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29th Oct 2013, 4:13 AM
NOTE: labine730 already did this, back in 2006.


BONUS: I saw some comments in the labine's pizza box thread complaining that the pizza box is not available for community lots. So for that, here is a recommended bonus tutorial (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=95838) written by boblishman to make it available for community lots as well as residential lots.

Example of what you can do with a cloned pizza box:


Echo cloned the pizza box, then remeshed the pizza into heart-shaped chocolates.

More possibilities with this cloning method:

OFB craftables and Seasons Fish for sale in Buy Mode!

(Surprsingly, it even works for fruit, it seems. o_o It looks to be in its default bland state, however. The tasty and mouthwatering states are special, I bet. Why is this significant? Because fruit has all of its multiple stages wrapped up in one object file, while the OFB craftables have their good and bad states as separate objects. So for fruit, have a community garden, grow at least one mouthwatering fruit and then sell it in a business with Inge's Auto Restocker (http://www.simlogical.com/sl/Sims2Pages/Sims2_OFB.htm) for the cheap and have the sim you want visit the business and buy lots of fruit.)

What you'll need:


1) Open SimPE and go to the Window tab. On there, tick "Object Workshop", so it shows up as a new window.
2) In Object Workshop, press Start>Unknown>(Scroll down and click) Pizza Box>and click Next.
3) Under Task, make sure you have Clone and not Recolor enabled. This is what you should have checked:
4) Now, you can rename it to "Buyable Pizza" or leave as is, it won't really matter.
5) Now here is the part where you can either make a default replacement or make a completely new buyable box that doesn't overwrite or conflict with the regular pizza box. If you want a default replacement, leave as is and don't create a new GUID.
*6*) If you want to clone and make a new box, then go ahead and rename the pizza box in the Scenegraph Rename Wizard, like this:
Click Update, Ok and name your new package file.
*7*) To fully make your pizza a "custom", go to Object Data (OBJD), click "Pizza - Box" in the resource list, rename the Filename from "Pizza - Box" in plugin view to something like "Buyable Pizza Box" or something. Then press "Get GUID" highlighted in blue (you'll need an internet connection for this), type in your MTS name and a new password for "Register New User", if you're not already registered. Then press "Register Object" and you have your new GUID. Then run Tools>Object Tools>Fix Integrity and Ok.
8) You need to do this step, even if you don't want a new GUID. Go to Object Data (OBJD)>Pizza - Box (if you decided that you want a default instead)>and in Catalog Sort, tick off "Kitchen", "Misc." and "Appliances". Then set Overall Sort to "Appliances/Miscellaneous". Click commit.
9) Go to the Raw Data tab and click "Decimal". You can set the price here, but I will quote Pescado to tell you about what the difference is in prices:
"Sale Price" is apparently a vestigial entry that never appears in the game. "Price" is the initial ask price of the object in the catalog. Daily Depreciation is how much the value of the object declines every day at Midnight. Self-Depreciating appears to be a boolean 0/1 value that may activate or deactivate auto-depreciation, indicating that value fluctuation is handled from within the object's main routines and not automagically. Initial Depreciation is the value lost immediately on purchase, like with the Computer. Depreciation Limit is the minimum price the object can depreciate to. Note that if this value is set higher than the object's price, the object will actually jump up to that value when "depreciating"!

So when pricing your box, use the quote above as a guide. When you're done, click Commit.

However, if you sell the empty pizza box in the same day that you bought it, the price will never go down. You can write this as the Sims 2 version of an eco-friendly version of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. ;) (Buy pizza, recycle box...get it?)
10) Save your new pizza box and exit SimPE. Put the new pizza package in your game and enjoy delicious pizza for cheap (or more expensive, depending on how you set your price) without the middleman (the delivery person).

Yes, this also works for Chinese food and just about any other item that can only be bought under special conditions. I would suggest you ALWAYS back up your game, experiment with SimPE and when testing a new object in game, never save, until you feel like your new product can finally call itself an alpha version and you want that household to keep the item. Just remember that when you save, you must keep that object in your Downloads folder, because the best that will happen is that the game will be able to find something similar to replace it with. Worst case...probably not good.