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2nd May 2015, 6:42 PM
This Fountain is in the Blacksmith's Yard, and helps insure a Decor Buff of 40 when he sells to Sims from his stall.


At the Front Gate. Although there is no Decor Buff for sims here, for some reason the developers of TSM didn't allow for it, who can resist decorating such a large area? The Front Gate screams for decor!

This took 8 Lion Faced wall fountains, 8 magic balls, and 8 candle stick lights, which you may not be able to see......at night, they set off a glow, and one can even change the color of the lights if desired.


Zoom into this image, to get a closer view of this cross, and religious icon statues. The inside of the cross is filled with multiple end posts of the fencing what looks like a Bishop chessman...the pretty ones, the outer pieces are the corner fence parts of the same style. It was fairly quick and easy to build. Tall candle sticks are placed inside to get the inner posts to glow.


This fountain was quite troublesome for me to make, but worth the effort, for even now after such time has passed, I am still amazed. Inside is the tall gargoyle lamp post, with 4 Dark Lion faced small fountains framing it, 4 peacock Feathers in top corners, which needed turning, 4 stand-up magic ball lamps placed in the water, the ball just under the chin of the Lions face, 4 tall plants, and 8 rocks from Shimrods TSM Simhenge Single rock mod.


This Fountain glowed nicely but the angel icon statues were difficult to see well, as their texture prevents any real shine from lights, but with the right coloring, the suns (2) would shine quite well.


This Decor at the Front Gate was grand, and fantastic, the lighting can also be changed to other colors besides white, or the default Flame to enhance its beauty, if desired. I used the tallest female warrior statue in the middle section, and her texture does allow for some glow from lighting but not as much as other statues. The columns were too tall for my taste, as I have a slight visual impairment, but others may enjoy the height.


I have recently created two more fountains for my newest kingdom, and hope you enjoy their view.

This fountain has as its base, the Jacoban Fountain which has two placed in front of the Jacoban church. I added multiple crushed jewels decorations which can be found in "miscellaneous" decor section in Furnish Mode. I added the 6 tier tall candlestick in the center to frame around the gargoyle faces on the Jacoban fountain, and added 4 lightly but brightly colored mermaid statues. I used sea colors as I originally created this fountain at the docks.


This is the same fountain at night time. I set the candlestick light to CYAN for a light glowing effect.


This one has the Peteran fountain as its base, and using "moveobjects on" in the command prompt, I added 4 identical and color-able vases centered with the images shown at the center of the fountain. I centered 4 heavy large candle holders in the middle of the vases, which gave off extraordinary light. A bit too bright for my taste, so I dimmed them down. On the outside of the fountain, I added colored bishop chessmen style fences to match part of the fountains unchangeable color. The 6 tall plants centered between the fence add a beautiful touch to the harsh coloring of the fountain.


In making these designs, I had the help of Shimrods Simhenge Single rock mod
Here is the link:


and, Deedawg's Unlocks Manager which made all Furnish Mode Decor available without having to complete every ambition to earn them, even though I've completed the game multiple times. LOL I always return to play it again, and again.

Here is the link:


The rest was done having Testing Cheats enabled, and using "MoveObjects On" typed into the command prompt in order to move objects and decorate areas around the kingdom which are ordinarily locked to furnishing.

Next time perhaps I'll give a pictorial of the Judgement Zone, and Griselda's Pit Palace...LMAO! She doesn't mind a National Flag or two hung in her pit. She is very patriotic and enjoys a 40 point buff herself, which makes for a kinder happier pit beast!

Thanks for viewing,

Xeny :king: