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3rd Sep 2012, 4:41 AM
Genre:Horror,Mystery,Suspense,Comedy(if players choose),Drama(possibly if players want to!),Thriller.

Story Line: After a few years, the town of Mystical Valley has been having disapearance
of 5 woman 8 children and 3 men have been made.The town has many mysteries.. will you be able to solve them? or will you make some?follow the path of blood and gore,find your destiny,or will you make one for others and lead them to your trap of the monster lair.


Only a little god modding

not to many swear words in a post

no spamming.

allows mutation.

allows powers (since there are supernatural classes.).

no copying other stories though

Here are the classes

Monster: Unimaginable power,begins the mysteries.

Mutant: a hybrid monster human,half the power of a monster,
but with the blood of Jack The Ripper, they have unimaginable power solve or start mysteries .

Citizen: They try to stay alive, some of them are lucky enough if they have an arm missing.They dont do anything at all. unless you want them to. :3

Witch/Warlock: Have magic powers, help Detectives solve mysteries, use the book of lights and book of shadows, depending on family tree (use D for dark witch/warlock and L for light witch).

Detective: one of the smartest classes, besides the witch/warlock class.They solve mysteries.

Vampire: One of the most legendary monsters there are, there are 3 sub classes, able to feed off of the blood of humans, and some tasty tomato juice. Starts mysteries if having vicious trait, solves mysteries if having nice and merciful trait.

Succubus/Incubus: Feeds upon mortal souls, when kissing their prey, the prey turn into their slaves, and the creatures continue to drain the life of them.They continue to try to find their soul mate, picking of a hundreds of groups of men or women, depending
on their gender.

Siren: Mostly female, male on some occasions, these enchanting monsters can cause destruction with the power of voice, or singing, In greek mythology, Siren's had the power to create mass chaos and discord bye the sound of their voice, causing others to do bad deeds, such as murder, temptation into lust commitment, stealing, and destruction to property of any kind, but most of them were killed in the battle of the muses, as some people say, they were destroyed in the battle of the muses because of their own jealousy, causing them to turn into nothing but a fraction of light, but they say, some have still lived. (makes mysteries.)

Werewolf: Another legendary monster, there are 3 sub classes,Powered bye the light of the full moon,the brighter the moon's light, the faster,stronger, and buffer they are! solve or start mysteries, whichever sub class you pick depends on mystery solve or start..

Corrupted:A legend known only to the glemish, known in there language as "epherntian" or "Corrupted", these unholy offsprings of different hybrid monsters has the of a banshee, the voice of a siren, the ability to drain soul and blood liek a vampire, most powerful during the full moon like a werewolf, and has the ability to steal tehir very shadows, these beings were only used to corrupt the world back in ancient times, and only have one purpose...to kill all of the rest of the species except for themselves.

*Sub-classes for vampires*
Legendary: One of the most suave,normally has the vicious trait, charming,red eyes, silver hair,rarely has the nice and merciful trait,hot headed at times to.

Fledgeling: Newly turned vampire,Transformed into a legendary vampire if they drink the blood of Dracula, Help solve mysteries since most of them are good.

Ghoul:Half human half vampire, when a human is injected with the blood of a legendary, they turn half vampire half human, forever obeying their master.Helps solve mysteries

*Sub-classes for werewolves*

Alpha Wolf: Leader of the pack, these wolves were born with natural hunting instincts, speed as faster than light, strength stronger than Hercules, and the appetite bigger than the galaxy itself.

Beta wolf: second in command, born with natural hunting instincts, fast as a cheetah, stronger than a elephant, and an appetite the same as a cheetah, once having a child with a aplha wolf, their children turn out be stronger than te aplha wolf, and

take their place at the age of 10! wow, that must be a hard life huh?

Runt: the weakest of the pack, some turn out to be alphas yet some turn out to be just a beta, and most just die after 10 weeks...and they also aren't that good with hunting either.

How to submit:


Name:Tsukune Hartinami Washatabo
Age: 27
Powers (if monster, mutant, or witch/warlock class,succubus,incubus, werewolf, i might add more later): Power to steal souls and possess the lifeless body
Alias (if your a legendary class AKA monster,Witch or warlock,incubus,succubus,werewolf,vampires,Siren[New class! :D!] and Corrupted [Made up monster type!]): The Reaper
Power stability :Extremely Unstable, must cover left eye to stop stealing souls.
Bio: Was The Offspring of Jack The Ripper and a Lamia, his powers are meant to hurt, but he ws born with a soul.. kinda ironic that a monster that steals souls actually has a soul....but anyway, he goes to a secure abandoend house where he lives with his father..