View Full Version : Having trouble converting makeup

11th Dec 2014, 9:37 AM
Sorry to bother you everyone, but I'm having some issues again, and can use some help. I'm trying to create makeup, and convert makeup made by others, to Sims Medieval. The problem is, the game doesn't seem to want to recognize any makeup with more than one color channel. When I made some eye shadow using TSR Workshop, and made the eye shadow just one color, it shows up in-game just fine. But add a couple more color channels and the eye shadow won't show up at all.

Is this a game limitation, or am I doing something wrong? I've been using a tutorial written by Gosik, that I found over at TSR.

I could use some guidance here. I've kind of burned out my brain trying to think this through.

Thanks so much,


Edit: I'm thinking that if having more than one color channel in makeup is a game limitation, maybe I can fool around with some of the eyeliners, and add some variation that way. What do you all think? By the way, I'm doing this with the intention of sharing, so my reasons for wanting help aren't entirely selfish, just a little bit selfish, lol.

Edit again: Okay people, I've been trying to do this all night and I can't figure this out. So I'm going to do eye shadow with just one channel (unless some kind soul explains things to me). I figure I can do different shapes combined with a variety of eyeliners, circlets (in place of blushes), and stuffs like that. Eh, it's better than nothing. *shrugs*

Edit again & again: One last thing. I can't get the eye shadow to show up when you are starting a new game, or on the hero. It seems to show up only for NPCs. Anyone know why? How do I fix that?