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This is an offshoot thread of the Sweet 16 RP (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=61544) hosted by trampledsneakers. The thread will cover the brief backstory between the characters, Sienna & Esteban.

This is a private RP for the characters Sienna & Esteban. We are not accepting new characters. Guest appearances are definitely possible and welcome, but please contact either me or summerkelsa, preferably both of us, beforehand.

Because the characters are so interlinked, we might include some light NPCing of existing characters. Although we will try to clearly ask for permission beforehand, if you see your character has been NPCed in a way you disagree with, then please contact the poster. We will change the post ASAP. We’ll try to do everything we can to avoid an NPCing situation that will make others uncomfortable. Sincere apologies in advance if this happens.

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"Caleb!" Sienna practically wailed as she frantically attacked the top and final layer of her hair with her ghd straightener, "I'm not ready yet!" She still had yet to finish up her makeup and do a double check on her outfit. She may need to do a last minute wardrobe change. She hated rushing! Rushing would lead to her looking bad and she could not look bad tonight.

"Come oooon.. you've got to be kidding me," came Caleb's voice from the adjacent loungeroom, "I gave you an hour .. over an hour ago. And it's just a house party, it's not like you're going to a freakin' club."

"But!!" She pleaded frantically, "Twenty minutes. I promise I'll be ready in twenty minutes! Please Caleb."

A grunt was heard in the lounge room before her brother spoke with finality, "I'm leaving in ten. I mean that. If you aren't ready then I'm going without you. This is f*cking unreal. I don't even wait for girlfriends this long."


That just wasn't fair! She had to make sure she looked absolutely perfect. It was a college party, not just one with a bunch of people from highschool. And Sienna Gentry was back on the market. She had to look amazing. There was absolutely no question about it. She wanted to make Matt wish he hadn't ditched her for that Natalie chick. Who the hell was she anyways?!

She heaved a frustrated groan as she styled her fringe.. the fringe she regretted ever getting. But, she'd make it work tonight. She was going to make it obey. And if one ventured to look at the amount of product she had spread out across the dirty, barren, and very male bathroom, they would know that her hair didn't stand a chance.

Satisfied with her fringe being pinned back in a chic poof, she then leaned close to the mirror, nudging her empty bottle of smirnoff black as she re-applied her eyeliner before sweeping on more mascara. Another dusting of bronzing powder and she was complete. Aside from her clothes. She stepped back then and, with a dainty thong-clad foot, knocked down the toilet seat and lid before stepping up onto it to get a full look at herself. She tossled her hair and turned this way and that, admiring the fact that she looked thinner. Amazing what fasting after a break up can do. However, her current selection of clothes weren't doing her now slightly thinner frame any justice. So, dropping back down to the dingy tile floor, Sienna turned to her duffle bag and riffled through her large array of clothes.

God, she wished it wasn't winter. And so cold. She really didn't want to hide herself in a sweater or a jacket. Not tonight anyways. Of all nights. And, more-so, she didn't want to wear jeans. Sienna Gentry practically lived in jeans. She wanted to wear something that would make people notice her.

Seven minutes later, the bathroom door opened to reveal Sienna in a tight black, off the shoulders, long sleeved slinky top, light denim skirt, leggings, and her favourite uggs [[ pic (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d200/surfsunnwaves/outfitparty.jpg) ]]. Her sight was trained on the specked mirror before her as she shoved the last of eight small hoops and studs into her ear. Satisfied with her look, she sprayed on some Dior Addict and finally stepped out and into the lounge room, grabbing her puff, faux fur trimmed jacket and pulling it on to try and draw as little attention to her outfit as possibly, her chipper voice ringing out, "Okay.. ready."

However, she knew by Caleb's look that there might be a problem. He had at least put down his beer and stood up, but now he was just.. starting at her as if she'd done something wrong. But then again, Mitch, his roomate, was starting at her too. But in a good way. The way she liked to be looked at.

"The hell are you wearing? What happened to a shirt and jeans?" His eyes were patronizing.

Geez, it wasn't like she was wearing a mini dress or something! However, she knew Caleb. Knew that he was very overprotective of her - could be why she had flown under the radar in the dating scene until this year.. the year he happened to move away to college - and it was obvious in his gaze that he didn't approve of her outfit.

"Oh come on, Caleb. Do you want me to go back in there and try on another five outfits?" She cocked a recently waxed brow as she crossed her arms over her chest, knowing that there wouldn't be an issue after her threat, especially when he words brought a worried groan from Mitch.

Again, another grunt, but this time she was hopeful. He reached down and downed the last of his beer before nodding towards the door, "Fine, out, before you realize you forgot something."

The trio then left the apartment and got into the car. The whole deal with them going together was so Sienna could drive there - allowing Caleb and Mitch time to pregame - and Caleb would drive home - allowing Sienna to get as twisted as she wanted. It was going to work out perfectly. And, plus, it was suppose to be her night. Caleb had promised. He'd even bought her a bottle of vodka! Of course, he had also said to not do anything stupid.. but that was lost on her after seeing the vodka.

The drive hadn't been long before the honda pulled up to the curb nearly a block from the house where the party was.

"Are there seriously that many people here?" Sienna mentioned off-handedly, anxiety touching her voice. She wasn't use to huge house parties. Well, no, she just wasn't use to huge houseparties where she knew maybe about a quarter of the people there. If that.

Caleb's rebuttle was quick, "That's what happens when you take hours to get ready." And then he was out of the car, shrugging off his own jacket to leave in the car. Mitch followed suit and the two headed towards the house, leaving Sienna rushing and fretting about how she looked, if she should leave her coat or keep it on, if she had brought the right makeup for touch ups...

"Wait for me!" she cried as she scrmbled out the door, leaving the puff jacket behind as she wrapped her arms tight around her, purse dangling from her arm.

The three trekked across the yards that separated them from the house and then up the drive before Caleb and Mitch ran into teammates from hockey - who were off limits, leaving Sienna standing there, feeling like an idiot before she found her phone and preoccupied herself with sending out text messages to see if anyone she knew was here - and, if so, where - so she could go in without having a panic attack.

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"Why? Why'd you have to f*** Marta? You can get p**** anywhere, why hers?" Marissa demands with her cheeks flushed red. "I swear, you'd flick your tongue at anything that moves! You f***ing manslut!"

Whoah, she's pissed.

An amused smirk has been splashed across Esteban's face for the past 30 minutes as he's been watching this episode play out between Marissa and Rafael. Just yesterday, Marissa's friend, Marta, came to her with tears in her eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. Guilt ripping up her insides, she confessed to Marissa. She had cheated on her boyfriend with Rafael, who had convinced her to share him with another of Marissa's friends. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened with Rafael and Marissa's rather large pool of susceptible female friends. So Marissa wasn't just pissed. She was furious.

Despite being a smooth operator when it comes to most women, Rafael blurts out the worst thing possible in his defense.

"She wanted it!" he protests with his hands open wide and an innocent, petulant smile that just begs for a punch in the face.

"Vete a la verga, pinche cabron!" Marissa's delicate face twists in anger, and her fists clench. Her eyes dart for a weapon, a rolling pin. In a fit of rage she grabs it and throws it at Rafael, an avalanche of obsenities pouring out of her mouth. "Get the f*** out, you no-good f***ing c*******er! And take Es with you, both of you, get the f*** out of my apartment!"

Esteban's eyes widen in surprise as the rolling pin flies towards Rafael. Holy s***, was she pissed! Rafael narrowly dodges it, and it cracks against the wall behind him, leaving a small hole in the drywall. He doesn't miss the fact that she had aimed it squarely at his head, and takes her advice. Rafael gets the f*** out of her apartment.

Esteban takes one last look at his sister, who is still seething with anger. He takes off his glasses and leaves them on the counter. He won't need them tonight. "See you tomorrow morning," he says with the smirk returning to his face. She glares at him, daring him to push her.

Esteban isn't interested in standing up for his brother's indiscretion and quietly leaves to follow Rafael. When he gets outside, he finds Rafael throwing his things into the black, souped up muscle car he calls his p**** magnet when girls aren't around to hear. Esteban pulls the door open and complains,

"Man, why's she pissed at me too? I didn't do s***."

"Women," Rafael spits disdainfully, as though it's an explanation. "That's all she's got. B****, b****, b****." He climbs into the driver's seat as Esteban gets in the car. Then, he remarks, "No JD tonight?"

"Naw, he's been a real pill since this new chick," Esteban replies dismissively.

"Nice," his brother responds. A glint in his eyes tells Esteban that Rafael is under the misconception that JD is getting action.

"Not really." Who wants to wait a month just to get to first base?


In his usual style, Rafael got them to the party fairly early on in the night. The thing with chicks is that they need time to sniff a guy out, to warm up to the idea of being hit on, so the best thing you can do is make yourself visible, early. Then, ignore them for half the night until they're questioning themselves. Omigod, is my hair alright? Does this outfit make me look fat? Why isn't he looking at me???

Then, they're ripe for the kill.

They park close to the house party, in a prominent spot that anyone walking towards the party would see. As he gets out of the car, Esteban pulls out a crumpled pack of cigs, offers one to Rafael, and lights up.

Like boys from a bygone era of rebels without a clue, they lean against Rafael's car. Their cigs burn like bright red eyes in the winter cold, and trails of smoke whorl around them in a mysterious haze. Defiantly chill, they are claiming their territory.

A group of girls pass by and make furtive glances at the boys. The boys take one, disinterested look at them, and ignore them. This is how you play the game.

A few smokes later, they're almost ready to head into the party when Rafael makes a painful "Ooh," sound. The kind of "ooh" that comes out when you've just seen a trainwreck or another guy kicked in the balls. The sympathy "ooh."

Esteban looks up, follows Raf's eyes to see what he's looking at. Down the street, a chick in a skirt is clutching herself tightly, walking through the chilling cold without a jacket. It looks like she came with a couple of bigger guys, though they don't seem to want anything to do with her, as they ditch her once they find a couple of guy friends to talk to.

Gay? No. But definitely not banging her. A brother, maybe?

Without his glasses, it takes a while for Esteban to register who it is. Oh s***, Sienna. Little miss prep princess, the queen b****'s dog. It was disgusting how whipped she was. The thought of a completely trashed Sienna enters his mind, and one corner of his mouth twists in a smile.

"That chick is ready," Rafael says in a low voice, leaning in to Esteban.

Sienna? The very idea of trying to f*** one of the preps was unthinkable. It's not that the thought had never crossed his mind. It's just that there was no chance in hell. No f***ing way.

But Rafael has always had a near-preternatural ability to sniff out the easy chicks. So Esteban takes another look at her, squinting his eyes so he can see her without his glasses. For a glimmering moment, he sees it. He sees the desperation to fit in, the cry for attention in the skirt, the vulnerability in the way she clutches herself, the insecurity as she looks down and punches her cell phone. He sees it in the way she brushes a strand of hair off her face and in the way her eyes become round as they dart around the lot.

"Careful, quit staring," Rafael warns him.

Esteban blinks and looks away, not realizing how intently he had been concentrating. "She's 16, dude," he replies in case Rafael has already set his crosshairs on her.

"S***, well she's an easy 16 year old."

At that, Esteban silently finishes his smoke, mulling over the new situation.

((OOC: Thanks for the visual on Sienna's outfit! I don't have one for Esteban, but if you want to describe it, just imagine basic blacks... thick black cotton hoodie, black jeans, etc.))

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Her text messages having been received, Sienna started to perk up a bit. She started to think positive thoughts and even cracked a smile when one of Caleb's friends, Jake, acknowledged her. However, she was quick to part ways with her brother and had soon found herself making her way into the packed house, loudly greeted by the sound of deep bass thudding and music blaring. She expertly manuevered her way through one of the front rooms and the kitchen, narrowly avoiding near collisions with a handful of people until she reached her destination: the back yard. There, clustered in a group were the main heads of the cheerling squad - Caroline, Jacqui - and Ryan, Dylan - and Mark, Kellie, and, of course, Marie-Elisabeth - with Josh - along with a number of football guys.

Feeling her body relax upon the sight of familiar faces, her worries melted away and she approached the group, tucking her phone away since it was no longer needed. She became her old self - shrugging off the monkey that had been clinging to her back for days now. Sienna was once again her sprightly self, or so she seemed, and merged into the crowd with a bouyant, "Heeey!" and was welcomed with an equally enthusiatic round of high pitched, 'Heys!' and 'Hi's!' and hugs. And that was what she needed. She had been feeling brushed off lately, and the exhuberantly warm embrace had been what she had been craving.

Time passed, locations changed, drinks were downed, and shots were taken and people came and went. Sienna was feeling amazing now that she had a solid buzz and became more social, flirty, and bubbly as her inhibitions faded away. Yet, a trip to the bathroom caused a change in her demeanor. Matt. Her hazel eyes spotted him across one of the rooms and she froze. He, of course, was using his charm on some beautiful blonde that Sienna didn't recognize - a college girl, maybe - and she found her body tense, empty stomach knotting up. She lingered there, staring, for a moment longer than she had intended and found herself making awkward eye contact for a brief second. And, although it had been short, it had seemed to last for eons, killing the happy buzz she had been feeling. Breaking her eyes away, she dropped her chin and made a beeline to the bathroom, feeling pathetically foolish for feeling so upset about what she had seen.

Inside, she composed herself, checked her makeup, and then reminded herself of what her goal for the night was. She reapplied her eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss and, with a deep breath, stepped back to study herself. She looked hot. And she was going to find someone else - if just for this one night. With a renewed vigour, Sienna left the bathroom and headed back in the direction she had came, chin up, shoulders back, hips swaying. She was on the prowl.

She found her way to the kitchen and, like a lioness positioned on the edge of a watering hole, began to eye up possible targets. Sending hints with her eyes, she found herself in the midst of a handful of football players, most of which being in the grade above or alumni, and bathed in their attention. Completely naïve to what their intentions may be and the fact that she was quite possibly cruising for a gangbang, she playfully flirted, hinted, and did her best to keep their attention - which didn't require much effort on her part.

Although she was unaware of their intentions, a certain someone was not. Although not one bit a baby sitter, Caleb did keep an eye out for his kid sister - while he was still sober. And, ergo a jock himself, it was a known fact that football players and hockey players had a vendetta against one another. So, upon seeing the group surround her, he downed his drink and then asked Valerie, his latest conquest, if she wanted another drink. Knowing she'd say yes - she was already getting pretty loose, he got up just as she replied and headed straight to the kitchen. He'd kill two birds with one stone with this one.

Once in the kitchen, he pushes straight through the group, weaving his way to intentionally make space between Sienna and the handfull of leering guys. And, ignoring the daggers she was sending him, casually opened the fridge and retrieved another alcopop for Valerie before turning once her heard Sienna's bitter voice, "Caleb!" It was a hushed reprimand and he only sent her a look as if to reiterate what he had told her earlier, before making his way towards the keg. Of course, one of the f*ckheads would say something, and, with that, he just looked at the guy as if he was crazy. Caleb was not the sort've guy you wanted to mess with. Known more for his fights on the ice - and how he had yet to finish a full season - rather than the goals he scored, he didn't need to do much more than take a step towards the guy to make himself clear. And, then, with that out of the way, he wandered off to refill his own beer before returning to Valerie.

And Sienna was fuming. She hated being treated like she was a baby. Like she couldn't fend for herself. Needless to say, she was completely ignorant to how innocent and vulnerable she really was. She had little experience in the field and figured that the situation with Joel - and everything he had spilled later on - had been enough to toughen and wisen her up. As if that one experience had taught her all she needed to know about guys and their intentions. A babtism of fire.

Her mood soured, she sought out what friends still remained, noticing that Josabeth and Caroline had left. Those girls that were left had a shot each before dancing - or rather, Kellie and Sienna had their shots and Dylan and Jacqui's since those two were driving - and talking. It was what Sienna had needed to get her mood in check and, before she knew it, she had her happy high back - no doubt due to her boozey state.

Since Dylan and Jacqui were being the responsible ones - Dylan staying sober so she could drive Mark home and Jacqui, not being much of a drinker to begin with, not drinking because she was Kellie and Ryan's ride home - Kellie and Sienna became a team and eventually left the other blonde and brunette to go trolling for guys.

Holding hands, they stumbled their way through the kitchen and into the backyard.. the other waterine hole, and remained near the keg - fresh drinks in hand. They chatted up a couple guys who Sienna was sure were in college. And, just as she thought she had an in, none other than Joel Mohr comes and kills it.

"Hey ladies.. How's it going?" Sienna tensed up upon hearing his voice, but Kellie, being Kellie, leaned against Sienna and playfully welcomed him with a, "Heeey sexy." Sienna wanted to be sick.

Turning her head to regard him, she managed a smile - which she really shouldn't have - and that made him advance further, coming between the duo and the keg. And, of course, the two college guys saw no need to stay, much to Sienna's dismay. So, feeling defeated, Sienna gave a not so enthusiatic, "Hey Joel."

The trio talked about fluff, Sienna doing her best to block out his voice and not make direct eye contact. But this proved nearly impossible to do. Joel was charming. Disgustingly so. And she hated it. That and the fact that he looked way too enticing, with his shorn head and really annoying stubble, made her hate herself. She did not want anything to do with him. Not tonight. Not ever. She had long since put him behind her, especially after all the nights she spent crying from being made out to be some whore or thing. Just a bet, that's all she had been. Three months and then he got his pay out. He had betrayed her trust. Yet, Kellie seemed to have forgotten that fact and thus kept him drawn in, teasing and flirting.

Sienna could only grin and bear for so long. And once he offhandedly mentioned that it would make his nght if they kissed, she snapped.

"Fuck off Joel!" She gave him a shove, brows narrowing as she stared up at him with utter contempt. Trying not to seem too distressed - Sienna was not known for her poker face - she turned and stormed inside, leaving Kellie behind as she made her way back through the kitchen towards where she had last seen the girls, completely forgetting that Marie-Elisabeth had disappeared earlier on. And, once her eyes only found Dylan, she put up her walls. Apparently, the blonde had been watching and offered a sympathetic and concerned look as well as an inviting smile to which Sienna ignored and, with a brave face, she turned back to the kitchen.

There, she ran into a rather unsuspecting Aaron Eaton. After taking the time to get her bearings, she looked up at him and offered a brilliant smile once she saw who it was. It had been an impulsive move. Sienna had never payed all that much attention to Aaron. He was fun to send teasing glances to in the gym or the halls, but, really, it was more because he reacted so vividly to her games - tripping over things, not looking where he was going. But, seeing as he was who she happened to run into, it seemed like fate. So, se dropped her chin and gazed up at him through her lashes and, with a slight tilt of her head, innocently asked, "Get me a drink?"

Numerous drinks, and a couple shots later and Sienna was drunk... as was Aaron who, prior to encountering Sienna, had already shot gunned one too many beers. Jacqui had nudged in to say that Dylan had left and that she would be leaving soon since Kellie was looking really sloppy. Sienna just nodded, keeping eye contact with Aaron - she didn't want to lose him - while confirming with the meek brunette that she had a ride home.

Aaron was going to be the guy, Sienna was convinced. So, after a few kisses in the kitchen and a brief but intense make out session out in the backyard, Sienna was ready to find some privacy. However, she wanted another shot first so the pair moved back into the kitchen where they downed their shots and then Aaron proceeded to turn and spew in the sink. Sienna stood there, shocked and absolutely mortified. Gross. Ew ew ew ew ewwww. He puked. Biting her bottom lip to show her discomfort as Aaron rinsed the sink, her eyes widened as he took a swig from his solo cup and then turned, ready to continue where they left off. Was he serious? I mean, she was drunk but.. ew. No. Sienna just gave him a look. There was no way she was going anywhere near his mouth from this point forward. She gave him as polite a shove as she could before slipping away, offering a small wave as to try and ease the rejection.

After witnessing Aaron's drunken display, Sienna decided it was time to go. She was over it. Her plan had failed. Dejection set in as she crossed her arms and began looking for her brother, stumbling at times as she weaved her way from one room to another. She just wanted to leave before anything worse could happen.

[[ **Edited** I'm happy with it now. Oh, and, for visual reference -Kellie (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v515/bloodylamer/bastardly-photos/0505/album32/kristin-cavallari-08190607.jpg). Hope the post works for you! Will be getting the continuation up once I'm done with some morning errands ]]

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((OOC: kelsa, this is ~halfway through the night for Esteban. Maybe it'll help inspire you for edits and stuff :) ))

"You ready to go in now?" Rafael asks once Esteban has smothered his last cigarette into the snow.

"Yeah, let's go." Esteban pushes himself off the car with one shoulder, and the two saunter up to the party. As they approach, the familiar smell of cheap beer and college girl perfumes fills their nostrils, and they can feel the music's bass line thumping in their rib cages.

Once they're inside, Rafael double checks with Esteban. "So, you're finding your own ride tonight?"

Esteban nods. He knows the drill. Rafael can't be expected to be around once the party ends. He's probably taken some chick away in his p**** mobile by then.

"Ok, and remember: any chick still here once three a.m. rolls around, guaranteed, is yours." Rafael reminds him of one of the many sage tips he's given him over the years.

Esteban already knows this, and he dislikes being told what he already knows. "Yeah, got it." He replies impatiently. "I don't plan on getting that desperate."

"Yeah, neither do they." Rafael quips back before giving Esteban a pat on the back, like a warrior parting before battle. Then, Rafael goes his separate way, having already spotted his first mark.

Esteban spends a good chunk of time scoping out the inside, making himself seen, and sizing up all the girls there. He's not looking for relationship material here. He'll be happy with a one-night stand, so the general profile he's hunting for is: female, insecure, and [at least] average or pretty looks. He doesn't bother with the hottest chicks; they're all b****es anyway and take too long to crack open.

He identifies a nice handful of candidates and casually strikes up a conversation with the lead-in, "Hey, have you seen a blonde girl come by here? About this tall, blue shirt, really pretty?" The color of the fictional girl's hair changed to match whoever he approached.

The question was perfect--a way to break the ice while not appearing to be a come-on. Even better, the seemingly innocent question subtly brought out girls' insecurities with the implicit suggestion: there is another girl out there with hair like yours, but she's prettier, and I'm not desperate for your attention. Another bit of Rafael's advice came to mind; it was mind-boggling, but absolutely true--chicks thrive on rejection.

After testing the waters with multiple girls, Esteban settles on two in particular to try to break open tonight. Trish, a brunette--plan A. Chloe, a blonde--plan B.

Esteban finds Trish and strikes up a casual conversation with her. He alternates between ignoring her and affirming her, and she loves it. He finds out she works at the campus sex toy shop. Interesting. She asks him for a drink, and Esteban gets up to find her another beer.

As he's strutting to the keg, he muses at how much his stock with girls had raised in a college environment versus the high school one--here, without cliques, without knowledge of his reputation, and without the drag of sobriety. On his way over, he notices Rafael has already managed to surround himself with a group of six girls.

Esteban knows his style. Rafael hadn't wasted any time in finding some insecure plain Jane, ignoring and flattering her at the same time, and then convincing her to follow him around. He used her to increase his perceived worth to other chicks in the party, then he used her to make it easier for him to approach other groups of girls--hotter groups of girls.

Once he sticks himself in their midst, the hot chicks start wondering what this plain Jane has that they don't, and they begin vying for the attention of the stud. It was like a feeding frenzy. Once one of them bit, the rest of the insecure girls wondered what it was they were missing out on, and tried to bite too. The only challenge, then, is for Rafael to keep giving each girl enough affirmation that they keep trying to please him but not so much as to make them feel any particular girl has "won" him. Before the end of the night, he'll have traded up plain Jane and have his pick of six hot girls. Rafael was the smoothest operator he knew--the slick d*** who never needed a wingman.

Esteban brings Trish her drink and she finishes it. They down a few beers together, but the piss-water here is too weak to affect him much. As the music changes, Trish exclaims "Oh, I love this song!"

Esteban recognizes that as a request--she wants to dance, but she doesn't want to dance alone. Dancing was one of those things that Esteban never really cared to learn until Rafael set him straight. For five minutes, he said, you get to move a chick's body however you want to, and the rules are she has to do exactly what you want. And if she has a good time, chances of you scoring her triple... at least. Ever since then, Esteban's paid more attention to it.

Casually taking her hand, Esteban leads her to the floor. She starts rotating her hips and grinding against him. Most guys in this situation just stand there and make simulated sex movements, letting the girl to most of the work. That defeats the whole purpose of dancing in the first place. As she grinds into him, he takes her hand and tests how much control she's willing to give him. He pushes her shoulder downwards, and she complies, rubbing against his body as she dips lower. He brings her up again and turns her in a simple spin. Her hair lifts as she whirls, and she smiles at him infectiously. Smugness touches Esteban's grinning face. She's ready for more advanced maneuvers.

As he's dancing with Trish, he catches Sienna out of the corner of his eye. She's flirting with several meatheads, and he can tell she's both drunk and aching for it. Three a.m., hmm, he thinks as he spins Trish in one direction, winding her up, then throws the giggling girl out to unwind her. Glancing back at Sienna, he thinks, okay, maybe plan C. As long as someone else doesn't get there first.

Less than an hour later, Esteban is leading Trish through the hallway, and they're testing out every doorknob they can find along the way. Trish manages to push open a door to the closet, and the two fall inside. In twenty seconds they shed their clothes, and in twenty minutes they're putting them back on and stumbling out of the closet.

They head outside for a smoke because that's how it's done in the movies. Esteban gets Trish's number and shoves it into his pocket. They kiss, and she says she needs to turn in for the night. After seeing her form disappear, Esteban heads back inside. Now, where was Chloe?

It's not that long before he finds her. Or rather, before she finds him. A completely wasted Chloe stumbles towards him, and he catches her as she falls into him.

"Hey, did you ever find that blonde you were looking for?" she slurs. Her tongue flicks out and licks her lips as she smiles up at him.

Esteban can't contain his smirk as he laughs and helps her up.

31st Jan 2009, 2:35 AM
Esteban's standing with Chloe on her knees in front of him, one hand fisting back her bleached blond hair. Her body writhes back and forth, and he tightens his grip on her, controlling the movements of her head with steady force.

Because if he doesn't, then her puke is going to spray all over the toilet bowl. Plan B was going down the s***ter in a stream of chunky, pink chyme. Oh well, you can't win them all.

When she's finally done vomiting, she flips her head back as though coming up for a breath of air after a nice swim. Esteban lets go of her hair, and it falls back to frame her face.

"Thanks," she breathes in a whiff of gastric acid. It wasn't every night she found a guy nice enough to hold her hair out of her face while she was puking.

Esteban walks Chloe back to the main room, and she leans against him for support, still heavily inebriated. He brings her to an empty couch, and they both sit there. Within seconds of sitting down, Chloe passes out with her head resting on Esteban's shoulder. Great.

So... plan C? Esteban scopes out the room around him. He doesn't see Sienna anywhere. A long, exasperated sigh leaves his lips. It's about time he found a ride home.

Just as he's thinking about this, he spots Rafael with his arms around two red-headed mamasitas who are both flirting with him, and they obviously don't mind sharing. Esteban doesn't know how Rafael manages to find chicks like this.

"Hey Es," Rafael greets him cheerily, obviously a little drunk. "This is Gina, and this is Tanya. We're just heading back to their dorm now." He's letting Esteban know that he'll be on his own soon.

"Ooh, is he your brother?" Tanya coos, her eyes flitting between the two brothers making it plainly obvious what she's thinking. "He's cute." In this case, "cute" sounds like a euphemism for "highly f***able."

Rafael looks back and forth between Gina, Tanya, and Esteban hesitantly. They didn't mind sharing him, and apparently they expected him to have the same attitude about them. Haltingly, he asks, "So... uh... did you want to join?"

"No, I can find my own ride." Esteban hasn't had enough to drink to say yes. Rafael looks visibly relieved and starts to escort the redheads away when Esteban adds, "Hey, have you seen that brunette with the black shirt and miniskirt around? Remember... uh... from before?"

"Yeah, she's still open. Looked pretty wasted last I saw," Rafael replies before finally leaving with the two women, thinking he's just dodged a f***ing bullet.

Maybe the night wasn't lost yet.

Carefully, he slides out from underneath Chloe's head and arranges her on the couch so that she doesn't fall over. He heads to the closet, finds a wire coat hanger, hides it in his jacket, then heads outside, hoping he can remember what Sienna's car looked like.

As he's walking away from the house, he sees that most people have already left the party. He squints as he searches for her car, heading down the direction he remembered she arrived in. Without his glasses, his night vision wasn't great, but it was enough that he soon managed to find her ride. He takes a quick look around to make sure no one's watching before he gets to work.

After he pulls the coat hanger out of his jacket and twists it into a hook shape, he inserts it under the driver's side window, popping open the lock. As he does this, he realizes how modest Sienna's economical Honda is in comparison to all her rich, preppy friends' sports cars. Sidling into the driver's seat, the thought crosses his mind to simply hotwire her car and drive it home. After a moment of hesitation, he decides against it and pops the hood open, climbs out, and closes and locks the door.

Esteban lifts up the hood of the car and pulls out the Leatherman multi-tool he always carries in his pocket. With it, he unscrews the nuts on the battery, loosening and disconnecting the cables so that the car won't start and tries to arrange it so it looks like nothing's wrong. Pleased at his own handiwork, he lowers the hood back down, and flips his Leatherman back into his pocket.

Looking around, he sees a bus stop less than half a block away, in perfect viewing distance. A satisfied grin on his face, he saunters over to the bus stop, and casually lights up a cigarette.

Twenty minutes pass, and the night owl bus comes by. No sign of Sienna yet. He considers taking the bus home and checks the time on his cellphone. 2:38am. Still plenty of time for her to get desperate. Esteban decides to wait it out, letting this bus pass by as he digs into his pocket for another cig.

