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13th Jul 2014, 8:07 PM
Okay...so my last RP wasn't so interesting it appears, so I'll try again. I just downloaded Deery Meadows Lite onto my Sims 3 Games and want to make an RP based off of it. Well, here goes nothing!



Create A Sim:
Looks(Picture or Description):
Clubs(2 Max. Optional):
Sports(2 Max. Optional):
Language Preference(French or Spanish):
Supernatural Species:

8:00 AM - Math
8:40 AM - Art
9:20 AM - Physical Education
Break Time
9:35 AM - Spanish/French
10:15 AM - Science
Lunch Break
11:15 AM - English
11:55 AM - Geography

RP Rules:
1. When you want to talk out of RP, use brackets ---> ( ) [ ] { }
2. You may not act mean or annoying to anyone out of RP. It's okay if it's part of your RP, but please remember that the people creating other characters are living breathing people like you!
3. No immortality or unnecessary powers. (Like an immortal human or a vampire that makes plants grow)
4. You may have as many characters as you want, as long as you can handle them all.
5. If you don't want a character, just say so and I'll remove them from the Character List and place them in the Adopt-A-Sim section.
6. Be realistic, don't say stuff like, "TEH TEECHER SAW ME PUNHC SOEMOEN IN DA FAEC AND DEN DIDNT GIEV ME DETENSHIN!" Like, seriously?
7. Remember that this is a boarding school, the students stay in school until the term is over.
8. No perfect characters.
9. Some school rules are meant to be broken, you go for it girl!
10. You don't have to wait for me to approve your Application to RP.
11. (Most important rule ever!) Have fun! :D

School Rules:
1. All students must stay in campus until the end of the term, unless it's an emergency.
2. If a student is caught bullying someone, they will have lunch detention for a week.
3. If a student skips class, they will have lunch detention for the day.
4. All Clubs and Sports will be afterschool on Mondays and Tuesdays.
5. No pets allowed on campus.
6. Students may visit other students' dorms, but may not sleep anywhere but their own dorm.
7. There will be two females and two males in each dorm.
8. Students must spend at least an hour a day studying or doing homework.
9. Students have Saturday and Sunday off every week.
10.There is an in-campus mall and park for students to go in their free time.
11. Students may only eat at the Cafeteria at Lunch Break.

Have fun! :)

13th Jul 2014, 8:13 PM
Student List:
Bella Forrest - DJKanine9

Dorm 1 -
Bella Forrest
Dorm 2 -
Dorm 3 -

Adopt A Sim:
No Sims up for adoption yet. If a Sim is here for 2 days without anyone wanting to adopt them, they will be deleted. So be quick if you want to adopt one!

13th Jul 2014, 8:22 PM
Name: Bella Forrest
Gender: Female
Age(13-18): 16
Looks(Picture or Description): Long, flowing golden hair, bright green eyes, usually wears a short leaf dress, matching flats, doesn't wear make-up.
Traits: Snob, Flirty, Great Kisser, Mean Spirited, Social Butterfly
Clubs(2 Max. Optional): None
Sports(2 Max. Optional): None
Hometown: Moonlight Falls
Language Preference(French or Spanish): Spanish
Supernatural Species: Fairy
Biography: Bella is the rich, popular type of girl. She wasn't always like that. She used to be a kind, average girl until she turned 14. She was immediately accepted by the popular girls when she had her first year in Deery Meadows Boarding School, and then all that popularity got to her. So from then on, she was popular and mean. This is her 3rd year in Deery Meadows Boarding School, so she's well-known and popular as ever.

13th Jul 2014, 8:23 PM
(RP will start when at least four characters have joined! :) )

14th Jul 2014, 7:47 PM
Name: Rayna Davis
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Looks: Curly black hair, baby blue eyes, olive skintone , has a charm bracelet on her Left wrist with the only charm being a small picture of a 7 year old girl. (Rayne)
Traits: Shy, Animal lover, Good, Clumsy, Green thumb
Clubs: Gardening
Sports: none
Hometown: Appaloosa plains
Language Preference: French
Supernatural Species : Human
Biography: Rayna was the perfect child to her mother , But her Twin sister Rayne was not. One school day, when Rayna and Rayne were let out of school, Rayne was nowhere to be found. They always walked home together. After thirty minutes of waiting, Rayna ran home and told her mother. Rayne didn't appear ever again. Out of fear for Rayna, her mother shipped her off to Deery Meadows. Rayna never understood why , the same could happen at this school, even if it was more guarded. Ever since Rayna's mother shipped her off, Rayna couldn't help but think her mother had something to do with Rayne never coming home.

14th Jul 2014, 7:57 PM
(You know what I'm gonna start RPing now)
Bella -
The 16-year-old fairy neatly folded her clothes and placed it in her bag. This was Bella's third year in Deery Meadows Boarding School, and she was the most popular girl in school. She couldn't wait to see her BFFs again! She zipped her luggage closed and fluttered out the door, "Love you mom, love you dad." she said, kissing them both on the cheeks, "Goodbye!" she waved to them as she entered the taxi. This was going to be a splendid year!

14th Jul 2014, 9:00 PM
Rayna looked at her house once she was in the taxi. She was going to miss her mom and what if - No, her sister wouldn't come back. Rayna was anxious but she was more scared. Her mom had just found out about this school, so she was a new girl. Who would be in her dorm? Would she do good? Could she make friends? She was already planning the day ahead, she would get to the room, unpack and fix up her bunk on the beds, then she would register her clubs, and she would go out somewhere, hopefully the library, or the park. But for now, she couldn't tell if this would go her way.

16th Jul 2014, 8:39 PM
Student List:
Rayna Davis - wilksfamily
Bella Forrest - DJKanine9
Carol Songbird - DJKanine9

Dorm List:
Dorm 1 -
Rayna Davis
Bella Forrest
Dorm 2 -
Carol Songbird

16th Jul 2014, 8:50 PM
Bella -
Bella rushed to the reception. "Hello, are you here to receive your Dorm List and Schedule?" the receptionist asked. She was a thin, pale lady with neat black hair tucked into a bun. "Yes, please." Bella answered. She read the two sheets she got from the receptionist. "Hmm, same schedule..." she murmured, "I'm rooming with a new girl called Rayna, I can only HOPE she's not a loser." she rolled her bag up the stairs to Dorm 1. She chose a nice, clean white bunk bed in the left-hand corner of the room on the top bunk. "Good thing I got first pick on the beds." she said to herself, smirking. There were two dressers on the other side of the room, so she unpacked her important things like clothes, shoes, handbags, and make-up! The only things left in her bag were silky royal purple sheets and a fluffy pink pillow, which she had to use on her bunk since they weren't given sheets and pillows in the first place. Besides, that way nobody would try to claim that spot. When she was done, she pulled out a handbag with her wallet, mirror, brush, and make-up in it and went into the bathroom to do make-up before going to the mall.

16th Jul 2014, 9:02 PM
(New character!!!)

Name: Carol Songbird
Gender: Female
Age(13-18): 15
Looks(Picture or Description): Pale skin, sparkling violet eyes, long braided dark purple and black hair, usually wears a laced purple top with black high-waisted shorts and purple high heels, only wears simple dark purple lipstick.
Traits: Virtuoso, Friendly, Good, Brooding, Supernatural Fan
Clubs(2 Max. Optional): None
Sports(2 Max. Optional): None
Hometown: Moonlight Falls
Language Preference(French or Spanish): French
Supernatural Species: Witch
Biography: Carol's family has loved music for uncountable generations, and she is no exception. While loving music, she spends an equal amount of time with her magic. She's been in DMBS for a year now, and has always been the "Other Girl" since she came. She hates Bella because she rubs her popularity in Carol's face to make her feel and look bad, and still does.

