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I'm not exactly sure how it's done here, so I apologize if this in the wrong place, not in the proper format, etc. Please correct me, tell me what's wrong and I'll do my best to fix it/not repeat the mistake.

WARNING: There will be spelling errors! Most are there on purpose because the sim narrator has a thick accent and I wanted to communicate that. If you have suggestions on how I could better write that, suggest away!

I have a wordpress blog: The Mayfields, a Sims 3 Story (http://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/), but I'm not getting as much helpful feedback as I would like. If you guys could give that a visit and comment there too, great! If not, thank you for being here! ^_^

This is just a story I started writing about a random family I've been leisurely playing. I think they're interesting and I wanted to share that. Okay, here goes.


1.0 – A Fresh Start (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/1-0-a-fresh-start/)

My skies, but I’d never before seen such a bootiful sight! When Bernard an’ Susan were talking of moving towns, why, I thought we’d be heading tah thuh town over, Bigsburg. But no! They plum packed us all up, kids an’ all, an’ we drove all thuh way across this country from Pleasantville tah Sunset Valley. An’, my, if it weren’t a pretty place. All snug an’ tucked up against those green, green mountains an’ thuh big blue ocean on thuh othuhrside! That first day, I fell in love with thuh place. I wanted thuh rest of my children to be born an' raised right thuhre. I wanted my gran'kids to be born an' raised thuhre! I wanted a big ol’ place with lotsa' room an' I wanted a big family to match.

For lan's’ sakes, Ellie, you’re getting ahead a’ yourself!

I’m Ellie Mayfield, an' here’s my little family. That han'some devil is my husban', Bernard Mayfield, an' behind him is my sister, Susan Thompson. Thuh little blonde bundle off to thuh side is my daughter, Chloe Mayfield. Bernard’s not her daddy, but you couldn’t tell with thuh way he treats her. An' thuh cute little guy in thuh flowers is my nephew, Thomas Thompson. I begged Suzy not to name him that, but that was our Daddy’s name, rest in peace. She never did mention who Thomas’s daddy was. Anywho, here we all are!

** Right to left: Chloe Mayfield, Bernard Mayfield, Susan Thompson, Thomas Thompson, an' Ellie Mayfield. **

It all started a year back, right before Momma died. I was young an' a single mothuhr. I’d quit school to have Chloe. Her daddy was a good-fer’-nuthin’ though. Chloe was just a coupla’ weeks old when Momma died. Daddy, though he hadn’t liked Momma (‘cept fer a few months back when they were still hot-blooded), he came to her funeral. Afterwards he packed me an’ Chloe up an' took us to Pleasantville. I thought is was so big an' chic! I met my big sister Suzy. Her momma was Daddy’s wife, but she died years back when Suzy was jus’a kid. Anywho, Daddy got me an’ Chloe moved in with him, an' it wasn’t long afterwords that Suzy got her fancy degree from college. That summer I’ll never forget. Suzy had her baby boy (she’d been busy with school at thuh time, so I took care’a him). An' in mid-June, I met my one-an’-only.

I’ll remember that day always. I was out wid’da kids in thuh front yard, watching ‘em toddle through Daddy’s flower beds, when this blue-eyed hunk walked up an’ knocked on our front door. He noticed me after a coupla' seconds, an’ he went all red an' stuttery. He was a cutey. Still is. I said hi, an’ he ran away. But thuh next day he was back with a bundle o’ roses an’ sweets for thuh kids. I didn’t waste no time. I pulled every trick Momma ever taught me. By thuh end of thuh summer I was Mrs. Bernard Mayfield an' Chloe was Chloe Mayfield. Sweet guy, my Bernard, he wanted Chloe to be his, no ifs, an's, nor buts.

Turns out, Suzy an' Bernard had been best friends since Daddy an' Suzy had moved to Pleasantville. An’ thuhy’d been making plans. Not marriage, no! I’d nevah steal a man from mah own sister! But thuhy’d been wanting to leave Pleasantville since high school. Go somewhere more “happening”. Me, I was so caught up in thuh wedding an’ heaven’s happiness that I wen’ along with whateveah thuhy wanted.

An’ that’s how I found mahself in Sunset Valley. Mah sister, mah husban' an’ thuh two kids on thuh lawn, all staring at our new home.


It weren’t much, but I jus’ knew we could make it work!

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Yay! I can't believe people are actually reading this! *does happy dance*

My blog (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/) is farther along than this is, but we'll catch up soon enough...for reasons... >.>

Any feedback would be welcome. I'm sorry if the spelling puts some people off. If you can push through it, Gen 1 only lasts a few chapters.


1.1 – Bumps an' Bruises (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/1-1-bumps-an-bruises/)

Weren’t exactly easy, right off, nah. Bernard an’ Susan had tah settle fer less than thuhy wanted jus’ tah put food on thuh table. But they’re both hard workers, an' I had no doubt that their dreams’d come true someday. Suzy wanted tah be a astrahnut since she were a little girl, an’ Bernard wanted tah “head his own search ‘stablishment”. Something about breeding thuhm there compotahs wid’ fish. I honestly have no idea. As fer me, I just wanted tah look after my family an’ make sure thuh kids grew up right. I wouldn’t’ve minded learning more than even Momma did ‘bout cooking, but that’d be fer later.

While Bernard an' Suzy were out making money an’ working fer their dreams, I stayed home wit’ thuh kids. My momma raised me right, so first thing I did was set out tah meet thuh neighbors. Only met one ‘for thuh kids were tussled out, Beau Andrews, who’s got a wife, but I never did see hide nor hair a’ her. By thuh time we got home, thuh furniture guys had got thuh cribs out an’ hooked up thuh power an’ water. We were moved in!

Our little family quickly settled into a routine. I made breakfast early each mornin’, jus’ so’s Susan could eat somethin’ ‘for she ran to work at 5am. Then I’d wake an’ feed thuh kids. At haf’pas 6, I’d put a plate o’ breakfast in Bernard’s sleepy hands ‘fore he left at 7. Then it’d just be me an’ thuh wee ones. I’d cook while they played on thuh floor. I always had one in thuh walker until they could both toddle an' tussle togethuher. I think I spent most a’ mah time cooking an' canning an' cleaning an' trying to keep up with thuh kids. I taught ‘em both to talk an' walk by thuh time Susan’s first pro’tion came around. An' Chloe was potty-trained when Bernard came home wit’ news a’ some kind’a extra work he was working on wit’ his boss. My Chloe always was a quick study, though where she got that thuh Lord only knows. Training Thomas, now that was a mite harder. He weren’t near so quick as Chloe, but, my Lord!, was he stubborn!


I was still trying tah potty-train Thomas when Bernard an’ Susan finally got those promotions. I was so proud an’ happy fer them!


I’ve always been a get-up-an’-go kind’a gal, so when I started feeling more an’ more tuckered out each day, I thought I might be comin’ down wit’ somethin’. It took me a coupl’a weeks tah figger’ it out. Me an’ Bernard, we were gonna have a baby!

My wish has always been to have a big ol’ family, all my own. Me an’ my hubby cuddled up on a front porch swing while all our little ones played in thuh yard. Now…it were coming true!

That next year, in early spring, still frosty an’ glitterin’, Bernard an’ me brought home our little girl, Shaye Mayfield, named for Bernard’s mama. She’s got some wild hair, that one! All blonde an' blue-eyed, she’s a good kid though, takes after her daddy.


I don’t know if a new baby made ‘em work harder or if we finally got a break, but Susan an' Bernard were both promoted not long after Shaye was born. Things got easier, for sure, but our tiny house was cramped. Then Tommy an' Chloe started school. An’ it just didn’t make sense tah Susan an’ Bernard tah have two schoolbound kids sharing a room with thuh new baby.


Susan started talkin’ ‘round fer contractors. It was time fer a bigga’ house!


Thanks for reading! ^_^

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1.2 – Growin' Pains (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/1-2-growin-pains/)

It took time, that bigga’ house. Buildin’ takes time an’ money, an’ the last we din’t have much o’. But we made due. Tommy an’ Chloe got their own room, sep’ret from the baby’s, an’ wit’ thuh lil’ left over, Susan got one o’ them fancy computurs tuh work at home on. Shaye moved into Chloe’s old crib in mine an’ Bernard’s bedroom since there jus’ wan’t enuff money tuh finish thuh expanshun.


That day mah heart jus’ ‘bout broke fer pride an’ gloom, seein’ my babies off tuh their firs’ day’a school! I’ll always ‘member it. I wuz so happy fer’ em, Chloe an’ Tommy. They were gonna go an’ get a eduhcashun! But that day…Tommy, he came home so mad! I’d nevuh ‘fore seen that boy so stewed! He wuz always so happy an’ friendly! An’ Chloe, she wouln't tell me nuthin’! Jus’ picked at her dinner an’ then ran off tuh thuh park. I’ve nevuh known what goes on it that gurl's head!


Chloe nevuh told me nuthin’. Tommy calmed down, but I couln’t get anythang out’a him neither! Those two were true blood. None o’ ‘em were gonna say anythang ’til thuh othuh one did. They nevuh came home upset after that, so I let it go. Those kids had’a way o’ workin' thru thangs. I weren’t gonna pry.

‘Round thuh same time, Susan an’ Bernard bof’ got pro’shuns.


Shaye weren’t a month ‘fore I found out I was wit’ child again! I was so excited. That didn’t last long. I started feeling really run down. I couldn’t eat nuthin’, it all just made me sick. An' I din’t have no energy tuh play wit’ Shaye so much. I got real big an’ could hardly walk. The doctors said it’d be best if I rested in bed. Maybe it woudun't a been so bad, but Bernard were also feelin’ sick an’ not at’all right. He said he kept havin' bad dreams that put’im in a right funk fer thuh rest o’ thuh day.


So I had a sick husband, still workin’ hard, a ‘nuther baby tuh look aftuh an’ two kids off doin’ who knew what! I couln’t rest! I kept on mah feet!


I were gettin' big when Susan’s final pro’shun came. Aftuh six years o’ hard work and detuhminashun, Susan got her dream! She was promoted tuh astruhnut. Thuh next week she got called up tuh space. She weren’t happy ‘bout leavin' her baby boy wif’out his mama, let alone me in such’a state.


I dint see mah big sister fer a long time.

It were dead winter when I gave birth, too early. As I wuz goin’ intuh labor, Bernard wuz workin' late at thuh lab.


I had tuh call a babysitter fer thuh kids while I drove myself tuh thuh hospital. I don’t ‘member much. There were “complications”. Lots. An' thuhy gave me all sorts o’ drugs tuh help with thuh pain. I had triplets, two girls an' a boy. I wuz so happy when thuh doctors told me. Two more daughters an' our first son! But thuhn…apparently thuh complications got worse. My baby boy…died…an' one o’ thuh girls wuz so weak…thuhy told me she weren’t gonna make it neither.

Oh, what a state I were in when Bernard got tuh thuh hospital. One child already dead an' anothuhr expected tuh jus’ stop breathing at any moment! But my Bernard…he’s a sweetheart, an' thuh strongest man I ever did met. He kept me goin’. He kept us all goin’.

We named thuh boy David, after mah younga’ brothur. His older sister wuz Medea an' his younger sister wuz Lucy.

We brought home thuh twins an'…I barely held myself togethuhr. Even with that, I still cried myself tuh sleep that night. I jus’ kept thinkin’ ‘bout what lil’ David would’a been like. What he would’a looked like. How he would’a acted.

Thuh next day, Bernard came home from thuh lab early.

He wuz so shy an' stuttering, trying tuh explain that he had somethin’ that might help but he didn’t know fer sure if I would want it, an' on an' on. Finally, he just passed me a basket.

Inside was a little baby with dark green skin.

Bernard wuz talking about how thuh lab had created it from some skin or somethin’ thuhy’d found. I don’t know, I weren’t really paying attention.

“Wh–what do you think?” Bernard finally asked.

“He’s precious…” He felt warm in my arms. An' he opened his eyes an' oh! Those dark eyes, I fell in love! He yanked my hair an' babbled something, but I couldn’t stop smiling. He were too cute! Even with green skin. “You cutey gotta name?”

“Well, we never thought of it, just DNA-OD. It stands for DNA Off-world Duplicate.” He paused. “No one really thought about what would happen to it after it was born.”

“Well, that’s no name fer a baby.”

“Since it was just me and the tech guys, we figured in order to really study how different humans an' aliens are, we should have an alien grow up in a normal, human environment, away from the lab, but still closely monitored.” Bernard smiled at me. “He’s all yours.”

All mine. This little thing…was all mine. My son.

“Donovan.” I don’t ‘member where thuh name came from. I hadn’t wanted tuh name him ‘David’. That would’a jus’ made him a replacement tuh thuh son I’d lost, which wouln’t honor neithuh of ‘em. But Donovan had a exotic sound tuh it. Something different. An' he was somethan’ different.


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Just a warning, this chapter is pretty image-heavy. So if your internet sucks (like mine), give it a minute to load.


1.3 – Livin' Life (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/1-3-livin-life/)

Donny, he helped in a lot of ways, just by being thuhre. It still hurt, but not as much when I could hold Donovan in my arms. He was warm, real, alive. An' mine. I don’t know if I was sick, but after he was added tuh our family, I started feelin’ better. I got back to cookin' an’ cleanin’ an’ cannin' thuh stuff from Bernard’s garden. Yesser, I was feelin’ better an’ better!

Donny was such a oddball! Dark green skin, big black eyes, an' no hair at all! But he were smart, I could see that. He reminded me a’ Chloe. But where Chloe had been painfully shy (still is), Donny was so friendly! Always willing to play with anyone, even Medea, though she’d get impatient an' start throwing blocks ‘round. Everybody loved him! Tommy was a lil’ shy at first, mostly curious why Donovan looked so different. Chloe though…I think she picked up how smart Donny was. I’d catch her reading med’cal journals tuh him! Of all thuh things! Yesser, Donny helped our family, just by being him.

Donny…I ne’er had tuh worry ‘bout him. Always healthy an’ happy. A mama’s dream.


Lucy weren’t near as strong as Donny or Medea. When thuhy were born, thuh doctors warned us that she wouldn’t see her first birthday. I worried for a long time, but Lucy surprised us all! She’s a fighter! Thuh twins’ an’ Donny an’ Shaye’s firs’ birthdays passed wif’out a hitch. An’ then their secon’…an’ third..an’ fourth! An’ Lucy just got stronger! Still weak lookin’, and still a bit thin, but she’s still here. I ne’er lost her.

As toddlers, all four o’ em ran me ragged!

Shaye, mine an’ Bernard’s firs’, wuz so precious! She’s such a good kid, but so ditzy! She were ferevuh fergettin’ what she were doin’. I’d find her outside suckin’ her thumb an’ sittin' in a dirty diaper cuz she’d ferget where the potty chair wuz!


Donny, wit’ his cute, funny accent, I dunno where he got it, I hardly had tuh teach him tuh talk, nor walk.


Right after him, Lucy was easily taught as well, bit slower, but she had tuh rest often.


Then…there were my Medea. She were stubborn an' easily frustrated, a true hot-head. Her first word wuz ‘ball’. Dear lord! Wuz I ever happy when she said it! It took months!


It got so’s I couln't get much rest! Days spent carin’ fer toddlers an’ nights spent lengthenin’ jeans. I knew Tommy wuz gonna be tall, jus’ like his momma, but Chloe wuz growin’ like a weed! I sure am glad that thuh older kids were always happy tuh help out when I needed a nap.


It were near Shaye’s birfday that Bernard got that las’ pro’tion and became a “Creatyah-Robut Cross-breeduh’”!


An’ then straight on up tuh “Mad Scientist”!


He looked mighty fine in that uniform!


Every’un got a bit older…


…An’ we finished thuh house.



Bernard finally retired.


An’ I got a surprise! Susan was back on Earth! Hallelujah!


She couldn’t buhlieve her son, lil’ Tommy, had become 16! Last we all saw her, the twins an’ Donny weren’t even born! She’d been gone a long time…10 years! I’d missed her somethin’ fierce. We all had.

Through it all, Bernard stayed true tuh me an’ I tuh him.


It seems like it was jus’ yestuhday that we moved tuh Sunset Valley. An’ then, all’a sudden, I had teenagers tuh cope wit’ and a empteh house at lunch. Bernard an’ I had gotten old. He wuz still a looker though!

Wit’ thuh kids all in school an’ not runnin’ me ragged, it were easier fer me an’ Bernard tuh have some quiet time tuhgether.



Thanks for reading! ^_^

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1.4 – I Was Young an' so Were You (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/1-4-i-was-young-an-so-were-you/)

Ahhh, that were a mild winter. I tried tuh teach mah kids tuh skate. Only got Donny tuh. He humored his ol’ ma, such a good kid!


An’ thuh kids had so much fun in thuh snow! Oh, but it warmed mah ol’ heart! They’re all such gud kids! They made thuh most o’ that winter, full o’ snow days it were. Bernard worried that their school grades’d be affecked, but I wuz sure they’d be fine. They’re all bright kids, even Shaye! “Let’em be kids!” I’d say. At least fer a while yet.



That winter…I’ll ne’er ferget it. I may’ve gotten ol’ during it, a lil’ slower maybe but I wuz still hot-blooded! An’ so wuz mah Bernard! Now that the kids were out’a thuh house most days, I had Bernard all tuh mahself! Oh…so many nights staring up at thuh stars an’ cuddlin’ on thuh couch. I remembah how he used tuh suhprize me in thuh hall while I wuz doin' laundry. He’d grab me from behind an’ twirl me aroun’! We’d dance like no one wuz watchin’, jus’ us twirlin’ roun’ an’ roun’, laundry scattered on thuh floor. Up an’ down thuh hall, roun’ the livin’ room, thru thuh kitchen an’ straight on tuh thuh bedroom!


We wuz a real close-knit family, an’ that winter jus’ made us closer. Bernard wuz retired, so he could spen’ hours wif’ thuh kids: helpin’ wif' homework, talkin’ ‘bout fishin’ an’ computers. No fights, no school troubles, no worryin’ late nights at thuh lab. That winter wuz so perfect. Like a dream I’m tryin’ tuh hol’ on tuh fer when I wake up. An’ it jus’ seemed tuh get better e’ryday! Susan even said she planned tuh retire. I jus’ couldn’t buhlieve it!