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31st Jan 2009, 3:53 AM
Just in the time it took for Sienna to do a round through the house, she found those shots hitting her - hard. When you're five foot three and not even a buck fifteen wet, it's not the wisest move to drink on an empty stomach. Hell, no matter the size, it's just not a smart move. But Sienna hadn't been thinking about the consequences of starving herself today. The only thing that had been on her mind was how she looked. What people would think when they saw her. Would guys think she was pretty? Hot? Sexy? Beautiful? She never had thought of herself as the latter and had settled with being hot or sexy. She had settled with being a thing. An object. A piece of meat. And, as much as it went against her morals and as much as she hated herself for it.. and for how low that made her feel.. she couldn't help it. At least, as such, she was wanted. If anything at all, that - being wanted - was all-important.. and it was this need that, in the end, trumped everything else - especially self preservation.

So, finding herself being held up by a wall, she shut her eyes tight. Tonight - she wasn't wanted. She had been looked-over and ignored - or at least that's what her mind was making her think. Eyes shutting tighter, she suddenly felt ill. She knew that she could go and make herself throw up - at one point in time it had been as natural as breathing for her - and that would probably make her feel better. But, more than anything, she wanted to leave. She wanted to get away from this place. She felt like a reject. She felt like she was nothing.

Eyes opening, she looked around once more for Caleb before finding Mitch - alone. Moving away from the wall as gracefully as she could - which wasn't all that graceful at all - she made her way over to him and dropped down onto the couch he was occupying. She turned and sat sideways to face him, curling her legs up beside her as she smiled, eyes barely open, "Hey Mitch." Her voice had a slurred lilt to it and she leaned her cheek against the backrest cushion belonging to the seat that separated them.

He smiled back and brought his beer up to his lips, swallowing some down, "Hey Sienna... Having a fun night?"

Her smile dissipated before she forced it back, "It's alright.." He was the first guy tonight to ask her that.. and she nearly went into detail about how it was just 'o-kay' but, instead, asked the million dollar question, "Where's Caleb? He upstairs or something?" And with that last bit her voice had changed, far more beguiling than the casual lilt she had spoken in earlier. She slowly grazed her nails up and down the cushion, watching her fingers as they moved before looking back at Mitch who had cracked a grin. Clinging to some semblence of hope, she read it as inviting, and shifted so that she was closer, hands folding on top of his shoulder as she settled her chin down on them, gazing up at him through her lashes. As alluring she hoped she looked, that deeply rooted fear of rejection betrayed her, causing a hint of desperation to tinge her gaze. She moved a couple of fingers so they were lightly brushing along his neck and moved her head to shake her hair back before resettling.

Mitch leaned his head down as she felt his hand push against her side and beyond, arm wrapping around her. She watched him with anticipation as his forehead nearly brushed hers, "Sienna..." his voice was low and a little strained and he made a long pause before continuing, as if calculating the right things to say to her, "Caleb would kill me.." He gave her a tight squeeze then and a sincere kiss to the corner of her forehead. But neither did anything for her. She was crushed. She sat there, unresponsive, staring at the floor, completely unprepared for what he was about to say next, "And.. he left over an hour ago. I figured you knew.. You can get a ride home with your friends, right?"

That's when everything started spinning. Yeah.. she was going to be sick. Sienna pushed away from him and just.. stared. "But..." No. This wasn't happening. Without waiting for a reply, she scrambled to her feet and stumbled out of the room, hand procuring her phone as she scrolled through her contacts - with difficulty - until she found Jacqui's name. She felt like it rang for ages as she headed to the front of the house and then out the door, her free arm hugging herself as she clumsily charged down the short set of stairs and to the walkway below. Finally, Jacqui answered, "Hello?"

"Jax!" Her voice was hopeful, excited. She had gotten through. But then the fear crept into her voice, a plaintive tone taking over, "Jax... where are you? How far away are you? Caleb left me! He was suppose to be my ride home..Oh my god. I can't stay here. There's just a bunch of freaks and people I don't know." A short pause to breathe and whimper, "Are you home yet? Could you come and pick me up? I can't drive home. Oh f*ck oh f*ck oh f*ck. I can't believe he left me. Jacqui.." She was practically wailing into the receiver as she traipsed across the lawn, not even feeling the cold.

"Sienna.. Sienna, I can barely understand you. Calm down ok? Are you still at the party? I'm practically at Kellie's house."

Sienna felt herself begin to hyperventilate. She dropped down to the curb and squeezed her arm tight around her chest as she hunched over, on the verge of tears as she listened to Jacqui continue, "It's going to take me over an hour to get back there... I'm real tired.. I'm real sorry. Is there anyone else you can call?"

Shaking, Sienna shook her head as if Jacqui could see it and uttered a broken, "Noo.." Before she looked up and took a quick look around. She clutched herself tighter and turned her attention back to her phone, "I'm just gonna try and drive home..."

There was a short pause before Jacqui's voice came across the line again, this time sounding more concerned, "Be careful.. call me when you get back, ok?"

Again, Sienna nodded as if Jacqui was there to see her and gave a small, "Ok.." before she hung up. She stared at her phone for a moment before dropping it back into her purse. Her hand then disappeared inside to find her keys.. which took some time, before she stood up and began the journey to her car.

She felt a flush of relief initially fill her as she found the honda. At least she could lock herself inside and be safe.. But that relief quickly vanished once she was inside.. and the car wasn't starting. "Ohhh f*ck noo.." she whined, eyeing her steering wheel with a very pained and pathetic expression. "Please start.. Pleeease pleeeease," she whimpered as she tried again to no avail. With tears stinging her eyes and smacked the steering wheel and dug out her phone, about ready to call Caleb. But, she resisted and fiddled with steering wheel and the pedals before shaking the shifter, squinting through tear-blurred eyes to see if it was, indeed, in park and hadn't slipped to anything else. And, again, nothing.

Her muddled brain started to try and scrounge up all of what Caleb had taught her about cars - especially his car. She knew how to drive it - it was standard, after all and souped up with extra switches that Sienna never dared touching, change the tires - not that she would ever be caught dead doing so, how to check the oil and refill it, where all the fluids went, how to jump it - but she had no clue how to get it started when it was like this... and when she was in the state she currently was in.

Staring at her phone, she then chucked it onto the passenger seat and slumped back into her own, eyes shutting tight as she simply gave up. Moments pass before she sat up and opened the door, stepping back out as she hugged herself and walked alongside the car, looking for anything. She then headed to the front of the car and just stared at it... and if that might make it behave. "Why won't you work..." That plaintive tone found her voice again as she fell back into the one sided conversation, eyes flickering over the still honda.

1st Feb 2009, 6:11 AM
This was pretty f***ing shameless, even for him. Esteban thinks this to himself as he waits at the bus stop for either Sienna or the next night owl to show up. He had pulled tons of pranks before, sure, but nothing quite as psychologically manipulative as this-- to create a situation of stress and desperation in someone else, then swoop in and save them from it, becoming the unlikely hero, and all to increase his chances of banging the target? If it weren't so deliciously ironic and funny, he might feel ashamed.

Anyway, it's not like sex was the only motivation. He did need a ride home, and the night owl took forever to reach within walking distance of his apartment. And, oh s***, what if she didn't show? Or worse, what if she had one of her bimbo friends around when she did show?

Esteban takes another drag on his cigarette, his mind churning with thoughts. Just as he starts getting anxious, he sees a female figure approach the Honda and climb inside. It's her. And she's alone. Jackpot.

He watches in amusement his handiwork pays off. She starts gesticulating wildy in frustration from inside the car, and he snickers to himself incorrigibly. After she's finished throwing her tantrum, he hears her open the door. She gets out and just stares at it, obviously at a loss for what to do. The wind carries her desperate whine to his ears:

"Why won't you work..."


Esteban waits a few minutes before he gets up, giving Sienna more time to wallow in her misery. Then, he lazily strolls over to her car. As he approaches, he notices details he hadn't seen from far away. While Sienna looked needy before, now she looked like a f***ing mess. Her eyes looked misty, like she might've been crying, her face looked weary and desperate, and she was hugging her body as if to console herself.

For a second, Esteban considers going easy on her. He didn't like seeing girls cry--even girls like Sienna. But then he reminds himself what she's like when she's at school, surrounded by her preppy, little bimbo friends, and he hardens himself. Besides, if he's too nice, then she'll think she has him in her pocket. She'll think that she can control him, and his chances of getting laid go down the drain. No, he had to feed her insecurity a little more, reject her, make her question why he didn't want her, and make her want his approval.

He takes a slow drag off his cig and casually blows the smoke to the side, one hand stuffed in his pocket like he's too cool to give a s*** about macho posturing in front of this chick. Gruffly, impatiently, he asks "Is something wrong?" His voice has a hint of annoyance to it, like he has better things to do now than help out chicks like her in the middle of the night.

1st Feb 2009, 10:57 AM
Staring at the honda, willing it to react, Sienna found herself feeling rather pathetic. Her chin dropped as she sent a sideways gance off to the side and back towards where the thud of the party still sounded. Her chest was tight and hurt from holding back the tears she had been wanting to shed for the last half hour and she wobbled slightly as she let go of her hold on herself and brushed a strip of hair back behind a heavily pierced ear. Sienna was so lost in her own thoughts as to what to do that the annoyed voice that seemingly came out of nowhere practically scared her out of her skin, making her jerk as she quickly clutched herself once more.

"Is something wrong?" - she nearly screamed.

Whirling around to face the owner of the voice, her chin lifted slightly as she squinted through the tears that still clung to her bottom lids, swiftly lifting a hand to brush them away, that same hand then sweeping this way and that to make sure she hadn't smeared her makeup - which, she inevitably had. After much rubbing, she was finally able to study the random that had approached her.

She was obviously scared, initially not recognizing Esteban for who he was - not that Sienna had ever paid too much attention to him. Esteban was a delinquent and a bruiser and she really had no time for that type. However, it was obvious that the gears in her head were turning, head tilting as her eyes narrowed some, staring harder as if trying to see through some invisible haze.

And then it registered and she stiffened, her eyes skittering away before roaming the ground before her as she collected herself - still very shakey from all that had happened in the last twenty minutes. By the time Sienna actually returned her tired hazel eyes to him, there was an apprehensive look to her face - the way her brows furrowed and her lips were held in a tight line.


It slipped from her lips before she could stop it. Defensive. Here she was, alone, with a car that wouldn't start.. with probably the most suspect guy in Brooklake. She put her walls up.

"Anyways.." Her voice was low, almost a whisper as she tucked another stray strip of hair behind her ear and turned her look away, voice changing from being sharp and guarded to that borderline plaintive tone, her plight weighing too heavily on her mind, "Why would you care..."

Her chin having dropped once more, shoulders hunching as the cold began to set in, she sent him a quick, questioning sideways glance before slowly making her way back to the driver's side door, carefully placing each foot so as to not stumble and sway. This whole ordeal was sobering her up.. but her body was still reacting to the alcohol.

She pulled open the door and grabbed her coat, pulling it on, as it seemed, not only for warmth but as a means of hiding herself. She then bit down on her bottom lip and glanced up to him, hands moving to rub her arms. "I was just about to call my brother to come get me." Lie, but she was having major trust issues at the moment. "So.." her voice was still shakey and broken, "I'll be fine.." Her gaze dropped, betraying her words as she hesitated before dipping back into the car to grab her phone so that she could attempt to look convincing.

3rd Feb 2009, 10:00 PM
Touchy, Esteban thinks as Sienna hastily refuses. What was it? Pride? Fear? Sheer stupidity? He can't exactly isolate it, but that's okay. It's not like he expected this to be as easy as falling into a hole covered with leaves. He only hoped it would be.

"Anyways, why would you care?" she half whines, half accuses. As she turns to her car, Esteban snaps back:

"I don't. But from back there, I thought I saw a hot chick with car trouble. I didn't think it'd be you though!" He emphasizes "you" with disappointment, like an angler who just reeled in a dirty, old boot.

She walks to the car with a noticeable wobble in her step. Drunk. It's almost three a.m., and she's alone and wasted outside a house party. The stars seem aligned for her to make bad decision tonight, and Esteban's hoping he's it.

Once Sienna's at the car, she throws on her jacket and pulls it tightly around herself. And though her top doesn't exactly reveal much cleavage, putting a jacket over it removes all traces of it whatsoever--not even the outline of her curves show through. The defensive gesture isn't lost to him.

"I was just about to call my brother to come get me. So... I'll be fine." She nervously starts digging for her phone.

For a second, Esteban wonders if she's serious, but something about her sidelong glances tell him to stick it out a little longer. Besides, if her brother actually shows up and figures out what he's done, then he might have a fight on his hands. That could be almost as satisfying as landing Sienna.

Without a word, Esteban strolls to her car and leans onto its side, near the front tire. He takes a few more drags on his cig, casually waiting for Sienna to call him.

After giving her time to dial him up, he asks with mild interest, "So... is he coming?"

4th Feb 2009, 12:56 PM
"I don't. But from back there, I thought I saw a hot chick with car trouble. I didn't think it'd be you though!"

Sienna's face scrunched once he said this, more confused than anything. 'God, harsh!' The hell was his deal? And did he say she was hot? He had scared the crap out of her and now he was being an absolute prick! Her jaw jutted out a little, the way it does when she's feeling all too frustrated and apprehensive about things, while her eyes wandered him, taking in his appearance in full for the first time since he approached. Although inebriated, Sienna found herself assessing his appearance like any other guy she may be scoping out at a party: tall, dark, a little brooding yet strangely aloof.. nonchalant.

With her phone to her ear, having acted like she dialed the number - Sienna would never think to call Caleb at this time of night.. especially when she knew what he was up to - she just eyed him, head tipped slightly. It wasn't a harsh look, or a demeaning one, she was just trying to figure him out, or, rather, the situation. Would all that mean he knew about cars?

Her voice was tentative, brushing off his other annoyed comment, with a shake of her head and a slight flutter of her free hand - the other clutching her jacket closed, "It's just ringing... so.." she paused, suddenly finding his gaze a little too rough to hold as her eyes quickly dropped to the ground, head tipping down before turning away, stray strands of hair spilling along the sides of her face. Sienna brushed them away out of annoyance and eventually returned her gaze to him, a small hint of hope in their hazey hazel depths, "You know about cars?" She couldn't believe she really just said that. Was she really about to ask him for a favour?

And then her dilemma set in again, reaching her core as the previous, rather pathetic look found her features once more, "Cuz, like..." She swayed as she lowered the phone and let herself use the car door for support, voice softening significantly as her gaze wandered the pavement between them, "I don't know what to do and he isn't answering.." Her eyes hesitantly lifted to his, chin still lowered, causing her to look slightly up - through her heavy lashes - and to the side. It was an angle in which Sienna usually reserved for flirting, but the look she gave him wasn't quite... that. She needed to get home. She needed her car to work so she could do that. Tossing in a somewhat distressed come-hither look surely couldn't hurt. Plus, she had been in coquette-mode for the past five plus hours. She was close to asking.. but was daunted. That tiny bit of paranoia still clung to her. Should she ask? Should she just hint and hope he suggested? She slowly turned her shoulder into the car so she could face him, bitting her bottom lip as she looked down at his shoes and ran a hand through one side of her hair.. eyes lifting back up as they met his, asking without a word being spoken.

5th Feb 2009, 2:39 AM
Fear, Esteban decides as he watches Sienna respond then break away nervously from his gaze.

Fear is something he's used to seeing in others. People lived their whole damn lives in fear, trapped by it. In fear of breaking the rules, in fear of how others expected them to behave, in fear of how they truly wanted to. And sometimes, in fear of what the unpredictable f***head standing in front of them was gonna do next.

That last type of fear was kind of neat.

Most average, boring students were intimidated by him. However, usually, preps like Sienna didn't show fear like that; they ignored him--elitism fueled by the wealth they didn't even f***ing earn. They were simply born into largesse. In their little groups of lipstick-smacking, simpering skanks they had strength in numbers, and it was easy for them act dismissively. But Sienna was alone, cut off from the herd, and undeniably intimidated by him.

"You know about cars?" she asks finally.

"I work at a shop," he casually replies without offering her additional information.

"Cuz, like... I don't know what to do and he isn't answering," she says pathetically as she turns to face him, fidgeting with her hair. A different look spreads over Sienna's face. Her brows furrow slightly and she glances up at him coyly through downcast eyes and thick lashes. She's nibbling on her pouty bottom lip like she just wishes daddy would come and make everything better.

Yeah, he could definitely work with this.

And despite himself, he feels his attitude towards Sienna soften slightly as he sees her looking at him so meekly feminine. His expression mellows, but it's still no where near warm. He sighs heavily through his nose like he's rolling over an idea in his brain before he finally says. "Tell ya what--if I can fix your ride, you give me a lift home." Then, he cocks his head to the side and glances her up and down.

Actually, she was kind of hot--as long as he squinted his eyes and imagined her wearing a bikini with half as much makeup. Pretty. Not as pretty as some of the b****y friends she keeps around, but definitely better looking than the butterfaces he had hooked up with when he was the one making bad decisions at three a.m.

His eyes travel down over the long run in her tights that looks trashy. Not that he minds trashy. He's more curious about whether she's game enough to have worn thigh highs instead than a control top.

When he's done with his quick once-over, he doesn't let his expression betray any sort of reaction--either approval or disapproval. Really, he's finding another way to subtly eke out her insecurity while keeping the higher ground. So instead, he plays it off like he was just evaluating her sobriety and remarks with a note of paternalism:

"And you better let me take the first leg. You look kinda smashed."

16th Feb 2009, 4:24 AM
"I work at a shop." Blunt. Final. And Sienna was hooked. Too be fair, at this hour and in her condition, there weren't that many options for her. Maybe if she hadn't hit the drink and shots so hard then she may have been wise enough to look under the hood. And maybe, maybe noticed something a little out of place. But now? No way. Rationality had left her hours ago.. washed away in a flood of vodka.

She pushed herself up and away from the car after she confessed her plight, one small, manicured hand lifting slowly, smoothly over to graze the car in an attempt to keep her steady as she took a few steps towards Esteban. Her eyes, having dropped to the ground so she made sure she properly placed one ugg clad foot in front of the other, then lifted to him as her head tilted to study his face briefly. Something wasn't quite right. He looked different. And it wasn't just the alcohol. Well, no, she couldn't say that for sure...

And, despite what Sienna had drank, her adrenaline had somewhat sobered her up, so when Esteban offered her up the deal, "Tell ya what--if I can fix your ride, you give me a lift home," she really and truly gave it a good amount of thought. Weighed the pros and cons. And came to the conclusion that it was her only option. There was no way she was going to pay the exorbidant amount of cash that a cabbie would charge.. and she knew that she wouldn't be able to get a hold of Caleb until the morning - if she was lucky. And she definitely couldn't crash here. She felt waaay too vulnerable for that.

It was obvious the wheels were turning, the crease between her brows showing as she let herself lean against the car once more. She exhaled loudly through her nose and gave a quick, almost flustered, "Ya hokay," before her hands moved to the bottom hem of her jacket, fiddling with the zipper end, eyes darting down once she saw him begin to look at her. And it wasn't quite in that way. The way Esteban was looking at her made her squirm. Made her uncomfortable. Like his eyes were undressing her and finding every little flaw she saw in herself.

Again, Sienna pulled the jacket tight around her and hugged herself, gaze having shifted off to the side almost shyly. However, Esteban's comment made her look at him sharply, brows narrowed. "And you better let me take the first leg. You look kinda smashed." Like hell that was going to happen. She gave an obstinate little huff but said nothing. Knowing his rather unglorious rap sheet, he'd likely ditch her on the side of the road somewhere...

[[ Hope that works. And hahaha @ the tights thing. They're more like stockings. Nude in colour. Just worn to keep her legs warm. Not like the legging things that stop at ankle length and come in vaious colours. Not sure if he'd even be able to tell she was wearing them unless she had gotten a run or a tear in them - which could totally happen since it's quite likely she's taken a drunken spill at some point during the night. But, none the less, still an obstical. ]]

19th Feb 2009, 2:03 AM
Sienna huffs and her eyes take laser aim at Esteban, and he responds with a dismissive crook of his lips. He walks away, back turned to her, and flips out his Leatherman. His fingers glide over it, open it, and pull out a thick file in a smooth movement. He turns to face Sienna once again and scrutinizes her briefly as the metal object glints streetlight in his hands. Putting the file to the concrete, he walks backwards to scratch a long line into the ground, and when he's done, he closes the Leatherman up and shoves it back into his pocket.

"You wanna drive?" He asks, straightening to his full height authoritatively. "Then walk."

When she starts following his directions, he has to bite back a smile. She looks like she's concentrating hard on keeping her balance, but slowly and surely, she manages to walk down the line leading her closer to him. He watches her impassively. She's just barely keeping herself steady, he decides. If he wants his way, he'll have to think of something a little harder. Once she reaches the end, she flashes him a self-satisfied look.

A slow smirk creeps across his face cause there's nothing else around them. Just him and her and nothing else for her to lean on for support except his body. So he says, "Stand on one foot for thirty seconds."

He's on a little power trip and loving it. Sienna tries to balance on one leg, but she quickly loses her balance. And when she reaches out to steady herself on him, Esteban is ready. He slides in and firmly catches her. As he helps her regain her balance, he locks his eyes with hers. In the faint, yellow streetlight, his eyes are as dark and deep as oil wells, and they meet her dramatic hazel eyes that looks sorta sloshed to him, but he imagines what they'd look like heavy with pleasure and pain. A grin touches his lips, different from the ones before in that it's completely non-sarcastic.

Point proven, his voice softens a little as he urges her, "C'mon. Let's see what's up with your car."

He takes his hands off her and strolls back to her car, not bothering to see if she needs any help walking back. As he opens the driver's side door and gets ready to climb in, he pushes her trust another step further and demands expectantly:


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19th Feb 2009, 4:24 AM
And then.. he was walking away. Her hard gaze quickly turned confused and she chirpped an impetuous, "Hey!" before she even realised what was going on. Was he just going to up and leave her just because she protested.. a little bit?? But then.. What the hell was he doing? Her head cocked to the side, face blank as she watched him bend over and begin moving backwards, away from her.

And then it all clicked, two seconds before he spoke. 'Oh!' Her faced winced ever so slightly as she found herself feeling foolish for having been afraid of him leaving her. It wasn't like she couldn't have - somehow - managed to get herself back home without him.

"You wanna drive?" His voice summonded her attention as he righted himself. Sienna hadn't really ever noticed how tall he was.. he had always seemed to be slouching. Not that she had really paid him that much attention before.. "Then walk." His voice snapped her back to and that stubborn little look found her face again.

With chin thrusting up, she took a few uncalculated steps towards him, sending a hand out to steady herself before setting her jaw and taking the rest of the necessary steps to bring her to the line. Eyeing it, she then shot her only slightly lidded gaze in his direction, "I can't believe you're making me do this.." But then, without much of a fight, Sienna started her steps, imagining the line was a beam and that she was doing some routine that she knew like the back of her hand. But the line wasn't a beam, and her drunken swagger was nothing like the fluid movements she would have made if it had been. However, with a great deal of focus, she managed it, but not without an exaggerated sway of her - albeit somewhat narrow - hips.

Upon completion, she shot him another look. But this time, her gaze held a celebratory glint to them as a snarky yet - was that confidence? - victorious smirk turned up the corners of her lush lips. Ha! See! She wasn't that drunk. And he thought he was going to drive...

But.. wait. What was with that smirk. Sienna eyed him warily before he challenged, "Stand on one foot for thirty seconds." Her fleeting, jubilant look vanished in an instant, replaced with absolute loathing. "What, are you suddenly a cop or something now? Gawd." She sneered as she looked away. Typically, she would have found something stationary to stare at, but she wasn't exactly lucid at the moment so she just picked her left foot up without a second thought.

Big mistake.

A small yelp left her as she felt herself tip towards the left, shooting a hand out to the closest thing to her: Esteban. And, as she crashed into him - or, rather, he moved in to catch her - she heaved a small 'Ooof'. In the midst of her tumble, her legs had gotten twisted, so, temporarily, she had been completely at his mercy as he began to help her right herself. But not before a short - although intense - moment of eye contact. Something fluttered across her features: cognizance. But it was a quick, passing look, and she was left whirling. Not to mention that grin..

Momentarily flustered - he was still touching her, afterall - she stayed within his hold, suddenly very aware that Esteban felt very solid and strong against her. He hadn't exactly ever been a blip on her radar so she definitely hadn't spent much time - if any at all - thinking about his body or if he was as tight or toned as her rather disoriented mind suddenly found itself confirming. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, her eyes swept up to his as his hands slid away from her arms. She didn't even register what he said, far too absorbed in her latest finding.

Her eyes followed him as he moved away, unexpectedly finding herself interested in how he moved, how he held himself. And then she was trotting after him like a lost puppy.

It wasn't until he asked for her keys that Sienna started acting more like herself. She stopped abruptly in front of the car, eyeing him with much scrutiny. "Nu-uh," that stubborn, child-like obstinace found her voice again, "Not until you fix it." 'And not before I cement myself to the passenger seat...' If she gave up her keys now, who's to say that he wouldn't leave her there, on the side of the road? No way. The trust still wasn't there.

Sienna moved over towards the passenger side door and yanked it open, nearly tumbling backwards in the process. However, she stabilized herself before she dropped into the passenger seat, grimmacing as she shifted, leaning to the side so she could yank her purse out from under her butt, dropping it with a clatter to the floor. She sent Esteban a quick look, as if asking him to hurry it along before she started to make herself comfortable, flipping down the visor to check up on her looks.

[[ eeep.. turned out much longer than I intended! Just wanted to get her reactions in there and they kinda got away from me. Hope everything works for you! I hope my description of Esteban was alright. I figured she might suddenly be like 'Ooo.'

ps - I like the edits. Sorry I hadn't been more clear. ]]

19th Feb 2009, 9:39 PM
That went well. Really f***ing well, from the way she had gotten nervous when he walked away to her reaction when he caught her. Esteban wasn't sure exactly how Sienna would respond when he caught her. He figured it was fifty-fifty. She would quietly, even gratefully, accept it or she would throw another fit of histrionics and reject it. So he takes her stunned silence as a good sign.

As he walks away, he has to restrain the smug grin that threatens to creep across his lips. He warns himself against getting too cocksure too soon. He could still f*** this all up by sending her the wrong signals prematurely. Chicks don't like guys who are too eager. Even if they want him in the first place, it makes them suspicious, like they're getting swindled by a used car salesman.

When he asks for her keys, her pouty lips stubbornly protest. "Nuh-uh! Not until you fix it!"

Typical preppy indignation, he's not surprised. He expects that kind of princess s*** from chicks like her. It's the kind of snotty response that makes him want to grab her and teach this gabachita some humility, but like the rest of her similar comments this night, he lets it slide off his back with a sly look.

When she climbs into the passenger seat, his eyes inadvertently glance at her thighs and the way the sheer fabric of her hosiery rubs against itself. Esteban finds himself sincerely hoping that she didn't go with the control top tonight. It's a split second that he checks her out before he turns his eyes to her face and explains impatiently.

"I need the keys to see what's wrong with the car. But if you don't want to give them up, I could rip all this off..." He motions with his hands around the dash. "... and f***ing hotwire it."

He thinks for a second as though changing his mind. "Actually, if I'm gonna hotwire anything tonight, I'd rather just steal that car and drive it home." He points out the window at a sleek, silver Jaguar parked nearby, "And not this bucket of s***. Seriously, who bothers souping up a Honda?"

((OOC: kelsa, yup that's all fine! And I like the descriptions of Esteban. They're probably way more flattering than how Esteban thinks of Sienna... sorry! Hahah, trying to preserve his assholiness in the writing!))

11th Mar 2009, 12:09 PM
[[ Sorry for the delay and if this post is random. Exhausted and listening to too much Adam Ant ]]

Glaring. That was what Sienna was doing. Glaring holes right into the side of his face. The momentary lapse she had experienced outside just seconds earlier was just that - a lapse. She was in no way interested in knowing whether what she felt and imagined beneath his shirt was real. No. Sienna Gentry wasn't the sort to waste precious time on thoughts about someone as low as Esteban, and most certainly not on thoughts about said mongrel's body. And this thought cemented itself in her easily distracted and murky mind due to his words.

His - was that irritation? - voice cut through her drunken haze like a hot knife through butter, "I need the keys to see what's wrong with the car. But if you don't want to give them up, I could rip all this off and f***ing hotwire it."

Oh f*** no.

Ok, she absolutely loathed this thing. This sad excuse for a 'sports' car. Really, it was humiliating enough to have to drive it day in and day out. But.. if anyone thought of doing anything to it, she became defensive. Not that the defensive state was one that Sienna was a stranger to..

"Yeah, like that is going to happen," she spat, arms moving as she folded them across her chest, keys clutched in one small fist.

But he just continued with the degradation of her lowly Prelude and she kept her narrowed gaze on his face, the whole bit about the Jaguar going in one ear and out the other before the tail end of his rant struck her, "...And not this bucket of s***. Seriously, who bothers souping up a Honda?"

Ug!! Seriously, did she not get enough of this shit at the beginning of the year when she had to rock up to school in it on day one?! It had been humiliating having to drive Caleb's car... and not one that she had picked out. Not one that her parents had gotten just for her. Oh no. Caleb got what he wanted - well.. close.. it had started out as a Supra, and then a Skyline which inevitably became a Prelude after some heated arguements with the parental figures. But when it came time for her to turn sixteen and get her just deserves? She got the hand-me-down because getting new granite counter tops in the kitchen was a bigger priority. Not like she wanted to be seen in the 'ricer'.

"Ok, really? F*** it. Here. Have the f****** keys." Aggravated and wanting nothing more than to get this almost ten year old piece of sh*t working, she chucked the keys at Esteban. Her gaze then snapped away from him as she trained it on the dash directly in front of her. '*ss. Like you even have a car'. She sat rigid, arms held tight across her chest, jaw set stubbornly as she stewed.

16th Mar 2009, 12:32 AM
"Ok, really? F*** it. Here. Have the f****** keys."

Esteban restrains a smile as he dodges back from the keys that Sienna practically spiked at him. After they crash against the car door, he scoops them up and turns to reprimand her.

"Tranquilo, fresa." His voice deepens with the rolling accent of the Latin tongue--potent and smooth. The Spanish is simple enough that he figures even Sienna will get the gist of it. Plus, gringas like her seemed to eat that s*** up. It was even better if they didn't understand what he was saying--less chance of getting slapped in the mouth that way.

Esteban's eyes bore into her like she's a little kid throwing a tantrum. Involuntarily, they flick down over her legs again a second before he turns away to try the keys in the ignition. Better make this look like he's trying to problem-shoot.

He listens. Nothing. Not even the sound of an engine turning over. He reaches up to the car ceiling to switch on the cabin lights. Nothing again.

"You got a battery problem. Did you leave the lights on or something?" Esteban asks casually as he plays with a few more knobs on the dash. He takes the keys out of the ignition, drops them in his pocket, then pulls the hood release. As he opens the door and gets out, he tells her, "I'm gonna take a look."

He circles to the front of the car and lifts up the hood, blocking himself from Sienna's view. He pretends like he's checking things from behind the hood and lets her sweat it out a little. He pulls out his Leatherman and acts like he's cleaning off and tightening connections. Before he closes everything up, he finally reattaches the battery to the car.

Esteban huffs a sigh as he climbs back into the car and buries the key into the ignition. With a twist of his fingers, the engine revs up and the car kicks alive. As it rumbles idly beneath them, Esteban remarks, "You had some bad connections on your battery. Nothing serious."

He puts the car into reverse and throws one arm behind Sienna. It almost looks like he's about to sling it over her shoulders, but he brings it behind her seat and turns backwards to look out the rear window. After a quick check, he locks his eyes with hers, and there's a smug, playful smile across his lips. He teases her humorously, "Don't worry. Your s***-bucket's in good hands."

((OOC: Hope that makes sense and works okay. And yay! You're back :)

Btw in case you're curious, "fresa" is slang for "prep." Its literal meaning is "strawberry" though))

17th Mar 2009, 9:32 AM
Legs crossed, arms folded tight across her chest, Sienna refused to budge as she heard her keys slam into the door panel. If she were to be honest with herself, she was a little miffed that she had missed. Her eyes remained set on the dashboard, brows seeming to be permanently narrowed as a sneer rooted itself on her lips. She listened as Esteban shifted in his seat before his low rumble of a voice found her.

"Tranquilo, fresa."

Really, whatever 'fresa' meant didn't seem to matter to her. He could have said that he wears womens underwear and it probably would have sounded just as smooth and alluring as long as he said it in spanish. And, yes, she had aced Spanish I, II, and III... but that didn't mean she really retained much. Especially when there was a little over half a bottle of vodka coursing through her veins. And, thus, the change in his tone did something to her. It managed to chip away at the edgey tension that had only earlier come to encase her in a cold and bitter caccoon. Now, as her adrenaline began to subside, brain slowing, she began to feel the calming affects of her state. Sienna was drunk. As easy as it was for her to be loud and beligerent, it was just as easy for her to be numb and quiet. Not to mention that these two facets of her rubix cube personality could interchange at a drop of a dime.

But now, she remained quiet - and not in the previously obstinate way she had been earlier. It was a different kind. She seemed almost... sedate. Her rigid posture losened some yet she dithered as she sent him a quick sideways glance, managing to catch him in the act of staring at her legs. And, as much as this action failed to register with her, she somehow felt the need to uncross and then recross her legs.

From the corner of her eye, Sienna watched him as he went through the basics, almost offended that he might think she hadn't tried all that alreayd. Like she was some ditz who didn't know how to start a car. And then he moved and reached above them, her eyes following his hand before flicking to his face, head turning as he stated the obvious, "No shit." She fails to answer the question that Captain Obvious had asked, feeling no need to explain that she wasn't some dumb blonde and she didn't like being spoken to as if she were one.

And, yet, the venom had left her voice, replaced by that lilty slur as her heart rate finally returned to normal after having previously been in hummingbird-mode. Her arms slumped down, uncrossing as she made some minor adjustments to her jacket, gaze only returning to him once he opened the door, one brow cocked.

Yes... would've been wise to have looked under the hood. Ug. 'Idiot!' Sinking further into her seat, she chided herself before suddenly straightening, attention turning to the visor as she fliped it down and once more gave herself a good go over. Her hair had gone wavey - being as it was naturally curly and annoying - and she glared at it for defying the slaving she had done earlier that evening. Brushing her fingers through it, she then flipped the visor back up, disgruntled, and peered out the window. She couldn't see much and thus heaved an exaggerated sigh as her head lolled to one side, arms becoming crossed once more.

Once he returned to the car, he recieved a rather unimpressed look, Sienna expecting some other dumb comment to come from him. Yet Esteban said nothing, only twisting the keys in the ignition. And, much to both her delight and dismay, the car came alive. And with it, the radio, which promptly blasted N.E.R.D, drowning out whatever he said.

"Jesus H Christ!" Sienna practically lept out of her skin before she lurched towards the center of the car, fingers deftly flitting over the buttons there, not only shifting through to a different song further down the cd's track list, but also taming the volume. She shot him a sheepish look as she tucked some hair behind her ear, easing back into her seat as he put the car in reverse. And then... his arm... came to rest on the seat behind her. She hadn't realized it, but she had tensed up once his arm had grown closed, finding that she had been holding her breath. Releasing it and setting her sights directly ahead of her, she twisted her lips as Esteban smugly commented, "Don't worry. Your s***-bucket's in good hands.".

"Har har... Great." She shot him a quick, apprehensive look before she quickly tugged on her seat belt. "Just remember.." 'Jerk'.."precious cargo." With that, she settled in for the ride, not at all happy about being passenger.. but.. as time wore on, she appreciated it, allowing the drunken stupor to take hold as she savoured the fuzzy, numb feeling that took hold of her.

[[ -shakes fist- Damn you! I keep finding myself switching to present tense!! Haha... anyways, hope this works. I'm trying not to make her that rational.. but I think I keep failing. Ah well. ]]

22nd Mar 2009, 3:08 AM
When you're a grease monkey at an auto shop, you get used to starting up other people's beat-up tin cans and being blasted by whatever shitty taste in music they have. So when the scratchy, outdated sound system of Sienna's car comes blaring on, Esteban doesn't startle a bit. The only thing he's remotely surprised by is the fact that her taste in music actually sounds not bad. From the corner of his eye, he watches her jump forward to lower the volume. As she leans over, her jacket pockets out a little in the front. Esteban doesn't bother trying to look down it--too many layers and the wrong angle.

Sienna shoots him that stuck-up, unamused look of hers. As she clicks her seatbelt into place, she replies sarcastically, "Har har... Great. Just remember... precious cargo."

Hah, did she mean herself?

"Where? You got weed in here or something?" With one hand around the stick, he eases the car out and playfully provokes her. "Don't hold out on me, lady."

A grin flashes across his lips long enough to let her know he's just messing with her, and his hand inconspicuously pushes in the car's cigarette lighter. He could go for another smoke

As they're sitting there alone with only the sound of the radio and the rumbling of the car, Esteban thinks of five different things to say to get his foot in the door, and he discards one after the other cause they sound lame, desperate, or forward.

Wait, wasn't she with that douchebag, Matt? Despite the fact that Esteban didn't give two tugs of a dead dog's c*** about the daily who's f***ing who's of the popular crowd, it was hard to get by at school without hearing at least something about it from the Brooklake gossip machines. Obviously, she wasn't with him anymore. He briefly remembered seeing that pendejo at the party with another girl.

She must be on the rebound. Esteban smiles inwardly.

Play dumb.

He takes a few seconds to compose himself. He's good at playing dumb. Then he tilts his head towards her suddenly, his brow furrowing together slightly like he's just remembered something. There's a mildly suspicious tone in his voice, like she's purposely trying to waste his time. "Wait, didn't I see your boyfriend at the party? Why couldn't that douchebag give you a ride?"

The cigarette lighter, now red hot, pops out with a click.

((Hahaha, sorry about the tenses! *runs*

Sometimes it helps me get my finger on the tone of the post, but I've been running into a bit of an inspiration rut lately. Btw, I went to youtube and listened to some NERD, and they're great! Esteban would like them.))

24th Mar 2009, 12:00 PM

Esteban's reply to her muttering caught her off guard and she looked at him skeptically, still on a ten-second delay, before what he said next sunk in.

"You got weed in here or something?" And then the car was moving. "Don't hold out on me, lady."

'Weed? Is he kidding. Ew. Ga-ross.' Sienna scrunched up her nose as she narrowed her eyes at him, only to be met with a grin. A playful grin. It befuddled her as her mind slowly began to process the fact that he had been joking with her. Not a small feat considering he had been nothing less that condescending since he had rocked up. It was hard for her to get her mind around this, his change in tone and body language - if only for a second, but she managed it and her face softened, giving him a semi-playful and slightly annoyed, 'Ha' before her attention turned to the view ahead.

Silence found them but the music played on, Sienna letting her eyes shut comfortably as she let the sound and beat course through her - body now feeling very numb as her stupor set in - head bobbing ever so slightly in tune. And, as the silence between them wore on, she embraced the comfortable numbness that had taken hold of her, moving a hand up to her face as a small, cheeky smile crept across her lips. Haha.. she couldn't feel her face. Enjoying this sensation - or lack there of - Sienna began to sway some in her seat, moving to the beat as one hand lowered to the side of her seat where it then groped around before finding the lever there. Grasping it, she then leaned forward some, letting the back of the seat rise up to a better angle since the setting that Caleb had left it at was one she could pass out on all too easily.

