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14th Apr 2016, 12:11 PM
so, I put it outside, since the Throne Room was already finely decorated without room for more!

A while ago, I posted a thread called Fountains at the Front Gate - a Pictorial. Consider this thread a sequel to it. These pictures below are some of my fountains , and other sculptures designs. Please enjoy the pictorial, and perhaps they might help some with new ideas in decorating their kingdoms.

This fountain below is made up of two Lion Face wall fountains, which I colored to a silver shade, and added two golden colored dragons back to back in between the two Lion Face fountains. I then placed four small plants in the inner corners, not only for color and beauties sake, but to hide any holes that might show.
I then placed in a triangular form, three magic balls in each corner between the large stones created by Shimrod101. Then at a diagonal angle added four gold bars, one in each corner. NOTE: At a later time, I removed the stones as I found the design much more attractive without them. The dark stones with green stripes I kept there.


Simple and Sweet, I call this decor. These are simply 4 dark stone lion fountains turned and angled using the command "moveobjects on" with colored urns around them, and four magic ball floor lamps colored a bright gold. I placed 4 plants at the corners of the square at the Front Gates. Certainly more lights would be necessary if one wanted this area to be highly visible in case any cut purses were about. :D


This dragon sculpture was simple to build. These are the wall dragons found under wall decor in furnish mode, and using the (') apostrophe key on the keyboard to raise them up or the (?) question mark key to lower them, and my blurred vision to aim them.
I placed flags, one on each side, again to cover holes as much as for beauties sake. I often use these flags as the kingdom flag but varied in color for each kingdom. I used the armor with two lances crossing because it looks cool, and was placed in the same manner as the dragons. The small flags in front on the ground can be found in Buy deBug. I am using Treeag's Auto Buy debug, although this mod is not necessary to enter buy debug. One can use a command instead, if they have Testingcheatsenabled for their game. The stones base are the same ones by Shimrod101, as mentioned previously, except I stacked them slightly inside one another in order to try and make them a single base.


This design is inside the Watcher's Pavilion, and self explanatory. Y'all can see what was placed. The pavilion is white thanks to Chickieteeta's mod Forsaken_ElfPavilionGold+White. I might ask Chickie though, where is the Gold? I see a greenish top on my pavilion but gold? It is absent. But I am happy, because I can see the pavilion, and am not blinded with glare! LOL


This design was done directly in front of the Castle, which is one of my favorite places to decorate. It's a small area, and tight, but seems a fitting location to label or theme ones kingdom, and the standard of which the kingdom will follow. I deem this decor in front of the castle rather much like a logo. Using the method mentioned earlier, I placed these objects. The sun wall hanging can be tedious to place correctly just staring straight forward, so one must move their view using the camera, to make sure it is not overlapping the fence behind the lion fountain. Everything else in the photo was easily done. It all would have looked prettier had the lion been as silver as the two Pegasus's, but the glare was too much for my eyes. The lion fountains have a tendency to absorb light colors and reflect them back at you all too well!


In the Blacksmith's Yard, I made this fountain in the practical dark! But even had it been in the brightest daylight, it would still have been difficult, and time consuming. I agree, it looks simple, but with the many camera view switches it takes to angle the suits of armor, and the golden urns in order to place them correctly, is amazingly long, and too many to count! But when I was finished, I stared at it with a pleased smile that reached my eyes, and stayed for a long time, even beyond this particular kingdom I named Ondelai. Four tall planters line the back.


This fountain design is in the front of the Trader's Lot. It's in triangular form as it's base, again with Shimrod101's rocks. I especially love this one because of it's smallness, and even format. It grabs ones attention as if a package one wants to open. I think this due to the gems I carefully placed in the pockets left bare in between the small green striped rocks around the front and sides.


Lastly, though not a fountain, here is a sculpture design I created in my present kingdom I named Thorne. Wizardry is very much a part of most of my kingdoms, and basically supports much of the high buff levels of my hero sims, and sometimes the NPC sims, as to me, if you are a sim in any of my kingdoms, you are in fact playable, and if I determine a certain NPC sim is needed for a reason, then I take control of that sim, and sometimes give them abilities such as magic, or combat, so as to insure an event will succeed or take place as this Watcher desires. A NPC sim in this case, which has been given the ability of magic, and Utility Spells is able to cast Beacon of Hope multiple times, repeatedly on other sims, including heroes to raise their buff levels up a whopping 40 points. A hero sims/wizard is only allowed to cast this spell once every twelve hours, or after every reboot of the game. So NPC wizards are a definite part of most of my kingdoms! Hence the reasons behind this decor below. It looks awesome at night due that I added small table lamps which are hidden from view, but shine so brightly and prettily, and in multiple colors of red, yellow, green, and blue.


I hope you enjoyed this little venture into the life and times of Xeny's Decorating of kingdom's in the Sim's Medieval Pirate's and Nobles game! Have a blast, forever if it lasts!

A special thanks to Chickieteeta, Shimrod101, and Treeag for their beautiful mods which enable us to do so much more in our game than we are allowed by game default. And an even greater thanks to MTS for creating a web site, and forum in which these modders can post their works, so we 'others' can partake of their wonders!

Bless y'all, Xeny :king: