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7th Sep 2008, 10:11 PM

It’s most likely your junior year of high school, and you’ve finally hit that notoriously significant age: 16. You’ve made it through the first two years, and have settled in to your own particular group of friends. It is from these groups of friends that cliques have spawned, forcing students to distance themselves from one another in certain cliques. Brooklake is not your average and boring high school—fights, break-ups, make-ups, outrageous field trips, and parties are always occurring, and there is never a lack of drama. But with the hostilities and alliances between cliques, many a time you will find yourself caught in the crossfire. Whether you make friends, or make enemies—you will have to find a way to survive high school, or your sweet sixteen won’t be quite so sweet after all.


- All Forum and Roleplay rules apply.
- Must be a teen sim (all sims are assumed to be the same age, so the classes will be mixed if they are a student. Must be an adult/elder sim if you want them to become a professor.
- May be either Male or Female.
- You may apply for two characters maximum.
- If you haven’t posted once in a week (without providing us with a reason beforehand as to why you’ll be gone) you may be removed to make room for members more willing to participate.
- No double posting! Please be patient and wait for a response before posting again.
-Try and keep separate posts for OOC down to a minimum.
- Cursing is permitted, but don’t overuse it. If it gets too profane, you will be warned. Please be certain, however, to censor the use of the F word.
- You may RP as much as you like (meaning, there is no limit on the number of posts per day) but please DON’T SPAM.
- Be courteous to other members; even if your characters don’t get along, you still can. Remember, we’re here to have fun!!


((Just a little note before you begin; you can choose to enter as a student who has been attending the school all along, or as a transfer, if you'd like. It’s not mandatory, but if you’d like to have a better idea of how this RP has functioned in the past, I would suggest just quickly skimming over the older RP here (http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=46028). This is time-consuming, however, so I don’t expect you to do so. It’s at your own discretion. Also, I require that students be Juniors so that they can all be in class together; if you all would rather be able to have separate grades, we'd have to deal with only having three kids able to RP in a class. Let me know what you'd prefer. If at any point you have questions, feel free to contact me!))

Include this information in your application.

Student Application -
Age/Class: (automatically 16/Junior)
Clique: Choose from the list below
After School Activity: Choose from the list below
Brief History/Personality Description:
Anything else you might want to add: (Could be a phobia, whether they are a new student or transfer, or any other random tidbits of interest.)

Professor Application -
Class taught:
Sponsor of: (choose one of the after-school activities)
Brief History/Personality Description:
Anything else you might want to add:


Cliques: (feel free to suggest a new clique!)

Jocks - Your typical athlete. Participates in a varsity sport, is well-liked and popular, and has practically everything handed to them on a silver platter. The guys are regular Casanovas, with girls tripping over themselves to get their attention. However, they have a reputation for being a bit on the duller side, and are seen as meat-heads who never use their brain.

Preps- They are the fashionistas, the most popular kids, the cheerleaders, the rich kids. Known for being very beautiful, very well dressed, but also incredibly shallow and manipulative, as well as self-centered and egotistical. Furthermore, they’re often outrageous flirts and teases, constantly playing with the emotions of others.

Trouble-makers/Badasses- These are the kids you don’t want to mess with. Tough as nails, they walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder, prepared to strike at anything that dares to cross them. They are known for being somewhat antisocial and aggressive, but they posses the smarts that the equally brawny jocks may lack. However, unlike the jocks, when they start fights—they are almost always the ones to get the blame. If you’re a Badass, chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time in detention.

Achievers – These are the brilliant kids; the ones who will be owning the multi-million dollar corporations when they’re older. They ace all their tests, get practically all A’s, and never miss a day of school. Despite their impeccable work ethic and standards, they are often given the label of nerds, geeks, and teacher’s pets. Although they may be picked on in high school, they’ll probably be the ones having the last laugh.

Skateboarders/Surfers – These students a the most laid-back, relaxed kids in school. With their mellow and calm attitudes, they hardly let anything phase them and never go out of their way to create drama. They’re known to be the slackers, and this is often revealed through their grades. While they may not be stupid, they certainly aren’t geniuses, and they’re notorious for being extremely lazy and a bit of the class clown.

Goths – The perpetually troubled, deep, emotional kids. They don the darkest clothing they can find, wear thick, heavy, and dramatic makeup. Often, they are incredibly pale. These are some of the most artistic kids in school, however. Be it poetry, painting, or music, one thing is for sure—they’ve mastered one type or the other, as a means to express their angst and deepest emotions. Sadly, they are often given the label of freaks, because they can be misunderstood.

Normies – The average kids. They don’t really stand out in any particular thing. They’re not over-achievers, but they’re not under-achievers either. They show up to school, make their way through the day, and maintain a balance between school and their own lives. Because they are labeled as boring, they often blend into the background, not really fitting into any one clique. The normies are often the wallflowers, but when you get to know them, they often bloom before your very eyes, or shrivel up and prove they’re as boring as they seem.

The Oddballs - The exact opposite of the Normies, the Oddballs stand out like a sore thumb. People can point them out a mile away, with their eccentric clothing and their loud mouths. Lighthearted and outgoing, they talk to anyone and anything that crosses their paths, not fearing social boundaries. While their free-spirited nature and unique ways can be a good thing in its own light, they are often looked down upon by others and labeled ‘obnoxious’ or simply 'out-there'.


After School Activities: (feel free to suggest more!)
Drama Club
School Newspaper
Art Club
AV Club
Music Club (Choir/Band)
Foreign Language Club

Upcoming Activities: (Open to suggestions)

and last but not least...


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7th Sep 2008, 10:31 PM

Natalie Cardew


Sixteen/Seventeen, Junior


Achiever (ex-prep)

After School Activity:

Editor of School Paper (also photographer and occasional writer for paper)

Brief History/Personality Description:

Natalie Cardew was absolutely perfect. She was beautiful, charming, popular and very clever. And of course, she had the perfect life, rich, doting parents, the school idol as a boyfriend, Parker, and a bright future.

Now, just as most of the people whose lives fit that description, Natalie was very shallow and self-absorbed, everything that meant anything to her was always centred on her; there was simply no room for anyone else with an ego as big as Natalie’s. And she played games, cruel, manipulative games with those less that her – of which there were plenty. She relished in her apparent superiority, she took pride in the desperate envy she incited and she knew exactly how to make it last.

Or so she thought.

With a steadfast mind like hers, there was no hope for redemption in her iniquitous ways, not without something so rarely dramatic. However, Natalie was either very lucky or very unlucky, for that very unlikely quandary played itself out to teach her a very precious lesson.

Parker was a year older than Natalie, and very talented at basketball, with an equally dazzling future ahead of him; he’d managed to snag a scholarship for Duke’s for the forthcoming year. However, it was such the case of Natalie’s mind games that they were simply inescapable, especially for those close to her. Having led him to believe that he’d simply lose her interest once the school year was over, Natalie, not realising she’d actually struck a raw nerve regarding his fear of drastic change, soon grew bored of the game while Parker had taken it to heart.

They were at a house party; some random teenager’s parents had gone away for the weekend and thus had inadvertently left the place to turn into a jungle hosting teens running amuck. Of course, Natalie was invited, practically the guest of honour and she made it a point to tease Parker by deliberately avoiding him in favour of others’ company. However, whether it was because he truly wasn’t dealing with stress in general all that well or whether Natalie had truly hurt him, he managed to delve into a drunken stupor and then stumbled upon a medicine cabinet.

He didn’t take the pills, not right then. Instead, he found Natalie, rather managed to corner her in the bathroom and decided to brandish the bottle at her in an attempt to get her to see things his way. The problem was, Natalie was too wrapped up in her own world to actually see what it was that bothered him, and in any case, given his reaction over it, she’d have probably hurt him some more over it. However, having him, drunk and aggressive, confront her alone truly wasn’t the best of ideas for both of them.

So, either out of fear or callous frustration, when Parker threatened to overdose, she simply egged him on, only to find, to her utter dismay, that he actually did go ahead with it.

She just didn’t know what to do. He was already drunk and adding Lord knows what drugs to the mix was just…. She had to do something fast and, being rather inebriated herself, she yielded to irrational reasoning.

First off, no-one could know about it, a suicide attempt, deliberate or otherwise, could cost him his scholarship, and she’d already messed him up enough. Secondly the ambulance might not actually get here fast enough and it’d be terrible for both of them if this got out. And thirdly, it was just shame, because she felt it was her fault because she played with him until he hit breaking point and then egged him on with his cry for help. She didn’t want anyone to know. The only option was to drive him to the hospital herself.

And so, she did, with Parker falling in and out of consciousness and continually requesting, begging and demanding that she pull over so that they could ‘talk about it’ while she was busy trying to save his life. In a sudden moment, he grabbed the steering wheel, wresting it from her control – Natalie’s reflexes a little dampened from her own alcohol consumption to react appropriately – sending the car hurtling into a ditch.

She was fine, a few stitches, bruises and sprains, but Parker ended up in a coma. His liver managed to give up on him and made his condition worse before he was eventually stabilised, still in a coma. His parents refused to give up on him and Natalie, facing charges of reckless endangerment, was only given a three month driving ban and group therapy over alcohol abuse, all thanks to her lawyer father passing the circumstances off as a young girl acting under duress – which, granted, wasn’t far from the truth.

It did change Natalie. She was horrified at her behaviour, disgusted by herself and her friends, at the inconsiderate manipulation running rampant in their lives. It was uncalled for and its effects were devastating. Worse was the fact that Parker’s friends and family were doing her no favours over it and thus, her parents decided to move from Illinois, uprooting Natalie right in the middle of the year to transfer to a new school.

She is almost a different person, more depth and better principles cultivated for atonement if anything. She had had every idea of what she wanted to do – to basically be famous, an actress, a fashion designer, whatever – but now, she wasn’t so sure. She liked writing, photography, acting and design, that was all she knew and well, she has a little time to figure it out.

Though no longer quite as exuberant and sparkling as she used to be, she is certainly not shy nor reserved, simply more observant, thoughtful and philosophical than most and still as appealing as ever, though now with a more enticing nature than glamorous intimidation.

However, personalities are never truly shaken off and when pushed to it, the dangerous Alpha girl makes a reappearance... so getting on her bad side - though far more difficult to accomplish these days - is an invitation to be destroyed.

Anything else you might want to add:

New transfer, loves Wasabi and has a grand fear of birds, especially pigeons, in masses, stemming from a childhood incident in Trafalgar Square. She is a very talented actress and photographer. Has a Siberian Husky dog named Cartier (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y84/Alissa888/sammy.jpg).



(((OOC: Okay, very dramatic, but they’re teens and this kind of thing happens way too often :shrug: Also, the age thing is a little off, but yup, it could make sense, I guess?

Also, as always, open to storylines and connections :) )))

7th Sep 2008, 10:36 PM
Student Application -
Name: Logan James
Age/Class: (automatically 16/Junior)
Clique: Badass
After School Activity: Detention. ((:p))
Brief History/Personality Description: Logan is a badass. But there's more to him. He's seen as a justified badass. He only gives trouble to those who deserve it e.g. Jocks, Preps, ETC. But if you leave him well enough alone, you'll get almost the same back. Almost
Anything else you might want to add: He has been a student hear since freshman year. Got an old Ford Mustang for his birthday. Mainly stays in his own friendship group.

7th Sep 2008, 10:46 PM
Name: John David "J.D." Harper (though few know his real name, but those who do usually know better than to call him by it.)

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Troublemaker

After School Activity: Drama club. He'd rather shoot himself in the foot than actually act, but lighting, he can do. When he feels like it. (Hey, if you can hotwire a car, you're usually good with electricity. *LOL*)

Brief History/Personality Description:
J.D.'s always been a quite troubled kid, but didn't really start acting out until hitting his teens. His parents are divorced. He's living with his mother, and hasn't seen his father in the past couple of years, by choice, as the father has a serious drinking problem. When facing the choice of who to live with, J.D. figured that living with his mother was the lesser of two evils. His mother doesn't quite know how to handle him, and J.D. would prefer it if she just left him alone altogether.
In school, J.D. is far from the nicest person around. He's an ill-mannered, bad-tempered hothead, who will often resort to violence to get his point across. He's also got a problem with authority and anyone opposing him, which has earned him the spot as everyone's #1 scapegoat. If something can be pinned om him, chances are it will be.
He despises preps and jocks.

Anything else you might want to add: He's quite good at sketching, but keeps it mostly to himself as he has no need to be seen as anything but what he believes himself to be: a jerk and a delinquent.


As always, I'm open to backstories and/or plotlines. :)

7th Sep 2008, 10:50 PM
Name: Katie Byrd
Age: 16, Junior
After School Activity: Cheerleading
Personality/Bio Katie grew up with one expectation: she would go to Princeton and be a millionaire before age 25. Her parents had no further demands on her, and didn't pay any attention to her other than to occasionally say, "When you are 25 you will be a millionaire, and have graduated from Princeton."

For most people, being ignored like that would make them despise thier parents, or rebel against a system that didn't seem to care. Katie is not most people however. Ever since she was four she wanted, longed desperately for her parents love, and figured the only way to accomplish that was to be a genius. She had read Euclid by the time she was 6, gotten a paper on ornithology published under a pseudonym when she was 10, completed an internet BS in physics and special relativity when she was 12, and published her first novel when she was 15. Still her parents didn't give her any acknowledgment, saying only, "Good job, why aren't you at Princeton yet?"

After her paper was published, and became the preeminent work on the subject with no parental acknowledgment, Katie became desperate for some human contact and praise and made her first friend in junior high. Since then she has blossomed a bit, still being extremely clingy, and very easy to manipulate, but now she will talk to people about things other than birds and physics. She is still an insufferable know-it-all, but once one gets past that she is extremely kind and mind numbingly loyal.

At the end of middle school purely on a whim she went out for cheerleading, and much to her surprise made the cut. She hopes not to be teased mercilessly or some such, but she is a mind bogglingly good dancer and she figures the joy that that brings her cancels out the hell the other cheerleaders put her through.

Anything Else?: She has been in the Brooklake school system her whole life. She is referenced in the school's biology textbooks, though she keeps that quiet. She is a talented programmer and graphic designer, makes no secret of it. Less well known is that she is a skilled dancer.

Picture: http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff207/AmyLyis/RP/dancingsim.jpg
Thank you very much to robokitty for making this sim, and to gears7667 for taking the picture

I'm open to storylines/backstory with anyone.
Also, I know that this seems a bit overmuch for a high schooler, but at the magnate school I know people who have credentials like this by senior year. They are scary, but they exist.

7th Sep 2008, 10:58 PM
Name: Marie-Elisabeth Normandy

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Preps

After School Activity: Cheerleading (Is head cheerleader)

Brief History/Personality Description: In every highschool, seeming since the dawn of highschools, there has been that one girl. The girl who is the prettiest girl in school, and is always the best dressed and impaecibly made up, with never a hair out of place. She's the head cheerleader, and the msot popular girl you'll ever see. Girls are jealous of her, and boys want to be with her. If you're a popular kid like her, she's your best friend. But annoy her once, or do anything to make her mad, and you had better join the witness protection program and fast.

In Brooklake highschool, that girl is Marie-Elisabeth. The only and much spoiled daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon, and a French ex-model, she's used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. And lord help the person foolish enough to get in her way or say no.

Anything else you might want to add: She drives a baby blue sportscar that was given to her on her 16th birthday, which was featured on the show "My Super Sweet 16". Marie-Elisabeth has had her share of previous boyfriends, including Matt Sidle. She's currently dating football captain Josh Brennan, and they're basicly the Brangelina of Brooklake. Complete with the silly couple nickname which she doesn't like to acknowledge.



((OOC: Couldn't resist! I had to bring her back, I miss her too much. )

7th Sep 2008, 11:01 PM
Name: Kim Ames

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Normie

After School Activity: Drama Club

Brief History/Personality Description: Kim had always been a city girl. You could imagine the shock she endured when she and her family moved here to "start anew". She came from a kind of broken family, her mum had suddenly disappeared one morning when she left to go to work and never came back. All the police searches and leads had given up nothing until her father could take no more and moved them to the small town to get away from the bad atmosphere. Kim hardly thought they could ever get away from a bad atmosphere with a dad who was practically clueless about raising them and a family who would be lost if not for her running things. Still Kim was greatful for her family even if she sometimes wanted to run away in frustration, and she kept up hope that one day her mum would at least be found, naive as it might be. Still, Kim can be described as the glue that holds people together, a sweet, compassionate girl who is quite fierce underneath the whole exterior.

Anything else you might want to add: New student, Great actor.



7th Sep 2008, 11:06 PM
Student Application

Name: Hayden Alba
Age/Class: (automatically 16/Junior) i guess 16 then lol
Clique: Prep
After School Activity: Cheerleading

Brief History/Personality Description:
Hayden was born in a rich family, also very well-known and very popular. Being exposed to this at such a young age, Hayden grew up selfish and naive who knew that she could get whatever she wanted with a snap of her fingers.

She is nice most of the time making her down to earth, fun and easy to get along with. Hayden is smart and super pretty ... but is constantly being told she is not working to her full potential.
Given her beauty and personality, Hayden enjoys a steady string of admirers.

Hayden is a girl who finds it extremely easy to make friends. Most people look up to Hayden due to her positive and easy going attitude. Hayden isnt high maintenance but likes to look her best.

She is a trend setter and likes to shop alot. She gets spoiled alot by her parents which makes everyone think she is a spoilt brat - this isnt true she is just spoiled alot and is good at getting her own way without making a huge deal about it.

Although Hayden might have a beautiful exterior and may look innocent - she has her times where if you cross Hayden's bad side you would wish you had not. Due to fact she can be extremely malicious, bitchy and manipulative towards overs.
Hayden is the type of girl who can handle herself whilst making others agree with her reasoning. Hayden does not like to argue, but if someone was to start on her she will not be a push over or back down, as she likes to have the last laugh - a flaw on her bahalf. She can hold a grudge and won't allow you to be friends with her unless she made you feel bad about how you annoyed/upset her.

Anything else you might want to add:
Hayden is also surprisingly vulnerable, despite seemingly having it all together on the surface. This is because Hayden has transferred from many schools before, from different countries. So although she may look extremely confident on the outside, she doesnt like getting to close to people due to getting her hopes up of staying in schools she likes.
She sings as a hobbie, has a great voice. Can dance well, and is currently learning to drive.


7th Sep 2008, 11:10 PM
Name: Loren Dasen
Age: 16, Junior
Clique: Oddball
Extracurricular: Drama
Personality/Bio: Loren is quite accurately described as loud and obnoxious. He will fearlessly speak to anyone about anything with no fear of offense, even though he is often rebuffed as a freak. This does not concern him at all, he generally sees people that call him "freak" as ones that just can't express their affectionate amusement at him. For the record, he is very very wrong.

Underneath the fearlessly oblivious exterior lies a pretty fearless pretty oblivious interior, Loren is not the sort to ever play games pretend to be something he's not. His ambitions change with the weather, at the moment his ambition is to be a museum curator, last week it was to be a street musician. Whenever people ask him what he wants to do after graduation he just tells them he wants to have a huge party.

It has always surprised Loren that not very many people like him beyond the of course affectionate "Freak" connotation, because he is extremely active in drama club and has been the lead in more than a dozen plays, most recently playing Fred Graham in Kiss Me, Kate where the lead actress insisted the director rewrite the scenes where they kiss and dance. Loren assumed it was because she was rather feminist and Lilli Vanessi's character was rather insipid and weak in those scenes. In actuality it was because said preppy actress didn't want to get within four feet of him.

Though Loren sometimes suspects that he's wrong about people liking him, he consciously decides not to act on that, and goes about in a cheerful and annoying way.

Anything else?: Loren is working on his own screenplay, which is a jealous secret, and has been in Brooklake since grade school.

Pic:I don't have my game at the moment, and I'm starting to hate the pic that was up, so I provide for your reference a
Description: Loren is rather skinny, and shorter than most guys, taller than most girls, somewhere in the region of 5'8 to 5'10. He has blonde hair, typically messy, though rarely longer than ear length. His eyes are green, and during the week immediately before a show opens or the two days after a show ends he seems to have massive raccoon eyes due to his stage makeup. He has a somewhat upturned, and very narrow nose, and small feminine lips.
Loren is also open to any story lines

8th Sep 2008, 10:59 AM
Name: Roxana 'Roxy' Wiles.

Age/Class: Sixteen/Seventeen, Junior.

Clique: Normie.

After School Activity: Music Club.

Brief History/Personality Description: Roxy is a good-natured teenage girl, most of the time. She knows that a person needs fun in their lives, and she takes those opportunities when ever she can. Roxy is neither reserved nor the life of the party: she is someone that just attracts a wide range of friends. However, she is also exceptional at holding grudges and is unhealthily bitter about certain things. If someone tries to dissuade her against her preconceived notions of such, they will be trying for some time. If anyone gets on the wrong side of Roxy, it would be safest to prepare for quite a lot of anger and resentment. Her motto is, "You can either be my best friend or my worst enemy," and she fully means it. While her parents are still married, they tend to argue fairly often; she is their only child.

Anything else you might want to add: Her two closest friends are Eeric Kinsley and Lila Kavanagh, she is also extremely afraid of spiders and just about all insects.

http://i38.tinypic.com/2cfdwgl.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/qoxhzq.jpg

8th Sep 2008, 11:08 AM
Name: Jennifer Colbert (Known mostly as Jen)
Age/Class: 16, Junior
Clique: Normies
After School Activity: Drama Club
Brief History/Personality Description:
Jennifer, apart from her excellent singing voice and acting skills, is a quiet girl that usually stays away from major cliques and whatnot. Jen’s father is French-British, hence her slight accent, and her mother now lives in Taiwan with a teaching job. They aren’t legally divorced, simply taking time away. This proved to be hard on Jen, however her incredible boyfriend of two years, Jordan Fairview, helped her pursuing her career and life. She came to the school around five months ago, and she’s made a few close friends. Whether or not to trust, therefore keep them, or let them go will be a difficult choice for her to make in the year to come. Now at the age 16, she desperately seeks a chance as an aspiring actress and singer. In the school Drama club, her talent is inevitably hard to hide, however she usually isn’t picked for lead roles as some teachers see her as ‘softspoken’, although any sober student knows how fierce or loud she can get onstage. Apart from the school Drama club, she has received voice lessons for three years and started a band, which fell apart after she moved. Lately her boyfriend has been acting a little strange, but Jen isn’t overly worried. If anything, he is her silver lining and she would trust her life with him. Jen is, simply put, a quiet and modest teen with strong views on life. She may seem nice to everyone at first, but will prove to be defensive and will sting anyone who takes the wrong idea and badmouths anyone she is close to. Once she has a reason to dislike someone, it’s near impossible to change her attitude. She’s a reassuring shoulder to cry on and trustworthy with the biggest of secrets.
Anything else you might want to add: Her favourite fruit is a pear, and she plays guitar and used to play the cello. Jen has one half-sister, who is the same age as her but haven’t seen each other since the age of nine.
Oh, and she is naturally blonde.
Picture: Will be replaced once I check my game runs okay.

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Name: Matthew 'Matt' Sidle

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Prep

After School Activity: Track & Field

Brief History/Personality Description:
For all of his (so far rather short) life, Matthew has belonged to the in-crowd. Born the youngest of two sons, to wealthy socialite parents, he's always had the best of the best, whether it's been lavish birthday parties and an excess of toys, or as has been the case in most recent years; expensive clothing of the latest fashion, all the newest gadgets, and even a wicked car. All that, helped along rather nicely by his charming good looks, ensured him not only a place among the most popular kids, already from day one in school, but as one of the more prominent ones of his clique as well. He's not a leader type per se, yet has been made one due to possessing all the 'right' qualities. Seen by many as the suave prince of Brooklake High, he quite thouroughly enjoys the 'adoration of the unwashed masses' as well as that of many of his prep friends, and has over the past couple of years been known to start quite a few trends, as far as school fashion goes.

Although he's known as a charismatic and fun loving young man, a regular party animal and notorious serial dater, he's also known to only rarely venture outside of his own particular clique, where making friends is concerned. He sticks to his own crowd, and like many of them, considers himself just a tad bit better than the rest of the other students, and just the world in general, really. If he does venture out of his own 'comfort zone', it's usually to mess with the head of some poor unsuspecting victim in one way or another, as just like many of his friends, he enjoys a good game of manipulation. 'Dance puppet, dance'. However, on the surface, he's usually nice to everyone, though you'll never know if there is an eyeroll to follow as soon as your back is turned, and there is the occasional exception when someone is just too darned 'annyoing' or 'pathetic' for him to even bother hiding how he truly feels about them. More often than not, the one on the recieving end is either an oddball, or a goth, for a variety of reasons.

But... As is the case with so many other things, not everything here is what it appears to be. Matthew might seem confident and self-assured, but truth be told, he's rather insecure and like anyone who puts their identity in a certain crowd of people rather than themselves, cares perhaps a little too much about what his peers think of him. He knows his status directs the eyes of others onto him at all times, as it's him and his friends that are constantly looked to for hints of what's hot and what's not, and with it comes a ton of expectations for him to be everything that is the teenage ideal; rich, popular, good looking and carefree. He's deathly afraid of not living up to these expectations, of falling from grace, being pushed from his pedestal, and will go to serious lengths to try to ensure that it doesn't happen.

Anything else you might want to add: usually goes by 'Matt', or even 'Sidle'. Has done a bit of modelling ever since childhood, and still does every now and then. Has dated Marie-Elisabeth Normandy, Sienna Gentry and Natalie Cardew (though the latter with ulterior motives), among many, many others.

Is active in both sports and drama. He's got quite a bit of acting skill, and is one of the school's top sprinters (his main distance being 100 metres).

Has one older brother by the name of Liam, who is currently in uni. His father is a television producer, and his mother a pure-bred socialite who has never worked a day in her life, and spends most of her time and effort planning, organizing and hosting charity and/or entertainment events.


Open for plotlines and backstories. :)

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Josh Brennan


Sixteen/Seventeen, Junior



After School Activity:

Football – Captain/Quarterback of football team

Brief History/Personality Description:

Josh Brennan is awesome.

To say that he is the school’s idol would be an understatement indeed, for Josh fulfilled the Hollywood stereotype of high school hunk and then some. He's gorgeous, funny, charismatic and irresistible to the girls… and he takes full advantage of that, earning himself a good reputation of a Lothario with the ladies. He doesn't even pick wantonly on the other cliques, unless they get in his way, in which case, the game was on.

However, Josh’s true passion lies in football, to which he has almost completely devoted his entire life. Although he’s passionate about it now, Josh had to admit that it wasn’t really where his inclination first was. He, ever since a young age, was interested in art and design, and whenever he got time, he’d make up sketches and concepts for various things; buildings, automobiles, anything and everything.

Now, the most important driving factor in Josh’s life was his father. Daniel Brennan was a media magnate, who’d initially been sponsored by an Ivy League college for varsity sports. However, in his first year, Daniel sustained a serious knee injury that prevented him from playing again. Feeling that he’d had his opportunity stolen from him, he did everything to push Josh into living the life that Daniel had wanted.

Hero-worshipping his father from a young age, Josh had not objected and simply did what he was good at; sports, keeping his interest in art and design secondary to what he thought he wanted more; to be an athlete. And in all fairness, he was excellent at that.

While most people assume he’s a little on the dim side, Josh is a bright boy, though not the brightest of them all. He, like most people, has subjects he excels at and subjects he struggles with. He’s very polite and chivalrous to the ladies, even if he does play the field, he does not cheat with other girls if he’s in a relationship, however short. He makes everyone he’s with feel utterly special… and hey, someone girl out there’s gotta tame him sometime, right? Why does it have to be later on in life?

The truth of the matter was that Josh wasn't ever doing what he wanted to do; it was more pleasing his father than following his own dreams. Even though he appears effortlessly cool, he feels crippled in his own skin and he knows everything that he has now, popularity, adoration and fame, is a result of following his father's dream rather than his own, but if he had the courage to do it, he'd break through, he certainly wants to.

He’s the James Dean of Brooklake, the girls all want him, the boys all want to be him and still, no-one can truly know his secrets... well, not unless they try....

Anything else you might want to add:

Josh's greatest fear is disappointing his father, for so far, the paternal influence has been the most defining factor of his life.
He drives a sports car (http://www.digitalcarwallpapers.com/wallpapers/lamborghini/2003_Lamborghini_Murcielago_RGT_1024x768_01.jpg) given to him as a present from his father for making it as Captain of junior football team and being already approached by leading colleges. He has a little brother called Julian, who's 10 years old and hero-worships Josh the way Josh hero-worships his father.

He knows full well of the names he gets called by the 'lesser people' - Chisel Chest, for one.

He's currently dating Marie-Elisabeth Normandy in what's really a fairytale, and to drive home the celebrity glitz of it, they're actually known collectively as 'Josabeth' - he'd like to find the person who came up with that.



Always open to storylines and connections :)

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Name: Eeric Balfour Kinsley

Age/Class: Sixteen/Seventeen, Junior

Clique: Goths

After School Activity: Music Club

Brief History/Personality Description:

Eeric is not loud, and he is not emotional. He is not a hurricane of rage and teen angst. No, far from it, actually. Just because he has tattoos, a lip-ring, and wears dark clothing, that does not mean that he is like every other whiny teenage 'emo-kid' who will try to dress like him. Eeric is mellow (almost apathetic) and composed, and his dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor give him an odd charm. Although he has the typical pale skin (ivory, or porcelain, thank you very much!) and dark hair of your average goth, he does not try to be out there and 'different' from everyone else. On the contrary, he couldn't care less about the differences between people. If you're a goth and you piss him off, he will treat you with the same amount of anger as he would if you were a prep.

Eeric was an only child, the son of two loving, supportive parents. So no, you won't hear any of those "I-hate-my-parents" diatribes coming from him. That's why his choice of 'alternative dress and accessories' was never selected as a means of rebellion: he dresses as he does simply because it is a style that appeals to him. He loves his family, and was raised by a high moral standard. Also, he's fiercely loyal and somewhat overly protective of those he cares about; he tends to take on the role of big brother, and has the propensity to consider it his job to look after those that can't look after themselves.So while he may bend the rules and come across as a bit rough around the edges, he's really a decent guy deep down.

Anything else you might want to add:
He's a closet classical music junkie. Trained in the classics from age three, he can play piano, violin, and cello. Although he is gifted in these instruments, he rarely mentions such talents-- instead, he only speaks of his guitar. He's also a whiz with accents. He grew up down the street from Lila Kavanagh, and they've been good friends since they were both in preschool.



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Name: Lila Kavanagh

Age/Class: Sixteen/Seventeen, Junior

Clique: Normies

After School Activity: Drama Club

Brief History/Personality Description:

Lila is a girl of many complexities, a living, breathing paradox. While she is quite spunky and unafraid to speak her mind, she is equally self-conscious and unsure of herself. Ever the optimist, Lila is convinced that there is some good in everyone, and every situation. Sometimes she may come across as a bit naive, and too idealistic, but she is a loyal and trustworthy friend who never falters in matters concerning those she cares about. Perpetually smiling and giggling, her compassionate demeanor makes her easy to get along with, and makes her fast-friends with almost everyone she meets. Beneath her ever-happy facade, however, she masks any pain she experiences, because she doesn't like to burden others with her problems.

She is actually a twin, something many people forget about because her brother is no longer in school with her. A year or so ago, her brother developed a debilitating illness that Lila rarely speaks about, and one that often calls upon her to aid him in any way she can. She has undergone several surgeries to help her brother, but rarely complains. This is one of the few things about her home life that Lila attempts to keep secret, and very few actually know about her brother's situation (save for her closest friends).

In spite of the many obstacles Lila has been presented with, she strives to overcome whatever adversity she may face. She is always ready with a laugh and a smile for anyone who may need it, and rarely hesitates to breach the clique-lines in order to make friends. Lila prefers to blend into the background, and standing out only makes her nervous, so she is quite satisfied with her role in the clique of students who tend to never get noticed.

Anything else you might want to add: Lila is deathly afraid of spiders and tinfoil, has a fascination with trees and staring out windows, is extremely ticklish, and loves quotes.


http://i37.tinypic.com/155rx4j.jpg http://i34.tinypic.com/ipsdqr.jpg

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((Alright! I'm just getting stuff together tonight, and I'll probably post the first day info tomorrow so we can get going with the RP tomorrow. :) Thanks for your patience and the amazing characters, you guys! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in action! Also, don't hesitate to let me know any ideas you have for events/clubs/activities/anything in general! the more minds the merrier. ;) ))

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The campus is clean, pristine, and devoid of life--that is, until today. While all the students were away on winter break spending the holidays with family, the school was resting in quiet peace for the brief respite. But now winter break has come to a close, and the first week of January has rolled around to welcome the students of Brooklake back on the sprawling campus. The lawns are well-manicured, many classrooms received a fresh coat of paint, and even some new students have enrolled to begin their journey at the school. There isn't a cloud in the sky and the air is still chilly, but that should raise the spirits of those students who are dreading the return to the books and homework that await them upon their return. So get to school, get to class, and get to work!


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[[[ I updated Kim's app, I hated her former picture]]]

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(((ooc: Alrighty, guess I'll go first then. Come on people, let's get this show on the road. :D )))

Some might say that a semester that started with pigs flying and hell freezing over, was a sure sign of a very interesting upcoming semester indeed. Those very same people might also be quite excited to find that this was one such start of one such semester.
The reason?
J.D. Harper, notorious troublemaker known to skip quite a few classes and to send people flying into lockers just for looking at him funny, arrived not just in time, but early; something that would make Halley's comet passing in the sky seem like a regular everyday occurance. Though unlike aforementioned people, J.D. himself was far from thrilled about it. He could think of few things he hated more than mornings - and he had quite a few things on his list - and would have much rather just stayed in bed and ignored the fact that the winter break was over. Unfortunately, his mother was the exact opposite; an early bird with a tendency to suddenly realize she just 'had' to vacuum the second floor, where J.D.'s room was located, before she headed off to work, on every single day that J.D. was proving more of a challenge than usual to drag out of bed. For while she might not care much for the muttered curses and sometimes even angry growls that would emit from the bed where only a tuft of gossamer hair sticking out from underneath the covers would reveal that her son was actually there, at least if she managed to coax him out of bed, there was the possibility that meeting up with his friends would appeal to him enough to actually drag him out the door. And if she was really lucky, those friends would actually have chosen that particular day to attend some classes.

This morning, she had started vacuuming extra early, and paid extra detail to J.D.'s room, forcing her son to realize that yes, he did indeed feel like meeting up with his friends, one in particular, today. Consequently, he arrived at school alot earlier than usual. He could even stop on his way from the parking lot, where he had left his sorry excuse for a car (http://www.crimson-tale.com/Temp/JDs_car_1981PontiacFirebirdTransAm.jpg)(*), and have a smoke or two at the spot where he and his friends usually hung out during recess, and still make it to class long before the bell went.
Not that he really intended to be there on time, but for once, the option was at least there.

However, considering the chill of the winter morning air, and how it always made the tired J.D. freeze his butt off, he actually made it through the main doors with a whole quarter of an hour to spare, and with little else to do, as his friends had yet to show up, he headed for his banged up locker.

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First rp on this forum! *is nervous*

Name: Adam Weathervein
Age/Class: 16/Junior
Clique: I hate to lump emos with goths but that seems the most approipriate...
After School Activity: If he isn't in detention then he's in the music room after school.
Brief History/Personality Description: The most notable thing about Adam is his mood swings: Light rain slightly disturbing the delicate balance of his hair painstakingly achieved by and hour of straightning and 3 cans of hair spray, spells a bleak rest of the day for Adam; failing a class and being grounded for a month because of that can be forgotten with a pack of oreos.

Adam isn't a bad student, more easily distracted and has a tendancy to fall asleep in class (keeping his myspace and live journal as up to date as possible as well as his 4am scheduled cigarette so that mummy doesnt find out, leaves little time to sleep) as well as doodle on any loose slip of paper which usually gets him into trouble.

He's pretty quiet and can be pretty hostile to people he doesn't know but willl usually talk to anyone if they are so inclined to approach him.

Anything else you might want to add: Adam is naturally dirty blonde, his present hair colouring is in honour to his black and white cat, Macaroni St. Clement II (there is no Macaroni St. Clement I, he just thought it added to the name). Adam plays guitar and thanks to the lack of bass in his voice, can do an excellent whiny emo scream. He is never without eyeliner, his ipod, filled with mostly woeful songs though he is particial to some Alphabeat, or a sharpie marker to draw with.



Name: Lorene Davis
Age/Class: 16/Junior
Clique: Oddball
After School Activity: Foreign Language Club
Brief History/Personality Description: Lorene discovered long ago that she just didn't have the patience to fit in anywhere. The unnecessary high school politics that fuelled people to ass kiss, back stab, stuff their bras and spread rumours seemed a whole lot harder then being shunned by her classmates, she find her own company more amusing most of the time anyway...

Lorene is loud, rather open and will usually talk to anyone whether they wish to associate with her or not. She doesn't rate herself promiscuous but knows she flirts shamelessly with anyone: boys, girls, teachers, mostly for giggles. She rarely worries about the consequences of her actions.

Anything else you might want to add: Was born and has lived in Lithuania till the age of 10 so still has a slight accent and speaks perfect Lithuanian. Has naturally reddy-browny hair and has been drawing on her eyebrows since she was 14. Her greatest fear is going bald yet tries to dye her hair a different colour atleast every 6 weeks. She feels she would have made more sense if she'd grown up in the 80s.




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The grayish light of early morning dawned into Kim's room to hit on the messy pile of clothes in the corner that she kept meaning to get to. The entire house was silent, and she reveled in the remaining two minutes that she would have before the alarm would shrill it's little head off forcing her to come out of dreamland and into the real world. Today was particularly painful as it was the first day of going back to school. As if that was not enough, she would be new this year and she knew it would be hell trying to settle down.

Right as she was beginning to stir and trying to get up, her peace was suddenly disturbed by the incredibly loud sound of someone banging on her door.She tried to ignore it, but the person who seemed ready to break down the door would not give up. Reluctantly, she dragged herself out of bed, her feet hitting the soft carpeted floor with a little thud and walked to the door.She opened the door to reveal her frazzled looking father looking back at her. "Dad, What's wrong?", she asked pulling the door open and tousling her hair. Apparently he needed help finding a tie since he had to go to work soon. After she had settled him out and seen him off to work, she went to go get ready for the day.

Soon enough, she was showered and ready to go. She trudged downstairs to go wake up her brothers so they could get going. About an hour and a half later, they were all ready and she got their lunches and they were out the door. The day had been relatively easy so far even for her family, there had been no early morning meltdowns and everyone had gotten out the doors on time, she thought to herself as she drove down the road that led to her new school. thankfully she'd remembered to map quest the address the night before so she knew exactly where she was going.

After a little while, she was pulling into the parking lot and parked her car. She got out, grabbing her bag and walked into the school. She looked for signs that might help direct her, and barely managed to find the main office, so she could manage to check in and get her locker.

[[ Outfit (http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z1/pinkgirl4real/image1xl-2.jpg) ]]

10th Sep 2008, 9:00 AM
For Natalie Cardew, her car was kind of a big deal. It’d been a birthday present, and an expensive one at that, and she’d been so very sorry that it had ended up crashed in a ditch at one point and that she hadn’t been allowed to drive it for three months. The points where that got incredibly difficult were often when she just needed to get away, go for a drive and clear her mind, and wasn’t able to.

Obviously, that wasn’t so much the case anymore, she had her Jaguar (http://damox.com/cars/thumbs/Jaguar/Jaguar_XJ220_huge.jpg) back, she had less scrutiny and she had a little bit of time to get to school. Always the early riser, she showered, dressed and had breakfast in practically no time at all, and finally resulting in Natalie pulling into the school car park, dressed in a sweater and jeans (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y84/Alissa888/41jHizt7QqL__AA280_1.jpg), for the cold, finished off with matching shoes. If it got that hot, she could just take the sweater off and make do with the cami. Grabbing her bag once she’d parked, Natalie stepped out, the cool morning air immediately rushing all around her.

She decided to get out of the cold and into the warm building, moving towards it in a not slow, not fast, but brisk walk, as the faintly pouring sunlight picked out the natural highlights in her hair as she continued reviewing the contents of her bag to check everything she needed was how she needed it. Gone were the days when she really couldn’t give a damn about homework, but in all honesty, she didn’t actually mind; it was nowhere near difficult for her, she found most of the stuff easy.

Walking over to her locker, she opened it up, put her bag in it and hung her coat up all in one fluid motion, as if on autopilot, before her indefinable pale eyes scanned the timetable taped to the back of the locker door; English first. It brought a smile to her lips, she did like English, creative writing especially and so, she actually put some effort into the work set rather than just relying on natural brilliance. She slid her bag off the top shelf again, softly rifling through the contents to fetch out the book and file needed for the class before she shut the locker.

(((OOC: Approachable
Not the best thing I've ever written, but :shrug:
Josh coming later when I've got time :) )))

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The first day of school following a blissfull winter break... The thought alone made the first sound coming from the newly awoken Matthew, a sigh, moments before he threw the covers aside and stood from his bed. Usually, he really didn't have that much of a problem with school day mornings, but there was just something about the very first one after a long line of comfortably lazy holiday ones that made it feel so much more difficult. Perhaps it was the knowledge that there were months and months of school work ahead of him - whether he would do it himself, have someone else do it for him, or simply just leave it undone altogether, was beside the point - or maybe it was the effort he knew it would cost him to get back into the routine of things. When one was already in it, everything usually ran rather smoothly. It was getting there, getting back into the routine of things, that was the real chore.

Starting his usual morning procedure, he padded off to the adjoining bathroom for a quick shower, followed by dressing in the outfit he had spent some time deciding on last night - a pair of dark wash jeans, light colored striped shirt (http://www.crimson-tale.com/Temp/MattOutfit1a.jpg), and a dark gray jacket (http://www.crimson-tale.com/Temp/MattOutfit1b.jpg) to protect his slender frame from the cold - fixing his hair to make sure the set of soft chocolate locks looked nice and casual (which ironically took him longer than having it look intentionally styled), and then heading downstairs for a glass of orange juice and a couple of pieces of toast, before finally grabbing his bag and heading out the door, to his beloved silver Maserati (http://www.thetorquereport.com/2008_maserati_granturismo_front.jpg).

Ten minutes later, he sauntered confidently up the stone steps of the main entrance, and through the doors of Brooklake High, graciously aiming a small but charming smile at every head that turned while keeping an eye out for any of his friends, ready to get back into the game of portraying the much envied perfection of school royalty, to a wider audience then the last couple of weeks had provided. Not that the audience was ever a small one, but there was still a bit of a difference between his circle of friends and family, as well as the guests and crashers of the occasional party, and the entire school student body.

(((ooc: Approachable. :) )))

10th Sep 2008, 5:16 PM
As light came streaming in through her window and piercing through the thin blue curtains that her mother hadn't changed since the 5th grade, Lila lamented the conclusion of her winter break. Not simply because the holiday season was her most cherished time of year, but also because it meant she no longer got to sleep in. That was probably what she would miss the most--those beautiful, delightful extra hours of delicious sleep. She had to force her emerald eyes open with a concerted effort, peering around her silent bedroom with refreshed curiosity, as though somehow it being the first day back to school would have changed the room's appearance. There was no change, however, and the only subtle difference was her messenger bag slung expectantly over her desk chair.

Lila begrudgingly drew herself out from the warmth of her covers and rushed over to the closet, quickly seizing a pair of black stockings and paired them with an unnaturally comfy jersey babydoll dress (http://www.nexternal.com/lf/images/GreyPleatedDress.jpg), over which she pulled a charcoal sweater and a white cashmere scarf that hung loosely around her slender neck. Finally, for the utmost of warmth and comfort, she secured a pair of ankle-high boots with a soft lining to warm her cold feet. She ran a brush through her increasingly long chestnut hair and watched the soft waves settle around her shoulders, satisfied when the tangles had been freed. Never one for excessive makeup Lila grabbed her chapstick and applied it with a smile, and moved over to her desk to grab her backpack and books.

Breezing downstairs with a half-forced, half-genuine smile, Lila greeted her mother and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek before grabbing her quick breakfast and darting out the front door, yelling a muffled goodbye over her shoulder before the door slammed shut. She had expected the cool air that quickly spread over her face and brought a new chill to her body, and she had expected the faint dread that had begun to set in as soon as she had truly reconciled herself to the idea that she was on her way to school again for the first time in weeks. What she hadn't expected was the tiny bit of anticipation, the gladness to be returning, that began to creep into her awareness as she approached the school a miraculous ten minutes early. She eyed the mammoth of architectural beauty before her with renewed wonderment, as though she had never seen the striking attractiveness of their school before. Lila drew in a breath and let a tiny smile settle over her lips as she ascended the front steps and entered the warm and bustling hallways, making her way to her locker at the opposite end of the front entrance.

She moved swiftly among the masses, never really having to stop or be stopped by anyone in particular. That was one of the benefits of being the wallpaper of the social realm--you were always there, but people were so used to you and you had become so unnoticeable that you completely faded into the background. Unlike most of the 'popular crowd' Lila wasn't assaulted every five seconds by another so-called friend or adoring fan, nor was she acknowledged with fear as many of the troublemakers were. She merely existed, and that was enough.

Yet from the sea of people one head of gossamer hair stood out, captured her eye as very few could. She was almost certain to whom it belonged, and that thought both excited and deterred her. He was moving toward his locker, the same one that he had abused over and over again for the past year; it was a real miracle that it was still as intact as it currently was. Lila debated moving past him and not disturbing him, for she above many others knew that his moods were subject to violent and abrupt changes, and if she caught him in a bad one...well, no need to reflect on that. As she was about to pass him, she merely tapped lightly on his nearest shoulder so that by the time he turned to glance in the direction she would have already passed him. Suppressing a chuckle, she melded back into the flow of students so easily that it would have seemed as though she had never moved away from them. Mere seconds later Lila escaped the rush of people to dart out to the side where her locker resided, several rows away from the blonde-haired boy's was, and she stared at the dial for a long moment.

Well crap. I can barely remember my combination, she thought with annoyance, the look of frustration clearly registering over her delicate features as she continued what seemed to be a staring contest with her locker.

((Eeric coming laters. :] ))

10th Sep 2008, 5:46 PM
Marie-Elisabeth Normandy had never been a morning person. She would prefer sleeping until noon to having to get up and go to school. But she was a person who was into her appearance and would never show up looking anything less than her best. It was almost unthinkable for the Captain of the Cheerleading Sqaud and half of the school’s most infamous couple not to look prefect at all times.

With that, and the fact that she had cheerleading practice that afternoon in mind, she carefully took her uniform (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/the-new-claire-bennet.jpg) out of the closet and laid it out on her bed. She got dressed in a pair of strappy platform shoes, jeans, and a stripy tank top. Realizing it was going to be cold outside she grabbed her favourite white sweater and pulled it on too. Surveying her outfit (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/AP070911064874.jpg) with satisfaction she quickly did her hair and makeup, pausing only to grab her cheerleading outfit and her book bag before dashing out to her car (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/hikari-schezar-bloom/DSC02258.jpg) .

She was actually looking forward to getting back to school, and had decided to come early in order to see if she could catch Josh before class. Thankfully it didn’t take her very long to cover the distance from her house to school and it seemed like no time at all before she was pulling up to the school parking lot and locking her car as she made her way to the building.

Walking through the halls to her locker, she noticed there seemed to be quite a few new students there. “Great” she thought, spinning the dial on her lock “Watch there be a bunch of ugly girls who try to try out for cheerleading. As if I’d actually let any of them on”. She grinned as she swung her locker open and hung her uniform inside, admiring the picture of her and Josh at the winter semi formal dance. She glanced in the mirror next to it and pulled out her lip-gloss and reapplied it.

“Now to find Josh” she though, shutting the locker and slinging her bag over one shoulder.


(((OOC: Haha, you have no idea how odd it is for me to have someone getting ready for HS and not put a uniform on...yeah I wore one...:P)))

10th Sep 2008, 6:56 PM
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10th Sep 2008, 7:17 PM
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10th Sep 2008, 7:25 PM
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10th Sep 2008, 8:27 PM
Josh’s day moved around a lot like clockwork.

First was the abysmal torture of the alarm clock at 5 o’clock in the morning, screaming at Josh to wake up until he finally gave in; snoozing wasn’t an option except on Sundays. Then was the jogging for God only knew how far and how long, in the cold or the heat, come rain or shine. Habits, in the eyes of Daniel Brennan, were non-negotiable. The schedule was fixed and Josh hadn’t had a say in it for years.

However, once that was over, he showered and dressed in a white ribbed Calvin Klein sweater and pale jeans (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y84/Alissa888/jared_padalecki_06.jpg), half compensating between the cold weather of the outside and the warm interior of the school building. Life was all about compensation these days, actually life had always been about compensation. After that was breakfast, and always the allocated, predetermined stuff, regardless of how it tasted, before he departed for school, finally not dictated in how he was to go about that.

He always took the scenic route, rolled down the windows regardless of the weather, feeling the breeze run its fingers through his luscious soft brown tresses, as he took the twists towards and away from the school building before finally turning to move decisively towards the school. And he had a designated parking spot, a lot like having a temporary star in the Hollywood walk of fame, into which the car was skill fully parked his Lamborghini (http://www.digitalcarwallpapers.com/wallpapers/lamborghini/2003_Lamborghini_Murcielago_RGT_1024x768_01.jpg) before he exited and locked it, moving briskly inside the school building from the biting cold.

Once inside the building, the first thing that caught his eye was the familiar locks of gold falling down the back of slender, petite frame as she shut the locker and slung the bag over her shoulder. Marie-Elisabeth. Of course, it made sense she always got to school before him, given that Josh liked to drive around aimlessly before he actually made his way to school and hence, regardless of how much earlier than her he set out, he always arrived later than her. Ever the gentleman to his lady, in fact, to anyone who was a lady, Josh couldn't just go about his business without attending to her first and so, stuffing his keys into his jeans pockets, he silently made his way to her, her back still turned away from him.

Close enough to her to smell the soft, sweet scent of her shampoo wrapping the air around him, he slid his muscular arms around her dainty waist, pulling her closer against him in a warm hug, his head momentarily buried in the groove of her neck, planting a swift kiss before he let her go, stepped away and leaned back against one of the adjacent lockers.

"Morning," he shot her a devilishly perfect grin, that ever present hint of vulnerability still stored within them, as his grey-blue eyes fell loosely over her beautiful face. Josh knew Marie-Elisabeth, being a cheerleader, being Prep, probably wasn't the most innocent or good-natured person he'd ever know, but to him, she was sweet. And that aside, wasn't he just meant to go out with her anyway? There wasn't really a grand choice about it, right? The quarterback always dated the head cheerleader, that was the way things worked, wasn't it?

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10th Sep 2008, 9:10 PM
(( ooc: i agree lol - all the cars =O nice though .. Hayden's family is mega rich but she is learning so what you gonna do lol ))

Hayden had a resonable sleep last night and awoke not feeling a tired at all. I mean she didn't love school but she loved her friends and cheerleading. But she would never get her hopes up upon her new school 'Brooklake'. Hayden never got her hopes up due to transferring from city to city .. .. to school to school. This wasn't because of bad behaviour but for the reasons of her parents. Her father owning a successful multi-national business led to them moving to different cities, maybe countries and Hayden being the new prep girl every year.
This is our home now, we are living here permanently, were the words that consistetly lied through her parents teeth. Hayden never knew whether to believe if she would actually end up living here permantently. But the facts seemed truthful, they live in a gerogous mansion, the mansion has been done up and her mother and father made friends and had regular dinner parties, etc.

Even though these points were a reasonable possibility that Hayden would live here permanent, she still would not get her hopes up. So with that she sat down infront of her mirror, applied make up and curled her long wavy curls (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/2006-wavy-blonde.jpg) pushing her fringe, up of her face. She then decided to skip breakfast and quickly put her clothes on. She pulled her grey tights (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/greytights.jpg) up her leg, throwing a multi-coloured pattern dress on (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/casualdress.jpg). She quickly threw her lip gloss, mascara and mirror in her clutch bag (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/purpleblackclutch.jpg) alongs side her phone and a pen.
She run down the stairs quite excited, "Well im off to school", she said in a scurry.
She quickly slipped her pink pumps (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/pinkpumps.jpg) on grabbing her grey cardigan (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/greycardi.jpg) on the way out. She closed the door and stopped rushing, she only rushed because of her mother's nagging about the way she dressed. Hayden knew she looked a bit girly today because of the pink pumps but she knew first impressions are everything and left for school.

A quarter of the way there, Hayden was lost. Luckily for her, her dad pulled up in his convertible austin martin db9 (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/Aston20Martin20DB920Convertible.jpg) with the roof up of course. They drove quickly to the school, "Thanks dad, i got so lost. I mean like how would of i knew where to go. I dont live here, i live everywhere", she said purposely towards her dad.
"I know we have moved everywhere alot lately...", he dad replied.
"Alot isn't the word", Hayden impled.
"... as i was saying but i mean it when i say, we are living here permanently", he said sincerely.
Hayden accepted the point clearly and arrived at the school, closing the car door behind hr. "Bye dad".
She turned towards the school, and gulped. I dont know anyone ran through Hayden's head. This wasn't usually a problem Hayden had, but she a prep over reacted at times.

With that Hayden walked towards the entrance, opening the doors she noticed a lot of people in the corridors talking. She turned a few heads due to her beauty but mostly because of the fact she was new. Her heels clogging on the floor didnt help with people looking at her. She walked slowly not knowing where to go, what her lessons was or to be honest - where she was.

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10th Sep 2008, 9:36 PM
Lorene couldn't help but mutter curse words as her dad pulled away with a hurried wave, leaving her in a deserted car park, outside a closed school. It was 6:24am... Not only was she ridiculously early but it had started raining too and the only bit of shelter she could see was behind the tail iron school gates. More muttering Ensued.

Two minutes of “deep” thought concluded in Lorene decided that not only was going over the gates a good idea, but her only option. No way was she freezing her ass off until the grounds keeper turned up, she thought as she fed her shoes through the bars in preparation. She definitely wasn’t dressed (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/emodawg/lorene.jpg) for climbing anything, her dad’s frown of disapproval annoyingly chose to replay in her head at that moment but it wasn’t like anyone was around anyway she thought as she began climbing up a tree to help her get herself over.

It wasn’t until Lorene was sitting on the adjoining wall to the gate that she realised that she hadn’t thought about how she would get down. She considered how much her skirt would break her fall but even she knew that it would only reduce the possibility of her shattering both her ankles by about 0.01%. Any time to further contemplate was robbed from her though, as a passing speeding car startled her enough to fall.

“F***!” She screeched as she landed hard on the wet concrete. She dusted herself down, reached for her shoes and discovered the gaping cut in her knee caused by her less than graceful fall. She pulled the scarf she wore around her head and tied it around her knee to try and stop the blood, put her shoes on and made sure her skirt was still covering her knickers.

Once she had fully composed herself, she decided to take a little tour of the school grounds to pass the time. The limp her knee gave her added a swagger to her walk that put most rappers to shame. By the time she arrived back at the gates, students were filtering in. Her sights locked in on a moody blonde with a headband, scowling away in a somewhat convenient corner.

“Cigarette…” she announced to no one in particular, her eyes wide like a jealous toddler who had spotted another kid with an ice cream.

“Hey kid!” She yelled in a vain attempt to get his attention. Her lack of specifics resulted in everyone in range of her voice looking at her expectantly. She sighed and took to her feet, hobbling awkwardly, as she saw him walking away. She finally reached him as he approached a locker that looked like it had definitely seen better days.

“Erm.. hi!” She said brightly as she tried to catch her breath, he didn’t look amused by her cheerfulness, “You couldn’t spare a cigarette could you?”

(Shall have Adam up in a little bit and I'm the same slytherin girl:P)

10th Sep 2008, 9:40 PM
Katie, unlike many smart people, did indeed think of herself as a nerd. A short lived obsession with teenage fiction led her to think she perfectly fit the stereotype- she loved learning, she enjoyed school- except for the people that were horrible to her, another stereotype- and she could have gotten straight A's with no work whatsoever, yet she still did the work.

So, in her nerdly glory, she awoke a full hour before school and packed up her bookbag. Slinging it onto her back she went into the garage to look at her much beloved bike (http://www.edealsbargains.com.au/attachments/Image/red_26inch_bike.jpg). or she would have if said bicycle didn't have a tire slashed. Her jaw dropped and she was all set to ask her mother to let her stay home, but as she went back through the garage door she gritted her teeth. She wouldn't let those idiots get to her. She wouldn't! Especially since it was just as likely to have been wear and tear as a slash. "Yeah right." she thought gloomily as she patched the tire.

Bike repaired, she hopped on and pedaled like a deverish to get to school in time, arriving in a slightly sweaty but irrepressibly cheerful state. She grabbed her back pack off the handlebars and walked up the steps navigating quickly to the hallway with the sophomore and junior lockers. She dug in her bag for a moment- and a single moment only, her bookbag was impeccably organized- and pulled out her number and combination. "394," she mumbled to herself, finally finding the locker towards the middle of the hallway. The person in 393 hadn't arrived yet, and the person in 392 apparently had the same locker as last term, it was really banged up and messy. He was standing right there so as she dialed in her combination she said cheerfully, "Hi! So I guess we're locker mates? My name's Katie."

She shoved her bag into the locker and offered a hand to shake. "There was that so hard Katie? You just gotta be nice to people!", she told herself encouragingly, smiling cheerfully all the while.

[i]((OOC: Hope that works for you Atropa?
Also, about her locker changing, its from the end of last semester to the next semester. Some schools change lockers at the semester, so it makes sense I guess.
And Loren will come soon))

10th Sep 2008, 10:13 PM
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10th Sep 2008, 11:17 PM
Kim had already been to the office and had signed in and done all the necessary things that she had to do.Her schedule had been assigned and she'd gotten a locker already. So far she had been impressed by the order in which things had been dealt with. She, for some reason, had thought that it would take a while for her to get settled but she was up and running in about a half hour, now all she had to do was figure out how to work her locker combo.

Pushing back a strand of hair into the loose side ponytail that she'd done for this morning. She pushed out of the door and headed into the now crowded hallway. It had certainly filled up since she'd come in a short while ago. It was way noisier now, there were girls shrieking and jumping up and down, the shouting was often punctuated by little snippets about their summers.She headed down to the block of lockers looking for her particular one, Number 393. Soon she got there and noticed that she had two people next to her who were talking. She didn't want to disturb them so she began to work her lock.

She was pleasantly surprised to see that the locks were the exact same as her other school and she picked it up pretty quickly. Once that was over with she put her stuff in her locker and checked her schedule for her first class. It was English and like she predicted, she had no idea where it was. She looked up to see a guy standing in front of her coming down the hallway and thought she'd ask him for directions. She didn't even think twice before going up to him. "Hi, I'm Kim, I kinda need directions for class", she said putting on a smile and putting out a hand for a shake.

[[Hope it's okay that she took that locker, if someone else has it, i'll be willing to change it]]
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10th Sep 2008, 11:40 PM
((I had no idea what this was, and then discovered it was basically a form of writing :P So I'm taking a shot at it!))

Name: Katherine (goes by Kat) Sabler

Age/Class: 17/Junior

Clique: Skater

After School Activity: Drama Club

Brief History/Personality Description: Kat comes from a separated family. Her brother is locked up, her mom gone, and her Dad is her one and only family at the moment. She usually keeps to herself and doesn't bother other people. There is the random occassion when she will talk to random strangers, but mostly to her friends. Kat usually hangs out at the local skate park. Her desired profession is to be a graphic designer, and not to do actual work.

Anything else you might want to add: Kat is a new student, having just moved from Chicago, and hates Drama Club. Her dad wanted Kat to "get involved", and is now forced to go. She drives a dark green used Jeep, and loves anything spicy to eat. Kat does often break the law (like underage drinking and trespassing), but has never gotten caught yet.


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http ://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/Royale4747/Kat.jpg

10th Sep 2008, 11:46 PM
Hayden was still walking down the hallway slowly, with people looking at her. People might have thought she was stupid because she was so pretty, but this wasn't the case. Hayden was in fact really smart but never liked to draw attention to herself because she was smart. Her pink pumps (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/pinkpumps.jpg) clogged on the hard floor which still made people turn their heads. She thought maybe the pink heels were a bit much because it was a stereo-typically girl colour. She didnt care though because her outfit (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/hayden16outfit.jpg) was mainly based on colours that were girly but not bright and in your face. She thought grey would make her look alot smarter. The thing with Hayden is that she is really smart - but as stupid as it is, she gets easily distracted by clothes.

She walked past a few people talking by the lockers, she heard the name 'Katie' at one point and went to introduce herself but she didnt have time. She still had to find her classes only once she had found the office where she would be briefed on everything as she is completely new. The newbie.