Finding it suddenly stuffy with the heater blasting, her eyes pop open and her back arches, face scrunching up a bit as she wriggled, moving one arm out of her coat before the other followed suit, her shoulders rolling back as she shrugged the rest off and then tugged it out from behind her, body righting itself as she eyed it. She shifted the coat around in her hands before splaying it over her legs; however, after a few moments with it there, she deemed it unecessary and shoved it off, letting it fall down around her feet. She then gripped the bottom hem of her skirt and gave it a hard tug - hips shifting up and off her seat - since it had ridden up with all her wriggling and squirming.

And then, the music. Just as she was getting back into her swaying, lips moving to the words of the song, his voice decided to interrupt.

"Wait, didn't I see your boyfriend at the party? Why couldn't that douchebag give you a ride?"

She froze once she digested his words. Boyfriend. Her stomach knotted up, her sudden change visible as her emotions passed over her face, brow knitting. She stared at the dashboard, arms moving around her as she hugged herself tightly. Douchebag was definitely a better term.

Putting on a brave face, Sienna uttered, "I don't have a boyfriend." Her tone was annoyed with a splash of hurt but she recovered quickly, focusing on what she just said. It wasn't that she didn't like having a boyfriend, because she really didn't need one despite the endless perks that came with having one, especially when that one was Matt Sidle. And... she liked having Matt as her boyfriend. To be honest, she still really really wanted Matt... and everything about their breakup was total bullshit. It sucked. The whole thing just... sucked.

And, just as her bottom lip threatened to protrude as she dwelled on this fact, she wrangled it back in, teeth biting into it as she caught sight of Esteban out the corner of her eye. 'God. Don't talk, just.. keep driving'. If he followed her unspoken plea then maybe they'd get home quicker and she could bury herself under her blankets and try to forget everything that much sooner..

[[ Guh, hope the end made sense.. about to crash. Buuut... I got the tense right!

ps - I totally know what it's like to lack the muse.. no worries ]]

28th Mar 2009, 9:20 PM
There's an inch of skin up along a chick's thighs that curves wider. It's that critical inch that invites a lover or letch's hand to her thigh and makes you wonder what kind of girl she is--lace, silk, cotton, or commando? An inch that the hem of Sienna's miniskirt kept grazing against before she'd wiggle in her seat and tug at her skirt self-consciously. It's that inch of skin, along with the skinny curves now visible under her black top, that convince Esteban that he could definitely do worse than Sienna--much worse.

"I don't have a boyfriend," She says like she's confessing she has herpes.

He doesn't taunt her, doesn't rub salt in her wounds. He just turns away from her to give her a minute and comments with stilted sympathy, "Sucks."

Really, Esteban doesn't give a s***, but he figures he might as well sound like he at least understands. He's more interested in his current situation--alone in a car at 3am with a drunk cheerleader on the rebound. She's good and desperate, and he's got no problem with a little bottom-feeding.*

He starts feeling the warmth from the heater too, and when the road looks straight without too many cars around, he rips down at the zipper on his jacket.

"Take the wheel a second." He says, fully expecting her to follow. In the second or two it takes her to respond, he curls his hand around hers and plops it onto the wheel, pulling her body along with it.

Then, he finishes peeling his jacket off, revealing a black tee underneath it that's fitted snugly. Tight, but not gay-tight, as his brother would describe it--just enough to make his muscles look bigger than normal. Chick-cruisin' clothes. Once his jacket's in his hands, he digs through one of his pockets to produce a pack of cigs. He pulls one out between his lips before chucking his coat in the backseat.

"Thanks," he mutters as he reaches to pop out the car's lighter.

((*double entendre, lol))

4th Apr 2009, 9:41 AM
Ug.. this was not where she wanted her thoughts to go. Sienna shifted her gaze out the window, lips parting as she took in a deep breath. And, just as her thoughts started to spiral in said direction, his gruff voice made them do a complete u-turn.


That wasn't what she expected from someone like Esteban Morales. Although too drunk to catch the fact that his tone had been as fake as a pair of tits on a hawaiian tropics model, the word caused her to send him a hesitant look out of the corner of her eye. And, for a moment, she waited. Waited for him to say something low. Or crude. Or to at least rub it in... But he didn't. He just drove.. as if her unspoken plea had been heeded to.

Accepting this - for it was far better than any other alternative that came to her mind, Sienna hugged herself as she slouched into the seat, dulled mind trying to go in too many different directions at once which turned out to be a frustrating task. So, she just sat there in silence, completely idle, her mind elsewhere.

And, just as she started to zone out - lids growing heavy, he spoke up again. Barking his order, her gaze darted to the wheel as he removed his hands from it. "Wha-" Sienna had only just registered what he said and meant and was unfurling her arms when he took hold of her wrist and tugged her hand towards the wheel, which she obediently grasped... and accidentally tilted as she began to lean her body over the center console.

"Oh shit!" And then the car swerved to the right, the front, right tire catching the curb, "Shit shit shit!" She shot her other hand over to the wheel just as the car hopped the curb and, steadying herself first, she then managed the swing the car back into the center of the lane.

She shifted in her seat once the car was - for the most part - back on course, one knee bending as she folded a leg up onto the seat whilst swiveling, bum shifting all the way over so that her hip and side of her thigh were pressed up against the center console, petite frame hovering partly over him and partly over the console. It was then she caught on as to why he had removed his hands. She couldn't see him - her eyes were fixated on the slightly distorted road ahead - but she could hear the zip and rustle of his jacket. "Gawd." Her voice was only mildly pedantic, "A little warning would've been nice."

With all the moving and rearranging being done, she felt him brush against her. Although unintentional, she managed to shift her body away as if touching him was some heinous crime. And, after her little spill earlier which had found her uncomfortably bewildered in his arms, it might as well been.

Once he seemed settled, she expected him to reclaim the wheel. And, when he didn't, she grew a bit antsy, "I thoght you were gonna to drive.." Obviously being cynical, Sienna just found herself.. uncomfortable. For all intensive purposes, she was halfway in his lap.. and she wasn't too sure she liked that.

[[ Blah.. just.. blah! Sorry this is pretty much crap! Hope it's enough to work with. Oh, and if you have an issue with what liberties I took, I'll be quick to make changes. ]]

12th Apr 2009, 7:25 PM
"Ey ey, careful." Esteban warns as Sienna falls onto the wheel and swerves the car all over the place. He grabs the wheel from underneath, helping her steady the car. She settles in soon on shaky feet with half her ass hovering over him, rocking back and forth slightly from the car as it rumbles along.

Not bad.

"Gawd. A little warning would've been nice." She says like ugh, what a dickhead.

"Sorry," Esteban can hardly believe the word as it chuckles past his lips. He doesn't say it sincerely, but he doesn't say it sarcastically either. He must be behaving himself.

His jacket comes off in a few hard tugs, and he pulls a cigarette out with his teeth. His eyes drop down to where her miniskirt teases up and down over her soft, vulnerable thighs. He takes a second to appreciate the view up close like this, and he can tell from the way her tight, skinny body is propped unsteadily against the wheel that she's not comfortable. Nervous even.

Well, let her sweat it out a little.

He turns around in his seat to chuck his jacket in the back and doesn't bother trying to dodge around her personal space, brushing against her back and legs with his movement. From the corner of his eye, he sees her recoil at the contact.

B****. So uptight. He knows he could loosen her up, could make her feel damn good.

"I thought you were gonna drive," she complains.

"Relax lady,"he says with the cool irritation of man with a nagging girlfriend. He pops out the cigarette lighter and leans back in his seat, bringing its red, hot metal in contact with his cig. Its end crinkles into embers and ash like flash paper, and Esteban coaxes it up with one drawn breath. He lets smoke soak into his lungs, cracks the window, and blows it out the way the nonsmokers always insist on.

As soon as she realizes what's going on, Sienna glares at him sharply with hawk's eyes. "What the hell are you doing?!? No one smokes in my car," she snaps.

The lighter goes back into its place on the console, and he grins at her dismissively. "I said, relax." He takes another drag and blows it out the window again. He doesn't lose his cool, but maybe the way she's half on his lap was influencing him cause smoking isn't all he's thinking of when he follows up with a patronizing voice. "Don't invite a dog inside and get all b****y when it wants to roll around in the dirt."

As Sienna responds, a clusterf*** of events happen at once. The car veers as she stops paying attention to the road. Esteban spots something small and dark in the car's new path. He can't tell what it is cause he never wears his glasses when he's out cruising for chicks or when he's fighting, but it looks blurry and cat-sized. Mierda, they're gonna hit the furry little f***er.

"Watch it!" He barks and hits the brakes hard. He sees Sienna's body start to lurch forward from the sudden change in momentum, and he protectively slides his arm around her to keep her from launching into the windshield. His muscles squeeze tight around her slender waist, pulling her into his lap with her legs straddling over his thigh. He feels the car fishtailing underneath him, and his other hand grabs for the bottom of the wheel, fighting Sienna for control. He wouldn't trust a sober Sienna to be able to properly control a fishtailing car, much less a drunk one.

In a squeal of tires, fighting limbs, and panicked voices, the car's finally stopped spinning and they're sitting there dead still in the middle of the road. Esteban checks outside the window to see a scrawny tomcat gazing at them quizzically with big yellow eyes. He laughs softly with relief and mutters "S***" from the corner of his mouth--the corner that isn't still holding his cigarette.

The rush of adrenalin was wearing off him, and bringing all his other senses into focus now. His nose was close against Sienna's hair and neck, and she smells like flowers, spice, and sex in his nostrils. His arm is pinning her against him, and he wonders what it would feel like to try to hold her steady if her hips were bucking against him. Under her weight, he can feel the rectangular outline of his Leatherman pressed into his leg. Realizing how it must feel to her, he pretends not to notice it and shifts in his seat to press that hard thing he's got in his pocket against her soft inner thigh.

Jejej. Not bad at all..

Keeping one arm around her waist, Esteban takes the cigarette from his mouth with his other hand and cocks his head towards Sienna. His lips are inches away from her ear when he asks in a low voice, almost a whisper. "Are you okay?" And for once, he's genuinely interested in her response.