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14th Jun 2014, 10:56 PM
Hello all. You may know me from other sites as Prog, ProgMetalMan, Grizz, or something of that nature. (Ignore my old posts from back when I was dora >:-P and didn't know how to internet.)
So, I used to be really into the Sims 2 about five years ago, back in fifth or sixth grade. I got pretty fluent with things like SimPE and I think I still have a GUID block allocated to me somewhere. Then I kind of moved away from it, and basically now my computer (same one as then, sans the entry level video card; had to switch to onboard :wtf: ) cannot handle it.
My Sims collection sat gathering dust for a while until my 8-year-old sister started playing The Sims 3 at a friend's house. She nagged me to get it running on our own computer. The only title that she could play because of sexual content was The Sims 1 base game. (Well that and I didn't really feel like figuring out which expansion packs included the WooHoo precursor.)
What I found was that she sucks at The Sims. I know, harsh. But she decided to create my family. The only one who had any personality was my mother who was a prudent neat freak. :lol: When I intervened, my unemployed parents were about to kill each other, my sister was failing school, we had spent thousands of dollars on a playground, had a $1500 bathtub, no stove, no cash on hand, and no other entertainment sources. So I sold off that junk, got pretty decent jobs, and within a day or two my Sims abilities were back in full swing and we were far better off than we ever were IRL.
So what happens? Before I was even awake my sister decided to play The Sims. She apparently managed to neglect us all enough to leave me passed out in front of a pool ladder so that my mother would drown. So, how can I revive her?
IIRC this was quite a bit easier with SimPE. I downloaded IFF Pencil 2, but it looks like any trace of her sans the gravestone was ripped from the .FAM file. Her character file still exists if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

1st Sep 2014, 7:59 AM
I don't know if you still need help, but there is a way if your willing to use a mod. Try the Resuscitative Table available here (http://www.oddsim.com/the_sims_objects/surfaces.html).