At the office she was quiet, with her hands holding her clutch bag tightly by her chest. She glanced at a mirror briefly and turned back to it to perfect her hair (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/haydenhair.jpg). She was quite vein in how she fussed around with her hair, she was shocked by a woman, "Hi".
Hayden was completely oblivious to the woman, so the woman spoke up again. "Hi, can i help you?"
"Oh hi, uhhh...", Hayden said still confused, "...I'm Hayden Alba, im a transfer", she said softly.
"Oh alright, take a seat. One moment", the woman said kindly.
The woman fussed around on the computer and phone a little while Hayden sat on a near by chair with her legs crossed, and she was filing her nails with a nail filer. People still looking at her because of her beauty, she ignored it as no one particularly interested her liking for the moment. She was used to attention always on her so she was oblivious to this at times.

She continued to file her nails and blow on them now and again.

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11th Sep 2008, 10:50 AM
Violence begets more violence. Such is the way of the world; a lesson taught, though probably not yet learned, to J.D. by his very own locker. Having abused it various times and for various reasons over the last year, mostly as an outlet for the young man's bad temper, the dented locker door now actually required a bit of brutal force to swing open. This, however, being an unknown fact to most of the other students, J.D.'s morning procedure to get the darned thing open still attracted the attention of some who had nothing better to do than to be nosey. Heads turned, whispers passed between heads kept close together, and if one looked close, one could probably catch an eyeroll or two as well. Though granted, there were some exceptions; other people who knew better, either through experience or pure gut instinct, and who would go about their business as though the brief but familiar slamming noise was just another sign that everything was normal. Those people, J.D. had decided, were the smart ones, as they obviously knew what was good for them. Unlike some other idiots, two of which stood a bit further down the hall and caught J.D.'s eye as they were just shaking their heads at him, which in turn earned them a glare that immediately sent them on their way.

And the glare probably would have lasted for quite a while, had someone not chosen that very moment to have it replaced by slight surprise, quickly followed by ever so brief confusion. Someone had just tapped him on the shoulder, but when he instinctively turned to see who it was, there was no one there, causing him to turn back, expecting to see one of his friends there instead, as no one else would probably dare to pull that kind of trick with him. But, as it would turn out, there was no one there either, and with brows furrowed with annoyance, J.D. quickly scanned the hallway for whoever had just placed themselves first in line for a beating.

However, as soon as he caught sight of the person he immediately knew was the culprit, all such thoughts dissolved into thin air, and, lo and behold, his surly expression actually brightened a bit with a slight smile. Lila. Her back was turned, and she didn't even give a glance over her should to acknowledge neither him nor the fact that she had been the one to tap him on the shoulder, but J.D. still knew it was her. He'd watched that slender frame with the silky auburn hair flowing around her shoulders and down her back enough by now to recognize it anywhere.

Slamming the locker door shut again, without having retrieved or even dropped something off, he was just about to follow her, when the girl apparently occupying the locker two numbers up from his decided that, for whatever reason, she wanted to make his acquaintance.

"Hi!" she said while holding out her hand, far too cheerful for J.D.'s morning mood. "So I guess we're locker mates? My name's Katie."

Silent at first, with the smile now gone from his features, J.D. simply looked at her for a couple of seconds, with a deadpan expression where the slight amusement had been moments earlier, as though he was almost waiting for her to realize her mistake. When she didn't, his gaze wandered to her outstretched hand, and then back again.

"J.D.", he said, finally deciding he might as well be civil and not bite the head off of the first person to speak to him, though he half expected to see that hand of hers retreat fast as lightning when it would dawn on her who she was indeed speaking to.

Few people spoke to him, unless they were his friends. Though little did he know, that it would seem this Katie person was starting something of a new trend, as only moments later another girl stopped by his other side. Well, what seemed like it used to be a girl at least, but now looked more like some kind of injured exotic bird, hobbling around in a bright display of multicolored hair and a rather... creative outfit, to put it nicely,. Not that J.D. knew much about fashion, but he did suspect tutus weren't exactly in style...

"Erm.. hi!", she beamed at him, with a smile almost as bright as the rest of her appearance. "You couldn’t spare a cigarette, could you?"

Causing yet another expressionless stare on J.D.'s part at first, one of his eyebrows then ventured slightly upwards in a look of mild skepticism, and he glanced over at the first girl, as though he was beginning to wonder what on earth was going on. Twice in less than a minute? What, did he have 'I care' tattooed on his forehead or something all of a sudden? 'Mr Congeniality'? What was with people this morning?

However, despite his rather anti-social attitude, at least when it came to people outside his own circle of friends, J.D. never really had been entirely opposed to helping out a fellow smoker... even if they did come asking him from out of the blue. But that didn't necessarily mean he'd be all smiles and pink fluff in return neither.

"Yeah, alright, I 'spose", he finally said, and then, while retrieving his pack of cigarettes from his inner jacket pocket and holding it out for the girl to take one, glanced towards Katie and muttered to himself; "Jesus, who do people think I am? Ned freakin' Flanders?"

11th Sep 2008, 2:32 PM
(((ooc: Sorry for the double post, but they were both too long to fit together, I think.)))

Matt Sidle was one of those people whom you would rarely see walking alone, especially when in school. Regardless of whether it was recess or in class, he always seemed to be surrounded by friends of some kind; real friends, girlfriends, pseudo-friends, or wannabe friends, there always seemed to be someone just dying to share his company. Some because they actually enjoyed it, others because they were expected to, and others yet because they were hoping some of the popularity would rub off on them, that they would turn cool by association. For if one wanted to be deemed officially cool, at Brooklake as well as pretty much any other high school, the approval of the preps was a must, and there had been times when a simple 'hi' being uttered by a prep in passing had contributed to a bit of a heightened status for the occasional lucky one.

Though there was also the possibility that people being drawn to Matt was that by seeking his company they wanted to take themselves out of the running for being the next unsuspecting victim of the preps' headgames. With Matt, however, there really were no such guarantees. He enjoyed being adored, yes, but if someone got a little too clingy, well, then they might all of a sudden find themselves a bigger target than any other clueless drone. There had even been others within his own clique that had been subjected to such treatment, simply for managing to somehow displease him enough to want to pay them back and put them in their place.

So, all things considered, it was not entirely surprising that within two minutes of setting foot on school property, Matt found himself in the company of two other students - a girl whom he would have to label a prep wannabe, and a boy with the honorable title of 'almost friend' - who approached him for a bit of a chat. Matt, however, was still on the lookout for his 'real' friends, and so soon cut the conversation short by excusing himself, saying he had to stop by his locker before class, and slipping away before the two had a chance to suggest that they could accompany him.

Peace didn't last long, however (when did it ever?), as not thirty seconds later, another girl stepped out infront of him, apparently wanting his attention.

"Hi, I'm Kim", she said with a rather pleasant smile - one that seemed genuine enough and not forced just for the sake of smiling - and held out her hand for an introductory handshake. "I kinda need directions for class".

Giving her the quick once over, thereby establishing that she was quite pretty and obviously had a decent fashion sense - unlike some, just a few feet away, who in their bright blue tutu, of all things, almost made him want to gouge his eyes out, and thus earned themselves an ever so brief glance of 'what the h*ll where you thinking?' - Matt then flashed her a charming smile in return.
This might be interesting. In more ways than one. For not only was she pleasant to look at, she also posed the question of motive for approaching him. Sincerely lost and in need of directions, or just using the first excuse she could think of to approach him? He couldn't recall seeing her before, so she really just might be new. But then again, the school was filled with students he never paid attention to, so who knew?
So, hmmmm.... Maybe he should just put it all to the test then? And maybe have some fun in the process. Because really, it was just so simple. How could he resist?

"Matt Sidle", he said, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze and a shake, making no effort to hide the twinkle in his eyes.

With her not knowing what was going through his mind, she would probably think he was flirting. And, well... Even though he was just about to mess with her, he probably was.

"Which class are we talking about?" he asked, while tilting his head to see what her schedule said. "English?"

Same as him. Excellent. He'd get the answer to his question almost straight away, and he'd also get to see the result firsthand. Well, part of it at least.

"It's easy", he said. "A bit of a walk, but easy. You just follow the hallway and go past the stairs. Then you make a left, and then another left. Go past the bathrooms, and you're there. second door on your right."

Turning his gaze back to Kim after having pointed this and that way while describing the route, he gave her a look as though silently asking if she had gotten it all, while managing just beautifully to supress an amused smile at the though just passing through his head; 'Give the nurse my regards'.

11th Sep 2008, 3:01 PM
Adam had never gotten too much use out of his alarm clock. Without fail, every morning his parents would wake him with their arguing before his alarm clock could and today was no different. He groaned frustrated, rubbing his eyes as the harsh sunlight filtered in through his blinds. A mid morning nap seemed like it would be an inevitability, great impression to make on his first day…

By the time he had managed to drag himself out of bed, his parents’ fight had escalated: his mum was screaming hysterically, something had been thrown and had shattered against the wall, booze probably, what a waste, he thought with a sigh.

To avoid being dragged into his parents dumb drama, Adam had to lay low in his room until the coast was clear. After drawing a rough map of how to get to his new school on his arm, he got out his beloved acoustic guitar and played a little bit to keep himself occupied till he heard:

“You know what? I don’t need this bull****!” His dad yelled before slamming the front door.

“Don’t you DARE walk away from me!” His mum wailed and chased after him, slamming the door behind her just as loudly.

Peace finally, Adam thought with a small smile. He figured he had 20 minutes maximum before one of them returned so set about getting ready. Before he left his room, he spied his little cat Macaroni at the foot of his bed still snoozing away obliviously.

“Dumb cat,” He muttered jealously and headed into kitchen/war zone to clean up the glass he had heard before there were any drunken accidents. The strong stench of whiskey confirmed that alcohol had been wasted; his parents definitely were strange alcoholics. He swept up the glass, mopped up what had spilled, put the kettle on for whoever lost this battle and filled Macaroni’s bowl up and headed to the bathroom but not before stealing the last 3 cigarettes out of a box left carelessly on the kitchen table and a bit of spare cash. He figured he’d earned it, doing his best to keep their crappy little hovel at least liveable.

By the time he’d finished showering and had got dressed (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j96/emodawg/adamoutfit.jpg), his mum was back, sat at the kitchen starring vacantly at the peeling painted walls, nursing a cup of tea. Though his instincts pleaded with him to make a quick exit, his conscience wanted to make sure she was alright.

“Morning mum,” He said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, before going to get a glass of milk.

She sat there unmoving for about a minute before responding quietly, “Morning darling, hope we didn’t wake you…”

He doubted anyone within a 10mile radius hadn’t heard them but he kept that thought to himself. “Y-you ok mum?” He asked sceptically, knowing the answer could range from “I’m fine” to a 3-day rant in which she divulged everything to him from money troubles to their sex life… He shuddered.

She sighed wiping her tear stained face, “I’ll be alright, but you’re going to be late, hurry up!” She said with forced cheerfulness.

He wanted to push the issue further but she was right, if he didn’t leave now he’d be late so downed his milk, then went to grab his car keys instead but discovered they were gone, “…where are my keys?” He asked, again not sure if he wanted the answer.

His mother’s shoulders clenched up “That prick!” his mother scathed, “He ‘lent’ his car to someone, I told him to leave yours alone! Where’s my phone?! ” She bellowed and got up to rummage around the kitchen, causing more mess.

He sighed, “I’ll take my bike, don’t worry about it,” He said heading back to his room and wheeling his bike out.

She gave him a tired apologetic smile as he headed for the front door, “You’re such a good kid putting up with us Adam, what did I do to deserve you?” She asked with a slight chuckle.

He smiled weakly and shrugged but not before wondering himself what the hell he had done to deserve such selfish, moronic parents….

“Make sure you talk to people, no one likes a moody git!” She called out after him.

Following the little map he’d drawn on his arm resulted in him arriving in reasonably good time, though he feared his hair had suffered as a result and he had forgotten his mirror as well. BAD DAY!

Dejectedly, he sloped off to find his locker. Keying in the combination, he deposited his hair spray, hair gel, two combs and his glasses (why he took them anywhere, he didn’t understood as he’d rather suffer and strain than use them…) and prepared to go in search of his first class when he caught sight of a brunette girl, 4 lockers down, staring at her own locker intently. He remembered his mum’s words earlier, this girl seemed nice enough, so he plucked up the courage to casually say “Hey, I’m Adam.”

11th Sep 2008, 3:32 PM
Natalie liked plot and plan in her head. Not necessarily malicious things, these days such tendencies were consciously banned, but she liked to plan things anyway. It was a good enough habit and it didn’t let opportunities go to waste when they presented themselves. However, these days, such plans also had the mild habit of taking her down the routes of what was right and wrong, where, before, the question would have been ‘could she get away with it’? In a sort of a way, how the might have fallen.

In any case, she wasn’t exactly oblivious to what the ‘mighty’ got up to even if she no longer was among them and fallen comrade or not, their mind warping antics really did continue on like they all thought they were Derren Brown. The one in question here was Matt Sidle currently gleefully dissecting the ego of some poor new kid.

On so many levels, Natalie did not like Matt. Initially, there had been a point where Natalie moved to Brooklake and was suddenly, for the first time in her life, friendless and was in line to be taken in by Marie-Elisabeth and her cronies. However, having already danced that dance, and evidently such that she wasn’t going to be the reigning queen again any time soon, Natalie has somewhat politely declined. After that, she’d made the rather dense mistake of overestimating Matt’s sincerity and hence, things were soon put right.

Matt Sidle was quite twisted in the head… and currently doing nothing to set that idea right as he directed the poor girl towards the nurse’s office rather than English. Well, well, the Christmas cheer was truly gone. Now, while Natalie had turned from the darkness, she wasn’t exactly an avenger of the underprivileged and so as Matt got his kicks, she made no move to counteract them, well, not unless something made her feel like it anyway. All she did instead was to simply raise an eyebrow at him, as she leaned back comfortably against her locker, her pale eyes clearly speaking one thing in utter sarcasm:

Making friends already?

(((OOC: Approachable still ;) )))

11th Sep 2008, 4:34 PM
Marie-Elisabeth had been fairly certain of who was coming up behind her before he had even gotten there. Nobody else, with the possible exception of her ex-boyfriend and still good friend Matt, would dare come into such close proximity without asking first. And of course the snuggles were a dead giveaway.

She smiled as she felt Josh embrace her from behind, glad she had chosen to use her new mango scented shampoo that morning. It had cost more per bottle than most people spent of groceries in a week, but it did absolute wonders with her hair. And it was obviously well worth the effect. She couldn’t help a giddy smile appearing on her face as he kissed her neck before her let her go to lean against one of the lockers. She really was one of the luckiest girls in the school to have him as a boyfriend, regardless of the fact that it seemed set in stone that the Head Cheerleader dated the Captain of the Football Team.

“Morning” he said with a grin and she grinned right back. “Good morning to you too” she said, while admiring his outfit. He did always look so very good, and even better in that football uniform of him with those tight pants. “I was just thinking about you you know” she continued, sliding over to stand next to him “I’m glad we have all our classes together this semester”.

11th Sep 2008, 5:35 PM
Though every fibre of Lorene’s being wanted to say “you know from this angle, I do see a slight resemblance…” she decided against it. This guy’s presence seemed to make most people take keen interest in their shoes when they walked past.

To be honest, Lorene saw her chances of getting a cigarette as slim to none. Most people were pretty tight fisted with theirs so she was pleasantly surprised when the grumpy blonde gave her one with no fuss, “You’re a gent!” Her smile increasing further, “I owe you one,” she called back as she skipped (as best she could) back outside to smoke it quickly before class started.

Had she be able to walk properly, Lorene would have probably missed that brief cold glance that seemed to say, [I]”How dare you have defy the great Abercrombie and Fitch gods!”[I] from some preppy boy who she assumed ‘owned’ this place. She smirked as she passed him, “No need to stare, I know my skirt is awesome,” She said loud enough for him to hear, head held high and sauntered out through the double doors.

She found a quiet corner where she was sure no teacher would find her smoking and sunk down to the floor. She delved into her bag and lit up. She wasn’t particularly fond of this brand but people dumb enough to completely forget to buy cigarettes couldn’t be choosers.

Her knee was still killing her and her scarf was now completely bloody. She remembered seeing a nurse’s office somewhere, she’d hobble there after she was done.

11th Sep 2008, 6:26 PM
One of the things why Josh was very good at things was that he knew exactly how they should be done. He was the school’s star player because he knew the rules inside out, he knew exactly how to play to perfection within them. He was the perfect son because he knew exactly what his father wanted and why. He was a great boyfriend because he was almost selflessly considerate and because he was a complete gentleman. He was a complete gentleman because he knew the rules of chivalry.

He knew the rules to just about everything that had rules and he didn’t break them, not because he was a goody-two-shoes of any sort, but because he’d just never had any conviction to. He did gain contentment out of making other people happy. And in the few instances where he had broken the rules – though, the phrase applied could only truly be ‘cracked the barrier of the rules’ – he almost had always moved into a grey area rather than go over to the black… he had to want it bad enough and there were few things in life where things got to such desperation before he could have them.

That was quite possibly one of the many reasons why his relationship with Marie-Elisabeth had endured the stresses of teen time. She had always struck him as the kind of person who’d always go for whatever gave them contentment, to always get what they wanted and Josh was only too happy to make her happy.

“Good morning to you too,” Marie-Elisabeth grinned back at him, her eyes casually surveying his appearance to give it her approval, the slightest tinge of lust in her eyes. Josh was somewhat shy, and despite all the adoration he usually received, if it was from the right person at the right time, he’d so easily blush.

“I was just thinking about you, you know,” she revealed as she sidled up next to him with that feminine grace she possessed, Josh’s eyes softening at her admission. “I’m glad we have all our classes together this semester.”

Moving slightly to match her movements as he shifted to his side, his shoulder leaning against the locker so that he could face her properly, his eyes for no-one except her, his actions indicative that he was dedicating his entire attention to her; the little things that Josh did that made others feel special.

“Hmmm, I don’t think my report card would agree,” he contemplated before a mischievous grin broke out and he carried on, paying a her rather sweet, though slightly indirect compliment, the sparkling light in his eyes attesting that it was indeed a compliment. “I think I’m going to be very distracted.”

(((OOC: Yep, Bella would cringe and die over this :P Hope this works for you, Robyn :) )))

11th Sep 2008, 10:59 PM
((OOC: Gah! I keep wanting to type Natalie instead of Katie! Darn you Alissa for using one of my favorite names! Meant in the nicest way possible of course:)))

Katie was not a very adaptable person. She tended to decide on a path to take socially and then blunder full speed ahead until something halted her momentum. The vast majority of the time, it was an insult, but a look or even a cold tone of voice was enough to send her equanimity crashing down. She had learned very quickly not to let it show, but it generally cast a pall over her day.

This guy seemed unequivocally to belong to the category of people that were all cold looks and social brick walls. He stared for a moment, as Katie held her hand out awkwardly. An instant passed, Katie's beatific grin did not waver. Another instant passed and Katie had the uncomfortable mental sensation of crashing into a brick wall. The only thing that she did was let her hand drop a bit- still in easy grasp, but not quite so... random- and her eyes darkened a bit, as they always did in situations like this. Those that didn't know her well usually assumed it was anger, and some that were a bit closer thought it was sadness, but in actuality it was nothing more than mindblowing confusing. Had she done something wrong? Was her semester now doomed from this point on?

Finally he glanced at her hand, making a tiny blush rise onto her cheeks, and looked at her for another few seconds before saying, still completely deadpan, "J.D."

The J.D? Fancy having a locker next to him. Katie made it a point to never form opinions about people without evidence from her own eyes. The amount of gossip that even she heard about this guy was impressive, to say the least. Not wanting to seem judgmental she let her hand drop back to her side, slowly and casually, like she was reacting to the fact that he hadn't shook it, rather than the name. It was much more the former than the latter, but Katie was realistic enough to know that there were elements of both. She was about to ask blandly about schedules, see if she needed to get hers jiggered a bit, when another girl walked up and asked, with the same obnoxious level of cheer Katie had just demonstrated, "You couldn’t spare a cigarette, could you?"

Katie's eyebrows shot well into her hairline at a ridiculous rate of speed. Not only did this girl, who was wearing a fluffly tutu skirt, smoke apparently, she went up and asked random people about it? What kind of weirdo? More importantly, Katie did not want to associate with druggies. She had a bit of a sheltered worldview- druggies and nondruggies.

And apparently her lockermate was one of the former. He offered the girl a cigarette from his pocket, while Katie watched wide eyed and in shock. Many things would make Katie pause and reevaluate the situation, seeing stuff like this happen right in front of her was paralyzing.

Finally she managed to squeak, "OK, nice to meet you, bye!", and she considered that her voice didn't get too obnoxiously high to be worthy of much praise. She slid smoothly into the flow of humanity going down the hallway and finally arrived at her class before she realized she hadn't even picked up her books.

Face already burning with humiliation she stomped back to her locker and grabbed her bag. As she slammed the door loudly some guy stared at her obvious discomfiture and she growled at him, "Just shut up.", before stomping back down the hallway.

She decided not to go to class until the bell rang, overachieving was one thing, but being a bubbleheaded-bag forgetting overachiever? Not worth the trouble. She found a water fountain and took a drink, which cleared her head a bit, and stood up to survey the hallway again. No one she recognized, or would want to talk to. There was the head cheerleader and quarterback, and Katie supposed it would make sense to ass kiss a bit, but she didn't feel like it was necessary. Winter cheerleading tryouts were this afternoon, and Katie, with complete lack of pride, knew that she was one of the best dancers in the area and among the best gymnasts. It would be a snap to make cheerleading, she was so good.

Still didn't give her anyone to talk to. Glumly she walked down the hallway in a state of complete social moroseness.

((OOC: Approachable))

11th Sep 2008, 11:26 PM
<SilverSurfer> So yeah, school starts 2morrow 4 me
<YelloMelloDawg>Haha, sucks 2BU silver
<YelloMelloDawg>Dude, isn't it 700am your time now?
*SilverSurfer has signed off

Loren clicked the button on his laptop to turn it off and spun around on his chair muttering expletives under his breath. He really didn't want to be late to school, if he was late than the drama club advisor might say that he couldn't show up to meeting today. That would not happen.

He glanced down at himself, gray T-shirt and lurid pants (http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff207/AmyLyis/RP/wl205_s.jpg), good enough. Drama kids were supposed to stand out, and what better way to do that than with adorable butterfly rhinestones?

His house was a five minute walk from school, and he hadn't bothered bringing his back pack home over break. All that was in it were binders he could clear out the class before he needed a new binder.

Arriving at school he stopped by his locker to pick up his bag and wandered down the hallway. He knew exactly where his class was, but that didn't mean he wanted to show up early. Heavens forfend the marvelous Loren Dasen look dorky!

Prowling around the halls, his maybe a bit too tight butterfly pants drawing him a few undoubtedly admiring stares he scanned the crowd of students for someone he knew, anyone to while away a bit of time with. Finally his eyes lit up as they fell on the person he most wanted to see after a long break. The incomparable, the incredible, the gorgeous Natalie Cardew.

Loren had had a burning crush on the girl ever since he first met her in sophomore maths. She was beautiful, she was intelligent, she didn't seem to be insane, what more could a guy want? Uncharacteristically for Loren he hadn't asked her out yet, preferring to savor the silent adoration he felt for her. And silent it was. Loren almost never kept anything secret, so on the rare occasions that he did, he suspected that no one would ever guess that the honest and outgoing Loren Dasen could be hiding something.

Of course, there wasn't any need for secrecy, as once the silent adoration started getting old he would ask her out in an instant, or if the oppurtunity presented itself, but until then he didn't want to risk what had happened with every other crush he had asked out: inexplicably they all winced or screamed. He didn't have much of an explanation for it.

He walked over to her and said with his usual boundless cheerfulness, "Hey Natalie! How was break?" He smiled widely and leaned comfortably on the locker. He wasn't really aware of it, but from most of the rest of the hallway the fluorescent lights made his butterfly decaled pants shine. He did hear the burbling laughter, but assumed that several someones were cracking jokes as they walked by. Only possible explanation for so many people laughing as they went down the halls, at least so far as Loren saw.

((OOC: Wow, I didn't mean for him to sound creepy... And Alissa, hope thats ok with you?

Sorry for the double post, but is a bit long to have in one, I think.))

11th Sep 2008, 11:53 PM
Hayden still filing her nails, awaited for the return of the receptionist. She still needed a map, a timetable and a locker. Not that she desired any of this at the moment. She is a smart girl but she persistantly gets told by her parents and previous teachers, "Your not working to the best of your ability". So a new term meant a fresh start for Hayden, she would accomplish the best of her ability, be popular like her previous schools and most of all still be amazingly pretty.

She put her nail file bag in her nail kit which she neighboured it back in her clutch bag (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/purpleblackclutch.jpg) along with her phone and other accesories. She rummaged through her bag inspecting for her mirror, people looking at her would probably think she was an extremely shallow bimbo. This wasn't the fact at all, Hayden got along with anyone and everyone but didn't like two-faced people as she thought it wasn't fair being fake. Finally she found her mirror, so she perfected her long and wavy blonde hair (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/haydenhair.jpg), she then applied mascara. Hayden did not wear much make-up as her look was already natural and stunning. Mascara was a must have though.
"Hayden Alba?", the receptionist said behind the desk.
Hayden walked over to the desk, "Hi again" she said chirped softly with a smile.
"Here's your timetable, english first", the receptionist said as Hayden still looked confused. "Heres your locker combo, and at Brooklake your required to take an after school activity".
Hayden replied much more confused with an eyebrow raised, "You do cheerleading right?"
"Yes, you might wanna speak to ...", she was quiet for a second trying to remember the name, "... oh thats right, the head cheerleader Marie-Elisabeth Normandy"
Hayden nodded, smiled and walked off. Hands infront of her chest holding her clutch, with papers for the day to come. She walked around the corridors looking for locker number 381. She didn't have a clue where that was, and it didn't even occure to her that she had a mp in her hand. So far her first few minutes or so at Brooklake had not impressed her, she liked the school because it was modern. But she had yet no one to speak to, but she had only been there for a bit so she would give it a chance.

She explored the corridors for her locker but no luck, she ended up by the three students earlier. One of them named Katie, as she heard it earlier that morning. Not only did she had to look for her locker but the head cheerleader called Marie-Elisabeth or something, who ever that was. Being new to the school did not work to Hayden's advantage, as she knew absolutely no one and she would have to work her way to be popular once again. Her outfit (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/hayden16outfit.jpg) should give her a positive impression on mostly everyone, if not she didn't care. She turned to see her locker was on the opposite side of the three students, one boy two girls either side of him. Locker number 381, she entered her combination and the locker still would'nt open so she shook it repetively making alot of noise echo through the corridor, she hit the locker and turned around leaning on the lockers behind her.

((OOC: Hayden is still approachable, little irratable by the lockers :) ))

12th Sep 2008, 12:29 AM
"Oh, Nice to meet you Matt", Kim said her smile still on her face. She'd been so glad when the boy had at least answered her. She was extremely paranoid about ignored for some reason, her therapist had said it had to do with her abandonment issues but she seriously doubted that. She shook his hand as she silently but subtly checked him over. His hair was artfully tousled to look like the " I just got out of bed and got this style effortlessly" look and he was very tastefully dressed, not to mention his very nice charm.

Once she was done, she'd pretty much got him figured out or so she thought. He was probably one of the preps, one of the high and mighty in school. You know the kind that everyone wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with. But, she chided herself, she could not just pass judgment like that on people with just a glance. Besides he had helped her find her way to class, and she was definitely grateful for that.

"Thank you so much", she replied to him with a sigh of relief. She'd thought she'd be doomed to go searching everywhere in the huge school for her class so she was glad for the trouble he saved her. "I'll be going now", she said flashing a last smile and heading towards the way that Matt had pointed to.

12th Sep 2008, 12:51 AM
((School in real life takes so much outta me =P Hey Atropa, if your character isn't busy, someone just accidentally bumped into Aren's backpack))

12th Sep 2008, 12:56 AM
"Roxana Wiles! Get your ass out of bed NOW!" screeched her mother from the other room, to which Roxy stood up and threw her pillow down onto the bed. God, her mother could be such a complete witch sometimes. At least her dad would have forgotten all about her starting school again today and likely would have let her stay home; he didn't care too much about keeping track of things like that.


"I'M UP! Jesus Christ, just chill out or take a Midol..." she yelled back at her mother, who slung open Roxy's bedroom door and glared at her daughter, then uttered that one famous line most mother's use in this situation. "What did you say to me!?"

The teenager couldn't help but roll her eyes; honestly, why did parents have to ask that when they knew full well what you had said? She made a promise to herself right then and there if she ever did have kids, which she hoped to God she didn't, she'd never ask that pointless question of them. Roxy wasn't in the mood to put up with stupidity, not even from her own mother, so she just ignored her and started getting undressed so that she could just get /redressed/ again for school. She couldn't wait to graduate and watch all the 'popular' kids end up either fat and unhappy... or (in the case of the popular girls) pregnant and unhappy. Then she could sit back and have a good laugh at their expense, instead of the other way around. Chuckling to herself already, Roxy grabbed up her school bag and left the house without so much as a goodbye to either of her parents. She never had, so she wasn't about to start now; so began her walk to school, which was only a few blocks away.

Once she arrived, she noticed banners hanging over the entrance saying typically cheery crap that no student actually took to heart. 'Welcome back from Christmas Break!' one said, and Roxy just rolled her eyes and muttered, "More like 'Welcome back to the brain numbing idiocy that is 98% of your fellow student body!'." She then entered the hallway in her typical fashion, mostly crowded by the preppy girls who didn't bother to move even when you asked politely. So with an elbow into the back one here and another one there, she finally made her way to her locker which was beside Lila's. Thank God one of her best friends already happened to be standing there, as Roxy dropped her books carelessly on the ground to fiddle with her locker combination.

"Hey, Lila," she said with a smile, that changed over into a smirk soon after. "Ready for another semester in hell? I mean, school?" After a brief glance around without noticing a certain 'goth' boy, she looked at Lila once more and asked, "Where is Eeric? Don't tell me his cool parents gave him permission to drop out..."

12th Sep 2008, 1:19 AM
Student Application -
Name: Carly Sites
Age/Class: (automatically 16/Junior)
Clique: Jock
After School Activity: cheerleading
Brief History/Personality Description: Pretty popular athltice.. New student awaits enrolling alittle late and is nervous about friends. Hopefully cheer is a good thing for her
Anything else you might want to add:New student very rich has a Cadilac escalade loves to through parties

12th Sep 2008, 1:36 AM
{{ OOC: Haha, yeah she is. I think you can just intercept her or something}}

12th Sep 2008, 2:07 AM
Katie walked along the hallway, vainly looking for someone to talk to, or something to do, or a bathroom to lock herself in until first period.

As she was pacing like a caged tiger down the sophomore hallway near the nurse's office she bumped into a girl with clean European good looks. She stumbled back and barely managed to avoid getting her overfull backpack into the water fountain. She glared momentarily at her bag, as if expecting it to apologize for getting wet, and then let her expression clear a bit as she said to the other girl, "Heh, sorry about that, didn't mean to bump into you like that."

She gave a wide smile. She tried to make a good first impression, even if she was in a foul mood like now.

((OOC:laughy, hope thats alright with you?
Kjloga01, RP posts are single events. You can't just GM every single other person's charachter and wind up at a time completely different than everyone else is in. And how would she know anybody's name? Also, dialogue is in "quote marks" and should be set off by a carriage return.))

12th Sep 2008, 2:17 AM
Over the years, toying with people, in one way or another, had become second nature to Matt. A compulsion of sorts, in which he couldn't help but to indulge. Setting the stage, nudging the right pieces into right places through careful manipulation, switching on the lights, and then leaning back to enjoy the show. It was a power trip, pure and simple. A power trip like no other, knowing that he, in a way - be it large or small - had an impact on what happened in other people's lives. Granted, he did prefer somewhat more intricate schemes than something as simple as sending a new kid in the wrong direction, but hey, winter break hadn't offered much of a challenge in that department, and so he might as well ease his way back into it, right? And when an opportunity flat out presented itself, why not take it?
Kind of a pity though, the girl was cute. And apparently quite gullible, judging by how relieved and grateful she seemed by the fact that he had stopped and given such detailed directions, not seeming to even for a moment consider that he might be sending her the wrong way, as sometimes seemed to be downright customary with new students.

"Thank you so much", she said, her eyes having flicked ever so briefly over his appearance, much like his had hers moments earlier, and then concluded: "I'll be going now."

With that, she offered another pleasant smile, before turning to follow the instructions she had recieved. Matt on the other hand, lingered for a few seconds while watching her venture further and further in the opposite direction of where English class really was to be held, and finally let the faint smugness over his deed steal across his lips.

"See you around", he said, even though she was now too far away to hear him, especially over all the noise in the hallway.

Well, wasn't that fun? Now he'd just have to wait for Part Two to roll around. Whenever that would be. There was no telling how long it would take her to get to English class. First she had to realize that she was truly lost, and then she had to find her way back. Even if she did find someone else to ask, it would all still take long enough for her to be embarrassingly late.

It was at that point a sudden ruckus not too far from him, over by the lockers, cut through his musings, coaxing him into turning his head in order to see what was going on. But, as he did, something else caught his attention just as his gaze had begun to shift, and his eyes landed on a pretty blonde instead. A pretty blonde gazing right back at him, with her lips currently pursed together ever so slightly in a faint but clearly sarcastic smile. Natalie. Apparently, she had witnessed his little stunt just now, perhaps even heard what he had told the girl as well. Either that, or she still wasn't over him ditching her at the dance a couple of weeks ago, and explaining quite loudly to anyone that seemed interested, that he simply wasn't able to endure another minute in her company, lest he'd die of boredom. Although... Come to think of it, even though she had brought that all upon herself, by considering herself too good to hang out with Marie-Elisabeth and her friends, she probably wasn't over it anyway. Nor would she be any time soon. Matt was far from done with her.

And so, just to spite her, he flashed her that same dazzling smile that had helped getting her to go out with him in the first place, and then turned to finally see what the fuss by the lockers was all about. Almost immediately, his eyes fell on another pretty blonde - this time one he hadn't seen before - just as she turned around and frustratedly leaned her back against what he assumed was her locker. Another new student? And another pretty face too. Although she did seem a little over-dressed for school, in her colorful and shimmering dress, with the pink pumps to match. It looked nice, no doubt about it, but it was something he'd expected to see at a club on a Saturday night, rather than in school on a Monday morning.
But, it was still eons better than the 'awesome skirt' that had violated his eyes earlier. In fact, he wasn't sure those two outfits even existed in the same universe.
Ah, well, whatever. The eyesore was now gone, thankfully, and Matt could only hope he would never have to see it again. Ever. Though he doubted it. Those people had a tendency to pop up where you least expected them to, not to mention where you least wanted them to as well, so it probably was just a matter of time before he would be made to endure that embodiment of a wardrobe malfunction again.
Though in the meantime, he had better things to do and better things to think about. Such as blondie over there.

"You okay?" he carefully inquired, having taken a few steps closer and coming to a halt a couple of feet away from where she was standing.

He figured that with her rather annoyed expression, it might be for the better to approach with caution. There as no telling when, where, why and at who a teenage girl would suddenly lash out.

(((ooc: PurpleSummer- You mean J.D.? Yeah, I suppose I could have him walk into her. He's tired enough to not look properly where he's going, plus he expects people to scurry out of his way. *lol* Will have to post tomorrow though. Dead tired and need to go to bed. :) )))

12th Sep 2008, 2:44 AM
Kim grew more and more suspicious as she began to go deeper into the hallways. These hallways were a lot quieter and less crowded than the ones she'd just come from. She'd also gone past at least ten rooms and neither of which were the English class, at least as far as she knew.

Soon, she neared the nurse's office and thought that maybe she'd stop by and ask if the nurse knew where the class was. She walked down the hallway looking out for the sign that led to the office. Suddenly, she felt herself being pushed forward. She turned back to find a girl who looked mortified. She quickly apologized and Kim was quick to apologize too. "Ohh! no I'm so sorry, I hope i didn't spoil your bag", she said a hand over her mouth. Here she was only a half hour into the new school year and she'd already been bumped into, as only she could, she thought to herself.

12th Sep 2008, 3:01 AM
Katie was satisfied to note that the other girl looked just as embarrassed as she was- so it wasn't some b*tchy prep trying to chew her out for rampant klutziness, always a good thing, though the fact she worried about it, and it had happened before was definitely not a good thing.

The girl quickly said, "Ohh! no I'm so sorry, I hope i didn't spoil your bag" and covered her mouth. The hall was deserted and both of them were standing, staring, blushing and assumedly hoping they hadn't irreparably screwed up. The situation was so absurd, the fact both of them were so horrified, that Katie couldn't resist a bit of a smile creeping onto her face. "It's alright, a little water never hurt anything."

Not nescessarily true, as Katie knew- capillary action through the fibers of the bag could then go into the paper of her books and make a large mess indeed, but that wasn't likely. She realized she was thinking randomly about physics- again- and thought to herself, "Katie, you are not going to be a total nerd this year!"

She had been wandering for lack of anything better to do, this girl looked like she was looking for something, class probably. Just because Katie didn't talk to many people didn't mean that she didn't recognize most people. This girl, not being recognized, was probably new. "So where you headed to?" she asked curiously. She didn't have anything of importance to do, the bell wasn't due to ring for a while, and almost all the required junior classes were on the other side of the building. So they were probably going in the same direction, the other girl just didn't realize.

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12th Sep 2008, 3:30 AM
There was a faint inkling in her that somewhere, buried in the depths of her skull, that horrendous combination that was evading her at the moment was there, laughing at her and mocking her temporary stupidity. She stared with even more focused concentration, as though willing the lock to begin undoing itself free of her own guidance, but it remained determinedly closed. A minuscule sigh breezed through her pursed lips and Lila only broke her steady gaze when she heard a masculine voice entering her consciousness.

"Hey, I'm Adam."

Lila blinked several times in confusion and raised her jade eyes to survey the area around her; for a moment, she would have thought that her locker finally spoke up, annoyed that she had been gazing so furiously at it for so long. But it wasn't her locker; it was a person, fully alive and breathing built from flesh and bone just as she was. As if registering this fact suddenly, a bright smile blossomed over her delicate lips and Lila pivoted so she could face the alternatively-dressed young man.

"Oh, hello! I'm sorry, I was...distracted," she gave an apologetically sheepish grin and jerked an annoyed thumb at her resolute locker, shooting it a rather odd glare. "You know, long break; completely forgot my combination, all that nonsense. I'm really not too much of a ditz, but..." she chuckled softly and extended her free hand to him, friendly smile magnifying. "I'm Lila, by the way. Sorry, I have a tendency to ramble uncontrollably when I'm worked up," she gave a quick shrug and rolled her as at herself, as though wondering how she managed to get herself up and get dressed every day.

"Hey, Lila," this time the voice was far more familiar, and far more feminine. She really didn't even need to raise her gaze to meet the beautiful girl's face, for Lila was already clearly aware of who she was from the moment she had first uttered her name. As though her mere voice wasn't confirmation enough, Roxy spoke again with the dry wit that Lila so relished.

"Ready for another semester in hell? I mean, school? Where is Eeric? Don't tell me his cool parents gave him permission to drop out..."

Lila didn't even attempt to fight the laugh that built in her at Roxy's comment; the sad truth of the matter was that it wouldn't surprise her if Eeric's all-too-cool parents actually had allowed him to drop out.

"Well, the way it's going already..." she aimed an accusatory finger at her locker and sighed heavily, "seems like my semester is going to be just great." The sarcasm oozed from every word as she let out another amused chuckle before continuing, "And knowing Eeric, even if they did tell him he could drop out, he'd probably still come anyway. Nutcase. But yeah, haven't seen him yet. He probably overslept." Lila let her shoulders slacken into another shrug before she gestured in Adam's direction and offered him another smile. "Roxy, this is Adam! He helped distract me before I took out my anger on my locker." For that, she was extremely grateful. The last thing she needed was the shocked gazes of a hallway of her classmates falling on her as she potentially hurt herself trying to abuse her locker open.

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Marie-Elisabeth knew full well she was the envy of most of the girls in the school. Rich, beautiful, head cheerleader, good friends with one of the hottest guys in the school and dating one of the others. It was especially the latter people were jealous about, and it was obvious why. Josh was quite possibly one of the nicest guys she had ever met in her life. Jocks tended to have a reputation for being insensitive muscle heads, but that was the total opposite of him. He was always attentive to her, always seeming to know what to say or do to make her happy, and she loved him for it.

She would readily admit she had had her fair share of boyfriends. She didn’t think she had ever been single for longer than a week or so since she started high school. Marie-Elisabeth was the type of girl who liked the attention, she liked the feeling of being wanted and cared about by someone. And it was probably for that very reason that her current relationship was proving to be one of her longest lasting ones.

She really was happy that she and Josh had gotten all the same classes that semester, that just gave them more time to spend together. Just like they were now, and she smiled as he shifted so that he could face her properly.

“Hmmm, I don’t think my report card would agree,” he had said, grinning in response to what she said about them having their classes together”I think I’m going to be very distracted.”

“Oh really” she said, grinning mischievously and rather pleased with the compliment “Well we can’t have that. They might kick you off the team. I guess I’ll just have to wear a paper bag over my head so I won’t be such a distraction”.

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Student Application -

Name: Anne Bailey

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Closet Goth

After School Activity: School Paper

Brief History/Personality Description:

Anne is a quiet girl, but that is more of a product of her upbringing rather than her real nature. The oldest of four kids, she's a lot tougher than she looks and keeps a lot of very strong emotions hidden away where no one can see. In many ways, for the past several years, she has played the role of family protector. No one asked her to step up to the plate like that, but her mother currently has her hands full trying to avoid her abusive father's vicious behavior. The continual malevolence and belittling has left her kindhearted mother an emotional wreck, and Anne sometimes feels like she is watching her slowly shrivel, drained of will and filled with despair.

Whenever her father lashes out, she is there to intercept the blows and stinging comments. Unwilling to let that anger come near any of her younger siblings, she is the one that bustles them into the yard to play or takes them to the neighbors house for a sleepover when it looks like things are getting bad. She has tried time and time again to persuade her mother to leave her father, but to no avail, and her love for her and fear for her safety keep Anne close, for how can she protect her if she isn't there?

At school, she is the one that shrinks to the sidelines, afraid of being noticed. She sees the others laughing, talking, and playing together, but is afraid that if she gets too close to anybody, they'll start to notice that something is wrong and start prying. It is hard enough fending off some of her teachers' questions- they have noticed the way she never wears short sleeves and the way she'd often arrive at school with red-rimmed eyes, vehemently denying that she had been crying. She would be getting stellar grades that would rival many of the so-called nerds at school, but the many sleepless nights and preoccupation of her troubles at home leave her too tired and distracted to devote the necessary effort to achieving those kind of grades.

She secretly fantasizes about a guy coming to whisk her away from her troubles, her own personal knight in shining armor, but she's not holding her breath. Even if he did come, she would be afraid of showing any kind of weakness or vulnerability around him since she's been conditioned to think that's just a way of opening herself to attack.

Her dearest possession is her DVD collection which she keeps hidden in a shoebox inside her bedroom closet. Whenever she's had a really bad day, she waits until her father is asleep and sneaks into the living room to watch a movie. A really awful movie. That's right, she collects movies that make b-rated sound good. She hasn't really stopped to think about the strangeness of her habit, but they make her want to laugh when few enough things do anymore. She needs friends more than she needs bargain bin movies, but for now, her strange form of masochism is better therapy than ice cream.

Anything else you might want to add: She really, really hates spiders. Yeah, so do a lot of people, but her personal arachnophobia started the year they brought the family Christmas tree down from the attic only to find a black widow in the box with it. Her father being the way he was, thought it would be funny to display the creepy thing on a shelf in the living room that she and her siblings had to walk past a million times a day.


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[CENTER]((Nevermind Atropa, maybe she can meet him later))

Aren shook her head at the girl. "Oh, no. It's fine. I shouldn't have been standing out that far." She explained, and noticed that the hallways were getting emptier. "Well, I should get to class...oh, I'm Aren, by the way." She said as she started walking away. She just got the girl's name before walking into her first class, English.

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(((OOC: :giggler: I love that name too, Furry. I hope (and this goes for Atropa too) that it’s okay I put Matt leaving in before Loren? It made things flow better? If not let me know and I’ll edit :) Hope this works for you guys
And welcome, WannabeSith :D)))

He was completely shameless. Matt Sidle actually though it was okay for him to treat everyone else like they were worth a fraction of what he was worth. Natalie did know that she herself had been well tuned in to that behaviour at a very recent point in her life, really, Matt was just shameless. A lot of the Preps were actually just bravado, peer pressure aggregating them into a mass of malevolence more than the individuals actually were… some were actually just naïve. Others, like Natalie had been, were actually just warped all on their own. Currently, Matt was in that quarter.

He had absolutely no remorse at having sent off a new girl on a wild goose chase, knowing there was an excellent chance she’d be ridiculously late and definitely hurt. Although, in her own twisted way, Natalie did have to admire the actual ploy, it was something close to what she would have pulled. But the point was he was wrong. And then, after this, he had the audacity to smart his ego over the fact that she’d rejected the Preps when their favourite hobby would incur lawsuits for emotional trauma at some point.

And when he’d caught her looking in scrutiny, all he did was flash a smile, one that he knew was one of his most formidable weapons. All things said, Matt was quite attractive and it’d been one of the selling points – along with sketchy faith in people – that had led her to accept his invitation to the dance… which ended in disaster thanks to Matt himself. However, that wasn’t why she was mad at him – she had done that to people and worse and frankly, that was history – what really got to her was that he knew where her weakness was and he wouldn’t stop twisting the knife. And she knew it was deliberate. She gave him no reaction.

"Hey, Natalie!” she heard a sudden call as an immediate excuse to peel her attention away from Justin Timberlake over there without giving him any satisfaction over any misconception of getting to her. Natalie’s pale eyes fell onto Loren Dansen, sporting the incessantly chipper attitude and a rather… interesting pair of pants. Natalie quickly managed to tear her eyes away from them… high school was all about experimentation and discovery… right? “How was break?"

Natalie was used to having people come over and talk to her, even after her fall from grace and she always had seemed to attract a wide range of people, either looking for platonic or romantic associations. However, while most were pretty obvious about what they wanted, Loren seemed to enjoy dancing around the idea. And dance around the idea he certainly did, for now Natalie was actually unsure whether even he knew what he wanted. In any case, he was rather cloyingly nice.

He never just went for it and asked her out, if that was the case. Alright, she was used to the ‘worship from afar’ and shy admiration, but Loren never actually struck her as shy and he certainly wasn’t admiring from afar. Not that she wanted him to ask her out because… things stood a very good chance of getting inexplicably awkward. However, that behaviour led her to question whether that was the case. Yes, she could just assume that he had a crush on her, but she’d made it a point to tune out of the Preppy ‘everyone is in love with me’ mentality and so, in the spirit of not being big headed, she just decided to let him figure it out in his own time.

“Hey, Loren,” she gave a small, and past her best efforts, very slightly confused smile, though still utterly charming, at his choice of clothing, her self-restraint enough to stop her eyes from going back to it as he leaned against the lockers. “Yeah, it was good.” With that she stopped, a single nod manifesting before she decided to be equally courteous for spirit. “Err… how was your break?”

12th Sep 2008, 1:01 PM
Josh knew the people he interacted with quite well, because he was rather quiet and observant. He learnt quickly what topics to approach with them and which ones to avoid because really, he just let them talk and didn’t mind listening to them; whether it be their problems or triumphs. And it wasn’t because he was boring; he just didn’t mind not talking about himself most of the time and he liked knowing people, really knowing them.

“Oh really,” she replied with an impish grin of her own. “Well we can’t have that. They might kick you off the team. I guess I’ll just have to wear a paper bag over my head so I won’t be such a distraction.”

He had to give a small laugh at that, his head slightly bowed down, his brightly sparkling eyes gazing as the floor as a full grin overtook his handsome features before he raised his smiling gaze to the flickering lights before returning it to Marie-Elisabeth. He knew what that was… Marie-Elisabeth was one of the girls who liked to be appreciated – the appreciation in her case was completely deserved – and she knew that and Josh had no problems acquiescing… that didn’t mean he didn’t joke about it a little.

“No…,” he sighed with sudden seriousness. “I can’t do that to the rest of the class…,” he trailed off, hinting that everyone else was in awe of her on some level, whuch was true enough, before that mischievous glow became him once more in a sly, one sided smile. “But hey,” he carried on with the smallest shrug of his broad shoulders. “If you really insist…”

12th Sep 2008, 1:08 PM
"Jen, can you open this for me? Jen!" 8-year-old Tony Colbert shook her sister up. Scrunching her eyes shut, Jen turned over under her blanket.
"JEN!!" Tony shouted right into his sleepy sister's right ear.

"ARGH! What the heck!? Tony?" Jen shot up, irritated but worried that something might have happened. Glancing at her little brother, who was looking sheepish with a jam jar in his hand, she smoothed her hair and grudgily got out of bed.
"Here," she calmly said, forcing open the airtight lid. It opened with a pop, and Tony ran back into the kitchen to have his breakfast.
Staring at her bedhair and rumpled pyjamas in the mirror, Jen sighed.

'Good morning, Jennifer Colbert. Ready to go to school?' she thought to herself. "As if!" Jen laughed.

A little while later, Jen was back in her room, running a checklist through her mind. Shower, check. Hair brushed into a ponytail, check. Schoolbag, check. Tony's lunch, check. Uniorm - She patted down a tattered jean vest which fitted over a baby blue pinstriped shirt. She slipped a packet of gum into her jeans, and put on some brown boots. The look was a little cowgirl, but she would need something extra to start her year at Brooklake - That it, the most exciting and important year, or it was said so.

In ten minutes' time, Jen was already walking her bike to the gate, waving goodbye to her little brother as he rode off with the other carpoolers. She flung her heavy schoolbag over her shoulder and jumped on for the short ride. Of course, there were many disadvantages to cycling to school. The bike shed area was much further away to any of the main buildings, and it wasn't a very fashionable entrance, but it gave her some time to think as she pedaled and gave her a wee chance to take a look at the other students.

Jen padlocked her bike, patted the handlebars, and walked to her first class - English. A brief stop to the lockers was on the way. Quickly getting through her combination, which she'd memorized since her first day, Jen piled her colour-coded books against the cold inside wall. She fixed a small mirror on the door, and added magnets to the back wall.

A little bit down, she spotted popular cliquette Marie-Elisabeth and captain of the football team, Josh. Jennifer sighed in envy, wishing that her boyfriend Jordan would go to the same school as her. Jen didn't have many friends at the school, mostly family friends or pen pals, but was determined to make herself known this semester. It had, after all, already been over a year since she first stepped on the grass of Brooklake. Jordan, too, was already a trusted student at another school. She'd been separated from him for two days, and she was missing the warmth of his broad figure. He was her protection from any issues at home, school, and inspiration to her music. She paused, replaying in her mind how zoned out he'd seemed the last couple times they met up for a date.

Someone's locker door slammed shut across her and Jen was jostled back into reality, just in time to witness another aspect of high school life - Matthew Sidle appearing amused by a blonde - She looked a little older than 16, definitely a cheerleading type. Jen didn't really mind preppy girls or obnoxious guys; she usually saw the nicer, softer side of a person straight away. She knew that the only reason that people talked to her because Jen never rushed things and was a good listener.. However, those weird punkish types were an exception. She knew that if she tried, she could get to know them, but the barrier to break was too complicated.

Wanting to get to all her classes a little early today, she nudged the door shut and brushed past some familiar faces. Jen took her time getting to class, since she was confident she knew exactly where it was. Yes, she was sure now. The fact about this room was that it was near the bathrooms, so if you were finishing off things during lunchtime, there was always a burst of tears or juicy gossip sessions to be heard.

Jen settled down in a seat nearby the door, with a clear view of the whiteboard. It was one of her ways to make life easy. She could observe anything important, and be able to pay attention to the lesson but still with some space of her own. She propped her bag against her desk, and reached in for her books and pencil case. Her pencil case was probably burrowed deep into the bag, and while she struggled to find it, Jen heard footsteps.

She pulled her arm out of the bag and swiftly turned around to see who it was..

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Throughout the years, J.D. had been called many, many things. Troublemaker, delinquent, jerk, no-good so and so, and various other things of a less pleasant nature. And he had grown used to it. Heck, he'd even come to expect it, and in general, it no longer stung when someone hurled such intended insults at him. Instead, they only fulled his contempt for the people around him, and his drive to show his 'accuser' just how much of a jerk he could really be. It was a downward spiral, of J.D.'s behaviour causing others to frown and label him a menace, which in turn caused him to venture even further down that path, manifesting the vicious circle rather than ever breaking it. It had gone so far that these days, he was so used to being the reciever of reprimands, insults along the lines of 'jerk' and 'prick' etcetera, and disdainful or apprahensive glances, that when someone strayed from the pattern, he wasn't quite sure to handle it. And so he often handled it in the only way he knew how; he lashed out. Something as simple as a genuine compliment could make him feel cornered, under attack by something foreign he didn't know how to defend himself against, and from that feeling, stemmed the one that ruled his being; anger, in some way, shape or form. Though it was nothing he himself had ever reflected on, as someone claiming he was not the bad seed eveyone else said he was, only happened once in a blue moon. That is, until he'd met Lila; the good natured, easy-going and incredibly hardheaded girl who insisted on clinging to the belief that he was not all that bad. For as long as he'd known her - which, granted, wasn't all that long - she had never once treated him as though she expected him to actually do something that by others would be considered wrong, or bad. In fact, she had even stood up for him at one point, when he was accused of breaking a window in school. A crime of which he was, amazingly, innocent for once, but still would have had ascribed to him, had it not been for Lila.
Though J.D. being who he was, her attitude towards him had been the cause of quite a bit of bickering at first, since he was just hardheaded as she was, and firmly stuck in the belief that what people had been saying about him for years was the truth. Eventually, however, after quite the dramatic episode now known to most of the school, they seemed to have come to some sort of silent understanding, and J.D. no longer bit her head off when she said something nice about him. It still made him uncomfortable, but inch by inch, he was getting used to it.

However, that applied to her only. When others, for some unfanthomable reason, decided to say something nice to him, he still reacted with skepticism. If they were lucky. And such would be the case now, when as he held out his pack of cigarettes for little Miss Rainbow to take one, she exclaimed;

"You're a gent! I owe you one."

With that, she skipped off, merry as a child, leaving J.D.'s other eyebrow to shoot up for a second, and then glance over at the other girl, Katie, who seemed just as surprised as him. Or rather... shocked?

"OK, nice to meet you, bye!" she squeaked, as though she couldn't get away from there fast enough.

And indeed, not a moment later she had taken off and disappeared among the other students in the crowded hallway. Though whether it was all a delayed reaction from learning who J.D. was, or if it was the weird girl that had creeped her out, or even something else, J.D. wasn't sure. To him, the reaction didn't really fit in anywhere. Didn't matter though, because regardless of the reason, the reaction itself did pose some common ground for him, finally, and so things soon felt like they were back to normal.

Turning to his locker once again, J.D. retrieved the notebook he used for sketching while bored during class, and then slammed the locker shut, turning back around just in time to hear the weird girl in the tutu declare "No need to stare, I know my skirt is awesome", just as she hobbled past one of the preps, who no doubt had shown apparent disapproval at her odd outfit, but was now completely ignoring her. Matt Sidle... Now there was someone whose pretty face J.D. would quite enjoy to rearrange, but had never gotten the chance to. Sidle was a slippery b*stard, who had managed to effortlessly weasel his way out of the few threatening confrontations J.D. had gotten the opportunity to create. And with his dignity fairly intact too. Not that Matt had ever done anything to J.D. personally, except shoot him the occasional poisonous glare questioning his right to exist at the same school as Matt and his prep friends, but J.D. always had loathed that crowd, and had managed to stir up enough trouble a few times to end up in an actual fight. Mostly with the jocks, as they were generally bigger hotheads and more easily provoked than the preps, but J.D. had gotten the satisfaction of shoving one or two of the 'beautiful ones' around.
As for Sidle... Well, J.D. could wait. For now.

So, with a faint smirk at the girl's comment still on his lips, J.D. pushed himself away from the locker against which he'd been leaning, and headed off to English. As the bell had yet to announce the start of first class, the room was still fairly empty, save for some blonde near the door, and J.D. could claim his usual seat in the back, without first having to shoot some ignorant newcomer his traditional look of strongly advicing them to move, pronto.

12th Sep 2008, 4:53 PM
Eeric loved sleep. Plain and simple. It was like he had some sort of outlet in his back that he plugged into an electrical socket when he went to sleep, so that as soon as his eyes closed a surge of energy coursed through his body and recharged him silently during the night. It was a delectable feeling, waking up rested. That single wave of rest could carry him over through the long and tiring day with the single reassurance floating in the back of his mind that he would soon get to repeat the cycle yet again and recharge his drained batteries. So to speak.

The light rolled in through his curtain-less windows and shocked him into consciousness, very much against his will. Had he had his choice, Eeric would have slept into the next millenia. But that wasn't really an option, so he chose to hide under the covers with a child-like pout curving over his lips.

"Eeric, wake up. You've got school in ten minutes, and if you want to be driving there, I suggest--"

That was all it took. Eeric practically threw himself from his bed and was running about his room in a crazed frenzy, eyes suddenly alight with a rare eagerness as he bounded over to his closet. His bare marble chest was struck by the cold air conditioning of his room and he shuddered against the sudden chill, grabbing a pair of black pinstripe pants (http://store.thinkempire.com/gfx/products/fullsize/sammoffblkpin.jpg), black t-shirt (http://www.8ball.co.uk/tshirts/ribcagetshirt_1_108602_black-white-print_l.jpg), and a pair of marvelously comfortable Doc Marten 'triumph (http://i31.twenga.com/3/tp/02/57/135840257vb.png)' boots. Then, to ensure his warmth, Eeric pulled on a (what a surprise!) black military jacket (http://www.1starmy.com/uploadimages/Product_96_enl.JPG). He ran a brush through his long inky hair and then quickly secured it into a low-resting ponytail at the base of his neck, ignoring the few rogue tendrils that coyly framed his face as they always did. Satisfied with his dress, he secured his lip rings and eyed the dark bags under his eyes. It was just odd that regardless of how many hours he slept, the purply-colored rings were perpetually hanging there, giving him a more gothic appearance than he could have even tried for with his clothes alone.

"You're going to be late, dear," his mother's voice was sweet but pressing, as though willing him out the door with her words.

"Yeah yeah, it's fine. You got any food for me, mother dearest?" He flashed her a wide grin that looked something like a child in a toy store begging with his eyes for the newest gadget. His mother rolled her eyes and tossed him a piece of toast and an apple and Eeric seized them mid air with a beaming smile. "Breakfast of champions," he chuckled and took a bite of the apple, taking his beautiful silver keys off of the mounted hook on the wall and venturing out the door while shouting, "Off to fill my mind with so much knowledge that it'll practically explode!" Eeric heard his mother sigh and he could perfectly picture her shaking her head and rolling her eyes, then asking herself what she was going to do with him. He was too preoccupied at the moment to care, his eyes focusing all-too-intensely on the newest addition to his family.

"Morning Sadie," he cooed, violet eyes resting lovingly on the classic 1964 Buick Riviera (http://classiccars.com/Uploads/Classifieds/255246.jpg) that sat alluringly in his driveway. It was perfect in almost every way; the same hue as his own jet-black hair, full of power, sleek and gorgeous. If he could marry a car, he would. Maybe. Eeric eased the driver-side door open and threw his backpack (http://stores.allnightcatfight.com/catalog/Zero_Deluxe_Skull.gif) in, nearly drowning himself in the smell of the leather seats. If there was a heaven, this was pretty d*mn near close to it in his mind.

"The girls are gonna flip," he said with a deep laugh to himself, turning the key in the ignition and nearly fainting when his car purred to life. After merely enjoying the atmosphere for a moment Eeric realized that he was almost late to school and quickly put the car in gear, swerving out of his driveway and then making his way to Brooklake. Upon arriving he found a parking spot near several ostentatious cars that no doubt belonged to the preps and jocks, horrifically ugly in his opinion and mere gross shows of wealth. Sadie had been the single greatest gift he had ever received, and much of that gift came from his own toil and struggle. He had been saving for years, and had been slowly but surely collecting the necessary classic parts to help rebuild her. Finally this Christmas the time had come to purchase the car even though he lived a mere mile or two from the school, and he had almost died with the ecstasy of finally having her in his possession.