Nevuh thought she’d give up her fancy space ship. But Susan said she wuz gittin’ old. We all were. An’ she wanted tuh spend more time wit’ thuh kids. After all, she’d missed ten years o’ her only son’s life. She said she dint want tuh miss anythang else. She gave her notice an’ wuz due tuh retire aftuh one more mission.

She ne’er made it home.

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1.5 – Mama's Bittah-Sweet Memories (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/1-5-mamas-bittah-sweet-memories/)

Two years…that’s how long I had her back. Two years! Tommy’d been ready tuh graduate! He…he’s such a good kid. While I sit here wit’ mah scrapbooks, he an’ Chloe take care o’ thuh youn’uns. He ne’er deserved this…this heartbreak. None’n ‘em did. Not him…not me…

An’ now…an’ now Bernard’s gone too! At least he went peacefully, not in flames like mah poor sister. He was 59 years old, she 57.

An’ me? I’m feelin’ mah age finally. Nah, I’m feelin’ older. Bernard…he was mah everuhthang. What’s left when everuhthang’s gone?


I can’t look at Medea no more. Thuh bigger she gets…thuh more she looks like her Daddy. She’s got his eyes…his hair…his smile… An’ Donovan! Oh, Donny…it ain’t yer fault…more’un any’un, it’s Donny that makes me think a’ Bernard. After all…wifout Bernard, Donny ne’er would’a been in mah life.

As I stare down at these pi’tures…


…these memories I been storin’ up all these years…


…I jus’ feel so tired. I’m tired o’ the hurt! I…I weren’t ready fer him tuh go! Lord, I needed him! Like plants need sun an’ fish need watuh, I need him!


Life…life’s got no meanin’ wifout him in it.


Chloe graduated the Community School for the Gifted with Highest Honor and as Class Valedictorian. Her fellow classmates voted her ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’.


Thomas graduated the Community School for the Gifted with Highest Honor. His fellow classmates voted him ‘Most Popular’.



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2.0 – And It's Just the Beginning... (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/2-0-and-its-just-the-beginning/)

Aunt Susan. Trapped in a fire trying to save the rest of her spaceship crew.


Daddy. Stroke as he donated money to a charity.




…broken heart.

Within four months, they were all gone, one right after another. Aunt Susan, Daddy, Mom…all gone. Never coming back.


My name is Chloe Mayfield. I just graduated from the Sunset Valley High School. And I’m the head of this family now.



And so begins the second generation. If you want to know family member traits and stuff, here is a sort of Generation 1 Summary (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/1-6-family-summary/).

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2.1 – Dreams and Real Life (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/2-1-dreams-and-real-life/)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon. I don’t think that’s going to happen now. Thomas and I, we can just barely keep up with the bills as it is. There’s no way we can do that, take care of Shaye, Medea, Lucy and Donovan, and pay my pre-med tuition.

In some ways, I hate Mom for that. She was selfish, giving up on life when Daddy died. She’s left me with nothing! Because she was selfish, I have to give up my dreams!

Maybe I’m the selfish one. I just…I wanted to help people…like Daddy did…


All of us are hurting right now. Donovan blames himself, Medea blames herself, Lucy is confused, Shaye’s taken to living in the woods and Thomas thinks he has to be the strong, stoic man of the family. But I’m the oldest. Daddy always said my most important task was to look after all my younger brothers and sisters, even Thomas. I have to quit brooding and step up now.

After Daddy died, only a few weeks after Aunt Susan, Thomas and I started looking around for jobs. We were both still in school, but Thomas managed to get a part-time job at the bookstore. As for me…no one wanted to hire the ‘Mayfield Vampire’. I was that creepy kid who always hung around the graveyard, and in a town like Sunset Valley, that’s enough to get you black-listed for life.

But I found…other ways of acquiring money.


When I was a little kid, Daddy taught me how to do different things with the computer. I’m not proud to be using what he taught me to steal, because that’s what hacking is: stealing, but we need the money. I have no choice.

Now with Mom gone too, people are starting to just look the other way. After Aunt Susan and Daddy died, people would bring food over. They’d sit up with Mom and were there for her. Now that its just me and Thomas, things seemed to have changed. Now they’re remembering every rude comment Aunt Susan ever made, and every time Daddy never attended a party (always because he was working late, not out of some spite as they all seem to think).

I hate people. I really, truly hate people.

I shouldn’t complain though. Thomas usually takes care of those people. Everyone is instantly at ease around Thomas, and so much more willing to let things go with him. I haven’t met a person who could stay angry at him, not even Medea. He’s like Mom was: everyone’s friend.

I’m much happier sequestered away in the study, churning through piles of data. I probably wouldn’t have made a good doctor anyway. Doctors are people-people.

28th Jul 2015, 4:56 PM
2.2 – It's Always Darkest Before Dawn (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/2-2-its-always-darkest-before-dawn/)

I was down at the grocery store, buying the next week’s food (Daddy’s garden won’t carry us far since none of us know anything about gardening) when I overheard Dr. Wainwright talking with a colleague about some experiment that the lab was trying to repossess. The DNA-OD experiment. My heart stopped. I ducked behind the potatoes until they’d left.

I knew that phrase. I’d been almost six years old when Daddy brought home Donovan, but I’d never forget something like that. I overheard him talking to Mom the night before, talking about a cloning project he’d led at the Labs. A project to clone an alien DNA sample found out by Lucky Palms, a project called DNA-OD.

Could they do that? Repossess my brother?! I didn’t know. I had to find out!

It didn’t take long. In fact, the answer was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home later that evening.


‘To Whom it May Concern:
Mr./Ms. Mayfield,
Experiment DNA-OD (what you call Donovan) was lent to you family by Dr. Bernard Mayfield December 21st, thirteen years ago. Upon the doctor’s death, Experiment DNA-OD was expected to be returned to Landgraab Industries Laboratory. As that has not happened, matters have been raised to its immediate retrieval.
Dr. Bunch will visit you promptly June 15th at 3:00pm. She will collect Experiment DNA-OD and return it to the Landgraabs Industries Laboratory. Included is a packet containing certain legal articles and a release document requiring your signature.
Thank you for you cooperation,
Dr. Sabrina Funke, Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder’

The page crumpled in my fist. I was shaking. They couldn’t do this. They couldn’t do this! We’d already lost so many people in this family!


I jerked upright. Thomas was standing in the doorway, still in his pajamas, it being past midnight.


“Something’s wrong. What’s wrong?”

“The Labs…they’re sending someone over today…to take Donovan away. They own him! Legally, they own him! I’ve been looking for something, anything, to use against them! But I can’t find anything! And now they’re going to take him away!”

Thomas gently pulled me back down into the seat I hadn’t known I’d left. Then he slowly pried my hands from my hair and hugged my close. “Can I see the letter?”


I lifted up the balled paper.

“I see,” he said after a bit.

“There’s nothing we can do,” I whispered.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Thomas said calmly. He’s always been the calm one. He’s been my rock, ever since we were kids. My best friend.

“How so?” I snarled. “I can’t see how we’re going to get out of this! So if you have any suggestions, please, share!”


“We can leave. Middle of the night. Leave no trace. Never come back.”

A toilet flushed. Footsteps echoed up the hall. We both waited until the bed springs creaked.

“We don’t have the money for that!” I whispered furiously. “Everything’s still in Mom’s name since she never wrote a will!” And the men at City Hall had just sneered at me when I’d tried to challenge it. Mom, while just a homemaker, had been everyone’s friend. I was just her creepy, illegitimate daughter.

“We have our college funds.”


My heart stopped. Our college funds. Together, Thomas and I probably had around $20000. Was it enough? Food, clothing, a new house…maybe. It had to be. It was our only shot at keeping what was left of this family together. It had to be enough.

“Well, there was no way I’d afford med-school anyways,” I said with a grimace. I quirked an eyebrow at him.

A sharp bark of laughter was my answer. “Going to college was Mom’s and Aunt Ellie’s plan for me. All I’ve ever wanted is a new guitar and enough time to play it.” He shrugged. “And I can wait a bit for that. What’s important is keeping us all together and safe.”

I nodded. We were in agreement. We had a plan. All that was left was to pack.



Note: I've started updating my blog regularly again. Every Friday you can expect to see a new chapter there (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/the-tale/) . Until this thread is caught up with my blog, I'll be updating here every Tuesday and Thursday, usually two chapters at once. Once we're caught up, it'll probably shift to Monday updates.

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Warning: A bit of language ahead, nothing major, but thought I'd give a head's up.


2.3 – When the Going Gets Tough... (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/2-3-when-the-going-gets-tough/)

We had to be long gone before noon. Otherwise those so-called “scientists” would be by at 3pm to pick up Donovan. Assholes.

We had to be quick.

Thomas packed some food for the trip while I woke the twins, Shaye and Donovan.

“Wh–” insert massive yawn. “Where’re we going?” Medea asked, still stretching.


“Well…” Think, Chloe, think! “Well, Thomas and I were thinking, we haven’t been on a weekend trip in a while and maybe its a good thing to do. You know, spend some family time together before school starts up again. Spur of the moment, I know, but…”

Lucy gave me one of her too-rare smiles. “I think that’s a good idea,” she said in her soft voice.


Donovan looked me up ad down. He’s a genius, just like me. There’s not much that gets past either of us. But he shrugged. “Well, if that’s what we’re doing, that’s what we’re doing.”


Thank you, I mouthed to him as he passed me into the hallway. He stared hard at me, then winked.

“Maaan,” Shaye mumbled, her blue eyes half-lidded and distant. “That’s such a great idea…getting back to nature ‘for the Man drags us back in chaaains.” She gave me a slow, lopsided smile.


I tried not to shudder. Chains…right.

Once everyone was up and getting dressed, I ran back to the study. “C’mon! Print faster you stupid thing!” I was tempted to kick the ancient computer, but I needed maps. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I wasn’t going without proper directions.


“We’re packed,” Thomas whispered from behind me. “Shaye, Donny and Mead’s dressed. Just waiting on Lucy. I got enough food to last us a few days.

“Good.” I tapped my foot.. “God da–” ‘It’s taking too long! “Get everyone out to the van,” I gestured to Thomas, then grabbed my pda, an early graduation gift from Daddy. It was time…this was going to be hard.


I knew all about locating technology, heck, I’d used it several times to track Shaye down, frickin’ wild-child she is. I knew that all pdas could be traced, eventually, with enough time and patience. It was just something I couldn’t chance. I carefully laid the slim device in the desk drawer. It took all my will to close the drawer and turn to the printer. Daddy’d built it himself, just for me.

The printer was an old, ancient monster, but it seemed to take even longer than normal. After an eternity it was finally done. I grabbed the maps and shoved them into my backpack. One last thing. I tore into the computer, kicking and stomping until it was in pieces, particularly the hard-drive. Otherwise they might trace us! Am I paranoid? Probably!

Everything was in place, everyone out in the van waiting.

We left everything as it was: the beds unmade…


…the dishes from breakfast still on the table…


…the sprinklers still running in Daddy’s garden.


Daddy’s garden…I’d miss it. It was the last piece I had of him. Thomas wiped a tear from my cheek before the others could see. I started the van and drove down the hill, away from the only home any of us had ever known. A place full of memories. Good and bad, vivid and vague, sooo many memories. But it was time to move on.



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2.4 – …the Mayfields Head to China? (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/the-mayfields-head-to-china/)

Chloe’s PoV

Is this right? I took another swig of burnt gas station coffee. Did we have any alternative? Anything at all? My mind kept going round and round, wondering if leaving the Valley really was what was best for the family. Was there really no other choice? The sun crested the mountains behind us as I drained Thomas’s cup. He snored softly in the seat next to me.


“Stop it Chloe,” Donovan whispered behind me. He unbuckled and leaned forward. “I can hear you thinking and it’s been bothering me all night.”

“Sorry,” I murmured. Donovan didn’t like reading minds. “Invading people’s privacy” he called it. But he didn’t really have a choice if people “screamed them out”.

“So, why’re you putting yourself through the Inquisition?”

“I just…I wonder if I jumped too soon,” I responded. “Was there some way I could have turned this all around? An alternative to making us all fugitives?”

“Maybe.” Donovan shrugged. And I saw it, that little flinch, liked I’d slapped him.

“It has nothing to do with you,” I whispered, feeling like an ass. “You’re my brother. I’d go to the ends of the earth for you.” My knuckles tightened on the wheel. Then I chuckled and waved him back. “I’m just being pedantic.”

“So…you don’t…regret anything?” Donovan asked.

“Absolutely not. Never think that! You’re my brother! I’d do the same for the twins or Thomas or Shaye. And it’ll probably happen again when some government wants to drag Shaye away for public indecency or something!”

He laughed and settled back down in his seat.

Did I regret my choice to run away rather than hand him over to Dr. Funke? NO! Never. I just wished I knew what I’d thrown us all into. We were officially on the run. From Landgraab Industries today, but maybe the entire Simica Government tomorrow! And I still had no idea what to do! I resisted the urge to smack the steering wheel. That wouldn’t help. It might just wake Thomas up and get him concerned too!

And I’ll swear to any deity you want that I heard my Mom then! Life don’t follow no recipe, sugah. An’ it don’t have no map neithuh! It’s a advenchah!


Not helpful, Mom, I thought, shaking my head. Even from beyond the grave, she was confusing.



“Hick–wha–what’d we hit!” Thomas jerked upright and spun in his seat, blinking rapidly.

“It’s all good!” I called back to everyone. “Just a pothole! A bad pothole.” I prayed Shaye wasn’t awake.

“Oh, good,” and Thomas dropped back into sleep.

“Dammit,” I muttered, trying with one hand to shove papers back into the glove box that had popped open while keeping my eyes on the road. “Thomas! Thomas? Crap.”

“I got it!” Donovan called, unbuckling again.

“Get back in your seat!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Thomas and…Donovan…stupid hedgehogs!” I continued to grumble, trying to close the overstuffed compartment. I’d barely closed it when it popped open again. “Oh, for Euclid’s sake!” I grabbed the bundle before it could hit the floor, then swerved back onto the road.


“I could hel–”

“No! You stay buckled!” I sat back up and straightened out the van. “With the way I’m driving,” I muttered to myself before glancing down at the troublesome papers.

Receipts, old napkins, and a fold-out map of…China? Not a map to China, but of China. Why would we have a map of China? And I heard in my head, Life’s a advenchah, sugah!

“Hmmm…hey Donovan, you want to go to China?”


Thomas’s PoV

“So…why’re we going to China?” I asked glancing over at Chloe.

“Because I decided.”

“Decided what?” She’s always been this way. She’s really smart but kinda dumb too. She’s so smart she doesn’t even notice and just thinks everyone thinks at the same rate she does. It made for an interesting childhood.

“Because I decided to go to China,” she responded, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. She went back to studying the map.


“But why?!” I ran my hand through my hair. “I’m tired Chloe. We’ve been driving nonstop for six days. Why China?”

“Because it’s the farthest country out of Simica. Because it’s the easiest to get into since only we have passports. Because it’s a country that Landgraab Industries doesn’t have a base in, and because I can speak Chinese. Need I continue?”

“No, no, I get it.” It was Chloe again, thinking five steps ahead of the rest of us.

“Take the next exit.”

“Got it…when’d you learn Chinese?!”


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WARNING: There's some mild language in this chapter, like your uncle stubbing his toe and cussing. Just thought to mention in case it offends someone.


2.5 – The Great Wall (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/the-great-wall/)

Chloe’s PoV

It took a few weeks of driving, another week on various dusty trains, and several nasty conversations with border control, but we made it. We were in China!


“We’re staying at Héhuā de fángzi,” I told Thomas, him being the only one still awake this late.

“Sounds fancy,” he muttered. “Can we afford it?”

“Thomas, it’s just a boarding house.” I snickered. “And you said my ballet lessons would never be useful.”

He sighed. “Chloe, not everyone can pick up a language just from listening to their dance instructor curse.” He shook his head.

“We’re here!” Donovan cried, surprising us both. “Shang Simla!”


Shang Simla was a small farming village tucked between large, green mountains and the Great Wall. It was known for its sake and the local martial arts academy. Otherwise, it was quiet and the people kept to themselves. Perfect.

We arrived early in the morning, before 8am, a time when Sunset Valley would be desolate. Shang Simla was positively bustling!

It didn’t take us long to find the boarding house. It was massive!


“It’s huge,” Thomas muttered, staring up at the ancient building. “We could get lost in there!”

“My thoughts exactly,” I replied, smiling. Perfect.

“Nah,” Donovan piped up. “It’s just that it’s on top of a mountain. I bet it’s real cozy!” He sprinted up the steps, Medea close behind him.


The rest of us followed more sedately…some more than others. “Get a move on, Shaye! All the beds’ll be taken by the time you get up here!”

We didn’t have much with us. Some books, a change of clothes for each of us, and miscellaneous sentimental objects. Needless to say, unpacking didn’t take long.

“What we need now is to blend in,” I murmured to Thomas as he surveyed the contents of the house fridge.


Thomas’s PoV

I stopped and stared at her. “Chloe, we have two pasty blondes, a couple of tanned redheads and a green alien.” Hardly asian material.

She continued to stare at me, her head cocked at an infuriating angle.

I sighed and admitted defeat, pinching the bridge of my nose. “Take the girls to scout out locals. I’ll take Donovan and scrounge up some suitable clothing.”

Chloe brightened and ran out of the kitchen.


“And cut your damn curls!” I called after her.


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WARNING: Mild language.

2.6 – Explorers and Dead Bugs (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/2-6-explorers-and-dead-bugs/)

Chloe’s PoV

For those first two days, I kept to the room I shared with Thomas. I read the few books left by previous tenants and quickly grew bored. Luckily, Thomas soon found us appropriate attire. He came back from the market place one afternoon lugging an armful of colorful silks.


“Oh my gosh!” Lucy squealed.

“That was my ear,” Medea hollered back. She grabbed an armful of green and stomped off to the room she shared with Lucy and Shaye. Shaye had been getting on her nerves lately, apparently.

“That’s for the girls. There wasn’t much in your…umm…size,” Thomas said handing me a bundle of white fabric. “That explorer lady, Bion, helped me, you, and Donovan out.”

“Oh,” I tried not to be disappointed. It wasn’t logical. But I’d always admired the asian fashion. “Very well.” I took the white top and pants and went to change. I turned and squealed, dropping my bundle.


