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1st Mar 2016, 3:09 AM
I got the first treasure map from the village shop and found the treasure that it lead to. My question is how do I get the other treasure maps do I buy them from the village shop, are they quest related, do they have to do with the war please help very confused?

8th Mar 2016, 4:40 AM
You find various map pieces usually through digging for treasure throughout your kingdom in randomly selected places, but you can receive map pieces during times spent patrolling the other territories either by land or by sea, when an event occurs while your sim is outside the kingdom, which also includes taking a stroll. You can also at times receive a map piece when a sim is interrogating another using the interrogation chair.
I advise you to give all map pieces you find to just one sim, or else you may never get to dig for the treasure of that map. The different maps have different amounts of pieces, so each time one of your sims gets a map piece regardless of which map, have them drop it off onto the sim that you decided to keep them. I chose my king since he is most often played by me, and most of the time the items found in the treasures are suited to his needs. However, when a sim holds anything in their inventories, unless a player uses a special mod, the items in that inventory are inaccessible to your other sims. So you can fix this problem by putting the map pieces into one of your sims' crafting tables, so any sim can check its contents and remove items when/if needed.

The Holy Map requires 5 pieces

The Old Map requires 3 pieces

The Dragon Map needs 4 pieces

etc. Whwn you get enough pieces, just click on it in inventory and it will be made into a map. One map requires Mysterial Mortar, and 6 map pieces, but before-hand you will get a stone which gives instructions in a medieval fashion as to how to construct the map.

Have fun searching!


PS There are more maps which can be purchased at the Village Shoppe, but not until after you have ended the War.