Eeric killed the engine and drew his things out, gently shutting the door and making sure that he carefully locked the doors before dashing from the parking lot, up the front steps, and into the over-packed hallways. His eyes skimmed over the crowds to the position where he knew Lila's locker would be, and he saw a tiny group gathered there; two faces were easily recognizable--Lila and Roxy. But there was another person with them, male, with a flash of uniquely colored hair. Eeric eyed him for a second with curiosity and then smiled, merely relieved to see the smiles on the group of faces.

He snuck up silently behind Roxy and placed two ice-cold pale hands over her eyes, doing his best to suppress his recognizable low laugh.

"Guess whooo?" he said in an oddly high-pitched tone, eyes glinting with mirth as he glanced between Lila and the other boy, begging them not to say anything until he had his fun. The young man seemed compliant enough, but Lila wasn't having any of that--something had caught her unfaltering gaze, and she wasn't about to let it go.

"There are two now? Eeric, are you insane!?" there was a horrified expression covering her pretty face as her eyes narrowed on the tiny bit of flesh that formed his mouth where a newly-pierced section was her focus--a new piercing that hadn't existed prior to their winter break.

Eeric withdrew his hands and pouted, which only drew more attention to the offensive piece of jewelry.

"Well, you're no fun. Killjoy." He stuck his tongue out playfully at her and glanced around the group to gauge the reactions of each person, although he didn't expect much from the boy considering he barely knew him.

"Oh honestly, it's not like she didn't know, Eeric. How many other boys in our class have your unnaturally clammy hands?"

A hurt look drifted over his porcelain visage and Eeric recoiled from her, feigning sorrow.

"You truly are cruel, you know that? It's not even 9 a.m. yet, have you no mercy? I mean really. Who peed in your cheerios this morning?"

His taunts were met with a steely glare from Lila who then delivered a quick jab to his ribcage before he could leap away. Eeric instinctively hid behind Roxy, as though using her as some sort of human shield, glowering from the safety of her back.

((Oh Eeric, how I've missed thee.... and sorry I went overboard with the pictures. He's just so easy to dress/accessorize. xD ))

12th Sep 2008, 8:18 PM
(( ooc: sorry if i left you hanging Atropa, my reply is now posted :) ))

Hayden seemed to have caused a commotion in the hallways and had a few glimses from people, either eye-ing her up and down or either just laughing. Still no one would help. She thought this school would be different, the people would be nice but she didn't notice one slight smile or kind gesture towards her. Hayden expected to treat others how you would want to be treated yourself, so it was an unusual that no one at all acknowledged her. Well she had only been there not that long but an hour to Hayden with no talking was agony.
Thats why it was so unusual when a boy walked over cautiously asking, "You okay?"

Hayden was still leaning against the lockers, sliding her way down till she sat on the floor, legs to the side of her pushed her hair back and give a brief smile. She didnt want to be known as a spoilt mean girl so she got up with her arms folded, and clutch bag in her hand. She stared for a brief moment, not knowing what to say. Not that she was usually this awkward. She chuckled with a smirk, "Im fine thanks. Stupid locker not working, i entered combination and no luck".
Hayden sighed and turned towards the lockers, looking at locker 380, "Whoops, see the problem"

She entered the combination on locker numer 381 and it opened. She put her head down in shame as she opened the locker, "Im not usually this stupid" she said laughing. "Well anyway, im Hayden. Transferred". She let out her hand for a shake.
Hayden was happy someone finally had spoken to her, she was not used to not being the center of attention or not having mnay friends. So she was grateful she met this boy.

12th Sep 2008, 10:12 PM
(( ooc: Yes, she is leaning against the lockers then eventually sliding her way down so she is sitting - if thats understandable, but it is my fault for not typing my post correctly. Sorry about that. And yeh i try to not do that.
Yes i usually delete my posts if i have spammed or usually double posted, i like to give time for people to read usually.))

12th Sep 2008, 11:23 PM
Marie-Elisabeth was trying very, very hard to keep from bursting into a fit of giggles. She had of course appreciated the compliment, mostly because she knew it was true. She was head cheerleader after all, and the prettiest girl in school. It really wouldn't be fair to keep all that under a bag. For that matter it wouldn't be fair to keep Josh's head under a bag either, he was far too good looking for that.

By some minor miracle she managed to keep a somewhat stern look on her face. “Josh Brennan” she said, shaking her finger at him and pretending to look annoyed “Only you could turn a compliment into something like that. And only you could get away with not getting smacked for it. You’re lucky I care about you so much or you’d be in for it”.

She giggled then, unable to keep the stern look on her face for much longer. She wasn’t really upset at all; in fact his sense of humour was one of the things she really liked about Josh. “And besides, if I had a paper bag on my head I wouldn’t be able to look at you very well either, and I’d be bored to tears” she said, taking a hold of his arm and gesturing down the hall “But dontcha think we should be getting to class already? I really don’t want to start off the year with a late slip like those stupid troublemaker kids always seem to”.

13th Sep 2008, 3:06 AM
Matt believed in dignity, and in maintaining said dignity at all times, come rain or come shine. A head held high, and with good reason. Humiliation and being made a laughing stock was not an option if one moved in his circle of friends, and many of them, himself included, had actually developed various methods for making it out of sticky situations with their perfect poise intact, whether it was bouncing right back from being told off by a teacher or 'fellow' student, or being backed into a corner by a jealous someone whose girlfriend or boyfriend you had stolen. Or even by one of the troublemakers, who sometimes seemed to get their kicks from picking fights with whatever random person had happened to tick them off that day.

Yes, Matt believed in dignity. And the display he was currently made to witness, after asking the pretty but apparently rather melodramatic new blonde if she was okay, was not dignified. Sinking to the floor in the hallway - gross! - and while wearing such a short dress, no less. Not that he minded the view, but come on... There were far better ways for a girl to flaunt a nice pair of legs, than to slide down a locker and onto the actual floor of a high school building, where god knows how many people who might have stepped in god knows what had been passing daily, for god knows how many years. Granted, the hallways were usually well maintained, but still... Dignity and hallway floors just did not mix.

And, as only seconds later blondie got back up, he had to wonder to himself what had been the point of sliding down there in the first place. Clearly she had been frustrated, but as she had even smiled up at him from down there, he doubted she had been that frustrated. So really, what had been the point, other than to bring even more rather judgmental attention to herself?

Add to that the fact that once she was back on her feet, she simply stared at him for another few moments, causing his eyebrows to twitch slightly in perplexed questioning, and he couldn't help but to glance casually over his shoulder, to see who was around. Were any of his friends watching this? If they were, they had to be wondering what on earth had possessed him to go over here.

"I'm fine thanks."

Finally, the blonde spoke, giving a slight chuckle, which seemed mostly aimed at herself.

"Stupid locker not working, i entered combination and no luck."

Giving a small sigh, she then turned around as though she was about to give it another try, but ended up discovering that she had apparently been trying to open the wrong locker.

"Whoops, see the problem", she declared and moved on to the neighbouring locker, all the while with Matt watching with slight disbelief.

She made that much of a public display of being unable to open a locker, bringing eveyone's attention to herself in the process, and thus ensuring that practically everyone realized it wasn't even her locker? Nice going, blondie...

"I'm not usually this stupid", she tried to assure him, her head hanging down in embarrassment as apparently she did realize what Matt, among others, must be thinking. Though she was surprisingly quick to shrug it all off with a laugh, and continue; "Well anyway, I'm Hayden. Transferred."

Trying to decide whether he should risk playing the knight in shining armor by continuing talking to her as a way of restoring her already blemished reputation, or just flee the scene before he became somehow associated with her, Matt hesitated. His own status at Brooklake was high enough to manage to pull them both through without a hitch, but if she ended up doing something equally ditzy in the future, it wouldn't make him look good.
Still, if what she said was true, and she didn't usually embarrass herself like this, he did feel kind of bad for her. In a way. So... Middle road then.

"Okay...", he started slowly, slight skepticism still lingering in his tone. "I'm Matt."

Glancing around again, he noticed that the previously busy hallway was now slowly turning not-so-busy, as more and more students started heading off to their classes, and so he turned back to Hayden.

"Listen, I need to get to class", he said. "The bell's about to go. It was nice meeting you though. I'll see you around."

And with that he turned to head for his own locker, where he deftly entered the combination and retrieved the proper books. No more than a minute later, he sauntered through the doors to English class and over to his usual seat in the center of the classroom, offering a faint smile to those who were already there in the process, as well as a jovial wink at a rather pretty girl whose name he couldn't remember, simply revelling in how it made a soft rosey hue slowly appear on her cheeks. Known to be an incorrigible flirt, he just couldn't help himself. And there really was nothing wrong in acknowledging a pretty girl, was there?

(((ooc: Ending's kind of rushed and all, but I seriously need to go to bed. Anyone can be the girl, if they want, otherwise she'll just be an NPC.

jcardy - :blink: Sorry... Didn't mean for it to come out so... mean, but... Matt just isn't all that nice and tolerant when it comes to such eye-catchingly deviant behaviour. *lol* And sorry for just moving him on, but I wanted him to be in time for class, and since I'm not sure when class starts... *s*)))

13th Sep 2008, 3:22 AM
Loren was hardly ever surprised, people tended to react to him in so many different ways that he didn't even try to predict any more. He just watched with fascination what people did in real life, and if it was interesting or clear he would use it in his acting, and if it wasn't he would ignore it as unimportant.

Part of the reason Natalie was so fascinating was that her reactions were fairly predictable, even to one who didn't observe for meaning, like Loren. She was always perfectly charming, she always showed off her gorgeous smile, even if it seemed a bit confused, like now. Was she glancing at his trousers? He'd seen one of her freinds wearing pants almost exactly like these before break, why was it worth glancing at when he wore them? It didn't matter much, it all just added to the feminine mystery.

And, unlike a great number of people whom he considered to be friends, she always answered when he greeted her. He found that mind blowingly gratifying. It wasn't that he resented that other people ignored him, as far as he was concerned it was part of their charm. Natalie just had classic niceness, as opposed to the oblique, hard to interpret niceness of nearly every single other person in the school.

Today's was pretty nonconclusive, "Hey, Loren,” was all she said, but he was hardly one to complain about it. That was another thing he liked, even though she made some rather weird faces sometimes, her voice always sounded nice.

She continued by saying, “Yeah, it was good.” He gave a wide smile at that. He liked it when other people were happy, and what better than a good winter break to make someone happy? A brief nod was all she graced him with after that, and he was perfectly content with that. Just spending time in silence with people was nice. All of a sudden she asked, “Err… how was your break?”

A stutter? Why? The thought of anyone getting discomfitted blew Loren's mind pretty thoroughly, so he assumed she was adding that little err on purpose. Maybe to make the entire conversation in iambic pentameter? He doubted it, but hadn't been paying close enough attention to tell.

Iambic pentameter was probably the safest bet. Loren wasn't the cleverest kid in the world, he couldn't do it without counting, so he carefully rephrased his response about internet fun and having no sleep the previous night- which in that brief instant of hindsight he realized he might not have wanted to share anyway- and instead continued in the meter, "Nothing much, I played a bunch of tetris."

There! Iambic pentameter maintained, question answered, no awkwarad disclosures about internet time, all in all a very diplomatic way. "Two points" he thought idly to himself.

((OOC: Heh, I don't know if that was even in iambic pentameter, I thought it would be funny though))

13th Sep 2008, 4:16 AM
((Heh, I don't think Jen classifies as 'rather pretty', or so she would think, but I need a chance to roleplay! :D))

Jen looked up to see Matt Sidle come into the classroom, and saw him wink at her. She blushed, and for a moment her heart fluttered..

Then, realising that he probably winked at a hundred different girls he didn't know per day, she smoothed out her hair and got back to arranging books on her desk. Still, there was nothing wrong with getting to know people at her own school.
Carefully, Jen wrote out the date on the second blank page of her new English book with a black ink pen. Waiting for it to dry and for everyone else to arrive, she felt into a hazy daydream.

Finding nothing to think about, Jen shyly followed Matt with her eyes. He settled into a seat not too far from her own, right in the middle of the classroom. She hoped that maybe he would smile at her if their eyes met.. And then felt incredibly embarrassed for thinking something so cheesy and childish, and felt cross at herself because she already had a boyfriend. But it was hardly her fault, and it was nice to have someone appreciate her, since she'd been so lonely because of how Jordan had been acting.

It was still a few minutes to the bell, so Jen decided to just sit back and see who came in, humming the tune of a new song she'd been writing. She spotted a few familiar faces, and a couple not so. She was playing a guessing game to what every person had been doing over the break, and what extracurricular activity a new transfer would take..

13th Sep 2008, 4:00 PM
(((ooc: Purple - Uhmm.... Who are you responding to in your post? No one RPed bumping into Aren....? But okay... I'll just move J.D. on then.)))

((Laughy's character did, but Aren's sitting in english now))

13th Sep 2008, 4:09 PM
(((ooc: PurpleSummer - No, Laughy's character (Kim) ran into Furry's character (Katie) nearby the nurse's office. Read their posts, you'll notice they're responding to one another.

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13th Sep 2008, 4:12 PM
(( ooc: Yeh no problem Atropa. Its quicker, simpler and basically gives everyone else a chance too :) And yeh i didn't think he was being that mean lol ))

Hayden was one of those girl's who got along with everyone and everyone usually looked up to her, but her dramatic scene with the locker did not seem to giver her the right status. She hated being one of the typical preps - dramatic, high maintencance and one of those ones who complained about everything. Hayden's usual reputation from her other schools were at the highest standard, she was looked up to, everyone wanted to be with her and she was still extremely nice although her beautiful exterior made her look pretty shallow. She hoped upon giving herself the smae reputation whilst still maintaining her dignity.

The floor was clean-ish to Hayden's standards but judging on the boys face, he was not impressed. She would of stayed there for a few seconds longer if no one came over. So she got up right away, as she was not exactly making the best of impressions. She must of looked odd making her way down the locker to the floor and then standing right back up, people would think she was one of the odd balls - which was not an option for Hayden if she was going to be living here permanently. The boy seemed pretty embarrassed, looking over his shoulders looking for others to get him away from her, so she spoke to maintain her preppy self.

"I'm fine thanks", she said naturally. "Stupid locker not working, i entered combination and no luck."
Hayden was so embarrassed, this boy must have thought she was such a freak, not only had she slid down the locker for no point what so ever but she had tried opening the wrong locker which someone was sooner later opening. She smiled embarrassed shrugging her shoulders, then opened her locker.

"Whoops, see the problem", she declared and moved on to the neighbouring locker, all the while with the boy watching with slight disbelief. Although Hayden made a commotion in the hallways, the boy was not impressed but Hayden thought treat people how you would want to be treated yourself.
After intorducing herself he seemed a little late in reply, as though he was hesitating or regreting meeting her, looks like her 'treat people how you want' thing was not going well. He was clearly embarrassed but still spoke to her, so she thought she convinced him that she was not a deluded weirdo.

"Okay...", he started slowly, slight skepticism still lingering in his tone. "I'm Matt."
She gave him a brief smile and looked to the floor at her shoes. He then spoke to her again.

"Listen, I need to get to class", he said. "The bell's about to go. It was nice meeting you though. I'll see you around."

She watched him quickly collect his books and leave for a class. She sighed in relief as the embarrassment was over, and stood motionless for a few seconds. Would she fit in and have her usual status as the sweet prep girl who everyone loved. She turned to her open locker to see it was empty, what was she missing? It quickly occured to her books!. She had a grey folder to match her outfit, filled with paper, ring binder pockets an a few pens so that should be enough for now. What more could the teachers expect, shes new and a transfer so she was fully equipped at the moment.

She closed her locker and decided to sit outside on the steps, elbow on her leg with her head resting on her hand. The wind blew her soft and bouncy hair slightly as she thought about her day to come. Would she lower her already ruined status anymore. She knew she would have to improve it right away so she sat bored but sat confident for the day to come.

13th Sep 2008, 4:21 PM
(((OOC: Polly Pockets (http://i2.iofferphoto.com/img/item/462/651/96/o_polly_willie_ocean.jpg) ? Why does she have toys in her folder? Or is that slang for something I don't know about? *confused face*)))

13th Sep 2008, 4:30 PM
(( ooc: oh no its not those polly pockets .. she wouldnt have toys in her folder. In the Uk we have those toys but we call polly pockets for something else too. They are for sticking loose paper in a file, so they are covered by the pocket thing if you understand me :S its confusing to type .. they are just for filing and stuff to organize work a little .. i think they are called ring binder pockets (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/pppa4wt_l.jpg). So i'll type that instead to avoid future confusion ))

13th Sep 2008, 4:51 PM
((Thanks Atropa. I guess Aren is still in the hall))

Aren sighed as she stood in front of the school building. 'Another first day', she thought with a small grimace on her face. Her bright eyes scanned for any of her 'friends' and once she saw a few, she walked quickly into the school and to her locker.

It wasn't that she didn't like them, but she was avoiding them. They probably wouldn't even notice and not think anything of it. They were always too absorbed in themselves anyway. For the previous years they had been friends, Aren felt that she was the only one not to become obsessed with status and appearance. Even things like boys became a competition for the 'preps'. She found alot of it nauseating, as she had in freshmen year when her best friend had finally gotten a boyfriend [Aren's childhood crush] and flaunted it at every possible moment.

Pushing her long red hair over her shoulder, Aren adjusted the strap of her backpack on her shoulder while opening her locker with the other hand. She unzipped the bag and figured out quickly what books she would need to carry around. She organized her locker and closed it, when someone walked right into her backpack, nearly knocking her over. She turned around and saw no one. 'Well, that's rude', she thought as she regained her balance and started walking to English. She took a seat where there were seats left, near a group of kids she wasn't familiar with.

((One of your characters, Atropa?))

13th Sep 2008, 5:01 PM
((I edited her into English))

13th Sep 2008, 9:00 PM
The perks of knowing a person were that you often knew the boundaries you could push with them without getting burned. Thus, you kept yourself from hurting them, and you kept yourself in their good books; you kept them happy, which, a lot of the time was what Josh did, unless he had good reason not to.

So, when Marie-Elisabeth put on a strict look upon her pleasing features, Josh knew what she really though about what he’d said, regardless of the tone that was to wrap what she said in reply to him. He knew she got what he’d really meant and yet, one of the things he truly liked about Marie-Elisabeth was the fact that she was teasing and lively.

“Josh Brennan,” she reprimanded, the act complete with her shaking a finger at him, to which Josh only responded with an innocently blank look. “Only you could turn a compliment into something like that. And only you could get away with not getting smacked for it.”

That produced yet another devilish grin from him, for if it ever came to it, Josh truly believed that getting smacked for no reason than upsetting Marie-Elisabeth was far from an idle threat, as she carried on: “You’re lucky I care about you so much or you’d be in for it.”

For that, he slid his arm around her waist once more, pulling her close for the slightest of hugs in appreciation before he let go once more. Though, it wasn’t just what was said, it was also who it came from and he knew Marie-Elisabeth was hardly Mary-Sue in being pleasant to everyone that crossed paths with her, so it was also in appreciation of her sweetness.

“And besides, if I had a paper bag on my head I wouldn’t be able to look at you very well either, and I’d be bored to tears,” she claimed, to which Josh had an overwhelming urge to say ‘It’s okay, we’ll cut out eye-holes’, but swiftly decided against it for very many reasons.

“But dontcha think we should be getting to class already?” she advised, to which he looked around to strike his eyes at the large clock held above the hallway double doors. “I really don’t want to start off the year with a late slip like those stupid troublemaker kids always seem to.”

“Yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t try it,” he agreed with that grin reprising over his lips, glancing back at her as he effortlessly pushed off the lockers, starting to back away so that he still kept his eyes on her. “I need to get to my locker,” he realised in agreement to her comment about getting to class, soon deciding that he wouldn’t oblige her to accompany him, should she not want to. “If you want, you can go on ahead and I’ll catch up with you?”

(((OOC: He’s like a puppy at times, lol. Hope this works for you, Robyn :) )))

14th Sep 2008, 12:21 PM
It says apps open so i hope My sim gets in
Name: Clem Danish
Age/Class: 16, Junior
Clique: Skater
After School Activity: Drema Club
Brief History/Personality Description: Clem is from Sweden, she moved when she was 15 and her mother wanted the best for Clem so she sent her to boarding school, Clem hates it, but hey, life goes on
Anything else you might want to add: New student
Picture: http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd342/LostSaggatarius/Screenshot-1.jpg


I really hope Clem gets in, oh and i might make a profesorr, if you need one

14th Sep 2008, 1:08 PM
Name: Mary Donnell
Age: 60
Class taught: Well she used to teach Sophmores but then she decided that Juinor would suit her
Sponsor of: Foreign Language Club
Brief History/Personality Description: Mary used to be young, happy and funny, but sicne the sudden death of her husband she now wants to retire to a quite life teaching, in a boarding school. She used to be a Sophmore teacher but she grew tired of that and now she wants to be a junior teacher.
Anything else you might want to add: She loves cooking and spying on children and teenagers, she is a big sad, and sometimes grumpy but inside she is a kind soul
Picture: http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd342/LostSaggatarius/Screenshot-5.jpg

Now thats a teacher, hahahaha

14th Sep 2008, 1:29 PM
[[ooc;; I don't think I can resist xPP. I had a look thorugh, and I think I'm okay but just to make sure, is there still a spot open for another Skateboarder / Surfer? Everyone looks great btw.]]

14th Sep 2008, 1:37 PM
In Natalie’s experience, people tend to act very odd in a situation that makes them nervous. Those nerves could be brought on by a myriad of factors, intimidation, attraction, anticipation of ego death, anything at all. And always, the results of people stewing under the effect of nerves – something Natalie was not prone to – was rather entertaining to watch. Though, sometimes it was not so much entertaining as downright weird.

Like now.

"Nothing much, I played a bunch of tetris," Loren revealed in response to her asking about his break. The entire holiday and he came out with how he played Tetris, and somehow said it like it was supposed to mean a lot to her, which really, meant nothing except that perhaps he needed to get out a little more…

Seriously, she couldn't figure out what he was doing most of the time - or even if he thought he was doing anything. The guy was really, very odd, even to Natalie who was used to getting pretty much the most ridiculous lines thrown at her. The case with Loren wasn't so much that he was ridiculous, but more that he was completely and utterly random... and with no cause.

“The whole holiday?” Natalie said, raising an eyebrow as her scepticism manifested itself in a slow half-nod as if she was expecting him to clear it up, though really, she wasn’t all that interested in Tetris fetish. “Right.”

“That’s… productive,” she commented with an assuring smile, deciding Loren could do with his time what he damn well pleased and it was nothing to do with her. Glancing back at the clock, she drew back slightly, deciding to take her leave. “I think the bell’s about to go, so… I’m off to class.”

(((OOC: Lol, iambic pentameter! :laugh: Hope this works for you, Furry and feel free to have him go with her and arrive at class, if you want :) )))

14th Sep 2008, 2:06 PM
okay, it's a public school, i don't mind, okay lets get cracking!

14th Sep 2008, 2:38 PM
'first days are always meant to be unlucky aren't they?'Said Clem to herself as she rummaged in her school bag for her timetable. "Oh i wish i was back in Sweden with my friends and family, not here, with mum'',thought Clem as she found her timetable. Suddenly she bashed into Ms.Donnell. ''Child! Why aren't you in class?'' she barked at Clem. ''Oh-oh-i'm new, my name is Clem Danish , from Sweden'',sweaked Clem . ''Well, find yourself child! I see you have your timetable with the names and numerbs of your classes, so get going!'' Sqaked Miss Donnell. ''Y-e-e-s...yes ma'm, i will go'', said Clem as she walked past Miss Donnell.

14th Sep 2008, 3:16 PM
[[ooc;; Alissa: Mwhaha - like you could stop me xPP Okayy thats it, mad moment over. And spam moment over too. ]]

Name: Shauna Lewis

Age: Sixteen / Junior

Clique: Skateboarder / Surfer

After School Activity: Art Club [‘Cause she’s ... okay]

Bio: Shauna recently moved from the coast – and her only love, surfing. Her father was offered a new job that the ‘family’ just couldn’t say no to, and so she was uprooted from her home and love along with her younger twin brothers. Now, she must arrive in a new town; new school, and leave her passion of the waves. Yet, it’s not in her nature to be annoyed about it. She is indifferent. Sure, she’ll miss her friends and of course being on the waves every moment that she can find but it’s out of her power, and so she’ll take it in her stride.

Shauna has always been laid back, and rarely pays attention to the various cliques, and the fashions that pass through any of them. It’s even more unlikely that she will pay attention to who goes where in the school hierarchy. She’s not completely out of it though; she knows the Goths / Emo’s are the ones in black... well, it’s something.

She’s not a party animal, or someone who would hold the party of the year. She may, however, see how she feels and turn up – on a whim. Somewhere in the middle between the Party Animal and the Complete Bore, Shauna is relaxed but fun-loving and wouldn’t change her ignorance of the cliques for the world.

Unfortunately, Shauna can be careless with what she says, often not thinking before speaking and so can often cause more trouble than there was in the first place by throwing out an offhand comment that she hadn’t thought through. For this reason, she attempts to avoid other’s conflict, to reduce the chances of her causing a fight. Yet, though she may wish to stay out of the way, she is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends and won’t hesitate to defend them, no matter what trouble she might cause.

Shauna has a sarcastic nature and seems comfortable in most situations, unfazed by the most popular kid in school or being caught with the freaks. It’s unlikely she’ll know that’s who they are anyway.

Anything Else You Want To Add: Shauna has just moved here, and so doesn’t know anyone. She loves water – especially the sea and adores the outdoors but has a phobia of lifts (elevators - I think it’s what they’re called...)


14th Sep 2008, 3:43 PM
((Alright everyone! You should all be in class/on your way to class, because I'm about to edit this with the NPC teacher starting the lesson! Welcome to the new players; we're glad to have you!))

14th Sep 2008, 4:21 PM
Shauna had never had a particular problem with early mornings. She wasn’t particularly lazy, but the warm cocoon of her bed was almost too much to resist compared to the cold air outside of her cosy bed. The only thing she truly hated (that is, apart from elevators) was the cold. The small amount of weak sunlight that had managed to break through the dull, grey day was seeping through the small spaces between her blinds, making horizontal lines of light on her carpet. She stared at them for a moment, contemplating whether she could get away with feigning sick on the very first day of school.

“Shauna, get the hell out of that bed. Your late already – your first day!” Came the screech that was her mother’s voice from downstairs. Another moment of hesitation to wonder if she could whine back that she was ill was all it took before Shauna finally dragged herself out of her warm cocoon. Her mum wasn’t going to let her get away with it yet. Shauna crossed the room quickly, curling in her toes at the freezing air that came from leaving the window open all night, she opened the blinds, flooding the room with the weak light and slammed the window shut before collecting a random outfit consisting of jeans and a simple t-shirt and forcing her cold limbs out of her room to shower and change.

Shauna was ready quickly, and although she had turned the water in the shower as hot as she could bear without burning her skin off, it now felt even colder than before outside of it as her body had gotten used to the scolding heat. Back in her room in a matter of seconds, Shauna grabbed her thickest jumper, pulling it on quickly before shoving her feet into boots. She hated winter.

Finally ready, she trailed downstairs, the energy she received from being shocked into action from the chill that was in the air had subsided now she was marginally warmer and by the time she got into the kitchen her brothers were already dressed and eating at the table – smiling and chattering happily she didn’t fail to notice. How this cold could allow anyone to be so happy she’ll never understand. She may not care about most things, but the cold could never fail to aggravate her. Why couldn’t humans adapt to just migrate to the warmth in winter?

“Shauna! What time do you call this? You’re late for school and it’s your very first day!” Shauna shrugged off her mothers chirping and made her way to the fruit bowl, grabbing an apple that felt worryingly soft. Her mother was still yapping on about how Shauna was exactly the same as she was back home, and how she had thought a fresh start would change her. Shauna on the other hand ruffled her brothers’ hair while her mother finished then gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Bye Mum.” Shauna smiled and left the house quickly, slinging her backpack over one shoulder as she made her way down the street. Winter wouldn’t even be so bad if she didn’t have to deal with the cold that it brought. She had asked for a car for Christmas – she didn’t understand the brands and what was good and what wasn’t, all she wanted was something with heating and air conditioning for summer too. But no, here she was, freezing herself to the bone walking to school, where – lets be honest here – it was unlikely that she would learn anything that could be seen as any use to her.

Finally reaching the steps to her new High School – Brooklake High – Shauna rubbed her hands together, hoping the friction would help her warm up before delving into the mass of papers and a notebook that was her bag. Falling upon a scrunched and it has to be said slightly ripped piece of paper, Shauna read off of it the class and room. English, Oh the joy. She threw her bag back over her shoulder and entered the large building, glad to be greeted by the slightly warmer air that had been trapped inside.

It took a while to find the room, if she wasn’t late enough already she was pretty sure the playing about she had to do to find the d*mn room in the first place would do it. Pushing the door open, she quietly slid to somewhere near the back of the room, slightly surprised she had managed to get here before the teacher. She set herself down, dumping the one notebook in her bag on her desk then leaning back in her chair

[[ooc;; I know most people are already there, so thats why I just shimmied her straight to class xPP Also, I forgot to write it in her app, but she’s open to any storylines or anything :D And, of course approachable - even though we are in class I may as well say it x.x ]]

14th Sep 2008, 4:22 PM
Marie-Elisabeth knew Josh would understand what she meant. He always did, and that was another thing to add to the list of reasons why she liked him so much. He always seemed to know exactly what she meant, and they always had fun teasing each other like that. He was one of very few people she was actually nice to. Of course with the exception of close friends and people like Matt, who she made a mental note to find sometimes durignt eh day to catch up on what had happened over the break.

The other Cheerleaders she supposed she was nicer to than say the nerdy Achiever type kids, but that was mostly because they followed her orders and did whatever she told them to. That's partially why she enjoyed being the head cheerleader so much, when she said jump they'd say "How high and what kind of landing should we do".

She smiled as Josh hugged her, there was just something about being held close like that that always made her feel happy. It was probably more the person than anything, but she didn’t particularly care.

“I need to get to my locker” he said, pushing off the lockers “ If you want, you can go on ahead and I’ll catch up with you”? She had grinned at that, shaking her head and shifting her backpack onto both shoulders. “Nah, I think I’ll just come with you” she said, glancing down the hall “But we better be quick though, we don’t have too much time before class starts”.

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14th Sep 2008, 4:39 PM
Professor Rubelein liked to be called just that; Professor. He had studied too long, too excessively, and at far too great a fraction of his wallet to be called anything else. Teacher seemed so very casual and unfitting for a man of his education. So professor was his preference, though very few of the ragamuffin students he taught for actually remembered to refer to him as such.

He watched the slow trickle of students lazily make their way into his classroom and he suppressed an irritated sigh. No respect. He could hear the voice of his father echoing in his mind, 'Kids these days,' and he shook his head. At the time his father had seemed unreasonable, judging the youth of his day because they weren't like him. But now he could see where he had been coming from.

Finally, when the majority of the class had somehow moseyed their way to their seats, Professor Rubelein cleared his throat noisily to get their undivided attention. Which worked for all of three seconds before many of them began whispering to each other, completely disregarding his presence.

"Students, students please. In case some of you have already forgotten after your short absence--this is a school, and you are here to learn." His eyes skimmed over the mass of disgruntled faces who were now all either rolling their eyes or emitting low growling moans of displeasure.

"Now, take out your copies of your short stories you had to draft over the break. You're going to exchange them with a neighbor and discuss. Give them constructive criticism, please. No sarcasm." His eyes narrowed for a brief moment and he eyed the rows of students before waving a hand through the air like the flag at the start of a race. "Now go," he said softly before returning to his desk.

((Basically, you just have to find someone in the classroom and discuss your character's short story idea (you seriously just have to make up the basic plot line-- like, 'Lila gave Eeric her story about the squirrels who tried to take over the world,' not very complicated! And then the characters will 'discuss' their work; what they thought of it, etc. Or just chit-chat as I know many will. ;) Let me know if you have any questions! ))

14th Sep 2008, 5:07 PM
Miss Donnell was in her classroom, looking through the photo's of her and her late husband Jordan which she found in the lowest drawer of her desk. ''thats an old one'',she said to herself as she saw a very old one.


Tears came out of her eyes, Jordan had died in a car accident, he was gonig to work and a man on a motorbike sped past him and he wasn't qiuck engough to break and the motorbike came crashing in the window. He died immediatly. Then she saw another picture, James's gravestone http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd342/LostSaggatarius/aaa.jpg

She got a few tears on the picture but she didn't care, she missed James so much. ''Jordan is dead, get a hold of your self!'', she said to herself, she then wiped her eyes and started correcting essasys.

14th Sep 2008, 5:30 PM
Ever the sociable young man, without any of his friends around to talk to, so far, or even the general suck-up, it wasn't long before Matt was starting to grow rather bored of just sitting around. Other students were trickling through the door in a small but steady flow, but none of them really offered something that might keep him entertained, though he did give the occasional nod or a 'hi' whenever greeted. Being one of the kids whose name most everyone knew, he tended to be the reciever of quite a few casual greetings, as though simply knowing his name somehow meant they knew him. Or they simply yearned for a 'somebody' to acknowledge their existence. Either way, Matt couldn't say he minded all that much, nor could he blame them. After all, in high school, status was everything, so for the not so popular ones to seek the attention of the popular ones, was only to be expected, right?

But, understanding and not minding still didn't make the brief greetings anymore interesting, and so when he suddenly felt his cell phone vibrate in the pocket of his jeans, he considered it a near godsend. Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved the small, black device and flipped it open. It was only a text message from one of his friends, asking him to meet up for lunch, but at least it kept him occupied for a minute or so, texting back a confirmation, although including a comment that he'd probably be a little late. He already had plans. Message written and sent, he then snapped the cell phone shut again and slipped it back into his pocket, while at the same time glancing around, and taking the opportunity to flash a smile at the blonde he had winked at earlier, as finally their eyes met. He had been watching her from out of the corner of his eye a bit, to see if the wink had made a lasting impression, and he'd been quite satisfied to see that yes, it would seem it had, as he had seen her stealing a few glances in his direction. And just now, she was giving him the perfect excuse to talk to her, humming softly to herself, a melody he didn't recognize.

"Hey", he said and leaned forward in his desk, in an attempt to get her attention, but as there was no way of knowing if a simple 'hey' would be enough to make her realize it was her being addressed, he added the first thing he could think of, that might; "Goldilocks. What tune is that?"

However, just as she turned her head to give her reply and allow him the chance to get to know her just a little bit better, fate decided to be a royal pain in the backside. Or rather, Mr Rubelein did, as just then he decided to alert all the students of the phlegm in his throat, clearly as a way of trying to get their attention. Though Matt was still hoping for an answer from Goldilocks, and so turned his gaze back to her as if to await her reply, but was sadly interrupted by Mr Rubelein again, as he went off into a brief but most tedious lecture about this being a school and blah blah blah, causing Matt to give an annoyed sigh and recline in his seat with a slight glare at the teacher, since he was forced to give up, for now.
D*mn killjoy.

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14th Sep 2008, 5:38 PM
“Nah, I think I’ll just come with you,” Marie-Elisabeth decided to accompany him, regardless of the high chance he stood of being late and Josh wasn’t sure whether to feel happy or burdened about it. Yes, he was quite flattered she’d rather stay her grand entrance into English – well, in his eyes, Marie-Elisabeth made a grand entrance at every opportunity – until he fetched his stuff. He was very flattered. However, ever ingrained with a sense of responsibility to quite literally everything that had anything to do with him – and in some cases with some things that had nothing to do with him – Josh didn’t want her to be late on his account. However, he’d given her a choice and she’d offered, he wasn’t going to be impolite by shooing her off for whatever reason.

“But we better be quick though,” she advised as he quickly made his way to his locker, which, thankfully, was rather close to Marie-Elisabeth’s, shooting her yet another one of his perfect grins as gratitude. “We don’t have too much time before class starts.”

And indeed he made haste, swiftly turning the combination and opening it with practiced ease, soon equipped with everything he needed in his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder and shutting the locker in all of 30 seconds before he turned back to Marie-Elisabeth, almost feeling guilty at having left her waiting… even if it was for 30 seconds.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t keep them waiting,” he replied to her advice with a slightly more mischievous smile to hint back to that name the both of them hated – ‘Josabeth’ – which would surely worm its way into a few minds as soon as they entered together. Though, Josh knew, and really liked, the fact that he only got that because of Marie-Elisabeth’s popularity than his own. After all, the Preps were more popular than the Jocks and Josh’s glamour only ever came under spotlight at the games, while Marie-Elisabeth enjoyed it all the time.

Though, no-one – thankfully – said the forbidden word when they did enter amongst a rush of students and still set apart from them because of their elite status amongst the student body – namely, no-one wanted to get on Marie-Elisabeth’s bad side and they probably also thought Josh would pound them into the floor, though he really wouldn’t, not without good reason. And he made no remark about it either, simply shooting smiles to his friends and closer acquaintances, a few greetings before he moved to his seat near Marie-Elisabeth, waiting – as ever the gentleman, though done with subtlety – until she took her seat before he followed suit.

And then work begins. Needless to say, Josh was not a huge fan of sitting down, writing and then talking about writing. He was an athlete and when he wasn't that, he liked to design. He didn't like to ramble on about words. However, being on the team - especially being captain of the team - was a situation where you had to be good at everything... and that included subjects which had nothing to do with what he was going to do in life.

So, he had done the work set, begrudgingly, and he fished it out, ready to brandish his work, a story about a roadtrip, surprisingly, in triumph that no, he wasn't going to give Whatshisname an excuse to whine at the coach about Josh.

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14th Sep 2008, 5:44 PM
Lorene stubbed her cigarette into the ground and grabbed her bag. Her absent-minded jumping up from her seated position caused her to grimace. Her injury evidently clashed with her eternally sunny mood.

Checking that her ass was covered once again, Lorene began the long and painful limp to the nurse’s office. The closer she got to her destination, the fewer students there seemed to be, which Lorene was thankful for though there were two girls loitering not too far away from the nurse’s office: One she had ‘met’ earlier, Cathy? Katie? Kerry? Something along those lines anyway, and a raven-haired girl, perhaps she wasn’t the only accident-prone (or just plain stupid…) student here, she thought.

Knocking politely on the door first, it was only a brief second before the door swung open to reveal a bewildered nurse clearly taken aback by Lorene’s unique appearance.

“Come in dear,” The older lady said with a kind smile as she ushered Lorene in after she had recovered from the shock, “What seems to be the problem?”

Lorene wasted no time in untying her scarf and presenting the gaping wound to the nurse, “I fell…” She mumbled pathetically.

“Ouch,” She commented sympathetically and grabbed a bottle of antiseptic off the side and some cotton wool, “You new here?” She asked as she began cleaning Lorene’s cut. The nurse was pretty sure she was, or someone had had a pretty off the wall rebellion over the holidays.

“Yep,” Lorene replied, frowning slightly at the considerable stinging sensation, “The school day hasn’t even started and look at me,” She grinned sheepishly.

The nurse chuckled lightly and set about bandaging her knee up. They fell into a comfortable silence and before long, the nurse announced, “All done!”

Though she half expected a lolly, she still smiled and thanked the lady and left. The deserted halls informed her that the bell had rung, “Crap…” she muttered and hurried off as quickly as she could.

The class was semi-full by the time she arrived though she had little time to survey who exactly was there, her knee, as well as the teacher’s impatient glare, insisted she sat down and quickly. She chose to sit on the middle row, closest to the window just in case the class proved boring and she needed some sort of entertainment.

"Now, take out your copies of your short stories you had to draft over the break. You're going to exchange them with a neighbor and discuss. Give them constructive criticism, please. No sarcasm." The teacher instructed.

She rummaged through her bag, hoping she hadn’t forgotten her story in the mad rush to get ready before the sun had even risen… A triumphant smile spread across her face when she found the notebook she had written her story in but fell quickly again when she discovered that for some odd reason she had written half of it in Lithuanian!

How had that happen?! Had she been tired, lazy, drunk, wanting to go on holiday? All of the above? That didn’t matter; she needed an explanation of why she had done it. Maybe she could pretend to not speak any English? No, she’d blow her cover in 2 minutes.

“Erm, the use of bilingual-ness… is to represent the err conflict within the character,” She improvised as she passed her story to the person sitting next to her.

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14th Sep 2008, 6:53 PM
Shauna was idly flipping through the single thing on her desk – her near empty notebook. She had been in the building the whole of five minutes and already she was bored out of her skull. A quick glance round the class showed her that most of them were firmly ignoring the teacher who was, in fact, sat at his desk. Well, Shauna hadn’t noticed him at first; it was just the pure boredom of sitting in a classroom that had forced her eyes around the class, and notice the man sitting at the teacher’s desk. She leant further back in her chair and flicked the book back to the first page – it had nothing on it apart from a couple of loose spirals down the margin.

She leant down to retrieve her bag from where it had been dropped at the side of her desk to rifle through it, hoping to happen upon a working pen. Thankfully, there was a black biro buried beneath the load of scrappy pieces of paper that were lying about. She picked it out, dropped the bag back down onto the floor and proceeded to cover the page in front of her with random doodles of spirals, cubes and general nonsense.

A coughing noise from the front of the classroom brought her gaze back up – and then straight back down to the doodle strewn page on the desk in front of her as she realised it was simply the teacher preparing to launch into some rant or another. For a moment she believed it could have been something marginally interesting, the noise did sound quite like a cat choking.

Shauna’s first thoughts were correct, as the teacher launched into a rant about them being back at school now, and to settle down. It was uninteresting and the same thing that will be heard after every break the school has. It was only towards the end of his speech Shauna bothered to listen, and only then to make sure she wasn’t about to be pounced on with a question.

"Now, take out your copies of your short stories you had to draft over the break. You're going to exchange them with a neighbour and discuss. Give them constructive criticism, please. No sarcasm."

His voice was one of those annoying ones that you can just tell that you will dread to hear by the time the year is out. Amazingly though, Shauna had actually done this holiday work and she almost smiled at herself. She couldn’t remember actually bothering to do one piece of homework back home, and she flipped halfway through the A5 notebook to a page of her scrawled handwriting. Well, half done at least she thought as she glimpsed another student near the front with what looked to be about 5 pages of perfectly typed work. She glanced back towards her messy page of writing and attempted to decipher the first paragraph. Apparently she had written about a cat being stuck up a tree. Oh, what an active imagination she had. The rest of the work was even more unintelligible than the first paragraph, so she ignored it.

Now, to give it to a neighbour. Well that ought to be fun, who knows what they’ll think she’s written after struggling to read the sprawl of black ink across the page. She tore the page out of her notebook slightly messily; causing the page to look even worse than it did before – oh, what an awful shame.

She turned to the person next to her with a slightly apologetic smile.

“Hey.” She risked a glance her work again before returning her gaze to her partner, “You want to attempt to read it?” She asked, pointing to the mess that was her homework sitting on her desk like a beacon of her untidiness.


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14th Sep 2008, 7:22 PM
A feeling of mild panic welled up within Adam when the brunette seemed to take an awkwardly long time to respond to his introduction. Either he was standing next to the world’s most unlikely looking junky or (more likely) he wasn’t even worthy of a “Get away from me freak!” Anymore.

"Oh, hello! I'm sorry, I was...distracted," She replied finally with an infectious smile.

He chuckled once he could get a word in edgeways, “I know exactly what you mean about combinations,” He said straightening out his arm to show her where, just above the map he’d drawn, he’d intricately written his locker combination. “Nice to meet you Lila,” he smiled, and shook her outstretched hand.

Another girl arrived, who seemingly didn’t notice Adam’s presence. Done with his locker, Adam thought perhaps now was the time to slope off before Lila introduced him to her friend.

"Roxy, this is Adam! He helped distract me before I took out my anger on my locker."

“Err hi,” He said with a brief bashful wave.

When a guy turned up, whose name Adam didn’t quite catch, he began to feel like a third wheel as they seemed to know each other. They all seemed really nice, which bothered Adam somewhat, how dare his mum, who spent a considerable time face down in vomit, be right about anything?

The bell rang and he picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. “It was nice to meet you guys,” He said brightly and followed a herd of people who looked to be the same age as well, hoping it would lead him to his English class.

He found a seat close enough to the back for his liking, sitting right at the back seemed to draw more attention to a person then they usually wanted. He got out the scruffy sheets of paper that made his English assignment, he had done less than 12 hours before, which was a work of basic and blatant plagiarism but his teacher didn’t look like he would be too up to date with the musical works of ‘Cursive’.

“Hey.” A friendly voice to his right said, “You want to attempt to read it?”

“I’m always up for a challenge,” He laughed as he accepted the torn sheets from the brown haired girl and handed her over his similarly tatty story over to her.

“Err, my story explores how childhood dreams are disregarded in favour of the ‘American Dream’ which in actuality can never be fulfilled because of materialism and the selfishness of human nature,” he explained, trying to get into the spirit of the assignment, “God, that couldn’t have sounded anymore like a wikipedia answer could it?” He sighed, “Erm my story was ‘inspired’ by previous works…” He confessed, "Ohh and ignore the cigarette burn in the corner."

14th Sep 2008, 7:31 PM
Loren did not consider himself to be a gamer, though he would happily veg out in front of a computer for hours at a time and play stupid games and chat with stupider people. As to whether he thought he had a life, he didn't think about it much. He went to drama club, he went to cast parties, that was a pretty big social life as far as Loren could comprehend. Not from any background knowledge of what a social life was, of course, but from a royal contentness with that.

Still, other people were not predictable, not even Natalie and maybe there was some faux pas about Tetris that there wasn't about... halo? He wouldn't know. All he knew was that the incomprable Natlaie's eyebrow quirked up and a strange nod was prodcued as she said, “The whole holiday? Right.”

Oh! She thought he was exaggerating! That was fair enough, even he knew it would be weird to play one game for a week and a half straight. And if Loren Dasen thought something was weird, then you know it's weird. He thought back a moment, his unflappable and oh-so slightly vapid smile not moving at all even as his mind churned back over break- Saturday: gaming and internet... Sunday: sleep, Monday:baking... Teusday through Sunday: gaming... yeah he wasn't exaggerating. Hence it was not worth commenting on. Now, if he had been exaggerating he would contritely and quickly explain the difference between fact and reality, but otherwise? People could draw thier own conclusions. When they did they made funny faces.

She had continued as he thought, “That’s… productive.” There was a smile on her face and it looked somewhat sincere, so he assumed there wasn't much need to react to that one.

“I think the bell’s about to go, so… I’m off to class.” sh said casually, and Loren interjected quickly, "English with Rubelein?" he asked curiously, glancing at her schedule. "Same here!" he said once he confirmed it, with a wider than usual, vaguely worshipful smile. As he said it, the bell did indeed ring, and Loren almost, but not quite, swore out loud. He didn't mind being late, but he felt oh-so slightly guilty that his need for chit-chat had gotten Natalie late.

They walked down the hallway fairly quickly, arriving at the English room precisely as the late bell rang. Loren held the door open for Natalie and through the window saw Rubelein sit down from some undoubtedly dull speech. He said loudly in, "Oh, prof, real sorry I'm late got lost on the way here and followed some ducks." Proffesor Rubelien for some reason thought Loren was on drugs, going so far as to arrange an intervention-type-thing with guidance. Loren found that unbelievably amusing. He was just always really happy. The room had quieted after his little statement, and he only belatedly realized he had projected his voice like he was in an auditorium, not a classroom. Oh well. What reason was there to worry about it?

Apparently Rubelein thought there was one, as he said in cold, clipped tones, "Mr. Dasen sit down and exchange your homework." Underneath the teacher's voice was a low rumble of amusement, Loren smiled, people must have been hearing some truly fantastic jokes over break if so many people were laughing!

Loren took his usual seat, front row center, and answered cheerfully, "No problemo sir!" a tiny curdling of his grin into a smirk the only indication that he didn't mean that at full face value. He reached into his bag and poulled out a peice of looseleaf then turned in his chair to say to the guy behind him, Matt something-or-other, "You exchanged with anyone yet?"

He knew the guy vaguely- he knew that he had dated Natalie at one point, and Loren had spoken in passing several times to him at drama club. Beyond that? Nothing. Awesome!" he thought cheerfully, his usual grin back on his face, "New freinds!"

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14th Sep 2008, 7:49 PM
The bell rang.

Katie was walking leisurely to class with the new girl who seemed nice enough, when with the sound of the mind peircing bell she froze solid. She was late.

Katie Byrd, current saludictorian of the class of 2010, was late.

As far as she cared, this was completely worth panicking over. She turned, eyes flashing, to the other girl and said angstily, "They must have jiggered the bell schedule today! I'm gone!" With that, she darted down the hallway, dancer's muscles serving her in good stead as she flew down the hallway. She hoped that the other girl would find her way to class all right, it was just that nice though Katie was, she couldn't let people interfere with her academic pursuits.

In a matter of moments she arrived at English class, having crossed the breadth of the school, "Oh why did I even go that far in the first place!"

She took a deep breath to compose herself, then silently slid the door open and creeped to the back of the room to sit down. Proffessor Rubelien didn't say anything, so she assumed she'd gotten away with it. Everyone was handing other people papers, the short stories they'd had to do over break probably. Katie glanced around at the people around her and sat down lower in her chair. She was late, there were an odd number of people in class, if no one wanted to read her stuff, she would get over it.

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14th Sep 2008, 8:12 PM
Shauna never failed to notice how easily the majority of the student population managed to sink back into the swing of school life, quickly taking on whatever role they were in before whatever break had just occurred. They were still friends with whoever they were before, still enemies with whoever they were before and still indifferent to whoever they were before. It just makes it all the more harder for the new kid at school to blend in, and act like they had been there the whole time. Rarely did groups expand out effortlessly to include one more person. Giving just a quick glance around the room, she saw who was happy about being forced into a conversation with whoever was sitting beside them at that precise moment, and of course who was thoroughly unhappy.

“I’m always up for a challenge,” the boy sitting to her left replied with a laugh and Shauna quickly traded work with him, smiling back. She took the almost equally tatty page from the boy and glanced down at it. Though it was slightly dog-eared, with what looked suspiciously like a cigarette burn in one corner, the writing covering it was neat enough.

“Err, my story explores how childhood dreams are disregarded in favour of the ‘American Dream’ which in actuality can never be fulfilled because of materialism and the selfishness of human nature,” he explained, causing Shauna to look up from what she had begun to read, her mind taking a while to sort through his explanation to his story. She blinked once and tilted her head though she couldn’t think through a word he had just said. It was too early in the morning and too soon after the holidays to get that much information at one time.

“God, that couldn’t have sounded anymore like a wikipedia answer could it?” He sighed but Shauna smiled encouragingly at him. No, it didn’t sound like a Wikipedia answer, it sounded like he was actually smart but if he wants to brush it off, she sure wasn’t going to say something and make herself sound even more stupid. She would be sitting next to the person in class whose done the assignment perfectly. She doubted there would be a spelling or grammar mistake anywhere near the page.

“Erm my story was ‘inspired’ by previous works…” He said, before his tone lightened considerably and added, "Ohh and ignore the cigarette burn in the corner."

Shauna refreshed the smile on her lips but couldn’t wipe out the incredulous tilt that her eyebrows had taken on, how could someone concentrate enough to write that over a holiday? Well, now she had to sound stupid by telling him what her story was about, and she was not in the mood to even attempt to improvise something about her cat story being based on something better.

“It sounds amazing,” She said, pausing to skim through the first few lines of his work. She wasn’t disappointed, the words sounded even better on paper than they did when he was spurting them out at random.

“No, it’s really good.” She smiled again at him, “Urm, well, my story is about a cat getting stuck up a tree...” She trailed off and laughed lightly. Like she was going to pretend she cared that her story was the most awful piece of rubbish anyone has written in history. She accepted a long time ago that she couldn’t care less but that didn’t mean that she didn’t know when someone else was amazing at the thing.

"Yeah, I know it's utterly fantastic," she finished sarcastically but laughed again to make sure the words weren't seen as sharp.

"I'm Shauna by the way," she added as an afterthought, returning for a moment to skim through the rest of the boy's work.


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14th Sep 2008, 8:31 PM
Hayden was a smart girl and didn't not to be told otherwise. But there were times where Hayden could be completely oblivious to things. Like maybe no one being outside...... or in the hallways....... or the bell ringing for first lessons to begin. These things were not noticed yet until she decided, it was gettin a bit nippy outside so she cuddled herself in with her cardigan (http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/jcardy/greycardi.jpg). She walked inside where no one was around, she went to her locker and it finally struck Hayden that 'maybe lessons have started'.

She walked slowly, peering through the windows of doors to learn that lessons have in fact started. The morning had not been a successful one for Hayden but she looked on the bright side, she had an excuse - she was new, a transfer, so the teacher couldn't possibly punish her. She finally found her timetable which she had been holding for a while, she had english. The room was in walking distace from her, she closed her locker and walked near the door.

She heard a teacher, he had a reasonably strict voice, "Students, students please. In case some of you have already forgotten after your short absence--this is a school, and you are here to learn". She watched him as his eyes swifted over the class shutting most of them up. She turned the handle on the door, and took a breathe before opening it.

She opened the door and the teacher was still speaking to the class, "Now, take out your copies of your short stories you had to draft over the break. You're going to exchange them with a neighbor and discuss. Give them constructive criticism, please. No sarcasm."

"Now go," he said returning to his desk.

Hayden entered the class closing the door behind her, she didnt look at the class as she wanted them to know she was a confident girl capable of anything, she looked towards the teacher who seemed strict, "Sorry im late, im Hayden". She burried her head into her shoulders smiling innocently, and spoke the excuse, "Im a transfer".

She turned her head quickly to see the class behind her, a few people stared but some were just chit chatting away about short stories. She fussed her hair a little and turned back to the teacher not knowing what to do next.

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14th Sep 2008, 8:52 PM
Kim and Katie had been walking along the hallway just chatting. Kim thought Katie was a pretty nice girl and was intelligent too. Kim had not be looking forward to this day at all but now it felt like she could actually survive here. She'd already met a really nice girl and the day was going well, if you didn't count the idiot that misdirected her, until the bell went. Katie suddenly got a look of panic on her face and looked incredibly scared.

Kim was about to ask if that was the late bell, when Katie took off running. That had certainly answered her question. She couldn't believe that she'd left and now Kim had to find her own way in this huge school.

Kim breathed a huge sigh and prepared herself for a very bad experience in getting to class. Somehow she managed to get directions from some teachers and couldn't believe that she would have to walk back to the the side of school to get to class. She cursed him under her breath for making her walk this far, she should have known that there would be some sort of newcomer's hazing. She felt stupid for not listening to her instincts at all.

By the time she got to the English class she was about 10 minutes late and was getting angrier by the second. She walked in sheepishly and went to get a seat in the middle hoping that the teacher would not notice her.

14th Sep 2008, 10:15 PM
Marie-Elisabeth had a flair for the dramatic. You didn’t grow up with a former model as a mother and not become a fan of all things pagenty and showy. As such, there was no way that she was going to walk into class without Josh. The fact that he has her boyfriend and she loved him aside, it would never do for only half of “josabeth” to walk into class. She wrinkled her nose as she thought of the term while Josh grabbed is things from his locker.

She didn’t quite know who had come up with that term, but if she ever found out she was definitely going to ruin their life. The only thing more annoying than that term was when the achievers tried to worm their way into cheerleading practice, she had had a good laugh the last time one of them had attempted to try out. It had taken all of 10 minutes for the girl to fall flat on her face and run out of the gym completely embarrassed, while Marie-Elisabeth and the other cheerleaders nearly killed herself laughing

It didn’t take Josh very long to get his things since his locker was fairly close to hers. They made their way to class without being late and of course managed to get seats next to each other. No one with half a brain would have dared to try and come between Josabeth, partly due to fear of Marie-Elisabeth ruining their lives, and partly due to the fear of Josh and the football team using them as tackling dummies. She smiled and waved at a few friends, mostly the other cheerleaders, before taking her seat near Josh.

She tried not to groan aloud and roll her eyes as the teacher started going on about their homework assignments and other things she really didn’t care about. Ignoring him, she pulled out a pocket mirror and some lip-gloss and started reapplying it. She had never been very interested in English, and usually spent most of the class staring at Josh. But eventually she figured she’d better dig her work out so she pulled her pink folder out and took the typed pages out and laid them on the desk. She had done a report on the Beauty Pageant she had entered, and won of course, and had printed in on pale blue paper that matched the dress she had been wearing when she won. She didn’t really care about making someone else read it, but she did anyway to avoid the teacher ragging on her.

“Hey, read this for me” she said, turning to her left and holding the paper out to the blond girl sitting in the desk near hers.

(((OOC: Directed to Hayden. Figured I should get the cheerleaders together :P )))

14th Sep 2008, 10:16 PM
When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. Shakespeare sure knew what he was talking about on that one, because try as he may, Matt just could not think of a phrase to better describe how thing in English class were quickly going from bad to worse. Not that he knew all that many quotes, but starring as Laertes in the school production of a modernized version of 'Hamlet' had left him with certain fragments from the dialogue. And this particular one applied to this morning's events. First the rather odd and melodramatic girl in the hallway, then getting interrupted by the teacher just as he was about to get better acquainted with his next possible date, and now this...

Only a few moments earlier, things had been looking up a bit, when Marie-Elisabeth sashayed through the door, followed by Josh Brennan, the school star athlete whom she had started dating soon after she and Matt had decided to go for an 'open' relationship, and date other people as well. Those dates, in Marie-Elisabeth's case, had led to another relationship as before long she and Josh had become an item, while Matt on the other hand kept his options as open as always. It had gone down as one of the friendliest break-ups in teenage history, as it wasn't even an actual breakup, as much as it was a fade, and truth be told, though most ex-boyfriends were prone to shoot occasional glares at the new one, that was not the case with Matt. In fact, he approved, for the simple reason that Josh was part of the popular crowd as well, and a sign that Marie-Elisabeth's standards were indeed high; an indirect compliment to those she had dated before, Matt included. Had she gone off to date just some random guy, it would have been a much different story, as then people would have thought her standards were not at all as high as her seeing Matt had led them to believe. But, her getting another boyfriend who indicated those high standars as well, that made them both look good.

However, Matt had only just offered them both a smile - Marie-Elisabeth a fairly bright one, and Josh a slightly more reserved one - and then turned to start flipping through his notebook to try and find the short story he'd actually written himself, about an American soldier fighting in the Iraqi War, and the inner turmoil caused by what he had been made to witness, and to do, when in walked what was to become the ultimate 'sorrow' this morning. Though at that point, Matt didn't even notice him. His gaze had locked on the person entering before him instead - Natalie - and the fading smile that had been on his lips, lingered for a few moments longer. And when he saw who the person in her company was, he just barely managed to keep it from widening again. That guy from drama class, whatever his name was, who not only was a complete weirdo, but who looked every bit the part. Oh, this was too funny. And what was even better was that she slowly followed in his path as he sat down at the desk at the very front of the same row that Matt was sitting in, thus bringing herself close enough for a quick jab.

"Hey babe", he greeted her with a calm, casual smile. "Glad to see you got here safely."

To anyone else, it would have sounded like a perfectly innocent comment, but Natalie and Matt both knew it was anything but. It was a verbal and sharp elbow to the ribs. What Natalie didn't know, was how Matt knew of her little accident, and what had led up to it, since it had happened before she even moved here. She didn't know he had friends back in Chicago, who had been all too eager to tell the story, when Matt a couple of months ago, after being asked, had confirmed that Brooklake had indeed gotten a new student by the name of Natalie Cardew. And oh, what a story it was. It had opened up a world of possibilities for ways to mess with her head. Though so far, only Matt knew, and for now, he intended to keep it that way. He enjoyed the exclusive right of getting to her far too much to share. For now.

And it would have been a moment just as sweet as all the previous ones, when he had taken a stab at her, had not fancy pants over there decided that he thought asking Matt to team up with him - of all people - for the given assignment, was a good idea.

"You exchanged with anyone yet?"

At first, Matt didn't react, as his subconscious told him there was no way it was him being addressed. But when he registered that someone was apparently staring at him as though they were waiting for a reaction, his gaze tore itself from the expression on Natalie's face, and landed on Loren instead.

"What?" he said, as though the other boy's question had just registered in his mind, but he thought he'd heard it wrong.

Then it dawned on him that he probably hadn't heard it wrong, and that the freak was actually asking to team up with him. In a split second, a million excuses were flashing through Matt's head, everything from fairly nice to downright mean, and he was just about to open his mouth to utter one of them, when he saw Mr Rubelein lift his head and look from the notebook in Matt's hands, to Matt himself, and shoot him a piercingly warning stare. Apparently, he had realized that if given a choice, Matt would never touch Loren with a ten foot pole, and thus, he made sure that Matt understood that he really had no choice.

Closing his mouth, Matt gave another impatient sigh, and then reluctantly handed his story across the empty seat between them, to Loren.

"Fine", he muttered.

However, as it would turn out, fate was not completely against him, as just then the door opened, and in stepped the cute ravenhaired girl from earlier; Kim, the one who had asked Matt for directions, and whom he had so kindly sent all the way to the other side of the building. Seeing the look on her face, a mix of anger, frustration and embarrassment, Matt couldn't hold back another smile. Though he tried his best to conceal it, by covering his mouth with the back of his hand, as if resting his chin against it.

14th Sep 2008, 10:45 PM
The girl didn’t seem to get what he was saying about his work but the more Adam thought about maybe it wasn’t really plagiarism. Sure he’d used the same title of the song for his story, and possibly every lyric was in there somewhere, he still stretched it enough to cover three sides of A4.

“It sounds amazing,” She commented. He shrugged; he doubted it was, he was close to passing out when he wrote it.

“No, it’s really good.” She smiled again at him, ’Yep, Tim Kasher definitely had a way with words…” He thought but didn’t say, instead he smiled back and said, “Thanks,” modestly.

He had already started reading the girl’s story when she told him, “Urm, well, my story is about a cat getting stuck up a tree...”

He couldn’t hep but smirk, “You know I don’t think that’s a subject that comes up enough in fiction now a days, I commend you for going where others dare not tread,” He teased.

It was well written, he could tell this girl wasn’t stupid, if Adam hadn’t been listening to his ipod while he did his, he would have probably written something equally as imaginative. He placed the girl’s work on his desk on when he had finished reading.

“Well… as a cat owner, I can imagine myself acting and feeling the same way as described in your story,” He chuckled, “Therefore I count it as very good,” he said genuinely. “I’m Adam.”

14th Sep 2008, 11:43 PM
It was such the case of life that we don’t always get what we want and sometimes, it’s not even close. In this particular case it’d been Natalie’s attempt to get away from Loren should – actually the chance there was a certainty instead – his unique brand of eccentricity continue to rapidly spread it’s vines all over everyone and everything nearby… and needless to say, that venture had been utterly fruitless to say the least. In fact, it’d been the very opposite.

"English with Rubelein?" he said immediately, to which Natalie forbade the thought of him sharing the same lesson from even entering her mind. If she didn’t think about it, it won’t happen, her silent wishes enough to disregard the fact that he was practically towering over her to check her schedule. "Same here!" And so her heart sank.

Then again, that suddenly developed moral voice in Natalie’s mind – recently having been subdued – leapt up again for dictatorship of her actions, soon ordering her to be as civil as possible in his accompanying her to class instead saying what she would have said in that situation; take a reality check. Hence, she gave a smile, albeit it a somewhat tight smile, before walking along with him to English, she even appreciated that he held the door open for her, only to have her glee further blossom when she discovered that she’d made her entrance straight after Britney and what could only be described as her lapdog, or alternatively David Beckham, in Natalie’s opinion; Marie-Elisabeth Normandy and Josh Brennan.

Though, that wasn’t the end of it, oh, no; that’d have actually been somewhat lucky. For ever the thespian, dear Loren decided he’d like to put on a show for everyone else in the first five minutes – apparently looking like the neighbourhood carnival didn’t count – and made a totally unnecessary and even more totally ridiculous comment about why they were late, even though they technically weren’t.

"Oh, prof, real sorry I'm late got lost on the way here and followed some ducks."

And deafening silence. With Natalie standing there amidst the utter awkwardness, of course, what else could be more perfect right now? However, she’d always been popular, always the centre of attention for most of her life and hence, she knew how to handle difficult situations and hence, she did not blush nor lower her head in anyway – simply keeping her almost regal stance right in the middle of it as she cast a slightly apologetic smile to Rubelein with the smallest shrug of her slender shoulders, almost saying ‘Well, I caught him smoking weed in the girls’ bathroom and decided he needed to get to class’.

"Mr. Dasen sit down and exchange your homework," the grey-haired professor ordered, skilfully leaving Natalie out of the equation. With that, Natalie took her opportunity to get as far enough away from Loren, who made his way over to sit by none other than dear Matt Sidle, whom Natalie ensured was in receipt of the loving nickname ‘Brat’.

No problemo sir!" Loren called out in even more unnecessary reply as pulled out a seemingly stray piece of paper on which Natalie assumed his homework was on, turning to the lovely Brat to ask "You exchanged with anyone yet?"

Though, before he’d managed to ask that question, Brat, ever the opportunist, had seized his chance to hit Natalie where he knew she hurt, holding the only piece of information she’d have given anything for him not to know against her.

"Hey babe,” he gave yet another one of those self-assured smiles, though this one more subdued than the majority that graced his lips. She could have set her jaw right then – and would have, had she any less self-control – for she loathed being called ‘babe’. Honestly, what was this, Baywatch?! "Glad to see you got here safely."

Though with all his nicknames for her, all the taunting over their epic fail of a date, that was the clincher when it really came down to getting at her, for it really did get at her. She was sorry, she was so sorry and she had never been this sorry about anything in her whole life. She had possibly cost someone their entire future – if not their life – with words alone before drunk driving got into it, and she knew that he knew of the events leading up to that. Though, she had no idea how he found out and she’d love to get her hands on whoever told him. Of course, the only defence she mustered up was to mainly not care – a defence that at times failed regardless of best efforts. Hence, all that slipped was a slight darkening of her silvery amber eyes in warning.

Though, before she could say anything, Loren had interjected with his proposal to Brat, the look on whose face was utterly priceless for Matt simply considered himself too good to let the likes of Loren even touch his work. And what was that work on, the latest edition of Vogue? Probably, actually.

"What?" he almost seemed to snap his attention to Loren as the realisation of who was asking him to be his partner dawned on him. Oh and priceless, it certainly was, because Natalie could imagine how much baby Brat would abhor the idea. Go, Loren! So, she watched, in glee, part of her fury satiated as he muttered like a little boy in passing his work to Loren.

Just as he had struck when the iron was hot, she took the immediate opportunity to stick the knife in his side.

“Missed me, then?” she asked, voice still soft and yet bursting with almost malicious amusement at what was soon to be his predicament, slightly leaning close to him as if she would whisper in his ear, and yet stood mostly to the front of him such that he could see her eyes flicking momentarily to Loren as she whispered with serpentine essence, slight smile seeping over her features for both self-triumph and for Loren, for encouragement for his efforts and help. “Have fun.”

With that, moved away, to her desk, slipping in comfortably before she pulled out the file from her bag and removed the stapled pages from the plastic sheath that contained them with loving safety, checking that the contents were to the perfection that she’d ensured before she was interrupted by a girl handing Natalie her work.

“Erm, the use of bilingual-ness… is to represent the err conflict within the character,” she said immediately as Natalie surveyed her appearance. Either she was an Oddball or a Technicolor Goth because as far as colour therapy went, this girl was packing ammo. Rather a pretty girl, Natalie assumed, under all the colour and even over the colour… or through it or whatever. And new or reclusive, because this would stick to mind. Either way, this should be interesting. So, with a charming smile, she took the paper, exchanging it with her own work, a more modern look at an obscure fairytale to explore more contemporary themes, as her eyes soon found that the bilingual nature involved something Natalie just could not understand.

“Over what? Babel fish?” she glanced up at the girl with very amused confusion, a set of perfect teeth flashing out in a dazzling grin as her form threatened to break out in to small peals of laughter. Things could only get so bad before they looked really, really good. So, she held out her hand. “I’m Natalie, by the way."

(((OOC: Ooookay, she got a little catty there at some point…. But seriously guys, loving these posts :laugh:
Hope this works for everyone :)
Oh, and for anyone wondering what Natalie's rambling about, this is the Babel Fish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babel_fish) - well, she's supposed to be a little geeky :P )))

15th Sep 2008, 12:13 AM
{{ Question- Who's partnering with who? I think Kim needs one :) }}

15th Sep 2008, 2:33 AM
((Alright, I've delayed Lila and Eeric for a while, eep! xD Here they come!))

Lila watched the exchanges between her two friends with unending amusement. Eeric and Roxy were each one of a kind; she had never met a single other person even remotely like them. They bantered there back and forth for a moment and Lila said goodbye to Adam as he wisely darted off to class. At the rate the trio was going, they would never get to their first period despite having actually arrived to school on time for once. The shrill ringing of the bell sent Lila into a panic as she glanced around them, noticing that the hallways had somehow manage to empty out in the past ten minutes since she arrived there.

“Craaap! Guys!” she squeaked, seizing Eeric by the arm and beginning to attempt to drag him in the direction of their class. The tall boy barely moved, as though he couldn’t even feel her feeble attempts to guide his movement away from the spot he seemed rooted to. He cast a condescending gaze down at her and smirked brightly as though mocking her comparative weakness, to which Lila frowned and snarled out, “If you don’t move right now I’m leaving you to get a tardy on your own.” He shrugged nonchalantly and laughed with delight as he relished her frustration. Finally Roxy joined in with Lila and helped her budge Eeric from his place in front of her locker.

“No fair—I’m outnumbered…” he whined to the air, fully realizing that neither girl would give him any sympathy. They reached the classroom just as the teacher was beginning to address the class, and he shot the group of them an annoyed glare before shooting his gaze to the rest of the class in an indication that they had better sit down as quickly as possible.

Eeric moved to the back of the room and slumped into a vacant seat with a pleased sigh, as though he felt relieved to have finally returned to the school. Lila however didn’t follow him as she often did; her eyes were focused on a very particular seat, next to a very particular blonde-haired boy. She wavered for only a moment before striding across the classroom to move near the available seat at his side. She quickly paused at his side with a very innocent-looking expression painted over her fair features, eyelashes fluttering coquettishly and a faint smirk toying with her full lips.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” She did her best to control the sarcasm that threatened to break through her words, and Lila waited for J.D. to glance up from his desk.

((hope you don't mind Atropa, I couldn't resist since he was all by his lonesome. :D ))

15th Sep 2008, 5:57 AM
Roxy followed her friends to their first class of the day, moving to take a seat in the back of the room beside Eeric. After the teacher explained the assignment, which she had indeed not drafted or even bothered to over the break, she rolled her eyes and looked over at her friend. "Here's my story. It's about a girl who falls asleep during first period and no one really cares. The end. And now, here's the live action movie!" Roxy folded her arms and dropped her head onto them, closing her eyes.

In her opinion, there was no point to this assignment at all so screw it. Plus, she had no plans on going to college and getting into the music business did not require any degrees or even a diploma. "Nudge me if the teacher starts looking at me or anything," she mumbled, although she knew that Eeric likely wouldn't let her get away with it. The teenager never took school seriously unless it was just something she was completely and totally interested in, like music club or... lunch period.

After a few nudges in the side by cheesily grinning Eeric, Roxy groaned and looked up. "Damn it, Eeric, the teacher isn't even looking! I really hate you." She smirked, obviously joking, before scooting her desk over beside his. "So what did you write about? I didn't do mine. I forgot to. Not really, but the teacher doesn't have to know that."


( OOC: Sorry it's so short, TS, but this is typical Roxy. xD Also something I did often in high school, lmao. )

15th Sep 2008, 11:07 AM
Their eyes finally met, and Jen thought she saw Matt Sidle grin at her.
'I wonder why he's looking at me..' Jen paused, and was startled as she watched him lean against her desk.
"Hey.. Goldilocks," he added, and Jen couldn't tell whether he said that to tease her or simply because he didn't know her name. It didn't matter; nobody knew her name and she was usually fine with that.
"What tune is that?" he asked, and that was when Jen realised she was still humming her new song.

She was still wondering why he'd bothered to be so nice, but decided to make a better opportunity of the moment.
She opened her mouth to reply, just as a tall teacher walked in to start the lesson. Jen knew that Matt was actually expecting an answer, she could see him plainly as he sighed, annoyed at the interruptions. She had to laugh though, and did so to herself, at how amusing that was.
Jen knew quite well that this teacher wouldn't give them a good chance to talk, so decided to sneak in a reply later on.

Anyway, she didn't want to lag behind in class so gave Matt an apologetic smile and carefully took out her story from between the pages of her English book. Looking around, she realised that the others had assembled themselves into pairs already, and sighed. It was one of the annoying things about being a nobody at school. Scanning the classroom, she found that the only suitable-looking partner was a rather cross-looking girl named Katie.
Jen had seen her before. Jen wasn't too much in favour of Katie's personality, but she supposed a perfectionist has to do what they have to. Semi-reluctantly, Jen got up slowly and moved her seat closer to the girl.

"Hey," Jen approached her, smiling as nicely and friendlily(!?) as possible.
"Uh, do you want to swap papers? I'm Jen.. My story's not very good; it's about a camel that has a fear of sand.." Jen blushed, and hastily added, "Honest, it was my brother's idea. He's eight."

(( :blink: , what a strange little girl I'm playing.. Anyway, I hope you're okay with being partners, FurryPanda!))

15th Sep 2008, 6:56 PM
(OCC;;I snuck on today, i doubt i'll be on any other day until friday though)

15th Sep 2008, 6:58 PM
Hayden explained her reasons for being late and he seemed alright about it and didnt want it to happen again. She also found out that he was a professor not a teacher so she kept that in mind just incase she looked naive.

Hayden was confident, gentle and a nice person to be with, and liked to be precieved in that way. She was not a girl who liked to be bossed around and especially was not a pushover yet maintaining an easy going attitude. These were the qualities that made her a great head cheerleader back at her old school and a great role model. So it would be pretty hard to maintain a positive attitude when she starts from being just a cheerleader, so she would force a smile on her face even if she had to.
She had to find a girl named Marie-Elisabeth, she was the schools current head cheerleader. This girl seemed pretty much talked about in the halls, this girl must have created an impact on the schools students. So she must of been a prep.

People at the school varied with different personalities, different from what Hayden had seen. Everyone was so nice to her back at her school in Texas, probably because she was extremely popular and they wanted in on her lifestyle. But Hayden greeted everyone in fairness, she never judged anyone by their cover and always gave people a chance. Thats why she was shocked that she had not had many friends already ...... but then it was only the beginning of first lesson so she would give the school a chance.

Hayden walked to a seat near the window, she walked confidently, looking at no one in particular until she noticed a group of people who were reasonably close to her. A girl on the side of her looked preppy and Hayden knew instantly she was in the right crowd. She sat quietly, filing her nails whilst looking out the window now and again at the trees waving gently in the wind. Her moment was interuptted by the preppy girl next to her when she asked.

“Hey, read this for me”, the girl said looking at Hayden.
Hayden wasnt in the mood for reading, she wanted to continue filing her nails but the girl was a start to Hayden's popularity, so she recieved the papers from the girl. "Yeh sure", Hayden said putting her nail file away. "Im Hayden by the way"

Hayden glanced at the paper and decided to skim through it, just picking up the key words relevant for giving postitive feedback or answering any questions. The name Marie-Elisabeth was written on top of the paper, so Hayden had found her .... well she came across her. "Oh your Marie-Elisabeth. Receptionist told me to come to you about the cheerleading"
Hayden did not care that she wasnt concentrating on the lesson, english was not her favourite subject although she was good at it.

[[ ooc: i hope i have'nt made Hayden come across as using Marie lol ]]

15th Sep 2008, 7:13 PM
Lorene wasn’t one for stereotypes but the piece of work she was skimming through didn’t seem to tally with the pristinely preppy girl who sat next to her. It wasn’t that Lorene thought prep girls weren’t clever, just… distracted. But if her family were rich enough or she knew she was destined to marry someone amazingly successful, she’d probably slack off (even more so…) too. This girl’s work was VERY well written and insightful; surely she couldn’t have written it herself.

On closer inspection however, Lorene could see that maybe this brunette wasn’t a typical prep. For one, the girl didn’t seem to have much love for the dude who thought himself Brookdale’s answer to queer eye, which was strange as they looked like they could be the perfect high school trophy couple, and this girl’s notebooks and pens weren’t completely covered in pink fluff. The clincher had to be when she mentioned “Babel fish”. Lorene couldn’t help but blush a little; she couldn’t believe she had been so stupid!

“I’m Lorene,” She giggled trying to hide her embarrassment and shook her hand quickly so the teacher wouldn't catch them out. “Err, give a minute, I can translate it,” She said, took her notebook back and began reading out what she had written to herself and frantically writing the English above her Lithuanian.

“I think a Babel fish would have a nervous breakdown trying to interpret this…” Lorene mumbled. What she had written in English was fine, what she had written in Lithuanian (her native language!) was nonsense. She sighed and did the best she could.

The last paragraph stood out to Lorene. Had she even written it? It looked like her old childhood friend Mykolas’ handwriting…

Lorene, I’ve never had the guts to tell you how I feel. I love you and I’ve wasted so much time. When I’m alone with you I want to-” Lorene went from confused to shocked in less than half a second.

“Oh God…” She said a little too audibly which caused a lot of curious faces to turn to look at her. “…Natalie you’re work is amazing!” she said with a cheesy smile in a vain attempt to cover her tracks. She scribbled furiously over the last bit and handed her notebook back to Natalie.

“Ignore the last part,” She mumbled, slumping down into her chair and continued reading Natalie’s work.

15th Sep 2008, 8:03 PM
Shauna read quickly through the boy’s work. It was pretty good, though her opinion could hardly be counted on to be accurate; she could hardly pretend to know anything about English. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t put her mind to it and actually write something half okay but it was going to be the day that pigs fly when Shauna will bother to put more than 10 minutes of honest effort into any piece of work. Well, half honest – most of the time would be spent talking to a friend on the phone or gathering her surf stuff together.

The most effort she had ever put into any piece of work was probably a picture of a surfboard leaning against a wooden shed on a beach. She had spent half and hour on it and it actually looked okay in the end, which was a surprise to Shauna, who had a while ago come to the conclusion that she would attempt to stumble through High School, not bothered with it enough to try hard enough to get top grades.

She glanced at the boy sitting next to her while he read through the remainder of scrawled handwriting. She almost felt sorry for making him attempt to read it. Even she gave up half way through, and it was her handwriting! Well, he seemed to be doing okay, his eyes were flicking pretty quickly over the page though she supposed that he was probably guessing most of the words.

“You know I don’t think that’s a subject that comes up enough in fiction now a days, I commend you for going where others dare not tread,” the boy teased, gesturing towards her scrappy work lying on his desk. She laughed lightly.

“But of course, I, the literary genius simply know that I am setting the trend. Soon every novel released will have the story of the cat and the tree in it somewhere,” she replied with a smile, simply glad that she had been partnered with someone with an ounce of a sense of humour. You never knew what you were going to get - and at least he knew when seriousness was not needed.

“Well… as a cat owner, I can imagine myself acting and feeling the same way as described in your story,” the boy gave a quick laugh, “Therefore I count it as very good,” he said lightly. “I’m Adam.”

Of course, that was saying something as the person in her story climbed up the tree only to be outsmarted by the stupid cat and it jump down just as its owner reached it. She supposed if you actually cared for the cat species in general you might be slightly worried about a cat being ‘stuck’ in a tree, but as she didn’t particularly have an opinion on them she doubted she would care. She didn’t not like cats; just she was much more of a dog person. Dogs were affectionate and loving, and cats were independent and sleepy. That’s what they do – eat and sleep. Dogs on the other hand were always ready to be played with.

“Thanks Adam,” Shauna said with a small smile, “So, what’s your cat called then?” She asked. Sure she might not care for cats but it was a way to start a conversation and she never was one for silences. They always stretched out and then you’d be stuck because the moment you decide to actually say something the moment has passed and whatever comment you were about to spurt out would make no sense if you said it then.


[[ooc;; Sorry for the babbling shortness. Brain refuses to work half the time xPP]]

15th Sep 2008, 8:28 PM
(((trampled - Of course I don't mind! :D
xJOFLx - Matt didn't actually get up and walk over, he remained at his desk. :) )))

Left alone (or rather, in peace, as he didn't really tend to feel lonely even when his classmates clearly avoided his company, but instead perfectly content), J.D. had spent the first few solitary minutes in English class for once not sleeping, but drawing. At his usual seat in the far back, and with a reputation that kept most nosey 'fellow' students at bay, he was left the chance to ignore all others, and focus on his favorite method - other than sleeping - to get away from school, while at school. Sketching always allowed him to slip into something of a world of his own, and would often prove to be the perfect outlet for the anger that seemed to be constantly building in him. Had it not been for drawing, he probably would have ended up in even more fights and more trouble than he did. Although the current drawing wasn't really doing the trick...

The picture slowly appearing on the lined page infront of him, was one he had started on the last day before winter break, and when first flipping his notepad open and seeing it, it had caused a slight frown to darken his handsome features. It was a portrait of Leigh, one of his best friends, with her signature smirk and that ever-present devilish twinkle in her eyes. The reason that the pretty face made him frown, was that the seat next to him, where she would usually sit, was empty. Right before Christmas, her father had announced that he had gotten a new job in one of the neighbouring towns, and that the family would be moving there. Needless to say, Leigh had of course protested, quite fiercly, but at the end of the day, she'd really had no choice but to follow the rest of her family. And so, she was now no longer a student at Brooklake. Granted, they still saw one another, as the town she'd moved to was not far away at all, but still... School would be so much duller without her.

"Excuse me", came a sudden but all too familiar voice from beside him. "Is this seat taken?"

Raising his head, with slight surprise staining his expression, J.D. looked up to see none other than Lila standing next to his desk, with a playfully coy smile on her lips. J.D. had been so preoccupied with the drawing and with his thoughts, that he hadn't even seen her enter the class room, let alone approach him. Though, while most others would have found themselves the target of a rather hostile and unwelcoming glare, Lila was one of the few priviledged enough to instead actually recieve a faint smile in return.

"Which one?" he said, and leant back in his chair while the curve on his lips transformed into his usual brazen smirk, and he glanced suggestively from the desk next to his, to his own lap, and then back up at Lila.

For while she might usually stick to comments of a more innocent nature, she wasn't the only one that could tease.

15th Sep 2008, 11:39 PM
At first, Natalie wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the girl. Yes, she’d slotted her into a clique with no problems – after all, Alpha girl Natalie had been very good at seeing where people fit in with the school body; it’d been so much easier to subtly get to someone when you knew their roots. The real fun, of course, had been in getting to them individually, but clique stereotyping had its appeal, a recent example being Matt, who displayed a rather charming gesture in response to her fuelling the flames of his dismay over Loren. Of course, Natalie didn’t respond. She’d be the mature one.

Though, getting at people these days was a thing of the past and the clique sorting was better used as a method of getting along with people. A talent could be used for several ends. Thus, having pegged the girl as an Oddball – for even if the appearance had kept it secret, writing half a story in a foreign language throws the cat out of the bag – Natalie still made no play on it. These days, she’d taken to treating people like people, regardless of clique constraints. In fact, cliques seemed to be much less defined when you’re not Prep - when you aren’t enforcing them to maintain your own status, you practically pay no attention.

“I’m Lorene,” the girl introduced herself, seeming rather embarrassed about either her own name or the work. Probably the work and given that she was embarrassed, the bilingual feature wasn’t actually intentional, then. It was something that made Natalie smile, though not because she was glad someone made a mistake, but because every scenario she could think up was really just ridiculously hilarious.

“Err, give a minute, I can translate it,” Lorene took her work back, moving to quickly translate the words into English as Natalie watched, marvelling at the speed of translation before the work was handed back to her.

“I think a Babel fish would have a nervous breakdown trying to interpret this…,” Lorene uttered, to which Natalie gave yet another gracious grin. ‘A’ Babel fish, not ‘the’ Babelfish – the literary work, not the internet translator. To Natalie, it made Lorene rather cultured and that, she had to appreciate.

“Oh God…,” she said suddenly, earning herself a variety of glances, including one of bewildered concern from Natalie, who was distracted from reading Lorene’s work. “…Natalie you’re work is amazing!”

With that, and with a rather gratuitous smile that left Natalie somewhat suspicious, she suddenly, hastily, scribbled over the final paragraph, which left Natalie wondering what she had to do in search of an ending for the story. Though, the ending – and requirement of an ending – admittedly depended on the story and hence, she simply read it.

She had to admit, it was very good, it was well written and quite witty and the plot, though a little haphazard was concrete. Although, she did have to wonder whether the translation was actually literal, because at some points, there were a few… issues. Though, perhaps that was to do with the internal conflict. Actually, perhaps that was the internal conflict? ‘No-one understands me and it gets better; I can’t make sense to myself’. Interesting, though.

Though, what was really interesting was the part that Lorene had attempted to scribble out, which read: Lorene, I’ve never had the guts to tell you how I feel. I love you and I’ve wasted so much time. When I’m alone with you I want to-”

Err, what the hell? Did she just get an excerpt out of a narcissist’s diary or something?

“Ignore the last part,” Lorene said at what was really the last moment, only Natalie already having speed-read it before the sentence was finished and thus alternated her gaze between Lorene and the work, expressions ranging from bewilderment, awkwardness and outright amusement before it settled on a cordial, assuring smile.

“Thanks,” she shot another fleeting grin in response to Lorene’s sudden outburst of feedback over Natalie’s work before gesturing to Lorene’s own work. “This is very good too, I love the whole dual personality element, it’s very symbolic.”

That said, she gave a slightly awkward nod, taking a moment before breaching the topic of the last paragraph and not just the lack of ending. Though, she couldn't not say anything because it was obvious that she knew and then if she didn't say anything, then Lorene would have to say something and Natalie would have to admit to being a little weirded out.

“And… it’s okay,” she assured with a vaguely uncomfortable smile. “I quite like myself too. It’s actually really healthy.” And soon, she added with haste. “In moderation, of course.”

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16th Sep 2008, 12:41 AM
Lila could look into those ocher-hued eyes a thousand times and she would always be caught off guard by their overwhelming depth and intensity. She heard herself stop breathing before her lungs had even begun to cut off the oxygen because she knew in her mind that it was only natural that she do so. J.D. had that insane effect on her; he could make her want to hug him but slap him at the same time, to marvel at his attractive face yet fear it for it possessed a dark element that seemed to hide silently beneath the surface. She could never really be certain if he would greet her with a smile or a scowl, a welcoming hello or angered silence. Perhaps that was why her pulse still raced uncontrollably whenever she approached him or felt his gaze upon her--because he was as much of an enigma now as he ever was and ever would be.

So when those piercing eyes of his locked on her own she felt some defensive wall in her weaken, fissure with the tiniest of nearly-unnoticeable cracks that would normally go undetected. But those individually harmless tiny fragments had been accumulating since Lila had first met J.D., and now it seemed to make the whole defensive structure unsound. It was as though at any given moment the whole wall would come crumbling down and leave her totally and utterly defenseless before him. Something she wasn't sure she could entirely handle.

"Which one?" His eyes leapt playfully from the vacant seat beside him to the vacant place on his lap. Lila fought back the rosy blush that she knew was beginning to creep across her cheekbones and forced her lips not to give in to the full embarrassed smile they so desperately wanted to shift to. Instead she remained smirking brazenly--her lips an almost exact copy of J.D.'s at that very moment.

"Perhaps I should have specified and said chair instead of seat," she mused with a smirk, eyes settling fondly on the face of the blonde-haired troublemaker grinning before her. She silently cursed him for his disarming looks and attempted to refocus herself. "I know which seat you'd rather, but I think the Professor would prefer we keep to our respective desks." With that she gave a quick wink and slid into the seat beside him, almost proud that she had been able to maintain a calm demeanor. This was a good sign. Lila had worried that after the long break of not seeing him for weeks, she would have forgotten how to handle J.D.'s quirky and sometimes suggestive brand of humor, but much to her surprise, she seemed to be holding her own.

Once seated she let her eyes wander over him for a fleeting moment, immersing herself in all the tiny details of his appearance that she had either forgotten or faintly recalled in her time away from him. It was amazing just how vividly her memory had been able to paint him in her mind whenever she thought of him, but nothing quite compared to the real, breathing person seated just a foot away from her. Lila's emerald eyes skimmed over the image sitting neatly on J.D.'s desk and subsequently widened upon realizing two important facts: one, if she wasn't mistaken, that was a sketch. A very, very good one, and one that it seemed J.D. was the creator of. And two, possibly more important that one, was the fact that the girl who was the subject of the image would normally be sitting in the very seat she now occupied--a fact that had somehow not crossed Lila's mind until that very moment. A multitude of emotions swirled over her pretty features and she didn't attempt to mask a single one; they were all too muddled to be discerned from one another, most likely. Anxiety, confusion, admiration, even a tinge of fear--but mostly a faint glimmer of understanding. Her eyes flickered up to J.D.'s and they searched his for any explanation. Not as to why he was sketching Leigh, but why he had permitted her to take his best friend's seat.

"Ah..." Lila began to speak but her words trailed off into oblivion, not entirely sure what would be the safest thing to say in that moment. "Did...what did you write your story about?" Even though she yearned to ask him all the questions swirling in her mind, she settled for the only one she knew wouldn't make him unhappy. Not in a real, lasting way, at least. Lila knew at this point it was better to not make J.D. explain himself if he didn't want to, and that if he decided to comment on the image she had just glanced it would be because he wanted to. She wouldn't force anything out of him.

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16th Sep 2008, 1:54 AM
Marie-Elisabeth was very good at reading people. When you were as popular as she was it was almost a necessity. You needed to know if people could be trusted or if you were better off kicking them to the curb. And what better way to be able to know whether someone would be useful to you than to know what kind of person they were. She had known the minute the blond girl walked in the door, that she was one of them. Everything from the way she dressed to the way she carried herself practically screamed “Preppy Cheerleader”. So she chose the girl to hand her paper to, figuring it was best to get to know her latest pawn.

“Oh, you’re Marie-Elisabeth” the girl said while skimming over her paper “Receptionist told me to come to you about the cheerleading”. Marie-Elisabeth nodded and smirked; she had been right about the girl being a new addition to her team. And that made her happy because a new addition to the team meant a new person for her to control.

“That’s right” she said, flicking a blond curl away from her face “I’m the Head Cheerleader, so if you’re going to be on my squad you may as well know now that it’s not a democracy, and whatever I say goes”. She looked at the paper; aware the girl hadn’t really read much of it.

“You know, you might actually want to read that. I don’t tolerate flakes with failing grades on my squad. And believe me old man Rubelein will notice on the first day, and you'll be in for it” she said, glancing disinterestedly around the room “What’s your name anyway”?

16th Sep 2008, 11:22 PM
Despite his usual frankness about his corrupted lifestyle, and his tendency to act out, there were quite a few matters where J.D. was still very, very private, to the point of being introvert. His feelings, for one, although that would probably be ascribed mostly to the fact that whenever he felt something other than anger, he wasn't quite sure what it was, and thus could not define it well enough to express it. Also, he was the type of young man who, where guys were concerned, felt getting emotional was for sissies. Secondly, he very rarely mentioned his family situation to anyone who didn't know him well, and only once in a blue moon would he mention his father. And when he did, it was never with any real emotion, and certainly no affection. To everyone around him, save for his mother, J.D.'s father remained a small nameless shadow whose impact on his son no one really knew anything about.
Third; his talent for drawing. His art - at this point mostly war scenes and fantasy, with an occasional portrait thrown in - was something he kept on the down low; he didn't sketch while in company of others, except for when sitting by himself in class, and he didn't hang them anywhere for others to see. Not even in his locker. It was as though he wanted to avoid having anyone comment on them, for regardless of whether it would be nice remarks or bad or taunting ones, it was likely to bother him enough to make him lash out. provoking comments would often lead to similar ones in return, sometimes even shoving, and as for compliments... When concerning any of thw matters where he was private, it seemed he just could not take them.

However, since gradually befriending Lila, he had started to adjust ever so slowly, and thus could, on occasion, allow an actual compliment or comment of a positive nature to be directed at him. From her. She, despite not being part of the crowd to which his friends usually belonged, had grown to be a bit of an exception. He no longer instantly snapped at her or countered her comments when she said something nice about him, and at the same time, he had started relaxing in her company, letting go of the usual guard that would always be up, anticipating an accusation or insult to be hurled at him at any second. He had grown to accept her nice words, and had stopped expecting to be treated by her like he was by others. Furthermore, and this was a sign that she was an exception indeed, he had yet to try and kiss her, despite having wanted to for some time now. Usually, when he was interested in a girl, he simply went for it, as none of the girls he tended to be drawn to, were inexperienced enough to be alarmed.
But Lila... J.D. wasn't all that good at reading people, but when it came to her, he had gotten the distinct impression already from the start that she was far more fragile, in that sense, than the rest, only to have it confirmed by Lila herself, when she had confessed to him that she had, in fact, never been kissed at all. And so, J.D. had decided to hold off, until she gave some sort of sign that she was ready, whether it was through actually saying something to him, or through simple actions, or even just a look. Most likely, if ever it happened, it would be through the latter, which posed the problem of J.D. actually registering it, and not either missing it, or, as he feared might happen, think he saw it before it was really there. However, she had agreed to go out with him some time, so maybe that would allow him a chance to figure it out a little better?

Either way, the result of all this, of Lila being an exception, was that even though J.D. had appreciated his solitude this morning, he was still glad to see her not only settle for tapping him on the shoulder in passing, and not only come up to his desk to say a brief hello, but to actually choose to sit next to him. That was encouraging.

Although, when he saw the way she glanced at the sketch, which he had actually forgotten about when she showed up, he quickly flipped the notepad closed, as though he didn't want her to see it, and realize he'd made it. But a second later, he ended up regretting it, because the truth was, it had been more of a reflex, an instinct firmly rooted in him, rather than an actual desire to keep her from seeing it. Considering the limbs he had already gone out on with her, the idea of her, just her, seeing his drawings, actually didn't bother him that much. But, too late now.

"Some other time then", he said to her comment about professor Rubelein's preferences in seating arrangements, fighting back the urge to ask what she would prefer, by biting his tongue.

He didn't need to make a habit of making her feel uncomfortable whenever she approached him. He'd probably done that enough times already. Though there was no hiding the the mischief in him, and so while the words might not be uttered, their meaning still manifested itself in another smirk. One that slowly faded as he caught the look in her eyes, following the brief glimspe of Leigh's portrait before it had been covered up. Clearly she wondered why he hadn't seemed even the least bit apprahensive about having her sit at that particular desk, as had there been even a minute chance that Leigh would show up, she would hardly have been pleased to find Lila in her seat. But just as clearly, Lila understood not to press the matter. Perhaps out of pure intuition, perhaps due to the fading mirth in J.D.'s smile, which for a few moments ended up looking quite hollow. Or perhaps by now, she knew him well enough to realize his currently rather placid morning mood was a fragile thing, which could shatter under the burden of even the slightest disturbance.

"Ah...", she started, as though she wanted to say something to smooth things over, but spoke before the words had actually formed in her mind.

Thus, a short pause followed, before she found the first thing close to fairly neutral ground;

"Did... what did you write your story about?"

Surprisingly, it did the trick, and J.D. looked at her with brows slightly quirked in skepticism, almost as though he himself was partly making an effort to ignore the matter of Leigh's mysterious absence, while the other part was genuinly incredulous at her spoken question. She actually thought he'd done the assignment? Why, there must be no end to the good faith she had in him!

"Well...", he said slowly, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, as though a tiny smile was beginning to slowly seize control of his lips, but wasn't quite there yet. "It was about this guy who had alot better things to do on his winter break, than write some story. But... My dog ate it."

There, the smile finally did break out on his lips, softly curving them into a humorous grin that left it quite obvious there had been neither a story nor a dog. He was so very well aware that aside from lacking motivation, he also lacked the vocabulary needed to write even a fairly interesting story, and so he simply figured, why bother?

Though the smile didn't last very long, as glancing up at Lila brough his thoughts back to the fact that he was avoiding answering what was so clearly the real yet unasked question. And, since he wasn't really trying to shut her out, and for some reason cared enough to not want her to think that he was, he then glanced back at the notepad, and paused there for a few moments.

"You don't have to worry, she's not coming", he said, his words quite audiable, yet his tone oddly subdued, before his gaze returned to meet with Lila's, acknowledging not only the painfully obvious that was Leigh's absence, but also the drawing, as though he wanted to somehow indicate that that it was not as forbidden and off-limits as he might have made it seem.

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17th Sep 2008, 2:28 PM
Hayden read the paper in slight dis-belief on that the most of the paper was about her, Marie-Elisabeth. If it wasn't about the beauty pageant it was about her winning the beauty pageant, but the work was at a good standard from which Hayden had quickly skimmed. Gently putting it aside as she doodled along the margin of her paper.

“I’m the Head Cheerleader, so if you’re going to be on my squad you may as well know now that it’s not a democracy, and whatever I say goes”, Marie-Elisabeth implied.

Hayden admired a good team leader, but this girl was basically the 'alpha dog' and controlled everything or everyone around her. Back at Hayden's old school she was a leader and everyone respected how she treated others around her. Hayden was a head cheerleader but she was good in the way she maintained her status, she wasn't a b***h about it but she was grateful and gracious about it, and it showed. This girl seemed the opposite and Hayden so far wasnt impressed. But she kept a smile on her face, like she had done through the morning so far in school.

“You know, you might actually want to read that. I don’t tolerate flakes with failing grades on my squad. And believe me old man Rubelein will notice on the first day, and you'll be in for it”, Marie-Elisabeth added.

Hayden replied instantly as she wasnt going to be known as a follower, Hayden was her own person with her own opinions. "Well you competed in a beauty pageant, you explained in great detail how you felt and you won", Hayden picked the paper back up and placed it on the girls desk, "So i think it has been read, i just read things quickly whilst still picking up the key facts.. and trust me im no flake", she said nicely, as she thought her comment could have been misunderstood as a b***hy know-it-all. Hayden was smart, she was pretty and she liked everyone to know that.
She smiled and tossed her long wavy hair over her shoulder, "Yeh Rubelein does seem a little strict", she added turning to Marie-Elisabeth.

Hayden thought she should accept the fact that she isn't a head cheerleader no more, so she would go by what Marie-Elisabeth said, just to fit in. But Hayden had her limits on how much she could be bossed around, so the smile on her face hid all her thoughts and feelings. Hayden could tolerate being told what she could do, but she couldnt tolerate being told exactly what she should do. Hayden liked to decide things for herself.

“What’s your name anyway?", Marie added.

"Im Hayden Alba", she said turning back towards the window.

17th Sep 2008, 10:40 PM
Adam exchanged Shauna’s work for his equally tatty piece and turned his chair around so it was easier for the two of them to chat though it made it painfully obvious that they weren’t working but then who was really?

“But of course, I, the literary genius simply know that I am setting the trend. Soon every novel released will have the story of the cat and the tree in it somewhere,” She joked.

He laughed, he liked this girl’s sense of humour, “I see a movie in the works,” He said light-heartedly. “I call part of dumb owner!” Not that he could see himself shimmying up a tree for… anyone really. Physical exertion and Adam didn’t mix too well. Lucky for him, his cat was on the chubby side so the likelihood of him ever having to were slim to none.

“So, what’s your cat called then?” Shauna asked.

He scratched the back of his head self-consciously, “She’s called Macaroni St Clement II, there was no previous Macaroni, we just thought it sounded fancy….” He answered waiting for eyebrows to raise, further clarification seemed necessary.

“I was like 9, and my mum tells my dad to get stuff for spaghetti for dinner and he goes AWOL for like 4 days, comes back with no groceries and my mum is livid for like two seconds till my dad presents this kitten he had in his pocket or something and all is forgotten because my parents are stupid. And so we named her Macaroni after spaghetti night,” he explained then blushed, “Dumb story, I know…” Wow he could babble! She asked for a name not a life story…

18th Sep 2008, 2:10 AM
Marie-Elisabeth didn’t like her. She had barely talked to the girl for 5 minutes and could already tell they weren’t going to get along. “She really isn’t going to last long on my squad” she thought, looking at Hayden as she read over her paper “No one does when they don’t listen to what I say. Such a pity, she looked so promising and I can always use more peons”.

Hayden finished reading the paper and almost immediately shot back with a rather bitchy sounding reply. “Well well then” Marie-Elisabeth mused, making a mental note to get Josh to come to an understanding with the rest of the football team to avoid the girl like the plague “It does seem like someone has a bit of an attitude, well she’d better learn to check it and fast. I’d really hate to have to ruin someone so early in the year”. And ruin her she quite easily could.

Marie-Elisabeth was the last person on Earth you wanted mad at you if you wanted to obtain any kind of popularity at Brooklake. She probably had more power in the school than the principal did, and last year's new addition of the Normandy computer lab courtesy of her father had just solidified that fact. She had the faculty eating out of her hand, and most of the student population was smart enough to know not to cross her.

“I’m Hayden Alba” the girl said, and Marie-Elisabeth couldn’t hold back a snicker. “Just like the girl who plays the cheerleader on TV, isn’t that just oh so appropriate” she said, reaching over to grab her paper off Hayden’s desk “So where’s your paper, I suppose I'd better read it”.

18th Sep 2008, 6:19 PM
Adam turned his chair slightly, and Shauna mirrored the action to ease the conversation, it was proven to be harder to have a proper conversation when you both have to crane your neck to an unnatural angle just to have a simple word with the other person. Therefore, almost facing each other the two teenagers could have a conversation much easier.

Now though it was obvious that they weren’t talking about the work, though she doubted more than two people in the class were, but it wasn’t because of the reason that they were facing each other – the teacher had set discussion work, it was only fair on both parties that even if they were discussing the work that they would face each other. The fact was that both of them had become much more animated, and who in their right mind would have a wide smile and put effort in turning to the other person if they were, actually talking about the work. Now, the teacher may appear strict but Shauna doubted there was much he could do about the rising volume in the classroom. He had, of course, been the one to set a task that included talking to your partner. It was the cardinal rule of teaching to avoid discussion lessons like the plague if you wanted a quiet, controlled environment. That is because no teacher, no matter their strictness, experience or pure hatred for any teenager could regain control once conversations had fully broken out. That was the one reason Shauna wasn’t fazed by completely ignoring the work. Sure, she rarely did but at least she recognised that sometimes it wouldn’t be a good idea, but recognising and acting on that recognition are two very different things all together.

“She’s called Macaroni St Clement II, there was no previous Macaroni, and we just thought it sounded fancy….” Adam answered, scratching the back of his head before his gaze found Shauna’s again. One eyebrow quirked up. Well, that she definitely hadn’t been expecting. When his eye contact averted to the floor she was expecting ‘Snuggle Bunny’ or ‘Baby Snuggles’ or perhaps something equally embarrassing. His cat’s name in itself wasn’t embarrassing as such, more unusual – or weird – why would a cat be called Macaroni St Clement in the first place she had no idea, and that really didn’t even touch on the ‘II’ part.

Adam obviously agreed with her after saying its name, an explanation was most definitely needed.

“I was like 9, and my mum tells my dad to get stuff for spaghetti for dinner and he goes AWOL for like 4 days, comes back with no groceries and my mum is livid for like two seconds till my dad presents this kitten he had in his pocket or something and all is forgotten because my parents are stupid. And so we named her Macaroni after spaghetti night,” Adam blushed lightly, bringing out a smile on Shauna’s lips. Sure it was weird but who cares, it’s a cat. Not like the stupid thing is going to go out and have to blush at a job interview because its name is dumb. Shauna’s eyebrows furrowed slightly at her own train of thought. Well, the cat’s name might be odd but her thoughts were going everywhere but to normal.

“Dumb story, I know…” He finished, well that was a story and a half, but amusing none the less. He still hadn’t explained the ‘St Clement’ part. Maybe the cat was born on the 23rd November and they just decided to call it after the saint’s day. Maybe she was just reading too much into things that just don’t matter.

Shauna smiled warmly at the boy who seemed to be slightly put off at his own story.

“Darn. Here I was expecting it to be called ‘Snuggle Bunny’ and you get me all disappointed with something slightly more normal... well with a slightly normal explanation anyway,” Shauna laughed lightly. “But you still didn’t explain the ‘St Clement’ bit.” She teased. Of course, now she had gone and thought for ages about it stupidly she had genuinely gotten herself interested.

At least he had a kooky story to tell. Shauna had a hamster called Marshmallow, not that that name was at all normal in any way shape or form but it was the only pet she has, had and ever will have by the sounds of her parents. Her twin brothers – Jonathan and James – have been begging for a puppy for most of their lives. To no avail, they were sorely disappointed when Shauna got Marshmallow as a present as her parents had been using the ‘no pets’ excuse for as long as they could remember, and a hamster most definitely counted as a pet. It was no puppy though, and as soon as they had bored of the novelty of watching the thing run around in a little ball they were back on ‘Puppy Protest.’ Their name for it, not hers.

Of course, Shauna loved Marshmallow. He was cute and didn’t wake her in the middle of the night by putting a food supply in his wheel and then running around in it, making the pellets of food rattle. She had stayed at a friend’s once whose hamster did have this annoying trait, and if she had been planning on sleeping she would have found it fairly hard. So, Marshmallow was loved though, but still didn’t have a good story attached.

She shot another warm smile at Adam, and let her eyes stray up to the teacher, who seemed immersed in some piece of work or another, and unlikely to bring the class to an abrupt silence.


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19th Sep 2008, 2:03 AM
Lorene had thought she had avoided a potentially horrific situation but Natalie’s shifting facial expressions, which settled on a smile Lorene didn’t know was genuine or the sort of smile you gave crazy people in hopes they’d leave you alone, confirmed otherwise. Maybe she should have ripped that part out instead?

“I didn’t write the last part,” She said slightly flustered and almost uttered the classic statement ”I’m not crazy,” which always had the uncanny ability of making one sound rather crazy… She took a deep breath so she could explain herself properly. Lorene had no problem with people thinking she was unhinged because of the way she dressed or acted, if anything she was glad of the filter effect it had so she didn’t have to deal with shallow of close minded people, but being made to look like she had some sort of overblown ego/personality disorder because of some dumb boy she didn’t appreciate. She was especially annoyed, as Natalie seemed really clever and interesting too.

She cleared her throat and began her clarification, “I didn’t finish this assignment before I went on holiday to Lithuania like I planned to so I ended up finishing it there but… like when I’m there English kinda goes out the window. And a friend, who I only see for like a month max every year, must have found my notebook and thought it was for personal use and thought ‘why not write an embarrassing love confession in here!’ “ She trailed off sheepishly at the end. She wondered if Natalie believed her or thought her even crazier, well she still had rest of class to save things.

“So errr, no offence but you don’t look like the typical reader of ‘A hitchhiker’s guide’,” She commented, hoping to move the conversation on swiftly.


“Darn. Here I was expecting it to be called ‘Snuggle Bunny’ and you get me all disappointed with something slightly more normal... well with a slightly normal explanation anyway,” Shauna Chuckled. It was the Adam’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “But you still didn’t explain the ‘St Clement’ bit.” She added.

“Snuggle bunny? What the hell! Do I look like a deranged 7-year-old girl? Wait don’t answer that…” He sniggered, “Umm sorry to disappoint?” He offered, twirling his pen between his fingers absent-mindedly. “Erm my dad probably got Macaroni off some dodgy guy in a bar called St. Clements? I probably went to bed at that point, I dunno,” He shrugged.

“Sooo,” Adam started, trying to keep the conversation going, “Are you new here too?” He asked, she didn’t seem to group together with others like the established students did.

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Loren preferred to keep people happy. And he found that he was happiest when there weren't strange surprises and unexpected turns, good or bad. Not that he wasn't happy when either one happened, but sometimes it took him a moment to regain his equanimity. In keeping others happy he tried to match their expectations as best he could. A huge number of people thought that he couldn't for the life of him put together a matching outfit, so he went out of his way to avoid doing so. A slightly smaller group thought he was into World of Warcraft- he wasn't- so he wore the T-shirts occasionally, and researched it thoroughly so that he could sound properly geeky.

The hardest facade for him to maintain for others was one that nearly everyone bought into. That Loren Dasen was a complete and total idiot. He didn't think before he spoke, true enough, but he was perceptive enough to see if he was being horrid, and would stop without fail if he got that kind of message. He considered himself to be an excellent writer, but if that ever came out than so many people's illusion of him as an idiot would be shattered that he figured the entire school would be upset for an hour. For someone as sensitive about what they thought others were thinking that they would consciously act dumber than they really were for six years, the thought was intolerable.

So Loren usually handwrote his papers the night before they were due, with a fountain pen. So far his grades had been low enough from the ink stains and sloppy cursive that he didn't need to hide any of his skills- teachers took one look and gave him a low C- high enough they wouldn't have to deal with him again, low enough that he couldn't be valedictorian or something. It took him a moment to pull the ink stained, dog eared page out of his bag and in that time Matt's perfectly harmless greeting had made Natalie's eyes flash sharply. Loren hesitated slightly as he pulled his page out, then decided not to do anything. The two of them had gone out, that meant they must have some sort of deeper connection than he could fathom as an outsider. Not many people thought of Loren as a romantic idealist, but he was. No one had ever asked or made an assumption on the subject that Loren would need to mimic, so he assumed everyone was like him in that respect, that "going out" meant something.

As he got out of his little daze he saw Natalie flash a tiny, nigh on invisible, but to his far from objective eyes, brilliant smile then whisper oddly, "Have fun." His face reflexively broke into a beaming smile for her, and as she turned and walked away his usual cheerful grin sank back quickly. Whatever that was about he wouldn't complain about being on the receiving end of any smile, however tiny and not directed at him it might have been.

His grin did slip a bit when he saw the blatant shock on the other boy's face, assumedly from being partnered with Loren, Natalie hadn't done anything bad that Loren could recognize. A sour mutter of "Fine" accompanied a quick exchange of papers- Loren receiving a neatly typed four page double spaced paper, and Matt getting a slightly diseased looking, nigh on illegible single double sided sheet of looseleaf.

Loren was not completely immune to what was going on around him, and the coldly dismissive look that Matt was giving him was enough that his smile slipped even further, so that the corners of his mouth were barely turned up at all.

For some reason Matt's mouth quirked up into a little smile that he hid behind his hand. That relieved Loren and his customary grin leapt back onto his features with all the spaztic intensity with which it had departed. "Mine's about the reduction of native civilizations after a new society comes, sees and conquers."

And that was exactly what it was, Loren wouldn't make stuff like that up. He couldn't, the thought was too alien to his open and socially oblivious mindset. He slouched back in his seat, giving off an air of complete confidence and boredom, and started reading the other guy's story, hoping vaguely he would mention what it was supposed to be about.

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Kim sat in her seat surveying the scene in the classroom. The teacher had apparently asked them to partner up and "share" their stories. It was just the first day back and already she could tell what she was in for. Kim had never been a fan of homework and when she'd been told that she'd have to do a story she'd been reluctant. But still, she had to do what she had to do and gotten the story done.

She had written about a young girl coming of age in an African tribe. Of course she'd had to do research and she hoped that it would actually pay off. She watched as everyone partnered up, silently cursing Matt once more for making her get here late. Almost everyone was partnered up and she was in no mood to feel like a loner, her day had already been cr*p enough without this hanging over her head.

Suddenly, she spotted the head of hair she'd seen earlier and could probably pick out in a crowd. The same person who'd misdirected her and probably gotten her a late on her very first frickin' day. She knew she could not just let him prank her like that so with a determined stance, she got up and headed over to his desk where he was apparently partnered up with some guy. "So, i really appreciate the directions you know, they really helped me", she said sarcastically as she got to the desk. She put on a smirk and put a hand on the table to alert him of her presence.

19th Sep 2008, 3:09 PM

To say that Eeric approved of a certain J.D. Harper would be a vast overstatemtent. Eeric had certainly warmed up to him in the past months, but he by no means liked the guy. It was more that he tolerated him, simply because his closest friend had for some insanely illogical reason convinced herself that he was worth her time and effort, and even worth the risk of her own health. It was against her better judgment to be with him, and against Eeric's better judgment to let her, but he wasn't her father and could only exercise so much control over her decisions. And this was not one that Lila would let him make for her.

So when Lila swiftly abandoned them upon entering the classroom, Eeric didn't even need to follow her to where she was aimed for. He already knew, the image of the golden-haired boy emerging in his mind. He let an annoyed sigh perforate his lips but said nothing, merely throwing a wave over his shoulder to Lila as she departed.

"Girls," he murmured, rolling his eyes and shifting in his desk once he and Roxy had arrived at the back of the room. He received no response, however, for Roxy was already too annoyed with their assignment to care.

"Here's my story. It's about a girl who falls asleep during first period and no one really cares. The end. And now, here's the live action movie!"

And with that, she crossed her arms over the desk and unceremoniously dropped her head onto them with closed eyes. Eeric chuckled deeply, expecting such behavior from his close friend, but merely let out an exasperated sigh.

"Nudge me if the teacher starts looking at me or anything," she managed to mumble incoherently through her own arms, face seemingly magnetically attracted to them and the sleep-inducing comfort they delivered. Well, not in front of him they didn't. Not if he had any say in the matter. As though divinely inspired, Eeric began prodding the dark haired girl with a zealous enjoyment, once on the arm before darting to her shoulder, then to her wrist following her rib. Roxy tolerated it well enough for the first moment or so, but she finally relented and glanced up as though expecting the professor to be bearing down on them maliciously. When she found instead that he couldn't be paying less attention to the two of them, she emitted an annoyed groan that was music to Eeric's ears.

"Damn it, Eeric, the teacher isn't even looking! I really hate you."

A grin as wide as a canyon spread over his plump lips and he revealed two rows of perfect white teeth, eyes glittering with the purest childish glee.

"Like Hell you do! You love me. I'm the only reason you're still close to graduating. If I didn't keep you awake, you would have slept yourself to an F in most of your classes," his smirk only grew wider and he quickly stuck his tongue out playfully at her, not even attempting to mask the look of achievement that took over his face when she began moving her desk closer to his.

"So what did you write about? I didn't do mine. I forgot to. Not really, but the teacher doesn't have to know that."

Eeric frowned at Roxy's proud rebuttal of school expectations but couldn't suppress his subsequent laugh. She was really one of a kind. He shifted himself in his seat so that he could angle his body in the direction of his friend and focus his full attention on her now that he had woken her up almost irreversibly.

"Alright--I wrote a story about a man who is addicted to tattoos," he paused and his grin magnified considerably before he continued. "He covers his whole body in them, these beautiful images of every continent, every theme imaginable, and then one of the artists who created a rather large mural on his back becomes quite famous, so famous that a gallery features his work. They find the man with the endless tattoos and tell him that they'd like to feature an image of his back in the gallery for the special event, and he agrees. The man goes missing and is never heard from again, but not too long after, an image quite remarkably similar to the one on that man's back appears in a gallery somewhere on a very strange sort of tapestry..." Eeric couldn't control himself at this point and burst out laughing, having attempted to maintain his somber expression for as long as possible. He knew Roxy would be relatively unaffected by his story, but it got him every single time.

"Sound like a bestseller to you?"


Lila“Some other time then,” J.D. spoke in his silkier-than-silk voice which oozed with confidence. Lila fought every blood-vessel in her face, pleading silently that they don’t display the faint rosy hue that her skin seemed to permanently change to when she was in J.D.’s presence. Much to her chagrin, her hopes were futile, because her cheeks were quickly stained a light shade of pink, and she had to sit down with her hair draped between the two of them and acting as a sort of curtain to obscure her embarrassment. She quickly gathered her thoughts and dismissed the dim awkwardness that still took over her countenance and instead focused on J.D.’s husky voice as it filled her mind.

“Well…” Lila glanced up hopefully, eyes finally meeting his and she momentarily recovered from the collision. That gaze of his was overwhelming, even when filled with the confused skepticism it bore at that moment. "It was about this guy who had a lot better things to do on his winter break, than write some story. But... My dog ate it." At the beginning of the story Lila’s eyes had widened with pleased surprise, but that quickly faded as J.D. elaborated on his story, and it quickly devolved into a joke. Although a tiny chuckle burst through her lips before she could control it, Lila forced her face into a completely deadpan expression.

“Oh? That’s riveting. What’s your dog’s name then, J.D.?” Even though Lila was well-aware that no dog existed, and J.D. knew that she knew this fact, she was more intrigued to see what he could come up with on the spot. She quirked a challenging brow and one corner of her mouth inched upward into a playful smirk that oddly resembled those he often threw at her.

The smile didn’t last long, however, for J.D. spoke again, but this time concerning the one other person capable of so gravely affecting her emotions as he did. She was a powerful force, one like a hurricane—she swept through with an undiscerning path and uprooted everything that stood in her way, unrelenting and unpredictable.

"You don't have to worry, she's not coming,” J.D. spoke with an unnatural degree of calm, the control over his features and tone of his voice catching Lila off-guard. She raised a brow questioningly but did not smile; she didn’t want him to think that any relief she experienced would be derived from knowing his friend wasn’t going to be around. Her relief was merely in knowing that she wouldn’t have to deal with an enraged Leigh should she find her in her seat. While J.D.’s words sent relief rushing through her, it also raised a new question. Just why wasn’t Leigh going to be arriving to claim her rightful place beside J.D.? Lila shifted in her seat so that she could fully face the blonde-haired boy before her, and her eyes softened on him.

“Well, while in one sense a relief, that’s also a cause for concern. I’m worried that she’s not coming. Is there something wrong?” Lila was treading lightly, words not demanding but still interested to show that she truly did care about Leigh’s whereabouts, and moreso how they would relate to J.D.’s happiness.

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Shauna swiftly brought her gaze back to Adam. It was nice to have met someone okay on her first day. Sure she had no idea what the cliques were but she can know who she won’t like. Girls who hover around one boy for instance – there was a boy in her old school who seemed to be like a light to moths, the girls being the moths that is, and they would spend their days, yes whole days just hovering around him. Shauna never really understood the attraction to doing such a thing, it seemed relatively boring to her, but was explained at least in part when the number of girls rapidly increased when it was coming close to Prom. Evidently that explanation – that they all wanted him to ask them to Prom – makes them seem fully more pathetic than they could have possibly been. So, those girls and more than occasionally those boys weren’t likely to get much of Shauna’s attention.

She had once, foolishly perhaps, believed that that is was a clique was. All those girls grouped together for one goal – to get the boy to bring them to Prom. Obviously it wasn’t a correct belief, as a friend had told her after she had asked him whether this was true. Her friend had enlightened her to the fact that the girls are likely to hate each other. All fighting for the same thing and all must take a toll on friendships in the end. Yet, she was right in one thing. People did class them together, they just were wrong about them being friends. That confused Shauna even more. Why pretend to be friends then go behind their back just to be catty? It was then that she stopped thinking about cliques and so on, and stopped paying attention. Though she hadn’t lost it completely, she could still tell who ‘those’ boys would be and who ‘those’ girls would be. For example the dark haired boy sitting somewhere near the back of the class who had just been approached by another equally attractive girl. He would, most probably be one of ‘those’ boys, and she was likely to be one of ‘those’ girls too.

“Snuggle bunny? What the hell! Do I look like a deranged 7-year-old girl?” Adam asked, bringing out a smirk from Shauna, but before she could act on it he hastily added “Wait don’t answer that…” Shauna laughed lightly along with Adam, a warm smile taking place on her lips. Obviously he had seen that she was about to answer. In all fairness he didn’t exactly look like a 7-year-old girl but the ‘deranged’ part could stretch to anything, so really if the 7-year-old girl was ‘deranged’ she might’ve looked something like Adam. To be honest she hadn’t exactly thought through the ‘Snuggle Bunny’ name but it sounded like something to be embarrassed about naming your cat... although Macaroni St Clement was up there with it. She just wasn’t original enough to think of it.

“Erm my dad probably got Macaroni off some dodgy guy in a bar called St. Clements? I probably went to bed at that point, I dunno,” Adam finished, shrugging. Shauna smiled warmly. She doubted the last bit of the story. You’re unlikely, even when trawling through the strangest bars to find a dodgy guy giving out kittens. It wasn’t exactly something that happened.

“Yes, I’ve heard of the underground kitten trading business. It’s becoming a huge problem all over the world. Strange men in hoodies giving out cute, cuddly felines in bars all over have become the police’s greatest worry.” She teased lightly, grinning by the end of the story.

“Sooo,” Adam began apparently attempting to put something in to try and keep the conversation flowing before carrying on, “Are you new here too?” ‘Too’ that meant he was new here too, right. Although she probably could have guessed that as he wasn’t sitting next to a best friend and easily talking about Winter Break.

“Yeah, I am,” Shauna replied happily, “It’s my first day here – obviously as it’s the first day back for most people, but you get it.” She laughed and rolled her eyes at the stupid comment.

“Anyway – my dad just got a new job so we had to move here.” She said, a smile still apparent on her lips, “So you’re new too, right?” She asked, and wondered momentarily how many new students had appeared in the school over Winter Break. In her old school it was once in a blue moon that a new student arrived, and then they would be the talk of the class for at least half the year, and would be known as the ‘new kid’ for the whole year. Here, she wondered if it was simply a natural and common occurrence for new kids to arrive after every break. In which case, it would only stand to reason that it was a natural and common occurrence for kids to leave each year too.

Shauna cast her eyes round the class, wondering if this prediction was true, and if it was who in this class would be like her friends back home, having lost a friend to another place.


