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5th Jun 2009, 5:50 PM
This was so easy! thanks to the makers!

the page that explained all about vectoring and so on, haha i just skipped that all.

The only thing i did was the instruction to place the cfg file, add the directories, then i went directly into photoshop, made a new image 256x256, used a simple filter to create a seamless pattern, rasterized it, saved as DDS.

To be honest i did not even read all of the wiki page , the most important things I had read was that A: you need a rasterized image, B: must be 256x256 seamless, and the DDS export setting,

No difficulty at all, ok i admit if you want more complexer textures ok, but now i know how to get my custom images into the sims 3, thanks a lot guys!

oh here is my test bed: yeah it might look crappy, but this was my first try, cost me less then 5 minutes to get it working!

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/DeKDeS/ea%20forum/owntexturetest.jpg :D

Im off making a lot of textures!

my sim page: