View Full Version : Painting, changing, recoloring ceilings?

19th Jan 2016, 1:03 PM
Okay please forgive me if this is a dumb question that's been answered a thousand times over.
I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out if and how you can actually paint ceilings because most google results I'm getting are either mixed in or referring to TS3 or just too vague like "angle the camera up and then you can paint the ceiling". That makes perfect sense but like... when I angle up my camera to see the ceiling and click the actual ceiling with a floor tile selected, I either get no result or the floor changes. I cannot figure out how to make the game actually change the ceiling.

This is me furiously clicking the exposed ceiling in the room:


As you can see the game only recognizes and highlights the floor tiles...

Someone please please please help and explain this to me step by step in short words or just tell me that it definitely, 100% for sures cannot be done in any way so that I can stop agonizing about it. :) :)