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Ms Donnell smiled, for what felt like about the first time in ages, her best friend Niamh called, and said that she would like to see her again, so she agreed to go out tonight, she looked through her clothes and decided to wear a blue floncy top, and a white jacket with a pair of white pants. She though she'd look ''hip'' but when Chloe saw her she nearly died laughing, this is what Chloe wore: http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd342/LostSaggatarius/T01OKDCAO0ZCOPCA4GO1NICAX9E5LQCABW3.jpg
Miss Donnell blushed, she didn't know Chole was as odl as she looke,d it turned out Chloe was ill. ''don't tell anyone, i went to hospital, i-i-i have c-c-c-ancer, i have 2 months to live'',Chloe said. ''Oh Chole, oh how awful, i'm so sorry here, lets have a greatr night out! Lets make the most of it'', she said, and they did.
Miss Donnell Arrived back at her house very late, it was dark outside and she could here drunk shouting in the council houses across she way, she, herself, lived in a big roomy private house. She had a cat named Felix
He was a quite cat, but on the curious side. This was her house:
hers is rthe one on the left, an old man named Charlie lived on the right, he's nice Charlie, but has the noisiest granchildren that are down in the summer.

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When it came to the young man known as Matt Sidle, what he thought about a class - fun, boring, weird, and everything in between - would rarely depend on the subject taught itself, but rather on in whose company he spent said class. It could be 'interesting' and 'entertaining', had he spent it chatting up some girl, talking to his friends, or plotting someone's demise with Marie-Elisabeth, but the same class could also just as easily end up labelled 'the dullest hour of his life, ever', only a week later, if the circumstances thereof had not appealed to him enough that time around.
Now, that being said, his opinion about the current one was still very much up in the air, because so far, it had been much like a minor rollercoaster ride. First the up of his flirting with that pretty blonde, then the down of the teacher putting a stop to it, then the up of seeing Natalie enter the class with one of the weirdest kids in school, and getting everyone's attention. Then, an additional up of slipping her that sly greeting, closely followed by the steep, steep down of having to partner up with the weird kid, and having to do so while Natalie watched, leaving her the perfect chance to gloat about it. A chance she didn't even hesitate to take.
Not that he had expected her to.

"Missed me, then?" she purred at him, sounding just as perfectly innocent as he had moments ago, and with just the same poisonous dagger hidden in the folds of her tone.

And with the obvious intent to add insult to injury, she then leaned forward, giving Loren a sideway glance in the process, and whispered teasingly in Matt's ear;

"Have fun."

Matt, however, didn't bother to look at her, mostly as a way of ignoring her as far as was humanly possible with her standing that close. But, he couldn't hold back the faintest of smirks, partly because he had to appreciate her swift retaliation, but mostly because to him, her comment was much like throwing stones in a glass house; they were bold words indeed, coming from someone who had willingly entered the class room with that weirdo by her side, and remained in his presence while he made a fool - no, wait, correction; even more of a fool - of himself, and her, infront of everyone. At least in Matt's case, it was not a matter of choice, as it took a teacher's warning glare, and the threat of a nasty scene if he refused, to get him to share Loren's... sparkling company. And everyone would know it.
Though he still couldn't let her go without adding his two cents about what she had just said, and so just as she withdrew from him, in order to leave, he managed to flip her off, by quickly sliding his middle finger along his cheek, as though he was brushing off an itch; a gesture so subtle, that even if someone else saw it, they wouldn't have been sure if it was indeed a deliberate gesture, or just a coincidence.

But, he didn't get a chance to see if Natalie noticed, as before he could glance over his shoulder at her now retreating form, his eyes locked on something else; the beaming smile that had been on Loren's face, but was now fading along with Natalie's presence. With his gaze aimed straight forward as she had bent down to whisper in his ear, Matt had seen that smile on the other guy's lips, but it wasn't until now, when it was sinking back into a faint one, that he actually registered it. And with it, the reason for it. 'Well, well, well...', he thought to himself with another smirk. It would seem a certain someone had a crush. Because that kind of smile was not the casual one meant for just a friend, nor was it a response to such a smile. It was a happy, delighted smile, and with Natalie having given Loren no real reason to be that happy, that previous wide grin could only mean one thing; the weird kid had a crush.
Oh, this was just too good. So good, in fact, that Matt simply couldn't hide the smile drawn from his lips by the devious thoughts now stirring in his mind. Luckily, he was well versed in concealing the malice within, and so quite successfully managed to channel it into a rather gentle curving of his lips instead, and not the evil grin that would have better suited his current state of mind. Although, much like Loren's smile had done, Matt's soon faded also, as Loren handed him what Matt assumed had to be his story, even though it looked more like a piece of mistreated modern art. Mistreated bad modern art, with ink stains and a handwriting that made it all look more like some dead ancient language, rather than plain and simple English.

"Mine's about the reduction of native civilizations after a new society comes, sees and conquers", the oddball - mildly put - told him with an all renewed smile, before turning back in his seat to read the story Matt had handed him.

It sounded lucid enough, but the paper currently hanging from between the tips of Matt's thumb and index finger, almost as though he feard it would try to bite him, still had him fighting the urge to exclaim 'You seriously expect me to actually read that?!'. Mostly because at this point, such an outburst might end up spoiling his plans. And the opportunity that had presented itself to him, was just too good for him not to take advantage. So, instead of making an additional show of what he really thought of the other boy's sorry excuse for a written story, he put it down on the desk, and assumed a position of trying to concentrate on what it said. In that manner, a few seconds of silence passed by, before Matt, without looking up from the story, casually said;

"You know... Nat must really like you."

Anticipating that the other boy would turn around, he was just about to continue, when suddenly another form appeared where earlier Natalie had stood, and the slender hand of a girl landed daintily on his desk.

"So", came a curt voice, dripping with sarcasm, just as Matt looked up to see who it was. "I really appreciate the directions you know, they really helped me."

Ah, that Kim girl. He had been wondering when, or even if, the little beauty would work up the nerve to confront him about his prank. Most would probably have settled for shooting him a tell-tale glare, if not for the fact that they simply didn't have the guts to confront people, then for the fact that even the blind could see Matt belonged with the 'untouchables'. And, had the victim been one of the weirdos, or the nerds, he would have preferred such a glare. But with this one, he was more than happy to go another round, and thus, his lips soon split into a most winsome and disarming smile.

"It was my pleasure", he said, and leaned back casually in his chair as if to get a better look at her. "I'm always happy to help."

20th Sep 2008, 2:22 AM
Anne hated group projects- hated them with a passion, and it was all she could do to keep from scowling at the teacher on her way to her desk. Looking around the classroom, she was wondering if there was anyone that hadn't actually claimed a partner already. It didn't look like it, but she was in no mood to go around pretending to be sociable after the night she'd had. She hadn't been able to sleep since she'd been up all night at the emergency room telling the doctors about her latest "fall" which had cracked her left wrist, a souvenir she'd gotten when she jumped in between her angry father and Addy, the youngest of her siblings.

It looked like the teacher was about to say something, but decided against it as soon as their eyes fell on the small splint encasing her arm. Before she got called up to the desk to fend off more intrusive questions from the ever-concerned staff, she suppressed a sigh and slid tiredly into her chair next to a girl she hadn't had the chance to get to know yet. Kris... Kim... her name was something like that. She was standing next to the infamous Matt Sidle, apparently telling him off for one of his nasty little pranks. Maybe once she was done ripping him a new one, Anne would ask her to partner up. It would give her an excuse to better get to know someone else that didn’t believe Matt and his fellow preps were the gods of Brooklake. Not that she'd gotten to finish the paper- not even close. You'd think she would have had enough time over break, but the way things had been lately, it was all Anne could do to keep from failing because of how much attention home life had diverted from her studies. Eh, she could only hope she’d have an opportunity to make up the grade without someone asking her why she didn’t finish it. Of course, that would be a pretty stupid question- all she’d have to do was tell them about her little hospital visit- minus the real reason for it. If anyone found out and started giving her dad a hard time for it, he’d be sure to take it out on the rest of them. Not an option, as far as Anne was concerned.

Still, listening to Kim and Matt’s little exchange forced Anne to hide her mouth behind her hand, lest her amusement give her away. It was just too delightful to see someone not being cowed by his putrid popularity. Sure, there were some nice kids at the school that were popular, but they were few and far between. Josh Brennan might be one of them, but as always, the leech that was Marie-Elisabeth clung to his arm, and that very fact made his company repulsive to her. Not that he was mean… but wherever he went, she was sure to follow.

For a moment, Matt’s words filtered through her thoughts to her brain, and she didn’t even bother to hide the rolling of her eyes from him.

"It was my pleasure, I'm always happy to help." She let out a soft snort. Sure you’re always happy to help. As sure as my name is Pope Gregory the Ninth. What a turd.

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Katie's general policy was to keep her head down and let others ignore her whenever possible. New her aside, that was still her natural defense mechanism. If she were to trip and fall down a stair well she would stand back up and try to be invisible. If she were to walk in forty seconds late to class the roaring demon of her insecurities would do the same thing as if she had really embarrassed herself. So she had pulled out her paper- three pages, typed, on how war altered physical landscapes- and reread it on her own. One or two red marks to change a word or add a comma appeared, but otherwise Katie thought it perfect.

Which meant if she wanted to improve she would have to ask someone else. Go figure. She scanned the room quickly, all the people that she knew for certain were nice were taken. Of course. In fact... everyone seemed taken. A second more intent scan of the room led her to an unfortunate conclusion. The only person without a partner was the school's quarterback, Josh Brennan. She had never heard anything specifically bad about the guy, but then the only information she had was from transparent and probably very annoying fangirls. Katie did not often know nothing about anything, and the fact of it bothered and intimidated her terribly.

She took a few deep breaths and prepared to stand up, going into a small place inside herself, one that could react with a witty comment with no effort or delay, one that could perform impossibly complex routines with the ease that other people walked, and one that had a single minded determination to get something unpleasant over with. She didn't use it often, her little place, she had gotten better at dealing with people, but this morning had been going so badly she needed it. So she didn't notice at all when another girl came up and said "Hey, do you want to swap papers? I'm Jen.. My story's not very good; it's about a camel that has a fear of sand.."

Katie was so focused on what to to say or do when she got over to the other row that she didn't even notice the other girl continue with a blush, "Honest, it was my brother's idea. He's eight."

A few quick steps, a chair rotated ninety degrees from an empty desk, a comfortable flop into her chair and Katie Byrd, overacheiver and nerd perfect of Brooklake High was talking to Josh Brennan fangirled idolized quarterback of the same. Even in her still place Katie was able to appreciate the irony. It had only been that irony that terrified her, actually talking to new people didn't bother her, thier responses did. She didn't think there was any of her usual fear of new people in her eyes as she said, "Hey, you don't have a partner yet, right?"

She didn't give him an answer, he clearly didn't, "Mine's about war's effect on geography and culture." With that she gingerly set her paper on his desk, her confident facade only a hair's breadth away from crumbling like moldy cheese. Until it died though, she would hide behind it for all she was worth.

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Jen was waiting for an answer from Katie, but rolled her eyes as she brushed past without a single glance.
She watched Katie start chatting with some guy whose last name started with B. Wanting to sulk a little, Jen quickly slipped a piece of lined paper on her desk and tried to think of a title for the song that Matt had asked her about. She scribbles out many ideas before giving up.
The song itself wasn't finished, and before Jen could help it, she started singing softly to herself.

Especially stuck on the second verse, Jen started thinking about the last few weeks and what she hoped for the future of her school year. Things still looked bleak on the social scene, but the education part she could cope with.
And Jen knew she would need to handle schoolwork, as she was now at her peak stage to be signed a contract by a proper agent.
It was only a matter of time, her dad had told her, but she wasn't so sure.
With everything else, Jen was content with what she had, or didn't have.
Homework, lunchtime, her family, her boyfriend - Everything was assumed fine.
But when it came to her music, this was totally different.

She wanted to be perfect; perform songs that would be acknowledged worldwide. And not as the labelled song of some clique, something.. Truly different and worthy of praise. She liked soft, easy melodies with a few 'stunts' thrown in for a good flow. Nothing harsh or scratchy, her music and her songs always had to be smooth, although realistic.

And now, this 'season' was it. Get in, or get over. Jen was fully ready, and all she needed was the perfect chance to showcase her abilities.
This year, looking out in the notices and consulting with teachers and relatives weren't going to be enough.
She'd have to find extra special connections, and whatever she had to deal with on the way, she was prepared to do it.

Heh, I'm so off in a daydream.. Too sleepy to think.. I will flee the forum now. Bonne nuit, everyone. :)
Anyone can approach/interrupt Jen, btw.

20th Sep 2008, 4:00 PM
Although Christmas itself was over, with all the presents, the traditions and the general warmth between people, it would seem the time for holiday miracles, was not. At least, that would have been the thought of any teacher who might have looked up this minute, and found J.D. Harper not only wide awake in class on a Monday morning, but actually talking to another student who, unlike his friends, had a history of doing her homework and her assignments, and of paying attention in class; of being exactly what a good student was supposed to be. He wasn't barking obscenities at her, and she didn't look as though he was bullying or pestering her, or like she was telling him off for something bad he was sure to have done. Instead, they appeared to be truly talking, and with the glances cast at the papers on their respective desks, one might even assume that it might actually be about the assignment.
A true miracle indeed.

And in a small way, it was somewhat of a miracle to J.D. himself as well, because he couldn't really think of a single other person to whose question regarding the assignment he would have offered an answer other than a disdainful snort, a "Go away", or, if he'd been feeling particularly friendly, a "Haven't done it, now shoo". But with Lila, the fact of the matter was he didn't really mind any topic, other than the ones she knew by now to avoid, and so school work was as good a topic as any to serve as an excuse for talking to her. As was Leigh's absence, even though it was a topic of a slightly more delicate nature. But for once, J.D. honestly didn't mind, and so when Lila softly inquired if there was something wrong, her demeanor seeming to adjust perfectly to follow the minor changes in his mood, J.D. offered a small and ever so faintly melancholic smile in return. Lila was concerned that Leigh wasn't going to show up? Heh, that would've made Leigh's day, had she known.

"Eh", he said with a light shrug of his shoulders. "Her folks suddenly decided they needed to move to Lonsdale."

Having said that, however, he was ready to move on from that particular topic. He was not one to dwell and to discuss how such an event made him feel and why, and so instead, his thoughts jumped back to the question Lila had asked prior to the one regarding Leigh; the name of his dog, of whose nonexistence they were both very much aware. And he couldn't help but let another smirk tug at his lips. What, she was actually encouraging him to lie? Something he'd done almost on a daily basis for years now, for one reason or another?
Oh, this he could do!

"And my dog's name is Rocky", he said, grabbing the first pet name that popped into his head, and then just kept going. "He's a black German shepard. Two years old. We got him for free from a breeder, cuz one of his paws is kind of deformed, and so they were gonna have him put down, if no one would take him. So we did."

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20th Sep 2008, 9:33 PM
Really, Natalie Cardew was not sure what to make of this girl. She seemed a little odd by appearance, but Natalie, these days on a liberalist roll, decided to define it as quirky. After all, how someone chose to dress was simply that sartorial taste, it didn’t necessarily nail down personality; if that was always the case, she was so in with the Paris Hilton gang. Thankfully, people got to choose what they were like in the high school jungle – problem was, most didn’t know that.

Though, she really wasn’t expecting a whole paragraph of an assignment dedicated to love of oneself. Of course, there were several ways to give yourself a pep talk, but this blew the other weird options out of the water. Added to that, Lorene didn’t seem like she really needed a cell with bouncy walls; she actually seemed quite fun – in a sane sort of way. So, Natalie figured that perhaps Lorene hadn’t actually written it herself. Otherwise, it meant Natalie was sitting in English class with a complete lunatic, and that wasn’t that out of the ordinary anyway.

“I didn’t write the last part,” she said with some hesitation, almost prompting Natalie to ask whether she wasn’t sure about that. Well, you never know…. However, she made no interruptions, still amused, though a little freaked out, she simply decided to listen to the explanation as Lorene took a deep breath as if preparing herself.

“I didn’t finish this assignment before I went on holiday to Lithuania like I planned to so I ended up finishing it there but…,” Lorene started, gaining an encouraging smile from Natalie. “Like, when I’m there English kinda goes out the window. And a friend, who I only see for like a month max every year, must have found my notebook and thought it was for personal use and thought ‘why not write an embarrassing love confession in here!’”

It was evident enough to Natalie that Lorene was embarrassed enough over the affair, genuinely so, and hence, she was going to refrain from making smart-mouthed comments. Natalie wasn’t going to make smart-mouthed comments, she wasn’t going to make no comments. Though, as was the case these days, she would ensure she wasn’t malicious or anything. However, before she could say anything, Lorene moved to swiftly chance the subject.

“So errr, no offence but you don’t look like the typical reader of ‘A hitchhiker’s guide’,” she said suddenly in regards to Natalie’s appearance. Well. That would require some explaining.

“Oh, I just forgot my glasses today,” Natalie grinned with a jovial spark flashing in her eyes, making a little stab at the mandatory 'fashion accessory' that every self-respecting geek should apparently sport without fail, showing that she was rather amused by that stereotype and how she challenged it and how Lorene saw it before she actually explained. “I really couldn't help it. I had to get at that stereotype with a sledgehammer.”

And that was all she had to say on the matter for now, for the information regarding her rejection of prep culture was still too sensitive an issue to be shared with people she’d just met. Perhaps later, when she trusted someone enough to take the risk of them judging her, but right now, it was still a touchy subject. And the funny thing was, in the case of the only person who did know about that – Brat – it’d be a bad idea to team up him, her and a sledgehammer at some points.

“So, Lithuania, huh?” she moved on, shooting another dazzling smile in interest. “Wow, are you like… really well travelled and all?”

With that, she couldn’t resist making just one comment regarding that last paragraph. Compulsion, probably.

“By the way, that invasion of privacy by your friend is kinda sweet,” she said, mischief twinkling in her eyes that she really hadn’t let the humour of the situation go just yet. “Though, next time, he should use his own stationary.”

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21st Sep 2008, 12:31 AM
Roxy listened intently to Eeric as he explained what his story was about, actually finding herself interested in it... until he got to the end. She rolled her eyes, made a face, and let out a disgusted groan. "Ugh, seriously Eeric... you need to stop watching those stupid horror movies," she said, a sly smirk creeping its way across her full lips as her eyes allowed themselves to take in his appearance. He had changed over the break, in a good way, and not just from the new lip piercing he had; Eeric looked broader somehow, like he'd put on some muscle. She wasn't about to ask though, so instead she turned her attention.

Her eyes eventually fell on J.D. and Lila, observing the pair for a moment curiously; while Roxy had nothing against the blonde-haired troublemaker and he felt the same, she couldn't help but wonder what had lead her friend into such feelings for him. Although she supposed the said could be said for her and her own feelings. After another moment or two, she glanced back at Eeric and changed the subject.

"Odd how everyone is pairing up lately, and I don't mean for this dumb assignment," she murmured, sticking her tongue out at Eeric and fully expecting a debate. "What about you though, hm? Got your eye on any girl around here for yourself?"


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21st Sep 2008, 12:35 AM
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Hayden was good at seeing into what could come, for example in a certain situation she could see how it could escalate into something worse. Like the fact of her and Marie-Elisabeth talking right now, trying to be better than one another. She knew it would soon grow into them both bickering and fighting until one of them had the last laugh. So she bit her lip and thought to just be nice and give her a chance, she yet had no point on disliking or liking her fully.

Hayden did have some attitude and could be bitchy, only if she had reason to. The reason being for now is that she had a point to make clear, she wasn’t a stupid or a follower. But as pretty as Hayden was she would fit in well with these girls so she yet again thought to bite her lip and be nice. She could like this girl. So she smiled nicely hopefully trying to settle their minor dispute.

“I’m Hayden Alba” , Hayden said.
Marie-Elisabeth couldn’t hold back a snicker. “Just like the girl who plays the cheerleader on TV, isn’t that just oh so appropriate” she said, reaching over to grab her paper off Hayden’s desk “So where’s your paper, I suppose I'd better read it”.

Hayden flicked her hair, turned to the window quickly shocked on how mean this girl could be. Hayden was never like this although everyone knew at her old school not to cross her or they would regret it. She bit her lip, smiled calmly knowing that she should at least make a few friends before actually being instantly non popular which wasn’t an option for Hayden. Hayden laughed awkwardly and replied, “Well yeh I guess, Alba is from my mums side of the family. But I guess Hayden is like the cheerleader who plays Claire of TV, although i wasnt named after her”. She said this softly with a chuckle, she had no attitude even though she felt like saying something rude or humiliating back to her, but she knew Marie-Elisabeth wasn’t someone to mess with especially when your not that popular.
“I didn’t have a paper to give in, im a transfer” Hayden said with a chuckle.
‘We are more alike than you think Marie’, Hayden thought to herself.

21st Sep 2008, 6:50 AM
Loren had a reason for being cheerful most of the time. Some days it was because he was in excellent company, some days it was because the human drama he was privileged to observe- though not necessarily understand- at Brooklake was particularly powerful, and some days he was just high on caffeine and lack of sleep.

Today seemed to be shaping up to the first of those, after having talked and walked with Natalie and now having found a partner in class without an awkward standing on a chair asking if anyone needed a partner. Not awkward in that he found it the least bit embarrassing, but because he tended to wear pants way too tight for clambering on chairs. Not that that would stop him.

And his partner was a fellow thespian, one of few he didn't know and like personally. Although some small part of him knew that the vast majority of the time the feeling wasn't mutual, he still liked the people. All in all his typical good cheer was even more justified today than it was on those caffeine addled mornings when his smile was physically unable to leave his face.

So in the spirit of good partnership he had taken Matt's story and gotten all stretched out comfortably in the school's desk to read it, and had started even. The story was fairly good, it wasn't really the sort of thing Loren liked to read about, but then again bizarre romances in strange lands were not a common motif in schoolwork. Still, he preferred to enjoy whatever his attention settled on, so he was quite happy to read Matt's story and enjoy it for what it was.

So it was with slightly disoriented mein that he heard Matt suddenly ask, You know... Nat must really like you."

What an odd thing to say! Of course Natalie liked him... didn't everyone like his irreverent take on life and complete freedom from social inhibition? Every once in a while people were kind of rude, but Loren's superhuman ability to rationalize other people's actions made no one seem any worse than "rude." Even in middle school when he got shoved into trashcans it was just rude. It obviously wasn't hatred or even strong dislike or a sign he needed to do anything differently.

So what was Matt trying to get at? Loren had a moment or two to think about it as he untangled his feet from the little bar on the front of the desk and decided he was just trying to make polite small talk, which was total awesomeness, it implied that he wanted to be friends too! It did not occur at all to Loren that someone as mind-bogglingly popular as Matt Sidle would probably have a more effective technique for making friends.

He was just about to reply in the affirmative- and only that- when a girl with black hair came over and put her hand on Matt's desk. Loren obligingly put Matt's story onto his own desk so as not to get in the way, and watched in transparent and childish fascination as the girl said sarcastically, "So, I really appreciate the directions you know, they really helped me."

Loren let a very generous respectful smile burst onto his face for a moment. He was still an awesome judge of character, if this guy was so helpful to some random new girl, then he must be nicer than the hype among some of Loren's nerdier friends. He couldn't begin to fathom an explanation for her speaking sarcastically, maybe just a pattern of speech. For several weeks he had jumped between English and German accents with no discernible pattern, despite living in America, and he assumed now that with her the sarcasm was like that.

Matt continued the fairly nice pattern with the girl by saying casually, "It was my pleasure. I'm always happy to help." Loren followed the verbal exchange completely, going so far as to turn his head to look at each speaker, and let his omnipresent grin melt into a generally slack expression.

Loren supposed at this point that a socially well-adjusted attention grabbing individual would attempt to steer the conversation back to his own potential love interest at this point. Then again, Loren was not a socially well adjusted individual by any stretch of the imagination. His grin had come up again unbidden, and he just flashed a bright smile at the girl, another one at Matt and nodded once. Let him think whatever from that. If it was seen as him acknowledging the new girl's prescense, that was fine with him, or if it was seen in response to his question about Natalie also fine.

He spun back to face vaguely sideways forwards and picked Matt's story up where he left off. There were plenty of other times that they saw each other, if Matt wanted to talk to the girl he was more than happy for him, and if he wanted to actually do his work and read Loren's paper, that was fine too. As for Loren, he would leave them to it, after all, it really wasn't any of his business.

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21st Sep 2008, 8:55 PM
Being famous – even in terms of high school – was sort of disconcerting. There was the fact that everyone had their eye on you, watching and scrutinising everything you did, picking out the faults, drawing their conclusions and crafting their conspiracies. People liked propaganda, when it came down to it and where there was none, they just made it up. However, there weren’t many people with no secrets and Josh certainly wasn’t one of them and hence, with propaganda came the threat of having his privacy truly infringed upon.

Though, there was another side – another level, rather – even if people didn’t make up things about him; there were so many people that knew him and knew about him that he didn’t know about or could reciprocate. That was what truly got to Josh Brennan, the feeling of being exposed and then the feeling of being pompous about knowing next to nothing about them in return. After all, everyone in high school, popular or not, had their own stories.

Though he realised that, he didn’t do much about it, partly because he was expected not to, but also partly because he didn’t know how to. There was the stereotype that came with being a jock; everyone assumed you were an insensitive, abusive, idiotic meathead. Those who knew Josh knew that the case was the exact opposite with him. But then, despite all those who knew of Josh, there were few who actually knew him and thus, he was, in the public eye, a stereotypical jock to most. Thus, every time he approached those who didn’t belong to the popular cliques, they always had their guard up, they’d already judged him before he got a word in and they’d probably misinterpret anything he did, and hence, he just didn’t bother. Equally, most just stuck to worshipping him from afar, and those that had no love for ‘his type’ seethed at him from equal distance. Given all that, it was fine by him for the most part.

However, there were those that approached him regardless of all that, whether through necessity of having to work with him over class projects or courage to make their adoration of him known. Katie Byrd, a rather pretty girl he only knew about because she was widely known for her rather intimidating grades and academic history and somewhat surprisingly made the cheerleading team – Marie-Elisabeth must have been in a good mood – was of the former category. Though, he didn’t know enough about her to draw any conclusions, only that she was a little bit of a Smart Alec. Well, Josh was apparently a little bit of a meathead, wasn’t he? It’s all good.

"Hey, you don't have a partner yet, right?" Katie asked abruptly, to which Josh had about a millisecond to answer before she somewhat hesitantly set down her work on his desk. There was a sort of another layer to her self-assured exterior, as if it were thin film concealing what she really felt and Josh had an idea or two about what that could be; she probably though he was a little too dim to handle her work, or that he didn’t care or that usual nerves he seemed to inadvertently inspire. "Mine's about war's effect on geography and culture."

Yeah, Katie was nervous, for whatever reason. So, he made no highlight of it – wanting to avoid putting her even more on edge, but probably seeming insensitive in the process somehow and simply slid her work towards him, while extending to her his work. 9 AM and he was going to be reading about war’s effect on geography and culture. It didn’t exactly thrill him, but he made no show of it but for a slow nod as if he was accepting it.

“Thanks,” he said as soon as he could, ever polite about her wanting to – or rather making the effort to try – work with him before he relaxed into his chair, the charming aura never waning as he held out his work. “Mine’s about a road trip,” he gave a small, rather modest intro. The work was actually quite insightful, it was about a road trip, yes, because Josh couldn’t think of anything else that was fitting, but the actual story was about the characters – all of them from startlingly different backgrounds – and how the experience shapes them in different ways. Yeah, he did the assignment because he didn't want anyone whining to Coach, but he didn't do it by halves. So, he decided to let her judge it, only flashing a brief, yet heart-stopping smile with his signature lacings of vulnerability hidden in it’s depths, dropping his gaze to the paper and taking a deep breath before he raised his smiling eyes back up to meet Katie's as he finished off his comment; “Surprise, surprise, huh?”

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21st Sep 2008, 9:08 PM
As Kim stood there next to Matt's desk, she thought about why he'd seen her as a target to pull his little prank on. She'd never been able to understand hazing the new comers. It wasn't like they'd done anything yet and they were new and very probably scared. She did however wholeheartedly support pranking other students, because she could actually relate with that and was all for it.

"I'm sure it was", she said, replying to Matt. She'd noticed the smile he put on and almost felt sick. She couldn't believe she hadn't thought that he could be lying to her when he directed her. That was what she got for thinking about how hot he was, she thought to herself.

"Anyways, let's cut the cr*p", she said suddenly turning more serious, "I can't believe you would actually do that, you jerk", she said trying her best not to make a scene even if that was what she wanted to do with every fiber of her being. She then turned and, for the first time, noticed his partner. She hadn't noticed him because of her talking to Matt but now she turned to him. " Hey, didn't notice you there, Aren't you that guy from the play?", she asked him with a look of recognition in her eyes.

[[ Bleh, sorry for all the rambling, hope it made sense]]

21st Sep 2008, 10:49 PM
In a manner of speaking, life, to Matt, was quite a bit like playing chess. Especially when it came to the schemes that regardless of whether they were big or small, he used to brighten his days and keep himself amused. He viewed the chessboard, and decided on a strategy. Then, he started deploying the pieces, moving them into position, while mostly seeing to it to cover his own hide. More often than not, the other party of the game didn't even realize they were part of one, and so played themselves straight into his hands. Other times, they would actually manage to dodge a move or two, mostly by pure chance, only to end up back in his web after some small adjustments had been made. And then, there were the times that without even realizing it, they would make an unexpected and risky move, opening themselves up to defeat far sooner than Matt had anticipated.
An opportunist, Natalie had referred to him in her mind, and she wasn't far from the truth. When Matt saw such a chance push the gates wide open for him, he was usually swift to put it to good use. Such as now.

"I'm sure it was", Kim replied dryly to his comment, seeming to pay more attention to the pretend innocence he exuded, rather than the jovial smile on his lips that was meant to signal it had all only been in good fun, and not just him being mean.

Well, alright, there had been a hint of his mean streak involved, but at least it hadn't been anything personal. Really. In fact, he kind of liked the girl, for confronting him about what had happened, instead of taking it lying down, like most would have. And for confronting him with a bit of dignity, instead of screaming bloody murder, and for seeming to have a bit of a sense of humor about it, even if it was sarcasm. Unlike someone else nearby, who was quite obviously eavesdropping instead of minding their own business, judging by the small snort that had followed a second after Matt's remark. Though Matt pretended not to hear it, but simply kept directing his full attention onto Kim.

However, as fate would have, it would seem he had given her too much credit too soon, for just as the thought of her having a good sense of humor passed through his mind, she revealed to him that there might not be one involved at all;

"Anyways, let's cut the cr*p", she continued curtly. "I can't believe you would actually do that, you jerk".

At that, Matt quirked an eyebrow ever so slightly, as if thinking to himself that calling him a jerk for something as harmless as sending her the wrong way when she was hardly likely to get into trouble for it anyway, was a bit of an exaggeration. Because really, if he hadn't done it, someone else would have, sooner or later, and the further a new student went into their first day of school, the more the teachers would expect them to arrive on time, as the new student would have had more and more time throughout the day to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. So, wasn't it better then to get the hazing out of the way as soon as possible, while she still would get off scot free if arriving late for class?
Tsk tsk tsk. Girls.

And, before he even got a chance to reply, or even apologize, should he want to (not really, but she didn't know that), she turned to look at Loren, whom she must have noticed following the conversation for a bit, before he had turned back in his seat.

"Hey, didn't notice you there", Kim said to him, and then continued almost as though she recognized him from somewhere. "Aren't you that guy from the play?"

And that would be the window of opportunity right there.
Looking from her, to Loren, Matt saw his chance as clearly as had it been a flashing neon sign right infront of him, and in a second, he would grab it.
But first things first.

"Oh, come on, Kim", he said, in a tone just as disarming as his smile had been earlier, and intentionally slipping her name in there as a way of letting her know that he had indeed made a point to remember it. "You can take a joke, can't you? I'm sure it wasn't all that bad. I mean, at least I didn't send you someplace where there was no one around to ask, right? And besides, it's your first day. The teachers will hardly come down on you for getting lost."

That said, he then shifted his gaze to Loren, to confirm that he was now indeed a part of the conversation as well.

"Oh, by the way, this is Kim", he said, and gave an indicative nod in the darkhaired girl's direction, before continuing on with the introduction. "Kim, this is... uh... Sorry, what's your name again?"

Now; exit Matt Sidle. As Loren began to offer his reply, Matt gracefully slipped out of his chair and onto his feet, handing Loren back his short story.

"Looks great", he said, even though he had just barely made it through the first sentence. "And since it seems you two have something in common, I'll just get out of the way and leave you to it. You can just put the papers back on my desk when you're done reading it, ok man? Great."

And with that, Matt slipped away from said desk, Kim, and Loren, and headed for where Marie-Elisabeth was sitting instead, finding, much to his surprise, that it would seem she had teamed up with none other than... Hayden Alba, the girl who had thrown a fit in the hallway no more than fifteen minutes ago.
Small world.
And, he had to wonder to himself just how well (or not) those two would get along. If he was to bet any money on it, he'd say they wouldn't.

"Hey", he said as he reached the two of them, perching himself on Marie-Elisabeth's desk while keeping one foot firmly on the floor. "Not interrupting anything, am I?"

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22nd Sep 2008, 3:33 AM
Katie had a few milliseconds before Josh could respond to realize that she was approaching the entire situation from the wrong angle. There was no reason to be intimidated by knowing nothing concrete, but there was something wrong with jumping to conclusions on absolutely no information. That was not elegant, it was rarely accurate, and it was far more likely to embarrass her than silent observation would.

All of this passed through her underneath the facade in the time it took for Josh to say “Thanks,” as she handed him her paper. She knew it was well written and in her opinion it was fascinating but the more she thought about it the more she hoped that it didn't bore the poor guy to tears.

She didn't let her cheerful and confident facade slip at that, but underneath it the desire to observe popularis paradigmis in its natural habitat let a bit of fear trickle away. And he was polite. Always a good thing.

“Mine’s about a road trip,” he continued casually. ""Go figure," a little voice told her, the one that wanted to leap to conclusions with no data. Her facade might have flickered there as her inner scientist and outer teenager took valuable attention span from her expression. She attempted to buck up a bit, it wasn't too insanely difficult, anyone that had to deal with as much crap as Katie Byrd learned to be fairly resilient.

Situation redeemed Katie let her pleasant and confident facade melt off a bit, right as he bestowed a mind blowingly gorgeous smile on her. Her pleasant and sincere expression disappeared in a flash, to be replaced by the same pleasant facade she had approached with. He said lightly, “Surprise, surprise, huh?”

Damn straight... guys didn't smile at her. Ever. Well, they didn't smile and make eye contact and Katie didn't think that if they were staring at her chest and grinning happily it counted for anything. But here? Eye contact! Katie was so completely out of her league right now that it was all she could do to maintain her pleasant grin, her easy facade, a look as though she wasn't confused, scientific mindset or no.

In her close to panicked state she answered in the purest voice, the most true to herself way possible- with a nerdism. "Not really, a long journey with freinds or new people is a very common motif."

It was only after the words came out of her mouth that she realized how incredibly nerdy, how stupid, that phrase was. Katie was a brilliant person, but the fact that she didn't hide it could make her sound like an idiot regurgitating lectures. She was dismayed to find her expression had slipped into wide eyed shock and embarrassment and she recovered quickly, but there was no way he hadn't noticed. Great. Now the creul comments, the nerd girl taunts, would start again. And with a guy more popular than most, it would be over the school even more widely than usual that she was a nerd, a brainiac, someone to be avoided. Dammit!

She did her best to recover by aggressively picking up his story and letting her hair hide her face as she read it.

((OOC: Hope that made sense and is alright with you... she's a bit neurotic.

Also, I don't belive slytherin or I mentioned it yet, but Katie got onto the squad against ME's wishes because the club adviser was impressed. And ME and Katie know each other from middle school when Katie was an underglorifed secretary, who eventually developed a backbone and made an enemy. I don't know how much of that ME would have mentioned to Josh, but the club adviser being the only reason shes on the squad would probably be common knowledge. Just thought I'd put that out there))

22nd Sep 2008, 4:46 AM
There was nothing Marie-Elisabeth liked better than getting her own way. Well okay, maybe there were a few things but getting her own way was definitely on the top of the list. No was not a word she tended to hear in her life, if she ever heard it at all. So when Hayden, and very wisely in her opinion, decided to back down and play nice, she smirked and looked rather pleased.

“Wise move peon” she thought, barely paying attention as Hayden prattled on about not having a paper because she was a transfer student “You’ve learned early who not to mess with. Not that that’ll get you off the hook or anything. I think our squad may just have found itself a new aquatic distribution specialist”. She grinned to herself at the thought, the life destroying gears in her head already turning, when a very welcome distraction showed up. In the form of her ex boyfriend and oftentimes partner in crime, Matt Sidle.

“How perfect” she thought as he made his way over, making himself comfortable on her desk “I didn’t even have to go talk to him myself. Let the destruction commence”.

“Hey. Not interrupting anything, am I”? he asked, and Marie-Elisabeth flashed him a smile in return. “Of course not” she said, turning away from Hayden to look at him, though it would be hard not to since he was perched on her desk “It’s not like I was having an important conversation anyway”.

Looking over at his vacated desk, thankfully across the room, she was already formulating a plan in her mind “You always seem to show up just when I’m thinking about you” she said, gesturing to his desk; her eyes flickering briefly to Hayden “Mind terribly if we relocate? I’ve got a…project I need your help with”. She didn’t bother to say what the project was, but she figured Matt knew anyway. He always seemed to when it came to things like this and that was just one of the many reasons that he and Marie-Elisabeth had remained such good friends after their relationship ended.

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Furry: Oh, so we decided on doing that for sure then? I didn’t know if we were going to go with it or not. Mkay then….though just because she’s on the squad dooooesn’t mean ME’s gotta let her do anything *evil grin*)))

22nd Sep 2008, 3:18 PM
Lila measured every faint shift of J.D.’s expression with the utmost of attention. His smile wouldn’t so much as lower a fraction of a centimeter and she would know, considering the degree of concern she had placed upon observing the movements. If Leigh was in fact not coming to class, if she was merely skipping school, that would be one thing entirely; but if it were something else? Something more serious? Lila wasn’t quite certain how to deal with that.

“Eh, her folks suddenly decided they needed to move to Lonsdale."

J.D. spoke so matter-of-factly that Lila performed a visible double-take. She had given a vague nod at first, when the words were still settling in her mind, but upon fully understanding their meaning her eyes widened considerable and her lips parted in surprise. She was visibly disconcerted by J.D.’s words, her elegant brows knitting together with worry and her jade orbs misting over with weakened anxiety. She was about to speak, to try to offer some apology or some feeble condolence, but J.D. spoke in her place where she left only silence between them. For that she was grateful.

"And my dog's name is Rocky,” There was a wry seriousness to his tone that made Lila listen more carefully to his words; she hadn’t been expecting a return to the topic of his non-existent dog. Her heavy lashes fluttered several times to emphasize the confusion etched upon her features.

"He's a black German shepard. Two years old. We got him for free from a breeder, cuz one of his paws is kind of deformed, and so they were gonna have him put down, if no one would take him. So we did."

Well, that was convincing. Lila stared at him awe-struck for a good moment, which she was certain he enjoyed, before she collected the surprised and empathetic look on her features and forced it into a more stoic one. He had obviously witnessed the brief flicker of belief in her gaze, the genuine smile that had leapt over her lips before disappearing in a flash. Her first instinct had been to tell J.D. what a wonderful act of compassion that had been; but then she quickly reminded herself no such dog existed, regardless of how authoritative and earnest the blonde-haired boy’s voice sounded.

“You should become a politician, you know. Or some sort of salesman. I’m relatively certain that you could sell ice to polar bears if you wanted to.” Her eyes narrowed and she observed him with a calculated look, lips only faintly turned into a barely-there smirk. “Now I’ll never know when to believe you, because you really had me for a minute there.” Her lips parted into a freer smile and she shook her head lightly, brushing a few stray bangs from her eyes before returning her gaze to him. “You’re just lucky you’re no Pinocchio; otherwise your nose would be all the way across the room.” As she spoke she gently tapped him on his nose and gestured across the length of the classroom, eyes filled with a mix of admiration and even less obvious concern. While she joked about not knowing when he was telling the truth, it was also a true apprehension of hers, and one that was very real and pressing when all jokes were put aside.

(totally fine, Atropa!)

22nd Sep 2008, 7:33 PM
Hayden was a natural at keeping her emotions under wraps, she hated everyone knowing how she felt and asking what was wrong. So far her day at school wasn’t going well, she had made a fool of herself in the hallways, made herself look like a dramatic bimbo and now this Marie-Elisabeth thought she owned Hayden.
Hayden sighed looking out the window, wondering what the day was going to bring next. The boy she met earlier in the hall came wandering over towards Marie-Elisabeth. ’Oh god’, she thought to herself as Matt made his way over. Hayden bit her lip anxious on what was about to happen.

"Hey”, Matt said taking a seat on Marie-Elisabeth's table, "Not interrupting anything, am I?".

Hayden decided to leave Marie-Elisabeth do the talking as he probably was talking to her, but Hayden gave a brief smile. “Of course not”, Marie-Elisabeth replied.
Hayden fiddled with the ends of her hair, gently stroking her long wavy curls. She frowned, hating the day already and not liking a certain b***h sitting next to her. She seen Marie-Elisabeth ranting on the side of her, “It’s not like I was having an important conversation anyway”..

Hayden raised an eyebrow keeping her self content, even though she wanted to show this so called head cheerleader what its like to be a real b***h. But she didn’t, she left Marie-Elisabeth continue talking to Matt.

“You always seem to show up just when I’m thinking about you”, Marie-Elisabeth added, looking secretly towards Hayden. Hayden ignored the fact that she looked towards Hayden as the problem. Not letting them know she (Hayden) seen it and sat facing the rest of the class in front of her.
“Mind terribly if we relocate? I’ve got a…project I need your help with”, Marie-Elisabeth implied.

Hayden begged in her head for her to go, ’please go, you kiniving little b***h’. Hayden’s thoughts went on through her head as though she wanted to beat this girl with a club, not that she cared. She sat quietly doodling swirls and her name on a piece of paper.
Hayden enjoyed the fact of imagining what she would do to her. She stared briefly at the two waiting for them to leave, she didn't mind Matt as he atleast acknowledged her, but seeming as he is friends with Marie-Elisabeth, Hayden knew that they would not be that close after Marie was done making up things about Hayden. Which was a shame.

(( ooc: sorry about crappy roleplay part but i had nothing else to say for the moment okay .. feel free to roleplay Hayden if needed okay guys :) ))

22nd Sep 2008, 7:52 PM
(((OOC: Didn't gesture to Hayden at all. She gestured all the way across the room to his desk, she sorta looked sideways at Hayden.

And so called head cheerleader *snicker* And show ME how to act like a bitch LOL She's the Queeeeen Bitch :P )))

22nd Sep 2008, 10:47 PM
(( ooc: Lol .. alright il edit to her looking sideways a.k.a. making the proble be Hayden or something, i just typed my part up wrong .. in a rush lol so my bad

Yeh that comment was just Hayden's thoughts, not how i feel lol - im sure shes a great one lol .. lmao well Hayden was one too so thats what shes gonna be like, she gotta get used to the fact shes not queen b no more lol ))

23rd Sep 2008, 4:57 AM
Even though Matt and Marie-Elisabeth hadn't gone steady for very long - officially about two months, which, admittedly, was still a bit of a record in Matt's case - they had still gotten close enough in that time, to often be able to tell what the other one was thinking, when around certain people. Although their facial expressions may leave no clue as to what thoughts were passing through those scheming minds, hidden behind masks of placid perfection and innocence, all it took between them was a certain look in the eyes, and they would both know.

Locking gazes with Marie-Elisabeth now, and seeing her welcoming smile, Matt did just that; he instantly knew. Hayden obviously hadn't scored many points with Marie-Elisabeth either. As expected. Not because Matt had expected her to keep making a fool of herself, although to say that he would have been surprised if she had would have been an overstatement, but rather because he and Marie-Elisabeth tended to be quite similar in their assessment - and judgement - of people. And when it came to Hayden, that seemed to be just another example. The girl wasn't even yet through her first class on her first day, and already she had earned the disapproval of both the King and Queen of Brooklake. Now that would risk making for a rather bleak semester in her case. To say the least.

"Of course not", Marie-Elisabeth replied to his greeting while turning towards him. "It's not like I was having an important conversation anyway."

Throwing a brief glance in Hayden's direction, Matt noted what he assumed might be at least part of the reason why the two girls didn't really seem to be getting along; the other pretty blonde just quirked a brow at Marie-Elisabeth's statement. Now, while that in itself was just a tiny gesture signalling mild surprise or even offence, it was one that when put into context spoke volumes. When around Marie-Elisabeth, and Matt too for that matter, people were expected to know if not their exact place, then at least that it was below these two. Nothing in Hayden's demeanor pointed to that kind of subtle submission. Quite the contrary. And thus, Matt pretty much knew what was on Marie-Elisabeth's mind even before she uttered the words.

"You always seem to show up just when I'm thinking about you", she said, indirectly confirming that there were indeed matters she wished to discuss, and drawing a dazzling smile from Matt's lips as though he was saying 'My mission in life', before she continued with an actual direct confirmation; "Mind terribly if we relocate? I've got a... project I need your help with."

By the end of her sentence, and much due to having sensed what it would contain, Matt was already back on his feet and standing, following Marie-Elisabeth's motion with his eyes, as though it had provided an actual path. However, while he was more than willing to accomodate her need for privacy, his own desk was not what he himself considered suitable, for more than one reason, and so with a slight grimace, he turned his gaze back to his lovely ex.

"Sure", he said. "Anywhere but there though."

Then, with a theatrical whisper he added explanatorily, leaning slightly towards her as if in confidence;

"Crazy people".

That said, with a bit of a meaning smile, instead of heading back to his desk, he motioned suggestively to another desk in the front rows, right by the window.

(((ooc: Yes, he's quite conceited, I know. :D And jcardy, I just wanted to say that whatever Matt does or says to Hayden, please don't take it personally. It's just the character talking/acting, not me. :) I know you're already aware of this, but I just wanted to mention it, as some players (no longer) here have sometimes used their characters to intentionally pester other players.)))

23rd Sep 2008, 5:34 AM
(((OOC: Likewise for ME. She's such a spoiled rotten B-tch, but damn do I love her to pieces. You should SEE her teen self's modern day house o.0 It's NUTS...will edit with post later, I promise)))

23rd Sep 2008, 10:27 PM
Name: Giselle Areli
Age/Class: 16/Junior
Clique: Achievers
After School Activity: Foreign Language Club
Brief History/Personality Description: Giselle is the daughter of a Brazilian doctor (Her Mother), and a Italian Rockstar. Her parents were to very different people that met at one of Giselle's father's shows, but besides them she is quiet and also at her old school she was know as the Geeky Beauty, so beautiful and yet so dorky. It wasn't hard for guys to notice her, but it was hard for her to talk to them when they approached her, she always would stutter or be too quiet. Other than her boy troubles Giselle is a Straight A student that knows three languages (Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) and is learning a third (Japanese). Giselle has a very bright future, but she is lonely and is in need of friendship.
Anything else you might want to add: She is a Transfer

23rd Sep 2008, 11:29 PM
(( ooc: yeh of course .. i take no offence and i know its the characters thoughts not a literal meaning from a player offensivly lol .. im the last person to take offence lol .. i hope you guys know that what i type for Hayden isnt what i think of your characters just what Hayden thinks - as she used to be a Queen B so its hard to accept the current authority figures in this school lol . so no offence taken and i hope everyone sees it that way too =D .. i will post once slytherin-girl does so its easier for everyone:D))

24th Sep 2008, 4:04 PM
Part of what had managed to keep J.D. interested in the pretty brunette currently sitting next to him, despite all their differences, since the first moment they 'offcially' met - him nearly knocking her over (accidently, for once!) and her telling him off for not even offering an apology - were her reactions to the things he said and did, and the way she would sometimes try to hide them. He enjoyed affecting her, and he enjoyed knowing that he did. But unlike with most others, in Lila's case, it wasn't a matter of confirming what they already thought about him, by scaring them or threatening them, of taking their stereotypical view of him and add even more solid proof to it's legitimation. Sure, he was still working the 'bad boy' angle, and was determined to never let her take that away from him. But at the same, she seemed equally determined to not let him take away her notion that there had to be some good in him. And that, that was part of what kept him intrigued, and, truth be told, somewhat curiously intimidated by her. Not in the sense that she frightened him, but rather in the sense that she challenged, even threatened his own perception of himself, in a way that kept him rather fascinated, and drawn towards it all, partly to see just how deep it ran in her, how long it would last. There had been times when it had struck a nerve, or gotten dengerously close to breaking his barriers, and he had lashed out at her. One would think such tantrums would have had her retreating in her stubborn idea that he wasn't all that bad. But Lila seemed to just withdraw, without really backing down.
It was the strangest thing. Despite having been provided with various pieces of evidence that he really was everything the majority thought him to be, and nothing more, nor nothing less, her initial instincts always seemed to tell her otherwise.
Like now. Listening to his bogus story about the dog, at first her eyes lit up, and it seemed as though she really believed his little made-up-on-the-spot tale. Not until a few moments later did her knowledge of him kick in, reminding her that at this very moment, he was just elaborating on a lie initially told as a joke, and doing so because she had challenged him.

Ah, sweet victory. Not only was he granted the triumph of being a skilled enough liar to be perfectly convincing, had it not been for the fact that he had initially let Lila know it was a fake excuse, but he also recieved the satisfaction of once again proving himself to be exactly what he kept insisting to her that he was; a bad seed. For as odd as it may seem, quite a bit of his sense of security depended on it, on knowing and controlling what other people thought of him, simply because it left him prepared for whatever they might do or say to him. In short, it left him with the upper hand.

"You should become a politician, you know", she said with a faint smirk, once she finally opened her mouth; a comment to which J.D. couldn't help but to give a slight scoff. "Or some sort of salesman. I'm relatively certain that you could sell ice to polar bears if you wanted to."

That, on the other hand, caused a bright, angelic smile to drift onto his lips, for it was indeed a compliment of one of the things he could actually accept being praised for.

"Now I'll never know when to believe you, because you really had me for a minute there", she added, seeming quite willing to admit what he had thought she might try to deny.

Then, that smirk on her lips widened into an open smile and she shook her head at him, before she reached out to tap him on the nose and then motion to the rest of the room for emphasis as she continued;

"You're just lucky you're no Pinocchio; otherwise your nose would be all the way across the room."

Unaccostomed to having other people touch him without his approval, lest they were aiming to be limping away from the encounter rather than walking, J.D. blinked in pure and undiluted surprise at her bold move, and must have looked almost offended at first, as though he couldn't believe she had actually dared to do it. However, there was no anger mixed into the slightly perplexed look on his face, only surprise. And it didn't appear moments later either, as it probably would have, had it been someone else that had pulled that minor stunt with him. All that did appear, was a slight quiver of his lips, which in the second that followed, turned out to be just an indicator of what came next; another smile. Not a smirk, but an actual, albeit slowly growing smile.

"Whaaat?" the blonde troublemaker drawled innocently. "You started it! And you can so believe me, cuz I have never lied to you, have I?"

However, following that comment came a brief moment of hesitation on J.D.'s own part, as though he took a moment to go over the the things he had ever said to her in his mind, to make sure he that had indeed not lied to her. Clearly, he couldn't think of any - or at least none that he would admit to - because a second later he gave a confirming shake of his head.


24th Sep 2008, 4:28 PM
That smile was a cure for everything. It really was. Anyone could be upset, angry or generally displeased with him and all Josh had to do with smile to alleviate it. Okay, it wasn’t a cure for everything – the smile would be a bad defence if he’d robbed a bank or something, though granted, he had never tried it and of course, the target audience had to be within reason too, but that smile was nevertheless quite powerful and it was actually a pleasant thing to do and it sat well with Josh’s restrictive conscience. Furthermore, it worked almost without fail.

Without fail, not always and here was an example of a moment where it managed the exact opposite. It seemed that he was making progress with Katie, that her confident, yet distant, masquerade was eventually melting down to allow her to be more comfortable in his presence – mainly because Josh hated putting people on the defensive and hated even more the fact that it seemed to be a default effect he had with quite a few students. In a way, it made him feel isolated. Right now, compounded with the fact that he’d taken one step forward and then two steps back with Katie, it actually went so far as to make him feel slightly guilty.

However, while he was prepared for her to suddenly become flustered, or nervous, or simply retreat, he really was not expecting to hear what she abruptly came out with in a very matter-of-fact sense.

"Not really, a long journey with friends or new people is a very common motif."

He almost gaped for a second, not understanding why his sarcasm – almost slightly apathetic in nature – had been completely missed by her, before realising that she’d done it as a reflex, the widened eyes of her speaking out perfectly well even if she didn’t. Hence, the surprise drained from his handsome features, replaced by amused empathy, careful not to do anything to set her even more on her guard.

“Okay,” he gave a curt, single nod, a defiant smile growing at the corner of his lips as he watched her snatch up the paper and burn her eyes into the writing. “No surprise, then.”

For the moments following that, he decided to mirror her actions, giving her the opportunity to speak to him when she felt comfortable and still doing it under the guise that he was busy reading her work rather than noting whether she’d actually managed to calm down a little. That notion didn’t quite work out for two main reasons; he really couldn’t read her work. It was very well written but look, war’s effect on geography and culture was… just no, and the second reason was, that Josh couldn’t just not try to help her along the way, even if a little.

“So,” he set down the paper, pinning it under his fingertips, his grey-blue eyes planted on her decisively as if insisting that he wanted a conversation while he searched for a topic that would really require some thought from her rather than just yes or no. And finally he took the first thing that seemed a viable option, emitting a carefree, slightly curious, shrug as he kept his relaxed posture on the chair. “Never thought I’d see you on the cheerleading squad?”

(((OOC: My brain sort of... decided to get mutinous and I'm not sure if that made sense, but hope it works for you, Furry :)
lol, I realise that he came across a little authoritarian, but he is trying to help, he just can't think of a better way ;) )))

24th Sep 2008, 5:01 PM
Even Adam saw the flaws in his suggestion but he had always had this naive notion of thinking: even though his father wasn’t one of his favourite people, Adam always hoped that when his dad did take one of his frequent unplanned excursions that he would end up in a bar somewhere just out of town, a kindly landlady would bestow pity on him, provide him with somewhere to sleep and eventually not so subtly remind him that he had a family who didn’t necessarily need him but preferred to have him in their sights and send him on his way. Adam knew however that even though his dad probably did spend a fair amount of time in bars; an equal amount of time was probably also spent bruised in alleyways and in the houses of women dumb enough to believe the pathetic sob stories he was renowned for inventing, yeah that sounded a lot more likely… But optimism didn’t hurt anyone did it?

His dad probably stole Macaroni from an orphanage named after St Clement so Adam’s mum wouldn’t kick his ass when he did finally get in, that didn't seem below his dad at all sadly.

He of course didn’t mention that to Shauna. Perhaps that was a little too personal to reveal to someone he’d only known since the beginning of class. Instead he responded to:

“Yes, I’ve heard of the underground kitten trading business. It’s becoming a huge problem all over the world. Strange men in hoodies giving out cute, cuddly felines in bars all over have become the police’s greatest worry.”

With: “Hey! Don’t mock me just because you evidently don’t go to the right bars,” jokingly of course.

Adam was reassured when Shauna confirmed that she was a new student as well. He wouldn’t be the only one wandering around aimlessly in search of classes for the next few weeks then. They seemed to be getting on well enough; maybe she wouldn’t him tagging along with her.

“My dad just got a new job so we had to move here.” She informed, “So you’re new too, right?”

He nodded in reply. She had disclosed why she was new here, he wondered if he was expected to do the same. He shuffled around his seat for a minute, cleared his throat and revealed, “I kinda got kicked out of my last school… Not for anything weird though!” He remembered to add just in the nick of time before her mind jumped to psycho pyromaniac or something, “ ‘Vandalism.’ ” He mumbled venomously. Just because his former principal didn’t have a keen eye for art didn’t make Adam a criminal.

“There was an art contest: How art can change the world or something so me and my friend Jayni, completely trashed a classroom to make it look like a natural disaster had hit for the competition. I’d probably be youth detention right now if we hadn’t won and ‘donated’ the cash prize for the repairs, cos you really need $2000 to pick up a few overturned tables and chair and some white spirit…” He sighed, “So we got kicked out and ordered to go to separate schools, so here I am,” He concluded.

24th Sep 2008, 9:06 PM
Giselle walked in the school not knowing what to expect, she had her schedule but hadn't found out where any of her classes were yet. She noticed the hall was empty so she had no help available, sh thought to herself "how do they expect me to find my class without any help", she was hoping that someone would come by to help her out.

((OOC: can someone bring me in))

25th Sep 2008, 12:38 AM
((OOC: Thanks Atropa))

Giselle finally found a teacher that walked out of class to escort her to her new english class. Giselle hated walking in in front of a whole class. As she approached a brown note filled door, she felt a feeling of anxiety. She wanted to go in and get her work done and come out, but some how she knew that was not going to be the case. The teacher opened the door with Giselle behind her and approached rapidly like she was in a hurry. The teacher went over to the teacher that was teaching the class and told her all about Giselle. Finally the time had came for Giselle to be introduced, so the teacher rose from his chair walked over to Giselle with a tight smile and said, "hi nice to meet you I will be your english teacher from here on out" then he said "Class we have a new student this is Giselle Areli a student transfer, I would like for all of you to help her out on her first day, make this day a pleasant one for her" then Giselle spoke with a shy smile "Hi".

25th Sep 2008, 1:34 AM
((OOC: Maeghan, the english teacher is a guy, and so far all of the new students/ transfers have just scurried into class like everyone else... It seems to me like it would make much more sense if Gisele did so and approached someone (the only ones who don't have partners atm are Anne and Jen [I think, it is more than possible I am wrong. Or she could just go to whoever and try to have a group of three or something. I would recommend asking before you did that though]). Or at least say why Gisele is getting so much more fuss than any of a number of other new students. Welcome to the RP btw))

25th Sep 2008, 10:55 AM
((I promise to post tomorrow! Not that anybody would really care, but I will. :)))

25th Sep 2008, 11:54 AM
Are there any spots left for application?

25th Sep 2008, 6:17 PM
((OOC: Miraaj, yes there are))
Just because Loren wasn't looking at something didn't mean he wasn't paying attention. True he found it much easier to understand what was going on if he could see expressions and observe when tones were sincere or meant jokingly, insofar as he could tell, which was not well even in the best of circumstances. So despite his sincere interest in giving Matt an honest and thorough critique, he didn't ignore the new girl when she answered Matt, "I'm sure it was."

His interest was even more piqued when she continued, her tone dropping to an almost nasty one, "Anyways, let's cut the cr*p. I can't believe you would actually do that, you jerk" Loren's eyes widened, but he didn't turn, assuming friendly banter. Drama kids weren't jerks. Ever. And people had weird senses of humor. That was probably it, a weird sense of humor on her part.

He couldn't help glancing back at that point, just to confirm that nothing serious was going on. She looked pretty pist, but Matt just looked bemused, eyebrow quirked, the whole nine yards. Apparently she caght him glancing over, because she added quickly, "Hey, didn't notice you there, aren't you that guy from the play?"

Loren couldn't help it, he turned full around and just beamed. It still surprised and delighted him every time someone acknowledged his work in drama. There were very few things that Loren truly passionately cared about. His younger brother. Drama. That was about it. Anything else he could and would accept changes in, but those would receive a bottomless fountain of effort to keep them elegant, perfect and enjoyable. Even though the latter got plenty of acknowledgment, he still adored it.

Before he could answer her, or even formulate something a bit more coherent than "oh em gee thankz" Matt spoke again. Loren flashed a brief and grateful smile at him for giving him a second to come up with something. As to what he was saying, Loren didn't think it was worth paying attention to. He was not a practical person, but he figured that if he was being complimented he may as well luxuriate in it like a fat cat.

Happy basking over, Loren just caught up with the conversation when he noticed Matt getting up. Huh. Did that girl offend his new found friend? He somehow doubted it, Matt had never seemed the sort to let randomness bother him overmuch... but then again, Loren also knew vaguely that he wasn't a good judge of randomness. So he didn't react overmuch when Matt handed him his story back, and said calmly, "Oh, by the way, this is Kim, Kim, this is... uh... Sorry, what's your name again?"

Matt had forgotten his name? That was low, and Loren even went so far as to allow a drop of resentment to seep into his usually bright expression. Which probably brought the whole thing down to average for the two seconds he could bring himself to get worked up about it. He said, under his breath and with as much sarcasm as he could muster- which wasn't much, "Calvin."

