View Full Version : Need help with weirdness CAP textures

The Sorceress
23rd Oct 2010, 2:37 PM
I hope someone can help me out coz i'm stressing here.
For the Anniversary of our site, wich is next week, i've build a lot and i used some CAP textures i did myself. Now i shared the lot so i can test it and made a fresh Sims 3 folder in my documents. Started it up than saved and closed it again so all folders are there. Than i put the shared file in downloads, started the launcher up again and installed the lot. So far so good.

Then i pick it from the "library" i believe it's called in English and place it on a spot. When it's placed and you get the option accept or cancel the places, like the walls, i used my CAP textures on are completely white :cry: It's driving me nuts.

When i click accept, it stays the same, white!!!
And the weird thing is that the textures are in the CAS sections???

Has anyone an idea why this happends and how i can solve it, please please please let me know.