View Full Version : any way to keep mood/focus high?

10th Apr 2015, 11:43 PM
I have grim's core mod and I keep adding buffs, but is there a way to keep all heros mood high? I hate the mundane sometimes and would love if it could stay high. If not, oh well. Just looking for info. Thanks for any responses!

9th May 2015, 9:21 AM
Well. I do something most might consider crazy, but its kind of part of my motto. I have my active hero sims go around the kingdom, taking time away from quest responsibilities (sims do it anyway as its part of the game play) but in particular, we search out my other hero sims, and do all within the active sims abilities to level up the non-active hero sims buffs, even though I cannot view their focus level at that particular time, I am familiar with the buffs enough that I know the hours a buff lasts, and the points each buff has. For example, my king has the Eloquent trait, so he deliberately gives an Inspirational Speech to all his friends, my other hero sims each time he sees them on a quest when only he is active, then he might serve a drink, or do some other actions to or for them in which they will receive a positive buff.

Of course, this might be considered "The Hard Way" of doing things, but he builds his relationships up this way, as well as the non-active sim, which for a monarch is highly important, for this is a major aspect of the approval of him or her in the kingdom. I found this to be true in many a game play, and years!

If you are using Grim's Medieval Core, you can click on the command prompt, and type in "Help" I believe, hit Enter, and a list of commands you can give to the prompt will appear and in there is a command called something like "Lifetime Happiness" or similar. You can try and use it. There are lots of good commands you can try. Be careful though, some have an effect that may be disastrous...such as Clean House....this cleaned alright....took the Constable right out of the kingdom, never to be seen or heard from again! The option to send a sim to the Stocks in my monarch's social options disappeared as well. Why? Because there was no Constable! LOL

Have a blast, forever if it lasts!