“Ta da!” Donovan bounded into the room. He struck a pose in his borrowed clothing. “I am now an actual explorer! How awesome is this?!"


“Oh, Donovan,” I muttered. “You’re too excitable.”

“I’ve already–”


“Nothing!” Thomas answered brightly, ramming his hands into his pockets. Donovan stood beside him, looking confused.

“Okay?” I left for my room, shaking my head.


Thomas’s PoV

I watched Chloe leave, then whirled on Donovan. “Whatever you do, don’t tell Chloe about the tombs,” I hissed.

“Why not?” he whined.

Typical thirteen-year-old, I thought. He might be a genius, but he doesn’t think! “Because she’ll worry!” And when Chloe worried, she researched to calm her mind…and sometimes developed new weapons of war.

Since I was eight, I’ve been hiding the remnants of her hobbies from our trio of parents. I dismantled the reloading and sound-barrier breaking potato gun, disposed of the bone collection from the catacombs she was studying, and destroyed the robotic rabbit that periodically exploded and rebuilt itself. I really, really didn’t want to have to continue that in China, where the people were a hell of a lot more perceptive than in Sunset Valley.

“You don’t want Chloe to worry, do you?” I appealed, trying to sound less manic and more like a caring brother just looking after his sister’s mental health.

“No,” Donovan answered dutifully, but he actually sounded sincere, so I let him go.

At the front door, he turned back. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t worry,” he said solemnly, holding the door handle. “I’ll be very safe.”

I nodded. “Just don’t tell her and everything will be fine.” I hope. Donovan left, probably to check around town for adventures.


“I feel so pretty,” Lucy breathed, twirling into the common room. She’d even done up her hair differently. Medea scowled from behind her, but she was dressed as well.


“Looks like everything fits,” I acknowledged. “You two clean up nice.”

Lucy beamed. Even Medea gave a little smile, fingering her new green vest. “Where’s Shaye?”

The smiles dropped. Medea opened her mouth, but Lucy beat her to it. “She won’t wear it. She keeps saying that silk is from dead bugs.”

I sighed. Shaye displayed her animal-loving tendencies in odd ways. She ate eggs and most meats, but couldn’t stand leather, milk or, apparently, silk. “I’ll talk to her.” I sighed again. Lucy gave me a sympathetic look.


The next chapter will be up this thursday, and then we'll switch over to an update every Monday.

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2.7 – Adventure! (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/2-7-adventure/)

Chloe’s PoV

“I took your advice,” I said as I entered the kitchen. Thomas was flipping pancakes. He’d finally progressed past burning things beyond all recognition.


“I cut my hair.” I fingered a curl by my ear. It had been a hard thing to do, but necessary to save money. I’ve been growing my hair out since I was nine. Mom always said how she loved my curls, how they made me unique, since neither she nor Daddy had had curls. And Aunt Susan’s hair had been as straight as Pythagoras’s lines. Mom said I took after her mother.

Thomas turned around, a plate stacked high with breakfast in one hand. He looked at me critically, then nodded. I let out the breath I hadn’t even noticed I’d been holding. If Thomas thought I looked fine, it was fine.


“I’m heading out to the market,” I told him.

“Really?” He looked surprised.

I nodded. “I’m out of reading material.”

He chuckled and nodded. “I’ll see you later, then,” and he dug into his only slightly crispy breakfast.

Outside the air was crisp and clean. Somehow it was easier to breathe in Shang Simla than back in the Valley. I considered this. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the emotional responsibilities and consequences I’d left behind there or the lack of industrial pollution in this part of China.


It was a long walk to the market, but enjoyable. It was a cool spring day, and I spotted a few dragonflies zipping over the stream beside the path. There were colorful birds high in the trees and interesting beetles scurrying along the ground. Everything was beautiful and peaceful. I felt a smile slip onto my face and a spring enter my step.

The market was a bit disappointing. The only merchant selling books didn’t have much beyond fiction.


Still, I found a few fishing manuals and a chinese cookbook and made my way home.


Thomas’s PoV

I heard nothing, absolutely nothing, and Donovan skidded into the room.

He looked around and his grin dipped. “Where’s Chloe?” the excited teen asked.

“You just missed her,” I replied, carefully setting my plate in the sink. “What’s up?”

The grin reappeared on his face. “I found ancient scrolls!” He drug me into the dining room and plopped his bag on the table. It smelled of dry dust and…soot?

“What have you been doing?”

“Well–” he began, opening the bag. A plume of smoke puffed from it.


“No, wait, I don’t want to know!”

“Oh…anyway! I found ancient scrolls!” He laid them on the table, still babbling. “They feature some ancient recipes for making fireworks!”

“Wait, you can speak Chinese too? When did this happen?!”

Donovan gave me a look, one, until this point, I’d only seen on Chloe. “Chloe’s been teaching me.”

I began to panic. Oh God, not the bunnies!

Donovan scrambled in his bag and pulled out some charcoal rubbings. “Don’t worry. I’ve been telling her I’ve been sight-seeing the ancient landmarks around town and finding cool glyphs. She’s been happy to translate them for me and has been teaching me some on the side.”

I calmed down.

“She helped translate the last riddle in the last tomb and I found these in there.” He gestured to the scrolls. “And I know she’s already read through everything else in here, so I thought she’d like something new.” He beamed up at me innocently.

“Okay,” I said slowly. I couldn’t see anything immediately wrong. Donovan meant well, obviously. But where he and Chloe were concerned, the whole world should fear their well-meaning. That was how that damn rabbit had been born. I shuddered.

“You okay?”

“Fine, just…a bit chilled.” I stood up. “Chloe should be back this evening, if you want to stick around.” I brightened. “I made pancakes. They might be a bit cold, though.”

Donovan raised an eyebrow. “You did?” He glanced at the counter warily.

“And they’re fine,” I barked.

“Sure,” and he went to the fridge.


“Fine, fine, don’t eat my cooking!” I threw my hands in the air.

“Woo!” Medea entered the kitchen. “Donny’s back! We can eat tonight!” More cheering sounded down the hall.

“No respect!”

“So,” Donovan began, as Medea and I sat down at the table. My cooking was okay, but Donovan’s was way better, even if it took longer. “Guess what I did today.”

“What?” Medea asked warily.

Donovan grinned over his shoulder as he tossed seemingly random things into a wok. “I visited,” he paused, the Drama King. “The Dragon’s Maw!”


Medea gasped. Clearly she had heard about this place, though I didn’t know how. Shaye and Lucy wandered in, both curious.

“It’s a tomb!” Donovan continued, grinning.

And while he made a late lunch, Donvaon told us tales of hidden doors and ancient locks…


…fire traps and dead king’s coffins…


…water wells you entered in one room and came out in a completely different room…


…uncovering forgotten treasures…


…and ancient secrets.



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2.8 – Medea's Secret (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/2-8-medeas-secret/)

Chloe’s PoV

I wandered through the house, listening. Nothing, not a sound. To say I was confused would have been a drastic understatement.


Click. My head swiveled towards the sound. “Hello?” I headed into the common room.

Lucy looked up. “Oh, hi Chloe,” she murmured and smiled at me.

“Hey, where is everybody?”

She considered this. “Well, Shaye and Thomas went out to the market a little bit ago and Donovan left for town a bit after them. And…Medea…I think she left early this morning, before everyone else.” Her smile dipped. “Is everything okay?”

“Hmm? Oh, no–erhm yes! Everything’s fine! I was just wondering.” I wandered to the back porch. Behind me, there was a soft click.

Everyone’s outside. I leaned on the railing, thinking. Thomas would be going to that old fisherman. He’d gotten a job playing his guitar outside the old man’s shop and it was helping to pay our room and board. Shaye’ll take any excuse to be outside, so she probably went with him. Donovan…Donovan…he might be at the Hot Springs. He said something about checking out the glyphs there last night. That left Medea.

And that was where my brain was seizing up. Medea wasn’t like Shaye or Lucy or Donovan. She didn’t see natural beauty in the forests, she hated the mosquitos and the lack of proper transportation. She didn’t believe in getting to know a stranger just for meeting them and seeing their perspective, if they didn’t have similar interests as her, she wanted nothing to do with them In the last few months, she’d made an enemy of nearly every other explorer in the boarding house.


Medea hated the people of Shang Simla almost as much as she hated their lack of cars. They were a quiet, peaceful people. Medea was loud and…opinionated. And those opinions hadn’t found any fellow thinkers since we first arrived in China.

So where could she have gone? I pondered.

I sighed and went back inside. There was another translation waiting for me.

It carried on for a few more days. Thomas left the house every morning at 7am. With him, when she could drag herself out of bed, went Shaye. Donovan made breakfast at 8 and left for some ancient temple or some such soon after. Lucy went back to her watercolors and I to my translations.


And no one would see Medea. Finally, I’d had enough.

“That might be good,” I muttered, stepping back. I heard a half-choked gurgle behind me.

“Um, Chloe?”

“Hmmm?” I tapped my chin. I might have to rebalance the third quadrant–

“What are you doing?”

I looked up. Thomas was standing beside me, his eyes wide and flickering from me to my project and back.

“What? Oh, this? This is just an ancient pulley system that I’m testing out.” I waved my hands vaguely. I’d seen some diagrams in a scroll and improved upon the idea from there. Thomas didn’t need to know that the diagrams had depicted an ancient tomb trap. “I’m setting this up so I can better visualize it.”

“Oh, okay.”


I stared critically at my work.



“Does it have to be right outside the girls’ room?”

I contemplated this. “Yes.”


It was just before dawn when my alarm went off. I’d prepared myself with several cups of oolong tea and a particularly nasty scroll. The near-invisible fishing line pulled my light out.

I waited several minutes, listening hard. There! A slight rustling from upstairs, like someone getting dressed. The sound of a door being eased gently open. And the squeak of the hinges I’d attended to last night after everyone was asleep. Silence. The silence of someone listening very carefully and praying no one had heard that. I smirked.

Finally, someone upstairs treaded softly down the steps. I frowned. Normally Medea tromped like an elephant everywhere she went. No one wore shoes in the house, of course, but still. It was Medea, car enthusiast and elephant! I heard the last squeaky step, and then silence again. Then the soft padding of bare feet across the wooden floor. A small thump and then running that faded away.

I ran out of my room and down the hall to the window facing the front porch. I caught sight of a flash of green as Medea vaulted over the railing and down the mountain. I blinked twice. Then scrambled out the open window after her.

I’d always prided myself on being fast and light on my feet. I’d needed to be, between schoolyard bullies and Mom’s catlike ears. But Medea was outdistancing me easily. She was quite athletic, of course, but still.


I skirted through some bamboo and stopped to rest and think. At my outcropping I could see her course.

“The Academy?”



Their first day in Shang Simla, Medea had escorted Shaye to the Scholar’s Garden. She’d heard it was some kind of beautified wilderness or something. And it had been one of Thomas’s early rules: Nobody traveled anywhere alone.

Anyway, Medea had lounged about, bored out of her skull while Shaye ran amuck staring at the insects. She’d glanced down the mountain and seen the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy. What’s more, she saw the current Master training a student. And she’d been fascinated.

She’d watched for a time while Shaye stared at the sun through a telescope.


Then she’d wandered over to the training dummy in the corner and made some attempts to copy the student. They were less than perfect.


But Medea persevered.

Each day, earlier and earlier, she went back to the Garden, peered over the wall and studied the students and their master. And she learned. She got to the point where she could break oak boards in half with one swift jab. Then, one student levitated off the ground. Medea stared. Human’s didn’t fly! They couldn’t! Except in airplanes! She’d questioned Chloe, her scientific sister, extensively about it the next day. Chloe agreed, humans couldn’t fly. But the next morning, Medea watched as another student floated off the ground, a look of serene calm on his face. She glared at the training dummy. She’d come this far. Nothing was going to stop her from mastering the skill. She marched down to the Academy and asked the old Master how people could fly.

He’d laughed. “It form of meditation,” he told her, his accent thick. “Only complete calm of mind and body, you can achieve.” Behind him, the student sighed, a soft smile on his face. “You must master Dancing Wind before you attempt,” and he gestured her towards the beginning class, six children, ages five to seven.

Medea glared at him and stomped out. What was Dancing Wind? She didn’t know the names of any of the forms. She didn’t even know the name of the art she studied! But that wouldn’t stop her. She’d made it this far on her own. She’d finish this on her OWN!


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2.9 – A Year in China (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/2-9-a-year-in-china/)

Chloe’s PoV

Spring bloomed into Summer, and Summer faded into Autumn. Though you couldn’t tell just from glancing out the window. Shang Simla remained, for the most part, green, but there was a bite in the air that hadn’t been there before. And it rained all the time.

Even with the rain, it’s so peaceful here, I thought, gazing out the window at the countryside.


I was taking a moment for myself. For the past four months I had been decrypting an ancient code Donovan had found. He’d been so ecstatic when he’d found it. Supposedly it would lead to some warlord’s forgotten treasure. I’d finally finished it this morning. It had been a pain, since I’d never seen the entire manuscript, just bits and pieces. Journal entries, mostly. Very difficult and time-consuming for me, but whatever Donovan was doing, the elders were paying him nicely. Between him and Thomas, I hadn’t had to resort to hacking for over a year. They’d kept the rent paid and all of us happily fed.

It had been a good year. Donovan had had such fun running about the countryside, especially when we’d all agreed the buddy rule was unnecessary. Donovan was more alive than I’d ever seen him. The way he told the explorer’s tales, full of drama and intrigue, like they were his own.


Shaye’s bug collect had grown…extensively.

Lucy and I had enjoyed the house. It was very open and airy, and we both agreed that the scent from the chinese maples was exquisite. Often, Lucy and I were the only ones left in the house during the day. She and I would often read together or chat, something we hadn’t done before. Possibly because of our age gap. She was undoubtably intelligent, not a genius, like Donovan or I, but she saw things that others would miss. She was normally quiet, not because she had nothing to say, but because she was in deep contemplation. Our conversations were fascinating.


Medea’s skill at martial arts had grown. And she had as well. I gave up spying on her a long while ago, but I’d still seen the change. She was happier, less angry. She’d made some friends and seemed to find her place. She’d still never joined the Academy proper. She was still Medea, still stubborn, and would happily rage at the explorers for hours at a time. But she and Shaye had grown closer. She’d seemed to find that inner peace Shaye was always talking about.


And if Medea and Shaye had grown closer, Lucy and Medea had become inseparable. They’ve always got along, but now it seems they’ve become best friends.


Living in China has changed us all. Even me. I’ve felt calmer. Less in control, but happier with that. It’s like I left a part of me behind when I came here, a part I no longer needed. The Elders would say I’ve grown.


I gazed out over the still countryside and shook my head. It’s not fair, I thought angrily. We’d finally been able to rest, to relax, to live! Donovan was more alive than I’d ever seen him. And China had had such an amazingly good affect on Medea! We were happy!

I’d let down my guard. Allowed myself to think we could settle down again. Just move countries and all would be fine. But no. It’s not fair!

I took a deep breath and sighed it out. This won’t be easy, I thought, glancing back into the common room.


Thomas was playing. Donovan was spinning around the room. Shaye and Lucy were dancing together. Even Medea was swaying a bit. But it needs to happen. I won’t let them take Donovan. I won’t let this family break apart.



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25th Aug 2015, 5:46 AM
2.10 – Welcome to Al Simhara, Land of Sand and Crocodiles! (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/2-10-welcome-to-al-simhara-land-of-sand-and-crocodiles/)

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Chloe’s PoV

“Another year, another country,” Thomas muttered in the passenger seat.

“Please don’t,” I murmured.

“I’m sorry.” He ran a hand over his face. “I know why, but…”

“I know.” I stared fixedly at the road. “Trust me, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I was just as comfortable as you guys. Probably even more.”

We fell into silence as I drove through the night. Memories of the last moonlight run flitted across my mind. They weren’t happy memories.

“Medea won’t be happy,” Thomas muttered finally.

I winced. No, I imagine not. The first time, when we’d left the Valley, I’d told her we were going camping. After the first week on the road she’d gotten suspicious. When she’d found out we were never coming back…there had been rage. Now…well, she hadn’t said a word for four days.

Donovan had been sad, and scared, though he’d tried not to show it. He’d packed his bags dutifully and knocked Shaye out for me. Lucy had cried.


We made it into Egypt with little fanfare. The town we found ourselves in was one suggested to me by one of Donovan’s explorer friends. It was called Al Simhara, and it was hot as hell.


There was no boarding house, no inn, no motel, nothing like that at all. There was a large, community camp site. And it was bring-your-own-tent.


“Oh, yes,” Medea began, staring at the barren earth. “Let’s leave China to come to some barren wasteland in the innermost circle of Hell!” She stomped away.

Deep breath, in…and out. Thomas made to put his hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged him off. A week in the car with the same people was too much, and I suddenly felt a desperate need to be alone. Nothing I do is ever right…


Thomas’s PoV

I watched the two sisters stomp away in opposite directions and knew it was going to be a long stay. I sighed.

Donovan might have left some adventures behind in Shang Simla. And the girls had left their hobbies. But Chloe’d left her peace of mind. She was on edge again. And I wasn’t quite sure what she would do next.

I shook my head and asked a local where the market was. After a good fifteen minutes of miscommunication, I flagged a passing explorer and got my directions.

“Hey, kids!” I called. Four tired faces turned towards me from different sides of the camp site. “I’m heading to the market for a change of clothes. Anyone wanna come with?”

Lucy brightened up. Her favorite part of Shang Simla, besides the watercolor paintings, had been the clothing. Medea scowled and stomped away, probably to terrorize some poor explorer.

“I’ll stay here with Mead,” Shaye volunteered. Donovan suddenly looked a lot happier…and a bit relieved.

“Great!” he grinned. “Then I’m off for–”

“The Buddy Rule’s back,” I interrupted. Donovan opened his mouth, probably to argue. “Especially for you!” He deflated.

“I guess I’ll go to the market,” he muttered.

“Then get a move on!”


A few hours of frustrating haggling and miscommunication (where’s Chloe when I need her?!) later, we had a change of clothes for the girls. Donovan and I were keeping our explorer duds and Chloe…well, when a girl’s a double D, she’s got no alternative.

“Hey, Luce–” I stopped and looked around. I could see Donovan having a suspicious conversation in the corner. And Shaye and Medea had shown up, Shaye talking to a farmer while Medea scowled into a basket.


But I couldn’t see Lucy. It’s okay, I thought, trying to calm myself. She’s probably checking out those colorful tiles outside the bazaar again. I paid the book merchant and headed for the gate.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!”

I turned and saw Chloe and Lucy in one of the bazaar’s open shops. Thank god! I jogged towards them.


Chloe shrugged. “You’ve always been interested in photography, so I thought an actual camera might give you something…to focus on.” She looked at the ground and scuffed her worn shoe.

Lucy beamed up at Chloe and hugged her. Then she ran past me, out of the shop, waving ecstatically as she did.


“Stay with Donovan,” I called after her. That’ll keep Donovan out of trouble.

With Shaye keeping Medea in line, and Donovan keeping Lucy, and by extension himself, safe, I turned to my last sibling, and the one I worried the most about. “What’s up?” I asked casually.

Chloe shrugged and looked away, but I could see that some of the tenseness was gone from her shoulders. And her freckles didn’t stand out so much.


I reached over and pulled a curl.

“Hey!” came to indignant squeak. But she was smiling.

I laughed and pulled her into a bear hug. She squealed and struggled, but half-heartedly. I gave a big squeeze and let her go. Her smile was exasperated, but her eyes were bright.

“So, what’s on the agenda?”

I leaned against the adobe wall and thought about it. “Well,” I began, glancing around. “Don’t expect to see Donovan or Lucy for a while. Lucy’s probably dragging him to those pyramids right now.”

Chloe grinned. “I thought she would. And together they’ll stay out of serious trouble.”

“And Shaye wanted to get a closer look at the farming methods here. And,” I scratched my head. “I know Medea left with her. They had a basket with them. Maybe to collect plants?” I shrugged. “You?”

“There’s a project from China I still need to finish.” She cocked her head to the side. “What about you?”

“Me?” I grinned. “I’m going crocodile hunting!”



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31st Aug 2015, 6:14 PM
2.11 – It Could Be Nothing... (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/2-11-it-could-be-nothing/)

Chloe’s PoV

It was late at night…or early in the morning, depending on your perspective. Everyone was asleep in their tents. Except for me, that is.

I was putting the finishing touches on a project I’d started in Shang Simla. I wasn’t kept entirely busy with ancient translations and the inner workings of nasty traps. I’d had some free time every now and then. Enough to grow bored. I’d started building my own computer. Shang Simla was pretty limited on electronics, but enough explorers broke phones and such that I was never wanting for parts.


And now, it was almost complete. I decided to try a test run.


Not as fast as I was hoping. And there seemed to be a memory leak somewhere, but I’d deal with that later. For now, I had a working computer for the first time in over a 16 months. It was heaven! I started writing worms. Landgraab Labs will never catch me off-guard again.


Thomas’s PoV

“And where are you two off to?”

Donovan turned around, ‘guilty’ written all over his face. Lucy smirked up at me.


“The pyramids,” she said sweetly. “I got a few shots in yesterday, but I haven’t got any interior photos. And I want a black and white sarcophagus shot!” She smiled softly and tucked a lock of sandy brown hair behind her ear. To say ‘no’ was to kick a puppy.

“Fine,” I said. “But be back by sunset!” They ran out of camp, giggling the whole way.

“You’re such a push-over,” Chloe muttered, staring after them.

I shrugged. “Lucy’s a careful kid and they’re both smart. They’ll be fine.”

I started thinking about the fishing trip I had planned for later that afternoon. I still need to figure out that net thing. Egyptian fishermen didn’t use fishing rods, but a net strung between two poles. I’d been struggling with it for almost a week now.

“I need to talk to you,” Chloe whispered beside me.

My heart seized up. “About what?” I asked, as casually as I could, keeping the squeak to a minimum.

She cocked her head to the side and considered me. I started to fidget. “What?”

She shook her head. “Nothing important,” and she walked away, hands in her pockets.

“God, she’s annoying.” It could have been a thought from my own head, except for the voice.


“She’s got a lot on her mind,” I told Medea. Maybe this time I can bring her around.

“Yeah, and she doesn’t share it with anyone! She just expects us to go along with whatever she says without any explanation whatsoever! I hate it! I hate her! I hate life!”


I didn’t have anything to say to that. It was something I’d always thought about Chloe. Hearing it said out loud though…I felt really guilty all of a sudden. “Chloe’s…” I groped for a suitable word. None came to mind. “…complicated.”

“But she doesn’t have to be!” The teenager in front of me seemed hellbent on staying angry. She stomped her foot for emphasis.

I shrugged. “And you don’t have to be angry.” Confusion overtook Medea’s face. “But some things can’t be helped,” I continued quickly, knowing an opportunity when I saw one. “We all are the way we are. And there’s no changing that…at least, not easily. Chloe’s got her reasons and a method to her madness. You’ll just have to wait and be patient with the rest of us.”


Medea looked up at me, lips pursed. Then she turned, walked over to the nearest wall and kicked it. But at least she didn’t scream and immediately tackle the nearest adventurer. It’s progress…if only I could make some with Chloe.

Chloe’s PoV

I’m…confused. I wandered to the back of the campsite. I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep. Last night’s discovery weighed heavily on my mind. And I can’t tell Thomas...he’s finally starting to relax again. I bit my thumb, thinking. What now? MorcuCorp…It could be something…it could be nothing. Just because a business was greatly invested in Landgraab Labs didn’t necessarily imply that it was evil. “Why did it have to be here?”


“Damn!” I kicked a handy palm tree and immediately regretted it. I leaned against it and sighed. I’ll keep a close eye on all transactions. If anything suspicious pops up, I’ll act. When, and if, that happened…until then, I’d have to keep quiet and watch. I sighed again and rubbed my ankle. I could see the sleepless nights stretching ahead of me.


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2.12 – …It Could Be Something (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/2-12-it-could-be-something/)

Hi! *waves frantically* ^_^ I'm glad you're here! Sorry this is a bit past the expected date, but I actually forgot I was listing the Mayfields here. Life's been a bit crazier than usual. :( My bad.

But thanks for being here! ^_^


Chloe’s PoV

“And then the whole boat shook and…”

I blinked rapidly, resisting the urge to rub my eyes and yawn. Instead I nodded and smiled while Thomas spoke. I couldn’t remember the topic. Something about fishing.


“…and then this monster of a…”

I need coffee…I’d spent the last few weeks staying up late. As far as my family knew, I was just getting up early. To look for rare metals and gems, a hobby I’d picked up soon after we moved to Egypt. I’d grab a bowl of cereal at 7am, chat with Thomas over breakfast, then head out to this little oasis I’d found and nap.

“Chloe? Are you even listening to me?”

“That sounds exciting!” I blinked rapidly, trying desperately to regain my focus and not yawn. In front of me, Thomas sighed.

“So, what’re you working on that’s got you up so late?”

I blinked. Of course… If anyone would notice, it had to be Thomas. “Nothing really,” I waved a hand vaguely while using the other to stifle a yawn. “Just a minor project left over from China. I hate to leave it unfinished.” I avoided Thomas’s brown gaze and looked up at the sun. “I have to get going. I’ll be late, so don’t wait up!” And I ran out of camp. I had a sleeping bag to find.


I didn’t trust those rickety scooters the locals rented to tourists. So after taking the slightly less rickety bus out of Al Simhara and across the river, I walked. It wasn’t that bad, it still being too early to really get hot, and my tiny camp site wasn’t too far. An hour’s walk, maybe two. I could deal.

Egypt really was beautiful. Not as green and vibrant as China, but beautiful, in its own way. A dangerous kind of way. I liked it.


Cacti are remarkable, I marveled. They protected themselves with spines, some laced with poisons, while beckoning with large, brightly colored flowers, the only color for miles of blank, beige canvas. They were also an ingenious storage for water, holding liters at a time, in order to last between sparse rains. I bent over to admire a particularly bright flower.


As I ran my fingers over the petals, I wondered if this was one of the poisonous kind. Probably not. The spines were long and large enough to deter most animals. No doubt, poisonous ones had much shorter spines, more delicate to break off and stick in the animal. At least, that’s what I presumed.

I broke off a pad and resumed my walk, meticulously pulling the needles out. A cactus pad was a good source of water when chewed, particularly when one had forgotten one’s canteen back at camp.

I walked for a while, sliding down dunes to conserve energy. Periodically, I would pluck another cactus pad and de-spine it as I walked. Not only was it good for water, but Donovan could make fantastic dinners with cactus pad. Delicious.

I don’t recall exactly how far I walked, or in what direction. But the sun was high in the sky when I stopped walking and actually took a look around. I didn’t recognize this area. The dunes were craggily, more solid and there were boulders in the distance. Perhaps a higher elevation…? And is the temperature increasing? I rubbed my eyes. I was so tired.

Perhaps if I had been more rested, I would have done things differently, or, at least, more sensibly. As it was, I simply plopped down onto the ground and passed out.



Thomas’s PoV

Something’s up. I watched Chloe run out of camp, wobbling slightly, she was so sleep-deprived. I took a sip of my chilled tea and nodded to Lucy, the other early riser.

Normally, whenever asked about her latest project, you had to use duck tape to get Chloe to shut up again. Not even a code name this time…That just wasn’t right.

It could be nothing…it could be something… I shook my head. No, I knew Chloe. I knew her. Something was definitely wrong and I had to find out what.

“Hey, Donovan,” I called, rummaging in my tent for my satchel and canteen. “I’m heading out for a bit. Stay at camp.” I thought for a moment. “And Shaye’s in charge.”



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Sorry this is late, life's been trying to drown me in homework. :P

WARNING: Mild language, dead-ahead!


2.13 - Under the Desert Sun (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/09/10/2-13-under-the-desert-sun/)

Thomas’s PoV

After the first twenty minutes, I grew worried. After the first hour, I was panicked. As the sun rose higher and higher in the sky, so did my heart into my throat. Where is she?!


I was no stranger to tracking down Chloe. Hell, I’ve been doing it since we were eight! But never in the desert. The terrain was totally different from the green mountains of the Valley, always muddy from rain, with foot prints clearly visible to anyone bothering to look.

I kept walking, scouring the dunes for any sign of my wayward sister. And each minute that ticked by, was another I could lose her forever. Why didn’t I pay closer attention to her?!


“Damnit, Chloe!” She’s supposed to be the smart one! As soon as I thought it, an old voice rose from the depths of my memory.

“Genius isn’t the same as intelligent, Thomas. Chloe’s smart, but she doesn’t always have good sense. That’s where you come in.”


Dad. He’d gotten it. After every school assignment that differed by letter grades, after every mechanical monster I’d found under my bed, he’d give me a warm glass of milk and explain gently that Chloe was different. That she didn’t always think in the same ways as other people. (Try never, Dad!) And that she’d need someone to look after her. So I cleaned up soot-covered sheets and chased off bullies twice my size. Because, while Chloe was damn smart, sometimes she didn’t think before she started something. She needed me to make sure nothing bad happened. To her or anyone else.

“I fucked up this time, Dad…and I don’t know if I can fix it.”


Chloe’s PoV

The desert sun beat down on me, but I didn’t feel it. It was nothing more than a dull orange ball above me, after all. Irrelevant. Inconsequential to the space my mind currently occupied. This fantastic state of mind in which I thought faster than ever before. Puzzles were solved and mysteries became clear. I understood everything. Edges and vertices stretched into infinity around me. And I was connecting more.

Donovan. An alien clone born of my father’s intellect.

MorcuCorp. A company dealing in ancient relics with a dubious method of acquisition.

The two were connected. How? I didn’t bother questioning, merely following the brilliant trails flashing across my brain.

Donovan had mentioned MorcuCorp, recently, in fact. There were several locals vocally against the company. More than a few. Egypt in general was fed up with them. Stealing their culture, they said.

Mena Lufti was particularly against MorcuCorp.


She’d hired Donovan to get dirt on the company, because he wasn’t a local and thus more trust-worthy in the company’s eyes. There is no dirt.

She was right on one thing: MorcuCorp was after more than relics. Or rather, certain relics that held more than monetary value. That much I’d gleaned from my research. Mummitonium…a metal mentioned by the locals, usually in relation to MorcuCorp. Incredibly strong, but easily shaped, and said to have come into existence by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Said to be able to cheat death if ingested. Extraordinarily rare. I have some. Was that all there was to it?

No. There was a certain collection of artifacts that might be more precious. The Relics of Life and Death! Egyptian myths spoke of relics that held power over a human’s body and mind. Hypnosis and death…Agragorium…a metallic substance that induced hypnosis, a vegetative state, and finally death in all Simearth lifeforms. It was most commonly found in liquid form within Mummitonium deposits, and the largest deposit of Agragorium ever recorded was found during the construction of the Great Pyramid. Agragorium…one of the rarest and most expensive substances found on Simearth. Dr. Mayfield had worked with some. I’d seen Dad’s published papers on the subject. He’d written that the substance interacted intensely with certain carbon-based lifeforms. After those experiments, Dad had brought home Donovan…Hmmm.

87% chance that the Relics are either made of Agragorium or contain samples of it…why want it though? It was worth 31.42 million times it’s weight in gold, but incredibly difficult to contain without contamination or leakage. The only substance that could contain it was Mummitonium, a nearly as rare and expensive metal.

MorcuCorp is invested in Langraab Industries…is there a stronger connection?

Another trail of thought burned across my cortex, obliterating anything else: Who is MorcuCorp’s highest investor?

Cecelia Montrap…no, outbid two years ago…by Susan Funke! She held over 40% of the MorcuCorp stock.

And Dr. Funke had been Dad’s colleague throughout the Agragorium and DNA-OD experiments. The one who’d gotten next to no academic recognition. Now she was the current head scientist of Langraab Labs. And the one who wanted Donovan.

It all made sense.

I opened my eyes.


Thomas’s PoV

It was 5pm when I found her, leaning against a boulder, scribbling furiously on it with a piece of chalk. I’d tried to get her attention, but she’d stared right through me. Her lips moved, but not a sound came out. Her blue eyes were wider than usual and fixed on something I couldn’t see.


I’d never been more terrified. I’d called her name repeatedly, shaken her, slapped her. Nothing. She’d stared ahead. Lips moving, fingers drawing strange shapes in the air. When I’d let go of her, she’d picked up another chip of chalk and started writing on another boulder. I could only watch.

God, I hope you’re okay…wherever you are.


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2.14 - Until the Sun Comes Up (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/2-14-until-the-sun-comes-up/)

Thomas’s PoV

I stayed with Chloe all night. I must have dozed off at some point, but I can’t remember when. I remember watching her scurry from boulder to boulder, lost in a place I couldn’t reach. I remember worrying and crying and shouting at her from time to time.

I remember her collapsing.


I remember panicking.


I remember checking her pulse and pupil dilation and whether she was breathing! You had me so worried!

I remember feeling her temperature. Too hot!

I remember splashing water on her face, forcing some down her throat, then wrapping her in my jacket when she started shaking. I remember praying to whatever deity cared to listen. Just let her be alright. Just bring her back safely!

I remember hearing her start crying and vomiting and just being thankful she was alive!

You put me through hell, Chloe. Don’t leave me now.


Chloe’s PoV

Opening my eyes was like trying to pry open an ancient pickle jar. My head was pounding and something had crawled into my mouth and died gruesomely. I tried to sit up.

“Argh…” I didn’t even have energy to groan properly.

“Thank god!” A pair of arms yanked me upwards and squeezed me tight. I choked. My blouse felt wet.

“Thomas?” I mumbled.

“Who else you fucking moron?!” He looked pissed! Then he hugged me again and muttered something about me scaring him.


“Don’t do that again!” He squeezed me tight and then started yelling. “Wandering off in the desert without food or water or a map! While asleep on your feet! What the fuck, Chloe?!”

“‘M sorry,” I mumbled, trying to look contrite while wishing he’d be quiet. Really, my head couldn’t take that! My whole body felt sluggish and my stomach threatened to empty itself.

“What were you thinking?!”

I tried to remember. A rush of information flooded the forefront of my mind. Too much to convey. “MorcuCorp…they’re bad…real bad.” My eyes closed. I felt like death.

Thomas sighed. “Why do you do these things?” he whispered. Was he crying?

“‘M tired.”

He gave a sharp laugh, more of a bark. “I’ll bet.” He helped me to my feet. Then, half stumbling, half walking, we made our way out of the desert.



Thomas’s PoV

I honestly don’t remember the walk out of the desert. I think some tourist bus picked us up, because we made it back to camp by noon. We must’ve looked like shit. Chloe’s hair was all over the place and her eyes were bloodshot. Our clothes were rumpled, stained, and torn in places. Lucy started crying when she saw us.

“What happened?!” demanded Medea. Her voice shook slightly. She stared at Chloe.

What happened? I peered over at Chloe. I’d like to know that myself.

“Bad cactus,” I answered. “She needs some sleep now.”

Instead of backing up like the girls, Donovan stepped closer and peered at Chloe.


“Looks like the hallucinogenic effects of Opuntia basilaris.” He pried open her eyelid and scrutinized her eye, which was more red than blue. “I suggest forcing some milk down her first. It’s important to flush any remnants from the system and milk contains proteins that should counteract any residual effects of the cactus juice.” Donovan studied Chloe’s face for another second. Then, more to her than to me, said “I’ll grab your bottle.”

I’d just gotten Chloe to drink a large glass of milk (still warm from the goat), when Donovan came over with a blue water bottle. Chloe took a swig. A few seconds later, she was out cold.

“She was more tired than I thought,” I muttered, bundling her more careful in her sleeping bag and closing the tent.

Donovan shrugged. “Hallucinogens can be mentally draining.”

I glanced over at my youngest sibling. “How do you know so much?”

He shrugged. “I wrote a paper on commonly found natural hallucinogenics when I took that online bio-chemistry class from Sim University.”

I ran a hand over my face. Sometimes, Donovan acted so much like an excitable puppy that I forgot that his IQ was right up there with Chloe’s.

“Will she be okay?” The voice was so soft and timid, I almost thought it was Lucy asking. But no, Medea stood behind me, looking small and scared, and trying hard not to show it.


“This isn’t the first time Chloe’s done something stupid,” I chuckled, ruffling Medea’s hair. “She’ll be up and bothering all of us tomorrow.” That got me a small smile.