The other boy continued, ignoring his response, "Looks great, and since it seems you two have something in common, I'll just get out of the way and leave you to it. You can just put the papers back on my desk when you're done reading it, ok man? Great."

The rate of subject changes was a bit beyond Loren's capacity to deal with, and he only nodded as Matt wandered over to go talk to Marie-Elisabeth. He didn't understand why she was so popular, she avoided people. Several times Loren had tried t go over and make freinds and he had been firmly and obviously rebuffed each time. Kinda weird that she was so popular despite that. He tried not to think about it too much as that line of thought was more than likely to make his head pound, and he knew that it was only polite to talk to whoever he was with regardless of how that had come about.

Dramatic instincts rising, and the heady effects of compliments waning finally had Loren glance obviously over his shoulder, and then back at Kim. "Weird kid," he said, voice completely deadpan. Loren was not completely unaware of the irony of him saying that, but the true magnitude of it was well beyond him. Drama kids were all delightfully randomly weird, just like him. The thought that other people didn't think and act under that assumption was so far out of his mindset that he didn't even begin to think about it.

Deadpan expression and tone were gone as quick as they appeared, and he continued in his usual cheerful tone, "Name's Loren, not Calvin, and thanks muchly, I was the guy in the play."

Realizing that that might sound like a somewhat conceited absolute he added quickly, "Well, one of them."

((OOC: Sorry for the delay, hope that's okay with you Laughy and slytherin))

25th Sep 2008, 11:18 PM
((Mirraaj-- yep! Just check the list of students on the front page and look for cliques with open spots. The skaters/surfers are still free, as are the achievers, jocks, and I think a couple more. :)

Will post Eeric/Lila shortly! :D ))

26th Sep 2008, 12:04 AM
Josh was a wonderful boyfriend, no one could say otherwise, and Marie-Elisabeth cared about him a lot. He was one the most attentive, thoughtful, caring guys anyone could hope to meet and other girls could only dream about having a boyfriend so nice.

But that was just the thing, he was nice. Far too nice to plot things like the complete and utter social destruction of snotty little upstarts who didn’t know their place. And that was why she was also oh so grateful to have Matt as a friend. She could tell the minute he walked over that he already knew she didn’t like Hayden, and she resisted the urge to do a happy dance on her desk. Hayden must have somehow gotten on Matt’s bad side that morning too, which Marie-Elisabeth figured was some kind of record. Pissing off both the King and Queen of the school before the first class was over was certainly an achievement. But not a good one by any means.

She grinned when he agreed to relocate and help her with her project, nodding her head as he said “Anywhere but there”. He had pointed over to where Natalie was sitting, and Marie-Elisabeth wrinkled her nose as though she had just smelt something unpleasant. She giggled though when he bent over and, in one of the worst whispers she’s ever seen, said “Crazy people”.

“Very true” she said, her gaze flickering over to the desk he suggested instead and back again “That looks like a much less crazy spot”. She got up and picked her things up, shoving her paper back into her binder.

“And you know” she said, walking over to the windows “It’s a good thing you’re so good looking or they’d kick you out of drama club. That was a terrible stage whisper”.

(((OOC: Much sorries and apologies and internet cookies for taking so long. I've been insanely busy with school and I started a new job *gives cookies to all)))

26th Sep 2008, 4:27 AM
“Ugh, seriously Eeric... you need to stop watching those stupid horror movies,"

Eeric paid no mind to Roxy's unenthused response; she had been paying rapt attention while in the midst of the real story, and that was enough to give him the mildest satisfaction. A wide and pleased smile spread over his metal-marked lips and he focused his full attention on his beautiful and dark-haired friend.

"Oh come on Roxy, you know that was gold." He gave a nod and his eyes flickered momentarily to his own sleeve of tattoos that scrawled their way elegantly up his arm. The dark black traceries had been obtained with little quarrel from his parents; Eeric could never complain in that regard. He would be the first one to admit that his parents had hippie-esque tendencies, and were more free-thinking than most. They had always said that what he did was his choice, so long as it didn’t endanger his life or the lives of others. There were limits, of course, but they were vague and only addressed when the matter presented itself. So despite the fact that he was only a mere 16 when he had first started inking himself and was below the legal age to do so on his own, it hadn’t been an issue because he had received parental consent. Oh, he could still picture the faces of the tattoo artists when he had floated gleefully into their shop with his normal-looking parents in tow, the frightening looking men gaping in awe and horror when the two parents explained that their 16 year old wanted a tattoo that would take several sittings to complete. And they were okay with it. It was priceless.

Drifting back from his jovial reverie, Eeric followed Roxy’s gaze over to the unlikely pair seated nearby. He couldn’t help but narrow his eyes whilst a faint glimmer of a scowl flickered over his lips. While he had become more accepting of Lila’s…friendship, with J.D., he had still hoped somehow that over the long break they’d had the duo would have forgotten about one another and moved on. But judging by the out of the ordinary grin plastered over J.D.’s lips, that wasn’t going to happen just yet.

"Odd how everyone is pairing up lately, and I don't mean for this dumb assignment," Roxy spoke in her coolly collected tone and Eeric let out a deep chuckle of genuine amusement and yet simultaneous aversion. He watched Roxy stick her tongue out at him playfully and he merely rolled his eyes while allowing his broad shoulders to slacken into a blasé shrug once she spoke again.

"What about you though, hm? Got your eye on any girl around here for yourself?"

Another laugh was issued, this time warm-hearted and fully pleased. His deep violet eyes glinted with a hint of mischief and he leaned toward Roxy with his lips near her ear so that he could speak softly and only she would hear.

“Well,” he spoke in a husky whisper, suddenly noticing the change in his own vocal chords that his mother had incessantly been pointing out to him over the break. His voice was markedly lower and carried a new roughness to it, as though when he breathed and spoke it was like a gust of air rustling through leaves. “There was this one new girl.” The smile was evident in his words before it spread over his lips, and that grin shifted to his eyes and set his face aglow with a new delight that he was almost certain Roxy had rarely witnessed in him. Eeric withdrew his face slightly so he could look into her eyes.

"Her name is Sadie, and she’s glorious.” There was a reverence in his words that was so very genuine you could almost touch it.

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26th Sep 2008, 6:57 PM
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Hayden watched as her newest frenemies arose and walked to another desk privately. She smirked as she scribbled swirly doodles on her paper, she gently bit the top of the pen with her teeth and watched them sit down. 'Well if it isnt the private bitch about anyone and everyone' Hayden thought to herself. Hayden was great at forseeing when situations were going to erupt thats why she bit her lip with Marie-Elisabeth. Hayden's status seemed to change through out the morning, already she had been a complete idiot in the hallways and then turned into a bitch when it came to Marie-Elisabeth. She had hoped on becoming the happy prep that got along with everyone, this wasnt the case. She was currently being a typical stuck up and bitchy prep - not that she liked that, if it wasnt for people thinking they were better than her then maybe she would of been nicer.

Hayden roled her eyes and took a breath to calm down. Fewer breaths later she was back to her normal happy self. The door clunked open with a teacher leading a girl in. She seemed new as she looked quite shy, Hayden could relate as she was new too and wasn't making such a good impression with two people she already disliked. Professor Rubelin spoke up after talking with the student and teacher himself, "Class we have a new student this is Giselle Areli a student transfer, I would like for all of you to help her out on her first day, make this day a pleasant one for her".

The girl spoke up with a shy smile, "Hi".
Gisele seemed like she would be a nice girl and Hayden loved people like her as she could relate on all levels, hopefully this girl would be nice unlike the others she had met today. Hayden smiled to Gisele genuinely and then continued to doodle on her notebook.

26th Sep 2008, 8:41 PM

Giselle noticed a nice girl smiling at her and decided to take the seat behind her. Giselle knew that she was the kind of person to befriend rather than the sneaky and skeezy looking girls around the rest of the class. Giselle usually didnt speak to people she first met, but she made an exception for this girl, then Giselle said to the girl "hi my name's Giselle Areli, whats yours". Even though she new the girl had already heard the teacher introduce her.

26th Sep 2008, 8:55 PM
Hayden continued to doodle in her notebook bored of the english lesson, there was absolutely nothing to do. Gisele walked passed her and took a seat behind her, "hi my name's Giselle Areli, whats yours", said Gisele.
As a prep Hayden knew peoples first opinion of them was that they were stupid bitchy and back stabbers. But Hayden was not any of these points, she smiled and replied. "Hey im Hayden Alba, nice to meet you", she said still smiling. "Im a transfer too, just started today", she said with a smirk.

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26th Sep 2008, 10:13 PM

Finding out that Hayden was a transfer and that it was also her first day gave Giselle a sense of relief, but Giselle was also very nervous around Hayden for some reason, maybe it was her nice clothes and pretty hair, well what ever it was Giselle thought it was nerve racking but nice, so then Giselle replied to Hayden " I hated the thought of moving here first, and then I figured I had to get over it, we had to move here because my dad was getting a lot of gig offers from here and plus my mom found a better job here at the hospital, Ohh and by the way I like you hair".

26th Sep 2008, 10:27 PM
A silent undertone had slipped into Katie's thoughts, swearing in three languages, telling her to shut up, and reciting non-standard tangent values. The first because she was mortified, the second because she hoped to not intensify the first and the third to calm her down. It wasn't working as well as she thought it would, probably because a look of naked shock had flickered onto Josh's face right after she spoke. Not reassuring even though it disappeared quickly to be replaced by some small amusement.

That was almost as bad. Katie didn't like being laughed it. She would joke every once in a while and preferred when people laughed at those, but if she wasn't going for the laughter it made her already massive paranoia flame like a nuclear detonation. Amusement was just as bad as if he'd pointed and laughed, regardless of how harmlessly it may have been intended.

“Okay, No surprise, then.” She was surprised, that sounded completely civil. She peeked through her hair to see a small smile on his lips and flashed a tiny, oh so short grateful one of her own as he flicked her paper towards himself. In the time it took her to read his paper, and mark the surprisingly small number of really bad cliches she had recovered completely. A far cry from her days in middle school where one bad remark would get her all weepy for the rest of the day. Now she just got upset for a few minutes. Much better system all in all.

She was able to read his paper very quickly, and was just about to turn and compliment him on it when he spoke first. Her opinion of him rose by a factor of ten, if he could even get through her meticulous prose in that short a length of time, even without understanding it, that was impressive. She graced him with a tiny smile, which lasted just until he actually finished what he was saying, “So, never thought I’d see you on the cheerleading squad?”

Katie's eyes flashed, and for the first time since she had looked away she made eye contact. She was so unbelievably sick of people thinking that she couldn't be an underglorified genius and a cheerleader at the same time. Yes, the only reason that she had actually made the squad, over her royal psychopath Marie-Elisabeth's strident objections, was because Mrs. Barnes had been impressed and yes she didn't have many places to show off or even mention how good of a dancer or gymnast she was, but that was still no reason to assume she wasn't. Didn't anyone realize that assumptions were the fastest way to make an idiot of one's self?

She was still pist, make no mistake, but her instincts as an unpopular nerd did not allow her to say what she was thinking, that assuming she was a klutz and too smart to dance was the height of sophmoric stupidity. Instead she let a smile she hoped wasn't too fake slide onto her lips and said, with a somewhat brittle laugh, "Yeah, I was rather surprised too."

Especially since she personally hated Marie-Elisabeth, and was fairly confident the feeling was mutual, and especially since Mrs. Barnes seemed to be tied around the other girl's hand like some other expensive peice of jewelry. But apparently being able to dance and scream loudly was enough to get on the cheer squad. Katie knew every day at practice that she was treated differently and worse, but she was used to it.

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26th Sep 2008, 10:49 PM
Giselle replied, " I hated the thought of moving here first, and then I figured I had to get over it, we had to move here because my dad was getting a lot of gig offers from here and plus my mom found a better job here at the hospital, Ohh and by the way I like you hair".

Giving the sense that this was the best conversation of her day so far. Hayden was grateful to meet someone like Gisele. It would probably look odd that a prep is hanging around with an achiever but Hayden never thought about it and gave everyone a chance. “Yeh same here, I’ve moved to a lot of schools so I don’t know whether I’ll be here for long” she said with a sigh, she smiled to release the thought, “Cool! Well we moved here cause of my dad, he owns a multi national business so he claims that we will stay here”, she said with a slight laugh.
Hayden smiled once again, “Thanks, its alright. I just threw it up today and yeh”. Hayden stroked her fingers through her soft, wavy and long blonde hair, and wisped it over to the side.

Meeting Giselle was the first good thing that had happened to Hayden. Hayden thought 'i mean Matt and uhhhh Mary-Ann(Marie-Elisabeth) were not the nicest people to start talking too'. They instantly became bitchy and thought they were superior than anyone else which Hayden hated upon meeting someone. "Have you met anyone else yet then. Or did you only just start a few minutes ago? I have met two others who were not that nice and you" she added with a warm smile.

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27th Sep 2008, 12:45 AM
It never occurred to Lila just how different she and J.D. really were—it was only when she did or said little things, anticipating a reaction she would give but getting a completely opposite one from him, that she recognized their great dissimilarity. Lila wasn’t what you’d call ‘touchy-feely’ but she had grown accustomed to poking, prodding, or just generally abusing her friends and family. Eeric was perfect evidence of that, several yellowy-brown bruises just beginning to fade from his ribcage and forearms. So when she gingerly touched J.D.’s nose, it was actually far less aggressive a gesture than her norm in terms of her friends. Had it been Eeric, she very well might have pushed his shoulder with a playful shove; but this was J.D. and Lila reserved the bulk of her natural instincts with him. They were dangerous, uncharted, and uncertain reactions to his magnetic personality, and they thoroughly unsettled her.

So when she saw the gossamer haired boy’s tawny eyes widen in considerable surprise her own emerald ones did the same. A glimmer of panic raced through them as she noted the slightest changes of his expression, wondering if she had pushed a button she really shouldn’t have even gone near. The only thing keeping her from immediately sputtering out an apology was the slight confusion etched over his handsome features; it wasn’t anger, nor was it annoyance. As far as Lila could tell, it was mere surprise. At least, she hoped so. Then, miraculously, J.D.’s charming lips curved into an equally charming yet rarely genuine smile. For some reason, Lila felt her cheeks warming with a faint rose color. His real smile was so infrequent that when he did reveal it to her she couldn’t help but be caught off guard by its attractive sincerity.

"Whaaat?" His voice was a husky drawl that drew a smile from her lips against her will. "You started it! And you can so believe me, cuz I have never lied to you, have I?"

He had a point there. Even though in many ways J.D. had done things that had felt like a lie to her, like he had betrayed some basic trust of hers, he never had broken a vow. J.D. had never promised to be nice, never promised to like her friends, never promised to not hurt her emotionally as he had just before break and before the dance. He had never lied to her because he had never made a promise that he could break or lie about. And something about that saddened her. A look of intense concentration swept over her features and Lila’s brows pulled together into a focused line. She was trying very hard to find some example to use against him, some clear-cut instance in which he had lied to her—but there was none. This both pleased and disappointed her, for reasons she wasn’t certain of. Once J.D. uttered a defiant, “Nope,” Lila merely sighed and shook her head with a defeated smile.

“No, you haven’t,” her voice was soft and distant, but her eyes held a faint somberness that was rare. “At least not that I can remember,” she spoke with renewed sarcasm, her eyes quickly snapping from her intense gaze and into a more amused one as she fixated on the handsome boy before her.

“Maybe I’m the one who isn’t trustworthy then?” The frail smile she had worn only seconds earlier expanded into an intoxicating grin, and she brushed her hair over her shoulder with a sigh. “Maybe I’ve been lying to you.”

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27th Sep 2008, 1:42 PM

"Nope I haven't met anyone else yet" replied Giselle, I just got here, plus I was late, not a very good combination for my first day. "and I think its cool that your dad owns such a big business, my moms a doctor and my dad's a rockstar, and I don't even know how I came out the way I did, I guess I got my moms genes" said Giselle with a slight laugh. Giselle very rarely liked to tell people about her parents because then they would get the impression that she was some snobby, smart, rich kid, But Giselle liked Hayden, she seemed to be a really nice person despite the clique Giselle first figured she belonged in. Then Giselle said "So you have been having problems with some kids already, which one's"?

27th Sep 2008, 3:45 PM
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"Nope I haven't met anyone else yet" replied Giselle.
Hayden nodded in response.
“I just got here, plus I was late, not a very good combination for my first day. "and I think its cool that your dad owns such a big business, my moms a doctor and my dad's a rockstar, and I don't even know how I came out the way I did, I guess I got my moms genes" said Giselle with a slight laugh.
Hayden laughed, “Yeh, well my mum doesn’t work because my dad brings home the bacon. I’m smart but then my parents keep telling me im not working to my full potential”.
Seeing how Giselle was, Hayden thought her parents were right. So she would try her hardest to pass her subjects this year. Hayden was academic but didn’t like to show it off as everyone expected her to be the dumb preppy girl. But she hated not being herself especially when she was popular back in Texas.

Then Giselle said "So you have been having problems with some kids already, which one's"?
Hayden pointed her eyes over to Marie-Elisabeth and Matt secretly to Giselle. “Earlier I didn’t know where I was going and the boy was embarrassed to be around me, and the girl thought she owned me so I told her im my own person - she didn’t like it. Then i found out they are friends”, Hayden said quietly, “So I guess I got two best friends for life” she said joking sarcastically.
Hayden wasn’t about bitching on her first day or just in general, especially when she was a new girl, so she contained her anger with the two who weren’t that nice to her and continued to talk to Giselle.
"Where did you transfer from then?", Hayden added.

27th Sep 2008, 6:27 PM
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All through school so far, and really just in life in general, Matt had always had little trouble making friends, and remaining popular. The son of wealthy socialite parents, with an upbringing to match, as well as being blessed with strikingly good looks, were all reasons enough to ensure him a high-ranking position in the social scene. Add to that his charisma and his dazzling, disarming smile, and it would be easy to see why he was able to maintain his status. Even some of the ones unfortunate enough to be made victims of his mischievous and sometimes vengeful whims, had a hard time truly disliking him. At least officially. While many were sure to harbour rather unpleasant opinions about him in the privacy of their own thoughts, acting accordingly had proven to be somewhat detrimental, for two reasons. One; you would risk drawing forth that vengeful streak once more, and two; he was one of the 'cool kids', and thus not liking him, might have others thinking you were uncool.
However, there were still those that simply couldn't bring themselves to dislike him, officially nor inofficially, because beside all his other assets, there was one more thing that at times had allowed him to get away with murder, figuratively speaking; his charm. Matt Sidle could be as charming, as genuinly charming, as he could be devious - and that was saying something! Often people would find themselves wanting to believe him, even when they had already fallen prey to his schemes. Unless, of course, a mutual dislike had already been established, as in the case with Natalie. Although he rarely actually apologized for anything, if ever, he did have a certain way about him that if he wanted to, would allow him to leave people questioning themselves, wondering why they had taken what he'd done to them so seriously. Clearly the damage he had done had been most unintentional, he hadn't meant any real harm.

Ah yes, Matt had charm, and he knew how to make the most of it, rendering him not only a heartbreaker, but a most skilled trickster and thus by default a talented actor as well; a welcome addition to the drama club. Though he did try to keep himself to supporting roles. Not because he couldn't handle the leads - he had proven a few times that he was quite capable of that - but because they simply took too much of the time he'd rather spend doing something else. Such as hanging out with his friends.

"Very true", Marie-Elisabeth said, following a slight giggle as she clearly got what he had meant with the 'crazy people' comment. "That looks like a much less crazy spot."

With that, she too stood from her seat, and as she started making her way over to the desk he had suggested, Matt turned to offer Hayden a small, slightly apologetic smile before following, as if to excuse himself and Marie-Elisabeth for their sudden departure. The way he figured it, there was no need to tip her off that it might be she that was the 'project' Marie-Elisabeth wanted to discuss. After all, one did catch alot more flies with honey than with vinegar.

"And you know", Marie-Elisabeth continued as they moved towards the new desk, Matt's hand resting gingerly against the curve of her lower back as if to guide her. "It's a good thing you’re so good looking or they'd kick you out of drama club. That was a terrible stage whisper."

Just as one might have suspected, that was a comment that caused a bit of a quirked brow from the handsome young man, in an initial look of slight disbelief, before it transformed into something of an amused smirk.

"Ah, but you're wrong, my dear", he replied. "That would make me an amazing actor, since obviously I succeeded in portraying a believable terrible actor."

Having said that, he slumped effortlessly into the empty chair infront of the agreed upon desk, leaving her to claim the seat behind it, and adopted a more matter-of-factly tone when continuing;

"Now, this project of yours; tell me more."

27th Sep 2008, 7:33 PM
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28th Sep 2008, 12:45 AM
Though Lorene quite hoped Natalie didn’t think she was a nutter, she was quite aware that girls like the two of them didn’t usually mix. Though she would have liked to have Natalie as a friend as she did seem rather cool, Lorene could deal with being called a “furr-eeak!” or any other variant for the rest of the year.

Lorene predicted the latter to happen so was mildly surprised when Natalie didn’t press the matter of the last paragraph further and answered in high spirits to her lame attempt to change the subject.

“Oh, I just forgot my glasses today,” Natalie grinned. Lorene couldn’t help but smirk also, ‘Touché’ she thought. “I really couldn't help it. I had to get at that stereotype with a sledgehammer.” Natalie continued.

“Might I say full marks for execution,” She joked, finally relaxing a little.

“So, Lithuania, huh? Wow, are you like… really well travelled and all?” Natalie asked with a tone that didn’t suggest that she was just asking in a vain attempt to pass the time now that they’d finished their task but with seemingly genuine interest.

She shrugged a little. Sure her passport was rather more decorated then most people but not with visa stamps from anyway exotic or awe inspiring. “I wouldn’t say that…” She started, twirling her hair absent mindedly as she spoke, “I mean I’ve been all over Europe but that’s about it really."

And just when Lorene’s shoulders had finally untensed, Natalie teasingly commented, “By the way, that invasion of privacy by your friend is kinda sweet. Though, next time, he should use his own stationary,” Lorene’s face burned up again.

“I guess I was naive to think you’d let this go so easily wasn’t I?” She giggled, “Come on, I’ve suffered enough!”

Though Lorene laughed, there was certainly nothing sweet about cowardice in her book. Sure this kinda thing was cute in passé romance novels or chick flicks but first day in a new school? Not cool. This whole sequence of events just proved how annoying wimpiness was. What got her to most was she'd have to wait till next summer before she could seek retribution.

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28th Sep 2008, 12:30 PM
Shauna brought her gaze back to Adam. She wasn’t sure how to figure him out, not that she was particularly good at figuring anyone out, but Adam seemed particularly hard. Even though his tone had stayed light-hearted throughout the conversation now, his expression had almost clouded over bringing out a frown to form on Shauna’s face.

“Hey! Don’t mock me just because you evidently don’t go to the right bars,” Adam replied happily, and Shauna quickly smoothed out her own expression. Whatever she had been expecting him to say, she didn’t expect the light tone of voice. Though he had attempted to clear his expression, a sadness lurked behind his new smile and she wondered how he so quickly masked the emotions that were running through him so obviously. Of course, it was in the back of her mind that she may have said something to cause the flicker of emotion that had passed over his features only moments ago. She had thought underground kitten trading had seemed like a fairly safe topic of discussion, but she couldn’t know why it drew that small, but noticeable, reaction.

Adam quickly moved the conversation on - replying to her reason for coming to the school. “I kinda got kicked out of my last school…” He said, and Shauna frowned slightly, but he obviously noticed the tilt that her eyebrows had taken on and quickly added, “Not for anything weird though!”

Shauna smiled slightly; you didn’t get kicked out of school for nothing weird. Which probably meant that whatever he had done took a new level to weirdness and couldn’t be confined to the normal ‘bad’ that was normally the cause for someone getting kicked out.
“‘Vandalism.’ ” Adam said under his breath, before lifting his head from the tilt that it had taken on to mumble to himself.

“There was an art contest: How art can change the world or something so me and my friend Jayni, completely trashed a classroom to make it look like a natural disaster had hit for the competition. I’d probably be youth detention right now if we hadn’t won and ‘donated’ the cash prize for the repairs, cos you really need $2000 to pick up a few overturned tables and chairs and some white spirit. So we got kicked out and ordered to go to separate schools, so here I am,” He finished. Shauna smiled widely at him.

"See, that’s unfair – you actually have a good story about coming here. Mine’s boooring.” Shauna said jokingly, lightly laughing.

“So, how do you like it here?” She asked, looking around the classroom quickly to illustrate her point.


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29th Sep 2008, 5:15 PM
"No, you haven't."

After a brief though thoughtful silence, that was the reply that came over Lila's rosey lips, in response to J.D.'s claiming he had never once lied to her. And it was an admission that had the smile on his own lips widening in humorous triumph. But only for a moment or two, because despite being a pretty much self-confessed disaster when it came to interpreting other people's tones and facial expressions, there was something in Lila's voice that J.D. did actually pick up on. Something that for some reason gave him the impression that there just might be a little more to their friendly banter right now, than just joking. She sounded so very serious, sad almost. At first, J.D. didn't really understand why, because him not having lied to her, besides probably being worth a mention on Ripley's Believe It Or Not, was supposed to be a good thing, wasn't it? The only other ones ever granted the luxury of never being really lied to by him, were his close, troublemaker friends, his partners in crime. And, of course, the people whose encounters with him had been brief, or thoughoughly lacking in words.

However, J.D. wasn't dumb either, and so within a few seconds a plausible reason did appear in his mind; he may not have lied to her, but that didn't necessarily mean he hadn't hurt her. From what he had been able to tell from her reaction to the whole debacle of him kissing Leigh on a whim, and basically her general behaviour, she did kind of like him, and what he had done back then had affected her. And, much like he had been aiming for at the time, not in a good way. His aim then had been to hurt her, or at least p*ss her off, and even though she herself hadn't said it in so many words, the drama that had ensued had spoken quite clearly.
But, while he might have hurt her and not actually apologized - it remained doubtful he ever would, because he had warned her all along that he just was not a nice guy - he had made amends. Sort of. He had ended up being the one to take the first step towards settling things, despite serving himself up on a silver platter for anyone that might have wanted to take a stab at him, and he had tried his best to smooth things over between his own friend's and Lila's, who had all either jumped right into it, or been dragged into it by others. (And in the process, he had come extremely close to teaching pigs to fly.) Not that it had been enough to appease anyone, except maybe Lila herself, judging by the occasional glare coming from across the room, from that Eeric guy, but frankly, her opinion was the only one among the non-troublemakers that J.D. could be bothered caring about.
Though that didn't mean he had any idea of how to respond to the comment she had just made, and so when she continued, and in a far less serious manner too, he couldn't help but feel relieved.

"At least not that I can remember", she said sarcastically as her pleasant features took on a slightly more teasing look, and the curve of her lips changed into a grin. "Maybe I'm the one who isn't trustworthy then? Maybe I've been lying to you."

Now, J.D. knew that it was most likely a comment made in jest, as a way of getting back at him, but it still did hit a bit of a nerve, and for a split second, the mirth faded from his eyes. The smile remained on his lips, but the pure radiance of it faltered ever so slightly. Because, the fact was that when it all came right down to it, he didn't really know if she was joking. Someone like J.D. was suspicious of everyone, and rarely let anyone in. But once he did, once they had made it past that first sturdy brick wall that was his defences, it wouldn't take much effort to deliver a blow that would truly get to him. And, what proof did he have, other than his gut feeling, that Lila wasn't just working an elaborate scheme to set him up? Lord knows there were quite a few that would just love to see him suffer the humiliation of falling for such a trick. Though granted, if she was indeed setting him up, she would hardly be stupid enough to rouse his suspicion by pointing out that she might be lying. But that didn't mean there wasn't foul play involved here still. It didn't have to be an elaborate scheme, it could be just a simple mindgame; probing his insecurities in order to make him feel as vulnerable as he would make others feel.
Then, on the other hand... There wasn't a single soul in school that didn't know such a thing was likely to end up nothing short of a suicide mission. And again, Lila wasn't stupid.

Still, he wasn't about to willingly reveal to her that she might have found a weakness, for even if it was a perfectly innocent comment, he simply didn't want her know he had them.

"Right", he thus said in a voice that suggested neither that he believed her, nor doubted her, and then simply retreated to the fairly neutral ground that she had resported to earlier; "So, what did you write about?"

29th Sep 2008, 9:47 PM
He’d said the wrong thing. It was immediately apparently to Josh, that in the attempt to put Katie at ease, he’d either said the wrong thing or he’d said the right thing the wrong way. That mistake was somewhat of an alien affair to Josh, who was used to knowing exactly the right thing to say at the exact right moment because it was exactly the right thing to do. And in the case of girls, though initially they got flustered around him, when he made the move to soothe their nerves, it worked almost like hypnotism.

Here, it seemed to be doing more and more damage as it was obvious that his chosen topic – that, or the way he approached it – wasn’t the one Katie was comfortable discussing – though, he had to wonder what else he could have so casually approached. It was the way she turned to meet his bluish grey eyes with antagonism held within her own gaze, in retaliation to his comment, that caught him slightly off guard. He had a few ideas as to why she would have found that offensive, but none concrete given that she’d proven herself by making it onto the squad.

"Yeah, I was rather surprised too," she replied curtly, with what seemed to be a forced smile, prompting Josh to quirk an eyebrow at her sudden change in demeanour. He’d hit a raw nerve and he didn’t even know what.

Though, he didn’t have to think much to figure out what was likely to be the thorn in her side, given that his eyes settled on his lovely girlfriend as he momentarily looked away. Marie-Elisabeth – currently in the company of Matt Sidle – and what was likely to be her treatment of Katie. Of course. Being Captain of the football team, Josh knew full well how the newbies were treated – something he often put a stop to – and he knew that it was a practice that probably applied to the cheerleading squad too, and Marie-Elisabeth wasn’t Josh.

Thus, he felt a little guilty. He cared about Marie-Elisabeth – a lot – but it didn’t mean he was oblivious to the fact that she was as infamous as she was famous. In fact, he’d seen what she could subject people to, snide insults and the works, and just because she was an angel to him didn’t mean it applied to everyone else, including Katie when it came to establishing herself as alpha. Women.

Thus, having struck that raw nerve, Josh was immediately compelled to again attempt to undo what he seemed to have done, moving to show that he did understand her predicament.

“Look, I know things aren't… easy,” he started, a low husky voice of soothing weaving out to her as his eyes settled on her as he gave a slight shrug, to show that he wasn't the one enforcing such conditions, but he wasn't exactly idealistic about their progress. “It's just the way things work... and I think it gets easier after a while.”

And of course, there was the matter of the team; Josh was rather a rare specimen, given that the majority of the guys seemed intent on conforming to the stereotype of being absolute jerks whenever the opportunity arose. Josh wasn’t like that – nor would he ever be – because it didn’t sit well with him and he was a little too gentlemanly to ever take that outlook on girls seriously.

“As for the guys,” he continued, straightening himself up as he clasped his hands together, as he leaned a little closer to her, a mischievous smile growing on his face as if he was going to let her in on a secret. “They do it to everyone.”

It wasn’t an excuse for their behaviour, but it was the best he could do without selling out his friends. When it came down to it, though he disagreed with a lot of what some of them did, they were still his friends. Their behaviour was just the way things stereotypically worked, and he couldn’t change that; all he could do with just let her know what to expect or how to deal with it.

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29th Sep 2008, 11:43 PM
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30th Sep 2008, 10:15 PM
Now highly attuned to the faint shifts in J.D.’s handsome face, Lila was almost certain a minute change had occurred. Something about the warmth of his smile had faded, as though there was some internal happiness dial that he was in control of, and had just turned down a single, small notch. It was barely noticeable, really; nothing to worry about. It would normally be perceived as part of the general transition from a full-blow smile right after hearing something truly amusing to the resulting pleasant line that came in the wake of it, the leftovers of the original mirth. It was only natural that a smile faded, and yet when J.D.’s did, it didn’t seem as though it was part of some succession. It seemed as though instead of progressing pleasantly, it had been subtracted. Lila quickly recalled her words and sought some explanation for the subtle change. Perhaps she had said something to offend him? The lingering smile there would say otherwise. If she had outwardly provoked him in any way he would have surely stopped smiling at least, if not challenging her. No, his sudden silence and failing smile seemed to hint that something she had done had struck him on a deeper chord, one that he wasn’t going to make any sort of comment about.

That was the problem in analyzing J.D. He never really gave you that much to go off of; a barely-noticeable glance here, a muttered phrase there. Lila took her chances based upon tiny scraps of information that she could glean out of careful but subjective observation, and that was hardly enough to make a valid study of a person. While sometimes she thought she fully understood him, Lila would then have the rug completely pulled out from under her and would be shown that she didn’t know the first thing about the handsome troublemaker.

"Right", he said impassively, voice gruff and somewhat devoid of any measurable emotion. This only worried Lila more; that wasn’t the reaction she had expected at all. She expected quite the exact opposite, actually. Perhaps a scoffing laugh, a sly smirk, and then a quick-witted rebuttal of how she was probably the least capable liar that he had ever met (because it was true). But there was no playful argument, no lighthearted teasing or jovial name calling. There was just the silence of his acceptance and the anxiety in her chest, for in not challenging her, which meant that J.D. could very well believe she had lied to him. And that was the last thing she wanted him thinking.

"So, what did you write about?"

Lila’s emerald orbs snapped upward to meet J.D.’s intent gaze, and she felt herself fumble for the papers tucked neatly inside her backpack. Her fingers seemed horribly clumsy all of the sudden, incapable of moving about as she commanded them. They seemed to get tangled with one another and on the folds of her bag, but they finally connected with the smooth surface of the paper and she pulled it out and sat it in front of J.D. with a sigh.

The story wasn’t too long, but written over several pages in Lila’s delicate but legible scrawl. There were strike-outs here and there where she had changed her mind, small errors or places where she had made side-notes to herself or just silly commentary. She had meant to type it up and hand in a clean sheet, but her computer had broken several days ago and she hadn’t gotten it repaired yet, so the hard copy was all she had. Thinking back to what she had written Lila realized just how ridiculous the whole story was. How very melodramatic and maudlin. She could only imagine what J.D. would think. “Be nice,” she said in a voice low as a whisper, a sheepish smile sliding over her full lips.

The story began happily; Lila even began it in the cliché and conventional ‘Once Upon a Time’ format in mock-emphasis. A charming boy met a kind girl, and they became friends. Simple enough. That was until they learned of each other’s names—they belonged to rival clans, and certainly their families would never approve. They were forbidden to see one another. Oh, how tragic, Lila’s scribbled print appeared beside the words, sarcastically mocking her own plot choice. An ancient curse divided their lands due to a feud over the death of one of the ancestors in the girl’s clan. They had been killed brutally in the woods; a murder that her clan assumed was perpetrated by a member of the boy’s clan. Unbeknownst to the girl’s clan, the men of the boy’s clan turned into wolves at night and hunted in the woods on the outskirts of their village. The girl’s relative had ventured too far into the woods at night, and the wolves of the boy’s clan had found and killed her. Now the girl, distraught over not being able to see the boy, ventured into the woods at night in the hopes of meeting him in secret. The boy, however, had already been turned into a wolf—although his mind still bore the thoughts of a human, his instincts were those of his animal counterpart, and when he saw the girl, he attacked her. Before he struck the girl, his own wolfen eyes met with hers. In that instant, they recognized one another, but nothing could be done; although he mentally screamed and cried for himself to stop, his wolf instincts were far too powerful, and the boy had to watch himself kill the helpless girl. Once the morning came and he returned to his human form, the boy wept over the girl’s lifeless body until his relatives found him wailing uncontrollably in the woods. Boohoo, her writing appeared again, but the rest of the story she had continued writing had been scribbled out.

Lila sighed and brushed her bangs from her eyes, watching J.D.’s face with an intent stare as his eyes skimmed over the words. She waited until she saw him flip to the last page, and when she thought he was nearly done, she cleared her throat softly and spoke in a dull hum, “That’s as far as I got.”

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1st Oct 2008, 2:54 AM
Being a part of Brooklake High was almost like living in a class system in Marie-Elisabeth’s opinion, something like how society had been run back in the middle ages. There was her and Matt at the top as rulers of course, with most of the other preps and jocks making up the rest of the nobility. Then there were the average people who were lucky to sort of just scoot by under the radar and not incur anyone’s wrath. And way down on the bottom in the dirt were the serfs. People like the achievers or other people who somehow managed to piss the ruling class off. These were the people who existed purely for the purpose of amusing the upper class who toyed with their lives.

Yes that was exactly how Marie-Elisabeth saw the school, and she knew Matt was no different. The only real difference was that he seemed to be better at being at least visibly nice to the little serfs, where as she wouldn’t suffer fools no matter what. So she hadn’t really been surprised when he offered Hayden a vague smile before following her to the empty desk.

But smiling was the very last thing she felt like doing when she spotted Josh sitting and talking with, of all people, that complete and utter waste of space achiever girl that had weaseled her way onto the cheerleading squad. Marie-Elisabeth made a mental note to add her to the list along with Hayden for the project.

They reached the desk and Matt took the chair in front of it, so she sat herself down at the one behind it and dropped her stuff on the floor. “Now this project of yours, tell me more” he said and she grinned. “Getting right down to business, I like it” she said, looking pleased “Hardly a surprise but impressive nonetheless”.

She let her eyes wander around the room for a few minutes, briefly resting on Hayden and Katie before coming back to Matt. “It’s blondie and the dork with Josh over there” she said matter of factly, aware he already know who she was talking about “They need to be destroyed and fast. Blondie doesn’t know her place in the hierarchy, and the dork has somehow wormed her way onto my squad. If she stays on I’ll be a laughing stock. Something needs to be done”.

1st Oct 2008, 9:06 PM
To those who knew J.D. Harper, it would come as no surprise to learn that sometimes, what others might find disturbing or worrying, to him would have a rather calming effect. Apparent distress in those around him was one of those things. And currently, it was working it's magic on him, soothing his own uneasiness caused by Lila's recent comment about lying to him, as he watched her reach for the story she had written, and nervously fumble with it quite a bit. Odd as it may seem, seeing her become nervous actually kind of put him at ease. It was a reaction he was used to, one that was familiar, and even though deep down he didn't really want to make her, of all people, nervous, it did still tell him a little about what had just happened. Had she been trying to play mindgames with him, she wouldn't have gotten this agitated. Because this reaction, the fumbling, and the small shadow of concern etched into her pretty features, was not an act. He knew what disquiet looked like well enough to be able to tell the difference. This, this was genuine. And that could only mean she was worried about his reaction, or lack thereof, which in turn would mean she hadn't been looking to get to him with that comment she had made. At least not seriously. To shut him up, and have him need to actually search for a quick reply, much like she had done time and again since first they had met, yes, that was more than likely. But not in a way that differed much from aforementioned other times when she had done just that, and as far as he had been able to tell, non of those times she had meant any harm, in any way, shape or form.
So, just friendly banter then. One point to him for actually taking the time to ponder these things, rather than getting defensive and biting her head off.

However, he didn't get to keep that self-delivered point for long, as even though he had taken a moment to ponder, he obviously hadn't thought things through perfectly, because he was soon made to realize that in changing the topic, he had made two major mistakes.
Mistake number one; changing the topic back to school work. Mistake number two; asking Lila what she had written about, which, in her language, would mean to hand him the paper to read, in accordance with the teacher's instructions, whereas in J.D.'s language, it meant 'Give me a verbal recap, so I don't actually have to do something'.

"Be nice", she mumbled, looking almost embarrassed, and clearly knowing perfectly well that J.D. wasn't prone to giving compliments, or any other kind of fairly pleasant feedback.

And, considering the look currently on the young man's face, had she not already known, she might have gotten an inkling. The slightly disbelieving expression was back on his features as his gaze shifted from her, to the paper she had put infront of him, and then back again, as though it wasn't perfectly clear to him what he was expected to do with it. Quite frankly, in a way, he really wasn't. He never read anything, except maybe comics or automobile and HiFi magazines, so what did he possibly know about actual stories? He didn't know the first thing...
Still, he did eventually pick it up, and within only a few seconds too, before his skepticism became all to apparent, and made Lila feel even more embarrassed. Handing her story over to him did take guts, even J.D. could recognize that, and... Well... Truth be told, it did give him a chance to read something she had written, and thus maybe learn something new about her. Though he was hardly likely to admit that was his reason for making the effort to do actual school work, for once; that he did it because it was Lila.

Leaning back casually in his chair, his brows furrowed slightly as he tried to concentrate on the story. At first he mostly skimmed the rows of text, well aware that he was not as fast a reader as most of his classmates and, for some reason, not wanting Lila to notice. But the further he got into the story, sprinkled with various sarcastic comments in the margin, the more engulfed he became by it, and towards the end, he was actually truly reading every word. It had started out as the kind of story even J.D. had heard several times before, with the 'Once upon a time' intro and the 'boy meets girl' theme, but somewhere along the line it had changed into a rather more unusual story. And not only that. There were parts in it that, silly as it may seem, especially to J.D. himself, he could actually relate to. Specifically the part where the boy attacked the girl, out of pure instinct, despite not actually wanting to do it. Something in that part really struck a chord in him. Though it's melody soon faded again, as he got to the last part, with her sobering 'Boohoo' comment, and the illegible scribble-covered ending.

"That's as far as I got", Lila said quietly, as though she wanted to excuse what seemed to be the unfinished end part, but without shattering his concentration, should he still be reading.

Her timing, however, turned out to be near perfect, because only moments later, J.D. raised his gaze to look at her, and just like before, what was going through his head was clearly visible on his face. However, this time, the expression was not one of disbelief , but rather one of slight wonderment and approval.

"It's... really good", was his verdict, which was then followed by a brief silence, as he realized that it was probably the most bland thing he could possibly say, and so made an actual effort to dig a little deeper in his meager vocabulary; "Really... creative. It's like a complicated situation, but the story and the characters are easy to get, you know? Like... the guy doesn't want to be an *sshole, and hurt the girl, but he can't help it?"

There, he abruptly interrupted himself, falling silent for a moment or two before clearing his throat ever so slightly, with a rather awkward look on his face, as though he had realized he might just have said a little too much. And to make matters worse, he couldn't really think of anything to say to smooth things over, and so he simply grabbed the first thing that came to mind;

"So, uhm... How was your break?" he asked, while handing her back her story.

1st Oct 2008, 9:09 PM
Natalie liked to tease people. Not always flirting, of course, but she liked to banter and indulge in repartee left, right and centre like there was no tomorrow, just because it was ‘her thing’. Though, the thing about banter is that it was so easily misinterpreted, especially when one was not as well known as Natalie had been, and taken as offence, which was the last thing Natalie wanted in Lorene’s case. In other cases, such as those of Matt and Marie-Elisabeth, it was exactly what Natalie wanted.

Speaking of the demonic duo, Natalie couldn’t help but notice as Brat and Cher banded together once more – Brat having clearly decided Loren was way too much fun and Cher… well, clearly, the blonde convention didn’t work out well – to no doubt discuss how to better the world. Their world, of course. Actually, there was no doubt about it in Natalie’s mind as soon as Marie-Elisabeth looked over to her seat, Natalie gleefully replied with an utterly charming smile that oozed effortlessly from her pouting lips. Though, winding them up was pretty much where Natalie drew the line these days - she'd no longer meticulously plot someone's demise. She was better than that.

That done, she immediately turned her thoughts away, letting the forces of darkness continue gathering by the windows as she resigned herself back to Lorene’s company – which in all honestly, was far more fun that she’d have initially thought. See, the upside of learning not to judge a book by it’s cover – though, even if Natalie had judged Lorene by appearances, she’d have still gauged that it’d have been fun, just for very different reasons. Now, having enjoyed the other girl’s company so far, Natalie was just hoping that her persistence in teasing Lorene about her (boy)friend hadn’t offended her in anyway.

“I wouldn’t say that…,” she started in reply to Natalie’s inquiry, wrapping a strand of brightly coloured hair around her finger as a nickname for her took shape in Natalie’s mind – Benetton, as in the United Colours of Benetton. It wasn’t really in a malicious way, but Natalie was just used to nicknaming people, though, she kept it in her mind these days. “I mean I’ve been all over Europe but that’s about it really."

And especially given the scarlet colour that spread over her cheeks soon after Natalie had reprised the subject of the love confession, Benetton was a justified nickname.

“I guess I was naive to think you’d let this go so easily wasn’t I?” she giggled, though Natalie could imagine the discomfort she must have been feeling. It wasn’t generally great when friends come out with ‘I love you!”, it made things so awkward in Natalie’s experience, that is, if they were her friends. If they had been just another member of her fan club, it’d have been a case of ‘Get real’ – unless she had contrived a use for them, of course. The dark times. “Come on, I’ve suffered enough!”

So, she let a slightly mischievous grin grow over her beautiful features, soon morphing into a conceding smile as she looked down at the desk in amused acceptance of her teasing.

“Yeah,” she gave a single nod as the sparkling eyes looked back up at her work partner, repressing slight giggles of her own. “I’m done now.” With that, she made a single comment about Lorene’s travelling. “And hey, all over Europe is pretty impressive... especially given that a lot of people here consider Iowa exotic.”

It was true enough, it wasn't that everyone was so terrible in travelling or that not being well travelled made someone uninteresting, but still, a lot of people here had lack of appreciation for the world in general rather than just right here, right now all the time. Getting drunk in Tijuana was apparently more interesting than actually appreciating the place. Well, you can get that much alcohol in Brooklake anyway.

“So, are you multilingual and all?” Natalie continued, her appreciation for multicultural experiences speaking out quite clearly.

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2nd Oct 2008, 5:58 PM
Considering the fact that Marie-Elisabeth was his main partner in crime, as well as an ex, with all the closeness shared that it had entailed, seeing the way her gaze landed somewhat disapprovingly on that Katie girl, currently in the company of none other than everyone's favorite jock; the charming, the amiable, the utterly nice Josh Brennan, Marie-Elisabeth's current boyfriend, left it no mystery to Matt what was going through her head at that moment.
Yes, really, who would've thought Josh would choose to pair up with Katie right infront of Marie-Elisabeth, when surely he must know she'd hardly be pleased? P*ssing off Marie-Elisabeth was something even Matt would think twice about. Though admittedly, it didn't have as much to do with the fear of her wrath as it did the reluctance of possibly loosing her as a friend and thus a most powerful ally. When it came to wrath, Matt himself could dish it out just as much and well as she could. But that didn't mean the prospect of possibly angering her wouldn't worry him a single bit. There were plenty of far less dangerous enemies one could have. Something that apparently blondie and little Miss Braniac had yet to realize.
And that was something which Matt was only too willing to help them with.

"Getting right down to business, I like it", Marie-Elisabeth said approvingly. "Hardly a surprise but impressive nonetheless."

Her gaze slowly began to roam the classroom while she spoke, landing briefly and far from surprisingly on the two girls that Matt already had pegged as the intended targets of her 'project'.

"It's blondie and the dork with Josh over there", she said, confirming those exact suspicions. "They need to be destroyed and fast. Blondie doesn’t know her place in the hierarchy, and the dork has somehow wormed her way onto my squad. If she stays on I'll be a laughing stock. Something needs to be done."

His own eyes following the path made by hers, narrowing slightly in a look of contemplation, Matt pondered various possibilities for how to go about achieving the social destruction of the two girls. Hayden, at this point, didn't seem like she needed much help in that department, since so far, she had been doing a fairly good job of it all on her own. Though on the other hand, speeding things up a bit for her could hardly hurt the cause, right?

As for the other girl, the nerd who was actually in the process of having her status slightly raised this very instant, by having Josh not only acknowledge her presence, but seeming as though he didn't mind it in the least either; that one might take a little more planning.

"So you want her off the team", he said thoughtfully, more as an acknowledgement of Marie-Elisabeth's problem, rather than an actual question, as the answer had already been given, and his gaze lingered momentarily on Katie, before shifting back to the blonde head cheerleader. "Thrown out, or quitting of her own accord?"

4th Oct 2008, 4:18 PM
Some things at Brooklake were simple facts of life. Even the freshmen entering the doors for the first time knew them, and if they didn’t they learned and fast. They were things like: Achievers and Preps did not mix, the second floor girls room was to be avoided at all costs because the toilets never worked, and you didn’t call J.D. Harper by his full name unless you wanted your face introduced to his fist.

Another one of these facts was that you did not piss off Marie-Elisabeth Normandy. It just was not done unless you had a desire to find yourself so humiliated that you had to move to Alaska just to get away from it. The faculty was practically eating out of the palm of her well manicured hand, so she never had a fear of getting in any trouble for her actions. And with the other person on top of the “Don’t piss me off” list, Matt Sidle, as a partner in crime she was doubly as dangerous. There were very few people she wouldn’t turn her wrath on, which generally was just the preps and jocks, so long as they knew their places. And Josh of course, but even he was annoying her at the moment talking to that brainiac weasel.And thankfully, Matt understood her exact problem with said weasel and the blondie.

“So you want her off the team then” he had said, as she nodded her head “Thrown out, or quitting of her own accord”.

“I’d prefer they both get thrown out on their asses in the most humiliating way possible” she said, shooting a glare at both of them “But I doubt the brainiac will, since the teachers all but insisted she be let on the squad. Though being let on doesn’t mean I have to let her do anything, that kind of stuff’s my territory”.

She glanced over to Hayden talking to another girl and back at Matt. "And as for blondie” she said, disgust obvious in her voice “I don’t care what we do to her as long as it makes her so embarrassed to show her face she joins the witness protection program. She’s giving the rest of us a bad name”.

4th Oct 2008, 7:29 PM
Katie didn't hate very many things. With all the reading she had done, with all the effort she had gone to defend her paper against scientific obscurity, she was able to view almost anything with objective and scientific distance. The one exception to that rule,t he one thing that she hated and could barely stand, was when people assumed that she, a sixteen year old, wasn't good at something she was. She had worked very hard to get that paper published, and she didn't take kindly to people assuming she didn't know about birds.

The same was with her dancing. It had never been as big a passion for her, but she had spent hundreds of hours honing her craft, years perfecting her balance and form, and months learning to convert that into gymnastics. Anyone who had ever seen her perform knew she was excellent, and her work as a dancer met even Katie's standards of perfection. So any insult, implied or not, to her dancing, to her right to be on that cheer leading squad, was not going to be taken well.

And apparently Josh was getting the point, a little. “Look, I know things aren't… easy,” he started. [b[Katie[/b] had gone back to staring at her desk, not caring if she gave off a completely emotional vibe. Damn straight it wasn't easy, she didn't see many people happily and uncomplainingly working out for hours to the kind of perfection a fully expectant Mrs. Barnes wanted, or the perfection Katie herself demanded.

“It's just the way things work... and I think it gets easier after a while.” Not really, only easier in the fact that she could focus more on technical precision without having to remember the choreography. It was still hard and exhausting. But it was still exhilarating and wonderful too. Maybe the guy did have a deserved reputation as a nice guy, and she glanced over and gave a small and weak, but sincere smile.

Then he continued, ruining the facade that he had gotten her point at all. “As for the guys? They do it to everyone.” Her smile fell off her face like a brick from a high rise. He thought that she was upset about how she was treated? She wasn't thrilled about it, but she was used to it, she had been ignored and bullied since grade school, she was used to it. It wasn't the lack of acknowledgment either, it was the fact that everyone assumed there was nothing to acknowledge. The teasing and slashed tires didn't get to her, not anymore. But this ignorant submissiveness? That cut. And the worst part was that she couldn't see a reason to get angry at Josh, he had no idea. And without anger all she had to work with was despair and a savage wound to her pride.

She looked up again at him, wondering if she should say what she was really thinking, that the whole world didn't revolve around his bitchy girlfriend and meathead team, and that there were plenty of other sources of angst in the world. Her submissive social instincts won over, again, and she answered stiffly, "I'm sure it will."

Her opinion of him at this point was decidedly mixed. On the one hand, he was not actively trying to be a jerk, at least so far as she could tell, but he seemed thoughtless, saying things that Katie figured anyone would be offended by. She was just kind of prickly. Before she could chase down and decide upon an opinion- she figured she had enough data at this point to hypothesize at least- she caught Marie-Elisabeth glancing at her.

She didn't react, merely controlling her breathing and trying not to let any of her own passionate dislike shine through. She didn't even notice her hands clenching into fists, but she slowed down her breathing, in and out, bitch she may be, but ultimately anything she attempted would only be horrible by Katie's reactions.

Her hands unclenched, and she deigned to send a tiny glare of her own, and a sarcastic wave over at her and her companion, Matt Sidle. Let the psycho-bitch chew on that!

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5th Oct 2008, 1:22 AM
To the lucky few (or rather, not so few) that knew Matt, and to the fairly many that had been somehow exposed to his predilection for tricks and mindgames, it would come as no surprise that he enjoyed plotting, nor would it be very surprising that what really appealed to him, was doing so according to certain criterias. There were always many ways to skin a cat, but the task became so much more interesting when it had to meet certain requirements. It spiced things up, raised the stakes a bit, and posed a bit more of a challenge. Not to mention the fact that it made success feel so much more rewarding.

Thus, when Marie-Elisabeth introduced the prospect of another such task to him, of course he would ask in what manner she wished to go about it all. For she knew just as well as he did that when it came to matters such as the one discussed, the road one travelled to reach the goal was just as important as the goal itself.

"I'd prefer they both get thrown out on their asses in the most humiliating way possible", the beautiful blonde told him, granting each target a brief but tell-tale glare as she spoke. "But I doubt the brainiac will, since the teachers all but insisted she be let on the squad. Though being let on doesn't mean I have to let her do anything, that kind of stuff's my territory."

Initially, the comment had somewhat surprised Matt, as his preferred method - had the project been his - would have been to indirectly 'persuade' Katie to quit the team, while he himself came out looking squeaky clean, with no risk of having fingers pointed at him. Though the reaction didn't last more than a few moments, because that was just the thing; his approach was not Marie-Elisabeth's approach. Hers was usually the rather more straight-forward one, of not exactly hiding what she thought, often successfully smothering her victims' confidence and good spirits either by shooting them a look that left the message loud and clear, or simply treating them like air, whereas Matt often played the part of innocence, and worked his charm for all that it was worth, setting people up to be duped and decieved, leaving them completely oblivious to his true feelings about them. Though there were of course exceptions, and many of them too; those that had not made themselves his enemies, and were not 'important' enough for him to pay any attention to them, would indeed mostly find themselves completely ignored.
But, neither Katie nor Hayden belonged in that category. For now.

"And as for blondie", Marie-Elisabeth continued, her voice practically oozing of the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy feelings she already harboured for Hayden. "I don’t care what we do to her as long as it makes her so embarrassed to show her face she joins the witness protection program. She's giving the rest of us a bad name."

Matt, despite having met Hayden for a total of maybe two minutes, maximum, couldn't agree more. Though in all honesty, he did kind of doubt that anyone that had witnessed Hayden's tantrum earlier - which, considering it had been in the middle of the hallway, during 'rush hour', would be about half the school - would have her pegged as a prep. Considering her behaviour back there, 'oddball' would have seemed a far more likely option to, well, pretty much everyone there.
Still, there was no harm in emphasizing it.

That, however, would be the easy part, and so Matt decided to focus on the more challenging one first, since it would be the one that required the most planning;

"Well, you know...", he started slowly, while idly toying with a dark chocolate lock of hair, just like he tended to do while in deep thought. "People change their minds all the time. Even teachers. Josh's new friend might be their pet right now, but who's to say that couldn't be subject to change? With a little help, I'm sure she could end up doing something that would get her kicked off the squad."

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5th Oct 2008, 1:51 AM
Retelling that story to Shauna made Adam cast a thought to his long time friend Jayni, who was also embarking on her first day at a new school: Primrose Hill Preparatory School for Girls. The idea of his atheist, anarchist, liberalist mate attending a school that prided itself of being the exact opposite was nothing short of hilarious to him, some friend he was.

In his sea of thought he almost missed Shauna say, “See, that’s unfair – you actually have a good story about coming here. Mine’s boooring.”

He doubted any of the posh girls would find the story of his and Jayni’s expulsion ‘interesting’, more horrifying that a hoodlum walked among them. Adam anticipated the texts of anguish he’d receive gleefully. Jayni would have probably would have had the same amount of empathy (if not less) for him if he were in the same situation.

He gave her a look of slight disbelief, “Really?” he grinned, “Aww, you’re sweet. Most people find it more entertaining imagining me surrounded by mature bed-wetters and kids who enjoy mutilating small animals,” he only half joked.

“So, how do you like it here?” She asked.

Good question Adam thought to himself. “It seems alright I guess, nice enough building…” He started then gave the room a quick glance to find other things to comment on, his eyes first settling on their teacher who seemed to be fighting a losing battle on trying to keep the class focused on the task set, “easily distracted teachers…” his eyes then darting to his fellow classmates who were rather a diverse bunch, “Cool people…” his eyes settled on Shauna to illustrate that he was talking about her, “And its even within walking distance from my house if I wasn’t so lazy,” He concluded. “What about you?”

5th Oct 2008, 7:25 AM
((Alright, I was thinking of moving us on to the next period tomorrow or monday; would you guys prefer either? ))

Lila couldn’t help but feel endlessly nervous as she watched J.D.’s amber eyes scan over the pages of her writing. Something in the very pit of her stomach turned restlessly as his gaze wandered while faint and indeterminable expressions sifted over his features. She wanted to know what he was thinking, wished to possess the ability to read minds, and yet simultaneously wished that he keep his thoughts to himself. For as much as his approval would mean to her, his disapproval would most certainly crush her entirely.

She could barely bring herself to meet his gaze when he had finished reading. Her fingers twined together in restless knots, never really ending or beginning where they normally would. They formed one intermingled cross-stitching, and she had to carefully undo the mess she had created in order to take the paper back from him and return it to her bag. Finally, her emerald orbs connected with his golden brown eyes and she allowed herself the chance to gauge J.D.’s reaction. There was no displeased frown on his lips, nor was there a forced smile. Both would have been certain signs that he’d been unimpressed, but neither was there. She was relieved instead to see a look of bewildered approval smattering the handsome boy’s face; as though he had been pleasantly surprised and caught off-guard by his own reaction.

"It's... really good," J.D. spoke definitively, which made her relax. Lila finally allowed a satisfied and relieved sigh to slip past her lips which then curved into a delicate and appreciative smile. He stared at her quietly for a moment, as though trying to find the words that would adequately summarize the thoughts winding through his head. Once he seemed to find him, J.D. spoke again in his uneasy and husky tone.

"Really... creative. It's like a complicated situation, but the story and the characters are easy to get, you know? Like... the guy doesn't want to be an *sshole, and hurt the girl, but he can't help it?"

Another sigh of relief, and a widened smile. Lila offered him a nod of affirmation and smoothed the hem of her dress, eyes falling away from his for the briefest of moments while she assembled her own thoughts. He had asked her another question after an almost-awkward silence, something about how her break was, but that question had paled in comparison to the generous compliment he had offered her. That alone was what occupied her thoughts at the moment, and the relief therein made her at ease.

“Thank you, J.D.” Saying his name aloud sent a flutter through her stomach; she hadn’t actually said it in what seemed like ages. She had thought it countless times over the break—here and there as she wondered what he had spent his break doing, or whether or not he had robbed a convenience store in her absence or something of that nature—but she hadn’t said it. Speaking it now was like sending a tiny shockwave through her, jolting her back to reality and a world she had somehow forgotten or lost over the past few weeks. “That means a lot. And…it’s not his fault,” she said softly, eyes shifting from her dress to the ceiling momentarily. “And the girl doesn’t blame him. When it really matters, you forgive people.” Lila drew in a concentrated breath and let her eyes close before finally returning to J.D. after another brief pause.

His second question finally registered, and Lila’s smile brightened considerably. She knew that the school work had made the conversation far less enjoyable, so shifting to another topic would help in that regard.

“My break?” her voice was warm, filling with the fond memories of her winter respite. If there was any time of year that made Lila giddy like a child, it was winter and the holiday season. Even the rest of her family considered her a bit odd in that regard; she was the one who insisted on making hot cocoa for them whenever they came in from the cold, insisted they bundle up and live outside to enjoy the snow, insisted they adhere to their time-honored traditions of gingerbread cookies and present-opening ceremonies. Lila loved winter break, aside from one small drawback, which she was beginning to remember now that she had returned to school.

“It was great.” She gave a nod and tucked her hair behind her ear carefully, glancing out the window behind J.D.’s head. “I love the cold, and seeing my family was wonderful. Even my brother came home for a bit,” her voice softened by the end of the sentence, but not out of embarrassment; there was a reverence there that did not ask for pity. “So it was good. Although,” her voice lifted with renewed mirth and she glanced around the classroom before returning her piercing gaze to J.D. “I did start to miss this place.” A light laugh trickled past her lips and she gave him a nod. “How about yours?”

