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24th Oct 2011, 2:13 AM

:!: Backstory: :!:
After emerging from the underground testing facility that you were kept a prisioner in for most of your life, you find the world in disarray. The apocalypse came and went but since you were underground, in a sealed bunker you survived. The testing facility was made up of many little bunkers, each big enough to house one person, and the testing facility was a 'top secret' facility in the middle of a deserted desert bowl with nothing but sand and mountains to see for miles. Every one of these bunkers had someone in, when the apocalypse came. But not all of them were sealed so nobody knows how many people actually survived, and what special mutations they now possess.

After escaping from your cell, you crept around your bunker, but found no guards alive, only three or four dead bodies, and stacks and stacks of tinned food, still good to eat, and a deep well, with water that when boiled tastes okay.
Will you emerge from your bunker and try and find more people to talk to, and to survive with? Or will you hide in your bunker alone until you go insane or starve, whichever comes first? What mutation did you get when you were experimented on, and does that help you, or hinder you?
Your life is now in your hands, and with what little there is outside, do you risk trying to survive at all?

:alarm: Rules: :alarm:
1. Please no god-modding, it gets annoying
2. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar(SPaG)-I cannot stress this point enough.
3. Introduce your character when you first come on, try and give us a little of your background etc in your first few posts.
4. Please don't swear, find ways around it, or don't say anything at all. (Things like crap etc are fine, just no swearing.)
5. Only a one or maybe two special abilities because of your mutations.
6. Have fun.

24th Oct 2011, 2:37 AM
Sitting just inside the entrance to the a bunker is Lacy Stewart, 23. She sits at the entrance of her bunker waiting for light to show her what she alreadys knows in out there. Deserted wasteland, full of rubble and entrances to other bunkers. She hasn't been outside her bunker yet, but she's been practising with the rifle she found below in her bunker, along with plenty of ammunition. Lacy is fully ready to explore the high fenced compound, and now she is prepared for anything that life could throw at her. Or so she hopes. This protective girl has a violent streak, and isn't afraid to use the gun she is holding.

The light streaks over the ground and Lacy looks up, not knowing where the light comes from, as no sun can be seen in the sky anymore, but knowing that it is time for her to step outside and meet her destiny. She stands up and her foot touches outside soil for the first time in 8 years, and she knows that what she knew about life outside, what she remembers is long gone, and this is a new word with new dangers, and she will survive.

25th Oct 2011, 8:41 AM
((OOC: Hi, I hope this is open, because this sounds like fun, and it sounds like you could use a few more. I hope stealing isn't frowned upon, and I imagine that with the airtight metal waterbottles they have now-a-days, they'd probably have a lot of metal water bottles stored..))

Coralie 1501 had lived in the facility for all of the eighteen years she was on Earth. She was a designer breed, apparently. According to the file she found with her name and numbers on it in the records room in the facility. She had various animal's DNA woven into her when she was just a zygote. She was faster than most humans, but not by much. She wasn't the fastest humanoid in the world, but she was up there. She could also see better than humans at night, like a cat. Maybe she was part Cheetah, she didn't know. She hadn't read all of the papers in her file yet.

As she walked out of the facility for the first time in her life, she wondered what awaited her. She'd done research on the outside world a lot when she was a mere child, but she'd never actually been outside of the facility. She wondered if she'd fit in around the other survivors that weren't in the compound. She'd stolen some boots from a guard, and a pair of pants and a lab coat from a nurse. They were dead, what use did a dead person have for clothing? She hadn't worn anything other than socks and a simple check patterned gown her whole life, it felt weird to have anything on her legs, but pants were the normal, and for the trumping around in the rubble, she'd be needing strong shoes and free legs to do the job. She also stole a bag with a few tins of food, and some metal water bottles.

She's scared, as she sees the outside world. There's nothing there.. Nothing for miles, at least. She decided she'd get out and travel until she could see something, or someone.

She started digging a hole to help her get out from underneath the tall fences, the gates were locked, had been for a long time. Digging was the better answer.

26th Oct 2011, 5:55 AM
((Yeah, this is open and your post made me realise a few things I need to put in the intro. Just for you to remember, don't make her have too many things. I was just thinking one or two special things and remember(this will be in the intro, so you may want to edit your post or re-think it) this place is in a desert bowl with nothing else around. It's empty because it was a 'top secret' base, and you don't know if anbody else is there yet. Sorry :) ))

Lacy walked out of her bunker, #41 out of many. She didn't know how many there were, and really didn't want to know. She was wearing the guards uniform, simple army cargo pants and a grey singlet she had found hung over one of the chairs when she had escaped from her cell. She grabbed the gun beside her and slung it over her shoulder, tapping her boot to check that the knife she had stolen was still there and making sure she had her waterbottle clipped to her belt. Her thick soled boots made dull thumps as they hit the sandy path between each of the other bunkers. The first thing to hit was the heat. A dry, unchanging heat without a breath of wind or a scrap of any cloud in the sky. She shook her head slowly, today was going to be a long day.

She checked around each corner with first her gun then slowly brought her head around. Just because she had been in prison for a while before they chose her for 'medical research' as they called it, didn't mean she wasn't knowledgeable. She knew how to defend herself, even though she hadn't been in the outside world for more then nearly 9 years, and you learnt a lot from those who had actually killed people rather than just attacked them. The planners and schemers, the ones who had done pre-meditated murder were the ones that had been her friends in prison, and she had learnt from the best.

She poked the gun around the side of bunker #15 and saw a girl trying to dig through the fence, which wasn't far off. She cocked the gun at the girl and started to come out from behind the bunker wall, but her foot clattered against one of the many stones and pieces of wreckage. Lacy stops suddenly and makes sure the gun has its safety off as she waits for the girl to turn around.

28th Oct 2011, 1:38 AM
Coralie was getting along with her digging when she heard a clattering noise. Coralie turned around to see a young woman, a few years older than her, she assumed, with a gun pointed at her.
"Don't shoot!! I'm not dangerous!"
Coralie had seen a gun before, on the prisoner side. Never one pointed at her, however. She knew how dangerous they were. She knew if the woman pulled the trigger, she would die, and she was scared of that possibility. Not that she showed it.

31st Oct 2011, 8:39 AM
"You say you're not dangerous but you're wearing the uniform of a guard. Please excuse me if I don't believe you." Lacy said, not lowering the gun, but hefting it higher, aiming above Coralie's head. I suppose there are only two questions now, "Who are you? And where are you planning to go? It's dead out there, nothing but desert, you won't find anything."

1st Nov 2011, 3:46 PM
((She's wearing the boots of a guard, and the pants and labcoat of a nurse, with her hospital gownish shirt/dress thing underneath, tucked into the pants. Most people could probably tell she's not a guard.))

2nd Nov 2011, 8:59 PM
"Nixxy 811032:
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Native American/ Irish
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey-blue
Background: Unknown
Additional Details: Possibly blind, no reactions to any tests of the eyes. Has been mutated so that her hair is white. Hearing is mutated beyond that of a normal humans. Almost batlike. Can find her way around by making sharp clicking noises with her tongue, lets the noise bounce off of objects. Reacts negatively to loud, high noises.Extreme balance due to mutated tail like appendage at the base of her spine."
Nixxy read her papers out loud. She had been tested on even before the apocalypse
"Blind my butt.." she said.
She was wearing a black leotard with combat boots. A long trench coat covered most of the leotard...and most of her tail, which had lengthened considerably with the rays of whatever that where leaking in her home . She brushed a few suspicious stains off of the paper and continued to read.
"Violent when tempted, and extremely schizophrenic, but quite brilliant for her current educational status, having been found here before receiving any education. Refuses to tell of background, quite doubtful she even remembers."
Nixxy remembered, but she wasn't about to let a bunch of 'coats' steal her thoughts. She had finished reading the papers and set them down on the floor of the bunker. She grabbed a lighter she had found and burnt the papers to ash. After sweeping the ash into the remains of her toilet, she sat on the bed, examining her nails. They had been trimmed only once or twice every year. Her hair was long, ratty and dirty. That had probably never been trimmed. Nixxy knew she wasn't the only one here; if she listened hard enough, she could hear faint thumping. Maybe people were pounding on doors, or walking around. She would have to leave at some point, sleep and protection she could do in here, but she could only stand using the bathroom in the broken toilet in here for so long, and she wasn't about to eat inedible things. Not yet.
She had the lighter, her fingernails, stealth and possibly broken, rusty pipes from the bathroom on her side. Eventually, mobs would form of the strongest, and the weakest would tag along, hiding underneath their shadows. Nixxy would have to assert herself early on, because most people weren't going to respect the blind girl, who wasn't blind.

4th Nov 2011, 4:10 AM
"Well." Lacy demanded, "Tell me who you are or I may be tempted to pull this trigger and splatter your pretty little brains on the ground." Lacy put her eye to the sight on the rifle she said and lined it up properly. "Are you going to answer me?"
When there was no reply Lacy started counting down, "5.........4.........3.........."

5th Nov 2011, 10:26 PM
Nixxy pulled one of the rusty pipes from the wall. It would work fine until she got some real weapons. Nixxy walked over to the door of her bunker and pushed it open slowly. With her back to the wall, staying as much in the shadows as she could, she stuck the pipe out the door. No attacks or gunshots...yet. She walked out slowly, slipping out as close as she could to the wall. Still nothing; a little disappointing in her opinion. Nine years in this place, and nothing amazing had happened. Nixxy wasn't about to pick a fight, though. Let the fight come to her.
"And they call me schizophrenic..." Nixxy said disgustedly.

13th Nov 2011, 9:22 AM
"3....2.....1....." There was no reply from Coralie so Lacy aimed the gun properly shot the trigger, causing Coralie to drop to the floor, dead, with her blood staining the ground behind Coralie. Lacy shouldered the gun and stepped over to Coralie's body and looked down at it. "Well, you didn't answer me." She said, turning around and going to search the facility.

14th Nov 2011, 2:36 AM
Nixxy jumped as a shot rang out through the facility.
"What the crap?!" she whispered to herself.
She pulled the collar of her coat up around her face and stepped back into the shadows. This was a skill she had gained previous to her life in the tasting grounds. She had always worn black. It was her color, and she'd worn always. Her collar limited visibility slightly, but no one saw her after she hid. At least no one had yet.
"Let the fight come to me," she whispered to herself. She had been trapped in here for eleven years, ever since she was five. After and unfortunate 'accident' involving her, a knife and the man who had abused her her whole life. She didn't talk too much; didn't feel the need to. Nothing, but there were footsteps, getting closer. On the off chance someone would see her, she adopted her most pitiful 'Please don't hurt me, I can't see,' look and hoped for the best.

16th Nov 2011, 4:12 AM
((This isn't getting anywhere. :( ))

Lacy crept around corners, peering into open bunker doors, shooting open locks of those that weren't open. She pointed her gun into every bunker she came to before looking inside. She wouldn't enter them, who knows what she would find underneath the earth in the bunkers. Lacy felt the sun on her back and a rivulet of sweat run down her back as she shot the lock off the bunker next to Nixxy's, before checking the inside and calling out to anybody who may be in the bunker. She left the door open and walked over to Nixxy's bunker and shot the lock off.

16th Nov 2011, 4:26 AM
((I'm confused. Does Lacy know Nixxy? Sorry if that's a stupid question. Please don't shut this down, I really like it!))
More gunshot. Nixxy snuck back around the corner, seeing a girl, older than Nixxy by at least seven years. Nixxy wasn't sure whether or not she had left anything of use in her cell. She crept around the corner, holding her pipe at the ready, just in case. She stepped down, her foot hitting a rock, which bounced off of the wall with a large clunk. Nixxy swore under her breath.

16th Nov 2011, 8:22 AM
((No they don't. Everybody was kept in isolation. I just used Nixxy's name as a reference point.))

Lacy heard a rock down in the bunker she was peering down into.
"Is there anybody down there?" She called out, without entering. "Can anybody answer me?"

16th Nov 2011, 3:46 PM
((OOC: Hi there, this roleplay sounds like fun. It's my first time roleplaying on these forums, so I hope I got it right!))

Johny had never seen the outside of the bunker he had been confined in for all the nineteen years he had been alive. He was wearing a long-sleeved velvet-colored shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the shirt having dirt stains on it. Along with that, he wore a short, dark brown coat and matching pants. On his head he wore a red beret he had managed to salvage - it went along well with his "puffed" hairstyle and hid his leopard-like ears... or so he hoped. "And according to this file..." Johny muttered under his breath, "My ugly, pointed, triangular cat ears give me a more accute hearing..." A gunshot caught his attention. He raised his left eyebrow for a split-second, but the thought of someone else being there did not occur to him at all. Acting quickly, he hid the file in his coat and walked away briskly.

Having walked for what he deemed a safe distance away from the sound of the gunshot, Johny sat down and took out the file again, scanning the small black words printed on the white paper, slightly yellowed with age. "Black hair... black eyes... of Asian descent... nineteen years old..." Johny stopped reading for a moment, slightly frustrated. "All that is fine, but what about these ears?" he thought to himself. Sighing, he stared at the ten or so tins of food and the three water bottles he had managed to steal. How long would this last him? A week? Johny took out the file once again, and after some digging, he managed to find the paper that referred to his mutation. "Implanted with the DNA of a cheetah in the neck and bottom of spine. Can run fast, also has two cheetah-like ears that give him more accute hearing." Upon reading this sentence, Johny lost his temper and yelled, a little more loudly than he had intended to. "So what they're trying to say is that I have four ears?"

Johny regretted what he said at once. It echoed all around him, and he was certain that whoever had managed to fire the gunshot would have heard him. He felt defenceless - all he had managed to find was a box of matches, the wood rotting away. Johny stayed still for a moment, hoping that no one had heard him.

((I have a picture of Johny - is it okay if I uploaded to Photobucket and posted a link here? My apologies if this is not the norm here, I'd just like to know.))

16th Nov 2011, 4:08 PM
Nixxy heard a voice.
"Is there anybody down there? Can you answer me?"
Without meaning to she replied, "What's happening?"
All of a sudden, she passed out. A swirl of colors rushed passed her; it felt like she was flying. Then, she felt a a thud, and she had landed, in front of a house she new well. It was her house, before they came.
The white picket fence, the purple azalea bushes out front. Even the furniture she could see through the window was exactly the same. She watched, dumbstruck, as a younger version of herself, sans the white hair strolled leisurely up the front steps and into the house. Nixxy followed, knowing what would happen next.
"Mom? Dad?" Young Nixxy said, back when her name was Nona Xavier.
"I'm only saying this once. Get out of my house, you and your addictions. I won't have you putting our daughter at risk," said her mom, striding out into the living room, pulling Nona along with her, hiding Nona behind her back.
"Please, I wasn't going to leave it around. I was getting help for it..."
That was it, the first straw. They fought more and more, until finally, Nona snapped. There was a gun, hanging up on the wall. Nona's father had been a hunter when she was younger. She could shoot a gun. She pulled it down, and undid the gun lock. Her parents were arguing on the front porch that day. Nona opened the door; they didn't notice. Two shots ran, and her parents fell, one by one. Neither knew what had happened.
Then Nona flew into a rage. She shot everything, tore things to pieces. By the time anyone realized what had happened, she had destroyed the evidence of her crime, and hid herself under a pile of wreckage.
Then a male voice (who would later turn out to be one of the scientists she so despised) said, "Is there anybody in here? If there is, please answer me!"
"What's happening?"
"Could you tell me your name?"
That was the last time Nixxy ever spoke to a human being. When she was asked her name, in a stroke of inspiration, she wrote down the name "Nixxy", Combining her first and last name.
Nixxy opened her eyes blearily. She had hit her head pretty hard, and everything was dizzy.
((This is adult Nixxy ))

17th Nov 2011, 10:40 AM
((Do whatever. It doesn't matter to me.))

Lacy's advanced bald eagle/owl hybrid eyes caught the sight of movement at the very edge of the light inside the bunker she was peering into and she heard a muffled thump. Lacy let her gun fall to her side, held against her by the shoulder strap. She quickly knelt down by the figure who had fallen. Although Lacy had a violent streak she was also very caring at times, and these two sides often warred with each other and caused her massive pain. "Are you okay?" She asked Nixxy softly, as she heard the yells from across the facility. She left them for the moment, she could track that person down a bit later should it come to that. "Are you hurt at all?" She asked to Nixxy, seeing her features quite sharply due to her hybrid eyes.

((I have pics. I'll upload them next post. :) ))

18th Nov 2011, 2:39 AM
Nixxy's vision focused slowly and she looked up into the face of the woman she had seen earlier.
"Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?"
Nixxy's eyes widened and she looked around slowly. There was a dull throbbing pain on the back of her head.
"Nothing other then a bump," she said.
As she lay, Nixxy realized that she was lying in a puddle of something warm... and sticky.
"How old are you?" said the woman.
"About sixteen, maybe seventeen. I haven't bothered to keep track, other than knowing if a year has passed..."
Everything went black again.

18th Nov 2011, 9:31 AM
((Please don't god-mod my charrie okay? I don't like it, especially when I wouldn't have made my character say that. At least not yet. Thanks. :) ))

Lacy saw the girl pass out and picked her up softly, taking her outside into the sunshine, but keeping her in the shade so she wouldn't get too hot. Lacy quickly grabbed her water bottle and cleaned off the wound where Nixxy was bleeding from. She quickly pulled at her shirt and ripped the last ince off, revealing her tummy slightly. She wrapped the end of the shirt around the wound and tied it off, then left her there in the shade with the waterbottle and went in search of the screams.

Lacy crept around corners with her gun held infront of her and working methodically as she had been taught and soon came across a figure with a brown coat. A rock clattered by her foot and she swore under her breath. She let the gun fall to the ground with a clatter and put her hands up. She called out to him, "My gun's down. Tell me who you are."

19th Nov 2011, 2:42 AM
((sorry about that, I didn't mean to be a god-modder. I was running out of time and ideas, so I was pretty much pulling at straws))
Nixxy groaned and opened her eyes. There was a bandage wrapped around her head, and she was lying in the shade. With a waterbottle. Nixxy leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. Screaming, banging and occasional gunshot rang out, almost echoing in the darkness. Strange. At least compared to the noises she was used to from the bunker. Well, the screaming wasn't too different, at least from what she could hear from her bunker. Neither was the banging, come to think of it. Nixxy had been put in the "crazies" sector, so screaming and banging was the usual. It was the gunshots that disturbed her.

19th Nov 2011, 9:22 PM
(( is this RP still open? If so I would live to join in , if not just tell me and I will delete the post ))

Vivian Black, 16 kicked open the door to his cell and looked around. Vivian was a tallish slim boy with longish wavy auburn hair . He has the smell of a dog and the venom loaded fangs of a snake. Looking around he found Three dead bodies , two of guards and one of a man in a tuxedo . Moving twoards them he decided to raid them for any form of clothing and weaponry he could use. After stripping all three bodies of anything salvageable , Vivian went into his cell and came out fifteen minutes later dressed in a outfit that made him look strangely like a punk star he saw in magazines he stole , ripped black jeans, brown boots, ripped white t-shirt and a ripped vest . In his hands was a small knife . He started on his way to get out of here and to see if he could find any survivors .

((my first time trying a RP hope it was good))

22nd Nov 2011, 3:51 AM
When Lacy got no reply and picked up her gun and shot a couple of bullets over Johny's head. "Don't sneak up on me. You want to come find me, make yourself known. I have no time for people that sneak around." And with that she walked off, leaving Johny to his own silent thoughts.

She quickly walked off and heard movement in a bunker just up ahead. She trained her gun on the lock and shot it open. Without making herself a target, she looked through the crack of the open door between the door and the hinge and saw movement of a guy inside. "Who are you?" She called out to him.

((Okay, to describe Lacy, incase you can't see from the pics. Turquoise eyes, really bright blue/green, short messy ginger hair, black singlet and green army cargo pants that unzip at the knee(I love those sorts of pants), gun is like the one in the pic, and she has a tattoo somewhere, I'll mention it in a post.))

22nd Nov 2011, 9:06 AM
((me? Yay!))

Vivian Turned his head to the voice he heard . "I'm Vivian . Now, who are you?" he asked Nervously. He dared not move from the cot he was seated on for fear of whoever this unknown may be . While waiting for a reply, his mind flashed back to a time when everything was "normal" whatever that may have been . He was somewhat content with it, but knowing that all of it may never return scared him . He wondered if the unknown was safe and wondered if he should ask to join up with it . He made the blind descision to trust the figure and calmly yet nervously asked if he could join along with this person.

23rd Nov 2011, 3:27 AM
"Come out into the sunlight where I can see you then, I'll make a decision, and I warn you, attack me and you'll find yourself dead." Lacy replied, keeping her eyes on the figure, and pointing her gun at the doorway, ready to aim it at the guy inside who was, hopefully, coming out.
Her mind was on the figure inside and wouldn't wander at all, but absentmindedly she scratched her lower back where a tattoo lay inked into her skin. It couldn't be seen by anybody so she let her hand drift back to the gun's trigger.

23rd Nov 2011, 5:51 AM
Vivian got up and proceeded to the door . Afraid of getting shot, he left his knife on the bed . Once out, he looked at this unknown person, a woman who appeared to be older than him in her hand was a gun . He stood waiting for the woman to do something.

23rd Nov 2011, 4:26 PM
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23rd Nov 2011, 11:26 PM
Lacy took one look at the guy and nodded softly. "You look okay. Do you have any weapons you can use to defend yourself, because I don't know what's in these bunkers and you'll probably need something." Lacy said to the guy. Poking her head inside his doorway and looking around at the inside of his bunker. "And if you do, go get them and meet me at bunker 35. I need to get back there right away." She told him and started running off before she stopped and looked back at him, "If you don't have a weapon, I suggest you find one, and quickly." Then Lacy continued running around the corner of a bunker and out of sight.

She ran quickly to Bunker 35, where Nixxy was lying against the wall with her eyes closed. Lacy knelt down beside her and checked the pressure of the bandage, hoping it would stay in place. "Are you okay? Can you hear me?" She asked, still not knowing this strangers name.

24th Nov 2011, 12:59 AM
"I can hear you. I'm fine, just listening. By the way, name's Nixxy," Nixxy said, opening one eye.
Nixxy closed her eye again, concentrating on not passing out. It was a head injury, and a bad one. It wasn't the loss of blood, though. It was the pain... and the heat. It was hot out, even in the shade. Nixxy opened her eyes again. The heat waves danced over the nearby bunkers, and she thought she saw people moving through it. Maybe there were. Maybe not. Probably just the head injury talking.

24th Nov 2011, 4:56 AM
Vivian went back to retrieve his weapon and began running to Bunker 35 Following the woman's scent trail . Halfway to the bunker, Vivian got distracted and wound up running into a strange creature . The strange creature made light screeches and had long claws growing out of the body of it . Vivian showed his fangs at the creature and hissed loudly, ready to strike. The creature lunged at Vivian, but Vivian dodged and managed to get on the creature's back. The creature buckled about causing the knife to fall out of Vivian's hands . Vivian decided that he should attempt to call the woman for help in killing this thing. He waited for the woman to reply and began riding the creature around .

24th Nov 2011, 5:18 AM
Lacy appreciated Nixxy actually saying her name. "I'm Lacy and you need to drink this." She put the open waterbottle in Nixxy's hands as she surveyed the land in front of them, covered in heat waves. She felt the dry heat all around her making her mouth dry and her back sweat.

24th Nov 2011, 3:26 PM
Lacy held out the watebottle; Nixxy took it, just a bit suspicious.
"What's in it? I mean other than water," Nixxy said cautiously. She could feel the resistance breaking. It had to be at least 102 degrees out, if not more. Then she heard something. It sounded like yelling.
"What is that?" Nixxy asked.