17th Jul 2014, 1:38 AM
When Rayna walked in she saw a reception area and walked over.
"Uh, Hi, I'm Rayna Davis can you pull up m dorm and schedule?"
"Yeah... here's sour schedule and your dorm is number one. You're rooming with a well known girl."
"Good.. I guess, oh and thanks!" Rayna carried her bag up to the dorm and took in a breath before opening the door. Her roommate was already there as it seemed. She pulled out a small teddy bear, it was her sisters and she had to stay with it so she tucked it in the corner of her bunk. She put some blue sheets and blankets on the bunk, topping it with a black pillow with white marker inked all over it. She put her clothes up and some shoes by the door. She heard her roommate in the bathroom but was going to keep quiet. No need to upset a popular girl, now is there- Rayna thought putting her bag in the bottom drawer of the dresser. She grabbed on of the books to read and sat on her bunk. When she heard the bathroom door open, she looked up.
(you want me to take a 2nd character to have four in all? i'll make someone next post if you want me too.)

18th Jul 2014, 2:12 PM
(Nah its fine)
Carol -
I stared at my dorm, a plain white room with plain white beds and plain white everything. The same thing every year. "Boy, am I glad we had to bring our own sheets and pillows!" I muttered. I climbed to the top bunk and threw on my dark purple sheets and black pillow. When I was done, I ran down the stairs, two steps at a time. "To the park!" I told myself in my head.

Bella -
I looked at the new girl in my dorm, she was reading a book. I had just some simple pink lip gloss on. "Who the Plumbob are you?" I asked.

18th Jul 2014, 3:37 PM
"Hi! you must be uh.. my roommate right? I'm new here. So far, I've heard you're a pretty popular girl here." Rayna said looking at the girl. Rayna put her book down and scooted back to the corner to hide the teddy bear.
"Yeah. I'm your roommate I guess." The girl said. "What's your name new girl? "
" Rayna. Rayna Davis. You?"

20th Jul 2014, 7:07 PM
Bella -
"Well, I'm going to the mall. See you, Rayna." Bella walked out of the dorm with her handbag. (Sorry I can't write much right now :P)

21st Jul 2014, 11:59 AM
"Bye, Bella." Rayna said, turning back to her book. After a few more chapters she took out her schedule. Rayna wanted to know what she would need to study when she went to the library later. She walked to the park and sat on a bench, watching the people pass by and all the flowers. She decided to walk around just a little before going back to the dorm.

22nd Jul 2014, 1:37 PM
Carol -
I bumped into a seemingly new girl. "Oh, hey. I've never seen you before!" I said, "I'm Carol Songbird. Just a warning, don't trust Bella Forrest. Seriously, I'm someone who's had experience with her, and she destroys other students' lives for fun." I jogged away. Did it work? Hopefully.

Bella -
I saw Carol Songbird jogging around the park and smirked. "Loser." I told myself, and walked to the mall to meet my friends.

23rd Jul 2014, 3:05 PM
Rayna ran into a girl she hadn't met before. She said to not trust Bella Forrest. It confused Rayna at first, but she merely shook It of as someone who Bella had gotten into an argument with, but it bugged Rayna a lot. She grabbed some stuff before heading to the library and studying.

23rd Jul 2014, 8:12 PM
Bella -
"You know girls, I got this amazing lip gloss during the summer." I told my friends, showing off my new lip gloss. "Yeah, it's amazing, you look great like you always do!" one of them squealed. "Of course, did you expect something else?" snapped another of my friends. "Girls, stop fighting." I pushed in between them, "I'll welcome any compliment, even stupid ones!" and the girls continued squealing about how pretty I looked and how awesome it is that I'm rich and all that stuff.
Carol -
I pulled out my guitar and began playing somewhere in the woods. I was currently about Level 5 in the Guitar Skill, and my music sounded decent at least. When I got bored, I pulled out my wand and created little sparkly purple things that danced around in the air. It was pleasing to the eye, well at least for me. Usually I'm teased for my "gothic" style but I never listen to mockery and all that stuff because I was taught that bullies are only wasting their time and breath.

23rd Jul 2014, 10:50 PM
After the library, she went back to her room. she finished a couple of her own books before playing on her phone.

20th Dec 2014, 2:39 AM
(Hi, is there any available spots left?) (: