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Comrade General
28th Apr 2010, 8:02 PM
This is a free-form with occasional events(Eg. soviet patrol, bombing raid, maybe a few other twists to come)

Just a note. While i've not rp'd on these forums much(I only recently joined) I have partaken in many RP's on the Taco 'n Banana roleplaying community on garry's mod, Which was actual in-game Roleplay. and i have many established characters there. My name over there is Deathbucket.
"Soviet power supreme!"

The year, is 1997, Things have gone differently, The cold war's not ended. The soviet union hasn't fallen, On june 2nd. 5:03AM. Eastern standard time,Soviet paratroopers land in Mexico. 6:45AM. Soviet tanks begin moving up into America through Mexico. Planes dropping bombs fly over New York.

12:09AM. America readies its mass nuclear armaments. But before-hand sabotage by soviet spies means the nukes merely detonate in their silos, killing hundreds of workers. America sends its armies to war against the soviet troops. You come in as either a normal citizen, A police officer, Or, Perhaps, one of the young men sent to war against the soviet union. Either way, by the end. Only one side will still be standing.

Your goal is pretty simple, Survive, Maybe, fight back? No. That's not an option. Heavily-armored shock troopers march down the streets.

Most don't open fire on civillians. After all, they're young men, Conscripted into war without real knowledge of why it started, Some don't even want to fight, But service is involuntary. You might be a doctor, A lawyer, Maybe just an IT Desk Jockey, but one thing's for sure. you're now living under 50% Soviet rule if you're in any major city.

For the sheer purpose of completion/to keep things squarely in one RP zone, The entire thing takes place in downtown Manhattan, New York. An area heavily hit by bombing and attacks, Few AMERICAN soldiers remain, As soviet troops march down wall street, The stockmarket probably closed forever.

You sit in your dingy apartment, Or barricaded workplace, Or car or whatever. Terrified of the tanks and troops moving down the streets.

Character Types and App sheets:

(Anyone can be one of these)
Inventory(Keys, gum. etc.):

Police Officer.
(Please PM Me your app for this type of character before posting.)
Inventory(Default for police is Cuffs, Colt .45 Pistol, Badge, Tazer.):

Military Unit
(Pm me this app beforehand please, There's a cap of 5 maximum soldiers at once for this stage)
Inventory(Standard weaponry: Beretta M92FS Sidearm, M16A2 Assault Rifle.):

Soviet Conscript
Limited to all but the best RPers. No messing around. PM me the app.
Inventory(Standard weaponry: Makarov PM Pistol, PPSh/AK-47(Your Choice):

26th Jul 2010, 4:03 AM
This is my first RP so bear with me, and give me pointers from time to time ;)

Name: Benjamin Roberts
Age: 24
Occupation: Lab assisstant
Gender: Male
Biography: Born in a rural area in Ohio, Ben Roberts lead a peaceful, and popular life. But at 12 years old, Ben's dad moved to Manhattan as for some kind of business reasons. Although having to make new friends, Ben finally achieved happiness even in a new city. Until the invasion of course.
Appearance/Clothing: Tan skin, Jacket, Jeans. Blue Eyes.
Inventory(Keys, gum. etc.): Keys to a safe, packet of cigarettes, wallet, House keys.

17th Dec 2011, 10:18 PM
Hey, is this still open? Or has it been shut down? It looks cool, and if it hasn't been shut down, I would like to join.

21st Dec 2011, 6:40 AM
^What she said.