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24th Jan 2017, 1:51 AM
Hi! :) I'm new to Mod The Sims and this is the first thing I've created so positive feedback would be great! :) Anyways I'm not 100 percent sure if I fully created this challenge. Vixella, or FancySimmer did do a series like this on her channel a couple of years ago and that's what this challenge is based off, so by all means, all credit goes to her, though I did change a few things around.

The main goal of this challenge is to date and/or marry 10 sims.(Boy or girl depending on your choosing)

Back Story:
Your sim(boy or girl) is very rich and comes from a very rich family and has always had anything and everything she ever wanted in life handed to him/her. Him/her graduated college and was tired of everything always getting handed to him/her, so they decided to get into a little trouble and go to clubs and cause a little commotion. Your sim has decided to date a lot of girls/ guys, ruin some marriages and get accidently pregnant(or GET a sim accidently pregnant)

Now for the rules.....
1) This sim MUST go to the club every night(you can use base game clubs, create your own, or download some from the gallery, your choice.)
2) This is optional but you can choose to change up the clubs every now and then if you would like
3)This sim MUST get pregnant or get someone pregnant once(you can choose more if you like but you don't have to)
4)You CANNOT get pregnant(if you choose to get pregnant more than once) with the same sim(or get a sim pregnant more than once)
5)You CANNOT date or marry the same sim more than once
:!: If you would like, but this is totally optional, you can only date married sims but you don't have to, I just thought it would make the gameplay more fun :!:
6) You MUST date at least one married sim
7) You MUST ruin one marriage
:!: If you would like, you can decide to kill off all of your ex's with the cowplant(But that is the only way) :!:
8)You MUST have at least 4 enemies(girl enemies for girl sims, boy enemies for boy sims)
*It just makes the gameplay more believable to have enemies, the sim doesn't want him/her's "crush" to get taken away from them by the same sex, you can choose to have everyone as the same sex as you by an enemy but that is optional*

Your sim must have the following traits:
>Materillistic(since him/her comes from a rich family)
>(Optional trait if you don't want outgoing) Romantic

For the sims house you don't have to make it too big at first, but as you get deeper into the gameplay, you may need to expand for the baby(or babies :anime:)
The sims house MUST have at least 3 rooms but I would start out with 4(you do not have to build the house yourself)

The house MUST include:
>His/her room
>A WooHoo room(which is totally optional, if you are only having one baby then you really don't need one, but if you are having more than one baby, i recommend it)
>A office, The office must include:
*A desk
*A computer
*A bookshelf
*A couch
(You can also include a easel if you would like)
>One kitchen
>One living room(with fireplace)
>One dining room
>One bathroom
>One spare bedroom(If you would like(for the baby) but its completely optional)

The sim MUST start off with 1,000 simoleans and MUST get a job in the business career since her parents were very well known for their family business and it is her heritage to take on the family business.

Note: You can create the family and put them in the world if you would like but you do not have too.

When in CAS try to get the sim a expensive look, by that I mean dress him/her in expensive clothing. Also when building their house you can cheat and buy expensive thing if you like. Try to make the house big and glamorous as mush as possible.

I hope you enjoy this challenge. If you have any feedback please let me know and also tell me if you try this challenge out and how it goes for you. Byeeeeeeee :P :P :P
P.S Sorry if i spelt anything wrong, I'm not the best speller.

24th Jan 2017, 5:15 AM
Nice challenge, but it doesn't belong in this section. You should move it to the Sims 4 Challenges (http://www.modthesims.info/forumdisplay.php?f=712) section