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5th Dec 2016, 4:23 PM
Hello guys, I am thinking about buying a lot in RL to build an house to live in. I know the sims proportion is outscale (things seems to be smaller than in RL.), but overall I think it could be a great way to have an idea of what could be achieved and the best way to maximize the space from the building sketch.

I am going to live with my mom, she wants 3 rooms, 2-3 bathrooms, service area (place to wash clothes, besides the washing machine), backyard big enough to put a cistern, a home cinema.
I only want a space to make a home gym and optionally a place to be a library/reading room.
The house has to have a garagee for 2 cars, a kicthen, dinning room, living room, the basic stuff.

The trick part is, the lot is only 10x20, pretty small for all this stuff. The design I came with on TS4 only used 18x9, because the sims doesn't allows me to utilize the borders, so there will be 30m² free on the ground and the same minus the backyard on the first floor to the arquitect do whatever he pleases.
So with all in mind, I've come with the following sketch.

Ground floor:
Living room/library: 5x7 (The only thing that 'makes' this an 'library' is the bookshelf.)
Kitchen/Dinning room: 6x5
Service area: 3x3
Bedroom + Suite: 4x8 bedroom, 4x5 bathroom.
Garagee: 5x6
Backyard: 3x2 (Could and probably should be expanded up to 4x4 at the current design.)

First floor:
2 Visitors rooms connected with a suite shared for both: 3x6 each bedroom, 3x4 bathroom.
Room with suite: bedroom 4x7 + 0x2, bathroom 4x4.
Home Cine: 2x4 + 3x2. (I'm not quite happy with this room, I think it functional, but I keep wondering if there will be a good placement for the hometheaters...)
Home Gym: 3x8 (I think I can make a pretty decent gym with this space, although I could use a little extra space... Good thing though, since this is a 18x9 design, that means it's possible to expanded further, to say 4x8.)


So what you guys overall think? I believe the first floor could be done better, although it's kinda tricky to get the corridor at the right proportion and still have enough space to build things.
I think a balcony won't hurt, however I'm not sure about the view, plus it isn't high enough.

By the way would be easier if I post the save? For a better look into.

21st Dec 2016, 12:01 PM
You can start by making the shape less of a box , this can also lead you to mix up paint colours for the exterior.There are also not any windows (that i can see) in this build and natural lighting can really help. Also sticking to a main theme throughout the house would make a huge difference.Depending on the look you're going for, clutter (plants, painting,decorations.etc) can make a hell of a difference. The house does look very promising!

18th Apr 2017, 8:02 PM
Can you upload an then I can edit that house instead? I'm working on a bigger Version with some measuring I found. One route is about 2,5 foot, and I'm assuming Your measurements are in meters.

18th Apr 2017, 8:22 PM
I think, I would switch the rooms for the home cinema and the gym.