View Full Version : how do you make a one color texture ?

8th Jun 2009, 2:04 AM
Hi I would love to learn how to make a one color texture/ pattern, such as for walls and carpets that only need to have one color layer for the slider.

I read the tut but that did not say anything on how to do just one layer types.

Thanks for your time and everyone great work on help us mod S3


8th Jun 2009, 2:51 AM
Erm, one colour would basically be a blank block, and thats already in the game (in the Misc category).

8th Jun 2009, 2:51 AM
You mean textures, right? Simple - Paste the image on, then desat it. And if you want more contrast, do that. You don't need to edit the channels because it's only one color, and it will be the same as RGB. Then save as DDS and import. :)

8th Jun 2009, 2:58 AM
/me sticks her tongue out at Delphy

I think they mean things like wood grain and such, where it's just a texture but without a lot of actual colour to it.

Those are actually pretty darn easy. I'm going to attach a RAR file that holds some of the game's texture files done that way - I think it'd be easiest for you to just look at the DDS files and see how they're done since it's obvious when you've had a look. :)

8th Jun 2009, 3:26 AM
Thanks Abbey and HystericalParoxysm, yes I meant textures :)

Ill take a look then and try it out. I have some carpet and marble ones i wish to make for S3.

Making hubby read and do the tuts you made for the 4 layer ones then show me as i learn better that way.

Edit:: okie I took a look and saw there all in yellow do i need to make them yellow too, or do they need to be list as two layer which is yellow.

Going to try and load my own in a bit and will see how it goes.

9th Jun 2009, 2:16 AM
Wendylady, I just made a single-color texture and turned it to gray scale before saving the image. Then when I started my game, it was the first one in the category and was also in gray scale just as I saved the image. As it was a test image that I just dug up from my storage, naturally it was redundant to what is already in the game so I've since ditched it. The thing is, it worked and was fairly painless. I am NOT looking forward to wading my way through how to do multiple color images because it may take more brain power than I have. *shudders*

9th Jun 2009, 6:49 PM
I tryd one and it seem to come out all one color. :( with out the texture in it.

goign to keep trying not sure what iam doing wrong.

10th Jun 2009, 9:44 AM
That's what I did with these: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=344730

It's easy. The texture you want should be a grayscale image that's the background layer of your image.


Don't need to mess with RGB channels at all. Save as DDS, specify one color in Delphy's app as the default tint and you're set.

It's SO easy that I felt a lil guilty uploading those, but there are some kinds of materials where that's really just what you want ;) The only tricky part is figuring out how much brightness/contrast to put in the grayscale image to get the look you want.

11th Jun 2009, 4:11 PM
Well got it to work, now have to fiddle with the light/darkness of em to make em show right. :) thanks every one.