24th Nov 2011, 7:55 PM
After about 10 minutes of riding about and no response, Vivian decided to try and kill the thing himself: searching for a spot to bite where the poison would kill it quickly. Before he could strike down the creature slammed into something causing Vivian to fall off the thing's back. The creature turned and poised to strike but before it could a peice of the bunker's ceiling fell on the monstrous thing, killing it. Vivian got up to explore this new area he had found. He decided to wait and run back to Bunker 35 just in case anything else was lurking.

26th Nov 2011, 9:25 AM
Lacty got up and started running towards they yelling but vefire shd had gone a few steps she collided with Vivian. "What's going on?" She asked, leading him towards Nixxy. "It's just water." She told Nixxy. "Well, what's going on?" She said, kneeling in the shade next to Nixxy, without even looking at Vivian.

26th Nov 2011, 1:48 PM
" You missed the fun." Vivian said, looking at the person laying down. Vivian went into detail describing how he ran into a strange creature and how he had found this new and strange place . He looked to the woman kneeling Down. " Ok, uhh... Should we explore? Also, you still havent given me your name. " he said, looking around the camp.

26th Nov 2011, 5:34 PM
'A boy...that's who was yelling.' thought Nixxy.
"Just water? Fine," Nixxy said, opening the bottle and drinking a little. The boy, or man, she didn't know how old he was, was describing the creature. Screechy and claws growing out of it at random. Apparently, some had caught the radiation worse than others...

27th Nov 2011, 8:44 AM
Lacy listened to Vivian describing the creature and how he found the new place. "I'm Lacy." she said, and stood up. "And this place you've found sounds interesting, I wonder what's up there and if all the bunkers have them. But no, I don't think we can explore just yet, for one thing we have no torches or other way of making light and secondly I don't think Nixxy here should be left on her own for too long with a head injury like hers." She gestured to Nixxy as she started turning to head into the bunker.

Lacy's vision blurred as she heard around her voices. Screams of people past, echoed all around her. She saw outlines of people walk through Nixxy and the other person and surround her in an impenatrable circle and start closing in on her. She heard their whispers as every one of them stopped and reached out a hand. As if in slow motion, every hand touched her at the exact same time and all Lacy felt was pain, so strong. Pain of many people at once. She threw back her head and screamed as the pain made her knees buckle. She fell to the ground with a thump and instantly all the figures disappeared, but the pain remained buzzing in every muscle in her body as screams overtook her.

27th Nov 2011, 4:31 PM
Nixxy closed the water bottle, still thinking. There must have been people, guards or coats, who were outside at the time, who got caught in the radiation, and therefore became these mutant creatures. She smiled grimly, barely listening as Lacy told the boy who they were. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. She could see it all so clearly. A distant sun explodes, or a supernova, and the radiation rockets out into space, finally hitting earth and mutating the fortunate ones slightly, and the less fortunate grotesquely. Of course, that was just the heat or the fact that Nixxy loved Sci-Fi since the guards humored her sometimes, and let her read stories in papers and magazines. All of a sudden, Lacy started screaming. Nixxy stood up quickly, ignoring the pain in her head and the vertigo.
"Lacy? Lacy, what's going on?"

28th Nov 2011, 2:03 AM
Vivian Looked at Lacy as she screamed out in what appeared to be pain. He didnt know what do, he figured that she was put on a medication made to tranquilize her and that she was having problems without it. He turned to Nixxy and told her that He will be going to find Medicine for Lacy, Telling her that if Lacy wakes up that she should be told where he had went. he grabbed his knife and began his way to get some meds for Lacy, deciding to explore that area he found just in case it had something in there he could bring back.

28th Nov 2011, 4:13 AM
As quickly as the pain came, it faded, the memory still fresh in her mind. Lacy still couldn't see properly, something which annoyed her as she had eyes that could see almost anything, day or night. "I'm, I'm fine." She said, shakily staying where she was until slowly, her vision started returning. "I was scared for a moment there, I couldn't see anything." As she looked around she couldn't see any footprints or the guy either. "Where did he go?" She asked Nixxy, that and who gave me their pain? They walked right through you and him without a second thought." Then a thought struk her and she asked, "Was it only me that could see them? Or could you too?"

((The figures are one of her mutations so you can't see them. Thanks :) ))

28th Nov 2011, 9:10 PM
((okay. even without the message, Nixxy wasn't going to be able to see them :) ))
"He went to go get you meds. See who? Are you sure you're feeling alright?" Nixxy asked, concerned. Nixxy usually wasn't concerned with others, but this was another matter. People didn't usually fall over for no reason.

29th Nov 2011, 5:02 AM
Vivian arrived near the area he found, but didnt go near it . He checked the area and found a hideous creature feeding off the dead body of the creature he had found . He freaked out, trying not to scream . He began his way back to the camp hoping the thing didnt see him. He got back to the camp, out of breath. Before he could utter anything out his head began to get light .

29th Nov 2011, 10:42 AM
"You couldn't see them?" Lacy asked, her head whipping around. "There were a dozen or more of them, they encircled me and then reached out to touch me. When they did then...." she trailed off, knowing this wasn't getting her anywhere. Then Vivian skidded to a halt next to her. "What's going on?" she asked him, "What's the big rush, why are you out of breath?"

29th Nov 2011, 9:14 PM
Nixxy listened to Lacy's story quietly. She couldn't help but think it was unfair to call her crazy when stuff like visions and invisible people happened to everyone else. Well, excepting the time when Nixxy blacked out, and cracked her head open on the concrete floor. The man (Nixxy had decided he was probably older than she was) had ran back to Bunker 35. Something interesting was about to happen, she could feel it. Unfortunately, the makeshift club had been left at Nixxy's bunker.

30th Nov 2011, 5:19 AM
((edited post to remove blackout part didnt make sense ))

Vivian collapsed to the ground out of breath. After a couple minutes of regaining his breath, he managed to tell Lacy about what he saw in the area he discovered. He decided to inquire if Nixxy was well enough to walk, thinking that if the three of them were to band together , they could gain supplies and stuff needed .

30th Nov 2011, 9:46 AM
Lacy listened to Vivian closely then when he was finished she asked, "What is your name? I can't keep thinking of you as 'that boy'." She looked at Nixxy and said, "How do you feel? Are you okay now?"

30th Nov 2011, 4:35 PM
"How do you feel? Are you okay now?"
"Okay enough to walk..." Nixxy. "I have the feeling that this guy is right. Not to mention that staying here seems like a very bad idea at the moment. Even more so with what has already happened."

1st Dec 2011, 4:58 AM
Vivian looked at Lacy confused by her question, he remembered her asking him his name , so why was she asking now? Vivian oblidged and said "uh.. My name's Vivian. I am around 17 maybe 18 ... I think " he absentmindedly said. He moved around the camp looking for a comfy spot to laydown where he could be near everyone, yet have a bit of space to sleep. " I think I am gonna go to sleep, may as well rest if we are going To be moving around. Besides, I am quite tired from all the running" he said finding a spot 5 feet across from Nixxy and moving to lay down. He waited for a response as he tried to stay awake.

2nd Dec 2011, 7:25 AM
"Well, we knw each other's names. Since it's the hottest part of the day I suggest we have a little rest then as it gets cooler, we go out and hunt deformed creatures." She said, "I'll take first watch when I get back." She quickly ran off towards her bunker and grabbed the backpack full of cans and a can opener, plus the spare water bottle she had found in the backpack. She quickly filled the bottle with boiled water that tasted metallic from the kettle and started heading back out the bunkers entrance when a creature much like what Vivian described jumped down from a hole in the roof onto the ground infront of her and snapped at her. Lacy's primeval instincts kicked in and she grabbed the back pack off her shoulder and swung it at the creature as hard as she could. It collided with a dull thunk and Lacy quickly shot it several times. She stepped over it and started heading for the door, thinking it was dead when a little one of the creatures dropped on her left shoulder and bit her. She dropped the backpack, swearing furiously as she tried to brush it off her shoulder. As she moved her shoulder she felt a searing pain and realised that the poison was acidic as it started burning a hole in her clothes where a loose drop fell.
Lacy fell to the groud writhing and the creature scuttled away as Lacy slipped into a memory as seen through her own eyes.
She seemed to narrate it as if to an unknown audience as she relieved it.

'I was in the cell where they had brought me from the prison and they told me to change and eat, but I had refused. I was going to stay the way I was until I could kill or escape, maybe both. The guard that was next to me drew a syringe out of the cabinet beside her and just shoved it into my arm. I felt my arm go dead and I writhed on the floor as the poison entered my system, burning its way through my veins. My vision went blurry and I saw double. It was then I realised, as she leant over me, that I had just entered a whole new world. Meaner and stronger than what I was used to. The guard spoke and it came to me as if through water, "The poison in your system is taken from a very special breed. Hope that you never meet it, for without the antidote the adult is much stronger then you, and the poison will kill you." I passed out screaming. It became their favourite type of torture, fresh poison in nailpolish and when I misbehaved the female guard would scratch her nails over whatever exposed skin was available, and the skin that got affected was burnt and scarred. I had scars all over my body, but I kept them pretty hidden. Then I found out I was the only person to have the poison used on them, so nobody else in the compund knew the type of hurt that it caused.'

Lacy came to, screaming on the floor just inside the door of bunker #41 feeling the poison course through her veins and burn everything in it's path. She felt the poison on her skin start burning. She couldn't feel her left arm and her legs were beginning to tingle. If the poison got to her brain, she was dead. Her screams echoed around the compound as she fought to stay alive and concious.

2nd Dec 2011, 9:12 PM
Nixxy jumped up swiftly. Something wasn't right, but that had been established. Now whatever it was was worse. She must have fallen asleep; the sun was lower in the sky.
"You...what's your name....Vivian! How long was I asleep? Is Lacy back yet?"

4th Dec 2011, 7:09 AM
Vivian snapped out of his near sleep state upon hearing Some screams. Seconds later , Nixxy got up and asked him about where Lacy was. "uhh... I dunno, Im gonna find her. You coming?" he asked Nixxy and dashed out of the bunker . He followed the screams and finally saw Lacy on the ground screaming . He callled out to Nixxy twice and procedded to take Lacy's gun and bag " What happened?" he called out to Lacy hoping she could tell him what was going on. He thought back to the last time this happened and figured that again it was probably some effects of the medication and from her not having it . He decided to wait a few for her to hopefully answer . He looked over her and saw that scary creature, dead on the floor . He didnt think much of it, except that it looked scary. He decided to go to that spot he found, hoping he could find something to counter the effects that Lacy was having. He ran off , hoping Lacy wouldnt die from the effects. He looked through finding nothing useful. Depressed he ran back to Where Lacy was located hoping to find something in those bunkers. He Got back to Lacy and decided upon waiting for Nixxy beforeleaving to explore. He looked through Lacy's bag and found a water bottle. He took it and tipped some water into Lacy's mouth hoping she would drink some water and feel a bit better.

(( alrighty. I edited it to make more sense . I simply reused the last time where your character fell down screaming. Hope this makes more sense))

4th Dec 2011, 6:17 PM
Vivian ran off before waiting for a reply. Nixxy looked after him for a few seconds, dumbstruck. She looked around for anything that could possibly a weapon. A thick branch on the ground answered her search and a few minutes later, Nixxy heard Vivian shouting her name. Nixxy ran to where Vivian was, tipping water into Lacy's mouth where she lay on the ground.
"What's wrong with her?" Nixxy said, half-angrily, half-concernedly. Then she noticed the beast lying dead on the ground.

5th Dec 2011, 1:34 AM
((Thanks :) ))

Nixxy's voice penetrated the hazy in Lacy's head, and stopped her screaming. "Nixxy." Lacy said weakly. "The poison from......the creature....... A little one.....bit me. Check for.......an antidote I don't........have.......much.....time left." Her screams faded away and that was bad news, that meant she had no energy left to attract attention. She felt those strange people crowding around her again, reaching through Vivian and Nixxy for her. One of them touched her and she felt a brush against her mind and in that brush she suddenly knew whereabouts the antidote was. She whispered nearly inaudible, "The mirrored safe." Then she struggled againt the touch of the strange people but realised they were keeping her mind busy and so keeping he poison at bay, but she knew it wouldn't work for long.

5th Dec 2011, 1:57 AM
Nixxy barely heard the last words from Lacy. "The mirrored safe..."
What did that mean? No use trying to figure it out now. Find out now, figure out later.
"I don't think she has much time left, Vivian. We have to do something," Nixxy said, turning to him.

5th Dec 2011, 4:34 AM
Vivian heard what Lacy said. 'Mirrored Safe?" He said, Looking around. 'Maybe it's in this area, Nix. We should search about and try to find it." he told her looking through the bunkers nearest them. minutes later he came out of Bunker 54 with a small safe. It didnt look mirrored but he decided to search it. but to save time He went on a hunt for more. In Bunker 60B he found a mirrored safe and a dead body of a woman on the floor near it . By the looks of her body she was impaled with a peice of metal from the ceiling , in her hands was a strange vial containing a liquid. He grabbed it and searched about , Not knowing that the "dead Body" was a creature. Vivian looked over just in time to see the body begin to move. It dragged itself across the floor twoard him. He tried to avoid it but it caught his foot. He took the gun out and began to fire rounds into the thing hoping it would die. His hopes proved correct , He managed to shoot his foot free. running back to where Lacy was, Vivian Held the vial in his pocket unknowing that the creature was still possibly alive. he had found two syringes in the room and hoped that it wasnt too late to save Lacy. He moved near Lacy and began to prep the Needle . Vivian took one needle and injected Lacy with it. Hoping it was her antidote.

5th Dec 2011, 6:38 AM
Lacy felt a needle but the liquid inside did nothing. The mirrored safe that she had talked about was in ehr own bunker, Bunker #41 and it was in the wall. Because she was the only one that had ever had the poison, it made sense that she was the only one that had the antidote in her bunker. But what she couldn't say was the antidote wasn't a syringeable liquid, but something else. That and Lacy didn't trust Vivian, she was hoping the Nixxy was searching and had found it because Vivan had something about him that she didn't trust.

7th Dec 2011, 9:44 PM
Nixxy watched Vivian run off, and then decided to check a different area. Where was Lacy's bunker? Nixxy had a feeling, based off of a feeling given off by Lacy, that the antidote would be in or near Lacy's bunker. Which was Lacy's bunker? Then a thought struck Nixxy, one that made her feel stupid.
"Oh duh," said Nixxy, slapping a hand to her forehead. She started to knock on the walls of the bunker she was already in, hoping to find some form of secret compartment. Mirrored safe. Was there a mirror in here somewhere? It would probably be there... Knocking, knocking, knocking... Where was Vivian? All of a sudden, there were footsteps. Nixxy immediately stopped what she was doing. Maybe it was the schizophrenia talking, but she wasn't going to tell Vivian about what she had realized, not yet. He injected a syringe, kind of like the one guards had used on her when they experimented with her DNA, into Lacy's arm. No change, at least no visible changes. Nixxy slipped silently back into Lacy's bunker and continued knocking on the walls.
(( I'll edit this post if what I'm about to say isn't correct.))
With a small grinding noise, a small chunk of wall slid back, revealing a safe. Nixxy quickly slipped back out, hoping no one had noticed her. Kneeling down by Lacy, she whispered:
"I found it. Do you know the combination?"

8th Dec 2011, 3:42 AM
Vivian Sat knowing the stuff was not working.He could sense that this wasn't the right thing. Upset, he moved to the wall , Cursing himself for failing.hoping Nixxy found the antidote, he decided to go back to the room he found the failed antidote, noting that he had found something interesting. But, upon nearing the area, he saw the strange creature he encountered. It was dragging itself towards Him. He quickly loaded Lacy's gun and fired three bullets into it, Killing it. Vivian then went into the room to search it. His memory proved correct, for he had found a sharp knife. Returning to Lacy, Vivian saw Nixxy kneeling near Lacy. He hid in a bunker, hoping they didnt see him. " Is Lacy Dead?" He thought, depression falling over him. He blamed himself for what happened , for not going with Lacy, for giving her the wrong thing. " Why am I still here ? I cant do anything." Vivian Thought, the heat of his tears on his cheeks. He laid down on the grungy bed and contemplated what to do next.

8th Dec 2011, 6:09 AM
((No, it's all good. :) ))

Lacy felt Nixxy beside, her, then leave, then return again. She heard the whisper of, "I found it. Do you know the combination?" Unfortunatly Lacy, couldn't bring anything to mind except one memory that wouldn't pin itself down in her mind. She finally got the memory of the day they had experimented on her eyes.
The felame guard was leaning over her as they started to strap her down. The guard's nails hovered before her exposed belly but came no closer. The guard mockingly said, "All you need to remember is 4 numbers. 3641. Remember them because if the time comes and we aren't around when you experiment with the poison yourself, you'll need to find the antidote. 3641, maybe you'll be able to save yourself. Or not. Then the nails flashed down and the poison ripped into her skin.
Lacy whispered so softly, only Nixxy could hear. "3, 6, 4, 1. It's the only number I know." She opened her eyes but all she could see was darkness eating at her sight. That made her feel vulnerable. She fought against the poison as she hoped Nixxy could find it in time.

8th Dec 2011, 9:20 PM
"3, 6, 4, 1. It's the only number I know." Lacy said quietly. Nixxy jumped up quickly and ran to the safe. She punched the numbers in swiftly, and with a metallic clicking/grinding sound, the door to the safe swung open. The antidote lay inside. It was wrapped up in brown paper...or very old leather; Nixxy wasn't sure which. She scooped it up and ran back to Lacy, not sure what to do. "I have it, right here. It's not a syringe. I've never seen something like this before. I need to know what to do."

9th Dec 2011, 5:05 AM
Vivian Laid down, trying to calm down and plan his next moves. He thought about escaping this place "but to where? knowing that they were pretty much in the middle of nowhere and that there were creatures that would very much find him as a tasty meal. He shuddered at the thought. Worry fell over him as he got up and began his way out. He got out and decided to ty and find Nixxy and hopefully survive it out with her . He got to where Lacy was but didnt want to go farther. Closing his eyes, too scared to see death of a friendly person, He sat down , not knowing she was still alive and probably able to hear. He let his emotions go, trying not to allow the situation to get to him. It was somewhat hard, he was tired, scared and deeply depressed. He didnt sense Nixxy near him.

9th Dec 2011, 9:52 AM
Lacy didn't know what it was, she had never been focused enough to listen, all she remembered was one of the guards spraying something under her tounge. That was all she remembered. She felt Nixxy's arm brush her and she tried to mentally send it to Nixxy. She didn't know if it would work, she only knew that that was all she could do.

9th Dec 2011, 9:15 PM
Nixxy jerked a little bit. This thing was like the bottle her mother used to keep cleaning chemicals in. How did she know that? Then she remembered something; when she had a sore throat, her mother had sprayed this disgusting cherry flavored crap under her tongue, and the next morning, the soreness was gone. Nixxy remembered thinking her mother was some kind of magician after that. Nixxy opened Lacy's mouth a little bit and pressed the trigger on the bottle. There was a hissing noise as the liquid sprayed out. Praying for a miracle, Nixxy sat back on her knees, waiting.

10th Dec 2011, 12:41 AM
Vivian looked up and saw Nixxy kneeling near him trying to fiddle with something strange he didnt recognise. Embarassed, he stopped crying and wondered what Nixxy was doing and what is the thingy she is spraying Into Lacy's mouth. He wondered if it was the antidote to whatever Lacy was suffering from and wondered that if it was, whether there was more that they could gather in case of situations like this. He looked over to Nixxxy , " hey, uhh... Do you think we should try to find more of whatever you just used? Just in case this happens again." he inquired , wondering if Nixxy thought it as a dumb idea. He sat and stared off into space waiting for a reply.

10th Dec 2011, 9:55 AM
Lacy felt the spray under her tounge and a few minutes later she coughed and sat up as she felt the poison be dissolved by the antidote. She breathed deeply and slowly and then hugged Nixxy tightly. "Thank you so much. I thought I was dead." She said. She looked around and said, "What was there would be it." She told Vivian. "Where'd my gun and bag go?"

10th Dec 2011, 3:43 PM
"I borrowed it just in Case there was more of those awful thingies around. I did find a sharp knife though " he said taking the knife out of the bag and handing the bag amd gun back to Lacy "also, I found a strange creature while I was going to get that failed antidote" he added as he described the thing he killed off. He handed the knife to Nixxy, knowing that she needed a weapon. He wondered what they thought of him , especially since his fangs are quite obvious . He also wondered if they thought he would harm them or betray them. He felt a bit nervous and tried not to show it, but unknowingly he made his nervousness obvious without speaking. He bit his bottom lip and waited for Lacy to think of what to do next, tasting the blood from him biting too hard.

10th Dec 2011, 6:06 PM
Vivian handed Nixxy the knife. She stood up, examining the knife carefully. Reminded her of a knife her father had; Nixxy looked up again. Vivian was biting his lip, and he seemed nervous about something. Nixxy stood up, brushing the dust off of her coat. Was it just her, or was it getting darker, very fast; Nixxy flicked her tail anxiously.

11th Dec 2011, 10:39 AM
Lacy noticed the day getting darker very quickly. "Thanks." She said, taking her bag and gun back, and tapping her thigh to check her knife was still in place. "What's going on?" She asked quickly, noting the antidote on the ground and picking it up to stow in her backpack. "Vivian, it's okay. You didn't shoot me so I have no reason to yell at you." She told Vivian, while anxiously looking up at the sky.

11th Dec 2011, 5:53 PM
Nixxy had never seen the sky get dark so fast. What time had it been before the sky darkened? Anytime from noon to three, maybe... Nixxy lashed her tail back and forth nervously. "We might want to find cover," she said, more to herself than to anyone else.

12th Dec 2011, 5:00 AM
Vivian snapped out of his thoughts and felt embarassed for making his nervousness obvious. "why not use Lacy's bunker as shelter? We are near it and we can clean it out if need be" he said. He waited for a reply and began to search about for some cloth to stop the bleeding , finally deciding to rip some from his pant leg. He thought about what use he may be in this small group and wondered how they would be protected in every place they would be camping in.

15th Dec 2011, 3:41 AM
Nixxy agreed with Vivian, but there was always the problem with those creatures. Unless Lacy had killed all of them, or they moved on, there was that issue. Lacy had what was left of the antidote, but would it be enough until all of the creatures camping out around here were dead? Or until they could escape? Were they even going to stick around eachother, or go their seperate ways?

15th Dec 2011, 6:16 AM
Lacy grabbed her backpack and led the way into her bunker, a meticulously kept area. "Sorry if it's not your style." She said, "I like it like this." She put the backpack down down at the table with four chairs. "It's okay, I Made sure this had no creatures in it when I escaped my cell. Or rather I thought I had. Wander around if you want." She wandered off into the place where she was kept, her own cell with total destruction. Smashed concrete, ripped sheets and furniture broken and strewn all across the floor. She walked into the center of the room and just looked at the destruction that she had caused when she was angry.

16th Dec 2011, 3:22 AM
Vivian Followed Lacy into her bunker. He decided to Pick a spot on the floor and try to make it as comfy as possible. after three minutes of trying he Simply got up and Walked out hunting for mattresses or blankets for him and Nixxy to use. He went into a random Bunker and found what he wanted, two blankets. He grabbed them and began to search around the bed when suddenly, something shot out and grabbed his leg. Vivian Cried out loudly to alert Nixxy and Lacy as he tried to kick the thing off of him unsuccessfully. He managed to drag the thing out of under the bed and realized that it was that dead looking thing. He waited for a response and hoped this thing wasnt dangerous.

(( the creature is not a zombie. It is basically a venus fly Trap/Spider mix but for the most part it cant function as a spider due to the fact that the thing ( and the one in the previous one) was crushed somewhat under the bed when it collapsed on it))

16th Dec 2011, 9:37 PM
Nixxy was dozing again when she heard a shout from Vivian. She grab the knife he had given her and raced off, following the sound of Vivian's yells. There was a freaky looking thing attacking him. It looked slightly like one of the spiders that used to crawl into Nixxy's bunker, but this was at least 100 times their size.
"Kill it, Nixxy. Jump on it and kill it," said her inner reasoning. Probably not good to listen to, but at the moment that was her best option. She leapt on top of it, trying to stab it as many times as she possibly could.

18th Dec 2011, 9:46 AM
Lacy didn't hear the shout as she was too wrapped up in memories of the past. She saw the shadowy figures around her, just watching her. She saw herself hazily through a summer heat wave. She saw herself being dragged into the room by guards. She saw key moments of her life just pass before her and fade into the past as the shadowy figures stood on the edge of her vision.

19th Dec 2011, 7:04 AM
Vivian watched as Nixxy killed the thing. He threw a blanket to Nixxy "here , something to keep warm tonight. Uhh... Shoukd we try and find anything else for now?" he said, knowing nighttime is approaching and that they should be heading back to Lacy's bunker. He stood there and waited for Nixxy to reply, gazing off into his past.

20th Dec 2011, 3:51 AM
"Thank you," Nixxy mumbled. "I think we should be fine for now." She turned around, and started to leave. Normally, she would be screaming at herself to never turn her back on someone, but she wasn't hearing anything lately. Odd...

26th Dec 2011, 11:38 PM
Lacy stood in the center of the room as the visions faded away and she was left in silence. Black, impenatrable silence all around her. Only then did she realise it was too quiet and she couldn't hear the others. She walked out of the room, closing the cell bars behind her. "Guys? Where are you?" She called out, not knowing of the fight that had happened in the other bunker and not knowing where the others had gone. "Can you hear me? This isn't funny you know?"

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27th Dec 2011, 1:19 AM
"Can you hear me? This isn't funny you know," said Lacey. Nixxy trotted back to Lacy's bunker, but ran into something. A wall...nice. It was so freaking dark. She started to click her tongue; the noises bounced back. Nixxy repeated this over and over, until she started hitting irregularities. Holes in the walls, maybe. She reached her hand out tentatively. Bars.

((Okay. Have a good winter break))

28th Dec 2011, 7:05 AM
Vivian tried to follow closely behind Nixxy but it was too dark for him to see he used his smelll to sniff out everything and had found his way to Lacy's cell door, bumping into Nixxy. "where did she go?" he inquired "did she lock us out?" he asked whilst trying to pick up Lacy's scent trail. He grabbed onto Nixxy's arm and proceeded to tell her to hold his arm so that they Can stay together while they find Lacy. He waits for a response before moving on.

28th Dec 2011, 7:18 AM
((Summer break. I'm a southern hemisphere girl.))

Lacy heard a thump and then some clicking, she couldn't figure out what or who was clicking. "Nixxy?" She called out warily, without turning around to see who or what was on the other side. "Is that you?"

29th Dec 2011, 2:08 AM
((Aah. Summer break. Have a good summer break, then :) ))

Vivian bumped into Nixxy, and, after explaining, grabbed hold of her arm.
"Nixxy? Is that you?" Nixxy sighed with relief; Lacey was around.
"Lacey, it's me and Vivian. Is it locked?"

((Oops, re-read posts and figured out Lacey had left the cell.))

30th Dec 2011, 4:48 AM
Vivian Stood and held onto Nixxy's arm, even though they had found Lacey. He stood and waited for Lacey to open the door, allowing his mind to drift off into space as was usual.

7th Jan 2012, 7:36 PM
"Vivian, I don't think she's inside there right now," Nixxy said quietly. "I think we should be ready in case anything tries to attack."

9th Jan 2012, 6:05 AM
Vivian stared blankly at Nixxy, wondering how she figured that. Sleepily he decided to try and regain her scent trail hoping they find her. "That way!" he said as he grabbed Nixxy and led her to where the scent trail led. After five Minutes, Vivian stopped and tried unsucessfully to regain Lacey's scent trail. He waited nervously for Nixxy to think of what to do next, trying not to let sleep overcome him

24th Jan 2012, 2:36 AM
((I'm back. Hope you guys had a good break, if you had one))

Lacy stood in a gap between the bricks just outside the cell door. It was an alcove of sorts, where the shadows hid you if you stood still. "It's unlocked but I'd rather you didn't go in." She said softly but realized that Vivian and Nixxy had already passed. She got out of the alcove and walked slowly to the mirrored safe where Nixxy had found the antidote. She opened the safe and searched through until she found the hidden compartment and opened it. Inside was a ring. No special ring as such but a ring all the same. She hugged it to her heart as she heard footsteps behind her.

14th Feb 2012, 9:10 PM
((Sorry about the pause here, I've been kind of busy))

Nixxy stood in the darkness, looking back and forth, listening carefully. She heard her own breathing, Vivian's breathing, and something else a little ways off.
"Maybe that way," Nixxy said, leading the way over to where the noise was.
"Lacey.....lacey, is that you," she hissed quietly, hoping that it was Lacey and not something else.

25th Feb 2012, 8:48 PM
((Is this RP still going and open? If so I would like to join, but I'll not bother writing a post until I know.))

26th Feb 2012, 2:27 AM
((It's okay. And yeah it's open. Just sorta introuce your character in their own bunker or something then either find us or let us find you. Because we WILL. :) Have fun!!))

Lacy froze on the spot and was taken back through a few years to the moment she was found on the floor by her fiancee.
"Maybe. Who's asking?" She replied to the voice who had called her name. saw the glimmer of light coming through the door and heard, faintly, shuffling and footsteps. She slipped the ring on her finger, third finger, left hand, where it had always sat.
She crept into the dark corner opposite the door and watched the dorway.

26th Feb 2012, 3:13 AM
Off in the distance, echoing off of the once sterile walls of the secret research base, is the sound of a young voice wailing in distress. Yelps of half formed words or short words like "Whhyyy" are in among other loud cries.

Down on his knees in one of the corridors that had recently been witness to battle is "Chime", or so he had been come to be called. His gangly hands are covered in blood as they cradle the head of one of the defeated monsters in his lap, his own shaved head giving no veil of hair to hide his long face behind. Chime reaches over, grabbing the deformed, claw-like hand of a victim of either radiation or experimental mutation, looking at the unique tattoo of a serial number still barely visible on the underside of its left wrist. This only causes Chime to bawl with even more intensity, his wavering voice getting louder and louder, interrupted with the occasional cough as he chokes on his own tears and saliva, or the occasional crack in pitch that comes with being around the turbulent age of 12. Why hadn't they used the serum they were drawing from his blood to stop this from happening? Track marks in his arms indicate the amount of times his veins had been invaded to draw blood.

Leading from a now open panel in the wall are bloody footprints. Not shoeprints, footprints. They lead up to where he now kneels and sobs violently. He barely notices as the passageway he had come through closes behind him with only a soft hiss and a click, severing him from his own bunker, #103.

28th Feb 2012, 4:27 AM
Megan Graceton, the young girl of seventeen with beautiful, creamy skin and jet, black hair thought to herself. She had never known her name, she had always known herself as Subject 220, The Thing, or It.
Megan fingered the paper with her full name on it- Megan Jolene Graceton- and everything else about her. The document said she had 'special abilities', like being able to shape shift, and being able to project her thoughts into other peoples heads.
For the first time since she had unsealed the door to her cell and entered the outer room, Megan looked around. Why is everyone dead? she gasped, What happened here?
There, on the floor, was Doctor McLain. McLain had always been so kind to Megan- though Megan had never spoken one word to her, in fact she hadn't spoken to anyone, ever- slipping her more food when the guards weren't watching. McLain was dead. Everyone was dead, except Megan.
Megan got up and walked over to the Doctor, Rest in peace, Doc, Megan thought as she closed the doctor's cold, dead eyes. After that Megan let out a long breath and headed for the door. No one was there to stop her now, she could go outside if she wanted, and go outside she did.
It was bright, and hot. The light hurt her eyes, and the hot sun bothered her white skin. Sand, that's all she could see. Sand and more sand.

((OOC: I hope this is okay. I'm not the worlds best at grammar, and thank goodness for spell check!LOL ;P))

28th Feb 2012, 4:35 PM
"It's Nixxy," said Nixxy, then she slapped herself mentally. What if it wasn't Lacey? It sounded like her, but maybe it wasn't. Nixxy jumped slightly as a cry of distress echoed through the dark space.
"What was that?" Nixxy said quietly to herself. She had forgotten that she was accompanied by people - at least, that's what she hoped. She zeroed in on the cries, listening carefully, starting slightly each time another rang out.

28th Feb 2012, 5:33 PM
What if I'm the only one left? Megan asked as she shielded her eyes from a gust of wind that kicked up the sand that was all around her, What if... What if There were a lot of what ifs in her life right now.
One thing she knew for sure, was that she needed to leave. She need to leave the place that had held her captive for all those years. The place where people had poked her with needles and zapped her with electricity. The place that had killed all her dreams.
Is anyone out there? Megan screamed with her mind over and over, projecting her thoughts so that if anyone was out there they would hear, but the whole time she was thinking in the back of her mind, No one can hear me... Every one is dead.
A thought suddenly occurred to Megan. If there were people out there, they could be dangerous. She quickly went back down the stairs to her hatch and started looking. She found what she was looking for moments later, strapped to a guards hip. The gun was fully loaded and the guard had even had extra rounds on his belt.
Megan took his belt with the ammo and his gun. She the packed a backpack full of the canned food that was left, and changed out of the hospital like clothes she was wearing.
That was all she could, she couldn't stay there a moment longer, not when she knew freedom was only feet away.

29th Feb 2012, 10:33 AM
Lacy came out of the corner she was hiding in and turned the light back on.
"Sorry, Nixxy." She said, "I have too many bad memories in this place. Do you mind if we go?"
Lacy had noticed the scream and was determined to investigate.

29th Feb 2012, 4:51 PM
"No problem," Nixxy said, snapping back to attention.
She started to space out again and listen while she waited for Vivian to answer.

((Sorry, but this was all I could do before school))

29th Feb 2012, 6:39 PM
Chime's wails had dwindled down to a few whimpers and sobs. However, he was drawn out of his grief by something... he heard something, no, he thought something. No, that wasn't his voice in his head. There was a voice that juxtaposed over his own thoughts, rather than replaced them. What was this. Chime threw up his arms to put them over his head, then suddenly stopped, seeing the blood on them. His hands hovered in the air for a moment, then he let them drop. He gently lifted the head of the creature and set it back down on the ground, standing up with a blood smeared gown.

The feminine voice in his mind.... 'Is anyone out there?' was so surreal.

However, Chime was wondering the same thing. Was anyone alive? Was anyone still there? Of course, someone had to be. After all, the creature at his feet was killed recent enough that the blood hadn't dried. Calling out could mean danger, but it would also mean answers. Taking in a few calming deep breaths to steady his boyish tone, Chime called out as loud and as clear as he could...

"...Please, is someone there? Please answer me..."

29th Feb 2012, 6:54 PM
Megan heard it, the boys voice, somewhere in the distance. So there was someone there! I'm coming! she answered, he would hear her voice in his mind, only he would hear it, no one else. I'm coming...
She followed the sound of his voice down into what could have been a lab, she wasn't sure.
There he was, on the floor, with a strange creature in his lap. Megan bent down next to the young boy, I'm here. was all she could say.
She was fearful. What had happened here, what was that thing? There was blood everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, even on the boy. Confusion was written all across her face.
She finally found her voice- her mental voice that is- What happened? Are you alright? What is... That... That thing? she asked him in his head (Megan hasn't spoken to anyone out loud before, she isn't even sure she can speak at all)
Megan wasn't sure she could trust him, whoever he was, so she stayed back a little ways from him.

29th Feb 2012, 7:14 PM
((I'd ask this in PM, but I figure the answer is something that would benefit others. Is there a frequent posting policy, like wait for a certain amount of time or posts before going again? I figured I'd ask before going ahead and responding to Dreamsgirl. I wouldn't want to do anything rude or that would disrupt the flow by starting a tea party.))

1st Mar 2012, 5:45 AM
((Usually, it's polite to wait for everybody else to post once after you, or if you can't don't get too far ahead. Especially if you have a scream or something somebody else should react to, then it's best to wait. Thanks for asking.
Mimi: Vivian isn't replying so I'll kill him off. If he wants in again, he'll have to make a new charrie. Let's just continue. It's easier.))

Lacy grabbed Nixxy's hand as she saw Vivian coming towards them brandishing a knife. She felt the animosity radiating from him as he slowly started walking towards her friend, not blinking and getting the knife ready to cut her throat. Lacy grabbed her gun from her shoulder and shot him twice in the chest and he fell to the ground, dead. The shots echoed loudly throughout the bunker and out the open door which wan't too far away. As an extra measure, she took the knife off him and cut his throat with it. "He's dead now. He won't follow." She told Nixxy and grabbed her backpack from the chair beside her. "Lets go. We need to find the other people. If they're still alive." She quickly walked out the door and into the blistering heat. The sun was now at it's peak and the temperature was well over 40 degrees celcius. Far to hot to be doing any exploring for very long. She took the gun and held it in her hand, hoping the people would come to her, but rather doubted it.
"Is there anybody out there?" She called out, "Who's there? Show yourselves."

1st Mar 2012, 6:40 AM
((Well, I am just going to go again, but from here on out I'll try to wait for everyone. I was just really really really eager to post a follow-up. Pity about Vivian. That makes me the token male now. If I am ever slow to respond, you'll PM me first before killing off my character, right?))

Wiping his hands off on his already soiled gown, Chime becomes aware of another person approaching. His brown eyes alertly dart over to Megan, and then, again, in his mind he heard a voice. For a moment he was dumbfounded, but then he finally found HIS voice.

"That /thing/ used to be human. He was in the cell next to me, but I never knew his name..." There is a pensive pause from the boy as he examines Megan more closely, his eyes seeming particularly to stare at her black hair. It looks as though he were to continue talking when the sound of gunshots caused the youth to start. He spun around for a moment, glancing about him, even though the echoes told him it was from a distance. Chime clenches his hands and then releases them, then slowly looks back to Megan, anxiety written well over his gaunt features. Although his voice and body suggested a boy not much older than eleven or twelve, there was something oddly mature in his features, such as the creases that seem so deep in the features of his face as his eyebrows knitted together in apprehension, or the small tick near the right corner of his mouth.

"We should leave," Chime suggests, despite having just met the strange mind-talking girl. However, there is a sound of uncertainty in his tone.

1st Mar 2012, 2:28 PM
Megan heard the gun shots to. The gun shots meant there were more people out there, but it also meant they were armed and possibly dangerous.
Megan nodded and made to follow him out of the bunker, then remembered something. She reached into her bag quickly and pulled out some clothes, Here, this looks about your size. she said and pushed them across the floor to him. Hopefully the act of giving up some of her clothes would show him she was trust worthy, and relieve some of the uncertainty he felt towards her.
Megan felt like she could trust the boy, but should she feel that way? Was he dangerous?
Why is that thing the way he is? Does he shape shift or something? she had been about to add 'like me' but decided she probably shouldn't tell the youth about that, yet.
She had many questions she wanted to ask the boy. He seemed to know a lot more about, well everything, than she did at the moment. Instead of asking everything that was on her mind however, she stuck with just one, What's your name?

2nd Mar 2012, 2:51 AM
Nixxy followed Lacey, shocked at what had happened. Somewhere, deep down, she knew that she had been way too trustworthy, but she hadn't been expecting that. As an afterthought, she realized that she had let herself get sloppy when she just let Vivian sneak behind her the way he had. What Nixxy really needed was to clear her mind, and focus. 'A threat is a threat, and a threat has to be eliminated. If you get a bad feeling about someone, you're probably right,' Nixxy thought to herself, trying to stay alert as she followed Lacey warily.

2nd Mar 2012, 4:54 AM
((Of course I'll PM you. Don't worry. I've been giving him warning for nearly 2 months. That's why I've only just killed him now.))

Nobody came out. Nobody moved except Nixxy behind her. "Can you hear anything?" She asked Nixxy, still holding her gun warily. "I can't hear like you can. In fact I can barely hear at all now."
Lacy's eyes scanned every little crack and crevice for movement like they could, but she saw nothing. Only lizards and snakes slithering away from the noise. "Nixxy? We need to find this person or people. We need to find them now. Before they become a threat."
Lacy felt the advanced weapons training and bloodlust rise up within her. She quickly squashed it. There would be plenty of time to attack after they found them and if they weren't trustworthy.

2nd Mar 2012, 5:17 AM
Chime is silent as he watches the clothes being slid over to him. For a brief moment he just stares down at them, his face robbed of any expression. He then grunts softly and goes over, picking them up and holding them out, letting them unfurl to gage their size. After a moment he nods in affirmation. He quickly and sloppily struggles into the trousers before whipping off his dirty gown and squirming into the top, ending up wearing it backwards, but does not seem to notice or care. he glances alertly around him, then looks back at Megan. He had his own questions, particularly about her method of communication, but they remained as half-formed, floating curiosity rather than structured sentences.

Chime sucks in some air before answering all of Megan's questions. H tilts his head to the hideous creature, and then shrugs with a slight twinge. "I don't know. Something has happened here, but I do not know what," the boy explains. He pauses a moment, giving Megan an odd look before he responds, "Chime." (Pronounced with a hard C, sounding more like Kime than Chime)

Still questions pressed on him, but he needed to prioritize and consider survival before curiousity. "Do you know the way out?" Chime gets ready to follow the girl if she does, no further questions asked.

((In other words, next pose if you wish you can have her lead him out into the sun so we can finally get rolling. ;) ))

2nd Mar 2012, 2:49 PM
Megan nodded and beckoned him to follow her. She walked through a set of sliding glass doors and up a long flight of stairs. The sun was shinning hot, and bright, but the wind was blowing strongly kicking up sand and throwing it into their eyes, Well, here we are. she said looking around in disgust. In all the books she has read, which was a lot, the world never looked like this. Megan threw her hand over her eyes and groaned, she had been underground for so long that the bothered her light gray eyes and creamy, white skin. The sun bothered her so much so that it gave her a headache.
Megan brought her pack around so she could view the inside. She took out one of the many cans she had managed to save and handed it to Chime, Here, you're probably hungry. You can eat while we walk, wherever we are going... Then to herself, where are we going?
She decided they should probably move away from the direction the gun shots came from, so she headed of to what she assumed was the north. She had no reason to stay with this boy any longer, but to her a boy as young as he, appeared helpless. She felt the need to protect him.
Megan was quiet for a long while, but then she couldn't hold it in any longer, Why were you down there? You said you had been in a cell next to, that... that creature... Why?

((You're freeeee! lol))

3rd Mar 2012, 5:53 PM
Nixxy blinked and listened carefully. "Yeah, I can hear them.... there's more than one... that way, I think. It's hard to tell," Nixxy said, looking around confusedly. "The voices echo, and I can't judge the distance." Nixxy shook her head, trying to clear it. There was a weird buzzing in her ear, and she wondered if it was her head wound.

4th Mar 2012, 4:12 AM
Lacy turned around and looked at Nixxy. "Shall we go that direction then and just go searching? We need to find these people as soon as possible."

4th Mar 2012, 7:11 AM
((Well, I sat down to make a Sim of Chime, but I came across a problem. Children look too young and teens look too old. Chime looks about in-between the available 'ages' for the Sims, so you'll have to use your imagination to a certain degree. I also did some photo-editing because I went vanilla for the new update to make sure no CC made things get too screwy (I'll put it all back eventually - darn patches). I made both teen and child versions, imagine him some place in the middle))

Sullen and silent, Chime follows Megan out into the world, instantly squinting and scrunching up his face as a reaction to the sunlight. As a dry, hot gust of air swirls about him, he shields his eyes from the invading sediments carried by the wind. he blinks his eyes furiously as they begin to water and blur. He almost doesn't notice a can being held out to him until the voice, once again, rattles through his mind. His thoughts are brought to a halt so abrupt that he completely forgot what he was thinking about. He glances down at the can, wincing as the sun reflects off the lid. He takes it, muttering something that almost sounds like a 'thanks' and pulls at the tab before pushing it in to break the seal, and ends up breaking it off, leaving him with an unopened can, and no way to rectify this. He stars at the pin in one hand, the can in the other, and then his thoughts again are monopolized by the other girl.

"I was down there for research, same as everyone else," responds Chime in a very matter of fact tone, punctuating his statement with a small shrug of his bony shoulders. Chime shifts his weight, cautiously glancing at the horizon and then quickly looking down again, searching for a rock or something to bash the can open with as he shuffles behind Megan, burrowing his feet as deep into the sand as possible and dragging them, as if searching for a layer that hadn't been penetrated by the sun's heat, leaving interesting tracks in his wake.

4th Mar 2012, 9:33 PM
I see... she had thought about the possibility that other people were being tested on as well. The feeling made her angry, especially since the test were being done on someone so young. Megan heard the soft plink of the tab breaking off the can, Here. she bent down and picked up a deep red stone, Use this. she handed Chime the stone, but her thoughts were very far away from the can of food that he was now trying to open. She was thinking about how many other children could have been tortured in the name of science. It was really quite cruel. She herself had been tested on ever since she was born, or at least as long as she can remember. She had never seen the sun nor had she seen a large body water, looking around now she had a feeling she wouldn't be seeing a large body of water in the near future.
That cursed lab had ruined her life, and her dreams.

((Edit: oops I for to make it look like she is talking in her mind >.<))

4th Mar 2012, 10:18 PM
(( tachygloss: tell me about it. I still have to go through all of the cc I have because of the latest patch. BTW, Chime is amazing :O his eyes are really expressive ))

"That seems like the best course of action," Nixxy said, listening carefully. She agreed with Lacey - these people needed to be found, and soon. Nixxy started to wander in the direction the voices had come in, hoping it was the right way. As an afterthought, she realized that running anywhere without a drawn weapon was sheer stupidity. She drew the knife Vivian had given her and held it out in front of herself, praying that she would find a gun soon. She didn't want to be caught "Bringing a knife to a gunfight."

5th Mar 2012, 1:18 AM
((Wait what happened to the CC? Sorry this is my first time using any CC so idk what's going on, and I haven't really played since the patch))

5th Mar 2012, 4:51 AM
Lacy got out her knife and held it out to Nixxy behind her. "If you want another knife I've got one here, that means you can throw one if it comes to it." She told Nixxy, "And it's not a gun fight, I mean Vivian first had a lead pipe in his hands when I met him. Or was that you?"
Then Lacy stopped suddenly as she could hear voices now. "This way," She hissed at Nixxy and darted left over rubble and ground.
She stopped at the entrance to four bunkers, the dead end to end all dead ends. "Who's there? Show yourself or I'll come and find you. If that happens I shoot first and ask questions later." She fired the gun into the air to emphasise her point. She needed to find these people now, nt go poking around in bunkers she didn't know, knowing that she could easily be ambushed if she enter any one the four bunkers in front of her. She needed these people now so she could either kill them or have them on her side so she didn't have the risk of a knife in the back from people she KNEW were sneaking around.
"Hurry up. I'm waiting, and I don't like to be kept waiting." She brought the gun down and held it firmly, training it slowly on each of the four bunkers, the sharp eyes of the owl and hawk on the lookout for any movement, and trusting that Nixxy would cover her back.

5th Mar 2012, 7:18 AM
((There seems to be some confusion about where everyone is, or at least, the lay-out of the research compound (I might have the setting wrong). Chime and Megan are outside where there is sand and sun, not inside any more. They aren't doing anything to conceal themselves either, at least, Chime isn't. Unless you figure they are on the other side of the entrances to the bunkers.))

