View Full Version : Error 0x0175d824: Tried everything I can

17th Oct 2016, 2:19 AM
I will list what I have tried:

-Crinrict's full list (Except for system defragmentation, as I do not know how to do that.)

-Deleting my Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims Medieval folder


-CCCleaning my User Files

-Removing Mods

I have a strong feeling that this was caused by the latest Windows 10 Update. I had Windows 10 before, but the Anniversary Update messed up my game, very, very badly.

30th Oct 2016, 11:06 AM
So you used Ccleaner after uninstalling the game? You used both Cleaner and Registry buttons on the program? If so, you may need a stronger registry cleaner, if indeed registry files have been corrupted.
Have you tried by-passing the Launcher of the game and instead starting the game from TSM.exe which is the actual executive file which starts the game? There are many players who have had issues with the Launcher, so using the exe directly ends their trouble in starting the game. I never use the Launcher as it no longer serves any purpose to TSMP&N.
Also, is your .Net Framework up to date? It's not usually something Windows Update will offer, only updating the Framework version you already have installed with security updates. Here is a link to Filehippo for .Net Framework's latest version. You can also download Ccleaner from Filehippo as well:


Windows 10 is nothing but a Spying software, loading down one's PC with apps for their benefit, not yours, all of them spyware in many computer experts estimations. With their behavior towards their customers of late, I am soon to be looking for a different OS! You ought to have an option to uninstall the W10 update you installed before this error occurred. Do so, and test the game afterwords. If it works, then you know it is some change the update made to your PC, or other software configuration. If you need the update, you can always have Windows Update reinstall it, as you will be offered it again.

Good Luck! Xeny