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Empress Simderella
20th Jul 2015, 6:08 PM
I am doing the Effenmont quest so I need my Queen to marry the prince of Effenmont. They are betrothed but they can't marry. My Queen will just stomp her foot and complain about not being able to move. The prince won't leave the clearing in the forest so i can't go anywhere else to do the marriage. I would try to go to one of the churches but i didn't add them yet. Are you supposed to have the "Accomplice" there too? Please help me, i want my queen to have tiny elven children!

Empress Simderella
20th Jul 2015, 6:25 PM
ok, i just left my sims for a little bit then came back and they got married first try. i don't know what was wrong and honestly, right now, i don't care

21st Jul 2015, 8:07 AM
ok, i just left my sims for a little bit then came back and they got married first try. i don't know what was wrong and honestly, right now, i don't care

There is ONE VERY important action sims must ALWAYS do BEFORE they marry that I have NEVER in my whole sims Medieval game playing life have read about, or heard about from anyone else, but it must be done, and will free you from worry in future for your next sim marriage. That action is to ANNOUNCE THE BETROTHAL of the sim couple to other sims. A marriage will go smoothly no matter time of day or night, if either sim tells at least 5 other sims about his/her marriage. I learned this through much experience with the game and troubles in marriage in game, just like many others experience.

Since realizing this aspect before trying to get my sims married, never have I had the problems that I had before. You will notice if you play the game long enough, and get a bit more deeply involved in your sims in a more personal way, that there are certain actions that are not discussed or mentioned in any manual, or directory of any kind pertaining to the game play of TSMP&N.

There is no other game in this world that I have ever seen that benefits a gamer in their game play success by becoming highly involved in the characters, and storylines of the game, as much as TSMP&N. Some of us who play this game, have actually decided to never stop playing it, and so the game is now a part of our daily lives!

Not all will admit it, however. I have no qualms about admitting it's true for me. :D

Select FRIENDLY when beginning to have your sim talk to another sim, and at the top will be a new option that is only present when your sim betrothed to another sim, and that is ANNOUNCE BETROTHAL. This option becomes available immediately after asking the other sim to marry him/her, BUT may stop appearing for a time, if your sim waits too long to get married. It will eventually return, but it will do so in its own time. I suggest announcing the betrothal, and then immediately going to a church to get married. Trying to marry at a non-church location almost always produces problems in getting it done.

Your sim and his/her fiance DO NOT have to belong to the same church, nor do they both have to have a religion, but one of them is required to.

To let you know the purpose of Announcing the betrothal is because the sims gossip, not kidding, its a part of the game that is also not discussed to any major degree in any game manual, etc. The point of taking the action is so the other sims in the kingdom can spread the information around to each other so they can attend the marriage. TSMP&N is a game that tries to be as realistic in the daily living of humans, with a lot of silly written into the storylines. This aspect is quite unique in online....well, gaming period, and I love it!

May you and your sims enjoy every finely enacted marriage you will experience from this day forth, until the end of the sims, if there be one, forever, when you exact these actions mentioned above.

Bless, and TC,

Xeny :king:

8th Jul 2016, 8:03 PM
ive found a weird simple fix, and i think the only reason it works is because the area that your sims stand in will get unfocused

when you make your sims start the wedding, you pause the game, get into the overview (where you can look around the kingdom) and you start looking up in the sky and far away from your sims, then unpause and speed up, wait a bit

when you zoom back in on your sims again, they are getting married. theres a few times where it doesnt work, and it states that the wedding is cancelled, then you just have to try again and look somewhere further away in the overview

come to think of it, if it is about unfocusing the area, you might just have to move your view to another area far away, i havent tried that yet