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28th Oct 2011, 10:10 AM
This is my role-playing forum, it is about the after affect of the apocalypse (i know, predictable, but ah well). What has happened is that you were visiting some WW2 bunkers, and someone (on a payroll), caused the nuclear reactor to meltdown, and killed nearly everyone in the city. The Army placed the town in quarantine and now 1 of only 8 left, you must fight to survive, and escape.
Grammar, and spelling are essential, no stuff like lol, cba, etc.
What's allowed;
:here: God-modding (not too much)
:here: Supernatural abilities
:here: Mutations
:here: Zombies

What's NOT allowed
:here: too much swearing
:here: too much like some other story.
:here: SPAM!!

Here's the intro:

Jason Grace picked his way through the rubble, he glanced up at the twisted remains of what had once been houses, full of memories and laughter, now so much broken brick, and shattered glass. The town resembled a city in the blitz, and in a sense it was, but the was a biological attack, rather than physical. He knew there would be mutations, and strange, afflictions. But he could not imagine the danger he would face....

7th Nov 2011, 1:47 AM
I hope it's not too late to join this :rolleyes: And because my penmanship is atrocious, I apologize in advance for poor writing.

Kira Song lifted her face from the burnt road. What happened? was all she could think. She looked down, and trembled with fear as soon as she saw the dead body that lie in front of her. Crunch, crunch, crunch. She could hear someone trudge through the shattered remains of the road. "Who's there?!" she gasped. There was a man ((er boy, however old he is)) walking through the old city. "Who are you?" was all she could utter.

8th Nov 2011, 7:22 AM
So are we all a specific character? or do we just add on...

On the other side of the ruined city lay Drake Keating, a retired mercenary, unconscious on top of the largest skyscraper in the city. Lying on the observation deck, surrounded by dead bodies, Keating regains consciousness a few hours later. Due to the electromagnetic charge sent out by the meltdown, the only stairwell up to the observation deck has collapsed and the electronics have stopped working. Alone, Drake begins to salvage potential grapples for his long and painstaking climb down.

8th Nov 2011, 10:16 PM
:alarm: :alarm: :!!: :!!: right, From Now ON! you must continue Jason Grace's story. :!!: :!!: :alarm: :alarm:
5MOK3 and Riptide651, you can carry on with your people, but anyone else must, repeat MUST continue Jason Grace. I probably should have been clearer though on that at the start. (Btw 5MOK3, Jason is 14 years old)

here is the next chapter in the Jason grace story.

Jason thought he heard a voice cry out, weak and cracked, from the road a few metres ahead, but he could only see the scattered bodies of the people who had not survived the attack. Suddenly, he saw a head lift from the mass of bodies, blackened with soot, it was almost impossible to tell features, but Jason was able to tell this was a girl. He rushed forward, inwardly glad that he was not alone in this place. 'W-who are y-you' the voice was awfully weak, barley audible. He bent over, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out from under the body of a man, he looked like a soldier, his gun was lying in the road a few feet away. Jason pulled the girl to her feet, and she staggered, before she regained her footing. Jason bent down again, and after a moments hesitation, scooped the gun up into his arms, and pulled the strap over his head, so the rifle lay flat across his back. He saw the girl watching him. Who are you? His voice carried easily, but the girl shook her head, signalling that she couldn't speak. He shrugged,and together, they walked down the street.

9th Nov 2011, 12:06 AM
ON top of Hughes Tower, Drake has managed to salvage a heavy duty knife from body of a security guard. He uses it to cut the elevator cables, relieving the elevator from its stress and letting it plummet into the murky depths of the hallowed building. Taking clothing from the deceased, he manages to fashion a crude parachute and a short grappling hook. cutting the fence from the deck, Drake jumps, opening his clothing parachute and throws his hook down to a lower deck, pulling himself down the tower.

9th Nov 2011, 2:43 AM

Upon reaching the lower deck, Drake lands himself on the rubble - looking for a way in. He dashes for the lone door on the other side, but midway something flashes in front of him. like a bolt of lighting a large creature runs past and scrambles up the radio mast of the tower. Drake, struck by the peculiar sight continues, ever vigilant into the building. He climbs through the remains of a glass door, it seems as though it were hit by a sandblaster, he wonders. Seeing another dead security guard, he sees this as a chance to arm himself, taking the guard's hand pistol. He advances down the building's left staircase, down and down and down.

On a flight of the stairs he sees another human, alive and breathing, and helps her up. She says she was attacked after the accident, by some mutated creature, she did not know what it was. Drake helps her up, she introduces herself as Chloe, Chloe Masterson. He helps down to the lobby of th building and uses some clothing to dress her wounds. She grabs a gun and they walk out into the streets of the city, gazing at the ruined monuments, which once had dominated the skyline.

10th Nov 2011, 12:43 AM
Kira looked at the broken down houses. "Tha-" she was about to speak, but she found herself too weak to speak. She pointed a finger at a house down the road. "Th-that's my h-house." she tried to run to the shattered remains, to find her family, but she could tell it was too late. She broke down crying. The boy that had found her tried comforting her, and it was working. "Wait!" Kira yelled, putting a hand in the air, and slowly looked around. She pointed to two people, male and female. The girl had a gun, and that's all Kira needed to see. "Oh my god!" she panicked, and stumbled behind the boy. Are they going to kill us? They're going to kill us... I know they are going to kill us... was all she could think. She felt as though she was going to vomit as the two approached them.

10th Nov 2011, 2:31 AM
Walking through the ruins of the city, armed and unstirred, the two trek through rubble and dead bodies while venturing to what they think is the edge of the city limits. While travelling without any occurance at all, Drake and Chloe (I see a video game!) run into a group of people, a boy and a girl, confronted by two adults. Drake say, "Okay here's the plan - you go for the blond" Chloe replies "What are you gonna do?" Drake responds - "you'll see." Chloe runs up to the woman and puts the barrel to her temples. The male quickly turns around and is about to pull the trigger, whn - BOOM! a shot goes off and the male drops dead. Drake comes out from behind a pile of rubble and starts to ask the lady questions, with the boy and the girl cowering beside him. After countless hours of investigation in an abandones building, it is cincluded that the government has had reports of a mutation in the area and spies were sent out to kill anyone or anything in the area.

10th Nov 2011, 4:31 AM
A dead body lie not 3 feet in front of Kira. "Holy sh*t." she whispered under her breath, still hiding behind the boy ((when I saw the boy I am referring to Jason Grace, and when I say the man I am referring to Drake)) her eyes darted everywhere. "Who are you?! What are you doing here?!" the man asked the strange, evil-looking blonde woman. "I will never tell you!" she hissed in a heavy Russian accent, and spit on his face. Kira continued to watch, completely phased by what was happening. That's when she notices the dead man's gun. While the man is questioning the strange woman, she slowly crawls to his gun. She grabs it, aims it and the strange woman ((not Chloe, but the blonde)), closes her eyes, and put her quivering finger on the trigger.

10th Nov 2011, 5:35 AM
Suddenly just as Kira pulls the trigger a large human-like creature, perhaps a monster jumps down from a building, and another crawls out of a nearby drainpipe, and attacks the blonde woman, ripping her to shreds and throwing Drake and Chloe to the ground. Drake yells: "RUN!!!!" at Kira and Jason, who were standing there dazed at the sight. They begin to run back into the ruined city, with Drake and Chloe behind them, shooting at the mutated creatures from hell.

10th Nov 2011, 5:47 AM
Kira and Jason ran as fast as they could from the monster-esque creates. "Stop!" Kira shouted, breathless. She bent over, hands on her knees, and cursed under her breathe. "I don't... Like running..." she said between breathes for air. *cough* "I suppose now would be a good time to start." she looked up at Jason and grinned. "Are you two idiots?! Run!" Chloe yelled from behind them. Kira, being of a clumsy nature, tripped over Jason, pushing Drake and Chloe over. The monster lashed out, and grabbed someone. Everyone was too dazed and confused ((movie references!)) to tell who it was that got scooped up by the mutant.

10th Nov 2011, 6:40 AM
After recovering from the madness which had occurred, it was found that Jason and Chloe had been grabbed by the two creatures. Drake had managed grab a photo of the creature while they were running, and Kira and Drake walk to the Archives, housed in the main building of the Hughes complex. Upon research, the monsters are a variation of a rare nuclear mutation caused by radiation and inhalation of methane, chromium sulfate, and a yet undiscovered chemical which is formed as a byproduct of a steel, titanium alloy - the material that created the buildings of New York City. The mutants were superhumans with semi - bullet resistant flesh and super speed and strength. The mutation seemed to speed up the process of evolution.

10th Nov 2011, 8:38 PM
Jason awoke on the back of the creature. He wondered how he stayed up, then he saw he was contained in a form of white-cream cage. then with a sickening jolt, he realised the cage were the creatures ribs, mutated so they now lay flat along the creatures back. He looked over, and saw that the woman (Chloe) was lying next to him. Her eyes were closed, and her head lolled about. The creature jerked to a stop, and Chloe snapped awake. The creature growled, and Jason, rolling onto his front saw why. Three humanoid figures were standing in front of him. Jason shivered because these were more horrific than the creature that had stolen him. These creatures looks like humans, but humans that had been horrifically disfigured. The one at the middle, was nearly a skeleton, all the flesh on the face and back of the head, had been burned away. the ribs ripped trough blackened skin, and the legs were little more than bones. The other 2, were more like zombies, the left one, was twisted over, its arms reaching down past its knees. the right one, was more human. It was standing upright, like the centre one, and it was completely covered in black skin, even the eyes sockets and mouth. The right hand was clutching a shotgun, the left was mutated beyond possible human limitations. The palms were normal sized, however the fingers were mutated so that there were eight,and no thumb, and they had been elongated, to a length of nearly two or three feet long. The eyes on all were gone, in there place were balls of energy, green in colour. The middle one strode forward. It spoke' what are you doing here. The master told you to stay away.' The creatures voice was harsh, and no words left the creatures mouth, the voice seem to resonate from the creature. The creature carrying Jason and Chloe growled. The humanoid mutant laughed, it is too late to protest now, you broke the treaty. The creatures turned to the armed mutant, and spoke in a rasping, un-earthly language. The mutant with shotgun nodded, and raised the gun, and fired. The creature bearing Jason and Chloe slumped to the floor. The humans were revealed, and the three mutants turned on them.

10th Nov 2011, 11:45 PM
Kira heard the sounds of screaming and shouting. "What's that?" she gasped, her head nearly turning all the way around. "Nothing," Drake said, pulling her away from the door. "We have to barricade the doors." he sounded calm. But Kira wasn't. She could still hear the shouting. "No!" she yelled, and jerked her arm away. She ran out the door, towards the screaming. She saw Jason, Chloe, and three - what appeared to be - mutated humans. I think I'm gonna be sick. she thought.

11th Nov 2011, 6:36 PM
DRake pulled Kira inside, and said "stay here, and barricade the door" he ran out, ducking behind rubble, and found a shotgun lying on the ground, he changed it to single shot and aimed at the monster clutching his respective weapon.

11th Nov 2011, 7:01 PM
Kira searched for the heaviest things - that she could still pick up - to barricade the door. Wood, chairs, whatever. Eventually, she felt semi-safe. She pulled one of the plastic folding chairs from the door, sat down, and starting humming songs that she liked. Crash! What was that?! She looked behind her, and saw a large shadow move across the room into a dark corner. Her organs practically came shooting up through her throat, out her mouth, and onto the floor. She ran towards the door, and threw all the barricades wherever she could. She quickly tried to open the door. It was locked! She pulled and pushed on the door, but it wouldn't budge. She could see the shadow approaching her. "HELP!!!!" she screamed, pounding bloody fists on the door.

11th Nov 2011, 8:08 PM
However, whilst Drake defeated the zombie creature, the last mutant, picked Jason up by the throat. One more shot, and the boy dies . Jason felt the bones of the hand scrape his adam's apple. He swallowed. Drake raised the gun. The creature shifted slightly, so that Jason Dangled in-between Drake quivering gun barrel, and the creature's rib cage. Drake did not lower the barrel of the gun. The creature tightened the hold, on Jason's throat. Drake's cold grey eyes stared into Jason dark brown, and with a disgusted noise, he threw the gun on the floor. Jason gasped as his breath supply was cut off.
"What? No! You said- promised"
"Nothing," Finished the mutant, cutting off Drake's protest."Now, the boy dies.
Suddenly, a sharp piece of bone, punctured through the last human flesh on the creature, the left lung. The creature looked down in surprise. It crumpled. Chloe stood grimly, with a rib from the creature that had taken her and Jason in her hand. Drake dived for the gun, and came up firing. Two shots. Both found their mark. The other two mutants, both now had pellet holes in the chest, fell.
"RUN!" Jason cried.
Chloe sprinted for the door, with Jason hot on her heels. Drake backed slowly, toward the door, still firing. The creatures kept getting up, then falling as they were shot.
"Drake!!" Chloe screamed, as she wrestled with the door.
"Let me,"Jason said. He pulled the rib out of Chloe's hand, and rammed into the door. He cracked the wood, leaving a large splintered hole in the frame.
"Quick go!" Jason pushed Chloe through the hole and followed her through, and Drake tumbled through a few seconds later.

12th Nov 2011, 1:07 AM
Kira awoke, only to find herself tied to the wall, hanging upside down. ((she got knocked unconscious, probably should've said that)) She could see Chloe and Jason. "H-help." her voice was weak. She could hear the sound of someone - or something - eating like a maniac in the corner. "HOLY SH*T!!!" she screamed. she gained back her voice and she realized her hand had been bitten off. Chloe ran to the ropes that were holding her ankles, and untied them. Kira fell on the ground. Furious, Kira stomped over to the being in the corner that had her hand, grabbed his face with the hand it left, and pulled it towards her. "Oh my god..." she dropped the face, ran to the other side of the room, and puked. Chloe walked up to the creature, only to see a bloody, disformed, skinless face. Ssssss....! it hissed at Chloe, and lashed out at her. "No!" Jason and Kira yelled, in unison. As they ran to pry the demon-like creature off of Chloe, Drake came running through the door, with two of them on his back, clawing at his face. "Gah!!" he shouted as he pulled them off and shot them. He then aimed the gun at the monster that was trying to eat Chloe. But they were moving too fast, he couldn't aim straight! It was the monster. Then Chloe. Then the monster. Then Chloe. Then the monster. He closed his eyes, and pulled the trigger. Bang! A body fell to the floor.

12th Nov 2011, 1:49 PM
The monster fell, but Chloe was bleeding from an dozen wounds in her arm and chest. Jason ran forward to help her up, and Kira threw open another door. Jason clambered through, with Chloe draped over his shoulder. Drake ran, and dived through. Jason pulled Kira through, and he kicked the door shut. Drake lifted Chloe over his shoulder, and ran, Jason and Kira close behind. But within a few metres, Kira stopped, gasping for breath.
"Move!" Jason yelled, grabbing her hand, and pulling her along. They were slowly escaping the mutants, who slowed, and stopped. Jason grinned breathlessly. The small group slowed to a walk.

12th Nov 2011, 6:05 PM
"I think... we're safe." Jason said, looking around to make sure no mutants were following them. "Okay," Chloe said. "So we've escaped the mutants, now can you tell us where we are?" she crossed her arms. "Uh...." Jason looked around, desperately searching for some sort of familiar landmark. "Great, we're lost." Chloe folded her arms and looked away. Drake put his arm around her shoulder. "It's a okay, Chloe." he tried to make his voice as comforting as possible. "I'm scared," she whispered, so only Drake could hear. "Well," Kira said, to break the tension. "I'm hungry. Let's find something to eat." so the group moved onward, in search of food. They found the old supermarket, went inside, and it had food, but there was some strange feeling in there. Ha ha ha ha ha! someone laughed manically, ran to the door, locked it, then ran back to the shadows. "Quick!" Drake yelled, pulling Chloe's hand, with Jason and Kira following behind. "Sh*t!" Drake cursed and kicked the door. "That little f*ck broke the damn lock!" "Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh my god..." Kira panicked, clutching her stub of a hand. Suddenly there was a large amount of crazy laughter, and the stands ((like where all the food and stuff is kept on, I forget what they are called)) fell over like a stack of dominoes. The lights flickered, then went off. Chloe and Drake went to find whatever was causing this. "Stay here!" Chloe warned, and they were off. "I'm scared," Kira said softly as they sat down. "I'm really scared." "Don't be scared. They know what they are doing." Jason said, trying to be comforting. Kira was silent for a moment, but then something grabbed her feet, and pulled her off. "AAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, as she disappeared into the darkness.

20th Nov 2011, 5:02 PM
Drake stood and watched as Kira was dragged into the darkness, suddenly, a burst of automatic fire flew out of the darkness. Jason cried out as bullets ripped into his shoulder. He dived forward, and tackled Chloe to the floor. Drake, his face and chest and face covered in bullet holes, arced backwards, his eyes sightless and glassy. 3 familiar figures calmly walked out of the darkness, 3 figures. 1 with a horribly long-fingered hand, one twisted over, and the last, was almost a skeleton.
I'm back The voice sounded in Jason's head. He was unable to tear his eyes away from the unmoving body of Drake Keating. Kira stumbled out of the darkness then. She stopped,as her eyes fell on Drake's body. The mutant with the dis-figured hand, lifted his gun, an AK-47, and pointed it the group of survivors.
Follow us, The skeleton mutant hissed.

20th Nov 2011, 7:46 PM
Chloe and Jason ((because I'm pretty sure besides Drake they are the strongest)) lifted Drake up and tried to carry him towards the mutants, with Kira closely ahead. "Is he gonna be okay?" Kira asked as quietly and she could. Chloe gave her the "I-don't-know-how-should-I-know" look so Kira turned around and kept walking. After what felt like hours of walking, they long-fingered mutant said "Stop here." Chloe and Jason tried to lay Drake down slowly and gently, when the skeletal mutant put a hand on Chloe's shoulder and smiled wildly. Chloe gulped. Kira saw a gun a few feet in front of her, and slowly tried to get it. The long-fingered mutant came to her, and pointed his finger in her face. Silence. She bit his finger and he stumbled back. She threw the gun to Chloe. She aimed at the skeletal creature in front of her. "Drake!" she yelled, once she heard a body being hauled away. She grabbed the twisted-over mutant, the one that was dragging him, by the throat, and tried to choke him. He didn't seem to feel it. "Help!" Jason and Kira screamed, as they were each hauled away by the other two mutants.

22nd Mar 2012, 4:00 AM
--So umm... anything? - Drake said....--

--He calmly sat into a corner and began to recuperate himself from the horrors he had seen - cupcakes that had no frosting. He imagined Soren Bowie in some kind of otherworldly trance set to mid-80s One-hit wonders. The rest looked at him with confused faces. Nevertheless the aliens ate him." --

He woke up from his bed in his Manhattan apartment and opened the shades. Central Park loomed beneath him, crowded with tourists, dominating the ever-changing skyline of New York City. He made some cereal, slipped on a suit and went downstairs and out onto the street towards Hughes Tower. He didn't think about the apocalyptic society of his dreams, nor about the people in it. Today was the day of the big merger, the one that would make him CEO of Hughes Incorporated.

((Thats it, I think this story is just about over, if you read the entire thing through you'll find its quite a satisfying ending.))