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3rd Apr 2010, 12:23 AM
The Story
The year is 2330. The galaxy has known an era of peace and prosperity heretofore unseen under the beneficent hand of the United Confederation of Planets (UCP). The Confederation's borders extend for thousands of light years in every direction from anywhere worth noting, and all planets in that space are, after many decades of hard work, at peace.

The Confederation still seeks to bring new peoples in of course, as trading partners, as fountains of technology, as sources of new and exciting natural phenomena to explore and understand, and as way points for new bases from which further exploration can occur.

One of these planets on the far border of the Confederation's space is the humble Arcsine Theta, which the Confederation eagerly sought to take over in the hopes of getting access to the planets massive reserves of fresh water, gaseous hydrogen, and many valuable substances, including gold.

The Confederation sent out the ship the Edelfrak, and its crew to continue establishing diplomatic contact with the people of Arcsine Theta, and to begin mining the precious resources located there. As the ship's mission concluded, it had taken on millions of latins worth of goods, and several Arcsine Thetan Ambassadors to Earth.

But all is not as good in the Confederation as things would appear. In the dark recesses of the galaxy, in areas with only a tenuous Confederation presence, there is a ship, the Nerot. The Nerot is one of those things that has attained an almost mythical stature. High levels of the Confederation do not believe that this infamous pirate ship exists. Merchants will attribute losses of every kind, from true pirate attacks to dishonesty to clerical errors, to the ravages of the Nerot. Children tell stories of this feared ship and how it will take over the Confederation.

And the Edelfrak has been boarded and taken over by the pirates of the Nerot.

The Game
Situation One: The Capture of the Edelfrak (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3136085&postcount=9)
Situation Two: A Means of Escape (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3171042&postcount=49)
Situation Three: Loose in the Corridors (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3228218&postcount=83)
All of the players are crew members of the Edelfrak, which was recently boarded and taken over by the crew of the Nerot.

Your objective is to get yourselves and as much of your cargo off of the Nerot as possible, and to take back over the Edelfrak so you can get back to friendly space.

For each section of the game, which shall be for a length of time yet to be determined, the crew members shall be in a situation which they must attempt to get out of. At the end of each situation, the players must vote on the course of action that will be taken, which will then determine what the next situation will be. This will become clearer once the game begins. There will be time for free forming and allowing characters to socialize safely and easily.

I will leave applications (see below) open for one week, and then I will post the first situation.

In your app, please include the following:
Age: (no one under the age of 14)
Position: (job on the Edelfrak, such as captain, engineer, diplomat, scientist, etc)
Species: (If not human, please specify your species, and tell a little about the species, such as appearance, culture, home planet, or anything else)
Bio: (things to consider including: How the character got into space exploration, Their opinions of the confederation, Their education and home life, What, if anything, they left behind on earth, Or anything at all else that you think is relevant)
Anything else you'd like to include: (what it sounds like)
Picture or physical description: (one or the other is necessary)

Character List
1. Magda Lux (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3126427&postcount=3)- Chief of Security/Guard- kiwisun
2.Arkin Melasparat (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3127876&postcount=6)- Chief Medical Officer- FurryPanda
3.Kisara Jungold (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3150583&postcount=15)- First Officer- NKP1994
4.Nine May (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3154115&postcount=23)-Security- Zela
5.Almidi (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3156822&postcount=29)- Navigation- Starphyre77
6.Zulu (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3166860&postcount=34)-Engineering refox_14

Inactive/Dropped Out
1.Bale Westman (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3122836&postcount=2)- Mechanical Engineer- ProlificStorm
4.Dania Ka'Flath (http://www.modthesims.info/showpost.php?p=3127020&postcount=5) - Engineering- elpemmy

-I tried to leave the world building as ambiguous as possible, so that the RPers would be creating the world of the Confederation and the dynamics of the Nerot and Edelfrak. If you would like a bit more structure, I can post a detailed description of what life is like on a ship like the Edelfrak.

-It's often a lot of fun to create backstories and drama in roleplays by talking in private messages to other RPers and coming up with a shared history for the characters.

-I didn't make a rules section in this post, but if one seems necessary, I'll put it up. Basically, don't be a jerk, follow the forum rules, and no godmodding or any such things unless you are the game mod.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

6th Apr 2010, 3:17 AM
Name: Bale Westman
Age: 35
Position: Mechanical Engineer

Bale was pretty much raised on a ship, as the only child of parents who own a ship and their own space travel business, which gives space tours and transports rich passengers between the nearby planets. From a young age, Bale showed a natural talent for fixing things and often assisted his father in repairs around the ship as needed. When Bale became a teenager, he took on the job as the mechanical engineer on his family's ship. As an adult, Bale wanted to take on more challenging work than that of a space tour guide. Striking out on his own, Bale soon found himself hired by the Confederation as an engineer, and going wherever they needed him. He has been a Confederate Engineer for the past seventeen years and has traveled extensively in that time.

Bale just wants to travel through space and fix things that need fixing. He is much more comfortable with machines than people--a trait that is shown in his lack of tact when dealing with others--and he doesn't have much of an opinion on anything not somehow mechanically related.

Anything else you'd like to include:
Bale doesn't see much of Earth, only stopping by the planet in between jobs. His parents live on Earth but their space travel business keeps them away from the planet for the most part as well. Bale has never found someone to tie him down to Earth and he likes it that way.

Picture or physical description:
Bale is 5'8", with a small yet muscular frame. The muscles come solely from his lifetime of turning a wrench and are most notable in his arms and chest, which are muscles often exercised in the course of his career. His smaller build, however, keeps him from being bulky and allows him to fit into tight spaces within the ship, which comes in handy when needing to repair tricky areas. Bale has dark brown hair that is often messy, tan complexion and brown eyes. He often forgets to shave for a few days, especially when working. His most notable facial feature is his high bridged nose.

(((I hope this is ok. If there is anything I need to change please let me know.)))

8th Apr 2010, 11:39 PM
Name: Magda Lux
Age: 26
Position: Head of Security and Captain's personal guard.
Amethyrian from Planet Amethyra, a class M planet able to support humanoid life. It is very similar to Earth in every aspect. As such, Amethyrians closely resemble humans, except for the color of their skin- which comes in a wide range of purples- and for their eyes- which lack pupils. Their home planet became uninhabitable due to a xenovirus accidentally released from a research facility three decades ago, so the Amethyrian people dispersed throughout the system. Most have made their new homes on Earth due to the similarity.
Amethyrian culture values swordsmanship as a meditative and spiritual art form, but prohibits the use of physical violence; they usually resort to biological and chemical warfare. The life of a regular Amethyrian is composed of heavy scientific study, grueling swordsmanship practices, and tending to family.


Although Magda is of an alien race, she was born on Earth. Thanks to her Amethyrian upbringing, she is agile and skilled in every type of weapon available,most notably, swordsmanship. But since she was raised all her life on Earth, she sees herself as human and rejects her own culture. She became interested in space exploration as a way to escape her mundane home life. Rejecting the studious and peaceful values of her upbringing, she enlisted to work for the Confederation as a soldier. Over the years, her advanced fighting skills allowed her to rise up through the ranks to head of security and the honor of being the Captain's personal guard.

Magda is engaged to a human and they are set to marry when she returns to Earth from her current mission. She is very much excited to marry a human, as it has only been done a few times amongst her people. Though she can hardly wait to get back to her fiancee, she is grateful to the Confederation for providing her with the opportunity to get away from her family's expectations.

((ProlificStorm: Good job on your character! Your bio was well written. :)
FurryPanda: Thanks for answering my questions.))

8th Apr 2010, 11:53 PM
((OOC: Kiwisun: I am going to be making my character this weekend, and then if I don't get anything from doomhaik, who also said they would apply, then I'll poke them on Wednesday. Whichever way that goes, the RP will start April 16th. Three players is just enough.

You are absolutely welcome to ask questions or post comments in the thread, if OOC chatter becomes a problem (like, more posts per page that are OOC than that have RPing) then I will ask people to rein it in, and I also would like it if people did not double post. So if you want to put in some OOC chatter complimenting someone's post, that's fine. If you then put up an RP post right afterwards, delete the OOC post and just add it as an OOC comment at the bottom of the RP post.

And please put all OOC in italics, so that when people want to flip back through the thread to reference people's apps, its easy for them to recognize what's OOC and skip over it if they want to, or, if they want to read the OOC, to find it.

As for back story planning, I do not want that in the thread. Work it out in PMs with the involved party, and let the history show through in how you roleplay. If it becomes super interconnected and awkward, I'll consider letting it trickle into the thread, but until then, lets have that kind of planning take place out of the thread.

And I would think that a guard's title would be guard, or security, or mercenary.))

9th Apr 2010, 1:21 PM
Name: Dania Ka'flath
Age: 16
Position: Apprentice Engineer
Species: Ka
The Ka are a formidable race, the girls pretty and delicate, the men, almost in their entirety, are butchers. In appearance, they resemble tall, long legged, grey skinned humans. Every Ka has a tribal tattoo addorning their face, drawing attention to the patterns of scales that surround their eyes.
The Ka originate from the planet Ka'Flath, and led lives of relative simplicity until the humans found them. Since then, they have attempted to conquer the neighbouring planets, resulting in the culling of many of their species. The Ka's are now a dying race, but a race with many traditions. The most dominant tradition, that even those Ka who migrated to other planets still keep by, is that the royal family rules. The royal family of the Ka are strict, and have been ruling for as long as the history has been written. There has never been any attempt of revolt against them, because, to put it simply, the people they rule over have never known any semblance of freedom.
The Ka'Flath family are aptly named. They are the rulers of the Ka race, named after their home planet. Dania is the youngest of nine siblings, and was homeschooled her entire life by her overbearing, opinionated parents. Aged just 14, she realised that her existence served them no purpose, and set about planning an escape. Three days after her fifteenth birthday, she boarded a ship off the planet, to planet Earth. She found the world a bizarre place, but lived there anyway, planning her future. Over the next year, she began building a network of connections, using her surname's boundless influence, and eventually talked her way into a position on the Edelfrak. She is a humble apprentice, but she is determined to work her way up and now that she's started on that ladder, she intends to hide her surname, and, indeed, her royal past, as much as possible.

Anything else you'd like to include:
Amongst the crew, she is a shy girl. She is the apprentice of Bale and her opinion of him is high, although she lacks respect for humans. She admires Arkin, albeit from a distance, although she realises that he would never go for a 16 year old. She never regained contact with her parents after running away, and doubts that they miss her.

Physical Appearance:
Dania has long, tawny brown hair, that reaches at least to her hips when she leaves it down, which she rarely does. She mostly wears it tied in a loose pony tail. Her skin is grey, and the scales around her eyes aren't very prominent (much to the chagrin of her parents, when she lived with them). She has a few tattoos on her face- there are three black dots above her left eyebrow, and a curved line on her right cheek, parallel with her jawline. Her figure is lithe and surprisingly strong for it's feminine shape, although she hides it under her overalls. Her eyes are her best feature- they're strikingly emerald green, and almond shaped.

((OOC: Here's my app. Hope it's okay :) ))

10th Apr 2010, 4:30 AM
Name: Arkin Melasparat

Age: 24

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Species: Part-Saverian
Saveris is a planet uninhabitable to earthlings due to its low gravity, and as such it was not discovered to be inhabited until approximately one hundred years ago. That discovery was not a good one for the Confederation, as it started the last major war in the galaxy. The Saverian culture values isolation and art above all else, and they viewed the humans as violent boors and oafs. So they raised war to an art form and brought specially modified ships to invade earth- as Earth was just as uninhabitable to them due to the high gravity there. The Saverians destroyed many major cities and thousands of Earthling women were inseminated with Saverian seed, in an effort to convince the Earthling government that the Saverians were not a species to annoy. They succeeded, and the war ended with a treaty that simply had the Confederation stay out of Saveris's solar system.

The half-Saverians which came from the insemination had shiny, greenish black skin and vertical pupils with no whites in their eyes. They tended to be heavy for their apparent size, and, despite a large amount of intermarriage among humans, even after five generations the skin tone and odd pupil shape are obvious, and there is a culture among part-Saverians of isolation and dislike of humans, due to the ill treatment they received after the war, and the long memory the species had, due to a half Saverian being expected to live to 100 earth years with no health concerns, and life expectancies estimated to be around three centuries.

Bio: Arkin was born in a Saverian community to Abe Smith, a human male, and Korsina Melasparat, a fourth generation part-Saverian. After experiencing a great deal of trouble due to the faint, translucent green that identified him as a part Saverian, he got accepted into the training program for the Confederation Space Corp. He did very well there, winning over people of all species, including humans, with his natural charm and wit.

In his third year at the training program though, on a drunken bender he and a number of other students were thrown out of the program for exploding a building named after a professor no one liked. Arkin did not take this set back well, and stowed away on the next ship out to the far reaches of the galaxy. The ship he chose happened to be going to mediate a centuries old war between two planets, one with a very medieval feudal culture and the other with an annoyingly idealistic republic. He was able to personally settle the war by seducing the princess of the medieval planet, and dumping her in a strategic manner so that she wound up with the prime minister of the republic. Tthings rippled from there as the princess, with Arkin's disguised advice, manipulated her lover and father to make peace. As a result of his actions Arkin received a service medal, the first of many, and became a low level ambassador as he studied his true passion, medicine. A result he was less pleased with was that through the entire Confederation "having a Melasparat" became slang for a relationship where one of the parties has a strong ulterior motive, and despite the fact that his methods work, he gained an only somewhat deserved reputation for unorthodoxy. Though he is usually able to prove himself quickly with his natural competency, he greatly resents any insinuation that he isn't doing his job well.

He received the rank of medical officer, but has a great deal of familiarity with diplomacy from his initial training, and from his work as an ambassador. He came aboard the Edelfrak as few credentialed diplomats wanted the job, and the Edelfrak was in need of a medical officer. He has enjoyed the mission thus far, though he would like a more prestigious mission. He is a rabid supporter of the Confederation and its policies, even when they conflict with his beliefs, since he's known happiness and success as a result of his dealings with them, and no where else, and he knows enough of Earthling, Saverian, and various other planet's history to recognize that the Confederation has so far not done anything abnormally stupid.

Anything else you'd like to include: Arkin is a very successful lady's man, and has a mistress in every space port on Earth, and one on most ships in the Confederation's fleet. Most of them are aware of this fact, though it is not common knowledge for people he is not intimately involved with, and he does not start off relationships with that information. The majority of the women he is involved with are having a Melasparat, in that they just want to have some fun before they start seriously seeking a mate, or hope to gain some advantage in the Confederation through their efforts. Arkin generally foils the latter Melasparat, and is always having one too, in that he is very uninterested in settling down, and likes all the attention.

He is very sensitive about his Saverian heritage, and though he will calmly take an insult to his women, his behavior or most anything else, he will not hesitate to attack anyone, even a superior officer, who insults his parents, or brings up the Saverians in a negative, non-academic light.

Picture or physical description: Arkin is very tall compared to a full blooded human, and he keeps his black hair longer than regulation to curl slightly below his ears. His eyes are a solid shade of gray, with a mostly rounded pupil. His skin is tinged green, in a manner similar to a green suntan on a white person. There is a vague hint of vestigial scales, though none are detectable to the touch, and this lends him a slight shimmer in direct sunlight from most stars, and in bright shipboard lighting.

13th Apr 2010, 12:04 AM
((OOC: Great app elpemmy, I'll add you to the list.
I PM'd doomhaik a couple of days ago and haven't heard anything back.
Since we have four people at this point, which is what I wanted to start with, I am willing to start the RP now, rather than waiting for Friday.
If I don't hear anyone speak in favor of starting earlier, we'll start on Friday, as planned.
I'll want at least two people to speak up, since for all I know someone was having the Friday start date as a convenient time based on their schedule.
Lemme know.))

14th Apr 2010, 3:01 AM
((I love all the characters so far. Great apps from everyone. :) I'm good with starting whenever. Looking forward to it.))

16th Apr 2010, 8:56 PM
Captain's Log: Nerot {edited to place Earth date, with 2010 conventions:} February 27th, 2330

Pickings have been slim in this sector for several sleep cycles now, and the crew was getting restless. I deemed it necessary to find a ship to take as soon as possible, regardless as to what was on it, or who controlled it. Drawing the ire of the Confederation is always a concern, but a mutiny would happen far faster, and leave things far worse for me. Such are the woes of captaincy with these roustabouts.

I acquired the flight plan of a convenient, wealthy target through my resources with the Confederation, which I of course do not document here. This ship, the Edelfrak, don't you love Confederation names?, is on a diplomatic and trade mission, so is packed with valuable cargo, and, much to my surprise, was very lightly defended.

We were able to cut through their shields in a matter of minutes, ignoring their requests to communicate. The hull was breached moments later, and a junior officer, for reasons which baffle me, beamed the crew into a hold. He has been sorely reprimanded, and confined to the brig until we figure out what to do with the crew. Another crewman was aware enough of the situation to flood the hold with knock-out gas, and it is reasonable to assume that they will be out cold until we decide how to get rid of them. We towed the ship into another hold to look over the cargo at a later date. To be on the safe side, a number of junior crewmen were sent to tie them to gurneys- the Conferderation is a large area of space, and there may well be species which will not be knocked out for many hours by tri barium nanochlorizine.
/Captain's Log

Where you find yourselves
The first crewman to awaken from the knock out gas was a Wramian cadet. He observed the pirates of the Nerot enter the hold and untie the captain and drag him away. Once he became certain that the coast was clear, he was able to escape from his bonds due to a peculiarity of the Wramian species in being able to redistribute the position of much of their mass.

He freed the others and, due to the new rigorous standards of Confederation immunization and training, the knock out gas lasted for well under an hour.

Now the entire crew is free to wander around the hold of the Nerot, in terms of physical restraints, though the after effects of the knock out gas are affecting many quite adversely. They have no idea where they are, merely that their ship was destroyed and they were beamed somewhere.

Game notes
-This is a safe time, unless something very strange happens, there will be no interference in this situation from the crew of the Nerot.
-All crew members would have been beamed aboard carrying whatever portable items they were holding at the time.
-This situation will be RPed for three weeks, or until three people, myself excluded, wish to move on.

16th Apr 2010, 9:30 PM
Dania's eyes flicked open, her head muzzy from who-knows-what. Her vision was blurry, but she was able to make out the shapes of her fellow crew members. How had she got here? She could barely remember.

There was something about another ship, and then... nope, nothing.

Dania dazedly sat up, and noticed that some sort of binding had been put on her, and then taken off, presumably by two different people, as she slept. She glanced around, noting the prone bodies of most.

"Whoa." She muttered, quietly. What the hell HAD happened?

She glanced sidelong at the body next to her, and her brow furrowed. Arkin.

She nudged him, awaiting a reaction. She was hunched up against a wall on the otherside, so it was the logical thing to do. He was the only one around, he might as well be the one she ask what happened. Yes, it was the logical thing. It couldn't possibly be construed as... well, as anything that it wasn't. That was precisely what she was going for.

Dania frowned. It must be whatever drug they filled me up with, she decided. Her brain was not normally this addled.

16th Apr 2010, 9:49 PM
Arkin had been with his lover for this voyage, Myrna, when a klaxon sounded through the ship. She was certainly willing to let him ignore his duty, but it took only a matter of moments for him to convince himself to start getting dressed and head down to the infirmary to deal with any casualties. After that he could reassure Myrna of his undying (until the next pretty thing) affections, and find out what had happened to the ship, in that order.

As he got back into his pants and started buttoning his shirt the klaxon changed in tone, and he swore aloud. Myrna looked frightened as she started preparing to go to the escape pod, and Arkin just grabbed his medical bag and started running out the door. That alarm, if he remembered correctly, meant there was a hull breach. That was engineering's problem, but he had to deal with everyone who got vacuum sickness, or anyone they could save that got pulled out of the ship by the pressure difference.

He took two steps and all of a sudden everything went black.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

He awoke to a single, insistent poke in the small of his back. His eyes flicked open almost instantly, to see a featureless gray expanse which he realized after a moment was taken up by a gurney, and not a Confederation model. His mouth was very dry and his head hurt, and the hospital surroundings were unfamiliar. Odd, very odd... he'd been with Myrna when there was a hull breach klaxon...


If he was in a hospital, who was taking care of the sick? He sat bolt upright and called out, "Myrna?" Most of the others around were in some state of illness and unconsciousness, and a quick glance around quickly showed that, if not the entire crew of the Edelfrak was here, most of them were, there were about ten rows of twenty narrow beds. And this was no hospital, there would be someone up and about other than some cadet, and there wouldn't be this harsh of a chemical odor.

He turned over on his own cot to see if his medical bag had managed to arrive with him, and was relieved to note it had. He swung his legs off of the gurney, absently noting that his shirt was still wide open. He grabbed the bag and put it next to him to disguise the temporary dizziness, doubtless caused by whatever the knock out gas that he still could smell was.

Once the dizziness passed he found a girl looking at him, in an engineering uniform. Cute, he noticed in passing, and scared sh*tless unless he missed his guess. He started buttoning his shirt and asked her, a bit more brusquely than he intended, "D'you know what happened here?"

16th Apr 2010, 10:25 PM
Dania watched Arkin wake quickly, and was dismayed when he immediately cried out some woman's name. She didn't expect him to be... no, let's not go down that path, she thought.

Enough, she mentally reprimanded herself, and watched him check his bag. His eyes flicked up to her, evidently realising she had been the one to awaken him. He was buttoning his shirt, Dania noted with some disappointment, but that train of thought vanished when he rapidly spoke a sentence to her.

"D'you know what happened here?" Arkin asked. He wasn't unkind about it, but it was short, sharp, and to the point.

Dania blinked. She'd been just about to ask him the same thing. Damn. "I was hoping you knew." She offered a weak smile, and shrugged, hoping to maintain her casual demeanor.

Having a flash of insight, Dania gestured to the bonds. "Somebody took those off. And, being that he's the only person wandering around, it was probably, um, him." She said, pointing at a young Wramian cadet.

"D'you wanna call him over or something?" She said quietly, quickly resuming her shy persona.

17th Apr 2010, 4:28 PM
Arkin relaxed once he realized that Myrna was not actually present. She was a wonderful screw, but, when it came down to it, she was absolutely crazy, and a bit of an idiot as well. But it didn't look like he was going to have to calm her down about the thus-far unknown fate of the Edelfrak, and that was a relief.

The girl from engineering hadn't gotten up yet, and Arkin took a quick, appreciative look at her over-alled form. Junior officer, young, female, a Ka if he didn't miss his guess. A fairly frail species, their women even more so, though she wouldn't be too weak if she had gotten into engineering.

Apparently his brusque manner had upset her slightly, if he correctly interpreted the slow, obvious blink she gave. "I was hoping you knew." That certainly wasn't a good sign, and he did his best to maintain a professional demeanor as he got to his feet and another wave of dizziness came over him, which would have made him stagger and sit back down had he allowed himself to. He didn't though, and through the knock-out drug induced fog, he heard her say, "Somebody took those off."

A quick glance downward revealed scarred and pitted leather-looking ropes hanging off the side of the gurneys. They had clearly seen some use, but he wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they'd been on them- he didn't feel any tightness of have any red marks that would indicate such a thing. A quick glance behind him showed that there were other, less hardy species that had those red marks. For the first time, he felt nervous, if they had been bound then wherever they were was not a mere rescue from a hull breach.

There was one person wandering around, and Arkin was reassured to note that whatever the knockout gas was hadn't caused hallucinations that most part-Saverians were susceptible to, since the engineer commented on the other clearly awake person.

He was a Wramian, which explained how he had gotten up and about- the Wramians were a very sturdy group of sentients, and he doubted that any amount of knock-out gas would put one down for long. He grabbed his bag to go see about waking up some of the others, finding the captain and getting orders, when she spoke again, reminding him guiltily that there was someone right here who needed his help.

And apparently wasn't very bright. "D'you wanna call him over or something?"

"I don't think I want to risk waking everyone up at once, even if just a few panic, it'll be a disaster." he said, calmly, and then stepped over to her gurney and calmly took her wrist to take a pulse. "First thing's first. Are you alright?"

28th Apr 2010, 3:47 AM
Magda awoke slowly. She was groggy and her eyes kept closing. For a second, she considered going back to sleep, but something was wrong, she could feel loosened bindings around her and she felt the presence of many others. She sat upright and looked around, but she did it too fast and it gave her a small throbbing ache on the sides of her head. "Oh, bad idea," she said softly to herself and closed her eyes again. But that quick glance was enough for her to see that there were far too many people in one area for things to be alright. After a minute, she opened her eyes and was able to take in the whole scene.There were only a few people awake, one of them must be a medic because he seemed to be checking on a crew member.

Magda got up and reached for her confederation issued guns, but found them missing. She wasn't surprised however; if things were indeed wrong as she suspected, missing weapons fit the situation. But Magda always had something up her sleeve, or in her boot to be precise. She knelt down and felt for the special dagger she had hidden there. Nobody ever thought of looking for a non-confederation issued weapon on a confederation soldier, so it had been overlooked. Next to her, a fellow soldier seemed to be waking. Magda decided to look for other soldiers and wake them up to assemble a small unit. Whatever was going on, she and her soldiers had to be ready for the Captain's orders. But where was the Captain? she wondered. As the medic seemed busy, she decided to ask the Wramian for any information he had.

30th Apr 2010, 12:42 AM
((OOC I would like to join the RP - It's really good so far XD Here's my caracter))

Name: Kisara Jungold
Age: 26
Position: Second in command
Species: Fati from the planet Fatia.
The Fati are a warlike nation. They fought the earthlings for many years before, finally, becoming a member of the Confederation – about 200 years ago.
Fatia is mostly covered in rainforests but otherwise the planet is very similar to earth. The Fati is a strong race who value physical strength. They are small and their skin ranges in many red tones. Also thair bodys a resistent to most kinds of naturally-based toxince.
Despite of the long peace with earth, the Fati hold a strong aversion against the earthlings and interaction between the two species are minimal.

Bio: Kisara was raised like every other Fati, learning to hate the earthlings for their peace-loving nature. However, unlike the rest of the Fati, she was curious to learn about other species. After many years of being bullied for her lag of strength (from a Fatian perspective) she decided to run away from home.At an age of 13 she boarded a ship and ended up on earth. Here most people treaded her even worse than on Fatia, because of her clear Fatian looks.
But Kisara managed to get by, and while living in a big city, she got to study many deferent species. After about half a year of getting by with whatever jobs she could get, she got a solid position in a bar near the Confederation Space Academy. Here she met many students and after hearing their stories, she decided to join the academy herself.
She completed the training with excellent remarks, especially for the way she wielded a gun. Kisara is an expert with almost every existing firearm.
She has spent her last years serving on deferent vessels, under deferent captains slowly rising in the ranks.

Kisara has served on the Edelfrak for three years and been the second commander in to. She is known to be a strict but good leader, although also infamous for having a big temperament.

Anything else you'd like to include: In most situations Kisara is open-minded and she considers everyone’s opinion. But she does not like Arkin because of his, in her opinion, lose way around women. She respects him as a medic and takes his advice when it’s needed, but she tries to avoid him as much as possible.

Physical description: Kisara is not very tall compared to a human – about 5’1, with broad hips and shoulders, and a smaller waist; giving her a clear, “hourglass-shape”. Her face looks a lot like a cat’s, with a small, bridgeless, nose. Her skin is pale pink, and she has big, almond-shaped, brown eyes. She has a scar on the left side of her face, running from the forehead, down through the eye. Her hair is black and it reaches to her lower back. She mostly wears it in a tight braiding.

30th Apr 2010, 1:41 AM
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I'll get a reply for Arkin up sometime soon.

kiwisun It seems that most of the players are congregating in one spot. If you do not want to have a four way RP, I can RP the Wramian, which I had planned on doing anyway a little later to get a bit more information out to the players. Your choice as to whether your character interacts with the others and hears what the Wramian has to say with them, or if she talks to him first and then tells the others whatever she sees as being relevant.))

30th Apr 2010, 7:41 AM
((OOC: Welcome NKP1994: I really like your character, it adds a much needed commanding figure. Maybe I can PM you later since my character will be closely related to yours as your guard?

furrypanda:I had been planning on talking to the Wramian on my own (maybe while you and the others talk for a little bit) and then joining all of you to tell you what I had learned from him.
I will be back later with my post.))

30th Apr 2010, 10:20 AM
((OOC: I did'nt want to dubble post, and since i am still new to this forum i could'nt think of an other way. I hope this is fine XD))

Kisara felt dissy. Something had happend... She slowly opened her eyes, but everything was just blurry. Where was she? What was going on? She closed her eyes again and started thinking back...

They had been attacked. an unknown enemy vessel had appeard out of nowhere and opend fire, without givving them enny warning signal. The alarm was activadet by the first blow, and then... Black.

She opened her eyes once more. This time she saw clearly. She tried to turn her head and get a look around and a thumping headache hit her. "Arhw..." She moned and stopped moving.
She had a terrible taste in her mouth...

Slowly her eyes scanned the room. It was some kind of hold. There where a lot of people in here with her, and she recognized most of them as members of the crew. What had happened?
Ignoring the headache, she sad up. She had to find the captain. Again she looked around. Most of the people in the hold was a sleep, but there was movement in one corner. It semed to be Arkin and the young Apprentice Engineer - what was her name..?

Kisara stood op and had to wait for a minute as an other wave of dizzyness came over here.
Jugeing from her symptomps and the bad taste in her mouth, they all had been knokced out by some kind off gass.
-mayby He knows what it is, she thought to herself and started walking towards Arkin and The Engineering Girl

30th Apr 2010, 9:32 PM
The engineer didn't say anything as he quickly took her pulse and a few other vital signs. She was fine, and likely to stay that way. He was about to ask her to open her mouth to breathe so he could see if there were any characteristic smells indicating what the knock out gas might be, but before he could he saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye, and he peered behind him for a second to see Kisara getting up from her gurney. He breathed a sigh of relief and distractedly told the engineer to take it easy for a few minutes until her system took care of the toxin.

Kisara was wending her way towards them and he took a few steps forward to meet her, hoping that the young engineer wouldn't do anything stupid. If he didn't know what the vast majority of earth-based engineers thought of him, and if he didn't know she was drugged, he would have thought that she was looking at him like a number of women in space ports. But he knew full well that he tended to interpret every female's slightest deviation from normal behavior as such a thing.

Excepting Kisara of course. He had every respect for her competence as a commander, and he deeply appreciated both hers and the captain's willingness to let him run his sick bay differently than Confederation standards, but he still got the impression that she didn't like him at all. Not that he had a problem with that, he tried to keep out of command's way as much as possible.

"Commander, I am so glad to see you. I'd hate to be the officer in charge in this mess!" he said, not bothering to hide his relief and running a hand distractedly through his hair. He then remembered who he was talking to, and stood to attention. "Any orders, or should I continue making sure that everyone is alright? Are you alright?"

Normally he would start a quick examination right after a statement like that, but not here when the chain of command was likely to be very important to maintain. A little decorum did him no harm.

30th Apr 2010, 10:35 PM
Kisara contenued to study the room as she walked through it. She was looking for any possible way to escape, but not expecting to find anything.

As she came closer she could se that Arkin was examining the young engineer. Had the siduation been less critical, she would probably have made some kind of remark about him "getting his hands of the young women." But she knew that this was'nt the right time to be sarcastic.

Arkin got up when he saw her approaching.
"Commander, I am so glad to see you. I'd hate to be the officer in charge in this mess!"
He said it with one of hes nasty smiles. Then he contenued, in a mor appropriate tone, to ask for orders and asked: "Are you allright?"
Kisara took a deep breath before answering:
"I'll be fine, i think the gass was plant-based..." She took a short break looking around. There where others slowly comming about and also, a cadet who semed to be fully conscious, had just noticed her and Arkin and was comming towards them.
"Please, check up on the rest of the crew." She said to Arkin and then turned to speak with the approacher.

1st May 2010, 1:17 PM
Magda spoke with the Wramian and the news was not good. He had seen the captain being dragged away and the rest of the crew had been bound until the Wramian started releasing them. That meant they were captives, as she had suspected.

"Thank you," Magda said to him. "You may go on untying the rest of the crew. As the Wramian walked away, Magda mentally beat herself. "It was my job to protect the captain and I've let him down," she thought to herself. Though there was nothing she could have done, she still blamed herself for the captain's disappearance. "With the captian gone, Kisara will be in charge, I must find her and try to wake her up," she told herself as she looked around. But fortunately, she found Kisara was already awake and was even talking to the medical examiner she had seen earlier.

As Magda walked towards the group, she recognized who the medic was. It was Arkin, the hotshot chief medical examiner. "Ugh, what anyone sees in him is beyond me," she thought to herself. Though she respected him for his medical and diplomatic skills, she had never felt any romantic interest towards him and so was annoyed by the fuss other women made over him.
She also saw a small girl, looked like engineering, who was awake but resting on the gurney next to them.

"Please check up on the rest of the crew," Kisara commanded Arkin as Magda arrived.

"Commander Jungold, wait, may I suggest you let him stay? As chief examiner and diplomat,it might be good for him to know of the situation as well," Magda told Kisara. Although Kisara and Magda were very good friends due to their mutual skills and their shared dislike for Arkin, Magda always referred to her as Commander when in a professional setting.

"Commander, I have learned that the captain is missing. He seems to have been dragged out of this hold. A Wramian who happened to awake first witnessed him being taken away. This leaves you charge. He was also the one who started unbinding us, which indicates that we are being held captive. Most of the soldiers and the crew, as well as the ambassadors, are still under the effect of the knock out gas," he summarized for Kisara. "However, I have assemble a small unit of soldiers who have waken and we await your command."

((OOC: I wasn't sure if this was godmodding or not because I seem to be deciding for NKP whether she allows Arkin to stay or not, but since I needed to give my report, I went along and kept it. I thought it was a good way to update all the characters on the situation. Let me know if I should change it.))

2nd May 2010, 10:42 PM
((OOC: I've decided to be pretty generous with the roleplay's definition of GMing, since it is one that I'm trying to make approachable for newbies. I know that no one (excepting elpemmy) PM'd me about their characters having a non-standard relationship with my character, e.g. strong dislike. As I was not asked about it, I assume that you guys want him to have no idea. It's a little bit unbelievable both because he is a perceptive diplomat, goes out of his way to be discreet, and would try very hard to avoid any sort of unpleasantness with his commanding officer, but I can deal with it. I just want to say that it is bad form in most places.

Please don't take the above as being whiny about backstory for my character being created without my say. As I said, this is a new person freindly RP, and I'm going to assume, that for others plot lines I see forming, it was discussed to both participants satisfaction. If it wasn't, feel free to comment or to ask me to step in.

As to the situation that kiwisun made, that is completely fine, since its possible that Magda arrived before Arkin even left. The way the conversation went "ask for orders" no real pause "do your job" no real pause "chief of security says wait up, lets debrief". It would have been Arkin's decision whether or not to have stayed, and, since kiwisun would have no way of knowing what the others would do in response to what happened in the middle of her post (her arrival and interaction about disregarding kisara's orders), she wouldn't react to it until after NKP and I posted saying what that action was. If this were something where even the slightest change in another character's action would radically alter what the first character did, then all of the posts would be much shorter and cover less time in game.

I hope that that cleared up some issues, and I will get a post up by Wednesday at the latest.))

3rd May 2010, 4:41 PM
((Is it too late to join? I post this just in case. If not, I'll be happy lurking. If so, I should have my first post up by tomorrow, Tuesday. Thanks.))

Name: Nine May
Age: 20
Position: Guard and entertainer
Species: Human
Bio: Nobody really knows how and why Nine got into this kind of situation. She had always been an outgoing girl. She started out as a, well, a show girl. Entertaining the men of her local town. A bit of singing, a bit of dancing. She got a fare bit of money from it. However, when her father fell ill, Nine believed that keeping her father's legacy going on as a great space explorer would keep him going for a little bit longer. So, at the age of 19, Nine left her home to get a job on a spaceship doing odd bits and pieces. Nine is still a strong character, she doesn't mind speaking her mind.
Nine was born as, almost, as a omen to her father. Her mother had died during childbirth but Nine's father didn't hold that against her. Nine and her father, Frederick, were best of friends. He accepted all of her decisions, but Nine always felt like she had disappointed him. With two older brothers, Nine grew up around guys but, even though putting on a tough face, she will always have a soft spot for makeup, dresses and her lovely long hair.
Anything else you'd like to include: Nine is quite interested in the medical career but can't stand blood. However, she wouldn't ever admit to that. She is also is a hopeless romantic. And, again, she wouldn't want to admit that.
Picture or physical description: Tall, slim and curvy with sparkling green eyes. Long dark hair and thick fringe. Very pretty, but has a large bold scar from above her left eye, to across her cheek (from her first year on a ship). She loves the whole 'steam punk' look and likes to, when not in her leather work clothes, dress up in dresses.

3rd May 2010, 8:21 PM
((OOC: Zela, new players are always welcome. I'll add her to the list, and looking forward to her first post. All characters are waking up in the hold of the Nerot, referencing post #9))

4th May 2010, 4:57 PM
Nine felt bad. Worst than the night she had drunken her way through her Dad’s storage of Rum. As she lifted herself off of the floor she could see several others waking up or, already awake. Nine was, even though still slightly sleepy, ready for action. Looking around, however, Nine couldn’t see any attacker. The whole crew seemed to have been lump together in an unknown place. Nine, automatically reached for her spare dagger, located in her back pocket. Holding the dagger tightly, Nine slowly stood up, her head swirling and thumping as she continued to surveyed the room they were being held. She saw a few crew members awake but didn’t move towards them, and instead looked around for the Captain who was no-where to be seen. Still Nine didn’t approach the other members, but made her wall across the hall. Nine hadn’t been a guard long and didn’t know what to do in these kinds of situations. Usually, she would have curled up in the corner and sung. Something happy. Something hopeful.

((Sorry it isn't long, but it is just an intro into the scene.))

4th May 2010, 9:07 PM
((OOC: Starphyre- I don't see a problem with that, though it is pretty reasonable to assume that at least some of the species physiology and stuff would be known.

The Edelfrak's full complement is 120 people, and food would be chemically synthesized (carrying several years worth of food at a time would not be practical). If you want a character responsible for the food, he'd be in engineering and specialize with the synthesizers. (Note: this is the year 2330, the synthesis would be effective and look and taste like food back home, it'd just be manufactured from the ground up on the spot). If you have a better explanation as to what a cook would be doing on a ship on a five year mission, then that's fine too. Such a person wouldn't have a rank by default, but they might have earned it in engineering.

Most of the posts on this forum are in third person.

General Announcement
Well, if we go according to the schedule I put up in the opening post, then I would put up the next scenario on Friday. Seeing as how people haven't really gotten much of a chance to RP, or decide what course of action the characters want to take, do people want that pushed back? If so, how much? Another week? Two? The end of May?))

5th May 2010, 7:55 PM
((OOC: I think we should push the next scenario a week. That would give everyone some more time to interact. But still, no more than one, or maybe to weeks, or people would start to run tired... Just my thoughts ;) ))

Kisara felt a sting of relief, as she saw Magda comming towards her. "Commander Jungold, wait, may I suggest you let him stay?"

Kisara nodded in agreement.
Magda's report was everything but plessend. The captain had been taken away. For now they had to assume that he was dead.

"We have to find a way out of here! Arkin you contenue to check up on everyone, Magda come with me, we must search for a way out of this place..." Kisara felt something weird as they started walking. Her Fati-instinkts was reacting to the battle, whitch she knew was un-avoidable.
"We should post guards by the entranceway... Some of our best figthers! Do we have any wepons??" As she asked, she reached for her gun, although she had allready noticed the lack of its weight.

She sighed and looked up on Magda "This is a terrible mess!!"

6th May 2010, 12:40 AM
Arkin had more than enough control over his facial expressions to not let a small wrinkle of distaste creep onto his features at Kisara's vague attempt to do his job of figuring out what had knocked everyone out, "I'll be fine, i think the gass was plant-based..." Of course it was plant based, synthesizing something that widely effective would not be efficient for anyone, the question wasn't whether it was a natural substance, but what, that would knock out Fati and Wramians and part-Saverians and everyone else.

He really couldn't stand it when command tried to interfere with his work, and he tried to encourage them to let him do his job as he saw fit by letting them do theirs, even if he thought they were being quite foolish. Hence why her next comment, delivered so brusquely, rankled a lot less than the previous one. "Please, check up on the rest of the crew." He'd been about to go anyway, accurately assuming that his advice would not be wanted. He hadn't been exaggerating when he'd said that he wouldn't want to be in charge in this mess.

That wasn't to be though, because the head of security, Magda showed up, apparently heard the last bit of that exchange, if you could call it that, and, as if he weren't even there, told Kisara, "Commander Jungold, wait, may I suggest you let him stay? As chief examiner and diplomat,it might be good for him to know of the situation as well,"

He was slightly incredulous that Magda would contradict orders in a situation like this, when panic was likely just a moment away, but he didn't let it show as he turned with Kisara to face her and hear her report. This would probably be worth hearing, and he was reluctantly grateful that Magda stopped him from missing it. He disliked that she posed the question to Kisara, and that she nodded in agreement, all without even a sideways glance at him, but he knew this really wasn't the time to nurse his ego about how annoying high command on a ship could be.

"Commander, I have learned that the captain is missing. He seems to have been dragged out of this hold. A Wramian who happened to awake first witnessed him being taken away."
So the fellow wandering earlier had been Wramian. They were a fairly sturdy species, and if he had been knocked out at all then that got rid of most common toxins. Probably a processed toxin, maybe a nanochlorizine?

"This leaves you charge."
'Don't remind me,' he thought to himself.

She finished her report, and the situation was rather grim, which Kisara was astute enough to realize, judging by her oh-so reassuring comment, "We have to find a way out of here!" If everyone except command and senior crew members wasn't knocked out, Arkin would have called her on it- later, and in private- but he figured that no permanent harm was done.

That didn't mean that he wasn't happy to give a slightly sarcastic salute as she dismissed him as an afterthought.

Now that he suspected that it was a nanochlorizine he was able to try something from his med kit, an alkaline cocktail of weak acids and a stimulant. He didn't have any water to dilute it, so he took a tiny dose, too small to do any harm and took it himself. Not Confederation procedure at all for these situations, but without a med lab he was willing to risk it. He didn't feel any adverse effects so he slowly took more until he found that the knock out gas's effect was gone with a tenth CC dose. Good, there was more than enough here then to treat and wake up the rest of the crew.

He made his way along the rows of gurneys, administering the impromptu medicine to those that were still out cold, and explaining in brief that the ship had been captured, and that Commander Jungold was in charge, and that he had every confidence that they would be back on their way to earth as soon as possible. No one seemed happy with the situation, but no one seemed inclined to panic, and Arkin couldn't help a stir of pride at the overwhelmingly competent people the Confederation employed. His dealings with less well organized groups had led him to worry too much about widespread panic, he supposed, though he certainly wasn't going to act in quite so cavalier a fashion as Kisara and Magda.

He was about a third of the way through the hold, it didn't take long since a number of people were coming to on their own species mettle, when he saw Nine standing along a back wall. She didn't look as if she were accomplishing anything, she must have still been asleep when Magda was putting together her small group of guards. He took a glance at his supplies, and decided that getting Nine to help with the antidote would be a much better use of his time than continuing his slow administration, and a better use of her time than standing with the other guards.

He strode to the back of the hold and said softly, "Nine," just to get her attention. She hadn't been involved with the Confederation long, so her guard duties were fairly light. She was a marvelous performer and put on entertainments that he attended religiously, and sometimes came to help in sick bay. She hadn't given him any real reasons, and that was her right as far as he was concerned.

"I made up an antidote for the knock out gas," he said matter of factly, "and I could use some help administering it." A second later he realized that she was actually a guard, and probably should go get her orders from Magda. "Or Magda and the others are over there, figuring out how to get out of here."

((OOC: Whoo, long post. Hope that was okay with everyone involved?
And the situation will change on WEDNESDAY, MAY 19th.))

6th May 2010, 4:54 AM
Name: Almidi
Age: 24 Mojhar years (53 Confederation years)
Position: Lieutenant Commander in Navigation
Species: Kinthran
Kinthrans hail from the planet Mojhar, and are relative newcomers not only to the Confederation but to interstellar relations all together. Mojhar was discovered a mere 51 Confederation years ago, and at that time the Kinthrans had only explored the nearer planets in their solar system and were in the beginning stages of developing the technology to visit the outermost planets.

Kinthrans value knowledge and information and are an extremely curious race, so their reaction was neither fear nor hatred. Instead, they welcomed the outsiders, and have embraced the universe of wonders that the Confederation has opened up for them.

While there are some things about Kinthrans that are common knowledge; such as their perfect recall memories and their intense loyalty to their tegni (family group), there are other aspects of their culture that remain unknown. For example, one of the worst things a Kinthran could do is to bring shame to their tegni, but when asked what would bring such shame, most either evade the question or give such a vague answer that it couldn’t really be considered an answer.

It is also common knowledge that they view information as very powerful, and in the wrong hands very dangerous. However, only a handful of people know the most closely guarded of their secrets; their belief that true names hold such special meaning that they could be potentially deadly, and are thus only to be spoken inside the tegni enclave.

Almidi was an infant when her planet was discovered and by the time she was old enough to remember, Mojhar was already a member of the Confederation. With the seemingly insatiable thirst for learning that is common to her people, she would spend much of her free time reading beyond the standard Confederation curriculum. Her favorite topic of study was the various life forms in the galaxy, and from a young age she wanted to experience the cultures she had read about.

Upon reaching the age of majority, Almidi enlisted in the Confederation Space Corp. Once in training, she quickly found navigation to be the area that she truly enjoyed and in which she excelled. It has been nearly nine Confederation years since she graduated from the training program, but to the way she views time it has only taken four short years to work her way up to where she is now.

Additional info:
Almidi may possess a lot of knowledge, but she is fully aware that that doesn’t translate into intelligence (the practical application of knowledge as defined by Kinthrans). Her intelligence may be slightly above average, but nowhere near super-genius.

Of course, there have been times when her natural curiosity and typical Kinthran appearance has given the impression of innocence or naivety, but as anyone who has been condescending toward her or her people could attest neither is the case. While generally even tempered and patient, it would be rather… ill advised to insult her tegni.

She has an affinity for ancient Earth music.

When she is off duty, she typically wears her hair down.

((OOC - Sorry for the delay in my application... I ended up scratching my orginal idea, and starting over.))

9th May 2010, 5:57 AM
I am asleep… The thought flittered through Almidi’s mind and for a brief moment she knew that something was very wrong but she couldn’t focus on what. After a few moments of struggling with the jumble of her thought, she hit on a thought that made sense. I am supposed to be at helm! With that thought, her eyes snapped open as she struggled to sit up. She still had a vague notion that something was off, but the only thing she could focus on was the fact that she was going to be late for her shift.

Once on her feet, she surveyed her surroundings and once again a sense of wrongness fluttered through her mind, but the sound of nearby voices distracted her and her thoughts scattered again and settled back on where she was supposed to be. Turning toward the voices, she saw two people (Arkin and Nine) standing not too far from where she was, and as she stumbled her way toward them, she was so intent on one thought that she didn’t notice how seemingly difficult walking had become.

“Excuse me,” she said as she came up to the others, “but do you know when we will be allowed to go back on duty? I do not want to be late-” Once again, her thoughts were scattered, this time by a wave of dizziness, but as she brought her left hand up to hold her head, she was startled to see that she was injured. Burns? She thought in confusion as she stared at her hand and tried to remember what happened.

“Alarms…” she muttered, just starting to get a tentative grip on the situation, but that was lost when the pain in her right hand demanded her attention. Looking to her right hand, she was surprised to find that she was gripping a data pad so tightly that her muscles had started to spasm painfully. For some reason it took a lot of concentration to get her fingers to relax their grip, and when they did Almidi let the pad fall.

The clatter as the pad hit the floor managed to get her attention. Data pad? She thought, but then her attention shifted to what was next to the pad. Feet?... Following the feet up... Person? She tried to focus on the person in front of her, but was simply unable to.

After another wave of dizziness hit her, she managed to find a thought that made sense. “I… appear to need… medical attention…” she said, and then she sank to the floor. Holding her head in her right hand, she once again focused on her left hand in an attempt to pierce the fog that seemed to have taken hold of her mind.

((OOC –I was having some fun with the “after effects of the knock out gas are affecting many quite adversely” part of the situation. I hope this works for everyone… Zela, I tried to write it so that you could decide whether or not Nine had the chance to respond to Arkin before Almidi arrives. ))

9th May 2010, 4:35 PM
Dania watched Arkin walk away with vague regret. She'd stopped following the conversation as soon as the people in charge had arrived, knowing that her opinion was next to useless- and that her head wasn't in it's best shape at this point.

Dania glanced at Kisara. "What do you want me to do?" She mumbled. She was just a kid, and she felt way out of her depth. Arkin was gone, and so she couldn't even admire his features while the others blathered on about the situation.

((OOC: apologies for the crappiness, I was recovering from my failing inspiration level, and then some more bad news hit))

14th May 2010, 8:15 PM
One week until the RP moves on to the next situation. Try and tie up your conversations to a point where new information can be processed.

((OOC: Also, Zela, I was waiting for you to reply for the Arkin/Nine/Almidi conversation, but did you want to sit this round out? If so, its good form to tell someone.))

15th May 2010, 1:43 PM
Nine was taken by surprise by the sudden arrival of Arkin at her side. Quickly trying to wipe (if it was at all possible) the last physical effects of the drug, Nine stood up tall, put a smile on her face and opened her eyes wide. If there was one thing Nine couldn’t stand, it was looking messy. Messy and disorganised. As a ‘show girl’ Nine had learnt to look the part, and becoming part of the crew had been an effort. You couldn’t look your best all the time but somehow Nine almost always did. She seemed to have been accepted onto the crew quickly, giving the crew entertainment of singing and dancing every now and again when people weren’t busy helped a great deal, especially with the male crew members. Arkin was liked too, being the crews’ medical superman and Nine always had a soft spot for the Medical officer.
With so many questions, Nine decided to, firstly, talk to Arkin about his proposition.
“Arkin, it seems Magda has a few guards helping her out right now. You can’t possible administer the antidote all by your self. I’m sure Magda won’t miss me. I’m not much use to her anyway. But first, what on earth happened here? Where is the captain?” As Nine talked, she tied up her hair into a long flowing ponytail. She missed having all the glamour and her hair was one of her best features. She certainly wasn’t going to have it messed up.

((So sorry for the wait. I've had so much work at school but I assure you, next time I will let you guys know.))

15th May 2010, 6:33 PM
Name: Zulu

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Position: Engineer

Species: Rattus Sapien. Rattus Sapien's are rat-like beings. They appear human, but on closer inspection, they are more rat then human. Most have 12 foot long rat tails, whiskers, and they're feet are almost perfectly like a rats. They're height ranges from 7 1/2 feet to 6 feet. Thin fur cover's they're bodies, and often, there skin color reflects the fur color. Rattus Sapien's came from the planet Enaler, a lush planet with rain forests covering its surface. Unlike human expectations, the inhabitants intelligence was not like a rats. Rattus Sapien's lives would usually focus of rituals, gods, and family. One of the most common rituals was when a child would turn (In human years) 17. When the child, or as Rattus Sapien's say 'Hinicha' (Pronounced Hin-I-Cha), the family would invite relatives, friends, and even strangers in to they're homes, and then would sing songs, talk of the old times, and laugh. After the guests leave, the Hinicha would be given a bracelet, a gift from they're parents. Most often, this bracelet would have been made by a house leader (Often the father of the child), the day the Hinicha was born. The bracelet would be made with strands of fur/hair from each parent, and at times from a grandparent, with a colorful bead on it. This bead, would be the same color as another Hinicha's bead, and those two Rattus Sapien's would then be mates for life. The parents would choose another Hinicha, most often from a friends family, on the day there child was born, to be its mate. Rattus Sapien's are a careful species, trusting only when they know its safe to. In war, the Rattus Sapien's would take hostage the enemy's leader/head-of-household, take them out in to the middle of no where, chop off they're tails, whiskers, and unmentionables, and leave them alone for two whole days. They then would return, and would either: Chop off the enemy's head, place it on a spear, and then parade around the village singing victory songs. The second option: they would take the enemy/head-of-household back to its home, and then leave it alone in disgrace.

Bio: Zulu, as a child, was taken from her home on Enaler, and taken back to Earth as a orphan. Her parents had recently died in a house fire, and she still had not been given her Bracelet. Defeated and in grief, Zulu simply dragged her self through the days. One day, her adoptive parents took her to the confederation, and signed her up for the training system at the time. Zulu was quickly shipped to a training camp. Miffed that her 'parents' would do this to her, Zulu resented the Confederation. She often would spit at the feet of her commanders, swear openly, and got in to one to many scraps with her fellow officers. At the age of 20, Zulu was the best in her area of training. Even though she hated the Confederation, she still worked hard, as she'd found she felt the most at home in the middle of the engines, twiddling with wires, switching things, and having the feeling of others depending on her to keep things working. Her tail and flexible body made it easy for her to maneuver the smallest spaces, and also being able to hang upside down. At the age of 25, Zulu finished her training early, and was stationed on the Ekat. After two's years serving on the Ekat, she was transferred to the Edelfrak, and has served on it for two whole years. Zulu visited Earth once while stationed on the Ekat, and quickly tracked down her 'parents'. They admitted they'd adopted Zulu purely because they thought they couldn't have children, but now had three. Zulu was shocked. She now had three human siblings, who screamed in fear when they saw her. Enraged and beaten down, Zulu left Earth, and didn't come back for another two years. When she did return, it was to mourn the loss of one of her fellow officers, who had died while visiting his family. Zulu had trained with the officer, and had actually at times thought she'd loved him. After another loss, Zulu marched back to the Ekat, her head held high. She served the ship she best she could, and never returned to Earth. Once Zulu almost did, when she got a message saying one of her siblings, from Enaler, was alive. It turned out, that her brother had survived, But died in a explosion the lab he'd been working in only weeks after the message arrived. When Zulu arrived on the Edelfrak, she quickly made it clear she was in charge, at least in the engine room she was.

Anything else you'd like to include: Zulu is very fond of a special candy like food, made from the bladder of a fish found on her planet, mixed with other herbs, and then crystallized. Zulu draws in her free time, witch isn't often. When she does get the chance, Zulu will read up on the newest ship models. Because her parents died before Zulu ever received her bracelet, she's constantly confused if she should keep her self ready to find some one to love, or if she should just lock the door in your face.

Picture or physical description: (As I do not have a picture, and my own drawing skills will not do this character justice, I'll simply type it up.)
Zulu has a face much like StarBuck from BattleStar Galactica. (For those who haven't watched this show, please view this picture s a reference: http://www.syfy.com/battlestar/images/gallery/women/15.jpg.) Zulu's fur is a dark brown color, and her skin is a mocha color. Her eyes are a stark blue, and will often clash with her darker complexion. She is strongly built, and has a hour-glass figure. Her tail is 12 feet and 1 inch, some thing she's very proud of. Her whiskers are a grayish color. Her claw like nails on her back feet are often sharp, and help her grip the ground. Her hair is brown, and reaches down to about the middle of her back. Its often pulled back in a pony-tail. Her height is 7 foot tall. Zulu has a tattoo of wings on her shoulder, and is about the size of a index card.
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The alarms were screeching in her ears. Zulu was sprinting down one of the corridors, pushing aside a officer in her hurry. Then, the world went black, and the last thing she'd seen was the floor flying to meet her face.

"What the...." Zulu muttered, rubbing her head, opening her eyes. She took in the room quickly. Her hands flew to where her holster was, and swore. Her hand-gun was missing. Zulu's vision blurred, and she reached for the wall to steady her self. Her whiskers were drooped, and her tail was twitching nervously.

“Arkin, it seems Magda has a few guards helping her out right now. You can’t possible administer the antidote all by your self. I’m sure Magda won’t miss me. I’m not much use to her anyway. But first, what on earth happened here? Where is the captain?”

Zulu's nose twitched in annoyance at Arkin's name. It wasn't a secret she didn't like him. To put it bluntly, she hated his guts. Zulu quickly let go of the wall, and began to walk around the hold. She was straining to hear any thing outside of the hold, but couldn't. In her frustration, Zulu slammed her fist on the wall. Her tail slashing in anger, Zulu walked over to Arkin and Nine. "What in Galarzer's name is going on?" Zulu demanded, her voice a growl.

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Normally Arkin was pretty pleased when Nine demonstrated that she had a bit of logic and intelligence behind her pretty face and unfortunate background, but now, after his few pet peeves with the Confederation had been so perfectly impersonated by Kisara and the others, he really didn't want to listen to Nine's analysis of the situation.

“Arkin, it seems Magda has a few guards helping her out right now.
Great job, we can both count to ten.
You can’t possible administer the antidote all by your self.
And you know this for an absolute confident certainty why?
I’m sure Magda won’t miss me. I’m not much use to her anyway.

That one made him feel a touch guilty, the whole situation was probably going to be stressing everyone out, and he really shouldn't be mocking people when he was going to be seen as being in a leadership position. He devoted a tiny bit of attention to relaxing his jaw which had tightened without his noticing, as she asked what most everyone else had been asking, But first, what on earth happened here? Where is the captain?”

"We were beamed into another ship, someone saw the captain being hauled out. Kisara is in charge, and will surely get us home safely." For Nine, whom he did actually care about and trust, he let a little of his own opinion of the second-in-command slip into his voice, not enough to be readily detectable, but less cheerful than the other answers he'd given.

He dug in his bag for the antidote he'd made up and was about to explain how to administer it, when he heard a bang at the other end of the hold. A quick glance around didn't reveal anything that leapt out at him as unusual, so he turned back to Nine. He was about to give her half of the remaining supply of hypos when he saw someone stumble dizzily up to them and slur, “Excuse me, but do you know when we will be allowed to go back on duty? I do not want to be late- alarms..."

She dropped her data pad to the floor with a clatter, and seemed to be staring in confusion at his feet as he took a concerned step forward, Nine's offer of assistance completely forgotten as someone badly needed his help. “I… appear to need… medical attention…” she said, and he helped her collapse neatly to the floor.

"Hypo," he called back authoritatively, before he remembered that he wasn't in a med lab on ship, he didn't have trained assistants, and he wasn't using standard medicines. He sighed in a rare display of exasperation and dragged his bag over to pull out another one of the doses of the antidote. He administered it quickly and registered no change. None of the others had been this badly affected and awake... A quick examination revealed no major harm, her breathing and heart rate were normal at least.

She was conscious, and he muttered soothingly to her about the situation and how everyone and everything was in perfect control, and as he noticed the initial dosage beginning, much more slowly than it had in other patients, to take effect, he got to his feet, gently hauling the Kinthran to her feet. He helped her balance against the wall and told her that she should come talk to him if the antidote hadn't taken affect in another few minutes. He clapped her on the shoulder, and then was rather startled to hear someone growl, "What in Galarzer's name is going on?"

He paused for a second, wondering whether it would be foolish to ignore the giant rat-woman standing behind him. He and Zulu did not get along, probably due to his own irrational dislike of creatures that had carried plague on earth... He'd never gone out of his way to be friendly to her, though he thought her dislike was well out of proportion with anything he'd ever said or done.

He finally turned to answer her, several seconds after the point when his own exhaustion could be the explanation for his delay. "The crew was knocked out, we're not on the Edelfrak, and the captain was taken away. That's all we know." he said, his voice even and dispassionate. He guessed that Zulu might have been responsible for the loud noise he'd heard earlier, and he shifted his weight so he could dart to the side if she decided that in such a situation, a medical officer wasn't necessary.

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Nine gave Zulu a glare. She often got on with, well, everyone but it was clear that Zulu and Arkin had some kind of dislike for each other and Nine knew Arkin as the good, honest man and she didn't know Zulu very well. Nine decided, in an instance, to stick by her friend rather than the rat-woman.
"Umm, well... Maybe Magda may have some news. If you see me as not needed, Arkin, maybe I will be some use to Magda after all. But there does seem to be a lot of people still under the effects of the drug. We are certainly in a difficult situation here, aren't we?" Nine wasn't sure if Arkin was still happy with her helping. She didn't want to be a nuisance and she really didn't want to get in the way. She had a lot of respect for him and didn't mind if she was 'dismissed'.

There seemed little chance of lifting the mood. The captain was gone. And so was the hope. Nine felt, for one of the first times in her life, there was little chance for their survival. She was usually a optimistic person but thing defiantly didn't look good.

16th May 2010, 6:56 PM
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"The crew was knocked out, we're not on the Edelfrak, and the captain was taken away. That's all we know."

Zulu noticed the pause, and crossed her arms.

"Umm, well... Maybe Magda may have some news. If you see me as not needed, Arkin, maybe I will be some use to Magda after all. But there does seem to be a lot of people still under the effects of the drug. We are certainly in a difficult situation here, aren't we?"

Zulu rolled her eyes. "Oh no, I didn't know that! I bet if you did a little dance we'd all be all so much better!" Zulu said in a high-pitched voice. She wasn't in the mood to get along, and being near Arkin was setting her on edge. Besides, she didn't exactly hate Nine, she'd simply mock her every chance she got. "Make your selves useful for once and tell me if you guys have seen a control panel like thing, hell, even a loose floor panel would be nice." Zulu spoke as her tail wished back and forth like a cats.
She was stuck in a hold with two people she hated, the captain was missing, her hand-gun was missing, who knew if they were even still on the Edelfrak. Things were not going well this morning.

17th May 2010, 7:10 AM
While sitting on the floor, Almidi was dimly aware of the slight sting of a hypo being administered, and after an uncertain amount of time, she realized that someone was talking to her. She turned to see Arkin kneeling next to her, and a few seconds later she actually started to comprehend precisely what he was saying.

A niggling voice in the back in her mind protested that everything was not as in control as he claimed, but she couldn’t dwell on it yet. At that moment, she was having a hard enough time just focusing on both Arkin’s words and the process of standing and walking.

Finally steadied against the wall, she was about to thank Arkin when another voice cut in. "What in Galarzer's name is going on?"

Galarzer?… Almidi thought, trying to remember where she had heard that name… Deity on Enaler. She leaned slightly to the side to peer around Arkin to see who had spoken. Zulu, Rattus Sapien… Engineering. Though there were only a few crewmembers that she knew personally, she always made it a habit to stay current with the crew roster so she knew who everyone was.

"The crew was knocked out, we're not on the Edelfrak, and the captain was taken away. That's all we know."

While Almidi began to mull over Arkin’s words and their implications in the back of her mind, in the forefront she couldn’t help but wonder at the sudden and drastic shift in his demeanor. She would have sworn that he was preparing for an attack, and she couldn’t help but think that there was something there that she was missing.

"Umm, well... Maybe Magda may have some news.”

Almidi turned to the young woman. Nine May, Human, Security, she thought, and was relieved to find that it was increasingly easier to not only focus her thoughts, but also to recall details. As Almidi listened to Nine, she couldn’t help but feel for her as she appeared to be so lost.

"Oh no, I didn't know that! I bet if you did a little dance we'd all be all so much better!"

That was certainly uncalled for, Almidi thought looking back to Zulu, and as the Rattus Sapien continued to insult the others, Almidi quirked a brow. She was about to comment that it was hardly the time to hash out personal grudges when Arkin’s words suddenly jolted to the forefront of her thoughts. That is not all we know…

“We were attacked,” she said into the tension. “A large ship came out of nowhere. They ignored our attempts to communicate, and when they opened fire, Captain ordered evasive maneuvers.” At that point she lowered her head and softly said, “I failed.” Her gaze fell upon her data pad still on the floor, and her brow furrowed slightly in confusion as she continued, “After the first attack, the controls would not respond, and with the second attack a panel exploded nearby. I must have braced for another, but I do not think there was one. Instead I felt the tickle of beaming… and then I awoke here.”

“My data pad was linked with my station at the time,” she cautiously pushed away from the wall to retrieve the pad, but a lingering wave of dizziness caused her to pause for a moment before she picked it up. “Might it have some useful information about the attack?”

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Nine looked at Almidi, a smile creeping across her face.
"Your data pad may be of use. Unlike some large useless rodents around here. Zulu, please refrain from being downright mean. I think being immature at a time like this is very stupid. We should be sticking together. After all, we don't know what is in stall for us." Nine only just managed not to glare at Zulu during her mini-speech, but instead gave a warm smile to the surrounding people. "Almidi, you did your job. There was nothing you could have done. Now, maybe someone should have a look at that data pad of yours. Maybe Arkin and myself should start administering these drugs. The sooner people wake up, the sooner we can have a whole crew to sort out this mess."
Nine wasn't sure if they could get out this mess, but, Nine thought, it was worth a try. She wanted to get off the darn ship. She didn't want to be on it in the first place. She also wanted Zulu to tell her what her problem was. Nine never thought they had a problem with each other, but she seemed to have been mistaken.

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"Your data pad may be of use. Unlike some large useless rodents around here. Zulu, please refrain from being downright mean. I think being immature at a time like this is very stupid. We should be sticking together. After all, we don't know what is in stall for us."

Zulu simply glared at this, but remained quiet. At least Almidi had information about what happened. Zulu refrained from attacking Nine, and instead only imagined the different types of torture that could have been used at that moment. Her tail kept close, while her whiskers twitched in anger. "The proper term for my species is Rattus Sapien" Zulu grumbled. Zulu kept her self quiet, knowing that if she did speak any more, she'd probably start shouting at Nine. This was all her species got. The trainees at the training camps sneered at her. Insults, more insults, and people still thought she had to remain calm. All this just because of some idiotic rats on Earth. Zulu's whiskers drooped, but she simply waited for some one else to speak.

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Arkin found his head starting to pound, almost like when he'd initially woken up. It wasn't quite that bad, but he didn't like it. Could gas still be trickling into the hold? He hoped not, and hoped that his own general crankiness at the moment, though exacerbated by Zulu and Kisara was a side effect of the gas and not a loss of his usual impeccable self control. A self control which should have been even more unshakeable, given how he'd spent the time before the beam out, with Myrna.

Myrna. He wondered what had happened to her, since she hadn't turned up as he'd gone through the hold. He was a little alarmed at how little he cared about the fate of the woman he'd been involved with for almost the entire journey, but he knew that now was neither the time to mourn or to worry about anything other than doing his job. He had to stay calm, for the crew who were now all his patients.

"Umm, well... Maybe Magda may have some news." Nine ventured, breaking his short reverie. He raised one eyebrow in momentary confusion, he had in no way indicated that he needed more information, or that her help wasn't wanted, had he? A dull throbbing was beginning behind his temples, and he felt that the last exchange was starting to blur slightly. Odd.

"If you see me as not needed, Arkin, maybe I will be some use to Magda after all. But there does seem to be a lot of people still under the effects of the drug. We are certainly in a difficult situation here, aren't we?"

He gave her a light smile and was about to instruct her in how to administer the hypos, and about to contemplate taking a second dose, he needed to be clear headed, when Zulu's highly unpleasant voice and observation cut in. "Oh no, I didn't know that! I bet if you did a little dance we'd all be all so much better!"

He stood up a little straighter, and he was a bare instant away from leaping to Nine's defense and telling Zulu to calm down, in several more, less pleasant words, when his diplomatic instincts kicked in, made him weigh the situation, and before he could decide how to word his growing ire, she continued, "Make your selves useful for once,"

His eyes narrowed, and it took every ounce of self control not to give some vent to what he'd managed to accomplish on this voyage, how no one had been medically unfit for duty for more than a day, even when they were stupid enough to fall off a cliff, and no one had died, even when they stuck their head in a plasma generator. Keeping the crew alive and well was not useful? His hands clenched though he didn't raise them, and he quietly deepened his breathing. He couldn't lose his temper now, he appeared to be the only one here who had a lick of sanity or patience left, even if the rat-woman was gnawing on the latter.

"and tell me if you guys have seen a control panel like thing, hell, even a loose floor panel would be nice." She clearly hadn't even heard his report, since, though it was terse and informal, she should know enough about how he ran his sick bay that he would mention something like that?

The tension was building for a moment as Arkin weighed the alternatives of reprimanding Zulu, directing Nine to continue administering the antidotes, and checking on Almidi.

The last one bore itself out as she gave a halting report on the attack of the ship, and he listened pensively. So there really wasn't a good reason for them to be here, was it possible they were going to be ransomed to the Confederation? Killed ritualistically? Enslaved? Nothing he could come up with was any sort of a reassuring possibility, unless there had been another ship that had no business being in their sector.

He really didn't want to be in charge of the situation, but the people he was with were a guard, an engineering officer who seemed to have lost whatever mind she had, and a sick person. His thoughts strayed into thoughts of how to get out, he hadn't been looking for a door, but... his head started throbbing, either at the unusual mental exertion or at something in the air.

He didn't pay any attention to what Almidi said next as he glanced at where he'd found her. Most of the people there were still unconscious, even as most of the rest of the hold, both those that he'd treated and those that he hadn't were at least starting to wake up. And his own fairly hardy constitution was flagging...

A sharp word, "useless" snapped his attention back to the present as he listened with undisguised incredulity to Nine, the only non-officer present, reprimand Zulu, praise Almidi, and venture forth some orders.

He didn't hear Zulu answer Nine, she was probably as startled as he was. He let his usual stoic and cheerful expression get back onto his face and said distinctly, "Both of you, stop with the insults. We are all officers in the Confederation and should behave as such." His words were clipped, his head hurt and he did not want to listen to any bickering, even if it wasn't directed at him.

"Nine, I want you to take the cocktail in my bag, administer a tenth CC to anyone who is still unconscious or who appears to be ill. Zulu, Almidi, I'm no engineer, you figure out what to do with the data pad. If there's any way, once you have information from it, to turn it into a sensor, that would be wonderful. I'm going to see what is over there, I suspect it's where the gas came from."

He relaxed visibly, noticeably different from when he was in the highly unfamiliar and unpleasant role of giving orders. He waited several long seconds before turning to depart, hoping that they would follow orders, or if they disobeyed, it would be with a much better idea, and not more childish and divisive bickering.

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-As to Arkin's request to see if they could outfit the data pad as a sensor, it is up to whoever winds up with it as to whether its possible or if they do it. He's no engineer
-The situation changes the day after tomorrow))

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Zulu simply nodded. Confederation her ***. But Arkin had a point, the longer they stood there fighting, the longer they'd be on this god forsaken ship.

Quietly, Zulu knelled down beside Almidi. "I'll need your help with this data pad. I'm used to lots of wires, and huge pieces of machinery, not small stuff like this." Zulu said, picking up the data pad and offering it to the fellow engineer.

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“Your data pad may be of use. Unlike some large useless rodents around here.”

That was also uncalled for, Almidi thought as she quirked an eyebrow at Nine. Though her look softened at Nine’s praise, she felt that the continued insults were rather counterproductive.

"The proper term for my species is Rattus Sapien," Was Zulu’s surprisingly subdued reply, and Almidi found herself sympathizing with that assertion.

Fortunately, Arkin interjected, his words mirroring her thoughts. "Both of you, stop with the insults. We are all officers in the Confederation and should behave as such."

As he continued, she grimaced slightly at the thought of losing her data pad, but she accepted that it was most likely necessary. Having issued his orders, Arkin then proceeded to head toward the source of the gas, and she watched him with a concerned look.

Turning to Nine, she said, “I know administering to the remaining affected crew is a heavy task, but please try to keep an eye on the Doctor as well. If there is lingering gas over there, it may overpower him…” Nodding at Nine’s response, she then turned her attention to Zulu and the data pad.

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Nine turned to Almidi a frown on her face.
"Umm... You may be right about dear Arkin. He don't look that great, does he? Don't you worry. I'll take good care of the doc." Nine said, mostly to herself than to anyone else. Her eyes traveled over the doctor as he made his way to where he suspected the gas was coming from. She had a high respect for the him and didn't want him to be overcome by the gas. However, Nine didn't want Arkin to think she was useless, so she started to administar the drugs to the nearest people and tried to wake them up. She did, though, contininue to look over to where Arkin was standing.
"Arkin, are you sure you are alright? I would be awfully lost without you." Nine's voice rang out through where they were being held, but she didn't care. At the time being, all she cared for was to get people awake and for the safety of the crew, Arkin included.

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19th May 2010, 6:52 AM
"I'll need your help with this data pad. I'm used to lots of wires, and huge pieces of machinery, not small stuff like this."

“I must admit, I know very little of the inner workings of such things. Though if you feel such a modification is possible, I will offer what assistance I can. However…” Almidi paused, and then looking around the hold and locating Kisara she continued, “Before we do, perhaps we should bring the pad to the Commander so the data can be reviewed.”

“You showed an impressive amount of restraint in your final remark to Nine,” Almidi said as they navigated through the gurneys on their way to Kisara. “I have never understood the human propensity to liken non-human races to non-sentient Earth creatures and objects.” Suddenly realizing that that comment could spark Zulu’s anger once again, either toward herself or Nine, she changed to what she hoped was a more helpful subject before Zulu had a chance to respond. “I wonder if these could be disassembled and used as makeshift weapons,” she said indicating the multitude of gurneys.

By that point, they had reached Kisara and Magda so Almidi gave her report of the battle, explained about the data pad, and asked for permission to go ahead with the modifications after the pad had been reviewed. She knew that once they started taking the pad apart, the memory would be wiped, and to Kinthran thinking any lost information could prove disastrous. Thus, she asked for, and was granted, permission to read the information aloud which allowed her to commit the entire contents to her memory while the others could focus on the items that they felt were relevant or important.

“It appears to be a complete download of the sensor logs for the past week.

-The material composition of an asteroid field that appears to be unrelated to a solar system.

-The contents of the data dump at a Confederation buoy four days ago, which states that all was going well and the ship should arrive at the next buoy on schedule, 10 days from the time of the dump.

-There was an unusual material signature from an object, detectable for several hours before the attack. It is similar to the asteroids, and it appears that this object was the ship that attacked.

-No ships were scheduled to be in the area, Confederation or civilian, other than the Edelfrak at this time.

-The weapons used on the Edelfrak were positronic lasers, which were outlawed in Confederation space many years ago for the undetectable, long lasting, and highly caustic residue they leave in space.

-The ship that attacked was almost eight times as large as the Edelfrak, and built according to specifications predating the Confederation, though ships that large couldn't be built back then.”

Once reaching the end of the information, Almidi and Zulu were left to set about the task of trying to modify the data pad. “I do not believe we have been properly introduced,” she said before they started, and then in the custom of her people, she spread her hands slightly more than shoulder width apart – one hand holding the pad and the other empty with the palm facing up – and gave a slight bow of her head. “I am called Almidi.”

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Kisara and Magda had just finished briefing the assemblet guards when to people came up to them.
Kisara recognized Almidi from the navigation squad. She looked pretty bad, but she seemed to be alright. The other person was a Rattus Sapien in an engineering uniform. Kisara had seen her on the ship before, but she didn't remember her name.
Almidi explained about the attack. Kisara clenched her fists while listening intensely, hoping to get some new information.
When the crew was beamed over to the hold, Almidi had brought a control panel - the info on this was amasing, and frightening!

Arkin had sugested that they turned the panel into a sensor. "Thats a good idea, start working on that!" She said, a little sharp. But it really was a good idea and, had she heard about the panel first, she would have come up with the same thing.

((OOC: I was a little out of inspiration, but i hope this is alright... :) ))

19th May 2010, 9:55 PM
Engineering Log: Nerot {edited to place Earth date, with 2010 conventions:} February 27th, 2330
Have I mentioned recently that I hate under trained officers? I could have gotten work with the Confederation, but no, piracy seemed so much more lucrative, so much better organized. I should have listened to mother.

So the captain finally had this big terrible pirate ship of ours do some piracy, on a sweet little ship that I would have been happily up to my elbows in. Except some idiot junior officer we picked up on Trenagas Double Prime beamed the crew aboard, and flooded the hold with knock out gas. So now, instead of getting to disect that beautiful, top of the line ship in our hold, I've been listening to the captain and the other officers argue about what to do with them. I left early, the one good thing about outlaw vessels is that they really can't threaten me with a court martial or anything, and I'm far too valuable to kill.

There are several ways out of the hold, though doubtless they've already been blocked off, my crew knows what they're doing. The ventilation tunnel the gas came through, the actual doorway, there's a transporter in there somewhere...

But MY crew is not entirely composed of incompetent boobs like that junior officer. I don't need to confirm that they did their jobs, they know the consequences, and they aren't stupid. Far more pressing, after dealing with the captain in a rage like this, I need a drink.
/Engineering Log

Where you find yourselves
You are all still in the hold, but one of the ambassadors has found the main door out of the hold, which is locked, and the transporter pad in the room, which is disabled. Arkin has discovered the ventilation tunnel from which the gas came, though he will not vouch for the safety of exiting through it.

The crew is still free to wander around the hold, though many are congregating by the exits, discussing amongst themselves what they should do.

Game Notes
-This is not a safe time. Though your characters don't know it, their actions can have sudden and perhaps disastrous, perhaps useful consequences from the crew of the Nerot.
-This situation will be RPed for either- four weeks, three people other than myself wish to move on, or the characters have agreed on a course of action.
-I'll get Arkin's post up by Saturday at the latest.

20th May 2010, 3:25 AM
((Sorry for not posting sooner.))

Zulu silently followed Almidi

“You showed an impressive amount of restraint in your final remark to Nine,”

“I have never understood the human propensity to liken non-human races to non-sentient Earth creatures and objects.”

Zulu sighed quietly to her self at this. Still, she smirked at the thought of turning the gurneys in to weapons. Nothing special needed to be done to them, just pick one up and throw it at something, or someone, she thought, a image of Nine being pinned to the wall by a simply gurney.

“I do not believe we have been properly introduced,”

Zulu found Almidi's greeting unusual, but then a lot of greetings where.

“I am called Almidi.”

"Zulu. And as its already been stated, I'm part, as humans put it, rodent" Zulu said with nothing but venom in her voice at the disgusting word. "Sorry you had to see that back there" Zulu said, refering to her out-burst at Nine and Arkin.
The rat-woman suddenly remembered this was a time of essence, and that they had better hurry up. "Lets just get this over with" Zulu said, taking the data pad. Quickly she looked it over, and then pulled it in two, and gutted it out.

((Sorry if that was to much like a safe-time conversation. I'm still new to this danger time and safe time thing.))

22nd May 2010, 9:56 PM
Arkin didn't hear any more arguments from the others, so he figured they were doing something productive. Or they were being quiet, which was more than enough to help with his aching head. It was quite strange, Saverians, even several generations removed ones like him, tended to need a lot to get them to feel ill.

So the only logical conclusions were that there was something different over there where Almidi had woken up, some chemical that was closely related to the few that his species couldn't handle, or there was a great deal more of the original gas. He suspected the latter, most of the chemicals that could knock out Saverians exploded on contact with oxygen.

He glided past the few gurneys that still had unconscious people, he'd given Nine the rest of his supplies, and, for the most part, the people here were young enough to probably not be badly damaged by inhaling too much of the compound. He hoped so at least, recognizing, on a purely intellectual level, that he wasn't thinking clearly. Finally he got to the opposite wall of the hold from where he'd woken up, and where he could even see a slight yellowish tinge on the walls, hopefully residue from the gas and not a hallucination.

