he now stood from his place of sleep. One could not be too careful. That he knew, coming from a life of harship.

Since Robbie threatened Ryder to be left without food, the good doctor didn't waste any time. Up and away, he soon stood by Robbie and looked at the food as if it were some sort of buffet. These little details made Dex smile, almost laugh, as the little quirks about his comrads amused him.

"You always have had a way with words", Ryder said, still sounding like a doctor.

In the same time, Nikita had just come close enough to make herself heard. She chuckled, apparently entertained by their morning rituals.

"I see you are the first to rise, as usual", she said. "You know, waking in the morning might not seem so terrible if you both went to bed at a decent hour."

Dex didn't care enough about her comment to counter, since he lived like he pleased. He slept when he was tired, ate when he was hungry and fought when he ended up in calamity. All hours of the day were as decent as they could ever get, in his opinion.

"Depends on your definition of a 'decent hour'", Ryder said, seemingly happy as ever about Nikita's company.

Though the woman was just in the middle of explaining the reason for her visit.

"I brought the herbs you wanted, plus some bitterroot for anyone who might get a sore throat. It's beginning to be that season for such. I also brought some soup for everyone, I made far too much for just myself and thought you all might like it. You'll need to heat it up, though."

Another amused smile lingered on Dex's lips, as he watched how Ryder got excited by her offerings, and as if no one could already see he was pleased with having her there he had to put it in words.

"What ever would I do without you?" he said after he had poured thankful comments all over her.

It didn't exactly go according to Dex's book on how to play the game that existed between a man and a woman. Even if he was a fan of not playing as much as acting for real, he didn't quite believe in being too honest. Though he had to hand it to him; Ryder was a man who knew what he did, even if old Dex sometimes had no clue as to what the young man was doing.

Soon, something else caught his eye. Dakotah, the little vermin, headed towards the food Robbie had gathered. Although Dex did like the dog, he didn't like anyone who tried to steal what little food the gang had. Therefore, he walked with determined steps to the fireplace and grabbed the little animal by the neck.

"I'll have you for breakfast if you eat mine", he said, sounding even more harsh than he'd done when Robbie kicked him.

It didn't matter what he said though. He could have talked about the weather for all Dakotah knew, but the tone of vocie, and the assertive look in Dex's eyes made the dog understand and return to his owner.

"Miss Wellston", Dex said with a nod towards the woman, and then he took a bite from the bread the boy had given him.


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There were certain things that one had to learn to be a good enough doctor, especially when the relationship between doctor and patient had moved on to a point where the candid honesty about their condition and nothing else was somewhat compromised. While they were more willing to talk about their problems, it encompassed all problems and thus, Kate had to learn to read between the lines. And she did read between the lines.

Communication was something more than just words. There were other signs, a small blink perhaps or wringing of hands, that hinted towards other meanings to people’s words. It truly was because, regardless of how hard someone tries to say the right words, at times, articulation may fail them and when it came to health matters, that simply was unacceptable to Kate.

"I've been busy, the outlaws in the area have gotten much more brazen of late,” William admitted flatly. With this, she could agree, and his job would have him working flat out and the complains running around the grapevine could not be helping at all. “Otherwise everything is fine, I've been dealing with the problems with the outlaws more than anything else.”

While Kate had no doubts that his job was keeping him busy, she had doubts of his reasons as to why he had not sought one single consultation. William had an entire department, a half-hour would not cause the outlaws to declare anarchy on the locals. Furthermore, the dear Sheriff was not actually that active, not that dedicated to his job – though Kate would bet that that had not always been the case.

No, what the job seemed to be now was a distraction, from life and most importantly, the absence of his wife. It was rather admirable that William was still grieving for her after this length of time, he truly did love his wife, rest her soul, but he wasn’t helping himself at all and he wasn’t letting himself be helped by simply avoiding his own health issues just because medicine had failed him once. So, Kate decided to address those hesitations subtly.

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” she commented on his excuse for avoiding her professional capacity, then moving on to reprise her cordial smile. “But really Sheriff, if timing’s the issue, a simple consultation wouldn’t take very long at all and I can fix an appointment to complement your schedule?”

No, she wasn’t going to pounce on the idea that he was avoiding medics purposefully and so was giving him enough reason to rethink his hesitation if it truly was just that. But, if Kate’s suspicions were true, he’d simply come up with yet another excuse to avoid her and she would have to work on it yet again.

12th Aug 2008, 6:05 PM
Stella didn’t run. It wasn’t ladylike and it caused the dust to stir itself up and make her pretty clothes dirty. So when Gwen told her to hurry up she didn’t really increase her pace very much, it just wouldn’t do to get to school looking like a dirty tumbleweed. Though she was glad to have run into her on the way to school, she wanted the company. What with her being one of the only girls close to her age around for miles, they had become friends quickly.

“How are you Stella” Gwen had asked when they were finally walking side by side and Stella rolled her eyes. “The same as usual, bored to tears” she thought, looking down at the little girl next to her.

“Good morning to you too Lilith” she said, as Gwen spoke again. "Did you hear about my father trying to marry me with a man twice my age?" she asked and Stella nodded her head. “I may have heard a thing or two” she said, looking interested “After all, everyone comes through father’s store on a daily basis so I hear things”.

She made a face as she considered the thought and continued on. “What a vile idea. Who’d want to marry a disgusting old man? When I get married it’ll be to someone handsome and rich and successful” she said with a sigh “Not that there are many men like that around here”.

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12th Aug 2008, 7:57 PM
“What a vile idea. Who’d want to marry a disgusting old man? When I get married it’ll be to someone handsome and rich and successful. Not that there are many men like that around here”. said Stella.
"Nobody! Unless he's really rich and really old and you know he'll die soon," said Gwen before she could stop herself 'cause of the cruelity of the sentence. "Not that I would do that," she hastitated and stared into Stella's eyes. She's really pretty, she thought. Why can't I be beautiful too? Maybe that's why my father ignores me, Gwen thought for a momment, but then she realised that would be ridicolous. "Lilith!" she called after the little brat and tried to sound nice: "You may go in the class alone."
They stood infront of the school, but Gwen didn't go up the stairs yet. First she turned to Stella and quietly asked with a barely noticeable tear in her left eye:
"I'm sure my father only wants good for me and that the man he was considering was his good friend, but I still think he wouldn't marry me if I wasn't Mayor's daughter. Who wants to be put in a marrirage like this? I don't want a handsome or rich husband. I just want someone I could live with."
She knew Stella could make her feel better. She always did.

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12th Aug 2008, 9:20 PM
William was not a person who would beat around the bush very much. He knew full well what most people thought of him, and he knew exactly why. For the year and change that he had been at his best, before Amelia died, he had accomplished nothing, imprisoned in a web of municipal corruption and worthy foes in the form of the outlaws. And right after she died he had still done nothing, spending most of his time asleep or drunk.

Now? Now he wanted to actually clean up the town, and be a good sheriff. So it shouldn't have surprised him to see Kate's expression waver a bit, as though she wondered just how much time accomplishing nothing could take. After all what reason would she have to think he wasn't accomplishing nothing?

The fact that right as he had decided to fight for law and order- or just order if the mayor decided to be as slimy as he usually was- was when the outlaws spread their activities wider afield was just an unfortunate coincidence.

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” she said, which was perfectly acceptable, after all who would want an inconsequential sheriff dealing with a serious problem? He shrugged- the problems weren't serious here, but the people in Fairgrove who had their savings sitting on his desk probably thought differently.

She seemed a bit distant from the conversation, as if she was bored witless, or thinking about something else entirely. William had the latter rather abrasively confirmed as she said, with a cordial smile, like she thought she had any right to inquire, “But really Sheriff, if timing’s the issue, a simple consultation wouldn’t take very long at all and I can fix an appointment to complement your schedule?”

He just stared for a moment, wondering what to try to process first. The abrupt and apparently uncued shift in conversational topic? The fact that she apparently thought there was something wrong that merited her services? Or she was a busybody? The sign she had just given that she was rather selfish, thinking that the reason he was not utilizing her services was inconvenience, rather than disinterest.

After a short moment had passed William composed himself to the same- rather intimidating- pose he used when dealing with criminals who had gotten caught and were waiting in jail for some helpful soul to post bail. "Madam," he said icily, "I assure you, if I had any need of medical attention, I would seek it out."

He said nothing else and just waited in that fierce posture that had gotten hardened criminals to confess their sins. Well... one, and he could hardly have been considered a hardened criminal. Still, William's normally amiable features were a bit intimidating when he tried, as he did now.

Underneath the cool glare he wondered idly if the reason she had asked was that he looked as though he were old and deteriorating.

((OOC: Huh, I was kind of surprised how much that pissed him off...))

12th Aug 2008, 9:41 PM
It was a common misconception that a visit to the doctor’s had to always be brought on by ailment of sorts. That it had to always be a necessity to immediately relieve a problem. It was a gross misconception, though one incredibly common. Now, visits to the hospital were – and a really had to be – as a result of an emergency, but regular checkups, in particular with the older patients or those more prone to the effects of stress or any predisposition, were rather advisable. Not everyone had to stroll into her clinic (and if they did it ridiculously frequently, even Kate would be somewhat annoyed) to ensure that they were alright, but the Sheriff was moving into the category of people who did have to.

And the reason to that was, at least to Kate, rather obvious. With most conditions, by the time someone falls rather seriously ill, by the time the symptoms were obvious enough, it could be too late and the prognosis could be rather sombre. After all, hadn’t that been the case with William’s wife, Amelia? Kate understood that the woman was rather ill for a while before the pneumonia was correctly diagnosed and she did feel guilty about not being there to treat her. Perhaps the outcome could have been different….

There was little point in dwelling in the past. The problem wasn’t that William had made few visits to her clinic, but that he’d actually made none. She had no clue what the status of his health was, she couldn’t exactly ask his last doctor and William himself was just plain uncooperative:

"Madam," he responded with sudden coldness, taking an authoritative position over her, seemingly moving to intimidate the way only law enforcer could. "I assure you, if I had any need of medical attention, I would seek it out."

Well, that answered her previous question as to why he was avoiding her, more or less. ‘I don’t need you’. Did he hold her responsible for what befell his wife? Because he really had no right to, she simply wasn’t in town to treat the woman and her own guilt was brought on by that very fact. She had not failed his wife, she simply wasn’t there to even try – and through no deliberate design.

Well, through his own admission then, she had that if he needed her he would seek her out but as far as he knew, there was nothing wrong with him. As far as he knew. And how much was that, when it came to carefully scrutinizing his own wellbeing? Now, he probably would simply dismiss things if she tried to explain from her perspective and thus, communication being a key element, Kate tried to make him see things from his own point of view.

”However, checkups are so that you could avoid serious medical attention,” she explained politely, her head tilted slightly in an attempt to peacefully converse with what was becoming a hostile man. “For, if you did not police the town the way you do, we would be overrun with criminals, would we not?”

With that, she gave a simple, understanding smile, recognizing his hostility and defiance, but not accepting it.

“Prevention is always better than the cure.”

12th Aug 2008, 10:13 PM
As the sun rose over the sleepy town, Elsie awoke but then turned her back to the window. A small part of her knew that she should probably have gotten up, but that part was over-ridden by the fact that Elsie simply hated mornings. Instead, she trusted to her staff to fulfill their morning duties as she caught a little more sleep.

Unfortunately, the time finally came when she knew she had to get out of bed, and so she got up and dressed for the day. Going downstairs, she checked to see that everything was in order. However, upon going into the kitchen, she learned that they were lower on flour than they had realized, and the cook couldn’t make enough muffins for the guests’ breakfast.

Wondering how they could have missed something so important, Elsie quickly went next door to the bakery to see what she could get. “Good morning, Miss Westwood,” she said as she entered the bakery. “I’m in a bit of a pinch, I’ve run out of flour at the Inn and we need some baked good for morning breakfast. What do you have available this morning?

13th Aug 2008, 4:41 AM
((OOC: I'm sleepy, so this is going to be a bit more abrupt than I usually do... hope you don't mind))

William generally didn't pay much attention in conversation to his own actions, the exceptions being when he was backed into a corner or dealing with people he patently disliked. Most of the time he was able to pick up his conversational partner's cues quickly enough to not come off as an idiot or jerk- notable exceptions being his recent dealings with the mayor as William started to try to actually bring law and order to the town- but this system did not work nearly as well as not irking people with foolish body language in the first place.

Like now... rather than looking at Kate's earlier comment in a more positive way, or even better promising- falsely- to set something up, he had gone with his first instinct to look angry and annoyed. He was a bit annoyed, he had a low tolerance for people who couldn't mind their own business, but hardly upset. He wouldn't even have thought about it of course, unless her posture had shifted oh so subtly towards polite "I hope this isn't a lost cause" from an actual personable conversation as she said, ”However, checkups are so that you could avoid serious medical attention.”

Huh, she was persistent, he would give her that. “For, if you did not police the town the way you do, we would be overrun with criminals, would we not?”

Hardly. If the outlaws were a bit worse at what they did and did not intelligently pick their targets? That would over run the town much more than any preventative measures he had made. Then again the chains of gossip that he made a point of monitoring said that she'd had problems with outlaws in the past. A comment made in ignorance was not an insult, and William decided to be magnanimous about it. Which meant he just wouldn't address it.

She continued friendlily, “Prevention is always better than the cure.” Maybe in law enforcement that was true, but in medicine? William made no claims to being an expert on the subject, but there were very few things he considered worse than what prevention would entail: foul tasting cocktails of god-knows-what, people intrusively asking after his health whenever it became common knowledge, appointments of slowly increasing length and inconvenience... Prevention did not sound attractive to him, all in all.

"Maybe your right," he said carefully, diplomatically. He really did not want to promise to set something up, but that seemed like the only way to extricate himself from the conversation... "If I have the time this evening I may see what I have planned in the next few days and set something up."

If he had time, he may see. Hopefully she wouldn't notice that he never actually and specifically said he would set up an appointment, just "something." She would interpret it as an appointment, he meant it as booking his schedule solid for the next few days. "Rather diplomatic, that," he thought.

13th Aug 2008, 5:47 AM
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Stella couldn’t help but chuckle at Gwen’s first comment. “Well you could be right about marrying an old man” she said, pausing and pretending to consider it as she watched Lilith walk into the school building “Make his coffee too strong in the morning and poof, he’s gone, and you’re a widow with all that money. The handsome young men would be beating a path to your door”.

She looked over at her and grinned. “Gwen, you and I both know your father’s ridiculously greedy. He’d be thrilled if you ran off to join the circus if it brought him money. That friend of his must’ve offered him tons of cash”. She paused for a moment to think, twirling a lock of hair around her finger.

“And besides” she said, with a sense of finality “I’d be wary of any man twice my age who wanted to marry me. That’s just creepy. You and I are both going to find perfectly wonderful husbands some day, and then we can sit in our grand houses and laugh at stuff like this”.

Stella winked at Gwen as she walked up the steps to the school. “But speak for yourself on the not rich or handsome thing, that’s at the top of my list” she said, gesturing to the door “Now come on before we get in trouble”.

13th Aug 2008, 2:30 PM
Gabriel, most would say, was one of those men with whom you could very rarely tell what was going on inside his mind. Seeing everything, commenting on nothing, unless needed. Whatever emotions were residing within him would often remain undisplayed on his features, and the only way of telling if one was safe, or if one was better off fleeing the field, was the slight shift of colors in his eyes. If they were their usual indefinable mix of brown and gray, odds were you could afford to relax, or at least try. But if they had darkened to a near black, you would be wise to back away.
The problem was, Gabriel's presence and persona didn't exactly invite people close enough to actually study his eyes, lest such an attempt in itself would make them darken, and when shielded from the bright sun by the shadow cast by the brim of his hat, any dark color would appear black.
Indeed, if anything, Gabriel Callahan kept people on their toes.

There were of course exceptions, usually caused by a small effort made on his part to either smile at someone - because yes, he did smile occasionally, and it could be a devastatingly charming smile with a full set of white, even teeth - or if someone was being issued a 'final warning'; to smirk. Satisfaction and amusement were two other expressions that would show every once in a while, sometimes he would even laugh, but most of the time, that same inscrutable expression would linger on his features, not showing wether he was in a good mood, or a bad one, if he was interested, or bored out of his wits, if he was tired, or wide awake. For yes, even the lethargy and the sluggish movements of just having woken up were non-existant. The moment his eyes opened, it would seem he had already been awake for hours.

Like now, on this yet another beautiful morning in Morgan's Creek, with Gabriel out of his cot for no more than thirty seconds, going on three hours. Splashing some water on his face and neck by the pitcher and bowl he shared with half of Morgan's other men, whenever he had decided to spend his night there, and not somewhere else, he then turned around as his gaze wandered the crowded space in the bunkhouse. Most of the others were already awake, and beginning to follow Gabriel's example, and so a wake up call was not needed. Therefore, Gabriel simply fastened his gun belt around his narrow hips, slid into his black duster and left the bunkhouse while putting on his hat, set for the Saloon.

It was the place where he started most of his days, either waking up there and staying there to have a breakfast meal, or, like now, waking up in the bunkhouse and going over there to have a breakfast meal. Not that the food was that great that it alone drew him there, but the saloon was a good place if one wanted to keep an ear to the ground, as most of what happened in Morgan's Creek, tended to find it's way into the place, one way or another. Plus the company was usually good.

However, while the saloon might be a good place for finding out what was going on in town, it wasn't the only place. Simply walking the streets could reveal it's fair share, even if it was just a confirmation that things were normal, as seemed to be the case this morning. People were going about their business, running errands and stopping here and there to chat for a bit. The passers-through had started leaving the Inn and heading out of town, the sheriff was doing his morning round, and over by the school the children were starting to trickle into the building. The latter was a scene that earned an extra glance, as Gabriel looked to make sure Morgan's two eldests daughters were among them. Fortunately for them, they were, along with the Owens' girl. Pretty little things, the two young ladies, but still so caught up in their teenage world that the real one still remained for them to discover. But anyway, it was good to see the Morgan girls there, as it meant he would not have to either hunt them down and bring them there, as he'd had to do when like the children they were they'd had found more fun things to fill their day than school work, or simply scare them into going whenever they had gone through short morning phases of defiance.

A few minutes later, he pushed open the saloon doors and entered, finding that as always, despite this being a fairly dead place during the mornings, it was already looking spick and span, and ready for a new day of the usual hustle and bustle. Over by the bar was Felicity, and opposite of her was a woman. Or rather what used to be a woman, judging by the looks of it. Worn boots, worn jacket, and a set of pants. Worn, of course. A woman in men's attire, and a dusty one at that. It was a sight that made Gabriel's eyes linger on her a moment longer than it usually would with newcomers, as women like that usually meant trouble in one way or another, before he reached to touch the brim of his hat at them.

"Ladies", he greeted, not only the two by the bar, but Scarlett as well; the girl secretly reserved for Mr Morgan, and who was just making her way down the stairs.

Passing by behind the stranger, he took a seat at the end of the bar that allowed him a good view of whoever entered the Saloon, as well as what was going on on the street outside. He didn't bother ordering a meal, as his sitting down in the first place pretty much went hand in hand with one.

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13th Aug 2008, 3:22 PM
Scarlett was a bright girl. She may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was quite far from being the bluntest. She was quite observant when it came down to it, quite good at coaxing secrets out of people – men, usually – and then quite good at putting it into context. She wasn’t all that good at formulating intricate plans of her own just yet, but then, everyone had to start out somewhere, didn’t they?

Of course, it helped that she looked like butter wouldn’t melt, but then again, she was a bright girl and she knew that she wouldn’t always look that way. Right here and now, it was a bonus, that she was a pretty little thing, and it had helped that from the first moment, the mayor hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her. But it wouldn’t always be the case, because he had a wife and Scarlett was just a floozy to him, his shameful indulgence. And certainly not is last, nor his first, proved perfectly by Robbie Logan.

But here and now, she was his favourite and with it came preferential treatment in the saloon that Scarlett milked for all it was worth. She didn’t have to do half the things the other girls did, she didn’t have be subjected to the same treatment and it made her feel special. It made it alright that she was being used because it made her feel special, something that in all her life, Scarlett had never had. She wasn’t used to being special, being cared for and it was something she was addicted to now.

One way of Edward Morgan’s methods of making her feel special was to use his henchman to make sure she wasn’t bothered in the saloon. Gabriel, right now walking through the saloon doors as Scarlett made her descent down the stairs in her usual glamorous manner, her grey eyes watching him with a sly smile as he surveyed the area. Now, Gabriel was a blessing and a curse. Scarlett, to be honest, liked it when he was around, because it made her feel protected in an odd sort of way.

His interest was in the other women and he only looked out for her because he was told to, but still, Scarlett had never been looked out for, for whatever reason. He was bad news because he could so easily find out about her and the outlaws. So. There, two reasons to keep him on the sweet side. She walked over to the bar greeting Felicity and the mystery woman – though, her clothes did leave Scarlett wondering what she did for a living – and filled out a pitcher of what Gabriel usually preferred, after signalling to the kitchen to get his usual order.

Carrying it firmly in one hand, her eyes fixated on him as she made her way towards him, around the bar, in that attention inviting saloon girl manner while the smile on her face spoke of nothing except the usual curiosity she had concerning the handsome man before her. Who the hell was he?

“Mornin’,” she greeted, setting the pitcher down on the bar before him before perching herself up over on the edge, feet resting on the seat resting near the side, a playful grin of perfect pearly whites thrown at him, knowing perfectly well that Gabriel wasn't the sort of man to accept gifts and gestures no questions asked. “Don’t worry, it’s on your tab...," she clarified, almost assuring, tilting her head towards him momentarily before withdrawing. "And your breakfast's on its way."

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(((ooc: BTW, Avara, there's not actually any forrest near the outlaw camp. They're on the plains... :) See the area map. All the yellowish grass-like stuff is supposed to be prairie/grassy plains. :) And also, there are more outlaws there than just Dex, Ryder and Robbie... or else they would be a pathetically small gang. :P
Alissa - It's fine. :) )))

Much to Robbie's satisfaction, his words to Ryder needed no more than a few moments to work their magic, and have the desired effect: Within two seconds flat, the man was tumbling out of his cot as though Robbie had called out that the cavalry itself was coming towards them across the plains, and scrambled to Robbie's side, his face having lit up with a smile that Robbie had only ever seen him flash at the prospect of being fed.

"You always have had a way with words", he said with a soft chuckle, while shooting Robbie a glance that earned him a satisfied smirk in return.

Being used to constantly getting picked on, whenever someone actually bestowed a bit of acknowledgement on him, the young man made d*mned sure to savor it. One never did know when the next opportunity to do so would roll around. Plus it also taught him what methods were best being used in his various attempts to prove himself worthy of actually, truly riding with the rest of them, as an equal, and not just a cursed cook and errand boy.
However, he didn't get much of a chance to reply, as while it wasn't exactly the cavalry, there was someone coming towards them; Nikita Wellstone, the half-breed seamstress with a bit of medical knowledge, and, judging by the way she and Ryder used to look at one another, a certain...' medical interest' as well.

"I see you are the first to rise, as usual", she greeted Robbie, to which he responded with a slight smile and a shrug, as if to say 'no surprise there'.

Hopefully, the other lazy sluggards would recognize the small compliment as well, and realize it was a warranted one, because Robbie sure didn't try to get them to drag their sorry butts out of bed just for the fun of it.

Though it would seem hoping was a lost cause in Ryder's case, as the simple logic of the woman's statement seemed to be completely wiped from his mind when she continued, going on about herbs and whatnot, finishing by telling him she had brought soup for them. At that Robbie instantly shot the others a pointed look, with a vehement gesture towards Nikita. See! They didn't need him cooking for them when she obviously did! They might just as well stop torturing him with such chores just for the sake of torturing him, and actually let him do something more important!

Sadly, that would was a point that wouldn't get to root itself in their dense minds either, as the attention was soon diverted from Robbie to Ryder, who for some reason seemed positively overjoyed at Nikita's gifts, practically skipping over to her and seizing her hands in his while babbling his overwhelming gratitude like some excited child; something that caused an amused smile in Dex, and a pair of eyebrows raised in disbelief in Robbie.

Was that supposed to be attractive and enticing to a woman? Not that he was an expert on wooing women, as the most he had experienced was stealing a glance of two of the pretty Stella Owens, whom he was sure wouldn't even poke him with a ten foot pole, due to her being so rich and refined, and him being the son of a prostitute, as well as the target of one of Morgan's Creek's few scandals.
Well, he had been around a bunch of half-naked women for most of his first four years in this world, but sadly, he had been far too young to appreciate it, or be able to remember it now. Nevertheless, he was fairly certain that acting like a giddy schoolboy was not what would have a woman falling head over heels in love with you.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph", he mumbled to himself, as he turned back to the camp fire and the food, having noticed in the corner of his eye how a certain hungry canine apparently had his mind set on one of the buns.

Though before Robbie even had a chance to deal with the situation, Dex marched over with a couple of long strides that would have taken Robbie twice as many, and grabbed the dog by the neck, growling a firm warning to the animal, which left it slinking away towards Nikita with it's tail between it's legs. While it was probably done with the best intentions, Robbie couldn't help but shoot Dex a glare. Because wasn't that just the thing? 'The best of intentions' meant Dex felt obliged to take care of the situation, which in turn meant he didn't trust that Robbie - who had been closer to the dog than Dex, and quite clearly aware of it's intentions - could deal with it. That he couldn't even deal with a darned dog.

"Good thing you stopped him, Dex", he muttered sarcastically. "I don't think I would've known how. Probably would've hurt myself tryin'."

With that, he plopped down on the ground to eat his own breakfast, but ended up throwing his bun at his grinning older brother instead.

"Shut up", he glared, even though James hadn't even said a word.

13th Aug 2008, 6:46 PM
((Just a side note; remember, Ryder is still somewhat grieving his wife, in his own way; I already told Avara this, but maybe I should say it here too--he kind of has relationship issues, so even though he seems to be throwing himself at Nikita, it's simply his weird brand of excitement to see a close friend and get his medical herbs. (Not that he doesn't care about Nikita! Just not as much as Atropa/Psyche seem to have pointed at; not yet at least). So I just don't want his over-friendliness to women to be taken as him coming on to them--he very much can't imagine being involved with someone just yet, because he's still very bitter about his wife. He simply covers it up with childlike happiness to mask the pain. :D Anyway! That wasn't completely necessary, but I just felt like you guys were saying he was enamored with Nikita, when really that excitement is just indicative of the sort of person he is. Again, nothing against Nikita! xD
Anywayz! I'll reply to this later, once Avara gets a chance to respond to Dex/Robbie. :) ))

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(((ooc: trampled - Well, Robbie's 15, with the black/white mentality of a teenage boy, and Nikita is an attractive woman, and so to him, in this particular situation, some measly herbs and a little soup is not what's worth getting that excited about. ;) Plus, it's difficult for anyone to know what's going through Ryder's head, unless he's actually told them. But point taken.)))

13th Aug 2008, 7:22 PM
((ooc: Oh, no worries! I understand what you mean; a teenager is less likely to comprehend just what he's thinking, especially if Ryder hasn't openly talked about his wife. So I'm sorry, I hadn't considered that exactly. :/ I just started worrying that I wasn't acting period-appropriate for how men should treat women, and that since he was seen as overly-friendly, it would be interpreted (in that time period) as overly flirtatious instead of friendly. I'm just not sure of what is considered gentlemanly and suggestive in this era... x_x ))

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Felicity noticed that one of the last of the girls to wake up today had come downstairs. Not just any of the girls either, but Scarlett. Now, Felicity knew most of her girls very well. She may have been the madam of a much- and accurately- glorified brothel, but she made it a point to know each girl as a person, both because if the girls were happy with her and somewhat content with their lives they would perform better, but also from her usual tendencies to care for people quickly and freely.

Scarlett had turned up six months ago wanting a job, which Felicity willing gave her, seeing as the girl was certainly pretty enough and could dance. The girl had a past that she didn't want to discuss, that had been abundantly clear from the start, but she had done well and now was something of a golden girl... or a mayoral floozy. Since then she had been much more open to Felicity and was one of the few girls that Felicity honestly considered as a friend and equal.

She had arrived downstairs in her full evening wear, a habit that amused Felicity, but didn't bother her, and rather than going to the kitchen to get breakfast she wandered around a bit in the saloon, much to Felicity's private amusement. She was a sweet girl, but sometimes she wasn't sharp enough to get her own breakfast.

Turning back to her guest and conversing for a moment left Felicity taking a swig of her drink, and scanning the room again. Nothing had changed- of course- but for some reason her eyes lingered on the door. She was not disappointed, for it swung open momentarily admitting Gabriel Callahan.

Felicity wasn't quite sure what to think of the mayor's attractive right hand man... On the one hand he was one of her best customers, and none of the girls had ever complained about him, but... something about him gave her small shiveries every time she saw him. The fact that she went so far as to put that feeling into words in her mind caused a tiny smile to make its way onto her lips about the same time as he tipped his hat and greeted "Ladies," seemingly to everyone in the room. He took the seat at the end of the bar, far enough away from Felicity and Lucy to be out of ear shot.

Felicity was about to rummage behind the counter for a pitcher of Gabriel's usual but Scarlett beat her to it, even sending an order down to the kitchen- pancakes. And not the crummy ones most people would get, but the ones reserved for the saloon girls and Felicity herself. One did not give bad food to the mayor or his representative. She gave a brief nod of approval to Scarlett, flashed both of them a sincere smile and went back to Lucy and her drink.

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Luke laughed at the boys comments. It was good that they all knew how to make and take a joke as it kept the team happy and a happy team was a hard-working team. He noticed Constance frown at his gun and grimaced. Ever since he had returned, that gun had never left his side. He never knew when he would have to defend himself as even a short journey could be perilous in these parts, as proved by the murder of his brother during a very short trip indeed. He had made it his mission to care for his brothers affairs in his place as a way of making up to him what he failed to do before his death. One day he would find the killer and just before he died he would ask him why, the question that haunted him the most and that nobody could answer. He thought quickly about Constance' question and then shook his head.

''Nothing I can think of, I had Billy take care of the cattle feed and stuff yesterday. Speaking of which, around half our stock should be about ready for the run to market. We'd better check that today and a couple of the calves need branding and that's on top of the usual chores. Thanks for the offer anyway, will you be taking Emmy?''

14th Aug 2008, 1:37 AM
As a man feared and/or respected by most, not only because he was Morgan's right-hand man, but because he was a man to be respected in his own right, there were certain luxuries Gabriel enjoyed. Getting away with murder, literally (although unknown to practically everyone except himself, the mayor and in one case the sheriff), as well as bribery and more or less violent acts of 'persuasion, was one of the more serious ones, but while it did make his life considerably easier not to have a certain sheriff breathing down his neck, but rather looking the other way, it was the daily details that he actually enjoyed. Having the privilege of being served better quality food at the Saloon than the rest of the patrons was one among quite a few, and having the ladies actively search him out and approach him was another. Even if in the case that was sashaying towards him now, the young redheaded Scarlett, it was a lady that was off-limits, even to him. Not that he lusted after her, as even though she was strikingly pretty, she was just that; off-limits, and thus, he didn't desire her. It was as simple as that. But he did still consider her comely exterior a perk, because if he had to play bodyguard, and keep an eye on someone, it might as well be someone who was easy on said eyes.
And it did quite amuse him, the way that even though she too knew she was forbidden to him, and any other man except Mr Morgan, it didn't stop her from flirting, in that usual kittenish way all the girls tended to do, no matter what man they happened to be talkin to. But, since he was not a potential client to her, Gabriel didn't know if in her case it was out of habit, or out of wanting the satisfaction of seeing him yearn for her, in which case she would be disappointed.

"Mornin'", she purred, after retrieving a pitcher of hot coffee for him, knowing that alcohol came only once he was no longer on an empty stomach, and even delivered his unspoken meal order to the kitchen in the back.

Perching herself on the bar next to him, she then shot him a smile similar to the one that had caught her the mayor in the first place, and added;

"Don’t worry, it's on your tab... And your breakfast's on its way."

It was a statement that earned her a brief glance signalling acknowledgement of her words, as well as her deeds, in Gabriel's usual non-expressive way, which Scarlett could probably interpret only because she had been around him enough to learn at least a few of the barely noticable signs he would give.

"Things go alright last night?" he then asked, while pouring himself some coffe. "Anyone need talkin' to?"

Not having set foot in the Saloon the previous night, due to some cattle wandering off and needing to be found and then driven back to the rest of the herd, he wanted to make sure his absence hadn't given anyone ideas. For even though the men in town had learned their lesson by now, there would always be newcomers, and, of course, the occasional townsman with a seemingly really bad memory. So in short, Gabriel was interested in knowing if there had been anyone that desperately longed to form a closer 'acquaintance' with him.

14th Aug 2008, 3:19 AM
~ Mae Starr ~


Treat me good, and I treat you better.
Treat me bad, and I treat you worse.

Name: Mae Starr (One of many. Even Mae herself has probably forgotten her real name.)

Age: 21

Occupation: Saloon girl (Schh... This is a secret: Stand alone, small time, thief.)


Nothing short of breathtaking, a thrilling vixen steeped in deadly beauty. Whatever she wanted, she would dedicate herself to get like there was no tomorrow. A smile from her could feel like a godsent wonder, but the chance it was just harboring thoughts of malice was a safer bet. However, she was clever and cunning, and she allured men like it was her only talent and she had gotten by so far without being detected.

Well... At least in Morgan's Creek. It was not her birthplace, as she every now and then had to move on, when suspicion closed in on her. Though she was a care free spirit, regarding life as a book; when you didn't like how things where going, you just tossed it out and started a new one. She had just turned a few pages here in town, being a fairly new girl at the saloon. No one knew her dirty little secrets, especially not the owner.

Behind that dollface of hers, framed by long dark curls, resided a thief. Most would think she stole hearts for a living, and while she did, it was not what kept her economy on the sunny side. She stole when ever she saw a flawless chance to do so. When she walked among the customers, gently brushing against them as she passed by, or just went for it when people left valuables in the open in a crowdy place. Of course, the easiest way was to take from her clients. They were so infatuated with her, and drunk, that they didn't notice. And if they did afterwards, they never suspected their fair company from the night before. If they also happened to be married, well, then they couldn't make a fuss even if they wondered if she had anything to do with it. She did pick her targets with care.

It might seem innocent, since she didn't take more than what she believed she could get away with, but it reallt wasn't. Mae was the type of woman that would steal from a child, should she feel the need to. Though she was so ladylike, even in that kind of profession, that people would have a hard time imagining it. However, the upstanding women of every town she visited had no high regards for her, they always feared she entertained their men behind their backs. And... Well. She did.

There really was no excuse for her, and if you asked the towns people she left behind, there might be one sheriff in particular that wanted to rekindle their acquaintance. Mae was wanted. For murder. Whether she was quilty or not, only she knew. But there was one undeniable fact. A man last seen with her had disappeared, and later on, as suspicion grew stronger, so had Mae.

But this didn't matter in the town of Morgan's Creek. Her secrets were safe, as long as they saw her just as she portrayed herself. And she did a stunning performance of a dark beauty, seemingly a mix of fragility and strength. Men wanted to care for her, tame her and be her one and only. Mae's playful resistance didn't fend them off, more the other way around. The chase was on.


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14th Aug 2008, 3:47 AM
# 1 [Morning, day #1] [Mae's dress looks something like this (http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb309/PsycheStyx/blackandturquoise.jpg).]

It didn't matter how many men that visited her room, her bed, Mae never felt used or cheap. It was mostly on her terms, even if she let the men believe what they wanted to believe. She was intelligent enough to be able to choose another line of work, but she didn't want to. This was where her brightest talent resided; she was good at what she did, and she had come to love it. Of course, her first times around had not been a pleasureable experience, but Mae had put that behind her. It was only on rare occarions that she ever thought about it, or felt sorry for herself. She had been beaten, kicked around by men that had been able to get the best of her, and she had layed in torn clothes and shame, crying herself to sleep. But no more. She had learned about the nature of men, and her own as a young woman becoming a lady, despite her vulgar surroundings. When men became angry in her company her, for whatever reason, she had her ways to calm them down. Like a beauty, soothing the savage beast.

Morgan's Creek still felt new, since she had only been there for almost six months, and things were going very well. The girls of the Saloon liked her, though some might sometimes get annoyed by her or simply not understand her. She behaved like she had some reason to be happy, even when the customers didn't see her. Little did they know, that even though she was a happy young woman in one sense, she did play the part for even the other girls. No one got under her skin, her delicate milky white laced skin.

Mae had never been in love, but she had been swept away with passion. Sometimes she entertained men that knew a thing or two about how to treat a woman, and that thrilled her immensely. It did help to put a smile on those luscious lips, and a glint in her dark blue eyes, that held a mirror to a soul cunning enough to not give away anything important.

This morning, she dressed herself in a turquoise and black dress with a choker, filled with lace and ruffle, leaving one leg visible, her overarms bare and everything from above her bosom. And when she left her room, standing by the wooden fence outside the doors of all the girl's rooms, looking down at the bottom floow, she saw Scarlett. She was thankful she had not choosen her red and black dress, as it was similar to the one Scarlett was wearing. If Mae ever came out and realized she looked like one of the other girls, she immediately turned around and went back in her room to change into something else. She might not always be the center of attention, but she would always do her best to try and achieve that. With black high heels tightly tied to her slender feet, she started to make her way down, and anyone who looked up could not help but notice her. She was, after all, as beautiful as any enchanting dream. The black garter belt on her visible leg teased men's fantasies, told tales about what this woman might conceal. A stunning lady, but still available to anyone with enough money in their pockets.

An alluring smile graced her lips as she ascended the stairs, letting her hand slide along the bannister. The Saloon was apparently up and running, two guests by the bar, one seemingly a rugged woman in men's clothing. And for a brief moment, Mae had a hint of dislike in her eyes, since she could not understand women like that at all. But when she turned her gaze towards Gabriel Callahan, her smile was again picture perfect for a temptress. Now, that was a man who could set her body on fire. She got shivers, simply thinking about it. If Scarlett, that silly girl, could just move out of her way, it might just turn out to be a wonderful morning. She was lucky no one could read her mind.
After giving the owner, Felicity, a nod in greeting, she walked over to Gabriel and Scarlett.

"Good morning, Mr Callahan", she chimed and flipped open her delicately laced fan.

In bed, she usually called him Gabriel. There, between her sheets, he belonged to her. But out here, among others, she knew better than to use his first name alone. Men wanted their ego stroked, and Mae knew all about it. And she desired the effect she cause when she treated them the way they wanted. However, Gabriel was not like most men. Though they seemed to do their best to make sure others knew they meant business, he just had to shoot a dark glare and you would keep to yourself. He had the most intriguing eyes Mae had ever encountered. But even if she'd like to loose herself in them, just to see what it would be like, she knew better than to try and hold on to his gaze for too long. It would be like challenging him, and not even other men were than stupid, if they weren't prepared for his reaction. No, Mae had to be satisfied with the brief moments he did look into her eyes, when she was in his arms.
And when it came to Gabriel Callahan, Mae wouldn't dream of stealing anything from him. Not because he was a man on the side of the law... or near it in the sense that she could bet her pretty little behind that it didn't apply to him. No, it was because she didn't trust herself to be able to get away with it. In one way, he was what she would have been had she been a man. It was like he was the other side of the coin, looking back at her with that same look of mischief as she harboured. Though, he didn't have to hide it, and he probably took it a few steps further. And to steal from him and get caught, well... She didn't have it in her to risk that. After all, she enjoyed his company far too much. With him, she felt more at ease.


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14th Aug 2008, 4:09 AM
With a look of boyish excitement, Ryder bounded over to her and clasped her hands into his own with a wide smile.

"Ah, you are too wonderful! The bitterroot was a brilliant idea, and the soup was too generous, but greatly appreciated. What ever would I do without you?"

Nikita was slightly surprised by the enthusiasm she received, even more so when he clasped her hands in his. Thus did she try to surpress the blush that began to color her tanned cheeks, smiling sheepishly as she cleared her throat and looked down at her feet after he turned away. "Ah, well, I am sure you would find some way to go on," she murmured, gaze returning upward once she felt herself under control. "You are pretty resourceful that way, all of you are in fact."

There, at least no one should suspect the comment made her blush! Well, at least she hoped not, although the amused looks Ryder was receiving from the other gang members made her chuckle. He was likely to get a good ribbing later for his actions, she was sure. At about that time, Dakotah stalked over sulkily and plopped down beside his master's feet; Nikita blinked, but after hearing Robbie's words she looked down at the wolf hybrid and frowned. "Dakotah, you know better than that. I already fed you at home." The dog just kind of seemed to close his eyes in that 'Yeah, yeah..' fashion at her scolding.

"Miss Wellston," Dex said with a nod towards the woman, and then he took a bite from the bread the boy had given him.

Her gaze went over at Dex, though, and Nikita returned his greeting, "Good morning, Dex," she replied with a kind smile, finding someplace to seat herself not long afterward. "So, what do you all have planned for the day?" The question was meant for everyone to answer, as she hated to leave anyone out from having their say.


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14th Aug 2008, 9:11 AM
Kate Hilton was a persistent young woman. Persistent and persuasive, otherwise she would not be quite where she was. However, she was also very bright, and hence, she knew the capabilities of her own persuasion and her own persistence at the level at which she’d used it. She knew how to read between the lines and which words to pick up on, because otherwise, getting to the crux of a problem the way she had to would be a complete nightmare.

"Maybe your right," William responded cautiously, the very fact setting off alarm bells for Kate, it always meant that people were thinking something quite different from what they were saying. "If I have the time this evening I may see what I have planned in the next few days and set something up."

Now, two words here caught her attentions fast, ‘if’ and ‘may’. Two variables that left him a loophole through which he could manoeuvre his way around any agreement that they could reach. The way Kate was seeing this, the Sheriff still had underlying problems about going to the doctors and obviously it was very little to do with time itself and hence was more likely to revolve around the next thing people were prone to worry about; treatment.

Everyone hated being told to take the potions, to use the creams, to do this, do that, most of the time she was doing it, Kate felt somewhat like a nanny. She’d had quite a healthy life, but when she was ill, she hated having to take the medicines, regardless of how they helped, they were downright disgusting. So, she understood the reluctance governing that issue.

That said, a visit to the doctors didn’t always entail with it prescribed medication. Drugs were really a last resort, for there were so many ways to get the body to look after itself before giving it some outside help.

“Thank you for being so obliging, Sheriff,” Kate answered warmly. “Of course, it’ll just be a check-up, not a consultation, so it’ll take very little time.”

”I did wonder about that business with the Fairgrove men,” she started tentatively, looking around, given that she did have to be involved to a degree in her medical capacity following the fallout of the gunfight. “Did they get back safely?”

14th Aug 2008, 7:44 PM
One of the first things Scarlett had noticed about him was that Gabriel was a man of few words. There weren’t many clues to what was going on in that dark mind of his, save for the storm and calm playing in his eyes, but if you didn’t know how to read him, you’d best keep away. No-one in Scarlett’s knowledge knew how to read him for sure, it was just guesses, stabs in the dark and blind leaps of faith. No-one even knew who he was. He just apparently turned up out of nowhere and just started doing what he did. Those that were… more importunate with their questions quickly earned the error of their ways.

So, all she ever got out of him were just glances and professional – the term used loosely in his case because well… his ‘profession’ was pretty unorthodox and capricious – inquiries. Though, when you’re exposed to something long enough, you learn how it works, what it means and so on and so forth. In Gabriel’s case, no-one could understand how it worked, but Scarlett had managed to get a good grasp of what it meant. She was a bright girl after all.

"Things go alright last night?" he began that very inquiry as he poured himself some coffee. "Anyone need talkin' to?"

He probably didn’t understand – actually, he probably didn’t care – why it was that Scarlett went out of her way to be nice to him. When it came down to it, Gabriel Callahan was a thug and he’d do what he was told by Edward Morgan which was why he looked out for her in the first place. If Morgan’s desires switched and he instead told Gabriel to ‘take care of’ Scarlett, Gabriel wouldn’t hesitate to solve the mayor’s problem. They only reason that Gabriel bothered with her, in Scarlett’s opinion, was because he was told to.

But he looked out for her, that was it. That was the primary thing to Scarlett who’d always been deprived of any sort of attention through her childhood appreciated without the strings attached getting in her way. She appreciated Gabriel for it, because Morgan got his end of the deal for having her looked out for directly from Scarlett. What made her feel even better was that Gabriel never tried his luck with her. In a funny sort of way, he didn’t abuse his position.

And she knew what happened to those who did try their luck with her. ‘Talkin’ to’ rarely involved just words and a friendly handshakes; no-one liked being told that a saloon girl of all things was off limits to them and they got a little handy with Gabriel who then demonstrated what a friendly pat on the back could really be in the wild west. It wasn’t pretty. So, she didn’t cry wolf.

“Nothin’ more than usual,” she reported, leaning backwards, her palms pressing down on the bar at the end of straight arms as she flicked back a lock of fiery red hair as she kept her eyes on him, the thick mascara lined eyelashes slightly lowered. Then, another of those lively grins found its way onto her lips. “But thanks for asking. Things go alright for you last night?”

Out of the corner of her eyes, Scarlett saw the womanly figure of Mae approach them. Scarlett liked Mae in the sense that one day, she wanted to be like her. She really did, because she loved the way Mae didn’t need anyone, she loved the way Mae was a woman instead of a girl. Though, when Mae got her claws out… rather, if she got them out, Scarlett would bet that it’d be something she’d rather not be around to watch.

"Good morning, Mr Callahan,” Mae sang out as she flipped open her lace fan. Scarlett couldn’t keep the Cheshire cat grin off her face as Mae made her advances towards Gabriel, tactfully ignoring Scarlett in the process. The more… competitive Saloon girls got like that and Mae… well, if anything, she was competitive. ‘Mr Callahan’ – did she call him that upstairs too?

“Mornin’ to you too, Mae,” Scarlett chirped at her, leaning forwards to cross her forearms over her knees, fluttering her thick eyelashes at Mae angelically with an equally angelic smile over her face, filling in the glaring blanks cheerfully as the kitchen staff brought in Gabriel’s breakfast, setting it down before him and then disappearing off back.

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Ghanima Atreides
14th Aug 2008, 9:04 PM
Lucy and Felicity - The Saloon (the bar)

Lucy smiled contemplatively into her glass as the world around her slowly awakened to life: patrons walked in and took a place either at the bar or one of the tables, the saloon girls made their appearance from upstairs to entertain them, adding noise and movement to the previously sleepy establishment. It was not quite what Lucy would call a busy place, but it was only morning, after all. The Oriental woman whom she had originally thought to be an employee retrieved a glass containing a beverage that gave off a suspicious acrid scent and sat next to her, making her seniority apparent by not having to do anything, yet.

"Mine's Felicity, pleasure to meet you."

Interesting name to go with the features, and the good English. This was definitely no impoverished immigrant. Nodding briefly, Lucy took another swig of her beer, stopping to glance closer at the other newcomers, though only for a moment; they were all unfamiliar, strangers, and she was a stranger to them. That thought was accompanied by a sting of regret, and a long-unanswered question emerged: hadn't she been running enough? Maybe it was time to find a nice, inconspicuous town and settle down.

"Must be nice to travel, no worries except your open road bringing you someplace a bit too exciting. Nothing I can really recommend around here, this town is quite sleepy most of the time."

Lucy exhaled abruptly, the right corner of her lips pushing upwards in a dry sort of smile, as though she considered Felicity's opinion of a nomad's life about as hopeful as her expecting to find something worth visiting in Morgan's Creek, even though that comment had been mostly aimed at pleasantry than anything else: she was there out of necessity, and not for the scenery. Although when she faced the Oriental woman, her brows curved in approval:

“It has its moments”, she commented at length, pausing briefly to tilt her head when a newly-arrived man passed them by and issued a greeting before sitting down at the far end of the bar. A regular, judging by the comment one of the girls made, the one whom she had briefly exchanged greetings with upon her arrival. It was entirely true, she did enjoy the freedom of moving wherever she pleased, whenever it took her fancy, not having to answer to anybody but herself. It was a lonely existence however, and after a couple of months on the road, it was one of the first things that took its toll on a person. Not to mention, it was dangerous, and more than once Lucy had been forced to fend off those who hoped to rob her of her possessions or, worse still, of her dignity. She had been lucky -although, in all honesty her trusty shotgun had more to do with it. Nonetheless, there had been quite a few very close calls.

“Though not the best way to earn a living” Lucy admitted. “Hopefully a small, sleepy place like this has some work I could do.”

If she was lucky, Felicity might even have a recommendation or two.

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14th Aug 2008, 10:21 PM
William, although being a bit sick of the conversation at the moment, was quite willing to evade as long as he had to. Amelia had once said he was as stubborn as a brick wall, and as fascinating when he tried not to be. Which usually meant that he could wear down a person in conversation. He didn't like to, but short of evasively promising- again- to set something up and then turning and walking off, he didn't have a lot of options, unless of course, she was kind enough to change the subject.

“Thank you for being so obliging, Sheriff. Of course, it’ll just be a check-up, not a consultation, so it’ll take very little time.”, the doctor said warmly, seeming not to have noticed the careful loopholes he had left himself. Or at least being civil enough not to call him on them. Even so, a subject change away from medicine seemed anything but likely. Hence William being extremely pleasantly surprised when she said, quite diplomatically, ”I did wonder about that business with the Fairgrove men, Did they get back safely?”

"As far as I know they did. They were quite well when they arrived, just a bit riled up. Can't really blame them." All true, except the one fellow who had told two different versions of what exactly happened, but his companions had told him that the fellow wasn't right in the head in the first place. "Can't help feeling rather bad for the fellows, must have been upsetting being almost robbed on a routine trip."

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14th Aug 2008, 11:02 PM
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14th Aug 2008, 11:10 PM
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Felicity was pleased to see Lucy's mouth curl into a smile at her little countrifed view of traveling. Felicity had been lucky enough to settle into new towns quickly when she was a wanderer, and knew full well the awkwardness and simple exhaustion that came of going from place to place and never finding anything to be attached to. Not that anyone knew about Felicity's brief travels, the reason she hid them was the same reason no one asked. Gads it was nice having money!

“It has its moments”, Lucy said after a long pause, earning a quick grin from Felicity for no especial reason. It had been years since she'd travelled but she doubted that when she had been she would so calmly call those occasional moments "moments".

"Though not the best way to earn a living. Hopefully a small, sleepy place like this has some work I could do.”

Before Felicity answered she noticed that Mae had come downstairs- finally. The girl did a lot, but still it wasn't seemly to sleep this late. She might speak with Mae and Scarlett later about sleeping in, or just arrange for breakfast to be ended at a certain time. Felicity liked everything clean and orderly and the girls sleeping in so much was not orderly.

But that was neither here nor there, so Felicity took a slow drink of her rotted wine, letting the acidic taste roll through her. "Definitely an acquired taste," she thought mildly. "Not a lot of jobs around here," she said contemplatively. "Ranch outside of town had its owner shot a while ago, his widow might need help around. I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know for sure."

She let a moment pass, before adding, almost as an afterthought, "And here of course. I always offer a roof and work, but well," Felicity let out a small self conscious laugh, "not many people enjoy the sort of work I can offer them though."

She noticed that Lucy's drink was getting low. "Freshen your drink?" she asked casually.

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14th Aug 2008, 11:51 PM
The faint shift in the coloration of Nikita's expression sent a look of confusion flitting over Ryder's features. Had he said something out of turn? Once the herbs were settled securely in his pack and out of reach from the others, he moved back in the direction of their breakfast, feeling several pairs of eyes settled on him. Pivoting, he caught the glances of a few other members of the gang, all rolling their eyes or making kissy-faces in his direction. Horrified, Ryder shot them all a cautionary glare and his lips curved into a grim line. Oh. He often forgot he needed to keep his oftentimes exuberant personality in check, and that his friendliness was perceived as suggestive by a few of the men his own age. They winked at him and a couple even gave him a thumbs up gesture, but he quickly drew his eyes away. There was no room in his mind for thoughts like that. Not now. He heard her soft voice again once he had turned away, and he smiled softly in return.

"Ah, well, I am sure you would find some way to go on, you are pretty resourceful that way, all of you are in fact."

Ryder gave her a wordless nod of agreement and seized a piece of bread, picking off a portion of it and popping it in his mouth. She was right in that sense; the lot of them were one of the most resourceful groups of men there was. They thrived off of next to nothing, and made due with what they had. It was a point of pride for him to know that he had become more of a survivalist than he ever anticipated he could be, and that something in him was stronger as a result.

"Miss Wellston," Ryder heard the distinctively deep and masculine voice of Dex cut through the air and his smile returned before he took another bite of his bread. There was a quality in his voice that demanded attention, even though he himself rarely had to ask for it verbally. It was simply there, understood and respected by those around him. He was the man you only challenged if you enjoyed a black eye and a bloody nose in two seconds flat.

"Good morning, Dex," Nikita said in her ever-friendly tone, delicately seating herself on one of the few cleaner places around the camp before continuing. "So, what do you all have planned for the day?"

A good question. Ryder wasn't exactly sure if there was something set to occur, but he usually played it by ear. Typically their leader would formulate a course of events, plan out each individuals role in the action, and Ryder would just sit tight until he was made aware of his part. Glancing up from the remainder of his bread, Ryder gave a light shrug to Nikita and directed his gaze toward Dex with curiosity ablaze in his light eyes. With a deep chuckle he lowered his gaze and muttered with a tiny smirk, "Oh, you know, the usual. Pillaging, looting, setting the town afire and causing some general havoc and mayhem among the townsfolk." He raised his face to reveal a brightly mischievous smile.

15th Aug 2008, 12:16 AM
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Although not a particularly moody man, in the way that it was often difficult to tell what mood he was actually in, Gabriel was what many would consider unpredictable. Probably because it was difficult to tell what mood he was in. Even when angry, his face didn't contort into a frown, or a silent snarl, but simply remained carved in stone. At the most, one would be able to catch a slight tightening of his jaw, and that was by no means enough to tell whether or not the guns resting at either hip would be drawn with lightening speed, or if a fist would suddenly be exploring just how deep into your gut it could go.

In Morgan's Creek, this was a lesson learned by many, and in some cases, it was one they'd had to learn as a direct result of getting frisky with Scarlett O'Reilly. Not that Gabriel would pull his guns on someone in a particularly crowded place, unless, of course, he was forced to, and he would try to avoid it while in the Saloon. But that was where the swinging saloon doors came in handy, as he could easily haul any troublemaker outside without either first having to open the door, or risk breaking it by not opening it. Then, once outside, the game would be on.

Though things rarely got that far. Most men living in Morgan's Creek, or even just passing through it, tended to catch on real quick, and would back away before things got ugly. All for the better, since there was no telling if and when Gabriel might get a little... 'Carried away' would have been the term, had it not suggested a certain lack of control. Perhaps 'diligent' would be closer to the truth. Why, even Edward Morgan himself would mind his words and manners around Gabriel, for the silent man had proven over the years that there were certain things he did not tolerate, and that he could be as dangerous to Morgan as he was to everyone else, and turn on him, should Morgan give him enough of a reason to do so.

That, however, had not yet come to pass, and so Morgan's interests remained Gabriel's interests, and this particular morning, that interest was in Scarlett and how she had fared the previous night. Though there was also a certain matter of some valuable needing returning to the bank in the neighbouring town, but all in due time. The sheriff would hardly have trustworthy volunteers willing to brave the plains and the outlaws roaming it beating down his door, now would he, and so Gabriel could afford to eat his breakfast in peace and quiet.
Well, peace at least, since Scarlett was currently busy sending 'quiet' out the window.

"Nothin' more than usual", she answered his question while changing her position, brushing a lock of hair from her shoulder as she did, in the typically female way of coy flirting, and he could sense her eyes on him, while he himself payed more attention to his cup of coffee.

Not that he didn't appreciate her coquettish ways, with a sort of amused enjoyment, because he did. He could even appreciate her friendly chatter, despite the two of them not having all that much in common - not even occasionally a bed - for it was quite different from the reserved cordiality most others tended to assume around him.
But he didn't want to give the girl ideas. As long as she was the mayor's favorite toy, Gabriel wouldn't touch her, no matter if she tried to tempt him, or even downright invited him to. Once Morgan tired of her, however, which he was bound to do sooner or later... then maybe. But until then, she wasn't worth jeopardizing his arrangement with Morgan. Not that he'd let it stop him if it ended up getting in the way of something Gabriel himself really wanted, but as long as he benefitted off of taking orders from Morgan, then why the h*ll not?

"But thanks for asking", she continued with another wide smile. "Things go alright for you last night?"

To that, Gabriel merely gave a soft "Hm" in confirmation, and raised the cup to his lips for the first swig off coffee; Gabriel Callahan didn't sip. And it was at that very moment that something bright blue entered his peripherial vision, telling him one of the other girls was just making her entrance and graceful descent down the stairs. Turning his head just enough for a glance to confirm it was the one he had figured it would be - Mae - as even out of the corner of his eyes he could identify those seductively swaying hips, he then returned his attention to his cup of coffee, just long enough to sample another taste and then set it back down on the wooden surface of the bar, and for Mae to reach him and Scarlett.

"Good morning, Mr Callahan", came her melodic voice flowing from her lips just as he turned his gaze back to her to acknowledge her presence, and with a soft rustle flicked open her fan.

"Morning, Mae", he greeted in return, as his gaze slowly wandered her appearance, starting at her feet and sliding from there up to her face, pausing ever so briefly at that conveniently revealed leg protruding from the folds of her dress.

A shapely leg it was, and one that he'd had the pleasure of having wrapped around his waist his fair share of times. And would have again.

"Mornin' to you too, Mae", Scarlett grinned at her colleague from his other side, apparently well aware that she had been intentionally left out, and not ready to take it lying down.


Though he'd be lying if he was to claim he didn't appreciate the silent competition. It wasn't the first time he'd had the saloon girls trying to outmanuever one another over him, and even though these two would have different reasons, it amused him nonetheless. So, it was with the hint of a smile barely present at the corner of his mouth that he nodded a 'thank you' to the girl bringing him his cooked morning meal, and then went about digging in, leaving the two other girls to decide if they would battle it out, or not.

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15th Aug 2008, 1:11 PM
Gwen nodded and entered the classroom. She's going to be calm and listen this morning.

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15th Aug 2008, 9:15 PM
Kate was used to people, all sorts of people. It did not mean that she was excellent at dealing with all sorts of people, but she was used to all sorts of people, she’d been exposed to all kinds of evasive and attention seeking behaviour. Due to that exposure, she’d gained experience at reading when it was time to let of a particular walk of conversation and move onto more comfortable topics for patients to get used to her presence. After all, comfort led to compliance and compliance led to better treatment. So, she had changed the topic of the conversation to something William may actually be interested in… and it seemed that he was.

"As far as I know they did. They were quite well when they arrived, just a bit riled up. Can't really blame them," he replied casually to her inquiry. Oh, good, at least there weren’t any more unpleasant events on their way back. Kate just refused to understand the rampant use of violence on and by people. Why? "Can't help feeling rather bad for the fellows, must have been upsetting being almost robbed on a routine trip."

That she agreed with. Some of the passengers were quite badly injured as a result of the shootout that had ensued and it’d been a rather tedious time for Kate to deal with by herself, but ever the professional, she had managed and done so proficiently eventually. She’d sent with them the medical notes and records of what treatment she gave them to their follow-up doctor, just to be on the safe side if any of them developed complications. With travelers and generally people who refused to rest after injury, the chances of complications were much higher.

“I am in complete agreement, Sheriff,” she conceded with a small nod, hands clasped, the slight contemplative upturn of her soft lips present as her cerulean gaze wandered to the side before returning to William with a new question fuelled by her curiosity. “Do you know who was responsible?”

16th Aug 2008, 3:44 AM
Lillie suddenly heard the opening of her bakery door and looked up, only to find none other than Elsie Strand, the owner of Creek Inn. “Good morning, Miss Westwood,” she exclaimed. She looked towards Elsie and nodded, producing a small but kind smile. “Good morning to you as well,” Lillie replied. “I’m in a bit of a pinch, I’ve run out of flour at the inn and we need some baked goods for morning breakfast. What do you have available this morning?”

Lillie gazed around the room for a moment, knowing that she didn’t have a wide array of foods at the present time. But the morning was running quite slow, and frankly she was not in the mood to bake foods, for she felt she had more important things to worry about. Lillie gestured towards one side of the glass case. “Well we mostly have pies this morning, which come in the flavors of apple, cherry, and raspberry.” She then motioned to the other side. “Over here we have breads and muffins.” She looked towards Elsie and gave a small smile.

“Though we only have blueberry and plain muffins at the moment, I haven’t had enough time to bake anything else just yet.” Suddenly Lillie turned around and ran to grab her apron, seeming to forget that she needed one. Wrapping it around her waist, she turned to Elsie once more.

“What shall it be?” she questioned.

16th Aug 2008, 4:28 PM
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Ghanima Atreides
16th Aug 2008, 7:42 PM
Lucy and Felicity - the Saloon

Lucy has had many jobs. Some had been more pleasant than others, and most out of the spectrum of what women were usually suited for. From herding cattle and other animals and working the land to hauling merchandise to and from carriages and delivering them to their destination, she favoured quick ways to make some money, before moving on to the next town and the next job. Sometimes they lasted a few weeks, others a full season, but eventually, Lucy never remained in one place too long.

At first, fear had driven her away from the region she had been born, grew up and found tragedy alongside Jacob Denton, terrified someone might recognize her. Having fled the house in the middle of the night, leaving Jacob's dead body in a pool of blood behind, there seemed little hope that the Sherrif would attribute the crime to anyone else. They might have believed her that it was an accident, but then again, they might have not, landing her in prison for the rest of her life or worse. However, that wasn't the only reason Lucy had run away: the knowledge that Jacob had taken an innocent infant, their baby and done God-knew what with him was too much to bear, much worse than finding out they were half-siblings. The product of incest or not, despite not having wanted him at first, she had loved Tom more forcefully than she had ever thought possible and even then, after all that time, the sight of a child would make her stomach tighten uncomfortably.

After a couple of years, Lucy no longer knew why exactly she kept running, except because it was easier than settling in one place. A stranger didn't need to give too many explanations, and the lack of attachments had made, in some ways, life easier to live. However, it had worn her down as well, physically as well as emotionally. She couldn't go on forever.

Snapping the fragile thread of musings, Lucy returned to the present and Felicity who sipped her own drink at her side.

"Not a lot of jobs around here," the Asian woman commented, causing the corners of Lucy's mouth to drop slightly, "Ranch outside of town had its owner shot a while ago, his widow might need help around. I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know for sure."

Disappointment vanishing from her expression, Lucy visibly perked up as Felicity ended the sentence: a ranch? Well, it was fortunate indeed then that she had grown up working one!

"And here of course. I always offer a roof and work, but well," Felicity added after a short pause, "not many people enjoy the sort of work I can offer them though."

So, she was the owner after all. Lucy added her own small grin to Felicity's chuckle, her gaze shifting onto the profiled silhouette of a young brunette wearing turquoise dress made of some sort of smooth, silky stuff, lined with ruffles and lace and revealing copious amounts of tantalizing flesh. Lucy wasn't unattractive either, in fact quite the opposite, despite the fact that her manly attire and its dusty, travel-worn condition partly concealed it at the moment. Having never felt comfortable in any skirt, she couldn't picture herself wearing such a thing, as for those thin heels...good Lord, she'd likely break her neck before the day was over. Plus...she had sold many things and lost many more, but had never resorted to trading her body for money.

Before she had a chance to answer, Felicity added a tentative "Freshen your drink?"

Lucy glanced down at the bottom of her glass which was clearly visible through the liquid that was left, before giving the rim a tap and Felicity a slightly sheepish grin:

“First, how much do I owe you for this one?”

It wasn't that she couldn't have used another drink, but spending inconsiderate amounts of money on alcohol was going from having a treat to being downright irresponsible. She was still out of work, and couldn't sleep in a haystack forever.

“Work I'm not afraid of,” Lucy continued with a vague smirk firmly planted on her lips. “Though I've never been one for pretty dresses 'n the like, gotta admit. Just ain't me, if you understand. A ranch however, now that's something I can wrap my mind around!”

Taking a final swig of her beer, Lucy plopped the empty glass back onto the bar.

“Thank you kindly for the advice, miss.” she smiled at Felicity. “I guess I'll just have to try my luck at the ranch.”

17th Aug 2008, 12:34 AM
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“Nothing I can think of,” Luke said, and spoke of the cattle going to market, her mind started running through what that would entail. Constance wasn’t raised on a ranch, so even though she’d been living there for three years, she was still uncertain of the business side of the operation. She was trying though, and in her opinion, she was catching on. However, when he mentioned that some calves were to be branded, she was immediately grateful that she wasn’t going to be around. While she did understand the necessity of branding, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor things as they were being branded.

“Thanks for the offer anyway,” he said and she gave a small nod with a smile, “Will you be taking Emmy?”

Though she very briefly entertained the idea of leaving her with the men, she immediately disregarded it as she could just imagine the havoc that would cause. “Yeah,” she said, and as she started clearing the empty dishes from the table she thought, you’d never get anything done if she stayed here. “I plan on swinging by the school later and seeing if Elizabeth can join us for a small picnic lunch, and I’ll have some sandwiches made up for your lunch before we go. Oh, and can you please hitch Daisy up to the wagon for me?”

17th Aug 2008, 11:08 PM
# 2 [Morning, day #1]

Mae's free hand rested on her hip, fingers speading over the fabric of her dress, while the other moved the fan gently. Not that she needed to cool down, it was merely for effect. She liked the way it looked and felt, and considered the fan to be one of her weapons of seduction. It did bring the thoughts to something soft, something elegant. Mae had seen other women use it, in parlors like this one, and she wanted one for herself. Now, she owned three, and though she claimed that all were presents from suitors, she had only been given one of them. The other two had been bought for money she'd stolen. She couldn't very well go around and claim to be able to afford all the things she had, on her salary alone. The owners of the saloons she'd be working at would know something was up, since they of all would know what she earned. But believeing that men adored her enough to buy her things, now that was something anyone could wrap their mind around quite easily. She was a beautiful woman, enticing to say the least.

Though she was popular, she believed it was important to give the appeareance of being successful all the way. It entailed showing up with new things every now and then, said to be from customers. It helped her with an abili, and added to her mystique. But it was not all fake, she did recieve gifts, from men that couldn't stop thinking about her. Mae Starr was not easy to forget.

She was a display of a myriad of expressions, from that of a coy little girl that was new to the world, to that of a dark enchanting vixen. Most saw what they wanted to see, but she seldom played any role to the extreme. No one would believe her to be all that shy, and she couldn't afford to let them see just how wicked she could be. Not even Gabriel Callahan, dispite though he seemed to have his fair share of evil incorporated in him.

They both greeted her; Gabriel and Scarlett. Little did Mae care for Scarlett at the moment, but she couldn't really show that, now could she. Well, just a tad then. The devil on her right shoulder was pretty convincing, and the angel on her left took most battles lying down. "You gotta hit the ground running." Mae could hear her fathers advice as if it had been uttered yesterday. If he could have seen his little girl now, he wouldn't be all that proud of her. But Mae was no fool, she let the angel disguise the devil in her.
After giving Gabriel a soft, alluring smile, she turned her gaze to include Scarlett.

"Morning, Scarlett", she said with a more casual smile, as if she hadn't noticed her amusement. "Maybe you should ask our dear Madam if there's anything she needs help with? Your time could be better used elsewhere, don't you agree?"

Not that they knew for a fact that Scarlett was actually reserved for the Mayor, but the girls knew something was out of the ordinary, and Mae wouldn't hesitate to make a remark that hinted in that direction. If Scarlett wouldn't share her bed with Gabriel Callahan, then she could make do with just being polite for a moment, and then leave him to those who could not only tease him but also follow through. 'Those' being Mae in particular, at least in Mae's own opinion. She knew she was far from the only one who pleased Mr Callahan, but she also knew he kept coming back for more. It was good that he didn't settle for her, because then he would know what he was missing. It didn't bother Mae, she was always on top of her game, even when she wasn't the choosen one. And she wasn't oblivious, just as all men were different, so were the girls in the Saloon.

When Mae had sealed her remark to Scarlett with a firmness to her lips, she turned again to Gabriel, and the gentle smile was visible as if it had never left. She regarded her comment as retorical, thus she had nothing more to say. Not to Scarlett, anyway.

"What do you think of my new dress, Mr Callahan?" she said, now with the same charming harmony to her voice as she had had when she greeted him, and she moved close enough to be able to put her hand on his shoulder with a slow caress.

Of course, Mae knew men cared more about what was underneath the dress, than the dress itelf. However, many also liked the allurement the dress offered, when teasing their senses. And Mae never wore a dress she wasn't convinced would make the men take an extra look at her. Just as Gabriel had done when she came over, and she simply loved when the shape of her dress flattered the shape of her body. Not only the dress spoke two sets of languages, so did her question. It didn't just inquire after his opinion on her dress. No, that would have been too simple for Mae. Her tone, her eyes, they all wanted to know if that particular dress made her irresistible. If Gabriel already thought about more than just the dress.


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18th Aug 2008, 12:48 AM
# 3 [Morning, day #1]

How Dex loved life outside of the law. You wouldn't meet people like the ones he had met since he left home, if you played by the rules. He remembered the oldest outlaw he had ever encountered, that just didn't seem to die, no matter what happened. He could be shot at, stabbed and outrun, he just wouldn't go quietly. It took almost a whole army on the day of his demise, before the men of the law could finally put that old lovebale man six feet under. Although it was a bloody tale, Dex alway thought of it with a smile on his face. He had been rather young then, around 23, and had learned one of the most important lessons for an outlaw. If you worry too much about dying, you will die sooner rather than later.

"So, what do you all have planned for the day?"

Nikita's question seemed casual, and it probably was, but it concerned something Dex didn't feel was for her to know. She wasn't one of them, and she was a woman, and women liked to talk amongst themselves. Even if Nikita might not be as welcome in the town as other women, Dex reacted to her like he would any woman. But Ryder beat him to it.

"Oh, you know, the usual", he said. "Pillaging, looting, setting the town afire and causing some general havoc and mayhem among the townsfolk."

That brought out an amused chuckle from Dex, as he couldn't have said it better himself. He knew he couldn't, as he would have pin pointed how it was none of her business. He was pleased with Ryder's wicked remark, as it certainly didn't sound like coming from a doctor. Although almost two years on the run, it was hard to shake something that had been such a big part of you. Ryder seemed to worry too much, and Dex didn't like that. He wanted his friend to be as carefree as he was himself.

Some were too young to have worries, though. Like Robbie, although the young boy had had a life so far that gave him plenty to be concerned about, it just wasn't right. However, if he had been a boy like any other, he wouldn't have come looking for them. When Dex left home, he had been a young man, pretty much fully aware of what he was doing. He couldn't even imagine what Robbie had been through, and what it must have felt like when the Sheriff's Wanted list was the only option.

Though these intense thoughts were not on Dex's mind at the present moment, he simply grinned at Robbie's annoyment when he had taken care of the dog.

"Good thing you stopped him, Dex", Robbie grumbled. "I don't think I would've known how. Probably would've hurt myself tryin'."

Gotta love him, Dex thought to himself. The boy was so feisty, he wondered what it would be like when they unleashed him on his first adventure with them. Had it not been for one little thing, he had probably been the one to stand on Robbie's side, pushing the matter of letting him join. Well, the little thing was not so little after all; no one was in a hurry to bury a fifteen year old boy.

But there was no matter that had only one side. If they did not watch him closely, they would risk to have him run off and really get into trouble. It would be better then, if he was with them, so they could protect and teach him. And Dex was all about teaching the boy what he wanted to know, so that he would learn all he could learn without going with them. But soon enough, they would run out of means to hold him back.

However, it didn't mean he always treated the boy like the man he wished to be. Like right now, when Robbie wasn't pleased with Dex.

"Shut up", the boy said with a harsh tone to his brother James, who couldn't help but let his amusement be known.

Nothing brought life to a gang like two brothers, there was always one who annoyed the other. And in this case, it was mostly Robbie being on the recieving end, but he gave as good as he got.

"Well", Dex said, with his rasp carefree tone. "Who's gonna cook for us if you go and get yourself hurt?"

Hit him where it hurts. It was a simple tactic, but mean enough when it came to commenting on Robbie and preparing their food. He wouldn't take that one lying down, and if he didn't retaliate now, Dex would have to watch his back. It was all in good fun.


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18th Aug 2008, 1:49 AM
William had a rather bizarre attention span. He could be fascinated to the exclusion of all else if he was working on his job and truly doing something, and every once in a while he got into impassioned discussion-arguments that he was willing to go on with for hours. In almost everything else? If he wasn't doing something with his hands and thinking at the same time he would get bored very rapidly.

This conversation was undoubtedly an example of the latter. He was indeed interested in discussing the stage coach robbery with another educated person, but then again, there had been a bit of somewhat dull conversation before hand. Now William just wanted something to do with his hands, and as the morning progressed he found his thoughts wandering to the saloon's red wine, some of which he had had a few days ago, to his rapturous delight.

With an effort he brought his attention back to his companion, who had agreed quite cheerfully with his prior statement. Of course, who wouldn't agree that getting robbed was a bit disconcerting?

She seemed to have run out of things to say, and he was just about to suggest they continue speaking in the saloon, when she suddenly asked, "Do you know who was responsible?”

Well! That was an interesting question. As for who he knew to be responsible, there was only one prominent gang of outlaws in the area, the one that William suspected the mayor's bastard had joined, with the town's previous doctor. He was about to mention them, but realized that given the former occupation of one of the more prominent members, and whom he was talking too, it could be a bit awkward. "There are a few gangs of outlaws around, most of them wouldn't try anything like this-" or they would do a much better job, like not leaving the horse- "I have a few suspects, but I don't want to bring up suspicions in the town, you understand."

That was a bit of a lame response, but his interest in the conversation was waning, and having spoken to the doctor only a few times out of her professional capacity, he did not feel comfortable asking her opinion of why they left the horse, or what their motive in messing up a very elegant bank robbery might be. So, before she could answer he added, "Would you like to continue this in the saloon?" A small spot of alcohol would definitely make the conversation more bearable.

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18th Aug 2008, 9:02 PM
Scarlett was young. She was just eighteen and up until she was seventeen, she hadn’t lived. And she’d almost died out in the desert by herself, the heat scorching down mercilessly on her young body as she lay there underneath the sun, at seventeen years of age, not having lived at all. But she didn’t die because she was rescued, by outlaws of all people who proved that life it’s all it’s cracked up to be. The bad guys didn’t always wear the masks and that sometimes the good guys did. Edward Morgan was no better than Dex Woolgar. There was another thing she learned, no-one was all bad, but also that no-one was all good. Every person was like a horse riding out on a dirt track, the road could be smooth or it could get pretty rough.

Though, to be fair, people swung more towards one way or another. Gabriel wasn’t all bad, but he was bad news to anyone who didn’t see it. His good side, the fact that he looked out for her was a direct consequence of his bad side; he didn’t care what he had to do and he just did it. Scarlett knew there was some good in him, there was some good in everyone, however little. All she looked at him for was just that – though careful she was, to make sure he didn’t find out about her secrets – and she did, for a part, lust after him as almost all the saloon girls did, but it was so much less than the gratitude for the security he presented her. It was a sort of hope, that that fathomed good side of him would come to her rescue if he ever found out about the outlaws, to stop him from throwing her to the wolves.

Similarly, good people happened to have their bad sides. A very good friend of yours that you trust your secret to, could sell you down the river for the right price – regardless of whether they really understood why they were doing it, they still do it. There are other people, who are nice, who could be so nice that they make you look straight past everything else that they do, to the fact they they’re nice. Mae was one of these. Scarlett liked Mae to a point where she looked up to her like an older sister, but at times, Mae threw herself down from Scarlett’s bequeathed pedestal. Such as now. Though, Scarlett was a young girl, and these realisations meant a little less to her than they should have.

"Morning, Scarlett,” Mae finally greeted her with nonchalance at her previous coldness, to which the younger woman could not help but shoot a small grin. "Maybe you should ask our dear Madam if there's anything she needs help with? Your time could be better used elsewhere, don't you agree?"

Mae wanted her gone, then. For whatever reason, probably one involving Gabriel here, but she wanted Scarlett gone. Though, she had to realise then, that it was going to take a lot more than that. And so, she kept going, continuing on as if Scarlett hadn’t interrupted at all, putting that smile back on her pretty face for Gabriel.

"What do you think of my new dress, Mr Callahan?" Mae chimed at him, her hand sliding over his shoulder as Scarlett turned her knowing grin to Gabriel, leaning back, supported by her arms pushing down on the bar again as she made no effort to keep the amusement off her face.

Not backing down before they’d had a fight at all, she moved to join in on what Mae was trying to keep her out of.

“That's a mighty pretty dress, Mae,” she commented innocently, before turning to Gabriel for his opinion, guessing that he probably just didn’t care. “But I think the black’s a bit much for her hair. What do you think, Mr. Callahan?”

18th Aug 2008, 9:03 PM
The main thing about being the town doctor was that the entire town was your office. Everywhere and anywhere was your surgery. Emergencies do not occur at a set time or place and hence Kate had to be available to go anywhere at anytime. There was also another side, that because the entire profession revolved around people’s health and people went anywhere they pleased, so did Kate to simply carry out her duty.

Another factor was that there were patients such as William, who refused to take time out and allow her that time to ensure that she was doing her job properly, that she was managing to keep their health in pristine condition. Then, when approached about said lapse, they – for whatever reason that hindered their ability to simply make a check-up appointment – inveigled around the issue and thus it became clear that only so much progress was to be made at a given point. So, she’d saved her approach for a better time, lest she destroy whatever progress she’d already made. If he made no efforts to fix an appointment by tomorrow, that was a different matter.

"There are a few gangs of outlaws around, most of them wouldn't try anything like this,” he commented on her inquiry. "I have a few suspects, but I don't want to bring up suspicions in the town, you understand."

Well, he was being very vague about it and Kate couldn’t fathom why unless he suspected her and the rest of the town or that he actually didn’t have much to go on. Or it could just be that he did not want to invite any more questions than absolutely necessary on the topic for another reason. Ongoing enquiries… more likely. Although, what she had learned regarding the crime itself was made it too interesting for Kate not to have her own musings over it….

"Would you like to continue this in the saloon?"

The question caught Kate off guard in her contemplations, her eyes snapping back onto him, ever so slightly widened. The Saloon, at this time of morning? Knowing that the Sheriff had a history of alcohol abuse – to give credit where it was due, he’d been teetering on the edge and apparently had recently managed to reel himself back – following the death on his wife and thus, Kate’s first suspicions revolved around the idea that he wasn’t going in there for coffee and breakfast, but that very same alcohol dependency. And at this time of morning, it was not a good sign.

However, as the town doctor, her office was practically everywhere. So, if the mountain didn’t go to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain and hence, if William refused to go to her surgery, she had to find common ground. Though first, she had to clear up the matter of what he wanted in the Saloon.

“It’d be my pleasure, Sheriff,” she agreed first before imposing her conditions. “Though, I hope you weren’t going in there for alcohol? It is rather early for that, don’t you think?”

18th Aug 2008, 11:03 PM
Gabriel couldn't say he had ever fully understood them, nor did he think he ever fully would. Then again, he really couldn't be accused of having made too much of an effort neither. To him, women were amusement, distraction, a nice way to spend the night, sometimes mere tools, means to an end, and, only occasionally, a chore. He was one of those men who considered a woman's place to be the kitchen during the day, and the bed during the night, and didn't much care for those who had their minds set on venturing other paths in life. Granted, female school teachers did make sense, as he supposed it was in many ways an extension of the maternal instinct, and every now and then, a woman capable of some fairly hard labour would came along and prove her worth. But they were few indeed.

Now, it wasn't that he believed women to be poorly educated - even though alot of them were - or silly geese that wouldn't recognize logic even if it was staring them straight in the eye. In fact, he was well aware of women's cunning minds, and the many tricks they would use to get their way. It was just that they had a tendency to let emotions run high, sometimes even block out cool, level-headed reason. Or they would make a big fuss over some small detail that in the end really was pointless anyway.
The way Gabriel saw it, there was a reason why since the dawn of time, men had been doing what they'd been doing, and women had been doing what they'd been doing. It was simply how things worked.

So then, it was by choice that he mostly limited his dealings with the opposite gender to the specific category currently on either side of him; saloon girls. Regardless of how complicated creatures they might be underneath the surface, one didn't have to deal with all the nonsense and the nagging, but could simply enjoy all the benefits of their company instead. And should they start getting troublesome, one just had to stand up and walk away, and never bother with them again.

Well, that would be the case most of the time, anyway. However in this one, there was a little more to it, as the two women currently on opposite sides of him were both saloon girls, but played very different roles to Gabriel. One was a fair-haired, bright and perky tease, the other a dark seductress. One was a chore, the other was entertainment. D*mn fine entertainment. And as of ten seconds ago, one was apparently a burden - though not overly so to Gabriel, as this morning, he was here for breakfast and breakfast only - and the other was trying to get rid of said burden. Though despite of their different roles, they stillvery much served their purpose;

With an ever so faint smile of amusement playing in the corner of his mouth, Gabriel listened to the more or less subtly biting exchange of remarks between the two, while seeming to be mostly interested in the meal before him. Though when Mae slid closer to him and inquired his opinion on her dress, while placing a dainty but suggestive hand on his shoulder, he did turn towards her, to once again look her up and down. In the process, however, he also caught the gleeful grin Scarlett shot him, a visual promise of another teasing statement in the making.

"That's a mighty pretty dress, Mae", she said with the kind of innocence he had only known her to be able to let rule her tone of voice. "But I think the black's a bit much for her hair. What do you think, Mr. Callahan?"

Oh no. The little vixen would not put him in the middle of this, nor would she succeed if her aim was to leave him flustered. He quite obviously didn't know much about female fashion, be it that of saloon girls or prissy city types, and he didn't for one reason and one reason only; he simply couldn't be bothered with it. For while he himself might look fairly prim and proper most of the time, it was hardly due to time spent infront of the wardrobe and mirror, planning his outfit.

"Looks mighty fine from where I'm sitting", he thus commented with a telltale smirk, leaving Mae with the satisfaction of having him acknowledge her beauty - in and out of the dress - and Scarlett with her opinion, whether it was honest or not, technically undisputed, as where Gabriel was sitting offered a view somewhat different from the one she had.

Now wasn't that diplomatic of him?

19th Aug 2008, 1:33 AM
Felicity had been working in saloons for the past fifteen years of her life, at first mainly cleaning and cooking, and as she'd grown finding her own tragedies and gaining infinite sympathy for those that had them. Owning the saloon hadn't changed that, and she had learned to know when someone could afford the services she offered, and when they couldn't, and when they shouldn't. The former she catered to quite happily with no questions asked, the center and latter she judged as they came.

Lucy seemed to be a nice enough person. Admittedly Felicity had little to go on, but she seemed the sort that had some how gotten down on her luck not by any crime of hers, and Felicity's sympathy for the victims of circumstance was boundless. She had decided a while ago not to ask for full price for the alcohol, so when Lucy answered her query about a refill with, “First, how much do I owe you for this one?” Felicity was about to blurt that the drink would cost her ten cents.

Happily for Felicity's pockets Lucy continued speaking, which let Felicity add a few cents onto the cost of the drink. She was out to make a profit, kind intentions or no. “Work I'm not afraid of, though I've never been one for pretty dresses 'n the like, gotta admit. Just ain't me, if you understand. A ranch however, now that's something I can wrap my mind around!”

Lucy had let out a little smirk at that, which Felicity returned. She was not afraid to take her chances on a girl that seemed like a bit of work to make salable, but it was always easier to avoid the extra effort. And she had never actually met the ranchers outside of town, but from what she knew of the profession another hand could always be used. And if Lucy wanted to think that she was agreeing with the sentiment that working in a saloon wasn't everyone's cup of tea, that was true enough as well.

The woman finished her beer with a smile and finished, “Thank you kindly for the advice, miss. I guess I'll just have to try my luck at the ranch.”

Felicity smiled at that, politeness was so nice, and answered, "You're very welcome Miss. Beer will cost you twelve cents today since you're new in town. I do my best to make you feel welcome, so you need anything-" except more than another three-ish cheap beers, she added silently- "you come on down and ask."

((OOC: Mikoyo, starphyre, is my mention of you guys there sensible to your charachters?
Just FYI for everyone, prices do not come out of thin air, the conversion rate I use is $22.70 in 2008= $1 in 1886 (measuringworth.com. felicity's establishment charges $4 in 2008 money for cheap beer [18 cents 1886 money]. So 12cents [$2.65] does make sense as a fair discount for a fairly priced drink))

19th Aug 2008, 5:49 PM
Hey guys, sorry to have been sort of MIA since my application. My mom's in the hospital and it's been a bit hectic, so I'm afraid I can't participate in this RP, OK? It seems to be going great, though, hope you keep having fun. And again sorry!

19th Aug 2008, 6:53 PM
It was only after William asked Kate if she wanted to go to the saloon that he realized that that might have been a bit daft. The woman was a doctor, so she probably wasn't too big on the idea of drinking in the first place. She not only was a doctor, but a doctor who was very dedicated to her work and whose services he had been studiously avoiding. All of which seemed to be the set up for a long lecture about not drinking in the mornings. His morning ritual so far as the saloon went was to get a very expensive herbal tea that the owner would cheerfully spike with a tenth part of that good wine. There wasn't much alcohol in the wine to start with, and between the heat from the tea and the small quantities he wasn't impaired by it.

But Kate did not know that, which made it a very pleasant surprise when she answered genially, “It’d be my pleasure, Sheriff.” That brought a smile onto his face, they wouldn't stand in the street talking inanely. Always a better option. Then she added a bit of a qualifier to her statement, which made William's smile downturn a bit, but it was still there. “Though, I hope you weren’t going in there for alcohol? It is rather early for that, don’t you think?”

Well he wasn't going to drink it straight at this hour, that was for sure. And he didn't have his tea cooler every morning, but often enough that he didn't have to specify what was in it, just asking for the usual. So she wouldn't know about the alcohol as he was drinking it, and besides which, it denatured in the tea. "Of course not," he said, in a slightly affronted tone of voice. The amused smile on his face did not waver, so hopefully she would get the bit of irony. They started walking and for once William dislike the silence so he added, "I'd only planned on getting a cup of tea. I have no idea where Felicity gets the tea leaves she uses, but they are truly amazing."

He hoped dearly that Kate wouldn't leap to the assumption that the "tea" was narcotic. He had every confidence that the formidable young saloon owner had narcotics, probably even some that were brewed into tea. Asians were known for that kind of thing. He just wanted Earl Grey. With wine. William would not forget the wine, not in this company. They arrived at the saloon and William held the swinging door open for Kate.

((OOC: Alissa, hope that was ok that I took them to the saloon? And Felicity does have narcotics, but they're by specific request only. I don't know if Felicity would have mentioned it to Kate, or if kate would think that william was using them, but William doesn't know they're there, hes jsut stereotyping against Asians, and to a lesser extent, doctors.))

20th Aug 2008, 12:03 AM
Ah, how quickly things around the outlaw camp tended turn completely. In what seemed like two seconds flat, Robbie had gone from having his wit and his resourcefulness acknowledged for once, to having them both be practically downright ignored, as usual. Ryder's and Nikita's words to him had been much appreciated by the young man, although secretly so, as they had pretty much been compliments, more or less affirming his usefulness around this place. Then, all of a sudden, that very same resourcefulness was overlooked, and his objections to that very fact were either disregarded, or made fun of. Almost as though they hadn't heard his grumbles regarding Dex and the dog, Nikita and Ryder started discussing what the gang would find themselves doing this beautiful day, with Ryder suggesting plunderings and general mischief, which even though it all sounded mostly like an answer given in jest, probably had several grains of truth to it, and of which Robbie very much doubted he would be a part, because... well, he rarely was.

Then, not only James decided to add insult to the injury, by laughing at him, but Dex as well, with a comment he knew perfectly well Robbie wasn't likely to take lying down;

"Well", he said. "Who's gonna cook for us if you go and get yourself hurt?"

Having already paid James back for that patronizing laughter by hitting him almost square in the head with the bun - and, unbeknownst to him, stealing just a little bit of money from him (ha, served him right!) - Robbie shot another glare in Dex' general direction, and, as after a couple of months with these guys, he was nothing if not prepared, quickly retorted;

"Keep that up, old man, and you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

Ghanima Atreides
20th Aug 2008, 1:16 PM
Lucy and Felicity - The Saloon ---> Lucy leaving

It had been a good idea to step into the Saloon that morning after all. Along with a glass of decent beer, Lucy might just have gotten herself a first fair lead to a potential job. Ranches were difficult to manage even with the help of a goodly number of people, and if she was fortunate the local owners might just need an extra hand. There was always the problem of convincing others to look beyond the fact that she was a woman, but in this case all she needed was a lasso in hand to prove her skill.

"You're very welcome Miss.” Felicity replied. “Beer will cost you twelve cents today since you're new in town. I do my best to make you feel welcome, so you need anything, you come on down and ask."

Twelve cents. Not the least she'd ever paid for a glass of beer, but not the most either. It remained well within the budget, leaving some for a couple more evenings should she need to find a room at the local inn. If all went well though, the ranch owners would also put a roof over her head.

“Will do, thanks for that,” Lucy answered and dug through the inner pockets of her coat, where she kept her most valuable possessions: money and her old wedding ring which, for some strange nostalgic reason, she hadn't been able to part with. Retrieving twelve cents, she stacked them onto the bar counter and got to her feet.

“Well then...until next time, goodbye.” Lucy nodded in Felicty's direction, smiling contentedly: the Saloon owner proved refreshingly amiable, though of course, it was her business to be. Clients weren't likely to return to the establishment of a sour host. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant way to return to the civilized world. With that, the young woman turned on her dusty heel, ready to depart.

20th Aug 2008, 5:40 PM
“Nothing I can think of,” Luke said, and spoke of the cattle going to market, her mind started running through what that would entail. Constance wasn’t raised on a ranch, so even though she’d been living there for three years, she was still uncertain of the business side of the operation. She was trying though, and in her opinion, she was catching on. However, when he mentioned that some calves were to be branded, she was immediately grateful that she wasn’t going to be around. While she did understand the necessity of branding, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor things as they were being branded.

“Thanks for the offer anyway,” he said and she gave a small nod with a smile, “Will you be taking Emmy?”

Though she very briefly entertained the idea of leaving her with the men, she immediately disregarded it as she could just imagine the havoc that would cause. “Yeah,” she said, and as she started clearing the empty dishes from the table she thought, you’d never get anything done if she stayed here. “I plan on swinging by the school later and seeing if Elizabeth can join us for a small picnic lunch, and I’ll have some sandwiches made up for your lunch before we go. Oh, and can you please hitch Daisy up to the wagon for me?”

''Alright then, sounds like a plan! I'll get Daisy hitched up for you, in fact I'll do it now. By the time you get Emmy sorted, I should be done. (to the ranch hands) Alright, time to get to work boys! You all know where you all should be don't you? I'll see you at the stables then Connie, can you give me a hand Gareth?

With that, he left the house heading up to the stables. As Gareth fetched the cart, Luke got all the bits and pieces together and entered the stable. He had a pretty good relationship with Daisy as he had been present for her birth on the ranch 14 years previously. She was such a gentle creature but was a little too old for the other required tasks, but she could still pull a cart to town with little effort. After Contance' idea of a picnic, he couldn't help but realise that he hadn't seen her friend Elizabeth in a while and wondered how she was doing.

20th Aug 2008, 7:57 PM
Ryder gave a light shrug to Nikita and directed his gaze toward Dex with curiosity ablaze in his light eyes. With a deep chuckle he lowered his gaze and muttered with a tiny smirk, "Oh, you know, the usual. Pillaging, looting, setting the town afire and causing some general havoc and mayhem among the townsfolk." He raised his face to reveal a brightly mischievous smile.

Lifting an eyebrow at his remark, Nikita laughed and rolled her eyes. "Ah, yes. How stupid of me to even ask!" Of course she knew Ryder's response was his way of saying he had no idea what they were doing today, which was fair since she had no clue as to her daily plans either. "Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

The sound of wolf whistles and crude jeers being thrown towards Ryder once again filled the air around them, causing the halfbreed woman to scoff and yell above the drone of voices, "Oh for crying out loud, just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush." Needless to say, the ruckus stopped and few of the men blinked in disbelief at her speaking to them like that; it didn't take long for what she said to sink in though, and they were back to hooting with laughter.

Nikita began to blush in spite of herself, however, as she hadn't meant to make the sheriff the butt of a joke... she just used him as an example since, for one he was male, and for two their 'arch enemy' so to speak. After a moment, she looked over at Ryder and grinned. "I am not helping your reputation much today, am I?" she asked sheepishly. "I'm sorry." Dakotah hadn't moved from his spot on the ground, but if he could've rolled his eyes at the scene between his master and her outlaw friend, the wolf hybrid certainly would have.


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20th Aug 2008, 9:24 PM
Kate respected her patients’ feelings and their habits just as much as she respected the people themselves – people, even before their first encounter with Kate, were granted their basic level of human respect and anything that happened afterwards was do to their own doing. She was not incline to gossip and she was even less inclined to let what gossip she did hear affect her judgement of others outside her own personal experience. After all, the accounts of others are often coloured by their own feelings, are they not? Hence, Kate Hilton only truly trusted what she knew to be true about a person; idle gossip will not suffice.

Gossip in itself, for Kate, was a violation of privacy. Granted, it was a good way to learn information, but really, the information she needed was often just granted to her and when she truly had to procure it by other means, she would courteously ask – not necessarily the patient in question if that was impossible – and justify herself. Similarly, she respected other people’s wishes when it came to their habits. They had their free will and thus they were free to do what they pleased with their lives. She could but offer appropriate advice, whether it be professional or friendly, and help them when they required it.

"Of course not," William protested as she acquiesced to his request and joined him on the way to the Saloon. She did not say anything, nor let any reaction but receptive impartiality show upon her porcelain features, which had then apparently prompted him to continue to justify and explain: "I'd only planned on getting a cup of tea. I have no idea where Felicity gets the tea leaves she uses, but they are truly amazing."

Now, the Sheriff had not been a very forthcoming man thus far, had he? No, he had stuck to his rigidity as a law enforcement officer and stood firm on his ground, simply refusing Kate’s professional efforts and concern at first and then avoiding them – but still refusing them nonetheless – by giving as little information and using the same excuse in vain. And now, suddenly, when put on the spot by Kate, he was volunteering out information to Kate, going as far as to offer his own cherished opinions on it – from a man who spoke so little to others otherwise.

Kate was a good friend of Felicity’s. So good in fact, that she knew what they could entail – Kate was a very intelligent woman, she was far from ignorant or blind. Though, the matter was never forcibly debated – for Kate accepted (not necessarily respected) the choices people made for themselves, Felicity merely provided the means for their temptation. One can either resist temptation or yield to it; it is their choice, no-one else’s. And similarly, Kate did not impose her principles on others, but she was entitled to her opinions regarding the actions of others – though, these thoughts were kept to herself only to be shared if it was truly appropriate to do so.

Thus, while she suspected that William’s tea did contain one of Felicity’s ‘special’ ingredients, she did not suspect that it was one of her more illegal ingredients. After all, Felicity would hardly risk arrest, would she? Moreover, William was a man of consequence, he was a man of age and he would surely be familiar with the detrimental – both social and personal – effects of narcotics. Hence, Kate’s suspicions did not lie there, they instead pointed back towards alcohol, the word to which William had reacted so indignantly. Hmm, it was that version of Felicity’s tea, then? Very well, one glass of red wine a day was being proved to be rather beneficial… and, she needed to catch up with Felicity too.

“Well, then, it seems I must try it for myself,” she smiled enigmatically at him as he held the door open for her, then adding the remainder to perhaps just hint that she did indeed know what his ‘tea’ entailed and that she wasn’t too worked up over it – after all, she was encouraging the man to trust her professionally, was she not? It wouldn’t help to prove herself to be the anxious hypochondriac. “Perhaps some other day. I think I’ll settle for a glass of cranberry juice this morning.”

Her cerulean gaze spread itself obligingly over the room, taking in the patrons and saloon girls as they sat about their business. A brunette young woman – though not dressed like one, admittedly – passed Kate by on her way out, as Kate simply gave a cordial smile and let her gaze then drift to Felicity behind the bar, exuding a warm smile to her friend before her eyes wandered further down the bar, taking in the sight of the patrons as she walked, finally finishing with what appeared to be Mae Starr and Scarlett O'Reilly – both saloon girls, if gauging by their attire and nothing else – in the process of apparently devouring Gabriel Callahan. Another man who was a phantom’s grace at her surgery, however, he was one that brought her more than enough business to compensate.

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21st Aug 2008, 5:41 AM
William's eyes quickly scanned the saloon as he held the door. It was a matter of reflex that had nothing to do with law enforcement- once he had served in the army and been ambushed once he took every precaution to make sure it didn't happen again. Even if that had been more than twenty years ago, William saw no reason to change the habit. A quick glance around the room or the street, a confirmation that all was well would quickly put the sheriff at something approaching ease, and if all was not well, better to find out quickly.

The saloon was immaculately clean, as usual. William suspected that Felicity Ching was compulsive. It was none of his business so long as it stayed just in keeping her establishment clean. There was an extremely dusty woman on her way out, one that William didn't recognize. He quickly memorized her face, he was fairly good at that kind of thing, and a new person in town was enough of a rarity to be worth being aware of. He doubted that she was any sort of a problem, but it did no harm for him to be aware.

His appraising gaze swept to the bar where the omnipresent Madam Ching was dutifully scrubbing the bar top with a rag, and farther down the bar were two saloon girls. William ignored them, his loyalty was, and always would be, to Amelia, regardless of how comforting a simple, uncomplicated pair of legs might have been. Not that a few of the girls hadn't tried to get the sheriff of Morgan's Creek as some sort of equivalent to a medieval patron, but he was thoroughly uninterested, and thought he made himself clear on the point.

But who was it they were "chatting" with? William couldn't help a small tightening of his jaw and short glare at the mayor's right hand man, Gabriel Callahan. It was not that William personally disliked the man- though he did- it was the damned smug superiority that William thought Gabriel exuded in all of his dealings with him. Given that Gabriel was the one providing William with his paycheck, he couldn't do too much about it, much to his chagrin. He gave a curt nod in Gabriel and the girls' direction, and was abruptly brought out of his reverie by Kate, whom he'd almost forgotten about, saying calmly, “Well, then, it seems I must try it for myself.”

The teas they had been talking about? He was sure that there was plenty of the stuff that wouldn't offend the doctor's sensibilities, even what William partook of was fine as a tea leaf, it just had wine in the water. She then added a bit of a qualifier: Perhaps some other day. I think I’ll settle for a glass of cranberry juice this morning.”

Her loss. One wouldn't suspect an establishment like this to have a fine selection of tea, but it did. Then again, the owner was Oriental. She probably made it a point to have it on hand always. As for Kate, William merely shrugged and gestured toward the bar, "I doubt that either of us is any closer to our drink if we stand in the doorway," he said dryly, and turned to follow her over to the bar. Something warm other than the sooty, but still surprisingly edible, coffee that the stove produced would be quite welcome, alcohol or none.

A few strides across the room and William seated himself at the bar, which made Felicity walk over to obligingly ask, "Usual, Sheriff?" William shifted a bit in his seat when he nodded, which gave Felicity a clear view of Kate coming over. Her face split into a wide and sincere smile and she cheerfully said, "Kate! Fancy seeing you here, and in such... august company." Felicity really had nothing against the sheriff, but even after having listened to him sulk endlessly about his dead wife for a year he didn't seem to see past her slightly canted eyes and dark hair. It annoyed her just a little, but she did her best not to mind. Realizing she had dropped silent she finished saying to Kate, "You really should come by more often!" Felicity paused a moment to scrub a last bit of invisible dirt of the counter top, and then added, "You getting anything this morning?"

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21st Aug 2008, 10:55 PM
“Well we mostly have pies this morning, which come in the flavors of apple, cherry, and raspberry. Over here we have breads and muffins.” Lillie said while motioning to the rather sparse shelves. Then, as though suddenly realizing that she was the baker, she quickly donned her apron as she asked, “What shall it be?”

Elsie looked over the limited selection, deliberating on what she wanted. At first, she was a little surprised that there wasn’t more available, but then again, the town wasn’t exactly bustling yet this morning.

Hoping that Lillie had decided to concentrate more on quality than quantity, Elsie placed her order. “We don’t have a full house today,” she said, “so I don’t need much…” fortunately, she added silently. “So, I think I’ll take six plain and six blueberry muffins, and an apple pie for later.”

22nd Aug 2008, 1:30 AM
"Ah, yes. How stupid of me to even ask!"

Ryder emitted a low and rumbling chuckle, his eyes rising briefly to connect with Nikita's dark chocolate colored ones. It wasn't stupid of her to ask. It was exactly the opposite; it was a great question, one full of potential. It was reasonable because their everyday activities were highly intriguing, out-of-the-ordinary to the layman. In no way where their plans obvious or apparent, for each day was taken as it came, and only large scale plans that required precise execution were considered beforehand. Planning was highly overrated, because it encouraged predictability--spontaneity was a useful tool to any outlaw who needed to think on his feet.

"Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

Ryder knew precisely the sort of reaction her statement was going to get as soon as the words had slipped from her delicate mouth. Oh yes, he could hear the jeering laughter coming, he could sense the elbow jabs to his side. But his expression was unfazed, for he knew that Nikita had made the offer with the purest of intentions, and he couldn't react negatively to that, regardless of how much his comrades wanted to poke fun at him for it. As if reading his mind, Nikita spoke up boldly in defense of herself.

"Oh for crying out loud, just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush."

The small crowd of men recoiled silently, shocked expressions capturing their faces; the same surprised look quickly registered on Ryder's handsome visage before a tiny smirk cracked it in half, just as the other men errupted in laughter. There were a few exceptions; the ever-stoic Dex, the teenaged Robbie. They were in some sort of staring match, bickering as they often seemed to...Dex out of concern for the young man, Robbie out of restlessness and frustration, aimed at the man who could alter that situation but chose not to. It was endearing in some small way, and Ryder couldn't help but suppress a chuckle as he heard the young man's next words.

"Keep that up, old man, and you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

Ryder quirked a curious brow and nodded suggestively toward his bag. "What exactly do you think I've got in there, Logan?" He chuckled deeply, his husky voice full of genuine interest. He knew a lot of the men wondered just what he used on them to make their various scratches and ailments go away, but something that could potentially be used as a threat? Intriguing.

Ryder glanced back over to Nikita to find her grinning proudly, most likely for having stood up for herself successfully.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I? I'm sorry."

Her voice was timid, apologizing for something there was no need to apologize for. A look of mild concern flitted over his features and he shook his head several times, waving a dismissive hand through the air as if to non-verbally say, 'forget it'. Ryder offered her a reassuring smile, finished the rest of his bread, then said happily,

"What reputation? The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up," he chuckled, all good humor and smiles. He glanced behind him to the small camp of men and raised both hands in a questioning gesture. "Am I right? Doc Softy?" He aimed a finger at himself with a wide grin. If he could joke about himself, it would take some of the sting out of the jokes they aimed at him. Ryder wasn't a rookie outlaw by any standards, but he still hadn't fully adjusted to the toughened mindset that many of them had fostered. Unlike a lot of the other men, Ryder still thought too much about morality and "right and wrong" so he'd gotten a reputation among some of the men for being a bit of a pushover.

((You can all respond to Ryder if you'd like, just thought I'd engage the group, even though it's directed at Nikita. :D ))

22nd Aug 2008, 2:13 AM
“I'll see you at the stables then Connie, can you give me a hand Gareth?” Luke said as he headed out the door.

“Thank you,” she called after him. She would have said it before he walked out, but she was a little distracted by her own thoughts. Until recently, only one person had ever called her Connie, and that was a person she didn’t like to think about let alone discuss. However, even though she didn’t mind being called Connie now and had vowed to stop dwelling on that part of her past, every once in a while the memories would surface and haunt her.

‘I’m sorry Connie… Someday you’ll understand.’ Even though 17 years had passed since that day, she still clearly remembered the words as well as the pain she felt as she watched her father ride away. “Liar,” she muttered at the memory, her voice laced with bitterness.


Emmy’s voice brought Constance back to the present. “I’m coming Sweetie,” she called as she tried to push those memories aside. By the time she got upstairs, she was back to her usual cheerful self. “Good morning Emmy,” she chimed, and then she set about getting Emmy ready for the day.

Back down in the kitchen, Constance packed for the picnic and made the men’s lunch while Emmy ate breakfast. When they were both finished and everything was cleaned up, they went outside and headed to the stable to find Luke. As soon as she saw him, Emmy ran to him.

“Uncie Yuke! Uncie Yuke! Uncie Yuke!” Emmy yelled as she ran to Luke and wrapped her arms around him. “Guessat! We goin town, an we goin get tuff, an see Miss Yizzy, an hava picic! You goin too?”

By that time, Constance had caught up and couldn’t help but smile widely at Emmy’s enthusiasm.

22nd Aug 2008, 8:08 PM
As a direct result of her lack of interaction with William, more so for his own avoidance of her than anything else, Kate was not entirely familiar with his personality. However, she was learning fast. One feature that stood out rather well was that he appeared to be an impatient man. She had not known his wife, Amelia, extremely well, but it was apparently that she was a rather docile personality. Hence, of course she had complemented William’s impatience.

"I doubt that either of us is any closer to our drink if we stand in the doorway," was what he said to prompt her movement towards the bar, evident to Kate that he was a man of little time-wasting. Now, this wasn’t entirely a surprise given his profession, but William here did seem quite irritated judging by his natural stance. And he was a man of little courtesy, it seemed to Kate, for he, unlike gentlemen she was used to, did not wait for her to reach the bar and take her seat first. Amelia must have been quite obliging, then.

Interrupting her assessment of William was the familiar sight of Felicity making her way over to him as he took his place at the bar. Now, given that Kate was welcomed to a rather bloody affair the first time she made Felicity’s acquaintance (the other woman brandishing a gun at that point), it would have been a very awkward friendship, if such a friendship could actually have occurred. However, there came in the ability of people to look past the very nature of their situations and that had led to Kate and Felicity becoming very good friends.

Glad for her friendship, Kate was and also quite defensive. She would simply not abide by perjury; people are defined by their actions. Yes, Felicity was a saloon owner and she had most likely been a saloon girl in her past, but there was certainly a history compelling her to resort to it. Though, she had not resigned herself to it. Kate, while she did not approve some of the features the saloon girl life entailed, she did sympathise with the girls; most of them seemed hail from difficult lives. This wasn’t the best thing to do about it, but then, there was little Kate could do about it – though she tried where she could – and for most of them, there was little they could do about it.

"Kate!” Felicity exclaimed as soon as her eyes feel upon her friend, leading a similar ardour to dance over Kate’s shaped features. “Fancy seeing you here, and in such... august company."

To this, Kate could not help but give the smallest of smirks. She’d heard relentlessly about the dear Sheriff and his lamentations – and hence her issue with his not coming to her for help – and finally, she understood Felicity’s plight, though in a different way.

"You really should come by more often!" she carried on after a bout of silence, compulsively cleaning the worktop once more. "You getting anything this morning?"

“I know, I’ve been terrible, haven’t I?” Kate shot a look of amused apology as she stood by the bar, waiting to see if William’s manners kicked in at any point at all. “I have been meaning to stop by… I’ll have cranberry juice, thank you. Anyway, how have you been?”

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23rd Aug 2008, 12:04 AM
# 3 [Morning, day #1]

To annoy Mae wasn't all that hard, but it would be hard to reach the point where she would actually give it away. She could be approached by drunken patrons, and though feeling nauseated by their strinking breath, she would be ever so cordial. A little sinister remark, perhaps, but only if it was suitable to the climate in the Saloon. As a saloon girl, you had to give as good as you got, otherwise you wouldn't develop the thick skin that was much needed for such work. You could maybe act innocent in a playful way, but if you tried to play that card for real, you had another thing comming.

When it came to other saloon girls, the game was set in another dimension. There, the gloves could come off, when you least expected it. And the claws came out, sometimes litterally. Mae had yet to get physically violent with one of them, but she wouldn't hesitate if her seat of power was threatened. She knew some of the girls didn't like her, and it was all a part of the game. At least when your name was Mae Starr.

However, Scarlett liked her. Though the girl could throw harsh remarks in Mae's direction, it was never something really offensive. Mae had only herself to blame, since she clearly brought out that side in Scarlett. And, she assumed, that the other girls could find it amusing to antagonize her. But Mae knew when to stop, before making a fool of herself. And, she didn't care what they thought of her, so the joke was really on them. After all, Mae would focus on the men, instead of the girls when they tried to invade her territory. If Mae liked anyone of them for real, it would be Scarlett. But, it didn't help the girl in the current situation. Gabriel Callahan was the center of attention, and Mae was determined to recieve his aswell as giving hers. Possible casualties were not of her concern.

"That's a mighty pretty dress, Mae", Scarlett said in spite. “But I think the black’s a bit much for her hair. What do you think, Mr. Callahan?”

Oh, that innocent little girl act didn't pass Mae by, but she wouldn't fuel it. She simply looked at Scarlett, with a somewhat dark gaze, as if to say: "I'm on to you."

"Looks mighty fine from where I'm sitting", Gabriel then said, giving Mae a brand new reason to smile.

It seemed she could count on him not to give in to the other girls games, especially when he got caught in the middle. And he often did, being so popular among them all. With a slightly victorious smirk towards Scarlett, Mae moved around Gabriel, still with her hand on his shoulder, to the same side where Scarlett was at. Instead of countering her comment, she ignored her, putting up her fan as a wall, excluding Scarlett. The other hand moved down, and placed itself on Gabriel's thigh, slowling moving upwards, as she leaned so close he could feel her lips on his cheek and her warm breath against his neck when she spoke.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan", she whispered seductively for his ears only. "I want you... So don't be a stranger."


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23rd Aug 2008, 9:36 PM
# 4 [Morning, day #1]

A cause for concern would be when things that almost never happened started to occur more often, or when things that you could always count on suddenly declined. The friendly banter among the outlaws were one of those things that just went with the flow, a routine that never got old. Oh, well, almost never.

"Keep that up, old man", Robbie said. "And you won't live to see your next birthday. Clumsly little me just might accidently bump one of the good Doc's mysterious concoctions into the stew."

Dex could see that she young boy's patience was running thin, so he'd better choose his next words with care. After all, a good joke ceased being funny when the reciever started to take offence for real.

"It might not feel like it at the moment", he said with a slight smirk. "But you'll miss me terribly when I kick the bucket."

Sometimes Dex could wish he was a bit younger, even though he wouldn't wanna be without everything he had experienced during his life. But this gang he rode with now were too entertaining, too much good old fun, and he wouldn't wanna cash in just yet.

"Ah, yes", Nikita laughed at Ryder's remark about pillaging and setting the town afire. "How stupid of me to even ask! Well, if you truly have no plans, you are more than welcome to stop by my place later on. I am usually not doing much of anything, it is rare when someone from town actually comes to place an order for making or mending clothing."

Despite the general conception of an outlaw, Dex had actually mended his own clothes a few times. Though he might lack a woman's touch, and the result could end up looking quite questionable, it did the trick. On rare occasions, he had even had girls at the Saloon repair his torn attire, simply because they insisted. But maybe he could repay Nikita's generosity towards the gang by letting her mend something of his and of course pay her for it. Because he cared for his friends and feared that any moment would be the last one of peace in their Hideout, and therefore viewed Nikita's visits as a safety risk, he could admit he was sometimes too much of a grouch when she came around. Really, he blamed Ryder. Something about that man made women swoon. All of the men had charm about them, some more than others though, and Dex could bet his soul to the Devil that Robbie was the next in line to grow up into a handsome man that would have the saloon girls run amuck.

Her remark did, however, make James and the other two erupt in boyish laughter. Like they had turned back time, and become teenagers again. Dex did not join them, neither did Robbie. The two of them still had a thing going on, if not in words, then in the morning air between them. Would the boy forgive him soon, like he usually did, or would he hold a grudge until supper? Maybe Dex would be able to tell when he tasted the evening meal made for him. The thought made him smile.

"Oh for crying out loud", Nikita said to the laughs. "Just leave him alone. It was not meant that way and even if it was... you all would have a far better chance of success at sleeping with the sheriff than you ever would with me, so just hush."

Turning to Ryder, she continued with a tone as if she felt bad on his behalf.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I? I'm sorry."

However, Ryder didn't seem to be bothered. Not by the laughs, nor by her remark.

"What reputation?" he said with a soft laugh. "The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up. Am I right? Doc Softy?"

Dex shook his head at it all, thinking he and Robbie turned out to be the sane ones this morning. Who knew?


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25th Aug 2008, 4:18 PM
"What exactly do you think I've got in there, Logan?"

Within a few seconds of Robbie's rather witty retort - if he may say so himself - Ryder's voice cut short the boy's glaring at Dex, as his remark made Robbie's head turn in his direction. Apparently, the man had been able to tear himself away from Nikita long enough to actually hear Robbie's threat. Surprise surprise.
Though Robbie had only the chance to raise his arms in silent 'I dunno' gesture, unsure of what really was in the Doc's bag, but certain that there had to be something at least mildly poisonous, before Ryder's attention returned to the young woman, and they continued talking about... whatever it was they were talking about. Robbie really wasn't paying attention anymore, as he was still sure that whatever was on the agenda today, it would involve the rest of the guys riding off, and him being left behind. Again.
Little did they know, Robbie had plans of his own.

"It might not feel like it at the moment", Dex said, seizing the opportunity to respond to Robbie's retort as well, and drawing the young man's gaze back to his smirk in the process. "But you'll miss me terribly when I kick the bucket."

At that, Robbie gave a distinct snort, as if to suggest the idea of him missing Dex was ridiculous. For while it might be true that he would, the current situation was not one that would see him admit it. There was a time for sentimental admissions, and during a session of more or less edgy but fairly friendly banter was not it.

"Yeah, like a hole in the head", he replied dryly, while a smirk of his own crept onto his lips.

And that's when for the second time the banter was temporarily halted, as a burst of laughter caused his head to turn yet again, thinking at first that James' sense of humor was really taking a turn for the worst, if he found his younger brother's defiance that funny. Much to his relief, however, he found that this time, the target for the amused chuckles, was Ryder and Nikita, of whom the latter was just in the middle of telling the men off for laughing at whatever it was they were laughing at.

"I am not helping your reputation much today, am I?" she then said to Ryder, blushing but grinning at the same time. "I'm sorry."

What, she had honestly thought telling a man that he stood a greater chance of sleeping with the sheriff than with her would somehow improve his reputation?

Though gentleman that he was, Ryder swooped in and saved her from having one of the other guys point that out, and risk embarrassing her even further;

"What reputation?" he said with a chuckle. "The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up. Am I right? Doc Softy?"

A few scattered 'Uh-huh's and 'Right's were heard from the amused trio, while Dex simply shook his head at the entire ordeal. Robbie, on the other hand, was far too warmed up by his bickering with Dex, to keep his mouth shut;

"I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", he told Ryder, getting back mainly at his own brother for picking on Robbie minutes earlier. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

25th Aug 2008, 4:30 PM
Scarlett was still young and still so playful. However, that youth blinded her of the fact that though most men were willing to play her innocent games, not all of them were. Added to the mix was the fact that not everyone played as innocently. Scarlett wasn’t entirely naïve or blindly gullible, but she was young and she was inexperienced. Most of all, however, she was impressionable.

Her persona was one that was still very much in it’s formation, only eighteen and liberated, both physically and mentally but for a few months, she was still finding her feet. Her sense of right and wrong, polite and impolite were there, but they were so very arbitrary and hence, she was prone to being swayed by company, whether good or bad.

However, it wasn’t to say that she was stupid, because she truly was not. Scarlett O’Reilly was a very bright girl, capable of excellent adaptation to whatever life threw at her, the only problem was, she was not entirely experienced in recognising what life could still throw at her. To her, however, it seemed that her current companions, Gabriel and Mae were rather different and more well defined.

For starters, Gabriel refused to be drawn into what Mae started and Scarlett refused to give up on. But he refused to set himself up further by taking sides, so, instead, he simple sat back and stayed back, but giving a detached comment.

"Looks might fine from where I'm sitting,” he said simply with a smirk that showed his exact stance over Mae’s dress; he didn’t care much about the dress, as far as Scarlett could tell, while Mae herself simply glared at her.

Gabriel made no remarks about Scarlett’s opinion on the dress, but still she was rather indignant at the fact that he hadn’t supported her, even though she tried to throw him out of the frying pan and into the fire by putting him in the middle of it. But still, the point remained that he hadn’t rejected her opinion, and so the grin that faltered slightly regained its strength over her lips. If Mae thought this was going to have her scampering off, she was mistaken, because Scarlett stayed put, silver sunrise eyes sparking at the other woman and Gabriel.

Now, if there was any doubt that what looked ‘might fine’ to Gabriel wasn’t the dress, but the body wearing the dress, Mae soon cleared it up with an unmistakable comment. Though she practically whispered it in Gabriel’s ear, to Scarlett, who was a keen listener for her less than obvious profession, it was still audible and even if it wasn’t, the hand caressing Gabriel’s thigh was pretty explanatory. So, given that Scarlett wasn’t moving out, Mae was probably just looking to embarrass her into running off.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan,” Mae was heard saying, moving on to hint at exactly how she planned to repay him for his support. "I want you... So don't be a stranger."

Now, in the games young Scarlett played, even though the games were hers, the other people set the tone and the rules, Scarlett was mostly just a contender. Here, where Mae stepped it up a notch by using against Scarlett what she couldn’t do – the very reason being why she knew Gabriel a little better than Mae – Scarlett immediately, impulsively decided to match with a retort of her own.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Mae,” she said casually, with that innocence still brandished as if she was a much less brighter than she actually was, regardless of what Gabriel and Mae already thought of her. “No man’s a stranger to you.”

It was rather impulsive, throwing back in Mae’s face that she wasn’t as special as Scarlett, not reserved and hence subject to serve everyone. However, it was a tone that Mae set for the match and all Scarlett did – all Scarlett ever did, whether she realised it or not – was play along. Besides, they were all saloon girls and this was part and parcel, wasn’t it?

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25th Aug 2008, 11:19 PM
To a man, any man, finding two women competing over his attention was nothing short of flattering. Regardless of the reason, and of whether it was through open hostility or, such as now, a game of quick jabs and disregard of said jabs, it would stroke any male ego to have two beautiful women bickering over him, both of them resorting to their various tricks in their attempt to emerge from the battle, victory in hand. Though some men acknowledged the pleasure they took in watching the fight, others did not. Gabriel, although he did find the whole thing quite amusing, let very little of what was going through his mind show. For while he might enjoy it, he was not the type of man to encourage it, and frankly, his analysis of what exactly it was that drove Scarlett to bother competing against Mae over his attention, was currently dominating his thoughts. He couldn't quite figure out if it was due to actually wanting his attention, for whatever reason, or if it was more a matter of simply drawing it away from Mae, in that seemingly ever-present rivalry between the Saloon girls. For unlike the other girls, young Scarlett stood little to gain from his attention, except the attention in itself. There was no money there for her, and at this time of day, needing protection from some drunkard hassling her was something hardly likely to occur.

And yet she kept countering Mae's attempts to ignore her, by making it nearly impossible, which only made Gabriel come to the conclusion that it all had little to do with him, and more to do with simply wanting to pester Mae. Because by now, Scarlett ought to know that while Gabriel would accept her flirtatious shenanigans, he was hardly prone to submitting to them, or become otherwise affected by them. So unless she was stubbornly desperate to get some kind of appreciative response out of him, it would be all about rivalry between women, regardless of the target.

It was at this point in his silent musings that the doors swinging open tore his attention away from the girls' exchange of grins and glares, as well as the nearly finished plate infront of him, and caused his head to turn ever so slightly, his gaze landing on the odd duo just entering the Saloon. The town doctor - not an all too common face at the establishment - and none other than the sheriff himself; an all too common face at the establishment. Not that Gabriel really minded him being around, as he did tend to keep himself fairly agreeable and... convenient, as far as sheriffs went, for which Gabriel was probably one of those who should be most grateful. A more zealous sheriff could have quickly turned rather bothersome indeed, for there were quite a few things on Gabriel's conscience that a less 'forgiving' sheriff would find difficult to accept. Luckily, while Dawes might not be the most efficient man in law enforcement, nor too fond of Gabriel, judging by the look in his eyes whenever they met, he was smart enough to let Morgan, and thus Gabriel as well by default, have his way. It was a win-win situation. Although it was one Gabriel was keeping a close eye on, because given that particular look of dislike in the sheriff's eyes, Gabriel wouldn't put it past him to all of a sudden attempt to turn foolishly devoted to his duty. And what a pity that would be.

Returning the nod that the sheriff sent his way, Gabriel kept his gaze locked with the other man's for a few seconds longer than he could usually be bothered to do, as a way of letting the sheriff know that Gabriel had some business he intended to discuss with him, but then turned his attention back to the darkhaired siren who just slipped around to his other side, placing herself between him and Scarlett, and leaning in close to whisper in his ear.

"Mr Gabriel Callahan", came her soft husky voice, the words carried on her warm breath against his rugged jaw, while her hand began tracing it's way up his thigh, in a way that would have spoken volumes, even if her next statement had not; "I want you... So don't be a stranger."

Now that, Gabriel had to admit, even though it was most likely just a lure she used on a number of clients, was a darned potent one, and he couldn't help but to shoot her an amused smirk, knowing she was perfectly well aware of that fact. However, as was fast becoming a pattern, he didn't get a chance to deliver a response, before Scarlett chirped hers from the other side of Mae's fan;

"Oh, I wouldn't worry, Mae", she said, still successfully maintaining that innocent facade. "No man's a stranger to you."

That too was a most efficient statement, though in a way completely different to the one Mae had given, as it hit the illusion Mae was trying to present - the illusion of the man currently in her company being the one and only - like a hammer hitting a house of cards, causing Gabriel to tilt his head back ever so slightly, to shoot Scarlett a somewhat disapproving look. For while he hadn't bought into the illusion, he had found the portrayal rather enjoyable.

Thus Scarlett, he decided, was in deep and dire need of flattening. Earlier he had made a point not to get involved or take sides, but his diplomacy only went so far, and the strawberry blonde's words had been far too bold for a girl in her position; a fellow prostitute with, technically speaking, only one regular.

"For a saloon girl", he said, eyes still on Scarlett, "that is how one measures success, is it not?"

He didn't flat out say it, but his tone of voice, as well as the penetrating look in his eyes - though surprisingly not as harsh as one might have imagined it would be - implied that while Mae's success was a given, Scarlett's remained uncertain. Pleasing many men enough to keep them coming back took a fair amount of... skill, one might call it, whereas keeping one man satisfied, well, that was something many a mundane housewife all around the country managed to do.

Having said that, Gabriel then shifted his gaze back to Mae, and gave another smirk, while wiping his hands on the napkin before putting it down next to the now finished plate, along with the fork, and giving a slight nod in acknowledgement of her comment.

"I'll be around", he said, as if casually stating a fact, though his steely eyes let her know he didn't mean just the Saloon. "Now, if you ladies will excuse me."

And with that, he stood from his seat, his eyes once again finding their way over to the sheriff. As much as he enjoyed the female company, business came first. Especially at this time of day.

25th Aug 2008, 11:59 PM
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As Luke finished attaching the cart, he noticed Constance and Emmy approach. It appeared however, that the little girl had spotted him at around the same time and began yelling rather enthusiastically about the plans of the day ahead. Luke grinned broadly as he bent double, arms outstretched, and scooped her in his arms.

''Hello little lady! You are huh? You know uncie yuke will always try his best for you! Seriously Constance, I'll try but i can't promise. I'll see you off and then I'd better see if the men have turned the cattle out yet. As you can see, Daisy's all ready to go, but you sure you're alright by yourself?''

Of course, he asked that every time and he was sure that she thought he was suffering from some kind of paranoia. Still, he couldn't help himself as he cared for them both deeply and couldn't bare for anything to happen. Besides, avenging for one death was proving to be a very difficult feat as so far he had found no clues, not that he had much time to look. Just a little longer Emery, he thought to himself as he turned his attentions back to Constance.

27th Aug 2008, 1:58 AM
He’ll make a fine father someday, Constance thought as she watched Luke with Emmy.

“Seriously Constance, I'll try but I can't promise,” Luke said, and she gave him an understanding nod as he continued, “I'll see you off and then I'd better see if the men have turned the cattle out yet. As you can see, Daisy's all ready to go, but you sure you're alright by yourself?''

Really, she’d been expecting the question, and in fact she would have been surprised if he hadn’t asked. By that time it had become a rather familiar conversation, but the distant look in Luke’s eyes brought a slight furrow to her brow. She felt pretty safe in guessing what he was thinking about, and she was a little concerned that it was beginning to consume him.

“Yeah, we’ll be fine,” she said as she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Awwww,” Emmy pouted, “I wan Uncie Yuke a come.”

“Emmy,” Constance scolded gently, “what does whining get you?”

“Nuppin,” she said, though she still stuck out her bottom lip as her shoulders slumped.

With a slight chuckle, Constance nodded toward the wagon as a way of asking Luke to put Emmy in. Her smile widened at the squeal of laughter that Emmy gave as he swung her up to the seat, but by the time he turned back to her, her face had grown somber.

“Luke,” she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder, and looking into his eyes, she hoped he would take her words to heart. “I know it’s hard. Not knowing, and…just…,” she trailed off as she turned her head away and closed her eyes against her own pain. Don’t go there right now, she silently scolded herself, and with a deep sigh she looked back to Luke and continued, “But we can’t stop living. Because if we do, then they’ll have taken our lives as well…and Emery wouldn’t have wanted that.”

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27th Aug 2008, 3:04 AM
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William did not seem like he paid a lot of attention to his surroundings, but then again, he also did not seem to be the sort that would happily drink tea by the liter, or be able to afford such excesses. Appearances tended to be deceiving, as William was both of these things. Although he had sat down and only given Felicity a nod, he had seen Gabriel being the receiver of much attention by the two saloon girls, which did not hold William's gaze very long. Gabriel was welcome to the girls, William was here solely for the tea. Well, right now he was here only for the tea.

The barkeep was nattering at Kate, who hadn't deigned to sit down yet. Feminine chatter... he missed it a bit. By the time Felicity had finished speaking in the first place, she had set down a cup of the "special" tea- earl gray from the city, raspberry from who knew where, and some French wine, all piping hot. William blissfully sipped at it, savoring the complicated play of flavors.

Felicity for her part, had gotten Sheriff Dawes his tea very quickly, the man was a regular enough customer that a gesture toward the kitchen would get his drink, and he never deviated from his routine enough for her to worry about him wanting something different. Kate, on the other hand, was a dear and wonderful friend, but she really wasn't predictable in what she asked for. Sometimes it was just Felicity's company, sometimes horrendously expensive fruit drinks, and every once in a rare while something with alcohol. Felicity didn't mind, she felt very motherly towards the doctor, or at least she thought to keep the other woman's best interests on a par with Felicity's own. If that wasn't a loyalty between freinds, then Felicity didn't know what was.

Felicity put away her cleaning rag now that the bar was at its usual immaculate state and listened intently as Kate replied to her idle questions, “I know, I’ve been terrible, haven’t I?”

Kate glanced at William at that point and Felicity glanced at the row of empty stools on either side of him. Both women smirked at once, Kate presumably at William's gall for not letting her sit first, and Felicity because she herself had never been ladylike enough to let it bother her. Kate continued, “I have been meaning to stop by… I’ll have cranberry juice, thank you. Anyway, how have you been?”

Felicity pulled a carafe out from behind the counter: cranberry juice. The stuff cost her a fortune as there was only one cranberry farm within four hundred miles and the idiot that established it had stayed away from the rail lines. Then again, cranberries were hard to farm, and even on the east coast they weren't cheap. Still, Felicity considered Kate to be worth the expense, and didn't charge what the juice was worth.

"I've been good. Business is thriving." She always said that, but then again Felicity owned a saloon. Business was never that bad, because when alcohol was unaffordable more people seemed to want it. She poured a large quantity of the fruit juice into a tumbler and set it down on the bar. A slightly awkward moment passed as Kate seemed unwilling to sit down and enjoy her drink until the amusingly oblivious sheriff offered her a seat. Felicity did not want any stray particle of dust to get into her freind's drink so she said lazily, "Oy, Sheriff, offer the lady a seat, ain't you got any manners?"

The fact that she had to speak like that, like an uneducated bumpkin, bothered Felicity on many levels. Everyone expected that because her eyes were tilted she was a fool of some sort, and she did not object terribly to the safe anonymity that being a silly female chinese barkeep provided. She just didn't like being seen as silly.

William had been ignoring his companion and the tavern owner, basking in the sweet smell and taste of his tea, but Felicity broke his reverie fairly thoroughly. He gave a sullen glare at her, couldn't she have left him to his musings- admittedly useless ones, but still- rather than impose silly social graces that few people acknowledged? Apparently not, as the Chinese woman's unsettling gaze remained squarely on him. A moment of stern silence, and then William acquiesced. "Ms. Hilton, there are plenty of seats, there's no need for you to wear out your shoes. Please, go ahead and sit."

Hardly the most polite way to go about things, but the saloon owner gave him the creeps, and he knew where real power in the town lay- one did not annoy the main supplier of a commodity. Another lesson William had learned in the army, that one from a sergeant who had irked the only brothel owner in the area.

His cup was still promisingly full, and he was thoroughly prepared to enjoy it, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Gabriel stand up and purposefully look at William. A few choice swear words wandered through William's head, but rather than fighting the inevitable he took a sip of tea and gave a breif nod. It was sufficient invitation that if Gabriel wanted to come over he could- not that he wouldn't have if William had ignored him- and if he wanted to stay away, thus making William's morning much nicer, he could do that too. Either way, William wasn't going to abandon the surprisingly comfortable saloon stool or the wonderful tea brew if he didn't specifically have to.

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28th Aug 2008, 5:13 AM
"What reputation? The boys already think I'm a bit of a screw up," he chuckled, all good humor and smiles. Ryder glanced behind him to the small camp of men and raised both hands in a questioning gesture. "Am I right? Doc Softy?"

A few scattered 'Uh-huh's and 'Right's were heard from the amused trio, while Dex simply shook his head at the entire ordeal. Robbie, on the other hand, was far too warmed up by his bickering with Dex, to keep his mouth shut. "I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", he told Ryder, getting back mainly at his own brother for picking on Robbie minutes earlier. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

Nikita simply glanced back and forth between the group of men as they continued to speak and make jabs at one another. Shaking her head in amusement, she eventually stood up and dusted off the back of her dress. "Well, I should be heading back to my place in case someone from town should stop by for something. I doubt it, but you never know," she said, giving a non-commital shrug. "If you need to find me for anything, that is where I'll be. Have a good day, gentlemen." She smiled at Ryder, then the rest of the group, before turning to head off down the path once all the men had said their goodbyes. Dakotah was slow to follow at first, but eventually the wolf hybrid lept up and trotted after his master.


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For every person, there were always limitations, thing that they are not capable of – in that very moment at least, future development not standing in the way – and hence something that was even more highlighted in the company around them. It could be anything, subtle or pronounced, dexterity, wit, courage, anything at all. However, it was such the case, the mind was more prone to draw itself to what was new, to what it did not in itself possess.

Kate herself took a position of ambivalence on that. She had been raised to take such a position, to conform, and yet, the influence of two brothers, who decided they’d rather have another brother than a sister, had ensured otherwise. However, still within that independent nature of hers resided deep rooted need to exercise decorum, fuelled by the belief that equality and chivalry were not mutually exclusive. Thus, though she did not entirely conform to society’s ideals of a woman, she did expect men to carry out cordiality’s expectations of a man – it was not hypocrisy after all, for she still managed to carry herself with ladylike decorum. However, it was a choice rather than enforcement.

With Felicity, Kate had always, and always will as far as she was aware, admire her boldness. It was not the case that Kate herself was rather dainty and delicate of subsistence, for she was rather assured and asserted, but Felicity had about her a sort of flame that paled Kate’s own fire. It’d always been apparent to Kate that Felicity was a woman who, despite being a woman, would not actually be a woman, in the ideal sense, that is. It was so very unlike her to conform to the societies ideals of femininity. And yet, to Kate at least, it was not a sign that Felicity was unsophisticated in any way, for her behaviour was more a reflection of those around her than herself. Again, it was a choice rather than a compulsion.

"I've been good. Business is thriving," Felicity replied as usual as she set down the drink before Kate, astutely noticing why exactly Kate herself remained standing and hence, expressing her displeasure to William. "Oy, Sheriff, offer the lady a seat, ain't you got any manners?"

And there, the very fire that Kate so admired in her friend, the display of it brining a full smile to Kate’s rosy lips as she shot a look of gratitude mixed with amusement to Felicity. However, that did earn the saloon owner a glare from William, who had suddenly found true love at the bottom of a cup – well, better than the bottom of a glass of whisky, Kate supposed.

"Ms. Hilton, there are plenty of seats,” he pointed out rather offhandedly, almost earning himself an unimpressed frown from Kate though all that remained over her features was a neutral look. “There's no need for you to wear out your shoes. Please, go ahead and sit."

How very pompous of him. Her shoes were her own business, if she wanted to wear them out, she would manage, standing or not. Now, it wasn’t such the case that he had not still recognised the point of his folly – for it had been clearly pointed out to him – but he just didn’t care enough. Well, how on Earth did Amelia Dawes put up with this?

However, not pressing the issue further given that he had yielded somewhat, Kate gracefully slid onto the stool and took her place at the bar, slipping Felicity the note to pay for the drink – Kate was not entirely unaware of the expenses she incurred, but over this, there would be no arguments. Money should not come within a friendship.

“Thank you, Sheriff,” she smiled cordially, adding one more comment before turning her attentions to Felicity. “I hope you’re enjoying your tea.”

“It’s good to hear everything’s going well,” she gave a warmer, more endearing smile over her full lips in sight of her friend, in recognition that Felicity would always make things go well for her, adjusting herself to the less uptight conversations that Kate was privileged to with Felicity and yet realising that she could not stay for long at the moment, given that she had to open up the surgery and view appointments. “I’m afraid I can’t stay long now, but we do have to catch up properly soon.”

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31st Aug 2008, 2:10 PM
# 4 [Morning, day #1]

Her triumph would in a short period of time take both a nosedive and be redeemed. But for the moment, she enjoyed being close to Gabriel. His manly scent, the feel of him and the way he carried himself. A man, such a man. It was only seconds in passing, but she bled them dry. Until she heard that all too familiar voice beside her. Oh, how she loathed Scarlett in situations like this. That little girl, putting on an act for everyone of just how precious she was, how innocent. Just because she wasn't like the other girls. But in Mae's regard, Scarlett was the one who was bought. Mae could do whatever she wanted, with whom ever, and no one could have a say in the matter. She liked Gabriel, desired him in a way she didn't desire any other man in the town. Of course, she played tricks with him too, it wouldn't be wise to let him see right through her. The town had grown on her, and she wished to remain in it a while longer. If anyone got the upper hand, she would have no choice but to run. And she was tired of running.

"Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Mae", Scarlett said, trying to sound like she was commenting on the weather. "No man’s a stranger to you."

That little rat. Mae could just scratch her eyes out. It was not that she was offended by the remark, but that the young girl couldn't seem to take a hint. Apparently, Mae's fight face had no effect on her. Was Scarlett really oblivious as to where the line was drawn, or did she just trust that Mae would behave among the patrons? Did the silly little girl forget that Mae could always get her when they were all alone, behind the coulisse. Little did she know, that Gabriel would come to the rescue. He looked at Scarlett, over Mae's shoulder, and didn't seem impressed.

"For a saloon girl", he said, without loosing sight of her, "that is how one measures success, is it not?"

Oh, sweet victory. Mae was happy as could be, when she recieved a smirk from Gabriel and a nod in recognition of her invite.

"I'll be around", he said, implying what she herself had been rather blunt about. "Now, if you ladies will excuse me."

Again, he gave Mae a reason to smile, and so she did. A soft, conquering smile that turned quite acid when Gabriel stood from his seat, and Mae had to move, and her gaze included Scarlett as well. Finally, someone had made that gril shut up. If only for a brief moment, her silence was still music to Mae's ears. When Gabriel left them alone, Mae let her hand linger on his arm, caressing it until he was out of reach. That man could only imagine how thankful Mae would be, the next time he visited her.

"Now, that is a man", she declared. "But of course, you wouldn't know, would you?"

After that quite innocent remark, judging from how mad Mae really was, and how insulting Scarlett had been, she moved closer to the girl. Even if her constant interruptions bothered Mae more than what she actually had to say, she wasn't about to let this one pass her by.

"Pull one more stunt like that", she said with a tone of warning, "and the next time I lace your corset, I won't stop until you turn blue and your eyes pop out."

31st Aug 2008, 10:41 PM

1st Sep 2008, 6:58 AM
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Luke leaned against the fencing, his jacket draped over it and sweat pouring from his brow. It had been a full morning and he had spent most of it thinking about what Constance had said. He knew that she was right but then again she didn't know the situation from his perspective. He wondered if he would ever be able to reconcile for the argument left unsettled, but for now he knew he had to try and do as Constance had suggested and move on. Too him of course, it wasn't that simple as he still felt he owed it to Emery to see that justice prevailed where the law had failed. He thought about visiting the sheriff, but had decided that this would be a waste of time. He had learned from village hear'say that the Morgan family was somehow responsible, but old womans gossip wasn't all that reliable.

As he looked at his work, he had been putting up fancing for a new paddock, he noticed that he was just about done. Hopefully, by the time he had finished and washed that he would still make it to meet Constance, Emmy and Elizabeth.

3rd Sep 2008, 11:06 PM
Felicity was quick to pick things up. She had to be. Her establishment sometimes held the entire population of the town, and she was expected to know everyone's name and business in her abode. She usually rose to the challenge effortlessly, but in addition to knowing everyone who entered, she had to watch everything else. So when one of the saloon's customers stood, she made a note of it, and when that customer happened to be the mayor's right hand man, she kept watching out of the corner of her eye.

Gabriel nodded in Felcity's general direction, which prompted her to look and see William nodding back. Ah. Things she wasn't supposed to know about. She would find out, she nearly always did, but it did no harm for her to leave the men to their business. And besides which, it was nearly afternoon and she did want to catch up with Kate. What better way than a quick lunch in the back?

Her musing had gone on as Kate reacted to Sheriff Dawes' rather rude response to her prodding. William so far as he was concerned, thought that pragmatism was far better than propriety- he had wanted his tea, he happened to have a faster stride, so far he had seen no reason not to treat the doctor any differently than he'd treat anyone else, so he hadn't. Stupid propriety. She had sat down and paid the barkeep for her juice, making Felicity slide the currency into a pocket on her person.

“Thank you, Sheriff, I hope you’re enjoying your tea.” she said politely and with a cordial smile. Good, apparently there were no hard feelings. William was able to tell when a person was annoyed, but typically only if they wanted him to know it, or he was actively trying to find out. His value on pragmatism was such that if Kate did not want to clearly show that his conduct irked her, he would not seek it out. And he was enjoying his tea, but given that it was an almost certainty that he would be interacting with Gabriel soon, the pretentious nit, he didn't bestir himself to answer.

Kate had turned away anyway to speak to Felicity, so William saw no reason to even contemplate the effort of coming up with something that was both civil and not insipid.

“It’s good to hear everything’s going well, I’m afraid I can’t stay long now, but we do have to catch up properly soon.” Kate said to Felicity smiling warmly as she did. Felicity's eyes flicked momentarily to the mayor's man and then back to her friend. "Nonsense, its getting late in the day and knowing you Kate, m'dear, you haven't had anything for lunch yet. There's some roast in the back, you'll love it, my recipe. If your surgery has kept all morning, it'll keep a bit longer." She cocked her head, knowing that their businesses were a sore point for both of them. Felicity could barely bring herself to leave her saloon to go shopping since she had made it such a perfect home for herself, and Kate was fiercely interested in her own work, which Felicity didn't mind. It was better to have a doctor in the town than to have to trust prairie remedies that were from clearly poisonous plants.

She turned to hop over the swinging gate leading behind the bar, in the process giving Gabriel a nod that he was welcome to sit unbothered. Before Kate could answer Felicity's invitation to dine she called over to Scarlett, "Oy, Scarlett, if anyone needs anything take care of it? I'm going back to have lunch."

She walked all the way to the end of the bar and hoped Kate would follow her. She had picked Scarlett to be in charge for a reason, the girl seemed silly enough that people would talk with her closer than with Felicity. but she was smart enough to pay attention if anything of note was happening. And Felicity certainly knew that last one, though she remained fairly confident that Scarlett didn't know she knew about her other observations. So long as no one got annoyed or hurt, Felicity couldn't care less.

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4th Sep 2008, 3:03 AM
The ride to the General store that morning had taken longer than it would have for most people simply because Constance made several stops to visit. By the time she pulled the wagon in front of the store, it was nearing lunchtime. Not wanting to get to the school too late, Constance arranged to leave the wagon there while her order was filled.

After grabbing the picnic basket and blanket from the wagon, Constance and Emmy walked down the road to the school. By the time they got there, students were just starting to file out for recess, and once the flow of children ended, they entered the building.

“’I Miss Yizzie!” Emmy called as she ran up to, and then tried to see over Elizabeth’s desk.

“Hi Lizzie,” Constance said as she greeted her friend with a smile. “We were wondering if you’d like to join us for a picnic.”

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4th Sep 2008, 8:24 PM
Stepping away from the two lovely young ladies - one seemingly more reluctant to let him go than the other, as she continued her game of seduction even when it was evident he was about to leave, by sliding her fingertips along his black and surprisingly clean duster coat (http://www.halloweenexpress.com/popup_image.php?pID=1564&osCsid=2v62pi9jqu6lfev69965sf7qc0) - Gabriel caught both sheriff Dawes and Felicity each giving a small nod in his direction, the sheriff realizing the meaning of the glance Gabriel had just shot him, and the ever perceptive and sensible Felicity apparently registering the two men's unspoken wish for a little privacy. Though if Dawes really did wish for such privacy, rather than feeling he would much prefer not to have it, making the mistake of thinking Felicity's and the doctor's company would somehow discourage Gabriel from talking to him one way or another, of that Gabriel did have his doubts. Not that it really mattered one way or another, for regardless, he would talk to the sheriff, and didn't really care if the man would mind the interruption or not. When it came to this sort of thing, Gabriel seldom bothered showing unnecessary and time-consuming tact.

Therefore, with Felicity and Kate disappearing off towards the back, Gabriel passed behind the sheriff on what one might have assumed was his way out, but instead of continuing towards the doors, he turned and came to a slow, casual halt right next to William.

"I hear you've yet to organize a party to ride to Fairgrove", he said in a low enough tone to be heard by William only, but didn't bother to give him as much as a single glance.

Just like he didn't waste time on tact, he didn't usually waste time of meaningless cordiality either. Instead, his eyes swept briefly around the saloon, making sure no one was close enough to eavesdrop, and once satisfied, he continued;

"I'm sure you understand our mayor is most anxious to see the matter dealt with as soon as possible, and as it appears you're having trouble finding anyone willing to do it, he suggests you leave it to me and my men."

Now, 'suggest', the both of them were very much aware, was the nice way of putting it. For although he was already the richest man in town, Morgan wasn't one to pass up an opportunity, especially not when it presented itself like this, and while he himself might not have too much of an interest in the loot - of a size and value known only to the sheriff, as no one else knew exactly how much 'One-Eye' Stevens' horse had been carrying - offering his men the chance to slip a few extra bucks into their own pockets was a way of keeping them content and, consequently, loyal. Whatever the amount of money and valuables to leave Morgan's Creek under his auspices, it was almost guaranteed to be slightly less upon arrival in Fairgrove. And no one would be any the wiser.

5th Sep 2008, 10:19 AM
The rules in Scarlett’s life were always defined by someone else. Whether it was the wardens, the outlaw gang or Felicity, the rules in her life were not set by her. Not that Scarlett minded much, because she was comfortable where she was as she was. The only time she ever broke and lashed out was when she ran away from the orphanage and the results of that, while eventually advantageous, there had been the point where things had been so dangerously desolate.

Since then, however, Scarlett was back to mainly playing someone else’s game and by someone else’s rules. However, not everyone was like that, some people sought to make their own rules or push the limits of the boundaries, her boundaries. However, such was the case with people that sometimes, the games go a little too far for their liking, such as with Gabriel.

After she’d shot back at Mae, Scarlett noticed that Gabriel appreciated her comment as much as Mae did, and for the life of her, Scarlett couldn’t understand why. After all, he knew how things worked with Saloon girls, didn’t he? That was why he was here; to make sure that Scarlett didn’t jump off to the same game. However, surprisingly to Scarlett, it seemed that he took a stance on liking that twist, to accept the illusion that Mae wanted him as a man and not just for business – granted, the two ideas were usually inseparable – for he made a remark for Mae’s defence.

"For a saloon girl", he started, his disapproving gaze taking somewhat of a mellower tone on Scarlett. "That is how one measures success, is it not?"

It was a jab at her without being clear about it for Scarlett had only one actual customer; the Mayor. But then, making that very comment, Gabriel had to remember how busy his work got on some nights here at the Saloon and that the direct reason for it was Scarlett’s refusal to accommodate any potential customers save for Morgan. But, he had a point and he wasn’t best pleased already, so she let it go as he took his leave and moved to the little party up the bar.

That left her alone with Mae, who in the lack of an audience to play her façade with, usually got quite baleful, especially given that Scarlett just handed her a very good reason to actually lay into her.

"Now, that is a man,” she declared as that dreamy smile vanished from her face along with Gabriel. "But of course, you wouldn't know, would you?"

Now, that wasn’t so much an insult to Scarlett than to Morgan, because she had a good reason for why she didn’t have any other customers but him and he didn’t have a good reason for not being man enough as Gabriel, but Scarlett wasn’t going to jump to anyone’s defence because clearly, Mae had more to say on the matter.

"Pull one more stunt like that,” Mae warned, moving ominously closer, pinning Scarlett in place as her silver eyes grew a little wider. "And the next time I lace your corset, I won't stop until you turn blue and your eyes pop out."

And regardless of how implausible that scenario was, Scarlett actually believed that Mae would do it and worse, because Mae Starr was a force to be reckoned with and Scarlett really had to stop playing with fire. It wasn’t advisable if she was looking to keep her position here and most importantly, her wellbeing.

So, she kept that innocent girl look, her eyes still wide and softening such that the silver sunrise hues mellowed, bathing Mae in it’s glistening cascade. An attempt to undo some of the damage was better than nothing, wasn’t it?

“I think that might raise a few questions....,” she gave a small naïve nod, her gaze dropping to the floor for a moment while she decided it was a bad idea to provoke Mae some more.

“Oh, Mae,” she almost sang out in that sweet voice, head tilted a little and lips in the smallest pout to give submission to the other saloon girl. “Don't be mad…. I was just playing.”

Kate had not yet noticed as Gabriel moved to join the get together further up the bar. However, it did not appear to be a fully lasting affair as that party was destined to soon be broken up as they were all to break off into pairs regarding pursuits of business and pleasure.

"Nonsense, its getting late in the day and knowing you Kate, m'dear,” Felicity reprimanded immediately regarding Kate’s move to take leave to return – or rather start – the work day, especially given that it was the afternoon. In all fairness, Kate did not have any appointments this particular mornings, it was open surgery and if there was an emergency, she was easily found. “You haven't had anything for lunch yet. There's some roast in the back, you'll love it, my recipe. If your surgery has kept all morning, it'll keep a bit longer."

However, it was more the recognition that both women were bound to professional obligations that was increasingly evident to Kate in that given moment, for Felicity always had to be tuned in to her customers demands. The demand in this case was Gabriel silently requesting privacy with William to discuss business. Kate decided to inconspicuously follow suit, only glad that this particular business – given that William was involved – was less likely to wind up bloody and in need of medical attention at her surgery. However, the situation was ‘less likely’, not entirely out of the question, for all bets were off with Gabriel Callahan’s involvement.

“Alright, you’ve twisted my arm,” she agreed with a small laugh, a small playfully curious smirk playing upon her features, moving to follow Felicity’s lead, giving a small courteous smile to William and Gabriel upon taking her leave and then Mae and Scarlett as her pale sapphire gaze happened upon them. “My curiosity regarding this roast is certainly piqued.”

"Oy, Scarlett,” came the call from Felicity, seemingly out of the blue for Scarlett as she looked over further up the bar, noticing Gabriel and the Sheriff – a combination that perked up her curiosity if anything for she needed to find out what they were talking about, though she had few doubts regarding the topic – before her eyes almost immediately snapped to Felicity and Kate with a questioning smile to match. “If anyone needs anything take care of it? I'm going back to have lunch."

“Sure thing,” she acquiesced with a disarming smile usually reserved for the patrons, but really, it was more Scarlett’s signature smile than anything. Casting Mae an apologetic look, she slid off the bar and moved behind it. Scarlett knew why it was that Felicity trusted her with the bar; that disarming smile and the naivety. Moving to a position where she was stationed at equal distance from everyone around the bar, but still distant enough from Mae to make a run for it if she really got hands on – unlikely, because she’d reserve it for when there was no-one around to witness – she looked around the saloon once more before turning to Felicity and Kate as the moved to the kitchen. “You have a good lunch now.”

In any case, she was close enough to register that Gabriel wasn’t making chitchat with William – for he was being very secretive about what was being said – and smart enough to pretend not to notice as she kept her smiling eyes on Mae.

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6th Sep 2008, 6:45 PM
Ryder loved the feel of the scorching afternoon sun warming his skin; it seemed to bathe his arms in a tangible blanket of light, one that seared away the dirt and grime of past days and left him feeling cozy and at peace. It was strange considering beads of sweat were beginning to form at the creases of his forehead as he squinted against that same light, and it would give the appearance that he was unbearable uncomfortable, fighting the heat rather than reveling in it. Despite appearances though, Ryder was blissfully calm in that sweltering heat, enjoying the chalky sand beneath his boots and the nearly-nonexistent breeze that would play with his hair intermittently.

"I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", the coolly mature voice of Robbie cut through the air, catching him off-guard. Sometimes Ryder forgot the boy was just that--a boy, and not close in age. He possessed the hardened attitude of the elder members of the gang, but was much younger in years. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

A look of pleasant surprise inched its way over Ryder's handsome features and he quirked a brow, obviously not expecting the young man to come to his aid. Although not entirely benevolent, the jab still made its point--it was true. Although the rough men of their gang liked to emphasize just how tough and masculine they were, there were a couple among them that would grimace and squirm as soon as the needle appeared before their eyes. He didn't begrudge them; no one liked stitches. But some of them did handle it a less...maturely, than others.

A deep and rumbling chuckle was Ryder's only response, for Robbie had said it all. Several of the men guilty of Robbie's accusation gruffly cleared their throats and grumbled under their breath, but no real denials were made. Even if they were thought, they were not verbalized. Ryder shot the young man a grateful smile, although his eyes were alight with a sort of pleased mirth, as though yet again impressed with the boy's verbal dexterity. He was able to put adult men in their places, and that was something that took some degree of skill.

"Well, I should be heading back to my place in case someone from town should stop by for something. I doubt it, but you never know," the silky smooth voice of Nikita interrupted his thoughts and his eyes quickly flicked over to the pretty woman. "If you need to find me for anything, that is where I'll be. Have a good day, gentlemen." He caught her gaze for a brief moment and gave her a concentrated nod, his smile softening to one of genuine gratitude. "Thank you Nikita, until later," he watched her as she moved away from the campsite, slowly making her way back to her solitary home. Ryder would have been more worried about her safety, had she been a different woman. Nikita was quite unlike a lot of the women in town; she was self-sufficient, and very independent. He had no doubt in his mind that should it come down to a situation where her safety was at stake, the fiesty woman wouldn't hesitate to severely maim or injure anyone that tried to harm her. And that bold, self-assured quality comforted him as he watched her receding form pass over the farthest hill.

Turning back to the disgruntled group of men, Ryder clapped his hands together, eying each member with an individual intensity.

"So! What's the first order of business on the agenda for today, hm?"

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7th Sep 2008, 4:15 AM
((OOC: Alissa, to make my life easier I had them get all the way to the back room, so if thats a problem lemme know. Also, I know its a bit of a stretch for her to have a refrigeration unit in 1886, but the technology was there, and I couldn't find anywhere that said that a small one /couldn't/ have been acquirable then))

Felicity prided herself on the fact that anything could happen in her saloon, and that she would know exactly what it was. Maybe not by seeing it herself, but people spoke freely in front of her girls and her girls spoke freely to her. Or inevitably managed to slip enough for her to guess and confirm what they wouldn't tell her. Like Scarlett working with the outlaws. She saw no reason not to utilize the girls skills at observation for herself, and if any bad came of it then she would decide who to be irked at as it happened: the girl doing something a hell of a lot more savory than selling her body for money, or the person stupid enough to speak in a crowded place. That was Felicity's policy on most things, allow it until she had to react decisively one way or another.

Or her own little indulgences of beef from the north, spending an appreciable part of each months income on fine tender meats. So far her business was resilient enough to handle Felicity and the girls having good meat- there was local slop readily available for customers- and the occasional indulgence for a close friend. “Alright, you’ve twisted my arm,” Kate said with a small smile, “My curiosity regarding this roast is certainly piqued.”

Felicity and Kate had gone the length of the bar and Felicity held the door to the back, where were her sleeping quarters, a small but well furnished library, and a door to her nearly self maintaining herb garden. The library was Felicity's guilty pleasure, it had almost four hundred books on cheap wood shelves with a plushy chair and sofa. Nearly all of the salary that Felicity gave herself went to the place. "You'll be impressed, Kate m'dear" she said with a laugh as she strode over to the kitchen to get the left over roast from the refrigerator. The thing was one of the most foregin and bizarre ideas that Felicity had ever come across, and had cost a fortune, but she felt that being able to buy things in bulk made it worth the trouble. Even if everything started to smell like the alcohol coolant after a while.

The roast had been sitting on a metal plate, with about half of it carved off from when it was eaten last night. She threw a cover over the platter, sat it on her hip and went back into the library where she pulled the cover off with a flourish. "Northern beef, garlic, sage, and tarragon," she said smugly. All home grown, the herbs and the beef, though cold, was to die for. Still, Felicity carved her slice off and skewered it on the fire poker to roast it a bit. She doubted Kate would want the meat cooked again, anything nasty would have died the first time, and the poker Felicity was using was the same one used to stir the ashes, that was kept in a stand that hadn't been metallic looking in years. Doubtful the good doctor would want her meat roasted on such filth, but Felicity didn't mind. She knew Kate had a point about not eating off the thing, but so far no harm had come of it, and the meat was perfectly good cool and smelling of refrigerants.

"So, anything interesting happen lately?" she asked casually, removing her slice from the flame and slipping it delicately onto a plate, and then carving a slice for her guest. Felicity was known as a person safe to confide in, and friendship did nothing to change that. She liked knowing everything about everyone, but never felt any need to share that knowledge.

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8th Sep 2008, 2:51 AM
William observed Felicity hop over the bar, revealing an uncomfortable amount of skin under her shapeless dress and walk off into the back with Kate. Well, that was probably for the best, what reason could Gabriel have to seek out his company other than what to do with the large pile of money currently in his office?

William suspected that Gabriel was walking over, but he didn't feel it was worth the trouble of actually looking over to confirm it. Instead he took a long gulp of his tea, thus finishing the mug and leaving it neatly on the counter for someone else to deal with. As if on cue Gabriel appeared on William's left to lean casually on the bar.

William's eyes flicked over to the other man who seemed to be purposefully not looking at him. Gabriel said in a low conversational tone, as though commenting on the weather, "I hear you've yet to organize a party to ride to Fairgrove"

It had been less than a week since the issue had come up, so William felt that though he probably should have done something about said pile of money, it was fair enough that he hadn't done anything about it. Unless the oh-so honorable mayor Morgan wanted the money for himself? Check that, of course he wanted the money for himself, but to act on it quite so... indirectly? That was a bit out of style for the mayor, especially given that so far as Morgan knew William was still a dog on a string.

William felt himself proven right, as Gabriel continued, "I'm sure you understand our mayor is most anxious to see the matter dealt with as soon as possible, and as it appears you're having trouble finding anyone willing to do it, he suggests you leave it to me and my men."

It was not a lack of people willing to do it, as surely Gabriel knew, it was a matter of people that would get all of the money back to Fairgrove, which was surely the reason William hadn't gone to Gabriel and his cohorts in the first place. Now William had been disillusioned when he became sheriff that Mayor Morgan was not the magnanimous clever leader that he portrayed himself as, but even before then William had known he was rather corrupt and ruthless. And given corruption and ruthlessness it was rather unlikely that the mayor's man was going to deliver all of the goods.

Before William wouldn't have minded overmuch, but now as he attempted to become slightly less an object of ridicule, the thought of taking the people of Fairgrove's money was beneath his contempt. There wasn't much choice though, was there? He didn't see many options other than going himself. And with that a tiny smirk crept onto William's lips. Oh that would be rich. His voice was even and just as calm as his companion's as he responded, "Actually, I had been planning on going myself. Don't know who else I might trust to get that kind of money back to the town."

Not much of an insult that, William had made his opinion of Gabriel and his men abundantly clear over the years, but the point was there that yes William realized precisely why the mayor wanted Gabriel to take care of it, and that he wasn't going to stand for it.

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9th Sep 2008, 1:17 AM
(((ooc: Furry - Well, it's just a detail, but the first post of this thread, in the 'recent events', it does mention that the robbery in Fairgrove happened 'about a week ago', which would have landed the loot at the sheriff's that long ago as well. :) )))

As the mayor's right hand man, and a man best not toyed with in his own right, over the years Gabriel had grown rather used to not being opposed by those who knew of him (truly knowing him was something pretty much none of the townspeople could pride themselves with). Ever so often, someone came along and made a more or less brave attempt, but whenever that happened, it was usually a very brief one. Gabriel was... efficent, one might call it, and rarely wasted much time before setting such fools straight.

And so, when the one person who should know better than anyone that in cases such as this, the choice given was merely just for show, dismissed his 'proposal', Gabriel had to admit to being slightly surprised. Was the sheriff just unusually dense today, or was he attempting to grown an actual backbone?

"Actually, I had been planning on going myself", the man said, openly opposing the mayor's wishes, which if it was not like biting the hand that fed him, was followed by a text book example of such a deed, as he went on to take a stab at Gabriel and his men: "Don't know who else I might trust to get that kind of money back to the town."

Quirking a brow ever so slightly, while aiming his gaze at the mirror behind the bar, and the sheriff's reflection in it, Gabriel caught what appeared to be the hint of a smirk on William's lips; a sure sign that it was not just stupidity talking. It seemed that for whatever reason, sheriff Dawes was taking a personal and rather unhealthy interest in what happened to the loot; money that, as far as the people of Fairgrove knew, was lost forever, and thus would be delighted to have brought back to them, regardless of the amount. They didn't know how much had been recovered, it was doubtful they even knew that some of it had been recovered in the first place, and so it really wouldn't hurt anyone if a few dollars disappeared into the pockets of the men willing to brave the inhospitable plains seperating the two towns.

And really... The sheriff taking the loot there himself? Now what kind of idiotic idea was that? He really couldn't have thought that one through too well, could he?

"And leave the people of Morgan's Creek without their sheriff's protection, and a bunch of outlaws around?" Gabriel commented dryly, intentionally ignoring the sheriff's finishing gibe.

With just the two of them being part of the conversation, denying what they both knew to be true would simply be ridiculous, and a complete waste of time.

"They have yet to hit the bank here, and you're more interested in bringing the people of Fairgrove their money, than you are in protecting the ones to whom you truly have an obligation?"

Having said that, Gabriel actually favored William a brief sideway glance, though it was hardly a cordial one, but instead a rather amused one.

"One might get to thinkin' you're looking for an excuse not to be here to fulfill your duties", he added.

9th Sep 2008, 2:16 AM
((OOC: I think this is widely relevant, hence why I ask here instead of in PM. That said:

Are the maps drawn to scale? If so, exactly how massive is Morgan's Creek? it seems like at most it would cover about a square mile, and if you extrapolate that out on the state map fairgrove would be about 8miles away. Even if the town is much more massive (still assuming the map is to scale, which is probably where the inaccuracy is), say four square miles, it would still be 32ish miles, which a good horse could cover, round trip in a morning and afternoon with chit chat at destination. If is just 8 miles then the whole round trip with limited chit chat could be done in a morning.

So Gabriel's qualm about it taking the sheriff away from the town doesn't make much geographical sense, unless I woefully underestimate the size of the town, or overestimate the speed of the kind of horses in the area, or the to scale-ness of the map. So uhmmm... which one is it?

Also, fixed previous post))

9th Sep 2008, 10:36 AM
(((ooc: FurryPanda: As I'm sure you'll understand, the map is not in scale. I would hardly make Gabriel an imbecil. :) I simply can't be expected to pay that much minute detail and calculate miles etc, nor to actually make a map big enough to cover the full range of a considerable area of the Colorado plains. It is just there to give a general idea. Thus, Fairgrove, I imagine is a day's speedy ride away, meaning you would leave early in the morning, and not be back until nightfall. :) Though at the same time, I don't imagine the outlaw camp more than a few hours ride away. So, that being said, I do understand your point, and I will do my best to correct the map to better illustrate all this.)))

9th Sep 2008, 7:04 PM
Following Felicity’s lead into the backroom, Kate couldn’t help as her eyes almost automatically wandered over to the impressive collection of books that were housed on a set of shaky shelves. She had inspected the volumes before, and she had read a few of them already, but still, it never ceased to captivate her every time she was in visual range of it.

"You'll be impressed, Kate m'dear," Felicity broke through Kate’s thoughts as they moved into the kitchen, Kate’s attentions now latching onto the rather interesting contraption that Felicity and few other vendors could boast owning. She could certainly think of a refrigerator’s advantages if it could work, but there in lay there very questions; did it work and was that certain enough to gamble with food? From what Kate could tell, so far, so good.

As Felicity moved to pick up the roast to reheat it, Kate made no objects, for it truly was a wise thing to do. After all, meat, once cooked, wasn’t completely safe upon storage and hence, it was best for everyone that it was reheated well, before being served again. She had to admit, however, that it did smell delicious as it was, heated or otherwise. It seemed Felicity was likely to be right; Kate was about to be impressed.

"So, anything interesting happen lately?" Felicity carried on as she began serving the meat, the question raising a faint smile from Kate. It was one of the smaller similarities between them, that both required information and both were not prone to totally idle gossip for no reason. However, it was a difference within that that Kate did it out of professional obligation and Felicity did it out of professional courtesy. Either way, for that, if they did talk about anything, it was safe between them.

“Not to me personally,” she admitted, though not with any sort of melancholy about it for given how interesting things could get, she enjoyed the peace she got, whenever she got it. In contemplation of the morning’s events, a rather mischievously amused smile sparkled in her pale blue eyes. “Although the Sheriff’s sudden preference of tea is interesting.”

She wasn’t criticising or judging, as proved by the rather entertained look over her beautiful features. She was simply approaching a topic that was already well ventured upon; the Sheriff’s tendency to complain about the world and its wife to Felicity, now with the added concern from Kate’s professional point of view.

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10th Sep 2008, 2:40 AM
Unfortunately, Lizzie wasn’t able to join Constance and Emmy on their picnic, so after talking for a little, they left the school. However, Constance decided that they were still going to have their picnic in the meadow behind the school. Standing in front of the school, she saw Elsie leaving the laundry.

“Oh look,” she said to Emmy, “There’s Miss Elsie.”

“’I Miss Owsie!” Emmy called as they started to cross the street to greet Elsie.

Elsie turned toward them and smiled as she started to cross the street as well. “Good afternoon Elsie,” Constance said when they met up. “How are you today?”

10th Sep 2008, 11:09 PM
((Atropa, I will get William's post up sometime tonight, I have some major schoolwork to get caught up on, and my designated procrastination time will probably expire once I've finished this.))

Felicity and Kate, though having known each other less than a year were very good friends. Good enough friends that if Felicity were to note her friend observing her actions with interest, then she would react accordingly and allow them to be mimicked on her friends behalf. So when Kate watched Felicty re-roast the meat in the fire, she did not ask before handing the slice to Kate cutting another one and sticking it into the fire until the outside blackened and spat- a matter of moments unlike the painstaking process of the first piece.

Her meat prepared she sat down opposite Kate and nodded regally. Felicity, feeding people for a living, did not eat before her guests, and Kate being raised right properly wouldn't eat before her host. Which usually led to a bit of a standstill. Hopefully her little nod would have headed any awkwardness off, the thing about charcoal black meat was that it had to be piping hot.

Food served, Kate answered Felicity's previous question, “Not to me personally,”

Felicity smiled, anyone who had to deal with people not at their best appreciated a bit of peace and quiet, and she suspected Kate was no different. The other woman continued, an amused look rising onto her face, “Although the Sheriff’s sudden preference of tea is interesting.”

Felicity's face didn't waver. She knew in her mind she could trust Kate, but still it was a reflex action to think carefully before she spoke about others. A somewhat criminal past, a professional need to keep secrets, both her girls' and her patrons', made her pause before deciding to disclose anything. It was only a momentary silence, she hoped Kate wouldn't notice it, but she doubted that highly. The girl was probably just as perceptive as Felicity was.

"He's actually been drinking it for a while, almost since he stopped asking for hard liquor." That would have been about three months ago by Felicity's counting. He was still a regular customer, and still drank whine, but he clearly was not a drunkard. Felicity didn't think it admirable so much as noteworthy. Months and months of drinking all that liquor straight and then going to responsible drinking in a flash? She reckoned that something had changed, she just couldn't figure out what. Unbeknownst to her it was nothing more than Sheriff Dawes getting over himself a bit.

"Better than hard liquor of course, heaven forbid I run out of that!" Felicity finished, on a slightly joking tone, hoping that her friend would eat the meat already. Of course the joke was that it could full well offend Kate's sensibilities that the only reason tea was better was that it was less popular. Friend or no, Felicity had a small mischievous streak that couldn't resist tweaking people.

11th Sep 2008, 12:00 AM
# 5 [Afternoon, day #1]

Scarlett was pretty, blessed with the face of a doll. And one could almost mistake her for a full blossomed woman, if she hadn't played that innocent little girl routine a tad too well. Mae also believed that she actually was nothing more than a girl in most regards, but there were still moments when she wondered if Scarlett was not a bit more accustomed to the world than she let on. Maybe Mae was the one being played, and not the other way around. Underestimation was a dangerous game to play, and Mae was careful not to fall into that trap. Regardless of how highly she thought of herself.

“I think that might raise a few questions...", Scarlett said, looking a bit conniving, but suddenly changing her demeanour as she continued in her usual innocent tone of voice. “Oh, Mae. Don't be mad... I was just playing.”

She even formed her lips into a pout, to further ensure Mae wouldn't be offended. However, Mae was seldom beckoned that easily. Though she was impressed of just how coyly playful Scarlett could be, like a kitten.

"Oy, Scarlett", came Felicity's voice, interrupting their staring match, asking the younger girl to help her out if anyone wanted anything while she was on her break.

Mae had noticed that she was quite busy, their Madame, with sheriff William Dawes, Kate Hilton; their town doctor and now even Gabriel making his way towards them. But that didn't mean she wasn't annoyed by the disturbance, even if she showed no such sign on her facial expression. Her gaze was fixed on Scarlett.

“Sure thing", Scarlett said, with that usual naive smile, and she moved around to the other side of the bar. “You have a good lunch now.”

It was wise to be on the Madam's good side, but Mae would have rolled her eyes at Scarlett's pristine act, if it wouldn't have spoiled the seriousness in her current demeanour.

"Can I play too?" she said, as if the interruption had never taken place. "Does this game of yours have any rules, or is it... anything goes...?"

The last words came over Mae's lips with a daunting tone, in order to abate the courage in the opposing party. Her eyes had illboding glints in them, as if she was contemplating something really mean to bring to the table. She leaned closer, with her slender hands on the surface of the clean bar. There was no denying Mae when she was in that mood.

"You really shouldn't test me, Scarlett. It's only fun until someone gets hurt."

13th Sep 2008, 4:16 AM
# 5 [Afternoon, day #1]

Dex poured some water down his dry throat, glancing at the unforgiving sun high above them. It was going to be yet another hot day, keeping them just as warm as the nights sometimes kept them cold. He got goose bumps, feeling his body coming alive. It would be a few more hours before the heat would become a factor, though it was a factor that didn't concern Dex much.

"Yeah, like a hole in the head."

Robbie's comment lingered in his mind. The boy had some quick jabs, he gave him that. And he was funny, giving Dex a reason to smile and smirk daily. Even when Robbie was annoyed, he was seldom so gloomy it brought down moral.

"I'd like to hear them call you that the next time you're stitching 'em up", Robbie commented further, about Ryder being soft, but it was probably more to get even with James. "We all know who the softies are then, don't we?"

It was a good point. Dex grinned. He didn't take offence, since he was probably the only one in the gang that could take Ryder's needle without grimacing much. Though Robbie had yet to proove himself in that regard, it also meant no one had anything on him for now.

"Well, I should be heading back to my place in case someone from town should stop by for something", Nikita said. "I doubt it, but you never know. If you need to find me for anything, that is where I'll be. Have a good day, gentlemen."

The dog could sense that his owner was leaving, he raised his head but didn't at first seem ready to go when she was.

"Good day, Miss", Dex said, while touching the brim of his hat in her direction.

After her depature, it was business as usual in the Outlaw Hideout. Someone burped, another one made a comical remark about women. But one could always count on Ryder to have his head above the gutter.

"So!" he said enthusiastically. "What's the first order of business on the agenda for today, hm?"

Dex took off his hat and drew his fingers through his tangled tresses.

"I think we should take a crack at what we've been talking about for days", he said. "Today is as good as any day. We need to get back in the saddle."

Those last words were more a figure of speech, than litterally. They all knew what he meant, and how dangerous it was to hold on too tight to what had happened to their comrade. No matter how much they missed him, they couldn't afford to dwell in it, lest they'd be sitting ducks. Survival outside the law wasn't easy, you had to be on your toes.


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13th Sep 2008, 7:38 PM
Kate was very intelligent and well-tuned to the on goings in the situation around her. It involved the people, the events, the coincidences and the machinations. It involved the reasons and the lack thereof. It involved perception, reality and conclusions drawn from those. For that, however, Kate had to be rather observant, with everyone, regardless of whether she trusted them or not.

Therefore, when Felicity took the smallest fractions of hesitation before answering her fishing expedition regarding William’s possible drinking problem, she had to admit that her interest was piqued. Knowing Felicity, she’d keep secrets – not wantonly, but with professional and personal justification – which weren’t always divulged to Kate. That, in this case, raised the question, what was she protecting the Sheriff over, if she was protecting him, and why? However, it was a testament of Felicity’s talent that her pretty face gave nothing away of the mind’s secrets as Kate’s eyes impassively watched.

"He's actually been drinking it for a while,” she said as they both had the meal set down before them and Kate had to admit, it smelled heavenly. “Almost since he stopped asking for hard liquor."

Well, that was a good sign as long as it wasn’t a fleeting trial of something new before he returned to hard liquor. Although, Kate did have to wonder what tipped the scales for him to suddenly switched to alcohol laced tea rather than just alcohol. He’d been wandering around depressed for some time, by Kate’s observations and despite efforts, there had been little she could, was allowed to do, but what made him suddenly make the jump on his own? Glad for it and in admiration though she was, the question still stood.

"Better than hard liquor of course, heaven forbid I run out of that!" she jested, drawing out a flash of almost amusedly reprimanding grin from Kate in appreciation of Felicity’s mischievous candour at moments. William was at risk of drinking the saloon dry? Yes, wine was better than hard liquor, but not if he made up for it in amounts. However, Kate decided to let her contemplations lie with herself for the moment.

“You are shameless,” she shook her head playfully for a moment in friendly banter before trying some of the roast, soon a vocal manifestation of Kate’s appreciation of the delectable taste resulted as she waited instead of talking with her mouth full. “God, Felicity, you certainly weren’t exaggerating, this is wonderful!”

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13th Sep 2008, 8:33 PM
Little children don’t often realise what they get themselves into. Most of them. Then again, there are some who, after poking at the anthill, run far enough away to relish the chaos with no disregard for personal safety. Scarlett fluctuated between the two types; she knew how to stay safe and yet, she couldn’t help poking the anthill even when she couldn’t run.

And she’d done that just now. She’d angered Mae and was currently trapped writhing beneath the icy stare, though the counter provided a comparatively flimsy barrier for protection from Mae’s wrath as she moved to make it clear that Scarlett was far from out of the woods as her feminine, yet currently intimidating, form leaned against the bar towards Scarlett, looming, her hands gripping the wooden edge before she spoke.

“Can I play too?" she asked with the very same threatening that had been in place before, leaving Scarlett to realise that nothing had changed in the moments that passed and it probably won’t for some time. "Does this game of yours have any rules, or is it... anything goes...?"

The final words sent shivers down Scarlett’s spine as if someone had suddenly let drop a small stream of iced water down her back, the young girl almost shivering and yet, grippingly cold fascination of the dangerous light in Mae’s captivating eyes holding her bewitched in place, nothing but wide eyes claiming the attention on her face.

"You really shouldn't test me, Scarlett. It's only fun until someone gets hurt."

She could imagine exactly what that would involve, for Scarlett was far from stupid. She was young, naïve and a little reckless, but she was far from stupid and Mae was right, testing the boundaries at this given point would result in that threat held in Mae’s eyes manifesting. She tore herself away soon enough, deep breath as she looked down at the shined bar before she raised her face, now smiling with that aura of innocence once more.

“I think the rules are that no-one gets hurt,” she said with a hush of a voice, that smile waning for a moment in what was almost a slip of Scarlett’s more mature nature, the one that reigned her more covert occupation. Though, it was only the smallest slip.

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16th Sep 2008, 4:16 AM
After picking up the muffins, Elsie went back to the Inn to make sure the guests were served and the rest of the morning tasks were finished. Once she was satisfied that everything was in order, she went to the General Store to get the flour she needed along with other essential supplies.

By the time she got back to the Inn, it was afternoon and Elsie had to take some of the guests’ clothes over to the Chinese Laundry. When she left the laundry, she was going to go back to the Inn for lunch. She didn’t get far, because she heard a young voice attempt to say her name.

“’I Miss Owsie!”

Elsie recognized the voice as coming from little Emmy, so she turned and saw both Emmy and her mother, Constance crossing the road toward her. With a smiled walked toward them to… meet in the middle…

“Good afternoon Elsie,” Constance said when they met up. “How are you today?”

“Constance… good afternoon, hello Emmy,” Elsie said, “Things are looking up, and what are you two lovely ladies up to this afternoon Emmy?”

“We hava picic!” Emmy said.

“If you’re not busy, would you like to join us?” Constance added.

“I would love to but I’ve got quite a few things going on at the Inn today,” Elsie said, “so I’m going to have to pass up on your offer today… you know on second thought I’d love nothing more. There isn’t anything that the house can’t handle without me and I haven’t had an afternoon picnic in such a long time.”