6th Mar 2012, 7:05 AM
((Sorry. I'll say there beside one of the bunkers and I can't see them. I obviously didn't read it properly. :) ))

6th Mar 2012, 9:15 AM
((It's okay, there's a lot to take in, people running all over the place, and some posts can be vague. I just felt for the sake of continuity I might as well say something, and it's good to check in and make sure everyone is on the same page anyway. Communication is a lovely thing. Oh, and thanks Minimogut for the compliment on Chime. He took a lot of going back and fourth between all of his features, especially between his eyes and cheeks.))

Just as Chime was making a sizeable dent in the lid of the tin can, he heard someone shouting from around the corner of the compound, the view of which was obstructed by the interestingly asymmetrical architecture. Chime pauses, rock and can in hand, then glances over to Megan tentatively before looking towards the source of the voices. He wasn't sure if other people could hear Megan the way he did, or if she could speak, so he felt it upon himself to speak for the both of them.

"We're just lab rats. You seem hosti...." he falters for a moment, his eyebrows knitting together with an expression that almost looks like self reprimand. "...hot-tempered," he covers, raising the pitch of his voice just slightly. "You sound like a scary woman. I don't feel safe showing myself." Chime bit his lip hard, and then proceeded to chew on it lightly as he shifted his weight uncomfortably. He looked towards Megan to gage her reaction. There was no doubt that the youth was tense and understood the gravity of the situation.

6th Mar 2012, 10:11 PM
Megan bit her lip when Chime started to shout. She quickly dug into her bag and pulled out the pistol. It made a very quiet clicking sound when she cocked it. You don't have a weapon, you should probably stand behind me. She said, thankfully only Chime could hear her. If she had wanted she could have made it so that everyone could, but she didn't feel comfortable doing that. Megan pointed her gun in the general direction of the voices, she held the gun awkwardly of course, seeing as she had never shot a gun let alone held one.

7th Mar 2012, 10:10 AM
"Nixxy, can you tell where they are?" Lacy hissed at Nixxy, "I can't see movement and the way it echoed, I wasn't really listening either. Can you figure it out? Even an area would be good."
And to the people she called out, "You don't feel safe showing yourself? Well how do you think I feel standing here with no clue where you are? You don't feel safe? Then I must be mad to stand in the open with no clue as to where you are. At least tell me where you are? I'm peaceful until you prove yourselves otherwise. I'm just protecting myself. So either come out or tell me where you are."
Lacy still couldn't see the people as she trained the gun around, listening hard, but mostly watching for any sign of movement that her mutated eyes could pick up.

7th Mar 2012, 9:15 PM
"Yes. Can you see that strange looking structure over there? That's where they are," Nixxy whispered, holding both knives defensively. "I would be careful, though. I heard a gun being cocked. Well, besides yours. One of them is armed, and it's not the younger one."
Nixxy crouched down, closer to the ground. The smaller she looked, the less dangerous she appeared, and until she found a secondary weapon - even a rock - Nixxy wasn't ready to get into any long range fights.

7th Mar 2012, 10:46 PM
Apprehension became even more intense in Chime's face as the girl he was with pulled out a gun. He made a small noise from his throat, as if about to speak, but then stopped himself before even a single syllable could get out. His brown eyes began darting side to side and his hands began to tense and relax as they became even more clammy, and not just from the heat.

With a 'chumf' the rock and can hit the patch of sand Chime is standing on. Slowly raising his arms, he looks over at Megan to catch her eye and shake his head, his gaze travelling meaningfully to the gun.

"You're the one who made threats first," Chime calls out. Perhaps it was a subtle one, but Chime heard it. If she had to come find them.... Chime closes his eyes for a moment, trying hard to think. He then glances at Megan again, and steps out from behind her, edging closer to the corner of the structure that separated them from the others. "I am called Chime. What is your name?"

It was bad enough being exposed to the sun, but standing closer to the structure which had been absorbing the sun's warmth all day seemed to capture the wasteland heat, multiply it, and then send it back out into the world. The boy is sweating profusely and swaying side to side somewhat as he stands, right at the corner, not yet revealing himself, but prepared to do so.

8th Mar 2012, 6:48 AM
"My name will be revealed when you show yourselves." Lacy said, thinking that the boy made a good point about her making threats first, however nobody could be trusted.
Lacy slung the gun over her shoulder and slowly went towards the structure Nixxy had directed her at. She slowly climbed up, making as little noise as possible however a few rocks were disloged. But they rolled towards the direction of the opening between two of the bunkers and so Lacy hoped they thought she was heading their way.
Lacy climbed across the roof in silence, behind the lip of the roof and so concealing her shadow. She quickly found the two people, one was barely a boy, the other was a female pointing her gun at the gap between bunkers. Lacy unhooks the gun rom her shoulder and stands up on the roof. The sun was behind her so anybody turning to look at her should only see a sillouette at best, and blinded if they weren't careful. "I'd say show yourselves, but since you are already out in the open it's a bit redundant."

8th Mar 2012, 5:51 PM
Well, it seems you can see us, but we can't see you. I don't think that is very polite. Megan said, her voice would echo through their minds, ALL their minds. She dropped her arm to her side, so she was no longer pointing the gun at them, then stepped in front of Chime. Megan's spine tingled, it was a stupid move to put her back to someone she didn't know, but she didn't want him getting hurt, he was so young. We aren't violent. We want no trouble. Again Megan's voice travel through their minds, Please, put your weapon down. She couldn't see her, to know that she even had a weapon, but she just assumed.

9th Mar 2012, 7:01 AM
((Hello. :) I'm working on an entry post, and have a quick question... dreamsgirl88, the part where Megan's "voice" reached "ALL their minds" would that also include someone still trapped in a bunker? I'm figuring that my character is near enough to hear shouting through a hole in the wall, but too far to understand what was being said? Thanks. ))

14th Mar 2012, 9:52 PM
((Yeah, she opened her mind to everyone... So your character can hear it too))

15th Mar 2012, 6:37 PM
Nixxy watched Lacey climb the structure carefully. Deciding it would be best not to remain where someone had a gun trained on her, she moved around the opposite way, keeping her stance open and nonthreatening, but defensive. She slipped into the midday shadows quickly and silently, just like when she wanted to escape the "happy pills" the scientists used to give her. A woman with a gun and a boy about twelve years old. A quick step to the left and she would be in direct sunlight - she would also be a target. Nixxy decided to sit in the shadows until a truce was established. If a truce was ever reached.

15th Mar 2012, 10:38 PM
Chime had been waiting at the side of the structure, only to hear the woman's voice come from a different direction. By this point he was beginning to breathe inconsistently as her brought up his shoulder to try and wipe away the sweat from his face on his upper arm sleeves. He glances around for the source of the voice, finally seeing a vague silhouette against the sun. The sun. Chime instantly closed his eyes and shielded them with his veiny hands. Purple and green splotches obscured his sight, even when his eyes were closed. Chime shook his head slightly, as though it would fix his sight, but it was an ineffective move. Finally he lifted his chin, speaking slowly and clearly to be heard, but taking awkward breaks between words.

"As... as you can see we were not... we were not hiding ourselves. We..." he pauses, glancing over at Megan and her gun as best he can, then lifts his chin again, continuing to shade his eyes with his hand. "...trust us or don't. We, like you... just want... to survive..." After saying this Chime lets out a long shuddering sigh and grabs at the bottom of his shirt, bringing it up to wipe away more sweat from his face. His exposed belly and bottom part of his chest show defined ribs giving him a starved look, and yet he also has a distended belly, bulging and sagging a little around his waist line.

16th Mar 2012, 6:26 AM
((I'm sorry for the length of this post... It really ran away on me, and this was the best I could trim it down to. I promise that future posts will not be this bad. ;) ))

Subject: F1094
~~~shuffle, shuffle, shuffle~~~
Age: 92 Days
…The subject has survived twice as long as any of the previous experiments. This milestone has the team cautiously hopeful that we may have finally successfully created a viable human/plant hybrid. Tests reveal that the subject’s anatomy is very similar to a normal female infant. However there are several anomalies which will require further study. E.g.: the subject appears to be without hair follicles, there are two cavities in the subject’s back (below the shoulder blades) which show no apparent purpose; and perhaps most interestingly, the subject’s cells contain both mitochondria and chloroplasts. This combination is heretofore unknown in any plant or animal.

The subject’s green skin and eyes are undoubtedly due to the chlorophyll in the chloroplasts, however whether said chlorophyll functions for photosynthesis remains yet to be determined…

~~~shuffle, shuffle, shuffle~~~
Age: 7 Years
… The vines have continued to grow into a coil within the cavities, and the subject is able to propel and retract them seemingly at will. Also, when the vines are extended, the subject exhibits prehensile control. Unfortunately, when asked to explain how it is achieved, the subject was once again unable. The frustrating lack of answers has prompted the decision to instill basic knowledge of matters that are deemed relevant to the project, e.g. anatomy, botany, and biology.

~~~shuffle, shuffle, shuffle~~~
Age: 10 Years
… While the left vine has fully regenerated, the left pinky fingertip which was severed has shown no signs of recovery…

~~~shuffle, shuffle, shuffle~~~
Age: 20 Years
…It has been decided to remove the canine/plant hybrid from the enclosure. The subject has become too attached and is protective almost to the point of overcoming the conditioned fear of bladed instruments. Defiance will not be tolerated.

…The extraction of the canine did not go as anticipated. Once the canine was tranquilized, the subject became extremely agitated, and attacked the two guards sent in to retrieve it. The subject used both vines and body in an attempt to protect the canine. The incident ended when one of the guards managed to cut approximately three inches off the left vine. As always, the intense pain subdued the subject.

It is possible that, during the struggle, the subject saw me in the observation room. I will have to devise a plausible explanation as to why I did not intervene, for a loss of trust now would prove detrimental to the project. I ca


At least, that’s what Flora would have read had she ever been taught how to read. As it was, she just riffled through the folder that Dr. Hollins always had with her; pausing at some of the pictures and diagrams that seemed to chronicle her life.

Finished with the folder, she turned again to survey the room that she was now in. The initial shock had started to wear off, and the gravity of the situation was soaking in. With only a shaft of light coming from a crack near the ceiling to see by, she wasn’t able to see much, but it was more than enough.

She looked back through the broken two-way mirror into what had been the only home she’d ever known, and for a moment, wished everything could go back to the way it was. Knowing that was impossible, she turned away from the thirst she could feel from the dying plants in her enclosure, and focused again on the scene in this outer room.

There were four bodies lying about: two were men wearing the clothes of the bad people, and she felt rage and a sense of justice when looking at them. The third was Dr. Adams, a nice enough person, but she hadn’t known him long and he was always distant, so she only felt pity at his death. The final body was the most disturbing...

Dr. Hollins, the only person Flora had known her entire life, and yet she felt conflicted emotions when looking upon her remains. The last time she had seen the doctor, she was in this very room and had simply watched as the bad people took Chrysy away and cut her vine. So, while saddened by the loss, she was still hurting from that betrayal.

“Why,” she asked, looking into the doctor’s lifeless eyes. “Why didn’t you try to stop them?” Knowing she’d never get an answer, she turned away to try to figure out what to do. She knew she couldn’t stay there, so she tried to open the door but when it wouldn’t open, she went over to the crack in the wall. When she reached the beam of sunlight, she stopped for a moment because the light on her face was comforting. Looking at her hands, she noticed for the first time that her skin was an unhealthy yellow-green color instead of its normal green.

“I have to get out of here,” she said, and she then extended the vine from her right wrist up to the hole. By carefully feeling around, she could tell that the edges were too sharp for her to be able to pull herself up to look out, and when pushing with all her strength around the hole, the wall did not give.

She figured she’d need a keycard, so she started searching the room as best as she could. Some of the first things she found were two flashlights, one working one not, and with the one flashlight in hand she set about searching a little more thoroughly. There were two cabinet doors on the wall away from the hole. The first cabinet contained what appeared to be supplies for an extended stay by one of the doctors. There were several food and water containers, a few changes of clothes and lab coats, and a couple bags, but no keycard.

Flora immediately grabbed one of the waters and drank it in next to no time. She was about to open a second, when it occurred that she didn’t know when she’d get more, so she decided to conserve what she had. She felt a little guilty about not giving any water to the plants, but she knew there wasn’t enough to do them any good.

She opened one of the food cans, and ate while packing the rest of the food and water, and some of the clothes into one of the bags. Finished with that bag, she set it on the floor, grabbed another bag, and opened the second cabinet. She was hoping to find the keycard for the door and at the very least was expecting to find more supplies, but she wasn’t prepared for what she saw. Inside was an array of blades ranging from surgical scalpels, to gardening shears, to a menacing looking machete.

Overcome with sheer terror, Flora quickly backed away from the cabinet, and though she stumbled over the debris, she was unable to take her eyes off of the blades. When her back hit the opposite wall, she slid down, and sat staring into the cabinet. She didn’t know how long she sat there, but a couple loud bangs heard through the hole brought her back to her senses.

Her breathing was still quick and uneven, she glanced again at the cabinet, and then down to where she had left the bag of supplies. She knew she needed that bag, but there was no way she was going to go anywhere near there. She tried to use one of her vines to get the bag, but wasn’t able to reach more than a foot before snapping back. As she was trying to still her trembling hands, she heard another loud bang and indistinct shouting.

Shouting meant people, and that meant she could ask for help. Steeling herself, she shot her vine out as quickly as she could, grabbed the bag, and just as quickly, pulled back in. After a brief check of the cabinet to reassure that nothing had moved, she tried to put the blades out of her mind as she focused on the sounds coming from outside.

The shouting seemed to stop, and she was just about to call out, when she suddenly heard a voice that sounded like the person was right behind her. Well it seems you can see us, “Who’s there?” she asked, startled.

But we can’t see you. “Where are you?” she got back to her feet and began shining the flashlight into all the corners, and even back into her enclosure.

I don’t think that is very polite “But I can’t see you,” she was starting to feel a little annoyed and frustrated. “Talk about my manners.”

We aren’t violent. We want no trouble. “Well me neither.”

Please put your weapon down. “But I don’t have a weapon!” At that point she was so frustrated that she was shouting, and turning to the hole she continued, “Are you out there? Look, I really can’t see you, and I don’t want any trouble either, so can I come out now? If not, we’re really going to need more water and light in here,” she paused for a moment, and in a voice of almost desperate hope, she added, “And if I promise to behave, can Chrysy come back… please?”

16th Mar 2012, 8:38 AM
((It's okay, I actually like the long post. Well done.))

"I think the gun is reduandant." She told the girl and the jumped down to the ground. She dropped the gun and said, "There I'm unarmed. Now can be civil to each other?"

18th Mar 2012, 6:30 PM
Megan smirked, That's all I wanted. My name is Megan. You already know my friend's name. Might ask who you are? she also wanted to ask what she was- seeing as how Megan had powers, why couldn't everyone else? Megan cocked her head, she had so many questions. By the looks of these people, they had been out here for a while, which means they had answers. At least a few. Then, out of no where, Megan heard a female voice in the distance. Someone else was out there?
Megan almost laughed, the unknown girl seemed to think Megan was talking to her. She zeroed in on the girls mind and started to talk to just her, Where are you? You can come out, I wont hurt you. Megan looked at the others contemplatively, And the others wont either... She couldn't hear exactly what the girl was saying, what ever it was she sounded a little panicked- probably because she had no idea where Megan's voice was coming from, You just need to calm down. I can't hear you, you know. You're to far away. Come out from where ever you are hiding. Through all this, Megan tried to keep her mental voice calm and reassuring.

18th Mar 2012, 8:17 PM
There is an almost exaggerated sigh of relief as Chime takes on an even more sagged and drooped stature with a long exhale. He wipes away from sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand as he squints and blinks a few times at Lacy. The creases around his eyes are deep, forming crow's feet that make his face look older then he otherwise appears. He slowly walks over to where he had dropped his rock and his can of food and kneels down to pick them up. It was then that he heard the distant and distorted sound of shouting from somewhere in one of the nearby structures. This causes him to pause and hold his breath for a moment, before he cautiously looks about his person. Slowly he stands up, idly working on opening the can again, seeming more interested in the food than anything else. However, his ears are alert, and his occasionally steals a glance at either Lacy or Megan.

22nd Mar 2012, 3:09 AM
"I'm Lacy. That's all you need to know for now." She told Megan, knowing that Megan must have telepathy. Then she heard the sounds of shouting in the distance. Muffled and faint. She quickly poked her head around to Nixxy and called out. "It's okay. They're friendly." She couldn't see Nixxy so she figured that she was hiding somewhere. "And there's yelling from somewhere. We need to find out where. If you can lead us it'd be great but I'm heading off now so just catch up with us. You'll find us. You always do." She walked back to the others and grabbed her gun off the ground and slung it over her shoulder. She quickly took a long drink from her drink bottle and said, "I'm gonna go find whoever is yelling. Anybody know where they are?" And then set off in a random direction, allowing the others to follow her. "And don't put a knife in my back either. I'll make sure you're dead before I am." She meant it good-naturedly but was serious about the threat.

22nd Mar 2012, 6:17 AM
When the person answered her call, Flora became quite confused. The voice didn’t sound like it was coming from outside, but rather it was almost like it was in her own mind. This was something she’d never encountered before or been told about, and she didn’t know what to make of it.

“How can I hear you if you can’t hear me,” she mumbled quietly. Though she was somewhat reassured that this person and the “others” weren’t going to hurt her, she had been told that before with unpleasant results. Still, she knew she needed help, so she figured she had no choice but to take a chance. “But I can’t come out!” she shouted. “The door won’t open, and I can’t find the key,” and to emphasize the point, she hit the door once with a vine which resulted in a sort of *pang* sound.

((Thanks Sammiannnz, I’m glad you liked my post. :)
I have some pics of Flora, and I wanted to explain something about her vines. They end in ¾ inch (1.9cm) long by ½ inch (1.27cm) wide pods which have heavy concentrations of nerves, so they are highly sensitive. However, they're also strong enough to handle impacting with solid objects at surprising speeds without damage or pain (discomfort at times, but not pain). The pods rest on the surface where the vines exit the wrist, about a thumb length down the wrist, and she has taken to wrapping cloth around her wrists, so the pods and vines won’t be visible when our characters first meet. I know the cuffs in the pics are closer to the hand, but they were the best I could find, so please bear with me ;) … ))

25th Mar 2012, 5:57 PM
Nixxy stepped out of the shadows, listening intently to the shouting.
'Awfully distracted, aren't we?' Nixxy thought to herself. She shook her head quickly and held the knives in a peaceful, albeit slightly nervous way. Still listening intently, she followed Lacey, hardly paying attention to anything. After a while, she could pick up a few words, but she wasn't sure where she was. Closer, obviously, but she couldn't seen Lacey or the others anymore. Hear them, yes, and they were going in the right direction.
'Guess I found a shortcut,' Nixxy thought drily.

2nd Apr 2012, 7:43 PM
Chime lifted his gaze as Lacvy went to investigate the yeling, finally getting the can open. Some of the perservative juices spill onto his hand, and he transfers the can from hand to the other. The spilt upon hand is raised to his mouth as if about to lick, but then he stops and quickly puts his hand down, wiping the goo off on his shirt instead. He had not had a chance to wash his hands, and there was still dried blood deep in the grooves of his fingerprints and under his short nails. Frowning, he sets the can down and glances over, catching a sight of Nixxy as she goes to follow Lacy. Chime gives a glance over at Megan, then offers up a weak shrug.

"I guess we might as well go see as well... you know, to stick together..." Chime says. He picks up his can again, wishing he had a spoon or fork. As it is, he just raises it carefully to his lips and lets the beans inside slide into his mouth as he walks. Alternating between nursing the can of beans and wiping away sweat, Chime stumbles along behind Lacy until they reach the hole the voice was shouting from. He walks over to where he heard a pang sound, squatting down and listening for a moment later, setting down his half-finished beans.

"Whose down there?"

16th Apr 2012, 2:06 AM
As she waited for a response, Flora couldn’t help but wonder who these people were. Were they with Dr. Hollins, or were they some more of the bad people, or were they some of the “outsiders” that she had occasionally heard about. That last thought gave her a moment of pause. She was taught very little about the greater world, but had often been told that those from the outside would not understand how special she was and would try to hurt her or separate her from Dr. Hollins.

For her entire life, she had taken everything the doctors told her at face value, but she’d begun to have some doubts of late. Dr. Hollins had always told her that she did everything she could to protect her, but Flora couldn’t begin to count the number of times the bad people had done whatever harm they wanted: cutting her vine, shooting her with darts that made her sleep, even cutting off part of her pinky. All those times Hollins had said she was unable to stop them, but after this last incident, Flora began to wonder if she had ever even tried.

Standing in the shaft of sunlight, she started to absentmindedly rub the end of her left pinky as she considered the possibilities. If they’re bad people, she thought, they might punish me for breaking the mirror. But if they’re doctors, then they might take me to another safe place. But if they’re outsiders, would they help me…would I want them to help me…do I have any other choices? If I don’t get help, I’ll die …

Her musings were halted when she heard approaching footsteps, and then a voice say, “Whose down there?” It wasn’t the same voice that had been talking to her before, and it was definitely coming from outside. The voice didn’t sound like it belonged to one of the bad people or one of the doctors. In fact, she had never heard a voice like that before, so she was trying to figure out why the voice sounded so strange as she answered the question.

“It’s me, Flora,” she said, in a voice that clearly asked the unspoken who else would it be?

16th Apr 2012, 7:32 AM
"Flora?" Lacy said, kneeling down to the crack, letting the light into the room Flora was in. "Can you get out? Is the door blocked and is there any other way in?"
Lacy didn't really want one more person, but couldn't leave somebody trapped.

17th Apr 2012, 10:49 PM
Nixxy continued to wander around, still listening. After eventually walking in one huge circle, she made it back to the main group. Lacey was kneeling down, looking into some sort of hole.
"Is that where Flora is?" Nixxy asked quietly.

22nd Apr 2012, 5:29 AM
It was yet another voice asking questions this time, and Flora heard another person a little further away. She was starting to get a little nervous as she wondered just how many people were out there. There were questions she wanted to ask, but was afraid that doing so might anger them and cause them to leave her there, so she just answered the questions that had been asked to her.

“No, I can’t get out,” Flora answered as she headed toward the steps that led up to the door. “And I don’t know of any other way in or-” Her words were cut off with a gasp when she once again caught sight of the cabinet full of blades. The bottom step was far too close to that cabinet for her liking, and for a moment she wasn’t able to move any closer to it.

Knowing she didn’t have any other options, she took a deep, shaky breath, focused on the top step, and ran as quickly as she could past the cabinet. Once at the door, she took a couple more deep breaths to calm herself, and then she tried to open the door as she said, “The door isn’t blocked in here, but…it…won’t…open.” She emphasized the last three words by hitting the door with her shoulder.

((OOC: Not sure how anyone else is picturing the scene outside the bunker, but this is what I was seeing when I wrote this post: the door frame is pretty much flat on the ground and is maybe about 10 to 20 feet (3.048 to 6.096 m) away from the hole. The entire door and frame has been covered by a layer of sand (unknown thickness) so it’s not plainly visible, but hitting the underside of the door might have shaken the sand enough to reveal the outline. Hopefully that made sense…))

26th Apr 2012, 9:28 AM
Lacy noticed the dust falling from a doorway. "Over there." Lacy said, pointing. She threw her weight against the door but it didn't open. "Are you okay? Is this your door?" Shs called out through the door.

30th Apr 2012, 6:27 AM
“Yes,” Flora answered. “This is my door, and I’m okay, but…” she paused, and a shiver ran down her spine as she glanced back at the cabinet and the human remains in the room. With desperation clear in her voice, she finished, “I’d really like to get out of here, please.”