5th Oct 2008, 10:25 PM
As much as Josh liked to please – though, perhaps not desperately so in cases that didn’t involve those dearest to him – he had his limits. It wasn’t that he was used to having everything handed to him on a platter, or that he was used to everyone worshipping him, but that he himself had limits as to how far he could stretch himself to accommodate others and those limits were set much further than the general populace.

With Katie, he’d been trying, he’d been really trying and he’d stepped over several of the limiting marks he had. He’d attempted to put her at ease, it didn’t work. He’d attempted to make conversation with her and managed to stumble onto an awkward topic. He’d attempted to make her feel welcome in a group that got off on kicking people while they were down and what was the result? Nothing too different from that of his previous attempts.

Antagonism flashed again in her eyes, not understanding or even acceptation of the situation, let alone any gratitude – not that Josh was looking for gratitude, he just wanted to make her feel better because he'd felt guilt about the possible actions of his friends and girlfriend. Her gaze meeting his was not one of any sort of amicability, but of distant coldness – one that Josh wasn’t all that used to from girls and one which given what he’d said seemed utterly unjustified – as she seemed to be deciding what action to take. Would she actually come out and talk about her problems?

”I’m sure it will.” Apparently not.

Josh was out of options, and even if he wasn’t, he wasn’t quite sure what the purpose of pursuing them would be. Those that knew Josh, those that made the effort to know Josh rather than of him, did see the inherent pleasantness in him, but they also saw a part of how it worked. It was as if he was instinctively obliged to try help everyone, to at least make those attempts, even – especially if – he didn’t have to. However, there would also come a point where he would realise when a battle was not worth fighting – at least for the time being. In this case, if Katie wanted to be miserable, there was little he could do about it. So, he had to give up trying.

However, he did nothing that any one of his peers would have done in his shoes. He did not get angry, he did not fume or throw a tantrum about how he – apparently a cherished jock (he himself saw it quite differently) – had been making attempts to socialise with her and she was failing to appreciate that, he didn’t switch tactics and play the stereotype by taunting her; he merely let it go. Though that said, a jock was a jock and no matter what he did, he’d always be seen as a jock.

“Yeah,” he breathed out softly, flicking his eyes to hers before returning it to the paper that he’d picked up again, giving in and reading about war’s effects of geography and culture. “Here’s hoping.”

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and I'm fine with moving on whenever :) )))

5th Oct 2008, 10:46 PM
To young J.D. Harper, the pretty and soft-spoken girl known as Lila Kavanagh, was nothing short of a challenge, and a complete enigma. In a way, on some distant, intangible level, she seemed to him so very easygoing and uncomplicated, taking the world around her for what it appeared to be, and harbouring no true ill-will towards anyone or anything, but instead facing everyone with a gentle smile you couldn't help but to like, or even return. Most of the time. She was the kind of person that would seem to make friends easily, regardless of gender, status and reputation, and who would see something good in everyone, even if it meant she had to work hard for it. She was a genuinly good-natured and amiable person, someone you couldn't help but to like. And for that very reason, J.D. just did not understand her. There was nothing in her friendly behaviour that he, in his own mind, could comprehend. Unlike her, he wouldn't smile for 'no reason', especially not at people he didn't know and whose existence had yet to earn his approval, nor would he bother to look for even a trace of a good quality they might possess. On the contrary. What he saw when meeting people, were mostly reasons not to like them, and thus brush off whatever judgemental glances they might be sending his way. Or even a reason to pick a fight with them, so that they would know from the get-go that they were better off staying out of his way.

Furthermore, and perhaps what made her more of a challenge to him than anything else, was the fact that he did not quite understand himself around her. For while he pondered his feelings only once in a blue moon, he did usually consider himself to have a fairly good understanding of his ways. But, since he had met Lila, and when in her company, that notion had begun to falter. One minute he could catch himself wishing she would be a little bit more relaxed around him, but when she proved to be just that, by touching him or saying something that might not have been 100% carefully thought through, he had sometimes lashed out at her, and given her every reason in the world to never dare relax around him again.
And then there were the times, such as just a few seconds ago, when her presence would loosen his toungue enough for something more or less awkward to slip out, something he would have preferred not to say at all, or at least phrase differently.
Heck, she'd even had him actively seek out people he had known would like the opportunity to confront him, and serve that opportunity to them on a silver platter while leaving himself rather open and vulnerable to whatever they might've had to say to him. And that was so not like him. Usually, he would answer to no one, and when someone tried to confront him about his wicked ways, chances were he would either walk away, mouth off to them, or simply not even bother to listen in the first place.

So, for him to not only give a compliment, and doing so by making an actual effort, but inadvertently hint at seeing some similarity between himself and the character in her short story as well... That probably surprised him even more than it might surprise her. Though at first, he wasn't sure she actually noticed, for if she did, she seemed to pretend she that didn't. Which, quite frankly, he was thankful for. But at the same time, it did appear that there was indeed something in what he had said that had really caught her attention, for when she replied, it was not with an answer to his question, but a response to his feedback on the story.

"Thank you, J.D.", she said, and the look of relief was evident on her face, as well as in her voice. "That means a lot."

The statement made J.D. blink with slight surprise. The idea of someone valuing on his opinion regarding a field where he didn't exactly have any skill of his own, was rather unexpected to him. Though, of course, it could have more to do with him not indulging in that notorious tendency of his, to spread nasty comments around him, but instead making an actual and extremely rare attempt to offer a fellow student some feedback.
Actually, it was probably the most likely option, because lord - and everyone else, for that matter - knows that when it came down to it, in the 'real' world, J.D.'s opinion of a piece of litterary work counted for as much as a toddlers opinion of the world economy.

However, following that comment was one that immediately took his mind off of his lacking skill as far as storytelling and writing went, and instead threw it right back to the semi-confession he had made about himself. The one he had initially thought Lila might not have noticed.

"And... it's not his fault", she said in a soft voice, though avoided looking at him, as though she had indeed noted the vaguely disguised admission, but wished to comment without being obvious about it, and thus did it in a manner as generally applicable as possible. And for which J.D., again, was grateful. "And the girl doesn't blame him. When it really matters, you forgive people."

A brief paused followed, during which J.D. squirmed ever so slightly in his seat, trying to stifle that defensive streak in him that would otherwise risk having him shoot off something snide or resentful, just because he couldn't handle the idea of someone thinking he might be trying to apologize, even though it was in a most obscure and roundabout way, and even though it was he himself that had pushed open the doors to that very idea.

Luckily, Lila continued before he found something to say, regardless of whether it would have been something resentful or something pleasant, and for the third time in just a matter of seconds, he felt relieved. It would seem she had learned that when it came to matters of what might be a delicate nature, it was safer to offer J.D. a chance to comment if he wanted to, or just refrain from doing so, should he not yet feel ready for it.

"My break?" she said, finally answering the question he had asked, and as she did, her voice filled with enthusiasm, which pretty much alone would have provided him with an answer, even if she had not continued; "It was great. I love the cold, and seeing my family was wonderful. Even my brother came home for a bit."

There J.D.'s gaze shifted back to her, after having followed hers towards the window to glance outside. Her brother... J.D. didn't know much about him, other than that he appeared to be quite ill. Lila rarely mentioned him, but she had mentioned that he had been in the hospital. It had been her reason for suddenly running off one afternoon, right after saving J.D.'s sorry butt from getting the blame for breaking one of the school's windows. And in the process, she had given him a hug, which even though it had happened quite a while ago, was still fresh in his mind, mostly because he still didn't know how to interpret it.
The next day, she had explained that her sudden hurry had been due to her brother having to go to the hospital, and that he was ill, but that had pretty much been it, and J.D. had never asked her about it, simply because it had been obvious even to him that it was a delicate matter. And J.D. just didn't handle delicate matters all that well.

"So it was good", Lila concluded, and her tone of voice turned somewhat more cheerful again. "Although, I did start to miss this place."

Following that statement was a brow quirked in utter skepticism on J.D.'s part, as he just couldn't imagine why on earth anyone would miss school, and a small laugh and a nod on hers, before she added;

"How about yours?"

It was a perfectly reasonable question, and really one to be downright expected, if for no other reason then in the name of simple and common courtesy. Although in Lila's case, J.D. did sense that it was not an empty question, bur rather a friendly one instead. Especially considering the fact that she had confessed to loving the cold of the season, and the enthusiasm with which she spoke had betrayed a love for Christmas and New Years as well.

However, while it was evident that she highly enjoyed the 'merry' season, J.D. couldn't really say the same. His parents had split up ages ago, and he and his mother, with whom he had chosen to live, didn't get along too well. Add to that the fact that his grandparents seemed to see in him a younger version of their no-good ex-son-in-law and never failed to point it out, and one might begin to understand why he had chosen to spend the majority of Christmas eve and Christmas day in his room, and the rest of the holiday away from home as much as he possibly could.
Not that he intended to tell anyone about it.

Instead, the response he gave was a light shrug of his shoulders, and an apathetic;

"It was okay, I guess."

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((ooc: sorry I havent updated my posts guys, I wont leave you guys hanging anymore, I promise!!))
Giselle looked at Hayden and asked, "I know we are new in school and all, but are people always like this, I mean these people act stuck up far beyond my belief, is it just me or do you think this too". Giselle normally is never this outspoken about her feelings, but Hayden seemed like the type of person she could talk to about these things, not that she was trying to start trouble or anything she was just curious of the actions these people make.

6th Oct 2008, 9:42 PM
Hayden appreciated how honest Giselle was to her, she was the first genuine person at this school. An what do you know Giselle was anew girl too. It seemed like the people at this school so far were ignorant, kinieving or down right bitchy. Hayden knew she wasn't in Marie-Elisabeth's good books, Hayden was fine with this. Marie wasn't in hers either, Hayden knew once Marie-Elisabeth started the conflict, Hayden would finish it.

Hayden turned back to Giselle. Giselle said, "I know we are new in school and all, but are people always like this, I mean these people act stuck up far beyond my belief, is it just me or do you think this too".

Hayden nodded in response, "Yeh i met people who are not that nice, but sheeesh this school is another story. No its not just you, most of them are stuck up. And that Mary-Ann thinks she owns everybody and everything around her". Hayden then added with a laugh, "I guess we will have to show her not to mess with us".

Hayden wasn't usually a bitchy person, but to survive in this school she would have to be.

(( ooc: Mary-Ann is Marie-Elisabeth, its just Hayden not liking her lol :D ))

7th Oct 2008, 7:25 PM
((Alright everybody, you can RP your characters hearing the bell ring to signal the end of class; the students will now go to lunch, simply because I don't think you guys want to RP through another class, ;) Unless you guys would rather that! But right, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask.

Lunch Time! ))

7th Oct 2008, 9:06 PM
As Giselle and Hayden walked out of the class on their way to lunch Giselle continued on their conversation, "Well I kind of could have figured that the girl you name would be a snooty and high siddity, most times a person can usually tell when someone is a B**ch or not", then Giselle though for a moment about how she probably would have thought Hayden as one of those girls, but Hayden's big smile when she first got here made her change her mind about that, then she replied " I'm glad your not like that, it feels good to know I have someone to talk already".

7th Oct 2008, 9:31 PM
Hayden followed Giselle out of english, not sure whether they where they were both heading. Giselle continued the conversation, "Well I kind of could have figured that the girl you name would be a snooty and high siddity, most times a person can usually tell when someone is a B**ch or not".

Hayden gave a quick laugh and agreed, "yeh. well no questions about it - she is a complete snooty cow".
[/b]Hayden[/b] carried her folder and clutch in both arms with a hugging posistion towards her chest. And continued walking with Giselle, they walked slowly as Hayden didnt know where to go, and she didnt know about Giselle.

"I'm glad your not like that, it feels good to know I have someone to talk already", Giselle added.
Hayden smiled sincerely, "Well i know im a prep, and i was in my previous schools. But im not like the ones here, at my old school i was nice and i got along with everyone. It hasnt done me much justice here...", she smiled at her, "...well apart from you".

Hayden believed in not judging people by their covers, and everyone back in Texas appreciated it and got along with Hayden. Since coming to this school Hayden's nice approach seemed to work against her at this school apart from meeting Giselle. Hayden liked Giselle and hoped upon the same. At Brooklake Hayden was judged immediately, her clothes, her hair and the way she carried herself withi the school.

"So do you know where the canteen is?", Hayden said with a blank look on her face.

8th Oct 2008, 2:25 AM
Kim smiled at Loren as she took the seat across from him. She'd been surprised to see that the actor from the play she'd heard about and seen on the website was in her class. "I heard you were great in the play", she said actually meaning it. She'd managed to see a clip of it on the same said website and was duly impressed by this skills. Since she would be entering the drama club too, she was eager to meet others in the club and to see what the club was all about in this particular school. "Anyway, I'm definitely joining the drama club and i was wondering how active you guys were?", she asked. She hoped that she did not sound like the major drama geek that she knew she was. Truth was, she got way excited about anything with the word, drama, in it. She looked back at him with expectation waiting for his answer.

[[I think I'm now back, school has decreased a lot in homework and that sort of thing and i think i can put it more time now]]

8th Oct 2008, 4:44 AM
Marie-Elisabeth had recognized early on, even before they had gotten together, what a valuable friend Matt could be. It was one of those odd things that you couldn’t explain how you knew it, you just did. And, as it often was, her prediction had turned out to be right. They were like two sides of the same coin; similar but not exactly the same. She was more obvious and forthcoming with her dislike of people, where as Matt preferred to charm them into a false sense of security. She would outright tell you she didn’t like you and you knew you were in for it. But with him, sometimes you didn’t know what was going on until it was all over and you were left utterly humiliated.

And it was precisely those differences that made them such a good team, and one very few people dared to cross. Which a certain annoying brainiac was clearly doing, glaring and waving sarcastically at her. Marie-Elisabeth shot her a look back that, if looks really could kill, probably would have done the job. She turned back to Matt afterwards, eager to hear what he had to say.

"Well, you know..." he said slowly, toying with his hair "People change their minds all the time. Even teachers. Josh's new friend might be their pet right now, but who's to say that couldn't be subject to change? With a little help, I'm sure she could end up doing something that would get her kicked off the squad."

“She is not Josh’s new friend, believe me” she said, shooting another glare in the girls’ direction “Not if he still wants a girlfriend she’s not. I really do like him, I do, but if he thinks he’s going to keep company like that, he better think again”. Marie-Elisabeth paused as the bell signaling it was lunch time rang, before quickly getting back to what else Matt had said.

“Any specific kind of help you’re thinking of” she asked “Because I’m up for anything as long as dorkzilla and that pretentious little twit are humiliated and as far away from me as humanly possible”. She pushed her chair out from the desk and picked her stuff up, slinging her bag over her shoulder. “Shall we discuss their imminent demise over lunch?” she said with a smirk “At least we’ll be farther away from the crazy people that way”.

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8th Oct 2008, 10:10 PM
(((ooc: slytherin - Aww, thanks. :D )))

Being who and what he was, seeking weak spots in other people's deeds and defenses, came only natural to Matt. Even if they were people whose life he didn't intend to make a living hell - at least not for the time being - heck, even if they were friends of his, Matt would always keep an eye out for weaknesses, and also probe the ones he found from time to time, just to ensure that yes, they were still weaknesses, that things had not changed. Not that he ever planned on using such things against his friends, unless they forced his hand, so to speak, but with a compulsion such as his, to push other people's buttons, he simply had to make sure he knew where to strike, should he have to. And besides, preps were notorious for stabbing people in the back, even eachother, and so it really couldn't hurt to have some leverage. Just in case.

And, while he did greatly appreciate Marie-Elisabeth and her friendship, she was no exception. As proven by his choice of words regarding Josh and his 'new friend'. Matt was well aware of how her boyfriend's antics and associations reflected on her, and considering Josh was known among many as one of the nicest guys in school, and most likely to take in any stray or mutt that happened to cross his path - which explained his current conversational partner - he was indeed a weak spot of sorts, because his doings might have an impact on Marie-Elisabeth's reputation. And so Matt just couldn't help but to push that particular button. Not in order to be mean, or tick her off, but just because he wanted to ensure that her reaction was what he had anticipated.

It was.

"She is not Josh's new friend, believe me", she assured him, while bestowing yet another glare on Katie. "Not if he still wants a girlfriend she's not. I really do like him, I do, but if he thinks he's going to keep company like that, he better think again."

At that, Matt couldn't help but to smile, and for three reasons. One; he'd been right. Two; he always found it refreshing how Marie-Elisabeth often knew what she wanted, and wasn't afraid to demand it (as opposed to simply asking for it and hoping for the best). And three: considering the fact that Josh was practically the least selfish person that Matt knew of (though in the prep dictionary, 'selfless' would probably be considered a bad, bad word), and so eager to please, Marie-Elisabeth in particular, Matt could just imagine how their next conversation might go. Marie-Elisabeth bringing up the matter, either bluntly and demandingly, or as a soft and well-phrased insinuation that she hadn't liked what she had seen, and Josh...

A shrill signal suddenly rang out, putting a violent end to his musing, and bringing his focus back to Marie-Elisabeth, just as she continued with the matter at hand;

"Any specific kind of help you're thinking of?" she inquired. "Because I'm up for anything as long as dorkzilla and that pretentious little twit are humiliated and as far away from me as humanly possible."

While talking, she began to stand, obviously in order to soon take her leave of the class room along with the rest of the students, and Matt followed her lead, glancing back at his desk to see if that little weirdo from drama class had actually managed to remember the rather plain and simple instructions he had been given.

"Shall we discuss their imminent demise over lunch?" Marie-Elisabeth suggested, her lips donning a slightly mischievous smile, while Matt glanced ever so briefly at the clock on the wall, almost as though the bell going off hadn't already informed him of the time, or as though he was suddenly in a bit of a hurry. "At least we'll be farther away from the crazy people that way."

It was a tempting idea, to say the least. Especially considering that Matt did indeed have a few ideas of how to help Katie on her way to ruin, and couldn't wait to share them with Marie-Elisabeth. But, that would mean he would have to put aside the plans he had already made, and... he really, really didn't want to do that. The opportunities were rare enough as it was.
Although... Maybe there would be time enough to do both?

"Alright", he thus said, shooting Marie-Elisabeth a rushed smile as he picked up his own things. "I just gotta meet up with a couple of the guys first. Not sure how long it'll take, but I'll come find you afterwards, okay?"

And, as was usually his habit when he didn't really want to leave room for objections, before Marie-Elisabeth got a word in, he continued, much in the way he had done with Loren and Kim, only in Marie-Elisabeth's case, he managed to shoot her a genuinly apologetic smile in the process.

"Great", he said quickly, as though she had already agreed, and started for the door. "See you then."

8th Oct 2008, 11:25 PM
Lorene gave an over dramatic sigh of relief and giggled when Natalie said she’d drop the subject. “Good, that means I still have time to interrogate you about Mr Abercrombie and Fitch over there,” she replied with a mischievous grin, gesturing discretely to the dark haired guy Natalie had been sitting next to earlier and Lorene had apparently offended with her choice of attire. Though Lorene was nosy by nature (growing up in a small village where everyone knew everyone else’s business did tend to make one want to stay constantly in the loop) she was just kidding, wanting make Natalie squirm a little bit too, two could play that game right?

And with that the conversation strayed back to more neutral territory which Lorene was sincerely grateful for.
“Hey, all over Europe is pretty impressive... especially given that a lot of people here consider Iowa exotic.” Natalie commented on Lorene’s rather blasé response to her travelling.
“Oi, don’t knock us Iowa lovers!” Lorene jested. “I don’t know…” She began, finding difficulty in locating the words to express what she meant, “I’ve been to some really amazing places but I bet the Eiffel Tower or the leaning tower of Pisa are nothing on the Taj Mahal or going on Safari but I guess that’s just a matter of opinion right?” She shrugged, doubting she’d articulated herself very well.

And as she concluded her explanation, Lorene felt her tummy grumble miserably at her. A quick glance at the clock confirmed that thankfully, it was pretty close to feeding time.

“So, are you multilingual and all?” Natalie enquired. Lorene appreciated how friendly Natalie seemed to be, not that she’d pinned Natalie a bitch or anything but there was a difference between being nice out of duty to someone new and being nice because you genuinely wanted to get to know someone.

She nodded in response, “English and Lithuanian obviously,” She chuckled a little as she recollected her dumb mistake, “French and like random phrases in Japanese because of video games and kung-fu movies,” She confessed with a grin.

As if on cue, bell rang for lunch as Lorene finished answering. What happened now? Did they continue talking or did they go back being on opposite ends of the social spectrum? She didn’t mind whatever but she didn’t like to assume one way or another so began packing up her stuff waiting to see what Natalie would do.

9th Oct 2008, 9:22 PM
"It was okay, I guess."

Although Lila knew that J.D. could be verbally sparse, such a curt reply had been a bit less than she was expecting. Not to say it bothered her; she had almost gotten used to his one word responses and concise sentences. Considering their topic of discussion, however, she might have been anticipating at least a basic chronicling of what he did over the break. It could be as simple as a, “I slept for 96 hours straight,” or, “I held up a gas station.” Nothing like a novel, but a slight explanation would have sufficed. There was something in J.D.’s gaze, however, that told Lila his lack of elaboration ran deeper than mere unwillingness to talk to her or to give an obligatory response about how wonderful the holiday season was. Not that she’d expect any real holiday cheer to come from the almost perpetually-scowling or smirking troublemaker. No, instead, she was beginning to wonder if he didn’t speak at greater length not because there was nothing to tell, but rather because there were experiences that did occur that he’d rather not address. Looking into J.D.’s eyes was something akin to peering into a bottomless amber gemstone; it was glorious, entrancing, and yet led you to feel that there was so much more than what you could see on the surface. Perhaps there were some things sealed within them that you noticed, a shape here or there that might give some meaning to what you saw, but on the whole it ran far too deep to ever be fully comprehended.

“Well,” she said cheerily, eyes softening on the handsome young man before her. “Okay is better than awful, so I’d say that’s relatively good.” Her pretty head bowed into a nod of confirmation and she flashed him a winning smile just as the bell chimed overhead, signaling the end of class. With a relieved sigh, Lila began gathering her things and cleaning up the desk she had been occupying. Once she had slung her bag over her shoulder, she stood and gazed down at J.D. who was still seated rather unaffectedly in his desk. “I’m just glad you actually came back to school; I had serious doubts that you’d actually wander back to this ‘hell hole’,” she spoke the last phrase with a chuckle, trying to mimic his gruff tone of voice with a grin.

The rest of the class had begun slowly filing out, and Lila saw that only a few stragglers remained—themselves included.

“So, lunch? Unless you’ve got somewhere else to be.” Lila issued another playful smirk and crossed her arms, waiting for him to decide what he was doing.

((Atropa, my word! I'm sososo sorry it took me so long to get a reply up here; I had written it in word but forgotten to post it, and had just thought I had somehow put it on here until today when I realized I hadn't! xD Sorry this is generally not great and short. :/ ))

10th Oct 2008, 2:23 AM
((OOC: twelve nerd points to whomever figures out what RAH))

Loren usually took everything in stride. There was not a lot that would really surprise him- not after being beaten up and made fun of in middle school, ignored in elementary school and an uninterpretable mix of the first two in high school. So he wasn't too surprised that Matt's story was much better than his, and he wrote in giant letters- in red sharpie, and cursive- "Awesomeness". Of course even if it was horrible he would have said the same thing, his desire to give people honest and helpful criticism was infinitely less than his desire to please. So unless specifically asked for one of those honest and indeed helpful criticisms, then he wouldn't give one. After all, who wanted to be told, however accurately, that their work could be better, that it wasn't perfect as is? Loren had read in a book somewhere that no one did. Another reason- at least in his own mind- why he was an anomaly.

Before he could drop the paper on Matt's desk the girl who had spoken to him a bit ago said, "I heard you were great in the play"

Well duh, he'd had the lead. She continued, and Loren decided to ignore any redundancy and just bask in the praise. "Anyway, I'm definitely joining the drama club and i was wondering how active you guys were?"

Oh. How jarring. But more people in drama was always good, it meant that there wasn't as much need for guys to play girl parts- which had been a lot of fun, but still- or vice versa, and it expanded Loren's social circle.

Well he could talk about drama all day, and he consciously tried to keep it from turning into complete babble- "Oh we're really active, we do two musicals and a play every year, I think auditions for the spring musical are this afternoon actually, and set construction is over the weekends, doesn't sound like fun but it definitely is, and rehearsals are a bit long, but they're a lot of fun, and the theatre program here is one of the best in the state, we do dramafest and the international thespian society every year- you know how hard it is to even get into thespians competitions, and we've won, like twice." He took a breath and was about to continue- he had no idea that he had long ago crossed the line into enthusiastic babbling, when the lunch bell rang.

He guiltily glanced down at Matt's paper- regardless of his glowing comment he hadn't really read it, just skimmed- and then looked back to his companion. "Ahh... that was the lunch bell..."

Politeness and the fact that anyone interested in drama was already a friend of his- at least from Loren's viewpoint- he asked quickly, "Who are you sitting with at lunch?" He didn't have a specific table, so he was more than willing to sit with the new girl and regale her with tales of drama club.

Before she could answer, he noticed Matt walking towards his backpack. Loren did not want the other boy to forget his paper, after all, so he called after, not a full shout, or even projection, but still clearly audible from fifteen feet away probably, "Oy, Matt, finished with your paper, right on the desk like you said!"

And then his usual unabashed grin, because hey, he had possibly made TWO friends already this morning, and he had advertised for drama club, and done one of the new friends a favor by making sure that he didn't forget his paper! He felt pretty pleased with himself, and justifiably so, as far as he knew.

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And gads, I love this kid!))

10th Oct 2008, 2:38 AM

"I'm not sure where the bathroom is, but I'm sure one of these teachers over here do", as she looked over at the group of teachers huddled around the lunchroom door. "You can go and ask them if you want", said Giselle, "I'll stay here or do you want me to come with you".

Giselle normally got nervous approaching a group of teachers, because somewhere in her brain she thought that they were her enemy, but in this case she would escort her new friend if she wanted her too, even though she was very nervous.

10th Oct 2008, 12:28 PM
((EEEEeeeep. I'm sorry I haven't been around for so long!))

It wasn't the littered view outside or the noisy buzz amongst the class, but there was definitely something about this day that intrigued Jen - Maybe the only thing keeping her from total exasperation. It just felt somewhat different, not necessarily good or bad. Just.. Like something would happen. And Jen was doing her best to hang onto her hopes.
The lunch bell rang and the class was finally let out. She let herself be carried by the mass of students in the hallways and managed to stop at her locker. Amidst the shoving and pushing next to her, Jen finally was able to stuff her books back in and get the supplies needed for Art. Art may not have been one of her best subjects, but she was decent enough for the teachers to notice.

Just as Jen sat down in a quiet area, her phone started vibrating in her bag.
Checking the screen, her heart leaped and instantly, a smile spread on her lips. She rushed to find a better place to talk, leaving for the toilets and leaving her lunch tray behind. She knew it'd get sabotaged, but she didn't care. The day was much too dull anyway.

Jen cut a corner, colliding with another student. Her phone flung out of her hands and hit the ground, and so did she. Scrunching her eyebrows together, she looked up to see who to apologise to..

((Anyone approachable, and it can be more than one person if needed! :)))

10th Oct 2008, 1:56 PM
[I deleted my old app for a new character]

Name: Sophi Oliver
Age/Class: 16/ Junior
Clique: Oddballs
After School Activity: Music Club
Brief History/Personality Description: Sophi is an odd girl, but not to the point of nonsense. Her likes include flowers, coffee, bows, tea, singing, ramen, dancing in the rain, paint, and more. Her dislikes are politics, loud people, stop watches, etc. She used to be in a band, where she sang and played guitar and keyboard in some songs. She doesn't care too much about looking good all the time [even though she also thinks she's not that pretty], so you'll usually find her wearing jeans and t-shirts, with some added things like scarves and vests.

She lives with her younger brother Dean [15] and her cousin Emily [12]. Her guardian is her Aunt Linda, because her parents died when Sophi was a baby. She cannot really remember them, so it's not a tragic story for her. But as a kid, she did wonder what they were like, so she asked her Aunt. This helped her and Linda form a sort of sisterly bond, mostly because Sophi was so much like her mother, who was also Linda's sister.

Although she seems like a normal girl, Sophi has a dark past. Her uncle was an abusive man, who used to come home and beat her Aunt Linda. He always tried to get to Sophi, who he always said looked like her mother, but in a way that frightened Sophi into nights where she would get no sleep. He was forced out of the house when he slapped Sophi across the face for jumping rope in her room. He now lives in a small apartment across town, not to Sophi's knowledge.

Anything else you might want to add: Sophi is an avid painter. She paints what she sees both inside and outside her head. She also plays guitar, piano, and sings. Her brother is a budding photographer, so she has to be his subject. Her idol is Bob Dylan, just because his music is poetry.

People may not know this, but Sophi is looking for a boyfriend. She doesn't tell them this because she thinks they'd laugh at her.


10th Oct 2008, 4:07 PM
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11th Oct 2008, 12:54 AM
If the students of Brooklake High were to venture a guess, most would probably bet their life that there was not a single part of class that J.D. actually enjoyed, or found at least even remotely appealing. Beside his reputation for taunting, shoving and fighting everything that breathed, he had also developed one for sleeping his way through class, or paying zero attention in some other imaginative way. So yes, most would be dead certain that there was not a single thing about being in class that he enjoyed.

But, they'd be wrong.

J.D. quite liked that one moment, those few couple of seconds, when the bell rang and declared that the students were free to leave whatever mind-numbingly dull class they had the great misfortune of being in, opening the doors to blessed freedom much like a jailor to the prisoners on their day of release. English class on this Monday morning, the first after a few weeks of no school at all, was no exception, and the faint smile that Lila's comment had drawn from his lips, about 'okay' being better than 'awful' - trust her to always put a positive spin on things! - widened slightly with satisfaction when the shrill tone momentarily interrupted her cheerfulness. Though he still remained sitting while she stood and started picking up her things, in order to take her leave. He on the other hand didn't have anything to pick up, really, except his sketch pad, and he also wanted to see what she intended to do now before he got up as well; linger in his company, or re-join her friends. For some reason, the idea of him suggesting the former to her, only to have her turn him down in favor of the 'scarecrow', as Leigh has so fittingly nicknamed Eeric, really didn't appeal to him, and so he'd rather wait for some sort of sign instead. Without being obvious about it, of course.

"I'm just glad you actually came back to school", Lila added when finally she was ready and stood looking down at him. "I had serious doubts that you'd actually wander back to this 'hell hole'."

Hardly surprising, those were words that contorted J.D.'s faint smile into his trademark smirk, as though he was toying with the idea of shooting off some sarcastic retort and quite possibly instigate another session of friendly bickering. But he ended up holding his tongue, until his unspoken and quite frankly secret question had been answered;

"So, lunch?" Lila suggested, much to his growing satisfaction at the seemingly effortless and natural invitation. "Unless you've got somewhere else to be."

Slowly pulling himself out of the chair and onto his feet, J.D. intentionally dragged out the moment of his reply, countering her lively mien with his sloth-like one just to teasingly spite her, and looking as though he was carefully considering her offer, weighing the pros and the cons before making his final decision.

"Alright", he finally said, and gestured for her to take the lead, only to follow two steps behind, snatching up his sketch pad and glancing in Eeric's direction in the process, to see if he and the girl he was with seemed intent on disturbing the peace. "I was gonna set a fire in the boy's locker room, but I guess that can wait. As long as you don't expect me to sit with pretty-boy over there."

He motioned slightly towards Eeric with one hand, even though he knew that not only was Lila unable to see it with her back currently turned to him, but that she would also know who he was talking about based on the nickname alone. It wasn't the first time he'd called Eeric something similar.

"And whaddaya mean you had doubts?" he then added. "You thought I would've gotten my *ss thrown in jail, or somethin'?"

(((ooc: trampled - No worries. :) )))

11th Oct 2008, 1:50 AM
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12th Oct 2008, 1:03 PM
For someone who was used to using people and then throwing them away for the majority of her life, Natalie Cardew could be surprisingly sincere. Even before, not just now. She had been very sincere in wanting what she wanted, she had been very sincere in committing herself to getting what she wanted and she had been very sincere in enjoying her usually ill-gotten gains. These days, she was very sincere in the company she kept. And she was very careful.

It wasn’t so much that she deemed most people unworthy of her, given that falling off the pedestal – or rather willingly stepping off it – brought a complimentary dose of humility in the gift wrapping, but more because she really had to be careful. She remembered all too well what it was like to have people whispering about how cruel she was – and honestly, some of them had the worst ‘whispers’ known to Man. Thankfully – with the magnificent exception of Matt ‘Brat’ Sidle – no-one here knew of it and thus couldn’t exactly label her the ‘Black Widow’… or Preying Mantis or whatever it’d been. However, for keeping that very luxury, she was careful with the company she kept and she was very careful about the levels of trust involved.

In the case of Lorene, it wasn’t difficult at all to want to be friends with her. She was funny and clearly bright and interesting, and seemingly someone Natalie could get along with. And Natalie sincerely did want to get to know her. However, trust was still something that was in the works with everyone in Brooklake and a friendship or association without trust seemed to be reverting Natalie back to her old ways. Currently, unless she wanted to accept the flattering title of ‘Billy No-Mates’, Natalie had little choice over it.

“Good, that means I still have time to interrogate you about Mr Abercrombie and Fitch over there,” Lorene retorted in jest to Natalie’s admission that though she was done teasing Lorene over her not-so-secret admirer, she had stretched it for a while. ‘Mr Abercrombie and Fitch’ – rather fitting for Brat, she had to admit, but the fact that Lorene had chosen him of all people made Natalie wonder what sort of impression her association with Matt had given off. Well, just as long as he stopped annoying her, Natalie would rather have Lorene – in fact, the entire student body – question her about him than the law enforcement authorities.

“Oi, don’t knock us Iowa lovers!” Lorene protested in quip, before slight bout of seriousness took hold with hestiation. “I don’t know…,” she trailed off as if searching for words as Natalie listened intently. “I’ve been to some really amazing places but I bet the Eiffel Tower or the leaning tower of Pisa are nothing on the Taj Mahal or going on Safari but I guess that’s just a matter of opinion right?”

Yeah, she agreed with that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?

“English and Lithuanian obviously,” she gave a small laugh as Natalie quirked an eyebrow at Lorene’s work, remembering the slight… language overload. “French and like random phrases in Japanese because of video games and kung-fu movies.”

And there was that bell. Not that Natalie wanted the lessons to carry on forever or anything, but it always seemed to… jolting more than anything else. There was no warning, it was just so very abrupt, interrupting work and conversations alike. Though, right now, given how hungry she was starting to feel, she was glad for lunch, just not the bell that announced it.

“That’s a novel way to learn a language,” Natalie commented as she started to pack up her own things the way Lorene had proceeded, giving a small chuckle at an anecdote that sprung to mind. “Though, I learnt one Russian phrase from a Bond book and apparently it means ‘I’m an English spy’ – I’m thinking perhaps it won’t be so useful.”

Giving a small laugh of dismissal, she rose to her feet, starting to move with Lorene towards the door, unsure of whether the other girl had any plans or in fact even knew where the lunch hall was or even if she was the type to have lunch. This was a good time to find out those things, and admittedly she was intrigued by Lorene. However, as she moved, a small paper fluttering to the ground caught her attention, making Natalie take an instinctive yet graceful step towards it and catch it mid-motion before she looked up to see who it belonged to; J.D. Harper and then looking down to see the excellent piece of work it held.

Now, Lorene shouldn’t have felt so bad about possibly not having been to a Safari; High School was a suitable alternative. For starters, there were few rules amongst the student body, excluding the administration and staff, most people did what they wanted and it started off a cascade of dominoes. But, the point was that they were free to do what they damn well pleased, save for a few well advised rules. One of them was to avoid J.D. Harper.

Natalie was unsure why, but she was entire sure of how well everyone appeared to adhere to that rule. And if anyone had retrograde amnesia, the blonde kid seemed to have a neon sign flashing 'AVOID' behind him at all times. Brilliant. Apparently, it was time for Natalie Cardew to develop tactical blindness. Or just indulge in reckless behaviour by approaching J.D. Harper. Well, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and now reckless behaviour to complete the set... Natalie Cardew, Lemming.

Okay, she wasn’t quite Suicide Sam just yet, but the clincher was that the comic held within her hand was actually remarkable. And really unexpected from someone like J.D. – not that Natalie had decided that he had all the brainpower of a trout or anything, but she did know that he had an attitude of not caring about anything. Except, this was a testament otherwise, because not only was it really well drawn – the comic of Rubelein was unmistakable, even without the accompanying words – but it was actually funny, the kind of stuff Natalie would put in her beloved newspaper. Okay, she had to give this a try.

And Nelson Muntz was standing with the resident Nice Girl that Natalie deep down was rather envious of. The pretty Lila Kavanagh had about her a natural and incredibly pleasant way that Natalie, at best, could hope to fake. And still, she had to wonder what Lila was doing with Brooklake’s heavyweight champion, unless these two were some sort of testament that opposites really did attract beyond the realms of physics.

In any case, Natalie was rather glad Lila was there, given that she assumed J.D. would be a little easier to approach while he was already with pleasant company. Though, that brought her to the point of Lorene; Natalie really couldn’t drag her off to J.D. for no reason, without knowing whether he was just going to bite her head off or something and hence, that left somewhat of a predicament. It helped that Natalie was a quick thinker.

“Hey, I have to go sort something out,” she started, turning to Lorene as she momentarily brandished the comic, not entirely sure what Lorene had actually planned to do after class. “So, maybe I’ll see you in the lunch hall?” Before she turned away, another thought struck her; maybe Lorene didn’t know where everything was. “Oh, to get to the hall, go down the corridor, turn left and it’s should be on your left there.”

Flashing another dazzling smile, she retreated, moving cautiously towards J.D. and Lila as she cleared her throat for clarity, assurance and attention.

“Sorry, I think you dropped this?” she said, moving slight in front of the pair just in case he decided that it wasn’t him who was being addressed – or that he just didn’t want to be addressed – as she flashed a smile and quick ‘hi’ to Lila too, holding the comic just slightly out of his reach.

(((OOC: I know it's a little disjointed…. But I hope it works for you guys :) )))

12th Oct 2008, 9:01 PM
Katie did not consider herself to be shy. She would approach people and talk to them, and that canceled out the dictionary definition of shy. However, she still had issues with trusting people from the get-go, or at least sending the message that she was viewing almost every conversation with anything but consuming fear and paranoia. It was probably justified, given the hell she had to deal with in high school and middle school, but it probably wasn't endearing her to anyone.

Josh's response was just as monosyllabic as hers had been, and that put her much more at ease than anything else. Monosyllables mean dismissiveness, and dismissiveness from jocks was what she was used to and knew how to deal with. “Yeah, Here’s hoping.”

Her relief was so palpable that she actually gave a sincere smile, one that lit up her whole face, and had been complimented, complete with awestruck looks a few times in the past. She didn't like her position in the status quo, but she knew it well, and was content to be there. Her relief was such that she, much more cheerfully than before replied- monosylabically, of course- "Yep!"

Perfectly cheerful, moderately accurate- positive mood fluctuations aside, things with her royal bitchiness probably weren't going to improve- and probably a bit more pleasant.

She found a typo on his paper and marked it neatly with a pen, and then much to her relief, before Josh could respond and more than likely ruin her fragilely improved mood, the lunch bell rang.

Katie didn't enjoy lunch very much, it was just one more place where the whole grade could make fun of her, one more place to be obviously and awkwardly alone, but well, it was better than this. Maybe. If she didn't think about it too hard.

"I guess I'll go now," she said, with a small smile, still sincere, but not earth shattering. She darted out her hand with years of dancer's reflexes and snicked her paper back. Nothing glared at her from the front sheet, so she turned around to go grab her books, offering a mindless wave over one shoulder as she called out distantly, "Thanks."

She had brought a bologna sandwich and a copy of twelfth night, which was more than sufficient to keep her entertained and happy at lunch. In the moment it took her to grab her backpack and get out the door she noticed her lockermate walking out the door. That whole thing was even more confusing and awkward than dealing with jocks and cheerleaders, so Katie just gave a pleasant smile and slipped out the door, away from him as fast as she could.

((OOC: Aproachable in the hall))

12th Oct 2008, 11:49 PM
(((ooc: Sorry slytherin, but I felt I needed to get him going, if he's gonna have time to do all that he's supposed to do. *s*)))

Matt rarely hurried. Mostly because if he was heading to something important, he saw to it to be on time, or, if the occasion called for it, such as was the case with parties and similar events, fashionably late. Not even the few times when he was in fact running late for meetings or for class did he run around in a rush or enter the scene with anything less than perfect hair, clothes and overall appearance. Dignity above all else. And really, where would he possibly be going that people wouldn't be more than happy to wait patiently and quietly for him to show up? Not even most of the teachers made much of a fuss if he was late.

So then, 'no rushing' rule considered, even though he had glanced at the clock on the wall, and swiftly gathered his things from the desk he had shared with Marie-Elizabeth during their all too brief session of plotting, as though he really was in a hurry, he still didn't bolt out of the class room, but instead rather sauntered towards the door in his usual suave fashion. Though he had only managed a few steps on his way when someone suddenly decided to delay his longed-for departure;

"Oy, Matt", a voice called out from around the area where Matt had been sitting at first, and he looked over to find none other than Snappy Dresser from drama addressing him. "Finished with your paper, right on the desk like you said!"

Oh, so the weird kid did actually manage to read it all and remember the directions Matt had given him for handling it. Good little idiot. Though to say that Matt was pleased at Loren's announcing to the entire class (or rather what remained of it since the bell had gone) that they had been partners would have been a bit of an overstatement, but at least the kid worded it all well enough for others to know that he had followed the instructions Matt had cared to issue, before Matt had taken his leave of his 'partner' to settle down with some company he actually enjoyed, and consequently making it obvious that his brief association with Loren had hardly been a voluntary one.
So okay, no need for an icey retort. Besides, Matt had better things to do.

Without as much as another glance or a word in acknowledgement of Loren and his statement - after all, why encourage him? - Matt swung by his old desk, snatching up the paper in the process, and smirking to himself when he saw the red, gigantic comment scribbled on it. 'Awesomeness'. Oh goodie. His short story had earned the approval of Mr No-Taste. Whoopee.

Once out in the hallway, Matt only made a brief stop at his locker to deposit the paper and the rest of his things, and to check himself in the small mirror taped to the inside of the locker door, before closing it and heading off to the less crowded area of the school, scattering a couple of pleasant smiles and brief Hi's around at acquaintances, but skillfully dodging friends who were likely to try and stop him, or worse, accompany him to wherever he was going, without really having a single clue where that was, and that Matt really wished to be alone. Though the further he got, the more the crowd started thinning out, and the less likely it became that he would run into friends, acquaintances, or anyone else for that matter. Which was why the location had been picked in the first place. The area was usually desolate enough for it to be easy to make sure no one was around, and thus it was also easy enough to slip through a certain door leading to a staircase, which in turn lead to the basement floor, where another door - this time a securely locked one - would appear, and block the path to the space beyond it; the school's boiler room.
That is, unless you had managed to obtain a key to said door, which, of course, Matt had done, by using certain 'connections' he had.

After having slipped unseen through the first door and down the stairs, he thus simply slid the key into the lock of the second one, jiggled for a little bit until he was able to turn the key, and then, voilá! The door creaked open to allow him to enter into the, to his taste, far too dirty and dreary room. But, for what he was about to do, privacy was of the uttermost importance. And in a place as public as a school, that meant other sacrifices had to be made, like it or not.

Now, as much as he hated it, all there was to do was wait.

(((ooc: Probably goes without saying, but he's not approachable at this time. :) )))

13th Oct 2008, 10:48 PM
It had taken a lot of guts on her part to suggest they eat together; Lila wasn’t certain if it had been in because she knew Leigh wouldn’t be there to intimidate her, or simply because she had missed J.D.’s company over the long break. Either way, she had wanted to stay with him at least a little longer—so asking him took a boldness she wasn’t known for, not to mention it left her in a very vulnerable position. He could easily take that opportunity to knock her down a peg or two by embarrassing her and refusing. Of course she hoped that J.D. would accept her offer to eat together, but with him you just never knew.

And he certainly didn’t enjoy making her feel even the least bit at ease. It was as though he enjoyed tormenting her, torturing her with an excessive delay and strategically planned slowness. She swore that sometimes, namely at moments like these, she wanted to just grab him and shake that impish grin right off his face—but then she remembered just how strong he was, how a single nudge from him was more than ten times a shove from her. And that quickly quelled her urge to do something so drastic, and instead she settled for fidgeting quietly at his side while he moved sluggishly from his seat to stand beside her with that ever-present smirk bearing down on her.

"Alright,” his voice finally reached her ears and it sent a wave of relief washing over her. Lila rolled her eyes with exasperation and shook her head, beginning to move toward the front of the class after he gestured for her to move forward. "I was gonna set a fire in the boy's locker room, but I guess that can wait. As long as you don't expect me to sit with pretty-boy over there." She couldn’t help but giggle at the statement as a whole; the idea of J.D. setting fire to anything was enough to make her laugh, but him referring to Eeric as ‘pretty-boy’ was almost too much. She knew that her goth friend had a reputation for being a beautiful kind of handsome, but such a nickname forced her to laugh a full, contented chuckle, despite her best efforts to suppress it.

“Oh trust me, I think he’d prefer to not eat lunch with a bad-boy like you,” she glanced over her shoulder at J.D. and offered him a playful grin, deciding not to employ one of the less-friendly nicknames that Eeric had concocted for her troublemaker friend.

"And whaddaya mean you had doubts? You thought I would've gotten my *ss thrown in jail, or somethin'?"

Lila issued another laugh and turned to face J.D., eyes alight with the sarcastic gleam only he could bring about in her. He had that unique capability—he alone could make her feisty, willing to challenge him and break free from her demure and soft-spoken shell, and he alone could bring about that deeply suppressed personality that she only saw in glimmers when he was near. It frightened, amazed, and pleased her to find unknown facets of her own nature. Things she had never seen, but was impressed to discover like some long-hidden treasure awaiting to be uncovered.

“Says the boy who just confessed to plotting arson in the boy’s locker room,” her grin widened infectiously and she wrinkled her nose in another giggle. “I didn’t necessarily expect jail-time—you’re too clever for that, or at least too prone to not-so-peaceful resistance. It’s not like you’d go down without a fight.” She raised a brow inquisitively and then shrugged with an effortless sigh her hands gesturing dismissively through the air. “No, I expected you to be on the run—a wanted man, or something. You know.”

Lila’s musings concerning a fugitive J.D. were interrupted by the sharp clearing of a throat coming from directly behind her. It wasn’t a vague function—it was the kind intended to get someone’s attention, commanding yet subtle. And it worked. Lila pivoted gracefully to find the source of the noise, only to come face to face with the beautiful visage of Natalie Cardew. The girl’s smile was astonishingly white and flawless, and Lila couldn’t help but stare. She had perfect skin, bright and probing eyes that seemed to read every faint movement in her surroundings, and she was dressed in flattering and fashionable attire. Lila’s smile never weakened, although it faltered for a moment; although not the girl’s intention, Lila felt slightly self-conscious in her presence. She had never been one to dote on her appearance as she should, never known to stand out for her nice clothes or tidy hair and makeup. So gazing at the well-manicured girl standing before her, Lila couldn’t help but feel mildly sloppy and out of place. Her smile shifted—it was no longer the brash grin that she had reserved for J.D.; instead it was the welcoming, earnest beam that she radiated to those who offered her one in return.

“Sorry, I think you dropped this?”

Her voice was calm and perfectly self-assured, and Lila couldn’t help but envy that composure. Obviously the question wasn’t directed at her—Lila hadn’t even gone near the door since she entered, nor had she left anything of hers near the front door. She squinted carefully to discern just what the paper was, and could almost make out a caricatured image of their professor with humorous writing beside him. Raising a brow, Lila quickly shot her gaze over to her troublemaker compatriot and did not attempt to hide her wonderment. Natalie offered her a friendly smile and Lila nodded in return, glancing between J.D. and her with curiosity.

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14th Oct 2008, 3:31 AM
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14th Oct 2008, 8:24 PM
Lack of response to her quip about the brown haired boy Natalie had been sitting next to led to Lorene to think she had touched a nerve. Ooops… But to be far, she had only been at this school for a couple of hours, how was she supposed to know about any elaborate back story the two shared? She made a mental note not to mention him again unless Natalie really deserved it, ceased to feel any guilt or wrong doing and finished putting her things in her bag.

To her delight, her knee didn’t sting as much as it had before and she was no longer walking like g-units’ long lost member, good times. Her attention turned back to Natalie and their conversation on language.

“That’s a novel way to learn a language,” she joked. “Though, I learnt one Russian phrase from a Bond book and apparently it means ‘I’m an English spy’ – I’m thinking perhaps it won’t be so useful.”

“Maybe not so much,” She smirked, though she had yet to find opportunity in the real world (thankfully) to say “You have killed my father!” in Japanese.

The students began to pour out of the class room in hardly an orderly fashion.

“Hey, I have to go sort something out. So, maybe I’ll see you in the lunch hall?” Natalie suggested then gave her some directions.

“Cool,” Lorene replied with a small nod of understanding and a smile. Though Lorene had made it her priority to memorise the route to the cafeteria, the girls’ bathrooms, the exit and the location of a certain sent of bent bars, Lorene was sure she could crawl through should the urge/need to escape arose, she found it sweet and rather thoughtful that Natalie had thought to give her directions. Had roles been reversed, Lorene was pretty sure would have skipped off merrily leaving the hapless new comer to their own devices.

She watched as Natalie made a b line to the scruffy blonde, who she now saw as her saviour for giving her a cigarette (though she had gone two weeks without a cigarette due to her dad’s constant presence before she had seen him earlier) and a pretty brunette. Not quite the crowd she imagined Natalie with.

First stop on Lorene’s lunch break was her locker where she retrieved her lunch: Ham and sweet corn pasta her mum had made in a rush this morning, a slice of a triple layer chocolate cake her and her older sister had made the night before when boredom had struck and, to balance out her rather unhealthy snack, cut pineapple chunks. She deposited her notebook which once again caused her to go red but this time with anger more than embarrassment. She wondered how she could justify calling Lithuania from her mobile. Called by mistake? Homesick? It was while trying to formulate this excuse that an equally distracted blonde collided into her which resulted in, not for the first time, Lorene landing hard on her ass. Sure her first fall had hurt a LOT more but at least it had been private.

“F***…” Lorene muttered, perhaps too audibly as her harsh fall rekindled the shooting pains in her knee. A further string of similarly crude four letter words followed as she awkwardly scrambled to reclaim the items that had spilt out of her bag. Lorene did try her best not to swear too often as her dad said so annoyingly often, ‘Using vulgar language shows a lack of vocabulary’ but she felt as English was not her first language she was entitled to waver this piece of advice every so often.

On the discovery of the pot of her hot pink eye shadow in several pieces and its contents adorning both the floor and the dumb blonde who had crashed into her she gritted her teeth and resisted to urge to rant.

She took a deep breath, “I want a new one of these,” She mumbled, trying to sound calm but her irritation was apparent. She scrambled to her feet and properly assessed just how much Barry M dazzle dust the poor girl was covered in, her t-shirt was definitely ruined. “Hmmm… ok let’s go halves on that,” she reconsidered and offered the girl a hand up.

Lorene didn’t mean to sound mean, she was sure this girl had not acted out of malice, but an apology would have been nice.

14th Oct 2008, 11:45 PM
You really can’t please everyone in life – that was actually nigh on impossible, and that was a lesson that had to be quickly learnt by young Josh Brennan. Though, it wasn’t the case that he was too dense to see that clause in life; he was actually quite bright. The problem lay more in the fact that he refused to accept that he was incapable of making everyone involved in a situation happy. And thus, when his expectation didn’t reach fruition, the only person whose efforts he could fault, were his own.

Though, in the case of Katie, he’d tried and he’d kept trying until trying itself seemed to be the problem and thus, he’d given up. And oddly, that seemed to be working rather better than his actual attempts and Josh wasn’t sure whether to be glad or disappointed. It was usually the case that his efforts brought him exactly what he wanted – which was usually something quite benevolent towards someone else, one way or another. And so, while Katie cemented their dead conversation with a monosyllabled chirp, quickly marking his paper and then taking off before he’d had a chance to do anything.

Marie-Elisabeth. As soon as the bell rang, the thought of two people shot through his head and one of them was Marie-Elisabeth. And yes, both people lingered in his thoughts regardless of when or where, but the bell – this bell in particular – brought them into extra significance. It wasn’t just the case that some people in life cannot be pleased, but also that it was impossible to please everyone involved in any given situation. He knew his beautiful girlfriend would be less than pleased regarding his choice of partner… and she was entitled to her opinion. However, benevolent though Josh was, he wasn’t a pushover. He accepted Marie-Elisabeth as she was, he made no corrections to her persona and though he never asserted it, he expected the same treatment from her.

Though, he wasn’t the type to go in for a confrontation if – and she probably would if this persisted – she brought up the subject of incapacity to assert the clique boundaries. He’d side-step it, neither giving her the response that she wanted – because he wasn’t going to make a promise he couldn’t keep up – nor throwing at her his demands. He’d just avoid conflict, because he hated conflict. And right now, he didn’t have time for it.

So, knowing that he had to leave soon, having made prior engagements that he really wanted to keep, and unable to just leave without seeing to her first as any gentleman like him should, he swiftly made his way to her, his lithe frame weaving in between desks and chairs as the packed backpack was swung effortless over his broad shoulders, grinding to a halt before her.

“Been up to trouble?” he asked, slight knowing mischief sparkling in his eyes as a full, devilish grin broke out at her. Of course she’d been up to trouble; after all, a majority of the lesson had been spent with a known accomplice, had it not? Spying out of the corner of his eye another cheerleader approaching Marie-Elisabeth and yet hanging back slightly to avoid suffering the wrath of either Marie-Elisabeth or Josh due to the interruption (though, why everyone had him pinned down as the Incredible Hulk was beyond Josh’s understanding), he decided to move things up, especially given that he had to get going. “Hey, look,” he started with a slight sigh, glancing down at his shoes momentarily before his pale blue eyes met hers again, shooting an apologetic look. “I’ve got to go talk to coach about stuff, but I’ll catch you later?”

Having seen to Marie-Elisabeth, having excused himself, and giving the waiting cheerleader a small nod with the slightest upturn of his lips to signal that she was welcome to ‘interrupt’, he promptly withdrew after placing a small kiss on Marie-Elisabeth's cheek, making his quick way out of the room to get to what he needed to be.

Josh Brennan hated lying. It always sent shivers down his spine to tell a little lie, even if there wasn’t any other way, and it always gnawed away at him as to what the consequences would be if it was ever found out and whether he was making things worse by not coming clean. But, he wasn’t oblivious to the fact that lies sometimes had to be told. So, yes, he did have to see Coach Hendersley soon to discuss things about the team. Yes, he would have to do it in his own time; being captain was a serious responsibility. And yes, he would do it. Just not today.

As a young man who was accustomed to doing so much of what others expected of him and so little of what he actually wanted to do, there would come along something that Josh couldn’t pass up. Something that he wouldn’t give up for the sake of propriety, responsibility and expectations that constantly stifled him because it was something that he truly wanted. And it wasn’t as if that it mattered little that whatever it was had to be kept secret or whether or not it was the wrong thing to do, because that did scratch away at his conscience, but he just wanted to do it so badly. Just for once. Once in all those other times that he’d given in.

However, he’d had time to think about things lately, and certain issues needed to be cleared up because he couldn’t put up with them much longer.
So, he made his way to the back of the school, the image of a jock making his way to the sports halls and the sports fields far from conspicuous in anyone’s eyes. It was the longer route to get where he wanted to be, though he had to do it, regardless of how quickly he wanted to get to, for a multitude of reasons, for it involved him actually going over to the vicinity of the coach’s office, just so that he hadn’t lied in his mind, before rerouting his path to move just a little more to the side in the back of the school, where, thankfully, no-one was around. Though, of course, that’s why he was there in the first place.

The final stages were always the ones that made him almost hesitate, for it brought with it a concentration of questions over what he was doing, his morals, his reasons, his responsibilities and his own wishes. And it was never easy to sort through them, in fact, it’d become progressively more and more difficult to navigate through the maze of his own mind since the arrangement first began. But he was nowhere close to shutting the whole thing down, simply because he didn’t want to. And it felt so liberating to finally do something he wanted. To rebel, basically. So, as usual, he went through that doorway, down those stairs, a key to open a locked door, and on and on until he finally got to it. And despite the conflict raging within him, that secure poise never faltered for a second.

The boiler room. And then the seconds melded into one as he unlocked the next door, knocking for a moment before deciding to proceed – because, really, who was he likely to interrupt? – as the handle turned, the door softly creaked open to reveal the dilapidated interior. Not Josh paid any attention to it – though, normally he did prefer less… dishevelled surroundings – for his attention was currently devoted to who occupied the room; Matt Sidle. Matt, who’d been the other person claiming his thoughts.

Finally where he wanted to be – where he had to be – Josh relaxed a little, leaning back against the door as he closed it, his gaze upon Matt through slightly lowered eyelids as a slight, almost satisfied – at his rebellion, at Matt, at everything – smile crept over his lips, waiting for Matt to make his move first.

“It’s good to see you.”

Yes. Sometimes, not everyone involved in a situation could be entirely happy. Sometimes, there would be people who were left dissatisfied… and Josh was sick of it always being him.

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15th Oct 2008, 12:56 PM
Ever since first meeting Lila, that one time when he had nearly knocked her over and surprisingly gotten his head bitten off for it, J.D. had grown more and more uncertain of what her idea of him really was. She joked with him about his persona and his reputation, as though she was fully aware of them, and yet in a way that had him thinking she didn't really believe the stories that had given life to said reputation in the first place. She joked with him about stealing cars and holding up gas stations, as though she didn't really think he ever did those things. Now granted, actually robbing someone in a face-to-face situation was a line he had yet to cross, but he had stolen a great number of things, a car or two included. And this was something Lila didn't seem to believe, or want to believe, for she kept making jokes about it, and then, on the few occasions when she had been offered a glimspe that hinted towards all these ill-boding rumours being God's honest truth, she had seemed taken aback, surprised. As though she had just witnessed a twisted fairytale coming true.
So, he had to wonder, what was her idea of him really like? Did she know, and simply pretend she didn't, or did she think the things she heard were all exaggerations and the figments of vivid teenage imaginations, just because some were obviously so? Like the one about him strangling his neighbour's cat with his bare hands, just because it had jumped onto his sorry excuse for a car, and scratched the already scratched hood? Now that one was just ridiculous. Considering the way his car looked, he wouldn't really have known the difference anyway. And he would never kill an innocent pet.
However, it was also just one rumour, in a sea of many, less extreme ones, and among them were a number that were indeed based on true events, more or less, involving mainly theft, drugs and violence.
Did Lila believe any of them, or did she think it was just talk, and joked about it for that very reason? If so, J.D. wasn't quite sure if he ever wanted her to discover how naive she really was about him, because if she did, the chances would then be fairly big that she would be scared off for real. And yet at the same time, that ever-present troublemaker streak that always seemed to rule supreme in him, had him feeling compelled to enlighten her, and show her that his reputation was a well-earned one.

And since he for some odd reason had started feeling kind of bad whenever he had smothered that cheerful light in her eyes, he'd started resorting to simply the fairly friendly bickering as a way of proving his point. Unless, of course, the times when his temper really did flare, and get the better of him. Though that didn't seem to happen nearly as often with Lila as it did with other people. Which was soon to be proved, as the two of them were slowly making their way towards the door.

"Says the boy who just confessed to plotting arson in the boy's locker room", Lila replied to his question with a grin, to which he was just about to shoot back a retort about how it was only a crime if one got caught, and that he never did, when she swiftly continued, her words ending up actually pleasing him enough to hold his tongue yet again, by acknowledging his smarts; "I didn’t necessarily expect jail-time — you're too clever for that, or at least too prone to not-so-peaceful resistance. It's not like you'd go down without a fight."

It was a statement that earned her some acknowledgement in return, as J.D. gave a firm nod in response, along with an assertive 'D*mn straight' spilling from his still smirking lips.

"No", Lila then continued once more. "I expected you to be on the run — a wanted man, or something. You know."

Oh, now wasn't that quite a comment to work with? It opened up a sea of possibilities to J.D., of making her his accomplice in this theoretical scenario, perhaps by claiming that even if he had been on the run, he wouldn't have to be for very long, since she - a good, wholesome girl with good morals - always seemed so willing to vouch for him. Or he could've just cornered her, by asking expectantly if she wouldn't have taken him in and kept him hidden from the law. Because somehow, despite aforementioned good morals, he couldn't imagine she would simply say 'no', that she would have turned him away, or called the cops on him. Partly because she was too nice a person to be that cruel (even if it'd probably be justified even to her to turn away a fugitive from the law), and partly because saying something like that to someone's face, J.D.'s especially, was far from an easy thing to do.
And watching her squirm was so much fun.

Sadly, he didn't get the chance to challenge her growing boldness, as before he could even open his mouth, he saw her attention shift away from him, turning to someone who, for whatever reason, obviously thought it wasn't detrimental to their health to interrupt.

"Sorry, I think you dropped this?"

Their voice was smooth and female, and upon turning the customary glare that was reserved for pretty much everyone he wasn't friends with, onto their form, J.D. realized it was that fairly new girl, who looked like she belonged with the preps, but for some reason was apparently shunned by the very same. At least he thought it was her, he wasn't quite sure, since he didn't pay much interest in her type unless they got in his way. And she hadn't. Until now, that is.

Interrupting him and Lila didn't score her any points with the antagonistic troublemaker, and things certainly were not made better when his gaze landed on the paper in her hand, as he soon recognized it as one of the drawings he had made in English class shortly before winter break, to keep himself from committing hara-kiri out of pure boredom. His drawing skills was something he preferred to keep very much to himself, and him being who he was, it meant there really was only one way that he could react;

"Gimme that!" he snapped, angrily snatching the drawing out of Natalie's hand, looking as though he was about ready to seize her by the throat if she would even attempt to resist or object.

16th Oct 2008, 12:03 AM
"Hmmm, Great, can't wait", Kim said trying but failing to keep the excitement out of her voice. She'd been expecting the drama club to at least be flailing if not almost dead in the school. From her experience, drama club wasn't exactly the extracurricular of choice that most of her peers tended to join, at least not willingly. She was about to thank him for his answers when the bell went, shrieking very loudly and disturbing the pleasant buzzing of the class.

Kim was about to get up and start looking for the lunchroom, which she hoped would not be as hard to find as this morning's wild goose chase, when she was interrupted by Loren asking who she was sitting with. That prompted her to stand back up and think about it. She hadn't thought about what she'd do for lunch. Considering the fact that there was probably a cafeteria, she was guessing that where she sat would determine what people thought and she wasn't sure she was going to seat with fellow drama club students, that would just be too cliche." Um, I dunno, I'll just figure it out later", she said with a air of finality. She stood and went to her desk to grab her books when she heard Loren shouting to Matt.

She stood up to watch, with her books cradled in her hands, and was ready to see how it would unfold. It was over pretty quickly but she couldn't help being amused at it anyway. She headed out of the door with the rest of the students and headed to her locker. After depositing her books, she closed it and began to head to the cafeteria.

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16th Oct 2008, 3:07 AM
Marie-Elisabeth might have been a girl who liked to get what she wanted when she wanted it, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t wait for things she really desired. And the thing she really wanted right now was the complete and utter social humiliation of the little blond upstart who had dared to not know her place, and the obnoxious nerd who had wormed her way onto her squad. And the way for her to get that was through her infamous partner in crime and co-ruler of the school, Matt.

So she didn’t mind, well much anyway, when he said that he had to meet a few of the guys before they continued their plotting. So she had just nodded her head in agreement when Matt shot her an apologetic looking smile and made his way out the door. He was one person she knew there was no point in arguing with over plans, they both knew better than to ditch the other without good reason.

Marie-Elisabeth took her things and was about to leave the classroom to get some lunch when, as he did every day, Josh made his way over to see her. She didn’t immediately say anything to him, as she might usually have, since she was less than thrilled with his choice of company that morning. And that was putting it politely without using any of her vast collection of four letter words.

She listened quietly as he asked if she had been in any trouble, and insisted he’d catch up with her later on since he had to go talk to the coach. “Fat chance” she thought, scowling after him after he had left and kissed her cheek “I’ve got better things to do than talk to traitors. Even if I’m dating him”. She stopped briefly to talk to the other cheerleader who had been waiting to talk to her, before making her way out to the hallways, still in a much less than pleasant mood.

16th Oct 2008, 4:55 PM
Patience, as the saying goes, may very well be a virtue. But not to Matt Sidle. Not when he was the one made to wait for something or someone else, unless it was part of some plan of his. Whenever it happened, whenever he was the one kept involuntarily waiting, impatience would not take long to weave it's way into his state of mind and into his actions, and before long claim them both completely. He simply hated waiting, even when he knew it was for something worth waiting for. Although, in this particular case, the fact that what he waited for was considered worth the wait to him, was something he kept hidden deep, deep down, under a big pile of various excuses and pretenses, and thus it did little to soothe the agitation with which he paced the small, free area in the boiler room.

Back and forth across the floor he went, glancing at the door every other second, and stopping briefly every now and then to listen for the sound of footsteps. Or disaster, in the form of voices. The boiler room was as remote a location as any place in school could be, and it wasn't likely that anyone except the person he was waiting for would show up - except maybe the janitor - but you could never be too certain. There was sure to be other people in this school that for whatever reason would desire a little privacy, and Matt couldn't be one hundred percent sure that the 'connection' that had provided him with the key, had not provided others with the same as well. Ninetynine percent sure, yes, because most people knew better than to p*ss him off, but there did always seem to be that one exception which proved the rule. And the idea of someone finding out that he was doing something like this... It could never happen. He would be ruined if it did.
However, considering the morning he'd had, one could hope the universe was done giving him it's daily dose of headache-inspiring nuisances, and that impending doom, or any kind of doom, was not in his stars. Ever. Just like life so far had lead him, and everyone else too for that matter, to believe.

A few minutes more dragged past, with Matt adding the frequent checking of his exclusive wrist watch to the list of the impatient traits he sported, before it would turn out that yes, indeed, the universe was finally done clouding his day, for now. A gentle knock on the door permeated the silence, halting Matt's pacing, and was followed by the door creaking open to reveal the person that was the reason for him being here, waiting impatiently, in the first place.

With a slight yet almost shamelessly content smile on his lips, Josh Brennan, football captain and school hero, the other much admired King of Brooklake High, entered the boiler room and leaned back against the door as it closed behind him.

"It's good to see you", came his greeting, soft and unhurried, as though he thought they had all the time in the world for this.

Which they didn't. Disarming though his smile was, Matt, at this point, had grown too annoyed by having to wait, to be affected by it, and relax in the same manner that Josh himself did. He had put off meeting up with several of his friends who had wanted to hang out with him during lunch, Marie-Elisabeth included, to come down here. If he failed to show up, they might begin to wonder. Especially Marie-Elisabeth, since she was likely to know that Matt tended to prioritize her, partly due to the fact that she was one of his most important friends, and partly due to his love for their usual plotting and scheming. If he didn't show up, eyebrows might be raised, and he really couldn't afford too many questions regarding his whereabouts arising. He had a reputation to protect.
So, while Josh might have all the time in the world, Matt most certainly did not. Something which he didn't hesitate to immediately declare;

"Jesus, what took you so long?" he asked, exasperation evident in his voice as his feet began eating up the short distance between them. "I've got better things to do than to wait around in this dump."

However at that, the smile on Josh's lips only widened ever so slightly, morphing into more of a teasing grin, rather than the previously satisfied curve, and instead of letting Matt's apparent annoyance get to him, he simply replied;

"I was being careful."

His tone was calm and casual, as though he knew there was little the other handsome brownhaired boy could say to fault him for that, no matter how displeased he was at having been kept waiting. Though that didn't keep him from rolling his eyes, mostly because he really wasn't in the mood for teasing.

"Whatever", he retorted.

Then, before Josh would have the chance to add something to tease or displease him even further, or even appease him, should he be wise enough to want to try, Matt simply pushed him back against the door, claiming his grinning lips with his own.

19th Oct 2008, 10:11 AM
That sinking feeling. It’s often the manifestation of guilt, of knowing you’ve possibly made a mistake and hoping that no-one really finds out about it such that you don’t have to deal with the repercussions. Sometimes, it’s just the feeling of dread, of anticipating doing something you can’t really be bothered to do. Other times however, it’s staring consequence straight in the face and being unsure of what to make of it. That was exactly what Natalie Cardew found herself doing.

Greeted – the word used loosely here in the case of one of the two people stood before her – by the parties in completely different ways, she wasn’t entirely sure what to make of each of them, let alone both together. However, unsurprising was the fact that Lila was the first to verbally acknowledge Natalie’s interruption and doing so in possibly the most understated non-confrontational way in a situation where she had obviously been interrupted; by simply mirroring Natalie’s actions.

Lila Kavanagh unsettled Natalie. A lot. It wasn’t that Natalie didn’t like her; that was the problem – there was absolutely nothing to dislike about Lila. Given the company that Natalie was used to – the inherent cattiness that everyone liked to swim around in every single morning of every single day – Lila was such a refreshing difference from pretty much everyone Natalie had known and it was ever so slightly intimidating because it was so very new. In Natalie’s eyes, Lila was lovely, inside and out, for beautiful she certainly was – without even trying at that too – but she really was truly lovely as a person. Or was she?

Natalie – since gladly stepping off the pedestal – had taken to observing people instead, seeing what it was that drove them to be quite so idiotic over Preps, Jocks and the like without getting to know the individual people first. Lila was one of the people who stood out, because she didn’t actually seem to care much about the labels people tended to sport – designer or otherwise – and saw more the people themselves. Though it was something Natalie was trying to do, it made no sense to her as how Lila managed, and had been managing for quite sometime. It made no sense how someone could be so accepting and Natalie was thus slightly envious of Lila’s ability to be Lila.

A stark contrast to Lila stood right next to her in the form of J.D. Harper. Perhaps not a stark contrast as J.D. really didn’t seem to have much regard for cliques either, except unlike Lila, J.D. simply seemed to hate everything that lived. Currently, Natalie had raced to the top of that hate list and found herself the recipient of a rather vicious glare. Glancing at both Lila and J.D. at the same time, Natalie couldn’t help but be reminded of the masks of Comedy and Tragedy, almost leading to a small upturn of her lips.

However, any upturn that would have manifested was quickly arrested, for that vicious glare that J.D. had shot her seemed to be something that was really for everyone and upon seeing what she was holding out to him, it turned to something a little more appropriate; anger at her apparently violating his privacy.

"Gimme that!" he yelled, fiercely grabbing the paper out of Natalie’s grasp. Wow. She’d managed to stumble onto a touchy topic, then? In Natalie’s experience, the troublemaker kids of the school – while some were actually just bona fide psychos – were usually quite troubled themselves and more often than not, their antagonism was simply a method of keeping themselves to themselves and thus, keeping secure. Natalie wasn’t sure what J.D.’s case was and hence, she wasn’t sure whether he was just a bona fide psycho.

Hence, in the slight shock of having him snatch from her what she was clearly offering in the first place, she shot a rather concerned glance at Lila, as if asking whether this was the sort of thing that she’d actually voluntarily decided to put up with. Though, J.D. did seem a lot more pleasant when with Lila. With that, her pale gaze returned to the blond troublemaker.

”You know, I would have given it to you anyway,” she pointed out calmly, as if it was simply an observation or clarification of sorts rather than an actual manifestation of annoyance. Composure was cardinal. With that, she moved onto the actual reason for which she’d decided to venture on this suicide mission; the quality of the drawings, but deciding to tread rather cautiously. “It’s really well done.”

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19th Oct 2008, 2:17 PM
Everyone keeps secrets… and that’s no secret. There are always things that a person doesn’t want others to know, things that they’re unsure of, things that they’re still grappling with and things that they’re ashamed of. Josh wasn’t sure what category the situation he was in claimed. He wasn’t even sure what was going on, let alone what he was doing or it’s consequence. He’d always thought that when he broke the rules, he’d have completely founded reasons to justify his actions; he’d been wrong. For once, he was doing something he really wasn’t supposed to and he had no clue why… except that he wanted to.

Not that Josh Brennan kept no secrets otherwise, because of course he did. Josh kept a lot of things secret, such as his personal feelings, thoughts and desires. He didn’t sit around plotting in his spare time – surprisingly unlike both the people he was involved with – but he did have his personal thoughts that remained personal. Personal desires always remained personal, such as the fact that he’d never actually wanted to be a football player in the first place, such as the fact that being a professional player was not what he wanted from life and such as the fact that he wanted to be with Matt.

The handsome dark-haired boy whom Josh had practically rushed to the moment he was given the freedom to do so, despite the moral dilemma it caused within him, was more than just his girlfriend’s ex. Matt was more than just the popular boy whom Josh had to socialise with. Matt, to Josh, was far more significant than most other people in his life because Matt allowed Josh the freedom of being honest with himself. About who he was, what he wanted and what he could do. He could admit to himself what he’d been forced so long to ignore simply because it was ‘wrong’; he was attracted to men – women too, yes – but he was attracted to men.

And it was liberating.

It came with a price, of course. One that Josh was contemplating whether to pay completely, for he was starting to yield to what full honestly promised. However, initially, he wasn’t cheating on Marie-Elisabeth. He hadn’t been. Matt came first. It truly hadn’t been the case where he’d been with her when he decided taking up with her ex-boyfriend might be a good idea. Matt was first and when Josh’s relationship with Marie-Elisabeth started, Matt hadn’t given a response that was to be interpreted in any set way. Though at the time, it’d been somewhat hurtful to Josh that Matt had felt practically so blasé about it, it hadn’t him stopped from starting a relationship with Marie-Elisabeth.

Now, Josh was regretting it. Not that he didn’t care about Marie-Elisabeth and didn’t enjoy being with her; he did. But then, he also craved Matt’s company so very much and though at this given moment everyone was happy, there was always the idea that the longer he continued this for, the more people would get hurt. And furthermore, he was sick of the deception, of being allowed to be himself for moments at a time and then go back to lying through his teeth. He wanted what Matt offered him and he wanted it without the strings attached.

Though, right now, despite the logical reasoning rampaging through his mind, all Josh could focus on was the feeling of Matt’s soft lips meeting his own, the kiss he’d been waiting for since this arrangement for today had been made and it certainly was worth the wait. Feeling the weight of Matt’s toned form forcing him against the door that kept their secrets safe, Josh simply surrendered, to his own impulses as well as Matt. His lips locked with Matt’s as the fluent tongue explored his mouth, his hands caressing the smooth skin underneath the shirt for what seemed to be eternity compressed before he pulled away, another grin growing over his face as their eyes locked, Josh’s inherent charmingly vulnerable eyes melding into Matt’s intense magnetism.

“Made up for it yet?” he teased ever so slightly, one hand wrapped around Matt’s hip pulling the other boy a little closer as the other hand caressed the soft skin at the nape of his neck, a more serious expression seeped into Josh’s face, thought overpowering feeling as a small proposition seemed to want to defiantly speak out and all Josh could do was to yield once more, his voice growing softer as if he wanted as much consideration and sensitivity over this as possible. “Were you really waiting that long?”

It was just the most subtle way of approaching the topic, to identify the problem before Josh even attempted to identify what he wanted. He wanted out of the secret, out of their web of deceit and he wanted Matt; he wanted to let everyone know.

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20th Oct 2008, 10:16 PM
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He wasn't gay.
That was what Matt kept telling himself, and had been telling himself for weeks. Whenever his thoughts touched on the subject of what he was currently doing, it was what kept echoing in his mind. He wasn't gay. He liked Josh's company, he liked the feel of his lips against his own, the way his hands ran soft caresses over his chest, and the way his fingertips would gingerly slide along the nape of his neck and into his hair. But he wasn't gay. He wasn't even bi. The kisses, the hugs, the gropes and the caresses... Everything that had been exchanged between himself and Josh over the past few weeks, was just... just... an experiment, a guilty pleasure. Yes, that's it. A guilty pleasure. Something he did because it felt nice. Nothing more. It didn't actually mean anything. Least of all that he was gay. Or bi.
And yet, no one could ever know about it.

Unlike Josh, Matt didn't find anything remotely liberating about this 'arrangement' (because yes, while Josh may consider it something similar to a relationship, to Matt, it was just that; an arrangement), about the brief, secret encounters, that would happen whenever a fairly safe opportunity would arise. Instead, they were a source of immense guilt and fear, entangled and entwined, into one big jumble of chaos that he tried so hard to suppress. Guilt, for not being exactly what he was supposed to be, what everyone thought him to be. For having an inexcusable 'flaw'. And fear, that some day, someone would find out about it. For while Josh seemed to resent the labels that the other students slapped on him - popular, cocky and relatively dense macho guy - Matt on the other hand had no desire whatsoever to fight against the ones they slapped on him; popular, charming, outwardly flawless except for maybe a 'tiny touch' of arrogance, and, of course, deviousness. On the contrary. His reputation was who he was, and he worked very hard to live up to it, and to maintain it. Without it, he was nothing. Which was why his current doings had to remain undisclosed, to everyone. No exceptions. They simply wouldn't understand.

And quite frankly, even Matt himself didn't understand it. Not that he had actually tried very hard, since he was so busy telling himself it was nothing. To him, it was simply one of those things, that had just seemed to happen. It had all started at party at one of his friends, where Matt had gotten maybe just a little too much to drink. Since he hadn't been in the best of moods already, caught in one of those rare but fairly regular moments of feeling the expectations of who he was weighing down on him, the alcohol had hardly made things any better, and so he had stepped outside for a bit of fresh air, and to have a few minutes to himself, to ever so briefly escape the burden of keeping up appearances.
Josh had seen him go outside and sit down all by himself - quite the rare sight - and ever the sweet and caring guy that he was, he had followed, to make sure that Matt was alright. The two of them had started talking, and for some unfathomable reason, Matt had opened up and blabbed all about the pressure he was under.

Surprisingly, it had turned out that Josh seemed to know exactly what he was talking about, and that he too would feel something similar. It had paved the way for a feeling of understanding, of silent unity to spread it's wings between them, and without either of them really knowing what had happened, all of a sudden they had been sharing their first, fleeting kiss. Although, Matt, if he tried (which he usually didn't), could remember a few brief and yet eternally long moments of tension, electrifying and thick, preceding that first taste of Josh's lips upon his own. But he didn't know who had made the first move. It was just one of those things where it seemed mutual, happening in complete unison.
Yes. It was all just 'one of those things'. All of it.

Though at the moment, nothing of this was going through Matt's head. With Josh finally having bothered to show up, and considering the short time they had, Matt was currently focusing his attention on him, pressing his lips greedily against Josh's while sliding one hand around his neck, seizing it as though wanting to prevent him from ever pulling away, should he try. And yet when he did, when he broke off the kiss and withdrew, just enough for their eyes to lock, Matt let him. Most reluctantly, but he let him.

"Made up for it yet?" Josh asked with another teasing grin, to which Matt would have probably given a slight frown, had the other boy not chosen that same moment to pull him slightly closer.

Instead, there appeared a faint smirk, though it soon faded again, following the same path as Josh's smile and morphing into a somewhat more serious look, as judging by the thoughful expression on Josh's face, he was done joking and looking to address something slightly more delicate instead.

"Were you really waiting that long?" he asked after a moment's pause, his voice having dropped ever so slightly, as if to emphasize the new turn he wished for the conversation to take.

Matt, however, wasn't all that interested in changing the subject. Or for there to even be a subject to change in the first place. He'd come down here for one thing, and talking sure as h*ll wasn't it. Talking in situations like this would often constitute some kind of relationship. And this, Matt kept insisting to himself, was not one. Though Josh seemed to be of a quite different opinion. Now wasn't that great? Just great... First he wasted part of what little time they had getting here, and now, he wanted to waste even more of it by asking, albeit indirectly, if he had really wasted that much of it to begin with. Splendid.
Thus, when Matt responded, it was with an initial, still rather impatient;

"Well, yeah!"

Much as though Josh had just asked about what was the bleeding obvious.
However, as Matt voiced his frustration with the other boy's timing, by letting out a slight but undeniably exasperated sigh, his gaze did meet with Josh's once again, and when he saw the look therein, his own eyes soon softened a bit. For some reason, he found it almost aggravatingly difficult to be angry or even annoyed with Josh for very long.

"Since Thursday, actually", he added, now in a tone alot calmer than before.

21st Oct 2008, 12:29 AM
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21st Oct 2008, 12:36 AM
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Loren saw Kim walk off to whatever her plans were for lunch, and he shrugged casually. He was not at all adverse to finding somewhere with an empty seat and bulling his way into the conversation, it was his usual lunch time pastime. And it was always a different table because every time he sat with people there would never be an empty seat the next day. The why of it was beyond him, so he assumed that somehow he catalyzed freinds, and that was a nice enough feeling.

He packed up his bag fairly quickly, and slinging it over one shoulder he walked down the hallway. Who to sit with... who to sit with... He saw a number of people he didn't know, but then again, he didn't like talking to people if he didn't know thier name. It seemed rude to call them "you," or some variation of, "hey, guy in the purple!". Not that he wouldn't, he just preferred not to.

Just as he was about to approach some stranger he caught sight of an unmistakable blonde. His usual vacant smile lit up again. Marie-Elisabeth! He hadn't actually talked to her since middle school! She had been a bit condescending the few times they'd interacted, but he was used to that.

He quickened his stride a little bit to walk next to her and said cheerily, "Hey Marie!" He didn't remember if she preffered to be called by her full name, but it sounded so stiff and formal, he figured it was better to err on the side of casualness.

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“Gimme that!” J.D.’s voice was a low snarl and he fiercely snatched the drawing from Natalie’s benignly outstretched hand. Equally shocked expressions fluttered over the two girls features, and Lila suddenly felt the dark-haired girl glancing between her and J.D. helplessly. Much like Lila, Natalie most likely hadn’t been expecting that sort of reaction.

Lila had often heard people compare quickly downward-spiraling situations to train-wrecks or car-crashes; they had that certain horrifically fascinating quality that beckoned you to watch with some sort of sick interest, yet repelled you with their dreadful nature. The interactions between J.D. and Natalie were hardly as extreme as a vehicular collision, but there was that paradoxically interesting quality about them. Lila found herself quickly glancing between the two faces, reading the varied expressions that flitted over their features and marveling at how quickly an initially harmless situation could morph into one of such intense edginess that the air between them somehow seemed tangible in the midst of the newfound aggression blistering through J.D.’s piercing eyes.

Natalie’s approach had seemed undisruptive and certainly of earnest intentions. She hadn’t swaggered up to J.D. with the antagonistic air that many did, and she didn’t seem to be looking for a fight. In Lila’s limited experience with him she had seen her fair share of fellow-students attempt to get a rise out of him. They were patronizing, but only when in the safety of large numbers. Rarely would a jock take a verbal jab at J.D. when outside of the comfort of a large posse of fellow meat-heads to ensure that J.D. wouldn’t bash his skull in. They knew well enough that in an even match, J.D. was quite possibly one of the most dangerous and unconquerable opponents in the school, if not simply because of his unwillingness to relent. Lila was relatively certain that the fair-haired troublemaker would allow himself to be beaten senseless before he admitted to a defeat of any sort.

But Natalie hadn’t come with a group of friends to harass J.D., nor had she advanced with the soul intent to provoke him. She had seen genuinely passive in her remarks, earnest even in her faint compliment, and for that, Lila couldn’t fully grasp why J.D. had reacted so harshly to her. Lila’s emerald eyes took hold of the slightly crumpled paper that was contorted in J.D.’s viselike grip. And there it was. It must have to do not with Natalie, but rather with the object she had brought with her. It seemed obvious now and Lila internally begrudged her own insensibility. When she had first sat down beside him she had seen the drawing of Leigh, which he had quickly concealed. Despite its remarkable quality J.D. had hidden it from her—for some reason beyond her comprehension, J.D. was unwilling to own his own artistic aptitude.

Drawing her gaze upward again, Lila felt the warm eyes of Natalie focused on her once more. This time there was a sort of inquiring look, as though trying to communicate some unspoken question to her. It was visible in her eyes that the question pertained to whether or not J.D.’s behavior was what she would consider ‘normal’; Lila’s brows turned upwards in an apologetic expression, clearly noting that she was just as at a loss as she. Lila directed her soothing gaze upwards to J.D., hoping to catch his glance for the briefest of seconds in an attempt to remind him of her presence. She had been silent since Natalie’s arrival, and somehow it seemed as though J.D. had become completely oblivious to the world around him immediately following the appearance of his doodle.

”You know, I would have given it to you anyway,”

The smooth and unfaltering voice of the well-composed Natalie drew Lila’s eyes away from the troublemaker. She couldn’t help but marvel at the tact she had managed in the face of such a reaction from J.D.—in general, when he snapped at people they recoiled in shock and well-reasoned fear, and quickly withdrew from whence they came. Yet somehow, Natalie had kept her composure and continued speaking to him. Had she left her words at that, it would have most likely enraged J.D. only further, probably prompting a vicious retort about how he was quite aware of what she was trying to do, but that he didn’t care. Fortunately, Natalie didn’t stop there.

“It’s really well done.”

While for most people this would be a great relief, Lila faltered between happiness and despair. Compliments only went two ways with J.D.—begrudging acceptance or violent rejection. She had learned this from painful personal experience, and wasn’t hoping to witness it here again. Lila put on her most endearing smile and nodded with affirmation to Natalie before speaking peacefully herself.

“I’m quite relieved that you found it instead of the Professor,” a warm laugh flowed sweetly from her and she turned to J.D. for a moment, hoping yet again to catch his gaze and somehow convey a silent reassurance that she knew would most likely be in vain. Trying to force J.D. out of anger was almost completely futile. Lila’s hand extended to almost gingerly touch her aggravated friend’s arm, but it hovered hesitantly before returning to her side. God only knew how physical touch would make him react at a time like this. Instead, Lila spoke again to Natalie while her gaze lingered on J.D. for another moment before meeting the other girl’s.

“While we appreciate it, I’m not sure he would.”

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21st Oct 2008, 11:09 PM
The only thing that was wrong in this scenario, in Josh’s eyes, was what he was doing. He was cheating, and using both Matt and Marie-Elisabeth and that was wrong. But really, that was the only thing that was wrong. Because he didn’t see what was wrong with being bi or gay. Though, he said nothing when his friends ranted on about ‘queers’, playing the strong silent type amongst their collective berating of those who chose to accept their sexuality, he didn’t actually see what was wrong with it. In his eyes, it was the same as a relationship between a boy and a girl.

Though, he wasn’t dense, he wasn’t unaware of the fact that everyone else didn’t see it that way. In fact, he knew exactly how some of his ‘friends’ would react to this if they found out – and if Josh had his way, they would find out. And the reason behind his desperate need to just let everyone know was because he was sick of his double life. He was sick of lying, of constantly pretending, of dealing with the stereotype and prejudice, of putting up a front and sacrificing what he wanted from his own life. He was sick of all of it and he just wanted to be honest.

It was how it all started out, really. Josh had never given in to his impulses before he that moment with Matt. He knew about how he felt, he had all the time in the world to figure himself out without others really influencing his judgment, simply because they just didn’t stop to figure out anything behind what they wanted to – and what he let them – believe. He knew that he was attracted to men and he accepted it; it was the way he was and there was nothing wrong with it. But still, there was fear of disappointing his father, of rejection that kept him from ever doing anything about it. And there was loneliness, that no-one understood, that no-one care enough to stop and look behind the façade.

Matt hadn’t really stopped and looked behind the façade either, initially. It was circumstance that made him drop the act, to be honest with Josh about his own obligations and in a moment it was as if they were talking about the same thing. And the relief, elation and security that Josh had felt at finding someone else – Matt, at that too – in his shoes had been… indescribable. The honesty on Matt’s part had been reciprocated, most willingly, by Josh. But still, to this day, much to his blissful ignorance, he remained unaware of who kissed who first; it didn’t make a difference, because the point was, they got there.

Though, since then had been the growing guilt that he was using Matt, that he was using Marie-Elisabeth. With Marie-Elisabeth, it was… public, she was his girlfriend and though he really, truly cared about her, most of the time he felt like her accessory, but he didn’t really mind; it was how things worked in high school. But with Matt, it was how Josh wanted things to be. And that dilemma between obligation and desire tore at him. Except, he was using the person with whom he wanted a relationship and the worst part seemed to be the fact that said person didn’t reciprocate Josh’s feelings.

Matt was ashamed. Where Josh thought that there was nothing wrong with what was going on – apart from his infidelity – Matt was borderline disgusted by the idea of anything substantially personal. He wanted to badly to keep it all from everyone, to pretend it didn’t happen when they were out there. He didn’t seem to realise that it hurt Josh, to watch him cavort around with girls – not that Matt was very serious about them either – and even more, pretend to not have any sort of affiliation with him. And the reason for a lot of that, as Josh saw it, was fear. Fear of rejection, fear of losing reputation… Josh knew all too well how that felt.

What he didn’t understand, was why Matt was so reluctant to face his fears. He couldn’t see why Matt would rather pretend to be happy than actually be happy. All Josh could do, was try figure out the problem.

"Well, yeah!" the handsome boy exclaimed as if stating the obvious to a pointless question. So, he was getting impatient, but like ever with Matt, Josh didn’t quite know why the impatience came about; did he want to run back to his friends as soon as possible or had he actually been impatient about meeting up with Josh again?

However, as soon as that question melded its way into Josh’s mind, Matt’s sharp, disapproving eyes softened in a way so subtle that the effect it had on Josh – the immediate pang of guilt at ever having doubted Matt and the instant desire to make up for it, even more than what he usually felt for everyone else – was downright surprising. It was just another one of the reasons why Josh had put this off for so long; he didn’t want to lose Matt. And there was a time when he would have avoided losing Matt at any cost, but these days, he had to question whether, in their ‘arrangement’, he actually had Matt at all.

"Since Thursday, actually,” Matt admitted, seeming more willing to actually make the admission in that reluctantly honest way that had Josh flash his disarming – though this time slightly mischievous – grin again as his lips moved towards Matt’s neck, one hand pressing gently on the back of it as he planted soft, tantalising kisses as a silent apology for mentally doubting him, his other hand undoing the first few buttons of the other boy’s shirt, letting the kisses move to slightly below Matt’s collarbone.

“It was worth the wait for me,” Josh grinned once more as he raised his eyes back to Matt, voice still soft for his lover’s ears only as that grin faltered for a moment once he realised he really couldn’t ignore the issue any more. So, he gave in, planting another swift kiss on Matt’s lips before he drew away slightly and settled back against the door, one hand falling to wrap itself gently around the other boy’s side.

“You know, it doesn’t have to be this difficult…,” he began his tentative suggestion, knowing full well that the results could be disastrous and also knowing that the results of doing nothing were equally detrimental – maybe not right now, but sooner or later. So, his voice, still calm and soft, grew a little more confidence to make his case. “We shouldn’t have to sneak around like this.”

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J.D. had never thought of himself as a very complicated person. On the contrary. He thought he was pretty easy to get; if you stayed out of his way, he stayed out of yours, and if you didn't, you got hurt. It was that simple. And considering that many made an actual effort to stay away from him, it would seem it was indeed really easy to get. Some even went so far as to never even look at him, all because of the rumours that he would beat people up just for doing so. Quite an exaggeration, really, because he wasn't quite that aggressive. Although... He had shoved other students a few times, for what had later been called 'no reason'. But they'd been practically staring at him, for mouthing off to a professor or for shoving, arguing or fighting with someone else, and so what did they expect? If he was already visibly p*ssed off, and you decided to add to his annoyance, well, then you simply had it coming. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
So, the gist of it all, was that J.D. was known as a troublemaker and a bad*ss, and he liked it fine that way. Plain and simple.

What he never did seem to realize, was that it was too simple, and in that in being too simple, things with him actually got quite complicated. Especially since J.D. himself kept insisting on keeping them 'simple', downright refusing to let there be another side to him. He maintained his stubborn view of the world around him, and the people in it, and tried his best to make d*mn sure they maintained theirs of him. Which was why he had such a hard time letting anyone in, and see what went on beyond that bad boy exterior. Even with Lila, who miraculously was well on her way underneath his skin, he tried to ward off any notion that didn't fit his preferred profile. And since his art could serve as a clue that there was more to him than just bad news, it became quite a touchy subject.

The sad thing was, J.D. himself really didn't realize any of it. He just saw his talent for drawing as something he'd prefer to keep private, without really knowing why, and what J.D. didn't understand or couldn't explain - to others, or to himself - made him aggressive by default. Add to that the fact that after snatching the drawing away from Natalie, the only reaction she gave was eyes slightly widened in surprise, instead of nervously retreating or stammering some apology in fear of having her neck wringed, and J.D.'s desire to really do wringe her neck was in no way lessened. And her comment really didn't help matters either;

"You know, I would have given it to you anyway", she stated calmly, after exchanging a brief look with Lila, whose presence might just have been the only reason why J.D. at that point actually refrained from turning thought into action, buying Natalie enough time to continue with a comment that got him slightly off balance; "It's really well done."

Such a comment was hardly what he had expected, especially not in light of his apparent annoyance over her presence in the first place. Not that it made him falter, or his eyes to widen in return - on the contrary, they narrowed in obvious suspicion and aggravation - but it did clearly distract him from what had initially been going through his head at her first statement.
Though before he could reply, or rather, retort, Lila stepped in, as though she sensed that whatever was about to make it's way over his lips, it wouldn't be something of which she'd approve, as it wasn't likely to be anything remotely close to the friendliness she herself seemed to prefer, and hope for;

"I'm quite relieved that you found it instead of the Professor", she said, giving a soft, disarming laugh, and momentarily drawing J.D.'s gaze to her delicate frame; quite an accomplishment in it's own right, and one that did clearly manage to soothe his violent temper ever so slightly, surprising though it was.

But, what ended up really doing the trick, was something so very subtle, that even though it might have been unintentional, did manage to take the blonde troublemaker by enough surprise to draw his attention away from Natalie, just long enough for the last fragments urging him to lash out at her, to fade.

"While we appreciate it", Lila said, "I'm not sure he would."

'We'. For some reason, which went far beyond J.D.'s comprehension, she used a word that rather than distancing her from him, showing that she repudiate his hostile ways, alluded to a solidarity instead. As though despite her not necessarily approving of his ways, she still wanted to be on his side. And it all earned her a slightly puzzled look from J.D., who was far from accustomed to such peaceful support. Usually, when someone - usually Leigh, Derek or his other friends - sided with him, they did it with the same aggressive fierceness that laced his own words and actions. Not with this kind of pleasant calm.

However, as confusing (though far from unappreciated) as her comment might have been, and as much as she had managed to calm his temper, J.D. still wasn't any more prone to accepting Natalie's comment. Just slightly less prone to shoving it down her throat. So, even though there was no longer a truly vicious remark waiting to shoot off of the tip of his tongue, he still wasn't about to be friendly, or accepting of Natalie's presence, and thus, when his gaze returned to her, fire still burned deep in those amber eyes of his, and their antipathy was just as intense as ever before.

"So what?" he spat, in response to her comment about the quality of the drawing.

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Hot and cold. That would probably be the most fair and fitting description of how Matt acted in regards to his relationsh-... No, wait, his arrangement with Josh. He was terrified that anyone would find out about what was going on down in the boiler room during lunch breaks, or in other secret, secluded areas during 'study sessions with friends' or 'catching a movie with this new girl', and whatever other excuses were used to conceal the truth, and so whenever they were not hidden away in those secluded areas, whenever other people were or might be around, he kept a distance to Josh. He would act as though they were acquianted - because it would be strange if they weren't, considering they basically moved within the same crowd - but never as though they were friends. Whenever they ended up sitting at the same table, or hanging out with the same friends, Matt would usually direct his attention to whoever else was there, rather than to Josh. Though he did still manage to walk that fine line between simply 'happening' to not end up in conversation with Josh, and flat out ignoring him. It was, after all, one of the things Matt did best; act.
Act, and manipulate situations into appearing to be what he wanted them to be. Thus, no one would ever get to thinking that he was intentionally avoiding Josh to the best of his ability, but rather that even though they were both popular and shared a great number of friends, the two of them really didn't have too much to talk about.

And it was all a distance that would linger even when the two of them were alone, like now, weaving it's way into Matt's demeanor, and making him act as if the whole thing didn't really mean all that much to him, despite the fact that he went to such great lengths to keep their secret, when it would have been so much easier to just stop seeing Josh altogether. He would deny that the 'arrangement' was anything more than just that, an 'arrangement', which existed only because it held a certain appeal to him. For now. He never elaborated on just what that appeal was, and he was most reluctant to talk about anything involving the details and the circumstances of what they were doing, unless it included the practical side of it, such as agreeing on when and where they would meet next time. And the prospect of the two of them coming clean, and letting everyone know... That, he simply wouldn't hear of at all.

Yet, when they did meet, and words ceased to exist, fading into oblivion with everything else, and leaving room only for the heat and the passion of their kisses, the tenderness of their caresses, Matt could often be the driving force; the one taking the lead, and urging them further and further down the path they were on. He would claim Josh's lips with his own, possessive and demanding, press against him with his body, and guide his hands to where he wanted them to go. He would be the one initially pushing them closer and closer to the edge.
Only to recoil in pure panic when they got too close. He kept refusing to go any further than kissing and, to some extent, groping, and every time, as soon as his body started to respond with a will of it's own, he would freak out, back away, and thrust the blame onto Josh, exclaiming an upset, accusing 'What the h*ll are you doing?!'. As though it had been all Josh's doing. Simply because Matt himself was still so stubbornly clinging to the idea that he was perfectly and completely straight, and thus could not bare the thought of having his body respond to a guy like it would to a girl, let alone that he himself had been the one causing it to go that far in the first place. As always, he would dodge the blame of an 'unpleasant' situation, much like he did when most of his schemes played out, skillfully shifting it onto someone else, while he himself came out smelling like roses. Only in this case, there wasn't really anything skillful about it, since there were only two people, and one knew exactly what he had and had not done, and the other one simply denied having done anything at all.

Hot, and cold.
It was why Josh dreaded bringing up the conversation he felt the two of them needed to have, and it was why he had every reason to do so. It wasn't likely to go down well. If at all. And it was probably also why he chose to tread lightly, doing his best to defuse the situation before it became even remotely volatile in the first place.

"It was worth the wait for me", he said with yet another grin spreading on his lips, his soft voice prying Matt's eyes open again, from having drifted closed when Josh's lips had ventured down along his neck and the sensation had tilted his head slightly to the side.

Slowly opening them again now, Matt's brown eyes met with Josh's pale blue ones, his gaze ever so slightly veiled with gratification at first, but returning to their usual intensity when he saw Josh's expression change, alerting him that they were not yet done with the serious part of the conversation. In fact, judging by the look in Josh's eyes, they had just barely gotten started. It filled Matt with an instant reluctance, as he knew that look all too well by now, and thus, when Josh leaned in to press his lips briefly against Matt's in yet another kiss, it became one that for the most part went unrequited.

"You know, it doesn't have to be this difficult...", Josh started hesitantly, while one hand dropped to Matt's side, still holding him fairly close, as though he could sense what the other boy's reaction would be. "We shouldn't have to sneak around like this."

However, Matt had quite a few ways in his arsenal of tricks, to deal with a situation he didn't particularly look forward to, and since he had come here for a reason - one that he had been looking forward to, reluctant though he was to admit it, even to himself - he wasn't all that willing to give up on it, just because Josh was feeling talkative. He didn't want to waste what time they had, talking about something that could never, ever happen, yet which for some reason, was an issue that Josh was becoming more and more insistent on bringing up.
But, just as determined as Josh seemed to be to talk about it, as determined was Matt to evade it.

"It works for me", he simply mumbled, while sneaking an arm around Josh's waist, and pressing his lips against the other boy's yet again, in part kiss, part attempt to silence him and make him relent.

25th Oct 2008, 12:03 AM
Marie-Elisabeth had spent her lunch with the cheer leading squad, with 2 noticeable and obvious exceptions. None of the other girls were any more thrilled than she was about the two new additions to the squad, and had agreed wholeheartedly with her suggestion of relegating them to water distribution. Her second in command Caroline had even suggested having one of them be in charge of equipment too. That was met with even more enthusiastic nods and a grin of amusement from Marie-Elisabeth. She and Caroline had been friends since Grade 1, when Caroline’s parents had moved to town for business. Caroline’s father was vice president at the company her father owned and was president of, so it was only natural that they became friends.

The girls had spent most of the lunch coming up with some very interesting ways to humiliate their new members, before Marie-Elisabeth glanced at her watch and realized how much time had passed by. “Well ladies” she said, getting up and taking her bag off the floor “I’ve got to go in search of my partner in crime, we’ve got things to discuss”.

“Wanna suggest…errr discuss how he should come to school shirtless” Caroline said, raising her eyebrows suggestively “We’d all appreciate the view”. “It is a nice view” Marie-Elisabeth mused, looking thoughtful “But no. We’ve got more important things to do. Nice try though”.

“Can’t blame me can you” Caroline called after her as she left and Marie-Elisabeth rolled her eyes and laughed. “No, no I can’t” she thought, walking out of the cafeteria and wondering where on earth Matt could possibly be. He didn’t usually keep her waiting this long, so he had better have a damned good reason for it.

As she continued walking through the halls, she became aware of a presence by her side in the form of a vaguely familiar blond oddball. “Hey Marie” he called, speeding up to walk next to her. She wrinkled her nose and glanced over at him. “It's Marie-Elisabeth, and do I know you” she said, wondering what would possess him to talk to her.

26th Oct 2008, 12:34 AM
When faced with a hostile situation, Natalie usually used her charms. Quite effectively at that, too. Because, honestly, there’s nothing that couldn’t be accomplished by getting people to like you and there’s no better way to accomplish that than charm them. Really, if you could charm people the way Natalie could, the entire idea of a hostile situation was an alien concept.

Except right now, that was a pipe dream. While that charm of hers worked a treat in most cases, J.D. Harper was the self-defining anomaly. And there really wasn’t any reason to fully believe that charming her way out of this situation wasn’t a possibility, but still, Natalie’s gut instinct was to keep things on the straight and narrow with this guy.

However, Natalie wasn’t actually in a completely hostile situation, thanks to Lila. It seemed that despite the fact that she knew little about Natalie, about her intentions or methods, Lila was just unquestioningly willing to help Natalie out. And thoroughly grateful though Natalie was, she wasn’t sure why Lila was doing it. In Lila’s shoes, Natalie would have first questioned everything before she even contemplated helping, while Lila had just jumped to it – that was, assuming Lila just wasn’t faster at gauging. Either way, she still couldn’t have know if Natalie was up to anything, but still, she jumped in to help:

“I’m quite relieved that you found it instead of the Professor,” she diffused the thickness in the air in a way only she could with an endearing laugh to lighten things up – and not doing too badly given that it shifted J.D.’s glare off Natalie as they exchanged brief glances of understanding that Natalie couldn’t understand just yet as she had just begun observing the dynamics between these two. However, it seemed that Lila was as uncertain about J.D.’s reaction as Natalie was – which in itself begged the question of why she was with someone she wasn’t entirely comfortable with and perhaps the answer was that they shared something that really was beyond the reach of the outside world and you had to be one of the two to understand it – for she almost reassuringly touched J.D.’s arm, only to suddenly change her mind.

“While we appreciate it,” she continued with that gentle demeanour of hers, leaving Natalie to wonder who ‘we’ entailed, though, the finishing statement brought a small smile upon her lips: “I’m not sure he would.”

No kidding. For yes, it was an entertaining sketch to say the least, but Natalie would imagine that the Professor would rather be the one laughing than the one being laughed at. Hence, being the butt of the joke wasn’t going to have him in a fit of giggles anytime soon.

However, though logically, to Lila and Natalie, it seemed to be a near save, Natalie imagined that someone like J.D., someone who actively participated in trouble when it came around and then conjured up some more trouble when things were quiet, wouldn’t really care much about how much of a near escape it was that he’d managed to keep out of trouble. And it was a deduction that proved itself soon enough for he was still about as happy as a rattlesnake when he decided to reprise his habit of glaring at her.

“So what?” he snapped as if the whole thing had no meaning to him and he hadn’t cared either way.

Natalie wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of his nonchalance. Mainly because of the way he’d snatched the comic back from her – it wasn’t as if he didn’t care who found it or what they thought of it or what they did with it, because he so obviously cared. The first thing he’d done was act with aggression and get it away from her as if she wasn’t allowed to know about it and so, protecting it like that, it obviously did mean something to him.

So, was he embarrassed over it? Was that why he was keeping it so secret?

“So… thank God he didn’t get it first,” she answered with a small laugh, glancing between J.D. and Lila. “Though, I think he should be more flattered you took the time.”

With that, Natalie decided to take up what she considered to be Lila’s subliminal offer of help, for Lila seemed to be a sort of abridgement to J.D. antagonism and right now, that was a godsend.

“You draw like this often?” she finally asked trying to be and as sound as tactful as possible.

“It is really good,” she offered, glancing at and motioning towards the pretty brunette momentarily, as if asking a silent request for her opinion, before turning her eyes back onto J.D. “What do you think, Lila?”

(((OOC: Hope this works for you guys :) )))

26th Oct 2008, 1:14 AM
Relationships, when it came to Josh’s perspective on them, were more about the people involved than the deeds. It wasn’t so much the physical part as it was the emotions, the trust or the actual personal interrelation. Yes, as a young man he did have his urges, but he didn’t base things just around that. He had to be with someone whom he really liked, whom he really cared about, otherwise it was never an actual relationship. So, unlike most of his friends and team mates, he didn’t base his romantic relationships on who’s hot and who’s not – it was all about the person in question.

When his relationship – and yes, to Josh, it was a relationship regardless of it’s complicated nature – with Matt started, Josh had mainly instigated the events that were from his part – for he knew that both he and Matt were voluntarily involved from the beginning – because he related to Matt as a person before any of the physical aspects of their relationship came into light. Speaking to Matt that night, he’d actually made a connection with him that since then hadn’t broken off somewhere along the line. Josh truly cared about Matt, enough to compromise his morals for him.

But then, those morals were just inapplicable to the situations that Matt seemed to shove him into. Josh didn’t like cheating on his girlfriends, but from the beginning, Matt had repeatedly denied that what was shared between them was anything reminiscent of a relationship – in fact, that whole thing was not easily discussed at all. Josh didn’t like the constant lying and Matt, time and again, illustrated – even if not verbally – that with Matt’s affections came the need for secrecy. Josh wanted some clarity, some sort of decisive indication from the other boy over what he really wanted in this situation and what did he get?

Confusion. Though the topic was another one of those things that just weren’t discussed how they should, it was clear that Matt didn’t know what he wanted from this or from Josh. To being with, there was a phase where Josh – even through his need to believe that there wasn’t some underhand trick going on – stumbled onto the possibility that Matt’s Preppy identity somehow compelled him to play games with the footballer. But no, since then, it had become repeatedly clear to Josh that Matt didn’t actually know what he wanted and every time he came close to finding out, it scared him off.

He was consciously unable to give in to the fact that he was gay. Josh could understand the edgy uncertainty and insecurity that came with discovering that you were somehow different from the ‘normal’, but really, Matt was in a league of his own when it came to denial. He was down in secret boiler room making out with another guy and he still wouldn’t just see the fact that he was into men. And Josh just didn’t know what do about it, not without seriously risking losing Matt, anyway.

But that did illustrate one thing to Josh; Matt didn’t consciously consider this as anything close to a relationship. Though he put a lot more effort into keeping it going than any other heterosexual relationship he’d probably ever had, Matt just couldn’t accept it as a relationship. So, unlike to Josh, on the surface, it’d always be just about the physical side of things because he just wouldn’t acknowledge that there was more to it than just an experiment. And in all honesty, that hurt Josh, a lot.

So, it wasn’t really a surprise to Josh that when he brought up the subject that they really, really needed to discuss, without delay, Matt’s first response was to belittle the whole thing by just masking it with the physical aspect that always dominated.

"It works for me,” he just quietly fobbed it off as those soft lips pushed themselves hungrily against Josh’s mouth once more, his arm around Josh’s waist, pulling him close, tempting him to give in and forget what was plaguing his mind. Because yeah, despite the fact that the physical aspect of their relationship was secondary to the more personal part of it, Josh still gave in completely to it, letting Matt take the lead because he always seemed more comfortable when he was dictating the terms. And yes, Josh wanted Matt body and soul, just not always in that order.

So while that kiss pulled enticed him in closer and closer, slowly, but surely wiping his mind clean of all the anxieties he carried over the conversation he had attempted to start, Josh had to quickly decide which he wanted right now; body or soul. Well, not picking one of those would mean he’d sooner or later lose the other, and that thought of losing Matt because he hadn’t tried, made his break away, it gave strength to that hand that pushed against Matt’s shoulder even if the other hand that had been gently kneading the flesh at the small of Matt’s back remained where it was. It was almost symbolic of the clash of his choices and desire; giving in now and giving up later or facing the music now to ensure there was a ‘later’ to look forward to.

“Does it?” he genuinely questioned as he looked straight into Matt’s entrancingly deep brown eyes, biting down slightly on his reddened lips for a moment to convince himself not to give in to Matt’s plight. “Then, yeah, explain to me why it works for you, Matt, 'cause I don’t understand.”

(((OOC: Hope that makes sense and works for you, Atropa :) )))

26th Oct 2008, 6:04 AM
Name: Aimée Darrieux

Age/Class: 16/Jnr

Clique: Normie

After School Activity: Music

Brief History/Personality Description: Aimée Darrieux moved here from Paris, France. She speaks fluent French and English (her second language), when she speaks English, she has a strong Parisian accent. She is shy on the outside, but once you crack the shell, the whole nut falls out.

In France, Aimée was verging on the "emo" clique. But, no one dared calling her emo. Anyone who did, probably wouldn't be coming back to school for a couple of weeks.

She enjoys nothing more than writing music, she plays the guitar and idolizes Brian Molko. She has met Brian twice. She spends free time writing, playing & listening to music. She is interested in joining a band. She also is quite a good singer.

Aimée Darrieux is a nice girl who justs wants to get through high school without any problems.

Anything else you might want to add: New student/transfer. Scared of popping balloons.


http://i38.tinypic.com/167whs7.jpg http://i33.tinypic.com/29o28nc.jpg

((OCC: Sorry about the 2nd pic. I don't know what happened to my camera settings :O.))

Open to storylines and connections!

26th Oct 2008, 8:08 PM
Loren was used to pretty much everything when he approached people. Some people would just stare unblinking, as if they were wondering why the marvelous star of the play was talking to them, or were trying to get over what ever that day's questionable fashion decision was. Some would smile, and make insipid small talk and leave quickly, generally leaving Loren somewhat confused. And a few would slap him in the face, for which he had no idea what their motive could have possibly been.

So Marie-Elisabeth's wrinkled nose and quick, perhaps condescending glance, was hardly surprising. What was surprising was what she said: "“It's Marie-Elisabeth, and do I know you?”

With all the random looks, quick exits and occasional violence, everyone knew him. Everyone. Loren didn't know he wasn't popular, he had only the loosest understanidng of the idea. But he was well known. Anyone who had been in as many plays as him, and was as loud in clothes and manner was recognizable. So not being recognized, at all, was a bit of a shock.

Then again, if anyone could be said to roll with the punches, it was Loren Dasen. After blinking exagerratedly, he answered with his usual unquashable good cheer, "Sorry, Mare-Elisabeth, it's been a while. But don't you remember me, we sat across from each other in eighth grade?"

It was three years ago, but Loren knew that he always made an impression. He added, with an unnoticed bit of redundancy, "I was the loud kid who tripped over your desk?"

((OOC: I hope that was okay with you slytherin? If that random bit of backstory is a bit too memorable I can change it))

26th Oct 2008, 10:47 PM
((I'm finding it very difficult to rp...just because whenever I post it becomes ignored...))

26th Oct 2008, 10:51 PM
Sophi sighed as she stuffed some books into her locker. This was an awful day at school. First, she had been completely and utterly ignored by everyone she had been near. Then, she had to nearly get into a fight with someone because she tripped over their project that they had gotten someone else to do. She'd apologize to the kid who was bullied into doing said project at another time. Mostly because she had no idea who she would apologize, and what she would say. 'Hey, sorry I tripped and basically ruined some of your high school career by extension'? No. That would be too much.

She closed her locker, slinging her bag over her shoulder after moving her waist length hair out of the way. Her messenger bag hit her leg as she walked to the cafeteria. Sophi took a dollar out of her pocket and tried to put it in the machine to buy a bottled water. It spit it out. She sighed, and tried again. No luck. Shoving the bill into her pocket, she gave up on the possibility of a beverage and began walking in the hall again.

Once back out in the hall, she noticed the crowd slowly dispersing. She scrambled in her book bag for her schedule, and read it over. She cursed under her breath as she realized it had gotten soaked that morning when her cousin had spilled coffee on the messenger bag. She looked up and her expression grew slightly worried as she walked, trying to find the main office to get a new schedule. As she walked, she turned a corner and ran into someone. With her combined minimal weight and lack of balance, she fell over. She looked up to see a guy.

((approachable by any guy))

26th Oct 2008, 10:52 PM
(((ooc: PurpleSummer - Well, this time, you were very specific about what kind of character you were looking to interact with, instead of seeing who was available. There really aren't too many guy character available right now. Matt and Josh are busy, as is Loren and J.D.. That leaves only Eeric, I think, and quite possibly Adam, and I'm not sure what trampled's/emodawg's plans are for them. And, you know, you could have your character approach someone, instead of waiting for someone to approach you. Laughy's character, for instance, is available, I believe, as should IAmMadi's be. :)
I'm only saying this with the best of intentions, and it really goes for everyone; if nothing happens to your character, it's up to you to make it happen. Don't just sit around and wait. :) )))

26th Oct 2008, 11:25 PM
((ooc: I guess I could lend you Adam, Purplesummer as Funheart hasn't replied in a while. Ill post back in a bit x))

26th Oct 2008, 11:26 PM
((OOC: PurpleSummer:Before I comment, I would like to say that this is not an attack, I say this in complete sincerity and with utterly no malicious intent.
Anyway, I noticed in the gossip girl RP that you are big on just dialogue posts. Those are fine, but in any RP, if the entity you are RPing with goes to the trouble of describing their characters body language, or stressing a point of reaction to your character, such as being offended or creeped out your character will notice and should react somehow. Unless your character is an idiot, or the person made it clear that their character is hiding things, or you talk about how oblivious your charachter is to the situation. It's sort of annoying if someone went to the trouble of writing a 300 word RP post, and their RP companion answers in 90 words.

Also, RPs are usually pretty fluid. If you plan something out and it clearly isn't working, then it is not bad form to drop it. This RP is pretty new, so there hasn't been too too much character development, but it does no harm for you to approach people for a storyline, or to approach people as strangers in the hall, or anything really. Go out there, and people will go with.

Of course, none of these are absolute, but if you are going to do the opposite of pretty well established conventions like the above, it should be done with clear intent to achieve a particular effect. Like, when a person exclusively in monosyllables, it paints the person as bratty, introverted, and not having much of value to say. When a person responds to a long, well thought out post with a line of dialogue and two lines of description, it paints the character as having the personal depth of a puddle.

I hope that that was of some assistance, and as I said before, that was meant in a completely constructive way. This one, however is not: The only reason that Katie hasn't gone into approaching distance, and that I picked ME for Loren to approach rather than Sophi, is because you were mind bogglingly prickly about the same sort of constructive critiscism in gossip girl.

See? There is a difference.))

26th Oct 2008, 11:47 PM
Name: Lacey Cormier

Age/Class: 16/Junior

Clique: Oddball

After School Activity: Drama Club

Brief History/Personality Description:
Child-like and quirky, Lacey has three great loves in her life -- the ocean, strange books, and socks.
She and her parents have lived in a seaside home since she was born, first in Australia, then in California. But after the relocation to Brooklake, their watery backyard became a thing of the past, and Lacey loathes it. She loves swimming with all her heart, in part because in the water, she's weightless and moves as fluidly and elegantly as the next girl.
On land it is a different story. Lacey is a bit weird and spastic, once quite miraculously managing to knock over a lamp while standing completely still. She hates her clumsy limbs and most others hate it as well -- her stumbling only serves to irritate them, and most definitely don't see it as endearing.
Lacey adores learning odd little facts and is infinitely curious about every subject under the sun -- from fortune-telling to the history of the barbecue. After moving to Brooklake, the library has become a substitute for the sea. She can often be found checking out books like The Art of War or Moles and Their Meanings, or at home looking up things on Wikipedia or Google.
Lacey is almost like a wide-eyed child in some aspects -- her unsatiable curiosity, but also her short attention span (she often reads five books at a time, forgets about one for months and then picks it up again) and neverending optimism. Wikipedia may be editable by everyone, but that doesn't mean it is a bad source for information -- Lacey believes in the goodness of Wikipedia.
When Wikipedia or one of her books can't cheer her up, Lacey opens her sock drawer. She loves socks, especially wearing ones that don't match and especially patterned ones. There is something about socks -- those cozy little foot warmers, tiny sleeping bags for the walking utensil -- that cheers her up right away.
Lacey has lived in Brooklake for a while now, and she's still not entirely settled in. Her toes itch for the sea of Santa Monica, and she's not made many friends. Most people know her as "that band girl who dropped a tuba on the principal" (she promptly switched to Drama Club after that incident).
She's not shy, just a little awkward.

Anything else you might want to add: Lacey is happiest when she is in the water. Now that the beach is so far away, though, she will settle for being in thick, warm socks, eating peanut butter out of the jar with one hand and reading a strange book on something exceptionally interesting, such as numerology, or tea, with the other. She wants to be an oceanographer when she grows up, or a dentist, or a make-up artist, or a lawyer, or a writer, or an archeologist, or a rockstar, or maybe she just wants to work at Wikipedia.



Bleeh, I want a Sim pic but my game barely runs on this computer and that ^^ is the picture that actually inspired me to Lacey. I originally made her to be in the Skateboarder/Surfer clique, but then she turned out so... eccentric. xD And we only have two oddballs, so I suppose it's alright?

HOPE I DID EVERYTHING OK. I really love this RP, reading it is almost like reading a real book, with living, breathing characters. It's beautiful.

ETA: Open for storylines or connections and all that.

27th Oct 2008, 2:21 AM
((FurryPanda - I really don't need you to tell me what to do, or how to rp. Thank you.

and also, that'd be great emodawg =] ))

27th Oct 2008, 2:45 AM
Katie had eaten her lunch with her usual group of freinds. Or, to be more accurate, the two people in the school that were willing to share a table with her so long as she didn't bother them. She sort of wished for a more accepting social circle, but she didn't think it was going to change any time soon, so she did her best not to think about it.

Reading Shakespeare always cheered her up, and today was no exception. With the comic effect of the immortal bard gently flowing through her mind, she threw away her lunch bag, and walked down the hall to her locker. Art was next.

She glumly switched out her books and started down the hallway. She didn't mind art, after all graphic design was a much loved hobby. But just sitting down and painting or sketching or sculpting always left her with a blob- either of paint, of clay or of pencil shavings. For someone so good at everything else, art was a gigantic pain.

Before she arrived at class she glanced at the clock. There was still half an hour before the bell would ring, and Katie decided that she would rather wander around in complete boredom, rather than sit there being glared at by the art teacher.

She turned on her heel, going up onto tip toe and swinging her leg at a precise sixty degree angle from her dancers reflexes and walked off, wandering for the sake of wandering, to attempt to improve her mood, or just exercise a little. She contemplated going to the courtyard to dance a little, but her innate shyness won out and she just kept walking.

((OOC: Very approachable
Purple- One has to wonder how to define "need". I have no doubt you do not "need" advice, in the sense that you can function perfectly coherently without it. But then again, "need" can also be defined as something that is useful to have, and advice, from any avenue, oftimes is. Perspective is a marvelous thing, and it comes from all sorts of strange and sometimes unappetizing places. But I'm sure you do not wish to debate philosophy and etymology, so I shall end this.))

27th Oct 2008, 3:57 AM

First things first, welcome IamMadi and Maeve2.0--we're thrilled to have you! I'll add your sims to the frontpage. You can start RPing whenever you like!

Secondly; Purplesimmer, Atropa, Furry. You've all managed to be civil about this, and I'm glad you've all decided to stop this discussion before it goes further than necessary. Furry and Atropa have a point in that you guys need to be active in pursuing plotlines, approaching people, and not always waiting to be approached. But I also realize that with inactive people, you can be uncertain about where to start! Purple, if you ever want to know who is where or who you might be best to approach, I'm honestly more than happy to help! Never hesitate to PM me! :) I'm sorry that you perceived any sort of attack on you, but that was certainly not the aim--and I'm certain that Purple wasn't trying to instigate anything either. Just for future knowledge, if you have an issue please let me know first or address the matter in PMs so we don't fill up the thread.

I think that covers everything?

Ohh, and Atropa, feel free to skip Lila to post for J.D.--she won't have much to say since Natalie is addressing him. :D