Medea took a shaky breath and sighed it out. “Okay,” she whispered. “Okay.” Lucy reached out and hugged her, for once, looking like the supportive twin.

Donovan started expertly roasting some fish while the girls chatted quietly.


As for me, I sat down outside Chloe’s tent. When you wake up, I’m getting answers!


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4th Oct 2015, 3:03 AM
2.15 - Understanding Madness (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/2-15-understanding-madness/)

Chloe’s PoV

After “my little stunt”, as he called it, Thomas refused to let me leave camp. For days, I tried convincing him I was fine. That I was well-rested and healthy. He would hear none of it. Once, I made the mistake of reminding him that I was several months older than he was.

Only once.


I’d never seen Thomas angry before. Confused, yes. Impatient, yes. Frustrated, yes. But never angry! Thomas angry…I’d never been able to picture it. Thomas angry was like…like…Shaye sensible….or Lucy headstrong…or Medea sensitive! It just didn’t make sense to me!

He’s scared! Thomas’s violent stance and harsh words…why? Nothing makes sense.

After that…discussion, I kept to my tent and did whatever Thomas thought was best. After a few weeks, he seemed to have calmed down. He even apologized for his actions! An apology I refused. It was my fault, after all. Whatever had happened had scared him…like it had scared me.

And yet, here I am.


I gazed around. A dead end. High above the desert, surrounded by boulders, was where I had found myself weeks ago. How? I was still stumped. How had I managed to lose myself so thoroughly? Thomas blamed the cactus I had consumed. I didn’t recall eating any cactus. I didn’t remember my trek through the desert. I didn’t remember drawing the formulas that covered every inch of every boulder.

I didn’t remember any of it.

But I did remember the feeling. An out of body experience, Shaye would call it. I’m not sure her terminology is so far removed from exactness. Whatever the term, the experience terrified me…and enthralled me. I’d been able to think faster than I’d ever before, make logical jumps without a nanosecond wasted. The feeling of understanding everything…someday I’ll recreate that.

But I wasn’t here to theorize. I was here for answers. I couldn’t recall any of my actions, but I could still feel the sizzle of thought that had raced across my mind. Whatever I had thought while here, it had clearly been important. And the connections were still there, I was sure. I just have to remember.



Thomas’s PoV

I watched her closely. It was like a physical pain, being back in that place. But Chloe’d insisted. And I wasn’t about to let her go back alone. But I couldn’t stand the place! Every inch of it, every grain of sand, was a reminder of how close I’d come to losing her.


I’d interrogated her right after she’d woken up. That’s when I learned she was as scared as I’d been. She couldn’t remember anything. She didn’t know what her cryptic message “MorcuCorp’s bad” meant, or why she’d been out in the desert to begin with. The last memory she had was talking to me about fishing. 38 hours, I thought to myself, running a hand over my face. She’s missing 38 hours!

“It was most likely filled with hallucinations,” Donovan had told me. “And, perhaps, a complete catatonic state.”

“A what?”

“Blackout. She might’ve passed out at some point.”


I tried to find some peace of mind from that conversation. I can’t help it! Every time I’d written it off as: “Yeah, sure, normal, harmless hallucinations!” another part of me piped up: “And when has Chloe ever been normal?” I couldn’t help it! Chloe definitely hadn’t been sane last time we were here, but she hadn’t been crazy either. She’d been on to something.

“And now we’re here,” I muttered. “Trying to figure out now whatever you figured out then.”

I felt like punching something. Why can’t things just be normal?!




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2.16 – Busted! (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/10/03/2-16-busted/)

Thomas’s PoV

It’s fine, I tried to convince myself. I stood watching Chloe jog down the dirt road towards the bazaar. She packed three canteens of water and an extra sandwich. She’ll be okay.

“She’ll be okay, right?”

The timid voice broke through my thoughts. I jerked around, then remembered to look down.

Medea. She was worried, but unwilling to show the world anything but grumpy, hormonal teenager. Somehow, seeing her made me feel better about the whole thing.

“Yeah!” I chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Yeah, she’ll be fine!” And I believed it.


“Wanna see if we can get Shaye drunk?”


Chloe’s PoV

This has to be this one. I gazed up at the ancient structure, the same color as the burning sands behind it. I was tired and over-heated. I took a swig of water from my canteen.


The past few weeks of research and excavation had lead me here, to the Great Pyramid. Everything I could learn about the Relics of Life and Death pointed to the pyramids as the final resting places. And everything I could dig up (literally) had lead me to the Great Pyramid. I’d already spent the better part of a day examining every inch of the pyramid’s base. The sun was sinking behind me and I was no closer to entering the over-glorified triangle than I had been that morning!

“Damn!” I stamped my foot childishly, feeling tears prick my eyes. So close!

As the sun finally slipped behind the sand dunes, I heard the soft, but unmistakable, sound of stone grinding against stone. I watched in awe as a huge sandstone block slowly slid into the earth, revealing the pyramid’s opening…


…and Donovan and Lucy!


“…we’re so busted.”

“What the hell?!”

“I can explain!” Donovan cried out, waving his arms frantically.

I opened and closed my mouth, gargling bits and pieces of words. It was all I could do to try to parse the scene in front of me!


Donovan, babbling about tombs and mummies while Lucy moaned behind him about being grounded for life.

“Grounded?” I managed. They stared at me.

“Are you mad?” Donovan asked, tense.

But my mind had managed to catch up with the latest sensory input. “Were you just in there?!”

“Yes,” Lucy squeaked.

“Did you find a relic?! Smallish statue of Anubis, odd rust coloration, possibly flecks of silver?!”

“Um…I-I…don’t know,” Donovan stuttered. “I found a statue of Anubis, but—”

“Analyze! Must!”

“But it’s solid gold!”

Sure enough, the small relic Donovan produced from his backpack was gold plated. Though not solid gold throughout, it certainly did not have an Agragorium core.

“Indeed,” I muttered, passing the relic back to my brother and thinking hard. I squinted at the pyramid, muttering calculations under my breath. Turn your face to the newborn gods…sunrise…east.

“Tell Thomas I’ll be home late,” I muttered to Donovan and Lucy, then started counting steps eastward.

“But—” Donovan and Lucy shared a look. “Wait!”


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26th Oct 2015, 6:18 PM
Chloe’s PoV

If I could find the Relics of Life and Death before MorcuCorp did, there was a possibility I could use them as bartering pieces. I wasn’t completely clear on how. But if I had them, I might get a hold of the upper hand, so to speak. I could threaten to destroy them at the very least! That might convince them to turn a blind eye on Donovan. Maybe even—

“What’s this about?” Donovan demanded.

I jerked around. I hadn’t realized they’d followed me! “Stuff,” I responded. I averted my eyes.

Donovan quirked an eyebrow. “This has to do with MorcuCorp, doesn’t it?”

“Maybe.” I shifted uncomfortably. The last thing I needed was Donovan too close to the people I was trying to keep him from.

Donovan’s eyes widened. “Maybe you can help us!”


Donovan and Lucy shared a glance. Lucy whispered something to him.


“Okay, so this MorcuCorp company is just bad news. They’re ripping off the locals and, in some cases, stealing from them! Luf—someone asked me to take a look into the company’s tax records and see if I can find anything that would work as blackmail to make them leave Egypt alone.”

“Blackmail?!” A second after the word left my mouth, a nasty little voice from the back of my mind muttered, And what do you do? “What kind of blackmail?”

“Just enough to get them to stop this black market trade!” Donovan insisted. “But for that I need to see their records, which I can’t because they’re in their headquarters, which I can’t get into because it’s super secret and I need to bribe the guards to get into with a metal I can’t even find!” He took a deep breath. Lucy nodded emphatically from beside him.

“And what are you doing in this?” I asked her, hands on my hips.

She held up the camera I’d given her months ago. “Documentation.”

That’s not a bad idea. I turned around and paced a few steps, turned again and took a few steps back. I looked up at the sky, pondering.


If I could get my hands on the company’s tax records, a whole realm of possibilities could open up. What would I do with that information? It would depend upon what was there. If I can find some proof of tax evasion or something…An interesting idea. I shook my head. An idea for later. First, I would have to see if the information could actually be obtained. A thought occurred to me.

“Wait!” I whirled around. “How did you two get caught up in all this?!”

“Uh…” Donovan glanced at Lucy. “Just…uhm…I…like helping out the locals…and at first…at first it was just, like, expor—searching through…places for…missing objects, you know, that people had lost. And then Lucy started her photography and I didn’t want her out doing that alone, you know, ‘cuz the desert’s dangerous and I didn’t want her getting hurt. Then she started getting noticed by people at the bazaar for her photos and then Ms. Luf—someone said they wanted us to help def—find proof that MorcuCorp was destroying the unique heritage of Al Simhara.”


Donovan carried on, with Lucy nodding along beside him. I stood, rubbing my chin and reading between the lines.

The two of them had been into the tombs and ancient ruins scattered throughout the desert around Al Simhara. Performing missions for certain people, finding missing objects (doubtlessly ancient relics, perhaps family heirlooms), and exploring cordoned off government land. You’ve got no right to judge, that nasty little voice whispered.

I sighed and stared out over the desert while Donovan babbled on. Night had truly fallen, darkening the barren landscape. The moon was starting to rise above the dunes.


What if we could do it, I wondered. What if we could somehow find this “secret headquarters” that MorcuCorp has? What if we found something? I shifted my foot, watching grains of sand flow done the dune, gathering more grains and speed along the way. What if I found their financial records, bank accounts, routing numbers…what if? What if I could ruin them from the inside?

“What metal did you need to find?”


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2nd Nov 2015, 10:32 PM
2.18 – Just Once More (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/2-18-just-once-more/)

Thomas’s PoV

I was the happiest I’d been in a long time. Donovan wasn’t doing anything extraordinarily dangerous, Chloe was back to hunting for metals, and Medea was beginning to cool down and actually bothering to talk to Chloe again. Lucy and Shaye had both found actual hobbies and neither needed me around for company anymore. I could slow down, take it easy, maybe think.


Life was starting to look up again and I was determined to enjoy it. I’d taken the day for myself and had gone up near the cliffs to fish. There was a slight breeze to lower the temperature and the palm trees provided some shade. The fish weren’t really biting, but that was okay. It was a beautiful day in the Egyptian desert.


I don’t remember what brought it on, but a face rose to the front of my mind. A beautiful face. One I hadn’t seen for…years.

“We left Sunset Valley over two years ago,” I muttered to the breeze. I haven’t seen her for two years. And we hadn’t exactly parted on good terms. Unless you call an email sent at 3am and then nothing a good break off.

“I wonder what she’s doing.” I stared into the distance, just picturing her face, remembering her laugh. She’s probably moved on. And why not? She was young and beautiful and full of life and…completely and totally amazing.


We’d known each other for years. Ever since we were kids. After all, Sunset Valley wasn’t that big. But we’d never really interacted. Then high school happened. And I’d started noticing her. How could any guy not?! She was beautiful, long legs, kissable lips…and feisty! Her temper was legendary! But that just made her more irresistible. I couldn’t work up the courage to ask her to prom. But I did ask her to dance. I’ll be dead and buried before I forget that night.

Every now and then, I thought of sending her a letter. I’d think of all the sappy things I would fill it with. A few lyrics I’d written myself, a pressed flower from China. And maybe a photo, just to let her know I was alright.


But then I’d remember why I’d broken up with her to begin with. That me and my family were on the run. That any contact to past relations might bring Landgraab Labs to our tents. That it could be just as dangerous to her as to us. Then I’d tear up the paper, grab Shaye and that Davis guy and we’d drink rice wine until the wee hours of the morning.

“And this is what free time gets me!” I kicked a convenient rock and ran a hand through my hair, wishing Medea was around so I could break up a fight, or that one guy was getting too friendly with Lucy…or that Chloe was up to something! Anything to distract myself!

“She’s moved on,” I told myself sternly. “Probably got a nice guy, a steady job, a kid on they way.” Somehow, I couldn’t picture it. Not from her. “She’s probably not even in the Valley anymore!”

I slumped to the ground, my hands limp and empty. One more kiss, I thought, closing my eyes to better picture her face, her cheeky smile. Just once more, then I swear, God, I’ll never ask for anything else.


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25th Nov 2015, 12:11 AM
2.19 – The Return of Madness (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/2-19-the-return-of-madness/)

Chloe’s PoV

“Are you completely, absolutely, 100%, unequivocally sure that this is the right temple?”


“Positive,” Donovan replied with a cheeky grin.

“Really? Because that’s what you said about the other three!”

“Hey! Egypt’s full of ancient temples! And they all run together after a while!”

“Guys!” Lucy jumped between us. “Calm down. Donovan, it’s been three months and we’re all just a bit tired. Chloe, everyone makes mistakes. Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down.”


“Besides! This is the tomb Ms. Lufti directed us to.”


“Whatever. Let’s just get in and get out.”

I was so…tense. I wanted information so very badly. But we couldn’t get information until we found the MorcuCorp Headquarters, and we couldn’t find the MorcuCorp Headquarters until dear Ms. Lufti was satisfied that the relics MorcuCorp were looking for were never found. Which meant we had to find them. Which entailed crawling over the entire Egyptian desert, through various tombs and ancient temples, searching for said ancient relics. Risking life and limb. But it would all be worth it! If I can get my hands on—no, stop, focus! I shook my head and entered the temple after Donovan and Lucy.


“Did everyone bring their swimsuits?” Donovan asked.

“Yes, why?” I was preoccupied with the symbols engraved on the entryway walls. A different dialect? Interesting…

“Because we’re swimming,” Donovan replied, stripping down to his trunks.



“No. Just, n—Lucy! What’re you wearing?!”

“Well, I…I grew out of my old swimsuit, and…well, there’s never really been time, or a place, to get a new one, so…so I just made one.” She shuffled her feet as Donovan and I stared at her.


She had a point. I’d, thankfully, stopped growing years ago, so what clothing I’d brought with me from the Valley still fit. But Lucy…she’s almost fifteen now. It boggled my mind, how time had flown by. She had breasts, for Euclid’s sake! And Medea and Shaye…they’ve grown too!

“Well, uhm, well…you’re very talented.”

Lucy smiled up at me.

“Come on, slow pokes!”

“Yes, yes, we’re coming!” We jumped into the water after Donovan.


“Donovan, don’t you think you’re just a bit lost?” Lucy quavered.

I stared at the map we’d been making as we’d journeyed through the tomb. It doesn’t make sense!


“We should be back at this junction, but this doesn’t look familiar at all!” I gestured to the dirty paper. Donovan rubbed his chin. We poured over the paper.

“It doesn’t make sense!” I sighed finally, pinching the bridge of my nose. Great, just great.

“I wonder if we took a turn here.” Donovan pointed to the map.

“Where?” Lucy attempted to peer over his shoulder, not easy with her height.

“I’ve been kind’a distracted, but that sort of looks like my short hand for a staircase.” Donovan twisted his head, still staring at the paper. “Yeah, the more I think about, the more I’m certain that we’re a level down!”

“Great! Fantastic…” I sighed again. “Who remembers where those stairs are.” Two blank faces stared back at me. “Okay. Donovan! How much farther do you think the pyramid’s center is from our current location?”



“Approximately 53 meters that way!”

“Great!” Lucy exclaimed.

“But that’s as the parrot flies, I’m not sure which corridor will take us there.”

Lucy deflated, looking like I felt. Hopeless.


I sighed again. “Okay. How do you normally go about this whole tomb business?”

Donovan perked up. “I explore!”

“Okay…and how do you do that?” By this point, I’d been through three tombs with Donovan and Lucy, but, apparently, they had all been previously explored by Donovan, almost completely. Apparently, he had been missing some keystones or something.

Donovan stared at me, then flashed his cheeky grin. “Like this!” And he pushed past me to a wall and started…sniffing it?


And then the wall opened.


We found a desert garden on the other side. There were plants growing there that I’d never seen before.

“Interesting…” They’re thriving here! Does the underground pressure construct on artificial atmosphere better fit for life than the desert ground?

Lucy snapped a few pictures, while Donovan gathered some samples.


I began briefly analyzing the samples. After all, it would be a shame to have them wilt due to poor understanding of their biology while still traveling.

“Guys! This way! It’s time for exploration!”



“Chloe! Move that statue over there!”


“C’mon! It has to be simultaneous!”

“Oh, Euclid!”


For the most part, Donovan led the way. This was his world, his passion. Lucy and I were just spectators and, at points, an extra pair of hands. We took our turns dragging great stone statues across the floor to stand them on pressure plates in order to activate…stuff. We rummaged through holes for hidden switches and felt along the walls for secret doors. We found ancient artifacts and buried treasure. We also found ancient traps and secret, underwater tunnels. Donovan and I both drew the line at those. Lucy was made to sit those out. We had more mechanical knowledge than she did. And we could both swim, something Lucy had never been taught. Something I would remedy at some point.


“See! That’s how you explore!”

“There was lightning coming from the floor!”

“I know!” Donovan grinned maniacally. “Wasn’t it great!”


I leaned against a stable-looking wall, trying to catch my breath. Donovan sure could explore…if exploring was sticking you arm in every nook and cranny and running down seemingly random hallways because, and I quote, “They looked adventurous.”

Something creaked behind me. “I swear, Donovan, if you’re opening another—”

“Hi there!”



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26th Dec 2015, 5:03 PM
2.19 – The Return of Madness (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/2-19-the-return-of-madness/)

Chloe’s PoV

“Are you completely, absolutely, 100%, unequivocally sure that this is the right temple?”


“Positive,” Donovan replied with a cheeky grin.

“Really? Because that’s what you said about the other three!”

“Hey! Egypt’s full of ancient temples! And they all run together after a while!”

“Guys!” Lucy jumped between us. “Calm down. Donovan, it’s been three months and we’re all just a bit tired. Chloe, everyone makes mistakes. Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down.”


“Besides! This is the tomb Ms. Lufti directed us to.”


“Whatever. Let’s just get in and get out.”

I was so…tense. I wanted information so very badly. But we couldn’t get information until we found the MorcuCorp Headquarters, and we couldn’t find the MorcuCorp Headquarters until dear Ms. Lufti was satisfied that the relics MorcuCorp were looking for were never found. Which meant we had to find them. Which entailed crawling over the entire Egyptian desert, through various tombs and ancient temples, searching for said ancient relics. Risking life and limb. But it would all be worth it! If I can get my hands on—no, stop, focus! I shook my head and entered the temple after Donovan and Lucy.


“Did everyone bring their swimsuits?” Donovan asked.

“Yes, why?” I was preoccupied with the symbols engraved on the entryway walls. A different dialect? Interesting…

“Because we’re swimming,” Donovan replied, stripping down to his trunks.



“No. Just, n—Lucy! What’re you wearing?!”

“Well, I…I grew out of my old swimsuit, and…well, there’s never really been time, or a place, to get a new one, so…so I just made one.” She shuffled her feet as Donovan and I stared at her.


She had a point. I’d, thankfully, stopped growing years ago, so what clothing I’d brought with me from the Valley still fit. But Lucy…she’s almost fifteen now. It boggled my mind, how time had flown by. She had breasts, for Euclid’s sake! And Medea and Shaye…they’ve grown too!

“Well, uhm, well…you’re very talented.”

Lucy smiled up at me.

“Come on, slow pokes!”

“Yes, yes, we’re coming!” We jumped into the water after Donovan.


“Donovan, don’t you think you’re just a bit lost?” Lucy quavered.

I stared at the map we’d been making as we’d journeyed through the tomb. It doesn’t make sense!


“We should be back at this junction, but this doesn’t look familiar at all!” I gestured to the dirty paper. Donovan rubbed his chin. We poured over the paper.

“It doesn’t make sense!” I sighed finally, pinching the bridge of my nose. Great, just great.

“I wonder if we took a turn here.” Donovan pointed to the map.

“Where?” Lucy attempted to peer over his shoulder, not easy with her height.

“I’ve been kind’a distracted, but that sort of looks like my short hand for a staircase.” Donovan twisted his head, still staring at the paper. “Yeah, the more I think about, the more I’m certain that we’re a level down!”

“Great! Fantastic…” I sighed again. “Who remembers where those stairs are.” Two blank faces stared back at me. “Okay. Donovan! How much farther do you think the pyramid’s center is from our current location?”



“Approximately 53 meters that way!”

“Great!” Lucy exclaimed.

“But that’s as the parrot flies, I’m not sure which corridor will take us there.”

Lucy deflated, looking like I felt. Hopeless.


I sighed again. “Okay. How do you normally go about this whole tomb business?”

Donovan perked up. “I explore!”

“Okay…and how do you do that?” By this point, I’d been through three tombs with Donovan and Lucy, but, apparently, they had all been previously explored by Donovan, almost completely. Apparently, he had been missing some keystones or something.

Donovan stared at me, then flashed his cheeky grin. “Like this!” And he pushed past me to a wall and started…sniffing it?


And then the wall opened.


We found a desert garden on the other side. There were plants growing there that I’d never seen before.

“Interesting…” They’re thriving here! Does the underground pressure construct on artificial atmosphere better fit for life than the desert ground?

Lucy snapped a few pictures, while Donovan gathered some samples.


I began briefly analyzing the samples. After all, it would be a shame to have them wilt due to poor understanding of their biology while still traveling.

“Guys! This way! It’s time for exploration!”



“Chloe! Move that statue over there!”


“C’mon! It has to be simultaneous!”

“Oh, Euclid!”


For the most part, Donovan led the way. This was his world, his passion. Lucy and I were just spectators and, at points, an extra pair of hands. We took our turns dragging great stone statues across the floor to stand them on pressure plates in order to activate…stuff. We rummaged through holes for hidden switches and felt along the walls for secret doors. We found ancient artifacts and buried treasure. We also found ancient traps and secret, underwater tunnels. Donovan and I both drew the line at those. Lucy was made to sit those out. We had more mechanical knowledge than she did. And we could both swim, something Lucy had never been taught. Something I would remedy at some point.


“See! That’s how you explore!”

“There was lightning coming from the floor!”

“I know!” Donovan grinned maniacally. “Wasn’t it great!”


I leaned against a stable-looking wall, trying to catch my breath. Donovan sure could explore…if exploring was sticking you arm in every nook and cranny and running down seemingly random hallways because, and I quote, “They looked adventurous.”

Something creaked behind me. “I swear, Donovan, if you’re opening anoth—”

“Hi there!”


26th Dec 2015, 5:12 PM
2.20 – Run Like Mad! (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/2-20-run-like-mad/)

Thomas’s PoV

I sighed and learned back. “It’s a pretty nice day,” I murmured, just staring into the sky. “Wouldn’t you say so?” I turned to my companion.


“Just peach—,” Medea grumbled.

“I love it!” Shaye screamed, running past us and cutting Medea off. “I love this desert!” She flopped on the sand and began making an angel.

“Damnit, Shaye! Did you get Sun Madness again?!”


So much for peaceful. I shook my head, chuckling, and helped Medea get Shaye out of the sun. Medea began berating Shaye again. It had turned into a daily routine. Shaye would wander off, collecting odd bugs and plants, catch some Sun Madness, wander home insane, and Medea would beat her up for being stupid.

It’s her way of saying she cares, I thought, watching them, Medea screaming and Shaye giggling madly. Ever since Chloe had gotten herself poisoned by a cactus, Medea had become paranoid about anyone wandering into the desert alone. Seeing Chloe like that had scared her more then she’d admit.

Shaye catching more sun then was healthy wasn’t the end of the world. The locals had become quite good at curing it, after living in the desert for thousands of years. I’d gotten pretty good at it myself. But that didn’t settle Medea. She never went to sleep until she’d seen everyone back at camp, safe and sound.


Chloe’s PoV

“Donovan!” I shrieked. “Get back!”

“Um…” Donovan took a tentative step back.

The…thing growled at him. Donovan stopped. I held my breath. Time seemed to stand still.

Then the creature lunged! Donovan tried to run, but it grabbed him!


“No! Donovan!” Lucy started running towards him as the thing tackled him to the ground.

“No, stay back!” I pushed her back against the wall. “Run!” Thankfully, she listened.

Oh, god, what do I do?! I could only scream and grip my hair as I stared at the dust cloud.

Then Donovan was in front of me, holding his side, but otherwise whole! We ran!

“This way!” Donovan jerked me around a corner.

Down a corridor, up a staircase, over some fire traps, down a different (maybe?) staircase. Up, down, left, right. My head was spinning and my heart was beating too fast, but Donovan seemed to know what he was doing, so I just followed. Even if I’d been in the right frame of mind to, I couldn’t have pulled away, he held my wrist in an iron grip.

A flash of white in the darkness caught my eye. “Is that—” I began.


She screamed and swung her camera at us, her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“Lucy! It’s us! Stop it and c’mon!”

With barely a pause, Donovan grabbed her too and turned another corner. He shoved open a hidden door in the dim light, ushered us through, then slammed it shut again.

“Do you think we lost it?” I whispered, staring back down the corridor, searching for that thing and praying I wouldn’t see it.

“Yeah,” Donovan choked out. “I think we lost it.”

We all collapsed against the wall, struggling to breathe. Lucy began to quietly cry.

“Wow,” Donovan mumbled. “Never seen one of those before. Do you think it was a real, live mummy?!”

“What?! No! There’s no such thing as mummies!” No, not at all, I don’t want to think about!

“Then what was that thing?!” Lucy whispered, clearly terrified. Why did I let her come along?!


“I—” The words died on my tongue. I swallowed hard. “I’m not sure,” I admitted, turning to look down the corridor.

“Well, no use worrying now.” Donovan stood up abruptly, dusted his pants off, and cracked his knuckles.



“I’m fairly certain we’re near the end. And that means that relic has to be close too!” Donovan grinned.

Despite myself, I did as well. Almost done!

Sure enough, another hour and another swim and we’d reached the end! Donovan opened the chest.


“Yup!” He drug out the large relic and held it triumphantly. “Now, to get outta here!”


It wasn’t the only relic, just one of three. Lufti ran us ragged all over the god forsaken desert searching for those damned relics. But, finally, we found them all. Each one had to be turned over to he. I’d wanted something else. Maybe to hide them in a different pyramid or tomb! Maybe destroy them!

Donovan talked me out of it. Instead, I settled for draining the Agragorium from the interior of all the relics. It took me a while to construct a container of Mummitonium to hold it all, but I did it! The container, with the Agragorium inside, was kept on my person at all times. With the relics safe for Donovan to handle, and thus leave out in the world, we handed them over to Lufti, and, from there, to an Egyptian museum, to “display the rich and vibrant history of Egypt.” As long as Donovan was safe, they could bury the relics in a sandbox for all I cared.

In exchange for the relics, Lufti gave us the location of the MorcuCorp Headquarters.

“Finally.” Payback time.


26th Dec 2015, 5:22 PM
2.21 – A Method to the Madness (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/2-21-a-method-to-the-madness/)

Chloe’s PoV

The plan was simple: sneak into the MorcuCorp Headquarters, bribe the guards, and copy any and all files that could be located. At least, it had sounded simple last night.

Donovan was committed to going in. Nothing was stopping him. I went along in the hopes of getting some kind of useful information: proof of tax evasion or embezzlement, dirty dealings with locals, anything that would give me an upper edge for dealing with these people. Lucy was coming along to act as an extra pair of eyes and ears. Her camera wasn’t bad either. We’d all come this far, risking life and deportment, none of us were backing out now.


Click. The lock popped open easily in Donovan’s hand. He glanced behind at Lucy and I.

“Ready?” he whispered.

Lucy and I shared a glance and nodded. He pushed the door open. No going back.

The place was a house. The owner was some foreign person who’d wanted a vacation home but never seemed to have the time to visit. Someone by the name of James Vaughn. At least, that was the story according to Ms. Lufti. The person’s name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it at the time. Occasionally, someone would come by to keep the house in good repair, but today was an Egyptian day of rest, a holiday of sorts. In short, no one was home. We entered.

“Downstairs,” I muttered, staring at the map Lufti had scribbled for us. “We’re looking 2 to 3 levels down.”

Donovan nodded, then winced. “Could you think a bit quieter Lucy? No one’s gonna die!”

Lucy blushed, but nodded.

“It’s locked,” Donovan muttered. “And I’m not that good with lock-picking.”

I looked around. There has to be something— “What about this?” I asked, pointing.

“Hmmm…” Donovan fiddled with it. “I think—” He grunted. “There’s a switch…Yes!”


Something whirred behind the walls and a part of the floor dropped open, revealing a staircase.

Of course there’s a secret staircase, I thought. Why wouldn’t there be? I was beginning to feel uneasy, but I shook my head and followed Donovan down the stairs.


We marched down the steps, only to be confronted with a dead-end corridor.

“This place gives me the creeps,” Lucy muttered with a grimace, staring at the mildew on the walls.

“You’re not alone,” I responded, staring at my phone. I was picking up some network signals through the modifications I’d made. And they seemed to originate from somewhere in the building. The people in the village above didn’t have wireless internet…or any kind of internet, so I could only assume that the signals were coming from wherever we were supposed to be going. There’s a server somewhere here. I grinned at the thought.


A soft click sounded somewhere beyond us, and Donovan giggled. The tile of flooring he was standing sank a bit.

“Pressure plate,” he said, catching my look. “I think we’re in an old tomb below HQ. Ms. Lufti mentioned this, old access tunnels that could get us in. Sort of a back door thing.”

Of course, I thought. Of course. I followed my siblings through the door.

“Now what?” Lucy asked, staring into the gloom ahead of us.

“Um…” I began. I stared at our only source of direction, a map drawn by a person who’d failed “Stick Figures” class.


“Don’t touch the floor!” Donovan hissed. “I think there’s pressure plates down there!”


Room after room of pressure plate puzzles. Each one had a specific sequence that had to be stomped down before the doors leading forward would open. As we passed through each room, that foreboding feeling I had earlier grew. This all just felt…too easy. Like we were meant to be there.


Donovan was good at puzzles, I’d give him that. Down an offshoot of a corridor we’d found some chests, empty. Donovan played around with them, opening them in different sequences. Then he’d told me to open one. Then he’d ran over, opened a third chest just as the other had snapped closed. There was another click and Lucy had opened the last chest and there was a sandstone key inside, shaped like a crescent moon.


The crescent moon key opened up a slab of solid stone wall. The corridor beyond that had another hidden pressure plate, which opened up another chunk of what I’d assumed to be just a regular wall. At this point, I was definitely feeling “the creeps”.

“You don’t have to stare suspiciously at every wall, Chloe,” Donovan whispered, a small frown on his narrow face.

I felt my face heat. I hadn’t realized I was so obvious!

He chuckled softly. “Don’t worry! I know how to recognize secret bits from regular bits of wall.” He grinned and went back to probing at another innocent looking wall.

“Yep!” he crowed a few minutes later. He threw a grin over his shoulder at me, then pulled another moon key from his bag. He inserted it into the hole that had appeared from behind a camouflage panel.


A whirring sound started up from behind a nearby wall. I heard a few squeaks, then the whirring seemed to travel higher. Up the wall, across the ceiling, then farther up. From high above us came a soft click. Then everything was silent.

“How much you wanna bet that was first locked door we saw up there?” Donovan grinned cheekily.

“No bet,” I responded, dead-pan.

Lucy looked from me to Donovan and back. “Should we…?” She gestured in the direction of the stairs.

“Might as well!” Donovan grinned again, then set off.

The door we came in and the previously locked, stainless steel door were the only things up there. I turned the handle on the latter. It opened easily. I glanced back at Donovan and Lucy before pushing the door completely open.

It wasn’t what I’d expected. A room full of bookshelves and a few rows of desktop computers.


Donovan quickly found what he was looking for. The computer was at the very back of the room, and was marked with a star on Lufti’s map.


A matching star was drawn on a separate room. And it looked close by, according to the map. I wandered over while Donovan inserted the flashdrive given to him by Lufti. I’d already scanned it. It was just a set of files meant to replace any files pertaining to the Relics of Life and Death. Not the most efficient, but effective enough. I guess.

Lucy kept on eye out in the hallway while I searched the bookcases. Nothing relevant. No files. A few books on egyptology. Most of the shelves contained classic hardbacks that looked like they’d never been cracked open.

I poked around on MorcuCorp’s system for a bit, but the computers in the room were just lines to the server. I needed a more direct link.


I was feeling very downtrodden by the lack of useful resources by the time Donovan finished replacing the files on the first computer. There’s nothing here. What files I could find were records of business transactions. Everything in order and very precise. MorcuCorp seemed like a well-run and very legal company. That wasn’t what I’d expected to find. I needed something to hurt them! Some kind of leverage to make them convince Langraab Labs to leave us alone! And I wasn’t finding anything.


When Donovan moved on to the second star on the map, the main office, I pulled out my computer. I was getting a strong network signal. It was most likely the same network the dektops were running on, but I still held onto a smidgen of hope.


“What’re you doing?” Lucy asked, looking up at me.

“Searching for something,” I mumbled in response, a bit more distracted than I usually was.

There was a second network! I took a deep breath and calmed myself. Most corporations had a second network. At least, most smart ones did. It was often a safety measure in case the main crashed. That way no data could be lost.

This one was harder to access. It might have been impossible for anyone without my brain. Just saying.

Tax records, business transactions, stock information. Everything’s here! I downloaded it all, skimming as I went. My spirits sank a little. Just like on the first network, everything on this database was extremely legal, not a hint of tax evasion or the like. MorcuCorp might have been a cutthroat business screwing over an entire group of people, but they weren’t stupid.

I moved on. Every database and file storage I could find, I copied over. My computer didn’t really have a harddrive, but I had plenty of secure cloud storage.

“Hey, what’s that?” Lucy asked, pointing.

I scrolled back a few pages. And froze. “Um…Check on Donovan!”

Lucy gave me a strange look, but shrugged and went to stand behind Donovan, watching as he copied files.

I stared at what Lucy had found. Too good to be true, I muttered to myself. My hands moved. I ran a few worms. Then a few keygens. I frowned. What bank is this? Simica National.

“Hmm…” I stroked my chin and chewed my lip. I wanted to hurt the company. Through hitting MorcuCorp, I’d be hitting Landgraab Labs, at least, indirectly. I couldn’t go about it the legal way, MorcuCorp was too smart for that. But maybe…

I took a steadying breath and cracked my knuckles. I was never very good at questions of morality.

26th Dec 2015, 5:27 PM
2.22 – How Fast Can You Run? (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/2-22-how-fast-can-you-run/)

Chloe’s PoV

It took me a while to transfer everything, but I did it. I drained the entire account. I put a tag on it and set it adrift in my personal pocket of cyber space. That was a trick I’d picked up a few years ago. Most companies never noticed pennies missing, but if you wanted to take more you had to be sneaky. Transferring money was always sketchy at best and stupid at worst. The best thing to do was let everyone think it had simply vanished. It was how I’d paid for Mom’s funeral.

I stared at my holographic screen. A grin slowly spread across my face. I did it!


“I did it!” Donovan called from behind me. “It’s done!” He jumped up and held up a hand for a high-five. I indulged him.


“It’s done! MorcuCorp won’t even know what hit them!”

You have no idea, I thought, still grinning.

Donovan fist-pumped the air and twirled Lucy around. He grinned at me. “Did you get everything you needed?”

I allowed my face to settle into a smirk. “I did.”

“Awesome! Now! On to the next adventure!”

“Um, guys?”

Lucy’s small voice managed to cut through mine and Donovan’s celebrations. We turned to look at her.

“Should that light be blinking?”

“Uh, I don’t think—”

The computer exploded.


Somewhere, an alarm blared into existence.

“Run!” Donovan shrieked. He took off for the exit, Lucy and I right behind him.


Somehow, we managed to make it outside and behind a dune before some men in military gear arrived. They stormed into the house and we crept back to base camp.

It was later then I’d expected by the time we all got back to the camp site. The sun had long disappeared behind the sand dunes. The only person still awake was Thomas. He was sitting at the table, tapping his fingers on his thigh and staring into space.


“Hey!” he called out upon seeing us. “Thank god you’re okay! I heard some kind of alarm earlier and I wasn’t sure where you guys ran off to and—”

“We need to go,” I interrupted.

Thomas stared at me.

“Now,” I pressed. “We. Need. To. Leave. NOW.”

No other questions. Thomas ran over to his tent and started shoving his sleeping bag into its carrying case. He nudged the next tent with his foot until a head popped out.


“Wh-whuh?” Medea mumbled blearily, rubbing her eyes. “Wuzzup?”

“Pack up, we’re heading out,” Thomas told her with a small smile. “We’re finally getting out of this desert!”

“Can’t we go in the morning?” Medea grumbled. But she stood up and drug her nest of blankets out of the tent.

Lucy had already woken up Shaye and was getting her moving, so I packed up the remains of our food and unlocked the van. I checked our fuel supply while there. Depending on terrain, we could last another few months. Back to civilization, I guess, I thought.

We left the tents where they were. No sense alerting anyone to our leaving. I felt sad I hadn’t even needed to explain that to Thomas. He just…already knew.


Thomas’s PoV

This’s getting too familiar, I thought to myself. The whole “midnight-run” thing was getting old. The whole “Chloe-knows-exactly-what’s-going-on-but-won’t-tell-anyone” thing was getting really old too. I sighed.

I was driving now. Chloe had gotten really good at fast, reckless driving, but Egypt and its treacherous sand dunes were miles behind us now, so I’d taken over. I’d found some kind of highway and was following it. I hoped it’d lead us out of Africa.


I glanced over at the passenger seat. Chloe was staring out the window at the grasslands as we passed through. Every now and then the road would dip suddenly and flick her glasses up. The only reason I knew she was even awake was because she’d fix them back in place. That and her hands. She was twiddling her thumbs. Left on top, now right, now her index fingers were coiling around each other, a squeeze, now the left thumb was on top again.

I sighed again. Damnit Chloe. “What happened?”

Chloe glanced at me, then her hands. She pushed her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose.

“Um, what…” She took a shaky breath. “What would you do with 42.8 trillion dollars?” She looked over at me.

My lips moved. 42.8 trillion doll— I glanced at her, then fought to focus back on the road. “What?”


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26th Dec 2015, 5:33 PM
2.23 – On the Road Again (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/2-23-on-the-road-again/)

Thomas’s PoV

Chloe told me everything. It was…a lot. And it all culminated with her stealing 42.8 trillion dollars from a company in an effort to bankrupt another company. The funny part? It was working.

After we left Egypt we stayed on the road. It wasn’t like the other times where we’d drive for a few weeks, a couple months, then crash somewhere for a year. No. This time we stayed in the van for a good eight months. Maybe we spent a few consecutive nights in one town, but never longer. Now I had two siblings on the run. One for being born and the other for stealing 42.8 trillion dollars from an international company!

That’s not exactly true. No one knew Chloe had stolen the money. No one had any idea where it was, but she was never linked to the crime in any way. But I wasn’t taking any chances.

It was a big crime. Made international news. Repeatedly. “MorcuCorp! The Company that Sank Overnight!” was a headline I saw many times in multiple languages. And the only lead anyone had was that the money was there one day and gone the next. Without a trace. They were calling it the Perfect Crime.


I made Chloe swear to donate it all to charity the first chance she got.

The thing went on for months, but, eventually, MorcuCorp had to declare bankruptcy. That, in turn, hurt their investors. And, just like Chloe had predicted, Landgraab Labs’ DNA-OD program had a gigantic portion of its funding cut. Finally, after months of legal bitching, DNA-OD got shut down to save other projects.

I never told Chloe about my little involvement with that.

Funding’s one thing, but Dr. Sabrina Funke was pretty damn good at getting funding for her pet projects. She’s one of those people who’re really smart and also really good at talking to people. And not just talking, but getting people to do things for her. Charisma. Dr. Funke’s got that in spades. But I picked up a few things from my mom. Some pointers, a military jacket, and a lot of big-wig contacts.

So, I notified a few of my mom’s old colleagues, anonymously, of course. Some weren’t only military meat-heads. After all, you had to be brave, strong and smart to be an astronaut. I just let ‘em know that some experiments were going down at the Landgraabs Laboratory in Sunset Valley and the funding had been cut. And that someone else had the money to save the Labs from bankruptcy if they complied to a few conditions.


They were quick to agree. Landgraab Labs did a lot of weapons research, after all.

And that’s why we were headed to France. It was a nice, neutral ground to talk business. I’d have to buy a suit.


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2.24 – Bienvenue en France (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/2-24-bienvenue-en-france/)

Chloe’s PoV

I wasn’t sure what to do after Egypt. All I knew was that we had to disappear. Again. We were getting good at it. Once we were across the border though, my mind drew a blank. What are we going to do?

The thrill was gone. All that was left was the fact that I had stolen 42.3 trillion dollars from an international company. What if they found me?!

But Thomas took over. Driving and direction, keeping Medea calm and Shaye in the car. He took us through Greece and Germany and Poland. Then he decided we should head for France.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said with a smile. “Just trust me.”

If it had been anyone else…but it was Thomas. And whenever I’d gotten into something I couldn’t get out of, Thomas always knew what to do. It was just a skill he’d mastered. So, I did. I sat in the passenger seat and watched the miles pass. It was…nice, not having to worry about what to do. Just let someone else take over. Clean up the mess of our lives that I’d only made worse. Consistently.

He did make me swear to donate the money to charity. Not surprising. And better than what I’d thought of, which was just let it float around cyberspace until someone else found it and it became their problem.


“Hey, Shaye?”


“What’s your favorite charity?” I vaguely remembered her donating her allowance every chance she got. It was a long time ago. Before our lives spiraled into the current semi-chaotic stability.

“Huh?” Shaye scratched her head, a look of extreme puzzlement coming over her face. “I don’t really have a favorite. Just any that needs a bit of help and I can help with.”

Okay. Incorrect word usage. “If you had the money right now, at this moment, what’s a charity you’d donate to?”

Shaye’s eyes got brighter and she beamed at me from the middle seat. She opened her mouth—

“FRANCE!!!!! Ohmygod!!!!”


Lucy’s screech caused Thomas to swerve a bit and Donovan to spill his soda all over the back seat. And, thus, Medea.

“That’s enough of that!” Thomas said firmly after Medea started cursing. “Where’d you learn that?!”

“It’s just the border sign!” Medea snapped. “How many of those have you seen?! Like, fifteen! It’s nothing new! It’s a sign! It means nothing but we’ve crossed an invisible line drawn over the ground by stupid people! It’s stupid!”

Lucy eyes started to water.

“Ah, fuck, I’m sorry, Luce. I snapped. I’m sorry. I’m just tired and cramped up and sick of this van! Please, don’t cry!”

While the twins sorted things out and Donovan attempted a clean up, I dug around the empty fry boxes and old petrol station coffee cups for the map.

“We should be coming up on a bridge soon,” I told Thomas.


“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Oh! My! GOD!”

“Easy, Luce. Remember to breathe.”

“Champ Les Sims! They have the absolute best art school in the world! In this tiny little town! Ohmygod!”

“Lucy…you’re turning red.”

Thomas just laughed. “Yeah, yeah, we’ll make a point to stop by, okay, Luce?”

A giddy shriek was her response.

“First, we need to find that bed and breakfast. I dunno 'bout the rest of you, but I want a shower. Le Feuilles et de Fleurs, right?”

“Correct,” I replied, digging out another map. This one hand drawn, transcribed from Google Maps onto a convenient napkin. It was crumpled and stained with coffee and jam. “Um, looks like the next right. And…a left?”

“We’re here!”



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15th Jan 2016, 9:35 PM
2.25 – New Duds, New Plan (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/2-25-new-duds-new-plan/)

Chloe’s PoV

The first thing we all did, as always, was visit the local market for local-styled dress.


There were stores. Actual stores! With windows and doors and brand new merchandise! Not that we bought new clothing. I may have stolen over 40 trillion simoleons, but we didn’t have that in cash. We had a few hundred on us. It was all that was left of the 20 grand we’d started out with two…three years ago?

We visited an older looking shop, a second-hand store, and spent a few simoleons on cleaner, less tattered clothing.


Shaye finally let go of the dress she’s been hanging onto all these years…the one she’d gotten too tall for back when she was twelve. She found a pair of old bell-bottoms and a tie-dye t-shirt. Lucy immediately zeroed on a rack and vanished, dragging Medea with her. And I let myself browse. There were options! Of all the countries we’d been through, not many (at all) carried my…erhm, size. I found a nice top that fell over my hips and Lucy talked me into a pair of leggings. Not very practical for the lack of pockets, but they were comfortable. Definitely a new but welcome experience.


Thomas seemed to be looking for something in particular. In my opinion, he looked ridiculous, but the shop was out of anything else that fit his shoulders.

“How’s it feel?” I grinned at him.

“Alright, alright! I’m sorry for teasing.” He tried to adjust the shirt and we both heard the riiiiiip. “Damnit!”

“I can fix it!” Lucy volunteered brightly. Medea just looked bored with the whole situation.


“Yeah, sure.” Thomas ran a hand over his face.

I frowned. He looked tired. And troubled. More so than usual, at least. And I didn’t know why.



“Are you alright?”

For a second, I thought I saw…but then he flashed a smile and shrugged. “I’m fine! Just not used to these European sizes.”

I watched my younger siblings run past the shop into the center park. Thomas sat down with me on a bench and we watched Shaye and Donovan attempt to scale one of the old trees while Medea yelled at them. Lucy ignored them and snapped a few photos of the architecture.

“We’ll be thrown out of France for disturbing the peace at this rate,” Thomas joked.


“Are you really okay?” I asked bluntly. I’d never seen dark rings under Thomas’s usually happy eyes. And it disturbed me.

He shrugged, but leaned towards me, whispering, “I’m gonna try to end this mess.”

“What?” Does he mean—?

“I’ve got a plan, well kinda. If it works,” he paused, taking a breath. “We might not have to worry about the Labs ever again.”

I stared at him. “Seriously?!” Could he really fix this whole mess?!


“I need you to trust me on this.” He was so serious, I could just nod. “I’ll tell you more later.” And he sat up as Medea stamped over.

I took a deep breath and tried to look nonchalant while Medea ranted about “stupid, hippy wild-child!”


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27th Jan 2016, 7:54 PM
2.26 – Chloe's Ways are Interesting (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/2-26-chloes-ways-are-interesting/)

Minor language ahead! Considered yourself warned!


Chloe’s PoV

We took a few days for ourselves. Thomas made a few calls every once in a while, but it was the weekend and no one was answering. Donovan and Lucy had already run off to some haunted mansion or something. Preposterous.


Medea had gone into the backyard of the bed and breakfast and hadn’t come back in for hours. She looked extraordinarily calm, so I wasn’t going to disturb her.


That left Shaye and myself in the house. Thomas as well, but when he wasn’t looking up phone numbers he was practicing what he would say in the mirror.

So…just Shaye and I. We’d never really talked. She was just so…different. At least Lucy and Medea were passionate about certain things. Shaye just wanted to go with the flow. Or leap in a river. Same thing.

“We’re in France,” I mentioned to Shaye. “Is there anything you want to do?”

She pondered this, scratching her head.


“Maybe the nectary? That’d be cool.”

I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but I had asked. And I still needed to figure out what charities to donate the money to. Looked like I was spending time with Shaye at the nectary.


The Champ Les Sims Nectary was fascinating! We’d joined a tour, but Shaye had ran off to the garden soon after our arrival. I was curious about the technology they used and so stuck around.


I sampled a few different nectars. A few were too strange for me. But I really did like the blackberry nectar. It was very refreshing and sweet. I had a few glasses.


At some point, Shaye turned up and we tried a few other nectars together. I talked her into trying out making nectar, and she declared it her new favorite hobby.


Shaye did mention a few charities she remembered donating to. And, as it seemed nectar was a good way to jog her memory, I let her drink as much as she wanted. We ended up splitting a bottle and not getting back until after dark.

It was a good day.



Thomas’s PoV


“Yes. Thank you for your time, ma’am.” I ended the call. I stared at the receiver for a moment. I had a week before the official landed. One week to plan my argument. One week to prepare any counter-arguments. One week to set up a backup plan. One week.

I went to shove my hands in my pockets and grumbled when I just felt smooth cloth. I took a deep breath, smoothed my vest and exited the building.


“How did it go?” Chloe asked immediately. She’d been waiting outside the entire call, fiddling with her vest.

I sat down and ran a hand through my hair, trying to find the right words. I couldn’t. “Okay. It was okay. Things are moving.”


“But.” I took a breath. “It’s not a hundred percent that this’ll work.” I looked across the table at Chloe. She was chewing her lower lip. “I need you to do me a favor.”

The effect was instant. She sat up taller, folded her hands neatly on the table and stared right at me. “What do you need?”

Good ‘ol Chloe. I took a breath, then leaned forward. “You’ve got access to…information, right?”

She looked confused, but nodded. “What kind?”

“I got a name.” I passed her the slip of paper I’d been crumpling for the past ten minutes. “Find anything you can. I just wanna know who I’m dealing with.” We’d agreed that’d I’d be the one talking. Chloe’d sit in the van and do tech stuff.

Chloe sighed and grinned. “That’s easy. What else?”


“Well, maybe look into…a backup plan? Maybe a way to force them into releasing rights to Donovan? Or a distraction for escape. Anything.”

A grim look crossed her face. She nodded once.

“Any thoughts?”

“Well, I could blackmail them.” She pulled out a pad of paper and started to flip through it. “Blackmail. Extortion. I could sell Landgraab Institute secrets to their competitors. I could bankrupt them directly, but that could set the world back a generation in terms of scientific progress. I could collapse the European economy. I could—” She glanced up at me.

I couldn’t breathe. It’s a weird feeling, knowing your sister could collapse countries. “Um…” I tried to smile.


Chloe reached over and steadied me. “Should I not tell you?” She handed me her water bottle.

“Yeah,” I wheezed. “That’d probably be best. In fact, don’t tell anyone. Ever. That’s all we need. Heh.” I gulped down some water.

We settled into a silence. Her staring out into space before making furious scribbles. Me just sitting, focusing on not focusing on her. I had told her to pull out all the stops, no holds barred. I might’ve opened Pandora’s box.

But this was a last ditch effort. All or nothing. If I succeeded, we could settle down. If I failed…well, then it’d be Chloe’s turn. My goal was to not let it get to that. Collapse the European economy. Holy shit.


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2.27 – Build Up (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/2-27-build-up/)

Minor language ahead! Considered yourself warned!


Thomas’s PoV

Five days. The less time I had, the more focused I became. I spent nights awake, scribbling notes on what to say, practicing arguments in front of the mirror.


Chloe didn’t say where she’d gotten her info, not that I asked, but it was invaluable. At the very least, it gave me a few openers. An ambitious man, and lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family. The guy also had a wife and a kid. I could ease into a discussion about the relinquishment of the DNA-OD project rites. Start with something a bit light but more substantial than, “Oh, how’s the weather? You don’t like rain? That’s too bad.”


And, as Chloe’d been quick to point out, it also gave me an edge over him. Knowing about the guy’s family, the address of his kid’s prep school, where his wife got her hair done. Yeah, things like that could turn a conversation. It was my backup plan. If I couldn’t talk him into an agreement, I could blackmail or threaten. I didn’t like it. But it was that or…collapse the European economy.

And this’s what my life’s become. I rubbed my eyes tiredly. Fuck.



Chloe’s PoV

Four days left. Thomas and I kept to ourselves, rarely conversing with anyone else. He had to account for every possible counter-argument he could. I helped with that. I wasn’t president of the debate club back in high school for nothing. But he had to spin everything in such a way that he sounded like he had the best possible business plan for Landgraab Labs.

I had several plans in place just in case Thomas couldn’t get through to the agent. A few keystrokes and the seventh circle of hell would be unleashed. Figuratively speaking, of course.


These things I didn’t mention to Thomas. He flinched whenever I took out my computer. It got to the point that I just researched charities whenever he was in the room.

With a few suggestions from Shaye, I’d decided to partition the lump sum out to multiple charities, in order to have a better chance of avoiding detection. I’d donated the first hundred million simoleons to a charity helping children learn to read. The second went to a no-kill animal shelter in Appaloosa Plains. The third to an art school in Bridgeport. The fourth to a veterinary in Aurora Skies. The fifth to a government drop library in Lucky Palms. The list went on and on. And it hardly put a dent in the money.


After another day of trawling through lists of charities Shaye, Thomas and Daddy had ever donated to, I took a break. I drug up some energy and started looking into escape plans. A cheap bottle of nectar, some bleach, a box of baking soda…


Thomas’s PoV

Three days.

Wake up. Shower. Feel the hot water and think about nothing else. Get dressed. Get to work. That had become my schedule. I couldn’t handle anything else at that point.


As time crept closer and closer to the date, I got closer and closer to losing it completely. Peace and stability for all of us were right there in front of me. If I fucked up, peace was the last things we’d have. It was okay. It was fine. All I had to do was convince an international laboratory to give up their research right at the forefront of extraterrestrial study. Yep.


Chloe’s PoV

Two days. Stay calm.

I hadn’t achieved sleep for days. I hadn’t stopped working for 34 hours. My last cup of coffee had been seven hours ago. I was exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep. Every time I tried, I would lie awake, staring up at the ceiling. If I closed my eyes, I would picture the network detailing how everything could go wrong. There were only three branches on that convoluted tree that lead to happy endings, and they all hinged on Thomas’s talk.


Damn you, Murphy.


Thomas’s PoV

One day. Oh my god.

Every morning I woke up and had a brief freak-out. Just let out all the anxiety, take a hot shower, then get to work. I worked better that way. Could focus more. It also helped cut down the number of times I’d space out, just staring at a wall gibbering.


I spent the day wracking my brain, trying to find some angle I’d forgotten to cover. I’d practice my arguments repeatedly, then drag Chloe out of her hole to pick them apart for me. She was good at it.


Over the week, I think both of us saw daylight a grand total of three times. The room I shared with Donovan had a window, so it might not count for much. Chloe had taken to hiding in the cellar, muttering numbers under her breath and sketching out bits of chemical equations by a weak lamplight.

If it wasn’t for Donovan, I think both of us would’ve starved.



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2.28 – Blow Out (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/2-28-blow-out/)

Minor language ahead! Considered yourself warned!


Chloe’s PoV

3 hours. 10800 seconds…10728 seconds…10664 seconds…10527 sec—

“If you keeping pacing, I swear to GOD I’ll kill you!” Medea snarled from the breakfast table, stabbing at her pancakes.


I forced myself to stop. Then to sit down.


