View Full Version : Searching for lost pattern

27th Jan 2010, 6:21 PM
This is so not a request. The pattern exists somewhere, I just need help finding it again.

Thanks to being a bit of a noob, during all the fun times re-installing and backing up and hysterical fits that the blue lot issue caused, I lost some CC. Not my packages, ironically, but the .packs which I'd put in early on, before I really understood how the game saved those. Frankly I haven't missed a great deal of it, but in the case of this one pattern I feel like I've scoured the entire internet. Whatever method I got hold of the sucker by meant the file wasn't in Windows download history - sifting through that revealed nada too.

Having read this far, you may want me to get to the point. The pattern was a horizontally repeating hybrid of a damask and a volute, in a similar style to a number of mid 1800's Renaissance revival period wallpapers I've found while searching. Was shelved under 'Misc' ingame, with a default off-white background and the vines and leaves and featherish and clamshelly and coronetish elements in black and grey. No dirt layer and some subtle colour graduation to soften the edges. Featured exactly no urns, distinct flowers, or animals. The design was separated into three or four bands over the length of a whole wall section by a thin strip of stripes and seemed to be rather close to the max image size wide.

It made an AMAZING wallpaper, and worked brilliantly in borders and edgings. If this description rings a bell for anyone, I don't even care if you can't provide a direct link, I'll be grateful for utterly any kind of lead to continue the search.

Ta for slogging through the novel also :rolleyes: