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22nd May 2007, 2:02 PM
Welcome to the roleplay forum here on MTS. We have some basic rules and guidelines to be followed here. Please check back here later as the rules may change as this area evolves, and also make sure to read the Forum Guidelines Additions (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=338373) thread.
Thank you.

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Rules for Posting:

Site Rules Still Apply: Please follow all site rules in your posts. Be kind and courteous toward other members, no chatspeak, etc.... Your characters can be whoever you like, but you yourself must follow the rules when out of character. Remember to use the Edit button on your posts if you have something to add or change - no double-posting. You may deal with controversial subjects in your post, but please remember that the overall content of your posts must still follow site rules - PG-13. Please no detailed descriptions of violence, drug use, sex, etc.

Out of Character: Please denote Out of Character (OOC) text in your posts clearly by using ((Double Parentheses)) around any OOC text. Please keep OOC stuff to a minimum - you are welcome to add meaningful comments on other players' posts, giving feedback on their writing and play, plan out further posts and suchlike, but remember, you can use the Private Message (PM) system on this site too, and most posts in this forum should be in character, and all posts should be on topic.

Pictures in Posts: You may use pictures in your posts if you choose. Please do not use images larger than 650 pixels wide by 550 pixels tall. Pictures that are too large or have a massive file size may be removed by a moderator without warning. Please use compression on your images to make them quick to load and keep them at a minimum - they should complement your post, not be your post. Pictures are hosted elsewhere at a site like photobucket.com where you can upload your pictures and link to them using the img tags.

Leaving an RP in Progress: If you need to withdraw from a roleplay in progress, please finish up with a final post to remove your character from the action. If something comes up in real life and you cannot even come up with a final post, at least post OOC so people know you will no longer be participating and can continue without you. Don't leave your fellow players hanging.

Rules for Playing:

Completed vs. Uncompleted Actions: Whether you are playing with a GM or freeform, it is best that players phrase their actions toward other players as uncompleted. That way, either the GM may confirm the action was completed successfully, or other players involved can confirm the action was completed with their post. For example... an uncompleted action would be, "Shelley pulled the gun from her purse, aimed at Roger, and pulled the trigger." The completed version of that action would be, "Shelley pulled the gun from her purse and shot Roger." With the uncompleted action, your GM (or whoever is playing Roger, if you're playing freeform) can choose whether Shelley actually hit him or missed. In the completed action, Shelley's player has decided that Roger got shot... when this may not be where the GM or Roger's player wished to go with the situation.

No Godmoding (God-mode-ing): This is related to the above completed/uncompleted actions... Imagine if Roger, in that situation, decided he didn't get hit by Shelley's bullet... and then didn't get hit the next time someone shot at him, or took a swing at him, and then leapt off a three story building without getting hurt, or always wins in every fight. Characters without flaws or weaknesses are boring, and being invincible isn't fair to the other players. Playing your character as one of these untouchables is called godmoding, and is considered Very Bad Form by most players. If you're playing a freeform game, remember to get hit once in a while, and allow your character to be flawed and fallible.

No Godmodding (God-modding): Similar to godmoding, but on a larger scale, godmodding occurs when a player steps beyond their bounds of control in a roleplay, taking the reins of other players' characters, rewriting previous events, or changing the setting. Generally, the only participant who is allowed to do this is the GM, if you have one, to get events back on track or to fix things that happened with players completing actions they shouldn't have. If you are playing freeform, godmodding is generally not allowed unless agreed to by everyone involved OOC, on a case-by-case basis.

Starting New RP Threads:

Strategy RPs: Strategy/contest-esque RPs are permitted here - you can have a winner after a certain period of time, prizes, whatever. All posts and planning must be conducted here on S2C though - no separate forums for teams and suchlike, as we cannot keep an eye on things going on elsewhere.

Sim Elements: Actual sim contests with roleplay elements (competitions that require time in Sims 2 taking pictures for each round) should go in the sim contest forums. You may incorporate sim elements for character pictures, initial entries, illustrating a scene, etc. for this forum. There may be a bit of a grey area in between a sim roleplay contest and a roleplay competition with some sim elements. If you believe your idea falls into this grey area, please contact a moderator before posting with a detailed description of your idea so we may guide you to the proper forum for posting.

Solos: You may do a solo RP (single-character story with a single player) if you so choose, creating a new post with "Solo" in the subject line. Solos can be helpful especially for new players in exploring the personality of a new character, getting into their heads, and getting feedback on your writing, and generally characters that do solos will eventually be incorporated into group RPs. If you see someone doing a good solo, feel free to invite them into a new or existing RP if you think their style is compatible with yours.

GM or Freeform: Roleplays may be guided by a GM (game master) or may be completely freeform. When you are starting a new thread for a new RP, please be clear which of these you are doing, if there are any other rules and guidelines you wish players to follow for your RP, and explain clearly what you have in mind.

When to Make a New RP Thread: Please look through existing RP threads to see if there is one that fits something you would like to play (and whether it is still open for new players) before creating a new post and opening it up for a new RP session. New RPs should have a solid theme, setting, and reason for being separate from existing RPs. New RPs that do not follow these guidelines may be closed or deleted.

Ask Questions First! If you have any questions or wish some advice or guidance before posting a new thread to create a new RP, please contact HystericalParoxysm via Private Message (PM) for help in developing your idea. HP has been roleplaying online and playing tabletop RPs for many years, and would be happy to help answer any questions or provide suggestions on your ideas for new or existing RPs.