“Please don’t,” Medea interrupted, giving me a LOOK. “We all know you suck at small talk. Today’s the big day. Everyone knows what to do. Thomas’s gonna talk down some dude. Shaye and Lucy’re gonna camp out in the woods, and I’m sticking to Donny like glue. If you give the signal, we all know what to do. It’s all good. We got a game plan. No sense in worrying before the first play.” She glared at me. “So shut up and eat!”


I’ll never get used to her. But I got up and grabbed a plate of pancakes.


It was true. Thomas and I had broken the news the night before. Neither of us saw a good reason to keep the plan from our siblings. They needed to know. After all, if Thomas succeeded, we could settle down, maybe work on getting a house. And if he didn’t… “They have the right to know that we’re all fucked,” as he had put it.


Speaking of which… I watched Thomas come down the stairs, his smile somewhat tense. Shaye stumbled in after him, grabbing some breakfast before collapsing at the table.


“Good,” Thomas began, rubbing his hands together. “We’re all here!”

I glanced around. I hadn’t seen Donovan enter, but who else would have actually cooked? Hearing my thoughts, he gave a cheery wave at me. Lucy sat next to him, engrossed in her monologue on camera film. Shaye still looked a little bleary-eyed but awake.


“Alrighty, you all know what to do, right?” Thomas asked. We all nodded. “Okay then. Let’s hop to it!”

We scattered.


Thomas headed for town square. He would meet up with the agent at the cafe. Depending on how that talk went, he’d give me one of two signals. Good or bad…


Donovan ran off towards the edge of town, Medea trailing behind him. She’d grumbled all night, but we all knew who the most physically capable of us was and it wasn’t Thomas. If anyone could keep up with Donovan and keep him out of harm’s way, it was Medea. He’d been told to hide out somewhere inaccessible.


Shaye and Lucy had orders to leave town, camping out if necessary until I gave the signal. Lucy had offered to stay with Donovan, but Thomas and I had agreed that we’d all be better off if we stuck to very small groups. Besides, someone had to keep an eye on Shaye.


As for me, I took the van out of town towards a high outlook. It was the only spot outdoors that could bee seen from anywhere within a five mile radius. It also gave me a good view of the center of town. Everyone looked like ants, but I could distinguish Thomas. It was perfect. I set up my gear. And then the waiting began.



Thomas’s PoV

I’m starting to really miss pockets, I grumbled to myself, having again tried to stuff my hands in pants pockets that just weren’t there.


As I walked down the street towards town center, I went over my opening arguments again. First point, lack of funding to the project could mean an overall loss to other projects and result in the Labs losing scientific prestige. Second point, selling the rights to the experiment would provide funding to other areas of the Labs, preventing bankruptcy. Third point— I glanced up.


The agent stood alone by a table outside the cafe. It looked like he’d just arrived, but was already impatient, glancing around. André Lefebvre. One of the younger agents they could have sent, but incredibly skilled. There’d be no fooling about with this guy. All or nothing.

I took a deep breath and squared my shoulders. Game time.

“Ah! Monsieur Thompson! I am pleased to meet you at last!”



Chloe’s PoV

Oh, god! My heart leapt into my throat when Thomas greeted the blond man.

“Stay calm,” I reminded myself. “Stay calm.” I took a steadying breath and peered through my binoculars again.


They were talking. Of course, that is the entire point, I chided myself. But that’s all. I scrutinized the plaza. Despite the time, there was hardly anyone around. There was the general store shopkeeper and that funny little merchant and the owner of the cafe. No one else.

I wasn’t entirely convinced. I stared hard at every nook and cranny until my eyes watered and the sun slowly fell. There were no other agents or persons listening in on the conversation.


Not a soul. I pondered that. Maybe this is really it. Maybe…it can all be over…

I crossed my fingers and trained my binoculars back on Thomas.



Thomas’s PoV

Practicing had definitely paid off. After I’d laid out my proposition, he’d started firing off questions, but I had a logical answer for everything he threw at me.


And he liked what he heard!


“And that’s how the Labs can further their research without infringing upon patent laws,” I concluded.

Lefebvre made a few notes in a small notebook before smiling at me. “Monsieur Thompson, thank you for your insight into the Landgraab Industries financial plight. I believe what you have proposed is quite sound and will agree with both our organizations.”

“Please, my client is merely a private investor looking to the continued advancement of the sciences,” I lied through my teeth.


“Of course,” and he smiled. “I shall report back to my superior and we shall contact you shortly with the rights to the DNA-OD experiment. I’m afraid, as I mentioned early, all specimen are unobtainable at the moment, but the rights to which will also be given to you in exchange for your client’s financial backing as soon as possible.”

“I believe we are done for today! Again, I thank you for your time and generous contribution!” He grabbed his coat, smiled again and turned away.

Oh, god, was it over?! Did I—


My head jerked up and I stood to attention. “Yes, Monsieur Lefebvre?”

“I trust that this discussion will remain between the two of us? If word of the Industries, shall we say, shaky financial standing, it would not be pleasant for either of us.”


“Not a word, monsieur. My client is a rather private individual. You can rest assured that this meeting travels between the Industries and my client and no farther.” I smiled.

“Thank you, again, Monsieur Thompson. And good day!” And he walked off.


I turned around and marched towards the cafe before collapsing into chair. After a few minutes of just sitting after standing for the last few hours, I ordered a coffee. I smiled and sipped it. I did it!


Chloe would handle the rest. Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard the soft popping of a firecracker.


Chloe’s PoV

I watched the agent turn to leave, then turn back to Thomas. I held my breath. Why would he turn back?! His lips moved and he nodded once, but ended up leaving after a few tense minutes. I couldn’t breathe, all of my being focused on the figure of Thomas. He stood still. Then, once the agent was completely out of sight, marched into a storefront.

“The cafe!” I leapt to my feet, then jumped again, just for the sheer joy. “He went to the cafe! We’re safe! It’s over! Fuck! YES!” I just laughed and laughed, barely remembering to light the fuse on my homemade firecracker.


I ran down the hill towards the van, covering my ears and laughing as the slowly darkening sky light up in brilliant red sparkles.

It’s all over!



Woo! All done!

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12th Feb 2016, 6:09 PM
2.29 – Ce Que le Cœur Veut (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/2-29-ce-que-le-coeur-veut/)

Google translate says that the title is: "What the Heart Wants"

Minor language ahead! Considered yourself warned!


Chloe’s PoV

True to his word, the agent had the rights to Donovan to us within a week. It was the happiest day…in a long time.


I was finally rid of most of the money I’d taken. A good chunk of it was sent off to Landgraab Industries, as an investing donation from ‘Molly Briggard’, one of my many aliases. Most of the rest to various charities. Now that his mind was free of troubles, Thomas was more than happy to share our misbegotten wealth with the world.


And the rest? The last 300 thousand simoleons? I eventually had an idea for that money.


Thomas’s PoV

I stared at the shop. In there was a phone for public use. Local calls were free, but the international fees weren’t bad. I still had a fiver on me.


This is stupid, I told myself as I stood up. I stretched out my arms, just to prevent myself from walking forward. My back cracked from sitting for so long.

I was supposed to be looking into jobs around town, something long term. Chloe was looking into schools for our siblings. Lucy was ecstatic about the possibility of attending the local art school. Medea was looking forward to getting a learner’s permit for driving, and Shaye, well…Shaye was still Shaye. Donovan was his own person! He had an official birth certificate now! Everything was straightening out after the fucked up journey we’d gone through.


Are you really gonna toss all that away? I asked myself.

Chloe’d said how word probably hadn’t gotten to Dr. Funke yet, so we should still be careful. But it was more a matter of avoiding cause for lawsuit than the risk of losing our brother.


I found myself walking through the cafe’s front door. I picked up the receiver and dialed a number burned into my brain since high school. It rang twice before a voice crackled over the line.


My breath caught in my throat. Of everyone who could’ve answered…Her voice was beautiful.


“Hello? Is anyone there?”

I slammed the phone down and leaned against the wall, breathing hard. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I ran back outside and down the street.

You moron! She’d sounded lovely. What if Funke finds us? A bit irritated, but the voice of an angel. Stupid!

I slowed to a stroll and took the road out of town up towards the nectary. I balled my fists tight against my sides, as I still didn’t have pants pockets.


I imagined another universe, one where I’d actually stayed on the line. One where she’d known it was me.

“Hello, yeah, it’s been a while.”

She’d ask me what I’d been up to.

“Not much. How ‘bout you?”

She’d talk about her day. How her job was going. How her brother was still an asshole.

And I couldn’t think of anything else. Nothing that could be communicated over a phone call. I shoved my hands in my pockets and laughed. “I don’t even know why I called her!” Yes, you do! I squeezed my eyes shut and stopped walking, taking a deep breath.


“I just wanted to hear her voice again.”



Chloe’s PoV

I was feeling very good. I wasn’t sure why exactly. Must be an excess of dopamine after all the stress. Whatever the reason, it had caused me to agree to take Shaye to the nectary again. She wanted to learn more about nectar making. Lucy was along so I could drop her off at the art school for her first lesson. She wasn’t fully enrolled, and Thomas and I were still in the consideration process, but one or two art classes would keep her happy for a while.

“You have your phone?” It was one of the first purchases I’d made once I’d known we were safe, the latest in communication technology. But that hadn’t stopped Shaye from cracking the screen on hers the first time she even held it.


Lucy nodded, waved at Shaye and I, and ran off across the lawn.

“Call me when you’re done!” I shouted after her.


Then it was on to the nectary.


Shaye was quite happy to be left to it, but I had to stay in the building. Something about teenagers having a responsible adult near in case of emergencies. I resisted the urge to correct the man’s label of me as "responsible" in any meaning of the word. My track record spoke otherwise.

I had no desire to watch my sister destroy fruit with her feet, so I made my way to the lounge to do something I hadn’t done since high school. I played a computer game.


It was an MMORPG I’d gotten sucked into the month before. So far, I’d joined a small guild and had taken part in a few extragalactic missions. I was working on owning my own spacecraft.

I was just idly grinding when something caught my eye. Something you could do was set up a billboard to advertise something, sometimes a new planet or a shop that had opened. This was land on Centos 6: Buy a beach house right on the Grivvard Volcanic Lake!

It got me thinking.


I did some cursory research and was pleasantly surprised with my findings. I checked the family funds. That’s plenty! I’d have to speak to Thomas about it, but I had a feeling he wouldn’t be opposed. After all, he’d been humming tunes and scribbling music bars for the past month. I hadn’t seen him so musical since high school!

I wonder what real estate is available…


Thanks for reading! ^_^

24th Feb 2016, 7:10 PM
2.30 – Finding Home (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/2-30-finding-home//)

Thomas’s PoV

“What do you think?” Chloe asked.

I didn’t trust myself to answer.


Go back to Sunset Valley?! The place where all our troubles had started?! Where we’d been running from for four years?! Where She was.

Unbiased, Thomas, unbiased, I reminded myself. But damnit! I wasn’t good at purely logical like Chloe was! All I could think was seeing...Her. Actually seeing her! Talking to her! Watching her lips move as she spoke.


Damnit, focus!


“I know it’s a bit contradictory to everything we’ve discussed previously, but…” Chloe trailed off, chewing her lip. Then she took a deep breath. “I’d really, really like to settle down!”


“In Sunset Valley?” I asked, just to be sure. She gave a sharp nod.

“Oh, god…you know I’m all for this!” I ran a hand through my hair. “I just don’t know if it’s a good idea for Donovan!” Unbiased, unbia— “Chloe! What’re the odds that we’ll have problems with Funke if we move back to Sunset Valley?”

Chloe was probably the most unbiased person I knew. Even if she was for something, she could still analyze it without emotional attachment. If she says it’s not good, it’s not good. We’ll stick with—

“She retired.”

I stared at Chloe, my entire thought process derailed. “What?”

“Dr. Funke retired from Landgraab Industries.” She passed me a printout of a newspaper article. The newspaper was the Valley Daily.


“She’s retired,” she repeated as I read. “Dr. Bunch took over for her.”

“Holy shit,” I murmured. I glanced back up to Chloe. “We can go home!”

She smiled and nodded, looking as giddy as I felt.


Chloe’s PoV

It took time. Getting everyone’s travel papers straightened. Transferring funds from my cyber-storage into an actual bank account. Finding the right house. But six months later, we were on the road again. This time traveling home.


Surprisingly, it was Medea who caught on first.

“Is that…” she trailed off, then leaned forward. “Was that the Simica border?”

Thomas and I kept carefully silent. She pursed her lips and leaned back. She continued to stare out the window, unmoving.


“Holy shit! That’s the Valley!” Medea hollered several hours later. “I fuckin’ knew it!

“Medea! Language!” Thomas immediately chided, but his words were swiftly drowned out with the shrieks and babble suddenly emitting from the back of the van as four excited teenagers fought for window space.

I smiled as we drove through the town square.


“The Valley’s really expanded,” Thomas muttered to me, staring out his window. “I don’t remember so many shops being on main street.”

“No,” I agreed, glancing at the once empty lots, now filled with shops of all kinds. “Those are definitely new.”


We drove through the main town before taking the road up towards Summer Hill. That had been expanded as well.

“The Altos have company now!” Thomas whistled softly.


“I heard that Mrs. Alto is considering retiring from the political scene.”


“Yes, Malcolm was talking about it. Apparently, his mother was ecstatic.”

“You got back in touch with Malcolm?!”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Thomas didn’t respond. He peered backwards, down towards the main valley, a wistful look in his eyes.

I followed the road past the Alto’s huge and very pink estate and back down towards the ocean front.


“So,” Medea began. “Where’re we going?”

I smirked.

“Well,” Thomas responded, turning in his seat to face her. “We’re going to our new home.”

I’ll always treasure the absolute speachlessness that came over Medea the moment our new house came into view.



The world I'm using is Sunset Valley Second Edition (http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/380928/sunset-valley-second-edition-final-version-available-now/) by LynxAQ, specifically the Final version (thank geeks for higher laptop specs!). It's a regular Sunset Valley map that's been opened up, with more space for houses and new lots. Things have been rearranged a little, but I've tried to make sure everything matches up with the original Sunset Valley. If you're interested, the new abode of the Mayfields is located at 100 Landon's End.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

29th Feb 2016, 8:41 PM
2.31 – House Tour (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/2-31-house-tour/)

Chloe’s PoV

It was a very large house. And very empty. That was the first thing I noticed.


The large entrance was over two stories high and completely empty except for the fireplace. It sat in the center of the room, looking very lonely.

Of course it’s empty, I thought. We hadn’t ordered any furniture. There hadn’t exactly been much money left over. But Thomas and I had made sure to have kitchen appliances and bathroom amenities installed before we arrived. I peeked through the closest door. A small bathroom. Or…powder room?


The bathless bathroom was proof that the installations had taken place. Now, where’s that kitchen?

Donovan’s squeal of glee answered my question.

Tucked into the far corner of the overly large entrance was a small, but fully outfitted kitchen area.


“Everything’s stainless steel?!”

I nodded while Medea snickered.

“We figured if you’re gonna cook, you might as well have the right equipment,” Thomas said with a smile.


While Donovan squealed over His kitchen, Thomas and I continued touring the house. There hadn’t been many pictures available online. But finding a house with a minimum of 5 bedrooms wasn’t exactly easy, and we ended up just buying the first one we saw that could fit us all.

There were the stairs to the promised basement, and a set leading up to the second floor.


“There were apparently some washer and dryer fittings already installed down there,” Thomas said, pointing down. “So the laundry room should already be set.”

I nodded and peeked through the next door. A full bathroom.


Across the hall were two bedrooms. The large windows bothered me a bit, but I already had a plan to tint them.


The first floor ended with a large open area, windows on all sides looking out towards the sea.


“You gotta admit,” Thomas murmured as we stood there. “The view’s pretty amazing.”

“It is,” I sighed. “It really is.” Even if it was dreary and rainy, the view was still beautiful.


Eventually, we made are way upstairs. There was supposed to be another two bathrooms and four bedrooms, as well as a way up to the third floor studio. And that’s what we found. As well as a bickering set of twins and Shaye flopped on the floor of what she declared to be Her Room.

“The energy here is amaaaaaazing,” Shaye drawled out.

“Shut up, Shaye!” Medea yelled.


“Why should you get the room with the window room?!” she continued to Lucy, in the midst of some kind of argument.

Surprisingly, Lucy didn’t back down. Instead she smiled sweetly and said “So you can get that amazing balcony overlooking the ocean. It’s a perfect outdoor training area! For all your martial arts…stuff.” She leaned closer to her twin. “It’s also the furthest from Shaye’s room!”


Medea’s head whipped up from where she’d been glaring daggers at the floor. She glanced at the door of Shaye’s room and back towards a pair of doors. She seemed to be calculating.

She gave Lucy a nod. “You got it,” and she marched away.

Lucy grinned and ran after her.


Thomas looked at me incredulously. “What was that about?”

“Deciding who gets which room, I guess?” I shrugged. I’d never seen Lucy so…shrewd. I suppose when you share a room with someone for so long, you learn how to handle them. I shared a glance with Thomas.

The second floor was as open and empty as the first floor had been.


“We’re gonna have to find something to fill in all this space,” Thomas said, spreading his arms wide and smiling.

“Indeed,” I responded, nodding. I glanced over the railing at the floor below. “Donovan! The twins are taking all the good rooms!”

“Oh, gosh!”

I heard frantic scrambling before Donovan’s head poked over the stairwell.

“Too slow, buddy,” Thomas chuckled. “Shaye’s got that one, Lucy’s got that one, and Medea took the corner room. That leaves you that one.”


Donovan pouted a moment before bounding through the door. The room quickly filled with declarations of how “this room was clearly the best, of course” and “where’s my relic collection gonna go.”

“I guess that leaves us with the two downstairs rooms,” Thomas chuckled.

“I suppose.” I began thinking of that tint and what I’d require to make it.

“Unless you want to camp out in the basement,” Thomas continued, heading back downstairs.

The idea had appeal. “Actually, that’s not a ba—”

“Christ, Chloe! No! I was joking! You’re not living in the basement! Jesus Christ!” And my dear brother stormed away, muttering about vampires and mad scientists.

“Thomas, I was joking. Thomas?"


It was good to have a home.



I've updated a lot of the Miscellaneous and Family Album pages over on The Mayfields (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/) blog. I've also put some Mayfields up for download (https://thesims3mayfields.wordpress.com/sims/) (stored on Google Drive).

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