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20th Jul 2009, 6:07 AM
The Sims 2 Still has More to be Found!
Intersecting Stairs

So, I was in the sims 2, creating this house when one mis-click helped me find this secret! And to think this hasn't been given a proper tutorial yet! Attached are 4 files, 2 for doing this method on foundation and the other for doing it on terrain. I alo have set up a "click-2-pic" version, where you can just click on the links to see the steps (since there are far more than 4 pictures).


Step 1 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965187_1a.jpg)
Step 2 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965188_2a.jpg)
Step 3 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965189_3a.jpg)
Step 4 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965190_4a.jpg)
NOTICE (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965191_5a.jpg)
Step 5 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965192_6a.jpg)
Step 6 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965193_7a.jpg)
Step 7 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965194_8a.jpg)
Step 8 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965196_9a.jpg)
Step 9 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965197_10a.jpg)
NOTICE (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965198_11a.jpg)



Step 1 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965180_1b.jpg)
Step 2 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965181_2b.jpg)
Step 3 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965182_3b.jpg)
Step 4 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965183_4b.jpg)
Step 5 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965184_5b.jpg)
Step 6 (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/1/5/5/0/4/4/MTS2_QBUILDERZ_965185_6b.jpg)



^^ If you aren't sure of what I mean by dragging ;) ^^
Don't forget, to download and thank or whatnot and such. Thanks for watching guys, and the lots and housing moderator better start seeing some new and awesome stairs ;)


20th Jul 2009, 6:20 AM
This is so freaking AWESOME! Thank you so much Q!! I cannot wait to abuse this!

20th Jul 2009, 6:20 AM
Woah! I so didn't know about this, I gawd did I try it! Amazing Q!

20th Jul 2009, 6:21 AM
ZOMG AWESOME! I've been wanting to do this forever, I had figured out a way using 2 different CC stairs, but this is INFINITELY BETTER being able to do it BASEGAME and CC FREE!!!!!!1111!!!onz!!

20th Jul 2009, 7:25 AM
This is sweet Q! I -have- to try it! ::D :

20th Jul 2009, 10:52 AM
OMG I could kiss you.

Deluxe Designs
20th Jul 2009, 2:49 PM
Wow, you still come out with sims 2 tuts! :o well done!!!! :)

21st Jul 2009, 4:36 PM
Wow !! Lol Another big discovery for the sims 2 !!

Does it work in Sims 3 ??

21st Jul 2009, 6:16 PM
No, I tried all I could for TS3 but the closest I could get was having the corner stair cut off, not cut through. I promise you I am still trying to find something though :)

4th Aug 2009, 7:48 AM
WOW. Thats awesome. I hope someone finds a way to do it in the sims 3 *fingers crossed*. But then look how long its taken to discover its possible in the sims 2 :P .


5th Sep 2014, 10:20 PM
Thank you for this very useful discovery - and sorry about resurrecting this old thread.
I never even knew that modular stairs could be dragged, so that is good to know, of and by itself.
The visible terrain in the corner might be covered up with some terrain paint that is similar to the stairs color to make it less visible.

I wondered how an outside corner might work out, so I tried it.
CFE and Moveobjects were both on:

End result:

Predictable, and not very useful, except perhaps as an accent to the corner of a building.

5th Sep 2014, 10:51 PM
Thanks for ressing this thread Rob, I didn't even know this was a thing that could be done.