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26th Oct 2014, 9:27 PM
A terrible thing happened. I was using the Dynamic Professions Mod and my game went completely wiggy and crashed. I ended up having to completely remove and then reinstall my game. It works fine except for one thing. It no longer plays in widescreen mode. I've gone into game settings and set them to a higher resolution and I've tried using the fullscreen command in the cheats box but all I get is a bigger box, not the wide full screen. I can't remember how I had it set before that made it work. I'm using a windows xp computer with an HP 20 inch widescreen monitor. It's not the end of the world of course but I do prefer that it be in widescreen. Thanks for helping an idiot. :)

29th Oct 2014, 8:44 AM
Are you using a video card bought separately and installed on your computer, or is it the integrated video/graphics type (can't bear to call that nonsense a graphics card, lol).

If your graphics setup is a REAL video card, like nVidia, or Ati/AMD Raedon, PNY etc. then I suggest you use its settings. If you have a purchased and installed video card, then when you installed its drivers you should also have a control panel that was installed with the card so you can choose its settings. It will be on your computer. For instance, my graphics/video card is a nVidia Geforce 760, and to use its control panel, I simply RIGHT click on a blank space on my desktop and a small window menu appears in which an option included in it is the nVidia control panel. I click it, and a window appears which is the nVidia control panel, which allows me to set all kinds of video options such as ambiance and much much more. Sound references, and also screen resolution etc. You will likely also find this control panel in the list on Windows XP control panel. Go to your Windows control panel and look there. If your graphics card is integrated, you will be lucky if you find a document somewhere on the PC that includes information about the cards abilities longer than a single sentence.

Integrated anything, video or otherwise basically is little more than poo-poo. In this case, if this be your graphics setup, I suggest you run out to Frys or other local computer store and purchase much much better for not much money. You can get a lot out of a video card made by a good company and not integrated for a fairly low cost, Rory. If I know anything at all, this I know best of all. <wink>

You might also check your settings in your monitor directly.

Remember this...Every time you update your graphics card driver, The Sims Medieval reverts back to its default settings, (including when you reinstall the game) so every time you have to reset the game to your personal choices. I hope you update the driver in your video card, Dear. This is highly important for the best gaming experiences!

Your Pal, Xeny

30th Oct 2014, 5:01 AM
Thank you Xeny, I'll try what you've suggested. :)

3rd Nov 2014, 6:20 AM
Were you able to get your game playing in Wide Screen Mode, Rory? Have you found the video card control panel for your graphics card, as I suggested? Ya know, I recalled something just now as I began typing to ya, and that is that depending on the size of ones monitor, the game TSM will give different resolution sizes of the game screen allowed in the game settings options menu. This also depends upon the refresh rate of your video card, and monitor settings. For instance, if your refresh rate is set to 60 Hertz, which btw is most monitor's, your screen resolution will be different than if you have the same size screen settings but have 75 Hertz refresh rate. You can check the refresh rate of your monitor under Display on your computer.
I see you are using XP, and all I remember about XP and display's when I used it 107 years ago, is that to get to your monitors display settings, the fastest way was to right click on an empty space on your desktop and choose to go there on the mini windows menu.

Why are you still using that ancient operating system, ma Dear? Mickey Doodle Softypants doesn't support XP anymore, and since your system can no longer be updated by any source since much of the world has moved beyond XP sometime ago, your computer system will eventually face many problems....gaming issues is just one of them. If you do not update your OS pretty soon, Rory Babes, sessions on your computer are like to become a painful experience rather than an enjoyable one.

PS Bypass Vista Dear, lol, it isn't being supported by Mickeysofter then it used to be anymore either. Windows 7, sadly, time is soon up for it as well. Microsoft is looking to a different future than any common man/woman anticipated, I fear. If you would like, Sweetums, Microsoft is allowing use of their Windows 10 technical preview for free. You can download it and use it if you want to here ------> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-iso

Read the directions on the site if you go it, Rory, before installing it, okees? Make sure your computer meets the system requirements and such.

It looks like Windows 10 will be much better than W8 and 8.1. The touch screen in W8 was not as popular as MS believed it would be. It's obvious that consumers wanted something other than what Microsofty thought, hence the reason for lack in sales for W8.

Hope you are soon enjoying your TSM game again. By the way, I have found that it is possible to return to the state of your game if one has to reinstall their Operating System or reinstall their game. It is widely believed that once someone does either of the two operations I mention above, that they must start The Sims Medieval/Pirates and Nobles from the start all over again. That is not the case, if one takes certain measures before it becomes too late. I have recently done it, and I reinstalled my whole OS, Windows 7, and also reinstalled The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles just a week or so ago.
Since Xeny the Wise and Awesome understands some aspects of PC usage others might not, I previously to reinstalling anything, copied over every file pertaining to TSMP&N to an external disk, and placed them into their default location in the newly installed OS and game locations.
Those folders which contain the files were EA Core, Electronic Arts both from Program Data in C/: Program Data (hidden by Windows default settings), the Electronic Arts folder in My Documents folder, and I exported the registry file of the game into a .reg file, and simply clicked it to reinstall it into my registry after I install the new OS. I made especially sure to insure the cheat settings such as testingcheatsenable was enabled, and that the xml file in My Documents folder of Electronic Arts was included when I replaced the newly installed Electronic Arts/My Documents folder with mine from my previous OS. It was a surprising and delightful event, I tell you!

LOL TC Rory Dear, and good luck!


11th Nov 2014, 5:46 PM
Alas Dear Xeny!! None of the things you suggested have worked to get me back to full screen. I'm afraid she's dead Jim. I had to remove the game again due to black spots on the faces of my Sims. Nothing worked to get rid of them and I have concluded that there is a corrupted file at fault so I had to uninstall the game again. Grrrrr! I'm putting off the reinstall till next week as I just can't be arsed to do it right now.
I'm still using this XP computer because it works with my medieval game and I have all of my books on it. I do realize that I need to upgrade, but right now, the cost is prohibitive. Perhaps after the new year I can manage something, but until then I am stuck. So far, in spite of Microsoft having abandoned me, it's still chugging away just fine.
I'll let you know what happens after the reinstall.
Yours in Medieval Friendship,

22nd Dec 2014, 4:38 AM
Xeny, problem is solved and I'm back in business!

Thanks for the help. Rory