He followed the residue with his eyes, it was thicker in some places, all leading right along the wall to... He took a few steps along the slowly thickening path, and then stumbled. He unselfconsciously pulled his shirt over his nose and mouth, not embarassed that he was starting to succumb to whatever was over here. He heard Nine's silvery voice echo loudly through the hold, "Arkin, are you sure you are alright? I would be awfully lost without you." He didn't turn, just waved vaguely in her general direction. He suspected he'd be done in a second, and he would never order anyone else to do this.

Finally he found it, where the residue was nearly a third of a finger joint deep. A ventilation shaft, which was too small for him, but someone else could get through. A small smile wreathed his features, there was a way out of here, they could get out of whatever nastiness was planned. He cautiously lowered his shirt off his face and found he could barely breathe. So they had a way out for someone who was more immune to the gas's effects than he was. Darnit.

He turned around to find one of the higher-ups and make his report and walked quickly towards where the air was much clearer. A mere fifteen or twenty paces was enough to almost completely clear his head, and he glanced wistfully at the antidote that Nine was still administering, but decided against a second dose. There were plenty of nasty things in there, and the combination was, unfortunately, untested.

He flagged down a cadet that looked to be in desperate need of something to do, and told him to go tell the higher-ups that there was a ventilation shaft through which they could escape. The cadet informed him about a disabled transporter, and a locked door, and Arkin nodded perfunctorily.

He walked over to Nine and stood, hopefully out of her range of sight for a moment, before walking up and silently taking some of the remaining antidote and giving it to the crew member on the gurney nearest where she was. He quickly surveyed the slowly wakening people and told her sincerely, "Excellent work."

((OOC: Hope that was okay with you Zela?
And for people's reference, your characters have no way of knowing what a safe time or a danger time is, and in broader gameplay terms, it just means that there is a higher probability that your actions have negative consequences before the change in situation.))

24th May 2010, 4:38 AM
“Zulu. And as its already been stated, I'm part, as humans put it, rodent."

Almidi was slightly perplexed by Zulu’s description of herself. She couldn’t understand why someone would refer to themselves as “part” of the type of animal they had evolved from if it brought forth such anger. She felt that it would be similar to describing herself as part bird, or a human saying they were part ape, and she knew that neither of those were likely to happen.

Though she was curious, she doubted that questions would be welcome and knew that it wasn’t the time for them anyway; a fact that was further punctuated by Zulu’s curt, "Lets just get this over with."

Almidi gave a heavy sigh as she watched her data pad being taken apart. She understood and accepted the necessity of it, but she couldn’t help but regret the loss of information. “How may I be of assistance?” she asked in a resigned voice.

24th May 2010, 10:48 AM
Kisara was a little lost. What to do next? Getting out semed to be more problematic than she had hoped.
Breaking the door would be hard and certainly would alarm, who ever was keeping them captive.

Kisara turned to Magda to ask if she had enny ideas, as someone called across the room: "Sir!"
Kisara turned and saw a young man comming towards them. She recognized him as a new cadet - this had been his first trip aboard the Edelfrak. But he didn't seem to shoked by the siduation.
"Sir, permission to speak?" "Go ahead." Kisara said firmly. "Sir, the Chief Medic have some impordant information. He wants you to come quikly." "Arkin..!" Kisara couldn't hide a little smile. Ofcours he was buissy getting new info. She didn't like him as a person, but he was a good officer.
"Sir..?" Kisara was dragged out of her thoughts. "Oh..." She cleared her throat "Dismissed!" The cadet looked a little confused as he turned away.

Kisara again turned to Magda "If he has new information, I would like you to come as well, it must be impordant!"

24th May 2010, 5:11 PM
“How may I be of assistance?”

Zulu glanced up to show she was actually listening. "You could really help me out by not speaking at this moment" Zulu said quickly, taking a small laser like objects out of her pocket. She cut a few wires, wincing as the data pad gave out electronic shocks. Quickly she fused different wires to together. Quickly sticking the data pad back together and fusing the two pieces together with the small laser, she quickly tapped a few buttons. "C***..." Zulu muttered, the screen simply flickering. Quickly she broke it in two again, and fused different wires together quickly. Putting it all back together again, not fusing it this time, Zulu tapped a few more buttons. Frowning, she opened it up again, and then took a whole wire out. "There" She said brightly. She'd fused it all together again, and the screen had actually flickered to life. Small green dots appeared on the screen. The screen flicked often, some times blacking out. "It'll have to do. It isn't perfect, but you'll be able to detect life, well, before the energy capsule runs out." Zulu said, triumphantly handing Almidi her data pad.

24th May 2010, 6:22 PM
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24th May 2010, 8:11 PM
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27th May 2010, 2:48 AM
Magda was feeling uneasy; most of the crew and the ambassadors were crowding around the door. She decided to put a few guards by the door. "Don't let anyone get too close to the door. Who knows what might happen when our captors come back." She turned around and walked towards Kisara, all the while thinking that if someone did come in through those doors violently, those guards would be the first targets.

She arrived at Kisara's side. Kisara seemed like she was about to say something, but instead....
It was a young cadet, new to the crew. Magda looked away from him as he neared. She couldn't stand the thought of these young cadets losing their lives if things turned out for the worse.

"Sir, permission to speak?"
"Go ahead." Kisara said firmly.
"Sir, the Chief Medic has some important information. He wants you to come quickly."
Magda stared at the cadet as he walked away, but turned back to face Kisara as she started to speak again.

"If he has new information, I would like you to come as well, it must be important!"
"Yes, of course," Magda replied and tried to push all thoughts of concern away. After all, everyone knew what they had signed up for and she had been in other dangerous situations before and came out fine. But no matter what she tried, she couldn't shake this feeling of sadness away...and for some reason, thoughts of her fiancee kept creeping up on her.

"Get a hold of yourself, girl," she said to herself as she followed Kisara towards Arkin.

((OOC: Sorry I haven't written. I am having trouble coming up with anything and interacting with other characters. Even this isn't very good, so if I can't get any better, I might leave too, but I'll do it in a way that goes along with the story. For now, let me know if this was ok or any other suggestions. thanks!))

28th May 2010, 9:06 PM
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kiwisun- I would highly recommend forming a storyline with other players. In my experience, having characters meet each other, or deal with each other in an ambivalent, business like way is dull to RP and hard to interact with them. But if you work out with the other people that their character and your character were in school together and lost a freindship over a love interest or ideological conflict, it adds a new depth to both characters that is very entertaining to explore. And your posts are fine, really, you haven't GMed, you can string together a coherent English sentence, and what story there is is advanced by your posts. What more could one ask of an RP post?))

29th May 2010, 6:36 AM
“You could really help by not speaking at this moment.” Zulu’s blunt response caught Almidi off guard, so she quietly muttered an apology as Zulu turned her attention back to the data pad.

As Zulu worked, Almidi began to mull over the information that had been on the data pad. If the ship and that asteroid field have the same material composition, then they are obviously using the asteroid field to conceal themselves. The question then becomes are they confined to this region of space, or are they able to move the asteroid field with them? That thought caused her to pause as she marveled at the logistics that would be involved with such a feat.

“Almidi, thank goodness you’re ok!” Turning toward the voice, she saw Cera, one of her friends, approaching so she indicated for her to keep her voice down so they wouldn’t distract Zulu. After briefly discussing the battle, Almidi explained what was being done with her data pad, and Cera explained about the discoveries of the door, tunnel, and transporter. After that, Cera promised to check back with Almidi later, and went to search for another friend.

"There, it'll have to do. It isn't perfect, but you'll be able to detect life, well, before the energy capsule runs out." Zulu said, triumphantly handing Almidi her data pad.

“Thank you,” Almidi said, and then motioning in the direction of the locked door, she continued, “I think this would be most useful to those guarding the door. Since this ship is eight times larger than the Edelfrak, we could easily be outnumbered eight to one. This is perfect to deprive them of the element of surprise.”

“The ventilation tunnel which piped in the gas is along that wall,” she said as waved her hand to the area they had recently left. “However, since the gas affected every crew member, I do not know if the tunnel could be a viable means of escape. A disabled transporter has been located as well…” She paused for a moment to consider some options, and then said, “I do not mean to doubt your skill, but with the lack of tools and equipment, do you think it possible to repair the transporter? If it is possible to repair it, would we have enough control to be able to safely beam out? Depending upon where we are on this ship– Zmeg!”

A sudden thought hit her like a bolt, and turning quickly, her eyes scanned the wall opposite of the door. “What if we are in an exterior hold?” She gave a shudder at the thought of everyone being swept out into the vacuum of space, and turned back to Zulu. “We need to get out of here…by whatever means possible.”
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refox and I haven’t planned anything with where our characters are going, so I’d say we’re approachable. If you’d like, feel free to have Magda overhear some, or all, of Almidi’s ramblings, and join in with her reaction…))

29th May 2010, 10:04 AM
Kisara's mind started wandering as she walked across the hold. What new info was awaiting them? Maybe Arkin had found a way out! She looked around on all the people in the hold. She knew most of them. Diplomats, Soldiers, Technicians... As the commander she felt a strong responsibility for all of them. She glanced to Magda who was walking by her side. A strong person, a good friend.
Magda was engaged, Kisara had met her fiance ones. A good man, for an earthling. She wanted to say something to Magda but she didn't know what.

They had reached the end of the hold were Arkin was waiting. Kisara took a deep breath, then said: "You have impordant information - Report!" It was a little stif, but not impolite. She looked Arkin in the eyes and awaited hes answer.

She had to look up to meet his gaze - she hadet that!

((Kiwisun: i really hope that you will find insperation and stay in the RP - i like your character and would be sorry to se you go!! :cry: ))

29th May 2010, 10:20 AM
"Excellent work."

Nine looked up, at Arkin with a grin on her face.
"Thanks. If you ever need any help... well, feel free to ask me. It wouldn't be a problem. Well, not for me." She didn't want Arkin to get the wrong impression. She didn't want to get in the way or be a nuisance. She did, however, enjoy helping out. Espiecially in the company of Arkin, who was an amazing doctor. "Any news of a means out this place? I noticed people are becoming more active around here. Have they discovered something?"
Nine didn't want to bombard Arkin with questions, but really wanted to stay in the loop of what was going on. If she could be help at all, then maybe she should go report to Magda. If not, then maybe she could continue to assist Arkin.

((OCC: Sorry it's short. ))

29th May 2010, 2:34 PM
“Thank you,”
“I think this would be most useful to those guarding the door. Since this ship is eight times larger than the Edelfrak, we could easily be outnumbered eight to one. This is perfect to deprive them of the element of surprise.”
“The ventilation tunnel which piped in the gas is along that wall,”
“However, since the gas affected every crew member, I do not know if the tunnel could be a viable means of escape. A disabled transporter has been located as well…”
“I do not mean to doubt your skill, but with the lack of tools and equipment, do you think it possible to repair the transporter? If it is possible to repair it, would we have enough control to be able to safely beam out? Depending upon where we are on this ship– Zmeg!”
“What if we are in an exterior hold?”
“We need to get out of here…by whatever means possible.”

Zulu had been listen with interest to Almidi's opinions, but she frowned at this. "I don't think we are. Why would you put ventilation systems in a air lock? But I have to agree, the sooner we get out of here, the sooner I can kill who ever beamed us aboard." Zulu said, her tail swishing angrily. "I'm going to check out the Transporter room" the rat woman said, quickly standing up and disappearing.

Zulu pushed her way towards the transporter door, and frowned at it. Didn't look like any one did really any thing to it. "Will you move" Zulu snapped at a ambassador, before turning towards the door, and kicked the glass. "Juna's grave!" She screeched, holding her now bleeding foot. The glass on the door was badly cracked, but compared, she'd done more to her foot then the door.

((kiwisun I can understand who it's frustrating to keep up, etc etc, but please stay! Your posts are fine! I've actually seen much worse!))

2nd Jun 2010, 2:41 AM
Nine's reaction did a lot to make him feel better about the whole situation. Even if the only respect he was getting in this situation was from an underling of the lowest order, and a female, whom he expected most of the time couldn't get past his appearance, at times like these, he would take what he could get.

"Thanks. If you ever need any help... well, feel free to ask me." He grinned, both in response to her own little smile and the fact that she should know him well enough that he would ask if he needed anything. "It wouldn't be a problem. Well, not for me."

He was about to reassure her that he would keep that in mind, that he appreciated it, when she asked, "Any news of a means out this place?" His grin widened imperceptibly into an actual smile, which probably wasn't appropriate given the circumstances. He'd always felt slightly fatherly towards Nine and couldn't resist a tiny spark of pride that she had noticed his finding something over in the heavier area. "I noticed people are becoming more active around here. Have they discovered something?"

Or that she'd noticed something that he hadn't? In a different situation, he'd be slightly embarassed to have been outclassed by an underling. But now wasn't the time for prideful games like that, especially when whatever resources he could devote to such things would likely be consumed by the approaching Kisara.

Or maybe she was actually going to focus on doing her job. "You have impordant information - Report!" The thought made him wonder if he was going to start panicking the moment it seemed safe to do so. He didn't feel like it now, and he rather hoped not, he'd never live it down, but if that was what was motivating Kisara, coupled with her usual dislike, it did explain some things.

"There's a ventilation shaft leading out of here, though there's still lots of residue from the knockout gas. The tunnel is big enough for someone to get through, no problem, but there's definitely enough gas there to knock someone without equipment out." He broke eye contact and glanced over at the flurry of activity near the transporter someone else had found.

"I would say the ventilation shaft isn't really viable, though it probably would be least likely to alert our captors." he concluded, his voice trailing off as he glanced at Nine hoping that he could brief her on the rest of the situation later, and that she wouldn't mind the delay. He really shouldn't care, it was the correct protocol to deal with his commanding officer first, but it didn't feel completely right.

((OOC: Sorry for the wait, hope it was okay with all involved))

12th Jun 2010, 6:03 AM
"I don't think we are. Why would you put ventilation systems in a air lock? But I have to agree, the sooner we get out of here, the sooner I can kill who ever beamed us aboard." Zulu said, her tail swishing angrily. "I'm going to check out the Transporter room" the rat woman said, quickly standing up and disappearing.

Almidi’s concerns weren’t relieved by Zulu’s response. They had no way of knowing if they were in a cargo hold that would be loaded and unloaded using transporters only, or if they were a cargo bay that had an opening to allow smaller ships to dock. She felt certain that a ship this size must certainly have at least one such bay, and that thought gave her a small glimmer of hope.

In her mind, it wouldn’t make sense to hijack a ship’s crew and not search the ship, which meant that the Edelfrak was most probably in one of this ship’s cargo bays. All we have to do, she thought as she made her way to the door, is escape this hold, evade our captors, find the Edelfrak, figure out how to get it off this ship, and get away…without being destroyed or beamed back into the hold… “Simple,” she muttered sarcastically as her spirits dropped again. “Zmeg.”

Once at the door, Almidi was initially told to stay back, but then she explained that she had a scanner and was allowed to approach. Standing next to the door, she was a little puzzled to see that the scanner showed no life on the outside of the hold. Adjusting the controls, she was able to expand the field to about a 15 foot radius, and it still revealed no life forms on the other side of the door.

Almidi and a guard then proceeded to walk about 15 feet along the wall on each side of the door, and still nothing blipped on the screen. She was slightly surprised by the lack of a guard at the door, but then she figured that their captors must have believed them to be bound and unconscious, so a guard would have seemed unnecessary.

Leaving the scanner with the guard, she went to report the findings to Kisara. She found the Commander with Arkin, Magda and Nine. “Definitely enough gas there to knock someone without equipment out,” Arkin was saying as she approached. “I would say the ventilation shaft isn't really viable, though it probably would be least likely to alert our captors."

Almidi was a little apprehensive about barging in on their conversation without permission, but she knew that in order to make an informed decision, Kisara would need all available information. “Pardon me for interrupting Sir, but I have a report,” she started tentatively, “The data pad was modified to scan for life signs, and it indicates that there are no guards posted outside this hold.”

“If I may… the lack of guards could imply that they are not paying too close attention to us. If the transporter is able to be repaired, we may be able to beam one person to just outside the hold, and that person could then open the door. I admit that using the transporter or opening the door may alert our captors, as has Arkin said, but the fact that no one is nearby may buy us some time…”
((OOC - I hope no one minds her barging in on the conversation... If anything needs altering, just let me know.
By the by, "Zmeg" is the Kinthran equivalent of s**t. ;) ))

12th Jun 2010, 10:29 AM
Kisara Watched Arkin closely as he delivered a report that was very disappointing.

"I would say the ventilation shaft isn't really viable, though it probably would be least likely to alert our captors."
Kisara was about to answer when Almidi showed up.
“Pardon me for interrupting Sir, but I have a report,” - New info... Hopefully better that what Arkin had found.
Kisara stood by and listened as Almidi explaned her plan. It was envolved with a big risk, but sins the ventilation-shaft had been ruled out, it semed like their best shoot.

"Thank you," Kisara started out, as she quikly whent through all the details, in her head. "Using the transporter on such confined space is problematic though... But i guess there is no safer way." Kisara looked at Arkin even though she hadet the thought, she would be needing hes assistans. Hes brain was fast and he was respected by the crew.

"Arkin, will you go chech on people at the door. Try clering some space - and make sure that the civillians are calm." She made eye contacte with him. This wasn't the time to be defiant of her authority, and she hoped that he was aware of that.

Kisara then turned to Almidi "Will you escort me to the transporter, i'm sure you'r knowledge will be of great help to me."
"And Magda please help Arkin." She said as she met her eyes.

(( Argh... I had no idea what to wride. I'm sorry if its bad.))

13th Jun 2010, 12:45 PM
Nine looked from Kisara to Arkin, a frown on her face.
“Ummm, Arkin, can I be of any assistance? I don’t just want to be hanging around, useless…” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at her clenched hands. This was an utter catastrophe. She knew joining the Confederation would be dangerous. She also managed to handle danger, but never the homesickness. It ate into her, missing the smell of home, and feeling of somewhere familiar. However, Nine never let any one see that. If she did, people would look down at her. Being a guard meant you had to be strong and reliable. Nine was strong, smart and able to fit into tight spaces due to being flexible. Really, she was any captain’s dream guard, until they noticed her lack of experience. “Please, Arkin, I need to do something otherwise I’ll be driven mad.”

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15th Jun 2010, 5:29 AM
EDIT: This post has been edited, as I didn't think it fit my characters character.
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Zulu, after pushing aside the panicking ambassador, walked over to where the others were. "Excuse me, but do we have any shred of a plan? Its either that, or I start murdering every one" Zulu said, stepping right in to the conversation. "I think the transporter is our best guess, as there's no risk of someone getting stuck in a ventilationg shaft," I wonder, how hard would it be to push Arkin though that thing? It'd be pretty easy to shove something over the opening.... "And if none of us have any weapons, I think that door over there is staying shut." Zulu said, gesturing over to the door Almidi was poking about at. "And besides, once we're out of here, Nine and Arkin can go find a room, and we can all get back to our own jobs." Zulu said as she pulled her hair back with a boot strap. Her tail was lazily wrapped around her feet, while her whiskers continued to constantly twitch.

((May I just say that I'm enjoying this Role Play just a bit to much? :giggler: ))

18th Jun 2010, 12:19 AM
((OOC: I lost all track of time. The situation is scheduled to change the day after tomorrow (Saturday, June 19th). Does anyone want a delay? I am inclined to give one until the characters agree on a plan, assuming that that happened in a timely manner.))

18th Jun 2010, 5:09 AM
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18th Jun 2010, 9:58 AM
((I think it'd be better if our characters have a plan))

18th Jun 2010, 2:41 PM
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25th Jun 2010, 5:20 AM
Arkin preferred for briefings to go like this- listening quietly to everyone's say, mulling things over, and, when he could get away with it, not even speaking as someone else came to what he thought was the correct conclusion. It let the few occasions he did take an active role in the discussion have more meaning, and it helped maintain his appearance as a very intelligent person, since if he didn't say anything, he didn't say anything too mind bogglingly idiotic.

“Pardon me for interrupting Sir." Then there were members of the crew that did speak up more, and that did still maintain quite an appearance of intelligence and control. Doubtless part of Almidi's Kinthran heritage made her seem a lot more... useful, without trying, but Arkin had no problems with being underestimated outside his field of expertise.

She told them about how they modified a data pad to scan for life signs, which startled Arkin a little, he hadn't actually thought they'd be able to manage it, but then again, Confederation engineers were the best. She then proposed a rather audacious plan, one that Arkin couldn't help admiring- it was so ridiculously complex, and yet so simple and intuitive at the same time. He'd never have thought of it.

Kisara did seem to be much calmer than she had been before, it was probably just the stress. "Thank you," she said, in a well-placed display of politeness towards Almidi that he found somewhat reassuring as well. The previous display was just a well deserved stressful reaction, and she was perfectly able to be in charge. "Using the transporter on such confined space is problematic though... But I guess there is no safer way."

He was no engineer, and he hadn't heard of a case of transporter shock or dismemberment in ages, but if the engineers thought that such things were more likely in confined spaces, he wouldn't argue with them. Kisara glanced at Arkin and he inclined his head slightly, condoning her plan as much as he was willing to.

"Arkin, will you go chech on people at the door. Try clering some space - and make sure that the civillians are calm." He nodded briefly and stepped out of the small circle of the commanding officers to head towards the doors. He had his orders, they weren't imprudent, and he was more than happy to fulfill them.

Most of the civilians and crew were not impolite enough to eavesdrop on such a conversation, but when he stepped out, Nine was at his side almost immediately. He gave her a look which wondered whether she'd been eavesdropping, but it disappeared almost immediately when he saw the frown marring her usually cheerful visage, and the slight tremor in her voice when she asked, “Ummm, Arkin, can I be of any assistance? I don’t just want to be hanging around, useless… Please, Arkin, I need to do something otherwise I’ll be driven mad.”

He was about to reassure her that even having her around was helpful, for moral support, and she could help him calm down the civilians, keep them busy with something, maybe inventorying what they had, when Zulu's deeply unwelcome voice cut through... well, everything except the hull.

She was talking to the others, and sounded about as thrilled at the situation as he was. He at least had the self discipline to not show it to every eavesdropping civilian and crewman. He was succeeding fairly well in his quest to ignore her when he heard, in the middle of some other rant he heard, "Nine and Arkin can go find a room, and we can all get back to our own jobs."

He didn't display any reaction, mainly because he didn't mind that sort of comment at all. He had made plenty of beds, and was perfectly willing to lie in them, to butcher an old earth expression. He was about to continue talking to Nine as if nothing had happened, but he saw that same distinctly unappealing frown, and her usual classy good looks- too young for him, but still- and she really didn't need comments like that. Then again, he didn't need to be a doctor to know that. A little repartee' wouldn't waste any time, and if Zulu's hide wasn't as puncture proof as his own, he'd eat his boots. He winked at Nine before turning to face Zulu and the others.

"Zulu, you are absolutely right that we should be planning, rather than speculating on other crew members' love lives. Excepting yours of course, since we know nothing's happening there."

He regretted his statement almost immediately, it was a low blow, but though the engineer's lack of respect for the chain of command was tolerable when things were going well, here it was not, and he was not above a low blow when someone needed to get their head out of their ass.

((OOC: I am so sorry for how long that took, I have been having a brain drain of epic proportions.
I had a thought about how to have them come to a plan in a more timely manner, it will take me a day or few to work the kinks out, hopefully I will have information up on it within the week
refox- I'm really glad you're enjoying yourself))

27th Jun 2010, 2:44 AM
In order to expedite things a bit
...we're not going to RP the making of the decision of what should be done next, since, after doing a little research and thinking, I realized that could take all year. I have no problems with a slow paced RP, and I doubt anyone else does either, but there's a difference between slow and glacial.

So we are going to vote. Please PM me your character's vote on what course of action should be taken (details below). If you, or your character has any additional thoughts on the matter, then say so in the PM. Please note they are NOT necessary. If you just want to vote, and that's all, then that's fine.

If you do not specify otherwise in your PM, it is assumed you want an NPC to take care of whatever would be done. You may nominate another character or volunteer your own character. If there is a clear majority (more than half) then that character will be god modded through the action, with the player's permission. If there isn't, then an NPC will do it.

I will leave the voting open until Wednesday, June 30, and that will only be extended if multiple people specifically request more time. If you don't vote in time, then its assumed your character had no opinion.

Please title your PMs "Nerot Action Vote 1" and have the first word in the message reflect your vote, as described below (the words are random, it helps with my filing system):
Tunic- They try to send someone through the ventilation shaft
Pantaloons- They try to beam someone directly outside of the door using the transporter
Boots- They try to force the door open
Cardigan- They attempt to beam someone farther out with the transporter

You are welcome to continue RPing in the meantime.

27th Jun 2010, 8:54 AM
"Will you escort me to the transporter, i'm sure you'r knowledge will be of great help to me."

Almidi acknowledged the order with a nod, but before they were able to make their way to the transporter, Zulu burst through the nearby people and began a tirade that certainly didn’t help the situation. Almidi was both shocked by Zulu’s blatant insubordination, and irked by her continued jabs at Arkin and Nine.

Despite being less than pleased, Almidi held her tongue and chose to defer to Kisara’s authority. However, upon hearing Arkin’s equally inappropriate retort, she found herself unable to remain silent any longer.

“I do believe that is quite enough from both of you!” Almidi snapped. “Your bickering will accomplish nothing but add to the chaos and lead to more panicking which, in turn, could get us all killed.” Then keeping her tone as matter-of-fact as possible she turned to each in turn and said, “Arkin, as a senior officer, precisely what kind of example are you attempting to set? Zulu, I understand that this is a trying situation, but showing a little patience would be highly advised. We were just about to see if you had made any progress in repairing the transporter.”

Then realizing that she may have gone too far, she turned back to Kisara and said, “I apologize, Commander, if I have overstepped my authority... However, if I may make another suggestion… As it has been discussed, activating the transporter could alert our captors to the fact that we are no longer restrained, and they may decide to administer another round of the knock out gas. Thus, I feel it would be advisable to block off the ventilation shaft.” She briefly glanced to Nine with a slight smile as she continued, “Perhaps Nine could enlist the assistance of anyone not otherwise occupied, and begin removing the fabric from the gurneys while a crewmember with a sturdy constitution removes the cover to the shaft. With that much material in the way, we should be safe from further exposure to the gas.”
((OOC - I'm going to be out of town until Friday... I should have internet access, so I'll be able to check in on the voting, but I don't know that I'll have much time for writing.))

27th Jun 2010, 3:22 PM
"Zulu, you are absolutely right that we should be planning, rather than speculating on other crew members' love lives. Excepting yours of course, since we know nothing's happening there."

Zulu's fists clenched, and she gritted her teeth angrily. Her tail wrapped tightly around her legs, and her claws dug in to the floor. Her whiskers twitched furiously, and her eyes blazed as she glared at Arkin.

“I do believe that is quite enough from both of you!”

“Your bickering will accomplish nothing but add to the chaos and lead to more panicking which, in turn, could get us all killed.”

“Arkin, as a senior officer, precisely what kind of example are you attempting to set? Zulu, I understand that this is a trying situation, but showing a little patience would be highly advised. We were just about to see if you had made any progress in repairing the transporter.”

“I apologize, Commander, if I have overstepped my authority... However, if I may make another suggestion… As it has been discussed, activating the transporter could alert our captors to the fact that we are no longer restrained, and they may decide to administer another round of the knock out gas. Thus, I feel it would be advisable to block off the ventilation shaft.”

“Perhaps Nine could enlist the assistance of anyone not otherwise occupied, and begin removing the fabric from the gurneys while a crewmember with a sturdy constitution removes the cover to the shaft. With that much material in the way, we should be safe from further exposure to the gas.”

Zulu barely paid any attention to what Almidi was saying, and continued to glare at Arkin. "Wonderful idea Almidi, but one thing first." Zulu said, lightening her voice. "Hey Arkin, want a present?" Zulu smiled, and then punched the doctor straight in the face.

((I hope that was alright...))

27th Jun 2010, 7:46 PM
Kisara was about to give her own reprimand to Zulu and Arkin, when Almidi started talking.
After saying, almost exactly what Kisara would have said, Almidi then turned to her:

“I apologize, Commander, if I have overstepped my authority... However, if I may make another suggestion… As it has been discussed, activating the transporter could alert our captors to the fact that we are no longer restrained, and they may decide to administer another round of the knock out gas. Thus, I feel it would be advisable to block off the ventilation shaft...
Perhaps Nine could enlist the assistance of anyone not otherwise occupied, and begin removing the fabric from the gurneys while a crewmember with a sturdy constitution removes the cover to the shaft. With that much material in the way, we should be safe from further exposure to the gas.”

You could nothing but love this Kinthran's, afficiant and straight to the point. Kisara wanted to thank her, but that would have to wait, because at this time Zulu reached out and hit Arkin in the face.
Kisara Jumped forward - and acted purely on instinct: She grabbed the rat-woman's arms, and forced them behind her bag, quiet an achievement considering the big height difference. She then forced Zulu on her knees, using all her weight.
"Thats enough officer!" Kisara kept her attention on Zulu's tail while delivering orders fast:
"Magda, come hold this down fo me!"
"Nine check if Arkin is still conscius!"
"-This is neither the time, nor the place to be acting up!"

((I hope it's OK with all of you. I figured that she had to do something drastic))

29th Jun 2010, 2:23 AM
Arkin did regret his comment immediately.

He didn't mind comments about his own love life, debauched though it was by normal standards. He also did spend a good bit of his time bantering, often in rather inappropriate territory, with his friends. But that time bantering was all under very clear assumptions, among people who knew each other well. They knew that he was fine with comments about his love life, but that to insult his Saverian descent was likely to be met with some hostility. He knew that many of them were fine with jokes about their species, but not about their work, or their appearance, or about a distinctly inappropriate attitude, or anything else. So they would stay away from the subject.

With Zulu he had no idea what her boundaries were, since he hadn't the foggiest idea what her problem with him was, and she had simply avoided him for the Edelfrak's journey. He had no way of knowing if his comment was over the line before he made it, though the flat glare she was giving him made it very clear, very fast. He was about to apologize when Almidi started speaking rapidly, a well deserved reprimand to both of them, and he didn't look apologetic, he knew that, but he nodded quietly.

He was about to agree with Almidi, apologize to Zulu explain it away as stress and an unfortunate unfamiliarity with her foibles, when she started talking. "Wonderful idea Almidi, but one thing first." He knew he wasn't in any sort of good position at the moment, so he actually listened without cutting her off with his apology. This also gave him more time to work on it, since what his mind was coming up with on the fly sounded just the littlest bit condescending.

"Hey Arkin, want a present?" Every cell in his brain fired a danger signal at the exact same time as she smiled, he tried to take a step backward, a bad move since, when her fist connected to his face he was slightly off balance and he went down like a sack of bricks. Her punch had most of her not inconsiderable mass behind it, and he stared blearily at the ceiling for a moment. It was solid interlocking metal plates, must have cost a fortune.

He heard Kisara's voice as if through a tunnel, saying, "Magda, come hold this down fo me!" and then, with much greater clarity, "Nine check if Arkin is still conscius!"

He sat up, there was no need for this situation to spiral any more out of control than it was. "-This is neither the time, nor the place to be acting up!"

"I couldn't agree more, Commander," he said as he got to his feet, resisting the urge to check if he was bleeding. His face wasn't particularly warm, and he didn't feel any wetness, therefore he didn't need to give Zulu the satisfaction of a quick check for permanent injury.

"I'd say we're about even now, but I'll still apologize for my comment, it was out of line." His face was fairly expressionless, the sort of face that it was entirely open to interpretation whether he was aware of the delicate position he'd put Zulu in, having to have her apologize to save face and get them on even footing, or stick with her original actions and seem an untrustworthy hothead. Were an outside observer to see the situation, they would say that his blankly open expression and unwavering eye contact with the Rattus Sapien were just as threatening as her glare from a moment before.

((OOC: Hope that was okay with all involved?
And refox_14- it really depends on the other player as to whether or not having the punch hit was godmodding or not. I'm chill with it, but I would highly recommend PMing the player of the character in question before something like that, in case they have another storyline going, or really don't think their character would get hit.))

29th Jun 2010, 7:25 AM
((Furrpanda- thanks for the tip! I'm glad that was alright, because I was a bit worried. Naughty Zulu! XD))

Zulu had just been about to ask Arkin, in a sarcastic tone, if he was alright, when she was suddenly yanked down to the floor.

"Thats enough officer!"

"Magda, come hold this down for me!"

"Nine check if Arkin is still conscius!"

"-This is neither the time, nor the place to be acting up!"

Zulu gritted her teeth, and stayed in the awkward position. A few choice swears rattled through her head at that moment, and she made a mental note to use some of them at a later time. Her whiskers twitched in amusement at Arkin, and she blinked to attempt and wipe the look out of her eyes.

"I couldn't agree more, Commander,"

"I'd say we're about even now, but I'll still apologize for my comment, it was out of line."

Zulu's whiskers twitched, and her tail kept its self coiled around her feet. Not until your heads on a stake, pretty-boy.

((NKP1994- Perfectly fine on my part!))

29th Jun 2010, 2:52 PM
One more day to get votes in. I have received four of the six that are on the active list, and and the next scenario will be able to be put up by 6PM GMT-5 on Wednesday.

29th Jun 2010, 4:41 PM
Nine used to like fights. At the bar, the fights used to be over her. Now a days, she wasn't too keen on them. It was a difficult situation as it was, without crew member disagreements.
"Oh my gosh! Arkin are you alright?" Nine moved towards him but then, remembering Zulu's comment about them, she stopped. She did however give Zulu a glare, and simple folded her arms. "Well, it guess that is a plan, Almidi. I'm glad people are starting to take charge. Everyone is starting to fall into place. I may be talking too early, but I'm feeling more optimistic about this situation."
Nine gave a weak smile to everyone around her, then fell silent.

30th Jun 2010, 10:48 PM
((The result of the voting is in, and i will be posting it as an order from Kisara))

Kisara was still holding Zulu down. She did'nt give mutch for Nine's attempt to lighten the mood.
"Now i want everyone to listen and follow orders: We have to send someone through the teleporter, to the other side of the door. One of the guards..." Kisara looked in Magda's direction, hoping that the head of security would have a person in mind. "Arkin will you be in charge of blocking the ventilation-shaft? ... And Nine" She couldn't help but sending a vague smile to the always positive girl. "Will you help him? Almidi, you come with me. And you to!" Kisara pulled in Zulu's arms, and then lood go. She then started walking towards the transporter.

((OOC: I hope this makes it clear to everyone, what we are going to do.
I will be leaving for summer holidays tomorrow, and i will be gone for about 19 days. I don't know about my internet access so it is possible that i will be inactive in that time. I hope you are able to continue without me :) ))

1st Jul 2010, 3:29 AM
Loose in the Corridors

After Kisara gave her orders, the crew went to their appointed tasks. It was a matter of moments for Arkin, Nine, and a number of other able bodied people to set up a dense barricade of interwoven gurneys in front of the shaft and around it until the entire thing seemed like a tall, vaguely half circular mess. Arkin and an engineer both agreed that it should be sufficient given the observed properties of the gas, and reasonable pressure estimates.

Meanwhile, Kisara, Almidi, Zulu, Magda and several guards and engineers approached the transporter, and got the machine to hum to life fairly quickly. There was a short argument as to who should go through, someone who could defend themselves if there was a problem, or someone who could likely get through the door, and finally a low level engineer admitted to some knowledge of breaking and entering, and unarmed combat certifications.

The engineer, a human named Travis was successfully beamed to within three feet of the door. He observed the corridor for several minutes before beginning to decipher the code to open the electronic lock on the door, which left the already impatient and stressed crew members rather annoyed. He observed that to the right of the door when his back was to the hold, the corridor went along for approximately ten meters before forking in two directions. On the wall were three doors, one set of double doors which had an indistinct noise coming from it, one that appeared similar to a Confederation turbo-lift, and one with another security lock. To the left of the door to the hold was another five meters of corridor before a set of double doors closed the corridor. The floor was carpeted, the walls of the same smooth material as the walls of the hold, and there was a small ventilation shaft between two of the doors.

His initial observations revealing no imminent threat, he opened the door without setting off any obvious alarms. Others stepped out.

Game Notes
-This is not a safe time, and there are any number of things which could draw attention to the crew of the Edelfrak or other unpleasant things
-This situation will be played until July 14,2010, or until a change in situation forces itself, or until at least three players wish to move on sooner.
-The rest of the crew will be following along with the PCs, and be aware that they can crowd up corridors unless asked to stay behind, though such an order might make them more upset.

1st Jul 2010, 5:07 PM
((Oooh boy, this is gonna get tough soon, isn't it? Also, I may drop off the grid on and around July tenth, as my father leaves for Korea then.))

5th Jul 2010, 10:02 PM
While he was setting up the barricade near the ventilation shaft- cutting off that means of escape, a treacherous inner voice said- he pondered what could possibly have caused Zulu's outburst. His insult had been carefully crafted to match her past, yes, but compared to the harm she might have been doing to herself by annoying him, it was not worth it. She knew as well as he did that he could claim she was medically unfit, make her unable to work in any Confederation outpost or ship. She knew that even if his personal ethics kept him from abusing his power as chief medical officer, he could even mention the incident in his log and have someone else do it.

So why? Why would she have risked so much, and, if that was a normal behavior, why would she have ever gotten on board a star ship? There were plenty of talented engineers, and he'd never met one quite so... insane.

Once they finished with the fairly simple, though rather awkward and heavy task of moving the gurneys and blankets to cover the ventilation shaft, he, the engineer who had figured out the pressure differentials, and a few younger recruits who had helped with the heavy lifting wandered over to where the others were working on the transporter.

Or had finished working on the transporter. Dang, Confederation engineers were good. Which didn't shed any light on what was going on with Zulu. They had more than twenty not-crazy engineers who were likely just as good if not better than she was. So why was she here? Or was it just him that she had a problem with? Why? He wasn't the easiest person to like, but he definitely didn't go out of his way very often to be hard to get along with, at least on a strictly cordial basis.

He hung back from the transporter while the engineers, security and command argued about who to send. He didn't like being quite so rattled by a simple punch in the face, and he was thinking that his face might be swelling, though he hadn't had an opportunity to check, and if he wasn't in any immediate danger from it, he would rather have a far worse injury than explain to his underlings how he'd gotten this one. Modesty was not one of his flaws.

They finally managed to come to an agreement, and when the engineer stepped onto the transporter pad and started dissolving, Arkin knew he wasn't the only one half holding his breath in anticipation, did the transporter work, was there more security than they'd thought, what was going on?

The engineer was gone for a few minutes and Arkin too the opportunity to look for Myrna. He finally found her lurking by the door, and she told him, with barely repressed fury, to leave her alone. He took that as they were no longer together, which was a bit of a relief, he wouldn't have to think twice about her anymore, though it also meant that it would be difficult to find another partner for the flight home. He'd deal with that when he came to it, he supposed.

The door finally opened into the hall and Travis made his report. Arkin didn't want to be the first one out, but a quick glance to confirm the report that the hall was clear was enough to have him look at Kisara and wonder out loud, "What now?"

((OOC: Just trying to get things moving again))

7th Jul 2010, 4:11 AM
While Arkin and some of the others covered the ventilation shaft, Zulu was admiring the transporter, and fixing a few mistakes here and there. Silently she was kicking her self for punching a commanding officer in the face, who could possibly have her deemed not healthy enough to work on any space craft, or have her rank striped and booted out of the Confederation. When the sounds of foot steps came closer, Zulu made her self scarce by helping another engineer lug a box out of the room.

The rat woman waited nervously as the officer slowly dissolved, not being able to think of any thing witty or insulting to say really.

When Travis made his report, Zulu simply waited for any other commanding officer to say something. Maybe after some one said something, she'd have something insulting to say.

"What now?"

"Easy. We get the hell out of here, find some weapons, and get back to Edelfrak. If I may speak, commander" Zulu said, a slightly salivated edge to her voice as she spoke to both Arkin and Kisara.

((Oooh, long post! :rolleyes: ))

12th Jul 2010, 5:18 PM
Almidi was nothing short of shocked by the scene between Zulu and Arkin. On the way to the transporter, she tried to figure out what Zulu was thinking by striking a superior officer, but was unable to come up with anything that made sense.

At the transporter, there was little for Almidi to do, so she replayed the altercation in her mind; wondering whether the cause was as it appeared on the surface or if there was more to the obvious disdain between the two than she was aware. In the end, she wasn’t able to come to a conclusion either way, and although she was curious, she was fully aware that as long as their behavior didn’t endanger anyone else, their reasons really weren’t any of her business.

Once the transporter was repaired and it was settled as to who would be sent through, Almidi quickly went back to the door and reclaimed the scanner from the guard. She watched with bated breath as the dot blinked on the screen and the engineer made his investigation. As they waited for the door to open, fears coursed through her mind. Had their actions been noticed… were their captors converging upon them… did the hallway have unpleasant security features… had her suggestion sent a man to his death?

At long last the door was opened, and Travis made his report. Like Arkin, Almidi took a brief glance into the hallway. She was a little disconcerted to see carpeting in the hallway. Such expenses were typically reserved senior officers’ quarters not mere hallways outside cargo holds. Who are these people, she silently mused.

“What now?” Arkin asked. To which Zulu replied with an edge in her voice, "Easy. We get the hell out of here, find some weapons, and get back to Edelfrak. If I may speak, commander."

“I agree with Zulu to an extent,” Almidi said. “Getting back to the Edelfrak is the first priority; however, having witnessed this ship’s weapons capabilities and given its obvious teleporting capabilities, we will not be able to escape while those systems are operational…” She paused briefly, not really like any of the options that were going through her mind. With a small sigh she continued, "Unfortunately, I can think of only two ways in which we may be able to successfully escape, and both are highly dangerous.”

“Option 1: We get back to the Edelfrak where almost everyone stays, especially the ambassadors who-” though not quite what she wanted to say, she was aware that several others were listening so after an almost unnoticeable pause, she said, “need to be protected. While the crew works to repair any critical damage done to the Edelfrak, we send out small teams to sabotage this ship. It would be preferable if we could take out everything but life-support, but at the bare minimum we must disable their weapons, transporters, and tractor beams. We may be able to use our scanners and transporters to send the teams precisely where they need to be, and then pull them back out...”

“Option 2 is even riskier. We get back to the Edelfrak, and using our scanners and transporters, we locate this ship’s bridge and beam in a fairly large team who will then attempt to take over the ship. If we are able to take the bridge, we could then flood the ship with that knock-out gas.”

“I understand that with either option, if even one thing goes wrong, our people could die… However, these people have already proven that our lives mean little to them. How many have they already killed in their attack? If we do nothing, I do not believe we have much chance for survival. On the other hand, if all goes well, we may even be able to rescue the Captain,” Almidi added. He was a good man and a good captain; she didn’t like the idea of just abandoning him to his fate.

“As for the task of getting to the Edelfrak, I suggest we take an inventory of all that we have available. Since Zulu so expertly modified this data pad, perhaps any more pads that we have should be similarly modified. Though the range is not very wide, having more than one scanner strategically dispersed amongst the crew will enable us to know if anyone is approaching. They could also be used to check if there is anyone behind any doors before we open them. I admit that it may not go far toward helping us, but at least we will not be taken by surprise… Whatever is decided, we must move quickly.”
((OOC - I apologize both for my absence and my novella here. My muse first abandoned me, and then took over... :blink: ))

19th Jul 2010, 10:45 PM
Arkin did prefer to stay in the background when he could, but after Travis had reported on the situation, and no one had spoken, he'd decided that since he was a senior officer, he might as well act like one.

Or at least try to fake it. Very few senior officers who actually commanded an entire ship would speak so... casually, especially in a situation like this.

Then again, there was saying absolutely nothing like he'd done, or saying the dramatically, and worthlessly obvious like Zulu decided to. "Easy. We get the hell out of here, find some weapons, and get back to Edelfrak." Of course, he really wasn't going to start getting judgemental about it, especially since no one else seemed inclined to speak up, and she was being civilized, for once, about it. "If I may speak, commander"

Or not. He gave her a distracted nod, as if he were giving her retroactive permission to speak, and waited for something slightly more cogent to come from someone, or for Kisara to give orders.

The former happened first, with Almidi outlining two plans, both contingent on returning to the Edelfrak. She didn't look too happy with either of them, and he was about to ask how she proposed they find the Edelfrak in a ship eight times their vessel's size. There was a lot of very dangerous ground to cover, unless they were to get lucky.

“As for the task of getting to the Edelfrak, I suggest we take an inventory of all that we have available. Since Zulu so expertly modified this data pad, perhaps any more pads that we have should be similarly modified. Though the range is not very wide, having more than one scanner strategically dispersed amongst the crew will enable us to know if anyone is approaching. They could also be used to check if there is anyone behind any doors before we open them. I admit that it may not go far toward helping us, but at least we will not be taken by surprise… Whatever is decided, we must move quickly.”

Arkin nodded, more to himself than to Almidi. It seemed like a prudent first step, to have some awareness of what was going on around them, and he supposed that there could be a couple data pads floating around, after all, he'd happened to be holding a very useful medkit, and Almidi had been holding an equally useful data pad. Surely there were still some things around...

"Just speculating here, but won't we, with scanners that can only go thirty meters or so away from us, still be about as blind as if we just went by eyesight? Do you think there's any way of using the ship's sensors, or getting more power out of the pads?"

((OOC: Sorry for the wait, I've been dealing with stuff IRL))

20th Jul 2010, 2:10 PM
Zulu listened to Almidi's plan, but her face clearly showed she wasn't interested in the least.

"Just speculating here, but won't we, with scanners that can only go thirty meters or so away from us, still be about as blind as if we just went by eyesight? Do you think there's any way of using the ship's sensors, or getting more power out of the pads?"

"Oh sure, we could get more power out of them, but they'd over load in a few seconds." Zulu said, her tail twitching nervously, one of the only signs of how nervous she really was. They were in a ship almost twice the size of the Edelfrak, she guessed, and who knew what weapons they had. She suddenly wished she'd picked up that book on the latest weapons and ship scanners the last time she'd had shore leave at that market.

20th Jul 2010, 8:39 PM
After getting out of the hold, Kisara was shocked to find out, that she had no plan of what to do next. She had always been good at thinking up stuff, but now - Nothing. She started pondering and didn't really listen to her surroundings.
Zulu's tone of voice brought her to attention, "...If I may speak, commander" Kisara was starting to get pretty angry at the rebellious engineer and she was about to tell her to "Shut it if she didn't want to get stripped of her ranks at the spot", When Almidi suddenly spoke.
When the Kinthran, in her first words, stated an agreement with Zulu Kisara was surprised. But she quickly understood where Almidi was going. The Kinthran's calm overview helped her own brain back on track. Of course they had to get back to the Edelfrak, and fast, to secure the lifes of the civilians in their group. The question was how?

Kisara Listened carefully to the following conversation, while her brain was running at full speed. Making more scanners didn't seem to be verry usefull.
"Oh sure, we could get more power out of them, but they'd over load in a few seconds." Again, Zulu's tone snapped Kisara out of her thoughts. She silently counted to three, afterall Zulu had just awnsered Arkins question, before she took the word:
"As you have all stadet, getting back to the Edelfrak is essential. The problem is that we have no idea were to find it! Since we don't know what we're up against, I would prefer not to split up." She took a break and looked around on the asembeled. A lot of them looked scared. The chance of a panic attack breaking out was very high at the moment. She had to find a way of showing these people that she was in contole - even if it wasn't the case. "Does ennyone recognize this type of ship?" The question was mainly pointed at the engineers. But Kisara wasn't very optimistic about the answer, it looked to be a special build of some kind. She sighed. Right now, no one was save, and they were all here responsibility.

She looked at Arkin wandering what he was thinking. For the first time in her life, Kisara actually wanted his advice. He seemed to be calm, and afterall he was a senior officer. Very slowly and quietly she asked: "Arkin, what do you think our best chance would be? With all these civilians we need to find a save spot... But how?"

23rd Jul 2010, 5:14 PM
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23rd Jul 2010, 8:26 PM
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26th Jul 2010, 6:44 PM
"Just speculating here, but won't we, with scanners that can only go thirty meters or so away from us, still be about as blind as if we just went by eyesight? Do you think there's any way of using the ship's sensors, or getting more power out of the pads?"

While Zulu answered Arkin’s second question, Almidi pondered on the first as she listened to Kisara. "Arkin, what do you think our best chance would be? With all these civilians we need to find a save spot... But how?"

While the question had not been directed at her, Arkin had given Almidi an idea that she felt might help. “If I may, Commander... I would be apprehensive to attempt to tap into this ship’s sensors, for it would be unlikely that a computer terminal in a cargo area would have unrestricted access to such higher systems. However, if we can locate a terminal in one of these rooms,” she said, indicating the nearby doors, “using the sensors may not be necessary. Such a terminal would most likely have unrestricted access to lower functions, such as the crew roster and schedules, and perhaps most importantly, cargo manifests and the ship’s schematic.”

“With such information, we would have a better idea of who we are up against, and it is plausible that we could easily locate the Edelfrak. Of course, getting there could still be problematic. If the cargo bay is nearby, we may be able to risk walking to it. However, if it is in another part of the ship, we may need to risk using the transporter once again. We could perhaps send a small team to the Edelfrak, and they could then use our transporters to beam the rest of us to relative safety.”

27th Jul 2010, 1:38 AM
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29th Jul 2010, 3:41 PM
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1st Aug 2010, 9:23 PM
"Oh sure, we could get more power out of them, but they'd over load in a few seconds." was Zulu's surprisingly civilized answer to his- admittedly- not quite so polite phrasing. The simple fact was though, that they couldn't wander around on a ship that was eight times larger than the Edelfrak, and probably hostile, if Almidi's data pad had been accurate, and if this species and most confederate species had the same ideas about what abducting and drugging people meant.

Kisara's voice cut through the quiet babble of the civilians and underlings, and Arkin carefully composed his features to be paying rapt attention to his commanding officer. Calm, that was what was important, and regardless of what he felt, he could put on a brave face for the civilians. The sentiment was so uncharacteristically noble he felt slightly ill, and resolved, the next time he was on shore leave, to find a whorehouse and stay there.

"As you have all stadet, getting back to the Edelfrak is essential. The problem is that we have no idea were to find it!"
"Hostile situations 101: state the problem." Arkin thought uncharitably, his face not betraying his thoughts.

Ah, finally, an actual order. "Since we don't know what we're up against, I would prefer not to split up." Bit less direct than Arkin liked, but he could deal with that, and the Edelfrak was a ship that ran itself pretty casually, with a sense of humor. Doubt wasn't a great thing to be projecting now, but... it was aceptable.

"Does ennyone recognize this type of ship?" He took a quick glance around, pretending, like he assumed everyone else was, that he didn't notice Kisara's sigh of frustration. It looked like a slap dash affair, the outer hallway was carpeted, which he figured meant that the cargo hold had been cobbled onto a living area, or something. He wasn't sure if that was even possible, but well, what did he know about ship mechanics?

Much quieter, and he actually stepped away from his own thoughts when he heard his name- "Arkin, what do you think our best chance would be? With all these civilians we need to find a save spot... But how?"

She was asking him? Why on earth or any spaceworthy vessel would Kisara ask his opinion? He was on perfectly good terms with the captain, but he avoided the first officer like the plague. Way too uptight and a general air of dislike and... weird. Especially since this was as far from his area of expertise as one could get.

Luckily, Almidi answered for him, outlining a fairly reasonable plan to hijack their way into the computers. He pitched his voice to only be speaking to Kisara and Almidi, he didn't want too many people thinking he knew what he was doing, even if he also wanted to make sure that no one thought he didn't know what was going on.

"I know it probably isn't safest to split up, but I almost think we should leave the civilians here. If they are monitoring the cargo hold, then they'll see bio-signs, and the fewer people that are travelling, the fewer there are to panic."

He took a quick glance around, knowing that he of all people should stay with the civilians, help further with those recovering from the knockout gas... but, the party going out would likely need a medic, right? He wasn't being selfish, trying to stay in the thick of things when he continued. "But we can decide that after we find a computer."

He glanced around for a second, just moving his eyes, to see if it would be appropriate to take command at the moment. It didn't seem any less appropriate than usual, so he continued, "How long are those scanners going to take?" as if that was the determined course of action.

3rd Aug 2010, 3:53 PM
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3rd Aug 2010, 10:09 PM
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Name: Silvius Dantius
Age: 18
Position: New Recruit
Species: Human
Bio: Joining the Confederation Infantry at the age of 16, Silvius was assigned as a new recruit aboard the Edelfrak upon the turning of his 18th birthday. Coming from a rich family, Silvius has always felt thankful yet wary of the Confederation even though his parents and brother were high ranking officials.
Silvius was home educated with his elde brother of two years. His brother being the favoured due to his willingness to join the Confederate Army, Silvius always remained in the shadows.
After his brother was killed in action, the power and glare of his parents shifted to Silvius who felt a little pressurised. Having always been an avid scholar, Silvius was forced into the army at his parent's hands.
He hopes to serve for long enough to make his brother and parents proud yet also so he can leave and purusue a career in writing.

Physical description: A tall young man at 6'1 and musuclar with it due to both his Infantry training and early pursuit of swimming from the age of 4. He has a bald head and a calm faced. Not at all an experienced soldier, the taking of the Edlefrak will test him mentally and physically and either make him or break him. He has young eyes common in new recruits but is eager to test himself, and will do whatever possible to prove himself to his family and companions he is with.

6th Aug 2010, 3:55 AM
If anyone has issues with the pacing of the roleplay, or wishes to move things forward, shake things up, or otherwise deviate from the established storyline, it's fine. But mention it to me first, since I have done my homework. I (FurryPanda, Arkin is as in the dark as you all are) know every defense, and the location of every trap, weapon, crewman, computer and what-have-you on the Nerot. I can and will modify it if someone has a good idea, or any idea at all, but please do not alter the setting without clearing it with me first. If you just want something to happen, then, by all means, put up in the thread that you would like the situation to change. I count how many people want to move on, and I have stopped keeping track of the dates since the RP has gone glacial. If you want me to start mentioning them again... say so.

My job as a game master, forum based RP or real life RP, is to make the game fun for you guys. If I can change something or do something to make the game more enjoyable, without losing the character of the universe, I will probably do so. I am not psychic, and I do not know you guys at all, so I cannot guess what you want out of a roleplay. Tell me, and I will do my very best to make it happen.

7th Aug 2010, 12:42 PM
(( Welcome Sunglasses93, i'm looking forward to you'r first post :) ))

Kisara was getting very fond of Almidi. She wondered why she hadn't noticed, her on the bridge of the Edelfrak. As a Kinthran her mind was logikal and fast. The perfect person to have with you in a siduation like this.
Almidi's suggestion was perfect: Find a computer terminal and use it to locate the Edelfrak, it was simple and doable.

When Arkin startet talking, Kisara had already fogotten that he was the one she had asked in the first place. That wouldn't happen again - she sad to herself.
"I know it probably isn't safest to split up, but I almost think we should leave the civilians here. If they are monitoring the cargo hold, then they'll see bio-signs, and the fewer people that are travelling, the fewer there are to panic."
He was right, even if it made her restless, leaving the diplomats behind.
Kisara felt a sting of anger, when Arkin continued:But we can decide that after we find a computer... How long are those scanners going to take?"

Her question had not been a plea for him to take the command. She quietly calmed herself. This was a serious siduation. She couldn't let her temper take over.
Instet she took back her possition by saying: "As soon as they are done, a small group will search, while all civilians and the rest of the crew stay her!"

((Sorry - i know it's not very good, but i can't seem to find inspiration at the moment. I hope it's ok with evryone... ))

7th Aug 2010, 9:39 PM
Zulu made a note to laugh later, at Arkin And Kisara's little fight for command.

"How long are those scanners going to take?"

"A while." Zulu snapped. "Even as much as I hate it, I'm going to agree with Arkin. The fewer Xanths running in the corridors, the better." Zulu's whiskers twitched, and it felt weird to use her native language.

((I'd translate what Zulu said, but I'm gonna keep her cursing to a minimal. :rofl: ))

9th Aug 2010, 7:11 PM
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11th Aug 2010, 9:59 PM
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11th Aug 2010, 10:13 PM
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12th Aug 2010, 11:42 AM
Name: Ailin Beld’rath

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen

Position: Junior Mechanical Engineer/ Apprentice Medic

Species: Siliwain.

Silinwyon is an ice-covered planet, situated as far from its sun as its gravitational draw allows. The Siliwain survive, along with several other resilient (and as far as the Siliwain are concerned, rather delicious) species of animal, by their bodies creating a form of natural ‘antifreeze’, that prevents their blood from freezing solid in their veins. Social status is based largely on strength, endurance and athletic and hunting ability, and children of the Siliwain race are brought up in peak physical condition.

The Siliwain appears as a fairly primitive civilization; living in stone huts and caves on the planet’s surface. In appearance, they are largely humanoid, although standing on average about half a foot taller; the most obvious differences being their skin colour – which varies from a pale, silver-blue to a pastel yellow – and the colour of their hair, which ranges across the winter colour palette from silvery-white to a deep brown. The Siliwain are also far more resilient than the human race, and able to stand far lower temperatures, although they also tend to suffer more in hot weather.

Bio: Ailin was born on Silinwyon, and, despite being highly regarded for her physical ability, even at a young age found herself bored with the Siliwain society, and the tediousness of her lifestyle. So she practically rejoiced when a merchant from earth crash-landed on Silinwyon. Having gained a few skills in basic mechanical engineering from the pilot, in her usual reckless manner, she hitched a lift back to Earth. Despite the fact the she was, in truth, only ten, because of her evidently hugely capable mental ability, she managed to win a place at one of the top Earth universities for mechanics and after five years of training gained the necessary qualifications to become a ship’s onboard junior mechanic, and signed up to be part of a ship’s crew at the first opportunity she was given. Once part of a crew, however, she developed a fascination with the work of the medical officers she worked alongside, and, under the instruction of the various ship’s doctors she worked with, began her medical training.

In combat, Ailin’s strong preference lies with hand-to-hand; having never had any proper attack training, aside from hunting, her fighting lacks any real method or style, but it proves to be lethally effective, even in some of the most difficult situations.
One of Ailin’s most memorable traits is almost certainly her sudden mood swings. Nobody really knows their cause; she’s been experiencing them for far too long for them to be triggered by hormones - but they manage to make her appear hugely confusing, even to the people who know her well.

Her actions often appear random, somewhat senseless and occasionally stupid, although there is truth in the saying “there is method in madness” – the ends will almost certainly justify the means to most ‘stunts’ she pulls. Her loyalty is selective; she has a curious tendency to occasionally ‘forget’ orders she deems unnecessary, which therefore makes her somewhat unpopular with some of her bossier superiors. Tact is definitely not her strong point.

She is a recent addition to the crew of the Edelfrak. In other people, she naturally admires physical aptness, although she also appreciates people with a sense of humour. Although rather lacking in wit, she can at times be quite persuasive, largely because of her ability to irritate the sanity out of practically anybody she chooses. Never one to shy away from combat, she relishes the promise of a fight. She also has a somewhat macabre sense of humour.

Appearance: In human terms, Ailin is tall; around 6’3”. Her skin is a light shade of baby blue, and her long, straight, silver-white hair reaches to her hair when loose, although it is usually put in a twist to the side of her head, held in place with whatever she happens to have with her at the time; usually a pen or a screwdriver. In terms of facial features, she has a youthful appearance- unsurprisingly, as at only sixteen, she is still a remarkably young member of the crew. She has large, deep green eyes and a relatively pointed nose on a rounded face, which gives her an unusual but still attractive appearance.

For her, there is little left worth returning to on Earth, or on any other planet.

Open to storylines/connections!

12th Aug 2010, 7:51 PM
((Welcome to the RP TheAppleNinja! Its great to see newer faces around here!))

13th Aug 2010, 3:35 PM
Nine had been trained from a very young age to be brave, quick thinking, precise and how to, ultimately, be the perfect soldier. She also, through teaching herself, had learnt to sing, dance and overall entertain and be, well, ‘girly’. Ponytails, makeup and dresses combined with two older brothers, a well-trained father and natural talent for the life of a space explorer or guard. Of course, it runs through her blood. She had to reach her father’s expectations eventually.
Absent-mindedly, Nine’s slim, long fingers touched her scar, something makeup could never hide, that ran down the left of her face, starting just above her left eye. After all, everyone made mistakes.
And now she was here, almost forced to listen to the debates and reasoning of Kisara, Almidi and Arkin, though she didn’t catch every word they were saying, and soon she was completely lost with what was happening. Nine separated slightly from the group and sat down on the floor and gentle closed her eyes. If they needed her, which she doubted would be any time soon, she would be ready and alert. Right now, Nine wanted to just be with the safe thoughts of home.


((OOC: Hey to our new RPers, Sunglasses93 and TheAppleNinja. :) I wanted Nine to be aproachable for everyone, she won't bite don't worry. Fell free for your characters to engage with her. :P ))

13th Aug 2010, 4:42 PM

Ailin rubbed her eyes to try and shift the fuzzy haze that was clouding her vision. How long had she been out? Longer than the rest of the crew, evidently; a few familiar people were wandering round, and by an open door she could see a cluster of people, among them, she recognised Arkin, the medical officer - here she made a mental note to approach him at a later time, maybe for some training - and one of the women she could identify as Kisara, the first officer. Slowly, she unfolded her legs and stood up, wincing as a few of her joints clicked.

Questions buzzed in her mind. Why had she been lying in the- wait, where was she anyway? She looked around, taking in the scene in front of her. She appeared to be in some sort of... cargo hold. But... how?

She probed back through her memories, hoping for some recollection of how she had ended up here. She remembered... yes, she had been tinkering with some sort of old music player she'd acquired at some time or other, when the piercing wail of the alarm had cut through the ship, sending her sprinting down the corridor to offer help against whatever was going on. And then... the ground had leapt up to greet her face. And somebody turned the lights off... or maybe she just passed out. After that, there was little, aside from some shadowy memories she wasn't sure were just dreams, of being untied, and something- someone- administering... medicine? An antidote?

Ailin took a cautious step forward, misjudged herself entirely and staggered against the wall. Whoa, Ailin, take it easy, she told herself. Whatever they used to knock you out has really messed you up.

So what now? This was evidently not the Edelfrak, so the best thing to do would be try and find out what was going on, and try to help get everyone off and back to safety. Yes, a plan!
The formulation of some sort of strategy, even a vague one, and her sudden burst of determination quickly boosted her mood again. Gathering herself together, she moved across the floor and towards the doorway, stopping when she saw a woman sitting on the floor a little way from the cluster of people. She had dark hair and a fringe, and Ailin recognised her vaguely as being someone from security, someone who she'd never really talked to much.
Maybe she was hurt? Maybe the knock out gas was still affecting her? It was the least she could do to make sure she was all right.

Ailin sat down on the floor beside the girl.
"Hi," she said brightly. "Are you okay?"

((OOC: Hello everyone! I've been reading some of the previous posts, and I have to say this RP is awesome!
Oh, and I hope its clear the the woman is Nine.... hope that's alright?))

13th Aug 2010, 5:00 PM
Nine was startled by Ailin's approach. Nine had just started to dream of her brothers, her father as well. Of their home and how it felt, the safety... It had actually helped clear her brain a bit and managed to make her feel less anxious. She looked up at the girl, young. Pretty. She vaguely remembered her as Ailin, though they had never really spoken, Nine knew just about everything and everyone on the ship.
"Wow, kid, you gave me a scare. Yeah, I'm fine. Just resting my eyes. Have you just woken up from being knocked out?" Nine looked at the girl with interest, but Nine's voice also showed concern. "If so, maybe Arkin should have a look at you." She quickly looked to make sure Arkin was close by and hadn't suddenly upped-and-left. Nine carefully and gracefully got up, her hand momentary rested on her emergency dagger rested near her waist. The anxious feeling was slowly creeping up on her again.

(OOC: Yeah that's fine. Sorry for the short post, but lack of inspiration but it should get the conversation and action starting. :) Hope that is alright with everyone. ))

14th Aug 2010, 12:47 PM
At Ailin's greeting, the woman broke from her reverie and turned to her.
"Wow, kid, you gave me a scare. Yeah, I'm fine. Just resting my eyes. Have you just woken up from being knocked out? If so, maybe Arkin should have a look at you."

Ailin responded to this with a shrug and a smile.

"Hey, don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

She sprang to her feet as her companion rose, blinking as her vision swam slightly. The girl seemed tense - Ailin noticed her hand rest briefly on the dagger in her belt.
Ailin never carried weapons; they always ended up irritating her and hindering her fighting.

Now she remembered-

"Nine, isn't it?" she asked. "So I guess I'm not the first person to ask you this, but do you have any idea what's going on?"

15th Aug 2010, 6:34 AM
Zulu touched the bridge of her nose with two fingers, pinching slightly as she grew more agitated. They were getting no where. And people were waking up faster now, meaning more people to calm down. The rat-woman swore under her breath, closing her eyes as her brain attempted to process it all. Absently she reminded her self to find a dagger of some sort, as her hair was becoming extremely annoying. Her tail was coiled behind her legs, the tip twitching at times.

"How about we all shut the hell up, and some one comes up with a worth while plan!"

Zulu spoke angrily, her voice filled with venom. Her whiskers were twitching faster then normal, and her feet were gripping the ground. She suddenly wished that Arkin was standing closer, and she could sock him again.

26th Aug 2010, 11:59 AM
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28th Aug 2010, 8:44 PM
Name: Kin 'Gstripe
Age: 421
Position: Scientist/ Weapon inventor
Species: Sangheli, a race of reptiles that love war, home planet of Sanghelios
Sanghelios is a nice, warm tropical planet that most humans would think is Heaven on Ear... well not exactly "on Earth" but heaven anyway.
Bio: Hated by his culture because of his... erm... physical augmentation experiments on small children (adding animal hormones to upgrade strength, etc.) he was banished from his home and wants to start a new life.
Anything else you'd like to include: Has a deep voice, often growls when trying to scare off danger.
Picture or physical description: URL below

Stands at about 7 feet tall, even with the hunched back.

28th Aug 2010, 9:01 PM
Suddenly, a crash woke up Kin.
He hit the emergency exit button on his thermo-sleep chamber, and a hatch opened below him. He walked around in his new surroundings, and found that he... was in a hall. "Well," he said to himself, "I might as well find someone else."
He checked the sleep-time on his capsule, "Four hundred years? good thing i was in thermo-sleep or i would be a shriveled up old geezer by now."

And with that, he walked down the hall, not knowing who... or what... lay ahead...


Was that ok? this my first time RPing on forums, please tell me if i need improvement.

1st Sep 2010, 5:36 AM
((Please excuse the large gap between my posts. I will not be posting for at least another week.))

10th Sep 2010, 12:13 AM
Almidi didn’t know what to make of the strain between Arkin and Kisara, and she was then rather surprised to hear Zulu agree with Arkin. For a moment Almidi hoped that perhaps Zulu was attempting to put the earlier altercation behind them. She also wondered what xanths were, but she guessed it was nothing nice and simply made a mental note to look it up when they were out of this mess.

Unfortunately, Zulu’s next rant dispelled that hope. "How about we all shut the hell up, and some one comes up with a worth while plan!" she snapped; clearly on edge.

While she may have appeared calm, Almidi was stressed and afraid, and this latest display of aggression pushed her to the point of losing her temper. She turned to Zulu and was about to lay into her with a tirade of her own, but she stopped herself short. Zulu had already proven unwilling to listen to calm reason, it was doubtful that the anger on the tip of Almidi's tongue would be well received, and they didn’t have time to deal with another violent outburst.

Thus, she clamped down on her words, took a deep breath to reign in her anger, and in a flat voice said, “I thought we were coming up with a plan… apparently I was wrong…" She paused for a moment and then with a slightly raised eyebrow continued, "I do believe you are right though. We have not all been contributing as much as we could.” Turning to Kisara, she returned to her normal tone as she said, “With your permission, I will begin making an inventory of what we have available to us.” Then she turned back to Zulu, and in the same flat voice said, “I will send any data pads to you as soon as I locate them."

With that she began to go amongst the crew and civilians, and asking what they had with them. She enlisted the assistance of a couple cadets who looked like they needed something to do to bring any data pads to Zulu. As she spoke with the others, she made a mental list that grouped the items into three categories: weapons, potentially useful, and no obvious use as of yet.

14th Sep 2010, 4:39 PM
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15th Sep 2010, 2:59 PM
Kisara Started rubbing her head, wishing that the captain had been there to help out. He was a wise man and had always been good at making fast decisions. One of the things she was worst at. She tendet to think things over to much... Damn this ****

When Zulu spoke again, Kisara stopped and clenched her fists. Silently counting to 10, not to punch the Rattus Sapien. Starting a fight would really be the absolut worst thing to do right now, she reminded her self.
However after reaching 10 she was still to angry to speak. Luckily Almidi took the word. - She had to promote that woman!

“I thought we were coming up with a plan… apparently I was wrong… I do believe you are right though. We have not all been contributing as much as we could.”
After that she turned to Kisara suggesting to make an inventory list - another perfect idea from the Kinthran...

Kisara Watched while Almidi started making her way through the crowd, asking everyone what they had on them and noting their answers, without having to write enything down.
It really was strange that there were so few Kinthrans in the Confederation fleet. Their minds where extraordinary - the perfect officer...

Just standing by watching like this was propably not the best signal to send. So Kisara Desided to start picking out a team for a potentiel investigation of the closest area. She was planning to go with them her self, so the biggest issue was: who to leave in charge...

((Sorry that it took me so long to answer, it's been a pretty stressfull week. Hopefully we will get on soon ;) ))

16th Sep 2010, 10:32 PM
Zulu listened with little interest in what Almidi had to say, and after she'd gone off to collect useful things, the Rattus Sapien walked over to one of the walls, and sat down with a data pad that had simply been lying there. Quietly fidgeting with it, Zulu's mind wandered, and soon she had her kness pulled up to her chest, and her head hiding in her hands.

21st Oct 2010, 2:17 PM
(( Hi everybody! OK The RP has been standing still for over a month now... It's really sad, cus I thought it was great fun!! Are people loosing interest?? It's just a wondering...
Furry What do you think. I just thought a comment was needed at this point. PLEASE LET'S CONTINUE!! :rolleyes: ))

22nd Oct 2010, 7:29 PM
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I haven't lost interest, its simply that no one else has posted..))

23rd Oct 2010, 1:29 AM
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Making her way through the crowd, Almidi kept a calm demeanor as she assured the others that they were coming up with a plan. Internally however, she was still seething at Zulu, and the more she tried to figure the her out, the more exasperated she became.

Almidi knew that Zulu was in the Confederation by choice as the Confederation didn’t conscript, and yet practically everything Zulu had said and done seemed to indicate the contrary. She found herself wondering if her behavior was typical of Rattus Sapiens. She knew a little about their culture, but apparently not enough, and she was now lamenting that lack of information.

If this is how they treat comrades, I would not want to see how they treat enemies, she thought as she glanced around the hold. It was then that she noticed Zulu with her face buried in her hands and, once again, she didn’t quite know what to think. If Zulu had been a Kinthran or human, then that posture would be indicative of a moment of despair or vulnerability. However, if was a Breodgin, it would mean that she was in a state of battle meditation and interrupting her would be highly ill advised. Meanwhile, if she had been a Shrivon… well she was pretty certain that Zulu wasn’t doing that…

Altering her course, Almidi considered the possibilities as she began working her way toward Zulu. If that posture had similar meanings for their species, then she was wondering how to approach. Though she rather doubted that anything she had said would have actually bothered Zulu, she was fairly certain that she wouldn’t want anyone to have noticed what could be perceived as a moment of weakness.

Though, she wanted to ask if Zulu wanted to talk about whatever was troubling her, she wasn’t going to take that route before gaining a feel for Zulu’s frame of mind. Also, while she was slightly concerned, she was careful not to show it lest Zulu view it as pity. Thus, Almidi kept her voice casual and courteous, and with a look of polite interest said, “I am sorry to bother you, but do you have anything in addition to your laser tool?”
((Here's hoping this helps get the ball rolling again. ))

24th Oct 2010, 1:08 PM
Name: Cyhn D'oll (pronounced s-i-n d-a-h-o-l)
Age: 21
Position: head of the natural scince department (speciallizes in eco science, reaseching new species, plants, planets etc)
Species: Half Neaurian half unknown
Bio/culture of species: Neaur is a small planet that is mostly dense rainforest, it's a very cultural and ancient planet that runs by it's own government and rules. Still controlled by the royal Neaurian family, the Neaurian people strictly believe in hierarchy and pure/non pure blood. They are usually a peaceful race but in order to keep the peace, everyone is separated into ranks according to their blood. The environment is very important to the people and some of the galaxies greatest natural scientists come from Neaur. Neaur is happy to have visitors but if they dare to halm the natural rainforests, animals or people the royal family won't think twice about a brutal punishment.
Bio: Cyhn was born into the Neaur royal family as the first daughter, this made her extremely valuable as the royal family hadn't given birth to a female in many years, it was a sign of good luck to be blessed with a daughter. However, when Cyhn turned 13 she formed large black feathered wings this was a sign that she was not of pure Neaurian blood. Soon after the shocking reveal the king found out that Cyhn's mother had an affair with a foreigner before Cyhn's birth. The queen of Neaur was destroyed that night and the princess was taken away. The king had no choice but to send away his only daughter as the laws of Neaur stated only pure bloods could be in the royal family and although he still loved his ‘daughter’ he had to obey the law. Cyhn was taken to a remote science facility on one of Neaur's many small moons where she grew up under the guidance of the scientists there. She learned all about natural science and quickly became a brilliant scientist however she lost all her emotion, concentrating only on her work and forgetting her family. When she turned 21, she was asked by her friend and mentor to leave the science lab and join the Edelfrak hopefully it would allow her regain her emotions and start to live a ‘fuller’ life then just spending every hour in the science lab. She reluctantly agreed to sign up as she figured that she could be a valuable asset and maybe meet someone like her.
Anything else you'd like to include: Cyhn often sounds depressed and hardly will ever smile let alone laugh. She’s very practical and responsible and will usually come across as very cold and emotionless (as she is.) she has a hard time making friends and tries to drown herself in her work rather than socialize however maybe there is someone out there that who will be able to break her emotional gates. She is very knowledgeable and often replies to people with facts rather then what she feels, hiding behind her knowledge is what helps her deal with her childhood trauma.
Picture or physical description: she has typical light purple Neaurian skin, Dark hair and silver eyes however she has foreign wings that come from an unknown race. She wears a tight black dress and heels most of the time except when working in the science lab. She is of tall and thin build with long limbs and narrow reptilian eyes. Because of her wings she can fly however she rarely does because she feels that it makes her even more of an outsider.
is applications still allowed? i notice that the thread is kinda in-active but maybe this might start it up again as it looks really good!
thanks- Falloutchild

3rd Nov 2010, 7:40 PM
((Falloutchild - I think your application is awesome! The thread is slightly inactive, but that doesn't mean you can't join! I think applications are still allowed, but its really up to FurryPanda. Wonderful picture, by the way.))

4th Nov 2010, 4:44 AM
((thanks, its too bad if the thread inactive... maybe a new one should be started?))

5th Nov 2010, 3:21 AM
((As near as I recall, Panda has said that applications will always be open, so welcome aboard Falloutchild. I’m going to be sending you and Refox a PM shortly.

Refox, I currently have Almidi waiting on a response from Zulu. She’s hoping to get Zulu to open up (or at the very least be rational), but if that has about a snowball’s chance in tartarus of happening, perhaps Cyhn could approach them before Zulu responds?))

6th Nov 2010, 8:36 AM
Cyhn D'oll

Before the attack:

Cyhn carefully observed the unkown specimen that had been given to her early that day. Her eyes skimmed accross the unusual patterns and markings while she took samples. As she filed a report on the new specimen, Cyhn felt a sudden chill in the air. It had been a long day of constant work, maybe a lack of sleep was the cause. Faintly yawning, Cyhn cleared the lab and hung up her coat, ready to head back to her dorm. As she reached for the lab key, she heared a loud bang somewhere on the ship. Cyhn had quick reflexes and istantly prepared herself for an attack. Her large black feathered wings opened into a defensive position. She probed the area before looking for the others. Just as Cyhn locked the door behind her, a strong unkown sent filled the air. Before she could do anything she blacked out... and was beamed to the Cargo hold.

After the attack:

Cyhn head was spining but with struggle she managed to open her eyes. A Neaurian was supposed to naturally fight off gas attacks but being a half breed must have changed her genetics. Cyhn still slightly in a daze, looked around. The cheif medical officer Arkin must had givven all of the crew some sort of antidote however he was gone. After a few dazed minutes, Cyhn regained complete concessness. She stood up and looked around with some fear (although she tried her best not to show it), Cyhn wasn't trained in fighting but she could handle a simple gun or knife, unfortuantly when she was nocked out she had no weapon.


After some quiet moments to herself, Cyhn decided it was best to ask what was going to happen. Keeping calm and collected, Cyhn turned towards Almidi as she felt most comfortable towards her. "Now that Arkin is gone and Kisara is in charge what's the plan?" As she said that, Cyhn noticed that she still had possetion of the lab key. If we can get out of hear and into the main of the ship we can get to the lab... its got high security and plenty of supplies. she thought to herself though she knew that getting out of here safe was hard enough and maing all the way to the science lab at this time would be almost impossiable. Cyhn waited for her orders.

((i hope this fits better now :D))

8th Nov 2010, 7:12 AM
((I think that fits quite well. One small thing though... I'm guessing you're thinking that Arkin is the captain, but he's not. The captain (who wasn't given a name) was taken away which left Kisara in charge, and Arkin is the Chief Medical Officer and is still in the hold with us.

I'm going to be working on a reply, and hope to have it up in the next day or two.

Refox, the way I see Fallout's post, the timing feels flexible. So, you can decide if Zulu responds before Cyhn's approach, or if she didn't have the chance. Heck, she could even give Almidi a blank stare, and then silently welcome Cyhn's arrival :lol: .

Would love to hear from Zulu, so here's hoping your muse decides to cooperate.

Also, it's very late and I should be in bed, so here's hoping that this makes sense. :blink: ))

8th Dec 2010, 8:25 PM
(((ooc: Sorry to butt in, but considering Furry hasn't logged on in almost a month, and hasn't posted a single word on the matter in this thread, I think maybe you guys should either just take over the RP yourselves, or just keep on RPing in this thread. You all seem to enjoy the RP, and while it was obviously Furry's project originally, she has since abandoned it. So if you guys feel inspired and want to keep going, then go for it. :) )))

11th Dec 2010, 5:56 AM
((OOC: Though I’d rather not have to take over someone else’s project, Atropa is right, we really do need direction and to move forward… If anyone else is still interested in continuing, please contact me so we can figure out where we go from here.))