18th Sep 2008, 2:21 AM
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William had not become sheriff just because he was Mayor Morgan's freind. Anyone who knew what they were talking about knew that that was far and above the biggest reason, but there were others. He knew when a fight was brewing, when he cared to he could gauge other people's actions and reactions with uncanny accuracy, and he had a silently glowering presence at times that made others not want to mess with him. Other than that, it was a simple dog like loyalty. Not necessarily to the mayor, but to what he saw as right and practical. The latter often overcoming the former in importance, hence William's general calm up to now with Morgan running nearly everything and William being a figurehead.

And leave the people of Morgan's Creek without their sheriff's protection, and a bunch of outlaws around?" Gabriel commented, with his typical lack of concern for what the sheriff might have been thinking. For all Gabriel knew William might have had some kind of brilliant and elegant idea concerning the entire thing. He didn't, having decided this in an instant, but still. And then of course there was most likely a subtle point in there, on several occasions Gabriel had shown up in William's office with a small bag of silver and a message that the mayor wanted him to look into something in another town, or check out the entertainments in other areas. And when William returned there would be a small accusing stack of letters asking why he hadn't been in town as this that or the other occurred. He didn't usually answer those letters.

Thus, no point for Gabriel in the conversation, unless he was trying to appeal to some sort of ego? If the other man rightly saw that he was gaining a sense of civic duty then that might work... except William understood full well what a long and undoubtedly tiresome and painful process it was likely to be. Appealing to idealism when the one in question is still a firm pragmatist is not all that effective.

"They have yet to hit the bank here, and you're more interested in bringing the people of Fairgrove their money, than you are in protecting the ones to whom you truly have an obligation?" That one was so worthless that William physically turned to look at they other man. As if his presence, the nigh on legendarily useless sheriff would affect the outlaws decision at all?
Unless of course the entire legendary-ness was a product of William having some small bit of vanity and one particularly rude teenager in another town commenting that he thought William amazing, the perfect opposite of a heroic sheriff. Snot nosed brat. So unless William was much less infamous than he thought, still no points for Gabriel.

"One might get to thinkin' you're looking for an excuse not to be here to fulfill your duties" He caught an amused glance coming from the other man. Fine, one point. That did appeal just the littlest bit to his sense of honor, and vanity all in one go. The pragmatism remained cynically distant.

Regardless of where it came from, the thought that there was actually something of use that he could be doing in town was unbelievably appealing, but William knew, with that loud pragmatic voice, that there wasn't. If the outlaws hadn't hit yet, what were the chances they would choose tomorrow of all days? And William had the greatest respect for the little Hamlet of Morgan's Creek, there were plenty of people here that could and would deal with outlaws as quickly and probably much more harshly than he would. As sheriff he was constrained a bit by the letter of the law, a vigilante would know full well no jury in the west would convict him. So... half a point, if William was generous.

Before William could compose a suitably dismissive- but of course polite- reply, he saw out of the corner of his eye two of the saloon girls scuffle a bit, one of them getting pressed against the counter. His first instinct was to tell them to cut it out, the next to stay silent. The politics in the town were as of a few weeks ago his business, those of a saloon he would happily leave to Felicity. And besides which, if they were fighting with each other, they weren't eavesdropping on Gabriel and William.

An honest answer, that both of them knew that there was no reason on any given day for William to stay in town, would not be appropriate in this instance, and a dismissive answer would not put off Gabriel at all. A happy medium then, "Hardly. It seems to me though, that if they were to do a decent job-" both of them knew that the outlaws usually did, the mess with them not catching the horse was wildly out of character in its sheer idiocy, "-then my presence, or yours, or anyone else's out of earshot, would make no difference."

Hardly the most flattering thing for William to say, as almost the only one directly insulted by it was him- who else had any responsibility to do something?- but true nonetheless. Pragmatism won out over vanity, and William was quickly warming to the idea. It would quite likely continue to do so.

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18th Sep 2008, 6:11 PM
Having successfully made two quick-witted jabs in less than a minute, both of which surprisingly went noticed, judging by the reactions they produced, yet not responded to, Robbie returned to eating his modest breakfast feeling pretty darned smug about himself. It wasn't often he would be allowed to have the last word, and even when he did, the others usually saw fit to retaliate in some other way, be it by ruffling his hair as though he was a child, or, as seemed to be James' favorite method, wrestling him to the ground, sometimes even shoving him. All in good 'fun' of course.
Well, most of the time, at least.

This time, however, he was left with the triumph of shutting up not just James, but all of them. Even Dex. Ah yes, triumph indeed.

"So!" Ryder said, clasping his hands together as though he was getting ready to dig into whatever there was to do this afternoon. "What's the first order of business on the agenda for today, hm?"

A good question, since most of the others seemed to be mostly dilly-dallying.

"I think we should take a crack at what we've been talking about for days", Dex replied, confirming that he too was thinking along the same lines in which Robbie's mind had started moving. "Today is as good as any day. We need to get back in the saddle."

Though with little say in pretty much anything around the outlaw camp, the boy remained silent - for once - while listening, knowing well what exactly it was that the others had been talking about for the past few days, but had yet to get around to actually doing, and in which Robbie knew he would hardly get to play a part. Unless, of course, it involved waiting on a hill or a cliff or another good lookout point, for the intended target to appear in the distance so that he could signal to the others to get ready, all the while with the scorching heat of the sun high above bearing down on him. And frankly, if that was to be the part he would get to play, he might actually ask to be left behind by the camp as usual. Mostly because if the others did ride off, he had no intention whatsoever to actually stay there. There were other things to be done, especially with a few dollars now burning a hole in his pocket.

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19th Sep 2008, 3:08 AM
Appearances, as any fairly skilled politician will tell you, is everything. There is a wide variety of mistakes, errors, sins and crimes that one can get away with, if one just knows how to maintain a facade of good intentions and propriety. The general public don't even have to fully believe in it, because for as long as the facade remains fairly intact, there will be no proof to suggest it is just that; a facade. As long as there is a plausible explanation for things being the way there are, and happening the way they do, only a fool will dare to throw accusations around, aimed at someone with a backer as powerful as the mayor. And yet, one must still tread lightly, for the operative word in all this, is indeed 'plausible', and one can only push things so far. Once the explanations given cease to be plausible, those with suspicions will soon find themselves justified at jumping at the next chance to consider these suspicions confirmed, and things will more than likely take a turn for the worse.

All this, it would seem, was a lesson that the good sheriff Dawes had yet to learn. Or perhaps he simply disregarded it, in his sudden and quite frankly at the moment rather self-destructive urge to grow a backbone. Whatever the reason, he didn't seem to take into consideration the fact that he was already walking a bit of a tightrope in Morgan's Creek, as the citizens would only tolerate a rather passive sheriff for so long. He didn't exactly have a reputation for doing things that would instill a sense of trust in them, and while wanting to return a bunch of valuables to the citizens of the neighbouring town was a noble endeavor - on the surface at least - it would seem William Dawes simply neglected the fact that he had no responsibility towards the people of Fairgrove. Not only was the town out of his jurisdiction, it was also nowhere near his duty to return valuables to the citizens there. His main concern should be the town of Morgan's Creek, and the people in it, and so while his intentions might be pure as snow - doubtful - it didn't really matter, because him riding off to return the money to Fairgrove would be seen as him once again taking a greater interest in something that was not his responsibility, while leaving what was his responsibility wide open for whatever trouble might arise during his absence. And while he might have gotten away with it before, there was now a major difference; before, he'd usually had the mayor and/or Gabriel to cover his rear end for not being where he was supposed to be, by either of them mentioning in passing to someone they knew would gossip about it, that the sheriff had had good reason to be absent. Now, however, there would be no one to cover for him, as he was currently in the process of opposing those very people, by insisting to do himself what the mayor clearly wanted Gabriel to carry out.
Not a wise decision.

"Hardly", the man replied to Gabriel's insinuation. "It seems to me though, that if they were to do a decent job, then my presence, or yours, or anyone else's out of earshot, would make no difference."

In essence, that might have been true, had Gabriel actually been referring to the outcome of a possible robbery. However, he had not. What he had been referring to, was appearances, and the power thereof. Much like the sheriff himself had said, they both knew that if the outlaws decided to hit the bank in Morgan's Creek, there wasn't all that much that he could do about it. But, that really was beside the point. The point was, that there was a h*ll of a difference in him being there and not being able to do much about it, and him not being there, and thus willingly seeing to it that he was not able to do anything. One indicated at least a feeling of responsibility and, if he so chose, the desire to be able to do something, whereas the other merely signalled disinterest in the people who so far had not grown quite jaded enough regarding his abilities, to demand that he was released of his duties altogether. But considering his reputation, such things might soon be subject to change, should he feel so very compelled to add to their list of reasons.

"Ah", Gabriel thus calmly replied. "But that is where you're mistaken, sheriff. It makes a world of difference."

Though he didn't elaborate, but simply left it up to William to connect the dots, should he be inclined to do so this time around, and instead continued with pointing out what he had felt really ought to be the obvious, but was apparently another thing either forgotten or ignored by William. So, one last chance then;

"Now, Dawes, correct me if I'm wrong, but in your line of work, it takes either the trust of the people in town, or some rather powerful friends - preferrably both - to maintain one's career. Currently, you lack one of these things. I would advice you to think carefully before simply throwing away the other."

21st Sep 2008, 11:30 PM
# 6 [Afternoon, day #1]

Mornings and middays was rather slow at the Saloon, the girls might be able to spark some interest that would mean business later on, but they didn't get many customers until then. Mae was good at enticing the men, and most would prefer her over their duties. None the less, they needed to work in order to pay for the entertainment she offered.

It left Mae with plenty of time to ensure her place among the girls. Just as the men had to stay on top of their game, so did the working girls. Some of them took it as serious as Mae, and some didn't. Occassionally, it meant the latter got in the fray without thinking ahead.

“I think the rules are that no-one gets hurt", Scarlett said, causing Mae to frown.

No fun. Although it wasn't the kind of fun that put a smile on Mae's face, unless it was sinister in nature, it did keep her some what amused. And now, Scarlett had gone beside the point, making their conversation dull and almost resembling a plea.

"You silly girl", she said and put her hands on her hips. "It was a retorical question. Do you really think I would let you decide the rules?"


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22nd Sep 2008, 12:09 AM
# 6 [Afternoon, day #1]

No one said anything, even though Dex had left a serious proposition hanging in the air. Maybe they were all affected by his hint to what had happened to their friend Richard, or they really didn't know what to say. Not even their leader Boyd said anything at first, though he soon gave a nod and a comment suggesting he agreed with Dex. Said and done, the ball was in play.

Since Dex had seniority, once they all had agreed, he was a man of actions. He didn't sit around, waiting for someone to point him in the right direction. He pretty much had a general idea on how to go about things. And though not all of them jumped at getting started, no one voiced an opinion saying they should wait.

"We need supplies", Dex said. "Me and Robbie will ride into town, and if that's alright with you guys, I suggest the rest of you scout and tie up loose ends so we don't get any surprises."

Their leader may very well be offended by Dex taking charge, but he was probably just happy to get some what of a break. It was, after all, his idea to rob the bank in Fairgrove. And though no one blamed him for what had happened, it wasn't likely that he was that nice to himself.

"Sounds good", he said, holding his hat, while brushing dust from its brim. "Don't forget to stock up on ammo."

Dex gave him a faint smile, as if to reassure him that they weren't jinxed, that their next job would be successful.

"I'm on it", he said, conveying calmness, and then he looked at the boy. "Robbie? Are you up for it?"

Though he was sure he didn't have to ask that twice.

22nd Sep 2008, 11:46 PM
Constance knew that Elsie tended to be rather busy with the inn, so when Elsie started to explain why she couldn’t join them, she wasn’t surprised. Though she wasn’t going to let her friend off the hook easily, so when Elsie paused, Constance was about to comment that she worked too hard and deserved a break.

However, before she could say anything, she was pleasantly surprised when Elsie said, “You know on second thought I’d love nothing more. There isn’t anything that the house can’t handle without me and I haven’t had an afternoon picnic in such a long time.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Constance said with a wide smile, as they headed toward the meadow. “Everyone deserves a break every once in a while. Luke may be joining us as well.”

“Mama I pay?” Emmy said pointing to where a couple of the younger school girls were waving at her.

“For a little bit,” she said, and she watched as Emmy ran off to play. Going on just a little further, she stopped and said, “This looks like a good spot. You know,” she continued as they started to lay the blanket down and set out the food. “We don’t see you often enough… How are things with you?”

24th Sep 2008, 9:06 PM
Since he had expected to hear the others start discussing tactics of how to go about this next project of theirs, and 'known' he would hardly be included, Robbie listened with only half an ear to their discussion, taking more interest in the last few bites of the still warm roll in his hands than he did to what was being said.

"We need supplies", came Dex' voice, registering only somewhere distant in Robbie's mind. "Me and Robbie will ride into town, and if that's alright with you guys, I suggest the rest of you scout and tie up loose ends so we don't get any surprises."

That last sentence however, did the trick. While two seconds earlier, he may not have been paying too much attention, the moment he heard his name being mentioned, the young man's head perked up and he started listening more intently. Dex wanted him to ride into town with him, for supplies? Although it wasn't really something out of the ordinary, as it was one of the tasks Robbie had had the 'honor' or performing before, and although it wasn't something near the job he was yearning to do, it was still something, and alot better than just sitting around the camp doing nothing of importance. Plus, he did have that money he had taken from James, so if he could find a way somehow, to seperate Dex and himself while in town, he just might...

"Robbie? Are you up for it?"

Again the older man's voice sliced right through his thoughts, and drug them back to the present. The boy's previously thoughtful gaze thus soon landed on him, the look in his eyes now far more brisk and alert.

"Sure", he said, and in a split second was on his feet, almost as though he thought even the tiniest delay in reacting might make Dex change his mind. "Ready when you are."

29th Sep 2008, 10:51 PM
Felicity waited for her companion to eat. After all, she was not ravenously hungry, but she had been on her feet all day, and when she did bestir herself to cook, the results were always to die for. So once the food was cooked and smelling so succulent it was all she could do to not dive in and maybe eat the whole cow. In the interests of civility she restrained herself though. And in the interests of decorum and having learned long ago that a few manners went a very long way, she waited politely.

Her jape a few moments ago had drawn a grin onto her friend's features. Good. Felicity had the greatest respect for Kate, and she knew it was hypocritical to think her friend should loosen up about her work, but that didn't mean that she didn't and so was pleased when she didn't pry further.

“You are shameless,” Kate said, in amusement of course. She took another bite of the roast and let a rapturous expression slide onto her features. “God, Felicity, you certainly weren’t exaggerating, this is wonderful!”

Felicity was not a modest person, when complimented she had no problems with showing she was pleased. Still, she only smiled rarely, her life had not been as hard as some people she knew, but it had been enough to make a full smile that lit up her whole face a rare thing. Ever since she had started to let Kate into her confidences it had happened more frequently, but it was still a conscious decision every time. For some reason she allowed a broad smile to creep onto her face momentarily as she took another bite.

"Course its wonderful," she said cheerfully. Food was about as thoroughly discussed as it was going to get, the saloon's more famous- or infamous, depending on where you stood- patrons was not a subject that Felicity would bring up on her own, but she was far from out of ways to keep the conversation flowing. A barkeep had to learn such things quickly, especially if she wanted to keep her skirts down. "So, what happened with those men from Fairgrove a few days ago? Were they all right?"

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3rd Oct 2008, 2:52 AM
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William had a tendency to warm to a subject quickly. He also had an unfortunate habit of picking the wrong battles and not realizing until it was far too late to back off with any degree of dignity or finesse. William Dawes had never been a man of many words, or much skill with those words he did deign to say, and despite the common wisdom saying otherwise, becoming Sheriff Dawes did nothing to change that.

So when Gabriel responded to William's prior comment by saying, "Ah, but that is where you're mistaken, sheriff. It makes a world of difference."

William was firmly in the picking battles part of his arc at that point. He waited for Gabriel to elaborate. It made no difference at all whether he couldn't hear from a mile away or from fifty so far as he saw, after all the only reason he was sheriff was Morgan's goodwill, and... oh. Dissent in government was perfectly acceptable, but not if it put William's livelihood on the line. It was certainly not out of the question for him to get a job as a carpenter again, but being sheriff was much much easier.

William's expression contracted a bit, and his inkling was confirmed when Gabriel continued, seemingly idly, "Now, Dawes, correct me if I'm wrong, but in your line of work, it takes either the trust of the people in town, or some rather powerful friends - preferrably both - to maintain one's career. Currently, you lack one of these things. I would advice you to think carefully before simply throwing away the other."

Well, William wanted to do right by the people of the town, and knowing Edward Morgan, that wouldn't happen if the man's goodwill was not thrown away. Still, the thought of being deposed of the office of sheriff was humiliating, nigh on horrid, for William to contemplate.

So he decided the best thing to do would be to cut his losses, continue his quiet moral rebellion elsewhere. And more quietly than he had been. William had learned a long time ago to cut his losses before he was too hopelessly far behind. Cutting out while he was ahead had never happened, so he didn't have a contingency plan for that.

However, somewhat accurate descriptions of spinelessness aside, Sheriff William Dawes was not a stupid man. He could be thoroughly oblivious and set in his ways, but he was no idiot. He did not like Gabriel Callahan one bit, and did not want the people of Fairgrove getting ripped off. Since going himself seemed out of the question, there was no reason he couldn't contact the sheriff in Fairgrove some other way. Quiet rebellion.

Contrary to the popular opinion that all he did was sit around all day, the day after the stage coach robbery he had telegraphed the sheriff in Fairgrove saying that a portion of the money had been found and would be returned in due time. The men driving the stage coach also surely had told their harrowing story, to free rounds of drinks in the Fairgrove saloon. The money was expected, and it would be a simple matter to continue on his merry way over the mayor's head and send a telegram again, saying exactly how much. If Gabriel got too suspicious in the other town William knew there would be enough doubt in the entire situation that he could say that the other riders must have worked out the amount themselves. After all, who would expect that the notoriously incompetent Sheriff Dawes would have sent off a message to limit corruption?

However, this little bit of silent rebellion, that quiet resistance couldn't take place if William didn't handle this part, the conversation with Gabriel, properly. He was a fairly proud man, and Gabriel surely knew that from their years of business. So bowing aside with no fight was out of the question, it would arouse suspicion that he was still fighting, just not here. And continuing this argument much farther could make things very awkward. His job was safe for the moment, what he planned would not put it at risk, but still, acting stupidly would not do him any benefit.

So decided he answered coolly, "Fair enough." He made no effort to mask the dislike he felt, both of them knew it was there, pretending it wasn't was both out of character for the somewhat surly sheriff, and counterproductive to his purposes now. "I suppose the expectations of the town must come before any actual ethics."

He turned back on his stool to face the bar again. His glare was still firmly in place, and quite content to be there, but having been beaten, at least for the moment, he would make an attempt at forcing civility. The entire thing had actually put him in a slightly amused mood, but a glare was rather easy to maintain, especially in this man's presence. "So when exactly will you be taking the money back?"

A perfectly fair question, after all, William would need to know when to expect Gabriel and company to show up and pick up the cash.

((OOC: I hope that's ok... and it does make sense that William would have telegraphed Fairgrove, they would know about it by the riders too... and him having blackmail on Morgan... that I pulled out of mine arse, but it makes sense if they were army buddies that he would.
And see, I even did it when I said I would, putresent brain and all!))

3rd Oct 2008, 11:02 AM
(((ooc: Furry - Well... What you just 'pulled out of your arse' kind of changes things, alot. Including Gabriel's part of the conversation, and his reasoning, up to this point. I mean, as Morgan's right-hand man, he would know that Dawes had leverage on Morgan, because considering their dealings and all the stuff he's done for Morgan (Gabriel, that is) he would really need to know what rules applied, and Dawes having leverage on Morgan would be a major part of that... So... I'm not really sure what to do now. There's no way I can keep Gabriel consistent as a character, unless I go back and edit all the previous posts of the conversation, and I'm not really too keen on the idea of suddenly changing the way he is because of the backstory apparently being different than I had been lead to believe initially... So... I'm kind of stuck...)))

4th Oct 2008, 7:12 PM
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5th Oct 2008, 9:57 PM
With the usual display of mischief, Scarlett escaped by the skin of her teeth. It wasn’t quite the thrill if there wasn’t danger involved, to always keep her on the edge, fists and jaw clenched until she made it out. However, she always got away with it…. Always so far. Here, this particular morning, with her making life difficult for Mae Starr of all people, it was going to be quite a close call. And yet, one thing stood out in Scarlett O’Reilly’s mind; she started it.

That said, Mae sure as hell wasn’t going to finish it. That was regardless of whether or not Mae actually wanted to finish it – she just wasn’t going to get to finish it. That wasn’t because Scarlett had a predilection for being childish – though, that did contribute – but because Mae’s method of ending the game would involve more malicious intent and consequences than any of Scarlett’s methods ever could. Hence, Scarlett had to have the last say. Thankfully, it didn’t seem that Mae was looking to finish up anytime soon:

"You silly girl,” Me frowned, further exacerbating the intimidation she was wielding. "It was a retorical question” Yes, Scarlett figured as much, though she hadn’t counted on Mae making the situation and Scarlett’s position in it so bluntly obvious: “Do you really think I would let you decide the rules?"

Though it was unexpected, it wasn’t shocking that Mae was taking this – any figures of authority having made themselves scarce – as an opportunity to possibly give Scarlett a preview of what she’d set herself up for… and Scarlett needed to tread at least a little carefully and hence, the entrance of Simon Beckett – the aging, drunken and weathered looking ironsmith – stumbled in for his afternoon ‘tea’. Taking the few precious moments, Scarlett immediately poured him a pint of his usual, sliding it over to him with that disarming smile, before turning back to Mae.

There was no dancing around the issue; Scarlett would have to be equally blunt at this point because Mae was probably looking to help Scarlett dig a deeper hole and ambiguity wasn’t going to help.

“Well then,” she started softly, still with assurance lingering in her melodic voice. “Maybe we shouldn’t play.”

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10th Oct 2008, 12:12 AM
# 7 [Afternoon, day #1]

Robbie didn't waste any time.

"Sure", he said and got on his feet in two shakes of a lamb's tail. "Ready when you are."

Going to get supplies might not be on the top of the boy's wish list, but it was better than to be left behind. Futher more, Dex was going too, and he didn't indicate that he had to go along with Robbie to make sure he got the job done and didn't get into trouble. On the contrary, he regarded this little side mission as one small step towards Robbie's ultimate goal - to ride with them. If Dex had any say in it, that might happen sooner rather than later. But it was really up to their leader, and no one wanted to push him to put a boy in the middle of the fray. However, Dex was a little worried that Robbie would take matters into his own hands, if they strung him along for too long.

All the usual admonishments went out the window when Robbie was with Dex. Of course, even he could give a mild warning or an advice every now and then, but seldom something meant to put him down because of his age or lack of experience. Dex wanted to see how Robbie handled himself, guided by his own mind. He watched the boy as they both prepared the horses for the ride, automatically since they had done that a million times. Dex wouldn't make unnecessary comments on how Robbie should keep the gun when in the city, that they needed to stay low and make sure they blended in as much as possible - without trying too hard. Etcetera. Instead, he mounted his horse, all along with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

"Had I been younger", he said with a chuckle. "I would have raised you to the rocks over there, fair and square. But an old man can't play by the rules, so I dare you to race me, starting from the ground."

When he had started talking, he had seemed calm and peaceful, all in all to not rush the boy to get on his horse. But as soon as Dex finished his dare, he kicked the horse and exploded into a full gallop towards the said destination.


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12th Oct 2008, 12:06 PM
Meals, for Kate Hilton, had always been more about the conversation than the actual food on the plate. However, it wasn’t to say that she paid no attention to the meal, that she had no appreciation of the efforts that were poured into it, for she did. It was simply that meals, when taken with company, had always been more about the company. It was simply the result of hailing from a family of politicians.

Today was no exception. Though, admittedly, Felicity’s cooking was far more than enough to distract Kate from any of her ingrained obligations to do with making scintillating conversation over the dining table, and yet, habits were habits and thus, relishing the taste of the food was only a fraction of Kate’s mind. The majority of it had automatically devoted itself to Felicity’s company.

"Course its wonderful," she smiled one of those broad, beautiful smiles that Kate appreciated more for the fact that she never seemed to see it when they were in more public company. "So, what happened with those men from Fairgrove a few days ago? Were they all right?"

Ah, yes, that matter. Of course, Kate’s main interest over that matter had always pertained to the wellbeing of the people involved rather than the money, which she would bet was a contrast to the interests of William. However, she couldn’t blame him for it, though, one would contemplate that upholding the law would be for the people involved and hence their wellbeing would feature quite heavily, more importantly than that of the money. Still, she supposed the money was the motivator that endangered the people in the first place.

“They were pretty badly cut up,” Kate admitted, a slight memory rushing through her mind carrying the sight of some of them, a grimace flickering over her porcelain features. “Though, I’m glad to know they’ve arrived back in Fairgrove safely. I’m sure Dr Griffin is more than capable of following up their treatment.”

“Have you heard anything about it?” Kate continued asking, slight more cautious as she glanced up at Felicity, knowing that it could be somewhat of a difficult affair for both of them to discuss this.

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12th Oct 2008, 3:51 PM
"Fair enough."

The voice of the sheriff as he replied to the not-so-subtle hint that Gabriel had felt forced to deliver, due to the sheriff's stubborn unwillingness to cooperate, was calm but revealingly chilly; an obvious indication that he was not all that pleased with the point Gabriel was making, and which the sheriff only now seemed to be catching on to.
Finally. Sure took him long enough. Although Gabriel had his doubts that true dullness of wits had anything to do with it, but that it was more a case of the sheriff intentionally making himself difficult. For whatever reason.

"I suppose the expectations of the town must come before any actual ethics", he added.

Ethics, eh? Bold words, coming from a man whose own ethics didn't appear to be anything but in a rather poor condition, considering he had been paid on quite a few occasions to neglect them. Not that Gabriel thought it was up to him to judge the man for it, since it made his own job alot easier, and also would be much like throwing bricks in a glass house to do so. But then again, Gabriel didn't really go around pretending he had ethics in the first place.

"So when exactly will you be taking the money back?" William continued, turning away from Gabriel to face the mirror behind the bar again, much like Gabriel himself had been doing the whole time, with the exception of a brief sideway glance here and there.

It was a reasonable question, yes, but what the sheriff didn't seem to realize, or at least chose to challenge at the moment, was that by proving so very reluctant to be cooperative from the get-go, he had pricked Gabriel's already constant suspicion, and fuelled it further with that surly expression Gabriel saw when glancing at the man's reflection in the mirror. Granted, it only made sense for him to be grumpy, having had Gabriel, a man he clearly was nowhere near liking very much, threaten his comfortable position in Morgan's Creek, but given the previous reluctance to accommodate, Gabriel wasn't about to brush it all off that easily.

"I see no need for you to worry yourself with that, sheriff," he thus said casually. "Just make sure the loot's there, and we'll get in touch when everything is set."

Dawes might have bowed out of the fight, but Gabriel didn't trust him. Never had. And the fact that there had even been an argument in the first place was proof enough that he had good reason not to.

12th Oct 2008, 8:37 PM
Currently at the height of his teen years, Robert 'Robbie' Logan, like most other teen boys, wanted action and adventure at almost every given time. He wanted life to be exciting and filled with things to do, which was part of the reason why he had sought out his older brother in the first place. Even though he hadn't known at the time that his brother was an outlaw, he had figured James' life had to be more interesting than what Morgan's Creek had had to offer the young boy. Especially considering that the whispers behind his back and the glares of certain people were still getting to him, and that some insisted on making life troublesome for him whenever they got the chance. And as it had turned out, James' life was indeed far more interesting, and Robbie had finally managed to make himself a part of it.
Only to discover that just because life was interesting for James, it didn't mean it would be alot more interesting for Robbie than it had been back in town, since the men of the gang just wouldn't let it.
Most of the time.

Though of all of them, Dex and Ryder seemed to be the ones that didn't need Robbie to hit them over the head with the fact that he could really be far more useful than making stupid meals and running stupid errands, or just sitting around the stupid camp doing nothing. And they also seemed the most willing to make life less dull for him, in a way that didn't include him getting wrestled to the ground or otherwise teased just for the sake of it. As proven by Dex just now, by not only suggesting that Robbie rode into town with him, but that they would race part of the way as well;

"Had I been younger", the man chuckled as he settled in the saddle, "I would have raised you to the rocks over there, fair and square. But an old man can't play by the rules, so I dare you to race me, starting from the ground."

With that, he urged his horse into a full gallop, leaving a momentarily dumbstruck Robbie behind in a cloud of dust, before the challenge registered in the young boy's mind.

"Hey!" he then called out indignantly, doing his best to throw himself up on his Palomino as it jittered and danced, enlivened by its mate's sudden departure. "Cheater!"

Only moments later, his attempt succeeded, and second horse and rider were off as well, in hot pursuit of the first. Now, as far as riding went, with the many years of experience that he had on Robbie, Dex was quite a challenge to the young boy and without a doubt a more skilled rider. But he also had an older horse, which even though it knew its rider and its rider knew it, through years of faithful service, didn't do much to keep the considerably more youthful Robbie and his considerably more youthful horse from gaining on them, and eventually take the lead, just in time to claim the victory.

Once past the finish line - the rocks indicated by Dex - he tugged gently at the reins to slow the animal to a pleasant trot, and turned in the saddle to shoot Dex a grin so triumphant that words would seem nothing short of redundant. And yet after a few seconds, he couldn't help but to state the obvious;

"I won", he declared.

(((ooc: Okay guys, I have a question. Considering we're now down to only four active players, and that it sort of limits the RP possibilities a bit, I've been pondering if it's enough to keep this RP up and running. I'm not saying I'll shut it down tomorrow, I'm just asking for thoughts and opinions. Do you guys want to keep going? If you do, I'll do my best to try and liven things up here a bit, maybe see if we can get some of the other players back, and would gladly accept suggestions for how to improve things. :) )))

12th Oct 2008, 9:10 PM
((OOC: Well... my personal opinion generally runs to the flogging of dying horses, rather than shooting them. Flogging generally in the form of [for this situation] changing time, throwing a party, exploding an armory {sorry, I've been reading crappy ww2 fictions...} or similar.

And besides which, I don't object to little, close knit RPs anyway. I figure that if everyone, being the four people, is still having fun, then let it be a little close knit RP.

So short version: Yeppers, very much so.

P.S. sorry for the analogy about flogging a dead horse...))

13th Oct 2008, 10:43 PM
# 7 [Afternoon, day #1]

There really was no excuse for Mae's behaviour. Maybe she was an only child, or the one in the middle or the baby. Maybe she had been spoiled, maybe she had been neglected. No one in Morgan's Creek knew, since she was not keen on talking about the past. After all, Mae Starr wasn't even her real name. But you could only go so far, and blame it on your childhood. There always came a point, from which you had to fend for yourself. And even if Mae harboured some deep dark secret or sin, that could explain her ways, she would never be caught complaining. Just like it didn't seem she would be caught being nice - not without an ulterior motive. Well, that would be plain if anyone knew her, but no one really did. Instead, people around her would get confused, when there would be intermissions of evilness in her seemingly somewhat kind streak. It seemed they came without notice, like some of her really ugly mischief did. Sometimes it entwined, and the tables didn't just turn; they broke.

"Well then", Scarlett said, seemingly sure of herself. "Maybe we shouldn’t play."

No one in their right mind would bet on Mae being kind, anytime soon. It would rather seem that Scarlett just tightened the rope around her own neck. The fact was, that Mae hated to be the target of fun and games when the instigator couldn't stand the effect it had. It was frustrating, even if it gave her the golden opportunity to make threats - something she loved to do if the time was right.
A soft smile, as polite as a godfearing child, graced Mae's lips, along with friendly deep blue eyes. Was she coming around, or was she just making her way like the snake in paradise?

"Oh, but we should play", she said, initially sounding like an upstanding citizen. "But I grow tired of your games, since you don't seem to wanna finish them. So I tell you what - you dropped the ball and when I decide to pick it up, you will notice."

She shrugged her shoulders, like she didn't have a care in the world. And really, she didn't.

"If I decide to do so", she said, like she was talking about a recipe or the latest fashion. "There might be too many choices for me to be able to settle for one. Should I scare you senseless in the middle of the night, or just put salt in your cup of tea? Decisions, decisions..."

The last repetitive word changed her whole demeanour. Her friendly eyes turned sour, like she was the witch in some ghost story, and then she smiled again - like she was the purest princess, waiting for the prince to save her.

13th Oct 2008, 11:45 PM
# 8 [Afternoon, day #1]

If cheating was a sin, it would be a small one according to Dex. He didn't keep tabs on if what he did at a certain time was a sin, but he had a pretty good general moral compass. It was just that he was so used at ignoring it, that he couldn't keep track of it. He followed his own direction, went where he wanted to go and did what he wanted to do. He was loyal to his friends, and if what he did kept them and himself happy, then no one could convice him it was wrong.

He was the kind of man that would mind his own business, and believe that everyone else should do the same. Especially the one's he didn't know, and probably didn't want to know either. Like the men of the cloth. Dex stopped going to church the second he left home. There was no need to point out the fact that he wasn't welcome anymore, and he didn't need the attention. He didn't even know if he had ever believed in God, or if it was just a tradition, like his father's beatings. And now, a long way from home, and many years away from his youth, he never thought of believing or not believing. If he trusted in anything, it was in himself.

So, if not playing fair would put a smile on Robbie's face, it was all in good fun. And probably the most innocent sin ever committed by Dex. And after all, the boy did win. However, it made them both winners. Though Dex hadn't let him win, he was pleased to see the young one happy. If for no other reason, it would hopefully mean that he was forgiven for giving him a hard time earlier.

"I won", the boy declared, and no one could wash that smug grin of his face even if they tried.

Dex had slowed down his horse too; the animal seemed a bit tired from getting such a shock, first thing that day.

"Yeah, I have to work on my cheating skills", he said, and seemed to be dead serious. "We can't have you running around, winning. The world would turn up side down, and James would be insufferable be around. I might have to shoot him."

Seconds later, he did smile, and gave the boy a glance. Friendly banter - lawless life on the prairie would be excruciating without it. And standing on Robbie's side against James, now that was only fun.

16th Oct 2008, 9:33 PM
Things were looking up. After having his day get off to a rocky start, with a mix of giving gibes and recieving them, things now seemed to be heading in a generally pleasant direction for Robbie, what with him getting to accompany someone who didn't insist on teasing and taunting him every chance they got, and ride into town with them, where he just might find the right opportunity to put the money he had stolen from James to good use. In whatever manner that might end up being. He could think of at least two options. And now this, getting challeneged by Dex, who Robbie knew was an excellent rider, as well as almost three times his own age, and actually end up winning, despite the old man's trick!
Oh yes, things were definitely looking up, and the smug grin on Robbie's lips felt almost as though it had stuck.

Dex, on the other hand, seemed to have decided to not let it faze him, but instead act as though, to him, Robbie's victory had brought with it some actual concerns.

"Yeah", he admitted. "I have to work on my cheating skills. We can't have you running around, winning. The world would turn up side down, and James would be insufferable be around. I might have to shoot him."

Turning back in the saddle to face forward once more, as they rode on towards Morgan's Creek in a somewhat slower pace than before, Robbie first gave only a snort, though it was soon followed by his seemingly incessant need to comment on everything;

"And that would be a loss why exactly?" he inquired with a sarcastic smirk at the thought.

Not that he really wished any harm would come to his brother, but James did tend to make himself such a pain in the backside that sometimes Robbie wished he could just shoot him.

(((ooc: Okay, since all the active players seem to be in agreement, we'll keep this RP going. :) Thanks guys for your thoughts and opinions.)))

22nd Oct 2008, 12:11 AM
# 9 [Afternoon, day #1]

Dex could use a beer right about now. The sun was just as high up in the sky as it would ever be, and the heat was a fact. It stopped being pleasant, and started to be a factor. The air around them moved, causing their view to tremble. However, Dex was used to it, and he didn't miss the chilly night.

"And that would be a loss why exactly?" Robbie asked beside him, wondering why shooting James would be a problem.

A sly grin lingered on Dex's lips, as he gave the boy a glance. No heartfelt sympathy for his older brother then, though Dex knew they did care for each other. But if Robbie ever hoped to be one for them, he couldn't run around in awe of James. He had to make his own way in the world. Joking about his brother's demise was just an ingredient, needed to have others know he wasn't a softie.

"I dunno really", Dex said with a shrug, as if he was caught by surprise and couldn't think of a reason to keep the older Logan around. "Well, no use to prolong the suffering for everyone. I will make a mental note to shoot him when we get back."

He sounded pragmatic. There was no hint of jest, and he held his gaze towards the horizon. Though in his head, he had loads of fun. Robbie really quickened him, made his senses sharper.

"You're brother is actually very good", he said with a more serious tone. "He has a sixth sense when it comes to robbery. I have no idea how his mind works, and I'm sure I don't wanna know. Maybe it's just echoing in there, but he gets the job done. He might just be a lucky sod."

24th Oct 2008, 9:31 PM
Considering Robbie's sarcasms, gibes and general display of disdain or at least annoyance, where his older brother was concerned, as well as James' rather similar conduct towards Robbie, one might get to thinking that there was no love at all between the two brothers. The times filled with insults and bickering back and forth would usually outnumber the times holding signs of affection, ten to one, and even during that one rare occasion, the signs of affection given would usually be quite remote.

And yet, no matter what their behaviour towards one another might lead others to believe, the two did genuinely care for one another. James' heckling comments would often be protectiveness in disguise, since it was obvious that more often than not, Robbie would turn a deaf ear to protectiveness on it's own, plain and simple. And Robbie cared for his brother as well. He looked up to James, despite the man not being one of the most pleasant ones in the vicinity, nor the most honorable, and he wanted to make him proud. With his mother no longer alive, and the man believed to be his father having all but run him out of town, the only family that remained, and whose approval young Robbie would seek, was James. It was only natural. But nothing that Robbie was any more likely to admit, than James was to admit that he cared for his little scoundrel of a brother.

Thus, Robbie's official albeit not completely serious stance, was that James was a nuisance, and indeed ought to be shot.

"I dunno really", Dex replied when the young man voiced said stance, and gave a shrug while looking as though he was giving the question some thought, before concluding; "Well, no use to prolong the suffering for everyone. I will make a mental note to shoot him when we get back."

However, as Dex seemed to be a man to give credit where credit was due, he apparently decided to answer the question for real a few seconds later;

"Your brother is actually very good. He has a sixth sense when it comes to robbery. I have no idea how his mind works, and I'm sure I don't wanna know. Maybe it's just echoing in there, but he gets the job done. He might just be a lucky sod."

Robbie, still unwilling to admit his true feelings for his brother, simply looked at him for a couple of seconds, in what seemed like silent wonderment.
Though as seemed to always be the case with the younger Logan brother, the silence lasted only for so long;

"Wow", he said in mock amazement, his tone of voice ringing with sarcasm at the wide range of possibilities painted by Dex. "You sure must have a good judgement of people. Either a sixth sense, or just plain ol' luck, and either a mind that works, or one that just echoes. My my, you've really got Jimmy pegged, dontcha?"

25th Oct 2008, 11:26 PM
That feeling of being a little in too deep was getting to Scarlett. She knew that Mae was pretty darn far from an easy target for her childish mischief and she knew that Mae’s type of mischief was pretty darn far from childish and so, Scarlett really should have known better than to tick off Mae. Especially so early in the day. Still, she’d done it and now she had to deal with it.

Except, once given something to chew on, Mae was the type who didn’t let go until whatever it was was well and truly chewed up. And problem was that it was Scarlett who was currently stuck as the prey of Mae’s wrath. Most likely, this wasn’t going to end well… unless Scarlett managed to find some saving grace somewhere and God only knew what that would be in Mae’s case.

"Oh, but we should play,” Mae insisted, with a soothing yet chilling smile gracing her full lips. "But I grow tired of your games, since you don't seem to wanna finish them.”

Well. Scarlett was trying to finish them just a moment ago… apparently, the grand finish hadn’t been to Mae’s liking and Mae’s preference weren’t likely to be much to Scarlett’s liking. The only solution was to have one of them cave in and currently, it wasn’t likely to be Mae. Not voluntarily, anyway.

“So I tell you what - you dropped the ball and when I decide to pick it up, you will notice," she offered suddenly, making Scarlett look up at her in surprise. It was a truce and a threat in one and Scarlett knew only few other people who were capable of that sort of thing like Mae was.

"If I decide to do so,” she continued on offhandedly as if it really wasn’t of much concern to her and Scarlett wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or not – because just because Mae didn’t care didn’t mean she wouldn’t do something. "There might be too many choices for me to be able to settle for one. Should I scare you senseless in the middle of the night, or just put salt in your cup of tea? Decisions, decisions..."

And there wasn’t a choice over it at all, not one signified by the drastic fluctuation of the demeanour of Mae’s eyes from malicious to virtuous and again, all Scarlett was left with was the possibility – a very likely one at that – was that Mae would seek revenge, suddenly and swiftly. Though meanwhile, she was going to get everything she can out of just taunting Scarlett and as long as Scarlett kept that game interesting, she could keep Mae at bay.

“You should ask me closer to the time,” she thus answered with a sweet, innocent smile. “I’ll choose and tell you.”

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28th Oct 2008, 3:16 PM
((OOC: I'm back :)! I know it's a short post but I'm trying to work back into the story at the moment. ))

After a break in the days work, Luke decided that he should find Constance and Emmy and see if it was too late to join them. He didn't like breaking promises, especially to his little niece, so it would be best to at least try and track them down. He wondered if Constance had found her friend yet but put this to the back of his mind as he headed off into town.

Once there, he realised that he actually had a little time to spare and so he made his way to the Saloon for a while to kill a time.

28th Oct 2008, 9:33 PM
(((ooc: I'm sorry, FurryPanda, but it's been almost two and a half weeks since I replied to you. If this RP is to keep going, we have to... well, keep it going.)))

Having gotten his point across to sheriff Dawes, finally, and made him do what any sensible man in Morgan's Creek would have done when faced with Gabriel - meaning, back down - Mayor Morgan's right-hand man saw little reason to linger in the Saloon any longer. He had come there for his morning meal and to make sure Scarlett hadn't had any reason to miss his company the previous night, as even though he had made it perfectly clear to everyone that she was off limits, some men still seemed to require his presence in order to actually remember. Both errands had since been taken care of, and both had been to his satisfaction.
Now, add to that the fact that he'd gotten to have that little chat he'd been planning with the sheriff, and there really was nothing more keeping him from getting back to his other duties of making sure things were running smoothly in town, and, more importantly, on Mr Morgan's property.

So, with nothing more to interest him the sheriff, Gabriel straightened his back and turned to leave, tipping his hat at the two still bickering women at the other end of the bar in the process.

"Ladies", he said, before making his way to the swinging doors, and passing through them, out onto the porch.

There he stopped for a moment, letting his gaze sweep the scenery before continuing, mostly out of habit. Noting that everything seemed to be as it should, he then stepped out from underneath the roof, into the sunlight, just as Luke Schumacher, the new owner of his deceased brother's nearby ranch, rounded the corner. However, as Gabriel didn't actually know the man, nor really cared to, he simply gave a curt nod in acknowledgement, leaving it to be interpreted as a greeting if Luke would be so inclined, and then began heading back to Morgan's house.

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29th Oct 2008, 1:18 AM
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# 10 [Afternoon, day #1]

A couple of vultures soared the sky, as if they waited for anyone of the two on the plains to drop dead from the heat. Dex gave them a glanze, then he took off his hat, wiped his forhead with his arm and put it back on. It sure was hot, but it wasn't going to kill them any time soon. But if the birds ever decided to have a go at them, there might be causalities, and dinner for the boys.

"Wow", Robbie said in ridicule. "You sure must have a good judgement of people. Either a sixth sense, or just plain ol' luck, and either a mind that works, or one that just echoes. My my, you've really got Jimmy pegged, dontcha?"

Dex laughed out loud, a good old laugh that would have him smile until christmas. The boy sureley had no fear, and he wouldn't back down if he believed to have a point to make. And, to be able to get a shot at Dex, now that must have been a great joy for the youngster.

"Touché", he said with amusement. "But it proves my point pretty good. You can't peg the bastard, but he really is talented."

Dex put his hand in the right pocket of his coat, and took out a small sheet of paper. He checked it, as he still smiled and shaked his head. Robbie had a good head on his shoulder, and could proove to be even better than his brother.

"Are you planning on being the leader of this gang someday?" he said, and turned his gaze to Robbie.

After all, since the boy joined them, Dex had felt that he could be the start of something great. There was something entirely raw and natural about him, as if the life as an outlaw would grow to be a second nature. He had already becomed accustomed to their ways, bickering with the men as if he wasn't a young boy waiting eagerly to join them for real. At the same time, he had some growing up to do, control his temper and not care so much about what other people were thinking. Dex would do his best to see to it, that Robbie would grow into a great man, that would go his own way and one day not care about a past that would probably haunt him for years to come.

1st Nov 2008, 1:02 AM
Since first joining the gang of outlaws - the term 'joining' being used loosely here, considering he had yet to be treated as one of the guys rather than, in Robbie's own opinion a child - there had been countless times when the younger Logan brother had been told that if his thirst for adventure didn't get him killed before reaching adulthood, his tongue surely would. With his quick wit and complete inability to keep his thoughts to himself, it would seem it was only a matter of time before he'd mouth off to the wrong person. One who, unlike the men he now rode with, would not take his tender age into consideration, and actually kill him. This part of the country was literally crawling with such types, and thus it would seem nothing short of a miracle that such an encounter had yet not happened.

However, try hard as they may to make the young man think twice not only about what he said, but to whom he said it, would always prove to be a futile task, as long as they could not hide their own amusement, or sometimes the annoyance he had intended to cause them. As long as their reactions provided him with even the slightest satisfaction, his sharp tongue would get no closer to ever being intentionally silenced.

This, however, was not to say that they hadn't tried to mask their reactions, as to not give him the satisfaction. Most of them had. Only to discover that it would make him even more determined to get a rise or a laugh out of them. Therefore, most of them were back to showing their appreciation (or whatever other feelings they may experience) of his raillery, knowing they would do neither him nor themselves any favors by keeping it from him.

"Touché", Dex grinned at him after giving an initial rumbling laugh in response to the boy's rather astute observation. "But it proves my point pretty good. You can't peg the b*stard, but he really is talented."

At that, Robbie merely shrugged, though saw to it to shoot Dex a look in the process, which left his message loud and clear; 'I wouldn't know'. After all, since he had never been part of the real action, there was no way he could have seen for himself the talent that Dex claimed his brother had.
He would never pass up an opportunity to remind the others of how 'unjustly' they were treating him in that regard.

"Are you planning on being the leader of this gang someday?" Dex continued, reviewing what Robbie figured was their 'shopping list', and then turned his gaze back to the young man.

To Robbie, who had no way of following the older man's inner musings, it came as a bit of a surprising comment, in that it was so very random. Especially considering, again, the way that they treated him. Judging by that, one might get to thinking the idea of Robbie leading a gang, any gang, would see Hell freeze over before entering their minds.

Robbie's mind, on the other hand, it had already entered, time and time again. Though he had never really imagined it being this particular gang, because if he was to lead a gang, it would be one not consisting of members who seemed unable to take him seriously.
But now that Dex brought it up... It would be the ultimate payback, to prove himself beyond a doubt to be worthy not only of riding with them, but of leading them as well.
That really would be sweet.

"Now there's a thought", the young man said with a contemplative look on his face, as he turned to gaze unseeingly ahead of them, while the scenario started playing out in his mind.

Yes, it really would be sweet indeed.

1st Nov 2008, 11:43 PM

It was the second time that day that the telltale word, thought in exasperation, had entered Gabriel's mind. First when Mae and Scarlett had been taking gibes at one another in what had appeared to be a battle for his attention, and now this! He didn't understand them a few hours ago, and he still didn't. And this time, unlike last, he'd actually tried.
Well, kind of. Upon discovering that a certain woman was not where she was supposed to be, and most of all expected to be, and also that she was not out on a work-related errand, he'd tried to grasp just what in God's name could be more important than her duties.
But, then again, it would only go on to prove that he was right in thinking that women truly did not belong in the working life, outside the house, school and, of course, the saloon. If they just had to work, they should at least stick to something where no one would risk bleeding to death just because they were off having tea and crumptes with the neighbour.
Female doctors... Pft!

Upon leaving the Saloon and returning to his duties at the Morgan's farm nearly an hour ago, Gabriel had mounted his horse and gone for a ride around the premises, to make sure everything was in order. And not a minute too soon, it would turn out, as when riding along the eastern fence, he'd come across a pair of cattle thieves, right in the middle of stealing four calves from Mr Morgan's herd. Being the kind of man who would shoot first and not really ask any questions later, Gabriel had made sure to put a stop to it, and a bullet in one thief's leg. The other, unfortunately, had seen him coming, and had skinned out of there as fast as his horse could carry him. But the first... He was made to squirm in the dirt, bleeding from the gunshot wound in his thigh, while Gabriel calmly drove the calves back to the herd from his horse. Only once that was done, did he return to the cattle thief to tie him up, get him onto the horse that was apparently his, and take him to the "doctor". He would have rather just shot him dead right then and there, but considering sheriff Dawes had started to become somewhat unruly, Gabriel figured it was better not to give him an excuse to get in the way again. After all, with a cattle thief to look after, he'd have something else to do, at least for a little while.

Now, Gabriel had just halted his horse outside of Kate Hilton's clinic, cattle thief and other horse in tow, only to be informed by the young man that was working for her, that she was not yet back from whatever it was that she had spent the day doing.

Indeed; women!

"Well?", Gabriel said after dismounting his horse, and gave the assistant an annoyed, expectant look, as though he was waiting for the young man to do something that ought to be obvious. "Go get her then! And you."

He turned his less than amused gaze briefly to the thief sitting slumped in the saddle, loudly lamenting his injury.

"Quit your whining. You ought to be glad I didn't just leave you there."

With that, and the doctor's assistant setting off to find his employer, Gabriel marched over to the other horse, tore the soon-to-be-patient down from it's back, and shoved him roughly down onto the bench outside the clinic, to wait until the good doctor would choose to grace them with her presence.

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3rd Nov 2008, 5:00 PM
Murphy’s Law. Everyone is familiar with the concept; if anything can go wrong it will. Albeit a rather pessimistic view on the future, it still stood true in most cases, perhaps because of that very pessimism. It seemed to the universe’s duty to make this just a little difficult than they had to be, just to make a person work just a little bit harder than they needed to. Not that Kate particularly minded; most things she worked for were worth working for.

However, one of the less tolerable aspects of Murphy’s Law is it’s propensity to stab you in the back. Today’s example being rather fitting in that aspect. Kate Hilton, the dedicated doctor that she was, seldom left the clinic during the work day, simply because even if patients were not dropping in, there was always work to be done by way of reports and checkups. Today, however, Kate had been somewhat distracted by the Sheriff’s problems and then by the prospect of catching up with Felicity over lunch.

On any other day – all the days during which she’d stayed put – it would have made little difference that she’d discounted the possibility of an emergency. However, today, when she’d decided to take the risk of venturing away from the workplace, the workplace decided to come find her. She was, of course, always prepared for any sort of emergency – and made provisions to ensure that she could be reached, wherever she was – it was simply the utterly atrocious timings that these events seemed to choose.

She’d remained in the back room of the saloon following lunch, simply finding it rude to just up and leave as soon as the meal that Felicity had been kind enough to offer and provide had finished – that was simply bad manners. Therefore, they’d indulged in further friendly chit-chat and Kate simply hadn’t seen the time pass, given the company she was in was that of a very good friend. However, she was sharply reminded of where she needed to be in the form of her young assistant, Paul Jessup, rambling his way into the backroom, having been let in by one of the saloon girls. He would have had a good reason for that.

And he did. Surprisingly enough, Gabriel Callahan had ‘requested’ her presence at the clinic and unsurprisingly enough, the patient who required her interests was not Mr Callahan himself. Kate almost sighed in exasperation; she thought the bloodied mess of patients due to the handiwork of Gabriel would only be tomorrow’s problem. Somehow, he decided to work ahead of schedule. From what Paul could tell her, Kate could look forward to the visage of a young man who’d been shot.

That was exactly what Kate’s pale blue eyes met as she swiftly made her way back to the clinic – one young man bleeding on the bench and added to that was another young man who looked like he couldn’t care less. How very cold-hearted of him to simply stand there and watch someone in pain, while that exact scene made her quicken her pace towards them, quickly gathering up obsidian curls from her shoulders and pinning them at the base of her head, ready for work.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting,” she apologised immediately for her initial absence, in that professional manner, to both men as she rushed over to the man slumped on the bench. “I’m Dr. Hilton, I’m here to help. Could I take a look at that?”

A simple, almost redundant question given that he – he who simply offered the name of Caleb – was bleeding practically on the doorstep of her surgery, but still, it was courtesy to ask for consent before administering treatments; everyone had rights, after all. And he made no fuss of it, simply nodding as he gritted his teeth – but, still the act of asking that question counted towards something. Kate wasn’t one to assume the reactions or actions of people. Most people.

Gabriel Callahan was proving to be an exception. He had quite clearly shot her newest patient and had the audacity to stand there as if it was all too bothersome for him to deal with. To be fair to the man, however, Caleb had most likely been shot whilst Gabriel was acting in the line of duty. That said, it did not excuse his nonchalance over it. Furthermore, upon examining the wound, Kate discovered – apart from the evident blood loss given how drenched in crimson the man’s clothes were – no tourniquet, no attempt to stop the bleeding and she knew enough to know that Mr Callahan hadn’t simply forgotten about it.

Therefore, immediately, for better late than never, she produced a pristinely clean handkerchief from the pocket of her skirt, proceeding to tie it tightly above the wound, to stem the bleeding before she could truly get to work on it, verbally soothing any pain she caused due to her actions, and also shooting Gabriel a rather disappointed glance.

“Paul, take him to the main clinic,” she instructed, pleased that her assistant immediately followed orders and helped up Caleb, practically carrying him inside while Kate turned to Gabriel, taking in a deep breath for the antagonism or downright brick wall she was likely to face before carrying on in a soft yet assured tone; “How did this happen?”

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4th Nov 2008, 2:49 PM
When it came to the rather mysterious and private Gabriel Callahan, what the people in Morgan's Creek knew about him, in general, could be summed up in four points;
One; he was mayor Morgan's right-hand man, and trusted by the same to keep things in town to the mayor's liking. Two; his past - who he was, where he'd come from, and why - was known only to himself, and he never talked about it. Three; getting on his bad side was ill-advised, to say the least, and often led to point number four; he provided the town doctor with enough work for her to have no trouble earning her living. Over the years, he'd come to send a great number of patients her way, mostly with bloody noses, split eyebrows, concussions, and the like. But, there had also been the occasional dislocated joint, fractured limb, cut, or stab or gun shot wound. Not that most of the patients would ever utter a word about who was behind their injuries, for the risk of having to come back again in the near future for something more serious, and not that Gabriel himself would claim the 'credit' for any of them. But, it kind of went without saying. It was one of those things that everyone just knew, and one could always trust the rumour mill to come up with some eyewitness account, or a story of someone having heard 'noises' when passing by what had appeared to be a deserted alley, and thus end up pointing a certain finger in a certain direction.

Gabriel never cared to argue the silent accusations, or even the rare spoken ones. He simply figured, why bother? Fear, regardless of whether or not it was caused by true stories, was a powerful tool, and it did help make his job at least somewhat easier. There would always be dimwits willing to test their luck and go too far, but still, there were those who had learned what was in their best interest, and thus refrained from stirring up trouble when Gabriel was around. Which mostly left Gabriel able to focus on the ones that really needed sorting out.
Like cattle thieves.

Now, Gabriel in no way considered himself a lawman. In fact, to be perfectly honest, he didn't even much care for lawmen, at all. Nor did he really have much of a problem with stealing. So, if the thieves he had just caught redhanded stealing cattle, had been encountered on, say, the Schumacher ranch instead, he wouldn't really have cared beyond making the observation. His job was to keep things the way the mayor liked them, and the Schumacher's loosing a few calves wouldn't have bothered him none. Loosing calves from his own herd, however, would have, and so Gabriel had dealt the situation accordingly. Anyone who tried to steal cattle from Morgan's herd, would find that there was a big risk they'd en up finding themselves shot. And probably dead, too, unless Gabriel could find some other use for them.
Which, in the case of this fairly young man, he had.

Not that it made him anymore interested in easing the man's suffering. If you were stupid enough to try and steal from Morgan, you could bet you'd get what was coming to you. So, while the would-be-thief p*ssed and moaned about his leg, Gabriel simply leaned his shoulder against one of the wooden poles supporting the roof over the porch, casually lighting up a cigarillo while they waited for 'doctor' Hilton to tear herself away from whatever it was that she was doing.

Luckily for her, they didn't have to wait long. Minutes after her assistant had set off to find her, she came hurrying down the road with the young man in tow, while doing up her hair in preparation of an examination and most likely surgery as well. At the sight, Gabriel's posture straightened ever so slightly, in simple recognition of her presence and the fact that it meant that action was soon to be taken.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting", she said, while rushing over to the man on the bench to see to his injury.

But, as it turned out, and in true women's style, not without going through the utterly important process of introducing herself. Yes, God forbid the young man should leave the clinic, either for the jail or the undertaker, without being told who'd helped him there.

"I'm Dr. Hilton", the young woman said. "I'm here to help. Could I take a look at that?"

Was she serious? What did she expect the man to say? 'No, thank you Ma'am, I'm fine, and as soon as I can get up, I'll be on my way"?
Granted, anyone could see she was only being polite, but needless to say, common courtesy was rather lost on Gabriel, in situations like this one. A waste of time it was, and nothing more. So, until she decided to do something that might actually require his help, or even just his attention, Gabriel simply returned to enjoying his smoke, removing it from between his lips only long enough to spit once to rid himself of a few loosened fragments, while completely ignoring the doctor's mollycoddling of her new patient, as well as the disgruntled look that she, for whatever reason, saw fit to shoot Gabriel. Registering them, but ignoring them. It was no secret she didn't approve of his ways, and it was no secret that Gabriel didn't really care what she thought. Though one would think that on some level, she'd be grateful for the business he brought her. But no, apparently that was too mindboggling a fact for her to grasp.

"Paul, take him to the main clinic", Kate instructed her assistant once she was done with the most urgent aspect of her patient's injury, and as the young man did as he was told, she turned to Gabriel, who graced her with a glance, just as he removed the cigarillo from his lips for the last time. "How did this happen?"

That was a question that at first earned her only a deadpan look, that despite it's lack of an expression somehow seemed to convey a silent, critical message of 'Isn't it obvious?'. As a doctor, one would assume she'd have no difficulty seeing the man had been shot, and thus not require for anyone to tell her so, no?
But, alright then.

"He tripped", came his low, husky voice in a tone that sounded almost as deadpan as the the look in his eyes moments earlier had been, and he flicked the last stump of the smoke into the sandy street, before finally turned to fully face her.

Stupid question, stupid answer.

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6th Nov 2008, 5:17 PM
Kate was a professional, that was for sure. Although, even if she’d been any less of a professional, she would have still made an excellent doctor, for that empathetic, caring nature of hers was a primary feature even before she’d entered into her chosen profession. However, despite that nature, being less than professional would have cost her some of her skill and efficiency, for one cannot carry out the task at hand to a high calibre if their minds wandered.

Remaining professional had never really been a problem. She simply asked the right questions, offered the support, drew the right conclusions and administered the right treatment. Of course, whilst practicing in a town where one’s patients were also likely to be one’s friends, things did have a high potential to become awkward, for the doctor had to be told about things that they’d rather not have their friends know. It helped some relationships, it turned others cold. Not that Kate didn’t deem it a worthy sacrifice to make; she was a doctor, that was the foremost point.

However, she was also a person. She had her feelings, her opinions and her reactions – personal reactions rather than how she was supposed to react – to any situation and as with any other person, they would not necessarily correlate with what shouldbe done. However, such as the skill of Kate Hilton that regardless of the difficulty in doing so, she managed to remain very professional.

Gabriel Callahan, as a person, was someone Kate had come to have little respect for. Perhaps not the man himself, but certainly what he did. Of course, any association with him – though even that description was stretching the truth a little far – had naturally begun with the sort of respect that Kate offered everyone upon first meeting them, regardless of their reputation, for she preferred to rely on personal experience first.

And she had in Gabriel’s case. Personal was not entirely the best description for it, but by proxy, his own actions had contributed to too many bloody messes that Kate had to clean up. He seemed to have little regard for anyone but himself, he had no remorse for the damage he caused and furthermore, he refused to learn from his follies. Although, he couldn’t possibly be expected to learn from his follies if he refused to recognise them as such to begin with.

Kate, the philanthropist, had always sought to help people – anyone – regardless of the grievousness of their mistakes for the simple fact that they were people. Everyone was allowed to make mistakes – and some mistakes were harder to forgive than others – but nonetheless, if one could realise what they were doing, there was hope for them. In Gabriel’s case, Kate had seen little opportunity to try and furthermore, there was very little chance of success.

Not only was he disdainful towards his victims – though, this time that she had the experience of him actually accompanying the victim in question to seek medical help rather than letting them wander free to have any fate befall them, with no regard for the degree of their injuries – but he was also disdainful at the disappointment his actions garnered. And an example of such approach played out before Kate in the form of a rather empty look that still took on a condescending tone.

"He tripped,” was the answer he presented her with, in a very unfazed tone that matched his demeanour as he flicked away the remaining stump of his cigarette into the distance, earning himself a brief, vaguely cold glare that had begun to form in Kate’s eyes as their gazes met.

Yes, Kate was a professional. Yes, she had very little trouble remaining professional. And yes, she had personal opinions. While all those three features were excellent on their own, perhaps even when paired, when grouped together and presented with a case such as the dark, mysterious and furthermore exasperating man before her, she did run into problems.

Losing professionalism, however, was not an option and hence, she had two choices at hand; deal with the situation as best she could or get rid of the threat to her calm demeanour. The former option was one that Kate would have chosen, had it not been for the fact that she knew there was very little chance that Gabriel would ever become more pleasant to deal with and in fact, he was likely to worsen if she kept doing what she intended to. Therefore, she simply chose not to deal with him at present.

“How very kind of you to play the good Samaritan, Mr Callahan,” she replied simply, yet genuine, significant appreciation nowhere to be found in her voice for she knew what exactly Caleb’s ‘trip’ had involved and though she did value the fact that Gabriel had brought the boy to her for treatment, she also knew that his actions had not stemmed from the goodness of his heart. “Thank you, that will be all.”

With that, she gave a curt nod and turned to gracefully ascend the small steps into the surgery, ready to get to work.

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7th Nov 2008, 1:14 AM
(((ooc: Okay, seriously guys, where are you all? It's been weeks since you said you were still interested in sticking with the RP, and... well... I'm kind of not getting that feeling, since me, Alissa and Psyche seem to be the only ones actually RPing. I don't mean to push anyone, but... Knowing if it's one way or the other would be nice, instead of just some middle ground vacuum... you know?))

In life, the way Gabriel Callahan saw it, there were two kinds of people; those striving to please others, and those striving to please themselves. The former, a man such as him would, hardly surprising, consider to be a complete and utter waste of time, and often cause the person in question to end up poor and miserable, with little more than troubles lining their days, from the dawning light of morning when they got up, until the night when the sun had set and they went to sleep. Such a hassle, and all for nothing, really. Except maybe a wife to nag you until your ears bled, and a bunch of kids making a joint effort to have your hair turn prematurely white.
No thanks.
It was no life for Gabriel, and he liked the one he lead just fine, thank you very much. He did what he pleased, he took what he wanted, and discarded the rest. And he never apologized for it. He made his choices, just like other people made theirs, and that was all there was to it. Sometimes people appreciated it, sometimes - the good 'doctor' here being what seemed to be a permanent example - they didn't, and when that happened; too bad. Gabriel wasn't the kind of man to answer to anyone. He might do alot of what Morgan wanted him to do, but he never did it because Morgan wanted him to. He did it because he himself benefited from it, and only for as long as it did. Should he ever have a change of heart - well, okay, mind then, since heart wasn't all that involved in Gabriel's doings - he wouldn't hesitate to make that clear. Loyalty between employer and employee was something in which he didn't trust, nor in loyalty between friends; something that past 'friends' had learned the hard way.

Not that anyone currently in Morgan's Creek knew about it, but given the general opinion of Gabriel, it wouldn't be a far-fetched idea to suppose that some were thinking along those very lines, without even knowing how correct they were.

However, that was somewhat beside the point, so, back to the matter at hand; the cattle thief. It was yet another good example of Gabriel doing what he pleased, because he saw something he stood to gain from it. In this particular case, it was the chance of giving that obstinate sheriff Dawes something else to think about beside the loot that was to be taken back to Fairgrove, something that would, hopefully, keep him out of trouble and, more importantly, keep him from causing it as well.
Not that there weren't others that would be quite happy to fill his shoes. Such as the good doctor, currently;

"How very kind of you to play the good Samaritan, Mr Callahan", she said in a tone of voice so dry that it would've made the sand in the street feel damp, clearly not liking his reply any more than he had liked her question. "Thank you, that will be all."

And with that, she turned and lifted her skirts ever so slightly to climb the few steps that would take her into the clinic, apparently somehow having gotten the impression that Gabriel really had taken the young injured man here out of the goodness of his heart - hardly likely - or stupidly thinking that despite Gabriel not only having taken him here, but tied him up as well, that he was somehow willing to let the young man out of his sight. Or maybe she was just trying to get rid of him, since, judging by pretty much her whole demeanor, she really didn't like him very much.
Well, again; too bad. Gabriel wasn't anywhere near letting the cattle thief out of his sight, and risk having him manage to escape.
So think again, lady.

Without a word, he turned as well to follow Kate, putting his hand firmly against the door as she was about to close it, and continuing through it, caring little that his advancing frame all but forced her quickly step aside in order not to be pushed.

9th Nov 2008, 5:27 AM
"You know" Constance said, "We don’t see you often enough… How are things with you?”

Elsie sat and thought for a moment, "things are going pretty well for me, the Inn is keeping busy enough for now" she said with a smile.

The two of them continued setting up the picnic when Emmy came running back hungry and ready to eat. While Constance got her settled down to eat Elsie sat back and started thinking about her trip to Fairgrove.

"You know", Elsie continued, "I took a trip to Fairgrove last week... wow that town is growing."

"Yeah, I noticed you were gone” Constance said. "What had you going there, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Oh, not at all. I was there looking at fabric for new linens, some of the bedding is getting too tattered," Elsie said. "But the bank was held up while I was there, it was almost exciting to see.

Constance’s eyes grew wide at that statement. “You actually saw it?” she asked with an almost stunned disbelief, and then with obvious concern she added, “You weren’t in any danger I hope.”

"No,” Elsie quickly reassured her. “I was down the street when it happened, they got on their horses and left town the other direction.” Then her voice became somewhat wistful as she added, “But can you imagine the lives they live? They go where they want when they want, they've got nothing to keep them in one place for any longer than, well than needed."

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10th Nov 2008, 3:18 PM
Though raised to be lady and thus very much like one always, it would be a mistake to claim that Kate was not accustomed to hostility. Perhaps ‘accustomed’ wasn’t the right word, given that she was far from used to hostility, despite being well aware of it and capable of dealing with it – Kate was not fazed by displays of hostility, nor had she ever been, in all honesty.

However, that in no way was a reflection of Kate’s own behaviour. She did not counteract hostility with matching antagonism – she didn’t sink to that level. Instead, she simply did not let it affect her while she stuck well to her own demeanour. She stood her ground; she didn’t fight fire with fire, nor did she resort to any other forms of aggression, she simply continued to do things her way.

Right now, events presented themselves as another test to her saint-like patience, particularly in the form of a certain Gabriel Callahan. Well, there was another thing to add to the list of his faults that had taken shape in Kate’s mind; audacious discourtesy along with flippancy, intimidation and remorselessness. He was certainly being very cordial as he ignored her obvious hint that she wanted him gone, going as far as to physically impose his presence by barging past her into the clinic.

What on Earth was wrong with this man? Wasn’t shooting someone quite enough for him, he insisted on watching as the damage he caused was beginning to be repaired? Or was he simply doing this because she’d alluded that his presence was neither required nor welcome? Most likely not, given that Gabriel seemed to be a man who cared little for what others thought or wanted.

Kate cared what others thought or wanted, she was considerate enough for that, but however, she was no pushover. She would not cave in to intimidation or hostility or to simply do things someone else’s way because they insisted. Perhaps, if given enough reason, she’d accommodate them, but really, demanding something from Kate Hilton was not the way to get it. And it wasn’t as if Gabriel was demanding permission to be present – in her surgery, while she administered treatment to her patient (though, the patient’s own requests took precedence here) – he was simply taking it.
How very rude.

So, standing her ground, she moved swiftly, faster than his pace, to reach the door to the main clinical room and positioning herself in between Gabriel and the door handle, a very unimpressed expression woven through her porcelain features as she spoke once more with an utterly assured, assertive tone;

“If I haven’t made myself clear, Mr Callahan, I’ll handle things from here. In fact, if you insist on being around, I’d much appreciate it if you wait outside.”

“I’ll have Paul keep you informed,” she then calmly offered, with slight reassurance at her compromise, even if she was vaguely convinced it’d make him far from happy. Though, she didn’t exactly have time to waste, having a patient bleed quite so much, she had to start as soon as possible.

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11th Nov 2008, 4:16 AM
“You actually saw it?” Constance asked in stunned disbelief. Exciting was hardly what she’d have called it. If Elsie was close enough to see the robbery, the outlaws could’ve seen her as a potential witness... Anything could’ve happened. “You weren’t in any danger I hope.”

She was relieved to hear that Elsie hadn’t been in any real danger, but then she was taken by surprise by the wistfulness in the other woman’s voice as she said, “But can you imagine the lives they live? They go where they want when they want, they've got nothing to keep them in one place for any longer than, well than needed."

For a moment Constance was so shocked that all she could do was look at her friend as though she was off her rocker. “Are you serious?” She asked once she regained her thoughts. “They don’t stay in one place any longer than needed to either steal or murder...” She trailed off as she heard the sourness in her voice, so she softened her tone and with an apologetic look she added, “I’m sorry, but theirs is hardly a life to be admired.”

12th Nov 2008, 12:58 AM
# 8 [Afternoon, day #1]

Mae wasn't an evil girl to the core, she just didn't trust people. She'd rather live on the surface and be happy, than to try and get something deeper out of life and end up heartbroken. And despite not having lived for too long, she had practiced that philosophy for what felt like ages. It worked like a charm, and though she might be missing out on true friends and even true love, it didn't bother her. Mae always took care of number one.

She found joy in the little things. It may not be a beautiful flower on the side of the road, or the colours portrayed in the sky during a sunset. Instead, she took great pleasure in manipulation, and small arguments that really didn't mean much in the grand scheme of it all, but were fun while they lasted. Like the one she now had with Scarlett. It was pure amusement, to watch the younger one try to worm her way out of their conversation.

"You should ask me closer to the time", Scarlett said, playing her 'nice girl routine'. "I'll choose and tell you."

This was more like it. Mae was almost impressed. It lacked real intelligence, but it was simple and clever none the less. It was anything but what she had expected, and in Mae's world it was considered a challenge. She had to be careful not to underestimate Scarlett. The little rascal could proove herself to be a worthy opponent, and that would really spoil the fun.

However, their little stand off started to wear Mae down. As time passed, the comebacks would become less and less snappy, and she couldn't have that. It wasn't how she played, and she didn't let others play her that way, if she could help it.

"A likely scenario", she said, openly sarcastic. "You must know me better than I know myself."

She flicked open her fan, across her chest, and looked as if she was about give up.


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12th Nov 2008, 3:28 AM
# 11 [Afternoon, day #1]

For an outlaw, everything was not high deception. There were the occasionally legal transactions. It would be too much of an ordeal to actually steal every item listed on the sheet of paper in Dex's hand. It was so much easier to just go to the stores and buy them. After all, Dex wasn't a petty thief, it was beneath him. If it wasn't a horse or a big load of money in a bank, it just wasn't worth it.

Dex had been in gangs with different ways to go about things. There were the hotheads, who planned nothing and often got the short end of the deal as a result. He had also been riding with complete morons, and when they had proven that fact, he left them before he got busted as well. The ones he prefered were the kind of gang he rode with now, those who were smart enough to realize they always needed a good plan. Organized outlaws were a real menace to society, and it was the only way if you wanted to escape the gallows. Of course, it didn't mean you couldn't take chances or simply wing it. However, a smart man didn't improvise himself into the hands of a lynch mob.

"Now there's a thought", Robbie said in contemplation of Dex's suggestion.

It seemed as if the boy took the question as seriously as it had been meant, and it pleased Dex. He had no intention of teasing the boy with what he probably wanted the most. If not exactly that, it would be something similar. Dex knew Robbie wouldn't settle for the position as the underdog of the gang. And honestly, Dex could hardly wait to see the younger generation in action. He wanted to see what Robbie would do, how he would handle himself. If they met trouble, how would the boy react? To most people, even outlaws, it might be thought of as inconsiderate. But Dex saw something in Robbie that he had not seen anywhere else. A little of his younger self.

A moment of silence passed. Both of them had their gazes turned towards the town that had appeared in the horizon; Morgan's Creek. It was time to be serious for real. Anyone could be out and about, and though Dex didn't have an easily recognized face, Robbie had a history with some of the folks. There was a sheriff, random trigger happy people and... Morgan's men.

"This is your half", Dex said, ripped the paper in two, and handed Robbie one piece. "What ever you do, don't forget the rope. I dunno what it's for, but we always end up needing rope. If for nothing else, I could use it to string up Callahan. He'd look good in a tree. Though he'd look even better dragged behind back to camp. We could roast him for dinner."

Dex seemed dead serious, despite his last comment. And he was. He loathed Callahan, but he wasn't afraid of him. The man demanded respect, but not so much it got too serious. The day Dex couldn't joke about Callahan, was the day it was time to cash in.

"I miss a good hanging", he said, almost as if he dreamed himself back to the 'good old days'.

A "good" hanging was that of a man who really deserved it, and Dex could think of no one more deserving than Gabriel Callahan.

"I think we should split up", he continued. "We can meet by the blacksmith."


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12th Nov 2008, 9:22 PM
Most people knew better than to get in the way of Gabriel, or to annoy him somehow. They really did. And those who did not, were usually ones having forgotten why they shouldn't do it, due to having had one whiskey too many, or they had yet to become 'acquainted' with Gabriel and his ways. Or, at very least, his henchmen. For while Gabriel seemed to prefer to see to it that things were properly done, and knowing that the only way to make sure that they were, was to do it himself, there were things of lesser importance that he would send some of Morgan's other men to do, from time to time.

This, however, was not one of them, and Kate Hilton, M.D., most certainly did not appear to be one of those who had learned that you really were better off not getting on Gabriel's bad side. Despite being perfectly sober (well, hopefully. She had apparently spent quite a while at the Saloon this morning), and despite having dealt with Gabriel, and more importantly, his victims before. She still seemed to be rather oblivious to the fact that Gabriel could very well think of several ways to make life in Morgan's Creek very difficult for her. Without even making it obvious that he was behind it. For while kindness and patience with other people might not be virtues of his, ingenuity and the ability to put it to cruel use were.
So, for a woman who clearly considered herself to have a mind astute enough for her to make it as a doctor, she sure wasn't acting like one that truly had one.

Realizing he clearly had no intention of taking a hint and staying outside, or even take his leave of the clinic, she scurried ahead of him to place herself infront of the door leading into the clinical room to which her assistant had helped Caleb, and thus block Gabriel's path. As if she thought it'd somehow improve her chance of success, compared to when she'd just tried to shut the door in his face.
For the third time today; women!

"If I haven't made myself clear, Mr Callahan", she said, her pretty features donning the same not-so-amused expression that would have graced Gabriel's face, had he shown any emotion, "...I'll handle things from here. In fact, if you insist on being around, I'd much appreciate it if you wait outside. I'll have Paul keep you informed."

For the last sentence, however, she took on a slightly more rational tone of voice, clearly considering it a generous gesture on her part, and one that she seemed to mistakingly think would somehow please Gabriel enough to relent and back down.
Would it?

With a plan for cattle rustling Caleb in there, Gabriel was no closer to letting the man out of his sight for more than these past couple of seconds. Young, aggravatingly stubborn woman in the way, or not.

"And let you give him the opportunity to escape, one way or another?" he said darkly, but stopped infront of her, his tone of voice suggesting that he saw everything from her letting Caleb go willingly, or even assisting him to escape, to Caleb managing to do it against her best efforts, as a possibility. "I think not, Miss Hilton."

And although he did call her 'Miss', making his statement sound almost cordial - well, if one knew Gabriel, that is - it did still carry the faint hint of a possible, subtle insult, in the form of his unwillingness to acknowledge her as deserving of her work title. No 'doctor Hilton', not even just plain 'doctor', but simply 'Miss Hilton'.

"He's a cattle thief who'll be taken to the sheriff as soon as you're done, and I doubt very much that my presence will somehow affect his health."

That said, he then straightened his back somewhat, and the look in his eyes turned slightly challenging.

"Unless of course it unsettles you enough to make some fatal error?" he added suggestively.

13th Nov 2008, 9:15 PM
There was always that point at which Scarlett – who usually remained voluntarily ignorant about most things in life – would notice things that other people would not. Whether it was a gift or cure was never sure… or just fair chance, really. After all, after missing all the other things that a lesser able person would have caught onto – because Scarlett was quite a bright girl, when she realised that she had a brain that could be put to use every now and again – she would catch onto something that everyone else would have never thought of. It always managed to put her one step ahead of the game – for a while.

With Mae, Scarlett hadn’t actually managed to accept that the older woman was actually rather a danger to her. While the other girls knew enough – or were afraid enough – to walk around on eggshells if Mae ever unleashed her sharp tongue on then, and some even without because they learned from experience, Scarlett, as carefree as ever, would jump in regardless of what the consequences were. And this morning was a prime example of her reckless behaviour, and Mae was still far from having her anger satiated.

"A likely scenario,” Mae replied with thick sarcasm at Scarlett’s suggestion, soon flicking her fan open in boredom. "You must know me better than I know myself."

See, what most people didn’t care in Mae’s case, Scarlett had immediately caught onto. She had no history. And where there appeared to be no history, there were very many things to be worried about. Despite her age, Mae was one of the best Saloon girls and it wasn’t simply through natural talent – of which she had plenty. Mae had had a vast history of doing this and this wasn’t all that she did, that was for sure, because the threats always carried with them the undercurrent of realism. Whilst the other girls were spooked simply because they were threatened, Scarlett saw that there was a part of Mae that was entirely capable of doing what she threatened.

Mae was hiding something and it was bad and not the way the other girls saw it; it was likely to be something criminally bad because Mae had that sort of darkness about her.

“I’m sure neither of us want that,” Scarlett thus fished slightly, making the statement as offhanded as she could have possibly made it.

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13th Nov 2008, 9:59 PM
There were many things assumed about the darkhaired young woman that the thinkers often found themselves reconsidering. It was often a chauvinistic insult to assume that she either didn’t know much or couldn’t do much or even that she was just on the dim side. Most of the time, Kate cared little, for they were welcome to think what they wanted, it did not concern her and she did not seek their approval. However, every once in a while, it would become obstructive to her actually doing the job that they often thought she was incapable of doing.

Such as now, in the case of Gabriel Callahan. It was clear to Kate from the beginning that he thought very little about her and it bothered her very little, for two reasons; as with everyone, her security did not hinge on his approval and because he showed the same kind of derision for everyone else in the town and therefore, it was far from person and it was far from fixable. However, while it did not concern her beforehand, it was now developing into a problem.

"And let you give him the opportunity to escape, one way or another?" he asked, yet seemingly not expecting an answer. Kate certainly did not care for the insinuations that his voice carried, as if she’d assist a criminal’s escape. Surely, he knew she was more professional than that – though, that had little to do with professional obligations rather than moral standing. She simply treated their injuries and saw to it that they were nursed back to good health, she did not interfere with the basics of law enforcement. Not that Gabriel was anything to do with the law. "I think not, Miss Hilton."

And there it was; utter clarity that he had absolutely neither faith nor respect in her professional capabilities, let alone Kate herself. Though, she did have to wonder whether that was the result of the typical need for male dominance in everything or whether he actually had something personal against her.

"He's a cattle thief who'll be taken to the sheriff as soon as you're done,” he actually went on to give her an explanation for his insistence, to which Kate coldly raised her eyebrows in distant interest. “And I doubt very much that my presence will somehow affect his health."

Oh, really? Kate knew from personal experience that Gabriel Callahan’s presence had a detrimental effect on several people’s health and wellbeing. Besides, even if did keep himself to himself – which he would hopefully have the decorum to do in her surgery of all places – Caleb was very unlikely to be forthcoming about himself – his background and health – whilst in the company of the man who’s shot him. Honestly, was it that difficult to see?

"Unless of course it unsettles you enough to make some fatal error?" he challenged, pulling himself to his full height as if it was some sort of explanation for her reluctance that she felt uncomfortable around him – she most certainly did not – and thus received less than impressed scoff as a reply. She was not intimidated by him in the slightest; she’d seen worse and if he thought this cheap trick would work, he had another thing coming.

Well, he would have had she had the time to spare for it. Right now, her foremost priority was the patient’s physical health and it took precedence over his mental assurance, given that he had to be alive in order to actually feel anything. Thus, while Kate could stand here and argue and make her stand against Gabriel, she had more important obligations that she simply could not ignore. And hence, the situation was most reluctantly resolved by Kate’s ability to recognise that a battle was not worth fighting. However, it was not defeat and it certainly did not come without Kate having the last word;

“What do you think he’s going to do?” she asked, defiantly meeting his intense gaze. “Run away?”

With that, she simply turned and opened the door, fluidly entering the room and picking out two sterile gloves from the glove box that she’d stationed right beside the door and proceeding to slide her slender hands into them while she walked over to her patient.

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15th Nov 2008, 3:05 AM
To Gabriel, as to most people, what constituted a fairly intelligent person was someone who knew instinctively which lines and what people not to cross; with whom you can afford to let your guard down, and with whom you're better off keeping on your toes; whom you should simply respect, and whom you really ought to fear. Around Gabriel, most 'normal' people did tend to flash at least parts of that ability, because even during a first meeting with the man, most would get the feeling that he was one that they'd rather not get on the wrong side of. The expression that made his face seem as though it had been carved in stone, and the near complete lack of emotion in his eyes had many thinking that there walked a man with no conscience.
And they wouldn't be entirely wrong.

Though some had him wrongly pegged as a loose cannon, simply because they found him to be rather unpredictable. Predictable in that you could bet your bottom that annoying him would turn out to be a bad move, but unpredictable in that you could never tell just how much you would be made to suffer for it if you did. But really, the consequences had little to do with him being a loose cannon, because a loose cannon would often go off for no reason at all, and loose control of their actions. Gabriel never did. He always had a reason, and he was always in perfect control of what he did. What he did, he did not with raging adrenaline and unbridled enthusiasm, but with cool calculation. And that was part of what made him dangerous; he didn't get carried away, and act on careless whims. He didn't make mistakes born out of the heat of the moment, only to regret them later. When he threw a punch, or fired his gun, regardless of whether the target was someone's leg or someone's heart, he knew perfectly well what he was doing, he knew why, and he knew the consequences. And he did it anyway.
It was why most were afraid of him. And it was why everyone had good reason to be.

That, in turn, meant he'd rarely had a reason to play the game of intimidation, had he been so inclinded. Which he wasn't. His mere presence and the look in his eyes were often omnious enough on their own, without him having to make an actual effort for them to be, and the few times they didn't do the trick, he either pointed out what situation his opponent were getting themselves into, as had been the case with sheriff Dawes this morning, or, if the mood hit him, he threw them a comment with an edge, meant to provoke. As had been the case now. And it seemed to do the trick.
In a way.

"What do you think he's going to do?", Kate tried to challenge right back, attempting to insult his intelligence, but, the way Gabriel saw it, ending up insulting only her own. "Run away?"

However, having said that, she then turned and opened the door behind her to enter the clinical room where Caleb and her assistant were waiting. Much like he'd actually expect a woman to do; hellbent on having the last word, she'd try to walk away before he got a chance to retort. Sadly, in the case of Gabriel, he was never really left neither dumbfounded nor too indignant to muster a reply, and so as he followed her into the room, he simply retorted by stating what to him was the bleeding obvious;

"I shot him in the leg, Miss Hilton, not in the head. One doesn't need the ability to run to take a pretty little thing such as yourself hostage, and I'm sure you're no more interested in being dragged out into the scorching plains by him than I am in having to go after him for it."

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15th Nov 2008, 7:26 PM
Morgan's Creek. It had been quite a while since Robbie had last set foot in his hometown. Him and the others hadn't been in the area for all that long, and the few times that some of them had gone into town for supplies or a 'good time' as they called it, Robbie had mostly stayed in the camp. At first, it had been officially because the others had told him to stay behind and keep an eye on things in the camp, but inofficially because the young man didn't really have very many fond memories of his life there. There were a few, sure, but the older he'd gotten, the fewer they had become.

However, those were reasons that had kept him feeling quite content staying at the camp only for the first couple of times. Every time the others had returned, they were full of laughs and anecdotes about what they had been doing and what had happened in town, and naturally it rubbed off on Robbie, who started growing more and more eager to get to go with them. As an increasingly hormone driven teenager, the older guys' stories of whiskey and women fanned the tiny flames of curiousity that Robbie had held in his heart, into a raging fire, and before long, he couldn't wait to experience it all first hand.

Sadly, the others weren't really in agreement on that one, and so young Robbie still had yet to actually get to do it. Though that didn't mean he hadn't been making plans and preparations, to see to it that if the others didn't give him the chance to make it happen, he would create the opportunity himself. And part of it had arisen this morning, when before everyone else woke up, Robbie had managed to help himself to a few dollar bills from the saddle bag on James' horse. Before then, all he'd been able to do, was to wait for the others to disappear away from camp long enough for Robbie to be able to make it into Morgan's Creek, do his thing, and then return to camp before the others did, and, if he failed at doing so, think up various excuses regarding why he'd been missing from the camp.

Now, however, he didn't need all those excuses, nor did he have to sneak away, because just like the opportunity to acquire a bit of money had presented itself this morning, so did the opportunity to head in to town for perfectly legit reasons, when Dex had suggested that Robbie would accompany him in there in order to get some supplies.
It was perfect. And made even more so by Dex yet again, when the man ripped the 'shopping list' in two and suggested that they'd split up.

"This is your half", he said while handing Robbie his part of the list. "What ever you do, don't forget the rope. I dunno what it's for, but we always end up needing rope. If for nothing else, I could use it to string up Callahan. He'd look good in a tree. Though he'd look even better dragged behind back to camp. We could roast him for dinner."

There he paused, only for a moment or two, while Robbie frowned at the very thought of Gabriel Callahan; a man that hadn't exactly made life any easier for Dex, and most certainly not for Robbie either. Though while Dex seemed to have no problem joking about it, Robbie had to admit that the idea of going up against Callahan in any way, shape or form, really didn't appeal to him. He'd seen what the man was capable of, he'd even experienced some of it personally, and he knew well that the only codes that Gabriel would adhere to were his own.
So, as much of a relief that it might be to get to see the man hung, Robbie would much prefer not to cross paths with him at all, ever again.

"I miss a good hanging", Dex added, sounding almost sentimental, before changing the topic back to the actual matter at hand; "I think we should split up. We can meet by the blacksmith."

At that, Robbie gave a simple nod, thankful to be interrupted in his most reluctant trip down memory lane, and flashbacks from a certain nasty and close encounter with Gabriel behind the sheriff's office, ironically, in particular.

It really was perfect, Dex's plan. Robbie wouldn't even have to think of an excuse to get to wander off on his own for a bit, so that he could sneak into the Saloon. All he'd have to do was to make sure Dex was off somewhere else doing whatever, and would be nowhere near the Saloon to even accidently happen to see Robbie go in. Splendid.

"Alright", the young man said while reviewing his part of the list, and then craned his neck to try and see what Dex's part said. "What are you getting?"

If he knew what was on the older man's part of the list, he'd be able to figure out where he would go, and thus be better equipped to avoid being seen by him.

15th Nov 2008, 8:24 PM
There were many things Kate would tolerate just as long as they didn’t interfere directly or overtly with her life. She was expected to be little more than the prim and proper young lady who knew little but embroidery and despite the fact that Kate was so much more, she didn’t go out of her way to contest that expectation any more than her actual existence actually did. She was oddly expected to be some fragile flower, and when that theory was put to the test, Kate was swiftly proven to be more than capable of looking after herself.

However, the tolerance was kept well intact until the theory was proven wrong. That itself took very little effort simply because they were outright wrong and when they were proved wrong, that would be the end of the matter and Kate would have been largely unaffected by any of it every step of the way. It was all as simple as that and thus, a lot of Kate’s tolerance rose not only from her nature but also from the fact that she could see the progression of events.

Right now, the scenario was not one that adhered to those past experiences. For Gabriel was unlikely to realise or accept – well, he probably had done both, he simply refused to care – that she really did not need nor want him there. And when that was made clear to him, he simply contested the matter by insisting that he did have to be there despite the distinct lack of logical reasons that suggested that his presence should even be remotely welcome. There was very little chance that this would resolve itself.

Furthermore, having him there while she strongly did not want him there was also detrimental to her work in so many ways. Aside from putting Caleb on the defensive by having his attacker possibly relish the pain he sustained during treatment, how exactly was her patient meant to trust her while it seemed that she couldn’t even exert authority in her own domain? Not to say that Kate couldn’t stand her ground by brining law enforcement into it, or using Paul – who despite severe reservations would have to cave in to duty – or even refusing to administer treatment until Gabriel left, but all that came at the opportunity cost of the patient. And some things were more important to Kate than others; and so, swallowing pride to safeguard someone else’s wellbeing wasn’t that much of a problem.

It certainly did not mean that she had to like it in the slightest… and nor did it mean that Gabriel was going to make it any easier for her now that he’d seemed to have gotten what he wanted.

"I shot him in the leg, Miss Hilton, not in the head,” he continued the sustained aggravation upon entering the clinic after her and Kate barely set her jaw in response, not turning to him to further entertain his hostile demeanour. “One doesn't need the ability to run to take a pretty little thing such as yourself hostage.”

That did make her turn to him, giving a small scoff in the process. How dare he? Fine, he didn’t have to acknowledge her professional capacity – she needed no reassurance from him – but he certainly had no right to be patronising and downright demeaning. Honestly, what she was now incapable of looking after herself? Really? He really thought Caleb, a mere cattle thief, was the most dangerous criminal she’d treated? And what did Gabriel think Paul’s role in all of this was supposed to be? And what was Caleb supposed to do once he’d taken her hostage? Again, it was not like he was able to go anywhere.
And really, out of everyone in the room, who was more likely to be the one wielding the sharp objects?

“And I'm sure you're no more interested in being dragged out into the scorching plains by him than I am in having to go after him for it,” Gabriel carried on.

Well, then, given that he was so eager to defend her safety and she was clearly in such dire danger, she’d best keep him here, of course.
Though, he was being far too offensive for Kate to actually let him get away with it and hence, stepping back towards him, she made her reply in a soft voice, yet with complete coldness, to spare Paul and Caleb the face of her own growing hostility.

“Your willingness to shoot him in the head alone should deter him from that,” she replied, illustrating that she and Caleb both knew that Gabriel’s predilection to shoot the boy in the head remained unchanged whether or not he had Kate hostage, thus, Caleb was never really going to try anything anyway. “And thank you for your concern, Mr Callahan, but I’m more than capable of dealing with such possibilities and events myself.”

With that, she walked further into the room, picking up the bottles of the chemicals that she needed and moving to the section with the gurney, where Paul stood beside Caleb as he lay on the gurney. Placing the bottles on the stand, she then turned back to face Gabriel.

“Excuse me,” she said with a polite smile that was only in place to show that she was more well-mannered than him, before she drew the curtains separating her alcove from the door by which he stood, for privacy before she began treatment, starting to cut away the cloth of trouser leg, above the wound. Gabriel had his way – he stood by the door, in the room, but he had no means of keeping his intimidating watch on Caleb and that lessened Kate’s irritation.

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16th Nov 2008, 12:02 AM
Gabriel didn't very often compromise. He didn't have to. Especially not these days, as he was rarely called upon to even try. Because really, who in their right mind would think to actually suggest to him such a thing? Most people had learned their lesson already, which was that with Gabriel Callahan, there were two ways of doing things; either the easy way, meaning his way, or the hard way, meaning his way, with a side dish of unpleasantness of some kind, whether it was pain, blackmail or simple intimidation. There never really did seem to be much of an alternative, and the sooner you learned, the better off you were.

Yet, there still were those who insisted on trying to make him compromise, even when they had to know they were destined to fail. Kate Hilton was proving herself over and over again, to be one of those very people. First she'd tried to keep him out of the clinic altogether, then she'd tried to keep him out of the room to which Caleb had been brought, and now, despite Gabriel having made it quite clear that he intended to keep his eyes on Caleb during the examination and the surgery, she saw fit to block his line of vision by drawing the curtains around the bed, and in doing so completely defeating the purpose of Gabriel's presence in the first place. Though truth be told, Gabriel suspected her reluctance to realize that a man such as Caleb didn't need all that much to be able to take advantage of the situation - now made even twice as easy because of her pride and arrogance ('more than capable of dealing with such possibilities and events herself' his *ss!) - had more to do with the fact that Gabriel didn't come seeking her help, hat in hand, but rather saw to it to stay in control of the situation, despite her desperately yearning for it. Silly woman, what did she think this was? A game?

"Excuse me", she'd said while shooting him a rather stiff and cool smile, just like women tended to do when wanting to make a point of being highly displeased, but not wanting to make a scene.

Or so they'd tell themselves, because in most cases, they really did want a scene, but simply didn't want anyone to be able to accuse them of starting it. And if they didn't get a scene, they'd either be furious and throw a tantrum, or they would sulk and be snappy about it for a day or two.
And so, yes, Gabriel would give her that; she was acting very much like a true lady. Which was also why, to him, she wasn't acting anything like a real doctor. A real doctor would've gotten to work straight away, and not made such a fuss over Gabriel's being there. Especially not after he had explained that the patient in question was a horse thief, who might risk getting hung for his crime, and thus might figure he had very little to loose in trying to escape.
But no. Miss Hilton here would rather waste all their time being difficult.

Sadly, for her, Gabriel would have none of it. If she was incapable of providing the paying customer - which would be Gabriel - with what he desired, there were other ways of making sure that Caleb, the man for whom Gabriel had a purpose neither Caleb himself nor Kate knew about, survived long enough to serve said purpose.

"Alright, that's it", he said sharply, his tone of voice revealing beyond a doubt how his patience with her was now dangling by a single thread, while he left his spot by the door and stalked firmly across the floor.

Upon reaching the alcove he pulled the curtains open, and shot both Caleb and Paul a warning glare that froze their movements, before turning his darkening eyes onto Kate.

"I thought I made myself clear already", came his low, husky and currently ill-bodingly rumbling voice, "... but since I was obviously mistaken, let me put it in terms you'll hopefully understand; you treat him under my surveillance, or we shall have to find someone else who's not as inept at doing so."

Now, she might be the only 'doctor' in town, but she wasn't the only one in Morgan's Creek who'd ever tended to a gunshot wound.

16th Nov 2008, 6:51 PM
Kate Hilton was not difficult. She was a lot of things, but difficult was not one of them. In fact, she was very reasonable, she was willing to negotiate and compromise so that not only she could be the one who remains happy in every situation that she was in. In fact, there were certain situations within which Kate would actually have the good heart to forgo her own happiness in order to secure that of someone else, someone less able than her.

That characteristic clearly didn’t apply to everyone currently in her company. A certain Gabriel Callahan was the exact opposite of everything Kate was. She was ethical; he seemed to be grandly unaware of the concept. She care about everyone else, he only cared about himself. She was willing to compromise, he wanted things his way or the highway, regardless of the wellbeing of everyone else. Thus, when push had come to shove, Kate had shoved back, because she refused to be bullied.

And it wasn’t just that – she couldn’t let him bully her. Honestly, for someone to trust her with their life, there had to be a certain degree of faith in her ability to control what was going on – and Gabriel was currently undermining that entire illusion. Oh, yes, she could do the stitches while he glared at everyone in the room, but when it came to the follow up treatment – if Gabriel permitted follow up treatment – Caleb wasn’t going to listen to a single thing she advised. It was a gunshot wound – stitching it up wasn’t the end of the problem.

And it was working, for Caleb seemed a lot more at ease once she’d closed off Gabriel’s visual access to the situation, he probably felt a lot safer. Kate couldn’t really blame him for that, even if he was a cattle thief. And while he was a cattle thief, her job was to treat him without discrimination and that would be exactly what she’d do. So, she was as gracious and gentle as with any other patient, causing as little pain as possible when she administered the local anaesthetic and then when she removed the tourniquet she’d placed earlier, replacing it with something more efficient and sterile.

But apparently, both her and Caleb’s comforts were soon to be disturbed by a less than impressed Gabriel.

"Alright, that's it,” she heard his acidic tone of voice cut through the curtains as she poured antiseptic onto the cotton cloth she held in her hands, her jaw setting in irritation as she heard the footsteps of his approaching frame. She could imagine what was to come and hence, she didn’t bother to turn around and face him as he forcefully pulled the curtains aside, only registering the suddenly petrified looks on Caleb and Paul’s faces, before she moved to break Paul out of his apparent trance by forcing him to concentrate on his duty, giving him the bottle of antiseptic and the wound cleansing cloths to hold, before moving gracefully towards Caleb and only then – casually – meeting Gabriel’s ominous gaze at her own discretion.

"I thought I made myself clear already,” he glowered at her with that demeanour that was starting to have little effect on Kate – the man was a bully, she wouldn’t cave it and give him the satisfaction of intimidating her. "... But since I was obviously mistaken, let me put it in terms you'll hopefully understand.”

Oh, she understood him clearly, she just didn’t agree with him. But, that didn’t seem to occur to him and thus, it didn’t stop him from elaborating on his stance;

”You treat him under my surveillance, or we shall have to find someone else who's not as inept at doing so."

Inept, was she? She’d quite like to see him deal with half the mess he sent her way – honestly, who did he think he was? Now while Kate had never entered the profession for the sake of money, she did see it as a duty to not abandon something just because it got difficult. She’d taken Caleb into her care at the first instance and thus, by her nature, she couldn’t abandon him back into Gabriel’s ‘care’. Furthermore, she’d seen some of the work that the ‘someone else who’s not as inept’ managed and while sometimes it worked, it was far from advisable and she wasn’t going to subject her patient to that.

“You can keep your surveillance from over there, Mr Callahan,” she pointed out calmly and coldly as her pale blue eyes flicked momentarily towards the door, now refusing to show him any reaction at all, before turning back to Caleb and starting to clean away the blood and debris around the wound. Well, now that she had the spectator, she might as well make use of him and thus, she asked a question pertaining to why he was here in the first place. “What sort of bullet did you use?”

Because for a wound to heal properly, the obstruction had to be removed and hence, she needed to know what sort of ammunition he used; pellets, hollow-points or something that remained more intact? And there was the smallest upturn of her lips at how she’d managed to deal with a bad situation; he could intimidate everyone all he wanted, if she didn’t give him a reaction to his childish demands, she was clearly the one in control.

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17th Nov 2008, 2:06 AM
To say that Gabriel Callahan was a nice man, would be quite a vast overstatement. He knew it, most citizens of Morgan's Creek and the people of his past knew it, and currently, had Kate Hilton against all odds not already known it, she would now. During the few minutes they had now been in eachother's company, they had yet to see eye to eye on even the smallest matter. It seemed that no matter what was the issue, their opinions differed. Gabriel considered shooting Caleb to just be part of his job; Kate clearly didn't agree. She had preferred to have Gabriel wait outside the clinic, partly in order to be able to establish a trust with her patient; Gabriel had obviously not deemed such a thing necessary. He had wanted to make sure that Caleb didn't try anything, since it was obvious that with a possible hanging waiting, he had little to loose by trying to escape; Kate insisted that she was perfectly capable of seeing to it that nothing of the sort happened.
Indeed, regardless of the matter, they seemed destined to disagree, because Kate's priorities had to do with her job and Caleb's well-being, and Gabriel's had only to do with himself. He had made it clear to any and everyone in town, that he safeguarded his own interests, and currently by default that meant Morgan's as well, and that was it.

However, to say that Gabriel was an evil man, would be an overstatement as well. No one is ever born evil, and just as is the case with everyone else, everything that Gabriel was had an explanation. If he cared only about himself, it was because he had been taught to do so.
The thing was, since no one in Morgan's Creek knew about his past, few took such factors into consideration, and saw only what was infront of them; a man without scruples, and without conscience. Though, one really couldn't blame them, for another thing that Gabriel had made clear to everyone was that he didn't appreciate people putting their noses into his business, and since most of them valued their health far more than they did knowledge about his background, questions about it were no longer asked. At least not to his face. They all just went about viewing him as a 'bad', dangerous man, and the only thing that bothered him about it, was when someone decided to try and grow a spine, and stand up to him, just for the sake of it, sometimes over what to them really ought to be rather irrelevant (well, in Gabriel's eyes, that is).

Such as now. For what reason could Kate possibly have, other than that obvious aversion she harboured for him, to insist on making things far more difficult then they had to be, when if she was truly a doctor, she should have no problem whatsoever treating a patient, regardless of whether there were two other people present, or three?
None, as far as Gabriel could see.

Luckily for her, however, it seemed that this time, his words finally did get through to her, and she relented.
In a manner of speaking.

"You can keep your surveillance from over there, Mr Callahan", she said, while glancing suggestively at the door to make her point, clearly refusing to admit defeat in any way, even though she had been forced to back down.

Which was fine, since what Gabriel had been set on was to be present and keep a watchful eye on Caleb, regardless of where in the room he'd be doing it from. In fact, he'd intended to stay by the door in the first place, until Kate herself had seen to it that actually no, he couldn't keep his surveillance from there. Though she seemed to have conveniently forgotten about that now, hadn't she?
However, Gabriel didn't bother to remind her of that fact, since he was getting quite sick of her bickering. Instead, he simply returned to his original spot by the door and sat down on a nearby chair, stretching out his long legs infront of him, and crossing one casually over the other to get fairly comfortable while waiting.
See? They may not like eachother very much, but if only she was reasonable, then he was willing to be reasonable as well. Because, while he didn't actually compromise, accommodating him usually would make him slightly more pleasant to be dealing with.

"What sort of bullet did you use?" Kate then suddenly asked as she went about preparing to remove the one currently lodged in Caleb's thigh.

Incidently, Gabriel was just in the process of retrieving another from the gun belt fastened around his narrow hips, in order to replace the one empty casing in the cylinder of the revolver he'd used for shooting Caleb. But, as he figured that since Kate was hardly the gun slinging type, she wouldn't have a clue what he was talking about if he simply answered her question by offering her the calibre and the name of the bullet, he therefore gave a small, penetrating whistle to catch Paul's attention and tossed him the bullet, since Kate herself didn't bother to turn to recieve his reply.

"That", he said, while retrieving yet another from his belt. "Doesn't cause too much damage, but it gets the job done."

18th Nov 2008, 1:18 AM
# 9 [Afternoon, day #1]

Though not a smoker, Mae could sometimes long for a cigarette. Something about it seemed so thrilling. And when smoked with a long holder, it appeared elegant and luxurious. Absolutley ladylike. She couldn't care less about the taste, she was after the look of it. However, she didn't care to smell like a cigarette - and she really didn't need it to entice the men around her. She was perfect the way she was. But in this moment, she would very much have liked to blow a big cloud of smoke at Scarlett. Effects were just as important as actual words. Mae would have laughed, seeing her wave away the fume and cough.

"I’m sure neither of us want that", Scarlett said, seemingly casual.

Ah. Then Mae had come under her skin. The little girl might not be scared, but she wasn't totally unaffected. Mae was already thinking of ways to scare her for real, though she wasn't really going to do anything. She would imply, she would give her mischievous looks, but if the girl kept to herself, Mae would do the same. If Scarlett had anything in that mind of hers, which she from time to time seemed to, she would know what not to do.

"Well, it's really up to you", Mae said nonchalant, emphasizing the word "really" to give it some edge. "If you're a good little girl and don't bother me, then I will consider to... reconsider."

She shrugged her shoulders, indifferently, while turning a little to have her side towards Scarlett and be able to see the rest of the Saloon.

"But I am bored", she added. "You better pray something exciting happens today, or I may just settle for what you've already done."

Another one of her mindgames. She was vicious, and she hoped Scarlett couldn't tell whether she was being serious or not.

18th Nov 2008, 2:19 AM
# 12 [Afternoon, day #1]

Dex got more serious, the closer they got to town. He needed to have his senses on high alert, watching everyone and everything. He even watched the boy beside him, in the corner of his eye. Robbie seemed awfully calm. Like there was nothing to it. It made Dex a bit nervous. Either the boy was that calm, or he didn't think about the dangers. However, there could be a third option. He thought about it, but it didn't rattle him. All in all, Dex found himself not being pleased by any alternative.

"Alright", Robbie said when he had recieved his list, and then he looked over at Dex's half. "What are you getting?"

Since Dex was more used to getting supplies, he had of course given himself the ones that were harder to come by. It mostly meant talking to people that wouldn't be all that impressed by a fifteen year old boy, no matter how he handled himself. The gunsmith was one of them. And since it was Dex's gun that needed adjustment, there would be no sense in sending Robbie. He also needed to have two of his horse's shoes replaced, and if Dex wasn't around when that happened, it could get ugly. Dex's horse simply hated when someone touched his hoofs. Dex was also getting things more related to what the gang needed, and the most difficult one to get would be the ammo. It included haggling, and if it wasn't done right, they would end up with a lot less ammo than expected. And Dex was a wizard when it came to haggling. Not many people would even try to haggle for ammo.

"Mine involves persuasion", he said and showed Robbie his piece of paper. "Maybe you can tag along sometime and learn from me, when it's not that big of a risk to be seen together. It's important to be able to read between the lines."

When the boy was done reading, Dex reached for a pouch inside of his duster coat, and took out some money that he gave to Robbie.

"Now", he said and gave him a stern look. "If you go and spend it all on candy, I'll have to rob some poor old lady. And I hate doing that, it's no fun when you don't even have to use your gun."

He sat up straight, facing the town again, and continued casually.

"It's the whole reason for being an outlaw. No gun, no fun, as I always say."

At first, it could seem that he was dead serious, telling the boy he wouldn't stand for any games. But with a closer look, it was obvious he was kidding. Dex wouldn't dream to patronize Robbie for real. He was convinced the boy would present results when they were done. No matter how serious Dex got, he seemed to almost always have a short route to making jokes. That, or it was just in Robbie's company.

19th Nov 2008, 11:28 PM
Robbie Logan, in many ways, was just what he appeared to be; a fifteen year old boy. Like any teenager, he was impatient to grow up and get to prove himself as a man. He was hungry for adventure, and didn't always think things through before he acted, or even before he spoke. He was full of life and vigor, as well as a good amount of mischief, sometimes simply bursting in anticipation for an outlet.

And yet, in many ways, he was not a fifteen year old boy. Growing up without a father figure, and faced with dislike and disdain on pretty much a daily basis had gradually stolen part of his youthful naïveté away ever since he was old enough to walk and talk, and play with other children, and in doing so, noticing the stares and the whispers, and hearing some of the taunts tossed his way. Even as a small child, he was punished for a crime which he hadn't committed, but was simply unfortunate enough to be proof of. The fruit of 'a mistake'.
Such a thing does leave it's mark on a young boy's soul.
Then, as if life hadn't been difficult enough already, his mother suddenly passed away after having fallen ill, leaving behind a scarred son who had tried his best to care for her, but eventually had no choice but to watch her wither and die. Before long, with her cold body in the ground, those wanting him out of town had seen their chance to 'persuade' him to leave, by making life just a little bit more difficult. Just enough to push him from wanting to stay in his hometown, to wanting to leave in search of better things.

Therefore, because he had been treated in such a way, he now harboured no illusions whatsoever of a warm welcome upon his impending albeit (hopefully) brief return. He knew what to expect from the townfolk of Morgan's Creek, with the exception of whatever few newcomers there might be, who had yet to hear about "the mayor's bastard son". Or, to those who didn't consider that description quite colorful enough, "the mayor and the whore's bastard son".

Yes, Robbie knew perfectly well what to expect, and he was so used to it, that the only thing that bothered him, was the same thing that had always bothered him, even back when he had still been living in town. Especially when he had still been living in town; the possibility of running into Gabriel Callahan, sheriff Dawes, or any of the other henchmen simply thriving in Morgan's pocket.

But, while that might've made him hesitant, had he been a fifteen year-old robbed of all of the youth in his mind, there was still that part of him that was still very much a carefree teenager, and figured that he'd cross that bridge when and if he got to it. There was no point in spooking himself with things that might not even happen. At least not in this case, where there were other, far more pleasant things to focus on.

"Mine involves persuasion", Dex explained while showing the boy the part of the list he'd been attempting to catch a fairly good glimpse of. "Maybe you can tag along sometime and learn from me, when it's not that big of a risk to be seen together. It's important to be able to read between the lines."

There, Robbie's eyebrows shot upwards ever so briefly in a look of slight surprise at the older man's statement. Mighty presumptuous of him, wasn't it, to assume that Robbie needed to be taught, when Dex hadn't even seen him in action. For all he knew, Robbie could persuade someone to sell him their own grandmother for a nickle if he wanted to.
Not that he was truly that good, but the point here was that Dex didn't know that.

"Now", the man continued on after having handed Robbie a fair amount of money to cover the purchases he was supposed to make, and now locking his gaze firmly with the boy's in what would seem like a way of further stressing his point. "If you go and spend it all on candy, I'll have to rob some poor old lady. And I hate doing that, it's no fun when you don't even have to use your gun. It's the whole reason for being an outlaw. No gun, no fun, as I always say."

To that, however, the young boy merely gave a smirk at first, knowing better than to take offence at that particular and playful jab, or even take any part of the statement seriously. But, as always, he was ultimately unable to control his urge to shoot his mouth off, and so he soon retorted;

"Funny", he said, as though Dex had just said something that didn't quite fit into the young man's way of viewing the world. "By the sounds of it, I would've thougt you'd be more likely to talk people to death, or bore them so bad they'd happily hand over their riches just to get away from you before their ears started bleeding."

With that, he then abruptly halted his horse, in order to let Dex ride ahead into town. If they were to avoid being seen together, this would be the opportune time to split up, and since Robbie could see only advantages of being the one to ride into town last - being able to spot Dex's horse and know where the man was, and thus making it so much easier to stay out of his sight, for one - he figured he'd let Dex ride first.

"Bye", he said before the older man could offer a retort in reply, shooting him a bright, toothy smile in mild triumph, as well as a parting wave.

21st Nov 2008, 11:00 PM
With having dealt with what seemed to be an impossible situation, Kate wasted no time in getting immediately to wok on Caleb’s wounds. First, she’d stemmed the bleeding, then, she’d cleansed it and now she was assessing the damage once more. It was just simple protocol, just as the one that had excluded Gabriel from being in the room in the first place, not that he had particularly paid any attention to her reasoning. Thus, having relented, she’d decided to make the best of the progression of events.

Of course, far be it from Gabriel to ever answer her question in the straightforward manner for he simply threw a bullet at Paul, having pierced the air with a whistle as if her assistant was some sort of dog to him. Then again, he hardly seemed to be the sort of man who saw anyone else as anything else than a pawn in his machinations. So, yes, Paul was expected to take little offence and he took no offence.

"That,” Gabriel surprisingly enough moved on to explain it a little to her, prompting her to turn to glance at him briefly as he retrieved another bullet, before she turned back to Caleb. "Doesn't cause too much damage, but it gets the job done."

Experience counted for a considerable amount in Kate’s job. Experience in knowing what the problem was, experience in knowing what to do about it, experience in knowing what to expect next. But then, she also had amassed, since working in Morgan’s Creek quite a while after Gabriel had begun his subtle regime, was what Gabriel’s cases normally looked like. She knew the usual amount of damage that was sustained and this was quite mild. So, she’d been driven to the conclusion that for whatever reason, he’d gone a little easy on the guy.

Certainly not out of the goodness of his heart, that much Kate was sure of. Gabriel seldom did anything without a good – far from compassionate – reason to provoke him into contemplating anything other than complete destruction of his enemy. It didn’t even seem to be the case that he did it out of compulsion, for he did it out of simple volition, and Kate was never sure which was worse. Right now, she was a little concerned about the idea that Gabriel’s designs for Caleb were far from pleasant.

Thus, looking at the bullet simply confirmed her suspicions. For she had been a little wary that Gabriel had brought the young man to her in the first place. He obviously wanted Caleb to be of good health and Kate knew that it was far from anything philanthropic that drove Gabriel to ensure that said young man remained in good health. Even if something had made him feel responsible, there had been no reason whatsoever for Gabriel to actually pay to have his victim treated. It all pointed to nothing too pleasant and Kate certainly wasn’t liking it. The bullet wasn’t what Gabriel used when he truly wanted to do some damage. While she was glad that he hadn’t exerted as much damage as he could in such a case, she was still concerned regarding the reasons why.

“Not what I would have expected,” she commented, signalling Paul to return the bullet to Gabriel while she obtained a pair of forceps to begin to pull the obstructions in Caleb’s wound. Thankfully, the bullet was one that remained fairly intact upon impact and hence, it was more or less easily retrievable. She simply had to avoid the major blood vessels and nerves. First, she needed to get a good idea of where the bullet was, to avoid doing more damage through a wild goose chase.

And she couldn’t help herself.

“I assume that that wasn’t due to simple chance?” she asked swiftly regarding the fact that he knew his choice of bullet had resulted in one that wasn’t quite as devastating as it could have been. With that, she concentrated for the following moments as she very carefully found the bullet and smoothly pulled it out of the leg, drawing nothing but a wince from her patient before she placed the bloody remnant in the waiting dish.

22nd Nov 2008, 12:02 AM
While Scarlett was still at the orphanage, she’d noticed certain things about life. She’d noticed how some people wanted desperately to please and how some demanded to be pleased by others. She noticed how some people were so willing to let others make the decisions for them, desperate to be guided one way or another, while others refused to surrender any control. She noticed how some, when given control used it responsibly, for the good of everyone involved, while others used it for nothing but destruction. It never escaped her, the difference between people.

She also noticed the differences within the same person. She could tell – even when they were trying really hard to not let it show – when someone was upset, or offended or downright furious. It was very, very difficult with some of them, but years of having to learn to play well with others – some who were literally dangerous – had taught Scarlett a thing or two about people. That was why, despite her childlike mischief, she’d managed to survive without getting too hurt.

Right now, she knew that Mae was backing down – not enough, probably not permanently, and certainly out of nothing but boredom. Well, well, wasn’t that a good sign?

"Well, it's really up to you,” Mae said out of something reminiscent of the flippancy that governed her decision. "If you're a good little girl and don't bother me, then I will consider to... reconsider."

It was a truce without actually declaring a truce and with Mae, that was as good as what it was going to get for the moment. Though, as ever with Mae, Scarlett wasn’t sure whether she was being toyed with just for the moment until Mae changed her mind and that decision may be one she’d already planned. The uncertainty wasn’t exactly comfortable.

"But I am bored,” Mae complained, to which Scarlett had to fight back a snicker; after what just happened, she was bored? "You better pray something exciting happens today, or I may just settle for what you've already done."

“I’m sure you don’t want me entertaining you again, Mae,” Scarlett smiled sweetly with utmost display of innocence painted all over her. “I’m trying to be good, remember?”

22nd Nov 2008, 4:03 PM
"Not what I would have expected. I assume that that wasn't due to simple chance?"

As the assistant, Paul, held out his hand for Kate to get a good look of the bullet Gabriel had provided - without firing his weapon, that is - the young woman didn't take long to deliver a rather dry remark, clearly aware of Gabriel's usual modus operandi when dealing with people who would appear intellectually challenged as far as the consequences most often suffered when disregarding the difference between their property, and mayor Morgan's property went. And, even though most would not have dared to make such an insinuative comment, probably going as far as to label it an actual health hazard to do so, Gabriel, now finding himself fairly appeased and thus a tad bit more agreeable, simply smirked at the observation while catching the returning bullet with one hand, before inserting the second one retrieved from his belt into the empty chamber of his gun, eyes now on what he was doing, despite it being a process so familiar to him he would've been able to do it in his sleep.

Because really, even though he was no more likely to speak of it than were those unfortune enough to find themselves at the recieving end of his methods, it was true; whenever he fired his weapon, the target usually suffered alot more damage than Caleb here had. Much like every other gun slinging type in the west, Gabriel liked his revolvers, and had quite the collection of them too. One for every occasion. Though the ones usually found in the holsters of his belt, was the one he had used on Caleb, perfect for situations where for some reason killing or maiming was preferrably avoided, and then his personal favorite; the Colt SSA, a powerful gun, ironically nicknamed the Peacemaker, which, had it been the one used to shoot Caleb, would have have probably ended up either having him bleed to death in minutes, or at least cost him his entire leg.

So yes, it wasn't difficult to see why Kate might've feared the worst, despite the fact that most of the few that Gabriel had actually shot - he really only did it at times such as this, or when someone just wouldn't be 'reasoned' with - weren't likely to have confessed to her who was the marksman that had used them for target practice. But, she wasn't stupid, and there had been the odd confirmed one who had been shot in a fairly public place (though in that case, never without having been the first to draw), and so she had obviously managed to put two and two together.
Not that Gabriel intended to confirm her suspicions on this one, or any of the other ones where suspicions was all she had.

"Well", he started, almost matter-of-factly, while snapping the cylinder back into place and then spinning the weapon around his finger once as it found it's way back into the holster, mostly out of what seemed to be pure habit. "No, it wasn't. See, when you load a weapon with a certain kind of bullet, odds are that's the kind you're gonna end up firing."

Budding civility or not, he would hardly sit here and tell Kate all about the plans he had for Caleb. And, there was just something about her that kept appealing to the sarcastic side of him.

26th Nov 2008, 11:55 PM
Though hostilities were at a ceasefire – seemingly – Kate knew better than to assume that hostilities were actually at a ceasefire and even if that was the case, she knew better than to assume that it’d last for any length of time. Though Kate was – tried to be – an optimist, she knew that her idea of what was positive could well clash with another’s idea of what was positive and beneficial. She knew too well of conflicting interests.

That was one way to describe the situation that she had been handed by Gabriel. There was a severe conflict of interest. Gabriel’s interests lay with himself and himself alone while her interests lay currently with anything but. And in all honesty, they were likely to remain that way, given that the chances of Gabriel needing – and seeking out, even if he was in need – her aid were clearly slim. Not that Kate was particularly broken up about that.

So, for now, while he sat by the wall as if he owned the place, Kate simply let him play his games, knowing that soon enough, the truce would fall through and they would both be where they started. Of course, the cycle was not one that had to be repeated unless Kate herself permitted it, for she had learned how not to fall into the traps he kept setting up for her – intentionally or otherwise, because he didn’t deserve the satisfaction and she clearly had better things to do.

Hence, keeping with the subliminal agreement of keeping out of each others ways even if they had to keep within each other’s sights, Kate simply went about her duties while Gabriel simply carried on doing what he damn well pleased. However, that did not mean that the opportunities for the ceasefire to abolish itself didn’t continually manifest, due to both parties. This particular instance seemed to be a case where it was Gabriel’s turn;

"Well,” he began in the most condescending tone of voice, one that not even Kate’s parents had used on her, given that they’d had an appreciation for her degree of mental maturity even at a young age. However, it seemed to be Gabriel’s current way of demeaning her. "No, it wasn't. See, when you load a weapon with a certain kind of bullet, odds are that's the kind you're gonna end up firing."

No! He lied! She would have truly never guessed. Alright then, if he wanted to play it by assuming that he knew so much better than her – or even that she was far less intellectually capable than him – she’d let him have that cheap shot, because it wasn’t worthy of an aggressive retort.

“Thank you for explaining it to me, Mr Callahan,” she said, holding the apposing sides of the wound on Caleb’s leg together as Paul prepared the apparatus needed for the suture.

“Any reason why you chose the gun that used said bullet rather than your usual favourite?” she elaborated calmly, almost as if he hadn’t been insulting or difficult in any way, finally turning momentarily as her cerulean gaze locked onto his grey hued orbs.

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27th Nov 2008, 6:32 PM
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The reasons why Gabriel had advanced in ranks in mayor Morgan's service, and the reasons why he had done it so quickly as well as so soon after being hired, were many. His skills when it came to breaking horses and branding and driving cattle, as well as dealing with other usual chores at a ranch, had been what had gotten him hired in the first place, but while they did all play a part in his advancement towards the position he now held as Morgan's right-hand man, it was mainly his other talents that had made Morgan recognize him as a real asset. He was cool and levelheaded, even when under plenty of pressure. He was quick on the draw and an expert marksman, he had a presence about him that all on it's own discouraged people from causing trouble, and he wasn't crippled by morals and ethics, yet still knew how to carry himself with dignity and with poise.

Furthermore, he didn't come running to his employer with every itty bitty problem that arose, in order to have Morgan tell him what to do about it, but instead saw to it to deal with it himself, the way he saw fit. Mostly, the solutions were something right up Morgan's alley and to his liking, and so he rarely considered there to be a need for him to give his okay before action was taken. And on the few occasions when the solutions weren't completely to his liking... well, Morgan knew better than to make too much of a fuss about it. Some grumbling comment about it was sure to pass his lips and reach Gabriel's ears, but Gabriel had yet to be strongly reprimanded for any of his doings. The two men understood eachother perfectly, as far as those kinds of things were concerned anyway, and so there was no need for lectures between the two men. Nor was there room for them.

Then, last but certainly not least, as it was a quality Morgan appreciated perhaps above all others, was Gabriel's ability to never, ever run his mouth. He knew alot about what was on Morgan's conscience, he had even carried out quite a bit of it himself on Morgan's orders, and he also knew alot of other delicate information regarding Morgan's business. But, all of it were secrets that were perfectly safe with Gabriel, because he simply wasn't one to ever really look to make conversation, and he most certainly did not let things slip in drunken or desperate attempts to make small talk, or gossip, nor was he particularly likely to spill the beans at gunpoint, should someone be foolish enough to try it.
And, his silence didn't apply to just Morgan's affairs, but his own as well. Because even though the two more often than not went hand in hand, there were occasions when what Gabriel did, had to do with Gabriel alone, and no one else.

This time, however, it was a little bit of both, since his purpose with keeping Caleb alive was to offer sheriff Dawes something to do, and thus lower the chances of the man getting in the way of Gabriel again, or sticking his nose into things that didn't concern him. It would keep the sheriff off of his back, and make it easier for Gabriel to carry out Morgan's orders.
So, either way, Gabriel really wasn't about to share... well, anything really, with Kate, and the more she tried to inquire about what was going on, the more the list of sarcasms she'd recieved from Gabriel would grow.

"Thank you for explaining it to me, Mr Callahan," she commented dryly, which actually brought a slightly amused curve to his lips as he watched her go about her business - one might almost get to thinking she had learned her lesson about bickering with him - and then, lo and behold, turn to look at him when continuing; "Any reason why you chose the gun that used said bullet rather than your usual favourite?"

Still fishing for clues, eh? And still insinuating she had seen enough gunshot wounds caused by him to form an opinion on what his "favorite" was. Whatever was she up to? Because while the former might very well have to do with her obvious yet in all honesty somewhat excessive concern for Caleb's well-being, the latter was downright nosey, and suggested far more than just concern for her patient.
And thus;

"Any reason why it makes a difference to you?" Gabriel retorted, while the look in his eyes turned slightly more scrutinizing, yet at the same time, oddly inscrutable.

27th Nov 2008, 11:03 PM
# 13 [Afternoon, day #1]

Sometimes Dex envied Robbie's youth. When Dex had been a young outlaw, life had been sweet. He had no worries and he lived for the day. He raised hell, for the sheer fun of it. As he got older, he had become wiser, even if he hadn't lost his playfullness. Though he would have liked to have had someone who believed in him back then, as he believed in Robbie.

Not much escaped Dex's watchful eyes, nor did the the expression in Robbie's face when Dex had suggested he should tag along and learn. Robbie didn't seem to like that, and Dex might have been a bit arrogant. It was good though, that the boy forgot some things faster than the ones that got to him for real, and soon smiled at Dex when he joked about Robbie spending all their money on candy.

"Funny", Robbie said, sarcasticly. "By the sounds of it, I would've thougt you'd be more likely to talk people to death, or bore them so bad they'd happily hand over their riches just to get away from you before their ears started bleeding."

Dex grinned. Oh, if only thing's would have been that easy, he could have retired with a fortune a long time ago. But that was as far as his thought went, before Robbie halted his horse and put on a bright smile.

"Bye", he said and waved, looking as if he knew something Dex didn't.

Dex simply gave him a quizzical look, then a slight smile played in the corner of his mouth, as he kept riding towards town.

"Don't do anything I would have done", he said, with his back to the boy.

The closer he got to the town, the more serious he got. People were out and about, and that was a good thing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and he entered as if he was one of them. He couldn't let them know that he watched them, as well as he couldn't afford to give them the upper hand if they figured him out. But he was more worried about Robbie in that regard, since some people didn't seem to have any scruples even when it came to a fifteen year old boy.

Dex jumped down from his horse outside of the gunsmith, tied the reins and took a casual look around to see if anyone was especially interested in his presence. Everything looked peacful and quiet, so he went inside to get his gun fixed.

29th Nov 2008, 12:11 AM
"Don't do anything I would have done."

Having given Robbie a somewhat puzzled look, as though he was getting an inkling that something was up, even though Robbie hadn't really done anything to cause it, Dex turned in the saddle again, in order to face forward, and his carefree voice came carried by the light but blessed breeze, bringing with it an admonition which young Robbie had absolutely no intention of adhering to. Mostly because he figured it would pretty much rule out everything fun and worth doing.

Though amazingly, he did manage to hold his tongue, when such a retort started forming in his head. It didn't happen very often, but every once in a blue moon, he would recognize when he was better of stopping, and actually decide to do so as well. Dex had seemed suspicious enough already, and Robbie really couldn't think of a quick retort, that wouldn't possibly feed that suspicion, and risk having Dex ruin everything.

So, the young man simply watched in silence as Dex's form grew smaller and smaller, and eventually was swallowed by those tiny houses in the distance, and only then did he set his own horse back into motion in order to follow suit. Closing in on the familiar town of Morgan's Creek, which he hadn't set foot in for quite a while, he started thinking... His horse. The palomino he'd lovingly named Tequila (the creativity of a fifteen year old's one-track mind, ladies and gentlemen), and whom he'd stolen from the mayor's stables on the night of his departure from Morgan's Creek... It might not be the wisest thing to ride right back into town with it. Although, even if someone did recognize it, they could never prove it was actually that particular horse, because it had since been branded with the mark of a known cattler upstate, making it look as though it had been acquired through legitimate methods. Or at the very least stolen from said cattler, and not mayor Morgan.
Not that it necessarily meant that it would keep a certain someone off his back, but Robbie really hoped he would be able to make his visit in town, without running into Gabriel Callahan. Or sheriff Dawes.
But only time would tell on that one, and as stated before; he'd cross that bridge when and if he got to it.

In the meantime, he would focus on the first, largest and most secret goal he had on this trip; the Saloon.

Riding into town about ten minutes after Dex had disappeared out of his sights, he headed down the main road, while looking around and comparing what he saw with what he remembered, as well as keeping an eye out for Dex or Dex's horse. He soon spotted the latter, outside the arms shop, and glanced inside while passing by, but ended up seeing nothing, since the sunlight was too bright, and the inside of the shop too dark in contrast. Without slowing down, he thus continued on, reaching the outside of the Saloon only a minute later, and dismounting as though it was a perfectly natural thing for him to be there. He didn't even visibly look around to see if anyone was watching, but did manage an inconspicuous glance around the nearby area from underneath the brim of his hat, as he tied his horse to one of the poles, and ascended the few wooden steps of the low porch.

It was only then, when moments away from entering the Saloon, that it occured to him that he really was about to do what he'd wanted to for quite some time now, and what it would mean, and like many young men would have done if in his shoes, he stopped for just a second to take a deep breath, collecting himself before finally pushing the swing doors open, and entering.

29th Nov 2008, 8:22 PM
Added to all the practicality that encompassed Kate’s entire demeanour – as a doctor, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister and as a person in general – there was hope. Because hope and practicality were so very conflicting and yet, so very intertwined for they supported each other in ways that one wouldn’t really bargain for or even accept. Practicality was hope that things at least stuck to the bare minimums, while hope was that practicality bettered it’s offers.

Right now, Kate, as practical as ever, also hoped. She hoped that there would be no complications in Caleb’s treatment; she hoped that Caleb would put some faith in her words and she hoped that he’d actually respond to the treatment. And it didn’t stop there, for Kate knew what not to hope for. She knew better than to hope that Gabriel had somehow learnt the error of his ways, that he’d somehow decided that perhaps shooting people wasn’t the best move, that the only reason he’d brought Caleb to her was because he actually cared.

Kate knew far better than that. Kate realised that Gabriel was far too set in his ways to ever even comprehend – well, more consider – the damage he was doing. She had to be fair here, for he didn’t kill as often as one might expect, but there’s a lot of damage to be done between leaving someone be and shooting them dead and Gabriel had sampled the entire variety in between – with no real reaction to what the consequences of his actions. Kate couldn’t understand why that was.

Gabriel always seemed to opt for the nearest, most immediate solution; his gun or his fists. He didn’t seem to care what that led to in the long term. For while he reprimanded someone’s behaviour by getting somewhat heavy handed with them, he was perpetrating a cascade of events that trapped his victim in a vicious cycle. He put them out of work and they turn to crime to make adjustments and then he chastised them for what he also caused – and regarding that, he didn’t care.

Though, of course, that didn’t mean that the victim turned criminal was without blame, but Gabriel simply failed to recognise any responsibility. Thus, while his methods seemed to work – on his terms, for Kate found nothing beneficial to gain from severely injuring someone – in the short term, the was more damage caused in the long term than there had been to begin with. And she really expected a man like him to grasp that idea – or did he not plan on sticking around for that?

So, currently, she was hoping that there was an answer to the question that she’d asked, that she actually wanted to hear and yet, practically speaking, her hope was likely to be in vain, for the simple fact that Gabriel perhaps just liked playing games with her and everyone else he saw fit to do so with.

"Any reason why it makes a difference to you?" he asked simply as she registered the look in his eyes to be as closed as a brick wall while they seemed to want to pierce through her very mind as she took his retort impassively.

Alright then, she’d impart some straightforwardness to see if he was capable of reciprocity. After all, once she’d started being a little more ‘understanding’ of his ridiculous demands, he had stopped behaving as if he had an entitlement to every single thing that existed, whether he wanted it or not, whether he was offered it or not.
“I find myself dealing with the aftermath, Mr Callahan,” she pointed out calmly as Paul finally handed her the needle and thread she needed for the suture, though she kept her gaze on Gabriel in respect to their ‘conversation. “I’d like to know what I can look forward to.”

With that, she shifted slightly to take a more sideway look at the man who sat aloofly at the other side of the room while Paul walked over to the other side of her, ready to hold Caleb’s skin together while she sutured the wound to hold.

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3rd Dec 2008, 5:07 PM
There were few people that had been, were, or would be part of Gabriel's life, even if ever so briefly, whom he would tolerate being nosey. A private man, that didn't much like to talk about his past, even to mayor Morgan, and that had good reasons not to, he'd made a point about his past and pretty much all of his business in general being off limits to every and anyone, no matter how curious they were. It was a fact that when people asked questions about the past of someone whom they had no reason - such as a budding friendship or similar - to ask about, it was usually just the symptom of a desire to find something which they might gossip about later with other people, something that would confirm their preconceived notions, or at the very least fuel them. Either that, or it was in order to find something that would point towards a weakness they could exploit. And God knows there were people who wanted to have a hold on Gabriel, for whatever reason. Although most still seemed to realize that such a thing wasn't likely to make them more safe when around him, but instead quite the contrary, because how did one successfully threaten a man who was only really close to himself, and lacked the morals you possessed? Figuring out who would end up getting the short end of the stick on that one, was a no-brainer.

However, for some reason, neither of the above seemed to be the case with Kate's curiousity. She didn't seem particularly interested in his company, even to gain benefits from it, nor did she seem inclined to want to gossip about him. Furthermore, she did seem far too tenderhearted and altruistic to be looking for weaknesses to flaunt. She did have something slightly fierce about her though, he'd give her that, and so maybe it was possible that if one poked the kitty hard enough, the claws would come out? But really, why would she go to so much trouble and put herself at risk like that, for a patient? Unless, of course, she was being an opportunist, seizing the chance while it presented itself to her, in order to save if for later, when she might really come to need it?
But in that case, she was barking up the wrong tree, because there wasn't much about the fate that Gabriel had planned for Caleb, that she could possibly use against him.

Which was partly why he allowed her questions. Not that it necessarily meant he had any intention of answering them, just not preparing to get rough with her for them. Plus, he had to admit, her curiousity did pique his own somewhat. Mostly because any sort of other entertainment while waiting in her clinic was pretty darned scarce.

"I find myself dealing with the aftermath, Mr Callahan", she explained as a reply to his questioning what difference him choosing to use one gun instead of another had to her. "I'd like to know what I can look forward to."

She really did smell an ulterior motive in his choice of gun, didn't she? She was still digging for clues regarding what he had in mind for Caleb. Did she think Gabriel had taken him here, to her, only to have another go at him later?
Interesting. First paying her to fix up his victim, only to then be able to all the more damage later. Costly, but creative. He'd have to remember that one, yes indeed.

But alright then. He could answer her question, since on the surface, there was nothing odd or fishy about his planned course of action. It was what anyone would have done when having caught a cattle thief, really, if one decided not to kill them. And it would say nothing about the real reasons behind his chosen course of action;

"Nothing that will greatly affect your ability to do your job, I'm sure", he said, while hooking both thumbs in the belt around his narrow hips. "Unless, of course, treating him over at the jail will be a problem for you."

5th Dec 2008, 12:50 AM
There were certain sides to Kate’s personality that were not always obvious in every single situation. Now, Kate was an honest person, she didn’t indulge in deception for the sake of it, she didn’t derive pleasure from inflicting damage to others and she most certainly was not selfish. In fact, as a stark contrast to a certain someone who currently stood in the same room with her, Kate was caring… but most certainly not a pushover. Hence, in every situation, there was more to Kate than what immediately met the eye, as was the case with most people.

However, there were differences in Kate’s personality in different situations. It did not arise solely from the fact that she wore masks – though hers were far from feigned – but more because of the way things worked, regardless of protestations proving otherwise. People all filled several different roles in life, such as a professional, a friend, a sibling, a child, a parent, and everything else. Hence, certain aspects of Kate’s nature were filtered away from the professional life and certain aspects were kept from her personal life and thus, she wore different faces of the same person under different circumstances.

As it applied to her, it also applied to Gabriel, although he seemed more accustomed to playing the roles of Judge, Jury and Executioner more than anything else. And right now, he wasn’t even doing that, instead, he’d simply settled upon sitting around and being as intimidating as one could be whilst just sitting around. Though, he had become far more compliant in the last few minutes compared to how he’d started out. One did have to wonder why exactly that was? Because surely, he didn’t think Kate was being this ‘accommodating’ of her own accord?
Still, right now, she had slightly pressing issues to concentrate on, such as the suturing of Caleb’s wound.

"Nothing that will greatly affect your ability to do your job, I'm sure,” he said, somehow managing to reprise that condescending aura whilst not seeming to make any effort to do so. She didn’t make a concerted effort to turn around and face him again, having had to devote the majority of her attention to carefully stitching up the skin and flesh surrounding the interesting shape that the bullet had made in her patient’s thigh. "Unless, of course, treating him over at the jail will be a problem for you."

Oh, hardly. In fact, it was becoming swiftly clear to Kate that he just appeared to be toying with her, given that he managed to answer her question and yet avoiding precisely the one thing that she’d sought the answer to. She’d asked regarding his reasons for not causing serious harm to Caleb and Gabriel had answered by indicating that he hadn’t intended to kill Caleb in the first place and furthermore, did intend to hand him over to the more officially endorsed law enforcement.

How very peculiar, for Kate didn’t expect Gabriel to show and ounce of concern for whomever he shot or did whatever else to, unless he had an ulterior motive for it. And she had questioned that ulterior motive, only to be handed yet another puzzle; apparently Caleb was to stay alive and be surrendered to the Sheriff. Well, it did sincerely beg the question as to why Gabriel hadn’t just handed over Caleb to the department without attempting to get him treated – after all, why did he bother to pay for his victim’s treatment? So, either Gabriel needed Caleb to do one more thing before throwing him in jail or throwing Caleb in jail was to serve some sort of purpose to Gabriel.
The question now centred itself around the nature of what purpose it served Gabriel. It wasn’t likely to be entirely pleasant.

“No, not at all,” she then answered, having taken her time to correctly stitch up the wound, leaving Paul to bandage it before she moved towards the sink to shed the gloves into the waste disposal and then washing her delicate hands clean, before turning to lock gazes with Gabriel once more. “Should I assume that the future patients I receive through your courtesy would be subjected to the same consideration?”

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7th Dec 2008, 2:02 AM
# 10 [Afternoon, day #1]

Playing games was one of Mae's greatest enjoyments. She liked to seem to go in one direction, only to turn and do something completley unexpected, and she liked to make people uneasy. Like she did with Scarlett. At least Mae was convinced she had been able to rattle the girl, even if Scarlett tried to seem like it didn't get to her. Mae was a firm believer in her own ability.

"I'm sure you don't want me entertaining you again, Mae", Scarlett said with a soft smile. "I'm trying to be good, remember?"

Mae, now standing with her back against Scarlett, waved her hand dismissvely at her over her shoulder, like she wasn't worth the respect of being addressed properly. Actually, Mae was done with her. There was only so much fun, to a certain point, when it started to drain. And she didn't enjoy beating a dead horse.

As she stood there, she arched her back a little, with her arms outstretched along the bar, looking ever so tempting. Her bright blue and black dress brought out her dark features; the dark hair and the dark eyes. She didn't need Scarlett's innocence or light features to entice the men. Mae had the advantage, none the less. She could follow through. God only knows how many men that were secretly annoyed about never getting anywhere with Scarlett. Had it not been for Callahan, there would have been trouble.

There were not many people in the Saloon, and Mae let her gaze sweep pass them all, looking for anyone that could show her some good old fun. Since no one came to mind, besides Callahan, and he had already left, she sighed and feared that this day would be a long one. And if she retired to her room, their Madame would not be pleased, and Mae wouldn't seek just any attention for the sake of it.

Just as she was about to turn around and ask Scarlett for a teeny tiny drink, the saloon doors swung open, and in came... a boy. Or a young man. Or a boy becoming a young man. Mae smiled a little to herself. He looked a bit lost, and she couldn't tell whether he was there for a drink or was looking for someone. He seemed far too young to be there for the girls. They met many young men out for their first, but not quite as young. But he was bold, since many of the regulars could be pretty harsh when someone didn't look like they belonged.


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7th Dec 2008, 3:57 AM
Having been a resident in Morgan's Creek for the past eight years, and finding himself in the line of work he was in, there had been a few times over the years that Gabriel had needed some medical attention by the town doctor. At an early age, he had gotten into a fair share of fights over at the Saloon, and ended up with a couple of various cuts and stab wounds. At the age of twentythree, he had been thrown off his horse and broken his right arm (which he had dealt with by perfecting his gun skills with his left one) and a couple of months later, he'd been shot, for the second time in his life - the first being six years earlier, when he had just started down his current 'career path', and long before he had ever set foot in Morgan's Creek - in the shoulder.

All of those injuries, had been treated by the then town doctor, the elderly Alfred Fuller, before his young apprentice Ryder Scott had taken over most of the practice. Him, Gabriel had only had to seek out once, when in ridding the Saloon of scum one night, he'd been granted a couple of fractured ribs by one opponent, while another had seen fit to split his left eyebrow open with a half empty whiskey bottle, so bad that it had taken seven stitches to patch him up; something which one could now clearly see by the narrow scar cutting through said eyebrow, if one ever dared to take a closer look at him.

Since then, however, he had not actually seen the inside of the doctor's clinic, until now. He had taken one or two of Morgan's other men there, but always left once he had seen them there. And when last year an accident while fixing up Morgan's barn had dislocated his shoulder, he'd simply had two of the other men help pull it right again.
He never had had much faith in female doctors, and Kate Hilton had never given him what he considered good cause to re-evaluate that opinion. Nor did she now, for even though she appeared to be working rather efficiently, she still made far too much of a fuss about things. And she was being nosy. Not to mention the fact that she obviously couldn't take a hint.
Though at first, following his reply about taking Caleb to jail, Gabriel thought that finally she had, because at first, she offered merely a simple;

"No, not at all."

Having said that, she left if for her assistant to finish up - gee, what a surprise - while she herself went over to the sink in order to wash up. In the meantime, Gabriel stood from the chair, to give the clinic a minor inspection while he waited for Paul to finish, carefully eyeing the various details, the chemicals and drugs in particular, almost as though he was doing it for a purpose. Although, it would probably only be fair to say that Gabriel rarely did anything without one.

However, it was right about then, when Kate was done washing her hands and turned towards him, that she decided to prove that no, she couldn't take a hint after all;

"Should I assume that the future patients I receive through your courtesy would be subjected to the same consideration?"

Alright, that was a somewhat unexpected question, given that it now had only very little to do with Caleb, and so didn't it seem like the treatment of him was the main issue any more. It would seem she was after something else, and whatever it was... she now was getting far to snoopy for his liking.

Thus, he came to a slow halt in his inspection of the room, and turned to look at her for a few seconds of complete silence.

"If I'm not mistaken, Miss Hilton", he said, "... what the folks in town are paying you for, myself included, is to treat the patients. Not for putting your pretty little nose where it doesn't belong."

8th Dec 2008, 12:35 AM
Despite never really having gotten to enjoy very many of the various things that the Saloon in Morgan's Creek had to offer, it wasn't a completely unfamiliar place to Robbie. Indeed, he had actually spent the first years of his life living there, and even though it was a long time ago, and he had been too young to remember much about it now, there were still a few small shards of the past lingering in his memory. Nothing he thought about very often, but now, having just stepped through the doors, and currently letting his gaze wander around the place, there were certain things that did surface in his mind. Almost with a will of their own, the first thing his eyes had sought out, was one of the doors on the upper floor, the third one from the stairs; the room that had been his mother's, and his. From there, his gaze then quickly swept on to observe the few scattered patrons already in there, making sure none of them were someone likely to give him any trouble, and once he'd found that they were neither part of his previous tormentors, nor any of the few that had actually been nice to him, he moved on to take in the rest of the surroundings. Which was when a certain realization suddenly dawned on him, something that had managed to slip his mind somehow, as his gaze landed on the pretty face behind the bar; Scarlett.

For some reason, he had completely forgotten that she, one of the other guys' secret contacts, worked here. Oh, this was not good. What if she dobbed him in to the other guys? He'd never hear the end of it, and he probably wouldn't be sent off on his own in Morgan's Creek again, that was for sure. Not to mention that James would then probably figure out where his younger brother had gotten the money from, and even though it wasn't all that much, Robbie knew him well enough to know that James would not be happy with him. At all.
And what was even worse was that he couldn't exactly openly ask Scarlett not to tell on him, because even if she might be sympathetic, it would be far too risky to act as if they knew one another, and since she was off limits, he couldn't exactly take her someplace private to ask her there.
The only thing he could do, really, was to just act as if they weren't the least bit acquainted, and hope that he might get a chance to shoot her a tell-tale look. And even that wasn't foolproof, because she might still tell on him anyway. But, since it was the only option he could think of, it would have to do.

So, before anyone would have a chance to notice what small reaction he might have given at the sight of her, he started moving slowly towards the bar, almost tentatively, while glancing at the other ladies in there. Except Scarlett, there were three, and... much as though it was a test to his cool, they were all looking at him, with a varying degree of interest and amusement.
Okay then... Obviously he offered something they didn't see very often. Not that he thought other fifteen year old boys had a tendency to visit this kind of establishment, but it was a fact of which he hadn't expected to be made so acutely aware of.

Thankfully, it lasted only for the first couple of seconds following his entrance, and when finally he reached the bar, he was no longer the centre of attention. Though he did hear the sound of heels approaching slowly from behind, and soon enough, one of the ladies - a brunette that even though she was very beautiful, seemed to be almost twice his own age - slid up to the bar not far from him, clearly intent on studying him a little closer.

"Why...", oozed her voice sweetly from her lips in a thick southern drawl, once she'd caught the brief glance he shot her, knowing he'd noticed her. "If it isn't Clarissa's little one."

At first, Robbie immediately tensed up at the sound of his mother's name, but when he turned his head to meet the woman's gaze, it slowly seeped out of him again. There was nothing malicious or even mischievous on her face, nor in her voice. Only a faint smile, accompanied by a curious tilt of the head, sending a few of the dark chocolate ringlets to slide over her shoulder.

Though he didn't answer, mostly because he didn't really know what to say without it coming out all wrong, and so he simply turned to the one manning the bar - which, ironically, was Scarlett - to order a drink, hoping there would be no fuss about his age. Or rather, his lack thereof.

"A glass of whiskey", he said, hesitated for a moment, and then added; "Please".

8th Dec 2008, 11:05 PM
There were several misconceptions when it came to understanding’ Kate’s role in… everything. There were misconceptions involving Kate’s role in life in general; somehow everyone seemed to expect her to conform to the role of a married woman the moment she stepped out of medical school, despite the fact that her rejecting their expectations by going away to school in the first place should have been rather enlightening in that arena. There were misconceptions involving Kate’s role as a doctor; for some decided they didn’t need any sort of care at all, whilst others decided that Kate was somehow the angel to save them from their financial problems. Furthermore, there were serious misconceptions involving Kate’s role in Morgan’s Creek, as a resident, a female professional and as the doctor. In fact, the whole thing was quite so intricate that even Kate had some difficulty understanding it completely.

However, there seemed to be one person in her clinic who considered himself to be entirely enlightened and empowered when it came to deciding what and what wasn’t Kate’s role or responsibility… and he hardly went about it in a pleasant way:

"If I'm not mistaken, Miss Hilton,” Gabriel finally spoke, after seemingly inspecting the room to decide whether it was to his standards as Kate watched bemusedly, yet again not addressing the issue of him referring to her as ‘Miss Hilton’. "... what the folks in town are paying you for, myself included, is to treat the patients. Not for putting your pretty little nose where it doesn't belong."

Oh, really? And he’d be entirely in tune with what the townsfolk were paying her for when he himself had never set foot in her surgery beforehand, would he? Now, he was either running out of ways to belittle her, or he was simply attempting to give her enough rope to hang herself with. Or, of course, there was the possibility that Gabriel Callahan truly did not know – nor clearly care – what her role in Morgan’s Creek was. Though, in all honesty, she did have to deal with Morgan himself – given that he somehow felt obligated to extend her the ‘courtesy’ of his presence given her own impressive familial connections, and thus, Gabriel really had nothing to do with her.

Kate’s role in Morgan’s Creek went far, far beyond simply treating the odd patient. As the town’s doctor, she was responsible for the welfare of the town as an entire functional unit. She was, quite simply, their heath care expert. Now, the Mayor’s Office paid her supplementary salary for ensuring that any miniature pandemics were contained, that the dangers of serious infections breaking out were controlled. Furthermore, the law enforcement – the legal one, that is – constantly required her input, most recently in the gunfight that resulted in the stolen loot being recovered.

The health system aside, Kate also found herself responsible for caring for the – rather fractured – social infrastructure of Morgan’s Creek. She had to ensure that those that were worse off were recognised in their times of peril, before something much worse happened, she had to ensure that the social divide didn’t exacerbate itself. In fact, if everyone had the same opportunities in life, perhaps there’d be less crime to earn the ire of the likes of Gabriel Callahan and of course, it was Kate’s duty to bring that to light.

So, he clearly didn’t know, or simply refused to acknowledge and she’d, of course, have to enlighten him;

“You are mistaken, Mr Callahan,” she replied curtly, walking towards him with utter self-assurance to show him that his intimidation had ceased to work – nor had it ever, in fact. “I'm paid to ensure the welfare of this town, and thus, my 'pretty little nose' is exactly where it belongs.”

9th Dec 2008, 3:23 AM
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Once again, I am sincerely sorry.
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Riling up Mae even more was just going to be detrimental to her general wellbeing and Scarlett was smart enough to realised that. The one solution to this problem was to somehow get Mae to walk away from the situation of her own accord instead of anything from the redhead, or even said redhead backing down – because that wasn’t going to happen either. So, Scarlett gave it her best shot and now she wasn’t sure if it worked. No, instead all Mae did was turn away and dismiss her, without an indication of whether she was even more angry or slightly more satiated.

But, Scarlett didn’t have much time to dwell on that, because just a short while later, the saloon doors swung open and revealed really the last thing Scarlett was expecting; Robbie Logan. Even with the sunlight pouring around his silhouette in the doorway, there was no mistaking the shock of unkempt brown the sketch of youthful, yet handsomely developing features and well… it was him. What in God’s name was he doing here? Did he actually think he wouldn’t be recognised? Oh, wait… did Rex have a message for her…? Nah, probably not, he wouldn’t send Robbie here, not like this… Oh, no… did anyone even know Robbie was here?

Soon enough, though, there was a reminder as to why he really shouldn’t have come back, because Gina wasted all of half a second before pouncing on the poor boy like the vulture she was. Scarlett could but subtly sigh and roll her eyes; Gina was old enough to be his mother.

"Why...,” she spoke in that honey-dripping tone of hers, eyeing Robbie up like he was prize meat. "If it isn't Clarissa's little one."

Robbie and James didn’t talk about their mother much – not to Scarlett anyway and she wasn’t sure whether they talked about Clarissa with each other. In fact, James had had a lot against Scarlett becoming a saloon girl, at least at first, before it’d been pointed out that she had nowhere else to go and the benefits they had to gain from having a spy in the saloon. As for Robbie, Scarlett wasn’t sure what was going on in his mind right now – everything she knew about Clarissa and Robbie’s early days came from the gossip, and not much of it was particularly good.
But, whatever happened then clearly didn’t dull his cheek;

"A glass of whiskey,” he ordered. He actually ordered. That little…. But, either at the sight of the momentary hardened gaze that Scarlett had locked onto him, or because he suddenly felt that he should do it, he added; "Please".

James was not going to be pleased about her getting his little brother drunk. But really, what was she supposed to do tell him – right here in the middle of the saloon when they were supposed to be unacquainted – that he wasn’t allowed a glass of whiskey because he was fifteen? Whatever, it wasn’t Scarlett’s job to baby-sit him…
But, while she did have to – and decided to – serve him, she couldn’t just abandon him to his ‘fate’… no, Scarlett was in a position to look out for him and she couldn’t not do it.

So, wordlessly, she picked up a glass from under the counter, filled it up with quite a bit of water out of sight of everyone else and then proceeded to subtly wrap her hands around it while filling the rest of it – not much, but enough to give the colour – with whiskey. There… and that’d stop him from running his mouth to everyone because he was drunk.

“Here you go, my love,” she said with a smile to make him melt as she slid the drink towards him across the bar, taking payment in return and then subtly looking for a way to deal with something else, so that she didn’t have to deal with Robbie any more than she had do. It was best for everyone that way and thank goodness she manning the bar – she could keep track of how much he was drinking.

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Some people just can't take a hint. Gabriel Callahan, being the one usually responsible for booting riffraff and other troublemakers out of town, one way or another, and ensuring they didn't come back, probably knew this better than anyone. Some people just could not take a hint. But, while that was indded a fact that he had grown rather used over the years, as well as being the one to deal with said riffraff, that was just the thing - they were usually just that; riffraff. Drunks, criminals, just lowlifes in general, at whom he could easily throw a punch or two to get his point across, without there being much of a public debacle about it. Other people of Morgan's Creek were usually excellent at minding their own business, and of staying out of his way, and so the 'good people' of Morgan's Creek, the usual citizens, were never really a problem. They all knew better than to get in his way, and would often make an effort to ensure that they stayed on his good time.

Well, actually, scratch that. Saying that they were never a problem was a bit of an overstatement, because there had been one or two occasions when in his drunken stupor one of the men had gotten a bit rowdy, and so the more correct term would be that they were almost never a problem. And as if to further emphasize the difference, sweet little Kate Hilton had decided to join the bunch that made 'never' into an overstatement, currently by stalking towards Gabriel as though she was defiance personified, still determined to do her darndest to prove that yup, there were some people that aside from being completely inept to take a hint, also were simply too dense for their own good.

"You are mistaken, Mr Callahan", she, fairly unsurprisingly, yapped at him in that short tone she seemed to use when she wanted to make her annoyance with him known. "I'm paid to ensure the welfare of this town, and thus, my 'pretty little nose' is exactly where it belongs."

Really? She thought possibly ticking off Gabriel would actually be beneficial to anyone in town? My, that was one messed up way of looking at things, wasn't it? Not that Gabriel had a tendency to take his anger out at the undeserving, since everything he did, he usually did with that collected calm and cool calculation of his, rather than loosing himself to the heat of his temper. But that didn't mean no one else could be made to suffer for her sticking her nose into his business, where it most certainly did not belong, no matter how much she wanted to insist that it did. Because, since she seemed too blind to have the common sense to fret for her own well-being, how about he turned to someone else, so to speak, to get his point across to her? Then maybe she'd learn.

Yet, at the same time, he couldn't deny that her persistant feistiness, while it did have him thinking of her as somewhat of a fool, did stir in him a bit of a desire to cut her down to size. And so therefore;

"Ah, of course", came his voice dryly as a smirk stole across his lips and stained the look in his eyes with slight patronization. "You would see it as your duty to meddle, wouldn't you?"

Though he didn't give her much of a chance to retort, because the acidic remark was soon followed by an actual and somewhat more serious and straightforward reply to her question from a few seconds earlier, delivered in a rather blasé tone of voice, almost as though he was stating what he thought she already ought to have figured out herself;

"Whatever future patients you happen to recieve through my 'courtesy', will have been subjected to exactly what consideration they are entitled to."

There. Happy now, little missy?

"And as for ensuring the so-called welfare of this town...", he then continued, and this time slight mockery made an appearance in his dark eyes. "You do take a surprising amount of interest in tending to those who prey on it. Brawlers, drunks, thieves. It doesn't quite fit, does it?"

11th Dec 2008, 2:32 PM
# 11 [Afternoon, day #1]

Mae watched as the boy made his way through the Saloon, after what looked like a bit of hesitation. He had dark slender features, and looked like he knew a thing or two about life. It was odd, since he was so young. His clothes seemed to bare signs of a rugged life, and he turned his pace towards the bar with a determined expression on his face. Mae was not the only one who had noticed him, far from it, and it was not a surprise. Even life at a saloon could turn into a routine, and become tedious. So, when someone new and appealing came by, it concerned them all.
The boy stopped at the bar, a few feet to the left of Mae, and in the blink of an eye one of the girls joined him. Gina. She was twice his age, and Mae didn't like her all that much, especially not when they went for the same customer. She had more experience and it was hard for Mae to rattle her. But she didn't have the same mental stamina, so Mae had high hopes of beating her at any game they might end up in.

"Why...", Gina said, immediatley tryling to reel him in. "If it isn't Clarissa's little one."

Clarissa? Mae didn't know the name, although she thougth she had heard it sometime. It seemed, though, as if it belonged to the boy's mother. And why would Gina know about her? Oh well, she didn't have time to think about things that didn't feel important in the current situation, she was more occupied by the fact that Gina tried to make the boy interested in her. And Mae didn't like that. She wanted to talk to him, to find out what he was doing there, and maybe... Well, maybe she could get to know him better. Gina spoiled her plans.

"A glass of whiskey", the boy said, only to shortly add; "Please".

This was Mae's cue. She loved dramatic entrances, appear like the centerpiece of their dreams. Of course, she didn't know this one, so she didn't know what he desired. But she knew one thing - he was young, and young boy's weren't all that complicated. And she could appeal to them all, grown men as well as youngsters. Though once in a while they prefered someone else, but that didn't mean Mae lost her confidence. She was a fighter in that sense; her faith in herself could move mountains.

"Here you go, my love", Scarlett said to the boy, and exchanged a glass of whiskey for money.

Even if Scarlett only did her job, and was addressing the boy, Mae had had just about enough of her. The sound of her soft voice gave her chills, and she rolled her eyes, before she turned on one of her most seductive smiles as she walk the few steps between her and the boy.

"Scarlett", she said, and gave her colleague a nod. "Don't be silly. Give him the good stuff."

She seemed awfully friendly, after just moments ago treating Scarlett like she was not worth more than the trash from yesterday. But it was all a part of Mae's modus operandi. Quarrel between the girls could sometimes amuse the men, but not this time around. Mae wanted the boy to feel at ease, which included her being nice to the other girls. Something about him had Mae set on being the one who caught his attention. It was not only the game the girls played, it was the boy himself. Though Mae knew they sometimes served poor alcohol, she didn't know just how cheap it was this time. Instead, her motive had been to get on the boy's good side from the start, by making sure he was well taken care of. When she stopped near him, she shot Gina a glare that had a simple message; "Get out of my way.". Though Gina looked back with disinterest, as if to let Mae know she wouldn't be easily scared. However, their exchange lasted for a mere second, before Mae concentrated on the boy.

"You sound like a regular gentleman", she said with a sweet tone, placing her lower arm on the edge of the bar, as she leaned closer to him. "So polite. What's your name?"

Mae made sure he only saw her good side. The mean expressions she had, and the fierce looks she gave other girls, were discrete, for the recipients only. If anyone was going to make the boy feel at home, it was Mae.


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It became increasingly apparent to Kate that Gabriel viewed her supposed antagonism towards him as a personal insult. It truly wasn’t. Kate was entirely aware that people had conflicting opinions, and she wasn’t immature enough to yield to bickering simply because someone else didn’t agree with exactly what she perceived, with exactly what her opinions were; no, that was the whole drive for compromise, the ability to understand that others had different ideas.

Of course, her current company was someone who seemed entirely ignorant of the idea of compromise, so yes, she supposed he could be excused for assuming that she too was unaware of it and thus, simply indulging in arguing with him because of her negative feelings towards him. Yes, Kate did not particularly care for the company of Gabriel Callahan, but she was far too professional to let that cloud her judgement and thus, this was clearly another way with which he was mentally underestimating her.

"Ah, of course,” he began with utter aridity, reprising of the patronisation, not that it’d ever left in the first place. "You would see it as your duty to meddle, wouldn't you?"

Kate had to simply scoff at that. There it was, simple proof that he actually believed that she was being difficult for the sake of being difficult. He was clearly a very conceited man who was just missing the bigger picture, for he just failed to see the problem with himself, or the problems he seemed to cause around him, instead looking at others for the faults that he couldn’t seem to acknowledge in himself and therefore taking any sort of criticism as personal attack.

"Whatever future patients you happen to receive through my 'courtesy',” he finally came to answering her question, though approaching the subject of his infliction of physical damage on others as if it was of absolutely no importance to him. “Will have been subjected to exactly what consideration they are entitled to."

Oh, really? And who was he to decide what said ‘consideration they are entitled to’ was? For it was no secret that while he liked to throw around the word ‘consideration’, Gabriel Callahan clearly lacked any compassion to complement it when he went about his heavy-handed law enforcement.

"And as for ensuring the so-called welfare of this town...," he moved on without waiting for any sort of comment from her, clearly finding something satirical in what he was just about to say; "You do take a surprising amount of interest in tending to those who prey on it. Brawlers, drunks, thieves. It doesn't quite fit, does it?"

How very dare he question her decision to not sink to his level of prejudice? Had she not made it quite clear already that she and he played by very different rules? What Gabriel saw as ‘brawlers, drunks and thieves’ whom he did not hesitate to unleash his violence upon, Kate still perceived as human. What seemed to be the true irony in the situation is that he demonstrated such contempt for the people he victimised and yet, when it came down to it, he was just a henchman, a common thug with the sanctioning of a power-crazed mayor. And he really thought he had a standing to argue the case for brutally punishing the ‘lowlifes’ that were brawlers, drunks and thieves?

“'Consideration'?” she thus questioned calmly, merely quirking an eyebrow at the question. “Mr Callahan, your standards of 'consideration' are far more brutal than what's necessary.”

“You seem to think that petty crimes are enough to deprive human beings of basic rights,” she then addressed, still maintaining her professional stance such as to not seem overtly emotional and further fuel this apparent idea of a personal vendetta directed against him rather than the repercussions of his actions. “How exactly is that supposed to encourage reform? I'm sure you understand that a criminal is less likely to break the law again if he's given rehabilitation.”

13th Dec 2008, 1:44 PM
There were two reasons why Robbie had had his stubborn and youthful mind set on visiting the Saloon for quite a while now. One of them was whiskey, which he was thankful to discover wasn't as much of a problem acquiring as he had feared that it might be, due to his age. Now granted, Scarlett was sure to know better than to act as though she knew him and thus by default his age as well, but he also didn't flatter himself with thinking that he could pass for more than a year or two older than he was, at the most. And that would still be pretty young for a customer at the Saloon. So even if it hadn't been Scarlett tending the bar - which was a possibility Robbie had thought about only once it had revealed itself to his eyes a minute ago, when first spotting her there - he had expected that he might be given some trouble when trying to order, and so he was pleasantly surprised to discover that that would apparently not be the case, since Scarlett went about filling up a glass for him without as much as a single protest. She didn't look too amused doing it, judging by the brief glimpse he caught in her eye - the kind one would only really see if one expected it to be there - but at least she did it, and then set the glass down on the bar infront of him, while he on the other hand placed the money infront of her.

"Here you go, my love", she told him, much as though he had been just any customer, and shot him a smile so dazzling it actually had him simply staring at her for a few moments.

He'd always considered her pretty, and she did have a killer smile, but the moment he had heard through the other guys that she was now his alleged father's new favorite toy, he had purged all such thoughts from his mind, simply because the idea of being attracted to the same woman that his resented and resentful father was sharing his bed with, had disgusted him. So, he had stopped thinking of Scarlett as anything but a contact, and the fact that he was rarely with the other guys when they met with her, had only made things easier.
But now, all of that, along with the subconscious sinful associations with the place they were currently in, it just made that dazzling smile of hers all the more potent, and he couldn't help but to stare for the next couple of moments, until he suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that he was being practically surrounded by beautiful women. Gaze shooting from Scarlett to his right, where the brunette was still inching closer, and then to the left, where another bewitchingly beautiful young woman had started approaching, he couldn't help but to feel as though all that previous cool was suddenly being sucked right out of him, and he had to pause for just a second before raising the glass to his lips, in order to not have his hand tremble and give him away completely.

And yet, wasn't this all the second and biggest reason why had had wanted to come here? The ladies? Ironic, how it would end up being a far bigger problem than he'd thought ordering the drink would be. In fact, he hadn't actually thought the ladies part of it all would be a problem at all. For so long, he had desired to come here and experience the world of women, to enter into adulthood and prove to himself, not to mention the other guys, that he was no longer 'just a kid', that he was ready to be part of the world of grown ups. Of their world of grown ups. And yet now, when he was finally at the brink of making the ultimate discovery for himself, he found that he wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Not even a little. The three women were getting to him already, in that the intoxicating smell of them, of their perfume, was already beginning to cloud his mind ever so slightly, and making him painfully aware that he really didn't have the faintest clue how this was all supposed to go down. How did one do it? Was he just supposed to take his pick, and go 'How much'? Or were you supposed to be more subtle, and classy? And if so, how in God's name did you manage that?

Good thing the drink wasn't as strong as he'd thought it be, or else he might've really been in a jam. Obviously, the other guys had just tried to scare him away from trying it, by insinuating that the first taste would feel like fire in his throat. Fire? Pfft! Yeah, right! It was hardly anywhere near that strong. It was fairly strong, yes, but it hardly felt like fire. Which really was a good thing, because at least now he only had to fight the dizziness of having the women around him, and not have the alcohol add to it, or force him to try and not cough, which was something the other guys had told him he'd do like crazy the first time he tasted whiskey.

However, as it turned out, it would appear that he hadn't been served the strongest kind, because no sooner had he set the glass back down after that first sip, than the younger darkhaired woman on his other side turned briefly to Scarlett.

"Scarlett", she said to the blonde. "Don't be silly. Give him the good stuff."

Then, she turned back to look at Robbie while closing the last bit of remaining distance between them.

"You sound like a regular gentleman", she said sweetly, leaning in just a little bit closer, and by doing so, drawing his gaze from the glass, to her own slender yet voluptuous form, after which it quickly darted to meet with her sapphire one. "So polite. What's your name?"

At first, Robbie managed only a faint smile, as he was trying to determine whether she unsettled him, or if she did the opposite. She was intimidatingly beautiful, and yet at the same time, she seemed sweet and friendly. And not in the subtly predatory way that the woman on his other side did.

"Robbie, Ma'am", he said, and then shot a glance between Scarlett and the glass when adding; "And thank you, but I'm good."

No doubt 'the good stuff' would be stronger than what he was drinking right now, and since he knew he could handle what he had without making a fool of himself, but didn't know what said 'good stuff' would be like, he figured he was better off with the former. At least for now.

14th Dec 2008, 4:21 PM
As had already been proven to be God's honest truth, Gabriel Callahan was a man that valued his privacy. One could even easily go as far as to say that he demanded it, and one would still not have exaggerated the gravity of the matter. And the way Gabriel himself currently figured things, he had already made quite an effort to make a certain so-called doctor aware of it, both by hinting and, when that clearly didn't work, also simply flat out telling her that he didn't appreciate her sticking her nose into his affairs. She was being difficult and, quite frankly, cantankerous, for no good reason at all, questioning how he planned to treat any future troublemakers of this town, and actually expecting him to answer. And as if that alone wasn't nervy enough, she had gone on to claim that she was asking because she took an interest in the well-being of the town as a whole.

Now, to Gabriel, it was quite obvious that there was one good reason why he shouldn't have to answer the question any more specifically than he already had, or even at all, and one very good and very simple reason why he really couldn't. The reason why he shouldn't was because his business was his business, and she shouldn't expect him, or anyone else for that matter, to answer to her simply because she tried to justify her nosiness by claiming it was for the good of the town. The reason why he couldn't, was because he was alot of things, but fortune teller just wasn't one of them. There was no way in all of H*ll that even if he'd wanted to, he could possibly know what treatment would be used in dealing with whatever future troublemakers might show up in Morgan's Creek. It all depended on the severity of their crime, and how hard they were of hearing, as well as who they were and how much trouble they might have caused earlier on.

But, apparently, that was something that didn't occur to the oh-so-clever doctor here, as she kept on arguing that Gabriel's business, was hers as well. Funny how the little lady would fight for her patient's right to privacy, yet had no trouble trying to impose on someone else's, for a reason she ought to know was far too weak to hold when scrutinized.
And, wasn't it also funny, how she chose to word her statements as diplomatically as possible, and yet when he followed the pattern, she saw fit to fault him for it?

"'Consideration'?" she quoted him quoting her, while raising an eyebrow in question. "Mr Callahan, your standards of 'consideration' are far more brutal than what's necessary."

Apparently, she really did have a selective memory, because just like a few minutes ago, when she had conveniently 'forgotten' that it was her that had seen to it that he couldn't keep an eye on things from across the room, she now seemed to most conveniently 'forget' that it was her that had used the term 'consideration' to label his current method of dealing with Caleb in the first place. And both times, she faulted him for what in reality, she herself was the cause of.
Now wasn't that just like a woman? That, and the way she used the town's well being as an excuse to stick her nose into his business. She was a prime example of why Gabriel wasn't particularly tempted by the idea to marry and settle down any time soon.

"You seem to think that petty crimes are enough to deprive human beings of basic rights", she went on to chastise him from that moral high horse of hers. "How exactly is that supposed to encourage reform? I'm sure you understand that a criminal is less likely to break the law again if he's given rehabilitation."

Really now? And what kind of 'rehabilitation' did she think people had the patience for out here? To give someone who stole their stock a mere slap on the wrist and a "Please, don't do that again", and be rewarded only with a reason to be going "Gosh darn it, he did do it again" a week later? Did she think the drunken brawlers over at the Saloon would settle for being told "Come on, let's help you home and get you into bed", and not be back the next night to get drunk and start fights all over again? And did she really think that the decent citizens of Morgan's Creek, those clever enough to not cause trouble, would tolerate seeing troublemakers being coddled instead of taught a lesson that would have them thinking twice about doing whatever they had done, again?
Boy, that woman sure did have a thing or two left to learn about life out here on the prairie. Perhaps her methods worked back in the city, among all the 'civilized' city folk, but they sure didn't belong out here. Out here, there was no such thing as 'going easy' on someone who couldn'r abide by the rules.

"Wake up, woman", he thus scoffed, impatience now lacing his words. "This ain't the big city. Out here, we have better things to do than to pamper troublemakers. And as for your precious basic rights..."

He paused, only for a moment, shaking his head ever so slightly at her in disapproval.

"You're walking on mighty thin ice, preaching to me about basic rights, when you yourself are having trouble respecting them."

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21st Dec 2008, 12:51 AM
Kate, if it wasn’t blindingly obvious already, was a humanitarian. Most certainly not in the ‘hug every other person on your way to work’ way, but she most certainly believed in altruism, she most certainly believed in rehabilitation, and she most certainly believed in morals. Also, severely unlikely as it was, it seemed that Kate and Gabriel had something in common after all; they both believed in punishment.

However, in that similarity was a vast difference. While Kate believed that punishment was a form of teaching for progress, Gabriel seemed to believe that it was the method to corporeally ensure that the problem was dealt with – which, she did have to agree, did ensure that the problem arrested, simply because the criminal in question was often rendered physically unable to commit the crime again. However, therein lay the problem. He had no right to do that to people. How does one don the moral standing in chastising crime when one indulges in the very same?
Though, Kate knew better than to give Gabriel the benefit of the doubt when it came to morals…. Not that he wanted it anyway.

"Wake up, woman,” he snapped with a scoff, his impatience clearly cutting the distinctions of his words as he spelled out his ‘reasoning’ for her; "This ain't the big city. Out here, we have better things to do than to pamper troublemakers.”

It swiftly became Kate’s turn to scoff. What, he was suggesting now that his methods were a result of the non-compliance of the townsfolk rather than his own depraved need for control and aggressive dominance? Oh, really? As if the moment that everyone suddenly turned benign, Gabriel Callahan would rid himself of his firearms and adopt a benevolent demeanour. As if.

“And as for your precious basic rights...," he continued on in the face of the tediousness that this was turning out to be for Kate. It would be interesting to see exactly how Gabriel responded to threats to the basic rights that he found so satirically precious. "You're walking on mighty thin ice, preaching to me about basic rights, when you yourself are having trouble respecting them."

Clearly, he had a rather contrived and conceited manner of viewing the concept of ‘basic rights’. Kate had done nothing to violate his basic rights. She – unlike him and his victims – had not laid a single finger on him, had not harmed a single hair on his head and had not endangered his wellbeing, mental and physical, in any way. She had not asked about his private life, she had not sought to decipher his nature by working through his childhood experiences. In fact, she had done very little that had anything to do with Gabriel as a person – everything she was concerned about revolved around his actions and the repercussions that they had on others.
Though, it seemed that he was intent on taking personal insult where there was none.

“The whole concept of basic rights, Mr Callahan,” she began with frustration lingering in her voice, as if she was teaching a rather backward child, carrying on as she regained her more natural neutrality; “…is that they are basic, respected and upheld regardless of where you might find yourself.”

He really needed to learn what basic rights were, firstly, in order to understand that location had no real impact on whether or not to respect them, but really, it was hardly Kate’s responsibility to ensure that Gabriel was adequately socialised. Well… it was Kate’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of the children of Morgan’s Creek, to ensure that they didn’t end up like him or worse, but it most certainly wasn’t her responsibility that he was quite so contemptuous of everything.

“Though,” she continued on with the full potency of that seemingly innate professionalism. “I am rather concerned that you view inflicting unrequited brutal punishment on others as one of your rights. It most certainly is not.”

25th Dec 2008, 8:26 PM
Considering the fact that Gabriel was usually a man of very few words, who didn't bother to spend much time explaining himself or his reasons to anyone, nor trying to justify his actions, there were now those that, if they had witnessed the conversation currently playing out in Doctor Hilton's clinic, would have called it nothing short of amazing, the number of full sentences that had passed his lips since he'd entered through the door. Even Gabriel himself couldn't help but to note the minor miracle, and he had to wonder just why it was that he had decided to humor the stubborn woman, and, quite frankly, been far more agreeable than he normally would when having someone stick their noses into his business. Because yes, even though she apparently didn't consider his doings just his business, but hers as well, and even though she apparently had no understanding or respect for the fact that he really did not agree with her, he had been surprisingly agreeable, and offered actual answers - evasive though they may be - rather simple scoffs and dismissive gestures, like he would have in most any other case.

But did the d*mn woman realize that at least?
Well, no, apparently not, because she just kept right on bickering, as though she thought it her very mission to exhaust every last ounce of patience in him;

"The whole concept of basic rights, Mr Callahan", she said, in a tone that for an instant had fragments of memories flashing before his eyes; memories of a Sunday school teacher he'd had as a kid, and one he hadn't particularly cared for either, "... is that they are basic, respected and upheld regardless of where you might find yourself."

Huh. Funny how she somehow managed to lecture both him and herself at the same time. Though the latter obviously without really realizing it.
Not that it came as much of a surprise, all things considered. He'd made it clear from the very start that he considered certain things his business and his business alone, regardless of her view on the matter, and so her claims did all indeed have her walking on thin ice, because again, regardless of her views on the matter, is was obvious that he considered it a private one, one he really didn't care to discuss, and so as someone who was flying the flag for basic rights, she really ought to respect that. Which obviously, she did not.
But, he was done trying to make her realize... well, pretty much anything, since apparently she was too busy pointing out his flaws, to see her own;

"Though", she continued, now in a voice that sounded much more like her usual and rather composed one, "I am rather concerned that you view inflicting unrequited brutal punishment on others as one of your rights. It most certainly is not."

Yup. That was most definitely it. The brief moment of silence settling between them as his intense dark eyes bore into hers was the sound of the very last thread of his patience snapping. She had to be one of the most presumptuous women he'd ever come across, placing herself on her moral high horse and dictating what rights others had, and what rights he did not, as though it was somehow up to her, still a bit of a newcomer who had yet to realize a thing or two about how things worked out here, to decide what was best for Morgan's Creek, as well as when someone had the right to feel she was going to far.
See, that's what he got for choosing to be somewhat more agreeable with her; a mistake he would not make again.

"I do what needs to be done", he thus said curtly and brushed past her, towards the gurney where Caleb lay, shoving a small pouch of coins into her hand in the process, that ought to more than cover the price for her service, yet now not gracing her with even as much as a glance as he passed. "If you've got a problem with it, take it up with the sheriff. Or the mayor."