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9th Jun 2015, 1:50 PM
Recently, I've built a cottage of seven dwarfs. The size of this cottage is very small.
I thought that it wurde be adorable to build a bedroom on that roof floor. Finally, I've managed it. I've found a way to maximize the useable space in this house, without changing the main exterior view of the the cottage in Disney looking.

The available surface of that bedroom is (diagonal) 6x3 grids big. A Sims 4 stairs is 4 grids long, it's opening part on the upper floor is 3 grids long. I've set the opening part of the stairs just inside the boundary of this roof.
Normally, the Sims 4 don't allow such build construction.
I've used MOO cheat to set the stairs at first, Then, I've built the roof beside the opening part of the stairs. The middle part of the roof is higher than a standard wall. At last, I've dragged the roof to cover the whole bedroom. It works!

See! My sims can both use the stairs and the bedroom on roof floor. The balcony next to is usable, too. :D :bunny:

I am quite happy to get this interior sight:

Some parts of the beds can be seen from the outside. I've decorated them with fake windows, I find, so is fine.

9th Jun 2015, 2:23 PM
But the stairs to the roof floor will disappear automatically after a wall building (inclusive changing a wall paper, fence, patio and pool) or if one load the lot again. Anyway, to replace the stairs is simple:

- step 1: enable "bb.moveobjects" cheat;

- step 2.1: select the roof;

- step 2.2: drag it up to the place that the whole fences of the stairs on floor 2 lay on outside;

- step 2.3: let the roof temporary be there;

- step 3.1: switch to floor 1 and turn the camera to the area of the stairs;

- step 3.2: select in build mode a wood stairs and place it right under the roof opened area;

- step 3.3: use pipette tool to give the stairs the same wall paper like that wall beside it;

- step 3.4: give it banisters in the same style like the fence part on floor 2;

- step 4.1: again switch to floor 2 with roof view;

- step 4.2: drag the roof back to it's original position.

Use "hide walls view" can we see the items inside the roof in build mode. To see the roof floor without roof but with walls can you use the "cross-sectional view walls" in play mode.
Have fun to test it! :)
You can download this lot Here (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=557173) :king: